Hornet's Nest (2012) - full transcript

Robbie Amell, Michael Boatman and Michael Silver co-star in the first in this adaptation of the first novel in Cornwell's series of mysteries featuring reporter Andy Brazil, Police Chief Judy Hammer and her top deputy.

What is that?

Single gunshot wound
to the head,

pants around his ankles.

You really know how to relax.

He was wearing a money belt,
which might explain why.

Car was cleaned out...
Rental, so no trace, no DNA.


I thought you were
in management now.

Doesn't mean I don't care.
I'm still a cop.

You wouldn't understand.

No, 'cause you don't
want to be understood.

It's the reason you
wear the blue-and-white

"Keep Away" sign every day.

Lucky I got a thing
for uniforms.

Come here. Come here.

It's getting late.

You're doing it again.


You're shutting down.

You're pushing me out.

I'm going to take a shower.
Quit reading so much into everything.

And you're happy with this?

It's a perfectly fine
piece of journalism.

Yeah, and Harold
is a solid writer,

but we need more than that, Ned.

We need great.
We need modernization.

We need a blogger, a Facebooker.

We need youth.

- You tweet, Ned?
- No, not really.

Yeah, yeah, well,
Brazil's already got

more than 10,000
followers on Twitter.

Yeah, but this kid
is still new to the game.

With all due respect,
so are you, Mr. Panesa.

Look, covering crime
is something

that a reporter works up to,

and just because you are

a 22-year-old
human-interest writer

who volunteers
at the Police Academy...

He came up with
a fantastic idea for a story

and took steps on his own time

to gain a greater
understanding of his subjects.

All right, all right.

He's good.
I'm not arguing that.

We need to heal the rift, Ned.

TV talking heads
get better access

because the last regime took

such a critical stance
with the cops.

Now we're hemorrhaging readers.

Cops are losing public support.

It's mutually beneficial.

You tell me
why we shouldn't do it.

Because as a newspaper,
we're supposed to be watchdogs.

We're supposed to be relevant.

Passersby found the body
here late last night.

And while motive
remains unclear,

some speculate robbery
may have been a factor.

With no suspects in custody,

Charlotte Metro Police
are asking anyone

with information
about this crime...

Haven't touched your breakfast.

- Not hungry.
- The victim, Jay Johnson from Orlando,

was last seen renting
a car at the airport.

He never made it
to his hotel room.

Stephanie Kent, reporting live
from downtown Charlotte.

Thank you, Stephanie.

We'll be following
that story closely.

Turning now to economic news...

It's my first day
on the police beat.

Local businesses in the area
are seeing signs of a rebound.

The strengthening
local job market

is encouraging prospective
buyers back to...

See you later, Mom.

- Deputy Chief Goode.
- Virginia.

Where are you headed
this morning?

Community meeting. Thought it best
to have one of my men drive me.

With patrol's poll numbers,
I'd think you'd be better off

taking anything but a squad car.

I believe the chief
wants to see you.

Is this about the ride-along?

Goode must have said no.

He's not gonna be the only one.


It's just wrong that
you can stay so thin.

You want some?

Unlike you,
I have to work at this.

Shocking as it may seem,

I'm actually with my colleague
on this ride-along thing.

Engaging with a reporter
is just asking for trouble.

You know...

when I left Atlanta
to run Charlotte Metro,

this department was a mess.

So, I made some changes,
and things improved...

In some areas, tremendously,
I'd like to think.

But the public's opinion
of us hasn't.

Yeah, we have the media
to thank for that,

which is why this P.R. idea
of yours makes no sense.

It wasn't mine.

We have to credit the new publisher
of the "Register" for that.

But I like it.

God knows we need
some positive press.

No, patrol does.
Investigations is doing just fine.

Reporters live to expose, Judy.

- You know that more than anyone.
- Panesa's different.

And so is this writer.
His name's Andy Brazil.

And he's a recent graduate of
our volunteer Police Academy,

which means he can
accurately describe

what it is we do out there.

So, patrol gets a pass,

and my department gets saddled
with this P.R. experiment?

Not your department.

Then look on the shelf.

Of course I checked.
Then look in the back room.

The wireless is down
and you're missing a cable,

but we can discuss Internet
security while we wait.

I'm Linda Bond,
I.T. tech.

I hear you're quite
the social media whore.

Excuse me?

Then go to Radio Shack.

He's a writer.
He needs the Internet.

It's okay.
I can use my iPad.

This was on your desk,
by the way.

You have a
not-so-secret admirer.

Just call me
if you need anything.

Happy first day in crime.


And Tommy?
Still not gay.

There's always tomorrow.

- You start tonight.
- Yes!

- I mean, this is great.

I can't thank you enough,
Mr. Panesa, for everything.

First a shot on the
police beat and now this.

I'll write my ass off.
I promise.

I know you will.
And Ned here is gonna help you.

He's one of our best editors.

- I look forward to working with you.
- Yeah.

So who am I riding with?

Vice? Gangs?

Deputy Chief Virginia West
of the Investigations Division

has agreed to allow you
to accompany her

as part of a four-part
blog series on the CMPD.

That's not what I pitched.

- Andy, that's exactly what...
- No, no.

I didn't go to the Academy
for six months

and work out a 20-page proposal

so I could do
a P.R. puff piece.

You know, he's got a point.

West isn't going out on calls.

He'll only see what
she wants him to see.

Well, then...

I guess he'll have to write
his ass off about that.

Won't he?

His hotel's
in the other direction.

Do you think our victim
knew where he was going,

or did he just make
a wrong turn?

Don't know.

I'm trying to see
if we can track down

any other surveillance footage
to figure out his route.

So far, this is all we've got.

Bank records show
he hit the ATM,

took out 400 bucks
at the airport in Orlando.

No wallet on the scene.

Could be a simple robbery
gone bad,

but it feels like
more than that.

Especially when you get
a look at these scratches.

They were obscured by blood
at the scene.

Fingernails... long ones.

You think our guy
pissed some woman off?

It wouldn't be his first time...

Rape allegations made against
him when he was in college,

charges dropped due to
insufficient evidence.

- Revenge killing?
- Don't think so.

His accuser was killed
in a car crash five years ago.

I'm thinking maybe
the urge resurfaced.

We get anything on the bullet?

Consistent with a
.40-caliber Smith & Wesson.

Couldn't find casings, though.

What the hell are you doing?

Andy Brazil
with the "Register."

I'm here for the ride-along.

Yeah, which hasn't started yet.

And what is being discussed
here is confidential.

I was just describing
your office.

