Horror Noire (2021) - full transcript

Presents together six horror stories from Black directors and screenwriters in a single film: "Daddy," "Bride Before You," "Brand of Evil," "The Lake," "Sundown" and "Fugue State".

First responders on scene.

ICS on scene.

Over there!

Got something.

Extracting body
from the water.

Lake rescue coming in.

Blind receiver
please get into position.

On my count, haul 'em up.

Three, two, one...

Ain't that the Reverend Ross?

Looks like it got 'em both.

Quiet, peaceful...


and has its own dock.

Even a little beach
down there to get a tan,

not that... you need one.


Okay, so you just
bought a house

in a hole-ass swamp, alone?

No, look like a swamp
to you?

Oh, wow, okay,
where's the rest, though?

Ah, you know, fix it up,
and then the hard part,

fixing me up.

Mm-mm, mm-mm, stop.
You are not broken.

You are a work of art
in progress.

Just be careful, okay?

You're lucky that this
wasn't worse... much worse.

Don't worry about me,
I'm good.


No, I know you're not,
but you will be, all right?

Remember, every day is new.



I'll call you later.

Been using that dock
so long it feels like mine.

I cut the grass.
I'm Zeke.

Abbie LeFleur.
Don't worry about the dock.

I won't be using it much.

Fishing's too much sitting
and waiting for me.

Oh, I won't
hold that against you.

Ha ha.
Um, Anybody warn you

not to swim in the lake yet?

What do you mean?

Oh, I was afraid of that.

It's vital you know
this, Miss... or ma'am.

Miss is fine.

Why shouldn't I swim
in the lake?

The lake's the only reason
I bought this place.

A gator attacked
a young girl and our pastor,

killed them both the same night.

Hauled them up
on that very spot.


Oh, my God.

At least they think
it was a gator.

Witness said
it was something else.


Strange things
happen here in summer,

and the lake
brings out the worst,

especially when the cicadas
are back singing day and night.

Uh, when was this?

Few years back.


Oh, yeah, well,
that's a long time

for us city folks,
but thanks for the warning.

Every day is new.

All weekend, I was afraid
you were gonna call and tell us

you changed your mind about us.

Worst heatwave in 25 years.

Yeah, well, that's a relief.

Wasn't sure
what normal was around here.

So, every jock that's
trying to stay on a roster

is in your class.
Make 'em work for it.

Oh, you can be sure of that.

You know, you should let me
take you to coffee sometime.

That diner on Main Street makes
a pretty stellar cappuccino.

Yeah, think about that.

One poet wrote, "Is all
that we see, or seem,

but a dream within a dream?"

That's Edgar Allan Poe.

Another poet wrote,
"Today is not the day.

"It could be, but it is not.

Today is today."

That's a Black woman
named Audre Lorde.

What do those poems
have in common?

You, I'm sorry,
what's your name?

Derek... Johnson.

What are those poems
about, Derek?


I mean, one says
that everything's a dream,

and the other says your
time's coming, just not today.

They're both about dying.

A little young to have death
at the tip of your tongue.

My cousin Ray died
of heatstroke in Jacksonville.

He didn't get to do
nothing or be nobody.

I think about him a lot,
and sometimes I think,

what if that happens to me?

It'll grow you up fast,
won't it?

You know, the best part
of my job is that I get to

teach you about life's joys,
so why poems about death?

Because they're not just about
dying, they're about living.

If life is but a dream,
dream big...

While you still can.

Okay, homework...

You been swimming in the lake,
ain't you?

I seen you coming out
the water.

I'm sorry, what?

Do you hear
the lake calling you?

Most people don't hear it.


Like the cicadas,
but it ain't.

When the lake calls,

it ain't calling
to your better natures.

It's calling
to your worst thoughts.

It knows your history.

My history?
What do you mean?

Oh, I ain't mean
nothing by it.

You know what,
I think I'm gonna need you

to take some time off.

with me...

with me...

All right,
don't forget homework.

I will be grading.

Hey, Derek, hang back a second.

Yeah, man.

Um, do you know a landscaper
or someone who could help with

weeding, mulching,
that sort of thing?

I need some help with some
work done around the house.

I do all that.

I actually helped my dad
build a cabin last summer.

I know more than you think.

Oh, well naughty me.
Shouldn't assume.

It's, um, not good

policy, though,
students and teachers.

Oh, Coach Reed, he takes us
fishing all the time.

It's no big deal here.
How much?

Oh, okay, uh, say,

$20 for a couple hours work
over a couple of weeks?

Mmm, 25.

You saving for something?

All right, deal, starting today.

Oh, uh, okay,
but I've got practice at 3:00.

Anything else
you'd like to negotiate?

All right.

Try and be there by 5:00.

Here's my address.

The old house on the lake,
yeah, cool.

You don't swim there, right?


Yeah, I gotta go, yeah?


I got this job working
a couple hours a day.

Some teacher needs some help
fixing stuff after school.

Oh, so the school
gave you a job?

Oh, no, it's at her house.


Yeah, the new one.

Wait, that old-ass lady
that thinks she's so hot?

Oh, here we go,
'cause everyone's after me,

even the teachers
and the cafeteria lady?

No, because you don't get it.
Boys never do.

The teacher
needed a handyman.

I mean, you want that prom
dress, right,

and that limo?

And when I go pro,

I'm gonna buy us the biggest
house you ever saw.

- Hey.
- Oh, I'm sorry, I'll...

No, it's fine, it's fine.

Fresh from the oven,
but don't be that impressed.

It's from a tube at
the Piggly Wiggly.

Can't believe
that's a real store's name.

Nah, I actually
love these, thanks.

What did you mean before,
about swimming here?

Maybe it's just
a scary story for kids,

but everyone says bad things
happen when you swim in there,

especially when it's hot,
like now.

Bad things?

There's something
that lives in the lake.

I guess that sounds
dumb to you, though.

Mr. Raines, yeah, he knows,
he said he saw it one time,

but every time he tells it,
the thing gets bigger.

I'll let you know
if I see Swamp Thing.

Oh, that's two hours.
I gotta go.

Is it okay if I leave it
like this for now?


man: Hello.

Hello, Abbie?

I'm so worried about you.

Abbie, are you there?

I'm here to talk whenever you're
ready, but you do have to talk.

Something's wrong with me.

Yes. Abbie,
let me get you some help.

Jesus, you can't just run
away from what happened.

What you did to us.

Abbie, quit that job

before some kid's parents
press charge...

A work of art in progress.

♪ Sirens call me
in the summer time ♪

♪ Down by the lake
is where they stay ♪

♪ I feel it in my soul,
deep down below ♪

♪ Calling, calling ♪

♪ I mustn't stray ♪

♪ I feel my soul ♪

♪ Down deep below ♪

♪ Calling, calling ♪

♪ I mustn't stray ♪

Hey, can I get a cold drink?

Yeah, sure,
come on in out of the sun.

I have
another project for you.

I tried to do it myself,
but it looks like shit.

Come here.

Yeah, I could fix that.

Uh, maybe next week?

Sounds nice.

Uh, Miss LeFleur.

I, uh, I just got a call
from an administrator

from your school in Boston.

She brought something
to my attention.

We can't discuss it here,

but can we meet
before class on Monday?

Yeah, maybe over
that cup of coffee.

Don't worry,
no teachers' lounge gossips

will prosper against me.


I work faster
with my baby bro here.

I hope that's okay.

