Horns (2013) - full transcript

After Iggy's long-time girlfriend is murdered and the whole town agrees he is the killer, he awakens one morning with horns and the townspeople soon confess their sins. Once knowing the sins of the people, he is facing the true killer of his beloved girlfriend.


Everyone in town always
took me for an outsider.

I didn't care.

The only thing
that mattered was her.

She was my Garden of Eden,

and God knows how beautiful
it was until that night.

No, no one is born evil,

the Devil himself
was a fallen angel.

But sometimes,
when you go through hell,

the only way out is to walk
deeper into the fire.

Are you horny?

Yeah, I'm getting warmer.

Oh, fine!

- No.
- Yes.

I'm gonna love you
for the rest of my life.

Just love me
for the rest of mine.

♪ I ♪

♪ I wish you could swim ♪

♪ Like the dolphins ♪

♪ Like dolphins can swim ♪

♪ Though nothing ♪

♪ Nothing will
keep us together ♪

♪ We can beat them ♪

♪ Forever and ever ♪

♪ Oh we can be heroes... ♪

Hey, Ig, what does it feel
like to get away with murder?

Want to comment on the fire
at the lab in Tacoma last night?

Have you heard that the
police have a new witness?

You should ask God to save your soul
for what you did to her!

I should ask the Devil to punish
whoever the fuck killed her.

Hi, this is Lee,
please leave a message.

Hi, Lee, umm... please,
can you meet me

at my parents' house
in half an hour.

I really need to talk to you.
Start picking up the phone, man, come on.

Are you proud of me, mom?
I'm so famous,

people follow me
everywhere I go.

Come inside, sweetie.

You just can't talk
to those reporters.

They'll take whatever you say
and just twist it around.

But if I don't talk to them, it looks
like I have something to hide, right?

How's Lee working out for you?

I mean, you still think
he's up to the job?

Yes, he's keeping
me out of jail,

at least for the time being,
that's some kind of triumph.

Look, I know he's
an old friend of yours

but you don't have to settle
for a public defender.

I've got the money, I will hire
you the best lawyer in Seattle.

Every other lawyer we talked
to wanted me to take a plea.

Lee is the only one
who believes I'm innocent.

Just don't talk to
any more reporters, please.

And don't admit anything.

I don't have anything
to admit to, dad.

Look, honey, We don't care what happened.
You're our son.

That's all that matters.

- Oh, Sit back down, Ig.
- If you think for a second

that I might've killed her,
then why are you protecting me?

Because if I did anything
to her, I'm a fucking monster.

I got to go.

Ig, look, I, uh...

I don't have to go back on the road

next week if you don't want me to.

You got to earn a living.
I'll sort things out.

Except I need you to stay, Terry.

The whole family needs
to put up a united front for Ig.

Hey, buddy,

- how is it going?
- Lee.


if you want some food,
we've got lots of leftovers

from lunch.

I grabbed something
on the way, thank you.

- How are you guys doing?
- Yeah... umm,

Lee, what happened at the lab in Tacoma?

One of the reporters this
morning told me it burned down.

Yeah, all the samples from
Merrin's body were destroyed.

??? couldn't recover and
blood or DNA at this point.

That, that's a fucking
disaster for us, right?

That means there's no evidence
anybody else killed her.

It's not ideal, but there's
no need to panic at this point.

And who... who is this new witness?
What is that?

I'm trying to figure that
out today and I'm also

gonna get your confession
to the police thrown out.

Yeah, good. You know
I never confessed to them.

They're just looking for any way to
put me away for the rest of my life.

It's okay, Lee can fix anything, right?

We'll see about that but you know,
you don't have to convince me.

Ig, I believe you.

You don't think
I'm capable of murder?

Just put me in a room with
the guy who really killed her.

Little early for you to start
drinking, ain't it?

They put me on leave at the station.

Apparently, most commuters don't like it
when their DJ is a murder suspect.

Yeah, so maybe you should
take your business elsewhere.

No offense, but you make
the other customers


You're telling me I make
these guys feel uncomfortable?

Alright, come on, Iggy deserves
a drink as much as anybody.

Thank you.

More than anybody.

Sorry you've to... stand up for me
all the time, now that I'm all grown up.

Listen, if you're looking for a
friendlier place to grab a drink.

- I get off at five.
- Um... I appreciate... the offer

but I... probably better off... like,

drinking alone.

Thank you all for coming
tonight to pay tribute

to our dear girl Merrin.

I know that Dale would like to say

a few words to welcome you.

Well, uh...

It's, uh...

it's real good
to see you all here.

The truth is I haven't
felt much like...

getting out of bed
in the morning since Merrin...

Ig Perrish, he murdered her and
he's still walking the streets.

I treated him like a son
practically all his life,

and then he killed my little...

...my little girl.

As long as he's free,

there's no way that her soul
can be laid to rest.

So let us all bow our heads

in prayer.

- Thank you for coming.
- Thank you, everybody.

- Christ, Ig!
- Leave me alone,

- Glenna.
- What are you thinking,

coming out here?
They could've seen you.

She went to church
every fucking Sunday!

She wore a cross
around her neck,

and did it make

any difference? No!

God turned a blind eye

and let her die out here
alone and afraid.

- Come on, oh come on, Ig.
- Fuck God!

For whatever reason

in this crazy fucked up world,

I was being punished.

When they looked at me,
they saw a devil

and maybe I did too.

And now I had to look apart.


Ah! Jesus!

