Hors-la-loi (1985) - full transcript

A handful of teenagers,boys and girls, escape from a reform school and go round town .They go to a ball ,the owner asks them to pay the bill.This man is very unpleasant,he hates the youth of today and he is a racist.The incident turns into free -for-all ,then into a massacre.The runaways become chased criminals .One of the boys want to take his mates to a deserted village where they would find a refuge.Policemen and farmers are hot on their heels .

Great view, eh?

You like it?

Not really.
It lacks the sea.

There's no pleasing you.

One more fuck-up

and its won't be
reform school...

it'll be the clink.



- Just sit down, Max.
- Let go of me!

Max, go to your seat!

That's enough, Max.
Stop being an idiot.

Go fuck yourself, you arsehole!


Shut up!.

Stop pissing me off, you hear?!

If I catch you,
I'll flatten you!

Stick it up your arse!

This kid's unbelievable!


Cool down!

I'm not gonna cool down!

Come here, Max.

You come here now!

You dumb jerk!

Got it working?

Don't bug me!

Alright... I'll get the rest.

Oh, fuck!

You jerk! You scared me.

- Where are you going?
- Getting out.

- Where are you going?
- Getting out!

Buzz off!
You'll get us spotted.

I want to come with you.

All the staff in this shithole
can get fucked!

Fuck you all!

Max, come down!

What the fuck was that?

- Let go of me!
- Stop it, I tell you.

Come here! Come here!


Let me go!

That's got you, eh?!

You gotta calm down!

You gonna calm down?

Come on, just calm down!

Hurry up!

For God's sake, hurry up!

Go on!


Having trouble, pal?
Move over!

Come on!

It's going!

Hey guys, I'll give you a ride!

Get off!



Hey... There's only 4 girls
for 12 guys.

- Have to rape them!
- Just you try!

Hey, show us your boobs!

You show you balls!

"We've got the wind in our sails..."

"Going along the road
back from Nantes"

- I've never seen you before.
- Me neither.

- What's your name?
- Roland.

The other guy's name's Roland.


Roland, the great You're my man

Your square head turns me on

Shake my hand You're a pal!


Oh when the saints
Go marching in...

Oh when the saints
Oh when the saints

- Hey guys, there's a dance here.
- Let's go! Let's go!

We'll shake it up!

This'll be great.

Pretty quiet guys...
Needs stirring.

Oh, this sucks.

It's the pits.

Hey chief...!

Beers for all my buddies.

I don't want trouble.

We're all angels.

Did see the oldies?
Like OLD oldies!

I wanted to throw up.

So where are you from, slant-eye?


Want one?

Ah, no thanks.

So smart-arse, where were you going
with that van you've got?

Is that any of your business?
You weren't invited.

Why can't you be polite?
I'm being polite.


Not dancing?



Come on.

Who's that guy?

He's the new one.


Nothing to say?


- Hi.
- Hi.

I don't know you.

So what? Nobody knows me.

Not even my mother.

Come on, let's go.

Let's go, before we puke.

Hang on, there are beers
to be paid for.

What did you say, daddy-o?

There are beers to be paid for.

Who hasn't paid?

Ask your pals.

We paid before we drank them.

You, you wog...
Go back to your country!

I think you're wrong there, douche-bag!

I'm telling you those beers
have to be paid for.

What's he want from us?

And for the Arabs,
it's double the price.

What's wrong with Arabs?

How about it, you old fag?
An apology?

That's enough of that!

Make a move and
I'll slit your throat!

Drop the knife!

Take it easy, guys!

So, are you paying
for the beers?

We've paid for the beer!

You gonna do what you're told?

Drop it Bernard.
We'll scram!

We'll scram!

Mattouk, come on.

Nobody move!

The cops are coming.
On your knees!

They killed Mattouk!
They killed Mattouk!

You bastard!




Let's scram!

Come on, we're outta here!

Quick, help me!


Don't let them go!
The gun's empty.

Don't let them go!

Stay back!

Stop him!

Stay where you are, I tell you!

Quick, stop him!

Stay where you are!


Wait for me!
Don't fucking leave!

Guys! Wait for me!


Gotta find a doctor!

Why did they do that?

They've come.

They're coming after us!

Get down!

- Get down!
- There they are. Quick!

Get down!

Go away!

