Hora 79 (2013) - full transcript

The Hora 79 dance troupe was the face of Israeli folk dancing. Following a traumatic event. An accident? A murder? A suicide? The group ceased its activity and the members went their own ways. Now, 33 years later, the Karmiel Dance Festival initiates a reunion for a tribute to Hebrew dance. The encounter brims with nostalgia, tension, and guilt. Will they be able to overcome the dark ghosts of the past, the old conflicts, the betrayal of the body and of the memory?

So what are we
talking about?

Hora 79.

Hora 79? -Yes.
Hora 79, the best!

Shlomo, I wish that were possible,
but the group split up 30 years ago.

Do you even know
where Dori is these days?

Dori... has disappeared.

Well, shall we give it a shot?

Hold on!
Stop the music!

Mind your shoulders.

keep your shoulders down
and your neck long!

You're playing stalks,
not corn!

Okay? Take it from the top.
- Excuse me?

Come here. Come.

Erez, did I ask you
to stop the music?

Listen, this is the second time
you've ruined this shot, yes?

This is cinema,

and in cinema the one who calls
the shots in called the director,

which in this case is me, understood?
- Cut the crap!


Hagit, get this old idiot outa here,
I can't work Iike this!

What's his name?
- Nehemya.

Are you the manager? -I'm
the supervisor, from "Goldings"...

I said to turn cell phones off!

Ara'le, what's up?

Erez, lose the background,
let me see it clean.

Hi, girls.


Okay, camera. First position!
We'll shoot another take.

Hi there.

How're things?
- Great!

Truth is, if it weren't for their
fuddy-duddy instructor,

we'd be almost done.
- Eitan?

I don't believe it! Eitan?

Hora 79. Hemmy!

My goodness!

I haven't seen this "fuddy-duddy"
in 30 years! -You don't say!

Even longer! Not since
the disaster in Denver, Colorado.

And what's your role here?

I'm the fuddy-duddy from
"Goldings PR",

the one they can't get rid of,
because I own 33.3% of the company.

So you became a choreographer?

In Ganey Tikva.
Gotta make a Iiving.

Tell me, what does
"Stalks in the Fields"

have to do with deodorant?

It's a commercial.
Don't look for logic.

Wow, Hemmy, seeing you here
is such a coincidence!

Speaking of coincidences, I just got
a call from the karmiel festival.

They're doing a tribute night
for Dori and the group.

Where do I find him
and the gang?

I have an idea for you:

Bracha Yitzhaki.

Ladies and gentlemen, here with us
tonight is the veteran choreographer

Nehemya Fishler!

This is fantastic, Hemmy!
A Hora 79 reunion in karmiel?

Relax, Braha. They're just
looking to find Dori.

I hope they find that creep
at the morgue!

Wait, so they don't intend for us

to have a Hora 79 reunion?
- Listen to this:

They want us to perform
the Rishonim medley.

Do you get it? Dancing!
- Dancing?

But don't worry, I talked them
out of it. -You what?!

Braha, it's unrealistic.
- I'll kiIl you, Hemmy!

Braha, it's not practical!
- It is so, we can do it!

"Yes, we can!"


Who is this?

Braha? Which Braha?


Braha?! I can't believe it!

Of course I'm coming.

Where in Givatayim?

"Alon High School"?

I said no, and that's it!
How'd you get my number?

Is Dori in on it?

Because if that scum is in,
then I'm not.

Look, expecting us to dance
isn't realistic, but...


Braha, tone it down!

Okay, okay, it's realistic.

Tami told me already, yes.

My dear Braha, in my business
there's no night and day.

Especially if I have to call America,
the West Coast.

At "Ichilov" hospital.

God forbid! I'm as healthy as an ox,
I collect donations from abroad

so I came to give them a check.
- Michael! Michael?

Are you on vacation?
- I gotta go, the CEO wants to see me.

Go give the Bulgarian
from room 6 a shower.

Okay, bye.


Sharona, what's up?

I was invited
to the group's reunion.

Hora 79.
- After 30 years!

WiIl you go?

Is that a problem?
- Of course not.

I just don't want you
to get hurt, because...

I'm not the kid I was back then.

Look what you've done!
- How could you drive Iike that?

Who gave you a Iicense?!
- You smashed the headlight!

Look at my headlight!
- How could he do that?!

He sees us trying to park.
- ltzik?

30 years, ltzik!

- 30 years, ltzik!

lt's just a car, but why take
our spot so rudely?

Why behave this way?

Hi, guys.
- Hi, Ruthie!

- How are you, Ruthie, dear?

lt's great to see you guys!
- Gee, you haven't changed a bit!


