Horror High (1973) - full transcript

A nerdy high school super whiz experiments with a chemical which will transform his guinea pig "Mr. Mumps" from a gentle pet into a ravenous monster. In a fit of rage against his tormentors at the high school, Vernon Potts (Pat Cardi) goes on a killing spree, eliminating all of those who ever picked on him - the Gym Coach, the School Jock, The Creepy Janitor (Mr. Griggs) & his hated teacher, Ms. Grindstaff. In the end he gets the jock's girlfriend for himself but his happiness is short-lived as the potion turns him into a monster hunted by the towns police Lieutenant - Bosman.

- (haunting music)

♪ To live in a dream ♪

♪ A victim of madness to be torn ♪

♪ Mindless of your fate ♪

♪ The shaman of magic ♪

♪ Hopelessly yearning to be loved ♪

♪ But time wouldn't wait ♪

♪ All the living clues ♪

♪ You don't care ♪

♪ You are ♪

♪ And then they turned your dream ♪

♪ Into a nightmare ♪

♪ And now that you've left them ♪

♪ There's only a fragment of your life ♪

♪ Which time can't erase ♪

♪ But someone will follow ♪

♪ And find a place I'll go on ♪

♪ Let him go on ♪

- [Male Voiceover] I hesitated long,

before I put my theory to the test.

But late to wanna curse at night,

I compounded the elements, watch them boil

and smoke together in the glass.

And when the reaction had subsided,

drank off the potion.

The most wrecking pain succeeded.

A griming in the bones.

Deadly nausea.

Then these agonies began
to swiftly subside.

And when I cleaned myself,
I suffered a great sickness,

I was Edward Hyde.

(bell ringing)

- All right. Everyone, sit down. Be quiet.

I've given no one permission to leave yet.

Sit down.

(students groaning)

Sit down.

Someone remove the screen.

(screen clacks)

(students cheering)

Young man, you shall be
severely reprimanded for that.

(student laughs)

You know I abhor loud noises.

Now remove that screen

and get back to your seat immediately.

(screen clatters)

Tonight, your assignment
will be to read the last half

of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

We may have a test over
that material tomorrow,

so be prepared.

(students booing)

(bell ringing)

If any of you want to see
the last half of the film,

it will be shown at the meeting

of the Literature Club, in
this classroom, tomorrow night.

I suggest most of you appear.

(chairs and desks dragging)

You people over there
get back to your seats.

(students laughing)

I have your reports graded

and I'll ask Robin
Jones to hand them back,

as you file out.

Now you're dismissed.

(chairs and desks dragging)

(students chattering)

Oh, I'd like to see Vernon
Potts up at my desk, please.

(students chattering)

- You wanna see me Ms. Grindstaff?

- Vernon, what is the matter with you?

- I beg your pardon?

- I distinctly remember
asking this class to turn in

a report on Stevenson,
which everyone did, but you.

- What? There must be a mistake!

I'm sure I handed one in.

I worked all weekend on it.

- Here's the paper
you've turned in Vernon.

- Oh well, there you see.
I knew I'd handed one in.

- Except that it's not
a report on Stevenson,

it's a biology report on guinea pigs.

- Oh, I can't understand it.
It's gotta be here somewhere.

Here it is. I found it.

Here it is, Ms. Grindstaff.

I must have given you my
biology report by mistake.

An F!

But Ms. Grindstaff it was only a mistake.

- I'm sorry Vernon. But you must learn

that your other subjects
are just as important

as biology and chemistry.

Maybe after this you'll remember.

(paper cutter shears)

(loud bass guitar noise)

(paper cutter clunks)

- Not my biology report.

(background noise)


I worked on it all summer.

- Thank you for handing
out the papers, Robin.

You may be excused.

(guinea pig wheeking)

(bag clunks)

(upbeat music)

(broom clatters)

- Get out!

(broom clatters)

(guinea pig wheeking)

(bag clunks)

(heavy breathing)

Calm down Mumps.


Here we go.

Calm down. All right.

Cat's gone.

(guinea pig wheeking)

(objects whirring and clattering)

Come on. Oh, it's all right.


- What did you do to my cat, boy.

She ran outta here scared to death.

- I just shooed her away, that's all.

- I asked, just shooed her away, huh?

What was this?

(broom clatters)

I'm warning you boy.

You stay away from my cat, you understand?

- Well, Mr. Griggs, you
didn't see what she was doing.

She was trying to get into this cage.

That's the second time today.

- That's what she's for boy.

She kills rats in the building.

- He's not a rat.

He's a guinea pig.

And he's part of my biology project.

- I don't care about none of that.

Now I'm telling you, boy,
you leave my cat alone

or there's gonna be
trouble between you and me.

You understand boy, huh?

