Horse Latitudes (2020) - full transcript

Tom just turned thirty. She has spent her whole life chasing her wanderlust, and collecting passport stamps, experiences and stories to tell her grandchildren like many other people collect pay-stubs and stable relationships. Now faced with society's expectations of a woman in this chapter of her life, she arrives on a vineyard in the south of France to revisit the one man with whom she ever considered settling down. David has been in love with Tom since the first time he met her at a campfire on a beach in California, but he's spent the six years since she disappeared dedicating himself to the backbreaking art of making wine. When David decides to cancel all the plans he's ever made and pursue the relationship he's never been able to forget, Tom has to decide whether to commit to a conventional life or continue her life of adventure.




♪ Walking Scott Street,
feeling like a stranger ♪

♪ With an open heart,
open container ♪

♪ I've got a stack of mail
and a tall can ♪

♪ It's a shower beer,
it's a payment plan ♪

♪ There's helicopters
over my head ♪

♪ Every night when I go to bed ♪

♪ Spending money
and I earned it ♪

♪ When I'm lonely,
that's when I'll burn it ♪

♪ Do you feel ashamed ♪

♪ When you hear my name ♪




How's it going?

Good. I'm good.

I hate to be a bummer,

but your horse is dead.

Yeah, I know.

You think of burying her?

Yeah, that's my morning.

Do you need a hand?

You have another one of those?


Thank you.


You're welcome.

It's a cool spot, by the way.

You like it?

Yeah, it's kind of not terrible.

I guess.

I wasn't sure if you'd be happy
to see me.


How'd you find me?


I don't have Facebook.

Not Facebook, the um, Instagram.

Oh, obviously.

Yeah, you just popped up
in my feed.

On the feed, right?


Based on an algorithm.

Um, you want some coffee?


So you make wine now.

I came here after Dublin

and worked for the old man
that owned the place.

Wait, you've been
here since Dublin?


Wow, good for you!

You're really pulling off
the whole ex-pat thing.

Anyway, after a couple of years,
the old man died

and he uh, left it to me.

He didn't have any kids?

Two daughters, actually,

but he was an asshole.

I think I was the only one
who could put up with him.

TOM: Well,
you have a talent for that.

You were never an asshole.

Does that work?


Um, I don't know, maybe.

That's like a 1,000-dollar
espresso machine

and you're using a moka pot.

It's not fucking
complicated, David.

DAVID: Nah, it's okay,
really, I like it like this.


Oh, shit.


[Tom clears throat]


You're very good at that.

I should be.

I was a barista
in Auckland last year.


What? What do you mean what?

Are you okay?

I mean I feel like a ghost
is making me coffee, but yeah.

You're so dramatic.

DAVID: You remember the
last thing you said to me?

- You said, "I'll see you soon."
- Yeah, but I always say that.

That was six years ago.

I thought you went out
for cigarettes.

I found 'em.


You weren't too heartbroken,
were you?

No, I wasn't heartbroken.

I know. It's just an expression.

Right. Where have you been?

I've been everywhere, man.

Still on that kick.


I thought maybe you would have
settled down,

met somebody or had a kid or...

Not quite.

I was dating this
Argentinian chick for a bit.

That's about as close as I got.

We even signed
a lease together.

A lease, wow. What happened?

Oh, you know me, I'm an asshole.

Someone else here?


You got a girlfriend?


You got a wife and five kids?



One for every year
you were gone.

- Oh!
- That's how I cope.


No, it's just kind of a sunup
to sundown kind of a thing.


That's Rob.


Em's husband Rob.

Oh, fuck!

Thinks-I-stole-his-bike Rob.

That's the one.


Do they live with you?

No, they're visiting.

He does social media marketing
and I suck at that stuff.

Of course, you didn't make
your own Instagram.

No, I didn't.

Looks good, though?

It looks really good.


Maybe I should come back later.

What? No. Fuck that.

We have catching up to do.

I haven't seen your stupid face
in six years.

Yeah, but he really
doesn't like me, David.

I'm sure he's gotten over it.

Davy boy.

- Hey.
- Hey.

Hey, buddy.

Hey, man,
have you seen today's paper...


Rob, you know my friend, Tom.

Hi, Rob.

Why... why...
why is this happening?

Tom, you know my brother-in-law.

Hi, Natalie.

I've been trying
to send you a bill.

Do you have a permanent address
or you still...

Still eating out
of exotic garbage cans?

Woohoo! Fuck off, Rob.


Fuck you, Natalie.
What is this?

You didn't say
she was gonna be here.

Yeah, it was kind of
an early morning surprise.

Oh, cool! Like bed bugs.

And I see
we're smokin' inside now?

I made an exception
this morning.

Well, that's great.



'Cause uh, that's how it starts

and pretty soon
you're smoking again.

She's making coffee.

Yeah, do you want one?

Uh, I can make my own.

Thank you.

She's very good at it.

I'm sure. Where's uh...

where's the rest of it?

Oh, I couldn't find kindling.

You couldn't f...

It's... it's a stove!

You don't need kindling.

Oh my God.

The hearth is gas-lit.


Oops, oopsie.
Who burns today's paper?

[Rob laughing]

Hey! Hey buddy,
uh, a word in private?

What, man?

She was tryin' to start a fire.

Wow, think about the words
you just said.

Would it kill you to come

♪ I said
that makes me feel old ♪

♪ You said
what does that make me ♪


♪ I asked you
how is playin' drums ♪

♪ You said
it's too much shit to carry ♪

You think it's a coincidence

that she arrives within hours of
Gwen passing?

What are you trying to say?
She killed the horse?

I don't know, man.

♪ You said
they're all getting married ♪



Where are you goin'?

I was gonna look for a shovel.

♪ ashamed ♪

Oh, I thought...

Going out for cigarettes?


Not a chance.

I haven't seen your stupid face
in six fucking years.

My shed's on the other side
of the wall.


I'll be right out.

♪ Ooh, ooh, ooh ♪

♪ Ooh, ooh, ooh ♪

[Taking deep breaths]

♪ Ooh, ooh, ooh ♪

DAVID: I thought we could
write something on it.

You know?
Like humans do.

Does Gwen read?

Well, she was a horse, Tom,
and she's dead, so, no.

But look,
I'd found it under a tree

and she loved trees.

what was her favorite tree then?

Well, the persimmon tree

on the edge
of Madame Gérard's yard.

Fuck, that is fucking specific.

I don't know if she liked
all of 'em.

They're toxic
for horses, actually,

but you can keep her away
from now on.

Okay, so here's what we're
gonna do.

We're gonna go
to Madame Gérard's property,

and we're goonna get
some persimmons,

and we're gonna eat
the persimmons,

and then scatter the pits
on Gwen's grave,

and say some nice stuff
about her.

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

Well, seeds, not pits,

but that, while
a beautiful picture,

would probably not be
Madame Gérard's favorite plan.

Then we don't tell
Madame Gérard.

Or we could just use this rock.



Oh, not fine.




Why did you leave?


Why'd you bail on me in Dublin?


I dunno. I needed to see Asia.


I mean I know you wanted to see

Okay, I'm sorry.

No, I don't want you
to regret anything.

I don't regret anything.
I'm just sorry.

[Taking deep breaths]

I mean I'm a little bit sorry.



I'm kidding.