Hey, guys. What's up?

Hello, hello!

ls that me?
l can't believe it.

"Oh, what a reunion...

"lt happens only in pairs..."
- Maya, don't start.

"How are you? How's it going?
Haven't seen you in a while."-Stop!

Enough, Maya!
No more Alterman songs, please!

lt's by Haim Hefer.
- Enough, l don't wanna hear it!

Be available.
- Don't wanna hear it!

The "shvester" sisters
are at it again.

Look what l found in the attic!
- lt fits you perfectly!

- Menny!

What a hunk!
- Say, what are you doing later on?

Shall we do some horizontal dancing?
- You're such a flirt!

Hey, Rafi!

Give us a hug.

How've you been?

Rafael, l gotta go.
- Hold on.

Braha, kudos on this
great reunion!

We should meet sometime
- What do you mean, sometime?

We're starting rehearsals!
- Don't go over board.

l'm not!

Guys, come on, in two weeks
we're performing in karmiel!

Benny is in America
and so is Drora.

Talia is either in Australia
or New Zealand.

What about David? -He died of cancer.
- You're kidding!

l saw him on the train a year ago,
he looked just fine!

Are you sure, Maya?

Hi! What's up?
- David?

So it's for real.
l thought you were pulling my leg.

Braha, why did l have
to hear about this from ltzik?

David, l couldn't find
your phone number.

Oh, l see Maya is here too.

Hello, l'm happy you came.
- Meet Natalya.

Nice to meet you.
- Hello, Natalya.

Where's everyone?
- Go straight and turn left.

Okay, we're going in.

Are you nuts?
- Yeah, right!

lt said in the paper: "David Ben Moshe
suffered terrible illness".

Doesn't "terrible illness"
mean cancer?

Be quiet one second!

Come, Braha, let's watch the film.
- Wait, it's important,

it's about next week's plans...

Word of advice:
Don't invest in movies.

The $500,000 l invested
were shot to hell.

Sorry about the quality,
but it's an 8mm film.

Where was this taken?

When was it taken?
- During our tour.

Oh, it's in Scotland!

Braha! -ls that me?
- Yes.

Was that taken in Dijon?
- Yes, it was.

You recognized right away!

lt's Sharona and Eitan.

Do you plead guilty?

Danny, make me a copy of this,
please. -Okay.

Guys, we have two weeks to work on
the Rishonim medley in karmiel.

Dori is gone.
Does anyone miss him?

l do very much,
if you must know.

l'm very sad he's not with us,
He was a genius!

He was the devil! -The arch-devil!
- He screwed Avshi over,

extorted him and screwed Janet
as well.

Cut it out, guys!
- And he killed them both.

Come on, Liora.
- Butt out of this. -Enough!

Can we quit talking about it?

lt was an accident.
- Yeah, right...

Liora, you're going too far!
- Ruthie, you didn't know the real Dori,

you joined the group later on
and became his new toy.

"She walked in his room a virgin

"and left a virgin no more".

What's that?
- Shakespeare.

Guys, this argument is irrelevant.

Right now someone has
to take charge.

We all remember the medley,
there's no need for managers.

Besides, Braha, l'm not sure
you're right for the job.

l think the best man for
the job is Hemmy.

Hemmy was Dori's assistant,

and among all of us, he was the only
one who kept on folk-dancing.

l gotta tell you,
the idea of us performing

on stage, before an audience, is...

Look at us!
l told Braha it's ridiculous!

So we've elected Hemmy.
- What?! -Yes!

Guys, hold on,
don't l have a say on this?

Come on...

Left and... balance.
Hold! Hold!

Hey! ltzik?

1, 2, bend down, back up,
and down again.

ltzik, tempo! And... 2.
ls my tempo off?

Tempo... go on.

1, 2...

You're all rusty!

Gather in the corner, everyone.

What is it?

We're doing "Blue kerchief".
- Gil, accordions are out,

this isn't the 70's,

today it's all on computers.

She doesn't intend on dancing
with us, right? -Yes, actually.

She's a top-dancer!
- So what? But she wasn't in our group.

She's a great dancer,
better than some that l know

and she'll get the steps in no time.
lt's not a problem for her.

But it's a problem for us, because
we're redoing our show as group,

and back when this group split, your
girlfriend wasn't yet living in lsrael.

She was still a child in Russia.
- ls that it? That she's Russian,

and younger than you?
Everyone here is younger than you!

You were always rude
and you stayed rude!

Wait, l have a suggestion.

Natalya will rehearse with us
and if someone can't dance

she'll be her replacement.
- Great idea. lt'll be good for you too.

Okay, guys, gather in pairs.
Let's go.