That needs to come off.

It's my volunteer uniform.

If we're going to do this,
you're going to have to change.

Chicken breast,
lemon caper sauce.

Sorry I'm late.

Busy day?


Randy called.
He's starting a new job tomorrow.

What a relief.

Got an e-mail
from Jude the other day.

He met someone.


seems both our boys
are doing well.

Is that even warm anymore?

It's warm enough.

Did you do anything today, Seth?

Did you get out
of the house at all?


Went to the market.

Say, when's that,
public service awards banquet?

I keep forgetting to
put it on the calendar.

It's this week.

But I know
how you hate those things,

so I can always go alone.

This is good.

Never seen your byline before.

Just started on the police beat.

What did you do before then?

Human interest.
TV listings.

There been an increase
in prostitution in the area?

Yeah, and not a Julia
Roberts in the bunch.

They're all drug addicts
with crap childhoods,

which is why they hook.

I'm not sure what's sadder,

the women who sell themselves
or the men who buy them.

Wow, really?

Didn't think
anyone still smoked.

Where's my lighter?

What are you writing
on that thing, anyway?

Tweeting, or I'm trying to.

There's not much to comment on.

- What's going on?
- '94 Honda with a busted-out window,

and I'm guessing it's stolen.

Do you need some... all right.

Unit 700 in pursuit
of a stolen vehicle

headed eastbound
on Tyvola at Woodlawn.

Dark blue Honda,
license 7-apple-apple-5-2-4.

Copy that.

Stolen vehicle
on eastbound Tyvola.

- Repeat unit number, please.
- 700.

10-4, Deputy Chief West,

and, welcome to the real world.

Headed southbound
on old Pineville.

Need backup.
Hit the lights and siren.

- Wait, what?
- I'm a little busy.

We don't have sirens
in volunteer vehicles.

Unit 32 responding.

- What the hell are you doing?
- I don't know.

Heading north on Minuet.

Hurry up! Get the lights on!
I'm trying.

- Maybe if your...
- You're spilling my coffee!

Sorry, I... found it.

Unit 32.
Vehicle in sight.

700. We have
equipment malfunction.

- 32, he's all yours.
- Copy that.

Maybe next time, Deputy Chief.


My training vehicle
only had roof lights.

Because you're not a cop!

You're a writer who
likes to play dress-up.

The CMPD volunteer force
was Chief Hammer's idea.

Are you saying
it was a stupid one?

Units in the area
of Statesville and Kohler,

backup requested.

Male suspect threatening
paramedic crew.

Unit 700 responding.
Do not touch anything!

Take them off! Please?
I can't breathe.

Help me.

Stay by the car.

Take them off.
I can't... please.

- I can't breathe.
- We got it covered.

- I can't breathe. God.
- Guys, come with me.

Take them off.
Let me go.

Got called out on a domestic.

Found this guy bleeding
from the head.

He alleges his wife here
hit him with a bat.

Both of them
under the influence.

I called out the EMTs.

Hey, you know it's
gonna be a bad night

when the first call
on your shift is a meth head

- who won't get out of the rig.
Help me.

This guy is tweaking big time.

- Damn it, this hurts.
- Take them off.

- What about his wife?
- She wants him back.

Yeah, I don't think that's
why she's screaming.

Can I have the keys?

Help me, Jack. Help me.
God, help me. Help me.

Take them off, please.

That better?

- Yes.
- All right.

Thank you.

Hey, we're not supposed
to hurt them, remember?

He get the scissors from you?

my weakling partner here.

I pumped that guy with enough
tranqs to knock out a horse.

I can't help it
if he's superhuman.

But she's gonna
believe you over me.

Hey, Duggins, shut up, will you?

- Got backup en route.
- No need. Come on.

I'll distract him.
You guys grab him.

Excuse me.
Can I get each of your names?

I'm from
the "Register."


The one night
things go south on me

and your friend here
is on a publicity tour?

That's not why I'm here.


- Get over here, you...
- Come here! I got him!

Got him! Got him!

Got him!
Coming out!

All right, you got him?

- What'd you say to him?
- Called him a pussy.

You gonna tweet about that?

Unit 700.


Detective Brewster notifying.

White male homicide victim

found in Sugar Creek,
500 block of Drury.

- Hey, what do we know?
- Single G.S.W. to the head,

multiple to the torso.

Happened at least 24 hours ago.

Name's Chuck Luby,
and we only know that

because of the rental
car registration.

- Watch and wallet gone?
- Didn't have a thing on him... literally.

- Wounds?
- .40-caliber S&W.

Any cartridge casings found?

- Nope.
- Crap.

So, it's the same killer.

No one said that.

Jay Johnson's pants were down.

Both businessmen in rental cars.

And based on what you just
said, the same gun was used.

You're not going to write
about that.

Charlotte has a serial killer,

and you think I'm not
gonna write about it?

You write about it,
you're gonna screw up my investigation.

Well, like you said,
I'm not a cop.

That means I don't
answer to you.

Mom. Mom!

I'm above the fold.



Now people are gonna panic.

We're not even sure
it's the same killer.

I can't even imagine what
the talking heads are saying.

Well, see for yourself.

The victim, identified
as Chuck Luby,

was shot multiple times
less than 48 hours

after Jay Johnson was killed
in a similar fashion.

Both men were here on business,
each for less than a day.

Word of the murders has spread,

having already
been dubbed by some

as the "Queen City

Police have yet to comment,
but sources say

both victims were semi-nude,

and their bodies were found
in deserted areas.

Releasing those details

just screwed us big time.

You know, I get why you'd be
pissed at the chick

who's always
sensationalizing stuff,

but Brazil just asked
a question.

It was a fair one.

Well, at least
he complimented you

for busting that uniform
last night in his article.

I don't need compliments,

not from an opportunistic voyeur

who wants his name
in the local paper.

Chief! Chief!

Deputy Chief Goode, can you
comment on the killings?

Tell us what's going on
with the investigation.

Not my department.
I can't really say.

But I'm heading in to see the
chief of police right now.

As the head
of the patrol division,

any reaction to the statements
made by your colleague

about officers and
unnecessary roughness?

Look, we're not out there
to hand out candy, okay?

We're looking for a murderer.

And unlike Deputy Chief
West's detectives,

Patrol is on the front lines.

Excuse me.

- Is Chief Hammer in?
- She's in a meeting right now.

I'm sorry, sir. I didn't have you
down for an appointment today.

Is she in with the mayor?

Yes, but if it's urgent,
I can get her.

No, no, no, no.
No, it can wait.

