Horsemen (2009) - full transcript

Aidan Breslin is a bitter detective emotionally distanced from his two young sons following the untimely death of his devoted wife. While investigating a series of murders of rare violence, he discovers a terrifying link between a chain of murders and the Biblical prophecies concerning the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse: War, Famine, Pestilence, and Death.

Sean, get out.

Hi there.

How long has this been here?


Ten twenty-three over on Tenth
and Montgomery.

Detective, we got a possible 187
out on Route 59.

That's south of Washington township.

Detective Breslin.

They're right this way.

Did anybody move the body?

No, but ...

You got a cause of death?

Officially, we haven't
determined death.


What the fuck is that?

We thought we should call you
because of your background...

in oral...

Forensic odontology.

That's someone's real bad day.

Yeah. No kidding.

The victim is male,

early-to-mid thirties...

moderate smoker,
less moderate drinker...

upper middle to upper class,

lives in the city...

and definitely not a vegetarian.

You're sure of all that?

The root transparency
and enamel wear...

put the age at about 32,
plus or minus 4.

Acid rasmization will be more precise.

I'm waiting on the results.

You see this, right here?

That is lateral striated trauma.

That's where the pliers slipped.

The victim, he was struggling
during the extraction.

He could still be alive?


Be on a liquid diet, but yeah.

Come and see.

It was written on four trees
around the pond.

North, south, east and west.

Any idea what it means?

Means they brought a compass.

How are the kids holdin' up?


I image it's been a tough week
for them.

Karen's birthday and all.


Why don't we get out of here?

I'm almost done here.

Come on, I'll walk with you.

Earthling, no one can help you now.

What do you want from me?

What is my strength that
I should hope?

Is my strength the strength of stones?

Or is my flesh of brass?

Wherefore then has thou brought me
forth out of the womb?

Wherefore then has thou brought me
forth out of the womb?

I should have been as though
I had not been.

I should have been carried from
the womb to the grave.

Are not my days few?

A land of darkness,

as darkness itself...

and to the shadow of death...

without any order...

and where light is as darkness.

God hath delivered me to the ungodly...

and turned me over into
the hands of the wicked.

Jesus Christ.

Is that blood?

No, it's paint.

She's been dead about twelve hours.

I don't know how long she
was hanging up there alive.

How'd she get in that thing?

A drug injection probably.

No, that's not what I mean.

It takes more than one person
to do this.

Make sure we get a report from
footprint morphology.

And then there's this.

Looks like they stood
right here and watched.

That's a tripod.

They videoed the entire thing.

How many kids does she have?

Three, and they're downstairs.

Let me do it.

I'll do it.

Who found her?

Her daughter.

Which one?

The oldest one.

She's adopted.

Thanks for the hot tip.


I'm Detective Breslin.

I'm gonna be heading up
the investigation.

I just wanted you girls to know
we're going to do everything...

Where are they?




It's gonna be all right.

You need to double-check that
before we do anything with it.

Yeah, will do.

What's up?

They took something.

They took what?

They took something from inside of her.

She was pregnant.


I didn't mean to interrupt you.

No, no. lt's all right

Is there anything that I can do for you?

Are you going to catch the person
that did this?

I'm going to try.


if you need anything...

if you need to talk

or you have any questions at all...

just call that number.

Anything at all.

Thank you.

What have you got for me?

Heavy gauge fishing hooks.
Ankles, backs of knees.

She had two in the back of each thigh.

One behind each elbow.

Three up each side of the back.
And then there's this.

She was stabbed in the chest
with an unidentified...

very sharp, very long foreign object.

Punctured her lung.

The object lacerated one of her
bronchial arteries and the bronchus...

which is one of the major air passages
into the lungs.

So, blood starts flowing out of
the severed artery...

into the severed air passage.

The lungs fill.

You ever accidentally drink water
down your air pipe?

lmagine doing it continuously
for an hour.

So, are we looking at
a torture kill here?

If it was done intentionally, yeah,
we would call it torture.

But it wasn't.

To skewer both of those spots,
in just the right way?

That's basically impossible
to do deliberately.

They probably just wanted to
bleed her out.

What is that?

Etomidate injection.

She was drugged.


So she could be hung up
by the fishhooks.

I understand things I see
less every year, buddy.


There's the Metropolitan theatre.