Ha! Ha! Ha... Let me have him.
Send him now! Give him to me now!

You were in the bathroom
for a long time.

Are you still drunk?

How do I look? Did you notice
anything, unusual?

You mean the horns?

Shit, so they're real?



Can I...

Can I have another donut?

Why are you asking me?

1, 2, 3,

4, 5, 6.

You think I'll be OK
if I eat 6 more donuts?

Yeah, do whatever you like.

Thank you.

I don't like it.

My stomach hurts.

Should I have another one?

Why would you have another one
if your stomach hurts, Glenna?

Because I want
to get really fat.

I'm worthless anyways.

Nobody will... screw me
without being totally drunk.

Everybody in this town
thinks that I'm trash.

Come on, Glenna, that's not true.

You wouldn't have screwed me
if you weren't blind drunk.

- Well...
- And I know you were thinking

about Merrin the whole time.

Glenna, I'm sorry,

I've no excuse for last night.

I just need to know if
I can eat the rest of this box?

Yeah, go ahead, pig it out.

Uh... I think I... I'm just gonna
go, Glenna. - Yeah, thank you.


- Hi.
- What can I do for you?

I need Dr. Renald now
to look at... something.


that sure doesn't look right.

We're gonna need you
to fill out some forms.

You know, for what it's worth,

I'd like to kick my daughter
right in her spoiled ass.

- Do you think I should?
- No, of course not.

Why would you even ask me that?

Maybe I should just... leave
her here and drive away,

divorce my husband.

Ah... I could fuck my golf pro again.

Excuse me?

I've never been
with a jigaboo before.

But it's true what they
say about black cocks.

I call it my five-iron.

Here you go.

I feel like I have to yell

at that girl's mother.
I know it's not her fault

that her daughter is a screechy
puke, but really, now.

Go ahead, why not?

Ma'am? Do you think you could show

some fucking consideration and
take your daughter out of here

so that we don't have
to listen to her screaming?

What did you just said to me?

I said you should take that
shrieking pig of yours by the hair

and drag her the fuck out of here!

Fuck you! Shut the hell up,
you dried-up old twat!

Hey, you don't want to do
this in front of your daughter, come on!

I hate Mommy.

I want to burn her
in her bed with matches.

I want to burn her all up gone!

You may want to
stop pumping that now?


My boyfriend is seeing
this girl on the side.

She works at the Bradly's
down by the Marina.

I'm thinking on my lunch break,
I should drive over there

and key her Saab and put
dog shit on the driver's seat.

Or maybe I should just take
a dump on the seat myself.

Ignatius Perrish.
Long time no see.

- Hey.
- So, what brings you in here this morning?

Well, can you see anything

that might be wrong with me?

You mean besides your horns?

No, that's exactly what I mean. So
you can see them?

Shouldn't you both be
shocked or something?

I think if I saw someone with horns,
I'd piss down my leg.

Well, they're kind of hard to remember.

I mean, every time I look away
from you for a second,

I kind of forget
that you even have them.

OK... but what are they?

Do you think...
Could they be cancerous?

Could they be some weird
tumor or something?

Well... they're definitely
cause for concern.

They look inflamed.
Do they hurt?

Yes, like hell.

Ah! Shit!

Um... all right.

- You know how I think we should proceed?
- How?

I think I should grind me up some
Oxycontin and have a little snort.

I mean I can share,
we could get fucked up together.

No! Please, can you just focus
on my problem for a second?

OK, I'm gonna try...
but it's hard.

I keep thinking about this girl, Nancy.
- Oh, God!

- That my daughter hangs out with.

God, I want her ass so bad.

Christ's, can you... how are we going
to deal with these things on my head?

You fucking patients.

All you care about is yourselves!

Listen, Doctor,
just saw the goddamn horns off.

Um... you're sure this
is gonna work, right?

Uh... not at all, actually,

- but it'll be fun to try.
- What?

Now, just breathe normally.

- No, doctor, please...
- Shh...

If you're not sure, we can just, uh...
- It will be okay.

Just breathe, just breathe...

Everything's gonna be fine.

That's right.

Have you seen that girl
before? What is she doing?

I think it's Morse code,

just telling you to stop
looking at her legs

or she'll give you a black eye.

Go forth in peace.

- Here we go!
- Go! Go! Go!

Yeah, spread its legs.

- Put them in one by one, guys.
- I'm telling you,

she was doing Morse code. She was
sending me a message. - I didn't think

you even liked girls, Ig.
Always thought you were a fag.

- Shut up, Meatbag.
- What's so special about her?

I mean it's like you all
never saw a girl before.

You guys are gonna want to find cover

or else you'll all be
wearing turkey dinner.

What's wrong?

Shit. Ah... maybe it got wet.

Gimme the lighter.
Sometimes it messes up.

Now, you're literally meatbag!

- So, what are we gonna blow up now?
- We're not blowing up anything else today.

I'm saving my last cherry
for something special.

Come on, Eric, don't be a dick.

The only way I'm giving up
this cherry bomb

is if one of you homos
climbs in that shopping cart

and rides it down the log ramp.

- I'll do it, Meatbag.
- Naked.

I'm gonna to do it, Eric.

Sure, you are.

Ig, don't, don't!

Don't be ridiculous,
you don't have to do this.

You'll get a cherry.
Come on, now.

Watch out.

Don't do this, please.

You're gonna kill yourself.

Dude, if you get hurt,
mom is gonna fucking me!


Ig! Ig!

Oh my God, he's gonna get
stuck under the logs!

