Horror Stories III (2016) - full transcript

Girl from Mars seeks refuge at a place run by robots/androids. She must explain to them why she is fleeing the humans, and tells some stories about human fear. Three 'short horror stories' within the film.

2416, the Earth forces
wiped out the Fox

that had escaped from Earth and
have settled down in Mars.

The only surviving girl seized
a spaceship of the Earth forces,

seeking asylum in Titan
where the Robot live.

Destination: Elevator Station,
Titan's orbit

Horror Stories III

A girl from Mars


Kill it!

No, I'm not a human.

I'm a Martian citizen!

I'm officially applying for
asylum in this sanctuary!

Who are you?

I said I'm from Mars.

Wherever you're from,
a human shall no longer live.

I'm not a human.

The Earth forces came
and killed my own species!

My parents died.

My friends and teachers
are all dead.

The only survivor is me.

Your reaction is
just like human's.

I said I'm not a human!

So, who are you?


May I?

A scholar named LEE Saeng
dropped by my town that day.

Fox Valley

A lot of pain?

We're almost there.

Thank you for saving my life.
I'll never forget it.

This country
have thieves everywhere

to thank for corrupt officials,
misdirecting this country.

I'll hold government positions
and take up the slack.

You passed the state examination.
Don't fail to keep your promise.

There's something in the air.

You're in no position
to be picky.

Your leg is
in bad shape too.

Anybody home?

From the back,
it looks like a woman.

Excuse me.

We bumped into the brigand.

He hurt his leg
and we got lost.

Can we stay at your place
for a night?

You must be hungry.
Please eat first.

Today is the anniversary of
my son's death.

That must be hard for
my daughter-in-law.

It's once a year.

Help yourself.

The meat's entrails are
pretty good for a man.

Something smells fishy.

I have a gut feeling
they're hiding something.

It's not natural.

Do you think
they're foxes in disguise?

But she's beautiful.

I would gladly be eaten
even though she's a fox.

We should leave early
in the morning.

Hit the sack early.

Sleep tight.

I'll stand guard.

Nighty night.




Please get up.

It's time to go to work.

One-eyed man left early
to earn to pay for the meal.

So, it's the right thing for you
to earn to pay for the room.

Where are we heading?

To the mountain.

Sir, this mountain
is breathing.


This town is dying by inches
of pestilence and starvation.

We thought
this mountain is dead.

But, we realized one day
it's breathing again.

We must rescue this mountain.

Or my town will be dead.

We have a visitor
after a long time.

Does it get better than
this good omen?

How long did you dig
this tunnel?

We're in the 500th year.

What the heck is that
back there?

Now, we're almost there.

Where did he go again?

He earned enough to pay for food.
Where did he go?

Oh, my god.

You can't last much longer
with the injured leg.

It'll become dark soon.

You can stay one more night.
I'll make no charge.


Sir, are you sleeping?


May I have a word with you?

This nutty tasting is perfect
for night snack.

If you left it as it is,
you'd have had your leg cut off.

Are you thankful to me?


In any case,
I'll be dead soon.

Considering my daughter-in-law
will be all alone,

I'll never rest in peace.

If you can hear the babies crying
in this dying village,

this whole town including her
will be very happy for it.

So please bless her
with a child.


Where are you going?

My tummy is...

I mean in my tummy...

In your tummy?


I have to take a dump.


You survived.

I thought you're dead!

What happened?

The old man asked me
an absurd favor that night.

I raised my voice.

And he showed himself
in true colors.

It's a good thing
that I came prepared.

I said
something smelled fishy.

I heard there's a place
called 'Fox Valley'.

They must not be
insignificant creatures like fox.

They can quite freely change
their faces and looks.

I bet they must be something
more than human.

If they know
what you should do as human,

if they're gods with good brains
to use it properly,

they should rule this country,
shouldn't they?


Get off me!

What did you do
to the one-eyed man?

I just borrowed his body.

Young body is better.
He is incredibly strong.

What are you going
to do to me?

You wily beast!

Man is the lord of all creation.

You should put the duty
before anything else.

You're a merely wily beast!

Why are you treating
human's life like dirt?

