Horizon Line (2020) - full transcript

A couple flying on a small plane to attend a tropical island wedding must fight for their lives after their pilot suffers a heart attack.

[pop music playing,
man singing in French]

[woman laughing]

[woman] Our air. Be careful.

[woman] So, this is
my dive instructor, Jackson.

[Jackson] Whoo!
You're a natural!

[Jackson, woman laughing]

- [woman] Oh, that's nice.
- [Jackson] I don't remember it tasting that nice.

[both chuckling]

- [Jackson] I forgot you filmed all this.
- I know. So cute.

- See? I can dance.
- Yeah, when you're drunk.

- [Jackson laughs] I wasn't that drunk.
- Mm-hmm.

- [woman] Mmm.
- [both continue chuckling]

upbeat reggae pop playing]

Why do I have to leave?

You don't. Just stay.

No. You know I can't.

You know I stole
all your underwear?

You can't show up at
your fancy new job commando.

- You took all of it?
- Yeah, all of it.

I feel like my firm
would encourage it.

It would help new employees
loosen up or something.

- It's progressive.
- It is progressive.

I mean, they let me defer this
offer for this entire year

so I could be here.

My boss is badass.

Please let me give you a ride
to the airport.

- No.
- Why not?

I don't like goodbyes.

Well, great, me neither.
Let's not.

- Oh, great. So you're coming?
- [scoffs]

Been there,
got the corporate T-shirt.

It's not my vibe.

Seriously, I'm happy here.
Just look at the ocean.

Got everything I could
possibly want right here.

Except me.

Aw, look at your face.

You are so cute.

- [kissing]
- You are so cute.

Let's have one more drink.



Did you really take
any of my clothes?

Some dirty socks.

[laughs] You are so weird.

Hey, Jez. Two more beers.

Thanks. Back in a sec.

[speakers: upbeat reggae pop
continues playing]

[siren wailing]

[engine idling]

[phone ringing]

- [woman] Hello?
- [woman 2] Sara! I can't wait to see you.

[Sara] I know.
I'm so excited. It's so soon.

- I know it. What time do you land?
- I think elevenish.

I pick you up from the airport?

No. Pascale, you are the bride.
No. You're not picking me up.

Well, I was hoping
you could run some errands.

Yeah, of course.
Maid of honor, at your service.

- Can I borrow the truck?
- Beh, oui.

- It's all yours.
- Really?

[Pascale laughs]

I'm so excited
for you to get here.

upbeat pop music playing]

[phone ringing]

No, thank you.

[woman] ♪ Mood forever ♪

♪ Whole night you wait
For Maxi Priest, I-I-I know ♪

♪ Put on your tight-up dress
And high-high heels, I know ♪

♪ And take you somewhere
That you never been before ♪

♪ Mood forever ♪

♪ Whole night you wait
For Maxi Priest, I-I-I know ♪

♪ Put on your tight-up dress
And high-high heels, I know ♪

♪ And take you somewhere
That you never been before ♪

♪ Mood forever ♪

[song continues playing]

- [engine off]
- [song stops playing]



[speaks Mauritian Creole]

[barking, growling]


[barking continues]

[growling continues]

Nitro. Come here, boy.

Get in there.


Sara. Well.
Sneaking in to steal my stuff?

Thank you.

- Now don't be mixing that with Coke.
- Obviously not.

It's the good stuff.

It's like rocket fuel.

- Have you seen him yet?
- What?

Who could you possibly
be talking about?

Even though I've missed you,
you still have to pay.

Of course.

I'll be back to see you
again soon.

Your soon is much,
much longer than mine.

[chuckles] Yeah, but your rum is the
only reason I ever come back here, so...

- Yeah, right.
- [chuckles]

[engine starts]

- Thanks, Solomon.
- Anytime.

[Pascale shouts]

- [Sara] You're insane.
- [Pascale laughs]

- You wanna head down and get a drink?
- Yeah.

- Yeah? Cool.
- Yes, so let's go.

- No.
- My wedding, my rules.

- No, absolutely not.
- Come on.

- No way. No way. No way.
- For me.

- [Sara yelling]
- Whoo-hoo!