[Takes a deep breath]

I am sorry, though.

[Taking deep breaths]

You know, I really did go out
to get cigarettes.

I nearly smoked the whole pack
sitting on a metal bench,

freezing my ass off
missing trains.

Well, that's good to know.

Hey, we don't have to...

[Takes a deep breath]

Be like that.

I'm just telling you the truth,
I'm telling you what happened.

I did. It always starts off
the same way.

[Taking deep breaths]

It's like one more kiss,
five more minutes in bed.

[Tom takes a deep breath]

Another hour over coffee,

another week collecting
dog-eared coasters,

another year of fucking Dublin.

We were in Dublin two months.

Yeah, but you know what I mean!

I just thought that you would
get it.

I did, I think. I think I did.

I just... I wish you'd say

Or you know, stay for Christmas.


Why? Did you get me a present?

[David scoffs]

Oh my God, you did.

You got me
a fucking Christmas present.

- No, I...
- TOM: And I just bailed.

It wasn't a big deal, really.

I just didn't know!

I thought you were going home
for Christmas.

I was. I changed my ticket.

For me?

No, not for you.

Um, there was this other girl
that I was seeing.


Yeah, of course, I wanted
to spend it with you.


You didn't spend it alone,
did you?

No, not all day.

There was a little
Indian restaurant that was open.

Oh my God,
that's the fucking saddest thing

I've ever heard.

Anyway, ancient history.

I told you I suck at dating!

I know, you did.
You were very clear.

I even specifically said to you
once, I remember,

"I'm going to bail one day."

You did. You're good, honestly.

[Tom sighing]

That's Madame's property.


DAVID: Madame Gérard,
she comes over for lunch every Tuesday.

- And that's the...
- Oh.

Garden labyrinth
that the old man left.

And in the center of it,
there's a...

Hey, not on the vineyard!



DAVID: I said,
"Don't take it out by the grapes."


I told you to keep it away
from the grapes.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
I'll do it again, it's so fun.


Oh my God, dude.

Hey, I'm goin' into town,
there's a horse for sale.

Thought I'd check it out.

Hey, but you know,
I've gotta see it first.

I know.

I'm just gonna go out there,

take some snaps
while we're still posting.

Gotta stay proactive, you know?

We gotta replace her
sooner than later.

Yeah, man, but she hasn't been
in the ground an hour.

Yeah. I'm sorry I missed that.

But uh, you know, we can't get
caught up in the past.

Gotta make a clean slate.

You told me every day,
those grapes are on the vine,

we lose bottles.

Not to mention
the palate, matrix or whatever.


- Yeah.
- All right.

Listen to that.

Vive la France.

You don't have to go with him?

No, I got an appointment
with a stable tomorrow.


What was I gonna s...

Oh, shit, Em wants something.

She uses a bell?

Why doesn't she just text you?

I still don't own a phone.


And if I did, I wouldn't
take it out in the vineyard.

Why not?

Because that whole half
of the estate

is entirely organic.

No electricity, no chemicals,

no machinery that wouldn't
have been around

when the chateau was built.

So wait, that's why the horse?

Yeah, that's why the horse.


DAVID: She couldn't have died
at a worst time either, too.

It's harvest.



Should we go find Em?

No, she can wait.

I wanna show you somethin'.

Come on.



This is my safe place.


It's just the 13th century
looks really good on you.

So is this this year's um,

this year's is still on the vine.

And most of last year is
in a larger cellar

by the winery.

This is the family cellar.



Tell me something
you've never told anybody.

What? Why?

Because I'm about
to show you a secret

and I need assurances.

Come on!
What are we, 10?

Just tell me something.

Oh, fine.



I had an abortion.


I had an abortion.

Yeah, a few years ago.

Well, don't look at me like

It's not a big deal.

No, I mean, I know.
I know it's not.

It's... it's not
if it's not for you.

It's not.


Okay, so what's your secret?


Fine, okay.


Wait, how is that a secret?

Well, it's electricity
on the vineyard.

So I told you
that I had an abortion

and you're showing me
a record player.


I'm sorry.

No, I'm just fucking with you,
I don't care.

Jesus Christ,
it's not funny, Tom.


It was funny.

You did become Amish, though.

Well, it just goes against
my entire branding.

Completely organic,
totally vintage vintages.

Yeah but, this is like
part of the house anyway.

Isn't it?

Well, I think about it
as part of the vineyard.

Has anyone ever told you you're
just a little bit uptight?

Yeah, you told me that.

I just... I don't know.

When I commit to something
an idea or whatever,

an idea or whatever

I like to really
fully commit to it.

I don't know,
I guess that's weird.

It's not weird.

Well, anyway,
I hadn't shown anybody

and the only thing
missing down here is music.

Not a word.

I told you it was stupid.

It's not stupid.

I guess the only question
that matters now

is what music
are you risking this all for.



Is it too early
to start drinking?


This is France.

Oh, boy!


That's the old man's
special collection.

Oh, yeah?
What makes them so special?

They're his best years.
So his life's work, I guess.

DAVID: Most of those 12
bottles have been here

over a quarter century.

That one, one down.

- This one?
- No.

- That one?
- That one.

Was bottled the year I was born.

Oh, is it still good?

Should be till I'm 75.

but you never know
till you open 'em.

Wait, there's...

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7...

Yeah, there's 13 here, not 12.

DAVID: Oh, that one.
That one was... was me.

Oh, cool!

[David chuckles]


Yeah, David Pyne.



Would it be sacrilegious
to drink from the bottle,

Mr. Vintage Vintage?



Mm, what is this?




You have to say it like that.

You've actually had it before.

Have I?

Yeah, we drank that on Dorset,
the night of the fight.


No, not the night of the fight.

The night that you got your ass
handed to you

at Muddy's.


You thought I forgot.

Okay, there was two of 'em.

And they were a head
taller than me.

Nobody is a head
taller than you.

And wait,
I was defending your honor.

Yeah, which I definitely
didn't asked you to do,

by the way.

Well, I connected a few times

for the record, but no,

it didn't exactly go the way
I imagined.

Yeah, well, I guess pub-fighting

Did you think I went to

You think I went to Princeton?

Yeah, some northwestern
prep school.

I don't know.

Or northeastern?
Where are those schools?

Doesn't matter.


I don't have your memory,
I don't know!

Give me that.


Why are you here, Tom?

I told you,
I saw you on Instagram.

Yeah? You go visit everybody
you come across

on social media?

Mm, maybe I have good memories.

You missed me.

Mm, don't get hard about it.

What's next for you?

Oh, I don't know.

I haven't thought that far

You know, you might have gotten

I was actually thinking
maybe I could um,

help out around here for a bit.

Oh, with your extensive
gardening résumé?


Or I dunno, I could be
like your personal barista

or something.

You wanna stay?

[music ends]


DAVID: I could only
give you room and board.

What else do I need?

- I have to warn you.
- Oh, I know.

that one day I'll just
wake up with a start,

and there'll be
a cold espresso machine,

and an empty ash tray,

and this all would've been
a drunken memory,

and your voice will echo
in my ears from years ago.

And you'll say,
"I'll see you soon."

I was actually gonna say,

"I don't make
pumpkin spice lattes."

No? I can live with that.

That's a deal.

You should grab a beer.

Whose is that?

It's Tom's.

Who's Tom?

It's mine.

