Horatio Hornblower: The Duchess and the Devil (1999) - full transcript

Hornblower captures the French vessel, Le Reve, and is asked by Pellew to sail her back to England so that she can be outfitted for the English navy, and also, as a favor, to convey the unusual Duchess of Wharfedale back home. Unfortunately, Le Reve, Hornblower, the duchess and the crew are captured by the Spanish and imprisoned. There, Horatio finds Kennedy, wasted and hopeless from months in solitary. Against the odds, Horatio must find a way to escape with Kennedy, against Hunter's protests, and with the growing suspicion that the duchess may not be who she appears.

(shouting in French)

I had one of them in my sights.

Why not let me shoot?

Because that is not my plan,
Mr. Hunter.

The plan?

We're here to fight them,
aren't we?

No, we're here to defeat them.

(shouting in French)

Bonjour, mes amis.


Les Anglais!





No, it's King George, frog-face!

Come on, men!

Forward, men!

(shouting, grunting)

You evil...


(speaking French)


It'll take a bigger rat
than you, boy.

Quarter-deck, get the officers!

I must ask you
to surrender, Captain.

Lay down your arms!

Very well.

To whom do I have the honor

of surrendering
my ship, sir?

Horatio Hornblower,
acting lieutenant

of His Britannic Majesty's
frigate, Indefatigable.

Mr. Hornblower,
where are the rest of my men?

Lieutenant Dubois?

They met with
an... accident ashore.

But they are unharmed.

Do you want
this one below, sir?

You have my sword.

I will not attempt to escape.

I have already lost
my ship.

I will not compound my shame
by breaking my word.

Today the luck was with me, sir.

Make sail for Gibrattar,
Mr. Hunter.

We will rejoin the Indie.

Aye aye, sir.

Mr. Hornblower's plan
worked out handsomely

didn't it, Mr. Hunter?

Aye, it did.

With some luck it did.

Aye, well, he is lucky,
our Mr. Hornblower.

Got the devil's own luck.

And we should make
a tidy profit

if those whoresons
of prize clerks

don't try to cheat us
of it.

Which they might well do

if they find out
how we cheated to win her.

Sour bastard.

Hip, hip...


Hip, hip...


Hip, hip...


The Indie's cheering us,

Thank you, Matthews.

Keep your eyes
on the job.


Aye aye, sir.

Let fly!

Douse the staysail!

Come back on those halyards!

And let go!

The capture of Le Reve was
the first successful action

this squadron has taken
against French or Spanish ships

in the entire six weeks
of blockade.

Your plan was good,
your execution excellent.

Thank you, sir.

By my reckoning though,
Mr. Hornblower

it has made you
somewhat richer.

That's why you wanted
the Indefatigable
hid, isn't it?

Not at all, sir.

So that her captain
and her officers

and her men would not have
a share in your fortune.

Sir, I do protest.

That was not
my intention.

The captain
is jesting.

I see, sir,

How much do you think
the Le Reve is worth,
Mr. Bracegirdle?

A good ?4,000, sir.

Makes you richer
by a thousand...

Mr. Hornblower.

Ever had a thousand pound?

A thousand?

No, sir,
not even a hundred.

Oh, well,
at least you'll be able

to spend some of it
on a new uniform.

I can recommend Cutler
and Gross in Portsmouth.

They'd be very happy

to deprive you
of some of your riches.

Portsmouth, sir?


They want me to...

I think they "request
and require you to."

Request and require me
to take Le Reve to England.

To Portsmouth.

She is to be purchased
into the service

as a... dispatch vessel.

The utmost expedition.

England, sir?

Yes, England, boy.

A big, damp, foggy island,
nor-nor east of Ushant.

Think you can find it?

Oh, yes, sir.

You sail tomorrow.

However, before you slip
your moorings, Mr. Hornblower

I think you will find here
a much sterner test.

Their excellencies,
Major General Sir Hew

and Lady Dalrymple,
request the pleasure

of Sir Edward Pellew and...

acting Lieutenant Horatio...


At Government House?


Bet you wish you had
that new uniform now

eh, Mr. Hornblower?

What do I do if they ask me
To carve, Mr. Hunter?

I doubt they'd risk
your ruining their dinner.

Here, try these.

Well, if they do, remember, carve
away from the bone.

Venison, thick slices.

Mutton, medium.

Beef, thin.

And, uh, try not to saw
at the chicken.

Thank you, sir.



Venison thick.

Mutton, medium... beef.

They won't have venison,
will they?

No. Gib's been beleaguered
two years now.

Main dish will probably
be monkey.



Um, rock ape.

And monkey you mince

with a sort of a...

chopping motion.

Monkey, mince.

Chopping motion.


(chuckling softly)

Thank you, Mr. Hunter.

Most helpful.

Ah, yes.

Well, what you could do
is stuff them

with some of the surplus food.

That'll take out
the slack

and, uh, give your
starving friends a treat.

I hear Sir Hew keeps
an uncommon fine table.

Perhaps you would share
your good fortune with us.



Sticking plaster,
pads of oakum.

Excuse me.


May I introduce
acting Lieutenant
Horatio Hornblower

captain of Le Reve.

Good evening,
Mr. Hornblower.

Sir Hew, Lady Dalrymple.


What, that puppy?

Are you entrusting me
to a mere babe, Sir Hew?


Your Grace.

