Horror Castle (1963) - full transcript

Women are being tortured to death with various torture devices in the dungeon of an old castle by a deformed, hooded, holocaust survivor.





Max? Is that you?

Who is there?


There now, she'll sleep soundly
for several hours.

Is it serious?

I can't make any positive
diagnosis right now.

We'll know more tomorrow
when she can speak to us.

It's obvious that she suffered
a severe shock.

If she becomes restless and upset
you better give her a second injection...

- To calm her nerve.
- Very well, Doctor.

How did that happen?

It's not easy to determine, doctor.

Last night, during the storm,
a beam strike a farm building.

When I heard the sound of the siren,
I rush to help fight the fire.

Mary was sound asleep
and did know a thing.

- I thought it was better not to wake her.
- Of course.

We arrived late yesterday evening
after a flight of twelve hours.

This is the first time
she's been to Germany.

Perhaps she was exhausted from
the trip, I don't know.

She can't be expecting...?

A baby? No, I think we can
safely exclude that hypothesis.

- Where did you find her?
- Here in the museum, if you please.

Thank you.

Over there.

She was here, Doctor.

What is that interest you?

You don't believe that story of Mary?

These instruments are already
out of use for more than 300 years.

- That since he was alive.
- Who do you mean?

The Punisher!

That was as he liked to be called.
He wrote the rules in this region.

And he used to punish adultery
with death.

It seems he killed many women...

torturing them to death
in the "Virgin of Nuremberg".

Well, now let me introduce you
to my ancestor.

Was he a moralist or a maniac?

The fair Virgin of Nuremberg, huh?
That's quite a poetic name...

to apply to what is after all
a brutal instrument of torture.

Does your wife knows
this tale of horror?

- What tale of horror?
- The history of the Punisher and his victims.

Yes. I told it to her yesterday
while we were visiting the house.

My wife likes any sort of game.
She's like a child.

Yesterday, on the moment we arrived,
I pretented to be a guide on a tour.

I show her the rooms, the marvels.
And also the horrors contained on this castle.

Excuse me.

I told her about the old legends
about medieval torture.

But it was only a game,
nothing more. Believe me, Doctor.

Do you think she made
her imagination run away?

Perhaps that's the reason.

Sometimes, human consciousness
reacts strangely to certain suggestions.

Why your wife decided
to travel here with you?

I feel she had her reasons too.

I have to come here
every six months on business.

And she, unfortunately,
couldn't come before.

After all, this castle is
much her as well is mine.

Thats right.
I trust you forgive me for asking.

I was only trying to understand
all the facts involving this strange case.

I'll call again tomorrow.

Fritz, follow the doctor out.
Thank you.

Not at all, goodbye.

Is there anything else
you require, sir?

No, nothing, Fritz.
Thank you.

Mary, what you're doing out of bed?
You know what the doctor told you.

I feel better now, thanks.

- I must speak to you.
- Now go back to bed, please.

- You know you're not well.
- Max, I have something to tell you.

What is it?

Before, when the doctor was here,
I didn't want to speak of it.

Last night when I was going
down the stairs...

I thought I saw a shadow.

A tall man, his head
was completely hooded...

he was moving slowly
towards the sarcophagus.

And that's not all, while
I was still there on the stairs...

footsteps sounding from down here.

It's true what happened tonight, Max.

You have to believe me,
it's true!

Darling, it was only a bad dream.

Must be a reaction to the gloomy
atmosphere, or jet lag...

or even the lightning
during the night.

But calm down now.
Nothing happened.

Promise me: You won't tell
nothing about this anymore.

But I can't!
I can't, Max!

You didn't see, so you
can't possibly understand!

Now listen, Mary.
I understand you perfectly but...

You have to get over it.
We'll leave here soon.

I have many appointments today...

and will do everything to do
as quickly as possible.

- Then I'm coming with you!
- Don't talk nonsense.

Go back to bed at once.

- But when you coming back?
- Soon, I promise you.

Erich. He's one of the best
people in the whole world.

Were you afraid of him?
There's no need to be.

Erich, this is your new mistress.

No, thank you.

- What's in there?
- That's the way of his office.

- But what does he do?
- Erich? He's the custodian of the museum.

- Does he live here?
- Yes, it was my idea.

He helped my father during the war.

He would've done anything
for his General.

Yes, no matter what it was.

And now that my Father's dead,
he transfered his devotion to me.

- Where was he last night?
- He was with me. Now don't worry.

I'm sure he's not the monster
of your nightmares.

Try to imagine him without
those scars on his face.

He was a good looking man.

But then he was wounded.
He came out of the war the way he is.

You hate war, don't you?

Anyone who has lived through
that kind of hell, would hate it.

It leaves you bitter.