- Look at them!
- They're gonna kill us!

Fucking throw it at them!

Fucking turn off this road!


- Where are we going?
- Hey, come and help me.

Give me your hand.

- Quick, guys!
- Get down!

- Help me!
- Quick, get down!

- Hurry up!
- Where we going?

- Hurry up!
- Where the fuck are we going?

The woods... we'll beat it
through the woods.

We haven't got a chance.

Fucking shit!

- I'm scared, Ida.
- Come on!

Run, fuck it... run!

Come on, but hurry up!

I can't see, any more.

I can't see!

Wait for me!

Come on, follow me.

- Dogs!
- Shut up and keep moving!

Watch out, guys...
not that way!

Go around, damn it!

Come on, it's okay, it's okay.

Come on, hold tight.

Be careful.

Remi, come and help me.


It hurts, Chris, it hurts!

- Do something!
- Don't worry.

We'll get you to a hospital.

Watch out, guys.
There are stones.


He's stopped breathing!

Get down, there's a truck.


Be quiet! Be quiet!

Be quiet! Be quiet!


Where were you going
with your truck?

Your pans and all your stuff?

Fucking answer me!

None of your business.


If we can't find somewhere to hide,
we're gonna get hit!

Do you understand that?

So where were you going?

To an abandoned village.

What were you gonna do there?

Stay hidden.

Couldn't you have told us?

It's 200 kilometres away.

Stupid bastard!

This village...
is it really abandoned?

Sure is.

No one there at all?


How do you know about it?

I just do.

What'll happen with us?

- We could surrender.
- No way!

We'll do 20 years in the clink.

I won't go to jail.
I haven't done anything.

Do you think the cops
will know the difference?

Will figure out who did what?

Just shut up! What we have
to do, is get away.

Go to that village.

With what? The roads'll be blocked.

On foot.

200 K on foot on foot?
Are you nuts?

Got a better idea?

Fuck you, I'm splitting
for Paris.

Me too, I'll head for Paris.

Off you go then,
it's straight ahead.

Just through there, you'll find
a bus waiting for you.

Really? There's a bus
waiting for me?

You going?

Come with me.


- To that village.
- To do what?

Do you like Christian?

What's that?


It's beautiful.

Come with us, Roland.

I think I'm in love.

I'm in love with wheat.

Stay there, I just want to pee.

Get back!

Back off!

Turn around!

Turn around

Don't be goddamned stupid!

Stay there! Stay there!

Stay there!

Don't shoot! Don't shoot!

Don't shoot. Alright, I'm not moving.

Stand up!

Turn around!

You all stand up!

Damn, they're just kids.

Get moving!

Move it!

Just fucking do it!

Where's Ida?
Where is she?

She's gone, shut up!

- No dogs!
- Get a move on!

Wait there!
Wait there, I said!

Go on, move it!

Keep the dog away!

You're totally nuts!

Straight ahead!

Dad! Dad! We found them.

Don't move!

Hurry up, get back!

Shut up!

Get in a line...
Go on, line up!

Hurry up!

You come forward...
Hurry up, damn it!

How old are you, boy?

15 and a half, sir.

Do you know how many people
you've killed last night?

You know?


You've killed 4 men last night.

It was just in self-defense!

Who are you to defend yourself
by killing men?

- Another man.
- No, you're not a man.

Neither you nor your friends.

You're animals...
wild beasts.

Those men you killed...
they were real men.


You look like a good boy.

Why are you playing tough?

What did you do,
to get put there?

I killed my father.

He killed his father.

But I'm dreaming.

Just what is this bunch of cretins?

You're dangerous maniacs,
sick in the head!

You should be put down!

Let us go, sir.
We didn't do anything wrong.

You did nothing wrong?

You killed four men!
Four fathers with families.

Honest working men.
Is that nothing bad?

It was them who started it.

When someone slaps your cheek...

...you turn the other cheek.

Were you never taught that?

This guy's crazy!

Forget it, Remi...
Get the fucking cops!

The cops?

We don't need cops here!

Here, it's just you lot, and me.

Do you believe in God?

Probably not.

None of you believe in anything.


I do! I believe you're a nut-case!

Take your clothes off, boy!


Rene, go get the whip.

That's not on!

You too! Strip!
Damn the lot of you!

Lucien, bring the dog here.