If I may present
Sir Edward Pellew

of the Indefatigable

and acting Lieutenant

Her grace, the Duchess
of Wharfedale.

Look at the lad.

He's like a goose on a green.

Any second now,
he'll be hissing at me.



Er, sorry, Your Grace.

Oh, don't be, Mr. Hornblower.

I expect you're right proud
of yourself

Getting a ship at your age.

Gentlemen, my chef is of
a combustible temperament.

Let us not keep him waiting.

Your Grace.

Thank you.

Come along.


Your heatth, my lady.

Your Grace.

At last, Sir Edward.

I was choking.


Oops, I'm forgetting
my manners.

To you, Sir Hew.

And to the lad and me having
a safe voyage home.

(gulping loudly)


I hope your cellar boasts

as good as this,
Mr. Hornblower.

My cellar?

On your ship.

You have to keep

your passengers happy,
don't you?

Passengers, Your Grace?

You have been given
the honor, Mr. Hornblower

of bearing her grace
back to England.


Yes, you sail

with one of England's
luckiest captains, Your Grace.

Oh, why?

Because he's got to cart me
back to England?


Yes, that too, yes.

But while England's pride

the great ships of the line
and her frigates

were beating
up and down these coasts

searching for the Spaniards

and finding nothing
but pilchards

Mr. Hornblower here puts into
shore with a couple of men

and takes a French ship,
her captain

and the entire crew...

with the exception of those
he put to the sword, of course.

I had many more than
a couple of men, Your Grace.

(appreciative murmuring)

Look at that.

Mr. Hornblower.

You have the chef's masterpiece,
I believe.

Be so good as to carve it.

Ooh, it's suffered enough,
Mr. H.

You don't have to
kill it again.


(bell rings)

He's a lucky dog,
that Hornblower, eh?

He'll be tucking
into the capons,
roast beef, plum duff.

Don't you envy him,
Mr. Hunter?

No, sir.

Beef and biscuits does me fine.

You, uh, sail
with Mr. Hornblower
tomorrow, do you not?

Yes, sir.

It goes without saying

that he can depend on
your wholehearted support.

I am the King's man, sir.

I follow my captain's orders.

Yes, I was stuck
In Florence

when the French marched in,
Sir Edward.

So, I made my way
to Leghorn

bribed a coaster
to bring me here

and then, uh, well,
bullied Sir Hew here

into getting me
a passage home.

I hear the, uh, statuary
in Florence

is very fine, Your Grace.

Somewhat naked,
but very fine indeed.

Oh, statuary, my arse,
Sir Edward.

I were there for my
late husband's business.

Keep those pesky Florentinos
in line.

You see, the Duke
of Wharfedale owned mills

and my father
usd to manage them.

Well, that's how I caught
the Duke's eye.

At least that's
what my friends say.

My enemies say
I caught some'at else.


Your Grace, gentlemen,

The King.

The King.

The King.

As for the enemy

May the dons never leave
their boathole in Cadiz.

Ah, then, a bumper to the dons,
Sir Edward.

But, I doubt the Spanish
will leave Cadiz

For all their alliance
with the French.

They'll sit out the war

and then sail forth
to congratulate the winner.


What is your opinion,
Mr. Hornblower?

Why have such a force
and not use it?

I believe they will come out
to fight.

And you hope
you will be there

When they do, don't you,
Mr. Hornblower?

Indeed, I do, Your Grace.

There's two swivel guns
on each side.

We won't be able to put up
much of a fight, sir.

We won't put up any fight,
Mr. Hunter; we will run.

We'll head due south out
of Gibrattar, Matthews.

Put some sea
between ourselves

and any frog privateer
lurking in Algeciras

before we head west.

Aye aye, sir.

Once through the straits
and off Tarifa

we will set a course nor-nor west
for Cape St. Vincent.

Boat ahoy!

Captain Pellew's
coming aboard, sir.

And, uh, a lady, sir.

Nice dress, sir;
good looking.

Don't froth at the mouth, Styles.

You've seen a woman before,

Not in six bloody months,
I haven't.

Call this a ship, Mr. H?

Welcome aboard,
Your Grace.

I'd be frit out of my wits crossing
Thames in this.

She's safe enough,
Your Grace.

Mr. Hunter will show you
to your cabin.

Thank you.


Mr. Hunter.

Mr. Hornblower.

The port admiral gave me these.

They are for the admiratty.

They contain information
worth more

Than the whole
of Jervis's squadron.

Should you be boarded or
even threatened with boarding

These go to the bottom
of the sea.

Aye aye, sir.

Well, wind is set fair.

I say, Mr. Hornblower.

Your Grace.

I'm used to roughing it.

But, um... but, I can
hardly unbutton myself

in that damn cupboard.

Could you swap me your cabin?

I believe Mr. Hornblower
has already given you

his cabin, Your Grace.

It is the best I can offer,
Your Grace.

Oh, there I go again, putting
my foot in my mouth.


I do apologize, Mr. H.

Well, I'm sure you want me
out the way

so you can sail the damn thing.

Sir Edward...

How can I ever thank you?

No, not at all,
Your Grace.

Not at all.

Well, she's all yours,
Mr. Hornblower.

Good luck, sir.

What are you staring at?

All hands to the windlass.

Do you want to waste
this wind?

All hands
to the windlass!



Duchess (weakly):

Forgive me for disturbing you,
Your Grace.