Do something, do something!

What... he should be up by now.

Oh my God!

Ig! Ig!

Hey, Terry, your brother here
is a total fucking lunatic.

You fucking idiot!

If Lee hadn't been
here to pull you out...

Did you do mouth
to mouth, faggot?

- Shut up.
- Now give me the cherry. - No way.

I said ride down naked. You wore
tighty-whities and sneakers.

Eric, give him the fucking cherry.

So... you like that new girl in church?

- I don't know her yet.
- I like her too.

She's not like all the other girls
around here. She's not like Glenna.

She gives hand jobs to
her brother Eric because she thinks

that's the only way guys will like her

but they just think she's trash.

Maybe I should give her the cross. I mean,
I'm the one who fixed it.

No! You can't do that.

OK, what will you give me for it?

Do you want my cherry bomb?

You fixed my cross?


Did something...

...you know, happen to your mom?

She died last year,

- that's why my dad and I moved here.
- Really? How did she...

She had cancer. Is it okay if
we don't talk about it anymore?

Yeah, yeah I understand.

Thanks again for... fixing my cross.

Ig! Did you give...

- ...the cherry bomb to Lee?
- What happened?

- It blew up in his hands!
- What?

Where is he?

He's in that room.

Hey, look at the bright side,

I still got eight fingers.

I'm sorry.
I wish I never gave you...

You're not going to tell your mom who
gave you the cherry bomb, right?

Don't worry about it.
Everything is gonna be fine.

I'm glad one good thing
happened today.

- Where are you taking me?
- Come on. Can't wait to show you.

Come on, come on, come on!

Don't fall off.

Come on, come on!
Don't trip on any roots, OK?

Are you sure you know
where you're going?

- See?
- Wow.

How did you find this place?

Just walking through
the woods one day.

Come on.

This is where I come
when I want to be alone.

So now I'll know
where to find you.

We got a great hiding spot
where we can hide food,

blankets, anything else
you want to hide.

- So you're a Bowie fan too.
- Yeah.

I didn't tell you the truth.

Lee's the one
who fixed your cross.

He wanted to give it back
to you, but I...

traded him the cherry bomb instead.
So it's all my fault.

How is it your fault?

Because if he gave it back to you,
then he would've been the one who...

You think you traded me
for the cherry bomb?

You think that's
how things work?

I left it there for you.

It wasn't an accident.


I wanted you to find it
and give it back to me.

I wanted to give it to the one who...

Who what?

♪ I, I wish you could swim ♪

♪ Like the dolphins ♪

♪ Like dolphins can swim ♪

♪ Though nothing ♪

♪ Nothing will
keep us together ♪

♪ We can beat them ♪

♪ Forever and ever ♪

♪ Oh, we can be heroes ♪

♪ Just for one day ♪

♪ I ♪

♪ I will be king ♪

♪ And you ♪

♪ You will be queen... ♪

What... what...

What the hell is going on here?

- Hey!
- I was going to operate but

I sort of got distracted.

We asked you if we
could have sex instead

- and you said it was okay.
- How could I possibly say it was okay?

- I was under anesthesia!
- You sort of nodded your head,

Father Mould?

Get away from me.

Leave me alone.

No, no, no... I'm not
here to hurt you. Please,

tell me what can I do to stop this?
How can I make them go away?

You killed that
innocent girl, Merrin.

There's nothing I can do. So please, leave
me alone! - I didn't kill her, father,

and now people are telling me all
these things I don't want to hear.

There must be some prayers you can say?
I'll try anything.

- You did this to yourself.
- What? - You turned away from God.

You cast yourself into the darkness.

- But I didn't do anything wrong!
- Every devil used to be an angel

and now you've fallen from grace, forever.

When Satan was banished from
Heaven, he was cursed to crawl

the earth like a snake!

There's no hope for you.

What? So, that's it?

There's nothing you can do for me?

I've got a rope
in that shed over there.

I can take you out
to that tree where Merrin died

and I...

I can string you up.

Unless you'd like to do the decent thing

and hang yourself.

What do you say?


Everyone in this town
is going fucking crazy.

The town's always been crazy.

I think it's because of me
and these god dam horns.


The what?

The horns.

These horns.

What are you talking about?

Wait, can't you see them?

Are you high right now?

Have you been hanging
out with Terry?

So maybe...

Maybe the horns just
don't work on good people.

You've been under an inhuman
amount of stress recently.

And maybe you're just starting to go a
little, you know... a little cuckoo.

And if I'm this crazy and
I can imagine all this,

then I could easily have got
so drunk that I blacked out that night

and killed Merrin and just forgot
all about it, right?



Why, I didn't know you were coming.

I didn't know
where else to go, mom.

Something really bad
is happening to me.

Oh, sweetheart,

why couldn't you go somewhere else?


What do you mean?

I don't want to hear
about all your problems.

- I don't want to know.
- Mom.

Sometimes, when you talk,
I just want to sing.

♪ La la la la la ♪

What are you doing? Mom?

I want to hold my breath
until you just go away!

Jesus Christ, mom, don't... don't...

Stop it!

I'm gonna write you a letter...

a really nice letter

about how much
dad and I love you,

and how great it
would be for both of us

if you would, just go!

But where? Where can I go?

I don't know. Didn't
you always want to go hiking

in Alaska? Didn't you want to
go to Vietnam to teach English?

Those were things Merrin and I were
going to do together, you know that.

I don't care where you go just as
long as I don't have to see you.

Because every time I see you,
it just makes me so...


