Horse Girl (2020) - full transcript

Sarah, a socially isolated woman with a fondness for arts and crafts, horses, and supernatural crime shows finds her increasingly lucid dreams trickling into her waking life.

The other day I was watching
one of those travel shows on PBS,

- it was all about Ireland.
- Ooh.

I would be interested.

- It's so beautiful.
- Mmm-hmm.

And anyway, they were showing
videos of people doing that Riverdance.

- Oh, yeah. Yes.
- Do you remember that?

It's so weird.

It's like their bodies are so straight

and then their legs, like, go crazy.

The upper half is straight
and the bottom half...

Then the bottom is like...

- You like that, huh, Sarah?
- Yeah.

- They probably are so strong.
- Mmm-hmm.

I should like it
because I'm Irish, but I'm not a big fan.

- Have you ever done DNANU?
- No.

You know, it's that kit where you...

spit in a tube and you send it away
and they can tell you your heritage.

Don't you have to, like,
prick your own blood?

No, you don't give blood.

You send it away and they give you
the results back so fast.

And, you know, I told you I'm Irish,
which I knew about.

So I found out I'm 96% Irish,

Welsh, and then I'm 3% Finland,

Northwest Russia,

and then 1% Senegal, Gambia.

- Do you know where that is?
- Mmm-mmm.

West Africa.

- What?
- I'm from West Africa!

- Can you believe it?
- That's crazy!

- You should do it.
- Wow! I would try that.


I don't really know anything
about my family,

but people have said that I look Irish.

You look very Irish.

- You think so?
- Yeah.

Well, maybe we're Irish sisters.

Maybe we're Irish... West African sisters.

Yeah, I would try that for sure.

So, these are the acrylic paints
that we're carrying right now,

and these are all of our tempera paints.

I would suggest, for a classroom setting,
always going with the tempera paint.

The acrylic is beautiful,

and honestly, they're both water-based,
they're both nontoxic.

And, like, what's his name?

- His name is Ryan.
- Ryan?


The clean-up with acrylic...
I mean, it dries beautifully, it's...

like, with a nice gloss to it,
but tempera's my favorite.

He asked me out on a date.

We... We have this little joke

where we, like, write everything
on Post-it Notes to each other,

so he put a little note on my locker
asking me if I wanted to go out with him.

The consistency now is really more, like,
kind of a pudding,

but if you just add a little bit of water,
it would be like a heavy cream.

Did you just,
like, find him and show him,

- and tell him yeah? Or, like...
- I wrote it on a little note.

- You wrote him back, put it on his locker?
- Yeah. Mmm-hmm.

Go ahead and just...
start her in a circle.

Yeah. Keep going.


Make a wider circle. Bring her out a bit.


Give you some more room
to move like that. Nice.

It was really good riding today.

- Oh, thanks.
- Uh-huh.

I just think you wanna
keep thinking about your form,

you know...

- Oh.
- And, uh, your confidence.

When you're confident, Willow's confident.

She's a really intuitive girl.
She can feel your energy, you know...

- Yeah.
- you wanna kind of

really be in tune with her.

I noticed you looking down a lot.

Really wanna keep your eyes up
and look to where you're going.

It's gonna be so important
when you get to jumps and...

Oh, well, I'm riding Western,
so I'm not gonna be doing jumps.

Well, Willow was trained English.
I used to ride her English.

I'm just gonna stay Western with her.

She really enjoys that style.

You might enjoy it, too.

- I think, um, my mom's here.
- To have that versatility would be good.

I'm sorry. I'm gonna go.

- Okay. Okay. Bye!
- Uh, bye!

Ecchymosis indicates a struggle.

Poor girl.

Are you serious?

What? It gives me the heebie-jeebies.

The heebie-jeebies?

Darren, you literally
just vanquished the demon Scox

in a dirty gas station bathroom,
and this is too much for you?

That was different.

Different how?
And who says "heebie-jeebies"?

Fine. Sorry. Jeez. I forgot we're not
supposed to have feelings.

Proceed. Go. Go ahead.


Mark of Hades.

- Hey, Sarah.
- Hey.

What's this? Purgatory?

Yeah. Just unwinding after work.

I'm making an anklet.


Hey, Brian's new roommate is single.

Maybe we could all go out sometime?


All right. Have fun.

You, too.

They drain the vic's life force.

Come on, give me a hand.

I knew it.

- A scryer.
- Mmm-hmm.

She must have been working for Dee.

The question is, who's Dee working for?




Happy birthday!


- You didn't!
- I did!


- Oh, I can't wait to try it.
- Yeah.

So, what are you gonna do tonight
to celebrate?


I think, probably, I'll just...

go out with some friends
from my Zumba class.

You deserve to have fun.

Thanks, Joan.

Hello, Great Lengths, this is Joan.



- Okay. Not the...
- No.

- I know.
- I don't want any print.

Okay. Nothing too busy.

These are a lot of our warmer colors
over here.

- Reds and pinks, and...
- No, I already have red.

- I don't want red.
- ...purples... Or yellows.

- This is holiday, don't look at these.
- Sure. Okay.

Um... oranges,
we have a good orange over here.


It's like a marigold.

Not bad.

We have these.
We have these nice, um...

- Hmm.
- ...sort of peachy golds.

It's pretty, but the fabric wrinkles.

- It's too wrinkly?
- Yeah, it's too wrinkly. Yeah.

I... You know,
this fabric will never wrinkle.

It's darker. It's more of, like, a brick...

Well, you said no red. But...

Oh, this is the color.

Yeah, the peach. It has the right energy.

Colors have energy?

Oh, absolutely. All colors have energy.

And this is very protective.

- It is?
- Yeah.

It's good for my business, you know?

It puts my customers at ease.

Oh, cool.

You know, I have a tarot business,
I read cards.

Also, I read the Armenian cup.

Do you... have husband?


- No boyfriend?
- Mmm-mmm.

No? You should come see me.

I'll give you discount. Here.

This is my card.

Oh, wow.

Go ahead. Smell it.


This is protective, too.

- Oh, cool. Thank you.
- Yes.

So, this one?

Yes. Eight yards.

Hello, Great Lengths, this is Joan.


A little tighter circle.

There you go.

Keep your back straight.

You're kinda arched up a little bit.

- There you go.
- Posture.

That's pretty good form there.

How's it feel?
Like you know what you're doing,

or is that horse
still taking you for a ride?

Yeah, I think I've got her.

You... Oh, you think?

- I do.
- Oh, good.

- Whoa.
- There you go.

All right. We're done, Willow.