I'm getting married tomorrow!


[chattering, laughing]

[speakers: reggae pop playing]

[people chattering]


[speaking Mauritian Creole]


I love it here so much.

[sighs] Nine times out of ten

when I close my eyes,
this is what I see.

I should get married
more often.

And by the way, I'm never
staying in a hotel again.

Oh! [laughs]

I cannot believe this place

belongs to you and Vincent.

- It is unbelievable.
- Thank you.

- Pascale, congratulations.
- Ohh.

I should've had
the wedding here.

But Rodrigues is beautiful too.
It's quiet.

- Only a couple of hours by boat.
- Yeah.

No tourists.

Apart from you. [laughs]

I am not a tourist.
You can't call me that.

I had a Mauritius
driver's license

and I survived
an entire year here, okay?

That means I'm officially
no longer a tourist.

[Pascale chuckles]

And you don't want to stay?
Not this time?

[people chattering]

You can't do your job
from here?

What is it you call yourself?
A brand...

Senior brand strategist.


I will have you know,

it is actually
a big, important job.

It's very important.
I have a whole... I have a laptop.

I have business cards.

I'm so impressed.

Seriously, though, it's...
Well, it's, um...


Oh, my God.
Do not turn around.

You are so...
Why would you turn around?

Is that him?

- Beh, oui.
- [mocking] Beh, oui.

- Are you serious?
- He has the dive school next door.

- No, he does not.
- Yes, he does.

Right here? Pascale,
why didn't you tell me?

I didn't think I was gonna see
him until the wedding tomorrow.

You'll be seeing him
at the party tonight.

- No.
- Yeah.

When was this gonna come up?

You told me
to tell you nothing.

I mean, I would've liked
a warning or...

And who's that?
Who's he with?

Oh, it's, uh, his dive friend.

Oh, my God. Does he have
to look like that?

That's aggressive.


- Pascale.
- You want to hide?

Yeah. I do.


[speakers: reggae music playing]

♪ Society make black man
Bleach him skin ♪

♪ Can't see danger
But me see a shark fin ♪

[music continues playing]

- What are you looking at?
- Oh. Busted.

Nothing. I'm just...
just deciding when to do this.

Okay. Well, wish me luck.

[in Mauritian Creole]


[Sara] Hey.


[in Mauritian Creole]

When did you get here?
I didn't see you...

Like, half an hour.

Oh. I would've looked for you.

Um, you look great.

- Yeah, you too.
- Oh, thank you.

I'm actually glad I'm
seeing you because I just...

I didn't want it to be awkward
this weekend at the wedding.

No, no, no. Why would it be?

Yeah. Yes, totally.

[in Mauritian Creole]

I gotta go close up
some paperwork.

[Mauritian Creole]

Oh, shut up.

music continues, faint]

[Sara] Hey, wait up.

Are you still
in the beach house?

- Yeah.
- I'll walk you halfway.

No, thanks.

- Come on, it's just up there.
- [Pascale] Hey, salope!

The ferry leaves at 7:30!
You miss it, I'll kill you!

I know!

Well, this is something
you don't get in London.

How is it, then?

It's good.
I mean, it's insane,

but it's really good, yeah.

Okay, I think
this is about halfway.

No, it's not.
It's a third, maybe more.

[car horn honking, faint]

Your friends are leaving.

I'll catch up with them later.

I think you know
how much I hate goodbyes.

Yeah, I know.


Oh. Solomon's.

- Good luck.
- Chin-chin.

- [coughs]
- [shudders]

- [Jackson laughs]
- Yup.


Jackson, it is kind of amazing

what you've done here,

Guess some of that ambition
of yours rubbed off.

[laughs] It's the wrong way
round, dumbass.

Is it, though?

I don't think it is.

- I think it's perfect.
- Oh, yeah, it looks fabulous.

Yeah, my life is preserved.

Try this.

- This is the right way round.
- I know it's the right way round.

- And if you want to inflate it...
- Which I don't want to do.

- Which I may just have to do...
- Jackson!

Jackson, no! [screaming]

- [laughing]
- No!

No! That is not okay.

That is dangerous.