That's where I met your mother.

I know. You tell me that
every single time you pass it.



Do you maybe want to go to
the game tonight?

What game?

A friend of mine has
these season tickets ...

and I thought you might want to go
so I gave him some money.

Where did you get that kind of money,

It's from you.

Every time you ditch us.

Oh, yeah.


What game is this?

The Red Wings.

Red Wings.

If you can't go, if you have to work
or something...

No, no, no--

Let's go.

Why not?



Guess who's in town tonight?


The Red Wings.


We're gonna go to the game.



All right!

Come on! Hi, Rose.

Hi, Mr. Breslin.

Have fun, guys.

Go get ready.

The Wings have just been a dominant
team at home and on the road.


Dad, look!

You guys look like twins.


Bres, it's Stingray.

They found another dead body.


Eighteenth and Broadway.

We got an anonymous call.

We need you down here right now.

I'll be right there.

It's Steven Silva.

33, single. Teaches the 2nd grade.

He seems to be missing all his teeth.

No, thanks.

Got any prints?

Fingerprints? No.
Footprints? Four sets.

Three watching, one doing.

And the tripod, just like before,

except for the windows.

That's ripe. Let me have some of that.

Is that paint again?


What did you find out about these rigs?

These rigs aren't cheap.

Heavy-duty fishing hooks.
Steel-reinforced lines.

Custom jobs.

Tailor-made for the
suspension connoisseur.


Suspension is a...sub-culture

based on ancient rituals found
in several religions.

It's the next step of evolution
from tattoos and piercings.

All right, that's where we start.

Pay a visit to every tattoo parlor
in the city.

We're already on it.



Look at him.

A second grade teacher.

Whoever's doing this's inhuman.

Tuck, get the paramedics up here.

How the fuck did we miss this?

Sloppy fucking police work.

Come on! Let's go!

He's a good tenant.

He pays the rent, he...

Just play that, will you?

What happened?

What happened to the picture?

Hold on. What time is that?

Four o'clock AM exactly.


Just fast forward again.

Okay. What time was that?

Seven o'clock AM exactly.



What time of death do you have
on Silva?

Estimated time of death
between five and six.

And we got an address
on that tattoo parlor.

It's on the corner of Main and Tenth.

Hi. Can I help you?

Yeah. I'm looking for something.


Yeah, we do that.



What's up?

Do you know who made this?


I did.

And when was that?

Month, month and a half ago.

So, he called you. You never saw him.


Called me, told me what he wanted.

Faxed me his schematics
from a Kinko's.

Did it seem strange to you?

Come on, man.

We got doctors, lawyers, businessmen

coming here and
getting stuff done.

Scarification. Dermal implants.

Cock stretching. Whatever.

It doesn't mean they want you
to know about it.

How many did you make?


How many of the suspension rigs
did you make?

Bro, it's fucking midnight...

and I'm still at work helping you out...

when I wanna be at home
catching a jack to Belladonna.

So cut me some slack if you want
my cooperation, capiche?

Oh, yeah. Maybe I should.


Or maybe I should just
take you outside...

and search you and your car
for controlled substances.

How about that?


I made four rigs.

Thank you.

Stingray, wake up.
I need you to listen to me.

They made four rigs.
We got two victims.

Oh, shit. So there's two more.

What did you find out about
the girl in the closet?

Her name's Whitney Jacobs.

She's pretty dehydrated.

She's still in and out of consciousness.

Thy drugged her up pretty bad.

What I find most interesting was
her recent divorce dates.

Husband - Garrison Jacobs.

They share custody of two kids...

currently spending the weekend
with their grandparents.

Two kids? Let me guess.

Garrison's got a kid in
the second grade, right?


Garrison Jacobs must
have figured out...

his wife was having one too many
parent-teacher conferences.

And Garrison Jacobs is currently-?

Unaccounted for.

Let's find him.

Come and see.

You shouldn't be looking at those.

Come and see what?

I don't know.

Come and see...

Sean, get away from my stuff.

Revelations six.

You have got to be kidding.

It was ceremonial.

The serving tray. The teeth.

They're announcing themselves.

They want us to know that they're here.


Revelations six.

"And I saw, and behold a white horse,
and he that sat on him"...

"had a bow, and a crown
was given unto him"...

"and he went forth conquering."