I was wondering,
would you do the honor
of joining me for dinner?

Oh, bugger dinner.

When is this storm going to end?

Storm, Your Grace?

We have a fair wind
and a calm sea.

Leave me alone.


It's coming up
thick, sir.

It'll be thicker
by morning.

Atter course, Matthews,
due west.

We can't risk not clearing
Cape St. Vincent.

Plenty of sea-room,

To atter course
will only delay us.

Thank you, Mr. Hunter.

When I need your opinion,
I'll ask for it.

Atter course, Matthews.

Aye aye, sir.

She's, uh, quite some woman,
that duchess

Isn't she, sir?

What's that got to do
with attering course?

Nothing, sir.

Aye aye, sir.

(breathing heavily)

Mr. Hornblower, sir.

Sir, Mr. Hunter asks won't
you come on deck, sir.

Good morning,
Mr. Hunter.

Shh, quiet.


(men shouting in Spanish)

Dagoes, sir.


We're in the middle of a fleet,
by God.

You should never have
attered course.

Yes, thank you, Mr. Hunter.

Call all hands.


(shouting continues)

So, the dons have left Cadiz.

(bell ringing)

Sir... Starboard.


(bell ringing)

It's a two-decker, sir.

The San Nicolas.

84 guns.

Mr. Hunter,
find the French colors.


Le Reve's colors, man,
run them up.

The dons might not wish
to fire on their allies.

Aye aye, sir.

It's a poor ruse,
but it might buy some time.

This fog could hold for
five hours or five minutes.

Mr. Hunter, what sail did
the San Nicolas have?

and topsails, sir.

Very well,
take in the topsail.

But the wind is fair, sir...

And ease the sheets.

I wish to slow her down,
Mr. Hunter.

Aye aye, sir.

Keep her steady, Matthews.

Aye aye, sir.

You're hoping the Spaniards
will pass us by.

Hope is the word, Matthews.

Hope and a prayer
that this fog holds.

Styles, in the stern,
if you please.

Inform me if any don
sniffs us too close.


(whispers loudly):

Ship dead astern, sir.


Straight for us
and gaining, sir.

Matthews, three points
to windward.

Aye aye, sir.

She's passing us starboard, sir.

Abeam, sir.


The sun.

It'll burn off
the fog, sir.

Your hat.


Your hat, Mr. Hunter.

That must be the Oriente.

(man shouts in Spanish)

How many guns would you say,
Mr. Hunter?


Guns, 74, sir.

So if it came to matching

I expect we would lose.

But it would be
a damn close-run thing.

Don't you think, Styles?

Damn close, sir.

Take 'em at least a minute
to sink us.

Mr. Hunter.

Go below, find what
French clothes you can.

Pass them round the crew.

No man is to show his face
above decks

Unless he looks like a frog.

Aye aye, sir.

Oldroyd, get aft.

Mr. Hunter
has clothes for you.

Aye aye, sir.

Oh, I wouldn't say no

To that dinner now.


What? Have I said something?

It appears we are surrounded by
the Spanish fleet, Your Grace.

I would respectfully suggest
that you keep to your cabin.

What? And miss all the fun?

For your own safety, ma'am,
and, dare I say it, for ours.

What is it, Oldroyd?

You might want to put these on.

Very well.

Take it to the quarterdeck.

Tell Mr. Hunter

All men to keep their
own clothes beside them

in the event we are taken.

I don't want us all
to be hanged as spies.

Aye aye, sir.

Trying to pass yourself off
as a Frenchman, aren't you?

Well, I would
respectfully suggest

That a well-dressed woman
on your deck

might add to that impression.

As Your Grace pleases.

Do you think you'll slip
the dagoes, Mr. H.?

The odds are long,
Your Grace

even for a gambling man.

The breeze is freshening.

We won't have refuge
in the mist much longer.

Mr. Hunter's compliments, sir.

The wind's
getting up again.


Keep her steady,

Aye aye, sir.

At least her ports
are closed, sir.

Mr. Hunter, have Styles
and Oldroyd

Ioad the swivel guns
with case.

And to make it look like
they're cleaning the guns

not loading them.

Styles, Oldroyd,
starboard midships.

Messieurs, identifiez
vous memen, s'il vous plait.

Le Reve, en route
Pour Cadiz.

Looks like they're
sending a boat, sir.

Nous avons I'honneur

de preter I'assistance a notre
confedere estime et valiant.

He's offering us
his assistance now.

God damn him to hell.

Sir, their boat's
in the water.

Stand by your gun.

Fire on my order.

Damn, they're everywhere.


They're up to something, sir.

(speaking French)

They're signaling, sir.

But what are they
damn well signaling?

She's opening her ports, sir.

Le Reve, you must surrender.

Je ne comprends pas.

We know who you are.

Surrender or we fire.

Mais pourquoi?

Nous sommes Francais!

Sir, their boat's in range.


Haul down her colors.

Aye aye, sir.

(man wailing)

Mr. Hunter, get everyone
out of these damn costumes.

Let's be taken
for Englishmen, eh?

Aye aye, sir.

I must go below,
Mr. Hunter.

The deck is yours.

I'm so sorry, sir.

It was a valiant attempt.

But it failed.

Your Grace must excuse me.

What have you got there?

They are dispatches.

From Gibrattar.

I must ensure
they do not fall
into the wrong hands.

Give them to me.