- Yes.

- All right.

Let's go boy. We'll cook
you some d (chuckles)

- Dirty ol'...

- What'd you say?

- Oh, nothing. I was just
talking to Mr. Mumps.

- [Mr. Griggs] All right.

(indistinct) (loud whirring noise)

(soft guitar music)

- That Mr. Griggs is a mean
old man, isn't he Mumps?

(soft guitar music)

I bet if I'd just said the
wrong thing, he'd have hit me.

Well let me tell you some good news.

(paper rustling)

I think I have all the
correct properties isolated.

And I'm not sure that the
experiment's gonna work.

But if you keep on cooperating with me,

I think we'll know by
tomorrow or the next day.

(soft guitar music)

Just think. We could be famous!

Yeah, absolute nevertheless.

I'm not too hungry.

- Hi Vernon.

Can I come in?

I mean, if you're not too busy.

- Oh, don't, no, I'm not too busy.

And sure you can come in, Robin.

- How's Mr. Mumps doing?

- Not too well really?

- The janitor's cat's
been after him again.

Here. You wanna feed him?

- Oh yeah.

- Oh, he won't bite.

- Vernon, I always wanted to ask you,

why do you call him Mr. Mumps?

- Oh, because after he eats,

he looks like he's got the mumps.

(Robin laughs)

- No, he really does.

Well, I guess I better be going.

I just stopped by to tell you that,

I'm sorry for the way Ms. Grindstaff

treated you in English today.

Why did she give you an F?

- Jealousy?

- What?

- Jealousy. She was jealous
because I spend more time

on biology and science than on english.

That's why she ripped up
my report on Mr. Mumps.

- Oh, that's really unfair Vernon.

I know how hard you've worked on it.

- Oh, that's all right.

I still got my biology notes.

- Oh that's good.

- Would you like to see
something I'm working on?

- I'd really like to Vernon but...

- I'm really clamped down on the formula.

- Well you see Roger is waiting for me.

- Oh, I don't blame him.

- Thank you for coming by.

I guess you and Mumps are
the only friends I have.

- That's for sure.

Robin, what are you doing
up here with the creeper?

- Oh, well, Vernon was just
showing me some of his projects.

Thanks again Vernon. I
really appreciate it.

- Listen creeper,

from now on, play with
your rats by yourself.

(coaches groaning and laughing)

(hands thud)

- Potts, what the hell do you want?

Why aren't turning up for PE?

- Well, I'd like to talk to you.

- Oh, he wants to talk to me for a minute.

Okay. What about?

- Well, it's kind of personal.

- It's something personal.

- (chuckles) Come on
Potts. What do you want?

I haven't got time to stand
around here milly-mouth

for you all day.

- Well, I was wondering

if you'd sign this pass
to excuse me from PE.

- Lemme see that.

- God, I think you broke the damn pen.

Let me go get this thing (indistinct)

- You know that's another
pass to biology lab, Potts.

- Yes sir.

- Well the third one this week.

- Well, I'm not sure its
the third one this week.

- Just what are you doing up there?

I mean, what could be more
important than PE class?

- Oh, well I...

- Come on pot.

You're wasting my time.

I haven't got all day.

- Well. I have this project where I,

well, you know how some drugs
can change a person mentally?

Well, I I've been trying to prove

that you can change a
person physically as well.

You see I'm experimenting
with this guinea pig.

His name is Mr. Mumps.

(Abner laughing)

- Forget it Potts.

That's the silliest damn
thing I've ever heard.

Now get out of here and get dressed.

Can you believe that?

That's ridiculous.

You ready?

- [Abner] I'm ready.

- All right.


(Abner groaning)

(students chattering and playing)

- Well, look who's here.

What's the matter creeper.

Couldn't get a pass to
play with your spiders?

(students laughing)

Guess you're gonna have to play

with the big boys today, huh?

- Give that back.

- Hey give that back.

(students laughing)

- Chances take it easy creeper.

Everything will be all right, creeper.

You really dig the
science stuff, don't you?

You know, Robin says you're a real brain.

(students laugh)

In fact, I'm getting a
little tired of hearing her

talk about you.

(students laugh)

Lately, that's all I hear.

Vernon's so smart.

Vernon's so intelligent.

Verna can do this.

Vernon can do that.

And I'm sick of it, you creep.

(students laugh)

I'm not through with you yet.

You know, this stuff doesn't
make much sense, creeper.

Don't think you need this page.

(students laughing)

- No. They're chemistry notes.

(students laughing)

- No.
- Or this one either.

Go get him right? Rip all of 'em.

- [Students] Yeah.

- Read this mess.

- [Students] Give that back.

Hey I got it. Hey.


(indistinct chatter)

- [Vernon] Those are my chemistry notes.