But during the war,
you were a litlle boy.

Yes, I was a mere youngster.

But the war has the faculty
of aging people before their time.

I can recall everything
of those days...

like a strange and unreal

Those are the things
that stay inside us...

for the rest of our lives.

Things that leave a scar forever.

The wound left on my spirit it's in
a worse state than the Eric's face.

But it doesn't show.

And as long as it doesn't show...
you can pretend that isn't true.

- What's wrong?
- Nothing, why?

There is something that upsets you.

Your foolish fears, what you give way to,
and what you suddenly permit...

Come in!

Did you ring for me, sir?

Yes, please bring me
a glass of water.

I left there, sir.

Sorry, I didn't see!

Thank you.

That's all, Fritz.

- Is that anything else that you require?
- Yes, thank you. Please send Hilda to me.

I may send Trude.
Hilda has left unexpectedly.

- When?
- Last night, I think.

Since none of us saw her
since this morning.

- Perhaps Mrs. Martha knows something.
- No, it doesn't matter.

How many other persons are here
living in the castle?

What do you mean?
Just two of us.

- I meant the servants.
- I don't know, but they're quite few.

The old Martha can tell about it.
She is the one who manages a lot.

- What is it?
- Tranquilizer. The doctor prescribed them.

Sleep well.
You need to rest.

Trude, wait!

I don't know if Hilda will return.
Anyway, you have to replace her.

- The gardener's wife will help you.
- Very well, Mrs.

I'll tell you what to do.
First put the laundry.

I'll show you the tasks, so you
can do it for yourself tomorrow.

Are you looking for something,
Mrs. Mary?

No, Erich, I just wanted to speak
to my husband. I thought he came in here.

Mr. Max is taking out the car
to go to the city.

And perhaps can you still
find him in the garage.

- Well, how do I get there?
- You'll have to go back to the saloon...

and get out through the main entrance
to get in the park.

There is no other way to get out.

But I could swear I saw Max
went through here. I'm sorry.

You are interested in surgery,
aren't you, Erich?

Those instruments were the property
of the general... Mrs.

- The father of your husband.
- I never knew his Father was a surgeon.

In any case, I'm happy to see
the way you keep them.

Here it smells so much alcohol that's
obvious that you clean them every day.

It wouldn't be such a bad ideia
to do the same with the furniture.

- You gave me a fright!
- Oh Sorry! I didn't mean to!

- But you're not German, are you?
- Indeed. But who are you?

My name is John Selby.
I'm here because I'm very curious.

I'm making a tour on the castles
of the Rhine.

And I especially wanted
to see this one.

However they tell me
the owners returned...

and the visitors are not allowed
in the castle itself.

So I thought at least
to take a look in the garden.

The owner is not at the moment
but anyway...

I wouldn't deny a litlle favor
to a foreigner.

- Thank you, Miss...?
- I'm Mrs Hunter.

- Are you the wife of the owner of this castle?
- Yes.

But tell me, why you're
doing this trip?

Let's say it's an instructive travel.

- May I walk through the park?
- Of course!

What's wrong?
Why do you look so frightened?

- Nothing.
- You're frightened, I can tell for your face.

There's nothing wrong,
I'm telling you.

Don't try to fool me.
Anyone can see you're afraid.

Perhaps I can help.
If you just tell me what it is...

I can't! I mean because there's
nothing to tell you. I'm sure.

Do you intend to stay longer
in this neighbourhood?

I don't know yet, it depends.

- Depends on many things, I...
- Mrs. Mary!

Excuse me, I better be going.

It was a pleasure meeting you.
I hope to see you again.

- How do you feel?
- Better, much better.

- Where did he go to?
- Who?

The man who I saw that
was talking with you here.

- What does he asking you?
- Why are you so interested?

You must take care of what you say.
He's a police officer!

- A police officer?
- yes, he's after him.

You shouldn't trust that american,

What are you saying?
Who is "he"?

Besides... I have no doubt
of what you saw last night.

He's come back finally.

- After 300 years.
- This is sure madness!

I know this is not madness
and you know as well as I.

He's come back to bring terror
to the shameless women.

And punish them for their sins.
Last night...

Don't say it! Don't say it!
I refuse to hear another word!

It's useless not to hear.
He's come back and you know it.

After a long sleep of centuries,
but no one dares to say a word!

Because everyone all afraid of die,
because he's the Punisher!

Stop, I'd tell you! I forbid you to
torturing me with these horrible stories!





Where are you?

What are you doing here?

You cannot escape. I'm gonna
show you what I'm capable of doing!


She was young and pretty,
lifeless lying on the cold...

- What are you doing here?
- I brought your dinner.

I've prepared in your room.
I thought you prefer to eat it here.