If you boys are gonna take
a break, let's go for a swim.

You're not supposed to
swim in...

Aren't you a little old
to be scared of spook stories?

I'm not scared.


It's fine.

What's on your ribs?

Hey, tell you what, I'll
give you 50 bucks

if you get in with me.

Five minutes, I dare you.

What's gonna happen
in five minutes?

All right,
stay close to me, all right?


I'm still alive.

Five minutes starting now.

Dang, I don't see her.

She's been
down there a long time.

I felt something!

Hold on, stay here.

Derek, Derek!


I don't see her.

Maybe she's playing?


Miss LeFleur!

I'm going back.

Yeah, okay.

- Aah... my hand!
- Oh, shit.


No, my brother...
my brother's still in there!

It's too late for him.

I warned y'all to stay out
of the lake.

Bad things happen
when you go into the water.

It brings out the worst.

You do that freehand?

Hey, you do that freehand?

God damn, I didn't
even see you there, bruh.

Hey, I like the message.

You need to put Nipsey in there,

- What, Nipsey...
- Hey, you got a dollar?

Nah, bruh.


So you one-a them Black
and bougie niggas, huh?

Probably stay up in Buckhead.

I wish. Excuse me.

You know, when we turn
our backs on our brothers,

that's when them white
devils just slip on...


Looking good, Nekani.

Waylen, haven't seen
you around in a minute.

Hi, Ms. Lawrence, just,
um, admiring the artwork.

Mmm-hmm, while
you're standing there

watching an elder struggle.

I'm sorry, Ms. Lawrence,
I got you.

Thank you, brother.
Those are just going in the van.

Oop. Oop.

See, that's the power of art,
the power to inspire solidarity.

Mrs. Lawrence, I know a woman
who gets paid like $10,000

for each mural she paints.

Now, that's the power of art.

Now, I know we don't
pay ad agency bucks,

but I hope you know how
much we appreciate you here.

I do, Mrs. Lawrence.

When we unveil this
masterpiece at the fundraiser,

boy, we gonna need a wheelbarrow
for all the donations.

Lawrence Food Bank,
this is Billy.

Oh... oh, yes, he just walked in.


For me?


Okay, I'll take it on my desk.

Sounds white.


The exquisite mural on Degnan.

Please tell me
you're the artist.

Uh, yeah.

Well, that is fantastic.
I'm so glad I caught you.

I drove by your artwork today,

and I just had to slam
on the brakes.

Oh, wow, um... thank you.

What kind of art is that?

Would you call that
Afro-centric art?

Um, I guess.

Just perfect.
Do you design symbols?

I would love to hire you
for a little side project.

Please tell me you're available.

I mean,
I'm working long hours

the next few days, and I got
to finish up the mural so,

you know, after that,
maybe I could...

I totally understand,
but the thing is

I need it by tonight.

I could pay you right away.

Does $1,000 seem fair?

I mean, I'm gonna have to
miss work so...

I'm gonna need more.

I have no idea
how much these things cost.

How about $5,000.
Does that seem fair?

Uh, sure, you know what?

I think I could fit it in.

If you just email me
the instructions,

I can get started on it

Oh, sorry,
the instructions have to be

relayed verbally,
and you should definitely

write them down, 'cause it's
crucial you follow them exactly.

Uh, okay, uh...

First draw a circle.
Inside that circle

draw a 45-degree angle
with an interstice

at the bottom-most point
of the circle...

That looks like some
Hollywood sex cult shit.

It's not for a sex cult, is it?

I don't even know.

All I know
is the client has given me

nothing but
verbal instructions,

and these instructions
are like,

"Create two 45-degree angles
from the endpoint of the first,

"with the left point extended
downward to the right,

and the right point
to the left"...yeah.

Yeah, that sounds like
a riddle,

I hope you charging
a riddle fee for this.

All I know is he promised
5 Gs

if I finish before sunset.

5,000 for one symbol?
Are you should this is legit?

I don't even know.

If not, I definitely wasted
a few hours of labor,

but if it is, that's my whole
credit card debt,

- that's for sure.
- Okay, that's what's up.

You know what,
if I get another gig like this,

I'm getting that white Canyon
Grail in the window at Van's.

What you need
a $4,000 bike for

while there's people
starving in the streets?

I'm sorry for the people
who are starving, but...


Send. Here we go.

Okay, big money,
what you want to eat?

Pffft. Well, the question
is what do I have?

Okay, looks like you got one
frozen cauliflower pizza crust

and an empty bottle
of soy sauce.

Taco truck it is.

Let's get pastor
from that one on Peachtree.


Oh shit.


Fuck a taco truck.
We eating sushi tonight.

Oh, shit!
I'm sorry... w-what happened?

Whatever it was,
it happened overnight.

I mean, damn, can anybody
survive that much blood loss?

Already looked.
All I found was a tallboy.

It was Waylen's brand.


Oh, that dude
was kind of trash anyway.

Hey, B, you see all that
blood out there, man?

Mm-hmm, it's horrible.

Oh, good morning, Ms. Lawrence.


Nekani, I'm so glad
I caught you.

Listen, I need a new symbol.
Please tell me you have time.

Oh, hey,
I hope you enjoyed the last one.

It was perfect.
You have no idea.

By the way, thank you
so much for paying so early.

Oh, the only thing is
the next one

I need before sunset.

Before sunset?
I'd have to take off early,

and today's my last day
to finish the mural, I...

I just love the way
you're so committed

to your community.
It's so cool.

How about this... what if
I made a matching donation

to the food bank,
$5,000 for you, $5,000 for them.

Oh, wow, uh...

Or I could give you
the whole $10,000... your choice.

Oof, ah...
hey, Ms. Lawrence.

Nekani, how's it going
out there?

Good, good, good, you know,
just finished up the line work.

But I'm, uh...

I'm feeling
a little under the weather.

I think I may need to go
home and lie down, I'm sorry.

Seeing all that blood
freaked me out, too.

Why don't I get Jay to sit
out there with you...

No, no, Ms. Lawrence,
it's not the blood, I'm sick.

I think I got food poisoning
or something.

All of our biggest donors
are going to be

at this fundraiser tomorrow,

and your mural's supposed to be
the main attraction.

I know, but...

This is our community, Nekani.

That means showing up.

Go on.

- It's just...
- Spit it out, Mr. Harris.

I mean, you never hear
white people guilt tripping

each other
about their community.

White people don't need to
look out for each other.

They built whole systems
to make sure they stay on top.

All we got is community.

But if you're feeling sick,

then go home
and get well... we'll make do.

Ms....Mrs. Lawrence...

Mrs. Lawrence, I mean,
maybe if I feel better,

maybe I can come back
tonight and finish it up.

Mrs. Lawrence?

What the hell?


Jesus, Cordell.

Damn, you were focussed.

Just trying to finish up.

All right,
all right, well here,

smell this...
it's a long roast Ethiopian,

it's kind of sour,
but it's really crisp, right?

We're thinking this one
for our fall roast,

and check this out... Badie
was saying he wanted to try

something bold for the bag
design and I was like,

"Have I ever told you my man
is an amazing graphic designer?"

I'd love to see
some of your work, Nekani.

Um, I'm actually
working on a gig right now,

and I got to finish
before sunset so...

Could you just pull up
your portfolio?

I was telling him about
the album cover

- that you did for Reese.
- I'm busy.

Just real quick.

What the hell is that?

♪ We've got to see
what we're doing ♪

♪ In the name of comfort ♪

♪ We've got to see,
we've got to feel the ♪

♪ Warning sign ♪

It's just a little gig
I'm working on, man, what...

You're working for neo-Nazis?

What? No, why would
I be working for neo-Nazis?

- That's a midnight sun.
- A what?

It's a Nazi occult symbol.
People out here

calling on Satan his damn self
to wipe Black folks out.

Wait, what... how do
you even know that?

People come in here with all
types of suspicious ass tattoos?

Black business owner... I gotta
keep up on my hate symbols.

Oh my God, see,
I knew this was shady.

I mean, they're similar, but
they're not exactly the same.

It's probably
just a coincidence.

What do you even
know about your client?

Nothing. I try and respect
people's privacy.

Do you even know his name?

Well, he knows your name.
Does he know where you live?

Oh my God, Jesus, Cordell,
it's just a little side job.

There, sent, it's done.


Oh, shit.

♪ Warning sign ♪

♪ But in order
to get it together ♪

♪ We've got to get
our hearts together ♪

♪ Everybody's
gonna make this time ♪

I just made $10,000.

Yeah, from
Nazi Satan worshippers.

Well, shit,
if they throwin' money out,

why not let 'em
throw a little my way?

I'm gonna head to the roaster.

I can't even...

How could you just sell your
soul to the devil like this?

Oh my God, people sell their
souls to the devil every day.

You bought me these off
Amazon, remember?

♪ Together ♪

♪ We got to get our
heads together ♪

♪ Everybody's gonna make it ♪

♪ Everybody's... ♪

I'm just trying to get paid,

Why should we struggle?

We are not struggling,
we're saving, and we're on track

to start a life together in our
own place, just like we planned.

Maybe I want more.

This is F-you money
for us, Cordell.

You know what, I'm about
done tryin' to help you

be a good person.

Help me be a good person?

- Yeah.
- What the fuck?

Yeah, 'cause you would
have stayed mooching

off your mom the rest of your
life if I hadn't pushed you

to do something with your art,
and you damn sure

ain't the one trying to push our
relationship to the next level.

You know what,
you're just mad because you

can't stand to see me
thriving on my own terms.

I'm finally getting mine,
and I did it without you.

Well, you're about to be
doing a lot of shit without me.

Now, you been eyeing
this bike for months.

Mmm, somebody must
have answered my prayers,

I am so ready to level up.

You know what, good for you,
they say treating yourself

is a healthy way
to deal with trauma.


I heard about what happened
to Ms. Lawrence.

It was just on the news.

They said she was gutted like
some kind of ritual sacrifice.

She did so much
for this community,

man, like how could anybody
do that to another human being?

People are sick, bro...
look, my bad,

you ready to level up, man?

Uh, I need to...


Nekani, I'm so glad
I caught you, I have a...

You... you, what is your name
and what are those symbols for?

It's just a little personal

and you've been so great
to work with.

I just need
one more little symbol...

My boss was murdered!

Did you... did you have
anything to do with this?

I'm so sorry to hear that,
but I promise you

I didn't have any more to do
with that... than you did.

Listen, you sound stressed,
and I sure don't

want to add to that,
but I really need this.

I'm not doing any more.

How does $20,000 sound?

Hey, man, I'm gonna head out.

I gotta go
work this out with Nekani.

All right, well I hope you can
talk some sense into your boy.

I gotta try. I love
his little problematic ass.

Can't help it.

Agh, I can't be doing this.

Why am I doing this shit?

20 plus 10 plus 5...
that's 35 fucking Gs.

Fuck it.

What is that?


It's me.

Aah... ohh!

Nekani, chill.

What are
you doing in my bedroom?

I have something
to share with you.

You and I did this together.

No, no,
no, no, I didn't do shit!

Well, you drew the symbols.
Each one was an invitation

to take another soul,
and with each soul, he grew.

No, no, no,
I didn't know what I was doing.

Sure you did.

This isn't gonna work

unless the invoker knows
the cost of his actions.

It's the corruption that
gives the magic its power,

and he only needs one more soul.

Who the fuck is he?

Agh, he comes faster
and faster every time.

What the fuck is that?

The beating heart
of a supreme people.

- Uhh...
- Oh, no...



Oh no, oh no!

What the... no, no, no, no!

Oh, my fucking God!

He's almost complete.

What the fuck?!


What is happening?

He just needs one more soul,
then it's over.

And you'll get your money.

No, no, no, no...


You got your soul,
what else do you want?

I want...




I need to tell you our story.

It's not just men who hunger,
who want, who leave a place

to make something of themselves.

Women want just as much

and the world
lets us down just as hard.

Be good, now.

Tradition dictates
that the firstborn

marries first and so on.

By the time tradition
chose to visit me,

I was too ripened
to be too particular.

Are you ready
to begin your new life

as Mrs. Theodus Bethell Clay?

Oh, yes.

Why is
that spinning wheel there?

Came this morning
with the luggage, sir.

Didn't know where to put it.

My dear, we discussed you
leaving that back in New York.

Yes, and we compromised
that it could go in the bedroom,

where we will keep
many things away from

the prying eyes of the 400
and the colored aristocracy.

There's better
recreation in Washington

than spinning cotton
like a common slave.

Theodus was kind enough,
if overly concerned

about the opinions of others.

Well, it was spinning
cotton that kept my people

from being a common slave.

The wheel got us out
of the field and the loom

got us out of Virginia
and up to Harlem.

Better as a hobby than anything
else, don't you think?


Well, Sabine will show you
the rest of the house.

Now, you two, please,
unload the wagon.

Theodus and his
Reconstruction-made fortune

of 60,000.

Rich men,
even the blackest ones,

have more freedom
than I could ever imagine.

Do you like it?

Isn't she beautiful?

My comfort
in Washington and escape

back to New York City
relied on me.

Theodus had promised
we'd move back

after he expanded
his business

and we expanded our family.

I needed to provide a baby.

He chose me to provide
the right kind of baby.

Months passed.
I don't know

if it was my soil or his seed,

but such matters of gardening

would eventually
be blamed on me.

The pleasure in trying gave out
and he sought comfort elsewhere.

I had to spin to calm
my head and my heart.

It's what my mother taught me.

I brought you supper.

Mr. Clay?

Going out.

'Til late, I expect.

- You wanna try?
- They only allowed us

to put hands on cotton
to pick it.

It's a valuable skill to have.

You wanna learn?

Maybe, uh, we could
help each other?

Those scars on your face...
I don't wanna presume,

but do you know
the local root woman?

My mama's sister.

Take me to your auntie?

With the nursery empty,

I had to take matters
into my own hands.

- This is Mrs....
- I know who she is

and what her type want.

I need to get with child.

You wouldn't be here if
you could tend your own yard.

A boy.

Better for the child.

Girls get treated like horses,
don't they?

And I don't wanna
remember it.

Not you, not comin' here,

not your root magic, none of it.

The seed will take
your memory of me

and all the parts of birthing

that bring about pain
and not joy.

Mine already wants to forget.

It's the only reason
women keep having babies

after the first one
tears his way out.

Seed will hold your memory.

What else?

You gotta say it.

The child must favor me,

not his father.

Because Theodus Clay is
more midnight than twilight.

You wanna breed
the Blackness out your child,

it'll cost you.

More than we've been payin'

since they first held us down
with chains to lay with us.


be sure to get my money.

I don't care
what anyone says.

This close to the Mason-Dixon,
you're in the South.

Theodus would have
preferred me to engage

in Washington society,
but it was nothing like New York

so I preferred
to spin at my wheel.

That made me a target
of gossip.

Theodus despised
the wagging tongues,

but he was thrilled
about the baby.

What's... it's coming.

You want somethin'
to bite down on?

I need you to push.



Push... push.


I was told it was
a difficult labor,

that I nearly lost
my child that night.

I think I nearly lost my soul.

Hello, Cornelius.

I wanted to believe
that everything was normal,

even after the walls
started to cry.

That sound... it pulled
at my memory, but I resisted.

How's my son?

First of many.

My body's all torn up

and you already
planning more damage?

What is that?

Small animals
get trapped inside

the walls
of these types of houses.

Huh. That happen a lot
down here in the swamp?

Could be a ghost.

As big as this house is,
a ghost could have its own wing.

A small animal or a ghost,
that I could accept.

Cornelius Clay...
he was perfect.

Four generations of freed men

and that bright skin
and straight hair,

good breeding,
clubs and cotillions,

summer on the Chesapeake.
The world loved him.

But he had a solitary

and kept his own counsel,
like his mother.

Except when it came to Sabine.

Old house is singing
a sad song today, Sabine.

If it had a face
to go with that voice,

then we could sit and talk.

Maybe play cards.
Haints like cards.

Now, hey, Sabine,
daddy said white folk

and us respectable coloreds
have ghosts... not haints.

Sabine, who never
seemed surprised, or scared,

or questionin'
of anything the House did.

Miss Clara is in the parlor
waiting on you.

She come
talk about the wedding?

Yes, flowers, the cake,

her dress is in from Paris,

your suit is in from London,
which needs alterations.

I'd rather talk to the haint.

You want me
to get rid of her?

If I didn't know any better,

I'd think you
disapprove of this wedding.

I happen to love
Clara Cox Lenworth.


Clara, whose
father promised her

to the son
of a fellow Boulé man,

who graduated Howard
the same year

and had a family pew
at St. Luke's.

Clara, whose father
was worth enough

he didn't blink at a wedding
that cost upwards of $20,000.

Whenever I'm in this house,

I feel like someone's
lookin' over my shoulder.

Could be.

In this town, someone's always

minding your business,
in particular.


I see my firstborn has
finally made his way to you.

I'm your only born, Mama,

unless you and Daddy
finally fixing

to gimme that little brother.

Oh, no,
I was just being formal.

I got it from here, Sabine.

Thank you.


Uh, cream or sugar,
daughter-to-be... I'm so sorry,

my memory's been
fussin' me lately.

No need to apologize,

that's how I take it.

Here you are.

Three more weeks
and no more of this

to-be business...
I will finally have a daughter.

What is that sound?

Cornelius, is this your ghost?

Maybe it wants
to introduce itself

to the future
Mistress of the House.

Hello, ghost.

I'm going to have all these
holes fixed after the wedding,

so start packin'.

Cornelius and his father
been talking about

ghosts for years...
I think there's some raccoons

in the attic.

And I think they need
to leave.


Mr. Clay
won't be home for lunch.

He sent word that
he's busy at the office.

That's to be expected.

Could you go and put some
poison down in the attic?

Raccoons are
playin' up again today.

Yes, ma'am.

Shall we?

After all of it,

after Sabine told me
what happened,

I realized that Clara
was simply unlucky.

Her father promised her
to the wrong Boulé man.

Whose cat is that?

It's just a stray.

I feed them from time to time.

So that's
the mystery of the attic...

Sabine's secret cat circus?

No, ma'am.

You heard those noises.

Raccoons or ghosts?

Whichever you prefer,
Miss Clara.

The true strangeness
in this house

was her poundin' on the walls

and livin'
on her spinnin' wheel.

Mrs. Clay spins
to be close to her ancestors.

Hmm, I hope she
takes them with her

when she goes back to New York.

This one's always locked.

Yes, ma'am.

Then it must be 'coons.

Ghosts don't care much
for locked doors.

Open it and let me see.

This looks like the one.

Clara had been spoiled,

taught from her first breath
that everything belonged to her.

Perhaps that was true,

until her last breath.

Clara was laid out,
like a strange

golden fruit
cut down from a tree.


Sabine was the strong one.

If we don't handle this
right, we're all good as dead.

She knew what we had to do.

A spider bite.

One of those big brown ones.

Big as mice, they are.

But regular as any other spider.

Clara was beloved.

News of her death
made all the papers.

"A Tragic Spider Bite."

Most folks didn't believe it.
They told us without words.

The looks at church,
the invitations that dried up.

Theodus fled the condemnations
of Washington for Greenwood

to "build a new business,"
he said.

I begged my son
to take me back to New York,

but he had to save himself

before he could
save anyone else.

He escaped with his father.

I couldn't go home with nothin'

but a damaged reputation,
so I stayed in the house.

It felt like I spent months,
or was it years,

spinnin' to keep the devil
out my mind,

but the devil
was up there, anyway,

kicking up a fuss.

Sabine is the only one
who stayed with me.

The other servants left.
My men stayed away.

Cornelius was grieving,
Theodus was embarrassed.

He thought I'd found
the madness I was seeking.

I know he found himself
a new woman.

I looked deeper into my past.

I thought the ancestors
were telling me to weave.

I know now they were tryin'
to tell me something else.

Sorry to drop in on you like
this, Mama.

We won't stay long.

Josephine's mother's
waiting for us

back at the Whitelaw Hotel.

We'll have some lemonade,
please, Sabine.

- Yes, ma'am.
- Thank you.

You look well, Cornelius.

Like your father's
new woman been

takin' good care of you both.

Negro Wall Street
is just thrivin'.

There's lots of work down there
for the father-son law practice.

That's how Cornelius and I met.

And what are you
to each other now, exactly?

I see you've moved
your spinnin' wheel, Mama.

Keepin' yourself busy?

I asked you a question.

Look, uh,
there's no... no easy way to...

Josephine and I
got married last month.

No, not married?!

You got married?

Without telling your mother?

Cornelius was the key.
He was the salvation I needed.

It would have been

cleaner if he'd come alone.

Cleaner, but still tragic.

I wanted you there,
but it all happened so fast.

We're expectin' a baby.

Sorry to do it this way,


That's why I came back

so you can meet my bride.

Sweet heaven, what is that?


No, you won't
do this to us again!

Racoons or ghosts, I don't care,

just leave us be!

Please, please just leave us be!


Excuse me.





Cornelius is sorry.

He doesn't know
what he doesn't know.


We should take your mama
back to Tulsa with us.

This would drive anyone crazy.

I'll go tell her.

Did you do this?

No. No.

Well, how'd it get there?

- Oh, Cornelius.
- What are you two whispering

about up here?

- No, Cornelius, just...
- Cornelius, Cornelius.

Are these...



What's been going on
in this house?

It ain't my place
to tell you!

You got to remember!

Want to remember!

It ain't fair that
you don't know, either!

You not knowing
ain't no kind of excuse,

not when it comes to tradition.

You shouldn't
have been married first.



- No!
- Cornelius!

Oh, my God, no!

No, not Josephine!

This house never been haunted.

There's something else here.

A monster.

Where are you?

Come out and face me!

What are you?

The firstborn
and the twice punished...

your sister.

I've been here this whole time,

waiting for
my mama to claim me.

The first wedding's my right,
not yours, little brother.

A bride for me
before a bride for you.

My sister?

No, not my son!
Don't hurt my son!

This is because of you, Mama?
All of this?!

I've been cursed!

This house is crazy!

This ain't even
the whole cost.


I need to remember.

Lord, protect her.

God, please save her.

What is it?

What's wrong with my baby?

Is he okay, is he breathin'?

Is he...

Get rid of it.

Get rid of it.
Theodus can't know.

There's another baby comin'!

Bury it!


The whole world
forces colored women

to do terrible things.

Sometimes we force ourselves
to forget.

It's the least we deserve.

It's not just you.

Mr. Du Bois would like to know
just how many holes

his Talented Tenth been
putting in their backyard.

Difference being,
your hole is empty

and what come out
been livin' alongside you,

knowing what it was denied.

It's got a right to be rageful.

I knew exactly
what I had to do.

You've been wanting my attention
since the moment you were born.

All your crying and...

scratchin' and killin'.

It's mothering you want...

then I'm here to give it.

So, come on out.

I need to tell you a story.

It's not just men who hunger,

who want,

who leave a place to make
something of themselves.

Women want just as much.

The world lets us down
just as hard.


Listen here.
Be still.

I'm so, so sorry.

I'm so sorry you've never
felt your mama's touch...

Until now.

She said I had to
split the skin

and dig!

Dig until...

I freed you.

They teach us to hate

Our skin first,
and then to hate each other.

You have always been there.

My sweet baby girl.

We create the monsters
they force us to become,

and when they come for us,

I will burn with you,
my firstborn.

Well, theoretically,
one might classify

almost any religion as a cult.

What I'm saying is,
just as relationships

can go wrong,
so can organizations.

The line between
a religion and a cult

is as amorphous
as the line between

mud and water.

My religion is your cult
if you don't believe

in my God or my customs.

- A cult has...
- See, I told you.

You said my grandmama
is in a cult.

On TV, while I was watching
at her house.

But you know what?

I think it is

kinda... kinda sexy
CNN called you, though.

- Yeah, you like that?
- Yeah.

I like it a lot.

But I'm gonna need you

to learn one word
before you go national.

What's that?


As in, if anyone asks you
if Christianity...

is a cult,

what is your answer?

It is a lot more
than just yes or no.

Oh, is it?

- Yeah.
- No.

No, come... okay,
think about it.

- No.
- Think about it!

- I don't want to.
- Think about it, okay,

what if that's the hook?

At what point
does religion become a cult

or a cult, religion?

What are the lines of

when things become toxic,

When the sermons are about
racism or homophobia?

Dr. Berry, are you saying
here on national TV

that Christianity
is indeed a cult?


Oh, yeah.

Say it again.

I'm not saying that
any major religion...

- Ooh!
- is a cult, I'm only saying...

- Shh, stop talking,
- if you...


Stop talking.

You had me at "no."

- Yeah.
- Yeah, you did.

Where are you headed
so early?

Is this that
little place on Hardy?

The Church of the Redeemer

wasn't bringin' them crowds.

And you are going, why?


been listenin' to this podcast
from this pastor,

Reverend Pike.

It's, uh, classic
cult language patterns, y'know.

Research the only thing
gonna get me up

this early on a Sunday.

Another case study.

Thought I had
Sundays off, boss.

Davesh and I were attacked.

Wha... when?

What happened?

Last night,
somebody tried to run us down.

And, Charlotte,
his face was red.


Are you... are you good?

It was pretty close.

Too close.

What about D?

Only a scraped arm,
thank God.

my heart is still racing.

'Kay, where did this happen?

Was this near your house?

No, it was
Little Five Points

near D's new office.

Another flag for your map.

All the attackers
had red faces,

but the locations...

there's no clear pattern yet,

but most of the victims

have some kind of connection
to hospitals

or... or medicine or...

Thin, but Charlotte,

I've started to believe you
more than I trust the police.

"Maybe somebody was
having a bad night," he said.

I mean, what the hell?

I'm gonna file my story today,

maybe help the cops
put together the pieces.

And Jaya,

you and Davesh
did not deserve this.

Nobody does.

- What happened?
- Some asshole almost

- ran over Jaya and Davesh.
- What?

They're okay, it's just...

This world.

- I know.
- Come here.


- I'm sorry, babe.
- Okay.

Damnation is...

Is this that Third Way guy?


Not just loons

are paying attention...
now our neighbors attend,

or they used to.

He gave 'em the flyer
a couple months back.

No, Mr. Franic did not.

Oh, yes, Mr. Franic did.

So, I figured I'd better
check it out for myself,

I mean,
if these guys are listening

to that
megalomaniacal bullshit...

You never know people,
do you?

You sure don't.

I gotta run.

Babe, uh,
why don't you drive?

It's gettin' kinda weird
out there, so...

Sure. Why get sweaty?

Got my exercise
last night in the tub.


I'm on deadline.
Help me out here.

I'm not in a position
to comment at this time.

Come on, Detective,
you have to give me something.

You won't stop hassling me,
will you?

We've seen a surge in
reports of suspicious activity

and incidents of assault
have increased

with victims reporting
their attackers

wearing red face paint,

but they're random,
no concrete connection.

That's nothing
I don't already know.

Listen, I know
this is personal for you,

but that's all I've got.

Pike, Pike, Pike, Pike,
Pike, Pike, Pike, Pike, Pike!

Pike, Pike, Pike!

Babe, they're called brakes!

Of course, of course.


Oh, listen, uh, before I forget,

the booker wants to know
if you can do CNN

Tuesday instead of Wednesday?

But I thought
you have class, right?

Babe, what should I tell CNN?




It's Tylenol.

Do you have a headache?


I'll do it.
I'll do it.


Damnation is in the faces

of the unbelievers,

the outsiders,

the intruders.

Their false prophets

drive us into flames,
and why?

Because we are
dazzled by the spell...


Who's there?!

Fuck around and find out!



Key got stuck.

Where were you?


At 3:00 in the morning?

I'm gonna clean up.

I think you should
come with me to Third Way.

To see him.

To open your eyes
and really see.

You're going again?



This isn't you.



- Baby.
- Ideas. These lies...

- Talk to me.
- Destroy our bodies

and our souls.

There is a Third Way.


I'll go.

Thank you.

What's this?

I want you to... to read

just a paragraph from this.

From anywhere.

Just a line.

I just wanna hear you
read it, 'kay?

And if you can do that for me,

I'll go to church with you.

Any one.

Why would I?

- It's old.
- You can't.

You can't read it, can you?
And if you can't admit it to me,

will you at least
admit it to yourself?

admit why you quit your job!

Why you don't drive anymore,

why you canceled the interview

that you have been
chasing down for months.


something is wrong.

That... that... that job,
it was...

it was, uh, a tric... it was...

It was... it was dumb!


Do you hear yourself?!


You have to go to the doctor.

You told me

that you would
go with me to church!

You lied.

- You tricked me.
- No!


That was mean.

The false prophets tell you

they know the world,

but it is their poison

killing the world.

No, Davesh, it's not getting
any better, it's getting worse.

Give me an example.

He can't read at all.

I'm sure if it now...
it's not my imagination.

He's scared to death,
but he will not admit it.

Can you bring him in today?

He won't.
He's obsessed with this preacher

who's always
talking shit about science,

and that is what
he's hiding behind

so that he doesn't
have to face it.

This is not like him at all.

We talked
about a 72-hour hold.

Wha... against his will?

I can't do that to him.
He would never forgive me.

Besides, he's out late,
and I don't think

that he's
ever tried to hurt himself.

And no evidence of drug use?

No, no, no, no, no,
it's not that,


Davesh, I'll call you back.

Slow down.
Now tell me again what you saw.

A woman
with her face painted red,

lurking behind a tree,
staring at our neighbor's house,

but now she's gone.

Did you see anything else,
anything we can use?

We've been getting these reports

but haven't been
able to confirm anything.

I miss you.

I'm right here.


You're not.

It's not you.

It's not you anymore.

It is me.

The real me.

I'm free.


my big brain
was getting in the way,

so I couldn't...


But I can now. Ha.

Thanks to Pike's church.

Love is my church,


And if I lose you,

I'm not gonna find you in some

little building down the street.

Pike is taking advantage...




You have to believe.


It's all that'll save you.

It's all that'll save any of us.


I think I wanna
be alone right now.


Classic cult phenomena,
reminiscent of Jim Jones.

Now he's looking right at me.

"In his eyes"?

"Can't see"?


Babe, listen to me.

You have had
some kind of an event,

maybe a s-stroke.

You see?
And we can tell exactly

when it happened at the church.

The first day... do you remember?

- It takes courage...
- See?


you have to go to the doctor.

Do you understand?

- It takes courage...
- Can you hear me?


If you love me,
you will do this for me.


Do you remember the promise

that you made to
take care of yourself, right?

And to trust that I love you


to listen.


I trust you.


Baby, do what I am asking.

But Pike says we can't go.

Just forget about
the lunatic

for just a moment, okay?

The people who follow him
are crazy, and we...

Don't talk about me like that!

Don't talk about him

- like that!
- Arthur, no!

You are not a believer!

Don't sit in the darkness

and pretend that it's sunshine.

Lies to the self...

they're the worst of all!

These prophets
in their white coats,

they want you to
be afraid of the truth!

He is the truth!

Come to the feast!





We heard shouting.

Is he all right?

Are you?

I'm fine.

I'm fine,
he just had an episode.

What does his doctor say?

He won't go.

The Third Way.

We knew Pike before

when that church
was the Redeemer.

Lovely man, but, uh...

he's different now.

His ideas,
they are dangerous,

a poison in the mind.


When did he change?

About a year ago.

He had an accident, auto.

When he came out of his coma,
he spoke of a Third Way,

visions and fools in white coats

who pollute our bodies.

Like me, yes?

I was a pharmacist.

The things he says, his church,

it's just not for us.

So now we are...


We really shouldn't say more.

My kapustnica's on the stove.
I need to pick up some onions.

Thank you.

- I'm going to store.
- Bye.

- Love you.
- Love you, too.

I don't know
what to say to him.

I can't...

I can't get
inside his head, like,

I can't see what he's
seeing or what he's thinking.

You know,
my grandmother had Alzheimer's

and the best way
to convince them

is to enter
their world with them.

Let them believe that
you know them.

Understand them.

You mean like go to that
stupid church with him?

Maybe just go in for once?

I mean, Reverend Pike
has to be fulfilling

some needs of Arthur's...
why won't he lean on you?

I think he's going there now.

All right,
I gotta go follow him.

This is my chance.
I'll call you back.

Oh, Xander!

Distorted fairy tale
called the Bible

speaks of good,
and it speaks of evil,

but there is a Third Way...

that is the right way.

Despite the labels that others
will use, when your friends

and your neighbors need you,
where will you be?

Right here!

Yes, when the demons descend
to steal what you got,

where will you be?

Right here!

When the doctors
and scientists create diseases

to kill your children,
and steal your bank account

to cure the diseases that they
have created, where will you be?

- Right here!
- Who am I?

- The way!
- Who am I?

- The bringer!
- Who am I?

- A murderer!
- Ahhhh!

- Stop her!
- Grab her... now!


You... you... ou...

Come... come... come...

Drink... drink... drink...


Feast on the unholy.




Come here, come here,
shh, shh, come here.

Come... Come here.

Come on, we gotta let
Mommy see you.

Mom snores real loud.

Don't let Mommy
hear you say that.

Stay close to me, bud.

Can I press
the button this time?

Yeah, go ahead and do it.

I'm impressed
that he asked first.

What's wrong
with that man's legs?

He can't walk or something?

So much for good manners.

- I'm sorry.
- Aw, it's okay, it's okay.

I can walk.
I just need a little help.

I can even walk on my hands,
just not for very long.

I remember when my
daughter was that small.

Felt like I was back
around the fire.

What fire?

The first fire.
I'm talking caveman times.

My girl was born,
and I knew immediately,

my job was to protect her.

Becoming a father,
it pulls you back

when we were living
in the wilderness,

gathered 'round the fire,
surrounded by the night.

I know how I sound.

You were put here
to protect him.

Don't turn your head
for a minute.

Wow. That
man was not reassuring.

You've been doing
such a good job lately.

I don't know why that old man
is always trying to lecture me.

We're going to be fine,
babe, I believe in you.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!
No, no, no, no, no.

You almost stepped
on a land mine.

Good thing you were there.

Let me down please,
I'll avoid the landmine.

Okay, okay.

I'll see you boys in a minute.
Can you go

- and get me some fruit?
- Yeah.

And if they have kiwi,
can you get us two?

- Okay.
- Perfect, bye.


- Should we get some kiwi?
- Yeah. Bye.

Come on, let's find
some fruit for Mommy.

Oh, wow,
you see the dragon and stuff?

Oh yeah, I think it might
be the Chinese festival.

- Yeah?
- It looks like it.

I want to go to the Chinese
festival... oh, snap, come here.

Dig in the box. Come on,
let's get some fruit.

Come on, you got it?
Come on, I got it.

What fruit can we get?
Make sure we get some kiwi.

- Oh, yeah.
- Give me that right there.

I'll hold on to that.
I'll get the fruit and stuff.

Hey, James!

James! James!

Hey, I got you.

I got you.

You're okay, you're okay,
you're okay.

- Is everything okay?
- Yeah, yeah, we're good.

We're good, we're good,
we're good.

- Are you sure?
- I'm just not gonna

put you down.

I'm not gonna put you down 'til
we get home, okay, all right?

We're good, I got you, okay?
I'm never gonna lose you.

Hey, how you doing?

That just don't
make no damn sense.

She's in graduate school,
my daughter.

She's going to be a biochemist.

You don't sound too
happy about that.

Well, I'm proud of her,
of course, but we don't talk.

I find out about her life
through Facebook.

Why doesn't your
daughter talk to you?

What if I told you
I don't know?

I'm sorry,
that just sounds kind of weak.

You've been a daddy,
what, a couple years?

Try keeping it up for 10, 20.

You start off a good man,

but there's so many ways
it can go bad.

You can't go back
to your old self.

All right, no peeking.

- I'm not peeking!
- I feel like you are.

A little further,
yeah, yeah, no peeking.

Okay, open 'em up.


Pfff, pfff, pff!

- Whoa.
- Mm-hmm.

- This is...
- Yeah.



- You like it?
- Yes.


James, my boy, listen,
you're the light

of our lives,
joy of our days, man.

You got to start sleeping
in your own bed, okay?

Because you're killing us,
all right?

Don't tell him that!

I'm joking,
but you know I'm not joking.

Go ahead, lay down,
check it out... check it out,

this is yours.