I'm sure Chief Hammer has
a lot on her plate right now.

- Tell her I stopped by.
- Okay.

Do you know how many
phone calls I've gotten,

how many e-mails?

I imagine our numbers
are on par...

You are not an elected official.

This couldn't have come
at a worse time.

For you or for the victims?

I've spent my entire term
courting Fortune 500 companies

looking to establish
new home offices.

We're up for three
huge conventions

and a major sporting event.

And I'll assure the public...

No, you have to educate
the public.

Talk about our 105% clearance
rate of violent crimes.

That figure includes the solving
of crimes prior to last year.

I'm not going to tell people

that we've cleared more cases
than we actually have.

We need to keep a lid
on this situation.

Judy, it's my job to protect
not just our citizens,

but their livelihoods, too.

Solomon Cahoon,
who, as you know,

has the ear of the business
community here...

He suggests
that maybe we should...

I'm stopping you
right there, Mayor.

Charles, three years ago,

you asked me to resign my post

as Atlanta's chief of police,

move here, and fix
a broken department.

And that's exactly
what I'm doing.

Our numbers are solid.

And I'm not going
to inflate them

to appease the self-appointed
C.E.O. king of Charlotte.

This year's Public Service
Awards should be fun.

Cahoon's the corporate sponsor.

Silvertip hollow points...

Needlessly destructive,
in my opinion.

Goes through tissue and organs
like a buzzsaw.

Firearms confirmed it was the same
type of gun used in the first murder?


First shot was to the head...

Killed him
pretty much instantly.

Five other shots were fired
into Luby's torso.

Lack of vital response indicates

they were inflicted postmortem
when the body was prone.

Either making sure he was dead

or using him
for target practice.

Not much of a target
from two feet away.

Any biological evidence?

Put a rush on DNA...
Saliva on his face...

Interestingly, male.

This guy was married with kids.

Never stopped anyone
from being gay.

Now, there's no specific evidence
to support homosexuality,

but we did find

a platinum-blond,
six-inch synthetic hair

on Luby's pants.

Where's the wife?
Is she flying in?

She's already here.

My oldest boy...

I told him not to...

He goes online,
and he found an article that said...

was Chuck naked?

I'm afraid so.

Who would do this to him?

I wish I could answer
that, ma'am.

Was there a woman involved?
Was this about sex?

We don't know
anything for certain.

I wasn't there for him
like he wanted.

With the kids
and the financial stress,

I was just always so tired
all the time.

- I drove him to it.
- No.

This is not your fault.

Do you have any idea
what you've done?

You're welcome...

For the rather complimentary
blog piece I wrote.

Hey, let's get this straight...

I don't give a crap
what you write.

I only care
about who it impacts,

like the victim's kid,

who reads an article
with details

no 10-year-old should ever
know about his dead dad,

or the real cops
who are busting their ass

to solve this case.

My father was a cop, too,
you know.

And your point is you would
have disappointed him?

Got your computer cable.

This a bad time?

I'm not interested, okay?

So just leave me the hell alone.


- All units, 10-80...
- Marshall Park.

Possible arson.
Two-structure fire, East Trade.

Come on, people!

275, urgent.

Second fire
in commercial building.

Possible workers trapped inside.

Requesting additional
backup units.

Sending additional units
to Marshall Park and structure.

Lands and grooves on the
bullets for both murders match.

Are we thinking there's
a sexual component?

Yeah, it's hard to
imagine there isn't.

But neither crime matches any M.O.
in the national database.

Any link between the victims?

We're checking backgrounds
and computers now.

Nothing so far.

You get a look at this
morning's "Register"?

Would I be planning a press
conference if I hadn't?

I told you ride-alongs
were a bad idea.

That Brazil reported on the
murders doesn't surprise me.

That he wrote about you
and Patrol does.

But that's a conversation

between me
and Deputy Chief Goode.

What are you gonna
tell the press?

As much of the truth as I can,

but not everybody
wants to hear that.

I got a visit from the mayor.

The one who was elected

or the one who actually
runs the city?

Cahoon not only runs it,
he owns it.

That's why we need Panesa
and Brazil in our corner.

You're not done yet.

Judy, for God's sakes,
I have two homicides to solve!

And 10 detectives to help.

The ride-alongs continue,

Fine. All right,
tell me this.

Brazil said his dad was a cop.
That true?

You'd know better than me.
I'm a transplant, remember?

'Cause I've been here awhile.

I've never heard anyone
by that name. Have you?

Don't know why I didn't
put it together.

That's his kid?

I was still in patrol when
that whole thing went down...

- Probably 10 years ago now.
- What whole thing?

You gonna be much longer?

I've already been waiting
45 minutes.

I'm supposed to be
covering a fire.

Damn it.

Any relation to Drew Brazil?

Yeah, he was my father.

Sign here.

You have 30 days to pay the
fine or appear in court.

I knew him.

Wouldn't be dead
if he'd followed protocol.

I'd slow down if I were you.

My name is Judy Hammer.

I am the chief of police
here in Charlotte.

On Thursday
at 9:37 p.m.,

the body of Chuck Luby
of Birmingham was found

in the Five Points area
of Charlotte.

Mr. Luby was shot
multiple times

and found adjacent
to his vehicle.

We are in the early stages
of the investigation

and have not as yet
determined any correlation

between Mr. Luby's homicide
and that of another homicide

which occurred two nights ago
involving a Mr. Jay Johnson.

I don't think
she heard you, Mayor.

Apparently not.

We do not believe there is
a public safety threat,

but I have ordered an increase

in the number of officers
patrolling our streets.

As always,
we ask the citizens of Charlotte...

Who's next in line?

West heads investigation.

Goode's at patrol.

Dozier, but he's admin.

Award aside,
we may need a change.

Come on.

Dispatch even know
we're out here?

They will.
Just needed to make this stop first.

Got my lead detective
interviewing out here.

- Queen City killings?
- "Johnson-Luby murders."

Who made up
that ridiculous name?

Do you ever not tweet?

I write what I see.

I just need to
touch base with him.

Can I come along?

After what you pulled last time?
Not a chance.

It's important
for the people of Charlotte

to know all the police are
doing to solve the crime.

No, they just need to trust that
we're doing it. Stay by the car.

Maybe I should just ride
with patrol, then.

Trust me, they don't
want you, either.

So, a wig like yours?

I don't wear synthetic,
and if I did,

it wouldn't be tacky blonde.

Brewster, how's it going?

I could ask the same of you.

Just chatting with Diamond here,

see what she knows
about all this.