Oh, I'm sorry.

No, you're not gonna make me
drink alone, are you?

I'm David.


Wait, who's Tom?

I'm an idiot.

No, you're not an idiot,
she's an idiot.

She's fucked up.

[Rose chuckling]

Do you know the difference

between Old Tom's gin
and regular gin?

No. I'm sure
you're gonna tell me.

They add sugar.

DAVID: It's named after
the black cat plaques

they hang above bars
in old London.

The Old Tom's
is for the old tomcats.

If this is you flirt,
you're so bad at it.


Where are you from?

Mm, nowhere really.

How long you here for?

I don't know. What about you?

I live around here now.

Do you travel much?

Nope. No, everybody's so crazy
about movin' around.

I'm on the other kick.

Oh, what's that?

Staying put.

DAVID: I think it's gonna be a
new, cool thing.

5, 10 years from now.

Just never goin' anywhere.



Seriously, Tom,
how do you not age?


Oh, I was so stoked to find out
that you're here!

Me, too.

How's it going?


I gotta go make some calls.

Okay, fuck off,
we don't need you.

Hey, listen uh,
Gérard stopped by.

She mentioned lunch on Tuesday.

Is that like a tradition
or something?

since long before I got here.

So where have you been?
Wait, are you hungry?

Yeah, I'm fucking starving.

- Let's go raid the fridge.
- Yes.

- I wanna hear about everything.
- How long can you stay?

I'm not sure yet!

They love us.

They love us, we got a spike.

We've got a spike with
the Portland hipsters, baby.

That's the market we need.


Look more excited, man!

- This is exactly what we want!
- This is exactly what we want.

It's me being excited.

Alright, alright.

It turns out
there's a real market for this.


All the other booze companies,
they're... they're doin' the...

The... the lifestyle thing.

Nobody is doin' the...
the style of life thing.


I'm pretty sure
that doesn't mean anything.


[Clears throat]

What? Was that
a little confusing?

No, it's not confusing.

It's just
it doesn't mean anything.

Style of life and lifestyle
are just the same thing,

but you just mixed
the words up.

Oh, 'cause you're
the marketing expert.


'Cause you learned all about
product branding

selling hemp bracelets
on the beach

or whatever you did.

Oh God.

What I do know is that
style of life is a term

invented by Alfred Adler

and it doesn't mean
what you think it means.


You're the lifestyle expert.

Hmm, maybe.

Hey, so I looked
at those photos you took

of the horse you saw today

and unfortunately
I think he's way too small.

Oh, solid pics, though, right?


They are.

They're great, man,
very great pics.


And uh, I made some calls
and lined up some showings

for tomorrow.

Good, good, that's great,

because people are begging
for shots of the doing

of the thing, you know?
Like the... the harvest,

the whole thing.

They really, really want 'em.

You with the... the straw hat,
and the grapes,

and the whole deal, you know?


Look, I took this on equity
cause your family

but if... if this goes the way
that it looks like it's goin',

this is gonna be
the best decision of my life.

[Clears throat]


Oh, God.


Did Rob sleep in?

No, he'll just take
any opportunity

to work on the bike.

EM: He got the special
one from Craigslist

or whatever they have here.

You can't find this type
in America apparently.

Yeah, but how's he gonna
get it back?

Ask him. I stopped asking
those kinds of questions.

He busts his ass
to keep us afloat.

He deserves his play things.

Said the '50s housewife.



Um, so wait, are you still doing
your drawings?

I wish, I don't have time.

But you know,
once Jasper starts school,

I'll have a lot of time.

I might go back
to teaching yoga.

I might even try oil painting,
I always wanted to do that.

Take some classes,
the local university.

That one looked healthy.

Yeah, I just don't have the time
or the experience

to get him into shape.

Rob said
I'm supposed to make sure.

you don't come home
without a horse.


He also said we're supposed
to take a picture

with lots of color in it,
flowers or a barn door

something like that.

Okay. We're gonna go
find him a barn door.

[Indistinct TV chatter]

[Indistinct conversation]

DAVID: I know,
you mentioned that earlier.

I know, I know, I know.

Look, you get... you get working
on your product.

One way or another, I swear to
God, you're gonna break...

You're gonna break 20k followers
by the end of the quarter.





I'm up. I'm up.


[Takes a deep breath]


Ooh, okey dokey!



Don't tell anyone.

These things don't...

they're not poisonous
or anything?



Is this your first time
in France?

Uh, France? Yes, yes.

First time out of the country.

Well, since our sons were born,
she means.

Or in general.

Well, no, we go to that... that
Canadian city uh, every summer.

EM: Vancouver twice,
and Canada doesn't count.

Where in America are you from?

It's um,
it's in the Pacific Northwest,

right underneath Washington.

Actually, Canada is closer
than most

of the rest of the country.

Oh my God, what's...
what's goin' on over there?

She is asking us
if we travelled much

and we haven't.

Very true,
but you're breakin' my balls.

How old is your son?

- 7.
- 4.

We... we have two,
7 and 4.

You think they're okay?

They're fine, they're fine.

We should really FaceTime.

Why... why didn't we bring them?

- Because they're monsters.
- That's so mean, yeah.

They're fine, they're fine.

Speaking about which,

the Hobart children
are something, aren't they?

They're good kids.

They're thieves,

which is the nicest thing
I can think to say.

Eating a few apples
from your tree

doesn't make them thieves.

It certainly does.

It technically doesn't.

Well, seems a bit extreme.

No, it's not.

More wine?

Oh yes, please.


Sorry for that.




Does Madame Gérard have kids?

- What do you think?
- No.


I was just about to tell
Madame Gérard

about that conversation we had.

You remember camping
outside Big Sur?

Yeah, I do.

So the um, the girls had a
late-night hangout sesh

by the fire-pit.

You remember that?


You know, Tom is like
this amazing traveler.

It'... it's...


She's been everywhere.

And she's the ultimate
of this lost

or I should say
wondering generation,

'cause not all who wander
are lost, right?

So anyway, we were there

and I was feeling loose,
shall we say?

And we were asking
each other questions,

and I asked her you know,
if she wanted kids

to have a family.

Sort of a normal question
for a girl

or I should say a woman,

for my generation,
and certainly yours,

the question
of the ticking clock.

And she says... you know,
I think about this all the time.

Tom, I really do.

She says, "Yeah, I want five."
Five kids.

[Em chuckles]

EM: I didn't wanna offend her.
She's my brothers...

You know,
I mean, they were really close,

but I had to know

and I didn't understand how
she was going to have five kids

with no steady job,
no steady anything.

And she says,
"I'm not on birth control.

I'm not on birth control

and I'm sure I'll have
the baby accidentally

by the time I'm 30."


Oh, I'm tipsy, aren't I?

- No, no, no, it's okay.
- I'm sorry, I'm sorry..

No, I just... I thought
it was the greatest thing,

because why should the word
"accidentally" in that context

be such a bad thing, right?

I mean, the way she said it,

and I don't know
if you still feel this way,

but the way she said it
it was like

the guy was an afterthought.

And I mean

why should what she wants
be dependent on a guy?


Uh, I'm paying her a compliment.

No, no, no, no.

It was a... a really big
thought for me then.

It... it still is.

And you know,
I think in that moment

I really understood
why my brother is...

Was so in love with you.

