Horror Island (1941) - full transcript

Down-on-his luck entrepreneur Bill Martin and sidekick Stuff Oliver try to stay one step in front of creditors in their seedy waterfront office when they meet "The Captain," an idiosyncratic peg-legged old sailor. The Captain is convinced that the treasure of pirate Sir Henry Morgan is hidden somewhere in a castle on an offshore island recently inherited by Martin. His proof is a treasure map, half of which has been stolen by a mysterious Phantom who lurks in the shadows waiting for an opportunity to steal the other half. Sensing a moneymaking opportunity, Bill tries to recruit customers willing to pay $50 apiece for a "treasure hunt" outing to the "haunted" island. Among those signing up are heiress Wendy Creighton and her bored, ineffectual boy friend, a dimwitted police sergeant, a professor whose expertise is old maps, a wanted murderer and his moll, and Bill's cousin George, who has recently offered $20,000 to buy the supposedly worthless island. They all get more than the few goosebumps they bargained for as death and the Phantom await them in the ghostly castle.

- That's my job, trying the doors.
- So it is, my friend, so it is.

Who want bring a sailor
out on a night like this?

A buried treasure, my
friend, a buried treasure.

I think you've had a nip too much,
you better run along now and let...

- the night air sober you up.
- Drunk I am not but that's an idea.

Do you know where a Mr. Bill Martin might be?

Well, you might try pier 5,
he's usually down there with his...

pal and their boat, the Skiddoo.

I have some news for him,
rare and interesting news.

I got it.

If I could only figure out some way
so that they didn't have to sew him up.

It's worth a million dollars, condensed
stuffing for Christmas turkeys.

- Well, they can beer, don't they?
- Yeah, they can beer.

Oh, why don't we give this whole business up
and get ourselves jobs like other people?

Oh, now Stuff, you don't want to
spoil a beautiful record, do you?

Two thirds of my class have
been out of work since I left Princeton.

Do you mind if I get
a job? I didn't go to college.

Oh Stuff, you're not losing confidence
in the old Bill Martin system, are you?

- How can it miss?
- How can it miss?

Remember all of your other
ideas? They couldn't miss either.

Sometimes you have to have
Patience, you have to wait.

Wait? Yeah.

While we're waiting around, will you tell me
how 8 bucks is going to take care of these?

Here, back rent on the store,
three months' payments on this boat.

There's only one thing to do.

File them with the rest of our bills.

- Help, help...
- That must be one of our creditors.


Stuff, grab a wrench.

- Hey you, stop right there.
- I don't know, this thing ain't loaded.

- Pull me up, pull me up.
- There he is.

Catch hold, attaboy.

There you go.

- Fine, take it easy.
- My leg, my leg, my leg, my leg.

- Take it easy.
- Look, his leg is gone.

- I'll fix a tourniquet.
- Yeah, sure.

Is there, there she blows, aport the rim.

Look, it's a wooden leg.

Haul her in, smack her out,
step lively before she score herself.

- Hey, go quick before she drifts off to sea.
- He'll get it.

I'm a hero.

I would rather lose my
good one than that one, eh?

Solid mahogany, I carve
it myself out of an old piano.

Very musical, every
time someone play the spring song...

it gets a touch of sciatica or rheumatism.

- He got it all right.
- Who got what?

- The phantom.
- Eh?

Hey, you are not in
cahoots with this phantom, eh?

We've been cahoots with a lot of people
but never any phantom, who is he?

How you know is a phantom?
All phantom look alike to me.

So, a phantom hits you over the head...

took all your money and threw
your leg into the harbor, eh?

Yeah, he didn't get my money, only got
half the map, I was too smart for him.

They must read a lot
of fiction on ship board.

The half he got was in here,
but I'm telling where the other half is.

Not till I see that fellow,
what's his name? Bill Martin.

Bill Martin?

Well, he's got a shop right...

Oh, oh that's him.

You? You are Bill Martin?
The laddie what own the Morgan island, eh?


Then I'll have big business
deal to chew over with you.

That is if you want to cut
in on half of the 20 million?

- 20 million?
- Do you mean in cash?

In gold and jewels.
20 million, I am telling you.

Hey, we better get him
out of here, he's out of his head.

Spanish gold with pieces of eight,
and royal jewels, I'm telling you.

And there we was,
for fishing off of the Bahamas.

We was wrestling on our oars when up
pops the cask, right under our bows.

Well, there was nothing
for me to do, so I pull him in.

Must've been drifting for 200 years.

200 years, I am telling you.
It was all covered with barnacles.

I rip him open and what you think I find, eh?

- Oh, now don't tell me a mermaid?
- No, no, no mermaid, not this time.