All this killing is killing
business, that's what.

Anyone out here turning tricks
with a reputation for violence?

- Anyone with a gun?
- Honey, we're the ones

who get killed out here,
not the other way around.

Me and my kind
are gentle people.

Anyone who's not your kind, then?
Anyone new out here?

Not that I've noticed.

Know what's
a real crime, though?

A lady with all the goods

who can't even be bothered
to dress like one.

- Panesa.
- Chief Hammer.

I was just about to call you.

Brazil wants off
the ride-alongs.

So does West.
I told her no.

Great minds.

Nice talking to you, Richard.

Likewise, Judy.

700. I'm 10-8,
North Tryon Street.

Copy that, 700.

Personally, I don't believe
either victim was gay.

You're barely old
enough to have sex.

What makes you such an expert?

I'm not as young as you think.

- 23?
- 22.

700, assault, suspect on foot...

White male, green sweats,

last seen
on Wilkinson Boulevard.

Suspect in sight.

700 in foot pursuit.

Stay in the car!




Okay. You can get out
of the car next time.

You're under arrest.

You have the right
to remain silent.

- Do you ever exercise?
- Shut up.

Anything you say can and
will be used against you.

You play any sports?

Maybe you should.

700, check loud music.

Neighbors at 4200
South McDowell complaining.

Copy that.
700 two minutes out on Randolph.

Is a noise complaint really
the best use of our time?

Not every call's an action
sequence, Gonzo.

Can this day get any better?

You're already back
to being a writer?

- Sorry?
- Never mind.

It's loud, but nice.

Hard to believe anyone's
complaining about it.

No one is.
Church called about that noise.

You can't hear anything.

It's a strip club...
Reason enough to complain.

I will never understand
you people.

We're not all cut from
the same cloth, you know.

- You the owner?
- Yes, ma'am. Randy Colt.

You know, it must be
a hell of a problem

for them to send out
the big guns like this.

So, I'm assuming you're...

Deputy Chief Virginia West.

Your neighbors next door are
complaining about your volume.

Hell, if anybody

should be complaining,
it should be me.

I mean, it's their
damn loud music

keeping all my customers out.

Yeah, well, do us both a favor,

and you turn yours down a notch.

Hey, Earl.
Bring it down a little bit.

How's that?

I appreciate it.
I'll tell your neigh...

Hey, baby.

I like your costume.

Did you say something to me?


Got a G-string and pasties
underneath all that?

Knock it off!



700, need backup
and medical assistance,

Colt's Strip,
4211 South McDowell.

Hell, man, Bubba's had
that one coming for years.

So, free drinks on me, son,
anytime, all right?

- Thanks.
- Hey, man, you did good.

He still shouldn't
have grabbed her ass.


You think Bubba
will press charges?

Not if he wants to do time
for assaulting two cops.

What were you doing
in there, anyway,

defending my honor?

Now, this is the kind of call
an EMT could get used to.

Where's your partner?

Raines has got the night off.

Poor bastard.

Expecting to hear from someone?


Your ear's bleeding.


I know about your father...

How he went above and beyond
the call of duty,

and it cost him his life.

I know about your athletic past

and your meteoric rise
through the police ranks.

I have a trick to fix that.



Yeah. I don't believe
either victims were gay.

I do believe there's a
prostitution angle, though.

The M.E. found male saliva and
a synthetic hair on Chuck Luby.

Maybe they were both duped
by some trans hustler,

or maybe there's some
other person involved.

At this point, I don't know
who or what the killer is.

All I know is they're out there.

- Is there still a shine?
- In three, two...

That's right, Jen.

And while the police have yet
to identify a suspect

in the so-called
"Queen City Killings,"

sources close
to the investigation say

there's reason to believe
the murders may be gay-related.

Back to you, Jen.

Enjoy your night off?

Not really.

But I hear that absence
makes the heart grow fonder.

I have to get to work.

I'll buy you breakfast.

Want to be helpful?

Walk the dog.

Obviously, we've got a leak.

Okay, well, hello?
She's been hanging out with a reporter.

It's not him.

Medical Examiner's office?
They found the saliva.

No, Odom barely shares
information with us.

He's not talking to the press.

How are we with that DNA?

No CODIS hits.

Whoever the saliva belongs
to hasn't been arrested.

Doesn't help my hooker theory.

Well, maybe we're not
dealing with a pro.

Could just be the lure,

with robbery as the real motive.

And murder's the cherry on top.

Other way around, more like it.

So what exactly are my guys
supposed to be looking for?


I want officers patrolling
all known areas of prostitution

sundown to sunup.

Along with parks,
public restrooms, strip clubs.

Throw in some undercovers,
if you got them.

Better get on it.

Chief Hammer.

Your husband called,
wanted me to remind you

not to be late
for dinner tonight.

It's my anniversary.

Andy Brazil.

You're real.

And here I thought you
were Panesa's pseudonym.

Can I ask you something?

Journalist to journalist?

Journalist to reporter.

I'm assuming you consider
yourself the former.

Where'd you get your information

the killings were gay-related?

You really think I'd tell you?


But I do think
you should be more careful,

'cause it gives us
all a bad name

when your source is wrong.

Let's go.

You see my press conference?


I TiVO'd it, though,
or I hope I did.

The record button is fussy.

Are you gonna eat that?

No, no. I'm just saving
myself for dessert.

Happy anniversary.

You, too.

That I.T. girl's
obsessed with you,

in case you hadn't noticed.

is she your type?


Of course she isn't.

Hey. Can I get your expert
opinion on something?


Both these guys
had wives and kids.

I did some digging,
found out this one

was accused of a date rape once.

- Either strike you as gay?
- God, no.

But they do look
like they'd have to pay

for whatever action
they did get.

They strike you as the type that
could be duped into believing

someone was a woman
when they weren't?

The hustlers who are trans,

they don't have the money
or time to do it right.

People know what they're
buying into, Andy.


How can I be standing
in your way

when there's
not even a defendant?

I'll tell you
what the correlation is...

The longer you keep me
on the phone,

the less time I have to make
a case for the prosecution.

D.A.'s already worried
about his case.

Neither Johnson nor Luby's
home computer have any evidence

of Internet affairs
or chat room hook-ups.

No gay porn, but plenty
of the straight stuff.


You want to leak this
to the kid,

get the record set
straight, so to speak?


Let's keep our distance.

Why are you following me?

What the...?

911. What is
your emergency?

Got a couple of burglars

trapped inside an electronics
store out in Five Points.

Think you've got a unit nearby?