Is... this a dog bed?

It was on a clearance
sale at a pet shop.

- It... it's not used.
- I hope not.

Come on,
I got everything taken care of.

I feel like I'm in outer
space, the final frontier.

We're coming in.

Wow, I really
didn't expect this.

You see, at night, all of this
will glow in the dark for him.


- Yeah.
- That's amazing.

I did good?

You did great.

Come outside.

Are you sure about this?
You had him all day.

You haven't had a night
out, what, in four years?

Yeah, I'm sure.

I'm just going to go
have wine with my sister.

Can I have some?

No, baby boy,
you just got to stick to milk.


I think you guys
will be all right.

You know I don't
really trust Dad.

Don't you think this would
be easier with a real knife?

I think so.

There we go, aw, there we go,
that big 'ol noggin.

Running down on the end,
you see the kite?

- You ever flown a kite before?
- Mm-mm.

No? We gotta get you to
fly a kite, it's amazing.

Come outside!

Come outside.

Come outside.

Morning, junior,
how'd you sleep?

Hopefully better
than your old man, right?

- Come outside.
- Okay, yeah, we'll go out,

let's have some breakfast first,

♪ Come outside ♪

Why do you keep saying that?

The man at the window
said that,

"Come outside."

Real talk.

Did anyone even read the story?

Keisha, can you let your
fellow classmates know

what the story's about?

It's about a man on a ship
coming to New York from Europe.

World War II just finished,
he's Jewish and he never wants

to go back to Europe because
they did his people dirty.

He wants to start a new
life in America,

so he takes a boat to NYC.

The trip is almost over,
but while he's on deck

looking for the Statue of
Liberty, he meets someone,

but it's not a person,
not exactly, it's a demon.

Do you remember
what happens next?

They fight, right there,
they wrestle.

That's right, Keisha,
but it's not a demon

that he's fighting, it's, uh...

So you're really
gonna sleep in here?

I'm just gonna stay
until he goes down.

I feel like an astronaut
in here... can I be one, Mommy?

Of course you can.

Here I am thinking
I was gonna have

a hard time with separation.

You really stayed
in here the whole night?

Didn't mean to.

Be quiet.

Excuse me?

Be quiet!

You can't be talking
to your daddy like that,

and I know you're not
talking to me like that.

He's listening.

- What is this boy saying?
- I don't... I don't know.

Be quiet, he's listening.

Who's listening?

The man at the window said
that... he said it all night.

What? Who did you see?
What man outside your window?

Were you out on the fire
escape peeking

in my son's window?

I'm gonna say this
as clear as I can.

You're messing
with the wrong one.

You sure I'm the one
you should be warning?

You remember telling me I was
sent here to protect my child?

I do.

I would die for my son.

I will kill for my son.

is that clear enough?

You know, in most families,
the danger doesn't come

from some stranger,
the danger comes from

someone you already know,
someone you love.

Are you talking bad
about my wife, huh?

Try me one more time, come near
my family one more time,

and I'm gonna show you exactly
what kind of man I can be.

Well, I warned him.

I warned him.

What's going on with you?

You know, I never even
knew my father's name.

This boy knows your touch,

the sound of your voice.

He knows your name.


Yeah, that's my name.



He's gone.

James. James.

James, where are you?

Mr. Hoffman,
you said it wasn't a demon

the man in the story
was fighting,

but you didn't say
what it was.

The term is doppelganger.

A German writer
came up with it in 1796,

but the idea is much older.

it's your double,

a version of you that's
almost exactly the same.


On the outside
it looks like you,

but on the inside it's worse.

So, the man on the ship
was fighting himself?

A version of himself, yes,

and only one
was going to survive.

Good night?

Real good.

You with me?

There's no place
I'd rather be.

Good... because...

I need you
to take out the trash now.

What you looking at, old man?

Do I know you?

I thought so,
but I guess I was wrong.


No, you have places, agh.


Clean up on aisle five.

The man at the window.

You can call me Daddy now.


Babe, wait up!

Shanita, wait up!

Come on,
Marcus catch up, it's hot!

I know it's hot.

I'm trying to get done,
my feet hurt.

Your feet always hurt,
all right,


if I'm not mistaken...

that's the last one right there.

- Oh, hell no.
- What?

This house is suspect
as fuck, Marcus.

See, there you go making
value judgments again.

Yeah, I value my life.

Back when I was in Afghanis...

yes, the whole squad

followed your instincts,
heard that.

Because I was
always right, Marcus.

Yeah, oh, that I know too,
but guess what,

you're not in Afghanistan.

Look, we're out here canvassing
for a Black candidate

that can actually win a seat
in the senate, in West Virginia.

Hey, I'm telling you
things have changed.

Yeah, okay,
things have changed,

we've been out here
all afternoon.

The only other people we've
spoken to... other canvassers.

What does that tell you, Marcus?

That everybody at work?

All right, go ahead Obama,
knock, go ahead.

Wait a minute.

Get my mace.

Woman, come on.



didn't I tell you not to

answer the door?
I'm trying to sleep.

With the TV on?!

Are you sassing me?

- What do you want?
- Okay, all right, all right.

Hi, my very sweet wife and I are
campaigning for Sarah Carson,

and we just want to know if you
know who your mom is voting for?

They want to know
who you're voting for.

Tell 'em I'm voting
for the nigger.

See? See?

I'm not gonna say it Marcus.

- Thank you.
- You already know.

You already know,
you already know...

- Hey.
- What's up?

Welcome back.

Y'all have more luck than us?

- Let's see, one.
- We met zero.

I grew up about an hour
and a half from this

place and I ain't
never heard of it.

It's a waste of time,
it's a damn ghost town.

Has anybody seen a bathroom?

The bathroom's
in the post office.

All right,
see you in a minute.

I ain't had service
since I drove in.

I can barely get
the campaign app to work.

Y'all ain't from
West Virginia, are ya?

All the mountains
and hollers around here,

cell service can be spotty.

This whole town, man,
I don't know what's going on...

Shanita: Marcus!


Nita! Nita!

Babe, what's wrong,
you okay, what happened?

- Oh my God!
- I didn't even see that

when I came in here earlier.

Why's it there?

It's a sundown town.

Jesus, guys, it's not that
big a deal, it's the past.

Yeah, maybe not to you.

Dude, I'm out here
campaigning for a Black

candidate, man,
things have changed.

That was all
a really long time ago.

Clearly not.

Babe, let's get out of here,
excuse us.

That was awkward.

You gotta take me home.

Oh, I'm taking you home.

You gotta be kidding me.

Marcus, if you don't get me
out of this nightmare...

Babe, I got it... hey,
said I got it, I got it.

I said I got it.

Seriously, dude?

Did you do this... what
is wrong with you?

Excuse me?

Why would you flatten our
tires, I am calling the police.

You better back up,
Abercrombie and Bitch.

Hey, hey, hey, come on now!

There's no way that he did this.

They were only out here
for a few minutes,

and their tires are flat too.

It's getting late,
what are we gonna do?

Ain't nothing
for miles around here.

Post Office might
have a landline,

- I'll go check it out.
- I'll go with you.

We'll figure it out.
We'll figure it out.

Honestly, I cannot think
right now, can you stop?

No, I cannot stop.

God damn, no spare tires.

- What's going on?
- Nothing.

I checked everywhere.

- No phone?
- No phone.

Y'all hear that?

What is it?

That is weird.

Sounds like a violin.