Give me my leg, you'll be surprised.

This map, the half that
the phantom did not get.

Now tell me laddie, do we be partners, eh?

Wait a minute, let's take a look at it.

- Now, where did he go?
- You got me.

- What you do? Let him get away?
- I'm sorry skipper, I did my best.

If I would've had two good
legs, I would catch him myself.


- Are you looking for somebody?
- Why, yes.

- I'm looking for William Martin.
- You mean Bill Martin?

- Yes.
- Well, he's...

He, he's out of town for a few weeks.
Can I give him a message for you?

No, this is something personal.

- Thanks just the same.
- Oh, it's all right.

- You, you are not Bill Martin?
- Yeah, what's the idea?

Hey listen Stuff,
how many times do I've to tell you?

When anybody looks for me, I'm not here. That
guy is a Bill collector if I ever saw one.

After we get the 20 million, you won't
have no bills bothering you no more.

But you should not have let
the phantom get away from you.

We might need the other half of that map.

Listen, next time you chase
your own phantoms, come on.

20 million dollars, maps,
gold, deserted islands, castles...

Hey, look.

- He's come back, the phantom.
- Well, he won't get away this time.

I am coming laddie.

- Hold it there a second Bill.
- I got him.

- Get a hold of him Bill.
- Hold him laddie.

Let me out of this.

- Hey, this isn't any phantom.
- You know this one?

Sure, it's my cousin George.
George, wake up, wake up.

I'll wake him up.

- Thanks for waking him up.
- Well, I just...

You always give you
relatives this kind of a welcome?

George, if I'd known you were
coming, I couldn't have done any better.

Yeah, well I'm not exactly
glad to see you either.

- This isn't a social call.
- No? Then what do you want?

I want to get dry.

Cousin or no cousin, he
was after Morgan's map.

Who? Him?

No, he doesn't collect
maps, he collects etchings.

I hear you haven't been
doing so well lately Bill.


Well, thought I might help you out.


- Yeah, tell me, have you been...
- Excuse me.

Have you sold the old Morgan island yet?

No, it's about the only thing in
grandfather's will that I couldn't hawk.

Well, thought I might take if off your hands.

That doesn't sound like
you George, come again.

Well, the truth of the matter is, I've
been thinking about fixing up the old castle.

You know, hideaway for weekends?

Well, you know, I've sort of
got attached to the old place.

I'll give you 20,000 dollars for it.

- 20 thou...
- 20...

Well, that does sound
reasonable enough George.

Coming from anybody else,
I might consider it.

Oh, what's the difference who it comes from??

Tell him you'll take it.

Don't do it laddie, he's after Morgan's gold.

Well, how about it?

Sorry George but I can't handle it.

I'll be back in a few days
to see if you've changed your mind.

- You're wasting your time.
- We'll see.

You just kicked 20,000 dollars
right in the teeth, are you nuts?

You are a man among
men laddie, when do we start?

- Start, start where?
- For the treasure, remember?

You know, I would not be surprised if he was
the phantom trying to get there ahead of us.

Maybe you're right skipper.

I can't understand this
sudden interest of cousin George.

20,000 crackers.

Let's get started,
the sooner the quicker, come.

Oh, wait a minute, you
haven't proved anything yet.

Prove? Here's this map.

What more do you want, eh?

- Look.
- How do we know that map is genuine?

Genuine? I will show you.

Well, there is a way to find out.

It's amazing, positively amazing.

- You mean that it's on the level?
- On the level?

- Oh, you mean authentic.
- Oh, what we want to know, is it real?

No, no, of course it's not authentic.

But it's one of the most skillfully
made imitations I've ever seen.

Imitation? What you talking about?
I fished that out of the ocean myself.

It was probably some tourist on
a boat indulging in a bit of whimsy.

Made the map and tossed it into the ocean.

What he know, that land lubber? I'm telling
you, that is the map of sir Henry Morgan.

That's strange, that's
exactly what the other man said.

What other man?

Who he was?

Gentlemen gentlemen, you overwhelm me,
I'm just looking up a reference for you.

Who he was and what do he want?

It was just the man with
the other half of the map.

What did he look like?

Oh, I couldn't say exactly. He was
very tall and somewhat foreign looking.

- What did you tell him?
- The same thing I told you.

- The map is unquestionably a fake.
- Fake.

I couldn't convince him of that either,
but then I'm accustomed to that.

So many people come in here
with worthless treasure maps.

You mean other people fall
for this buried treasure Stuff?

Why, literally hundreds.

- I got an idea, come on.
- Where you going?

- To make ourselves a fortune.
- Here we go again.

♪ 15 men on a dead
man's chest, yee-ho, yee-ho... ♪

♪ Pirates made him walk the
plank, yee-ho and a bottle of rum. ♪

Everything all set?