[both laughing]



What do you want, Sara?

Nothing. I... I missed you.

That's all.

I don't... [sighs]

- What?
- [exhales]


What's the point,
if you're just going to leave again?

Jackson, I was always gonna leave.
You knew that. I had to go.

You didn't have to.

- You can live wherever you want.
- Yes, I guess, technically.

- It's a choice.
- I can live wherever I want.

- You always have a choice.
- You are such a hypocrite.

How is it a choice
if it's all on your terms?

What if I didn't want this?

Well, then, there you go.

Was I supposed to move here

and, like, become
your shop assistant?

- Not my shop assistant.
- If you cared about me so much,

you could've offered to come with me.
It's a two-way street.

And choke in some high-rise
in London? Forget that.

I'm sorry
I wanted more than this.

I wasn't content to just float
around in a perpetual gap year.


This isn't going anywhere.

Okay, you know what?

Let's promise we're not gonna make
things awkward at the wedding tomorrow.

I want Pascale
to have a nice day.

You know, it's probably better
if we just don't talk then.

That's a great idea.

- Brilliant.
- Perfect.

- Sweet.
- Great.

- Perfect.
- Fine.

- Excellent.
- Stop talking.

- You stop talking.
- Shut up.

You shut up.

Shit, shit, shit, shit.

[door closes]

[ferry whistle blows]

[speaking Mauritian Creole]

[phone rings]

Hi, bride-to-be.

Sara? Where are you?

We've been waiting for you
for half an hour.

I know. I'm really sorry.

I overslept just a little bit,

- but it's gonna be okay.
- We cannot wait any longer.

- What happened? Did you sleep with him?
- Um, maybe.

- Sara!
- I know. I know, I know.

Uh, it was, um...

- Well?
- It was...

- Sara, you said...
- I know. I know.

You told yourself
you wouldn't, Sara.

[sighs] Look, where are you?
Is he there with you now?

No, no, he's not.

You do realize
this is the only ferry

to Rodrigues today, right?


[phone: line ringing]

Pick up, pick up, pick up.

[phone ringing]


Freddy, hi.

Are you flying
to Rodrigues today?

Of course, for the wedding.

Thank God. Can I come with you?

Sure, but I'm leaving
in five minutes sharp.

I'll be there in ten.
Don't you dare go without me.

["Tantine Zaza"
by Françóise Guimbert playing]

Leaving in five minutes,
my ass.

What? I can't hear you.

Yeah, yeah.

[volume lowers]

- You're late.
- It's good to see you too, Freddy Wyman.

And you are looking
a little...

for a wedding guest.

Unlike you. By the way,

I'm really glad
you have your sunglasses

'cause I'm changing
on the plane.

- Hi.
- [Freddy chuckling]

- Ohh.
- [Freddy coughing]

- Oh, Freddy.
- [groans]

Nothing a little
rum and ginger can't fix.


Well, I see you got
Solomon's rocket fuel here.

- Yup.
- Ah. Best rum on the island.

Yeah, I know.
Don't get any ideas, though.

All of this makes it
to the wedding, Freddy.

- I know Pascale don't play.
- Yeah.

Thank you for taking
all that abuse.

And thank you for giving me a ride.
You are a life-saver.

Don't think you're special.
You're not the only passenger.

No VIPs here on this trip.


Wyman, man,
did you fix that hatch?

Well, you're welcome to fix it
anytime you like.

[Freddy chuckles]

Hit and run again, huh? Nice.

[whispers] Fuck.

[Freddy] Gentle with her.
She's an old girl.

There you go. [chuckles]


This is your captain
welcoming you

to Wyman Air Flight 227.

Our approximate flying time

is going to be 99 minutes.

Ain't nothing but ocean
all the way.

Now, it's gonna get loud
up in here,

so, uh, put on your headsets,

in case you want
a little tête-à-tête.

[Jackson] Hey, Freddy,
after the wedding,

you wanna go check out
that reef outside Rodrigues?

- Sure, man.
- You should also go

to the place
that we used to take...

[Freddy] Tower, come in.

This is WA227 requesting
permission for takeoff.

[man on radio] Come in, 227.
Freddy, how you doing?