I just want to be happy again, sweetheart.

Oh, I understand.

And I don't want you
to be my son anymore.


Are you going to go away?


I thought I heard you coming.

Yeah, OK, let me...
walk you through this, dad.

This is the part where you
tell me something awful

you've been keeping
to yourself. Just say it

and we'll get it out of the way.

I don't know why you
turned out like this.

With your brother,

it's easier.

We can always
just play music together.

But with you, I never
know what to say to you.

Well, that's not bad,

all things considered.

I think about Merrin.

What a beautiful girl she was.

I loved her,

you know,

in a way.

I envied you.

I was never in love with anyone

the way you two were
in love with each other.

You couldn't hear
her laugh without smiling.

It was like music.

And when I think about
what you did to her...

And you never thought,

maybe, just maybe,
that I didn't do it?

Of course not.

You're trying to
get away with murder.

And the worst part is,
I'm helping you do it!

What? What do you mean by that?

I went to call to the guy who
runs the state's forensics lab.

Dad, are you telling me you got your
friend to set that fire to the lab?

When the world comes
for my son with the knives out,

it's my job to stand in the way!

Dad, the evidence you got
burnt up could've saved me!

How could you do it?

She was one of the
best people I ever knew!

She was my favorite thing about you.

Yeah, me too.

So if you knew
how much I loved her,

then how could you ever
believe I'd kill her?

Isn't that why you killed her?

Because you loved her so much

and you lost her.

Way more people kill out
of love than out of hate.

What's going on, Ig? Did you
go home like I asked you to?

Yeah, I did that and it was
very enlightening.

Did you know that my dad got his
friend to start the fire in the lab?

Uh... Hypothetically,
if I did know,

I would legally be required
to tell the police.

But maybe the fire
was a blessing in disguise.

How? How was it
a fucking blessing?

If the lab hadn't burned down, that
evidence would've cleared me, Lee!

OK, I know it's rough for you
staying at your house,

so why don't you just take the keys to
my place, you can crash on the couch.

No, I'm fine. I actually
got a lot to do.

I got to figure out
who really killed Merrin

- and get him to confess.
- How are you planning to do?

Lately, I can be
pretty fucking persuasive.

Hey, Ig, nice look
for you. Showing your true nature?

You know, I'd really appreciate
it if you guys would fuck off.

Come on, Ig, admit you killed her, it'd
be such a huge scoop for me.

Oh, good to know your journalistic
integrity is fucking unimpeachable.

Hey, if you confess to me,
I could get you out of the

stupid local news.
- You know what, I got an idea.

How about you guys beat the shit
out of each other

and the winner gets
an exclusive interview with me.

Ha! Ha!

Ha! Ha!

I thought I told you

I don't want you coming
around here no more, Ig.

Jesus Christ! Al, you don't want to do
that, you'll get arrested.

I don't give a flying
fuck if I get arrested.

Why don't you just get me a whiskey?
You know you want the money.

What I really want... is
to burn this place down

and collect the insurance. - Look, can
you not burn down the bar right now?

I need your help for something.

If anyone knows anything
about who killed Merrin,

you're gonna have
to tell me now.

The only thing I ever killed
was a couple of dogs.

I run a dog-fighting ring
out of the supply room

back there.
- Jesus, Al, I don't want to know that.

I've been unemployed for three months

and I hate my life, so,

Yeah, I can sure understand
wanting to kill someone.

Rob, that's not what I meant.

I really want to show
everybody my dick.

Oh, don't!

I want that all the time.

- I want that all the time.
- The only thing I know,

is that I got a cousin
who's a cop

and he knows
who the new witness is.

This waitress who served you
the night Merrin got killed

says she saw you
drive back to the restaurant

and drag Merrin into your car.

Thanks a lot, Stan.

Ha! Ha! Ha!

Ha! Ha! Ha!

Hey, my interview?

Hey, my interview?


OK, guys, so, uh,

you're gonna come tomorrow night
to the diner at about nine?

I'd hopefully have
done the deed by then

- and then we can go out celebrate.
- Fuck, yeah.

You want me to
bring any goodies?

No. I think me and Merrin
are going to be happy enough

tomorrow without
stimulants, I hope.

Yeah, well, I'm a musician
and we always need stimulants.

- I can understand that.
- And I'm a state employee,

subject of random drug testing.

Sure you're not rushing into this? Rushing
into it? Dude, how am I rushing into it?

We've been going out
since we were kids.

- Hi.
- Hey.


Oh, is everything all right?

Hey, what's wrong, Merrin?

I, um, really don't know
how to say this,

so I'm just gonna
go ahead and say it.

I'm moving to Los Angeles.

You think? That's great!

I can get a leave of absence
from the radio station easy.

I want a change of scene too.

That's not
what I'm talking about.

I think we need
to stop seeing each other.

- Hey, lovers! You guys, uh ready to order?
- What?

Oh, I don't think we're
quite decided yet.

OK, I'll come back.

I don't understand.

I thought everything
was going great.

It's just we've
never had a chance

to be apart. I've
never had a chance

to think about
what I want for my life.

OK, but I know what I want.

I want the life we've been
dreaming about since we were kids.

That's the problem.
We've been dreaming about that

since we were kids.
And we're adults now

and we need to start
being practical.

I don't know what
you mean by that.

I don't want to ever be the
reason for any of your regrets,

- Ig.
- How many times

have we talked about
getting married?