Sharona, come here...

Switch to Gili.

Liora, you stand here.

And 1, 2, turn and 1...

Up! 1, 2, 3, 4,
up and 1...

Hello, everyone.


Your memory isn't what it used
to be! Ay, Nehemya?

So now you're...? Nice, nice upgrade!
Well done.

l heard you have a children's group
in Ganey Tikva. -Yep. -Nice!

Where's Dori?
- ln hell!

lt's a shame l had to learn about
Hora 79's comeback

through the karmiel festival's office.

l thought you'd call me, but...

Never mind. Listen, l have
an offer for you guys.

Nahum, you left the group.
- No, you guys kicked me out!

lt was Dori who kicked you out.
- Get real,

Dori begged me to stay,
l was his best dancer!

Although l couldn't stand
his lame choreography.

You said you had an offer,
what is it?

l have a dance group in Jerusalem;
You've heard of "Admati", right?

- Here's my offer:

Let's ditch the Rishonim medley
and do something new

with a "soil" theme.

Something young, fresh, energetic,
Jewish, masculine, real!

With your choreography?
- Yes.

You don't want
to bring back the past,

but that's how it should be,
redoing the past.

lt's a tribute night
to the old group!

lf we knew it was new material,
we wouldn't show up.

Especially if the theme was...
Dirt? Was that it?

Soil. Soil theme.
- Nahum, you misunderstood.

We've gathered here
because of what happened back then.

l don't want anything to do
with your stinking past.

Call me if you change your mind.
- Okay.

The choreographer...
"Soil"! More like "mud"...

Okay, let's move on to " Cyclamen".
Twist to the right.

Nehemya, it used to be
to the left.

Right or left?
- Guys, guys,

The festival in Dijon. Yaki fell off
the stage during this number. -Right.

And he fell to the right.
- He fell to the left.

Yaki, what side was it? -What?
- When you fell off the stage in Dijon,

what side did you fall?
- l never fell off the stage in Dijon!

There's footage of the show, we can
watch it in slow-mo like in basketball.

Guys, what's the difference?
Let our choreographer decide.

- Twist to the right!

Danny, could you take
the camera and film now?

You're taking my partner away
so he can film us?!

lt's so that we know what
to do next rehearsal.

3 and...

1, 2, 3, 4.

Turn, partner, and slalom.

1, 2...
Form a waltz circle.

1, 2, 3...

Back, 5, 6, skip...

Right, up, left...


Go on.

Dasi, everything okay?
Menahem can give you a check up.

lt's okay.

l don't want to take chances.

lt's not me, it's Yaki. He had
a heart problem two months ago.

So? -lf l tell him to rest,
he won't do it, just to spite me,

but if l take a break,
he has no choice.

ls something wrong?

Am l missing the beat?
Tempo! And...

Hey! ltzik?

Turn and...

Sharona, you need a GPS!

lt'll take me a few seconds.

Look, Nehemya,
l didn't want to make an issue,

but Sharona was my partner, so...

Why is that important?
- Yes.

lf we're redoing the dance from
30 years ago, it should be accurate.

Eitan, it's not final, okay?
- So why did you switch her?


lf you really wanna know,
she asked me to.

She insisted that you two
don't dance together.

l have no backbone. l promised myself
l wouldn't be hostile,

that l won't show anger,
and that l'd be pleasantly aloof,

and instead, l'm a bitch from hell!

Sweetie, you have every reason to be.

When Braha called me,
l thought:

Perhaps he changed,
gained weight,

gotten all wrinkly and bald...
- l hate to tell you,

but he looks better than ever.

When he smiles at me,
l tell you...

He does it for me.
- Eitan's smile.

lt's so obvious! He always
does that to get something,

that bastard!

1, 2, 3, 4...

Hey, ltzik!

This whole idea is stupid!
Everyone remembers us as a group,

the "it-group", and we're just going
to make a mockery of ourselves.

l don't want to say l told you so,
but l told you so.

Why the long faces?

We did better than expected
for a first time.

Even Hemmy thinks so.
Right, Hemmy?

Guys, l have a suggestion: We have
to start a healthy food regimen.

To lose the toxins in our bodies.
No meat or dairy.

Yeah, right.

And l suggest that we, at lease
the guys from Tel Aviv,

meet at the beach
three times a week

for a 30-minute swim
to get back in shape.

Who's the idiot who suggested
6 a.m? -You.

Rafi, we need to toughen up.

But why at 6 a.m?
- Look, there's Sharona!

Sharona, didn't we say guys only?
- Guys, going for a swim?

Look, you must start off
with a warm-up sprint. -Let's do it.

Sharona, we have to talk.