Just looking forward to some
barbecued ribs and a piña colada.

Will we see you
at the wedding?

I wish I could, buddy,
but duty calls. Enjoy.

227, you're cleared
for takeoff.

Off we go.

Westward heading
coming right up.

[Freddy] Sara.


Can you hear me now?

Loud and clear.

Sara, come on up here and sit
with me in the copilot seat.

For old times' sake.

you're gonna want me to fly

and I'm too hungover to do that.

[Freddy] Get up here.


[man] WA227, you're leaving our zone.
Have a good flight.

All right.
See you later, Sammy.

[Freddy] Out.

So, how's life treating you?

You got a fella?

We're going to talk
about this already?

Uh, yeah.

Uh, okay.

Yeah, I'm dating.
But there's...

- There's nothing, really.
- Mm-hmm.

- Well...
- [chuckles]

- [Sara] How are you?
- I miss her every day.

Longest year of my life.

I'm so sorry.

I'm sorry I wasn't there
when it happened.

Don't be.

You were made for each other.
I can't imagine how hard it's been.

You learn to live
with the pain.

Love isn't being
made for each other.

It's being willing
to make things work.

You gotta want it.

It was never easy
with Eleanor.

Oh, my God, no.


So, you ready to give it a go?

No. I can't believe you think I'm
gonna remember how to do this.

Come on. There's nothing you
could do that I can't correct.

Look, make sure that the
altimeter stays below 20,000 feet.

Because you know what happens
at 20,000 feet.

- Yes, altitude sickness. Yeah, I remember.
- [chuckling]

Look, ma!


There's nothing
to crash into up here.

I know. But, Freddy,
you said you'd be good.

Look, you were a natural.

I need an heir to my fortune.

I'm gonna turn off
the autopilot.

Now, if you don't
grab that yoke,

you'll have about 20 seconds before
she'll start to veer off course.

- Freddy.
- Grab that yoke.

- No.
- And make sure

that the horizon
stays level, right here.

Don't be a defeatist.

You always were
a bullheaded one. [chuckles]

[gasps, coughing]

- You okay?
- [canister clanking]

- You sure?
- [Freddy] Uh-huh.

[Sara] Can I get you something?



- Are you okay?
- Uh-huh.

- Where are your pills?
- I need... I need water.

Okay, where do I get you
some water?

- In the back.
- In the back? Okay.

Hey, Jackson!

Okay. It's okay.

He's having a heart attack.

He needs water for his meds.


Here, here, here.

Take these.
Take these. Take these.

It's okay.
It's okay. It's okay.

Jackson, hurry!


pull him off the yoke!

- Look out!
- [Sara screams]

[gasping continues]

Pull him off the yoke!


- Oh, my God!
- Sara, pull us up!

I'm trying! [screams]

- Come on!
- I can't.

Hold him.

Come on. Pull us up!
What are you doing?

- [Sara yells]
- Sara, you can do it.

- Oh, God!
- Pull us up!

[both groan]

- [sighs]
- [groans]

- Is he breathing?
- I don't know.

- Okay, Freddy.
- Help him.

- Do CPR. Do something.
- There's no pulse.

Come on.

- Come on.
- Come on, please.

Come on.

Four, five, six,
seven, eight, nine.

- Come on.
- Please. Please.

Four, five, six,
seven, eight, nine, ten.

- Freddy?
- No, no, no.

Come on!

Five, six, seven, eight,
nine, ten.

Freddy, man.


Oh, Freddy.


No. No.

Can you fly this plane?


But you're doing it right now.

I mean, I took a few lessons,
but it was years ago, okay?

Put on your seat belt.

Okay. Is everything
still working?

Jackson, the GPS is broken.

Our phones have GPS.

Oh, shit. Mine's dead.
Let me see yours.


- The radio.
- Oh. Yes.

Hello. Can anyone hear me?

Please come in. This is an emergency.
We have no pilot.

This is a distress call.
I repeat, this is a distress call.

Try another frequency.

If you can hear me,
if anyone is listening,

please, it's an emergency.

- What about shortwave?
- What good is shortwave?

Just try it.