I cannot do that.

If you get captured,
what'll happen to me?

You will be transferred
to a neutral ship

or a neutral port, and then...

Aye, and then?

You will be returned
to England.

No, Your Grace.

They will search your baggage.

I have orders.

You have information
that will be

more useful
to the admiratty

than at the bottom
of the sea.

Give them to me.

If they found
these documents on you

your rank will not
save you from the noose.

I have as much right

to risk my life for my country
as you do.

But how will you hide them?

My skirts, where else?

Who'll dare search there, eh?

(quick rap on door)

Who is it?

Styles, sir.

Come in.

Dagoes are coming
below, sir.

(men talking in Spanish)

Adelante, adelante.

It's all right, Mr. H.

Diego Romero

at your service.

Do I have
your surrender?

Acting Lieutenant
Horatio Hornblower

Of his Britannic Majesty's
frigate, Indefatigable

At your service, sir.

Well, Mr. Hornblower.

Your ruse almost succeeded.

Unfortunately for you

there was an officer
on the San Ysidro

who knew Le Reve

and the manner
of her capture.

You play the rules of war
very loose, sir.

I play to win, sir.

But here
you are.

Who is this lady, sir?

Her Grace, the Duchess
of Wharfedale.

Muy encantada de conocerle,




I never knew
she spoke Spanish, sir.

We will take La Reve,
Mr. Hornblower.

I'm sure my captain
will be delighted

to entertain La Duquesa.

However, you and your men
will be put ashore.

I am sure we will be able
to find you a prison

to keep you safe
for the rest of the war.

Don't bet on it, mate.


(gulls cawing)

(officer shouts order
in Spanish)

(booing, jeering, whistling)

(yelling insults)


(whistling, booing continue)


Mr. Hunter!

Piratas ingleses!

(man shouts orders in Spanish)


(door creaks)

(keys jangle)

(locks door)



My god! Kennedy?

No. No. Go away.

Go away!

We must get out of here.

Or we'll end up like him.

We will get out
of here, Mr. Hunter.

And we'll take him with us.

How? He's lost the use of his
mind and of his legs.

God knows how he ended up
here, in this state

But he was a midshipman
on the Indie

Just like you and I,
Mr. Hunter.

He was captured
in action.

Are you saying we should leave
one of our own behind?


But it will make
our escape much harder.

And success that
much more satisfying.


Archie, I need your help.

We all need your help.

We're going to work out
how to escape.

And we need to know
how many guards there are.

You'll never escape.

I'd rather try
than not.

Five times I tried.

Got further away
from England every time.

I should have saved myself
the grief.

But didn't you feel
better for trying?


Because the last time I tried

they locked me up in a hole
in the earth for a month

With no room to stand up
or lie down.

Now leave me alone.

He's given up.

He wants to die.

No use thinking of him.

I will not leave one
of my men behind.

He's not one
of your men, is he?

And if he slows
the rest of us down

then what's the point?

Mr. Kennedy is one

of the Indefatigable's
midshipmen, Mr. Hunter.

What I heard was...

He had a fit, Mr. Kennedy

during a night attack

and you had to knock
him down in order to

stop him getting
the rest of you killed.

What sort of a midship man
is that?

You were not there.

You do not comprehend
the circumstances.

We do not leave without him.


Aye aye, sir.

(birds singing)

Anyway, before we concern
ourselves with Mr. Kennedy

We must first consider
how we get out of here.

How do you read our situation,
Mr. Hunter?

What do you mean, sir?

How many guards are there?

That's clear enough.

What are
their weapons?

Their weap...

Their officers? Their morale?

Their hours of duty?

Their quarters when
they're not on duty?

We have work to do, don't we?


(moaning, grunting rapidly)


Archie, it's all right, Archie.

Archie, it's all right. Shh.


Archie, there, there.

(breathing more normally)

It's all right.

(catching breath)

I was having a fit,
wasn't I?


I had not been troubled
by them.

Not until you came.


I will not go back to the Indie.

Do not ask me to.

(talking quietly)

(guards yelling in distance)

What is it, Matthews?

It's the lads, sir.

They think we should
be doing something.

Doing something?

Aye, sir.

Not just, uh,
sitting about.

We are sitting about

until Mr. Kennedy
is fit to escape with us.

Well, some don't think
he will get fit, sir.

Look, Mr. Hunter's
counted all the guards.

He says there's never
more than four on a watch.

Now, he says we could
take four easily.

I mean, there was more than that
on the Le Reve

weren't there?

Once we've taken
these four guards

what then, Oldroyd?

What about
the garrison?

How many are they?

I don't know, sir.

You don't know.

And neither do I.

Until we know
these things

I will not risk your life
or mine in folly.

We go when I say
we're ready to go

Not before then.

Aye, sir.

(rocks tapping)

What on Earth
are you doing, Mr. Hunter?


We'll need these.

Mr. Hunter, I do not doubt
your courage, but...

But what?

You want to wait
until the war's over?

Mr. Hunter...

(keys jangle)

(unlocking lock)


It stinks in here.

Come with me.

Well, don't just stand
there gawping. Come.

(door shuts)

(hinges creak)

(birds singing)

(door clangs shut)

This... is
Lieutenant Hornblower

Your Excellency.

Mr. Hornblower,
His Excellency

Don Alfredo de Massaredo.