Good work.

- Hi.
- Oh, hey.

Hi, darling.

Hey, Emma, I noticed you were
a little distracted today.

- Here. I'll get that.
- Oh.

Just, uh...

Just wanted to remind you, uh,

how important it is to really
stay connected to Willow.

You know, when you're distracted,

- looking down, up, around...
- Yeah.

...that's when accidents happen.

I just got a text from my mom,
so I'm gonna...

Okay, just wanna... I'll take her tack off.

Okay, cool.

Okay. Happy birthday!

Happy birthday, beauty!

Look what I made you.

Look what I made you!

Is that so pretty?

Let's put that in your hair.

Let's see.

Let's get that right in there. Oh!

Isn't that nice?

- Sarah?
- You look so pretty.

Hi, Cheryl! Oh, Joe.


I just made Willow this lanyard,
because we have the same birthday.

So, it's our birthday today.

- Oh. Okay.
- Yeah. Looks really cool.

Well, we don't wanna keep you.
Uh... so, uh, I can get her tack off.

- Oh, I don't mind.
- That's all right. I got it.

Go get some water.

You look a little thirsty.
Go treat yourself.

- Okay.
- Okay.

Happy birthday, Willow!

Okay. See ya.

Clap, tap! Clap, tap! Clap!

Here we go. We're gonna get sexy.
Are you ready?

Sex it up. Here we go.

Cha-cha, back, back, back.
Now, cha-cha, back, back, back.

Sexy! Come on.

Cha-cha-cha. You're sexy!

And Grapevine! High clap, low krump.

Here we go. Grapevine!

High clap, low krump. And we spank!

Very good! Yes!

Yes! Yes! Yes!

Very good!

- Hey, Julie.
- Hi!

Thanks for a great class.

- Oh, you did such a good job.
- Thank you.

Good energy.

So, what are you up to tonight?
Have anything going on?

No. I don't know.
Might hang out with some friends,

or... you know.

- Cool. Cool.
- Yeah.

Cool. Okay?
Well, I'll see you next week.

- Okay. Bye-bye.
- Okay. Bye!

Please, Agatha.
Don't! It’s me. Darren.

Don't listen to him!
He's just another clone.

I'm Darren. The real Darren.

No, wait!

You're always ten minutes late,
even if there's no traffic.

You always eat dinner at 5:00.

Whenever you're nervous,

you get a cute little wrinkle
in your chin.

Did you just say I was cute?

I meant tiny. I didn't say cute.

I didn't mean cute. I... I meant tiny.

He's trying
to seduce you. He's an incubus clone!

Quick, Agatha, think!

- Damn it!
- Speak...

of the devil.

Hades. I should've known.


Ooh. Ticktock, doll.

You have one silver bullet,

two targets, and three seconds

until the prophecy shall be fulfilled.

Now, without further ado...

Sarah. Hey.

...let the games begin.


You're here. I thought you were
going out for your birthday.

Oh, those plans just fell through.

So you're just gonna hang around here,
make more anklets?

It's lanyard.


We should do something. To celebrate.

It's okay. It's late.

Yeah. It is.

It's 8:30.

Come on, let's celebrate.

Why don't you text your roommate?

- Get him over here.
- Yeah.

Oh, well, he's probably busy,
though, tonight.

Text him.


This will be good.

- Yay!
- Okay.

Wanna get dressed?

Okay. I got options.

Oh. Uh, well, I sort of thought...

I could wear this.

Oh. Yeah.

I like the waist.

Let's go sexier.

Show off your body.
You never do that.


I have this dress that...
was my grandmother's.

Wow. It's really pretty.

I would hate to ruin it.

We might get messy tonight.


Um, let's try something
more modern.

Maybe this?


- Okay.
- Mmm-hmm.


Are these okay?

- Yeah. Those are great.
- Okay.

- Hey. Look at me. You look great.
- I look okay?

Yeah. No, you look perfect.

- Keep your bangs swept like that.
- Okay.


What's up, man?

- Hey, what's up, man?
- How's it going?

Good, yeah. How are you?

- Good.
- He's super sweet.

- Thanks for inviting me.
- Sarah, Darren. Darren... that's Sarah.

- Oh.
- Hi.

- Hi.
- Uh, I'm Darren.

Oh, my God.
Why didn't you tell me?

I... I can't believe your name is Darren,
like Purgatory.

Oh, yeah. I mean, I haven't seen it,
but, yeah, I know of it.

It's, like, the main character's name.

- Maybe don't do that.
- It's, like, my favorite show.

Cool. Yeah.

- Do you want a drink?
- Yeah. No, that would be great.

We can smoke blunts, too.

Yeah, maybe I'll just start with the drink
and then see how that goes.


All right. Here you go.

I really like your dress.


I like your shirt.

Oh, thanks, it's a...
Well, it's a sweater.

It looks nice.

Thanks. Yeah, your dress is,
like, a really pretty color.

We don't have music.
We could listen to some of my music.

Yeah. Or... any music.

No, babe,
put your music on, it's so good.

Yeah, it's fire.

This is the fourth track now.

Yeah. Uh.

How many more tracks are there?

Twelve total.

That's why I'm calling it
"A Baker's Dozen."

It's a concept album.

Right. So, don't you mean 13?

Is there, like,
a bonus track or something?

No. "Baker's Dozen." Dozen's 12.

Yeah, it's a concept album...
once again, so...

I'm sorry, have you guys
ever been to a bakery?

Yeah. Duh.
Like, yes. We've been to a bakery.

Then you'd understand
a baker's dozen's 13.

It's a concept album.

Not talking about the album.

I'm talking about when you go
to the bakery and you order 12...

like, a dozen,
they give you the extra one

as, like, a treat. Like, you did good.

What bakery?

All bakeries.

Oh. I get what you're saying.
No, but that's semantics.

It's nice to, uh, be, like...
be out of my house and stuff,

and hanging out, and...

talking to, uh, a woman...


I feel like
I'm just starting to,

like, feel like myself again, you know?

It's like, when you're in a relationship,
like, everything is so dictated

by what your partner does, you know?

- Yeah.
- This is gonna sound weird,

but, like, my ex-girlfriend would...

like, pick out my clothes.


Like, if I would leave the room
wearing what I wanted to wear,

she would scream, like,

"Get back in there and, like,
put on the outfit I chose for you." And...

I, like, found myself wearing,
like, purple all the time.

And I had these,
like, brown leather bracelets.

I was like, "Why am I wearing, like,
ten brown leather bracelets?"