Hello. Please come in.
Please come in.

Our pilot
has had a heart attack.

We don't even know
which direction we're going in.

We have no idea where we are.
We could really use some help.

So please, please,
please come in if you can hear us, please.

It's okay. Someone heard it.
Someone's gotta be out there.



Freddy should've programmed it
to fly us to Rodrigues.

Then we can worry about
the landing when we get there.


Wait. No, no, no, no, no.

It shouldn't be doing that.

Freddy said it starts to list
after 20 seconds of manual.

God, Jackson, what if
the autopilot's broken?

How much fuel do we have?
It's right there.

- Half a tank.
- That should be enough, right?

Not if we're lost.

So, we have no pilot,
no autopilot, no GPS.

And neither of us
can land a plane.

I can't see any sign of land.

The compass.
Is the compass broken?

No, I don't think so.

Which direction
were we heading in before?

Um, west. We were heading west.

- Okay.
- So we just need to turn 90 degrees.

- No, no, no, wait, turn back.
- Why?

Because west from here isn't the same
as west from where we were before.

- Could take us even further out to sea.
- Shit, you're right.

So we took off at 8:40,
and we got spun around at 9:20.

And it's 9:30 right now.
Which means we've been flying north...

That's ten minutes.

So we can do a 180,

head south
for exactly ten minutes.

And then head west. And that
should get us back to the mainland.


- I'm setting a timer.
- Good.

You ready?
I'm gonna turn around now.

Yes, south for ten minutes.
Then we turn west.

Okay. Heading south now.

- [thunder rumbling]
- Holy shit. Look at that.

We'll fly right past it.

[plane rattling]

How much longer?

We're almost there.

Looks like it's moving.
It's everywhere.

Can't we somehow go around it?



- [radio static]
- [man] 227, come in.

- Hello?
- 227, come in. Freddy.

- We're here. Can you hear me?
- Roger, 227. We can hear you.

Hello, yes, we're here.

Can you please identify
your aircraft? Do you copy?

This is 227.

Who am I speaking to?

This is Sara Johnson
and Jackson Davisen.

We are passengers on flight 227.

We were headed to Rodrigues.

There's a storm in front of us.
Our pilot is dead.

We don't know where we're going.
We could really use your help.

Freddy Wyman is dead?

Yes, he had a heart attack.

It's just us up here.

Sara, are you the one
flying the plane?

Yeah, Freddy took me up with him
a couple of times two years ago.

But that's it.
I've never been up here solo.

You can get us
out of this, right?

You've still got her
in the air,

so keep doing
what you are doing.

Sara, my name is Samuel,

and I'm going to try
and help you, okay?

How much fuel do you have?

How much fuel?

Thirty-five percent left
in the main tank.

We have about 35 percent left
in the main tank.

Samuel, you're breaking up
a little bit.

Can you please try to give me
some details about your location?

I haven't got you
on my screen here.

Yeah, we've turned around.
We're about...

fifty-five minutes
from where we took off.

Maybe you can use the storm
to locate us, though.

- Samuel, please come in.
- [radio: static bursts]

No, no, Samuel, don't do this.

Samuel? Hello!

It's okay. He's gonna be able to
work out our location. It'll be fine.


[Samuel] I can see the storm.

If you keep flying south,

you will run the risk
of running out of fuel.

You have to turn west to reach land.
Do you understand? Copy.

Did you just say to turn west
into the storm?

Yes. West is your
quickest route to land.

The storm is too big
to fly around.

Samuel, is there any way
we could land on the water?

How am I supposed to land on the water?
I've never even landed on land.

I don't know. I'm just asking.

No, no, do not land
on the water.

No, do not attempt
to land on the water.

You will crash and sink.

We'll have no way
of locating you.

Please keep flying west
until you reach land.

Don't worry.
Keep the aircraft level...

- [thunder rumbling]
- Samuel!

[rain pattering on windshield]

He'll be back.
It's just the storm.

- He said to go west.
- Are you serious?


That's what he said.

[thunder rumbling]

I think you should be sitting
in the pilot's seat.

- Really?
- Yeah.

You need to see the dials.

Let's switch.