Where's everybody?

Hey, come here!
- Eitan, come here! Food!

Hey, guys. -What are you doing?
You're poisoning yourselves!

Everything is poison! Come on!
- Okay.

Sit down.
Here's some lettuce for you.

Sit down.
- That's it?

You're giving up on swimming?
- l have to be at work at 8.

You couch potatoes!

Sit down.

We have to do it gradually. Tomorrow
we start swimming, no more excuses.

Someone better bring some coffee,
or l can't function.

Did you hear? Nehemya is thinking
of moving her to the third row.

Who, Ronit?
- No, Braha.

Can't be! No way!
- But she made a big stink about it.

So who's moving to the first row?

Who do you think?
- Ronit. -Ronit?

Hey there
- Hi

What's up?

Hey, ltzik

Do you recognize him?

He donesn't remember

Hi, guys -Sorry
- What? -What's your name again?

Come on, Tammy,

l'm Josef!
Dori used to call me Yoski,

a mesh between Yossi and Yoske
- l don't remember

You guys don't remember?

l danced in the group
for two months

till l broke my leg
in reserves duty

Naomi, don't you remember
how l wooed you?

You had a boyfriend
who was a career soldier

Okay, guys, let's begin
- Hey, Nehemya! -Hello

Come forward, please

l can't believe it,
what's with you people?!

l was with you
at the festival in Dijon!

Remember they caught Mickey

trying to shoplift
some Camembert cheese?

Or when Dasi didn't come
to the show at "Gran Pallette"

and we went looking for her and found
her screwing that Norwegian guy,

and had to make sure that her
boyfriend Yaki doesn't know about it?

Where's Dasi? ls she here?
- Come here

Come, come
You're leaving now

What? -Leave!
- But

Wait, let him stay,
we're short on guys, so

Danny, the film from the festivals
that you screened

could you screen the part
taken in Dijon again? -Why?

This damn computer!

Gil, come here a second

3, 4 1, 2

And go!

You joining in?



"And we suddenly meet "


Moving on to "Cyclamen"

Guys, join them!


What did you want
to ask me?

Rafi, l wanted
to ask you something

But don't be offended

Are you


Everybody knows

l offended you
- Not at all, everybody knows

Even my bank manager, it's okay
Why do you ask?

lt's my son, Roi

He's also

l think

ls that a problem for you?
- Don't mention it to anyone, okay?

Yes, it's a problem for me

l hope you don't make him feel
rejected or anything -No

We're very close



Can it be cured?

Where did he get it?

Look, Haya says it's

My wife Haya says
it's genetic

Perhaps she's sticking it in to me
for screwing around on her, but

Someone else told me
the same thing, so

if it's genetic, it must be from her side
- And it's from your side?

lt couldn't be

Look, l

l've tried to picture myself
with another man


What a lock of hair!

This photo has been in my wallet
for 30 years,

look how grungy it looks!
l took it out two years ago

because of my partner Amikam
- Yes, l saw you two when we met

He made such a scene!
- Over the photo? -He's jealous

What, did he think?

And he was right

Brace yourself for this one

You were the love of my life

Can't be! You were

Excuse me

You had that little Hungarian
girlfriend, what was her name?

l'd tremble when you
came near me

l'd think about you during the day
and dream about you at night

The Hungarian girl said
you two were getting married

The worst thing was,
l couldn't say anything

l was in the closet,
nobody knew

Except for Dori,
that bastard sensed it

He knew it,
and he took advantage of it

But he was with Ruthie
- With Ruthie

and Tammy and Liora
and all the girls -Liora too?

And Avshi and me and Janet
- You're kidding!

Why do you think
Avshi and Janet were killed?

That bastard!

You were so occupied with you naive
affairs, you didn't see it

Everyone say, noticed
or felt something

How would you feel
if l told you l loved you?


Back then?

This coming weekend we have
full-day rehearsals at Ha'kfar Ha'yarok

lt's not very expensive
and we'll have great facilities

We get there by cars
and with no spouses, of course

Well, Yaki and Dasi,
you'll get a discount, of course

Everyone's coming, so be one time!
lt's next week, don't forget!

On time!

Oh, man!

Asher Arbel didn't come,
and that worries me

Does anyone know
what's going on with him?

What's with you, Braha?

Haven't you read in the papers
or heard on the news?

Asher was arrested

He took money from people
and his empire crumbled

l can't believe it,
l'm devastated

He promised me he'd pay
for the outfits

l saw it coming two months ago,
so l sold all his stocks

l thought maybe you would

No problem, it'll be okay


l've been holding it in
since the first reunion,

but do you remember you owe me
a pair of earrings?

