Horrid Henry's Gross Day Out (2020) - full transcript

Martin's here, boys!

See you later!


And now it's time.

-Are you ready to face the world?
-Hi, Martin.

Are you ready to save the world
to show them who you are?

Yeah? To show them who you are?

There you are! Greetings,
members of the Purple Hand Gang!

Ready for The Grossest Marathons
of all Marathons Ever

In The History Of The Whole Wide World
And The Known Universe?

Cool. Then let's go!

-...down, Henry!

Hey, worm. Watcha doing?

I'm asking you politely
to turn the music down!

All right, all right. No need to shout.

Don't you want to watch with us,
lovely little brother?

Henry, sometimes... sometimes you're so...


That is not what I was going to say.

Then move, worm!

Don't call me worm!

All right, then. Move, smelly nappy baby.
Is that better?

No, but it's predictable.

Hey, Martin.

Snot, bogey, burp, fart, zitgoo!
We're all gross and so are you!

I call it the PP.

Pull the other one, Dr. Barfington.

No, really, that is what it's called.
The PP.

- Yeah, right!

And what does it do, Dr. Barfington?

-Now, then, that would be telling.
-Well, tell us, then.

Let's just say it will take you back.

Back to where, Dr. Barfington?

-Ah, that would be--
-Telling. Yeah, we know.

-These people.
-Yeah, I know.

I mean, back to where?


-The future?
-Yeah. Imagine that. Might as well...

-Imagine dragons.
-Imagine dragons.

-My PP...

Erm, maybe we should try
something else, Dr. Barfington?

Like what? Like the Double P? P Squared?

I think it's the word P
that's the problem, Dr. Barfington.

P is not a word. It's a letter.

You mean it stands for something?

Well, yes, of course
it stands for something.

Doesn't everything stand for something?

Oh, yes, Dr. Barfington.

I guess you could say
everything stands for something.

So what does PP stand for, Dr. Barfington?

Ah, I should really ask you that question.

What do you think it stands for?

Look, we haven't got much time,
Dr. Barfington.

We know that you and the PP
are in dreadful danger and--

-What is it, Zac?

It's gone!

My PP! It's gone!

Oh. No, it hasn't.

Oh, yes, it has.

- Hasn't.
- Has.

Oh, where, oh, where has my PP gone?

Oh, where, oh, where can it be?

This is the work of the Evil Emperor.
We've got to stop him.

Zac, you man the gross blasters.

Barbara, you woman the chime charmers.

-What do you want me to do?
-You're coming with me, Simon.

The only way is snot and more snot.

Snot, bogey, burp, fart, zitgoo!
Evil Emperor, we're coming for you!

My PP.

It's gone.

Just as well I have another one.

It's not fair!

She's got the PP!

Not for long!

Try picking on someone not your own size.

How evil is she?

Pretty evil, don't ya reckon?

Er, really not liking this much.

Erm, this might be a good time to--

Run away!

I was gonna say to create a snot shield.

But, hey, running away
looks like a good option, too!

This is so cool!


Hey, you.

Small human person, pay attention.

You talking to me?

Sure I'm talking to you.

Honestly, you kids
have the attention of a natter jack.

A what?

Look, there is no time to chat.

Pass me that, would you?




Bogeytastic! I've got it!

Oh, no, you don't.

I've got it.


Nope. Mine.

OK, then, losers.

Where is it?

No idea.

No use looking at me. I don't got it.

I haven't got it.

We can see that.

I've got it.

Good job, Henry.
Just stay there. Don't move.

Get him. Get it. Get them!


Henry, forget what Belinda just said!

Move! Now!


Ha ha.

Henry, to me.

To you, Zac!

Whoo-hoo! Zitcredible!

Oh! I'll get you, Zac Zitface.

Hey, wait for me, you idiots!

Never a dull moment
with the Grossers!

You coming, Henry?

Come on, Henry! Keep up!

Sorry. Didn't realize it was a race.

It isn't. We just don't wanna
be late for Miss C.

Miss C?

She's waiting for us.

Can you believe this?
Are we really going to meet her?

Miss C, aka, Miss Clutterbuck,

only the coolest spy
in the whole wide world.

And the known universe.

Oh, yeah! In the known universe!


What was that?

That was the lightning lift.
You know, we're in the basement.

That was the lightning lift? Wow!

Who is this?


It's a boy.

Yes, thank you, Barbara. I can see that.