I mean how many time have
we talked what we're

gonna name our kids?
- I'm not even sure

if I want to have kids.
What? You sounded

pretty into it the last
8000 times we talked about it!

How many girls
have you been with?

You know the answer to that.

- Just me.
- Yeah.

No one does that, Ig.
No one on the whole planet

does that.

You need to see other people
so that you can figure out

if I am the one
that you want to be with.

I don't want
to see other people!

Is that what you want?

Are you in love
with somebody else?

How far has it gone?

Answer me! How far has it gone?

Have you fucked him already?
Please, Ig.

No, tell me. Tell me
everything that happened!

I need to know. Have you
fucked him already?

- Why are you asking me this?
- Because

I want to know. I want to know
everything. It'll make it easier

for me to hate you!

You deserve better.

Finally, something we agree on.


I'm gonna be lost.

I'm not in love
with you anymore.

Come on, please. We're not done

about this.

Please, Ig...


- Yeah, what are you looking at?
- Sir! Sir! Sir!

We gonna have to ask you
and your wife to leave.

She's not my wife.

- She's just someone I used to fuck!
- Hey! Easy!

Hey, Ig, whoa, how'd it go?
You already proposed?

- The party's over, Terry. Go home.
- What the hell are you talking about?

Hey, hey, I thought we were
going to celebrate tonight.

What's going on?

Ig, what the fuck
are you doing? Ig!

Merrin, you all right?

Morning, Ig.

Roll down the
window so we can talk?

Hey, Meatbag,

what's up?

When was the last time
you saw Merrin, Ig?

What's happened to her, Eric?

What makes you think
something happened to her?

Oh fuck, it's all my fault.

Anything that happened to her,
it's all my fucking fault.

Oh, I gotta go.

You can sit wherever you want.

Oh wait, you're that guy.
Ig Perrish.

Yeah. I heard you've been telling
lies about me to the police.

Yeah, I have.

And you know, I don't
even feel a little bit

bad about it.
- You want to tell me exactly

- what you said to them?
- Oh, I told them

that your girlfriend forgot
her jacket, so I followed her

to the parking lot and
I saw you drive back and scream

- that you were gonna kill her.
- But you know that's not true!

And that I saw you
drag her into your car

and you drove off.

Why the hell
would you say all that?

Because I want to be in
all newspapers and on TV!

I want to be the star
witness at your trial.

I'm pretty enough
to be on TV, right?

Especially if I get my tits
lifted the way I want.

You're just
a fucking crazy liar!

I know I am.
I'm so bad. I'm bad.

Sometimes when people
ask me what you did,

I said that after
you beat her brains in,

then you turned her over and
you fucked her in the ass.

You should see their
faces when I say that.

Everyone loves
a good sex murder.

You're insane! My brother was here
that night and he saw me leave alone.

I'm gonna release my own sex-tape
and I'm gonna be on reality show.

I'll be in US magazine, smiling.

Hey, Glenna!

- How's it going?
- Oh, how do you think it's going?

It's going... worse than that.

- You alright?
- Oh, excuse me.

I think I had too many
donuts this morning.

Yeah, you did. I was there.

Oh, you mean last night?

No, this morning. You
don't remember any of that?

Wow, no.

I must've been
really drunk, so...

Why don't you let me suck
your cock in the men's room?

I'd really like that.
And I bet it'd make you feel better.

No, Glenna.

Thanks, but not right now.

The thing is, Ig,

I've always...
been in love with you

since we were kids.

But I guess you
know that, right?

I guess I did kind
of know that, yeah.


I just wish that I could
leave this town and...

What's stopping you?

- You!
- Me? No, it can't be me.

Right? No!

Put this shit whole town

in your rear-view mirror and
do something good for yourself.

Hey, go!

Ig, I didn't know
you were here. Jesus Christ,

what the fuck is on your head?
They're horns, crazy story.

- Listen, Terry. I need you to help me.
- No.

Listen to me, Terry.

The waitress from the diner, OK, she's
going to the cops and telling them

that she saw me drag Merrin into my car
and drive away from the diner that night.

I know for a fact
that's not true.

You know that, and I know that, but
how the hell we're gonna prove that?

I mean, Merrin left the diner
with me that night.

What do you mean,
she left the diner with you?

You told me you never saw her
that night at all.

I didn't kill her, Ig.
I would never hurt her.

- What you talking about, Terry?
- I was just too scared.

Tell me, Terry!

So, uh...

What just happened with you and Ig?

I don't want to talk about it.

You sure? I mean you're shaking,
look at you, you're a mess.

Hey, hey, hey, why don't
you take, take one of these?

Just take one, they're fine.

- Take the edge off.
- I don't want pills.

I need to feel what
I'm feeling tonight.

God, you're beautiful.

You know that?

We need to pull over.

I need to get out of the car.
Wo, wo, wo, I didn't...

Look, it's the end
of the world out there.

I want to go for a walk!

Are you trying to get
yourself killed? Hang on!

- Thanks for the ride, Terry.
- Come back!

I'm fine now. I promise, OK?


Don't be ridiculous,

where are you going?

I'll wait for you!







How could you?
What did you do to her?

Do you even fucking remember
what you did to her?

I didn't kill her.
I loved Merrin too.

Well, if you didn't
kill her, then who did?

Oh, fuck!

We got a call

on the radio about some kind of
altercation going on out here.

We got a pretty good idea
who's responsible.

Listen, Eric,
this is all my fault.

Maestro, break time
is over. Let's go!

Go on back inside, Terry,
none of this concerns you.

Yeah, go back inside,
play a fucking song!

