Hors la loi (2010) - full transcript

After losing their family home in Algeria, three brothers and their mother are scattered across the globe. Messaoud joins the French army fighting in Indochina; Abdelkader becomes a leader of the Algerian independence movement in France and Saïd moves to Paris to make his fortune in the shady clubs and boxing halls of Pigalle. Gradually, their interconnecting destinies reunite them in the French capital, where freedom is a battle to be fought and won.

Algeria, 1925


Yes, Messaoud?

- The gendarmes!
- Where?

Said, stay here.


I have a court order.

This land now belongs to the colonist,
Mr. Guerini.

But, Kaid,

this land was my father's
and my ancestors.

- Do you have the deeds?
- What deeds?

We have no documents.

Without the deeds, I can't help.
You must leave.

That's impossible.

I was born here.

My father was born here,
like all my ancestors!

My children too!

You have three days to leave.

If we have to leave,

how will I feed my family?

It's the law. I can't help it.

Are they out of their minds?

A bit of paper says
we have to leave our land?

I'll die here and be buried here!

It's not fair!

You're committing a sin!

May God curse you!

Don't cry, Mom, we'll be back one day.

It's all right.

Go and help your father, Said.

- No more school for you.
- What?

Why must I leave school?

I'm one of the best in my class!

- It's not fair!
- I can't afford it anymore.

Remember, this is your land too.

You were all born and grew up here.

But now,

we're hounded from it.

May God punish them.


May 8, 1945



Setif, Algeria

The same day

Freedom for Algeria!

Equal rights!

Freedom for Algeria!

Equal rights!

- Said, come to the march.
- I have my fight.

Germany has lost.
We must earn our freedom.

- I want to earn a living!
- Said!


Take the jellaba off.

Come here. Don't move.

Watch your guard.
Don't be scared.

I'm warning you,

lose and you don't eat tonight.
Gloves on.


Equal Rights!

Equal Rights!


Take aim!

Let go!

Take off your hand!

No, don't! Stop!


Open up! Open the door!

Let me in!

Hide it!


Hurry home now.

And above all stay hidden.

You understand? Stay indoors.

Off you go. Run!



Hands up!

Everyone out!

Move it! Get out!

- Move!
- Faster!



Dad? Dad?

Get up, Dad.


No, Dad, don't die.


They're all dead.

God rest their souls.

May He give me strength and patience.

May He welcome them to His breast.



My dear Messaoud,

I hope my letter

finds you alive.

I hope that this war in Indochina
will end soon.

Your brother Abdelkader
is in prison in France.

It's eight years since I last saw him.

Luckily, your brother Said
is here with me.

Yesterday, we went to pray
at the graves of your father

and your sisters.

Who's it from?

My mother.

May God watch over you, my dear son.

Autumn 1954



What's going on?

I'm here to say goodbye.

Who let you in?

I have a gift for you.

What gift?


I'm avenging my father

and my family.

You filthy dog!

Die, you dog!

For your crimes, traitor!

- Pack your bags.
- Why?

We're going to France.

- I don't want to.
- There's a war here.

They will kill us.

My son, you think I'm alive
but you're wrong.

I died long ago.

Let them kill me.


Listen to me.

Abdelkader is in jail.

He's alone in France.
He needs us.

- And Messaoud?
- He'll join us.

He's a soldier.

- In France?
- Of course.

God willing,
we'll come back here all together.

To our land,

in our own country.

But not to this hovel.

I'll tell you the truth.

If I'm sure of seeing my sons again,

I'll follow you anywhere.

May God hear you.


My brothers,

I'll say farewell.

They're taking me away.

Greet Algeria for me.

Greet my home.

Long live Algeria!

Come on.

In the name of the French Republic,

let the execution be carried out.



The Vietnamese have shattered chains
that bound them

for more than a century

to make Vietnam an independent nation.


Don't fall asleep.

Don't sleep.

Colonial France is not invincible.

Don't fool yourself.

Your friend's had it.

All over the world, oppressed nations

must harness their spiritual
and material energies.