- But Dad....
- Bring it!

So strip!

And all of you.

All of you!

Strip naked!

Make it quick!

Go on!

Pants, jackets, shoes.

Go on.

Go on, you too!

Watch out for the dogs.
Bring them closer.

Come on, your jacket!

Trousers... quick!

Hurry up. Get them off!


You complaining?

Hurry up!

Hurry up!

Not happy?
Hurry up!

So. What's going on?
What are you doing?

Stand up. Go on!

Stand up!

You're not going to hit us.

It won't bother me.

You can't do that!

Stop it!

Who do you think you are,
to do this?

and you are THE EVIL.

And I'm the one with the whip.

It's not right!

Repeat after me...

"Thou shalt not kill."

Thou shalt not kill, OK?

That's good.

For you, son of Allah.

"Thou shalt not steal."

Allah is great and he damns you.

He damns you, understand?

Repeat what I said!

Repeat it, Mehmet.

Stop it, you motherfucker!

"Thou shalt not steal."

Good for you.

And you...

"Honour your father and your mother."

Honour your father and your mother...


Don't do that!
Stop it!

Dad, that's enough!

Get the cops!

What do you think?

That we'd let you loose
on the countryside?

All the time?
You bandits!

It's on fire!

The sheep!

Don't any of you move!

Lucien, you take care of them.


Go and get some water, quick!


Put them up against the wall!

-Listen! Listen!

Search the place!

Take blankets,
and something to eat.

Go on!

Nothing. Not a signpost,
not a road, nothing.

Maybe it's better that way.

We may be going in circles.

How do you expect to find
your village?

Hey, what are the houses like?



That's all?


You're sure that we
won't be detected?



You'll see.

Lots of underground passages.
We'll be able to hide.

Once, they even found
a guy in it.

He'd killed ten women.
They found him 50 years later.

I'm not gonna waste
50 years underground.

How will we get food?

Well, we could hunt, eh?


Stop your bullshitting,
you bunch of wankers!

I'm fed up with your village.

You don't even know
how to get to it.

Even if you get there,
what are you gonna do?

You'll be cold, hungry
and scared.

Day and night, all the time.

So shut the fuck up about it!

I'm not a killer.
I've done nothing.

I'm sick of the lot of you.
I wanna get off!

I wanna get off, damn it!

Shut the fuck up!

Bloody stop!
Stop damn it!

Calm down, Remi!

Stop it! There's a chopper!

Stop squabbling!

Drive towards that forest, Christian!

Watch out!

You all-time super-fucking-
-mega-idiot! I'll kill you!


I can't go any further.

Hang in there, Sissi,
we'll soon be there.

Let go of me.

I can't go on.

I'm gonna wait here.

Wait for what?

Listen... There's nothing
but wind here.

I don't care.

I like the wind.

I like it here.

You look beautiful.

It's funny.


I can't remember
what he looked like..

Come on...
I'll carry you.

- You'll never make it.
- Yes I will.

Stop, Milou.

You're soaking wet.

Take it off,
I rub you, if you want.

It's okay, I'll do it.


Stop it! Let him go!.

Stop it!

You do this to me again
and you'll never see me again.

Where are you going?

I'll see where we are.

Drop the gun.

It's over now.
Your hike is over.

Go on,
we'll go get the others.

We are on the D21,
heading towards Vareste.

We'll be there in 20 minutes.

OK, received.
I'll send a motorcycle escort.

Received. Over and out.

I hope I don't stammer on TV.

Keep calm and quiet, kids.

Let me get through!


Give us the kids,
and everything will be fine.

Are you crazy?
This isn't the Wild West.

- Get out of my way!
- We're not going anywhere!

We want them,
and we'll get them!

Don't you move!

Come out, Mehmet, come out.

Stay where you are.

Stay back!

Stay back, I said!

You can't get away with it!


Stop! Stop!

Get down, get down!

Now, repeat after me...

"I hope with all my heart
that you'll get out of it."

I hope with all my heart
that you'll get out of it.

I hope with all my heart
that you'll get out of it.

I hope with all my heart
that you'll get out of it.

Scram! Go on, fuck off!

I'm going to throw up!

No you won't, Maxime.
You won't throw up!

Get on my back!

They'll set the dogs after us,
won't they?

No they won't.