Give that back

(students sneering)


What's the matter creeper?

Can't get past to go
play with your spiders?

(haunting music)


I think I'm gonna be all right.


(haunting music)

(window blinds rattling)

(bag clunks)

- Hi Mr. Mumps, sorry I'm late.

I didn't forget your supper.

(paper rustling)

Look what I got for yah.

What happened?

(haunting music)


My God, the formula, what?

Let me get you out of there.

Ow! Mean Mr. Mumps.

Vernon, I'm not gonna hurt yah.

(cat growling)

- Kitty.

(janitor sing-songs)

- Kitty.

Where are you?

I got some fish trimming for you.


Where are you?

I got some fish trimming for you.

Come on now.

Where are you?


Where are you boy?

Oh, come on now, I got
some fish trimming for you.

Come on now. Where are you?

(haunting music)

(door closes)

(feet running)

(door closes silently)

(haunting music)

- If I could get this cat.

(cat growling)

- What are you doing here?

(knocking on the door)

(janitor cries)

Oh, she's dead.

You killed her!

- No I didn't. She was
trying to get into the cage

with Mr. Mumps, he killed her, but I...

(haunting music)

- You killed her!

(both groaning and fighting)


If you wanna die a man, then take it!

- No, Mr. Griggs.

You don't know what you're doing,

this stuff could kill me.

- If you don't drink that, I don't know,

I'll break one of this bottles
and pop your tooth out.

Now, take it!

- No, please.

(bottle breaks)

- Take it!

(Vernon crying)

(haunting music)

(Vernon gasping)

(guinea pig screeching)

- You're killing him.
Stop! You're killing him!

(guinea pig screeching)

(cage banging)

(Vernon crying)



Wait. No!

(object clunks)

- I'm gonna take you to the police boy.

But before I do, I'm gonna make you wish

you'd never seen my cat before.

(Vernon gasping and groaning)

What's the matter with you?

Hey, what's the matter with you?

(Vernon groaning)

(haunting music)

(objects clatter)

(body thuds)

(Vernon rolling on the floor)

- Get up!

Get up boy!

I'm gonna take you to the police.

Come on. Get on your feet.

I'm not gonna tell you again.

I'm just telling you, if you
don't stay away from my cat,

it's gonna be trouble.

Do you hear me, do you understand boy?

(janitor screaming)

(haunting music)

(janitor screams loudly)

(thunder rumbles)

(haunting music)

(thunder rumbles)

(haunting music)

(alarm screeching)

(thunder rumbles)

- Oh gosh.

(alarm screeching )

(thunder rumbling)

(alarm screeching)

(thunder rumbling)

(alarm screeching continues)

(birds chirping)

(haunting music)

(window blinds rattling)

(haunting music)

(tap water running)

(cloth rustles)

(haunting music)

- Vernon?

(door closes)

What are you doing?

- Just finishing up.

- I thought you were supposed to have

the experiments prepared
for this morning's class?


What's the matter with you this morning?

Did you just break something?

- No sir.

- Well, come over here and tell
me what's bothering you son.

What's going on?

What are you cleaning up there?

- I don't know Mr.
Henshaw, I really don't.

Someone must have broken
into the lab last night.

There were bottles

and test tubes splattered
all over the floor.

The place was a mess.

- Is there anything missing?

- Just Mr. Mumps.

Someone broke into his cage and he's gone.

I don't know where to look
or what to do or anything.

- Okay. I understand.

You go ahead and set up for the class.

I'll go to the principal's office

and talk to Mr. Higgy.

- Yes sir.

- Oh Vernon?

By any chance, have you seen Mr. Griggs?

- No sir.

- I better check with him.

Maybe he heard something last night.

(door closes)

Let me have your attention
for just a minute.

(students conversing)

Hey, you people quiet
down and listen a minute.

I just wanna caution you

in handling this particular experiment.

If you should get acid on yourself

go immediately to the
sink and wash it off.

(students conversing)

Just a minute, I'm not through.

One other thing.

When you get through using the reagent,

put it in the disposal container.

Do not put it back in the bottle
to contaminate the content.

And don't pour it down the drain.

(students conversing)

- Hi Vernon.

I think I made a mistake.

- Oh yeah. It's the wrong color.

- What did I do wrong?

- You'll have to take it and
throw it out, start again.

This is an exam.

(lid opens)

(Robin screaming)

(students screaming)

(police siren wailing)

(car door closes)

(upbeat music)

I appreciate the information Mr. Henshaw.

Thank you. You can go now.

Bring in the next one.

- Lieutenant Bozeman.
This is Vernon Potts.

- Sit sown Mr. Potts.