Copy that.
We'll send someone right away.


I'm looking for Andy Brazil.

I got it, Mom.

Go back inside, please.

- Hey.
- Hey.

You are taking this cop thing
way too seriously.

This makes it official.


Singlehandedly bringing
down a burglary ring

that plagued
this city for months?

How'd you do it?

Let's just call it
a happy by-product.

Let's get out of here.

By the way,
there's something you should know.

What do you mean he's being followed?
By whom?

- By Patrol.
- For the last couple of days.

We'll be increasing our presence

in the Tryon and airport areas,

as well as stepping up
patrols in...

Deputy Chief Goode.

Do have any idea
what harassment is?

I'm sorry. I don't know
what you're talking about.

I just found out that Patrol
has been tailing Andy Brazil.

Well, I don't know where you're
getting your information from,

but I can promise you...

If any officer takes part
in any of this again,

I will have his or her badge.

Am I clear?

Yes, ma'am.

I'm beginning to think you've
got a sadistic streak, Virginia.

As I was saying...

That's not why I'm here.
He went over your head.

- Who?
- The mayor.

He called in the FBI.

He wants you to hand over
the investigation.

I need you to stay home.

I just came back
to get my laptop.

I don't feel well.

- I got to go.
- Andy, please!

Get off me!
Stop it!

I'm sorry, I just...

I really need something
to drink, Andy.

Can you get it for me?


Andy Brazil.

Andy, it's Richard Panesa.

I've secured an interview
with the mayor.

I want you to conduct it.

Is it my imagination,
or has this place gotten worse?

Clientele has.
Food hasn't.

I'm just so used
to seeing cops around.

After my little speech,

we'll be lucky
to find a patrol car

within five miles of this place.

B-Ray's up in here!

- Yeah. That's right.
- Yeah!

Not the best timing ever.

You're safe with me.

Hey, I might not wear
the uniform that much...

back at you, honey.

Didn't like the cooking?

No, I just...

She counts her calories.

Want some more coffee, at least?

- No, thanks.
- I know this one will.

So, because of these killings,

you feel businesses
are suffering?

And when business suffers,
our citizens do, too.

That's why I called in the FBI.

And the people
of Charlotte deserve

a quick resolution
to these crimes.

And by joining forces with
our local police department,

hopefully that
can be accomplished.

And in the interim?

We go about our lives.

Are you saying the city's
safer with the FBI here?

I'm saying we've increased law
enforcement presence by 30%.

And while it's unsettling,
the average citizen

has a better chance
of winning the lottery

than being this
murderer's next victim.

Actually, the odds of that
are roughly 200 million to 1.

The metro area has a population
of around two million people,

so if two people were killed in less
than four weeks, one does the math...

Look, do I like driving
downtown alone at night?

No, but it's an irrational fear

because a very small,
very specific segment

of the population
is being targeted.

The public needs
to be aware of that.

Whoever's doing this
has got no criminal record,

so they're either young,
lucky, or a recent convert.

So, what are you gonna do?

I'm gonna give the FBI
all the information we have.

No reason why we can't keep
investigating on our own.


Any unit in the area
of West Trade and Graham...

Robbery in progress.

- Armed white male on a bus.
- Hey.

You know, it's gonna take
Patrol a while to get here,

- thanks to me.
- Okay.

West and Hammer responding.


- Excuse me a moment.
- Certainly.

Sorry, Mr. Mayor.

I have to leave.
Thank you for your time.

- Just hand it over.
- Come on!

I'll go first.


I ain't got all day, bitch.

Excuse me,
is this the bus to Sm...

This is the bus
for giving me your money.

-! - We don't want any trouble.

Then hand it over, now.

Hands behind your head!

Sorry, everyone.
Police officers.

Watch your step.

Hammer and West.
Suspect in custody and a squad here.

No other unit need respond.

Let's keep everybody out
on the streets.

Checking in.
Blair Mauney III.

You here on business
or pleasure?


Quitting my job.
Wanted to do it in person.

not until 4:00,

but let me find out
if your room is clean.

You know what?
Just have my bags

brought up to my room
when it's ready.

I'll go out for a while.

Will you require a taxi, sir?

No, I have a rental.

A map of the city, then?

Want to make sure our
guests don't get lost.

I'm not worried.
I grew up here.

Make sure to get
the bus in frame.

Come on, "Windbags."

And we're rolling live.

I'm standing
where it all happened.

Chief of Police Judy Hammer

and Deputy Chief Virginia West

were apparently
having breakfast nearby

and responded
to an armed-robbery call.

The two women managed to
take down a man with a gun.

Witnesses call the act heroic,
but some have suggested

these theatrics
are a distraction

to Charlotte's more serious
crime issue...

A serial killer among us.

Sources close to Mayor Search
quote him as saying

that even he is afraid
to drive downtown at night.

Reporting live,
I'm Stephanie Kent.

Chief, you have a visitor.


For the hero chief.

Or the chief distracter,
depending on who you ask.

Stephanie Kent is an idiot.

With a viewership
hanging on her every word.

Look, what you did was great,

just like the job you're doing.


With the mayor terrified
to drive around the city?

Uncredited sources.

That's not even journalism.

Look, I like the job
Brazil's doing,

but I just...

The story's getting much
bigger than it needs to be.

If there could just be
some restraint exercised,

at least
at the "Register."

Of course.

So, you, ready for your award?

I think it's safe to say

that everyone from the
mayor to Cahoon to myself

would be happy if we could
un-ring that particular bell.

Yeah. But,
you're still going, right?


With your husband?

No. I wouldn't subject
him to that nonsense.

I'm going alone.

Me, too.
Why not go together?

Serious crime issue...
A serial killer among us.

Sources close to Mayor Search
quote him as saying

that even he is afraid
to drive downtown at night.

Reporting live,
I'm Stephanie Kent.

Sources close to Mayor Search
quote him as saying

that even he is afraid
to drive downtown at night.

Technology's not enough.

All that tweeting,
uploading and posting

doesn't add up to breaking news.

You got a good old-fashioned
scooping, Brazil.

No, that wasn't scooping, okay?

That was stealing
or hacking or something.

She used my quote...
I typed it into my notes

but didn't include it
in my story.

Yeah, but that's
my point... why not?

Maybe your allegiance to CMPD

is keeping you from being
a serious reporter.

You know, it's either that

or you're not the boy genius
that Panesa thinks you are.


You know, there's a gun
in that drawer.

Why don't you use that
instead of a spoon

if you want to kill yourself?

That's not funny.

It wasn't meant to be.