Senora La Duquesa
has begged a favor of me

that you should
be allowed

two hours of exercise

And I would be happy
to allow you

to accompany her on her walks.

But I must ask you

to give your parole
as a gentleman

that you will not try to escape.

Thank you, sir.

I'm happy to accept
and to give you my word.

However, sir,
I must inform you

That outside the hours
of my parole

I consider it my duty

to attempt to return to my ship
and my country.


So long as you do not try

to murder me in my bed, sir

I wish you every luck
in your attempt.


How did you come here,
Your Grace?

Well, it seems
the dons

had a battle off
Cape St. Vincent.

So the ship that was
taking me to Lisbon

had to run back to Cadiz.

They dropped me off here

like a cask of beef
gone off.

Your Grace

I must ask...
the dispatches?

Oh, I gave them up in exchange
for a good room.


Don't worry, Mr. H.

They're hidden.

Safe and sound.


Oh, thank you, Mr. H.

I can see I will enjoy
our conversations.

Our conversations?

Yes. Every day, 5:00.

Well, Your Grace
cannot expect

My presence here

I consider it my duty
to escape as soon as I can.

Oh, yes, as you told
Don Massaredo.

And, uh...

What about
your dispatches?

Well, they will
come with me, ma'am.

Will they?

The dons will have
no compunction

About rifling
your petticoats.

So, we will converse

exchange opinions,

When you are
an admiral, Mr. H.

And in society

that is what will be
expected of you.

Not just your tacks
and your jibs

and your "Avast there,
me hearties"

but conversation.

Quips, sallies,

and the like.

You do have opinions,
don't you, Mr. H.?


Nor razors, neither.

How was your walk?



Fresh air, attractive company.

Very fine.

Almost makes it worthwhile sitting
the war out, doesn't it?

The presence of the Duchess
atters nothing.

We'll escape when we can.

And if she can be
the means

Of facilitating that escape,
then all to the good.

(sucks teeth)

If you say so...



Go on, you little beauty.

(talking softly)


Come with me.

(metal clanging)

Good afternoon,

The commandant
has allowed me

to pick some fruit
for you from his orchard.

Your Grace is too kind.

Oh, stuff.

It's the least I can do.

Well, come on, men.

Three cheers for Her Grace.

Hip, hip.

All (weakly):

Hip, hip.


Come on,
Mr. Hornblower.


We'll not be bought
with this muck, lads.

It's English beef we want.

And English beer!

(grunting furiously)

And we won't get it
sitting here.

He's a lucky dog, he is, eh?

He's thinking on something,
Mr. Hornblower.

You mark my words.

He's thinking on something,
but it don't concern us.

It's how he can board
Her Ladyship there

that's what he's thinking on.

(thunder rumbling)

No walk for you today,


It must be something

to walk in the sun
with such a lovely woman.

Do you have a sweetheart
in England, Archie?






Guard, guard!

Hunter, get help!



What's happened to him?


We gave him the same rations
as us.

But he didn't eat them.

Why not?

Why didn't you tell me?

I assumed you knew.

What is this?

He's dying!

Archie, why did you do this?

Mr. Hornblower.

What's happened?

He hasn't been eating.

He starved himself to death.

And I didn't notice.

Because I was too busy
promenading on cliffs

having conversations.

The crown of the earth
doth mett, my Lord.

O, withered is the garland
of the war.

Archie, what are you saying?

Shh. Don't fret yourself.

Nothing left remarkable
beneath the visiting moon.

What was he saying?

He's delirious.

No, no, no,
it wasn't like that.

It, it was from something.


(murmuring, groaning)

No, Simpson!

Archie, shh.

It's all right.



You're going to drink.

You're going to eat.

And you're going to get better.

And then, we're going to get
out of here.


Well, don't you want
to get back?


Stand on the deck of the Indie?

Hear the wind
In the rigging?

And hear how Horatio Hornblower

rescued his shipmate
from prison.

It wouldn't be like that.

It would be just like that.

You'd do the same for me
if I were in your shoes.

But you're not.

And you never would be.


I won't survive
if you don't help me.

None of us will.

You don't need me.

You're one of us.

We don't leave unless you do.

You can't let us down.

You must get strong.

Now drink.

Guards here,
here, here...


The alarm bell is here.

The guard nearest
the alarm bell

has to be disarmed

Is that clear?

Come and join us, Oldroyd.

There's always room
for a good man.


Excuse me.


Oh, I wouldn't worry
about Mr. Hornblower, Oldroyd.

He'll be busy
for an hour or two.


How are you, Archie?


Good. I shall ask the innkeeper

Roast beef, perhaps?

Ham and eggs, a trout or three?

Horatio, there's something
I have to...

Ah, don't worry about a thing.

Let's just get you back
on your feet again, eh?

No, listen to me,

It's the Duchess.

She isn't a duchess.

She might be Cleopatra,
but she's no duchess.

Archie, what are you talking

over Anthony's body

Lady Macbeth,
Beatrice, Gertrude.

She's an actress.

You're raving.

No, I'm not.

Her name's Katherine Cobham.

I knew Drury Lane
like it was my home.

My word on it, Horatio.

She's an actress.

Mr. Hornblower?

Don Massaredo.

I would be honored

by your presence
at dinner tonight.

I have a guest

Colonel Etienne de Vergesse,
of the French Army.

Thank you, sir.

Don't forget to bring us back
a few scraps, sir.