Okay, maybe we should...

Let's clean up.

- Clean-up time.
- Did I say too much?


Just catchin'
the best show in town.

You mean the only show in town?

Yes, I think.

Are you tired of it, yet?

DAVID: No. No,
it's the only thing I'm not tired of.

So we're going to
the stables tomorrow,

is that the plan?

Yeah, I guess.

Well, your enthusiasm is

[David chuckling]

Uh, just weird about
replacing things, I guess.

What? Do you think?

What's that supposed to mean?

That you are weird about
replacing things.


Come on, you've got tw... 13!

You've got 13 bottles of wine
that you won't touch, because...

I'm saving 'em.

For what? Your wedding?

Your Amish
bond-raising championship?

- Okay.
- Your funeral, my funeral?

For someday.

Okay, I know
what you're thinkin'.

I didn't say anything!

Yeah, well, I hear you.
There's no such thing.

The trouble with that though,
is that some people

have these weird body parts
uh, called "hearts".

If you're not careful,
what they'll do

is they'll develop these
really inconvenient feelings

called "attachment".

That's gross.

and nothing like my childhood.


No, but having a single dad
in the military,

No. But having a single dad
in the military

you do have to transition
very quickly.

It was like every other year.

"Come on, we're going to
this new country

or this new school,
you've got new friends,

there's a new bed, new food."

And the food, that was the...

Yeah, that was what
really got to me, the food.

My dad was really
health-conscious, so...

...we were never allowed
to eat at like fast-food joints

or have boxed cereal
or any of that kind of stuff,

you know?

It always had to be
healthy, local things,

like things that you
couldn't get just everywhere.

And I was like
a really picky kid.

So it was exhausting
deciding which new foods

I hated every single time.


It was a full-time job.

There was one thing
that I was allowed, though,

from the store on base.

Oh, was it poptarts?

No, it wasn't poptarts.
I wish it had been poptarts.


It was peanut butter.

Peanut butter has been
my like most constant thing.

It's funny, that's one thing
you can't get in France.

Fuck. Do you think I'll live?


You gotta get a new horse, dude.

Yeah, I know.

The grapes
are gettin' drier every day,

which means less of a yield and

What? Mr. Social Media?


But to his credit though,

I mean
he's been busting his ass.

I guess I have to.

Come on, let's go.

Where? Hey.

Uh, what are we doin'?

We're gonna
say "goodbye" properly.

It helps you to move on.

Or at least, I've heard.

Tom, I don't think we should.

So wait, where is the tree?

Listen, I'm serious.

This isn't that important
and I got a pretty good

long-standing relationship
with my neighbor right now.

Look, if we get caught,
I'll take 100% of the blame,



So is it that way or that way?



All I see are leaves.

It must be high up.

Do you think
this is strong enough to climb?

I think we should get a ladder.

No, we don't have time
for ladder.

This is a blitz fucking mission.


Okay, I'm just...
I'm gonna...

I'm gonna do something.



Whoa, whoa.

Okay, can you get up
from there?

- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- Okay.


Oh, shit!

Go, go, go!


[Taking deep breaths]

You didn't say
there was a light.

I've never been here after dark.

Also, there are no persimmons
in that tree.

[Taking deep breaths]

Oh, fuck.
Pauline must have come.


The gardener.


[Tom taking deep breaths]

Hey, Hobart!

[Speaks French]



[Speaking French]

What's she saying now?

She's comin' out
with her shotgun.

Not really.

Don't worry,
she's a horrible shot.


She never comes past the patio.

Wait, have you done this before?

Those poor fucking kids.





♪ There are two of us
on the run ♪


♪ Goin' so fast, every doubt we
had is coming undone ♪

Have you ever
read any Robert Frost?

No, I also didn't go
to a northeastern prep school

if that's what you're asking.


No, he's an
old straight white guy,

you got me there.

"The Road Not Taken."

Hmm, that was my dad's
favorite poem of all time.

Which one?

The title one.

It's a narrative about a guy

who's takin' this long walk
through the woods,

and he gets to
a fork in the road,

and he's contemplating
what path to take,

and it seems pretty innocuous,

'Cause he can't see too far
down either of 'em,

because all the leaves
and stuff.

So he just goes with the one
that it seems like

fewer people have taken

and he says
he'll save the other one

for another day.

Then, here's the kicker.

"Yet knowing
how way leads on to way,

I doubted
if I should ever come back."

And you realize pretty quickly
that he's not talkin' about

some daily stroll in the woods,
that the road is time,

and that the stroll is life,
and you don't get to go back.

Well, that's fucking sad.

Yeah. Yeah, I guess it is.

What do you think
the fork in the road

was for your dad?

Oh, I don't know.
Probably nothin'.

He's a pretty
sentimental guy on his own.

Or maybe it was us.

You know,
having kids and bein' a dad.

He wanted to be a musician
when he was younger

and the whole touring life

is a... a whole different thing.

♪ So we can one day, tell... ♪

What'd you find?

♪ ...our story ♪


Are you searching
for Carmen Sandiego

or something?

Yeah, there she is.


No, I'm just deciding
where's next.


...ourselves now

Alright, I got an idea.


How about you close your eyes,
and I spin the map around,

and you put your finger down,
and wherever it lands,

we'll leave within a week.


Yeah. Well, come on,
we're having fun, right?

Why not take it on the road?


You're the one who's always
talking about

living for right now and shit.

Yeah, but what happened to

Mr. I wanna live and die within
a 100 mile radius?

Some chick fucked my life up.

♪ ...only a runner,
just keep one foot... ♪

Shut up and close your eyes.


♪ ...there's only a runner... ♪

Come on.

♪ Oh, oh, oh ♪

Are you ripping it to pieces?



Alright, now, try to land
somewhere near the middle,

because I hear
the Antarctic is expensive.


How'd I do?

EM: I admire your way
of thinking about life.

What way is that exactly?

You know,
the way you wander around

making it up as you go along.

Sometimes I wish
I could do that.

See as much of the world
as you do.

I think you could.

I mean, I know you've got kids
and shit, but...

...I think if you wanna get out
and not feel so trapped,

you should just make the time
and do it.

I know Rob and I
aren't exactly like that,

but he seems woke enough
to let you go

and do your own thing
every once in a while, right?

You know, I tried,
a few years ago, before Jasper.

I got this idea in my head

that I hadn't experienced
enough of life

and I needed to get out.

I tried to talk to Rob about it
and he freaked out, of course.

Thought I wanted to leave him,
get a divorce.

I told him that when I said
I wanted to experience

more of life,
it didn't mean

I wanted to leave him.

It meant I wanted to experience
more of life.

A real plot twist.

Yeah. Anyway, you're right.
He was completely cool with it.

We arranged a couple of weeks
for me to go wander,

and he took charge of James
and the babysitter,

and daycare, and everything.

And he actually seemed
really genuinely excited for me.

That's great. So where'd you go?

Istanbul, Turkey.

That is a massive leap!

I know. I thought I'd just
jump right in

and go somewhere
I never imagined I'd ever go.

How was it?

Awful. Terrible. I hated it.

Was it really?


- Oh, no!
- The coffee's undrinkable

And like nobody speaks
fucking English.

- Yeah, no shit.
- I know, I know.

I know that's a stupid
thing to say.

I just never realized
how scary it is

to be a real foreigner,

out there just completely
on your own.

