Hospitalité (2010) - full transcript

In suburban Tokyo, the Kobayashis - Mikio, his young second wife Natsuki, and his young adolescent daughter Eriko, who was borne out of his first marriage - live in a small flat above the family printing business. Mikio inherited the business and the flat from his father who passed away two years ago. Temporarily living with them is Mikio's divorced sister Seiko, who is there until she decides what to do, which is in her mind - unrealistically - to go abroad to learn English. Their rather dull and staid lives are punctuated by Eriko's pet parakeet having recently flown away, it which they are scouring the neighborhood looking for, and their neighbors organizing a neighborhood watch to keep out undesirables, namely foreigners who they believe are causing no good to their society. Into their lives stumbles Hanataro Kagawa, the son of their father's old friend. Before they know it, Kagawa has talked his way into a job working at the print shop and room and board in their flat. Kagawa turns their lives upside down and inside out with one surprising move after another. But he also uncovers some core issues which are slowly tearing the Kobayashis apart without them really knowing it. What they are unaware of is that Kagawa had a grand plan in his entrance into their lives and home, that will forever change their lives, if only deep in their souls.

Produced by Kiki Sugino and Koji Fukada

Directed by Koji Fukada


Kenji Yamauchi, Kiki Sugino, Kanji Furutachi


You're back.

Yeah, just got here.
Did you go on your lunch break yet?


Go ahead. I'll switch in.

Great. I'll just finish these.

Man, it's hot in here.
You look kind of flushed.

Really? Might just be ink on my face.

- Hi.
- Welcome back.

Anyway, don't push yourself too hard.

Teacher, I want to go look for Pea!

Okay, but we'd better get changed first.

I'm already changed!

Let's put on something more comfortable.

Hi there.


- Were you at a memorial?
- That's right. For my father.

He passed away today?

Two years ago today.

Wow, two years already.
It's all so fast.


Did you come by for something?

Is your brother in?

Sure, he's downstairs.


Oh, how's it going?

- It's a neighborhood watch petition.
- A petition, huh?

It's been a while.

The chairman's got a lot of free time on his hands.
His wife won't give him the time of day.

Oh, boy.

But, really, we all should be careful with
prowlers and crime these days.

All these foreigners around, too.
I think it's dangerous.

You think so?

Well, I don't know, but it seems like it.
You should be careful.

We're just a little printing shop...

But you know, with children and all.
You've got a little girl.


Could you sign here and pass it on?


Right here. It's for the park
beautification project.

With the homeless people coming in
these days, we can't let our guard down.

You bet.

I'll see you later.

Take care.


Seiko, see you at the meeting tomorrow?

I heard Akie and her mom are coming.

She's coming?

- You went to school together, right?
- That'll be fun.

I managed to get a lot of people in on it.

Let's see, 20 people.

That many?

- See you there.
- See you.

Have a nice day.


What was that?

We're going to walk around
on neighborhood watch or something.

You're actually going?

Well, she dragged me into it.

I guess they probably want to hear
about me moving back in and all.

The color's wrong.


Pea doesn't look like this.

"We lost our green parakeet"

I don't know. It looks like her to me.

It's ready?

Yeah, what do you think?

Looks good. Here you go.


Seem right?


Oh, well, this is what we've got.
The picture was dark, so the color looks dull.

You're not good at taking pictures.

What, I took this?

That's right.

You love Pea, right?


Then she'll turn up.

Eriko, ask Seiko to go with you.


Thank you, Seiko.

No problem. You must be busy.

Yeah, I can't really leave
with all the printing orders.

I'm the only one with nothing to do.

I appreciate it.

Thanks, Seiko.

No problem.

Let's see, 3000, no, 2000 in 90 kg coating.
Two colors on the front and one on the back?


Here's a little something for you.

Oh, these take me back!
What's the occasion?

Just got back from Hiroshima yesterday.
I was just there for a day, though.


And here's your receipt.

You're always so nice.



Are you here for an order?

- No, I'm here about the bird.
- The what?

I saw the flyer about the parakeet.

Oh, thank you so much.

Well, I didn't actually catch it...

- But you've got information about it?
- Hopefully.

Seiko, this man just came in about that.

I saw the flyer.


Teacher, did he see Pea?

I sure did.


You know, the trees by the station.

The park?