You better calm down,
Ig, you don't want

to be resisting arrest.
We'd be inclined to use force.

What would you arrest me for?
'Cause I got in a fight

with my coward brother.
Is that a crime?

The thing is, this club
is across the county line.

Which means we caught you

- fleeing jurisdiction.
- For God sake,

talk about the most obvious
kind of trumped-up charge.

Go back inside.

- Fuck you, Eric.
- Fuck me?

- Fuck...
- I wish we could bring you in for worse.

I wish I could plant
something on you.

Like maybe a piece of her dress.

That way I could put
you away for good.

For God sake, Eric, you've known
me for my whole life. You know

I'd never hurt her!

Bullshit, Ig,
you confessed to me.

Everyone in town

saw you fighting with her
the night she was killed!

That's not what happened.
I said whatever happened to her

was my fault because I ran
off on her, I left her alone.

Whatever that waitress
told you is lies!

You listen to me, asshole.

I'm gonna make sure you get
punished for everything

you did to her, even if I have

- to beat you to death with my own hands.
- Do it, beat him to death.

That'll give me something
to whack off tonight,

only I'll be picturing
both of you naked.

Yeah, I like that.

I like to think about you
naked too, Sturtz.

What the fuck!

Lee might have
sprung you for now

but we're not gonna
let you out of our sight.

Hey, Meatbag,
leave my client alone.

Trying to make my life
as hard as possible?

Lee, I know who
the new witness is.

It's the waitress from the diner.
She's lying about every...

- Do I have to keep a leash on you?
- And Terry drove away

from the diner with Merrin that night.
They drove off together in his car.

You're saying Terry was the
last person to see her alive?

Yeah. I don't think he'd do anything to
her, but he can't remember anything.

Why, why is he confessing
to you all of a sudden?

- Because of the horns, Lee!
- Oh, my God. Ig,

I can't talk to you when you're
like this. There's no horns.

You're going crazy. Go home.

Why are you wearing Merrin's cross?

It's not Merrin's. It's mine.

You think I'm an idiot? You think I don't
know what Merrin's cross looks like?

Yes, it's hers.

She gave it to me.

Why would she do that?

- Ig...
- What?

There's things about
Merrin you don't know.

There's things
about Merrin and me

that I haven't told you.

What are you talking about?

I'm sorry, I didn't mean
for anything to happen.

You're the one...

Ig, come on. - You're the reason
she was gonna to... leave me.

- We didn't want to hurt you.
- If you didn't want to hurt me,

- you did a fucking lousy job!
- Ig, come on.

Ig. Ig, I'm sorry.


- Fuck!
- You like that new girl

in church? I don't know her yet.

Ig, you like her enough
to get me to fix her cross.

I like her too. She seems,

you know, pure.

Ha! Ha! Ha!

Get the hell off my property.

I know I'm the last person
you want to see right now,

but you're the only person
I can ask about this.

I got nothing to say to you.

I should shoot you
right in the heart.


If you really wanted to kill me,

you'd have already done it.

I know that.

These days, I bring out
the worst in people.

What I want is for you
to tell me the truth

about what you did
to my daughter

- and then I want to kill you.
- What I need to know is,

did Merrin say anything
to you about leaving me,

or about being
with somebody else?

You got some kind of nerve,

coming out here and
asking me if my daughter

was unfaithful to you?

Are you out of
your goddamn mind?

Look, you're the only
person she would've told,

you're the only one who
loved her like I did.

Don't you fucking
dare say we're the same!

When I was watching the cancer
devour my wife's insides,

the only saving grace was I
thought that was the worst thing

that'd ever happen to me but
boy, was I wrong! Dale, please,

you have to believe me,
I loved her

but now I, I don't know
if I really knew who she was.

You think there's a chance
in hell I'm gonna say

one word to you
about my daughter?

If you're looking for
forgiveness or compassion,

or understanding, go talk
to a goddamn priest!

I know you killed her

and I hope you die.
I hope you die

scared and helpless in the dirt,

just like my Merrin did.

I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

I shouldn’t have come.

Get off my porch or
I swear I will shoot you.

Fuck this!


Sometimes God works
in mysterious ways.

The horns that reveal
so much already,

now I can use them to find her
killer and set things right.

See, vanity doesn't pay
and it's gonna be a long time

for you to even try
and look pretty again.

You know, you guys really want
to stop following me around.

Telling us what to do now?


I mean, wouldn't you rather just

suck each other off right here?

What the hell
makes you say that?

Oh, ever since we were
kids, I kind of assumed maybe

you had to act so tough because

you were ashamed of yourself.

Was I right?

When I was a kid, I used to
shoplift gay porno mags

from the drug store. When my dad
found them under my bed,

- he cracked me with his belt.
- You see, you both have been brought up

to believe it's a sin
but it's just being human.

That's why I always wanted
to be partnered with Eric.

I think about him all the time
when I'm whacking off.

I want to kiss you on the mouth
when you talk dirty like that.

Have fun, officers.

- Oh, Wallace!
- Come here.

Hey, Terry.


I didn't know you were gonna come by.
How's it going?

What's that snake

- doing around your neck?
- I made a new friend.

You want a drink?

Maybe something a little stronger?


No, I want to keep
my head clear tonight

but don't let me stop you.

Do as much as you want to do.

Jesus Christ,

Terry, how many drugs
have you been doing lately?

If you want to know
the truth, I've...

I've had a hard time
staying sober, you know,

ever since Merrin died.