Well, I think I got
everything all set, let's see.

I got plaster skulls to put under the covers,
copper cords I found in the desk in store.

Spanish beads and
a dozen maps, positively fake.

Ain't he a cutie?

Yeah, he ought to
give the customers a thrill.

- Customers?
- That's a laugh.

The only customers
we've got is that one leg...

and he's gone over to the island on the cuff.

What's the matter? You losing
faith in my million dollar ideas?

I got more faith in
your 20,000 dollars cousin.

Wait till the customers get a load of this...

Treasure hunt, bookkeeper
finds fortune, why don't you?

Finders keepers, don't delay, call today.

Join our weekend
excursion to Morgan's island.

50 dollars per person, covers all expenses.

Buried Treasure Incorporated, 227
Front Street. Bill Martin, general manager.

- Well, how do you like it?
- Oh, it's all right.

But if you want get them ghosts installed
by Saturday, you better help me get...

this down to the boat so we can get started.

How do you do?

- I just want to inquire if...
- I'm sorry, he's not here.

Oh, haven't any idea
where he might be, have you?

- Yes, he went fishing.
- Oh, it's too bad.

Oh, what did you want to see him about?
Maybe I could tell him when he gets back.

Well, it's confidential government business.

- But we'll find him, sorry I troubled you.
- Oh, no trouble at all.

Say, sounds like income tax to me, you
never can tell what they're going to dig up.

I don't like the way he said, we'll find him.

Come on, make it
snappy, I got to get back here.

Oh, what we waiting for?

- What happened?
- Go back to sleep, I'll handle this.

Why don't you look where you're going lady?

- I thought so, a man driving.
- Well, you're not so hot yourself.

- Where's your driver's license?
- Where's yours?

- I don't suppose you're insured?
- Certainly not, I never touch the stuff.

Well, who's going to pay
for the damages to my car?

Damages? A little
paint scraped off, that's all.

- Besides, you were doing 60.
- 70, perhaps you'd like to see my lawyer?

Now, relax, my man here
will take care of everything.

Sure, all we have to do is unhook
these fenders, straighten this lamp out.

I think it'll be cheaper
if you let me have it fixed.

- It just dropped off.
- Where shall I send the bill?

Now, wait a minute,
how do you think it'll be?

Well, if you call your man off
right away, you might get by 200 dollars.

Listen, I don't want to buy this heap.

Perhaps you'd like to
settle this thing in court?

That's all right with me lady.

My card.

- Rhumba lessons, eh?
- Wrong one.

- Escorts and, you certainly get around.
- That's the wrong too.

Buried Treasure
Incorporated, 227 Front Street.

- Why, that's right...
- Right here.

Come on in the office,
we'll settle everything.

Hey Stuff, get unhooked there
and get over to the island.


Here, hold this, will you?
Somebody give me a hand here, will you?

- Say, that man, that fellow is dead.
- I only look dead, go away.

Well, that's mighty trim craft you got
here, eh? You mind if I check your compass?

Look, I take an aspirin, will you go away?

You know, I'm going to have
to speak to that assistant of mine...

- he's mislaid my checkbook again, then...
- Mister, who do you think you're kidding?

Well, I don't know
her name but she's kind of cute.

Skip it, I'm interested
in the damages to my car.

Well, could I mail you a check?

Yes, you could, if you put in
writing that you owe me the money.

It's as good as done, where is it go?

- Wendy Creighton, East End Yacht Club.
- Wendy Creighton?

Say, you're the girl that owns the Jamboree.

- I see you know your yacht registrations.
- Well, now look miss Creighton.

With all your dough, you're going
to let a couple of measly hundreds...

dollars stand in the way
of a beautiful friendship?

That's why we have our money,
we don't mix friendship with business.

Business? You know,
that puts a new light on the subject.

Why don't you get away?
Yachts, motorcars, boring social activities?

And take a trip to
Morgan's island, I suppose?

That's right, how you guess it?

Me on a phony trip like that?
No thank you, I've seen everything.

Come in, come in.

- Suppose we leave everything to mister...
- Thurman Coldwater is the name and...

if you want to leave
anything to me, I'll accept it.

Think of it, riches, ghosts.
A haunted castle on a deserted island.

- How is that sound to you?
- Positively boring.

You wouldn't deprive this poor girl of
an exciting adventure on Morgan's Island?

Listen, my impetuous young friend...

nothing ever deprives this young
lady of anything she sets her mind to.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm awfully tired.

You know, your high pressure doesn't
startle me either, it's still no sale.

Alright, I'll come clean.

I haven't got the money to pay you
now but I will have, after our first trip.