They must prepare
to lay down their lives

to seize the right to freedom and
independence from the colonial powers.

You, the colonized Africans,

you must follow the example
of the Vietnamese people.

Your brothers, wives and children
have a right to justice and freedom!

Fighters, do not be the
colonists' slaves any longer.

Witness the Vietnamese victory
and break free of your chains!


This is it.

Come in.

Go on in, Mom.

Thank you.

Listen, I don't have
the money for the rent.

I'll pay you when I find work.

Take this watch as surety.

It's valuable.

Suits me.

Don't worry, it's temporary.

Don't worry, it's temporary.

Thank God.

At least we have a roof over our heads.

My brother...

Where are you going?

We work at the Renault factory.

They're hiring if you want work.


Salaam aleikoum.


- May I sit down?
- Please do.

- What can you buy with this?
- With that?

There's enough for a house,

a dream wedding,

with change left over.

Are you new here?

I'm from Setif.

Welcome, my brother.

Save your money for your wedding.


How can you live here?

As a slave for Renault
like the others.

What do you do?

Me? I manage differently.

I want to do what you do.

That's a big leap for a guy
who just arrived from Setif.

Forget it.

Excuse me...
Nothing's too hard for me.

I don't want poverty.

Trust me and you'll be surprised.

Surprised? Me?

Come on then.

Souni. Two minutes.

Are you well?

Thanks to God.

Are you eating well?

You look so thin.

Don't worry about me.

Listen to me carefully.

You're not a thief,

nor a murderer.

You're not a criminal.

You're in prison for your ideas.

You, you're a man.

Everything ends.

I'll be out soon.

We'll all be together.

I beseech God

that I'll die before you

and that you'll bury me.

Be brave, my son.

Be a man, my son!

Your son is a fighter.

The guard's here.

I have to go.

Remember what I told you.

Be a man.


By looking after yourself,
you look after me.

May God be with you.
God preserve you.

May God bless you.

God preserve you, Mom.

- Is that her?
- That's her.

- You spoke to her?
- Yes.

- What did you say?
- It's all settled.

We're here.

This is Bigalle?

Pigalle. With a "P".
Learn that or people will make fun.


Come with me.

Stand here. This is your place.
Got that?

Tomorrow, we share the money, okay?


Wait. Listen carefully.

One hooker isn't bad.

Two hookers and you have it made.

I'm hungry, aren't you?

Let's eat.


How much have you made?

Stay here. I'll be back later.

All right.



Take the money and buy clothes.

Even if I have to stay naked
all my life

or even barefoot,
I won't take your money!

God is my witness.

Zohra, come here.

This is for my mother.
Don't say it's from me.

All right.

Is that you, Said?


My brother?


Messaoud, my brother!

Where were you, brother?

- You're a man now.
- Mom!

What now?

Come and see!

My darling son!

I've missed you.

I've missed you too, son!

You're a handsome man now.

But you're thinner.

He's an officer now! Fantastic!

- Your eye...
- It's nothing.

- What happened?
- Just the war.

Abdelkader will be released soon.

You're the oldest brother.

You must take care of your family.

I'd like to have grandchildren.

There's a girl here,
a nice, charming, kind girl.

If you like her,
we'll let God decide.

Where's she from?

The same pan of Algeria as us.

God willing...


I need to talk to you.

Did you know Ho Chi Minh
won the war against France

thanks to two principles?

The first principle

is that repression always benefits
the people seeking freedom.

The second principle,

is to never, never abandon a mission.

Nothing is insurmountable.

All the Algerians, you hear me, all of them

must pay the revolutionary tax.

In two days, you'll be free.

Organize all the Algerians
in the suburbs

and in Paris too.
- How?

Recruit one brother,

he'll bring three more,
they'll bring six more,

who'll bring ten more and so on.

I'll give you an address.

Remember it.

That's where you'll hand in reports

and receive orders. All right?

You can count on me. I won't betray
the Algerian people's trust.

Let me help you.


My darling son, here at last!

Thank God!