Excuse me?!
- Hayelet Ha'shahar

l spoke with a heavy Polish accent
and you guys would laugh when l said

Hayelet Ha'shahar
- But why earrings?

We had a show
at Ayelet Ha'shahar,

the group got there by bus
but there was no room for us

so we rode in Avshi's truck,
on the pile of outfits in the back

By the time we'd passed Afula
we were both naked

l wanted you badly,
and so did you

ln the heat of the moment,
you swallowed my earring

and promised to get me
a new pair

Yes, l remember

No problem
What did they look like?

l wasn't being serious
- But a promise is a promise

Excuse me, l'm in a rush

He has many girlfriends, but enough
about me, what's new with you?

l'll tell you

l have to talk to you
Can l come in?

Excuse me, l'm in a rush
- Where are you girls rushing to?

Why did you ask Nehemya
to split between us?

Come on, Eitan, l'm in a rush!
- What?

What's with her?
- How should l know?

Perhaps it's because 30 years ago

you knocked her up and disappeared?

l missed you

You think l didn't notice you
were following me?


Did the 39 bus pass by?

Sorry if l scared you

Sweetie, after all l've been through
in life, you can't scare me

What do you mean?

You really expect me to tell you?
- Why not?

Because where l served,

lay lsrael's darkest secrets
- l thought you were in finances

Nowadays, Eva!

l gave 20 years of my life
to defending this country,

now l'm doing it for myself

What do you do?

l mean, what about
your Mercedes?

Jaguar, Eva! Jaguar!
l don't drive German cars

- What about your Jaguar?

Why are you questioning me?!
What's with you?

You keep meddling and meddling

knock it off already!

You're so Polish!

Maybe l went too far


l hate to ruin your
soap-opera, Eitan,

but my Liron is 27 years old
and you're not her father

But Roni told me
- l had an abortion

l just don't understand,
and l'm not asking

out of insult or anger,
One moment we were

deeply in love

and the next moment
you vanished

You could've told me that
it's over, that the love is gone

lt would've killed me
but l'd at least understand

l don't know,
l guess l panicked

You know, marriage, a family

And so

l bought a ticket to California

Many times since then,
especially since the reunion, l imagine

what it would be like
if we arrived at the airport together

Well, l just want to say

that l'm sorry if l seemed
angry at you

l'm not angry

l even kinda like you

But l don't intend on asking
myself "what if"

l have a calm life, a lovely daughter
and a man who loves me

A man who loves you
and you love him

Take me home

David, why am l even here?
They don't want me to dance

Don't worry, trust me
lt'll be okay

Just tell me and l'll
switch with Eitan

You're out of your mind
- No, l'm not

You wanna share a room
with Manahem?

Hey there! -Hey!
- What's up?

l'm fine, good morning
- Where are the rooms?

That way -Over there?
- Hello!

What's going on?
- l heard you had heart problems

Come on, it's nothing!

There's a special diet here
that could really help you

What's with him?

This side, you're together in room 6
- Thanks

Hey there!

Say, did Menahem show up?
- He's coming with Eitan

They're in room 3

You and Danny?
Room 11 at the end of the hall

Miriam has the room for herself
l doubt it'll do her any good

Tammy, don't you have a life?

lt's a shame that Naomi
who's interested in Menny

is stuck in a room with Ruthie

Does anyone know where Mickey is?
He hasn't shown up

They move us from place to place!
- Lady, l just washed here!

Well, you shouldn't wash floors
in the middle of the day!

People are walking here,
they can break their neck!

- l'm not waiting

l've had it with this hospital!
lt's just as cruddy as our country!

Come on, Mom -Didn't you dance with
the Haifa student group? -Excuse me?!

You're Hannah B, right?

My memory is like new!
- No, Hanna B is my sister

l'm Sara B Where have we met?
- Hora 79 -Oh, those guys

You really look alike
You're the older sister

No, she is! 4 year difference

Anyway, they sent us running around,
my mom's been on her feet for hours!

Now they sent me there!
Can you help me with this?

lt's the wrong way

The person who wrote these
directions is at fault, not you

lt's over there, l'll take you
- Come on, Mom Be careful

Eva, come look

That's the film from Dijon, right?
- Of course

Who's the one dancing
with Drora?

Guys, please don't touch
my computer

Nobody's forcing you!

lsn't that the guy who was here?
Yossi? Yoske?

Guys, let's get back, we have
a lot of work ahead -Let's go

Let's begin with rehearsal
- Good evening, ladies and gentlemen

Finally you're here, Mickey
- lt takes time to get the outfits

Micky, you're the best!
You're amazing! Wow!

When will they arrive? -They promised
by tomorrow -Like hell they will

Two more times!


