Horror House (2015) - full transcript

Nadine lives in a big house, bought by her own money, is preparing for her marriage to Terry. In the midst of preparation for the marriage, Nadine began to experience strange events. Nadine often feels controlled by something invisible.

Horror House

Based on a true story

Why the phone is always inactive?



What is it, ma?

What's wrong with you?

Ma, I'm already sure with my choice.

He's a good guy.

He loves me. He cares about me.

He won't do such things.


You want me to postpone the wedding now?

You've gotta be kidding me.

Everything is prepared already.


If that's the case ...

... we'll talk about it later
when you come here.

Okay, okay.


Nadine, what's wrong?

I felt somebody touching my
foot in there.

Pulling your foot?

You must be stressed because you're
about to get married, right?

It's true!

Nobody else is here.

Aren’t you supposed to be back
from Singapore tomorrow?

Supposed to be tomorrow.

But my boss told me to go back today to ...

... prepare the material for the
client in Bali tomorrow.

How nice.

Your job requires you to go around.

Here and there. Traveling frequently.

Well, you chose to become a designer.

I'm in advertising.

So, a lot of traveling and ...

... hotel fare is paid off, ticket
fare is paid off ...

... and I keep on shopping.

How nice, huh? Makes people envy
you and you enjoy that, don't you?

That's enough! I'm going to my room now.


How cocky.

Never mind.

Sorry, I'm late.

Excuse me.

Are you ready to order?

Sir? Ma'am?

For these past few days ...

... I've been feeling weird.

Like ...

... there's somebody else in this house.

You start talking nonsense again.

You're in distress.

Well ...

... I'm not sure about that either.

Hopefully it's just my feeling.

Look, Nadine, you should focus
on your future.

You're about to get married,
aren't you?

You'll have a new life with
the man you love.

So you should just focus on that ...

... and won't be in distress like this.


Why is it so hard to reach him?




When did you arrive, Eva?

This morning.

Okay, we're leaving now.

We're leaving now, Eva.

Darling, look.

This one is nice, isn't it?

It's up to you, darling.

If you don't like it ...

... I can find another one.

That's nice, darling.

You do the choosing.
You understand fashion more than I do.

You don't seem enthusiastic.

Darling, I'm your future husband
who support you.

Whatever your choice will be ...

... I'm sure it's the best.

That's how much I love you.

What is it?

You make me startled.

I ...

I felt like ...

I felt like somebody's touching my hand.

Never mind that.

You're paranoid.

We're on the road and ...

Never mind.

It's true. My hand was touched here!

Yes, I'm the one who's holding your
hand now. It's okay.

Never mind. Never mind.

I'm the one holding your hand now.

Excuse me.


I'm Yudha Maulana.

Oh, yes, Yudha.

I'm the one who'll stay in this flat.

Yudha Maulana.

Thank you.

You're welcome.

What floor?


Same with me.

You're new here?

It's my first day.


I've been here for more than a year.

Your room?

Yes, it's my room.

Excuse me.


You have some medicine?

What's wrong?

I don't know, but ...

... my body is bruised.

One second.

I only have this.

Try it on.



By the way ...

... my name is Mara.



Excuse me.

Don't think of crazy things.

I don't know, darling.

I know you're getting tense thinking
about our wedding but ...

... you shouldn't be so tense.
You should relax.

Come on.

Time is not as long as you think,
it's actually short.

Very short.

You may be able to relax now.

But I can't.

Why we get married?

It's for worship.

To establish a household.

And to give many grandchildren to our parents.

But I'm afraid, darling.

Why must you be afraid?

No need to think of what has not happened yet.
You can go insane.

You want that?


And the most important thing
which I'm sure of ...

... I love you.

Do you love me?

I do.

You know I love you?

I know you love me.



I'm going to the toilet now.

You're adorabe. / Don't be long.


Yes, Miss Yanti.


In my opinion, no matter who the person is ...

... no matter who the photographer is,
if his work output is good ...

... it's fine with me.


Thank you.

It's you!

What's the matter with you?

Screaming like that.
You should lock the door.

Don't just go inside without checking.

The door?

I've already locked the door.

You did that on purpose, didn't you?
So that I'll go back again, right?

You can't resist, can you?

You must have imagined me doing
things to you.

Come on.

No, I'm ...

... I'm tired now.

Okay, fine.

Yes, I understand.

It's not active.


What is it?


Have you eaten already?


No, I ...

... I'm going outside to buy food.

Maybe you want to go too or you want
me to buy you something ...?