These officers and I are with
homicide, of course, you know

we're trying to put together enough facts,

to determine exactly what
happened to Mr. Griggs.

Maybe you can help us.

- Yes, sir. I'll try.

- You're Mr. Henshaw's
assistant. Is that right?

- Yes, sir.

- As a lab assistant Vernon,
I suppose you spend more time

in the laboratory that
an ordinary student,

is that right?

- Yes sir. That's correct.

I help prepare the
experiments before Mr. Henshaw

gets to class.

- Was Mr. Griggs in the
habit of coming into the lab

or would there be any reason

for him to fool around with
any of the equipment in there?

- No sir. Not that I know.

- Mr. Griggs had a cat.

- Sir?

- When the coroner's men
emptied the answer drum,

they found the remains of a
cat, in addition to Mr. Griggs.

What do you make of that Vernon?

- Oh. Yes.

Well, now that you mention it,

I think he did have a pet cat.

Yes. He used to come into
the lab every now and then.

Maybe the cat, it fell into
the acid and Mr. Griggs

fell in trying to get him out.

- Yeah. It does seem that way, doesn't it?

Do Mr. Henshaw and Mr. Griggs get along?

- Yes sir. As far as I know they did.

- You never saw them
arguing or disagreeing?

- No sir.

- Now I know this may sound
a little melodramatic Vernon

but do you know of anyone
who might've wanted

to get rid of Mr. Griggs?

- Oh no. No one.

As far as I know, everyone
liked him very much.

He was a nice man to me.

- Just one more thing Vernon,
then you can go back to class.

How'd you get that bruise?

- Oh, I had a fight in the locker room.

- I see, what's the other boy look like?

- Just as ugly as
always, I didn't hit him.

- Why Vernon?

- He would've hit me back harder?

- Oh, I see.

Oh yeah.

Well, I noticed here when your school file

that your mother was deceased
and your father travels,

is that right?

- Oh, yes sir. He's a salesman.

- Okay Vernon, you're excused.

Oh, just one more thing, Vernon.

And then you can go back to class.

What do you really think
happened Mr. Griggs?

- Lieutenant?

I'd be afraid to venture a guess.

(paper cutter clunking)

(papers rustling)

(paper cutter clunking)

- Students your time is just about up.

(paper cutter clunking)

(bell rings)

All right class. Time is up.

Hold your papers and leave
them on my desk as you leave.

If you don't have the answers
by now, you never will.

(objects cluttering)

(students talking)

(papers rustling)

- Hi Vernon.

- Oh. Hi Robin.

- How'd you do on the test?

- Not very well.

I couldn't concentrate
with paper cutter going.

- I know.

- Vernon, I heard about
your fight with Roger.

- Oh.

- I'm really sorry Vernon.

I feel like it was partly my fault.

Well, I hope you're not mad at me.

I mean, I don't blame you if you are.

You know, I tell Roger that
if he ever hurt you again,

then he and I are through for good.

- You told Roger that?

Because of me?

(Robin chuckles)

- Vernon Potts!

I'd like to talk with you a minute.

- Yes ma'am.

- I've been looking over your test paper

and it looks as if you didn't do too well.

As a matter of fact, your
grades for the entire term,

aren't very high.

You realize, of course, that
without a credit in this class,

you won't graduate.

I've decided however, to give you a chance

to earn some extra credit.

I shall expect to see you at all

of the Literature Club meetings

for the remainder of the semester.

- But Ms. Grindstaff,

the Literature Club
meets on Wednesday night.

- Very good, Vernon.

- Yes ma'am. But you see Wednesday nights.

That's when I go to the library,

it's the only time I have a ride.

- I'm sorry, Vernon.

But you need the credit in this class

if you want to graduate.

Of course it makes no difference to me,

but I strongly suggest you be there.

And please note, tonight
is Wednesday night.

(haunting music)

(objects clattering)

All right students.
That's all for tonight.

(papers rustling)

(students chattering)

(haunting music)

(bottle clunks)

(footsteps receding)

Who's there?

Is someone's still in the building?

(haunting music)

(chair screeches on the floor)

(haunting music)

(chair screeches)

Who's there?

(haunting music)

Why are you trying to frighten me?

(haunting music)

(Vernon groaning)

(Ms. Grindstaff screams)

(furniture clattering)

(door knob rattling)

(Vernon groaning)

(Ms. Grindstaff screams)

(haunting music)


(door knob rattling)

(window opens)

(Vernon breathing heavily)

Who's there?

- [Vernon] It's me. Vernon.

- Vernon?

- [Vernon] Yes.

- Did you just turn off that light?

And let me see you.


If really it's you.

Please turn on the light so I can see you.

- [Vernon] No.

- Why wouldn't you let me see you?

- [Vernon] I've changed.
I don't look the same.