Some fruit.


So, Mr. Hornblower.

Her grace tells me
that you were careless enough

as to sail your ship

straight into the middle
of the Spanish fleet.

I must protest, sir.

Those were not my words.

But that was your meaning.


Colonel, a truce
prevails here.

Fog and wind can
make fools of any man.


No, I meant no offense

to Mr. Hornblower,
Your Excellency.

And besides,
I was going to thank him.

If he had not made
his unlucky rendezvous

we wouldn't have the pleasure

of Her Grace's company

It is some years
since I was in London

but I believe, madam,
we may have met before.

I don't recall it, sir.

Did you find London pleasing?

After a fashion.

I confess that,
compared to Paris

I found it dirty and crowded,
and the food, well...

But your theater,
on the other hand

second to none.

Is it true there was
an engagement

off Cape St. Vincent recently, sir?

There was.

Do you wish to embarrass
a Spanish gentleman

in front of his guests?

The Rivals, madam.

That was one of the plays I saw.

I hear it is a sad piece.

Oh, no, madam.

Most comical.

Oh. I prefer tragedy.

But it is more
than a comedy.

It is a play about deceit.

You know better than me.

I'm not often in London.

I didn't like
that froggie gent, Mr. H.

Not at all.

He seemed to like you.

I've no idea why.

Perhaps because you were
in the play he saw.

The Rivals, was it?

Or perhaps
it was Macbeth.

Though I do believe

you would have made a fine
Lady Languish, Miss Cobham.

Do you deny it?

Why should I?

But I don't understand.


Because I want
to go home.

But this whole... this charade, the
Duchess of Wharfedale.

She exists,
exactly as I played her.

Where are my dispatches?


Give them to me.

Am I untrustworthy
without a title?

You are untrustworthy
because you lied.

The dispatches.


Who is it?

De Vergesse.

May I come in?

Follow my lead.

I didn't know

you were already
entertaining, madam.

Oh, two prisoners

keeping each other company,
that's all.

Two very interesting prisoners.

The actress who
pretends to be a duchess.

The boy who pretends
to be a captain.

I take offense, sir.

It is, of course,
an excellent way

of gathering information.

The duchess and the
English naval officer

whose ship just happens to sail
into the Spanish fleet.

You give him
too much credit, sir.

Do I?

I wonder what the penatty
for spying is here.

Death for him, certainly.

And for you, Miss Cobham

in the New Republic
of France

the guillotine does not
discriminate between sexes.

I confess, sir.

You confess what, madam?

To my foolishness.

For trusting this boy.

Had I known he would sail me
into a nest of dons

I can assure you I would
still be resting in comfort

at Gibrattar.

This is such a dull post

to be imprisoned on.

I have no one for company

except an old aristocrat
and a callow youth.

It does me such good to speak
with a man at last.

But to whom to I talk?

The duchess
or the actress?


Both the actress and
the duchess want to go home.

Let us say you are talking
to the woman.

Horatio, are you still here?

But, Your Grace...

Go to your cell,

What's wrong, Horatio?

Just planning our escape, Archie.

What do you want?

Your lack of civility
does you no credit, sir.

How was your friend,
Colonel de Vergesse?

He is not a friend.

You were more
than friendly.

I did what was necessary
to preserve my alias.

It is lucky for you
that you had

such a valuable bargaining card
to hand, wasn't it?


You still have them.


It is lucky for you

that last night I had
another card to play.

At least it bought
his silence.

But how could you?

What is it to you?

Are you jealous?


You completely
misunderstand me.

If I resisted de Vergesse

he would announce my secret

which would lead
to my arrest as a spy

and the discovery of
your precious dispatches.

So I sacrificed some
small insignificant things

such as my pride
and my self-respect.


Your Grace... Miss Cobham.

I am sorry.

I spoke hastily.

But had you told me at first...

Would you have given me
a passage?

Would you have entrusted
His Majesty's secrets

to an actress?

Ma'am, please.

I would have been honored
to have you aboard my ship

whether you were the Duchess
of Wharfedale or Kitty Cobham

or any woman seeking refuge.

But the dispatches... no.

And now?

Now that I know you

I would be grateful
if you would keep them for me.

What, you expect me to cart
the damn things around

in my underwear again?


If Your Grace would be so kind.

Thank you, Horatio.

At present there's
only five of us.

Hornblower (whispers):
Mr. Hunter.

Mr. Hunter, Mr. Kennedy is
getting stronger by the day.

He will soon be able to move.

I know that
you have been making plans.

What information do you have
as to the garrison here?

I would have thought you had
the information

Seeing as though you dine
with them every night.

Now I would like
to sleep.

I have bad news
for both of us,
Mr. Hornblower.

The Duchess has left

on a sloop called the Almeria

bound for Portugal.

So both our days are darker
for her absence.

They will be, sir.

However, she left you,
at least, a parting gift.

She fett that you should learn
my language.

So you have here a lexicon,
and this book.

It is the story of a man
who jousts with windmills.

Her grace thought that
you would understand him.

Something's going on,

I know.

What are you going to do?

You speak Spanish,
don't you, Archie?


I do a little, yes.

What are you doing,
Mr. Hunter?


I'm getting us out of here.

And how are you planning
to do that?

Before I tell you
I must ask you

whether you are
with us or not.

You are dangerous close
to insubordination, sir.