Like, I don't like jewelry.

Like, I didn't grow up wearing jewelry,

let alone, like,
brown leather and, like...

Like, she would never
call me her boyfriend.

Like, we dated for two and a half years,

and she would never
call me her boyfriend.

Like, I would go to her reunions
and meet her extended family and stuff,

and she'd be like,
"This is Darren, my friend."

Oh, my God.

I don't know. It just
really made me feel like shit.

Like, "I've been dating you for so..."

Hey. Your, um...

- Oh. Sorry.
- ♪...twofold ♪

♪ Behold, I was told
I had speech impediment ♪

♪ But now it's speech incrediment ♪

♪ Oh, girl, where you going? ♪

♪ I just want another Jell-O shot ♪

♪ Yeah ♪

♪ I have the rainbow sprinkles
With the cone ♪

♪ Every time I talk
It's a fucking poem ♪

Come in.


How you feeling?

I'm sorry, this happens sometimes.

Oh, my God. Don't be sorry. Are you okay?

Did I ruin it?

No. Come on, it's... it's hot.

It's punk rock. Maybe lift your head back.
Yeah. I think it stops the bleeding.

- Okay.
- Okay.

Um, I'm gonna get back out there.

Take your time. But... happy birthday!

I think she just, like...
she maybe doesn't, like, go out,

like, hang out with people a lot,
but she's so nice.

Yeah. I mean, I don't mind at all.

It's just, um,

nice to hang out with someone who's,
you know, nice.


- That's really...
- But she sleepwalks.

♪ Outer space in my spaceship ♪

♪ Under my clothes, I'm naked ♪

♪ PCP, I just laced it
You say "What?" ♪

♪ I just laced it
You want it like that, like "ooh"... ♪

Oh, my God.

This is awesome.

♪ Bahama Mama
Too many shrooms during Ramadan ♪

♪ I think I need to spend more time
With you ♪

♪ All she ever wanted
Was designer shoes ♪

♪ And I rap for her
Like it's bulletproof ♪

♪ All I ever wanted
Were your boobie-boobs ♪

- ♪ Yeah ♪
- ♪ On the way to the grocery store... ♪

- Belly...
- Is that Zumba?

Belly dancing, with...

- I think that's Zumba.
- ...centaurs.

♪ Either way
It's better spending time with... ♪

- I love water.
- Yeah, water's good.

Yeah. Water is good.

Um, my car is here.

I'm gonna leave my car here
and then take a car,

'cause I don't think that I should drive.

- Okay.
- Yeah.



Thank you. So much.

- Mmm.
- My car's safe here, yeah?

- Safe...
- Yeah, the garage locks.

Hey, happy birthday.

- Um...
- Thanks.

Yeah. Thanks for letting me
share it with you.

I really liked that.

- Totally?
- Yeah.

Um... it was really nice to meet you.

You, too.

Hopefully I'll see you, uh, around?


All right. Bye.



What the hell?


Hey. Good morning.

Oh! Hey.

What's this?

Oh, you were wilding out.

Do you know what happened to the wall?

Those scratches?

I don't know.

Maybe call a handyman, get it fixed,
just before the landlord sees it.


I'm sorry, I don't remember...

No. It's okay.

Just get it fixed.

Have a good day.

- Hi. Hi.
- Hi.

Remember me from, uh, last night?

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

I just came to get my car,

and I, uh, was thinking about you,

and wanted to see if I could, uh,

have your number,

and maybe I could take you on a date.


- Yeah?
- Yeah.

Yeah. Okay.

Whew. Okay, good. Yeah. Sorry, uh...
Do you wanna just put your number in?

- I'll put it in.
- Yeah. Sorry.

Nervous as hell, I don't really...
I haven't done that in a while, so...


And everything's, like, all online now,

so it's so nice to meet someone in person.

Like, there's something
so exciting about you,

and I was thinking about you,

- ...seeing the dress again, I'm like...
- Oh.

It's just as pretty, uh, today.

So... Yeah. Um...

Okay, so... I'll just...
call or text you, or...

- Okay. Yeah.
- Okay. Okay.

So, um, okay. So, then I guess, uh...

- I'm gonna go.
- Okay.

Okay. Thank you for this. Bye.

- Okay. Bye.
- Sarah. Bye.

I love this gradient yarn.

Oh, yeah.

- It's so cool.
- It's so pretty!

So, did you hang out with
your Zumba friends last night?


Yeah, everyone just came over
and we sort of had a little party.


And I... met a guy.



Yeah, he just came over

because he's roommates with
my roommate's boyfriend, Brian,

so he just came over with him.

And we just...

hung out all night, and...

and talked and talked and talked,
and, um... he's so nice.

What's his name?

His name is Darren. Like, from Purgatory.


And then...

Well, he actually...
He came back over this morning

and asked me out on a date-date.

- Like, a real date.
- Whoa.

This is serious. He really likes you.

I'm happy for you, Sarah.

Oh, no, they sent
these weird agate chunks again.

Oh, I don't like those agates.
Nobody's gonna buy them.

I told them "round."

Oh. Oh, no. Oh. Joan!

Oh, no.

- Oh, I'm sorry, it got...
- Oh, my goodness!

Oh, here. I have a tissue.

Here, take this.
Now keep your head forward, it'll help.

- Oh, forward?
- No, forward.

It'll stop the bleeding.

Okay. I'm sorry.

I think I'm probably just
dehydrated from drinking.

Poor guy.

Great Lengths, this is Joan,
can I help you?

Hello? Hello?

Take another selfie, huh?

To Satico, god of technology.

13,000 years at the center
of a polar orbit.

While I wait for someone to stop him...

- Hi!
- Hi!

- How are you doing?
- Good. How are you?

Good. Thank you for coming.
It makes her so happy.

It makes me happy, too.

How you doing?

Good! Everything's good.

- Yeah?
- Mmm-hmm.

Heather, Sarah's here!


So, she had a really good week,
no seizures,

but if anything happens,
she's got her meds in her pocket,

and, um, yeah, just text me or whatever.

Okay. We'll probably just take a walk.

Oh. Fun.

Oh. Hi!

- Sarah! Hi.
- Hey. Hi.

You look so pretty!

You look pretty.
Your hair is getting so long.

Thanks. I'm growing it out.


I made you this.

- You did?
- It's an anklet.

So, your mom said
you got a new job at the market?

Well, it's actually this...
It's at the same market.

- Mmm-hmm.
- But, um, I was so excited to tell you.

Um, they actually moved me
to the bakery.

That's so cool!


Are you baking?