You okay now?

Yes, I'm okay.

Talk to me.

I think ...

... I'm just having a bad dream.

Not a bad dream about our wedding, right?

We'll get married, won't we?

You ...

Are you really ready to become my husband?

What else am I looking for?

I have a good career,
already have a house.

I also have a car.

Just one more thing.

A beautiful wife.

Life with kids.

All handsome and beautiful,
like their mom and dad.

Why are you now asking me back?

From the start ...

... I've been patient enough
to deal with you.

Until finally ...

... I'm ready to become your wife.

Yes, it's my fault.

Look but not look.

I admit it.

But that's before I know you.

The more I know you,
the closer I get to you ...

... I'm more and more sure ...

... you're my only angel.

And I can't wait to marry you.

And to establish a household with you.

And have five children with you.



So many children.

And also if I keep on
postponing my marriage ...

... I'll get rusty.

And lonely in my old days.

If I marry you ...

... you can give me a massage.

You're talking nonsense now.

I just can't wait to marry you.

My cell phone.

Why you suddenly get dumbfounded like that?

Where did you get this?

That box?

When I was about to go to work ...

... that musicbox was already
in front of the house.

I have no idea who put it there.

Suddenly it was there, in front of the house.

I really don't like it ...

... when you found street things and
you brought them into your house.

What's the matter with you? Why are you
suddenly mad because of a musicbox?

I'll throw this thing out. Okay?

I don't like you picking up street
trash like this.


I'm gonna throw this out.



It might just be a hallucination.

Easy for you to say.

I'm the one who experienced it.

Look, I think ...

... you better watch cartoons.

Those funny kind of things, so ...

But ...

... I got this funny feeling last night.

It's just weird. It's ...

It's indescribable.

Okay, look.

Just think.

Do you recall ...

... having problem with anybody?

Eventhough it's just a little bit problem?


Well, I'm doing fine with my boss
at the office.

I don't recall having problems
with my friends at the office either.

Also with my other friends.

There's nothing wrong.

Well, that's what you think.

But you don't know what's
in their mind ...

... in their heart, do you?

Am I right?

Well, one of them may have a
problem with you.


Think about it.

Okay then, I'm leaving.


Good luck.

Where are you going?

You ... you've startled me.

What is it?

No, I'm fine.

Don't you go to the office?

I'm about to.

I'll ... I'll take a shower first, okay?


Don't be paranoid.


What smell is it?

You smell that?

Smells like corpse.

It really stinks.

Sir ...

... if there's a letter for me,
please let me know.

Sir, please unplug your earphone first.



Yes, I'd like to ask for
Yudha Kelana's number.


Please text me the number.

Yes, thank you.

Who you're with just now?

What do you mean?

I'm alone, darling.

No, I saw you with a woman just now.

You mean Eva?

No, no, it's not Eva.

I've been alone, darling. Here, sit down.

I've been all alone waiting for you.

It's true.

What's the matter with you?
Don't make me paranoid.

I'm okay.

You okay?

Really? / Yeah.

Okay then.

Come on.

Come on.

You want to order your usual menu, Mr. Terry?

No, later.

Warm cappuccino latte?

Later, Miss, I'm waiting for my future wife.

- Tiramisu cake?
- Miss, do you understand me?





You're at table 23?

Okay, okay. I'm going there now.


Darling ...

You're from the toilet?

I thought you are from the toilet.

You're from the toilet, aren't you?

I've been here from earlier.

I went after you because I saw
you going to the toilet, darling.

I've been here from earlier.

You might be mistaken me from someone else.

Yeah, I might.

Accompany me later on to meet
with the photographer, okay?

I called him and I also got his
address already.

No need to go there.

Make appointment somewhere outside.

He can't go out today.

We don't have to meet him today, darling.
Why must we anyway?

We can do that tomorrow, can't we?

I want to go there because
I want to see his pictures.

If you don't want to accompany me, it's okay.

No need to get cranky.

I'll accompany you.

You're sexy when you get cranky.

Excuse me, may I take your order?

I'll have cappuccino with ice,
and she'll have ice tea.

Don't think too much about everything, darling.

I don't understand, I'm puzzled.

My days are getting weirder everyday.

If you think too much about everything,
you'll be in distress. You can go insane.

You want to become an insane woman?

Why do you talk like that?

I have a friend who happens to be a doctor.

He can give you a recipe for sedative, okay?


Hey, Terry, I'm not insane. I'm still okay.

I don't need any sedative.