I've never done it before.

And all I wanted
was to be back home

with my stupid husband,

arguing about like heat stains
on the furniture.

I bet he loved hearing that.

Who, Rob? I never told him.

He thinks
I fucking love Istanbul.


Hey, what's the word for...

- Kaki.
- Kaki?

Oh, don't worry about it.

Well, look at that.

That's looking good.

Yeah. How'd it go?

Well, one bad knee
and one shitty temperament.

Oh, come on, man, come on

But the third one could work.

You just gotta make a f...




Yeah, I mean she's...
she's, you know, she's gentle...

- Seriously?
- And she's in pretty good shape.

We got a horse, we got a horse,
we got a horse!

Yeah, yeah, yeah,
let's not celebrate yet.

We still gotta hammer out
the details.

We got a horse!




Hey, you.


What are you doin'?

I finally figured out
how to connect

my phone to the speakers.

[Tom grunts]


What bottle is that?

It's actually the year
that we met.

Okay. And that's cool,

but let's please
just maybe not touch those.

Look, you've been really great

in helping me stay put
for a while,

so I thought
maybe I could help you out

with some of your attachments.

You've got a horse,
let's just celebrate.


Please don't open that.

I knew this wouldn't be easy
for you.

- Just... just don't.
- Trust me. Alright, hey!

I'm saving it, please.



What the fuck did I just say?

Okay, just relax.

Relax? Do you know
you can't close that again?

I do, because I'm not an idiot.

♪ Is it a crime... ♪

Do you realize
that's an entire year

of a great artist's life?

It's more like
an old bottle of wine

that some dude
was saving for a special day

that never came.

All the work
that you've ever done

in your entire life

doesn't add up to what it takes
to make one of those.

♪ Dreaming of you ♪

Yeah. Fine. Whatever.
Maybe it wouldn't.

But like, either way,
what's the fucking point

in all that fucking work
if it was just gonna

sit on a shelf
collecting fucking dust?

♪ Guilty of dreaming of you ♪

Why did you come here, Tom?

Because if it's just
to fuck my life up again...

♪ What can I say ♪

...I think you should go.

♪ After I've taken the blame ♪

♪ You say you're through ♪

♪ You'll go your way ♪


Don't be, it's good
that you said that.

No, I didn't mean that.

I think you kinda did.

♪ Maybe I'm right ♪

I'm sorry about the bottle.

♪ Loving you, dear, like I do ♪

♪ If it's a crime,
then I'm guilty ♪

♪ Guilty of loving you ♪


Come on.

What are you doing? You're not
leaving right now.

It's like 10:30.

Been in shitty neighborhoods,
but I'm sure I'll be fine.

Please come back

You know,
you never told me anything

about how you felt back then.

I know.

You had my email,
you could have reached out.

I honestly didn't think

you'd ever thought
about me again.

I just felt so stupid.

You didn't even leave a note

and I... that whole thing
mattered so much to me.

And I didn't know if it had
mattered at all to you.

It mattered to me.


Please come back down-stairs.

There's somethin'
I really wanna show you.


What did you do?

Just listen.


- I know that this seems rash.
- No, this isn't what I meant.

Listen, I know.
I didn't do this for you.

I did this,
because you're right.

I stepped outside, and I took
a breath of fresh air,

and I realized,
it was the old man

who was saving these bottles,
not me.

And I thought about
how he always imagined

that he was gonna open 'em
on some special occasion,

but what if he was wrong,

and what if opening them
is the special occasion.

And standin' out there,
dude, I realized

it's a fucking beautiful night.

I'm serious.

Go outside, the moon's out.
It's beautiful.

Yeah, we were just out there.


The moon is out
and it's beautiful.

It fuckin' is.

Are you with me on this?

[Lyrics in French]

You with me on this?

You're not gonna make me
drink alone, are you?

[Lyrics in French]


Well, this is the next
youngest from his work,

so it's just from 2000.

[Lyrics in French]

The year the Y2K bug
was supposed to

destroy all of society.

[Lyrics in French]

Well, don't... you...
Don't you... don't just sniff it.

You gotta really smell it,
really take it in.

[Lyrics in French]


Now take a sip.

[Lyrics in French]

What do you taste?

Wet towel.

Uh, you're drunk.

No, I'm not even close to drunk.
You try it.

[Lyrics in French]


Oh, fuck, that does taste
like wet towel.

Yeah, it's okay.
We'll enjoy anyway.

[David chuckling]

Okay. Where were you in 2000?

Mm, how old was I?

I was like...

I was in La Paz,
I was skipping school,

and playing street guitar
for change,

'cause they just opened
a McDonald's in Bolivia

like two years earlier.

And obviously, my dad
wouldn't let us go

anywhere near it.

So I had to play Dylan
for my Chicken McNugget money.

[Lyrics in French]

I think you're the one
who's getting tipsy.

[Lyrics in French]

You couldn't have just opened
a few of them?


I don't think that
would have made my point.

Yeah, but fuck, man,

they'll only be good for like
a day or two more, aren't they?

[Lyrics in French]

You think we need help?



Hey buddy.

Where's Em?

Em crashed.

I'll go get her.



Wait, don't!


[Indistinct speech]

I'm callin' a family meeting.



Are you down
for a memorable night?

What time is it?

Who knows?

Rob said
that you wouldn't be,

but I thought
I would ask anyway.

Okay, everybody's gotta
pull their weight.

Wait, how many
bottles of wine is that?

It's 10. It was 12.

Oh, that's the old man special...


The special.

And we get two, maybe three days
to drink all of it.

That's the special collection.

That's the special collection
for special times.

Well, I figured
tonight was as special as any.

Yeah, so going
from the newest to oldest,

which means
we're currently on...




What are you sayin', man?

Here's to a clean slate.

[Lyrics in French]

And you got a record player
down here?

Oh, shit.


Oh, that's great.


That's so great.

Clean slate?

Clean slate.

Alright. Let's celebrate.



Oh my God.

Alright, let's uh,
let's celebrate to a...

To a... to finding a new steed.


And to a mighty fine
next vintage!


[Indistinct chatter]

The lady said she's payin'.

[Indistinct chatter]

Our world won't end in a bang

but with the calculated
beeps and clicks

of our own DNA becoming data.

Wait, that's not what she said.

I think it actually was.

No, she wasn't talking
about the matrix!


What was she saying?
I wanna hear your version.


[music begins]

I've been reading the most
interesting articles, lately.

Do you realize,
perhaps not your children,

but your children's children

will probably
be born in test tubes?

THE QUEEN: It just seems
to make more sense.

What does that mean
for relationships

between men and women?

Biologists define

the difference
between a man and a woman

by the sex cells
they're born with.

That's beautifully
eloquent, really.

But if you take sex
for conception

out of the picture,

what different sort of identity
sorting we'd be dealing with?

I think freedom
is the best option, right?

But then again,
freedom has to change.

Doesn't it?

Who wants the last of '95?


Mm, it's kind of... feels like
we're time-traveling,

doesn't it?


Do you know what we
were doing in '95, baby Davy?


I dunno. I was like what, 9?

So I was in the basement
Playin' Rum, Gins and Krakens.


What the...
What do you mean?


Do you mean
Dungeons and Dragons?

Yeah, but we made up
a nautical version.