Yeah, well, they're having...


It's because I'm so friendly.

Oh, I'm so happy for you.

Thank you.

That's cool.

Do you have a boyfriend?

Yeah. Kind of.

I kind of have a new boyfriend.

- You do?
- Yeah, his name is Darren.

He's, like, really nice.

Oh, my gosh.
That's so cool.

What color is his hair?

It's brown.

Just like Willow?

Mmm-hmm. Yeah, kind of.

Do you have a boyfriend?

- Bye.
- Bye!

- I love you.
- I love you.

- It was so fun.
- It was so fun.

Okay. Thanks. Come by again, okay?

- You gotta come visit me in the bakery.
- It means so much to her.

Okay, yes. Definitely, I will. Bye.

- Bye, sweetie. Take care.
- Bye!

Jeez, you scared me.

I crashed at Brian's, his power went out.
My phone died.

My alarm didn't go off, so I'm fucked.

I thought you were here.
I... I heard you guys last night.

What? No.
We were at Brian's all night.

- I heard your voices.
- Did you call the handyman about this yet?

- No, not yet.
- I need you to do that. Please?



Police department.
How can I help you?

Um, yes, hi.
I'm calling to report a stolen vehicle.

What's the make and model of your vehicle?

It's a 1991 Volvo 240. It's gold.

Um, the license plate is...


It has a sunroof.

I had the club locked on it.

I don't know how this could've happened.

- Hey, can you give me a ride to work?
- I'm late!

Mmm... Yeah, the...

Oh. Shit. Sorry, um...

Can you hold on one sec?



Hello? Sarah?
Can... Can you hear me?

Hi. Yeah. Gary?

I just got... I have this hands-free thing,
I didn't even know if it would work.

Listen, I just got a call from a tow yard,

they have your car.

Oh, my God. That is great news.

I'm just on the other line
reporting it stolen.

I guess it's still under my name.

I can come pick you up.
You wanna go get it?

Yes. Gary, thank you so much.

Okay. Uh, yeah.

- All right. I'll see you in a little bit.
- Okay. Thank you.


Oh, shoot.

- Hey!
- Hi.


Hey, sweetie. How are you?

Sorry. I don't know what happened.

The gates were closed
and I locked the club and everything...

Don't even worry about it.

It's all taken care of. You're good.

- And, uh... here.
- Oh.

Happy belated birthday.

I didn't know what to get you,
so I figured this way you can...

get whatever you want,

- and get yourself something nice.
- Oh, Gary.

- You know...
- Thank... Thank you.

You have it. Sure.

And I feel bad, I... I'm sorry.

I haven't really been around lately.
It's been...

just, you know, a bit crazy with...

- with everything, and...
- It's okay.

No. It's not, but... How have you been?

Yeah, I've been good.
I've been, um, going by to see Mom

and making sure
the grave's all clean and nice.


Let's, uh...
Let's go take care of this, okay?


You were really, really lucky.
The car was blocking traffic.

They left it in the middle of the street
with no gas.

Where was it?

By the water place.

The water place?

- The tanks. The water...
- Yeah, yeah.

- Water plant.
- Yellow tanks.

- Oh, those tanks.
- It was green, but yeah. They'll...

But you know, I don't think
this car was stolen,

because the key was in the ignition
and it was turned right.

So I believe
they just left the car running

and they ran out of gas.


- Gonna need your signature.
- You know,

I saw that on, uh, Columbo once.

Sign right here.

All right.
Really appreciate the call.

By the way, we put some gas in it.
It's included on the bill.

- Oh, okay. Thank you.
- Let me give you the receipt.

Okay, thank you. Here, sweetie.

Thanks, Gary. I really appreciate it.

Of course.

- I'm so sorry, I... It's weird.
- No. Hey.

Car looks like it's in one piece.

- You're okay?
- Mmm-hmm.

You need anything?
Do you need any more money?

No, no. No. Thank you.

- You tell me if you do.
- Okay.

Hey, Gary...

How old was Mom when she...
started acting like Helen?

She never acted like Helen. No.

Helen was... you know,
she was talking to walls. That...

Your mom was... She struggled.
She struggled sometimes.

Things became a little too much, you know?

Why? Are you...

No. No. No.

Thanks. Love you.

Yeah. Hey. Happy belated birthday.

All right, sweetie.

Hyah! Hyah! Hyah! Hyah!

Hyah, boy.

- Oh. Hey, Joe!
- Hyah!

Oh, hey there.

So, Emma's not taking Willow out today?

No, she's out of town. Out of town. Hyah!

You want me to take her out?

No. No. We're good. We're good.

- I mean, I'm here.
- Hyah!

I don't mind.
Happy to give her some exercise.

You know what,
it's kind of an insurance thing,

and she's not your horse anymore.

Well, I'll just go by and... say hi
and give her a little brush.

Yeah. Okay.

Okay. Thanks, Joe.

Okay. Hyah!

Hi, Willow.

Hi, beauty.

You gonna get a little rest today?

- Hey, Joe?
- Hey.

- Willow's not wearing the...
- Oh! Wanna step outside, please? Thanks.

Sorry. Um... Willow's not wearing
that lanyard I made her.

- Do you know what happened to it?
- What's that, now?

Remember, a couple of days ago,

I... I made her that lanyard
for our birthdays?

But I... I can't find it.

You know, I don't know what that...
I'm sure it'll turn up, though.


- I'll see you around.
- Yeah, all right.

What the fuck?

Hi. Sorry. I think I was sleepwalking,
'cause my mom used to say

that I have an overactive imagin...

Good night.

Ah, I took her for a walk.

I distinctly remember the clock saying
it was 6:00 p.m.,

and saying hey to my neighbor Glenn
who was on his porch.

And this was in the winter,
so, you know, it was...

it was dark outside already.

I came home, fed her, looked out
the window, and bam, it was light outside.

I looked at the clock again
and it said 5:00 p.m.


Yeah. In my book, I interview
several people with similar incidents

that don't jive
with our notions of reality.

So, aliens?

That's certainly one explanation.
Alien abductions.

Accidentally slipping
into parallel universes.

Thought control.

30% employee discount just for you.

Thank you.

You're welcome. So, uh, Shannon's
not here yet, but before she gets in,

would you mind taking a look at the glue?

She did it yesterday,
but it's just a little...

Are... Are you okay?

I don't know. Um...

I just
haven't been sleeping very well.

That's too bad.

Yeah, I've been having,
like, really weird dreams.

Really? About what?

Um... I don't know. Like...