My darling... Let's go inside.

- How are you, Mom?
- Fine.

This way?

Enjoy your meal.


We haven't had meat for a year.

- I swear.
- He's teasing you.

Said, your brothers are my witnesses.

The whole shantytown talks about me.

They say your brother is a bandit.

You heard.

Mom's right.

As a crook, no one will ever respect you.

A crook?

Who's the crook? Me?

Here, either you have money
or you're nothing.

At least I'm free.

I'll be free when my country's free.

We must become free men.

Things must change.

What change do you mean?

What can you change
with these workers?

Today there are three of us.

The whole shantytown will soon join us.
Our cause is right.

He's right.

Look how they won in Vietnam.

We were better armed than them,
but it was no use.

They'd have won anyway.
Even if we'd stayed 20 years,

they'd have won.

The revolution is under way.

Nothing will stop it.


I've been thinking.

I know how to make a fortune

without any problem.

You were in Indochina.

You know weapons.

Abdelkader, you've become
tough in prison.

The three us need fear no one.

We can't live in poverty.

Not all our lives.

We'll lay down the law.

I swear.

You have to choose.

Which side are you on?

With your brothers or their enemies?

My brothers?

You're my brothers. Not anyone else.

I can handle my enemies myself.

Are you with me?


Good luck.

I'm leaving the army.

I'm with you.

I'm with you.

Zohra, take them their cake.

Stop them.

Stop. Wait.

My brothers, listen to me!

Our people are fighting
and dying at home.

You must join the FLN.

The FLN supports the armed struggle.

The FLN controls everything.

It's organizing the resistance.

It's starting the revolution.

Negotiation will get us nothing.

The French rig the elections
with take votes.

No politics here!

- It's all right, sir.
- Wake up!

Just go home now.

Don't forget. FLN!


The French rig the elections!

- FLN!
- That's enough, boys!

There were two of us this morning

and there are two of us now.

Look at these pages. They're empty.

We'll manage it.

Be patient.

- What are you looking at?
- You.

Why did you turn that off?

All of you,

listen to me.

We must bring the war here to France.

You must join the party
of the armed struggle.

Listen here, you!

The only legitimate party is the MNA.


You're wrong, my friend.

We won't get anywhere with the MNA.

It says voting will
give us independence.

The French give us 1 vote

for 10 colonists' votes.

And we know they rig the elections too.

The FLN says the armed struggle

will make the French
give us what we want.

Let him go!


Get out!

Put him there.

Sit him down!

Let go of me!

You're with the FLN?

I want to hear you say it:

Long live the MNA.

You're going to say it.

Long live the MNA.
Say it. Now.

Make him understand.

Will you say it or not?

A wise guy, huh?

I'll show you.

Look at me!

Are you ready to die?

No one will save your hide.

Get up!

Listen carefully.

You never set foot here again.

While I'm alive,
there'll be no FLN here.

I'm the boss.

You're lucky.

You won't leave here alive next time.

Close the door.

You're not hurt?

No, I'm okay. And you?

I'm okay.

Did they beat you?

It's nothing.

What are we gonna do?

Hey, my brothers!

What do you want?

I'm on your side.

The FLN is right.

I heard from home.

The FLN has gone underground.

I'm with you.

You know him?

But we're one more.


You'll kill with him with this.

Step outside, sir.

You too. Hurry it up!

You're back?

You didn't get enough last time?

Since the accused rejects the
authority of the FLN,

since the accused publicly denies
the need for armed struggle,

in the name of the Algerian people,

Sanjak Mellah is hereby
sentenced to death.

Sit down!

You brought your gang?

You wouldn't have dared alone.

Go on.

Give me that! Hold him!

Long live the MNA!

You cowards!

Long live the MNA!

The sentence was carried out

today at 3 PM.

Who are you?

Why are you here?

Colonel Faivre, National Security.

This is my turf.

I make the decisions.

The wogs won't rule here.

We're visiting the slum.

This is political,

between the FLN and the MNA.

Plenty will die, don't worry!

We must calm things down!