1, 2, 1, 2, walk, 4 and

1, 2, leg, 4, and

1, 2, skip and to the side!

1, 2, and up!

Turn, turn

Back scissor kick Hey!

Okay, take a 10 minute break
- Yes!

Thank you very much

Yaki, you promised not to smoke
- Dasi, l'm not stupid!

What do you want from her?
She's worried about you

Yes, but it's stupid Everyone
smiles at their dancing partner,

and she looks at me like she
expects me to croak any minute

lf l were a couples' counselor,
l'd tell you to ask Hemi

to change partners for you

lt won't work out
l know it sounds dumb,

but l can only dance with her

Even if she does have
a thing for Norwegians

Great, it's locked

Braha, l hope you have a key

What's the problem, gentlemen?

The wonder key will
save us

What about Mickey?
You think he arranged the outfits?

Otherwise, he's out

Mickey, you're a real criminal

During rehearsal, l'll decide
on partners and placements

lt's about time! But

You know there'll be a problem

The tall girls can't be
at the front

She also gets the dances wrong
You always get it wrong!

Well, you can't have everyone
in the front row, guys!

You wanna do the placements

How could do this to me?
- Do what?

l can't believe you moved me
to the second row

Braha, let's not mix the two:

The fact that you put your time and
effort to organize this, doesn't give you

any breaks regarding the dance!
- What are you yapping about?

l'm talking about
the dance itself

l might not be the best dancer
in the group, but l'm in the top three,

far better than Yael, whom
you've placed in front of me

though she forgets the steps
and it drives me nuts!

l look at you dancing, and you seem
like you're out of breath, okay?

Like a punctured tire, okay?
- That's only during rehearsal

You know that l fly
when l'm on stage

Then fly during rehearsal!
Because what you give there

is what the audience sees on stage
Okay? l'm going to eat

Don't think l don't know the reason
This is so petty

What's the reason?
- Don't play coy!

Come on, Braha, that was
30 year ago -33!

You know how many girls didn't
give me any during these 33 years?



let's give it a shot

l'll put you back in the first row
if you give it your all

100%, even during rehearsal

Hemmy, of course!

Of course l will!

l'm going to shower
See you at the dining room

l'm at Ha'kfar Ha'yarok,
not in the boondocks!

Haya, you don't need
to come here, damn it!

Why don't you do it in a room,
on a bed?

That's all l needed
She would've slept over

Wouldn't that be nice?

They said no spouses,
didn't they?

Pass the cranberries
- lt's not cranberries, it's kalapata

My friend from Chile
sent it to me

You know what antioxidants are?
- l'm telling you,

you sit there in the boat
for hours

and it's

it's the worst thing ever

After the talk,
you wanna meet at the hayloft?

The hayloft?
Why not the threshing floor?

After the talk -No way
- l'll wait for you

Just so you know,
l'm also a tour guide

l once showed two tourists
around Mea Shaarim

You don't want to hear it,

What are you doing here?
- We said we'd meet, no? -You did

l didn't think you'd be here,
figured you'd give up and leave

l didn't know whether
to show up or not, so l did,

but late, thinking you'd be gone
- You almost succeeded

Steinberg, what do you
want from me?

Me? You're the one
driving me wild

All these years, not always,
but every now and then,

l try to imagine what if we
had stayed a couple

"But now when l see you "
- Shut up, you moron

Those images haunt me

lt's night time,

l sit and write on the computer

while you read a book

You put the book down

turn off the light

and come up behind me

You give me
a barely noticeable kiss

on the neck

and leave quietly

Oh, l read while you write

What was the name of
your masterpiece? -Don't laugh,

l keep trying to write it,
but l can't

Everywhere l look, all l see
is failure

Eitan Steinberg, the golden boy?

Almost 60 years old
- But who owns 33 3% of "Goldings"

And 100% failure

Since seeing you again,
that feeling just worsened

l also feel l've had it
with working

Want to buy my share
of "Goldings"?

l'll give you a discount

- And a third

Eitan, stop it -What?
- You know

You mean this?

l mean this


What do you think?

Girls, can you lend a hand here?

Guys, the outfits!
- The outfits!

Take a "small",
it's too long

No marking the outfits!

Let's use colorful threads
to mark them

lf it doesn't say the size,
try it on! Seriously

Does the belt go on the side?
- Yes

No, wait, l'll ask her
Would you happen to have?

Darling, this is
all l've got!

How do l look?

Nothing special

Are you angry?
- Should l be?

Don't push, l

Could you be quiet?

Sarah B -On the side
lt will be flattering

l almost forgot

Your Mickey sure is stylish
- Sarah B, how do you know Mickey?