Like, I've been seeing the same people
over and over again.

And, like, these strange places
I've never been before.

And I don't know how to describe it,
it just feels really weird.

And, like, really scary.

That's horrible.

And, like... I've been having,
like, weird things with time.

Weird things with time?

Like, finding myself places
and I don't know how I got there.

What... What does that mean, exactly?

Like, last night, I was gone for,
like, 25 minutes,

and when I looked at the clock,

it showed that
only two minutes had passed.

So, like, I did some research online,
and people talk about, um,

carbon monoxide poisoning,
but I just don't think it's that.

And then they also talk about, um,
alien abductions. Do you believe in that?


No, I... Not really.


Do you think this sounds similar to
some of the stuff your mom went through?


Maybe you should talk to a doctor, Sarah.

You know, get a professional opinion.

- What do you think?
- Maybe.

That's the guy from my dream.



Turn it all off.
It'll be the Dark Ages again!


We'll all be gone except for those
that are Sectilians that are...

that are in cahoots with Satico Satellite!
God of technology!

Sits at the right hand of Zeus!

Powering all your electronic devices!

Light bulbs! Email!
Internet! Satico Satellite...

Tap. Good. Tap. Great! Tap.

Excellent! Good. Very good!

Yes! Sweat out those margaritas!

Let's cha-cha!
Back, back, back, and cha-cha!

Back, back, back, and pump, pump.

Double. Now, pump, pump. Double.
Good! Keep pulling! Yes!

Match that hip to your fist.
Very good.


Hi. Can I help you?

Do you remember me?

Have you used us before?

I just wanted to talk to you.

Okay. About... plumbing? HVAC?


Kitchen? Bathroom?


Pipes. I need new pipes.

All right. Pipes.

Is that expensive?

Depends on the work.
It's hard to tell until I check it out.

Oh, you could come and check it out?
I have money.

Oh, well, that's usually
not necessary until I'm...

- Here.
- the job. Oh, okay.

Yeah. Sure.

Great. So you'll come
check it out tonight?

Well, we're almost closed
and dispatch is gone, so, um...

I can probably squeeze you in
in the morning, though.

In the morning. Tomorrow morning. Great.
So you'll come tomorrow morning?

You really
want those pipes, huh?


All righty. I'll... just need
some information.

Your name?

Agatha Kaine.

- Okay.
- Tomorrow, then?

Yeah. Just need your address
and phone number.


One... Mississippi.

Please, don't.

Two... Mississippi.

Listen to your heart, Agatha.

Three... Mississippi.


Hey, Miss Kaine. I'm Tom
from Santiaguez Plumbing.


Yeah. It's good we're replacing
this old galvanized pipe.

It's got tons of sclerosis.

Oh. Those are better?

Yeah. Copper's the best.

So, like, are you friends with
any of the people you work with?

I don't know.

We get beers, like,
once a month or something.

What about the guy
who made me this appointment?

That would be Ron. One of the owners.

He's one of the owners.

Does he work every day?

Yeah. Yeah,
he's pretty much there all day.

Has he ever told you about
anything weird that's happened to him?

That's like...

What? What is this? What's happening?

Hi. Nothing.

- What is going on?
- Nothing.

What is he... Hi. What are you doing?

He's just replacing the pipes
because we needed new pipes,

our pipes are really old.

- You're replacing the pipes?
- Yeah, and I paid for them!

We're renting. I asked you to fix
the scratches on the wall.

We don't need new plumbing.

Mmm. Can you just
put it back how it was?

Miss Kaine, I... I don't know if
I'm authorized to do that, I mean...

Miss Kaine?

- Plus, they're all gunked up...
- What did you call her? What?

Agatha Kaine?

- Listen.
- Are you using an alias?

Listen. Everything's fine.

He's gonna finish doing the floors,
and I already paid for it,

and he's gonna put the floor back
the way it was.

And I... I even called the guy
about the walls,

and he said he can't come until next week,
so, it's... it's all taken care of.

Fine. This is fucking insane.

So, is Ron working tonight?

Okay. Here we go, now.

It's gonna sting just a little bit.

And... And there we go.

All done. Great. I think we got it.

- You did great.
- Oh, good.

- Thank you.
- Okay.

Um... And if...
If I should get another nosebleed,

should I lean my head back
or should I lean it forward?

Yeah, always forward.

Because if you lean your head back,

then the blood is gonna flow
down the back of your throat,

and then you'll get nauseous and throw up,

and you don't want that to happen.

- Okay.
- Okay? Good.

Um... And I've been having
a little trouble sleeping,

'cause I've been having
these really weird dreams,

and I've been kind of scared
to go to sleep.

- Uh-huh.
- And now I have some bruises on my body.

Do you know what that could be from?

Well, um, you know,

a bruise like that
could really be from anything.

You might've bumped into something,
even if you didn't know that you did.

Uh, you know what would be
a good idea, Sarah, for you?

I think you should get, uh,
some blood work done through your GP,

um, and ask them to test for, uh, anemia.

Um... Partly because of the, uh...

the nosebleeds you've been having.

- Mmm-hmm.
- And, um,

if there's any coagulation problem,

that could... that could tell you
something about the bruises as well.


- Okay.
- All right. Okay. Good.

Is there also a test, um,
like, to see if I'm a clone?

Uh, I'm sorry?

Um, just a test to see
if I'm, like, a clone?

A clone?

Well, I guess the one way
to do that is we'd, uh,

take your DNA test,

and we'd take the DNA test
of the other person,

and if they match,

then you've got a clone.

That's the only way I know.

Well, just 'cause I've been watching
season five of Purgatory

where Darren becomes a clone, and...

it just sort of got me thinking

that, like, I look so much
like my grandma,

and I have all these old photos of her,
and, like, we look exactly the same,

and I can even sort of
make the face she makes in the photos,

and, like... uh...
So, that would make sense,

'cause... I didn't know her.
She was gone before I was born.

So maybe they would have
needed her body

to, like, recycle it into me
if I was a clone of her.

And I don't know who...
would be doing it, like...

it could be the government,
or demons, or...

um, immortal alchemists,
like Dee on Purgatory.

I just wanted to see
if maybe we could, um, test for that.

Uh, yeah. Um, Sarah, I'm...

I'm an ear, nose, and throat specialist,
that's my area of expertise.

So, I don't really know a lot
about some of this other stuff.

It doesn't sound very likely to me.

And I'm not familiar with Purgatory,

uh, whatever you mentioned, the series.

Um... You know what might be a good idea,
is for you to, uh, talk to someone,

to talk to a psychologist and...