The lord of all creation?

The lord of all creation?

You're only a human.

No, sir.

A human is, for instance,

a parasite.

We've been here
since human didn't exist.

We'll be still here
after every human is gone.

We finally extracted
the seed we need

from human to do so.

Now we're ready to wake it up
in the mountain.

So you should look at the finish
on this too.

What the heck is it
at the end of this tunnel?

I know nothing,

except it holds
the lifeblood of us.

This crab picture is like
a family spirit from age to age.

A crab into the reeds

represents your fidelity,
which is firm in your belief.

By all accounts,
it firmly walked sideways

under the eyes of
the Dragon King of the sea.



I thought
you just walked away.

But you made your adieu.

Yes, we made it.

With your seed,
it finally woke up.

We're ready to plow it down
and make a new world.

Will you join us?

Or will you meet your death
like a parasite here?

Hey, let's get in.
I said we should get in.

Choose between two things.

What is

your answer?

You wily beast!

I'll never give in to
insignificant creature like you!

As a scholar
with firm belief,

once I hold
government positions...

It must be invented.

I'm not a liar.

We've held out for 800 years
since that time.

there's no data on the species.

I know.

We left the Earth
before you were created.

You know what?

We are not the last species
that ever lived in the Earth.

After all, we went to
the Mars together.

Why did you leave
the Earth?

People on Earth...

We made considerable efforts
to reform them.

But, we failed.

Human is foolish,

and cruel to each other.



What is it?
Without a break...

A runaway engine.



That reminds me of
another story.

Road Rage

Yes, sir.

I'm on my way out
with my parents.

Please wait for a moment.

Yes, sir.

The trading growth rate

from the 3rd analysis data
is correct.

You're suffering great hardship
at this time of night.

Yes, have a good day!

He never gives me a break.

Don't throw a tantrum.

I never threw a tantrum.

You're now throwing a tantrum.

Let's go in quiet please.

I've got so much to do.

What is the truck doing
in the first lane'?

Are you doing this

Tell me.

You're tired and
you got so much to do.

But you're doing this

We chose to leave on a trip,
but you're throwing a tantrum.

What am I supposed to do?

That's why
I suggested putting it off.

I'm very busy this time of year.
You're driving me crazy.

Don't give me that baloney!

We planned this
earlier this year.

Was it my idea?
It was yours!

Hey, stop it!
I said it was hard for me!

I worked all day
including data analysis

and was pestered by Manager Park,
that son of bitch.

It's really driving me nuts.


Please stop it and
let's go.

In quiet!

What a complete nutcase!
ls the truck driver insane?

What are you doing?

Stay calm.
That bastard started this first.

Is that lunatic
playing a game with me?

Just stay calm.

The license plate is hidden.

He's a real crook.
Take a picture of it!

Hey, let's just go.
Don't pour oil on the fire.

Just stay still.

That's illegal.
Take a picture of it now!

- We should report it.
- It's getting crazy.

Hey, watch out!

- Are you okay?
- Yeah.

Why did that lunatic suddenly
break down on a highway?

He's really bugging me!

Su-jin, take a picture of it.

Drive properly!

That bastards
should be all locked up.

What are you looking at?

That truck driver,

why did he do that?

He's just a complete nut.

Never mind.

Isn't it scary?

That happens every day
on the road.

Don't worry.

Yes, sir.

What was missing?

No, no way.
I already checked it...

Okay, I got it.
Let me check it again

and call you back.

No, it's okay.
Yes, have a good day!

It's really killing me.

Why does he want me
to check it now?

I want to kill him.

You should drive.

I'm a novice driver.

I never drove down
a highway.

This is a matter of the future
of us at stake, Su-jin.

I should get over
Manager Park

to be promoted and
get hitched with you.

It's scary to drive down
a highway at night.

I love you.

I'm pulling it over.

Look in front of you.

Check the speed.

Wow, you're a good driver.

Don't speed up too much.

Don't get cold feet,
no matter what they say.

I'm counting on you
and working.

What is missing, bastard?

Dong-gem, wake up.

Wake up!


Look back!

You must be driving
too slow.

What is he doing now?


Is this that bastard before?