You sure?

Sure I'm sure.
Stop bugging me!

What the fuck are you doing?

We're coming.

We'll never get make it.

I knew we'd never make it.

We'll make it, boyo!
I swear we will.

If you say that once more,
I'll smash your face in!

Otherwise, fuck off!

We'll never make it, Christian.

I tell you, we shall.

- Is it still far, chief?
- Don't call me that.

Yes, chief.
I'm sick of this, chief.

- We're all sick of it.
- But I'm really sick of it, chief.

I'm sick of it!
I can't take any more!

- Shut up!
- You want a broken nose?

Put the stick down, Maxime.

- I'll knock your block off!
- Stop it, Max!

Shut up, you bitch!

- Shut up, Max!
- No, I won't shut up!

I'm sick of you!
I'm sick of all of you!

The whole fucking world...

I'm sick of it!

We're all gonna die!
I wanna go home!

I wanna go home!

I've had it!

Come on, Mad Max.

Come on.

I'm so hungry!

Me too.

Isn't it daylight yet?

We closed the shutters.

It's freezing here.

Is there really nothing to eat?


My stomach feels like
there's a hole in it.

Do like me... Eat.

What is it?

Curried chicken.
Want some?

- Oh, yeah!
- There you are.

Mmm... Delicious.

- Who'd like a little wine?
- Me, me!

Me too.

Of course, dear countess!

Me too.

Oh, my dear baron!

If we just eat a little bit...

We'll make it to your village,
my friend.

What did this guy do?

Dunno, he ran off.

What's that?

What is it?

An owl.

Barn owl.

Sounds yucky!

It's harmless.




What did he do?

He's a thief.
He steals everything.

I killed my father.


I was 12.

Does the night last long.

Yeah, it goes on all night.

It'll be good in that village.

It'll be peaceful.

Leave her alone.

That's best for her.

Do you love her?


Stay away from her.

I can't.

I love her too.

I'll kill you.

Maybe you will.

Listen to me.

This is the police commander

You can't get away from us.


I know you have weapons.

Put them down
and come down quietly.

You will not be harmed.

Come on, run! Quick!

Run! Run!

Catch them!

No! Stop with the dogs!

Stop with the dogs!

Get away from me!
Let me go!


I don't wanna go with you!


Let go!

Gotta jump! Jump!


What are you fucking doing?!

I can't swim!

Go on, jump, I'm coming!

Christian... this way...
Hurry up!

Get a move on!

This way... the cops!
Step on it!

Have to push the trunk...
we can't stay here.

Come on, push the trunk!

Help me, Christian, help me.

Help me!

Hang on, guys!
Fucking hang on!

But where are we going?
Where are we going?

Shit, it's rolling!

-Ida! Ida!

Oh, no, shit!

Hang on! Hang on!

Oh, fuck!



Hold tight!

Hey, there's a cave here.

Where are you?
Help me, help us!

Yeah, we're coming.
Don't shout like that.

OK, Christian?


We know you're there.

Be sensible.

Shut up, arsehole!

We'll be coming to get you.

Throw down your weapons.
Be sensible.

- Damn, we're fucked!
- No, not yet.


Milou, light up here, a bit.

Do not stay in that cave.

Come out with your
hands in the air!

I wouldn't fit down there.

Me neither...
I wouldn't fit.

Attention, we're going to shoot.

I'm scared stiff!

We're going to die, in there.

We're gonna die out here.
We gotta go.

No. I don't want
to go underground!

I don't want to go underground!

We gotta go!
Come on.

Stop! Stop!

Don't shoot!

Fuck! Fuck!

Where are we going?

I can't breathe!

I can't breathe.




I'm scared, Roland.

I'm scared.

I'm scared, too.

If we get out of this, pal...

If we get out...

...it'll be where and when you want.

You're nuts.

No, I can't take it anymore.






Hey! Are you there?

I've found the way out.

Don't be afraid, do as I did.
Take the plunge!

It's Sissi!

It's Sissi!

Go ahead, don't be afraid.


Come on.

Yeah, we made it!

We made it!

We're there!

We made it!

There's nothing to eat.

Come and see what I found.

It's alcohol.

That's blow you away!

Maybe it's poison.

Well, I like this poison!

Let's see.

Give it back!

Max, what are you doing?