Come here, let me kiss you.

All the best.

Everyone out!

Get them all out.

Get out!

I have to go, sorry.

The police are here. We must go!



- Raise your arms.
- It's a wedding, sir.

Turn around.

Hurry it up!

I want ten of them.

Take them in.

Come on, follow me!

Let's get out of here!

Who taught you to fight?

- It's a gift from God.
- Sure, God.

Want to work?

- Doing what?
- Come with me. Run!

You knew the police would come?

Because of the MNA leader?

You wanted this?

Come on.

How much longer will you accept this?

What are you waiting for?

For your houses to burn?

They respect none of you!

Your wives and children neither.

You alone can change things.

You must react.

Rise up against these humiliations!

Do you understand?

Tobacco and alcohol
are banned for Algerians.

Paying French taxes means
collaborating with the enemy.

Step forward. Your name.

Ali Benjbour.

I swear before God to devote
my life to my country.

I join the organization
until my death.

Well done.

Step forward.

Nordine Salhi.

I swear before God to devote
my life to my country.

I join the organization until my death.



Fatma Mabrouki: 2,000.

Djamel Djoufi: 2,000.

We helped you.

- You have a place in Pigalle.
- Thank you.

We allowed you to be a
partner in a cabaret.

To finance our cause.

We had your word.

I know. I haven't forgotten.

But you didn't deal with the Corsicans.

When I talked to them, they only
gave me 5%.

Didn't you say 15%?


The solution's simple.

Take a share in the cabaret.

I want half.

- Half?
- Yes.

- What half?
- What do you mean?

How can I give you half?
How am I supposed to live?

Enough talk. I said half
so it'll be half.

Come here, you.

Mother, do me a favor, please.

Agree to see Said. He needs you.

- I don't want to see him.
- Don't be so hard.

He's your son. He's changing.

Worry about your wife instead.

The baby's due soon, remember.

It was Omar who stole the subscriptions.

He has kids. Maybe a warning...


We need discipline. No warnings!

When I was a prisoner, I told myself

that if I survived,

I'd never kill again.

It takes one betrayal
or act of disobedience.

I'm with you.

I took the money to buy a fridge.

It's for the children, not me.

I'll sell it.

Or you can take it.

I insisted that he buy it.

Forgive him.

- I beg you.
- Don't worry.

I won't do it again.

Give me a second chance.

I have three children.

I won't do it again. I promise.


At the same time.

- Is everything okay?
- Are you alone?

- Yes.
- Go on in.

Refineries, factories and depots
will explode all over France,

With no civilian casualties,


We'll fight France on
her own territory.

You must get weapons.

And teach your men to use them.

Be ready for the French crackdown.

Listen, I can organize an area.

But I know nothing about weapons.

Factory work is over for you.
The shantytown too.

You're going underground.

You'll be given fake papers.

All right.

You can go.

- Who is it?
- Algiers, White City.

Come in.

Give me that.

There's 25 million.

Be careful.

- I'll walk with you.
- Thank you.

She's French.
She works for the revolution?

Go on.

Maybe she's thirsty...

Don't bother. Close the door.


All right.

We're not doing much.

It's the Algerians' cause.
It's their revolution.

I want to do more.

Helene, we follow orders.
We do as they ask.

Hurry. The money leaves for
Switzerland tonight.

Messaoud, brother!


How are you?

- I'm well.
- Have a seat.

Get the envelope from Vincent.

What do you think?

Count it.

It's all right.

I called it "The Casbah."

This is no place for you.

Want to see my real place?

Come on, it's this way.


You're all muscles now.
No one will recognize you!

Hound him on the street.

He's my future, God willing.

I found him on your wedding day.

One day, that kid

will be a champion, you'll see.

What's his name?

I haven't found a name for him yet.

He's the first Algerian who'll knock out

whites and blacks.

God willing.

So what do you think?

It's good, Said.

I'm proud of you.


Forget this war.
Come and work with me.

As my partner.

I have to go.


No Smoking.

You know that.

It's not allowed.