I don't think you'd like to see me.

- Why are you doing this?

(piano keys playing)

What do you want?

(haunting music)

I have to report at school for this.

(haunting music)

I'll see that you'll never graduate.

You'll never get into college.

What do you want?

You must learn that your other subjects

are just as important as
biology and chemistry.

Maybe after this you'll remember.

(paper cutter clunks)

(haunting music)

My God, say what you want!

(Ms. Grindstaff screams)

(haunting music)

(head thuds)

(camera shutter clicks)

(bed clunks)

(crowd chattering)

(table clunks)

- Vernon?

- Oh Lieutenant.

- I thought I saw you back there.

- Yeah. Well, I just
stopped in to take a look.

- Then you know what happened?

- Yeah. Well, it's all over school today.

- Yeah. I'm sure it is.

I suppose parents are
gonna be pulling the kids

out of school now, until
we find the killer, huh?

- Yeah. Do you have any idea who it is?

- No, we don't.

At least not yet anyway.

Oh, by the way Vernon,

there's just one item I
wanted to ask you about.

- Yes.

- I understand that you're
raising a guinea pig.

- Yes sir. He's part
of my biology project.

- You mind showing him to me?

- Oh, I'd like to, but he's he's gone.

His cage was destroyed on the night

that Mr. Griggs was killed.

- Well, then you noticed
the missing when you were

cleaning up the lab early the
next morning, is that right?

- Sir?

- Oh, Mr. Henshaw told
us you were in school,

quite early that day.

Why was that?

- Oh well, like now, I
had a lot of apparatus

to set up for a lab practical.

I came in early to feed Mr. Mumps.

- I see.

Well, then I suppose you'd
be interested in this Vernon.

Remember I told you

that when the coroner the
went through the remains

of Mr. Griggs, he also found
the remains of his cat?

We have a complete report now

and it shows another set of
bones mixed in, a guinea pig.

(haunting music)

I thought you would wanna know.

(haunting music)

Well, I better get back. See you later.

- Yes. Thank you, Lieutenant.

(haunting music)

(objects clutter)

(Vernon groaning)

(haunting music)

Oh my God.

This can't be happening.

(Vernon sighs heavily)

(objects cluttering)

(haunting music)

- Vernon?

(haunting music)

Vernon, are you all right?

What's the matter with you?

You look sick.

(books clunk)

just stand there for a minute.

- No, I'm all right.

I just wasn't feeling well for a minute.

We're working on an experiment.

Seems to have gotten
away from me, I think.

- Please try to be more careful, Vernon.

(paper rustling)

You know, you could get hurt
working in here all alone.

- Yes. Gotta be more careful.

Something awful could happen.

- Vernon?

Where is Mr. Mumps?

- He's dead. He was
part of the experiment.

That's why I've gotta give it up.

- I'm really sorry, Vernon.

- It's okay, I'll find something else.

- I know.

How would you like to help
me work on my project?

Well, I guess you probably wouldn't.

- I would.

- Well it's really kind of simple compared

to the things you can do.

- No. I'd like to really, I would.

- Well, that's great.

Hey, we could start tonight.

Listen, I'll be babysitting.

So, why don't you come by my house.

Here, I'll write down the address.

- Oh, I know where you live.

- You do?

- I looked it up once.
You don't mind, do you?

- Of course not.

I even wrote your phone
number down in my notebook.

- Okay. Let's see. At 8:00?.

- What about Roger?

- Oh, don't worry about him.

He's gonna be watching
the football game films

at the gym tonight.

- You're sure it's all right?

- I'm sure. (chuckles)

See you tonight.

(both chuckle)

(bright music)

(objects clatter)

(crowd chattering)

(door knock)

- Potts, you're late again.

You know, PE class started 10 minutes ago

and everybody else is out in the gym.

- I'm sorry. I guess I
got delayed in the lab.

- Delayed in the lab?

Delayed in the lab, how many
times have I heard that excuse?

Potts, what am I gonna do with you?

You know,

I could (beep) you alone for
being late so many times.

Not to mention the fact
that you're probably

the worst physical
specimen I've ever seen.

If anybody needed this class, it's you.

- It's true I'm not very athletic.

- Oh, that's the
understatement of the year.

Seems like you were thinking
joy-doing is going to the lab,

is that right?

- Yes. I suppose so.

- Well, how about if I made an arrangement

that would make both of us happy.

- Sir?

- How would you like to have a pass

to the lab every day for
the rest of the year,

and never have to suit up for PE again?

- That'd be great.

- Yeah. I thought you'd like that.

But now

if I do that for you, boy,
I want you to do me a favor.

- Well sure Coach McCall, what is it?

- Well, you see, I've got a problem,

in order to play football,

you have to be passing
in all your subjects.