Bobcats are just not
getting it done this season.

I changed my mind.

I want to go to that public
service awards thing with you.

That's okay.
I already made plans.

Here you go, baby.
Don't stop.

You know, bro,
this ain't me being cheap or nothing,

but don't you think
you need to switch

to, like, water
or soda or something?

No, that's okay.
I don't want any more.

Come on, man.

Well, hell, man,
you ain't gonna drive, are you?

I'm fine. Okay?
Don't worry about it.

How's it going?

Hey, handsome.
Looking for fun?

Not interested.

You go ahead inside.

The FBI sent us a real winner.

Okay, we're bringing in
a profiler.

Of course he is.

I'm sorry. Is there something
you want to add, Miss West?

Deputy chief.

No, there's nothing you've
said worth adding to yet.

Our team's going over
the lab reports now.

- And the best way you can
help us do our jobs...

is by having your detectives
provide us with local support

in the form of your CIs,
your street contacts,

- and any intel you should have...
- Hello?

- Hey. Is this bad timing?
- Well, yes and no.

What's up?
What phone are you calling from?

I borrowed Duggins'.

Mine doesn't get reception
out here for some reason.

Listen, my shift's
just about over.

You, want to do
something tonight?

I can't.
I got to go.

What if I call you...


The same .40-caliber Smith &
Wesson was used both times,

and no shell casings were
found at either crime scene.

Both men are from out of town,

- both in rented cars...
- Listen, I was just being polite.

This is actually
a really bad time.

Ma'am, this is Randy
from Colt's.

Um, I just thought I'd give
you a call and let you know

that your friend's been down here
drinking really heavy tonight.

- Is he still there? - Victim "A,"
Jay Johnson... shot to the forehead...

No, ma'am.
He took his keys, and he left.

That's why I just thought
I would give you a call.

I appreciate it.
Thank you.

Excuse me.

Victim "B," Chuck Luby...
Five shots to the back,

same telltale shot
to the forehead

that's consistent
with victim "A."


Hey, it's Andy.
Leave me a message.

Where's your car?

Did you forget
where you parked it?

I walked,

not that I owe you
an explanation.


You just decided
to take a stroll

through the worst part of town
all by yourself.

How'd you know where to find me?

Your father could not have known

that man had killed
someone before...

Could not have known that
there were plans to kill again.

If Detective Drew Brazil
had not pulled over

the erratic driver in
front of him that night,

more people would have died.

Instead, only two did,
in a shootout...

right here.

We're just gonna pretend
that never happened?


Another dead body found
next to a rental car.

Shot and beaten.

Someone definitely
spent some time here.

Will someone turn off
that damn car?

All right, guess he started
with a full tank,

which means it's been idling
for a good eight hours now...

Before we took over the
investigation in earnest.

Noted for the record.

It's essential for the
integrity of our investigation

to delineate it from yours.

Well, the cash
and watch are gone.

But, look, this guy's a Mauney.

Great. Native son gets killed.

The press will have
a field day with this.

What is he, a rich local?

Used to be.

Blair Mauney Jr.
Inherited TriSouth Bank from his father.

Mauney III here was
poised to succeed him.

Enter Solomon Cahoon...

Seized the company in a
hostile takeover in the '90s.

Last I heard,
Blair was moving in

with his wife's family
in Asheville.

And still affiliated
with the bank?

Yeah, Cahoon let him stay on

in some bogus management role.

Patronizing S.O.B.

But throw a rock,
and you'll find one of those.

All right, we'll do a rundown
why this guy was in town,

see if we can track
his footsteps.

You guys want to go
through his office supplies,

you're more than welcome.

The killer managed to pick up
all the casings again?

- Yep.
- Smart...

Keeps us from getting firing-pin

or DNA from them.

Good thing there's no press
out here today,

not even your shadow.

Works for me.

Crap, crap, crap.

They've been calling
all morning.

I told them you were sick,

and they said to stay
home and get better.

I didn't want to go
to work today, anyway.

Hey, Tommy.
It's Andy.

I was wondering if, um...

Are you... are you busy?

What have you got in these
boxes anyway? Bricks?


Remind me to buy you a Kindle.

It's in Noda.
What do you think?

That you're taking
advantage of me...

And not the way I'd like.

You out for a little
fresh air to pollute?

Yeah, something like that.

I just needed a break.

Any headway?


And I can't believe it keeps
happening right under our noses.

It's like the killer knows
this city better than we do.

Yeah, or... or
he's pretty damn lucky.

I mean, all three crime scenes

are in areas with
spotty radio coverage.

Look, when I said what I did

to Officer Jenkins
about cuffing that woman,

I did not intend for it to
be some public humiliation.

It was one guy, one situation.

Apology accepted.

You're turning heads.

Probably not in the
way that I'd like.

I don't know about that.

- Hi.
- Hello.

How are you?

Something needs to be done.

It won't be easy.

Panesa's got deep pockets
beholden to no one.

Hammer, for whatever
reason, is wildly popular,

or at least not easily replaced.

I don't know.

Deputy Chief Goode could
be a very effective leader.

Patrol's ironhanded tactics

may have been derided
in the past,

but then we didn't
have a serial killer

running around loose, did we?

Excuse me, Mr. Mayor.
It's time.

Ladies and gentlemen,

please welcome
Mayor Charles Search.

That'll be enough of that.

We're here tonight to applaud
our local heroes, not our emcee.

Three years ago, the city had

a violent-crime rate
that was surging

and a police force
on the verge of folding.

One woman changed all of that.

On behalf of TriSouth Bank,

I'm proud to present this award

for outstanding public service

in the area of community safety

to Chief of Police Judy Hammer.

Thank you very much.



you know the best
part of this evening?

The wine and your speech.

Well, the company
wasn't so bad, either.

You know,
you deserve that award.

The things you've done
for the department,

for the community...

How bitter a pill
do you suppose it was

for Cahoon to watch me get this?

Like chewing penicillin.



Everything all right?

Judy? I'm sorry.

Seth, where are you?
Are you driving?

Judy, I'm sorry I've been
such a disappointment.

Seth, talk to me.


Seaboard Street, any unit
in the area,

single collision, overturned
vehicle, possible fatality.

Plate number registered
to Chief Judy Hammer.

Let me by.

Seth, Seth, I'm here.
You're gonna be okay now.

Judy, let them do their jobs.

Chief, thankfully he's alive.

Based on skid marks,
it appears that he was traveling

upwards of 60 miles an hour.

He did hit the brakes just
before this concrete column,

lost control of the vehicle,
and rolled right here.