Where are you going with this war?

What are you staring at? Box, you idiot!

What's your problem?

Here, you box or you're out!

I'll leave it all here.

Here's the key.

Come to the show tonight or tomorrow.

I'm a costume designer at the theatre

Thank you, but I have no free time.

You can go now. I have all I need.

I'll come back.

We now return to France and Paris

where a number of attacks
have been reported.

Last night's events

are irrefutable proof that,

within metropolitan France,
the FLN now has

the infrastructure to carry out
large-scale terrorist acts.

With a rage born of despair,
the FLN

is attempting to thwart
the Algerian peace process.

The government is cornered.

It must quickly assess the risk
created by fanatical Muslim elements

present in metropolitan France.

In Algiers, the attacks are believed
to be linked to the referendum.

But General Salan's spokesman

declared yesterday,

"All that we can hope for

is that the police and authorities

have the means required
to deal with this threat."

Concerning this matter,
our Police Chief, Mr Papon,

will assess the situation
this evening at 7:15

as well as on the evening news.

What do you know about the attacks?

Nothing, of course.

You don't know the FLN.

Good workers like you
never know anything.

Mustapha, is it?

Carry on, make them both talk.

Can you swim?

Can you swim?

Repression makes our work harder.

If people fear the police,
the authorities will soon find us.

We must react rapidly and powerfully.

We'll eliminate the torturers.

Keep the initiative, strike hard

to wear the enemy down.

For each blow, we deal ten.

Are your men ready?


But if we kill policemen, the
repression will be merciless.

Violence will serve our cause, remember.

Infiltrate the police.

Algerian officers can inform us
of their plans.

Here's a list of names.

I have to travel.
Cairo, Tunis, Morocco...

I've picked you to replace me.

You and the others

will get orders from Germany.

I know you'll be up to it.

I will be, God willing.

I may not see independence,

but I'll give my life for it.


That inspector kills and tortures
our supporters.

That inspector kills and tortures
our supporters.

Abdelkader, we can't kill him
on the street

without causing civilian victims.

We must get into the police station.

But how?


Algerian officers.

They fought in Indochina.

I knew this one well.

Yassir Otmani.

A fellow prisoner.

I saved his life.


We contact him.

Your name's Yassir Otmani, not Alain.

You're Algerian.

You're a police officer.

Who are you?
What do you want?


If the French arrest you,
you'll go to jail.

Maybe they'll kill you.

But not your wife

and children.

The revolution needs you.

You've always been a traitor.

I'm here today to give you a chance.

Think it over.


Be brave, pray to God.


Don't be afraid.


It's a son.

I never go home.

I never see my wife.

I don't have a life.

I'm lost.

I told you: no family.
You were warned.

You feel nothing.


You have no feelings.

Where's our soul?

Our soul, Abdelkader...

Our soul.

It's Said's fight tonight.

We have to go.

I have work to do.

You're coming.

- Why isn't he using his left?
- Not yet!

Get up!

If you're the champ,

smash his face in!

- Who's the champion?
- Me!

That's good!

The greatest champion we ever had!

When's his next fight?

God willing, the next fight will
be the French championship!

The French championship!


Your boxer

won't fight the French championship.

You're kidding.

He won't fight for the enemy.

Are you crazy? He's out of his mind!

Wait a second.

First, our revolution,

then you can do your boxing.

I'm fighting the revolution my way.

If he wins, Algeria wins too.

Imagine it,
an Algerian champion of France!

- It'll be a great day.
- No!

That'll be when an Algerian
is Algerian champion.

Your boxer isn't French.
He must fight for Algeria.

Leave sport out of it.
You know nothing.

There's no room for personal passions!

We must devote ourselves to the party!

We serve a cause higher than
any one of us!


Why are you shouting?

Tell your party
I'm doing my fight anyway.

You'll leave me nothing.

- Boxing is my pride.
- It's a betrayal!

A betrayal!


I don't want to shame our
mother another day.

No one will stop me.

Messaoud, no one will stop me!

Said, it's an order!

