Horror Story (1993) - full transcript

The film is based on the book of the same title (A Sanguinary Novel) by the very individual Czech painter, typographer, author and philosopher Josef Vachal, who squeezed adventure, love, horror and other parallel episodes into, what is called, decadent reading for maids. It takes you through the history of the cinema, from silent films, to the beginning of sound and up to the very present.

Horror Story

In loving memory
of Marie Vachal.

I can see where she lives
in the cemetery.

She left me so she wouldn't
disturb me in my work.

And my next wife's capital
would help me achieve my plans.

Masa gave her life for art and
the realisation of my dreams.

I was to fashion intricate
fates, human and imaginary.

The seat of Prince Pedro
de Rudibanera in Barcelona.

Where are you, dear daughter?

The worms eat away your body!

The daughter disappeared
mysteriously ten years before.

Brother...I am here again!

Kurt, the prince's second-born,
returns from years in exile.

Elzevira, the prince's lover
of many years.

How could I have loved you,
false adulteress!

The traitorous lover's fingers
flew off with a great clatter.

The gamekeeper Kalina had been
a widower for ten years.

Trason- the handsomest
lad in the village.

Kuba, assistant at
the Pathological Institute

dines in the cellar
with his wife.

Has your last delivery
been exhausted, father Bruna?

Agata is to be placed
in a tub of spirits so that

she may be preserved and
proclaimed a saint next year.

Thus the monastery will be much
enriched by the congregation.

The institute hid from prying
eyes Kuba's secret hide-away.

Kuba cured corpses and gave them
to the monastery

of St. Sucipicus where Bruna
made a good soup from them.

The soup for the poor was
excellent, plentiful and cheap.

The freshest morsel was to hang
here for the reverend father.

Hanicka, it is a pity to meet
like this again!

The young game-keeper Rolf
also secretly loved Hanicka.

The honourable informant Rolf
hurries to the gendarme post.

The police commissioner takes
away a fettered rascal.

I'm innocent!

Who was that?

Gendarme, the chain!

The worm was the family emblem
of the Reisensteins.

My son, how can you forgive me?

Dear father, is it really you
or do my eyes delude me?

Yes, Count Reisenstein,
who drove you from home,

I have sought in vain
for many years.

The cause of the noble reunion
was the sad tale

of their grand-daughter and daughter,

The royal notary brings
the will of Pedro de Rudibanera

which must be signed
by the prince today.

Elzevira and the Jesuits knew
of this document

as did the second-born brother
Kurt, returned from exile.

Everyone eagerly desired
the legacy.

Ignatius is confessor
to the prince and his lover,

lying here on the floor.

Behold the poor wretch who
wanted to murder our prince!

Klementina, what have you done?

She did not answer,
for her name was Elzevira.

The prince was confused,
she could not reply.

Wall her up!

Forgive me, leave me to die!
I can't go on!

Wall her up in the cellar!

A wise decision.

No! No!

She wanted to murder you!

It is easy to turn the wheel
of fate of one impure.

With penance,
fasting and prayer.

Elzevira was shown
the better path.

Take that away.
Off you run!

Since she was pious and did not
yield to Bruna's temptations

there were many surprises
for her.

Do not fear, I will protect you
from now on,

Dear daughter, where are you?
- Beloved Marie, where are you?

Seeing the confused prince,
Ignatius hatched a devilish plot.

Here I am, dear father!

Come nearer
so I can say farewell

and make the sign of the cross
on your forehead.

I'm leaving this world,
my fortune is buried

on a distant island,
ask Captain Rodriquez.

- Capt. Rodriquez.

He'll take you to your treasure.
I am no more...


Good day.

Virtue brought a young man
into the arms of vice and love.

This brave virgin is Fragonard.

His kindness afforded him
the favours of a great prelate

who commissioned a painting
of the Virgin from him.

Now he is seeking a comely face
for his model.

With their dread
and ugliness, daily events outdo

the most banally written
of the great horror stories.