Oh, hell no, hell no,
no, no, Marcus.

Welcome to Evantide.

I'm Constantine Erebus.

I'm the mayor of this
beautiful little town.

You must be the canvassers,
all right, you see,

the campaign told me
you were coming.

We were canvassing earlier,
but no one was home.

Oh yeah, you see, our hours
are a little different.

You know, someone
flattened all our tires.

What, flattened your tires?

Who would do such a thing?

Oh... well, I promise y'all,

we're going to help
you with them tires.

You know what,
you're all pretty lucky

because you came on the night
of the moonlight festival.

It's gonna be a lot of food.
I hope y'all are hungry.

So please...

Follow me.

We're not following him,

We're not following him, right?

You're just followin' him?

- Hey...
- Y-y'all gonna foll...

- What are you...
- Babe, look...

Oh, man, I just want
some mashed potatoes...

I ain't never seen
this kind of weird white

shit either, but...

Let me tell you something,
he got a fiddle.

Not me... not your girl.

Hey, hey, hey,
I know it's weird,

but he did say he could
help us with the tires

and we definitely need
help with the tires.

- You need to come on.
- All right, Marcus.

Come on.

about this is weird,

I just want you to know that.

Yeah, I noticed, it's weird,
you got that right.

Ah, welcome!

Ha ha ha ha!

It's that girl.

Dinner's gonna be
served in a bit

so in the meantime,
just enjoy our hospitality.

Hey man,
what's up with the sign?

Excuse me?

The sign in the Post Office
telling Black folks

to get out before sundown?

Wait... wait, Sammy, Sammy!


Hey, hey, Mr. Arabus.

Sammy, our friends here,
they say they saw a troubling

sign in the post office, I mean,
I thought we took 'em all down?

Hmm, I thought we took
them down too, but, uh,

I'll get on it right away, sorry
about that Mr. Arabus, sorry.

This town used to
have signs like that

hung up in various places,
but that's in the past now.

Yeah, thank God,
and when we moved here,

I made sure all those signs
were taken down, but, you see,

because of the way we live,
pranksters they come in during

the day and they cause
all kinds of mischief.

What do you mean
"because of the way you live?"

The campaign didn't tell you?

I told them we were
a little different out here,

so to speak.

Yeah, you see,
Evantide is an old

abandoned coal mining town,
but years ago, I rebuilt it

as a sanctuary for people

looking for a new way of life,

An escape from the rat race,
so to speak.

Well, things are a little
different out here.

You see, we operate at night
and we're trying to build

a new society, but then again,
Evantide is not for everybody,

but we all would love
if you became a part of it.

- Hell no.
- Uhh...

What she means is that we
really appreciate the invite,

but, uh, I think we have to
be getting back to Chicago.

Well, dinner is about to
be served soon,

so at least can you be
our guests of honor?

Just one second.

We need to get out of here now.

I know we need to get
out of here, but how,

the tires are slashed...

I'm not eating these white
peoples' food, I'll tell you...

Well, we know we're not eating
these white peoples' food, okay.

You've got ten minutes,

you'd better get me out of here.

Be cool and sit down.

Sit down.

- I hate that goddamn fiddle.
- Okay.


Dinner is served.

Who would like to do the honor?

- Come on.
- Mm-mm.

I'll give it a go!

My daddy taught me how to
slice up a pig real good.

Thank you.

Wow, this thing's old.


A lot sharper than I thought.


Get her a bandage.

Ellie, manners, please.


- Oh my God! Oh my God!
- Ahhh!

Go, go, go, go!

Go, get 'em!

But don't eat your dark meat!

Gonna save that for later.

This way!


Oh my God, oh my God, oh my
God, what are we gonna do?!

Oh my God.

Get to the woods.


Ahh, oh my God!

- You better back up, bitch!
- Ah!

AHH! Ahhhh!


Oh, no, no, no, no, no.

Go, go, Shanita, go.



Get off of me,
you get off of me!

- Oh, oh!
- Shhhh, shhhh, relax!

Where are we?


Those people had...

Vampires, yes, ma'am,

blood sucking vampires.

Oh my God, I think they
just killed my husband.

No, no, no, they haven't
killed your husband yet.

They ain't gonna eat
him 'til high moon.

High noon?

High moon... high moon,
it's like a blood moon and it's

a special time for Arabus,
he real weird like that.

It's like when the blood moon
gets to its highest peak,

that's when they feast
on they chosen sacrifice.

They was the one that was able
to send y'all to be here.

You mean me and Marcus?

Yes, you and Marcus,
y'all are like turkey

on Thanksgiving dinner,
and they love dark meat.

Why haven't they eaten you?
You're big and dark and meaty.

I've saved your
life and you come at

me with the fat jokes.

Big and dark.

God damn white people!

Look, look, wait,
wait, stop, I can't

talk with these damn
things in my mouth.

Ah, ah.

I am not gonna hurt you,
all right?

I'm like a vegan
in the vampire world,

I eat birds
and squirrels and shit.

You eat birds
and squirrels and shit?

I eat lots of birds
and squirrels and shit.

Man, look,
when these crazy ass vampires

came to town,
I thought they was a crazy cult.

Then one of them
motherfuckers bit me,

man, and then they turned me so
fast they wasn't able to eat me,

and Arabus was pissed,
he was pissed.

Didn't you see my signs
in the post office?

- That was you?
- Yeah, that was me.

They took 'em down
a few years ago

when he was so-called
"rebuilding," but I put

'em back up so I can save
other people from getting ate.

Why don't you just leave?

I tried to leave,
but every time I leave,

Arabus always drags me back.

Oh, my God.

So you're a slave,
you're a slave...

First of all,
I ain't no slave,

I'm enslaved,
there's a difference.

And that ain' me, anyway.

What's up with that fiddle,
the Goddamn fiddle.

Man, that's just a power kick,
man, I mean,

Arabus used that to show
off that he in charge,

it's like a school bell,
I hate that damn thing.

Fuck, me too.

All right, we can't stay here,
we gotta go 'cause when they get

done with their feast,
they comin' after us.

Now, I can't escape 'cause
I can't run during the day,

but you should be all right.

And you're
sure Marcus is alive?

Yes, ma'am,
he's at the town center

and they're waiting to eat him.

Let's go.

Are you crazy?!

I am not leaving my man.

I figured they'd have guns,
but this is the jackpot.

Well, I'll let you know,
guns can't kill us,

but they can slow us down.

That's all I need.

You know how
to use these things?

Two tours in Afghanistan.
I'd better.

Look, you just point
and squeeze.

Point and squeeze,
point and squeeze.

All right,

let's Buffy the fuck up.


Hey, y'all!

Behind you!

Oh, yeah!

Go girl!


Nita. Nita,
wake up.

Oh, you have no idea
how happy I am to see you.

God damn it, your breath
fucking stinks, just kill me.

Oh, draining you will
be such a delight.


tonight, many were lost

so we have to redouble

our efforts to grow
my beautiful family,

but we also added
to our numbers,

and we...




You better back the fuck up,
I don't care how young

you are,
I will take your racist ass.

You okay, baby?


Now, where were we?


What you doing?

Nita... Nita!


You Black bitch.


Who's the bitch now?

You stinking mouth
fake Bram Stoker

white Dracula!

I was about to have
a date night with Marcus!


Who wants some?

Don't leave us here, please!


Please help us!

We can't leave him here.


I ain't gonna say it,

Nah, you earned that one.

I told you so!