He wanted to be a ship captain
when he grew up.

He tried to get us all
to call him "Captain Dave".

- Oh, Captain Dave.
- TOM: Are you kidding me?

I thought it would've been cozy

to sleep in a cabin
with bunk beds

and all your friends
are always around.


Oh my God,
I wanted to be an actress.

I was 15.
Jesus, it was like before life!

But you're still so hot.

Ew, that is not right.


I would've been 16.

You're really bad at math.

No, all I'm saying is that
if I knew that this

hotness existed back then,
I'd totally

would've been
jerkin' off to you

in the boys' bathroom during
Mr. Nicolucci's geography class.

You're nauseating.

Nicolucci! Nicolucci! Nicolucci!


I know!
How can you have married it?

The thing
from a Thousand Leagues.

I'm pretty sure you begged me.

That's true.
Actually, that's just uh...

That's technically true.

100% true.

But who's... yeah,
when it's the one, it's the one.

Do you believe in that

that there's like
one person for everyone?

No. No, I don't think that.
I don't think that at all.

I think uh...

We were... uh,
it was my first Valentine's Day.

It was our first Valentine's Day

and I'd never done
anything like that before

I'd never...
The ritual of it, you know?

So I just leaned into
the whole romance thing hard.

I did everything.
No stone unturned.

I did the... the bubble bath
and the... and the uh...

And the flowers,
and the rose petals,

and the incense sticks,
and the yoga music

or whatever that was.

And she comes in,
she sees this and it's just...


No expression,
no reaction at all.

And I was like, "Oh, fuck.

She fuckin' hates
Valentine's Day!"

ROB: Or she did...
or one of these things is wrong.

Like those aren't bubbles
or I don't know, like whatever.


I was really super nervous,
really, really nervous.

I wanted it to go well.

And now she's in the bathtub,
and I'm leanin' up

against the counter,

and she's playin'
with the bubbles and...

And then all of a sudden,
she just...

I don't know where...

She just looks up at me
and she says,

"This is one of those moments
that I am going to remember

right before I die."

You know?
Like she just decided it.

And I just... I fuckin' knew.


I just knew.

So, yeah, I don't believe
in the one for everyone,

but I believe in the one for me.

What are you doing?





Oh boy.


- Mm.
- Oh.

My brother's here.



My brother's here.


Okay, guys, I think I better
put him down.

Yeah, you better do that.



Come on, let's go.

Right. Going. Yeah.

We're goin', we're gonna go
down f... on each other.



This was such a good idea.


This was such a good idea.

Clearin' out
the old man's work,

g'ttin' ready for yours,
for your... your vintage.

This year's, next year's,
year after that.

Alright, honey.

Alright, alright.


Captain Dave.

Yeah, right.


Alrighty. Alrighty.

Don't stay up too late,
we got...

[Tom chuckling]

We got shit to hammer out
tomorrow. Yeah?


Love you.

Love you, man.

Have fun, you two.

ROB: Alright. Bye y'all.

Goodnight, you two.


Day in the life, 1994.

1994, I was in...
Oh, I was in North Dakota.


Oh, yeah,
I was in North Dakota and...

[Tom sighs]

Carly Trumbull's mum

was the first
in our friend group

to get one of those like um,

do you remember
the old car phones?

The really big ones, yeah.

Big ones, yeah.

- Curly cord and all?
- Uh-huh.

So I guess
she was fiddling with that

or something

and uh, she went to make
a left turn,

she wasn't paying attention,

and she got hit
by a tractor trailer.

Oh, shit.

She didn't make it,

No, she was fine.

Carly was in the passenger seat.

You know?

Oh, fuck, what's the time?

You've gotta go
to your horse meeting.



Oh, damn, that's not good!

Let me see.

It's not good.
I'm sorry.



That's, first of all,


[Lyrics in French]


Do you believe in fate?

You mean like
everything happens for a reason,

that kind of shit?

Yeah. Destiny?



I don't.
I think it's bullshit.

I think all that
like fuckin' superstitions

and like spiritual crap
is so annoying,

but also as a rule,
I don't fuck with the universe.

Oh, look, it's a Mourvèdre!

Yeah, the last one was, too.


Do you remember the bottle
that we had after Muddy's

had a map like this on it?

We played
that point-and-go game.

You know, the one where
I point and we go?

[Lyrics in French]

Yeah, I remember.

[Lyrics in French]

I have a problem.

[music ends]

Could you help me?

Yeah, but this is the last
of the night, too.


You have to enjoy.



The old man commissioned that.

It's called "the first owner".

I started out thinking it was
so romantic, you know?

Workin' out here
with your hands

and plantin' roots down deep,
never digging 'em up.

Yeah. I guess
that's one way to do life.

He's so tired.


I mean...

No, I think he looks like
he could be happy.

Alright. Fuck it.

We're doin' it.


Close your eyes.

Oh, okay.

wherever your finger lands,

we're goin' there tomorrow.

Alright. Wait. No.

Today tomorrow
or tomorrow tomorrow?

Um, I think that I meant...


Whenever we wake up tomorrow.



So tomorrow tomorrow,
today tomorrow.





Uh, I think you pointed to like
the middle of the Sahara.


So it's better
if you hit the bottle.


Get him.

Well, that's
the middle of the sea!

It's close enough.


Actually, I know where that is.

The sun's coming up.

Oh, yeah?






Hey, what time is it?

It's like 2:30.



You're ready?

For what?

We're going' down south today,

But didn't they go?


Yeah, they went.

So, they've got the only car?

The only car, yeah.


♪ Oh, oh, oh, oh ♪

♪ Oh, oh, oh, oh ♪

♪ There is nothin' more to come
and more to follow ♪

♪ When all the answers are
bought from an empty bottle ♪

♪ Pick it up, pick it up,
pick it up, pick it up ♪

♪ Just when the love is all
I have to offer ♪

♪ Pick it up, pick it up,
pick it up, pick it up ♪

♪ Open it up ♪

♪ Open it up ♪

♪ Oh, oh, oh, oh ♪

♪ Oh, oh, oh, oh ♪

♪ There is nothin' more to come
and more to follow ♪

♪ When all the answers are
bought from an empty bottle ♪


So that's where we're going?

Yeah. We park right there.


And the rest of it's on foot.

This thing
is really, really fucked.

I know. I know it's a rad.

Honestly, I'm a little surprised
you gOt us here.

Yeah. Alright.

You're fucking with me.

I'm not fucking with you.

You're sucH an asshole.

I'm not fucking with you.


[Conversation in French]


The carb.

Oh, how much?


which she says is a deal
because she happens to have

a used one that will work.



Okay, well, I've got like
10 euros to my name

and I didn't even bring
my wallet.

Yeah, me neither.

I brought a 100
for gas and stuff.


So we just have to make
240 euros by the end of the day.

Fuck. We should just call Rob.

You know his number?

No. Not by heart.

Yeah, 'cause my phone is
fertilizing some Pinot Grigio

at the moment.

Are you just tryin' to annoy me?

What? No. Remember last night?

I don't grow Pinot Grigio.

Here's what we're gonna do.

♪ I came from Texas you came ♪

♪ From the west edge
of Missouri ♪

♪ We met in Brooklyn we set ♪

♪ Our sights on California ♪

♪ We drove down
the Grapevine in the sun ♪

♪ And could not stop
when we hit the 101 ♪

♪ We kept on drivin',
lookin' for home ♪

♪ Home, home ♪

Thank you.