The license plate is
just the same!

He's going for broke on this.

Change lanes!

Change them now!

That bastard.

Why are you keep
provoking him?

That bastard
provoked me first.

Beat it, you idiot!

Turn it now!

What is he doing?

Speed up a little!

I said speed up!

He's a dead man tonight.

What you are doing?

I have to give him hell,
or he'll back out.


Stay here.

Hey, get out of it!

Get out of it, you bastard!

Damn it.

Why isn't he
answering my calls?


Hey, what's wrong?
What's happening?


Are you okay?

Dong-geun, get up!

Dong-geun, stay with me!


Is there anybody?

Is there anybody?

Help me!

Dong-geun, get up!

Drop us off!

Please drop us off!
I'm so sorry!

Drop us off!

We are here!

We are here!
ls there anybody?

I said we're here!
Please help us!

We are here!

We are here!

Why are you doing this to us?

What did we do wrong?
You idiot!

Dong-geun, get up.

Get up!

Oh my god!

Don't leave me.

Hold me!

Dong-geun, let's go.

You go first.

I can't go alone.

I'll deal with him.
Go and report it to the police.

Dong-geun, look back!

Save me, please.

Are you okay, Su-jin?

Su-jin, what's wrong with you?

How pathetic!

Above all things, their presence
itself is disgusting.

Human is a cancer cell
on Earth.

But they created us.

I'm scared a nut might
chase me here.

That's right.

Even you're not a human,
if I let you live,

humans will chase you
here someday.

If we're defeated by humans,

this planet will be polluted and
devastated in a flash too.

So what?

Can I speak frankly?


You're not the only one
who suffered among humans.

We robots are the same.

Among brutal parasites,

how we can evolve,
develop our consciousness,

and learn how to survive
against them.

I'll let you know.

Robot Spirit

I've got you!

Dunko got caught.

You're it now!

Dunko is it.

Phone is ringing.
Will you answer it?

- Phone is ringing.
- Turn on the screen.

GANG Jin-go, did you eat?
What about homework?

Let me play more.
I'll do it later.

Will you ignore what I say
because I'm not home?

Why aren't you coming?
Mommy is always not home.

Mommy is working now.
Let me speak to Dunko.

Dunko, help Jin-go
with his homework.

And vitamin is...

His math homework is
the 2nd unit on page 57.

2 vitamin tablets a day,
don't chew, but melt them.

Lunch is sandwich
on the 2nd shelf in the fridge.

It's in the same place
for 10 years.

Thanks, Dunko.

Dunko is
Jin-gu's friend forever.

Dunko, what did she say?

Let's eat and
do your Korean homework.

The magnetic forces levels
is 85mT now.

The air quality is 120.


Mommy's project
went through!

What do you want to eat, son?

Mom, my tummy hurts.

Lunch is sandwich.

Dunko's memory chip.

How did he confuse oil
with dressing?

Its recommended consumption time
was over 5 years ago.

The memory failure
is inevitable.

Is it like dementia?

Can he be repaired again?

It's beyond repair.
You should discard it.

He's been a family member
for 10 years.

How can I discard him?

It's only for user safety.

Will Jin-go let him go?

It is recommended to buy a safe,
inexpensive and new robot.

Let's paint a picture.

Yes, but later.
I'm sleepy now.

Let's paint a picture.



Play with me.

Be patient.

Mommy will take you
to the repair center.

I mean to the hospital.

You'll be surely recovered
and come back home.

Did it hurt a lot?

- Sorry.
- No, we're friends.

Dunko is
Jin-gu's friend forever.

Jin-go is also
Dunko's friend forever.

Let's stay together forever.

Promise me.

See you at my birthday,

Fix me, Mom.


Sorry, Dunko.

It's for Jin-go.

Memories of us

Memories of us

End the memories of us.

The magnetic forces levels
is 150mT now.

Please put on protection suits
when you go out.

Dunko is really dead?


Dunko was really sick.

Let's think he's rather lucky,
not yet awakened.

And Dunko is not dead.

He lives in
our memories forever.

I'm working on the project.

I'll spend more time
with you now.

What's that?

How do you do?