Oh, why didn't you say
that in the first place?

Well, after all I did
get your name and address.

But seriously, if you come with us...

and you say that it isn't
the most thrilling adventure that...

you ever had, I'll pay you double what I
owe you and if you don't, well, we're even.

Your powers of persuasion are overwhelming
but still going to cost you 200 dollars more.


Alright, now don't forget the
boat leaves Saturday at 2 o'clock, pier 5.

Here your tickets.

Still small voice tells me
I'm crazy but come Thurman.

In spite of what I've told you about the map,
you still believe there's treasure there?

Why not? You know nothing
about your pirate history?

Yes, I'll have to admit
that sir Henry Morgan and his...

men once used the island for a hideaway.

That they did and wherever
there is pirates, there is treasure.

- You know, I might enjoy that trip.
- Well, you only live once.

I'd have to sell my baby barns,
but after all, it is adventure, isn't it?

Why don't you in?

I think I will,

There's something fishy about
this, why should you want to go?

After your customers yell for their money
back, maybe I can persuade you to sell.

I'm sorry George...

but I'm afraid you'll have to wait until
I die before you get a hold of the castle.

I'll still be young enough
to enjoy it then, how much?

50 bucks, payable in advance.

How do you do?

You're going to be with us, I hope.

It's a nice day for a sail and you'll enjoy
it, I'm sure, just think of it. Ghosts...

- riches, thrills, a haunted castle on the...
- Yeah, yeah, I know. 100 bucks.

Yeah, that's right.

- Alright Stuff, get the bags.
- You bet.

Make ready to
shove off men, right this way, folks.

Just follow me please.

Right in here folks.

Hey, wait a minute. Hey, just a minute.

You happen to be Bill Martin?

- See me later bud, I'm busy.
- Just a minute bub, hold on just a minute.

My name is Mcgoon, I'm private investigator
for the Merchants Protective Association.

We don't want anything today.

You're guilty of false
and misleading advertising.

- Eh?
- Your ad says that you got ghosts.

Yes and they all got union cards.

But the Merchants Protective
Association don't believe in ghosts.

Skeptics, eh?

I got a little court order here
for you to cease and desist.

Well, now wait a minute sergeant, when
you make a serious accusation like this...

- you have to have some proof.
- Eh?

Well, how can you prove that there aren't
any ghosts when you haven't been there?

- Oh?
- Well, you're familiar with law sergeant?

Well, I didn't get this
out of a bag of popcorn...

Then you know that you
got to have legal proof.

Oh, yes, yes.

Well, then why don't you take
a little trip with us over to the...

island and see the ghosts for yourself?

Who, me?

Yes, we have a special reduced rate
for members of the profession, 75 dollars.

- 75 bucks?
- You can put it on your expense account.

- You think they let me get away with that?
- Certainly, they would and you'll love it.

Genial company, old world atmosphere,
you can pay me later, shoving off.

Well, we're on our way. I.

Ahoy there, aboard the Skiddoo.

Gone for the weekend.

- I got a package for you.
- What is it?

I don't know, the guy says to give it
to you personally, said it's important.

- Well, toss is over.
- Alright, stand by, here she comes.

- Butter fingers.
- What an outfielder?

Full speed astern.

Young man, where would
I find the boat Skiddoo?

Just did.

- I'm trying to locate William Martin.
- I just saw him aboard.

I delivered a package to
him but he never got it, there it is.

Oh my.

Well, for a send off, that wasn't bad.

It sure looks like somebody
don't want us to get to that island.

Will the rest of your thrills
be that noisy Mr. Martin?

Oh lovely idea this, a lovely idea.

- This is all deluxe, the 100 dollar special.
- Why didn't we take your yacht?

- Say listen bud.
- Mr. Coldwater, if you please.

Alright Mr. coldwater...

The trip includes taking my boat, not hers.

It ain't your boat either,
it belongs to the finance company.

Excuse me Mr. Icewater.

Well, is it my fault if somebody
puts a magnet in the compass...

and we've been going in the
wrong direction for six hours?

Oh, what are you all complaining
about? This is exciting, it's adventure.

Imagine, lost at sea, on
the way to a haunted island,

with a ghost castle where one
of us might even be murdered.

What if it's you professor?

It might as well be me, the way I feel.

Must've been something you ate, what you eat?

Oh, I only had some lobster and some
strawberry ice cream and a couple of beers.

- It couldn't be that.
- It couldn't have been.

Captain, let the ship
burn, I'm staying right here.

I saw you give that guy a
tumble when we came on board.

Now, lay off.

Why don't we settle this
thing and get it over with?

Shut up.

- Alright but don't say I didn't warn you.
- I said, shut up.