♪ Just me and you ♪

Can I have that money?

♪ We kept on drivin' ♪

♪ Lookin' for home ♪

♪ Home, home ♪

♪ Just me and you ♪

♪ We kept on drivin',
lookin' for... ♪

[Conversation in French]

Thanks, merci.

[Indistinct lyrics in


we are 15 closer to our goal.

Well, that almost pays
for the sunglasses.

It would have paid for several
McNugget meals.

Oh, what do we do now?


Maybe we should just keep goin'.
The rest of it's on foot anyway.

Keep goin'
like we didn't just break

your brother-in-law's most
prized possession.

Yeah, but we can't do anything
about that now.


[Song playing in background]

We said we'd go
where you pointed,

and it's still a beautiful day,
and we're burning daylight.

Well, maybe we should just...



You hear that? Come on.


That's gotta be a sign.

That's gotta be, doesn't it?

Wait, is that peanut butter?
It is!



We don't fuck with the universe.

Tom! Tom!



- Okay, we're gonna need that.
- Okay.

Where we're goin', we're gonna
need that

Wait, how much further
till we get there?

I think 90 minutes.

We aren't gonna get there
before the sun goes down.

Let it go down.





Wow. That's the best color.

I think I know her.


There in the hat.

I think that's one
of the old man's daughters.

Recognize her boat.


Maybe she'd let us use her boat.


No. Not likely.

did you not leave off well?


Her and her sister thought
they were gonna

get the vineyard.


It's not like
they were gonna use it.

Alright. I didn't
say anything.

It broke his heart
when he found out

they weren't
gonna be wine makers.

Yeah. Every little girl's dream.

Wait here.

Uh, where are you going?
What are you doing?


What's that?

Got us a ride.

No way, what happened?

I have a way with words,
in case you haven't noticed.

You know, it's funny.
Now that you mentioned it,

no, I haven't.

Well, it's cause you're not
old and French.

I'm an old
French biddy whisperer.

[Speaks Foreign language]

♪ We just kept drivin',
lookin' for home, home ♪

♪ Home ♪

♪ Wherever this postcard says
it's from ♪

♪ We'll be home, home ♪

♪ Home ♪

♪ Yeah, you and me ♪

♪ I'd be Henry Miller
You'd be Anaïs Nin ♪

♪ We'll have our breakfast
in Paris ♪

♪ Lunch in Dublin ♪

♪ We charmed our way
on the train ♪

♪ Singing Bobby McGee and
Brakeman's Blues ♪

♪ Yeah, we sang every song ♪

♪ That driver knew ♪

♪ We just kept drivin',
lookin' for home, home ♪

♪ Home ♪

♪ Arrêtez-moi si vous
l'avez déjà entendu ♪

♪ Yeah, home, home ♪

♪ Home ♪

♪ Yeah, you and me ♪

[music ends]

Picked a pretty sweet spot.

Watch this.



Your glasses, your glasses,
your glasses!


That was so cool!

Almost lost 'em.

How is it?

It's like a bath!

I don't believe you.

[Indistinct speech]

Oh my God, [Indistinct speech]

Come on in.

No, I'm good.
I like it out here.

No, you are not coming, no.


Come on!

I'm fine, thank you.



That was so...

Oh, okay.

It's not that bad.

Oh, it's amazing.


I didn't think you would do it
for a sec.


So like the hike back from here
is an hour and a half, right?

Yeah, but we got a boat.

Yeah, but they don't.

Think about it, you're tired
from swimming all day,

you already hiked here
in the morning heat,

now you have to worry
about hiking back

before it gets dark.

How much would you pay
for a scenic boat ride home?


I stay here.

You stay there.

Bonjour, parlez-vous anglais?


Tell him
it comes with a glass wine.


What's your friend's name?

That? That's Captain Dave.

Captain Dave?


Captain Dave! Hey!

Dankeschön, Captain Dave.

Is it everything
you hoped it would be?

Yeah, I think my preteen-self
was onto somethin', yeah.

You ever have a day
where you look back,

you realize you wouldn't change
a single thing if you could?

DAVID: I don't remember the
last time I felt like that.

Don't look at me like that.

Like what?

I'm your pixie dream girl
or something.

Aren't you kinda, though?

I'm exactly zero
of those things.

Oh, shit, bad.

Well, there's gotta be
a not-too expensive hotel room

around here.

We only have enough
for the repair.

Okay. That's okay.

You comfortable?

I'm good. Are you good?

I'm good.

What year?


The year you were born.

Oh, we're finally back
to the beginning.

Happy birthday to me.


Did you ever have that moment

where you realized
for like the first time

that you're not
a young person anymore?


I've been feelin' like that
a lot in the last few years.

Why? What do you think about
when you feel that way?

I've been realizing that
like other people look at me

and they don't see me
as a kid anymore.

I'm 30.

I'm just... no, I'm older.

I'm older than my dad was
when he had me.

Makes me think about how

societies have rituals to decide

when you're really young,


What do you think
the closest thing

we have to that now is?

I don't know.
Gettin' married, havin' a kid.

God, what if you don't want
either of those things?

Makin' love on a beach
in France.


Makin' love. Are you serious?

Fuckin'. Whatever.


Don't you think, huh?

We're not doing this!

What do you mean
we're not doing it?

'Cause we're old enough to know
that having sex on a beach

is a really dumb fucking idea.

- Uh, no, you're not old.
- I am.

- You're not that old.
- I'm 30.


Get off.


You awake?


When you were pregnant,

whose was it?

I mean, I know it wasn't ours.

Would it matter if it was?

I'm just curious.

It wasn't yours.




He's in the study.

It's a really great story, Em.

You better go talk to him first.


I don't care about the bike.

The bike's the bike,
bike's a toy.

What are you doing?

Why are you gonna
give this up?

I know you're not gonna

I'm tryin' to understand, man.

This is me being very cool.

Trying to understand.
So you gotta help me.


You remember last week
when you asked me

if I really thought
it was a coincidence

that she came on the same day
that Gwen died.

The day after.
But yeah, what?

I think you were right.
I think it wasn't.

This is gonna sound
really stupid, but...

...I was at a crossroads

...and I think
she was supposed to come.

Oh, fuck, man.
Don't... don't do that.

The fate?
It was divine intervention?

She found you on Instagram.

That's what happened.
Fate is an algorithm

Photoshopped by me
to look like a cool choice.

That's what this is.

I can't help it, man.

I'm sorry.

I don't want you to be sorry.

I want you to think about
what you're doing,

that you're giving up here.

This is... this is beautiful.
Look where you are!

You're gonna give this up
for... for... for her?

You're gonna go
run off with her?

That's not you.
This is you.

You are a wine-maker.
You are a maker of great wine.

What's the point?

Why can't that be good enough?

What's the point?

ROB: You started a business.
You started something that...

What's the point in making wine

if you don't make time
to drink it?

ROB: What the fuck
are you talking about?

That's all we've been doing
since we got here.

My wife is officially
an alcoholic now.

[Rob chuckles]





It's not gonna...
I'll tell you what?

You hit that,
I'll buy the whole next round.



Fuck you!



They make 'em all that tall
where you're from?


Your boyfriend.