- Never mind.
- No, and tell them...

Okay. That's okay. Um...

- I'm so sorry. Thank you.
- Mmm.

Um, okay. Thank you. Bye.



You look beautiful.

So do you.


I just wanna say, um...

I am so sorry for talking about my ex
for so long the other night.

It's okay.

No. No, no. It's not. I mean...

It's, like, the lamest thing
that I could do,

and I don't wanna give you the impression
that I'm, like, hung up on my ex.

'Cause I'm not. I'm not, and it...

I've really enjoyed
spending time with you, and...

that's where my head's at.

I totally get it.

Like... after my mom died,

I, like, rewatched
every episode of Purgatory,

like, every season, and, um...

it just, like, really comforted me.

Like, I don't think it's a coincidence
that your name is Darren.


I'm sorry to hear about your mom.

But, uh, I'm glad that you had the show
to keep you company,

'cause... I know how hard that can be.

And, like,
I wanted to tell you that, um,

you don't have to worry about me
getting nosebleeds ever again,

because, um, I went to the doctor
and I got my nose fixed.

Uh... I thought
the nosebleed was cute, but...

Well, I'm glad you got it fixed.

- So, that's great.
- Yeah, it is great,

except I'll never be seeing
that doctor again, so...

Why? What happened?

He's just, like, a jerk.

He, like, make fun of you or something?

I was just, like, talking about him about

the paranormal and stuff, and, like,

he just made me feel like such an idiot

- for even bringing it up, and...
- What an asshole.

I mean, a doctor's whole job
is to make a patient feel good, right?

I mean, I think the paranormal's cool.

Like, ghosts and aliens and stuff.

You do?

I was reading something the other day
that was, like, uh...

It was about how the ancients
built the pyramids.

You know? And they built
two identical pyramids,

but on opposite sides of the world.
It's like, "How did that happen?"

They weren't communicating.

There's no phones, there's no Internet.

And, like, the actual stones
that they build the pyramids with

are so hard, like,
that you can't cut through those.

So these people were saying

that aliens were communicating
with ancient people

and they were giving them
alien technology

to build the pyramids.

Yes! It's like, it was happening
even back then,

and Satico Satellite
was giving the aliens the technology,

and the aliens were giving it
to the humans.

And, like, Bigfoot, Loch Ness Monster.

Folklore comes from somewhere,

so at some point, someone saw a Bigfoot.

Someone saw it. Exactly. They saw it.

And then they knew that the aliens
were using the humans as thermometers

and bringing them back up
and downloading the information

to learn about our planet, you know?

- Totally.
- They could even be using human clones,

because that would give them
more reliable information, right?

Yeah. That makes sense.

- Yeah!
- Yeah.


Can I show you something?


Keep going straight.
I'll tell you where to go.


Is this a surprise or something?

- Kind of.
- Okay.

I don't normally like surprises, but...
I'm excited.

I think you're gonna like it.

It's just further.

You're a lot of fun.

You, too.

Oh, okay. You're gonna take a left.

On this street.


- What?
- Look!


Right there, right there.
That guy.

The guy having dinner with his wife?


I've been seeing that guy in my dreams,

and then I started to see him
in real life.

- What? That's crazy.
- Mmm-hmm.

And, like, I didn't know my dad.

And they told me that my grandpa,
like, died in Korea or something, but...

I don't even think that's true,

'cause, like, neither of them would have
been needed to produce me if I'm a clone.

What... Are you kidding?

- No. Because...
- Oh.

Like, my grandma... Look...

Okay, I think it's, like...
the clones start to, like,

go crazy, or, like, expire,

and then be refreshed by a newer model,
and that's me.

Like, I sent my stuff to DNANU,
and they haven't responded. Nothing.

Nothing at all. It's like they can't
process the information because...

And, like, I've been waking up
during the abductions,

so I've seen other clones,
that's how I know it's true.

And, like, he says
he doesn't remember anything,

but I think he's fucking lying.


Maybe we should go.

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

There's one more thing I wanna show you.

Okay. Here. It's coming up.


Okay. We're just gonna go in
right up there.

- Okay. Why?
- I'll show you.

Sarah, don't you wanna just
go home or something?

No, no, no. Just one more thing.
It's just one more thing.



- Here, here, here!
- Okay. Okay.

Darren, pull over.

Okay. Stop. Stop.

- Sarah...
- Here. Come on. Come on!

Sarah. Sarah!
Sarah, what is happening?

Come on, Darren.

You see? It's just right here.
It's just over here!

Why are we in the cemetery?

It's this way.
It's this way. It's right here.

My mom. My mom is here.

It's my mom. We'll get her.
We're gonna dig her up,

because the doctor said we can't...

They can't just test me.
We need her DNA and my DNA.

We're gonna get her DNA.

When they test them together,
they can see that I'm a clone.

Can you please stop
swinging the scissors around?

Yeah! We'll take the scissors,

and then we'll take it to DNANU
because it's only two states away,

and we can drive there tonight!
We can drive tonight.

We can prove that I'm the clone
they're using to get the information!

Okay, I'm sorry, Sarah, I...

I didn't realize that the alien stuff was,
like, so serious, okay?

What do you mean?

It's like Satico Satellite,
and... and the pyramids!

What the fuck is Satico Satellite?

Satico Satellite.

They gave the technology to the aliens

and then the aliens gave the technology
to the humans,

and... and... You said that you knew.

You said that... that you knew.

I mean, I... I said a lot of stuff.

Okay, talking about Loch Ness Monster,
and Bigfoot, and ghosts and shit.

I thought we were talking
about conspiracy theories.

I didn't know it was, like, so serious.

You lied to me?

What? No! No, no, no.

Why... Why would you lie to me?

Sarah, okay, look,
I really, really, really like you.

Okay? Will you please
just get back in the car?

Who do you work for? Who do you work for?

I'm a paralegal.

Mmm, no. What is this?

What are you trying to do? Why are you
trying to take advantage of me?

No. No, no, no, no, no, no.

Sarah, okay. What are the...
What we gonna do?

Dig up your mom with scissors?

We don't even have a shovel!
This is crazy.

- Please, let's get back...
- No.

- Let's please get back into the...
- No! No!

Don't fucking touch me!
Don't fucking touch me!

No, no, no, no, no!
Just stay the fuck away from me!

I'm not gonna leave you in the middle
of a cemetery at night. Will you...

Get the fuck away from me!

Help! Help!


Get the fuck out of here!


Why? Why? Why? Why did he trick me?

No, no, no!