- Samuel said to stay at the same altitude.
- You gotta be kidding me.

You can do this.

The problem is,
what if I can't?

This is insane. We are not
flying through this.


Oh, God. [groans]

Sara, what are you doing?

I'm going over it.

Are you crazy?

Samuel said to go through it.

You don't even know
what's above it.

Uh, clear skies.
That's what I'm hoping.

No, no, Sara, don't do this.

- [gasping]
- Sara, please.

Come on!

We're going too high. Sara!

I just wanna get out.
Let's get out of it.

- Jesus, it's huge.
- [grunting]


[Jackson sighs]

[thunder rumbling]

You're too high.

[Sara chuckles]

Whoa. You're too high.

[Sara laughs]

We're getting altitude sickness.
We need to fly lower.

Oh, the dials are
sort of moving.

I'm fine.

Oh! Sara!

Sara, wake up!

Come on!

- [gasps]
- [both screaming]

- Why are we falling?
- I don't know.

I've lost control.
Nothing's working.

I told you
we should have stayed lower!

Getting lower
isn't the problem!

Samuel, come in!
Mayday! Mayday!

Mayday! Mayday!

- [thunderclap]
- [Sara screaming]

- I can't see anything. I can't...
- [Sara] I'm gonna be sick!

[Jackson screams]

[Jackson, Sara shouting]

- Oh!
- [Sara gasping, panting]

Sara, are you okay?

Wh... Where are we heading?
Which direction are we going?

- I don't know. The compass is smashed.
- Well, that's just great.

[Sara] We need to head west
or we're gonna fly in circles.

I'll be right back.

What are you doing?

- Hold on.
- Will you just tell me what you're doing?

I think I remember
how to make a compass.


If you magnetize a needle
and float it in liquid,

it should point north.

For real?

Holy shit.
This is actually working.


[thunder crashing]


- Did you see it?
- That's north.

- Are you sure?
- Yes, I'm sure.

- That's west?
- Yeah.

mechanical screeching]

[Jackson] Sounds like the whole
engine is ripping apart.

[laughing] Oh, thank God, Sara.

[both gasping, exclaiming]

You did it. [laughing]

[Sara laughing]


[sighs] I never should have
gotten on this plane.

If you hadn't,
I'd be dead by now, so...


Samuel, do you copy?

- [static crackling]
- Samuel.

If you can hear us,
we made it through the storm.

We're heading west,
looking for land.

- Samuel.
- [static burst]

Maybe they can hear us.

I don't know.

Just fly west, like he said.

Yeah, until we find land.

Yeah, and then what?

The fuel. Five percent?
Jackson, it was at 35 before the storm.

Five percent?

[Jackson chuckles nervously]

Wait. I think I can switch
between the tanks.


Oh, I was so scared
for a second there.


Fuel gauges go down. That's...

- Not that fast.
- Yeah, but it's just...

It's adjusting from
the transfer. It'll settle.

It'll settle.


- There's gotta be a leak.
- Shit.

There's two tanks, right?
Where are they?

They're out there
on the wings.

There's gotta be a leak
in one of the tanks

or the fuel lines or...

Remember that screeching sound

under the hood
during the storm?

Maybe something
broke loose in there

and caused some damage.

Jackson, what's that look?

Jackson, what are you thinking?
I know that look.

I'm gonna have to go outside.

- Of the plane?
- Yeah.

- Wait. What? Are you serious?
- At the rate that's dropping,

we'll be out of fuel
in about 15 minutes.

we don't go outside the plane!

That is so dangerous. I can't
believe you're even talking about it.

Look, if we run out of fuel,
we're finished, okay?

You could fall,
you could unbalance the plane

and we could both, you know...

The wind could blow you off,

or you could get out there
and not even be able to open it.

Do I have to keep listing
the ways that this is stupid?

There. Better?

Can you slow us down?

That's as much as I can do.

[Sara screams]


Oh, my God!

Be careful!

No shit!


[mouthing words]

[Sara screams]


Come on, Jackson. You can do it.

Come on. Come on. Come on.

Come on, come on.

Come on.

Come on. Just stick, just stick!