But from each
we can draw a lesson,

that each wrong and suffering
is richly rewarded

and no criminal escapes

A dangerous crack has appeared
in our literature

with the publication
of the stirring novel of blood

for its verbosity of dialogue,
it is a psychological analysis

of the soul and other tedious
traits of modern novels.

This great work will jolt
the reader's imagination.

Time does not decide in this
work, the essence of more than

a hundred intriguing and popular
''horror'' novels.

The reader is not offended
for he is driven

from one interesting chapter
to the next.

from torture chambers
to brothels and desert islands,

from cloisters to cavernous lairs!

Look at all this blood!

The company set out
to seize the lovers' murderer

and were beset
by further sadness.

Rolf, marked by the fierce duel
with an unknown beast.

quickly recovered to see out
the wounded monster.

Next time he won't hurry
so impatiently

and let his face be disfigured
by others.

Those teeth!

How easily they might have met
their death here

or at least been given
a few slaps.

The count kept calling out
the formula for arrest.

Give yourselves up,
you are under arrest!

Come on!

Children, it's so lovely here!


It's beer! Pilsner beer!

I don't drink on duty.
- Cheers!

The bird was missing on
the counterfeiter's banknotes.

Kalina toasted to the memory
of his dead daughter.

They were together forever.
To Hanicka!

Now they are my enemies
and your seducers.

Human iniquity has swept me
from great heights

to this degraded madhouse.

Let the wretches shiver!
Victory will be ours!

And you'll be mine, won't you?

She was certain that
she was with child.

In her swoon she had been
seduced by his passion.

Elzevira knew that with the
valorous help of her saviour,

she would get out
of this terrible place

and become his wife.

I feel like something nice.
-Me too!

Quiet men!

Don't make so much noise!

It is evident that a plot is
hatching in this Amsterdam pub.

The hooded man is called Master
by his company.

Glory to the master!

Hooray, glory to the master!
He's with us once more!

The Master's sure to have
brought us some good work!

Sit down, boys!

Here's to ours!

Trason, still stupefied,
does not know where he is.

Finding himself beneath his love
is too much to bear.

Forgive me, but I am
seeking the village of H

where Draha lives with
her adopted son.

His parents are
no longer living.

I have no choice
but to write to you.

I am the deaf-mute Vailaurd,
royal notary in Barcelona.

Kuba's wife saw the the
beautiful maiden had disappeared

and that her husband
had not returned.

she was frightened
and ran to Father Bruna.

He, fearing his source of meat
for the poor threatened,

ensured Kuba's wife's silence by

taking her to his cloister

He commanded that this sick
woman be well guarded.

He then told all to the head
of a Jesuit order.

Bruno would suit
the Jesuit's needs

for such a timid criminal
could aid him in his designs.

The Albatross is one of
the fastest ships in the world.

The crew and cargo will soon be
slicing through the waves.

The captain is called
Don Rodriguez


Stop! Pirates!

Start blowing!
Pirates on the horizon!

Didn't you hear me?
Everyone blow!

Bring out the monks!

Rodriguez was the only one
who knew where the treasure was.

The Jesuit had ordered Bruno
to spy on Ignatius.

Neither of the villains betrayed
their vile plot.


Help me!

Bring the cauldron!

Indulging in the grog
had astounding results.

Especially when two spoonfuls
of rum were added

along with a hard-worked nail.

Long live Rodriguez!

Come on, boys!

Dr. Rimsa, founder of societies
against alcohol and baldness

aided by spiritism and morality.

All leaned towards the doctor

to convince him that they
had not drunk any alcohol.

His curative methods had
a terrible influence on them.

The Master was a propagator
of disobedience to order.

He encouraged free-thinking
and did as he pleased.

He had worked his way through
many societies like this.

He who found himself enveloped
by the intoxicating

and fragrant potion
had to have it at all costs.

The cauldron,
full of the liquid delicacy,

had the value of gold
on the oceanic black markets

Thus it was the most desired
body of the pirates.

Kuba seized hold of a man
in his flight from the attic.