Where is it?

Where did...

He taught me
all I know about banishments...

I could've done more.

You had no way of knowing
Dee was in league with Scox.

He had us all fooled...

No! No!

It has to be on.
It has to be on.

It has to be on
because of Satico Satellite.

He's the god of technology,
and the aliens need to appease him.

Okay, they come at night.

They come at night when everything's off.
And it's not daylight.

It's not daylight. It's electricity.
It's all about electricity.

That's what she was talking about
on the date with Darren.

Hey! Listen, we heard
about your date with Darren.

Darren tricked me. Darren tricked me!

Darren didn't trick you.
You took him to the fucking graveyard!

- Sounds like you stalked him.
- Fuck you, Brian!

You don't even live here!
Why are you always here?

Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Hey, Sarah, I need you to calm down.

Calm down. Okay? Why don't you...

Why don't you, um,
start from the beginning

- and explain to us...
- Listen,

there is a secret conspiracy
at the heart of reality, okay?

They're cloning me,
they cloned me from my grandma,

they're using me
as a human thermometer, okay?

Now they're trying to get rid of me.

They're trying to get rid of me,
but this is a safe space.

It's safe here. We're protected.
And you just have to turn that on.

- It's off. It's not plugged in.
- Turn that on.

- Brian, I need you to turn it on!
- It's not plugged in.

Hey, Sarah. What you're saying
is not making any sense.

Nothing makes sense. Nothing makes sense!


This girl... She's fucking... Sarah!

No, leave me alone!


Hey! Sarah!

No, no, no, no.



Joan! Joan!

- I'll be right back. Excuse me.
- What's happening?

- Sarah.
- What's happening?

Shannon, get everybody out of the store.
Tell them it's closed.

- It's an emergency. Just get them out.
- Help me! Help me! Help me!

- What is this? What is this?
- Don't worry.

- Okay.
- Help me. Help me.

It's okay. I am helping you.

You're just confused. Okay?

What is this?

I don't what to do.

I don't what to do. I've tried everything.
And the fabric's not working.

The fabric's not working,
the lights aren't working.

I'm just really scared.

You know you can replace a negative
thought with a positive thought.

- It's never gonna stop.
- You can, just try.

Think of things you like.

Like marmalade. Or flowers.

You know how you like flowers?
Think of flowers.

No, Joan, it's bigger than that.

It's bigger than all of that.
It's bigger than thoughts,

it's bigger than time.

It's... It's...
It's something that Helen knew.

They got her,
and they're gonna get me.

They're coming after me, Joan.

They're coming after me.
They're coming after me.

No one's coming after you, Sarah.

You're safe, I promise you.

No one would wanna take you.

You're safe.

Shannon, just go. Punch out and go.

Shannon, just go. Punch out and go.

Sarah, put the phone down.

Sarah, put the phone down.

Everything's gonna be okay.

Everything's gonna be okay.

- I promise you.
- I promise you.

- I'm your friend.
- I'm your friend.

I can hear the future.

I will verbally provide you
with a series of questions,

please answer to the best of your ability.

When someone feels as upset as you do,

they may have thoughts
that life is not worth living.

What thoughts have you had like this?


Okay. If you decided
to end your life, how would you do so?

I don't know.

Have you made plans to do so?


People often have mixed feelings
about harming themselves.

What are some things that would stop you
from hurting yourself?

My horse.

My job.


I'm a salesman at the craft store.

What store is this?

Great Lengths.

Great Lengths?

- Great Lengths.
- Okay.

Okay. So, this will be your room.

And this one will be your bed.

Try to make yourself comfortable.

So, before we start,

do you want some juice
or some crackers?

Um, juice.

There you go. All right.

All right. So, it's good to see you again.

Um, I'm gonna be your social worker again
this week. Um...

No, I've never been here before.

Oh, um... I'm sorry, I'm Ethan,
I was your social worker last time.

We talked a little bit about your horse

and maybe some of the crafts
that you were doing.

Do you remember that?

I don't know.

Okay. All right.

That's okay. I just wanna, um...

How about we just talk about now
and get a sense of how you're feeling?

Um, are you experiencing
any anxiety or depression?

Yeah? Anxiety?

Uh... Scale of one to ten,
how intense?

- Ten.
- And then how about depression?


- No? Well... One? Two? Three?
- One.

One. Good. Okay.

And are you hearing any voices,

are you seeing anything that maybe
no one else is seeing?

Yeah? And what is it
that you're experiencing?

I'm, like, being taken.

Like, being abducted by aliens.

And, like, I think
that they're cloning me.

And I've seen, like...

Like, people always say that
I look just like my grandma,

and, like, I've seen photos of her,
we look exactly alike.

Like, I look like her clone.

And... And I think... I think that I am.

Like, I think I'm a clone of her.


Um, can you tell me a little bit more
about your family?

Yeah. Um...

You know, people always said
that my grandma was so crazy.

Like, she was, like,

talking to the walls, and, like,

she was hearing voices,
she thought she was from the future.

- Yeah.
- And she was super paranoid,

and... and, like...

Now I think that maybe
she wasn't crazy at all.

Because I'm feeling it.

Like, the same thing is happening to me.

And she was in a place like this.
She got put in a place like this.

And then, you know,
Reagan closed down all the hospitals,

and she got put out on the street,
and she died as, like,

a homeless woman... in the streets.

I'm sorry.

Um, what about your mom?
Did she have similar issues?

No. My mom had depression.

My mom...


Mom was just, like, really depressed,
and she killed herself...

...last year.

I found her in her bathroom.

She was just really depressed. She, um...

She took a lot of pills.

I'm really sorry. Um...

How about your dad? Is he around?


No. I didn't have a dad. He was...

I mean, Gary raised me.

I thought Gary was my dad, but...

he left when I was, like, 16.

And who's Gary?

Mmm. He was my mom's husband.

- He's her ex-husband.
- Okay.

You've been through a lot.

I want you to know that, um...

I... I believe that
you're telling me your truth

and that what you're experiencing
feels 100% real to you,

um, and I appreciate your honesty,
I really do.

I can feel that from you,
and that's gonna go a long way

in terms of, um, where we wanna go.

But I also wanna just say,
for the sake of our rapport...

...uh, that I...

I am a bit skeptical
of alien abductions and cloning,

- um, but I...
- Me, too.

I know that it sounds crazy. Okay?

I know it sounds really crazy,
but it just feels really real

- to me, okay?
- Yeah. Yeah.

And I just...

I just wish that I could... start over.

We don't... We don't need
to go back or start over.