Only a traitor fights for the enemy.
Is that clear?

I'm doing the fight.
Whatever you say.

What's the Algiers Kid worth

without his hands?

Or without his eyes?

You understand me?

Go on, kill your brother.

Kill me, if you're a man.

I'm doing the fight.

It's up to you.

You're mad!

You're both mad!

I won't be able to help him.

The revolution crushes everything
in its path.

How many more will you condemn?
And our mother?

He disobeys orders.
Brother or not, he must die.

I'm going back to Algeria.

You can't walkout
on the revolution!

You won't kill my brother
and no one else will either!

Or maybe...

Go on, shoot, brother. Shoot!

What's happening to you?

You've lost your mind.

Thank you for all this.

Invite me to dinner tonight.

I'm sorry, I really can't.

At least call me Helene.

Or I'll stop carrying the money.

Thank you.

Forget the revolution for one night.


My brother will be here soon.

Why aren't you married?

I haven't met my soul mate.

My brother. You must leave.

- Who is it?
- Messaoud.


A blond.

What will the others say?

There's nothing between us.


Otmani gave me the plan
of the police station.

And the summons.

That's good.

Get him with this.

It's loaded. Five rounds.

Remove the safety.

It'll do.


Hold your arms up.

First floor. Wait there.

Inspector Picot?

What do you want?


Give me that.

Come on!

Get down!


They have fake papers.

We know who makes them.
Shake up the old networks.

- Why are you here?
- I was worried.

Why are you here?
Why are you worried?

There's no reason to worry.
Don't come here.

Don't come back.
It may be dangerous for you!

Don't come back!

"Union and action

for peace in Algeria."

"French Communist Party"

You haven't changed.

It's good to see Paris
without the Gerries.

What do you do now, Faivre,

other than harass honest citizens?

I'm still at it. For France.

Sir! Found it!

Nice work.

Thanks. You remember.

Buisson, take him in! Go.

Identify this man.

We have a lead now.

We just need to put a name to the face.

Abdelkader Souni, arrested
May 8th, 1945, in Setif.

It's him.

He got his political training in jail.

Locate their hides and watch
them day and night.

I want this Abdelkader brought in.

He's grown.

He's a little man.

He can walk.

Thanks to God.

I've done a lot for him.

Have a good evening.

Good evening, officers.
How are you?

Know him?

Your name's Souni.

You have friends in the FLN.

"French Republic..."
I don't know him.

You don't?

I don't know the FLN
and all that, inspector.

I run a clean business,
I love France.

We're shutting you down.
Security problems.

Son of a bitch!

What do we do, boss?

We're closing, Vincent.
We're closing.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have to close
for security reasons.

Drinks are on the house.

If you change your mind,
come to see us.

A cop called Faivre
shut down my cabaret.

Beware of him.

He has your photo, Abdelkader.

Don't hang around near me anymore.
You understand?

Neither one of you.

As they say in France,
"The game is over."

Wait! Don't go! Said!


I know a Faivre.

Colonel Faivre.

From Dien Bien Phu.

Do you remember me?
Private Souni, 3rd Algerian infantry,

prisoner in Dien Bien Phu.

Camp 113, do you remember?

Get in the car, colonel.

Tell me, Colonel,

are you ashamed of what you did
in the Resistance?


I invited you here to give you a chance.

A chance to redeem yourself.

I'm glad to meet you.

A man beyond reproach.

The policemen killed

didn't have families?

- I serve a just cause.
- So do I.

I fight for the grandeur of France.

Her empire counterbalances
the USA and the USSR.

De Gaulle says so.

I'm a Gaullist too, you know.

What would you say if I told
you that it's normal and justified

for Algerians to kill the French?

Replace Algerians and French
by French and Germans

to get De Gaulle's speech
on Radio London in 1941.

You're on the wrong side now.

Unlike 10 years ago.

You'd have made a good fighter.

Pity you weren't in the Resistance.

Could you give us information
on police operations,

on ministry directives?

The old Resistance fighters
have every privilege nowadays.