Right, the park.

When I saw the flyer,
I recognized it right away.

Thank you.

Isn't that great, Eriko?

I'll go with her.



See you later.

Take care.

She's really cute.

Isn't she?

- You're teaching her something?
- Teaching?

She called you "teacher."

Oh, just some English.

Hey, is that so? English.
That's really something.

No, I just know enough to teach to kids.

But you just can't get by
without English these days.

My name is Hanataro.

Whew. It sure is hot today.

Oh, let me get you some tea.

Sorry. Didn't mean to
twist your arm. Thanks.

I'm back.

This man came about the parakeet.

That's great.

Say, you're Mikio Kobayashi, right?

I thought this might be your store.

I remembered when I saw that flyer.

He's a friend of yours?


Come on, I'm Kagawa!
Ichiro Kagawa's son.

Oh, okay!
Sorry, I didn't realize.

It's no wonder.
It's been a long time.

How many years has it been? Eight?

I've told you, right?
When I set up this shop,

there was that old friend
of my dad's that helped fund it.

This is his son.

Is that so? We really appreciate
all your family has done for us.

I'm flattered. You really do remember.
It seems like things are working out for you.

Is your wife out today?

This is my wife.

Uh... Oh, really? Pardon me.

It's just that she's so young.

I didn't realize.

You do this work with
just the two of you?

The two of us and my wife.
We're really a small business.

Seriously, I'm impressed.

My dad would be proud. What I do is
practically nothing compared to this.

What is it that you do?



I'm a slacker.

I... see.

Mr. Yamaguchi!

Mr. Yamaguchi!

Mr. Kagawa, you should stay back
from the machines. It's dangerous.

I used to use one of these myself.

Ma'am, you should get him some water.

Good idea.

Let me take a look.

Mr. Kagawa's here again today?

Is he going to work here?


What do you think we should do?

Seems fine to me, but it's your call.

I think we should keep him here.
He knows his way around the machine.

Mr. Yamaguchi seems pretty worn out,
so we could have him help for a while.

Here you go.

How is it?

I'd say I've gotten the hang of it.

He could start work today.

Are you feeling better?

Yeah, I got a lot of energy back
after taking yesterday off.

Sorry for the trouble.

What's that machine for?

We haven't needed to use it
too much lately.

That's a shame.

If you just learn this one
you'll be fine.

We had more workers when
my dad was running it,

...but there are fewer orders now.

It's just downsizing to fit demand.

My dad went a little overboard.

What are these?

They're pension envelopes
for the labor department.


We get subcontracted for them
here and there.

They print a lot of them,
so it works out well for us.

- That's great.
- It's just enough to keep us in business.

No, this is perfect.

Well, if you say so...

I'm heading out.

See you.

Oh, Seiko.

Do you mind putting these up?

No problem.

But you're not coming, Natsuki?

I'll hold off this time.

You might as well go once in a while.

Sorry, it's just that
there's still work to do.

It's okay. Anyway,
I'll hand these to everyone.

What kind of group is it?

The neighborhood watch.

Patrolling the neighborhood,
crime prevention, and all that.

You know, if we don't take part in it,
I'll never hear the end of it.

Oh, Mr. Kagawa's work clothes
are probably dry by now.

I'll go get them.

Your wife is very beautiful.

You think so?

And young, too. I was surprised.


Well, you know. When you came by
last time, it was someone different.

Yeah, that's right.

I hope you don't mind if I ask...

It's fine.

Did you split up?

Actually, she got sick and...

Seriously? I didn't know.

That must have been so hard for you.

Yeah, but it's been
quite a few years now.

Sorry about this.

Since it was so sudden, we didn't have
a uniform ready. Here, put this on.

I need to step out.

You're going out again?

Just to the bank. There's something
I forgot to take care of.

She's always got something to do.



On the uniform.

Oh, that was our previous worker's name.

You had someone else?

Up until three months ago.

He lived and worked here
for a year until he quit.

Young workers these days
just don't know how to stick with a job.

- So you've got a vacancy?
- A what?

An open room.

I'm back.

How was the neighborhood watch?

It was fine.

We just went on a little patrol
and had some tea together.

You should see it, though.

Information and watch reports
are sent to your cell phone all the time.

That's kind of scary.

People have to be on their toes.