- And besides, I have something to tell you.
- Well, what is it?

Lock yourself in your room
for the rest of the night.

And don't open the door to anyone.

I have much appreciation for Mr. Max
and if something happens to you...

Max? When he come back?

I think that Max won't return
that night.

Get out! Get out!

Lock the door
and don't open to anyone!

He can't leave me here all alone.

Now I know that was not a nightmare.

Why you left me here alone?

- Doctor, Mr. Selby wants to see you.
- Send him to come.

- Come in, Mr. Selby.
- Dr.

- Sit down, please.
- Thank you.

I apologize for bothering you,
making you come here at that hour.

- I believe that interests you.
- Well, Doctor, what is it?

You're an FBI agent, aren't you?

How did you know about that?

We know everything even in
a small town provincial as ours.

The wind carries news
from tree to tree.

And the news is that between
the trees of the Hunter's garden...

you spend the whole day
spying the castle.


What's the reason for this
interrogation, doctor?

I'm not sure.
Perhaps the circumstances.

I can't explain why I prefer
to speak to you...

instead of local police,
but I'll be honest with you.

I don't want you find me a madman
or a someone who believe in everything.

But some stories indicate
that there's a monster in the castle.

And there's proof of this, Doctor?

The young wife
of the current owner...

told him that she saw things
that are more than strange.

I wish were not true, because...

What I have here can serve
as a real proof.

Who is it?

- Who is it?
- It's me.


No, you're not Max.

It's not a ghost!

It's daybreak!

It's daybreak!

But... it's your statue!

Albert? Albert?

Is that you, Albert?

No! No!

Don't be afraid. You thought
I wanted to abuse your body?

On the contrary.
I have something else in store for you.

Not over there, Erich. It's better
here inside. No one will find it here.

Remember after to close
the other tomb as well.

Max! Let me out!

You're hungry, aren't you?
Observe the shape of this cage.

You have never seen one like it?

And do you know why? Its used have
been forbidden since the fifteenth century.

Because it's too barbaric.
It's known as far away in China.

Instruments of torture are more
or less the same wherever you go.

The mind of man is ever
at the service of evil.

Nowadays great progress has been
made with the aid of science, of course.

But the old ways are still the best.

Believe me, they had an imagination
extremely diabolic...

our ancestors!

I can't live with the face like that!
My face!

- Mein Herr! Mein Herr!
- No, Eric, no!

- You can't! Stop, Erich!
- My face! My face!


Max! Max!
It can't be true!

Mary! Mary!
Please, wake up, darling!

I beg you, speak to me!


- How do we arrived here?
- Erich brought us up here.

- What have you done?
- Nothing! It's nothing!

Mary, you must forget
what happened tonight.

How can I forget?

Max, what have you done
with that girl down there?

Erich has take her to the doctor.
She'll be alright, you'll see.

Now you must promise me
you'll forget everything.

No, I want to know! Yesterday
you told me I was only dreaming.

That it was all an illusion.

Now you ask me to forget
what has to be terminated.

What are you, Max?
What you're turning to?

Mary, you're right, I know.

It was foolish not to listen to you.

Please, I beg you, Mary!
You must give me just 24 hours!

After that I'll be free
to tell you the truth.

Why are you asking me that?

Think what you want, I know
you think I'm a monster!

But give me more time! After that
we'll leave this place once and for all!

Just give me one day longer!

No! I wanna know what
you're hiding from me!

Why you was wearing that clothes?
Tell me the truth, why?

Please be calm, Mary!

I'll tell you everything.

It's horrible. Maybe it's best
that you know the whole truth.

Or you might suspect I'm guilty,
as you probably do.

Maybe you won't believe
what I have to tell you.

- But it's true!
- Max!

I saw you dragging that poor girl
before she was so severely tortured.

No, Mary!
That's not true!

When you saw we I was carrying
the body of Hilda.


Yes, she was the dead woman
you saw inside the Virgin.

- We found her body last night.
- Mr. Max!

Mr. Max, you must go down
to the cellar right away!

What's happening?

Fritz. I heard some screaming and I follow
the sound and it came from the old cistern.

He's there!

Call Trude, get everyone away immediately.
Hurry, I'll go down there.

- What's happening now?
- Nothing. Nothing.

Don't be afraid.
You have confidence in me, I beg you!

Just have me the few hours
I'm asking of you.

I wouldn't be here imploring you
if you don't know what to think I am.

You musn't stay here.
You must get away before the nightfall.

- Do you remember that hotel at the airport?
- Yes.

Go there and wait for me.
I'll join you soon as I finished.

If I'm not back...
Otherwise, return to America.

I'll make it easy for get you
divorce there.

Why do you say that?