But who is he and what does he know
about Gross Class Zero?

I know all about Gross Class Zero.

I know all about you and the Grossers,
and the PoopMobile,

and how you're heroes from zeroes
and you're gonna save the known universe.

I know all about you.

In a good way, Miss Clutterbuck.

How in a good way, Belinda?

Because I'm your number-one fan,
Miss Clutterbuck!

I watched every episode
of Gross Class Zero so many times

it would make your eyes roll round!

At least that's what my mum says.

And he helped us get the PP back.

Ah, yes. The PP.

Where is it exactly?

It's in a safe place, Miss Clutterbuck.

Thank you, Zac.

So, what do you know about the Dreks?

I know that Darius Drek,
aka the Evil Emperor,

is the most evil villain
in the known universe.

He's so evil he could burst.

That's what he says, though
I don't think he actually has burst yet.

He did kidnap my best friend Ralph once.

Well, I think he did.

There was foam fungus
all over the floor and Mum was furious

and... well.. well, yes.

Like I was saying he's the most
evil villain in the known universe.

Darius Drek.

The most evil villain
in the known universe

and the unknown universe, too.

-Do you want to take it from here?
-Yes, Miss Clutterbuck.

So, Darius Drek, aka the Evil Emperor,

the most evil villain in the known
universe and the unknown universe

just got a whole lot more evil.


Yep, because he has twins.


Yes, Henry,
and Damian Drek and Drusilla Drek

are turning out
to be just as evil as their father.

And twice as stupid.

That doesn't make them
any easier to defeat.

But... But that means...

Yes, Henry, it does.

And the rumor is that Darius Drek,
aka the Evil Emperor,

has given the twins
the known universe to destroy,

while he sets about
destroying the unknown universe.

Does that mean you've got to save
the unknown universe now as well?

No, it doesn't.

First things first.

Our mission is to save the known universe.

We'll worry about the rest later.

First, we need
to know everything about them.

We need to know everything about him.


We need to know what he likes.

What he doesn't like.

What makes him go up,
down and sideways.

-Yes. Sideways.

Hm. OK.


What do you know about him so far?

-I said...

...what do you know about him so far?

-Are you talking to me?
-Yes, I'm--

We know he's horrid.

Yes, he's horrid, all right,

but the question is how horrid?

What do you mean, detention?

-I mean, detention, Henry.

No buts, Henry. You heard me.


But I was only joking.

You asked me what I was good at
and I said detention.

It's a joke!

We don't do jokes here, Henry.

They're too dangerous.

So, detention, Henry. Now!


Oops. Sorry.

No need to be, Henry.

That was magnificent.

More than magnificent.

Well, at least we know now
what your superpower is.

What are you talking about?

Your superpower, Henry.

What you're good at.

Yeah. We snot.

- Fart.

-And zit.

And you yell, Henry.

But that's not a superpower.

Is it?

It most certainly is, Henry.

I'm a slinger of snot, so clear the way.

There's no stopping me.
Snot's my speciality.

Bogeys are my special thing.

Bogeys are my choice.

Long before you see me
you will hear my voice.

A really juicy burp
is easy peasy, nice 'n' squeezy.

You know I'm around
when you're startin' to feel queasy.

I'm a fart machine,
gassing through the sky.

Two hundred cans of beans.
That's why they call me Mr. Fartington.

My power comes from zits.

Just be thankful it's not nits.

With my zitgoo I'll never call it quits.

So I don't pop, I don't slime,

I don't burp and I don't smell.

If you're looking for my superpower,
get this, I yell!

Now then, Gross Class.

Where were we?

Oh, yes.

We were saving the known universe.

Well, class, it looks as though the Dreks
are having a few hours off.

Fred, why don't you tell us
how you came to be in Gross Class Zero?

Well, Miss C, it's a long story.

Full of...


No, full of. Well, yeah. Farts.

But lots of other things, too.

Go on, Fred.

Your story
is as important as anyone else's.

Maybe you'd like to tell us in pictures.

Sometimes that's easier.

Is that your mum and dad?

Annabel Fartington and Foster Fartwell,

two of the finest and most upstanding...

...citizens you could ever wish to meet.

Fartwell by name,
Fartwell by nature.

That's what my dad always used to say.


All my dad ever says is,
"Don't be horrid, Henry."

But that's you, Henry.

That's who you are.

Yeah, it is.

He also says, "No TV for a week,
a month, a year."