The women there have been asking
if Natsuki wants to come to the meetings.

Me? I don't know what
I could do for them.

It'd be fine.

They'd be delighted to have
some fresh faces in there.

Nobody's forcing you,
but you should at least drop by sometime.

We have to do business in this area after all.

Oh, Natsuki. Can you give me
English lessons sometime?

Oh, uh... Absolutely.


I've been trying to learn English.

You? Are you kidding me?

What's that supposed to mean?

You said you want to study abroad, right?

That's right.

You really think you could?

It's not so hard to do anymore.

I'll go get changed.

Did getting divorced throw her
off kilter or something?

Oh, hey there. Welcome back.

Uh... Hi.

Mr. Kobayashi, which futon should I use?

Here you go. I put a new cover on it.


Is Mr. Kagawa staying over?

Actually, I hired him
with room and board.

That was awfully fast.

Apparently he got evicted or something,
so he was looking for a new room.

Something wrong?

No, but you could at least
have asked me.

I live here, too.

Sorry about that.

My room's already been taken over
by Natsuki, you know.

Look, how was I supposed to know
you'd be back in two years?

Even so, if you're going to let some woman
use my room, you could let me know.

She's not "some woman."

And I gave you a room, right?

That's not the issue.

Yeah, yeah.

Hello, Kobayashi Printing.

Oh, how are you?

Mr. Kobayashi's out right now.


I'll let him know.

Take good care of yourself.

They said Mr. Yamaguchi needs to stay
at the hospital today.

He does?

Just to run some tests.
I hope he's all right.

Me too.


Oh, hey.

Haven't run into you in a while.

I didn't know you were back in town.

- How have you been?
- Pretty good.

- You've got a kid.
- Yeah.

How old?

Nine months.



You're by yourself today?

Eriko's with me.

Hi, Eriko!

Go on. It's your mom, after all.

Come here.

You guys should have dinner together.

I'd love to. It's been so long.

Eriko, what do you feel like eating?

See you, then.



Sorry about that.

Why are you apologizing?

Well, I kept you waiting.

It was the first time you'd seen
each other in a while, right?

You should have taken your time.

We've got nothing to talk about, though.

Where's Eriko?

Oh, she went with her mom
to get a bite to eat.

I see.

Is Seiko taking a bath?

No, she said she'd be back late.
It must be Mr. Kagawa.



Who was that?

Beats me!

No way! Did Mr. Kagawa call a...

You know, a call girl?

Are you kidding?

Actually, I wonder.

Oh, welcome home.

I picked up some beer.
Help yourself.

- Mr. Kagawa, um...
- Hmm?

Is there a... girl here for you?

Oh, you ran into each other?
Sorry about that.

I meant to introduce you all myself.

A friend of yours?

She's my wife.

Now you've got the whole story.
Thanks for taking us in.

I am... Annabelle. Pleased...
make your acquaintance.

I've got to say I'm surprised.

Why'd you keep quiet
about being married?

Oh, I didn't mean to.

If you'd asked, I would have told you.


Where did you meet your wife?

We were introduced
and just hit it off, I guess.

Where are you from?

From? Oshiage.

Originally, I mean...

She says she's from Brazil.

I understand that much.

How long have you been in Japan?

About five years I think.

How long again?

Japan... How many... years?

She's working as a dance instructor
over here.

She teaches dances
from overseas, like the samba.


So, you speak English?

The thing is,

I'm not much good at speaking
or listening. Or reading.

But I mean, you're married...

Let me tell you, even without words,

...what counts is right here.
It's all about heart.

Don't you think so?

Well, I guess...

I'll have seconds!

Eriko must be back.

Is that Akie?

I'll go say hi to Akie.

You're back.

Nice to see you.

- Did you eat dinner?
- I ate every bite!

- Noodles?
- Yeah.

To be honest,
it's actually a phony marriage.

Just kidding.
Come on, it was a joke!

I'm sure we'll all get along just fine.
We won't be any trouble.

Give me a break...

So, after we ran into Akie today...

She said she was relieved to see you.

She was worried I might be all alone.


Why what?

Why would she be relieved?

Oh, you know...

With me raising Eriko after she left.

I can't even cook.

She felt bad about just taking off
and leaving me with so much to handle.

Shut up.


Won't they shut up over there?



Cut it out.