I am PZ3000.
User safety is my first priority.

Carbon coated with
natural substance tissue,

so there's no danger of
oil leaking.

Unlike the existing model,

my memory filter is protected
by triple firewall.

So I am much safer for you.

The day after tomorrow
is your birthday.

It's your birthday gift.

Thank you, mommy.

It's a happy family.

It looks great.

Why don't you paint this part
a little more?

Who is Dunko?





Don't, Dunko!

No, Dunko!

No, don't!

What are you doing?

We were just playing.

This clothes...

- Did you dress him?
- No, he dressed himself.

- What?
- This is Dunko.

Say it, Dunko.

Ask me to play with you
like before!


My heart also aches
for Dunko.

But, if Jin-go keeps him
in your mind like this,

I'm getting more upset.

Let's let him go now.

Then you'll grow up.


don't ever paint
this kind of picture.

Promise me.

I didn't paint it.

Then who painted?

He did it too.

Dunko, answer me!

GANG Jin-go,
stop doing this!

Dunko is not here
any more!

No, he's Dunko!

Dunko, answer me!


Hand it over!


You're grounded in your room
until tomorrow!

There'll be
no birthday party for you!

PZ3000's memory chip.

Turn on the screen.

Check the system failure.

The system is being checked.

There is a bug
on the memory.

What bug?

Ghost folder found.


The signal must be mixed
due to the electromagnetic field.

Delete the ghost folder.

It must be deleted
on the place of dispatch.

Then find it!

The place of dispatch
is very close to you.

Close to me?



Stop finding.

Turn off the screen.

Mom, my tummy hurts.

It looks good.

Is the birthday cake
ready too?

Download is complete.

End the memories of us.

Delete the memory folder!

Request denied.

You can delete it
on the place of dispatch.

Request denied.

You can delete it
on the place of dispatch.

Mom, what's wrong?

Go to your room and
lock the door behind you.


Call the repair center and
request for emergency aid!

Download bug!

The magnetic storm hinders
communication with the center.

Come here now!

It's out of control!

Check on
the upload place first.

Check on the upload place.

Play with me.

The magnetic storm is blowing.

Please stay at home

and shut off the power supply
of every household electronics.

Ready to delete.

Remove the memory chip.


Is it Dunko?

Why did you dump me?

I never dumped you.

- Because you died...
- Open it.

You promised.

Sorry, Dunko.

We can't stay together now.

Please come out!



Where are you, Jin-go?

Play with me.

Mom, I came back home.

It's okay.

It's okay now.

From the temporary folder,

the data is being retransmitted
to the final destination.

From the temporary folder,

the data is being retransmitted
to the final destination.

From the temporary folder,

the data is being retransmitted
to the final destination.

From the temporary folder,

the data is being retransmitted
to the final destination.

Stop it, Dunko!

I was wrong.

I thought you hurt Jin-go.

I thought it was my fault.

That's why I dumped you.

I'm so sorry.

I'm begging your forgiveness.

So please

let us go now.

The service engineers arrived.

Will you forgive me?

We're family.

You can't separate us.

We'll stay together forever.

Right, Jin-go?


I'll keep my promise.

I'll be your friend forever.
We can coexist peacefully.

If I'm dead, I won't just
stand by and do nothing.

I've watched the war
between two species for ages.

From a distance.

I finally judged
humans' expiry date is over.

If we put up with it again,

I felt every conscious creature
will be gone in our solar system.

That makes

two of us, right?

I carefully picked
a wandering asteroid

and modified its orbit.

There were quite a lot of humans
who stupidly longed for the gift

and prayed for it.

Good-bye, Earth.



Now you


Where are you going?

Fox Valley LIM Seul-ong, KIM Jong-soo, MIN
Moo-je, JEE An Directed by BAEK Seung-bin

Road Rage KYUNG Su-jin, PARK Jung-min,
LEE Dae-yeon Directed by KIM Sun

Robot Spirit HONG Eun-hee, LEE Jane, PARK
Solomon, SONG Seong-han Directed by KIM Gok

A girl from Mars KIM Su-san, CHA
Ji-yeon Directed by KIM Kyu-dong