I've actually been
on kind of a bender myself


I've been having
a very good time.

That's, uh...

that's great. I'm glad
to hear that, Ig.

Shit, look...

I know things have been
tough for you lately, OK,

but... well, understandably,

but I, I just...

But here's where the fun ends.

This is gonna give me
no pleasure at all.

What you... what're you talking about?

Um... hmm, well...

You're my big brother, Terry.

I've always depended on you
to look out for me.

I've always tried to do my
best by you, Ig, you know that.

Except when you saw Merrin

lying under that tree

in that dirt. You didn't
call an ambulance

and you didn't call the cops.

You just ran off
and left her there.

Fuck, Ig, she was
already dead, OK?

There was nothing I could do, the cops
would've thought that I killed her.

Even when I got arrested, you
didn't go to them and tell them

the truth, no.
Now, why would you?

Why would you do that
unless you were guilty?

Unless you actually killed her?

Because I'm your fucking
brother, that's why!

You understand, if I... I mean, they
would've just thought I was helping you.

But you didn't even
try to help me!

All you wanted to do was save
your own skin.

You are
a selfish motherfucker, Terry

and I hate you.

You know what?

You're so fucking right.

You're right, I'm evil and...

and you should kill me, Iggy.

That's what you should do,

you should fucking kill me.
That's what I deserve,

right? I mean, after what I did,
that's what I fucking deserve.

The way I see it, I have
every right to kill you.

But I'm gonna let you live and make
you suffer. Why don't you just finish

all that off?

What, all of it?

I think I made myself clear.

Now there's nowhere left to run.

You're going to see
everything she saw

and feel what she felt

and the worst part is,

you're going to live
through all of it.

Ig... Iggy!

Fuck! Iggy!



No, no!

Terry! Terry! Terry!

No! Iggy! Where are you?

No! Help! Help me!



Punishing Terry was the
hardest thing I've ever done.

But forcing him
to face his demon

was the only way
I could help him.

Jesus Christ, Ig,

I looked for you everywhere.

Go get out of here before I do
something we both gonna regret.

You got to move pass this.
This is not what Merrin wanted.

So you're the expert
on what Merrin wanted now.

I was never going
to tell you anything.


So how long was it going
on between you two?

- You don't want to know any of that.
- No, I need to understand.

Just a couple of months.

She's moving out to California.

We wanted to figure out if
it was real before we told you.

So when she got killed,
did you think it was me?

Like did you think that I found
out about it, you would lost control?

If I thought that you had anything
to do with this, I wouldn't

be helping you.
- OK, I don't want any more of your help.

I'm the only one who can help you.
I'm gonna prove that waitress

was lying and I'm gonna get
Terry to confess to the police.

Fucking go, Lee, leave me alone
and don't fucking touch me!

Give me your cross! Oh fuck, no!

Are those horns?

Damn right they're horns.

I'm glad you can
finally see them.

Now you've to tell me the truth.

Merrin's cross can't
protect you anymore.

Why should I tell you anything?

You're not gonna be able to help it.

I never meant to kill her.

I didn't mean to do it.

I loved her just as much as you.

I'm the one who fixed her cross.

She should've been with me.

You sure as shit fooled me.
I always thought

you spent your whole life
trying to be good!

- I'm trying to control myself.
- But you saved my life when we were kids.

You pulled me out of the water right here!
You're the only reason I'm alive!

That's the stupidest mistake I ever made.
I should've let you drown

- and I'd be with her now.
- That's a fucking lie!

Thank you for coming to see me.


I think Ig is going
to propose to me.

Do you know anything about that?

- Maybe.
- There are some things

that I've learned
about myself recently

and I...

I know now that I can
never marry Ig.

Why are you telling me this?

Will you come
by the diner later?

I really think it will help if you're
there when this is all over with.

Of course.

Thank you.


- It's me.
- Oh, Lee...

...you frightened me.
- What are you doing down

here? Come on, get some
dry clothes on you.

- I'll drive you home, come on.
- No, Lee.

- I want to be alone right now.
- You're gonna be sick.


You OK? Here...



Everything will be okay.

I got you, I got you.

What... what are you doing?

There's nobody here except us.

Are you joking?

I mean, you don't have
to pretend anymore.

It's fine.

No, no, no!

Stop it! Don't do... do that!

Get off me!

I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I just...

I've been waiting for this
for such a long time.

I can't believe
this is finally happening.

- I need to touch you...
- No.

...to feel you.

No! Listen, you're
Ig's best friend.

You're my friend.
You're my friend.

Please, don't you
understand anything?

I understand everything.

I understand everything.

Every time the three
of us hang out together

it's like there's this...
elephant in the room.

Because we are so clearly
suppose to be together

but nobody says anything.

You know? And, and um...

...we stare at each other,

Merrin. We stare at each other.

No, let go of me! Don't!

You don't know the first thing about
what I'm going through right now.

What the fuck
are you talking about?

What about all the signals
you've been sending me?

What? Signals? What..


My God, you thought that
I broke up with Ig so that...

No, no!

I know you love me.

I love you, I love you.

- I love Ig so much!
- Ouch!

I love him more than the world!

That's the last thing she said?

She loved me!

You want to know
what happened, Ig?

- Shut up!
- I love...

No! Please, no!
Damn it! Help, daddy!

I gave her what she asked for.

Uh! Jesus...

Please! Please!

It's me! It's me!

I fucked her
tight little pussy...

No, no!

- ...and I bashed her face with a rock.
- No!

You know what?