This war's different.

France and Algeria have a common past.

How did we federate all the
Algerian workers so quickly?

Because the people are angry.

Do you think they're angry
for no reason?

Give us a little time.

The Algerians will work their way
toward equality.

This will all progress.

Progress is a war.

Be a hero again or you'll be remembered
as one of the vanquished.

You and I are alike.

Yes, we've sacrificed ourselves,

But you to the past.


We must fight terrorism
on its own terms.

To do so, we'll found a coven

with the appearance
of a criminal society.

The Minister of Justice
and Chief of Police

guarantee us immunity

where our work is concerned.

Its name: "The Red Hand."

Its goal:

terrorize the FLN supporters...

and eliminate its leaders.

They're provoking us.

We'll react.


Don't worry, son.

It's tuberculosis.
It'll take time to cure.

This disease won't kill me.

Not in this country.

I'll be better soon.
Don't worry.

Don't worry about me.

- World champion.
- What?

World Champion!

Look, the other guy can't box.

You can. Hit him. Hit him hard.

How come I hit you?
I'm no boxer and I hit him.

- Did he practice his dodges?
- Yes, he did.

Did you practice them?

Work on his dodges
for god's sake!


This is perfect.


One important thing.

I want to invest everything
in a major championship bout.

Get it?

First, he wins in France,

then Europe and then,
God willing, America.

He'll make history, you'll see.

Hurry. Get into position.

Let's go.


What's going on?

That's it!

Pull out!

A Harki unit wiped out.

- Are the hideouts being watched?
- Yes, to no avail.

- He must be staying somewhere.
- We'll step up surveillance and get him.

We'll get him but lose the war.

The Algerians will win.

Messaoud, my son,
I have something to tell you.

In this bag, there's soil from our land.

If we return to Algeria,

we'll plant a vine in it.

If I die.

Place it here, against my cheek.

You won't forget?

Don't worry.

We'll go home.

- Mother?
- Yes?

I can't go on lying to you.

I've killed people.

A lot of people.

With these hands.

I strangled them.

Mother... l strangled them.

I was forced to do it.

God is my witness.

To give my son a better life.

I did it all for him.

I did it all for him.

And, since then, I only know death.

I only know death, Mother.

Forgive me, Mother.


Good evening.

I have to go to Germany.

I have to go to Germany.

You're coming with me.

- When?
- Tonight.

All right.

Why did they open fire on these
young soldiers guarding our barracks?

A foul attack on innocent victims...


It's Morvan.

An Algerian went to the theatre
where Helene Legendre works.

- He fits Abdelkader's description.
- We got 'em.

"The Red Hand" will see to them.
Good work.

The policy of social democracy

set up by the government

is what the separatists
feared more than anything.

Eager to act,

they sparked a bloodbath.


they have merely strengthened
our resolve.

One year later

Germany, spring 1960

That's my final price.

It's a deal.

Pay him.

MP40 sub-machine guns. 200 of them.
Completely overhauled.

Look lively!
Take an armful!

That's it.

Hurry it up!

Move it!


Once the mission complete,

we return to France separately.

Not in a group.

One by one.

You don't talk about this to anyone.

Got that? To anyone.

What matters

is total silence. Discipline.

May God preserve you.

Good luck.

Remember the curfew in Paris.

- See you.
- God be with you.

It's an American song.

It's useless!

They call that music?



How can I dance to that?

That's good.

This music's pathetic!


- It's not so bad.
- I don't like it.

Hey, you!

There's a curfew.

The curfew's for Algerians, sir.
Not for Moroccans.

Your papers.

Come with us.

Members of the Algerian assembly

General de Gaulle who later attended
mass at the cathedral.

After Beaune,

Hassi Messaoud
is the leading oil refinery...

You're Algerian.

Why were you in Germany?

Why were you there?

The FLN works out of Frankfurt.

France could thus become
an oil exporter. After the visit,

the Prime Minister said, "The energy
extracted from the ground

will fuel Algeria's
industrial revolution."

You won't talk?