- Yes sir.

Well, I have a star football player

who's failing in chemistry.

And the principal says if
he fails the next test,

he'll flunk the course.

And that'll make him ineligible
for football next fall.

Potts, I just can't afford to lose him.

I've got a chance for state.

You know what I'm talking about?

- You want me to help
your player pass the test?

- That's right.

- Who is it?

- Roger Davis.

- Roger?

- Now don't get excited.

- Oh, Roger hates my guts.

- Now listen. He'll do what I say.

He doesn't wanna get kicked off the team.

- I don't know.

He's not doing very well in chemistry.

He never works the assignments.

He hasn't read any of the material.

The test is tomorrow.

I can't possibly have him ready by then.

- Yeah, but there is another way.

- I don't see how.

You mean cheat, don't you?

- Now wait a minute.

Don't get excited.

All I want you to do is let
him be able to see your paper.

- No, I can't do that.

I can't do it.

- You're not gonna do anything.

Just make it so we can see your paper.

- That's still cheating.

- Look Potts, you don't have a choice.

Remember, you've still got
to take PE for the rest

of the year and I'll personally see

to it at this class becomes
a living hell for you.

Let's do it this way.

Why don't you think about it for awhile.

Now I'll be at the gym tonight
watching films with the team.

Why don't you give me a call,

say about 10 o'clock
and give me your answer.

What do you say?

- Yes sir. That'd be fine.

- Good. Then I'll expect you to call.

And don't disappoint me, boy, I mean it.

And one other thing, don't
tell anyone about our plan.

- Oh no, sir.

(haunting music)

I wouldn't tell a living soul.

Then your chart will come down
like this, to the next group,

which is the vertebrate class of mammals.

From there you go to the
class called primates.

Now in that class, you find homo sapiens.

- Humans.

- Man.

- Well, what's the difference?

- Well, human is the term given to the man

who had achieved a higher
level of intelligence,

which enabled him to make tools.

Homo sapien, man, goes
back much further back

to a time when his emotions
were more beast than human.

Like the beast, he was
ruled by beastial emotion.

(Robin chuckles)

Of fear, hunger, pain, and
he would kill other beasts.

And even his own kind without remorse.

It wasn't until man became human

that he could differentiate
between good and evil.

- Well, I'm certainly
glad he finally decided

to become human.

- Are you?

Human are the only animal that
has the capability to choose

between good and evil, yet
people deliberately pick evil.

- Not everyone's like that, Vernon.

You're certainly not like that.

You're one of the kindest
people I've ever met.

I guess it's why I think so much of you.

You're very human.

(bright music)

(haunting music)

- It's 9:30. I've gotta go.

- Vernon. Wait. Did I do something wrong?

- No. Robin. You've never
done anything wrong.

In fact, you're the first
girl I've ever kissed.

- But then, why are you
leaving so suddenly?

- Well, I've got a big
test in Chemistry tomorrow.

I've gotta prepare for it.

- But you know that stuff
backwards and forward.

Why are you so worried?

- Well, different kinda test.

This one's gonna take,
special preparation.

(wind howling)

(rain spluttering)

(thunder rumbling)

(door opens)

(thunder rumbling)

- Vernon?

(thunder rumbling)

Vernon? Is that you?

Man. What the hell is going on here?

Get that light out of my eyes.

- What are you doing here?

- I work here. I'm Coach McCall.

- Who are you coaching this late at night?

- Get the light out of my eyes.

- Let him go.

Come out in the light.

- Hey, I wanna know what
the hell you guys doing?

- Are you listening to me?

There's a maniac running loose around here

and two people dead already.

Now I find new sneaking around here.

Right now that makes you prime suspect.

So don't give me any crap.

- You're going to book him?

- I don't know.

You're gonna tie him up?

- Will you let me handle this.

Now look Coach McCall.

Just tell us what you're doing here.

- Okay. I was just up here watching films

with the football team.

- Everybody's been gone
for almost an hour.

- Somebody got a lock up.

- It takes you an hour to lock up?

- I'm in no hurry.

There's nobody around here
after 10 o'clock anyway.

- Who were you calling to in the gym?

- What?

- You thought I was somebody else.

- Well, I thought I heard
footsteps in the gym,

I just wanted to see...
- No, wait a minute.

You called somebody's
name, sounded like Vernon.

Is that what you said?

- I don't know, I might've said Vernon.

I just thought I heard one
of the boys in the gym.

Why does it matter?

- Everything matters to me Coach McCall.

Now are you through in here?

- Hey, all I gotta do is lock
up the gym, close my office,

I'm finished.

- Good. Do it and get out!

(footsteps receding)

- I'm gonna on tell you,
I'm gonna tell the principal

the first thing in the morning.