Stop it!

Oh, yes...

Kiss me.

This is it, right?

Gotta do something, Ida...
Gotta do something!


I love him, Christian.

What are you waiting for?

Go on.

You bunch of hooligans!



You bunch of hooligans!

- Shit!
- Shit, wait, damn it!

- Fucking take it easy!
- Stop!

Wait! There's plenty
for everyone.



Fuck! Look, guys!

We'll never get to eat it!

After it!

Stop, we're gonna crash!

Come on, hide!
Quick, get moving!

Hurry up!


Come on!!


Surrender! You've no chance
of getting away!

You are in a mine.
It's very dangerous.

You risk being buried alive.

Stay where you are!

Head for the trees!

Halt! Stop!

Look what I found!

Hide yourself, don't stay here!
Hide yourself, quickly!

You OK?

Come on... quickly!

Hurry up!.

Keep going!

Alain, Alain!

Hurry up! Come on!

Come and help me!

- I fell through it!
- Don't move!

Come on, quickly!

Wait, wait, alright?!

Don't move!

It really hurts!

Hurry! The cops...

Hurry up!
Come on!

There are the cops!



I've found some water!

But it's disgusting.


Have you been bullshitting us?

You sure your village exists?

Sure I'm sure.

We're not so very far away.

He's said that 100 times already.

"Not so very far away"

From where, eh?
From where?

Over there?
Over there?

Eh? Where?

It's desert here.

You see an abandoned village?
Tell me where it is!

There are only stones here.
Nothing but stones.

Who would demolish
an abandoned village here?

Stop talking about it!


We can hear you yelling
10 kilometers away.

Did you drink that water?

I did. I drank a little bit,

You'll get diarrhea.

What's the matter
with your friend?

He injured his leg.

What's that for?


Well, put it away
before you hurt someone.

Show me your leg.

Do you ever wash?

- Yes, ma'am.
- I wonder when.

- Do you like horses?
- Yes Ma'am.

So, take the reins.
Follow me.

Come on. Follow me.

Leave it outside, my boy.
No guns in my house.

- We're hungry, ma'am.
- Yes I know.

You'll get to eat soon.

In the meantime, go clean yourselves up.

You smell like a herd
of old goats.

There's soap under the water tank.

Come on, we'll see to that.

You girls come with me.


What are you waiting for?
Sit down.

Pass me your plates.

So it's you lot who are "the outlaws"?

You know us?

Do I know you?

The whole of France
is talking about you.

"Public enemy number one."

It's not true.

We're not public enemy
number one.


Then I wonder what you are.

It's none of your business.

Yes. You may be right,
my boy.

You're old enough to know
what you have to do...

Aren't you?

Don't you think so?

Yes, perhaps.





Pass them round.

There'll be nothing to do
in that village.

You know that.

Yes, I know.

We won't even last three days.

Maybe not even one day.

Maybe not.

I don't want us to be separated.


We'll die, won't we?

Shut up, Ida.

Shut up!

When I hold you in my arms...

...I get the impression
of hearing an avalanche.

And everything collapses...
Just collapses.

And us to.


Not us, Ida.

We hold on. I don't know how,
but we manage to.

Kiss me, Roland.

Don't nudge me!

Go on... eat!

Eat. Nice eh?

Want some more?

You're beautiful.
Oh, you're so beautiful!


Have some more.

I'll stay now.

I won't leave.

You don't have to
be afraid anymore.


I'll stay.

- What if they bolt?
- Just hang on.

Goodbye, Sissi.

Goodbye, Sissi.

Goodbye, Sissi.

Tell the old dame her horses
will be returned.

Yeah... in the mail.



Goodbye, Sissi.

Come on! Come on!

It's my village,
it's my village!

That's it, my village!

We made it, guys!

Come on!

We got there! Come on!

It's changed a lot.

Yeah, must've changed.

Don't you like it?


Really cute.
Really old.

It's so-so.

Come off it!
Is this for real?!

Anyone here?

You see...
There's no one here.

Can sure see that.

It was my grandmother's house.

Was this your grandfather's football?


So... you gonna pass it?

Me, me!

Here, Roland. Over here!

We made it, Ida.
We made it!

Faster! Faster!

Faster! Faster!

This'll put some pep
in your step!


Subtitles by FatPlank for KG