Jackson, it's working!
It's leveling out!




I can't hold on!

Sara, my arm!

- Help me!
- Jackson!

Hold on tight, okay?

Put your foot on the wheel.

[grunting] I'm trying!

- Can you jump?
- [both grunt]

Hold on!

I'll be right there!

Okay, okay, okay.

- Jackson!
- [gasps]

Jackson, take my hand!

- Can you jump?
- The rope's wrapped around the wheel.

We need to cut the rope.
Cut the rope.

There's a wire
cutter in the back of the plane.


Come on, Jackson. Look at me.
You can do it. Come on.

- Take my hand.
- Okay.

Okay. Ready?

One, two, three.

[both screaming]

[gasping, panting]

[Jackson groaning]

[Sara laughs] Oh, my God.

- [gasping, groaning]
- Okay.



Come on.

Okay. Hey, hey, sit up. Sit up.

- Are you okay?
- [groaning]

Are you okay?

Jackson, look at me.
Are you okay?

- My ar... My a-a-arm.
- What's that? What happened?

Oh, my God! Holy shit.

Don't look, don't look,
don't look.

Jacks... Okay, hey, hey, hey.

Hey, stay here. Stay with me.

It's not that bad.
I'm gonna find a way to clean it, okay?

Stay here.

- I'll be right here.
- Yeah, you will. Okay, yeah.


You're crazy! Stop! Stop!

[groans] God!

Okay, for this next part,
I think I'm supposed to distract you.

No, please don't, please don't.
I just wanna focus.

Okay, I'm gonna let you focus.
I just wanna tell you

that I keep having flashbacks
to last night.

What? Which part?

- [bone crunches]
- [screams, groaning]

Oh, my God.
That must have hurt so much.

I can't believe I just did that.

[groans] Be careful.

Careful, careful.

You're fine. You're fine.


That was amazing
what you just did.

So stupid, but so amazing.

I assume you're still talking
about last night.

How does that feel?

Thank you, Doctor.


That's very unprofessional,

What does the gauge say?

Five percent and holding.

For now.

[Jackson] Let's hope it keeps us
flying till we find land.

Maybe we can lighten the plane.

Buy ourselves some time,
burn less fuel.

- Do you think the seats come out?
- That could work.



[radio: woman singing]


The door's stuck!


- That do anything?
- Well, it's holding.

Did you clear everything?


I'll do it.

You just keep
the plane steady, okay?

- [muffled] Jackson!
- Sorry! Sorry, sorry.

Goodbye, Freddy.

We had to.

It was the right thing to do.

How are we doing on fuel?

We're running out of time.

Okay, just keep looking
for land.

- I'll get rid of these.
- Wait.

It's Solomon's rocket fuel,

It's ethanol.

I mean, couldn't it
be used as plane fuel?

That could work, couldn't it?

It's worth a try, right?

Shit, the fuel valve is outside.

It's on top of the wing.

Okay, I'll climb up,
you pass me the bottles.

- No.
- It'll give us time, Sara.

Come on, grab the yoke.

Absolutely not.


Couldn't I do it?


I think I could do it.

It was a stupid idea.
It's not worth it.

I actually think it might be.

With this, we have five.

[Jackson sighs]

There's a bar on top of the door
that you could use to climb up.










[shouts, grunts]


Jackson! Quick!

You got this, Sara.


No! Damn it!



I need another bottle, quick.

Come on.


Come on.


[grunts] Come on!

Come on.



Another one.



Come on.


Come on, come on.

Oh, my God.
Sara, there's an island.

- [Jackson] Is that an island?
- I can't hear you!

Give me another bottle.

I can't hold on much more.

[Jackson] We only got
one more to go after that.




That's it, Sara.
We're out of bottles.

Get back in.




[whimpering, panting]

Sara! It's working.
It's actually working.

[chuckles] Yes!

That was incredible.

You're amazing.

We're running on rum.

You're a genius.

[both laughing]

- Sara, I think I saw an island.
- What?

- An island.
- What, like Rodrigues?

No, it was tiny, but I think
it was enough to land on.

You think? Because, well,
if you're not sure,

then we should really
just keep going, right?