I am only doing my duty, sir

which is to escape
from here

and return to fight
for my country.

He's right.

Let us say you succeed

in overpowering the guards,
Mr. Hunter

without the loss of too many
of the men.

What then?

Then we take ourselves a boat.

And what if there are more
soldiers to prevent you

from taking yourselves a boat?

Then we'll
fight them.

No, we will go to a part
of the coast

which is less well defended.

North or south?

Makes no difference.

Wherever there are boats.

And who can speak Spanish to
ask where these boats are?


To find food?


Clothes to disguise the fact

that you are English sailors
escaped from prison

Tith the whole country

in arms against you?

Listen carefully.

We go when I say

and how I say.

And we go together.

Kennedy will slow us down.

Kennedy speaks Spanish.


He will save our lives.

Now, are we agreed?


Yes, sir.

Aye aye, sir.

What does this mean, Archie?

Digo, paciencia y barajar.

Hunter's up to something.

Are you sure?

He is, now,
over there.


Consider your options...


What is it,

We didn't know, sir.

Didn't know what?

(groaning in agony)

Help us!

The fool.

Por favor.

Help us, quick.

Por favor.

He's sick.

(groaning loudly)

Que paso?

What do we do, sir?

They're our shipmates,
aren't they?

Oldroyd, behind you!

To me, lads!


(shouts in Spanish)

Apuntar armas!

Mr. Hunter...

Not now!

We are outmanned
and outgunned.

It's not worth it.

Afraid, are you?

No! Think of the men.

This is suicide.

I'd rather die of a bullet
than stay in here.

At them, lads!


Hold your fire!

Hold your fire, sir!

(Hunter groans)

Descansen armas.

Let me at him.

Let me at him.

Let me die!

Matthews, Styles.

Take him back
to the cell.

Let me die.


Come on.

(gasping, groaning)

Two of my men are dead.

Three are badly injured.

I want to know who
is responsible.

I am, sir.


I cannot
Believe it.

Nonetheless, sir.

But you gave me
your parole, Mr. Hornblower.

I gave it between
certain hours
of the day, sir.

Beyond that,
as I informed you

it is my duty
at all times

to attempt to escape
and return to my ship.

I do not believe you.

I do not believe
you would lead

such a vicious
and senseless assautt.

You would know
it was doomed to fail.

Give me the instigators,
and I will deal with them.

There are no
other instigators, sir.

Mr. Kennedy is a friend,
is he not, Mr. Hornblower?

He will tell you
I am not afraid to be cruel.

One last time,
who was responsible?

Tell him, Horatio.

It was me, sir.

I am... disappointed.

Your men are confined
to their cells.

And you...

(man shouting
in Spanish)

This is all you, Oldroyd.

You bloody idiot.

Captain told you
not to go for it.

Oh, and how was I
to know, eh?

Course you bloody knew.

a sawdust-for-brains
bastard like Hunter

what do you expect?

Mr. Hornblower would've
got us out of here.

He would.

He'd have walked us
down to the harbor,
nice and easy.

Found a nice little boat.

Sailed us all the way
back home, no problem.

Now look where
you've got him.

(loud groan, gasping)

How is he?

I don't know.

It depends how long
they keep him in there.

It sent me nearly mad

and I could not walk
for a month after.




(rat squeaking)

You must eat.


Stay strong.

He'll need you.

Come on.

(water falling)

(man talking in Spanish,
metal clanging)

(man speaking Spanish)




Over here, quick!


Ah, thank the Lord for that.

Do I have your parole,
Mr. Hornblower?

(strained voice):
You do, sir.

Then your privileges
are returned to you.

(man speaking Spanish)


Are you all right?

Yes, Archie.

Apart from feeling
that I've been bent in two.

How is your leg, Mr. Hunter?

It's well, sir.

Well, thank you.




Oh, dear.

(cannon fire)

What ships are they, sir?


I know our ship, senor.


You must tell me.

It's the Indie.

It's the Indefatigable, sir.

It's my old ship.


Your ship has chased ours
far inshore.

But she's not catching her,
I think.

No, sir.

But your is carrying
too much sail.

She must tack soon.

The Indie will have her then.

The Almeria's a good sailer,

She will be hard
To catch.

The Almeria, sir?

Don't worry.

She has had time to sail
to Oporto and back.

She will have landed
her cargo.

She must tack now.

The topsail's gone.

She is lost.

Look, senor.

Oh, my god.

Will she
Clear the reef?

Not with her topsails gone.

The devil's teeth will have her.

We must launch boats,
try to save them.

In this sea?

The fishermen,
surely they would go?

That would be folly.

I know this beach, senor.

Many have died
in calmer seas than this.

Sir, I beg you.

Give me two carts

some timber and some rope

and as many people
as you can muster.

And, sir, I will need
my own men.

Of course.

This provides you with the perfect
opportunity for escape.

Sir, those men
out there are dying.

The water is bitter cold.

The strength is ebbing
from their limbs

but we can save them.

They are your enemies.

The sea does not
take sides, sir.

I give you my word.

And that of your men?

You have my word, sir.


God speed you.

(men shouting)

We need barrels.

Small ones, like this.

Lash them under the thwarts
for buoyancy.


You will need a sail,
food and water.

You may have to stay at sea

until the wind changes direction.

Yes, you are right.

Thank you, sir.

Mr. Hornblower, sir.

All is ready.