"And when he had opened
the second seal

I heard the second beast say"...

"'Come and see."'

"And there went out another horse
that was red."

"Power was given to him to
take peace from the earth"...

"and there was given unto him
a giant sword."

Remember this?


"And when he had opened
the third seal,

I heard the third beast say"...

"'Come and see,'

and I beheld the black horse"

"and he that sat on it had a pair of
balances in his hand."

They're labeling them.

The fourth is the pale horse.

"And his name that sat on him
was Death

and Hell followed with him."

It's the Four Horsemen
of the Apocalypse.

The book of Revelation is the vision
of the Apostle John.

A vision of the end of times as
revealed to him by Jesus.

The horsemen are the first four of...

seven prophetic elements
of the apocalypse.


so there's Death who rides
the pale horse.

Which, in fact, is green.

Pestilence rides the black horse.

And the red horse is?



What is the difference
between death and war?

Think of war as more of a concept.

Not as man killing man, but as strife.

Death is a physicality.

War is state of mind.

And the rider of the white horse?

The rider of the white horse
is the leader.

Some believe that he is the anti-Christ.

Others think he is Jesus Christ himself.


these people chose the horsemen
as their model for a reason.

If they truly understand the symbolism
of the horsemen...

and it sounds like they do...

you should expect things
to get much worse.

We're looking for a four-person team.

Their intent is to produce
two more victims.

I intend to stop them.

Suspect one is the smallest.

Between 100 and 115 pounds.

The other three kept clear

while this one tortured Marianne Spitz.

The suspect spent quite a bit of
time around her head.

They must have had
quite a conversation.

The second suspect
is Garrison Jacobs.

His whereabouts are unknown
at this time.

Suspect three delivered the killing blow
in both cases.

I think that he's the pale horse



Because the fourth suspect

is the only one in both locations...

who never moved.

Not an inch.

The fourth suspect is the one that we
should be the most worried about.

He's the ringleader.

We find him

and this thing ends.


Bres, we got another dead body
at the Bell Hotel.

What do you got for me?

Hello, Garrison.


remember what I told you about
Spitz's puncture wound...

and the chance of it being intentional?

Yeah, you said it was impossible.

I take it back.


It's the same.

Almost to the millimeter.

That means we're looking for
someone with medical training.

No, we're looking for a medical savant.

It is all the same.

Except, no rig.

He checked in Monday afternoon
with a single suitcase.

According to registration
he's staying indefinitely.

Nobody lives in a hotel
unless they're homeless...

or they're hiding from somebody.

He knew that they were coming
for him next.

And the only person who knew
how he knew that is in a vinyl bag.

Excuse me.

And now the only person with
a motive is in a vinyl bag.

Every lead we had is in a vinyl bag.


Sean told me that he helped you today.

He was really excited.

Yeah, right.

Maybe next time you shouldn't
be showing a 7-year-old...

photographs of a murder scene.

Alex, I did not show them to him,
he found them...

and I took them away from him.


Hey, Alex!

Look, thanks for taking such
good care of Sean.

You've been really great with him.

You have parent-teacher
conferences tonight.

I reminded you last week.

What time?

Five minutes ago.

Oh, shit. Shit.


Alex has so much potential,

which is why it's so frustrating.

He's not doing well?

He does great when he's here.

That's just not very often.

Alex is what we call a maximum
result-minimum effort student.

He doesn't have to try very hard
to do well,

so, he doesn't.

Well, that's...

kind of my fault. I don't...

really get to spend as much time
with him as I would like.

His group therapist used to say...

On the other hand, if I can be frank...

I think it's a good sign that
Alex is trying at all.

It's not often the case with children
who've lost a parent.


I'm sure.

Alright, go get in bed.

Hey... I was thinking maybe Sean and
I could take you to school tomorrow.

Make sure you actually go.

That's good.

Good night.

Thank you for seeing me this morning.

Of course, but Kristin...

I'm not sure that I'm the person
you should be talking to.

I'm not trained and...

I just want to talk to a normal person...

not a man in a crisp suit
with a tape recorder.


Well I should also tell you that...

I'm not very good with children.

I'm not a child.

No, of course you're not.

Do you have any kids?

I have two sons.

What kind of things do you
all do together?

We don't really do
a lot of stuff together.

Why not?

Well, it's a lot of things.