I have a feeling
we should turn around.

- I think it might be our only chance.
- Yeah?

We still don't have much fuel.

So if we turn around,
that's it, no going back.

I think we should turn around.

I trust you.


Here. I need to wrap this up
a little more.

[exhales] Thanks.


Samuel, we're turning around
and flying east.

We're retracing our path.

We saw an island
a few minutes ago to the...

- What direction?
- North.

To the north.

I hope you can hear this.

That's five minutes.
I don't see anything.

It has to be here. It's here.
Where are you?



[engine sputtering]



[wind whistling]


This can't be it.

This can't be it.
This can't be it.

This can't be it.
I don't want this to be it.

[Sara] How long do you think
we can glide for?


Jackson, I'm so sorry.

For what?

For everything. For leaving.

If I hadn't left,
we would never be here.

No, Sara, don't be stupid.
Of course you left.

I'm sorry.

I should have listened to you.

I should have just listened
to what you needed.

I was being selfish.

We both were.

[wind whistling]

Why do you hate
saying goodbye so much?

Honestly, I think
I'm terrified because...


...you make me wanna stay.

Holy shit.


You were right! Oh, my...

- Jackson! Oh.
- [groans]

- I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.
- Oh, shit.

Oh, my God. Okay. Okay.

Now I just have to figure out
how to land the plane.



It's gonna be okay.
Just let us glide in.

How do we do this?

- It's gonna be fine.
- How?

- Just keep us as high as you can.
- Okay.

we're attempting to land.

I repeat,
we're attempting to land.

Shit. [gasps]

You gotta pull us up
a little bit.


It's not responding.
I can't lift it.

I can't tell how high we are.

- [Jackson] Two hundred feet.
- Oh, no.

It's not gonna work.
I can't get a grip on...

It's gonna be okay.

Just keep it steady.
Try to keep it steady.

- Hundred and fifty feet.
- [whimpers]

One hundred.

Fifty feet.

Just lift us
at the last moment.

I'm trying!

No, we're too low.

Brace yourself, Sara.

[gasping] Jackson!


Jackson, wake up! Jackson!

Wake up!

Jackson! [shrieks]

[muffled shrieking]

[muffled shrieking]

[gasping, panting]




[inhales deeply]

[plane creaking]

[muffled shrieking]

[muffled shouting]


[Sara grunts]




Come on, Jackson. Come on.

[gasping] Come on.

[gurgles, coughs]

[Sara] Oh, thank God.


[Sara exhales]


[Sara chuckles]


[laughing] We made it.

[both inhale deeply]

- [Sara laughs]
- [Jackson groans]

[Sara] We made it.

[gasps] Jackson.

Jackson, wake up.
The water's coming in.

We have to move.
The sea's coming.

It's just a sandbar.

It'll disappear with the tide.




[Sara screams]

- I'm so tired.
- I know.

I need water. [sighs]

It's okay.

What are we gonna do?
What are we gonna do?

What are we gonna do?

[thunder rumbling in distance]

Jackson, we're gonna die
out here, aren't we?


I'm gonna die.

You're gonna be okay.

- I want you to take the life vest.
- No.

- Take the life vest and put it on.
- No, no, no.

- Just unclip it, please.
- No. No. No.

- Not the time to be stubborn.
- I'm staying right here.

We're a team.

Whatever happens,
I am with you.

I love you.

I love you.

I love you so much.

[Sara] Oh, my God.
It's a boat.


[fishermen shouting in French]

[shouting continues]

[Sara laughs]

[Sara] Over here!

Hey! Hey! Hey!

[shouting in French]

[shouting in French]

Get him first. He's hurt.

[fishermen shouting in French]

- [man speaking French]
- [Jackson groans]

[Jackson shouts]

[fishermen chattering in French]

[man speaking French]

- [Sara gasps]
- [man speaking French]

[fishermen speaking French]

Thank you. Thank you.

- [Jackson groans]
- [man speaks French] Voilà.

[gasping, panting]

[Jackson chuckles, sniffles]

No more goodbyes.

No. No more goodbyes.

[Sara sniffles, laughs]


[panting, laughing]

[music playing]