Oh, that's not my boyfriend.

Well, he's a giant anyway.

It's a good thing.

Oh, okay, well,
you should tell him that,

maybe come out
with him,

'cause he's really shy
about talking to guys.

Oh, him, too.

Where you guys from?

All over.

Allover. Never heard of

I'll have to look it up
next time

I wanna meet some people
who speak in vagaries.

Yeah, you do that.

Everything okay?


They botherin' you?


I don't think so.


But what's "bukkake"?

- Hold that for a sec.
- Mm, mm.

Oh, wait, no, no, no,
David, David, David!

You piece of shit!



Fuck you, man!



[Blowing air]


Are you enjoying your stay?

Yes, thank you.

Tell me, what do you
appreciate the most?

The wine, I guess.

No, it's not it.


We have a saying.

"One makes wine
to appreciate it,

but one drinks wine
to appreciate everything else."


Is this your father?

Does he look that old?

No, it's Fridriech.
He was my husband.

Oh! when did he pass?

Passed? He's still alive,
as far as I know.

Thank you.

He lived on a boat
in Chile now.

MADAME GÉRARD: He sails it every
year, back and forth, back and forth.

He was always quite romantic.


That's my father.


So is that what the property
used to look like?

The property?
No, it's not here.

I arrived here much later.

That must have been
the Austrian cottage, yes.

Where are you from?

All over. All over.

My father was a pilot you see,
so we moved around a lot.

So tell me
why did you come here?

Why does everybody
keep asking me that?

Oh, I was just curious.
I don't want to be a repetitive.

No, it's fine.

It's... it's not um...


I don't know.

I went home for my dad's funeral
this year.

And it was the first time
I'd seen him in two years.

Everyone came, like the kids,
and in-laws and their kids.

I was standing
on the um, family plot

that we have and

just covered in cigarette butts,
and beer cans, and junk,

I realized
that if my dad hadn't had kids

no one would be there.

You know, except for
the mortuary chapel dude

and some of his insane cousins.

So I don't know, I guess that
has something to do with it.

MADAME GÉRARD: Did I mention he
called earlier, the young man?

He's never called
on the phone before.

No, you didn't.

Apparently, Tuesday will be
our last lunch together.

So are you gonna give me
advice or something?

Isn't that why
you invited me here?

I just wanted to have the chance

to meet you properly.

After hearing so much,
you know?

You never know what to expect.

You must have known that from
our very first lunch together.

He would talk about the girl
with the boy's name.

No. I didn't.

MADAME GÉRARD: I wish I have
some advice for you now.

Do you love him?

Yeah. I mean...

I definitely care
about him

more than I thought
I'd ever care about a guy.

And if someday
I wanted to have a family,

I guess he could be that.

If? Someday?

I know.

tell you that you don't know?

Whatever you decide,
you will look on it

many years from now,

and you'll smile, and also
you'll feel a profound sadness.

Whatever you decide, it will be
very happy and very sad.

It's fucked.



I like this expression.

It's fucked.

There's nothing quite like it.

What do they say after?

Oh, pardon my French.

Yeah. They do.

So what made you decide
to settle down?

I didn't settle down,
I just got married.

I don't know. It happened.

He took me sailing
across the Atlantic

on a boat we bought by selling
all of our possession.

It was the size of this room.

MADAME GÉRARD: We made the same
route that they used to make

when they crossed
in the old day

for the New World,
as they called it.

That was very romantic.

There's a region along the way
in the subtropics

where the sea becomes
perfectly still.

It's because, you see, there's
two high-pressure winds

on either side,
and in the middle nothing.

So there's nothing you can do
and you're stuck there for days

until you find a little current
that you can hold onto

that pulls you out of it.

That was the best time
we ever spent together.

Nothing on the horizon,
nothing to do but drink.

Rum, I think it was.
Or gin.

No, a dark rum.

Oh, shit.
Why can't I remember?

Will you take
some fruit with you?

I have too many.

You know...

Fucked-up face, you know?

I'd say today was
pretty fucking good.


Wouldn't you?

I'd say it was.

Hey look,
there's a little map on here.

What is it?
France or something?

You're a real geographer.



Okay, come here.

What are you doing?

- No, my hands are cold.
- Close your eyes.

Close your eyes.

And then where ever you point,
that's where we're gonna go.

You ready? Come on.

You're fucked up.

You know, that you're the one
that's fucked up.

Close your eyes.


Alright. You ready?


You idiot

Oh, fuck.


I'm sorry. I got really excited.

No, I'm not doing it again.

David, stop.

I said we're gonna go
where you pointed.

You pointed
right at Domaine Ginies.


Or at Chateau Piegon.

So that's where we're going.

Just one more
bottle from the collection

and it's mine.




I just don't need any,
that's all.



You make
really great wine, David.

What time is it?

Still early.

See you soon.


next train is on platform six.

It's the 1651 service
to Pearse station, Dublin.

Office tower at the Pearse
station, Dublin.

[Indistinct chatter]



Uh, I just wanted to say to you
that um...

I just wanna... I don't...
In case, you think that um...


Just that none of this
is about you.

I know.


Do you wanna share
a smoke on the wall

or something?

I'm all out, sorry.

Oh, shit. We should have got
some in town.

Yeah. Maybe next time.


Well, good night then?

Good night.


I know. It's fucked.

♪ I hope you spend your days ♪

♪ Writing verses on your page ♪

♪ May your life
be a Walden Pond swim ♪

♪ Taking showers in the cold ♪

♪ And your glasses filled
to their brim ♪

♪ And I hope
you treat your heart ♪

♪ Real nice and real smart ♪

♪ May your life
be a Walden Pond swim ♪

♪ Can't be worthless
seein' stars ♪

♪ Buyin' rocky roads
for me and him ♪

♪ Stay in that water and ♪

♪ Keep where you're
feelin' fine but ♪

♪ I'm just the daughter
of a man ♪

♪ Who lives on oak and wine ♪

♪ And I swim like my father ♪

♪ And remember hard days drivin'
miles across county lines ♪

♪ And I hope you realize ♪

♪ Why the clouds
are always cryin' ♪

♪ May your life
be a Walden Pond dive ♪

♪ Shakin' flowers
at the ground ♪

♪ While you live the life
you did at 5 ♪

♪ And I hope it's testified ♪

♪ For you the best had been
denied ♪

♪ May your life be
a Walden Pond swim ♪

♪ May you find a love to last ♪

♪ And the times you have
are never grim ♪

♪ Stay in that water and ♪

♪ Keep where you're
feelin' fine but ♪

♪ I'm just the daughter
of a man ♪

♪ Who lives on oak and wine ♪

♪ And I swim like my father ♪

♪ And remember good days drivin'
miles across county lines ♪


♪ I've still got
those pictures ♪

♪ That I found in a bucket ♪

♪ They're all up on my wall ♪

♪ And I've still
got those paintings ♪

♪ That you did for my birthday ♪

♪ Way back in the fall ♪

♪ And I've still got
those pictures ♪

♪ That I found in a bucket ♪

♪ They're all up on my wall ♪

♪ And I've still got
those paintings ♪

♪ That you did for my birthday ♪

♪ Way back in the fall ♪

♪ Ooh, ooh ♪

♪ Ooh, ooh, ooh ♪

♪ Mm, mm, mm ♪