Sean, he's young

and I'm just figuring him out.

And Alex, well, I was ...

so focused on my job for so long
that l...

I sort of missed his childhood.

My parents did that.

They thought my mom was infertile.

They were going to pick a baby.

But then my mom found out
about the orphanages.

About us.

The older ones.

I remember the first time I saw her,

when she came in.

I was eight.

I wanted her to take me with her
so bad.

I couldn't tell her.

But she did anyway.

I came here to the States.

They were my parents

and I was their daughter.

It was just like I always dreamed
it would be.

The next year Teresa was born.

Doctors said it was a miracle.

That must have been hard.

Why do people do the things they do?

I don't know.

I'm so sorry.


What do you have to be sorry about?

I didn't know...

this was inside her.

Why do people do the things they do?

Why are you wasting our time?

I know what you're going to ask me
five minutes before you do.

Detective Breslin...

if you'd like to come in here,

I will tell you things.

I wonder, Aidan,
what do you think of me?

You thought I was this sweet girl

who had been wronged by the world.

What do you think now?

I still think that.


The moment I met you...

I knew we would have
a special relationship.

So, why your mother?

Because I hate my father.

Why not him?

Would you rather be dead...

or live the rest of your life
without your soul mate?

I'd rather be dead.

Well, you just might be, Kristin.
Do you realize that?

Why'd you turn yourself in to me?

I was craving some good conversation.

You're not Death.

Do you know the difference between
Death and War, Detective?


Death is a physicality,
War is a state of mind.

You're right.

Death is what happens at the end.

War is everything else.

What is everything else?

You mean, you haven't found them yet?

There's books,


creepy-ass clown dolls.

We got some clothes,




She's a little old for cartoons.


Here's another one.

Garrison Jacobs.

Mary Anne Spitz.


Why are you doing this?

What does it feel like?

Does it feel like you're weightless?

You should feel like you don't exist.

Do you feel expendable yet?

Does your heart tell you that

it's your time to come and see the end.


Oh, God!

Now you feel like I do.

At war for the last ten years of my life.

Fighting against the things he does,

and the way you forget.

No, I'm so sorry! I'm so sorry!

I'm your daughter

and you allowed me to hurt.

Now you die.

The war's inside you now.

War and then death.

You're going to drown now, Mom.

Oh my God!

Oh my God!

Stingray! Where the fuck are you?

I didn't know you guys were here.

I thought you were one of them.

I know what you did.

What the fuck?

Did you come here tonight
looking for these?

She's getting under your skin,

Manipulating you to believe
whatever she wants you to believe.


why don't you go call Child Services...

and tell them to pick up
the Spitz daughters.

Mr. Spitz is going to jail.

Will do.

Let me tell you something.

She's a fucking monster.

Your room is very red.

Come on, Aidan.

I know you understand
what we're doing.

No, I don't.

Don't lie. You do.

You saw the pictures.

You know what he did to me.

Then you know just as well as I do.

Taking her wouldn't have been enough.

He needs to know that
she hurt inside like I did.

Twelve hours in exchange
for ten years?

I think that's a pretty favorable trade.

And what about the rest, Kristin?

Garrison Jacobs. Steven Silva.

What did they do to you? Hm?

There's going to be more, isn't there?

Three people does not
make an apocalypse.

How many more, Kristin?

Four Horsemen.

Four offerings.

No more.


you are not going to find them.

You forgot?

No, I didn't forget.

I would never forget that.

It's just that...

Alex, we can't keep doing
this every year.

You know, it's just...

Hey, I don't know how many times
I have to explain myself.

Just because I don't show it
doesn't mean I don't miss her.

You don't know what she went through.

I was there!
I was there for every biopsy.

Every chemotherapy.

You weren't there when it mattered!

That case you were working on
when mom was dying?

Was it worth it?


The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse
by Albrecht Durer.

Woodcarving, 1498.

Beautiful, right?


We got this from
Garrison Jacobs' stomach.

I think they made him eat it.

Exodus 9:15.

The computer that this chip
came out of...

I need to know where it is.
Can you trace it?

If this system was ever inventoried

we can connect the chip
to the lP address.

And that will tell you where it is?

Pretty much.

If the lP was assigned by the CO...

we can geo-locate all the way down
to a street address.

Do it.