Stop it!

You're up early.

I've got a part-time job
starting today.

You do?

Yeah, I have to save up
to study abroad.


I have to save up to study abroad.

You still haven't given up on that?

Is there something wrong with it?

Where is it you're planning
on going anyway?


...still deciding.

That's it?

You know, you'd think we ought to
have a little money saved up by now.

This again?

Look, was it wrong
that I wanted to remarry?

I didn't say that.

Oh, Natsuki.
Good morning.

Good morning.

I'm heading out.

Have a nice day.

Oh, morning!

Good morning.

Hello. I've got your order ready.


Sure is hot out!

- I've got three cans of ink for you.
- Great.

I just need your signature right here.


Thanks so much. If you've got empties,
I can take them for you.

Actually, I do.

Here they are.

I'll send you the data later,
so let me have a printed edition.

- An edition?
- Right.

No problem.

Can I get you anything else?


I'm almost out of cleaning fluid.
Let me get another can.


One, two, three.
One, two, three.


Let's start our lesson.

Let's start our lesson.



How far did we get yesterday?

Did you get through "apple" last time?

Then let's move on to "dog."



Good job. Let's write it out.


Hey there.

Where are you from?
Your... country...


Wow, you must have seen
some hard times.

Ma'am, your laundry fell down.

Oh, really? Whoops.
Thanks for telling me.

Eriko, hold on a second.

Let's try one more time, Eriko.

Now, "bag."

She asked how Mr. Kobayashi's wife
passed away.

Passed away?

Didn't she?

She just ran out on him.


So you can speak English?

More than you can, it looks like.

Where did they teach you
that English anyway?

I didn't say I was a teacher.
I'm just teaching a little kid.

Speaking of which, Mr. Kobayashi's sister
seems really gung-ho about learning English.

Yeah, she's been saying that.

You should be careful she doesn't
end up teaching you.

Who cares? She's just all hung up
on studying abroad with no reason at all.

It's ridiculous.

No, you're right.
She's just trying to get away from reality.

Seems like you've got a pretty good
grasp of things.


...can I have a moment?

What's up?

Something important came up,


...and I'd like to take
some time off tomorrow.

I guess that's fine.

So you just let him take
a whole week off?

He said he had

...something important to take care of.

I have no idea what he has to do,
...but taking a whole week off all of a sudden?

That seems pretty irresponsible.

I guess so.

And his wife, Annabelle?

What about her?

She doesn't fit in around here.

People are starting to spread rumors.

I hate to say it,

but I think it'd be better if he quit,

...or at least moved out.

How could I possibly say that to him
after they've just moved in?

Annabelle seems like
a decent enough person.

There's something about this...


Have a nice day.

I'm off.

See you later then.

I... help something?

That's okay, thanks.



We go.


We go.

Go? Where?

We're home!

We're home!

Eriko, stay here for just a second.

One, two, three.
One, two, three.

One, two, three.
One, two...

Home sweet home...

You're pretty drunk.

So? What's wrong with drinking a little?

Oh, Natsuki!

Working again?

What a trooper...


Are you okay?

You'll move up in this world...

Seiko, you forget to take your shoes off.

I'll get you some water.


Are you asleep?

What is English?

And this?

And this?


...don't you want to go look for Pea?

Let's go, Eriko.

See you later.

- Bye.
- Bye.

Boss, do you mind if I go help them out?

Sure, why not?
It's not too busy today.

Let me see!

Do you always carry those around?

I'm something of a bird-watcher.

Look! That might be her over there.

Eriko, he might have found her.

That might be Pea over there.

Oh, it's our house!

Do you see something?

I sure do.

What is it?

This is great. Want a look?

Not really.

Are you angry about something?


If you say so.

Oh, do you mind if I ask you
a question?

Go ahead.

You're embezzling money, aren't you?


I've been checking out
the company bank books,

but it just doesn't add up.

Every month you come up
about 100,000 yen short.

I guess Mikio doesn't know.
You handle all the accounting after all.

I have no idea.


...there's someone you go out
to meet sometimes, isn't there.

What do you mean?

Oh, you know.

Takahiro Honma,
age 29. Unemployed.

Criminal record for rape.

Eriko, why don't you go play over there?

I need to talk to Mr. Kagawa.

Just who are you?