Mary, whatever happens to me,
what any you hear about me...

remember that I always loved you.
And I'll love you as long as I live.


Trude, please pack my things
rigth away, we'll leave here at once.

Shall I pack too?

Yes, of course.
I'm taking you with me.

- Martha, you know, don't you?
- What do I know?

- You know who this monster is.
- He is not a monster.

How can you say such thing?
Do you know what he did?

That's true, I know.
But he's not a monster.

He is a sick man.
A very sick.

He's a degenerate maniac!

- Tell me his name! Who is he?
- I will not betray him!

I prayed that he would die without
his misfortune becoming known to the world.

Just thinking about
the noble name of Hunter...

Does Mr Hunter had a brother then?

No, Max has no brothers.

What do you mean then?

What did you say about
the "Name of Hunter"?


So that was what he wanted
to tell me. Max...

I don't know what
you're talking about.

You better think about
carrying your packing done now.

Max will join you at the hotel.
He can tell you...

all you're wondering.

- Have you packed, Trude?
- Yes, ma'am. My bag is in the front hall.

- Is Martha ready too?
- I believe that she's already in the car.

- Are you'll drive, Ma'am?
- Yes.

- Can you carry yours too?
- Yes, I can manage.

Why this door is locked?

I guess Martha should have locked.
Perhaps she use the service's entrance.

This one is locked too?
Is there no other way out?

The door to the garage
in the cellar.

- And Martha, where is she?
- Maybe she's not quite ready yet.

Your room is down the hall.
If you like we can go and have a look.

And while you look for her,
I'm going check the garage door.

If it's open,
I'll take the luggage down.



Mrs. Mary!

Mrs. Mary!

The cellar door to the garage
is locked. Where's Martha?

Martha? I didn't found her in
your room, but she may gone out.

- Where?
- Are you sure there is no other outside door?

Yes, there's one at the museum.
It's a door for the visitors.

To tell you the truth, I never
used it myself. I feel...

Maybe Martha has left for that way.
Let's going see she did.

Mrs Mary!
Mrs Mary!

- Do you know where the entrance to the museum is?
- No.

But then we have to look for it.
Put the luggage down somewhere.

We'll pick it up later. If the door
is locked, I'll smash it down with this.

- What's that thing over there?
- It's just a iron statue.

- What is it?
- It's only an ancient instrument of torture.

But there's a skeleton inside!
It looks horrible!

No, this lead to back inside.

Run, Trude, run!

It's dead!
It's dead!

You won't fright me ever again!

You won't fright me ever again!


You must be dead!
I killed you just now!

I killed you just now!

You didn't hit me!
You destroyed my statue!

There's no escape!
You will die!

Quickly! Quickly! He locked
all the doors! It's impossible to get in!

He will kill everyone!
We must get the police!

Why didn't you speak off before?
Now may be too late.

Because you have executed him.
You were have condemned him to death.

He is a war criminal!
And he must be judged!

You don't know the truth!

You don't know what happened!
Why he gone mad!

You weren't here.
You don't know.

- You can't judge him!
- But the Court can!

Germany's situation
was desperate one.

We couldn't resist any longer.

But Hitler insisted
on continuing the fight.

One day, several generals
decided to make an attempt on his life.

But their plan did not succeed.

Their identities were discovered.

The entire group was executed.

Some were shot,
others taken to the gas chamber.

But for him, they reserved
a more weirdy punishment.

He was imprisoned, then sent
to a laboratory surgical...

where in the name of science...

some depraved doctors
tortured and killed...

innocent men without mercy.

One operation after another.

The human skull experiment,
was taken at the end.

He was the fruit
of modern science.

The "Living Skull"!
Was happened to him.

They drank a toast to him.
To their masterpiece!

In the Virgin!

- Mary!
- Help!

Stop, Father! Stop!

You can't do this to me!
You can't! Don't be afraid!

I'm your son! Your son!
Don't you know me?

I'm your son!

Max! Max!
Hurry, Max!


After him! Fast!

Take him! Hurry!

There must be another door
from the other side of the castle!

Max, take me away from here!
Take me away!

Block all every possible exits
of the state.

Come with me!

Hurry, take them to the park.

- Erich! Erich!
- What you're doing?

Can't you see that
everything's in flames?

Quickly, go for reinforcements!

I'm sorry I had to do this
to your father.

But he let me no other choice.

Please forgive me, Max.
I never dreamed that he was your Father.






- Who are you?
- Erich, Mr. General.

What happened to your face, Erich?

It's all in flames.
The war is over and lost.

But we're still sending
thousands of men to death.

- We must stop this slaughter!
- Yes, yes, Mr. General.

We will have peace again...

We will be as we were before.


Yes, Mr. General.

As we were before.