Computer guy's got a location
on the chip.

Let's go.

Get out of the way!


Damn it!
He went down the fire escape!

Bring 'em down. We got 'em.

We just saw him running down the alley!

Everybody out! Come on!
Clear the room!

Come on!

Move it!

Let's go, let's go, let's go!

Bres! Come on!


Let it go, Bres! Let's go!

It's evidence!

Let it go!

Let's go, c'mon!


Very interesting.

Bres, your suspect got away.

We're setting up a perimeter.

We got lucky about one thing.

Tell him, Terrence.

They wound magnesium ribbons
through the drives...

around the RAM.

Burns at 4,000 degrees.

It's pretty smart, but...

the magnesium didn't catch in this one.

Gives me a good place to start.

I saw a web page on this monitor--

"We are the nothing"

If that was on this,
would you be able to find it?

Give me some time.

Do it quick.




The Four Horsemen.

I ordered you a coffee.

Black with two sugars.


What do you want?

Mom and dad support me.

I don't understand why you can't.

Mom and dad support you?


Mom and dad don't understand this.

They don't understand
why you're doing this.

I don't understand it.

It doesn't even affect them. Or you.

Doesn't affect us?

Hey, fuck you!

It doesn't fuckin' affect us?

Fuck you!

You have no fuckin' idea.

Do you know what it's like
to walk down the street...

having people say,
"Oh, there goes Taylor Kurth."

"You know his little brother's a faggot?"

Having to suffer the indignity...

of people talking shit about
your own fucking blood.

And knowing that they are right.

Fuck you.

What the fuck are you doing?

Stop fucking crying.

Fucking stop it.

I will fucking walk out of here.

What the fuck you looking at?

Go fucking clean something.

Knock this shit off. Right?

Be a fucking man.

Jesus Christ, for once
in your fucking life.

This isn't how I wanted tonight to go.

What did you expect, Corey?

That I was gonna change my mind?

Tell you how happy I am that my
little brother takes it up the ass?

Come on.

Fuck, man.

I just...

I didn't want it to have to come to this...

Seriously, just shut the fuck up.


I'm fuckin' exhausted.

Just drive me home.

Drive me home.

I just wanna go home. Go to bed.


You alright?

Don't touch me.

Is that you?



Excuse me?

Everything in your pockets.

And do it fast.

Hey, you take another step back and
I'll cut you like a fucking pig.

Hell follows...

What's that?

I said Hell follows with me.

Owen Rundell -- 35, seven priors.

Breaking and entering, petty theft,
assault with attempt to rob.

Amateur shit across the board.

Tonight Mr. Rundell here tried to
mug the wrong cat.

Victim fought back, put a nice little hole
in his side.


Tell him.

He told me not to worry...

'cause he purposely avoided
hitting my organs.

Did you see his face?


Could you describe him
to a sketch artist?


Great. Get our best artist on this.

I want this done fast - as in right now!

And fax it to every medical facility
in a 200 mile radius.

Check it against employees,
residents, candystripers,


Find him.

I'm on it.

Hold on for him.

Hello, this is Detective Breslin.

Hi. This is Lee Shoemaker.

I'm a registered nurse
at the University hospital.

I know Corey.

Do you have his last name?

Thank you.

Kurth. Corey Kurth.


This is dispatch.

Can we have an address
on Corey Kurth?

555 Canal Street.
Back-up is on the way.

We found green,
but we have no horseman.

I feel fuckin' weird.

Oh, no, no, no...

Jesus Christ.

Holy Christ!

Somebody help me. Somebody!

I want to get the fuck outta here-
I wanna get out.


Oh Jesus Chris,
what the hell is going on?


Oh, shit. Corey?


Oh my god, somebody get me
out of this fucking thing.


Oh, fuck, is that you?

Corey, can you get me out of
this fucking thing.

Oh my God.

Oh, Corey-
get me out of this fucking thing.

There's fucking hooks in my...

Corey, what the fuck are you doing?

Get me out of this thing.

Get me out of this fucking thing-
get me outta this fuckin' thing.

Jesus, man, what are you doing?

What is this? I don't understand, man.

I don't understand what
you're doing to me.

Yes, you do.

I'm sorry, I'm sorry!

I was wrong. I didn't mean
any of those things I said.

I didn't mean any of it.

I'm sorry. I was being stupid.