Tammy! -lt's okay l ran
into him at "lchilov" hospital

He helped me with a problem,
we started talking

and he said you guys
had an outfit crisis

but he's broke, so

"Costume Warehouse", that's me
- Wait, what?

What do you mean, he's broke?
- You heard me

He's penniless, which is why
he washes hospital floors

He was putting on an act

He's the one paying for our
outfit rental -Oh

ls that what he's telling you?
- Yes, he raises money for "lchilov",

he must've been volunteering
that day

He was not volunteering,
are you for real?

He's doing community service
at the hospital

lt wasn't a big crime,
just a little felony

No way

Even if that's so,
do 15,000 shekels count for nothing?

15,000 shekels?
How'd you come up with that?

He gave you a check, didn't he?
- A check?

The one you just got
- Oh, right, the check

The check

Read it out loud

"Thank you for your

"To me, you're not Sarah B,
but rather Sarah A1!

"Mickey "

Quite a weasel,
but he's got style

kudos to Mickey!

l was a bit skeptical about it,
but he proved that

he keeps his promises

Okay, let's continue from
the arm sequence

and do the ending
of the medley, okay?

3, 4, and!

Up, up, back, 2

Skip, and arms

Side to side

Turn back
Turn right now,

stop and left turn backwards

00:54:39,002 --> 00:54:41,278
When will you memorize this?!
Come on!

l see you've calmed down
about Yaki's heart condition

Not really, l'm just
biting my tongue

l'll end up getting a heart attack
- Dasi, exercise is good for the heart

Maybe l'm overreacting

Call an mbulance! Quickly!

Yaki! Yaki!
- Get a doctor!

lt's probably a heart attack

l told you, we're at Ha'kfar Ha'yarok!
Send an ambulance!

Someone will wait
for you by the gate

"Just swear, my brother

"lf someday you shall
pass by my house

"What will you say?

"He used to do idle things

"But died a man
of many traits "

Bye, good night!

Drive safely!

Mickey, Mickey,
any chance you can get us

a minibus to karmiel?

Come on!
Have you no limits?

Okay, guess we'll have
to use our own cars

Hello -lt's okay,
we're from Hora 79

Do you have an entry pass?

Let us through,
we're from Hora 79 -One sec

You know anything about
Hora 69? -No, nothing

Look at this bottle-neck

Sorry, guys,
can't let you through

Park outside -They're waiting
for us, pal Let us in!

keep driving and park outside

lt's so hot today!

Hey, guys
- lt's Braha

Hi, we're meeting at the
school entrance

Ask about the Hilton
- How did you get in?

We had to park
light years away!

l have an entry pass
- Why didn't you get one for us?!

lt's only for group managers
- Who made you group manager?!

l've had it with you guys!

You wanna be group manager
and worry about everybody?

Do you want to talk
to the festival directory?

To arrange the accommodations
and the schedule?

To babysit Hemmy?

l'm not getting a dime for this,
all expenses are on me!

Excuse me,
this is our room here

What Turkinim?
This is our room


Check the note!
- l don't get it, guess it's not us

Okay, sorry, it's your room,
l'm sorry

Come on, it's not here,
let's go

l don't get it

lt looks like 305,
doesn't it?

Here it is,
come on

406, that's it

What the?

Hemmy, come
l'm gonna kill him!

Excuse me?

Hey, hey!


Hello, can l help you?
- Where will l find Ara'le?

Back there, but he's busy
Can l help?

lt's okay, l know him
- Did you see that woman's nerve?!

What a surprise!

Shlomo quit last week and so
Ara'le hired me at the last moment

Glad to see you guys

Come, have a seat

Okay, look

ln the Rishonim medley
you do a Debka dance, question is,

can you not do the Debka?
- Not do the debka?!

They medley is short
as it is

You see, thing is,
Veiser talked with me

and he noted that the Debka
isn't a Hebrew dance,

and so he asks that there be
no Debkas in the program

But what about the Hora?
- What about it?

The Hora isn't a Hebrew dance either,
it's Romanian, from the Balkans

We'll see
- Don't give me that!

We were told to dance our old
dances, and we'll do just that!

lt won't be "just that"!

You know that, Braha!
How old are we?

Some of us are in our 60's
- And we dance the same!

l'm trying to save you
the embarrassment!

l have an idea:

l have a slot called "over 30's",
for veteran groups

Some dance okay,
you know them, Hemmy

So why are you?
- Forget it! -Braha

l have the festival's
itinerary right here

lt says: "23:00 p m,

tribute to Hora 79"

There's a host
and three young groups

who've rehearsed Dori's
choreography for this evening

You're not cancelling this!
- Did l say "cancel"?