Hey, land on the port bow.

Must be a mirage.

Wherever we are, let's land and thumb a ride.

Well, this is it folks, get ready to land.

Alright folks, pick up your bag. I'm not
responsible for anything left after 30 days.

- Walk, not run, for the nearest castle.
- You either have to be funny or quieter.

Alright skipper, step forward.

This castle is over 400 years old.

- Fine thing, no red taps.
- So this is Morgan's castle?

Yeah and is been
deserted for hundreds of years.

Oh, double doors, I suppose
bats fly out when you open them.

Well, they're there.

- Look out, bats.
- They scourge you.

Bats, my aunt Emma, they were pigeons.

Can somebody tell me
why lobsters don't like beer?

Hey Stuff, I thought I told you to get bats?

Oh, where was I going to get bats? Besides,
them pigeons ain't worked in six months.

Alright folks.

Put down your baggage and
make yourselves comfortable.

There is treasure here,
I can feel it in my bones.

- That is your rheumatism.
- We shall see my friend, we shall see.

This place gives me the
heebie-jeebies, reminds me of a prison.

Will you forget that line of chatter?

I think you've waited too long
already, why can't we start now?

Can't make a move until all
these people get to sleep.

Rod, don't make a fool of yourself.

This is going to be an
unhealthy trip for one of you two.


Don't be frightened
folks, it's just Morgan's ghost.

- He resents our coming here.
- Not anymore than I do.

That treasure, she must
be in this wall someplace.

Look out.

Are you hurt?

No but look at this harpoon,
it could have killed a whale.

That's a cute little plaything.

Well, there's nothing to
be excited about folks.

This thing is probably been set for years,
we must've jogged the mechanism.

- First mechanical man, eh?
- That's right.

In the old days,
when the castle was short of...

defenders, they put a few
dozen of these to work.

I'll soon have it nice and cheerful in here.

♪ 15 men on a dead man... ♪
- Hey Stuff...

Lay off shooting those arrows,
you almost killed the skipper.

Arrows, what arrows?
I ain't been shooting no arrows.

Yeah, I know but lay off just the same.

- Mustn't touch, employees only.
- Ok Bluebeard.

- Playing games, eh?
- I'm sorry, that thing almost hit you.

Boy, that was close.
A ghost, a ghost pushed that statue.

- My vibrations tell me.
- That one had muscles.

Yes and I think I know the ghost's name.

Aren't you boys carrying
this thing a little too far?

Hey now Stuff, enough, it's
too much, you might've killed her.

Ah, I didn't do this,
he must've just fell over.

Yes but...

alright folks, I guess that's
enough excitement for one night...

if you come up, I'll
assign you to your rooms.

It was midnight in the old deserted castle.

The dreaded hour when the
monster had threatened to strike.

Gloria Valgene shivered...

even though it was a warm night and
she was curled up before a raging fire.

Hello Yarik, find your own bed.

The evening is still young.

I say you're putting everybody
to bed but in my case...

you're extending a special
privilege in letting me stay up.

Good night.

If that wasn't the wind, don't do it again.

Leave the castle, leave the castle.

You just wasting your
time Bill, why don't you go to bed?

This castle belongs
to the spirits of the past.

- Leave before morning.
- You do any other dialects?

Death waits for those who
dare to spend the night here.

Well, I'm going to
bed Bill, call me at seven.

This is your last warning,
you must leave here at once.

Bill, you're not scaring me.

If you are wise, you will do what I tell you.

Now look Bill, this scare act was a
joke up till now but coming into a girl's...

You alright?

- He stood right there.
- Who?

A figure in a black cape and a horrible face.

- You mean you were scared?
- I was scared to death.

That makes us even, the repair
bill of your car is paid in full.

- Did you folks hear somebody scream?
- I did the screaming.

Brother, did you know that
you have a horrible face?


- Where you get the black cape?
- Black cape?

- Oh but it wasn't his face that I saw.
- No.

- No, I ain't been near this room tonight.
- You haven't?

I've been downstairs fixing,
I mean, doing some work.

Are you still frightened?

I've to admit you boys did a good job of it.

You got me frightened so badly, now I don't
want to stay in this room a minute longer.

Well, how would you feel if we fixed
a nice cozy bed for you down by the fire?

Anywhere where I don't have to be alone.

Is this party going on all night?

- Radios playing and dames screaming.
- Shut up and sit down.

- When do we get started?
- I'll tell you when.

Look, a bunch of nitwits.
Nothing else to do but play games.

Quit yelling.

What do you want to do?
Bring them all in here?

I know what I want to do and I'm
going to do it right now, I'm leaving.

You're leaving when I tell you to leave.

You're going to do this once too often.