Love made devils of us both.

The way I see it,

you confessed to me,

and were so overwhelmed
with guilt

that you killed yourself.

I've always wanted to try this.

It's gonna be fun.

It's gonna be fun. OK...

Mr. Perrish committed suicide

earlier today.

We've recovered his vehicle.
Perrish's lawyer Lee Tourneau

was the only witness
of the scene.

Mr. Perrish confessed
his crimes to Mr. Tourneau

and then killed himself.

Is there any validity to a report that
his body was found in the vehicle?

Any reports originating
outside the Guinea PD

should be considered
hearsay conjecture at this time...

- ...nothing more.
- I got one more question.

Breaking news this evening

from the police force
in Merrin William's case.

It occurred tonight
that Ig Perrish has...

One thing I'll say in my favor,

I'm fucking hard to kill.

Why the hell aren't you dead?

The truth is I don't know the
answer to that question myself.

I have prayed for
so long for you to die

but when I saw
the news on the TV,

it didn't help one bit.

I didn't kill her,

Mr. Williams.

But you know who did it,

don't you?

You got to tell me.

- What will you do if I tell you?
- You know what I'll do.

But this is my job.

If people say you should always
do the right thing

but sometimes
there is no right thing.

And then,

and then you just have to pick
the sin you can live with.

Why don't you come inside?

Yesterday, I was wondering
around the house and I...

found this.

I thought maybe I should
give it to the police, but...

that didn't feel right.

She wanted you to have this.

Thank you.

There's something...

...I would like to give you.


Merrin's mother gave this
to her just before she...

You know, son, I think...

I think you need this
even more than I do.

I think you need her
to keep you safe.

Well now, I guess

maybe that's some kind
of blessing after all.

The horns weren't a curse,
but a blessing.

They guided me this far.

And when I put on her cross,

I could feel her
protecting me again.

"Dear Ig..."

"...you'll never read this
while I'm alive."

"I'm not even sure I want
you to read it after I'm dead."

"I think you're gonna
ask me to marry you soon"

"you don't know
how much I want to say yes."

"But I can't."

"The thing is, Ig,
I'm very sick."

"The sort of cancer I have, it's
the kind that runs in families."

"I saw my mother go through it."

"And I saw what
it did to my father."

"If I tell you I'm sick, you'll just
want to marry me even more,"

"and I'll be weak and say yes."

"And you'll give up your future"

"and be shackled to me
as I go through hell"

and die anyway."

"I won't put you through it."

"I love you too much."

"My plan is to hurt you"

"just enough to push you away."

"And hopefully, one day,
you can forgive me"

"and then move on
to someone else."

"You'll have children,

"and great-grandchildren."

"You'll go for long walks
in the woods."

"On one of these walks,"

"when you're very old,"

"you'll find yourself
at a tree,"

"a house in its branches."

"I'll be waiting for you there."

"I'll be waiting by candlelight
in our tree house,"

"shining the light
of my cross into your eyes,"

"the first message
I ever sent you."


"I love you, Iggy Perrish."

"Your girl, Merrin."


- You're alive.
- Hey no, don't.


we have to clear your name.

We need to figure out
who really killed Merrin.

It was Lee.

If you are going after Lee,

then I am coming with you too.

You're not strong enough for that.

I'm not leaving you.

I made myself a promise,

never again.

Anything happens to me,
I need to know you're all right,

for mom and dad's sake.

I'll be damned.

You and me both.

What are you doing out here?

You don't remember anything that
happened between us, do you?

You want to come inside?

No, actually I was hoping
we could go for a walk.

Nobody's looking for me.

Pretty much everybody in town
thinks I'm dead.

- No shit.
- So, what do you say?

- Just a walk?
- Yeah.

Why do you bring us here?

You know why.

This is where you killed Merrin.

What happened to you?

You lost your mind?

Things are going
to go a lot easier

for both of us
if you don't lie to me.


I'm your best friend, you've
known me your whole life.

You think I have something
to do with this?

Believe me,

all I want to do is... kill you.

But I'm trying to be human.

I'm trying to be the kind
of man Merrin wanted me to be.

So I'm giving you

this chance to do
the right thing.

We are going to go down to
the police station. - OK.

- You're going to turn yourself in.
- Keep your hands

where I can see them, Lee.
Don't do anything stupid.

Terry, what the fuck are
you doing here, Terry?

Terry came to talk
to me just now,

told me some things
about the night Merrin died.

Anything he said, he's just
trying to save his own ass.

- Go fuck yourself.
- Yeah, fuck you too.

You told everybody
that Ig confessed to you

and then killed himself.

At least one of those
things isn't true.

So now I'm wondering, what else
were you lying to me about?


I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

I'm so sorry.


I didn't mean to hurt her.

It was a mistake, I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

- I want to do the right thing.
- OK.

OK, I'm gonna fix
all of this, OK?

- You're doing good.
- OK.

- OK.
- That's right.

We've been friends a long time.

Fuck! Lee, just put
the goddamn gun down!

Back the fuck up!




I'm so sorry, Merrin.

I'll see you soon.

Aah! Aah...


Please, Ig...


In the end,
I embraced the horns.

Like an angel who fell to earth,

I became a devil one last time.

The revenge is all consuming,

and my time has come
to return to you,

so we can be together again.

I mean, if this isn't paradise,

I don't know what is.

Are you horny?

Um, I'm getting warmer.

Oh! Right.



I'm going to love you
for the rest of my life.

Just love me
for the rest of mine.