-No TV means...

No us.

He doesn't really mean it, though.


We might have to gross him
if he did really mean it.

Wrap him up in snot balls
and put him in the grunge bin for a while.

Nah. He's a pretty good dad, really.

And it looks like
we've got bigger things to worry about.

Is that for real?

Let's go find out, shall we?

Snot, bogey, burp, fart,
zitgoo. Being gross is what we do!

This is so cool!

...burp, fart, zitgoo.
We're all gross and so are you!

Tell me again how this works.

Who cares? It works, doesn't it?

-I care. Maybe someday I can--
-No, you can't.

And, anyway, we've got to get on
with the matter in hand.

That was the matter in hand! Wasn't it?

-There are several matters in hand,

O son of mine.

-I wish you wouldn't do that, Dad.
-Do what?

Creep up on us like that.

Oh, that.

Yes, that. What else would it be?

Well, I thought you might be objecting
to me saying, "O son of mine,"

and not saying...

It's fine, Dad. I don't mind.

-Are you sure? Because I can--
-It's fine, Dad.

We need to focus on these guys now.

Oh, yes. Those guys.

Those guys
who threaten our very existence.

Those guys who I want to crush
with my little finger,

those guys who dare to...

-Who dare to interrupt our known universe

with their petty ambitions.

Their little lives...
their... their grossness.

Those guys.


O son of mine, you who are--

-OK, now I do mind.
-You what?

Now, I do mind, Dad,

because it's me who's the brains
behind this operation.

It's my plan we are following.

Is this true, O son of mine?

Keep that thing away from me.

Then I apologize.

O daughter of mine... you who...

They're here!

Not just them.

- Him.
- The horrid boy.

Let the battle commence.

Where are we?

This place used to be one of the liveliest
cities in the known universe.

It doesn't look very lively to me.

Yep, that's what happens when the Dreks
decide to play games with your life.

It's so annoying.

Yeah, you can say that again.

It's so annoying.

And where do you think you're going?

With you.

Oh, no! You're staying here.

Oh, come on, Barbara.
He's gotta start somewhere.

It's too dangerous.
He's not ready for this.

-No buts, Henry. Stay here!

What do you think, Simon?
Am I ready for this?

I think...

What do you reckon?
Are we ready for this?

Come on, then. What are we waiting for?


I thought I said...

Oh, never mind! Follow me!

You got the PP, right?

No, he's got it.

I haven't got it.

Only joking, Henry.

But I thought...


Gotcha, horrid boy.

That's your superpower, Henry.

You yell.


What happened?

How did they get away?

It switched them off.

This is one powerful weapon.

I had him. I had the horrid boy
right there and then he wasn't.

It's not fair!

I know.

I thought you said you had a plan.

-I did.
-You did?

You did have a plan?
That's no good, is it?

What good is it did having a plan,
if the did plan doesn't work?

I see your plan worked,
O daughter of mine.

You what? It so didn't work.
It so didn't work that...

The Grossers have gone.

Well, yes.

Good work, O daughter of mine.

And now we know what the PP does, too.

Even better work, O daughter of mine.

OK, so we got the PP back.

I got the PP back.

All right, you got the PP back,
but the Grossers are gone.

Yes, I told you already.
It switched them off.

And what does that mean exactly?

It means it switched them off.

Why do you keep saying it?
Don't you mean you?

I mean, I...
I mean, well, you know what I mean.

Yes, it switched them off. Click.

What, just like that?

Yes, just like that.

So, now what?

Now, we get to trash the known universe.

Oh, right, cool.

Come on. What are you waiting for?

I really wish he wouldn't do that.

Whoa, that worked.


You were only supposed
to blow the doors off, Fred.


That was some incoming, Fred.

Yeah, his aim is getting better.

What is this place?

Mum's going to be so mad.

Who is this mum you speak of?

Mum! My mum.

She's going to be mega maxi-mad
when she sees this mess.

I could blast it away.


Er, thanks, Fred,

but I think it's gonna need
more than a butt bouquet

to get rid of that.

No! That's our cat!

What's a cat?

Horrid boys.

What was that?

That? Oh, that was the little old lady
with the dog that wees.

The little old lady with the...

No! Wait!

What's a dog, Henry?


-Hello? Mum?

Er, yes, yes. It's me.

Yes, he's still in the sitting room
watching TV.

Yes, yes. He's upstairs practicing.