(door opens)

- You do that Coach.

(door slams)

(rain spluttering)

(door opens)

(thunder rumbling)

(door closes)

(rain spluttering)

(door wheezing)

(door closes)

(rain spluttering)

(haunting music)

(thunder rumbling)

(Coach whistling)

(door opens)

(board clunks)

(door closes)

(haunting music)

- Okay lieutenant, you can come out now.

I'm leaving.

(rain spluttering)

Come on. Quit playing games.

Let's go.

I wanna lock up and go home.


(thunder rumbling)


Are you in here?

(haunting music)

Vernon? That is you isn't it?

(thunder rumbling)

Isn't it?

- Yes.

- Oh, I was decided to leave.

I almost gave you up. Why didn't you call?

- I, decided to come, in person.

- That's a good thing you did.

That's quit fooling around.

All you had to do is tell me that you'll,

(bottle clattering)

(thunder rumbling)

(haunting music)

What the hell is that
ungodly sound you're making?

What are you trying to do anyway?

(thunder rumbling)

Look Potts, maybe we can
forget about the whole thing.

What's the matter with you?

Don't make me do something
we're both gonna regret.

Believe you me I'll personally see to it

that this course becomes
a living hell for you.

(wood clunks)

(Coach screams)

(Vernon groaning)

(body thuds)

(kicking and screaming)

(haunting music)

(Coach screams more)

(door opens)

(feet running)

- Good God in heaven!

Take off. He's gotta be close.

You stay here.

Prime suspect!

(haunting music)

(footsteps approaching)

(door opens)

- We got him.

(feet running)

Found him outside behind the building.

(haunting music)

(birds chirping)

(police car approaching)

- Good morning, Vernon.

- Oh, hello, Lieutenant Bozeman.

- We had another murder last night.

Did you hear about it?

- Yeah. I heard about it
this morning on the radio.

- And I suppose you also know
we have a suspect in custody.

- Well, it said something to that effect

but it didn't say who it was.

- Oh, we couldn't verify
his identification

until this morning.

It's no secret though,
person's name is Roger Davis.

- Who?

- Wasn't he the fellow
that you had a fight with?

- Well. Yeah. I don't know
how I comment on that.

Ol' Roger, huh?

- We caught him right after the killing.

Looks like, he's the one all right.

- Wow.

- Oh Vernon. Just a moment.

You know, that's very interesting.

- What's that?

- That bag you're carrying
there. Is that for the cleaners?

- Yeah. I'm gonna drop
it off before school.

- You know, that's the
same cleaners my wife uses.

In fact, my sister works there.

- Yeah. Well I really have to be going.

- Yeah, of course.

I didn't mean to hold you up
Vernon and waste your time,

you know, me and the boys,

we were just driving
around kind of relaxing

from catching that Roger
Davis fellow, you know.

But we'll let you keep getting along.

Hey, I'll tell you what,

why don't you let us drop that
off at the cleaners for you?

'Cause it's several
blocks on the other side?

Save you some time.

- Oh, no really. I have plenty of time.

- You know, it's the only
time I get to see her.

She and my wife don't get along too well.

It really, it won't be any trouble at all.

- No.

I really do have the time,
and besides Coach McCall

used to always tell me
that I needed the exercise.

So thank you anyway.

- You know, funny you should mention that.

I could have sworn

I heard the coach call
on your name last night.

- My name?

- About an hour before he died.

What do you make of that?

- I don't know.

Are you sure?

- Well, pretty sure.

Of course it's hard to
make out anything though

in that hollow gymnasium.

- I can't understand it.

Why would he be calling me?

- Well, that's what I thought,
but what do you make of this?

- Well, I make that out
to be a laboratory beaker.

Well, I've really gotta
be going Lieutenant

- We found it close to the coach's body.

Fingerprints were all smudged,

but wouldn't you say
that's a strange place

for a laboratory beaker?

I mean, in your opinion
as a lab assistant.

- Yes I would.

Well wouldn't that mean that
whoever killed Coach McCall

was the same person that
killed Ms. Grindstaff

and Mr. Griggs.

- You know something Vernon,
I believe you're right.

I suppose that does mean that.

Say, where are you going?

- To school Lieutenant.

You've got your killer and
I've got classes to attend.

(bicycle wheels turning)

- Vernon?

Have you heard?

(Robin panting)

- Coach McCall's dead.

- That's right.

And they're holding Roger
Davis for his murder.

- Well, it couldn't happen to a nicer guy.

- What if he's guilty?

- They'll lock him up
for at least 20 years.

- No, I mean, if he's guilty,

I've been going with a murderer.

Just think about the times
I've been alone with him.

One of those victims could have been me.