Also, we found this.

We got to keep this clear.


Pick it up.


My God, what happened?
Is he okay?

He's banged up, but he's alive.

Yeah, 'cause if he
really didn't want to be,

he wouldn't have
put his seat belt on.


Yeah, I found a suicide note.

Gave it to your guys.

- Officer, can I speak with you?
- Sure.

What exactly happened here?

So, where were you last night?

With him?

Where were you?



Wh-what can I do?
Do you want me to get rid of Brazil and...

No. No.

Chief Hammer, I'm so sorry.

You're here to report on this
story, am I correct?

Then tell the truth.

I'm not gonna pretend
everything's fine anymore,

'cause it's not.

Come on. Come on.


"Chief of Police's Husband
Hurt In Suicide Attempt."

"Chief of Police's Husband
Hurt In Mysterious Crash."

"Man Hurt In Accident."

Seth Bridges, husband
of Police Chief Judy Hammer,

nearly died yesterday here

in what sources say was
a failed suicide attempt.

Mr. Bridges is reportedly
in stable condition,

but this near-tragedy

certainly doesn't help
the chief's cause.

Because while some sympathize
with her situation,

many are asking, "Is Judy Hammer

too overwhelmed
with personal problems

to effectively
run the department?"

All three men died

of a single gunshot wound
to the head,

but this one was inflicted
after a fair amount

of what I'd label
physical torture.

Gun not good enough anymore?

You have to use
a tire iron, too?

It's both bludgeon...

and impaling tool... sharp end.

Mostly lacerations,
but, as you can see,

several of these are punctures.

They're not very deep.
Same person do all this?

Well, I can't say definitively
about the fatal gunshot

because it was inflicted
while Mauney was lying down,

fired directly into the forehead

from above, based
on the shape of the wound.

And these others?

Were likely inflicted
by someone right-handed,

moderate versus severe force,

and, based on blood spatter,
from a standing position.

"Moderate force."

- Possibly female.
- An enraged one.

But how do you hold a gun

and beat the hell out of
someone at the same time?

- She had to have help.
- A man's.

Sorry to interrupt,

but I figured you'd want to know

what we found on this USB stick.

Were you at the hospital
all night?

Just got back
a couple hours ago.

How is he?

He was lucky.

They just kept him
overnight for observation,

and they're releasing him
later this afternoon.


I'm thinking of resigning,

in light of Seth,
in light of everything.

And Cahoon wants me
fired anyway.

Yeah, well, he
doesn't know it yet,

but Cahoon has his own
set of problems.

He was being embezzled by Mauney

to the tune of $5 million.

And here's something
else to consider...

There were only a handful
of people at the accident

that knew about the
note in Seth's car.

You read Brazil's article.
He didn't mention it.

So how did the fact that
it was an attempted suicide

get on-air?

- What are you doing?
- Making you coffee.

You have a lot of
people to see today.

Thanks, Virginia,
for everything.

No, I'm meeting
with the governor then.

Let's push it to the week after.


My apologies, Judy.

Anyway, I was so sorry to
hear about your husband.

How's he doing?

He's gonna be okay.

The timing must have been

Of course, good news is you
have highly-skilled individuals

waiting in the wings,
should you care to...

I'm not quitting, Sol.

And you can't get me
fired... not anymore.

We both know that's
outside my jurisdiction.

But that's not really
why I asked you here.

I assume you know that an
officer in your company

was the latest victim of
the killer we've been after.

I was supposed to meet
with Blair that night.

Never showed up...
Tragic, really.

I had great affection
for his family and for him.

Well, the feeling wasn't mutual.

Our detectives found
evidence in his car

that Mr. Mauney
successfully embezzled

over $5 million from TriSouth.

I'm assuming you had no idea
this was going on.

Of course not.

An isolated incident, I'm sure.

Nothing to make
your stockholders

or your customers get nervous.

But people do.

They tend to have a hard time

separating the illegal
activities of an underling

from those of his boss.

We've notified
federal authorities.

And I'll do
everything that I can

to keep the details
out of the press.

Thank you.

You're a busy man, Sol.

Now might be a good time
to stop concerning yourself

with the police department...

or who's running it.

You got a gun?

- Me personally?
- You can use mine.

You know there's
no future between us?

- I know.
- Your turn.

Okay, you shoot too fast.

Tap, tap, stop.

See what they're doing,
and then make your adjustments.

Can I ask
about Blair Mauney III?

Beaten and stabbed
with a crowbar.

Possibly a female, maybe petite,

before he was shot
in the forehead.

A woman's doing all this?

You'd be amazed
what a woman could do.

But, no, she's
not doing it alone.

All three victims were killed

by a single head shot
from several feet away.

Not easy to make.

If I were to bet,
I'd say the killer's a man

who lets this woman take out
her frustrations on the bodies.

Reasonable working theory.

Yeah, I'll probably see
it on the news tonight.

You might.

You know that TV
reporter Stephanie Kent?

I can't prove it,
but I think somehow

she hacked my e-mail account,
stole a quote I got from the mayor.

And that information's
in an e-mail?

Poor man's backup file.

I send stuff to myself
all the time... drafts, notes.

- Change your password.
- I did... twice.

- Linda Bond?
- Yes?

CMPD. I have reason
to believe

that you've been
illegally hacking

into reporter Andy Brazil's
personal e-mail account.

You want to tell me who you're
sharing his information with,

or should I just haul your
ass to jail right now?

I need a tail on someone.

- Hey.
- Hey.

Roland tailed her here.

At first it seemed like it was
only an exchange of information.

Turns out there's more involved.
Take a look.


We ran the plates on the SUV.

You'll never guess who owns it.

The asshole I park
next to every day.

"Victim... 17 years old.
Name withheld."

She was just a kid.

How come I'm not surprised
you know where I live?

Come in.

I didn't...
Didn't realize you had...

- Hey.
- Company.

No, I'm just leaving.

- See you later?
- Yeah.

- He yours?
- His name is Niles.

Join me while I
finish breakfast?


- Judy.
- Adam.

I wanted to speak to you
about something privately.

Are you all right?

Well, a lot's happened,

both professionally
and personally.

- Yeah.
- And God knows

they've written enough
about it in the press.

I know.
I am so sorry.

It's hurt the department.

It's hurt our ability to serve
the community like we should.

I don't disagree.

So, I've come
to a difficult decision.

I'd like to share it with you.


I'm suspending you
without pay for 30 days.


On what grounds?

Allowing a reporter to
access police information

because you were too busy
being blown to notice.