I'm your brother, Corey.
Come on, what are you doing?

We can't both live like this anymore.

Having an older brother
who can't support me...

and be happy for me like I am for him.

I looked up to you so much!

Let's talk about it.
Come on. I'm sorry.


No more talking!

What the fuck are you doing?

The pain needs to go away.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

The pain is going to go away tonight.

Let me out of this
fucking thing right now!

Corey, let me out of this fucking thing!
I swear to God!

You fucking let me out of this thing!

Oh, no. Corey, stop it.


What the fuck are you doing?
Don't do it!

My name is Detective Breslin.

I'm afraid I have to
ask you a few questions.

Taylor, can you hear me?


I can hear you.

Can you tell me what happened?

Which part do you want to hear?

The part where my brother
hung me up?

Or the part where he made me watch


Taylor, I need you to help me
understand why he did it.

'Cause he's a fuckin' faggot.

He's a fucking faggot.
He's a fucking faggot.

You're a fucking faggot...
a fucking faggot!

Can you guys get these hooks
out of him.

Excuse me.

How did he do that to himself?. PCP?

Enough to kill a small mule.

It's the closest I've seen
someone come to...

cutting out their own heart.

So, you found Corey?


Tell me about it.

He's dead.

Corey was a remarkable person.

I don't doubt that.

You and Corey
are from different worlds.

How did two people like
you and Corey meet?

You want to know how people like us
can meet each other?

We are the nothing.

How can we not meet each other?

The world lives in my bedroom, Aidan.

And in Corey's.

And in anyone else's...

who's looking for something or
someone they can't find at home.

So... did Taylor hurt?

Oh, yeah.

He's really fucked up.

Does that make you happy?

Is that what you think?

We do what we do and
all of a sudden we are happy?

You don't know the first thing
about hurt.

But you're paying attention now,
aren't you?

Yes, I'm paying attention now, Kristin.

I have four victims.
I only have two Horsemen.

I can save you

a lot of time and energy right now.

You're not going to
catch Pestilence ever.

And the Rider of the White Horse?

You don't find someone like that.

Someone like that finds you.

Oh, really?

Is that how it happened?

The Rider of the White Horse
found all of you?

Put this all together?

Created a forum to show the world?

Yes. That's what a leader does.

You could learn a lot from him.

Don't be like that.

Where's Sean?

I let him go to a friend's house
for dinner.

I didn't expect you back.

Can we talk?

This place is great.

Who do you come here with? Friends?

Yeah, sometimes I come with friends.

Recently, though,
I've just been by myself.

Sometimes I'll come after school
or whatever...

when Sean's with a friend,

or you're working through dinner.

We should start coming here together.

Once a week.

We'll come on the same day.
We could make this...

one of our things.


Dad, Sean is starting to ask
a lot of questions.

Like, why you're not around,
things like that.

I can answer those, but

he's gonna start asking about Mom.

Alex... I want you to know that ...

I am so sorry that you had to have...

that moment with your mom alone.

Do you know what I would give...

to have had that moment with her
instead of you?

It's not that you weren't there that night.

It's that you never came back.


The whole deal with your mom,

it was hard on everybody.

But, I'm coming back now, okay?

This is me telling you that I am back.

Alex, l...

this case that I've been working on.

It's bad. It's really bad-

but it's almost over.

And after this case it's
all gonna be different.

Everything is gonna be different?


Western Division has a case
they need you on.

Attempted rape.

Apparently he's a heck of a biter.

Briefing's this afternoon.

Hey Krupa. Wait - wait a minute.


I don't have time for this.

There's still two Horsemen out there.

They told us to expect four victims.

We have four victims.

No, we don't. They're not finished.

Let me explain something to you.

They chose the Four Horsemen of
the Apocalypse for a reason.

Did you know the word apocalypse
does not mean the end of the world?


The literal translation of it
is "the lifting of the veil."

This whole time they have been trying
to show us something.

They're leaving clues.
It all ties in together.

This is the website that
the computer was connected to.

It's a forum.

There are thousands of members on it.

Do you see that date? That's new.

That wasn't there.

When I first saw that, that was a place
to type in a password.

That's tomorrow.

This whole time, they have been trying
to lead us to something.

They're building to something.
Don't you see?

Building to what?

I don't know

but it's going to happen tomorrow.