No need to look at me like that.

I just had a friend of mine who's good
at this sort of thing look into it.

What are you after?



I'm not here to extort money from you.

That's what this Honma is doing, right?

Is he your boyfriend?

What a situation. Anybody would think
you're just cozying up to Mikio for his money.

He's not my boyfriend,
and I'm not cheating on my husband.

Then who is he?

It's got nothing to do with you.

Well, I'll find out one way or another.

The company's money is disappearing,
and it's my duty as an employee to tell the boss.

Don't tell him.

That all depends on you.


Now, who is he?



My brother.


He's my brother.

So, you've got an older brother.

Does Mikio know?


Why's that?

I'm ashamed.

I can understand.
He's got a nice record there.

- He's got nothing to do with me.
- Hmm?

My brother.

We had different mothers,
and we weren't even raised in the same place.

He's got nothing to do with me.

That's the way.

The most important thing is honesty.

That wasn't so hard, was it?

I want to help you, I really do.

Let's go.

Eriko, all by yourself?

Teacher said she had some shopping to do.

Where's Mr. Kagawa?

I don't know.

- Um...
- Um...

Oh, go ahead.


I don't want to pay anymore.

I'm sorry.

Look, Natsuki. Don't say that.

I feel bad about it, you know.

Then don't contact me anymore.

Fine. I'll stay away.


But I'm short on cash and in debt.

I'm sorry, but you're
the only one I can turn to.

Come on...

I know... I'm making things hard on you.

This is the last time.

Just one last 100,000 yen.

80,000 yen. I'll get by with 80,000.

I only have 50,000 with me...

That's fine. Plenty.

Hold it! Stop right there.

Who are you?!

Natsuki's friend.

I'll handle things from here.

Look, I don't know you.
I'm talking to Natsuki.

Just talk to me for a second.

You won't regret it.

Ma'am, you can go home now.
I'll take care of this.

What the hell?
Stay out of this!

Shut your mouth!

You'd better listen
if you want to live.

Hold on...

It's fine. I won't hurt him.

We're just going to go have a little talk.


Oh, hi.

- Something wrong?
- Not really.

What's up?

Nothing much.

Going to practice?

Yeah, I'm headed there now.



What's this?

Tickets to our show.
You should come.

Thanks. I'll see if I can.

I'm home.

Hey there.


How was it?

Was what?


Smooth as ever.

If we get the printing done today,
everything should make it in tomorrow.

That's good.


Oh, just a second.

Everything worked out just fine.

In other words, I made him
promise to sign an agreement

that he wouldn't hassle you for money

and would take care of his debt himself.

You know, he turned out
to be a pretty decent guy.

It's fine. Anyway, that's that.

- Sorry I had to step out.
- Oh, no problem.

Oh, hello.
Are you here for an order?

Uh, no...

Actually, he's a friend of mine.

He's out of work right now,
so I gave him a job.


This is the boss here
at Kobayashi Printing.

Nice to meet you.

Just hold on here...

Boss, I think you have something
to tell me?


Something you need to tell me.

What's that?

You slept with my wife, didn't you?

No, hold on...

Oh, you did it, all right.

Some guy you are.

But... That's not how it happened.
She came on to me first.

Do you think it matters who started it?
You're an adult, aren't you?

What it comes down to is that
you committed adultery with my wife.


That's what happened, right?

I'm sorry.

You're trying to apologize?

I mean, I'm just...

I'm... really sorry.

Please don't tell my wife.

Oh, well. Water under
the bridge, I suppose.

You have done a lot for us after all.

The boss says you're hired!

Thank you for this opportunity.

Come on. Put some effort into it!

Thank you very much!

Okay! You'll start work tomorrow.

You're going to have a lot to learn.

- I'll give it my all!
- Sounds good.

- Want to get some food?
- Sure.


How's it going?

Wow, you've got another new person.

Hmm... I'll take 5 kg of black,
2 of blue, and 2 of metallic red.

You need that much?

Sure, why not?
We'll get more orders.

Right, Boss?

One, two, three.
One, two, three.

What'd she say?

The neighborhood watch is about
to hold another meeting.


You should go this time.

I guess I could...

It's always me or Seiko that has to go.
You've got to show your face once in a while.


Toshiko helped us quite a bit last year.

That's why I'd like her to lead
our executive committee.