I know, but it's just to help you relax.

You can sleep.

You sure this is the photographer's address?


I've called him.

Let's just go in first and check it.

Good afternoon, Sir.

Yes, good afternoon.

I'm here to see Yudha Maulana.

If I'm not mistaken, he's in room 713.

Oh, yes. Yudha. He's here.

Please go upstairs.

Okay. Thank you.

Come on, darling.


Darling, are you all right?

One second.


Yes, yes.

I'll be right there, okay?

Who was it?

Darling, sorry, I must go to the office.

I'm leaving, okay?

Is it important?

I'm sorry.

You can get a taxi when you go home, darling.


Are you Yudha Kelana?

Yes, I'm Yudha.

What is it?

I'm the one who called earlier.

Please come in.

I thought we'll meet outside.

I'm on my way home so I drop by here.

My future husband was about
to come along too.

But he had some business to do.

Do you get used to take pictures in weddings?

I used to work for wedding organizer.

But I prefer to quit.

And become a freelancer.


I just want the pictures to be great.

I guarantee they will be great.

Have you happened to already find
the location for the pictures?

Not yet. Still looking.

Haven't found the right location just yet.

I know a good location.

When I took pictures for a pre wedding ...

... the location was at a mountain.

And the landscape was so great.

And I'm sure it's perfect for you.


Have you been there?


If you have time ...

... I can bring you there.


Fortunately you're already home.

Yes, it's so fortunate indeed.


What your best friend here brought you.

A plenty of food for you.


You know that ...

... I keep my weight stable so I'll
look great at my wedding later on.

What's wrong?

Getting paranoid again?

I also don't know.

But day after day ...

... I experience weird things more often.

And I'm sure that I'm being haunted
by unknown spirits.


Let's get back to our conversation
this morning.

Have you given it a thought?

Maybe you have some problem with
somebody which hasn't been resolved yet?


Usually ...

... there were people who died and
they brought their grudge ...

... and their hatred along.

Now their spirits ...

... were not willing to move to
another dimension.

Because they wanted to stay here
to finish their problems.

But actually I'm not sure ...

... and don't believe in such things.

Now you experience it yourself.

Being haunted by restless spirit.

I'm gonna change clothes now.

You really don't want this?

Yudha, can you help me?

What is it?

There's a bad smell inside.

Please check it out.


Do you smell that?

I think the smell doesn't come from here.

Let's check over there.

It comes from here.

It ...

It smells like a dead rat.

Yes, I want to open it but ...

... the door is locked.

There supposed to be a key then.

Yes, but I forget where I put it.

You live here.
You suppose to know where the key is.


I got home from work at the time then
I looked for the key but I didn't find it.

I intended to open this warehouse's door.

We better get out of here.

I really can't stand the smell.

I think you should spray some
deodorizer first.

Because ...

... the smell really stinks.

Can you at least try to open it?

If you want to we can break
the door open.

No need then.

That will have to be clarified
by the management.

In addition to that, I haven't paid
for the rental fee yet for three months.

They're mostly reluctant to deal
with people who always pay late.

Okay then, excuse me.

We can try opening it again later.

You look paranoid.

I don't know.

My mind is restless.

Can't relax.

Well, it's the first time ...

... you get restless because you are
haunted by ghost or spirit, isn't it?

I don't understand.

Obviously ...

... my life is so unlucky.

You must hold on.

Hold on?

Hey, Eva ...

... is there no other way indeed?

Another advice for me ...

... besides hold on?

Well ...

... you must hold on but ...

... at the same time ...

... find the way out.

What's this?

It's the gift from the psychic
who'd been to work with my office to ...

... promote his works.

Read it.


You know that I'm in daze right now.

But you tell me to read these
miserable mystical books instead.

No way!

You said you need a good advice from me.

So I advise you to read these
books, Nadine.

Have you already read them?

Not yet.

Okay then, I want to pack up.

Oh yes, I haven't told you yet.

I'm going to the office tomorrow ...

... and go to the airport right after that.

I'll go to Bali again. Okay?

I'll be alone again in this house?

I won't be long.


His love is only for me.

His love is only for me.

What's the matter?

Just want to talk.

About life.

Lately ...

... I've been feeling strange.


I'm ...

... kind of feeling lonely.

Like everyone doesn't care about me.

You're the only one that I can talk to.

It's the other way around for me.

Particularly after my girlfriend
committed suicide.

I don't care about anybody else.

I even feel strange.

I live.

But my heart dies.


You're willing to listen to me.