Yes, yes! Woof, woof.

No, no, I'm fine. I'm just, er...

What? No! I mean, yes, yes.

That was me. I, er... Got to go.


This way!

What's going on, Henry?

Nothing. Just, erm, popped up
to see if Fang's OK.

Why would he not be OK?

Oh, no reason.

The phone's ringing, Henry.

I know.

I'm practicing.

I know.


Oh, yes, Mum. I am.

Oh, no, Mum. He isn't.

OK, let me check.

The kitchen!
What if he looks in the kitchen?

Yes, Mum. He is.

OK! See you later.

Woof, woof, Snootagator!


Who was that?


What did she want?

She wanted to know if I was practicing.

I said yes.

She wanted to know
if you were doing your chores.

I said no.


Then she wanted to know
if Martin was watching TV

and playing on his console.

I said yes.


And then she'd be back soon.

-I said she said she'd be back soon.

Yes, yes, I heard you, but when?

When is soon?

I don't know. Fairly soon, I guess.

She said she's just popping
into I'm A Lady.

Oh, so not that soon.

Well, I'll just do
a bit more practicing then.

OK! Bye, then. Happy practicing, worm!

Don't call me worm!

Oops! Sorry!

O little brother of mine.

Oh, no!

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

What is that?

That is Fang.

Yeah, yeah, yeah!

Is that a snot slimer?

Yeah! It's one of yours!

It's OK, Fang.
These really are the Grossers.

How did you get hold of this?

Our security is getting lax.

I've got loads of your stuff.

There's a grosser than gross pick
your best friend's nose nosepicker,

a cracking Fred's fart code card,

Gross goo
available in 321 different colors,

loads of DVDs, like The Gross Class Zero
Fart Bogeys' Extended Edition

and The Gross Class Zero
Super-Bumper Smelly Snot-filled Edition.

That's my favorite, when you defeated
the Evil Emperor three times.

Oh, The Gross Class Zero Zombie Train.
I'd forgotten all about that.

There's The Go Grosser
Than Gross Studios.

I entered a competition to go there once.
Didn't win though.

And I've got every comic you've ever made.

We have a comic, too?

Yeah, 'course you do!

We need an agent.

I did have every single comic,
but I had to give them to old bogey brain,

so she'd give Fang a chance
to win the pet show, didn't I, Fang?

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Gotta get those back one day.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

You've even got
your own mobile phone app.

Which I would show you
if my mean horrible parents

would let me have a mobile phone.

Which they won't.

Ralph's got it on his phone.

And there's these.

It's OK. He's not real.

Is that really what I look like?

Don't you have one of me?

Yes, yes. I do.

I think it's in the worm's room still.

You're gonna love it.

What's still in my room, Henry?

And who's gonna love what?


Well, that's another galaxy gone.

Another day, another galaxy.

Quite frankly, it's getting boring.

-Is that all you can say?



Sometimes I miss them.

Yeah, I miss them, too.

You miss them, too?


I miss their fluffy faces
and the way they look up at you

when you're about to feed them

and how they run over to say hello
when you come through the door.

I'm not talking
about inferior furry beings

with no visible purpose
in the known universe, aka animals.

Oh, you're not?


I'm talking about the Grossers.

Gross Class Zero.

Gross Class Zero?

Those self-centered, lazy,
good-for-nothing, super-stupid heroes.

Why would you miss them?

Huh! Dad!

Don't do that.

I can do what I like.

I am the Dark Overlord of Everything You
Can See and Everything You Can't See,

after all.

And don't call me Dad.

It doesn't go with my image.

I am your father.

OK, Dad. I mean, Father.

You were saying, O daughter of mine,

who has erased every galaxy
in the known universe

and is now feeling
just a little bit bored?

Yes, well, yes. That is what I was saying.

Then you know what you must do,
O daughter of mine.

What must I do?

What must I do, O Dark Overlord...?

All right, all right. What must I do?

What must we do?

What must we do, O Dark Overlord...?

Of Everything?

Bring them back.

Bring them back?

Well, I must go.

There's still a tiny bit of the unknown
universe waiting for me to destroy it.

-No buts, brother of mine.

We are bringing them back.

Can you believe we're doing this?

Snot, bogey, fart, phew!
We're all gross and so are you!

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

And then... and then

you only went and threw
367 bogey blasters into the furnace

and topped that off with a...

Butt bouquet.

Yes, with a butt bouquet!