I'm afraid you're doomed to be successful.

- You really think I've possibilities?
- Sure, look at all this.

For a thrill, I'm going to
recommend it to all my friends.

Well, the gadget man here
really deserves most of the credit.

Do you mind a little criticism?

No, the management appreciates
any suggestion to improve the service.

Yeah, yeah, suggest ahead.

Well, number one. Don't barge
into a lady's room without knocking.

Number two, don't tell
your guests to leave the castle.

I don't understand that
either, what you do that for?

I didn't.

Oh, the first thing I heard over the loud

speaker in my room was an eerie voice
saying, leave the castle, leave the castle.

Well, that wasn't me.

I ain't been near that microphone
since I let out with that first moan.

Leave the castle.

Leave the castle.

That's it, that's the voice.

See? That ain't me, is it?

I'm right here, ain't I?

Or am I?

You going to be gone long?

Hey Stuff, somebody
is getting a little playful.

Stay here with Wendy and
I'll see if I can find out who it is.

Stay right there professor, I'm going
to take a look at some of our guests.

This way professor.

Wait right there.

I'll tuck you in professor but
remember, this going to cost you extra.

What you find out?

Well, everybody is accounted for
except the skipper, he's not in his room.

The skipper?

You don't think he'd be running
around, scaring everybody and...

- telling us to leave the castle, do you?
- Maybe.

You know Stuff, maybe he'd like to
look for the treasure all by himself.

- Hey, is that another one of your gags?
- No.

Maybe it's the skipper.

- Let's go see.
- If we just ignored it, it might go away.

Come on.

Spooky, ain't it?
We ought to have some light down here.

- Getting warmer.
- That's what you think.

- Where's the boat?
- I told you we waited too long.

Must've drifted someplace.

Whatever that noise was, it's gone.

Somebody killed him.

What's the matter? What's
the matter? What's going on?

Somebody killed Rod.

- Who done it?
- I don't know.

We were looking around for the boat.

We heard a noise, Rod turned,
I heard a shot and he folded up.

And a guy in a black
cape ran into the bushes.

Say, what you doing with this gun?

- I took from Rod.
- Then you shot him.

No, no, I didn't. I took a shot
at the man in the black cape.

A very likely story sister,
you're coming along with me.

- I ain't talking till I see a lawyer.
- Don't argue, come on.

Hey Stuff...

What do you make of this?

I don't know.

- What do you figure it is?
- Marks made by a peg leg.

The skipper.

Mcgoon would say it's open and shut.

Oh no, the skipper
wouldn't do nothing like that.

Why not?

Who else is got a peg leg around here?
Besides, we don't know very much about him.

What we going to do? Turn him over to Mcgoon?

Don't you think we better find him first?

Eh? Oh, yeah.

So, that's it, eh? That's it?
Your name is Grady Mrs. Grady.

The wife of killer Grady, the bank bandit.

Sure, the whole state was looking
for him, now do you do get the idea?

Yeah, yeah, no.

They were watching
all the buses and trains...

so we decided to steal a boat
and beat it out of the country.

Oh, you were going to cop the boat and
you were going to help him to escape.

Don't you know that
that's a criminal offense?

- He was forcing me to do it.
- So, you killed him.

No, no, no, no,
I didn't, I tell you, I didn't do it.

Now, wait a minute, wait a minute. You did
admit that you fired this gun, didn't you?

- Yes.
- How many times?

Once, at the man in the
black cape who killed Rod.

That's right. I remember,
I remember there were two shots.

Then there ought to be six
slugs in this, we'll soon find out.

- How do you work this thing?
- Like that.

Yeah, I know but how
do you get the slugs out?

You just pull this down and pull this out.

One, two...

three, four...

five, six.

Well sister, you got me
there but I ain't giving up yet.

- Why not?
- Oh hello hello.

What do you mean why not?

There's a substantial reward
for killer Grady, dead or alive.

Yeah, that's right, well, what about it?

All you have to do is turn
in the body and claim the reward.

That's right.
Say, what do you expect to get out of this?

Oh, don't worry about me.
This is a treasure hunt, you know.

- Well sister, I'm going let you go.
- That's awfully sweet of you pal.

Yeah but you just stick around
where I can keep my eye on you.


I'm not quite convinced about this
whole thing yet, I'll take charge of these.

Oh, I forgot all about you.

- How did I get here, what happened?
- You walking in your sleep.

Oh dear me.

We didn't want you falling downstairs
and getting hurt, so we tied you up.

Seems to me, somebody
wants us on this island but dead.

Oh, don't be silly Stuff,
somebody just wanted rod out of the way.

- But who?
- I found it mates, I found it.

- Found what?
- The key to the buried treasure.

- Where did you find it? Outside?
- No, I find it downstairs in the cellar.

I was tapping on the wall all
night, following this half of the map.

Let's see the key.

It isn't that kind of a key.
The key is a clue here on the map.

It lead me to the hidden staircase
and then to the torture room.

But I need help now.
Come on mates, step lightly.

- I'll come with you.
- Don't let him out of your sight.

This is the old torture chamber.

You mean, this is where
they used to take care of them?

Cozy little den.

Me see.

Here is a picture of that chair.

What is it say? The writing is kind of fine.

When at length you find the chair,
place a dead man's body there.


- I'll be right back.
- Where you are going?

I'm going upstairs to get a body.

- You, get in that chair.
- Who? Me? I ain't dead yet.

- Come on, don't be so self conscious.
- Get in the chair, go on.

Alright but but my heart ain't in it.

You see?

You have to have a real
dead body or it don't work.

- Are you hurt?
- No, I'm alright.

Look around, there
must be a Jewel box down there.

Jewel box?

Jewel box.

- Oh, here's something, maybe this is it.
- Yeah, here.

Give me a hand.

Boy, what a place?
Full of rats and spiders, tarantulas.

- Look, a 16th century piggy bank.
- Yeah, the fortune, she is not in there.

But maybe the key, she is.
See, there's dust here, that's a long time.

That's no key.

That looks more
like a check for a short beer.

- What do we do now?
- Well, I don't know.

It is far as I can
go with my half of the map.

But if I ever find that fellow who steal who
other half, I'm going to break his back.

Here Miss Wendy, you can prove
you've been on a treasure hunt, eh?

- Professor, wake up. Wake up.

Oh, where am I?

Excuse me, I must've been walking in
my sleep again, I beg your pardon miss.

- You think you better take him back to bed?
- That won't be necessary,

I'm not going to sleep
anymore, I'll dress and sit by the fire.

I think it'd be a good
idea if we all sit by the fire.

Yes sir, all we need is a half a
piece of paper and we've got a fortune.

That wasn't there before.

Nine left, what's that mean?

Wait a minute, weren't there 10
of us here before Rod was killed?

That radio room of yours is quite a layout.

Oh, I see you're making yourself at home.

Well, since you've
added murder to your little bag of...

tricks, you won't be
using the castle much longer.

Cousin George, your patience amazes me.

Four paces to the hidden stairway,
then two paces to the wall on the...

Here we go again.

The phantom.

That arrow must've
gone right through his heart.

Look, on his shoe.

- I know him, he's Panama Pete.
- Who?

Panama Pete, we were shipmates on the
Selolina the time I find this treasure map.

What's this?

That's the other half of the map.

Now I got it, that's the
guy that clonked the skipper.

- The guy we chased off at the water.
- He tried to blow up the boat.

- But why would he do that?
- Keep us away from here.

The other half of
the map proves that, he was...

probably looking for the
treasure when we barged in on him.

Sure, didn't he try to kill me with that
arrow contraption the minute I came in here?

Certainly, so that
you couldn't use your half.

But why would he try to push
the suit of armor over on me?

- To scare us all away.
- How about Rod?

He killed Rod and tried to pin the murder
on the skipper with that phony peg leg...

so he could have the treasure all to himself.

It looks like our little
murder-mystery is solved itself.

But wait, wait a minute, what
about the guy that killed the phantom?

He's still around.

Oh no, he took another
crack at trying to kill the...

skipper and only this time,
the mechanism misfired and...

and the Archer got caught in his own trap.

Well, then the excitement is all over now.

Aye aye mates,
let's go look for the treasure.

From now on, we are under full sail.

No thanks, I'll just
stay right here and relax.

How about it Bill? We got a whole map now.

Alright, what can we lose?


Somebody around here
has a pretty grim sense of humor.

- Who do you suppose is doing this?
- Oh, I don't know.

But I think it's about time
I did a little checking up.

According to this half of the map...

there should be another room.

Take the coin that you pick
up and put in the handle slot.

Handle slot.

- What kind of talk is those?
- You got me.

Handles slots, pump handles,
handle with care, pick handles...

Ax heads, here's an ax.

See, here, there is the coin, you
put the coin in there in the slot, eh?

- Give me the coin, give me the coin.
- You gave the coin to Wendy.

I give the coin to Wendy, just when we
are to put our hands on that treasure...

- I give the coin to...
- Take it easy skipper.

I know where it is, I'll get it.

Well, get the coin, I want
to put it in there, get the, get the...



Wendy, Wendy...


- What's the matter, what's the trouble?
- Wendy is gone.

This is more
excitement than I've had in years.

Wendy, she's gone and look up there.