Both men hurtled to the cellar
of the grand house

where the notary stored
the corpses of his rich clients.

Kuba, in his infatuation,
thought this lovely place

was his home in the
Pathological Institute.

Kuba recalls the man who
dealt him a blow to the head.

Kurt, who'd cut off
Elzavira's fingers and

fled his brother's house,
was not stuck in the lime

and he told Kuba that he had
the documents which proved

that he was the true second-born
and Rudibanera's heir.

Not knowing the rascal he has
before him, he tells all.

Blood is nothing rare
in a horror story

and when a steal dagger pierces
someone's heart,

he leaves this world
with a curse, not a moan.

One could daydream over
the horror story for hours

for it only hunts and does not
conclude itself,

leaving the reader's imagination
to run free.

When the count was alive
there was only one duty.

To capture the murderers of his
grand-daughter and her love.

He did not know Hanicka and
Trason were of this world.

The villagers, filled by
the Jesuits and bad literature

and obscurantism, thought they
had caught the werewolf

who sucked the cattle's blood
at night.

What's your name?


Can I sit nearer you?

As an honourable artist
he was to paint the Virgin

and could not taint his ideas
with sensual pleasures.

His reason told him
to be aware of his girl

so his relations with her
would not make him sickly.

it took all his strength
not to succumb.

You thought I had the clap

with my eyes watery
like this.

This virgin was called Klarka.

Sweet Mary...

I rub my eyes with onion
and old socks on purpose

so that they water
and no guests come near me

thinking I am infected

I can't go on!

This is wonderful!
- Hurry up!

Come here!

Elzevira, her fingers
grown back, experienced love

with the noble fugitive until
the gas-filled bladders

of the deceased them
to leave this happy place.

In present-day literature girls
don't have.

cause or opportunity to
undertake such reckless tests.

They will be happy with
any fool if he has status.

Yes, they will be happy with
any fool if he has status.

The description of passion
and fornication is more concise

than the more sensitive parts
of the Old Testament

which is read in schools
without ado.

Both rascals knew they could not
stay on the Albatross

so they crossed
to the pirate's ship.

The world's strongest grog
was made by a teacher from Brno.

who fished from the sea
by the pirate's, was now dead

Treasure! My dear lads!

Change of course:
Full steam ahead for Honolulu.

The island of Honolulu lies
somewhere in the antipodes.

The only surviving rascal
of the pirate ship was Ignatius.


What's up?

The second only surviving rascal
was Kuba's wife.

There was no rum left for
Ignatius and the Honolulu natives.

Kuba's wife and Ignatius
did not know each other

even though they had been
in the same boat together.

She made a good impression
on this lecherous Jesuit.

Why didn't you open the door?
Are you deaf?

It's raining out there!

Anne Kocourtkova, an associate
at Paseka's publishing house.

Always in a rush!

She didn't like Pasenka,
he divided the lines badly

and didn't use her proofs
saying that

the miserable customers
weren't worth it.

What're you going to do
with that sheet

where you printed that line with
''castle'' twice?

You'll see how hell is
of service to me.

Each mistake I make
can only be to my advantage.

I did forget about that line
in the binding

and printed it again by mistake,
but no matter.

I'll leave the first proof
as it is

and to the second I'll add
some water-colour flames.

whipping from
the castle windows...

...in the next chapter
I'll have it burned down

by freemasons or the Jesuits...

Everyone knows you make a joke
or everything.

You haven't received more
than five orders?

They can all go to hell!

Miserable wretches!

If you're cooking lunch today,
I'll bring Tarzan with me.

How many sheets
is it going to have?

For this grandiose work
I'm going to write another...

3,700 pages so that
all the characters

can be fittingly
and faithfully portrayed.

How are you going to pay
for the paper?

I'm not lending you
another penny!

OK, then!

The novel will be completed
briefly on the remaining paper.

The denouement of the intricate
chapters will be swift.

I'll give you penny!

He dwells beneath those sacks.

Trason, are you home?


Not now!