Darling ...

... Eva gave me this book.

She told me to read it.

What book?

Disclosing The Behavior of
Restless Spirit.

Is there no better book?

When a spirit is pulled out
from its body ...

... it resembles branching black hole.

So it's able to change to any
form it wants to.

What do you think?

Darling ...

... we better discuss about our
upcoming wedding.

Why must you talk about this
kind of thing?

You know what?

I was terrorized last night.

And ...

... I think ...

... it was the most sadistic
terror in my life.

And when it said ...

... 'his love is only for me' ...

Darling, enough. Please, enough!

Why don't you talk about our
pre wedding pictures?

Guests list. You haven't even
chosen the menu yet!

You've only just chosen the hall.

Have you been thinking about
our wedding or not?

You'll never understand me.




Yeah, sorry.

That would be me.

Pardon me?

Oh, yes.

Okay, we'll meet at the location.


Where are you?
Why don't you pick up?



Sorry, you have to wait long.


It's not long.

Sorry for such short notice.

It's okay.

I happen to not going anywhere.

We'll walk.

You mean on foot?

My flat is not far from here.


Where's your future husband?

He can't come.

But it's all right.

Let me take care of this myself.


Yes. Please.

Why am I having goosebumps here?

This floor is quiet indeed.

I'm told that there are only
four occupants here.

At my floor ...

... I only know one person.

Lives in Room 717.

You live here alone?


I live here alone.

To escape.


My girlfriend had gone recently.

Oh, you mean she passed away?

Took a suicide.

I'm sorry.

My ...

My condolences.

I don't know why I still love her.

All this wouldn't happen ...

... if her parents didn't force
her to marry somebody else.

Hopefully you can get over the trauma.

Yudha, why does it really stink here?

It must come from Mara's room.


Who is Mara?

She's the one who lives in
front of my room.

This is her room.

It really stinks.




Mara, what're you doing?

I really can't stand the smell.

There must be a dead rat inside.

I couldn't sleep last night
because of the smell!

I'm really curious, I must open it!

Okay, Mara, we better ...

... open it later.

- Let's get out first, it so stinks...
- No!

I'm curious!

Mara, it so stinks.

No ...


This is not possible.

This is not possible!

Miss Samara's room's door was always
locked since we hadn't heard from her again.

Before ...

... I live in front of Samara's room?

That's correct.

Before you moved here ...

... Miss Samara always dropped
by my desk.

She always asked for letters
from her kampong.

Or just to give me some food.

But for these past few days,
I'd never seen her again.

I even knocked at her door once.

Nobody got out.

I've just met her, Sir.

You live here too?

It's the other way around for me.

Particularly after my girlfriend
took a suicide.

I have no idea how that could happen.

But ...

... why you're the only one whom
Miss Samara's spirit met?

Sir ...

... do you remember ...

... how you met Samara the last time?


She was with him.

She came with him.

If I'm not mistaken he ...

... he'd been to come here with you,
hadn't he?

Yes, Sir.

He is my future husband.

If not for this incident ...

... I myself wouldn't know that
Miss Samara had died already.

Gosh, not to mention that the
body was found in the fridge.


Sorry, gentlemen and madam ...

... please come with me to the
office to be questioned as witnesses.


Have mercy.

Have mercy. Have mercy, have mercy.

Have mercy.

Have mercy. Have mercy.
Have mercy.

I have a special one.

For a very special woman.

A gift?

But my birthday is still a long
time from now, honey.

Well ...

... for me ...

... birthday, Valentine Day ...

... can happen everyday,
as long as it concerns you.

You're so romantic.

Open it.

So everytime you hear that music ...

... you remember that I love you.

You miss me more.

Thanks, honey.

I like the musicbox very much.

And I surely always miss you.

Because I can't live without you.

Promise you'll never leave me.

And promise that you'll also marry me.

I don't want to think about that yet.

Because I want to focus on my work.

I must have an extraordinary career.

It's also for you.

You understand, don't you?


I understand.


For coming into my life.

You better forget everything.

Forget everything that ever happened.

We will never be happy.

Forget about me, okay?

But I care about you.

I love you.

You may marry Nadine.

But after that you must also
marry me legally.

You're crazy.

You must marry me, Terry.

I'm pregnant.


You're pregnant?



It may not be mine.

You're a cheap woman.

Fine, if it's really mine ...

... abort it, okay?

Name me the price. I'll pay it.




You pig!

You'll see.

Nadine's life won't be peaceful.

Oh, really?


You're dead!