Now, we know two of them.

if we could find out
what connected them...

then maybe that will lead us
to find the other two.

I need more time to find this out.

We don't have more time. Just drop it!

You gotta let this go. We don't have...
-What I do not have time for is...


The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse
were sent here...

to initiate hell on earth.

And it's happening tomorrow!

Fine. You got twenty-four hours.

They've been leaving
breadcrumbs for us.

Well, we must have missed
a couple of those crumbs,



Four " Come and Sees."

One in each direction.

Mary Anne Spitz. One, two, three, four.

Silva's apartment. One, two, three, four.

Garrison Jacobs' hotel room

There's only three.


That's why that there's no rig,

no ceremony...

no paint, no necklace.

Nothing taken from the body.

That's why the veil
hasn't been lifted yet.

Garrison Jacobs is not the third victim.

What was he?

Garrison Jacobs is Pestilence.

I was trying to get my beauty sleep.

Garrison Jacobs tricked us
into punishing an innocent.

What did he tell you?

He told us Silva molested his son.

He lied to you.

He was--

heartbroken and lying.

So we bled him.

And you could afford to kill him...

because you didn't need Pestilence
like you needed the others.

He just operated the computers.

It would have been have carried
the Pestilence theme throughout.

Three Horsemen just doesn't
have the same ring.

That means there's
one less horseman.

Which means there's going
to be another victim.

Does it eat at you, Detective Breslin?

That three of the four of us
are off the streets

and you had nothing to do with it?

We would have caught you.


Goodbye, Kristin.

"The great day of His wrath has come."

"Who shall be able to stand?"

Who shall be able to stand?

Maybe that's why they used the rigs?

Find something?

They were both in group therapy.

Who were the doctors?

Annette Richardson


Annette Richardson.

We'll look her up and
we'll pay her a visit.

Oh, God.

We thought we should call you
because of your background


Forensic Odontology.

Bres, what's the matter?

Kristin has acted like
she's known me...

ever since the day
she turned herself in.

That's because she does.

The teeth were placed on that pond...

to guarantee that I would be
assigned to the case.

They're after me and my family.

Stingray, I want you to do me a favor.

Go to my house and I want you
to take care of Alex.

I'm gonna pick up Sean.

What's going on, Bres?

When Karen died Alex
was in group therapy.

Same doctor.

This is Aidan Breslin.
I'm driving there now.

I'm his father.

I just need someone to tell me
if he's in his classroom.

Bres, Bres?


It's me. At the house.

What the fuck?






Police Emergency.
How can I help you?

This is Detective Aidan Breslin,

14th precinct.

I have an officer badly injured,

28th and Nanty Street.

You don't find someone like that.

Someone like that finds you.

He does great when he's here.

That's just not very often.





Alex, answer me!


It's gonna be alright, Alex.

I'm gonna get you down!

Hold on!

It's gonna be okay, Alex!
It's gonna be alright.

I'm bleeding.

I'm supposed to drown, not bleed.

No you're not!

Yes I am!

You have to know!

This won't end with us.

There is no Four Horsemen.

There's millions of them.

They're born into this fucked up world...

by parents who are unwilling to even

try to understand them.

I understand.

And it won't end until every parent
in this fucked up society...

realizes that it does apply to them.

They're watching us right now.

They're waiting for the last Horseman
to make the final sacrifice.

Waiting for the sign...

my death

to begin the apocalypse.

The veil will be lifted

and the people will finally see.

Alex, please tell me
you didn't do these things.

Tell me you didn't do this to yourself.


Because I'm your son?

You haven't been in my room
in three years.

All you had to do was go in my room.


I told you it would be different.

It can still be different.





No! Alex!

Alex! No!








Alex! Open your eyes!

Open your eyes! Look at me!



Dad. Dad...

You were right.

You were right.

After your mom died l,
I never came back.

I never came back.
I wasn't there for you and Sean.


I'm so sorry. Please forgive me.

Give me a chance
to be a father to you.

We're gonna be alright.
Whatever happens...

I'm never gonna leave you again.

It's gonna be alright.

I'm not gonna let you die.





I had a bad dream.

You did?

I'm here now.

Where's Alex?.

Don't you worry about Alex.

Alex is going to be okay.

I love you, Sean.

I love you too, Daddy.