See who I have in tow...

Esteemed Sire, your dear father,
Prince Rudibanera,

unknown to you,
is now dearly departed.

His last secret wishes
are to be fulfilled.

And those of your
dearly departed mother.

With princely endeavour
and the birth of an heir

came cruel war and the boys
came back no more.

Fearing for your princely life,

your mother announced
to your father a daughter

The identity was kept a secret.

Then you were placed
in safer hands.

Into the care of the good people
living here.

They knew nothing
of your origins.

Since your inheritance is
in the hands of cunning Jesuits

please accept from me
as a testimony to my words

your favourite toy.

My little dolly!

My little old dolly!

I'm so happy!

-We were rich!

I'm so happy!

-What now?

My guardians! Look!

- Dad...

- My boy!

My God!

Village well!


Dear Mary!

I was here beneath her
that first time!

I've got a family tree!

Someone always has to spoil it!

Ave Maria...

Do you love me?


Promise to take me away
from this brothel.

Now I can entrust you
with everything.

I was educated...not so fast
dear Fragonard!

My grandfather saw
I was big enough to work,

saying ''beneath the candle
is the greatest darkness.''

He sent me to work in a wine-bar.

I assure you that I never gave
myself to anyone.

No one has been as nice as you.

You can believe in me.

I'm clean and sensitive.

Not a tramp like the whores
in this establishment.

Get to work!

Now I'm giving the lesson!

You can even exercise
the spirit with spirits!

This is not exercise
of the limbs.

You stretch out your will,
stretch your emotions sideways,

you twist your judgement,
shake out your memory.

extend your imagination
and bend your morals!

Everyone thought this was
a materialised spirit

or a case of delirium tremens.

But this was Dr. Rimsa's secretary
masquerading as a member

of the Salvation Army advocating

Dr. Rimsa would not be coming
anymore, there was no need.

The lovers indulged
in frequent merry-making.

Help! Help!

Distant cries reached
the new-found Christian love

of the Honolulu natives.

Ignatius' conscience commanded
the he rescue his neighbour

and ensure him bliss in heaven.

The unfortunate man
was Rodriquez

and in his delirium told all
about the hidden treasure.

The ingenious method
for seeking the treasure

complemented Ignatius' zeal
for baptising all sceptics.

Get going! Deeper!


We're nearly there!





What's that?

In my hunting ground?

No birds on them again!

Hurry up quick!
- A ghost!

Hanicka, you're alive?

My daughter!
- Yes, well...

- What were you doing there?

Good afternoon!
- Hi.

Well, I never...

Sea animals?

Sorry, I didn't mean to...

Welcome to my shooting ground.
I'm Paseka.

Well, next time, then.

Josef Vachal- Graphic Artist

You wretch! What have you done?

Don't you know what havoc
your novel's caused?

You'll be grateful to me
one day.

I coated your tongue
with the poison of intolerance

and the scorn of those
who hunt in packs.

You'd be the outsider
like them.

Only I freed you
from that rabble

isolated from the morals
and customs of the pack.

I showed you other fates
of humanity.

You saw your former friends
forming new slogans

and utopia for the sake of
morality, with bloodied hands

and a bartered soul.

What drivel!

Murderer of my brilliant
occult future!

Prepare to die!

You mean, one of us

A murder belongs
in a horror story.

The author can't murder himself
in his own novel.

Kill Fragonard instead,
that sentimental wraith!

He values the life
of a mangy dog above humans.

He seeks absolution
in the skirts of tramps.

Save your breath.
I cannot even straighten my back

in the company of people
like you

for whom neither God
nor religion is holy enough!

Not even yourself!

You resisted temptation

but the landau in which you
travelled stank too strongly.

Offers of rides
are too dangerous!

Come on, Tarzan.



Here is the work of one cast.

Many tears will fall,
many designs will be formed.

It is a great portrait
of our times

with all its worries and joys,

soon to be happy,
futile struggles.

I think I hear the cocks
crowing outside.

It is time to go to bed.