Surprisingly well informed

for someone who says he never watches
the show, wouldn't you say?

Erm, do you have anything to eat?

Yes, downstairs in the kitchen.

I could cook you something.

I'm rather a good cook, actually.


Then do your worst, alien creature.

Oh, honestly, Barbara.

You are the best!

I know. Take us to your kitchen.


Your wish is my command, fair lady.

Snot, bogey, fart, phew!
We're all gross and so are you!

Snot, bogey, fart, phew!
We're all gross and so are you!

Snot, bogey, fart, phew!
We're all gross and so are you!


What happened there?

It's a long story.

-You should have seen the other guy.

Snot, bogey, fart, phew!
We're all gross and so are you!

What's Mum gonna say?

What was that?

You mean what is that?

Mmm, mmm.

These Tickly Treats are the best.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.




Too many Tickly Treats.

You should know better, Fang.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Is that what I think it is?

I think it is.

We've got to get these guys out of here.

The fort.

If we can get them to the fort,
then maybe...

-It's the best chance we've got.
-What are you going to do, Henry?

What a horrid boy has to do, Peter.

Now, go.

Wakey, wakey. Come on!





You'll never believe
what you can see from up here.


I mean, help! Help!

Horrid boy.

Well, that worked.

Mum is not going to like this one bit.



Mega-farty fart burst on its way!




Snot slinger coming up!

Thank you! I think.

What are we going to do?

About the destruction
of the known universe?

About Mum!
She'll be home any moment now!

And she's gonna be so mad!

Just how scary is this mum?

-Very scary!
-Very scary!

Oi! Keep it down, will you?

I'm trying to record
a new YouGroove video.

Can't you see I'm busy, bogey brain?

Oooh! Pardon me for interrupting!

What's going on anyway?

None of your business.

That just made it my business, snot slime!

Great. That's all we need.


Thanks, worm.

-Ready, Fang?
-Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Whoa! Whoo!

This is fun!

I'm having fun! Aren't you having fun?

Quite frankly, no.

Whoa! That's good snot slime!

It's not like this is a fair fight, is it?

What do you mean?

I mean, look at these guys.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.


Yeah, yeah, yeah.

None of your business.

That's what he said.
None of your business.

Yeah, right! Well, I'm gonna make it
some of my business!

Oh. Hello.


Are you OK? Only you look a bit--

I'm fine.

Who are you?

Margaret Millicent Maudita Smythe.

Who are you?

No one you need to know about.

Whoa! What is that?

Never mind.

Tell me about him.

Ha! Him?

He's nobody.

Well, nobody you'd wanna know about.

He is horrid.

Well, yeah, he's horrid, most of the time.

I can be more horrid.

How horrid?

Very horrid.

Looking good, Henry.

Looking very good, Zac.

Whoa! Too much pink!

Oh! She's amazing!


Come on, Belinda. Let's see
your belching burptatics in action.

Oh! That was amazing!

Thank you, Peter.

It was just like that time when you
were battling with the Evil Emperor

and he sprayed you with foam fungus

and you bogeyed
the deoderoid detectors and...

How did you know about that?

That was a super-secret mission.

It's in your annual.

Our annual?

Yes! The special bumper one
that came out to celebrate your birthday.

You really do need an agent.

Hello, horrid boy.

Or should I say Henry?

That's horrid Henry to you.

Ah, but is it, Henry, horrid Henry?

Is it what?

Oh, come on. Keep up. You're even more
of a beetlebonce than she said you are.

Who said?

Oh. Yes. Moody Margaret.

That's Magnificently Moody Margaret
to you, bogey brain.

Or should I say slug snot?

Leaving so soon, not so horrid Henry?

Come on, Grossers.

Mum's gonna be home soon.
Let's finish this job.

I wish I had a superpower.

Maybe you do.
Maybe you just haven't found it yet.

I've got a job to do.

Oh, yes. Saving the known universe.

You are not going to win, you know.

Says who?

Says me.

Says Magnificent Moody Margaret.

Says Soraya.

Says Gurinder. Says Susan.

How do you know about all those people?

Says Linda. Says Miss Battle-Axe.

Says Madame Tutu.

Stop! You don't know anything about me.

That's where you're wrong, Henry.

I know everything about you.

Says your mum. Says your rich aunt Ruby.

Says your great aunt Greta.


How do you know all those things?

It's my job to know all those things.

Anything to defeat an enemy.

If I did have a superpower,
what would it be?

I can cook.

I can do homework.

I've got a book full of gold stars.

I'm good at tidying up.

And sitting on the story carpet.

I'm good at paperwork, too.

And the cello.

And telling on Henry.

One time I told on Henry
for playing his air guitar

when it wasn't even in his room!

It was in my room.

So, let's talk about the time
you joined the secret club.

-No buts, Henry.

You were a member of the secret club
and everyone knows it.


What did brainy Brian say about
To The Back Of Beyond And Beyond?

He said that the power of sound
is multiplied a billion times

when you can't hear it

and that's how Gross Class Zero
defeated the moon monsters!

That's it!

That's my superpower!

Now, let's talk about
the YouGroove channel.

Or should I say channels?


Let's start with what Henry did next. Hmm.


Oh, what's the matter, Henry?

Horrid Henry?

Superpower not working?

Not so horrid anymore?


That's it!

It's now or never! Here goes.


Drusilla! Drusilla! Are you there?

Drusilla! Drusilla! Where are you?

I can't remember
where the ear shields are.

It's not fair.


Whoa-huh-ho! I did it! All by myself!

Now let's see
if we can get rid of this horrid boy.

I'm sorry, Henry!

I tried!

What is that?

That's Mr. Kill!

Yeah, yeah, yeah!

And that's Fang!

He's one horrid hamster!

Yeah, yeah, yeah.


Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Close the top circuit, you beetlebonce.

Who are you calling beetlebonce?
And what's the top circuit anyway?

It's the robot's nerve center.

I left it open, so it didn't overheat.

If the water gets in, then...

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

- Go on! Go on! You can do it!

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Did I miss anything?

-Well, that worked!
- Cool, Henry!

You are one horribly brave brother.

Have they gone?

They've gone, O bravely horrid brother.

And now it's time for us to go.

What? But you could stay here.
Come to school with me.

Meet the Purple Hand Gang.
They're really cool too.

I'm not saying school is cool.
I'm saying...

We know what you're saying, Henry.

We've got a job to do.

Yeah, I get that.

What else would we do if we didn't
have to save the known universe?

They're getting away!

Maybe one day you could help us
get the cats and dogs back into our world.

You could help us
get all the animals back.

Woof, woof.

Woof, woof, Zac Zitface!

I never got to cook you something.

Oh! Wait!

Thanks, Fang.

You sure are one horrid hamster.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

You could always try this
if you fancy a takeaway.

I can recommend the Super Duper
Superhero Mix and Match Slime Special.



Boys, I'm back!

Fluffy, no!

Hello there, boys.

Have you had a nice afternoon?


Yes. Yes, we have. Have you?

-Oh, yes, I have. Busy, though.

I went to I'm A Lady,
but they didn't have the trousers I wanted

and then when I went back
they couldn't find the dress I wanted.

Oh, thank you, Martin.

When I went back they said
all their clothes were out of stock

and I'd have to go back next Saturday.

Can you believe it?

No. Me, neither.

Anyway, I thought I'd come back
and have a nice cup of tea.

Whatever are you watching?

Oh, er, nothing.

Oh, look at that!

I'm just in time to watch
How Green Is Your Garden?

Ooh! Er, yes, erm, a nice cup of tea.

I'll go and put the kettle on.

I'll help you!

Henry... being helpful?

Should I be worried?



Reckon we got away with it.

Yeah. Mum will never know
how we helped save the known universe.

Or how we destroyed her house.

What are you doing,
bravely horrid little brother?

What do you mean,
horridly brave big brother?

Mum wants a cup of tea.

Well, then,
maybe you could make it for once.

-Not me.
-Well, then, not me, either.

Yes, you, Peter.

No! You, Henry.

Yes, you!

No, you!

Yes, you!

No, you!


-You, you, you!
-You, you, you!

I'm thinking some kind of super-duper
stupid-hero YouGroove channel.


Yes, Linda?

Like, er, can I just ask you
about a possible plot hole, Margaret?

What are you talking about?

Like, when you told
Drusilla Drek everything.

Did you really?

Did I really what?

Did you really tell her everything?

I mean, like, you didn't tell her

that Henry turns into a dinosaur
when he gets angry.


So like that matters
if you're scared of dinosaurs,

like Drusilla Drek is.

Yeah, well,
so maybe I didn't tell her everything.

And, like...

with the possible plot holes, Linda!

Come and watch this.