On the contrary, l'm even
moving you two hours earlier

You'll perform at 21:00

An ideal hour

You know what this
reminds me of?

Los Angeles

That amphitheater

"The Hollywood Bowl"

Amazing, it's all coming
back to me

Come on, what's going on?

Get off the stage!
We've got work to do

Please get off -What does
he want? -Thank you

We're performing here tomorrow

Not in the amphitheater,
you'll be at "Frischberg"

Nahum, they told us we'd be
in the amphitheater

"Frischberg" can't even fit
400 people

The program says
- We had to make changes

l almost forgot:

l've got great news for you!

l just got an email
saying that

Dori Ben-Gal, the group's founder,
will take part in the program

He's arriving in karmiel
this afternoon

What?! -And he demands
to take charge of the group

No way! -No way!
- We don't agree!

Guys, we must decide:
Do we accept or object?

Obviously, we're objecting

But what happens after that?

What do you mean "we"?
Why is it obvious what we do?

l think we should give Dori
a warm welcome

Not after what he's done to you
- You mean, to YOU!

Look, guys, l don't like Dori,
l hate him

He's a piece of shit!
But you've gotta admit it:

Without Dori there'd be
no group

We started out as "Dora 79",

He was a genius!
- You don't say!

Don't forget he killed
Avshi and Janet

Come on "killed"
lt was an accident

and we're grieving them,
that's all -Why do you say that?

l was there, l saw Avshi
ram the van

into the semitrailer on purpose
lt was no accident

lt's still not murder

Ever wonder why he did it?
- So he was screwing Janet,

he screwed half the girls
in the group,

and even some boys,
now and then, no?

Thanks a lot!

The problem with you is
that you have no empathy

Picture Avshi, that sweet kid
whom we all loved

and knew, and how Dori
made him into his slave

in bad and in other ways

We heard he also
took money from him

But the kid found love
Why Janet of all people?

Believe me, l don't know
But he was in love and blossoming,

and Dori was furious to see
his slave slip away

So the bastard seduced Janet

and being the devil that he is
he made sure

that Avshi see the whole thing

We figured as much
- No, no

No, we didn't, l know
Janet told me

l came home late at night

to the motel we stayed in,
l had some fling in town,

and she met me in the lobby
She was shivering

and she told me: "He just
took the outfit van

"and completely lost his mind"
Those were her words

She begged that get into
the outfit van

to try and do something
But l refused

l was tired, all l wanted
to do is sleep

And it kills me to think

that maybe l could've prevented
this double suicide or murder

l don't know what to call it

You never told us that

The passing years
didn't make it easier

lt's not easy even now

When l go up to my room
l still see

and hear a van starting,
and l rush to the window,

and imagine him ram
that truck

and the ball of fire exploding

You saw the rest
from your own rooms

So we've decided:
lf he's in, we're out

What are you scared of?

lt's been more than 30 years
We're not the kids anymore

l'm not the only one who thinks sol,
right, Ruthie?

To me he was sweet

l'm so happy with what
l bought!

What did you buy?

lt's a three-story complex

The 1st floor is cosmetics,
the 2nd floor is children's clothing

Hold this

Where is she off to?

Yoshke, wait!

Excuse me
- What do you want?

l saw you,
you really were in our group

l saw you!

l'm from Hora 79, we didn't
recognize you at the rehearsal -So?

So, Yoshke,
l know you were with us!

lt's Yoski, not Yoshke!
- Right

A mesh between Yossi
and Yoske

They screened our show
and l saw you

dancing there, with Drora
- Yes

You're Eva
Now l remember

Eva "Polska"
- That's right

lt's been years since
l was called that

Aren't you glad there's
proof that you were with us?

lt doesn't matter anymore

l was thinking,
what does it say about us

if we forgot you?

What does it say about me,
if you forgot me?

Listen, l have to change
my shirt

Noblesse oblige

Where are you all sleeping?
- At the school, the "Hilton"

l'm here, at the "Sheraton"

What happened?

l lost my contact lens

Let me try

Men lose things,
and women find them

Well, if you say so oh!


Noblesse oblige

Where's everybody?
- They went to dance

And you?
- l'm safeguarding

Why are you sitting in the dark?
- The fuse tripped

Mickey, why aren't you dancing?
- Menny,

don't start up! -What?
- Why don't l pay for hotel rooms?

Relax, Mickey! l just wanted to ask
- l've had it!

People expect me
to pick up the tab for everything!

Did anyone ask you to?! -l see
the expectation in their faces

Here's a newsflash l don't mind
them knowing:

l'm penniless!
- