Horse Crazy (2001) - full transcript

Three kids, who hope to capture their own wild mustang, outsmart a ring of horse thieves and return a prize stallion to its owner.

[Wind blowing]

[Western music]

[Sound of horse galloping
in distance]

[Horse neighing]

Tyler, your dreaming again.
Now get off that horse

and wake up or we're
going to miss the bus!


I said, get off that horse
and wake up

or we're going to
miss the bus!

How'd you know what
I was dreaming about?

'Cause, that's all you
ever dream about.


Now, hurry!

(It's going to be the pits,
going back to school

after having the coolest
Christmas vacation

a kid could ever have.)

(My sister Sam is
only seven,

but she thinks she's my Mom.)

(If you can believe this,

her New Years resolution
is to make sure

I don't miss the bus.)

Let me in!


(Like I need her to
help me catch the bus.)

(None of my friends
except Stoney

can believe I put up
with Sam.)

(But they don't understand,

how can you be
mean to somebody

who risked their life
for you?)

(She loves me,
what can I say?)

[western music]

[Spurs clanking]

(That's Stoney Davis.)

(Two weeks ago, we didn't
even know each other.)

(Now he's my best friend.)

(A lot of kids think
he's pretty weird,

but after what we've
been through,

I know he's not.)

(I'll never forget the first
time I saw Stoney.)

Teacher: Students, we have a
new member of class today.

He and his family just
moved here.

His name is Stoney Davis.

Stoney, why don't you tell
us where you're from,

and a little bit about yourself.

Stoney has a surprise
for us,

he's going to do
"show and tell."


Like the teacher said, my name
is Stoney Davis

and I'm from the great
state of Texas.

Down in Texas, I live
on a million-acre ranch.

I have tons of cattle,
and horses.

My goal in life is to be

the best cowboy
in the world.

For my "show and
tell" today,

I brought a rope.

Down in Texas, we
ride quarter-horses

and chase after strays.

We rope them right out
of the saddle.

Strays are called

I could use a
little help.


Come on up here and
be my little dogie.

[western music]

[Whispers instructions]

Yeehaw! Go!



Come here, little dogie.


That's how we do
it in Texas.

(About a week after
Stoney moved here,

and just before
Christmas vacation,

Mrs. Smith showed
us a movie.)

Today class, we're going
to watch a video

on the Wild Mustangs
of Nevada.

Video: Nevada, land of the wild

The world's largest
herds of wild mustangs,

roam free in the
desert wilds of Nevada.

The wild animals date back ...

[Western music over voice]

I couldn't believe it.

Millions of horses just
running wild.

For the rest of the
day, all I

could think about
was wild horses.

After school, I just
had to ask

Mrs. Smith some questions.

Mrs. Smith?


Ya know that movie
we saw today

about wild horses?


Is it true, I mean
are there really

wild horses just
running around?

It's true Tyler.

And they don't belong
to anybody?

No, they don't. They
don't belong to anyone.

Thanks Mrs. Smith!

You're welcome Tyler.

Oh yeah, Merry

Merry Christmas Tyler.


Hey, Ty!

Where's Mom?

She went to the mall.


What are you doin'?S

I'm getting ready to
go to Jen's.

You're going to be back
before Christmas aren't you?

Yeah, I'm only going to
be gone a day and a half.

Why can't she come here?

She came here last time.

It's my turn to
go there.

You're not going to
marry her are you?

Mom says she tries to
run your life.

Is that what Mom says?


I don't know. We'll have
to see what happens.

Where does she live?

She lives in a little
town called Lewis.

Where's Lewis?

It's in Nevada.

[Magical music]


So, how was school?


(I couldn't believe it.)

(It was meant to be.)

(My big brother Brad

was driving to Nevada.)

(The land of the
wild mustang.)

(But wait, I couldn't catch

a horse by myself.)

(I needed someone to
go with me.)

(But who?)

(I only had to make
a couple phone calls

and I found out
where Stoney lived.)

What are you doing here?

How'd you know
where I live?

Kate Williams told me.

I thought you lived
on a ranch?

We're just staying here
until my dad buys the ranch.

Ten-thousand acres and
six-hundred head of cattle.

Are you really a cowboy?

And know about horses
and all that stuff?

Yeah, why?

'Cause if you're really
a cowboy,

I need your help.

What kind of help?

How would you like

a real live mustang
for Christmas?

(I told him about my plan.)

(How we could sneak a ride
with my brother to Nevada)

(I told him we could
catch two wild mustangs

and ride them home
for dinner.)

(Then I told him I would
call him that night.)

(On the way home, I
felt like I was flying.)

Brad on phone:
C'mon Jen, they're
my parents.

I've been away to school
for four months.

They want me home
for Christmas.

Listen, we're going to
have a great time.

Okay, I gotta go.

I'm leaving about
six o'clock tomorrow morning.

I'll get to your place
at about ten or eleven.


I'll see ya tomorrow.
Okay, bye.

[Hangs up phone]

Tyler on phone:
Hey Stoney, it's me Tyler.

My big brother is leaving
to Nevada

at six O'clock in
the morning.

Ya gotta be here
before that.

Here is what you
gotta bring:

Some rope, and that
lasso thing of yours.

Some water, a coat,
and bring some stuff

that horses like
to eat.

Okay, bye.

[Alarm ringing]

Tyler and Stoney:
Startled gasps

Gosh, don't scare me
like that.

Shh, come on. My
brother is going

to be here any minute.

[Garage door creaking open]

Shh, I think I hear
somebody coming.

[Car door opens]

[Tyler and Stoney gasp]

Where do you think
you're going?

Answer my question!

Where are you going?!

I read the note. What's
the big surprise

you're coming home with?

None of your business.

Fine, if that's the
way you want it.

Wait! Where are you going?

To tell Mom and Dad.

How'd you know we
were going some place?

I heard everything you said
on the phone last night,

and I'm coming too!

No you're not!

Fine, if that's the
way you want it.

What makes you think
you can catch a

horse when you can't
even catch a bus?

You better not tell
Mom and Dad!

[Garage door creaking open]

Hurry, Brad's coming!

Tyler and Stoney:
Come on!

(If we knew what was
going to happen that day

we never would have gone.)

[Television news anchor]
And now a local interest.

J.D. Anderson's prize stallion

has done it again.

[Man cracking neck]

[Television news anchor]
Last night in San Francisco,
the big horse was awarded

National Show Horse of the Year.

Haley Brown was on the scene
in San Francisco last night.

I'm standing here with J.P.
Anderson, his granddaughter

Andi, and of course
the General ...

Luke, Luke, come here quick!

Our future is on t.v.

Ha, ha!

[T.V. news anchor] Do you think
you'll be back next year?

I don't think so Haley.

I think it is time
to retire.

The big fella here he's
earned it,

we're going to go home
and take it easy for awhile.

Well congratulations again
and we'll see you back home.

Thank you.

What a beautiful horse. This is
Haley Brown in San Francisco.

[Toes cracking]

[T.V. news Anchor]
That beautiful horse is the
nations top show horse.

That one beautiful horse
is purportedly worth

ten-million dollars.

Today, horse and owner
are in route home

to Clarkston, Nevada, where
a celebration is awaiting

them tomorrow.

That's the one, and if
all goes as planned

then we are going to be
on our way to Mexico today,

with that ten-million
dollar horse.

When we sell that horse,
how much are we gonna make?

Ray figures that there is
going to be no less

than six-million.

Which means there three-million
for Ray,

and there's two-million
for me,

and then you get a
million dollars.

How come there's only
one-million for me?

You consider yourself lucky
just to be part of this pal.

It's my little Merry Christmas
present to you.

How come I only heard
nine of them?

Oh, I can never get that
little one on the right foot.

[Toe cracks]


It's okay too!

[Phone rings]


Get me Luke.

How come you always want
to talk to Luke

and you never can
talk to me!

Get me Luke.

Okay ..., Okay.

I'm here.

You gotta do something
about him.

Yeah, yeah.

They're on the old
highway going southeast.

They should be there in
less than an hour.

Be ready. If you need me,
I'm on the cell.

They're going to be there
in less than an hour

and we still got to gas up.

Yeah, well I gotta go
to the bathroom.

Well, we're going to
do it at the gas station!

[Upbeat country music]

♪ I've been all around

♪ searching up and down

♪ for the right thing.

♪ I even went as far

♪ as looking to the city

♪ for the real thing.

[Cell phone rings]


Hey, Jen.

Yeah, I'm on my way.

Yeah, I've got my
seatbelt on.

Yeah, I have it with
me right now.

You want me to go
over the whole list?

Alright, just one minute.

Number one. I got
my hair cut,

I already told you that.

Sideburns are just the
way you like 'em.

Yeah, I'm sure.

He's talking to his

I don't like her, she's
way too bossy!

Oh, brother!

Number three. Stand when
your Mom walks in the room.

Four. Buy your Dad his
favorite candy.

I got him peanut clusters.

I'm kidding, relax.

I got peanut brittle. Take
it easy!

I'm afraid if he ever married
her, we would really clash.

Jen, wait a minute, you're
cutting out.


[Makes static noises]

[Fading out voice]

[More static sounds]

Number six. That's enough
of that.

If he really liked her,
he wouldn't do that.

[Turns up music]

I've got to go
to the bathroom.

Me too.

Why didn't you two take
care of that before we left?

[Cracks neck]

I'll go first.

I can't hold it
any longer.

Okay, but no
crossing swords.


We're in some little
gas station outside

of Clarkston.

We'll be there in about
fifteen minutes

all set up and ready to go.

Won't you relax?!

This ain't the first time
I stole a horse.

When we get the horse
in the trailer

and on the road to Mexico,
then I'll give you a call.


Uh oh!

My big brother Brad is
right outside the door.

I got an idea,


Billy, you comin'?

[Engine problem noises]

Why is he stopping?

I don't know.

Maybe we're in Nevada.

It sounds like there's something
wrong with the car.

I'll look and see.

You'll get caught!


What do you see?


He's got the hood up.


What's the matter?


He didn't see you
did he?

I don't know.

He saw you, didn't he?!

Oh, Tyler!



What are you doing
back here?!

Get out of the car!

Do you know how
dangerous it is

being in the back here
without any seatbelts?!

What if I would have
gotten into an accident?

We're two hours
away from home?

What are you doing
back here?!

Tell him.

Tell him.

You tell him, it was
your idea!

Tyler, what's going on?!

Well, we were going
to catch three

wild mustangs, then
ride'em home.

Then ride'em home?!S

Come on Tyler, I don't
have time for this!

What am I going to do
with you guys now?!

Get in the car!

Take my phone. I've
got to go up to

the gas station to buy
one of these.

Okay? Stay down!

Don't move!

I'll be right back. You keep
the doors locked!

Then what's gonna happen?

Then, I'm taking
you guys home!

You're in big trouble
with Mom and Dad!

Can I ask you a question?


Are we in Nevada?

Yeah, we've been in Nevada
for an hour and a half.

Now you guys roll the
windows up and

lock the doors!
I'll be back.

Need some help?

I do.

I could really use a
ride up to this

gas station to buy
a new belt.

Well what do you think Andi ...

think we can trust him?

Hmm, maybe.

Just this one time.

Hop in the front here.


I have a feeling there's a
whole herd of wild mustangs

hanging out just right
over that hill.

Black stallions.

White stallions.

Just waiting to be caught.

Sam ...

when is the last time our
family came to Nevada?

I can't remember.

That's because we never
come to Nevada,

and we never will again.

Tyler, what are you thinking?

I don't know what I am thinking.

I just know we came
all this way

and I don't want to come
home without a horse.

I think we better just
listen to Brad

and stay right here like
he told us.

Thank you, I appreciate it.

We could wait and take you back.

Couldn't we Grandpa?

Oh, why sure! We go right
back that way anyway,

the junction's our turn off.

That would be great, I'll
be right back.

What if we caught four horses
instead of three.

Then we could give one to Brad.

Good idea. That way, there's
no way he would be mad.

I wish I knew if he liked girl
horses better than boy horses

or, what his favorite color is.

Guys always like black.

Midnight black.

C'mon let's go!

I really appreciate this, thank

Glad we could help.

It was nice to meet you.

Nice to meet you, too.
See ya.

I thought you were going to
ask him if you could help?

It crossed my mind.



It looks like it is our day
for good deeds.

Let's see if we can
help these folks.

Why I sure do appreciate
you stoppin'.


There's nothin I got but
troubles with that thing.

Well, my granddaughter here
is a certified mechanic

so I am sure we
can help you.

What do you think the problem

Well, I think it's probably the
carburetor or something.

Grandpa! Grandpa!

Hey, what are you doing,
let her go!

You listen!

You don't want your
granddaughter hurt?

You're going to follow
the instructions!

You understand?
We want that horse!

We want the cell phone,
we want the trailer keys,

and we want the
truck keys right now!

Don't give them anything



[Starts engine]

Just in case you get any
ideas about goin' anywhere.

Easy boy, easy, easy.

Ain't nobody gonna hurt
you, that's for sure.

C'mon, c'mon.

Like I said, you'll never
get away with this!

Hyah! C'mon!


Go Gen go!

Go General boy, go!

Go Gen.

Go General, go boy, go!

Hey get down there!

Hold it, hey!

Where are you going!

Come back here!



Why do you keep
doing that?

It's what the Indians
use to do.

They could hear a herd of
buffalo from five miles away.

Do you hear anything?

No horses.

Just some jack rabbits
about a mile off.

What happened?!


Do your thing again.

No horses.

Maybe we should really go back.

Brad's going to be really mad
when he finds out we're gone.

Let's just go over that
next hill.

That's what you said on
the last three hills!

C'mon, just one more.

My Grandpa called the Sheriff,
he's on his way.

I know you'll be anxious
to get going and

so we'll get a ride home
with them.


Any luck getting a hold of
your brother and sister?


They must have the cell
phone turned off.


This is all my fault!

I can't believe I left them
in the car alone!

Don't worry, you'll find them.

I mean, what else could
you do?

And, thank you so much
for your help.

You're welcome.

Good luck!


And be careful, it's easy
to get lost in the desert.

I'll be fine. Don't worry
about me.

When I go up this road,
is it a right or a left?


Got it.

Ya know, I know the desert
really well.

Do you want me to come?
It could speed things up.

You can't do that, what
about your horse?

Well, my Grandpa has that
all under control.

Are you sure?

That would be great.

Okay, I'm going to tell
my Grandpa.

Where are they?

There are supposed to
be millions of them!

Maybe they are
having a nap.

I'm starving, I
can't go on!

All we got left is an apple,
some celery, and carrots.

I need some real food!

Well, it just so happens
that I came prepared.

Would anyone like a peanut
butter and jelly sandwich?

I've got smooth and crunchy.

I'll have smooth and crunchy.

What's the magic word?


Yeah, please crunchy.

It's a good thing that I
came, huh?


Whoa, whoa.

Oh, yeah.

They went this way.

Stoney, hasn't your mother
ever taught you to

not chew with your
mouth open?


If they only knew what a
good home we'd give them.

And how much fun we'd have.

They'd come running so fast.

I know your disappointed but,

we really should go back.

Where are you?!

Come on, let's go back.

I was thinking, even if
we did catch some horses,

where would we keep them?

In the garage.

Hmm, I never thought
about that.

Or, as soon as Stoney's
Dad buys the ranch,

we can keep 'em there.

Huh Stoney?

Uh huh, sure ...

[Horse neighing]

King of all the
wild mustangs.

She's so beautiful!

Sure glad you know
how to use those ropes.

C'mon let's go.

That's their footprints.

Which means they
went that way.

When I get my hands on those
kids their dead.

Oh c'mon, their just kids.

Just kids, I told them to
stay in the car

and they go off into the desert.

I was supposed to be
in Lewis an hour ago.

Okay so, wait a sec ...

They hid in your car
without you knowing it.

To come to Nevada to catch
some wild mustangs.

Yeah, and ride them home for

That is so cute.


So how old are they?

Tyler's 8, Sam's 7, and cowboy
kid must be Tyler's age.

Hmm, okay. Well that
explains it.

Explains what?

That's normal for little kids.

Don't you remember what it was

Everything and anything is

Sit down.

Okay, here's the plan.

Sam, we're going to get
on the other side and
scare him towards Stoney.

Stoney, when he comes
towards you lasso him.

and all three of us will grab
the rope.

I can't.

Yes you can, just
stand right over there.

No, I mean, I really can't.

Come on,

We got the king of the
wild mustangs right here.

Your a cowboy remember.

Wait a minute Tyler.

Stoney, are you afraid?

You did all this stuff on your

Stoney, have you been telling

Well I didn't come this far for
nothin, gimmie a rope.

[Western Music]

Go Tyler! You can do it.

Driving a black Toyota pickup,
pullin an old green horse

Now if you can come
up to the ranch with me,

I'll give you some pictures of
the General for a perfect ID.

Okay, can I give you a lift?

No, I'm expecting my for....
here he comes now.

Sheriff this is my foreman Ray

Ray, this is Sheriff Kirk Smith.

Nice to meet you Ray.


Well I'll see you both up at the


What's going on?

I need to tell you about
it Ray. Come on.

I almost got him that last time.

You'll get him.

Sorry, I lied

I'm no cowboy.

I've never been around a
real horse in my whole life.

Then why'd you say you'd come?

I never thought we would
find a real live mustang.

What about the ranch in Texas?

Your not really from Texas, are
you Stoney.

Where you from then?

Winnemucca, Nevada.

Then where did you get the ropes
and all the cowboy stuff?

My next door neighbor was a
rodeo cowboy.

One day he fell off his horse
and got hurt.

He had to quit, he gave me all
his stuff.

So your dad's not going
to buy a ranch.

I don't have a dad.

You tell fibs because you think
it makes you popular,

Isn't that right Stoney?


Well, you don't have to fib

We like you just the way you

Tyler, Stoney look!

Okay, here's the plan.

When the horse takes
a bite of the sandwich,

I'll slip the rope over his

Tyler, I think Stoney
should do this.

No, no it's okay,
Tyler can do it.

Stoney, you do it now.

[Western Music]

We got him, we got him,
a wild mustang!

Stoney, I can't believe
it you did it!

I roped myself a wild mustang.

I'm so proud of you.



[Laughing], well

This is gonna be a whole lot
easier than I thought.

What you talkin about?

You see that little cowboy?


[Both laughing], let's go have
a little bit of fun.


Hi, hi, howdy.

So where did ya find my horse?

Your horse? He's ours.

I roped him myself.

We're gonna brand him,
so everyone knows he's ours

That's right!


There's nothing I'd like more
than to give you that horse.

But, the truth is,
that horse is mine.


Now this morning he
got out of the corral,

and I don't know
why he just ran off.

Me and my buddy have been
on our horses since sun up,

and we've been lookin' for him.


I'll tell you what,

Just because I appreciate
y'all, for helping,

How about a little reward, huh.

What we got here?

How about five dollars a piece.

Are you sure this
horse is yours?

Yeah, I'm sure.

Let's go Luke,

We're burnin' daylight.

Come on, I want you guys to take

come on sweetie.

Go on now.


Bye, Beauty.

Come on, let's go.

[Remembering voices]

Would you relax, this ain't the
first time I stole a horse.

Oh my gosh!

They're lying!


Those guys are bad.

That Luke guy lied,
I saw him at the gas station.

He was talking to someone
on his cell phone,

He said something
about stealing a horse,

and he said he's been in the
desert since the sun came up.

He lied, because I saw
him at the gas station.

Are you sure it was the same


Oh my gosh!

She's right,

I saw the other guy come out of
the bathroom at the gas station.

We're going to get our horse
back, you with me?

Of course.

You comin'?

Should be getting home but,

good luck.

Okay, but,

watch out for those coyotes.

Let's go.

[Coyotes howling]

Guys wait for me!

Guys wait for me!

[Cell phone rings]

It's Ray.


It's me, you got the horse?

Yeah, I got him.

Good work.

Listen their's something
I got to talk to you about.


We just got done chasing this
horse down for 3 hours.

Both of us about broke our

I had to rope him on a dead run.

Listen, we've been talking Ray.

We figure we both need to get
a little more money out of this.

What's a little more?

10,000 dollars.

10,000. No way!

If you hadn't messed things up
back there

In the first time around,

We'd be half way to Mexico by

Oh, I'm disappointed in you Ray.

Well, if that's the way you feel
about it,

We'll just turn him loose right

just forget about the whole
thing, how about that.

Wait a minute, wait a minute!

Okay, you got a deal 10,000

but, not one penny more!

Not a penny more.

Now, where are you?

About a mile an' a half this
side of Apache crossing.

Now listen to me,

In no time at all the cops are
going to be looking for you,

we got to hide that
horse immediately.

Now I know the perfect spot.

It's not more than a
mile from where you are.

Have you ever been to Snake

Yep, I've been there.

You know where that
huge rock is up there

looks like a snake with it's
mouth open?



About hundred yards from that

There's a spot where
two rocks meet

form a big room. Hide in there.

Alright I've been there.

Call me when you get there.

Woo! We just made a little bit
more money, I do believe so.

[Excited screams]

Hey, guys I found something.

What is it?

I'm not sure.

I think it's a rattle snake

We studied about them in school.

Yep, that's what it is alright.

Let me see it.

I wonder he belongs to.

Maybe he's a she.

How do you know?

Because she's to pretty to be a

Oh, brother.

[Western music]

Look here,

Sam never eats her crust.

Your right!

Look their footprints are

There's horse footprints,too.


I think they found the General.

How do you know?

By the shoe,

My grandfather has special
shoes made for his horses.

Brad, we have to find the
kids before those men do.

[singing annoyingly]

Would you shut up.

This place is amazing.

Look, that's the big snake


Right there.

Oh yeah, I see it.

There's a little cave in there
that goes all the way back.

Come on let's go.

I'll show you where we
can get some firewood.

Whoa, look at all those holes.

Look like a bunch of meteors
hit the mountain.

It's called corrosion,

I just learned about it in my

Let's go in one of those caves.

First we got to save Beauty,
come on.

[Spooky sounds]

Ain't nobody gonna find us here.

Last time there were cougar
tracks all over the place

Cougar tracks, your kidding me.

No, I'm not.

Ray we're here

inside right now.

Can't you here that echo.


Why don't you go get some

I'll take care of these horses,

So why are you going to Lewis?

Oh, that's where my girlfriend

Oh, what she like?

Uh, she's tall.

Kind of looks like you,

but, blonde.

No, I mean what she like?

She's a human day planner,

She does not waste a minute.

She must spend half her
life making to do list.



Here, look at this.

Here's the list she made for me,
when I meet her parents

Hmm, well I hope your ready for
all this.

I am.


I don't know, I just,

I'm a little surprised.

Surprised at what?

Well, you come off so confident,

and in control, not someone who
needs to be told what to do.

I don't need to
be told what to do.

I'm sure you don't.

Nice haircut.

Whoa, that was close.

No kidding.

What are we going to do now?

I don't know.

What's wrong?

I thought I heard something.

There's nobody out here.

What's the plan?

What's the plan is when Ray
get's here,

we're going to load up them
horses,and go to Mexico,

and make us some money.

[Both laughing]

Why do they call this Snake

because of that big rock out


because this place is
crawling with snakes.

When I was a kid,
and we were up here,

It get's hotter than
an oven out here,

So we crawled in those
holes you seen out there,

just to try to cool off a bit.

Well, I was sitting there one

and right from the ledge above
me, something drops in my lap.



Great big rattler.

Head about the size of my fist,

just staring right up at me.

You've got to be kidding me.

Well, what did you do?


I couldn't move,

I was petrified by pure fear.

About an hour and a half goes

that thing just finally crawled
off, crawled out of the hole.

Be careful.

They're scared of fire,
ain't they?

Like cougars, and snakes?


Ugh, I hate snakes.

Sounds like they're waiting
for someone else to come,

and then they're taking Beauty
to Mexico to sell her.

We can't let them do
that to Beauty,

She'll be to home sick, and die.

I know.

Well, we can't just go in there,
and take the horse.

We got to figure a way to
get them out of there

so we can go in
and take the horse.

I got an idea, it just might

Here's what we need to do...

Feliz Navidad.

You bet,

And a Merry Christmas to.

Merry Christmas.


You stole that horse,
and I'm telling the police.

Get him!

You go get him!

[Indian music]


Hey Mister!

[Stoney screams]



Come on, we got to move fast.

Please don't let me die.

You get me out of this one,

I swear, I'll go clean.

As soon as we sell that horse.


Karl, Where are you?



Come on boy.

I don't think he wants
to leave the other horses.


I'm right here.

What are you doing?



On my back.

I see it.

Don't move a muscle.

Don't scare it.

Just relax.

What's that?

That's the snake
that's on your back,


You're an idiot,
you got fooled by kids,

their probably back there
taking those horses right now.

Now come on.

Good boy.

Tyler, Stoney, their coming!

Get out of there now!


Get that little cowboy.

No, ahh

Where do you think your going?

Go sit down over there.

Don't move.

I can't stand kids,

especially ones taking my horse.

[Indian music]

I'll get you!

I bet your wondering what
happened to my eye.


Everybody wonders about that.

Don't you move.

I got my eye on you boy,
I got my eye on you.

Well I don't know where
the kid went.

Looks like I'm going to have
to find him myself, huh Karl?

It's a kid's hide and go
seek heaven out there.

One minute you think you got'em
then they vanish into thin air.

You keep your eye on that kid.

You just keep your eye on that

And you keep your eye on
that horse, huh.

I'll find that little
runt myself.

You guys are in big trouble,
what do you think your doing?

Shhh, they'll here you.

What are you talking about?
Where is Tyler?

The bad guys got him.

We got a horse, and then
those guy's took it from us.

When we went to get it back,
Tyler got caught.

Tyler's in the cave.

What cave?

Right in there.

They have my little brother,
we have to call the police.

Where's the cell phone?

Tyler has it.

Shh, someone's coming,
come on, come on.

You guys stay here, don't
move, we'll be right back.

Come on.

That's Ray!

Who's Ray?

He's our ranch foreman,

my grandpa must have sent
him up here to find us.

Why is he driving a moving van?

I don't know.

Come on.

Ray I'm so glad your here,

The two guy's that
stopped on the highway

and tried to steal the General,
are in the cave,

and they have the horse,
there's a little boy in there,

we need you to help us.

Ray, they're in the cave right

Keep your hands off me!

Ray what are you doing! Let go!

Ray let go of me!

I'm sorry honey, I'm sorry!

[arguing continues]

What are we going to do now?

I don't know.

Where did you find them?
Who is he?

Found these two out there.

Go get a rope, tie these guys

Where's Sam, and Stoney?

They're out there somewhere.

Don't worry, they'll save us.

Good they left the keys, get in.

Just see what you can find.

Sam, look.

What is it?

It's a flare.

You light it, and put it
on the road at night,

when the car breaks down.

I think I know a way to get
them out of the cave.

Tell them your snake story.

They don't want to hear the

I got to make a call.

It's me.

We got the horse.

We'll be leaving here
in about 30 minutes.

We'll be in that rental
truck I told you about.

We'll make the switch as

I'll be in touch.

What did he say?

Everything's under control.

What about the money?

I said everything's under

[Truck horn blaring]

What's that?

Somebody in the truck.

Cops are going to hear that.

Go on! Go see what it is.

I bet you it's Sam and Stoney.

[Indian music]

No, no, hey kid!

Let me out of here!

Well, I'll go take care of
this myself, looks like.

Don't you worry about it.

Two down, one to go.


Help me Luke, get me out of

It's locked.

You got fooled again
by those kids!

[Stoney screams]

Don't worry, I'm
here to help you.

[Indian music]

Oh, this is hard.

It's okay. You can do it.

Okay now here's the plan,


Oh good there's Stoney now.

When I say go,

jump up and punch that
man right in the nose.


Don't worry, you can do it.


Nice going Brad.

Tie him up,

then call the police
on the cell phone.

Come on,come with me
and we'll go get Stoney.

Come on Tyler,
let's go get the rope.

Thought you were going to
get away with this, huh?

You listen up!

Let her go.

You listen, I want the
keys to the truck.

and the keys to that
padlock, now!

[moans in pain]

Get him General!

Okay, no, no!

Get him Beauty.

Okay, call him off.

Get him Gen.

Call him off, call him off!

That a boy!

When we got finished
with Luke, Karl, and Ray,

they wished they never thought
about stealing that horse.

When we got back to the highway,

the police were waiting for us.

I don't have to dream anymore,

because J.P. gave us
each our own horse.

Now you might be
saying to yourself

what good is having a horse,
that's so far away

that you never get to ride it.

Well we got lucky again.

Brad never made it to Jen's

Now he spends alot of time
at the ranch with Andi.

He takes us there
any time we want.

Bye, see ya.

Now you know why
I put up with Sam,

and why Stoney's my
best friend ever.

When you go through
something like we went through,

you just can't help but,
be friends forever.

Welcome back to class.

I hope you had a great time
over the Christmas holiday,

and that you missed me.

Yeah, yeah!

And that your ready
to get back to work.

Boo, boo!

Ah, well to start the new year,

I have a video to show you

called the Wild Llama's of Peru.