Hey, is this somebody's idea of a joke?

It's cousin George, he's been murdered.

Oh professor.

That's Rod's gun.

Poor guy didn't have a chance, wasn't loaded.

Listen, we got to find Wendy and
we're going to search this castle till we do.

Mcgoon, take the outside.

Skipper, you take the
downstairs and I'll take the upstairs.

If any of us find anything,
will report back to Stuff.


Yes, you stay here and take
care of the professor, come on.

Wake up professor, don't be a
ninny, wake up. Here, sit down over here.

- Everything is going to be all right.
- Oh, it's terrifying.

Don't do that.

Let's build a fire, a tremendous fire.
Then everything will be more cheerful.

- That's a good idea, I'll get the wood.
- I'll go with you.

Help. Help, help.



Help me Bill, help me.

- Alright professor, the masquerade is over.
- Masquerade?

- I don't understand.
- Oh yes, you do.

- The slippers gave you away.
- The slippers?

Real sleepwalkers don't
take time to put on slippers.

You're very smart, aren't you?

Not smart enough or I'd caught on hours ago.

The slippers were a
mistake, I see I overrated myself.

- Where's Wendy?
- Miss Creighton is quite safe, I believe.

And Stuff?

Stuff might've been
injured when he left this room.

- Left?
- Yes.

Chasing phantoms, perhaps.

- Take me to Wendy.
- What's the hurry?

- Come on, I'm not fooling.
- Poor stupid George was in a hurry.

You killed him too?

Yes, when he got in my way,
with that same unloaded gun of Rod's.


Maybe I overrated myself.
As you say, professor, there's no hurry.

Do you mind telling
me what this is all about?

Of course not.

I knew about that treasure for years.

- But you said the map was a fake.
- It was quite genuine.

What about all these killings?

Unfortunately, I can't claim the reward for
the gangster's death, the phantom did that.

I had to kill the
phantom, because he was after my...

treasure, you could see for yourself...

- You hurt?
- No.

How you get here?

Well, there's a
sliding panel by the fireplace...

the professor pulled me through,
then took the coin away from me.

- We got to get out of here.
- Yeah, yeah, go ahead.

Just walk right through one of them walls,
what do you think we've been trying to do?

And we can't get out
the way you came in either.

Well, there must be some way
out, the professor brought you in here.

Can you imagine?

Supposing they start
flooding this place with water.

I've heard about that in these old castles.

Hey, out there.

- Can you hear us in here?
- That I can Mate.

The skipper.

Get hold a hold of
something, break this wall down.

Maybe you can help me.

Hey, lend me your ax.

Right in here skipper, hey skipper.

Oh, you found the Russian heart, eh?

Now, we got to go
take care of Jasper, come on.

Don't worry about him, he's up by the fire.

- Hey, we got to warn Mcgoon and the rest.
- Hey, what you talking about?

- Jasper is the murderer.
- Jasper is the mur, what?

Not that way.

This way.

Now, stay right where you are.

Now captain, throw the map to me.


You better throw it to him, he's crazy.

Sure, he might shoot us all.

You amateurs don't know how to read a map.

Take the coin that you begot
and put in the handle slot.

Oh, the slot in the ax handle.

Now I know where the coin goes.

Now you shall see my treasure.

To think that that could've been me.

Oh, here, here quick,
the treasure, the treasure.

Somebody help me pull it out, pull, pull.

Hey, give me something.
Give me, give me his gun, yeah.

That's it, we found...

Oh, what a lowdown scurvy trick.

Now what's happened?

- Where did those shots come from?
- I don't know, I...

Say, what's going on here?

That's what I'd like to know, this man
took a shot at us as we came ashore.

Well, these guys
were prowling around and I...

told them to halt and they
wouldn't, so I took a pop at them.

Well, we're all a little upset.
We did have rather an exciting night.

- Say, this guy wants to see you.
- Oh, then you are William Martin?

That's right, I'll go peacefully.

Just a moment, young man,
I think you're a bit confused.

I represent a committee that wishes
to buy this island for a naval defense base.


And we're prepared to make you
a sizable offer for your property.

Now I know why cousin
George wanted to buy this island.

How much?

Oh, I'm sure we can come to
a satisfactory arrangement.

I'm sure we can too, I've had about
as much of this island as I can take.

Best night's sleep I've had in years.
What's everybody doing up so early?

Well, I'll tell you Thurman, we've had a
little treasure hunt and what a success.

Arlene gets rid of
Rod, Mcgoon gets a rewards...

Stuff, the skipper and I
get a check for our island...

you get a good night's sleep and...

And you had a thrilling trip.

- What have I got to show for it?
- Oh, you have more than anybody else.

You have me.