Are there any opinions on the matter?

I'm all for it.

She certainly did lend us a hand last year.

We'd all appreciate it very much.

I'd be honored.

Sorry I'm late.

So, they passed it.


Oh, with the park and all...

The park?

The beautification project.

We got the signatures to evict all those

...people living in boxes around there.

We can finally get moving on that.

Well, there have been more
tourists around lately.

That must be why the district office
didn't take as long as usual.

This is thanks to all of your efforts
collecting signatures.

Children were getting scared
of the homeless people, schools were very cooperative
in giving signatures.


- You're going home?
- Yeah.

Thanks for coming.
I was surprised.

I was glad I got to see it. Thanks.

I can give you a ride on my bike.

Are you sure?
Isn't there an after party?

No problem.
We do this all the time.

I can come back later anyway.

Come on.

Good morning.


I'd say it's just about time...

Welcome to Kobayashi Printing.


Mr. Kagawa... here?

Mr. Kagawa? Just a moment.

Oh, you're early.
Come on up.

Mr. Kagawa,
what's going on here?

Sorry about that. They're family
of my wife, here sightseeing.

I wanted them to have a place to stay.

Good day...

Mrs. Kobayashi.

Sorry for all the commotion...

Well, that's fine, but...

I guess... we're entertaining
some guests.

Mr. Kagawa? I'm coming in.

Oh, Mr. Kobayashi.

Hey, Mr. Kagawa. What is this?
Who are these foreigners?

Beats me.

Tell them to go away.

Oh, don't mind them.

Tell them to go.

But they're family. Annabelle's family.

What do you mean "family"?
That's... that's ridiculous!

I'm telling you, they are.

This is our house.

That's right.

It is our house.

Enough already!

Hey, what's the big deal?
They're Annabelle's friends, right?

You keep quiet.

Mr. Kagawa...

Listen, this house belongs to me in part.

If I say they stay, then they stay.

That settles it. All right,
let's all have a talk.

Let's get everyone in here.
Annabelle and Mrs. Kobayashi, too.

We've got a lot to talk about.

Ma'am? Ma'am? I was just saying
that we should all talk.

Oh, she left. I'll go get her.

Listen, Mr. Kagawa...

I'm sorry, but could you give us
some privacy tomorrow?

You're kicking us out?

No, just for tomorrow.

It's Natsuki's birthday.

Well, tell her to have a happy birthday.

It's just that we always
celebrate at home...

This is all kind of sudden.

The shower's inside on the left.

All of you guys get in there
and clean yourselves off.

Here you go, Boss.

What is all this?

We saved the paperwork for you.

But what about...

Everyone, come on down here!

Here we are. Sorry to keep you waiting.

Come on. Everybody's dancing!

You don't want to be
the only ones left out, right?

What's going on here?

Are you all right?

Guess what.

Remember how I came home late
earlier this week?


It was because I slept with
this guy I know.



Everyone, stay right where you are.

Let me see your alien registration cards.

Hey, just stay right there!

Just hang on.
Don't throw up in here!

Sorry, this guy's about to puke.

Hold on until we get outside.
Do it outside.

Now! Run for it!

Stop right there!

They're all gone.

Looks like it.

Thank goodness the police came
when they did.

I was terrified, what with
all those foreigners running wild.

Sounds like that scruffy-looking guy
was behind it.

It's just despicable.

The police are saying he was trafficking
illegal immigrants.

Did they catch him?

I heard he got away.

Can't the police ever do anything right?

Oh, hello.

Quite the commotion.

Yeah, well...
Sorry for the disturbance.



I want you to stop bad-mouthing our friends.



I'm back.

I'm back.

Eriko? Anyone here?



you were out?

I went to get you...

Guess we just missed each other.

You should have called me.

They took my phone and everything.

Was it all right?

The investigation.
They had you in there for a while.

Yeah, they were really all over me.

Were you okay?

It's fine.

They just wanted the facts.

That's a relief.

Where's Eriko?

Sleeping. She must be tired.

Hey, you found it?

That's great.
It seems pretty healthy.

I bought a new one. Same color.

You bought it?

Was that really the right thing to do?

I think so.

She'll forget about it anyway.

How about you?

You okay with that?

No? Go on, say something.


Should we start cleaning up?

All right.