We can start from right here,
and, um...

You know, we've had great success here,
and we have an incredible team.

And we... I and they are
100% committed to helping you.

Where's Ethan?

He said he'd watch me sleep.

Ethan already left
for the night.

Don't worry, Sarah, we have a full staff,
you'll be safe.

Try and get some rest,
it'll be good for you.

Okay, Sarah, have a good night.

Where have you been? Are you okay?

Hello? Just talk to me,
just tell me where you went.

- Who are you?
- What do you mean, who am I?

- Why are you wearing Nikki's clothes?
- These are my clothes.

Okay, just tell me how you got out.

- What happened?
- Where are my fabrics?

What do you mean, "fabrics"?

Why are you...

You're not Nikki.

- What?
- No, you're wearing her clothes.

- Why are you acting like this?
- Get away from me.

- Get away from me.
- What do you mean, "Get away"?

- You're not Nikki. No!
- I'm trying to help you!

- Tell me where you went!
- No!

- Open up!
- No!

Let me help you!

Open this fucking door!

Open this door!

Open it!


What are you doing here?

I have to keep her safe.

Get out of here.

Get out of here!

Get out of here!


Wake up, Ron.

Wake up.

I've never seen him
like that before.


- He was so angry.
- Yeah.

It was so scary.

You have nothing to be afraid of.

- Okay.
- I'm here for you.


I love you.



Were you just in my bed?

Why are you in my fucking bed?

It's you.

Why are you here?

I really don't wanna
talk about that with you.


Sorry. I really...

just wanna go back to sleep.

I'm just trying to figure out
what's going on.

I know. I... I understand.
I just don't wanna talk about it.

Listen to me, listen to me, listen to me.

I know you.

I know you from somewhere
that's not... here.

Do you remember me?

I would like to go back to sleep.

Please. Please, tell me. Just...

tell me.

What happened is that
I went to sleep in fucking 1995,

and I woke up
and all the buildings are different.

I can't find anyone I know.
I can't find where I'm supposed to be.

Nothing makes sense.

And every time I tell anybody that,
they look at me like I'm fucking crazy,

'cause that's a crazy thing to say.

And now you think I'm crazy.

- And we're both fucking here!
- You're not crazy.

You're not crazy.

My grandmother thought
she was from the future

and nobody believed her.

- They can take us to other times.
- Who can?

We're being abducted.

Oh, my God.

At the same time. No, no, no, no.
Please listen to me.

There's a white space.

There's... There's... There's a ramp
floating over the ocean.

There's... There's...
There's the, like, fingers.

How do you know about the ramp?

You've seen it.

Yeah, that's the dream I have
all the time.

How do you know about that?

It's not a dream.

How do you know
about that dream?

How do you know about that?
I've never told you that.

I believe you.

Well, good morning.

- Morning.
- How are you feeling?


- Yeah.
- Good.

I'm feeling much better
having gotten some sleep.

And... I know I'm not a clone.

And I think I...

figured a lot of stuff out.



Uh, sounds like
you're making good progress.

Um... Well, um, I have some good news.

Um... You've been here almost 72 hours

and, um, Dr. Fung has decided
to discharge you today.

- So you're gonna be going...
- I've only been here one night.

Um, well... It's been almost three days.

Um... But it's, uh...

Look, a lot of times when people
come in for the first time,

their brains are adjusting for a while,

and it's not abnormal that you
wouldn't remember everything, so...

That actually makes a lot of sense.

It's like how you told me yesterday
that I had...

met you before, a few weeks ago.

I'm sorry, I didn't... I said...

It totally works.
Remember how I was telling you that

there was a guy I was seeing
in my dream and, like, in the abductions,

but there was a girl there, too.

And that girl was my roommate here,

and she remembers the abductions, too,

because we were both waking up,
but Ron, the guy, wasn't,

so he doesn't remember anything.

And they brought her here
from another time. So, like...

it all makes sense, it's...
it's like a loop, it's continual.

It... It... It has to happen.

I'm not a clone.

I am my grandmother.

It's actually kinda beautiful.


Um... Who's the girl that you talked to?

Do you think I imagined the girl
in my room?

No. I... I actually don't know anything
about the room assignments, I just...

You know, I... I'm here...

and, uh, I just would've hoped

that you would refrain from taking advice
from other patients.

Well, it's not advice,
it's just the truth.


Um... Well,

this will all be in your paperwork,
but I wanna highlight,

I... I made an appointment for you, um,

over at the Fox Haven Clinic,
it's on Green Street,

and, um, it's... it's free,

and it's your choice
whether you wanna go or not, but, um...

Uh, I... I really...

hope that you go.

Because I have high hopes for you.

And, uh, I'm... I'm rooting for you,

and I think it'd be very important

for you to follow up with that.

Thanks, Ethan.

I know what I need to do.


what is... what is your plan?

I'm not gonna pay
to have them fixed,

but I wanna be able to...
bite off asparagus.

I can't bite asparagus 'cause it just goes
right through my teeth.

Well, I thought you had those, uh...

those plates put on your teeth, those...
What do you call them? Ooh, come on.

- No, the... My mouthguard?
- Yeah.

- I don't wear that.
- That's just for snoring, or...

Hey, my girl.


I came back for you.

My sweet girl.

Look what I brought you.


Let's go.


I'll always protect you.

I love you.

Mark of Hades

♪ I've been watching ♪

♪ All of my past repeating ♪

♪ There's no ending ♪

♪ And when I stop pretending ♪

♪ See you, standing ♪

♪ A million moments landing ♪

♪ On your smile ♪

♪ Buried alive, I could have ♪

♪ Died to stay there ♪

♪ Never have to leave there ♪

♪ All this trouble ♪

♪ Trying to catch right up with me ♪

♪ I keep moving ♪

♪ Knowing someday that I will be ♪

♪ Standing, facing ♪

♪ All mirrors are erasing ♪

♪ Losing beauty ♪

♪ At least at times it knew me ♪

♪ At least at times it knew me ♪

♪ At least at times it knew me ♪

♪ Standing, facing ♪

♪ All mirrors are erasing ♪

♪ Losing beauty ♪

♪ At least at times it knew me ♪

♪ Standing, facing ♪

♪ All mirrors are erasing ♪

♪ Losing beauty ♪

♪ At least at times it knew me ♪

♪ At least at times it knew me ♪

♪ At least at times it knew me ♪

♪ At least at times it knew me ♪

♪ At least at times it knew me ♪

♪ At least at times it knew me ♪

♪ At least at times it knew me ♪