In order to protect
your ability to lead,

I've asked the head of personnel

to handle this with
the utmost discretion.

But know this...

I'm watching you...
unlike your wife.

To what do I owe the pleasure?

I was thinking

about the prostitution
angle of the killings.

Seems to me there's two types
of men who deal with hookers...

Okay, those who use them
and those who want to save them,

be heroes to them.

First victim had scratches
on his face, right?

So I did some research.

Turns out he had a rape
allegation in his past.

Maybe he tried
to rape a prostitute.

Yeah. It happens a lot more
often than you'd think.

But there was no DNA supporting

that sexual contact occurred.

Maybe someone stopped him
from succeeding...

You know, someone who'd
been watching it go down.

Maybe someone
who was watching her.

We're on it.
We've got guys culling surveillance

from every street leading
away from the airport

in a two-mile radius
in the days and weeks

leading up to the first murder,

seeing if we can spot a car
and a driver hanging out,

but nice try.

Well, can't you just
search for a hooker

with the medical examiner's
height estimate?

Do you know how many small
women there are in the world?

- We don't even know
what she looks like.

What did Jay Johnson's
alleged rape victim look like?

Maybe he went looking for the
same type of woman to attack.

Look, I really appreciate

all the thought
you have put into this,

but I can't discuss
this with you.

- Yeah, but... - Hey,
we need to stay in our own lanes.

We're not friends.
We're not anything.

I'm a cop.
You're a writer.

Let's leave it at that.

Andy, you're back.

Just for a minute.


I came to get Dad's gun.

Got a car sitting here
for three hours,

two weeks ago, outside
a gas station on Dowd Road.

What kind of car?

Chevy Cavalier, '90-something.

- Blue?
- I think so. Why?

I have one of those, too.
Roland, can you run


- You bet.
- Thanks.

Brewster, look at this.
That woman in the doorway...

There's too many shadows
to get her face

using image enhancement,
but I'd lay odds

that's who the guy
in the Chevy's watching.

Rental car lot on Yorkmont.

Chevy parked across the street.

Any women visible?

Right here on the corner.

Short, small.
Darker hair, though.

No, our lady's wearing a wig.
Can you zoom in on her face?



I got it.

Our Chevy's registered
to an Earl Emery Duggins,

- 300 Tuckaseegee Road.
- That's Denny's partner.

EMTs get 30,000 more calls
a year than we do.

- They know this city.
- What are you talking about?

EMTs! We need
to find Duggins.

- I'm on it.
- Okay.

This is as clear as I can get.

Now, who is she?

Find something you like?

Get out of here, you jerk.

Go away!

How old are you?

18, asshole.
Leave me alone.

- I just want to talk.
- Well, maybe I don't.

You're cute.

Why's someone cute as you
got to buy a girl?

I don't want to buy you.

Hey, I'm a journalist.

What's your name?

Andy Brazil.
I write for the "Register."

I've heard of you.


Listen, are there other girls
that you know of...

You know, girls like yourself?

Why? You gonna write
about our lives and stuff?

Yeah. Sure.

Only creeps out tonight, anyway.

Let's go for a drive.

And you're sure?

At this point,
we can't afford to make any mistakes.

Well, call me after.

Thanks, Virginia.

Never thought I'd see the
inside of this room again.

Didn't think I wanted
to, but I was wrong.

- Is that work?
- Yes.

Did you catch the killer?

We're getting close.

Are you comfortable?

Do you need anything?

Just you.


I want a divorce.

700. Approaching
Duggins' residence now.

700, copy that.

Police! Open up!

We're clear.

Nothing on this side.
We're clear.

Great. He's not
at work, either.

If you're not a cop,
why do you listen to this stuff?

Breaking news,
so I can get there first.

Can we turn on music instead?

Why don't we just go to
a coffee shop and talk?

I'd rather go
somewhere private...

in case you change your mind.

I'm not gonna change my mind.

Not that you're not
a pretty girl,

With beautiful hair.

It's not mine.

My boyfriend says it helps

to think I'm somebody else when
I do this.

They itch, though.

Go to the end of that road.
No one comes here.

You know, I'm supposed
to be home by now.

I should probably pull over

and text my wife so she
doesn't get suspicious.

I'll do it for you
so you can keep driving.


I don't know why men cheat,

why they do any of the
disgusting things they do.

Last text was to Virginia.
That her?


Always pawing at you.

That happen
when you were younger?

Maybe sexual abuse?

You know what's funny?

I kind of hate guys.

What do you want me to type?

That, um, I'm still at work,

but I'll see her soon.

And at the end,
type the words "tap tap."

it's sort of our
version of "X-O-X-O."



Get hair samples from his brush.

I want to match his DNA to the
saliva on the first victim.

Hey, it's Andy.
Leave me a message.


Call the "Register."
See if Andy Brazil's there.

- If not, have them find out where he is.
- Why? What's going on?

We need to isolate Brazil's
location using cell towers.

Hey, it's me.

What are the worst spots
in the city

for EMT to get radio calls?

Park near those old buildings.

So, do you hate
your boyfriend, too?

He's different.
He saved my life.


This guy...

this guy, he tried to rape me.

And my boyfriend,
he was right there to stop it.

Said he'd been watching me
for a while...

Like a guardian angel.

Do you mind if I get out
and stretch my legs

before we start talking?

No. Not at all.

So, you were asking
about my boyfriend.


You want to meet him?

We've already met.

Guess even big-time reporters
have a hard time getting laid.

Out of the car.

And you touch anything
but that door handle,

I will splatter your brains
all over this little classic.

Don't shoot, okay?

He tried to force himself on me.

What? I did not.
She's lying.

You disgusting piece of garbage,

putting your
filthy hands on her!

Come here, baby.

Can I do it this time?


Why'd you pick this one?

You like him or something?


I don't like it
when you like them.

I don't!
I just want...

No! No!

What have you done?!

All right, let's go!

Cop. Writer.

- Deal.
- Yeah.

What have you done?

Aren't you tired of
being above the fold?

Never. Nice shirt, by the way.

You can't have one.

Well, it suits you,
whatever it is...

The tornado or beehive?

- It's a hornet's nest.
- Ooh.

Which is how Lord Cornwallis
described Charlotte in 1780.

Been on the city seal
ever since.

Right. I remember reading that.

He said
it was "hostile."

Still is.

Only if you poke it,
which you do.

"You" generally,
or me specifically?

Tell me you're not gonna
talk the whole time.

Well, I might ask
a few questions, but...

It's too early for this!