- Don't think about it.

He's locked up in a safe place.

There won't be any more murders now.


I've got an idea.

Now since there's no school tomorrow,

why don't we go to the park
and listen to the symphony?

Have you ever been?

- No, but it sounds great.

- Oh, it is. (scoffs)

Something wrong?

- I can't believe it's you.

You've changed.

- What?

- No silly. I mean you act different.

Few days ago you were so shy.

You would never have asked me out.

- Well, I had some problems
then, but now I'm rid of them.

But like you said, I have changed.

Now, will you go with me?

(Robin scoffs)

See you at 7:30.

(bright music)

(phone ringing)

- Hello?

- [Roger] Hello, creeper.

You now who this is?

You still there creeper?

- Roger, what do you want?

I thought you were...

- [Roger] In jail? Yeah, I was.

They had to let me out the door.

Not enough evidence.

Say, listen, how about you
and me getting together

for a little talk tonight?

- I can't. I've got a date.

- [Roger] Yeah. I can guess who with.

I think you better call her

and tell her something else came up.

- Why should I?

- [Roger] Well, let me put
it this way, lover boy.

The night I got caught,

I saw someone climbing in the
window of the chemistry lab.

- Why don't you tell the police?

(piano keys play)

- [Roger] That's what I wanna
talk to you about, creeper.

(piano keys play)


- I'm still here.

- [Roger] Well.

(piano keys play)

- Where do we meet?

- [Roger] You name it.

(piano keys play)

- In an hour. At the school?

(piano playing louder)

There's a window I'll
leave open in the lab,

you can get in there.

- [Roger] Okay. See you
in an hour, partner.

(piano playing louder)

(haunting music)

(window blinds clutter)

(bottle clutters)

(haunting music)

(Vernon panting and running)

(haunting music)

(both scream)

- What are you doing here?

- Vernon, thank God it's you.

- Was that you coming in the window?

- Yeah, you've gotta get
out of here, it's a trap.

- How do you know?

- Roger told me. Right after
you broke our date he called

and told me that you had killed
Coach McCall and the others.

He's gone crazy.

He's setting a trap for you Vernon.

- Setting a trap for me?

- They've let him out.

He's coming here.

Come on Vernon. You've
gotta get out of here.

Don't you understand?

He's gonna kill you too.

Vernon. My God he's a killer!

(Robin cries)

(Vernon groaning)


(haunting music)

- No he's not.

(haunting music)

I am.

- What?

- I'm the killer.

I'm the one who killed all
those people. (sniffles)

- I don't believe you.

- Why not?

They all deserve what
they got, didn't they?

- But you couldn't do it.

- Sure. I could.

Sure I could, Robin.

And after tonight, I won't
be bothered by Roger either.

- Vernon you're frightening
me when you talk like that.

- All my life I've been bothered

and pushed around by the Rogers.

Well, not anymore.

(Vernon groaning)

(haunting music)

Now they're afraid of me!

(Vernon panting)

Oh, Robin. I can't.

I'm sorry you had to find out.

(Robin screaming)

(haunting music)

- No! (crying)

(haunting music)

(doors rattle)

(haunting music)

(Vernon groaning)

(haunting music)

(Robin screams)

No. Please let me go.

(Vernon panting)

Please let me go!

(Robin cries and screams)

(haunting music)

(doors open)

(haunting music)

(footsteps receding)

(door opens)

(Robin screams)

(Robin crying)


(haunting music)

(soft piano music)

(loud bang)

(door opens)

- Hold him!

(Vernon screams)

(glass breaking)

Go get him!

(haunting music)

(wood rattling)

- Hello, creeper.

(Vernon groans)

what's the matter creeper?

Couldn't get a pass to
play with your spiders?

(glass breaking)

(Roger screaming)

(Vernon groaning)

(Roger screaming)

(loud gunshots)

- [Robin] Vernon?

Vernon, are you all right?

You're one of the kindest
people I've ever met.

I guess that's why I think so much of you.

You're very human.

Gee, I'm really sorry Vernon.

(haunting music)

♪ To live in a dream ♪

♪ A victim of madness to be torn ♪

♪ Mindless of your fate ♪

♪ A shaman of magic ♪

♪ Hopelessly yearning to be loved ♪

♪ But time wouldn't wait ♪

♪ All the living clues you don't care ♪

♪ Hate and greed and sorrow ♪

♪ On a wail ♪

♪ They've taken everything you are ♪

♪ And then they turned your dream ♪

♪ Into a nightmare ♪

♪ And now that you've left them ♪

♪ There's only a fragment of your life ♪

♪ Which time can't erase ♪

♪ But someone will follow ♪

♪ And find a place I'll go on ♪

♪ Let him go on ♪

(haunting music)