I'll let the Harkis handle you.

In his speech,
General de Gaulle declared,

"The time for fighting is over.

It is now time for progress
and civilization."

Let's leave behind the old quarrels,

outdated prejudices
and the fanatics' attacks.

This is new light
for a whole generation.

He talked! Valenciennes.

- Your brothers have been betrayed.
- Who is this?

- Otmani, I was in Indochina
with your brother. Warn them.

It's not a trap.

Messaoud saved my life.
I'm paying my debt. We're even now, okay?

Where are they?

The Sarlor plant in Valenciennes.

Are you ready?
Get on the buses.

Take the weapons.

Hurry it up!

Sub-machine guns on one side,
ammunition on the other.

Hurry it up!

Faster, my brothers. Hurry.

We have 10 minutes.

We're unloading!




The police.

Don't stay there! Hide!

Take cover!

To the left!

Long live Algeria!

Abdelkader, stay there!


Varin, with me!

Behind you!

Wait here for me!

Cover me!

Get up!

Get behind me!

Run! Run!

Messaoud! Quick!

Gently, brother.

Tell Mother,

my wife

and my son.

Tell them to forgive me.

You mustn't forget.

Don't talk, Messaoud.

Don't try to talk.




God rest your soul.

Tell Mother

and his wife

that he didn't die in vain.

He died for the cause.

Eight months later


The men are motivated.

We must fight the police.


organize a demonstration.

A peaceful demonstration.

For all the Algerians.

It'll be a way to earn independence.

It'll be a massacre.
The police will want revenge.

People will die.

I empathize.

But if the French state
resorts to bloodshed,

it'll be to our advantage.

Don't forget international opinion.

The whole world will be watching us.

It will serve our cause.
You must understand that.

Excuse me, gentlemen.

Abdelkader, come with me.

You must hold this demonstration
in Paris

next October.

But you mustn't take pan in it.

Keep away from your brother.

There'll be cops at the fight.

They might recognize you.
You can't get arrested.

We need you.

We'll deal with your brother.

The fight won't happen.
You agree?

I agree.

Let's pray it goes well.

Be careful.

October 17, 1961

Good evening.

Buisson, go left.

How's the Algiers Kid?


- Who's the best?
- I am.

Who's the champion?

I am!

Who's gonna win?





That's it!



You're here.

The FLN is here. They'll kill you.

Stop the fight.

What do you mean?

They'll kill you.

Stop the fight.

You're not serious?
This fight is my whole life!

I'm not here to haggle.

Cancel the fight.
Cancel the fight!

You're the only brother I have left.

I don't want to lose you.

I've waited all my life for this

and you tell me to cancel it.

Don't you get it? They're here.

Double it up.



Get out.

Get out?

I'm warming your boxer up.

Get out, please.

Are you nuts?

Get out right now!

I don't believe it.

- Who is this?
- Please, go.

- Come on, do as we say.
- Your brother's lost it.

Sit down.

Get dressed.

Why should I?

Because there won't be a fight.

What do you mean?

Don't get angry.

I'll be angry if I don't fight.

Get dressed. No fight tonight.

I'm not getting dressed!

- If you fight, they'll kill you.
- Who?

The organization.

What organization?

They'll kill you
if you get in the ring.

Listen to him!

Stay here!

I'm boxing, with or without you.

Do as we say.

Where are you going?

You stay here!

Or they'll kill you!

What's going on here?

What have you done? Leave him.

I don't believe it.

You'll be a great champion one day!

Ladies and gentlemen,
let's hear it

for the title-holder,
Emile Dewavrain, 1 metre 76!

Stay behind me.


Get up!

Out of the way! Police!

Head left!

Out the way. Police!

Run, Said! Run!

Look out!



Look out!

Independence for Algeria!

Sorry, brother!

All the Algerians out!

Let go of him!

Come on, my brothers!

Independence for Algeria!

My brother!

Don't die!

My brother!

Don't die!

My brother!

You've won.

Independence for Algeria!

July 5, 1962

Algerian Independence