Thank you, Mr. Kennedy.

No, Mr. Hunter.


Let me come.


Right, lads,
put your backs into it.

Now row!

Row your hearts out, row!

(men shouting)

How many?

Only five.

Now four.

Row, you bastards, row!



Hold her here, men.

Oldroyd, Styles!

Bail for your lives!

All of you, jump.

We'll pick you up.


All of you, jump.

No, wait!


I'm all right.

The captain's leg is broken.

Can't you go closer?

No, we would all be lost.

He's jumping, sir!

Can't you help him?

Oldroyd, throw him a rope!

Hunter, no!

(men shouting)

Hold on!

Help, lads!

We got him, sir.

Mr. Hunter.

Give me your hand, man.

Look out!

Mr. Hunter.

Mr. Hunter!

Where are you?

Where are you, Mr. Hunter?

It's no good, sir.

He's gone.

Oh, God!

Sir, we must get back
To the shore.

We'll never make it.

We'll have to stay at sea
and ride this out.

I thought it was you.

As soon as I saw
this little boat

I thought,
that's my Mr. H.

I thought you were safe
at Oporto.

We came nowhere
near Oporto.

The captain insisted
on running

every time he saw
an English sail.

Ma'am, will you allow me
to ask you a question?

I believe I can guess.

I have guarded your dispatches,
safe and sound.

Thank you, ma'am.


A sail, sir!

Heading which way?

She's hove to, sir!

Wake up, everybody!

Everybody, wake up!

Wake up, men!

And row.

Row, you beauties!


It's the bloody Indie!

(cheering, laughing)

Ahoy! Ahoy!

It's Hornblower.

He's escaped.

Hornblower's escaped!

Mr. Hornblower, sir.

This is a most unexpected

As it is for us, sir.

Your Grace!


Uh... take her below.

Call the surgeon.

Get her out of those...

Uh, Mr. Hornblower, you,
your men and your... friends

below with you, too.

Mr. Bowles,
spirits to warm them.

Double ration,
if you please, sir.

Aye aye, sir.

I must go back
at the first opportunity.

I gave Don Massaredo my parole

and I gave it for my men.

You must do
as your honor dictates

but I do not believe
in this regard

you can speak for your men.

Well, sir, I prom...

No, they must decide
for themselves.

And I will not think
any less of them

If they are not so punctilious in
matters of honor.

(knocking on door)

Ah, I trust Your Grace
is more comfortable.

Oh, I am, Captain Pellew.

But after a night on
Mr. Hornblower's rowboat

I think
I'd sleep easier

on a perch
in a parrot's cage.

(men laugh)

We have orders to make
for England, Your Grace

so God and
a fair wind willing

you should be in London
before the month's end.

Well, in that case

I've got something
to share with you.

Before the dons
took his ship

Mr. Hornblower entrusted
these to my safekeeping.

The admiratty dispatches
you gave me, sir.

You burdened Her Grace
with such matters

Mr. Hornblower?

Her Grace
damn well insisted.

I believe they are important.

Yes, I know
They're important, man.

Gibrattar had me searching
Half the atlantic for them

because you decided
to go missing.

Don't be so hard on him,
Sir Edward.

Your acting
Lieutenant Hornblower

Is an extremely gallant

and resourceful

Is he?


I'm afraid
he is no longer

my acting lieutenant.

As a resutt
of exemplary gallantry

in the fire ship attack
on Gibrattar

an opinion confirmed
by three captains, no less...

captains who
would not

normally agree even
on the color of an orange.

His promotion was confirmed
in the last dispatches.

He is now commissioned
Lieutenant Hornblower.

Thank you, sir.

Well, let's see
what your men

think of you,
eh, Your Grace?

That's the real test
of a gentleman, hmm?

It would seem
that Mr. Hornblower

has been most unkind
to you, men.

He has given his
parole to the dons

that he will return.

More than that

he has given
your parole.

However, his word
does not bind yours.

You are free to remain here
with your comrades

aboard your old ship.

Or you can return

with Lieutenant

to imprisonment
in Spain.

(gulls cawing)

If Mr. Hornblower
has given his word

that holds good for me, sir.

Does he speak for all of you?

He does, sir.

Very well.

Mr. Bracegirdle,
set course for land.

We will go in under
a flag of truce.

Aye aye,

What will you do,

You cannot continue
this in London.

I have friends...

in high places and low.

Friends who value me enough

to forgive
the manner of my return.

In that case, I can only
wish you good luck, ma'am.

Stand by
to run out.


I will always count you

as I hope you will count me,
among those friends.

In high places or low, ma'am?

The highest

Mr. H.


(cannon fires)

(fires again)

What's going on, sir?

(another blast)

They're firing a salute for us,

Sailor (aboard ship):
Good luck, lads.

(keys jangling)

Almost feels like home.


(gulls cawing)

A letter has come
concerning you,
Mr. Hornblower

from their excellencies
in Madrid.

Yes, sir?

The first minister
has informed me

that in recognition

of your courage
in saving life

at the peril
of your own

you and your ship's crew
are to be set at liberty.

We are free to go?

That is what
I usually understand

"liberty" to mean.


Thank you, sir.

I am honored by their
excellencies' consideration.


I wonder if their
excellencies realize

They're setting free
a man

who will doubtless be
a thorn in their sides

for many years to come.

I shall endeavor not
to disappoint them, sir.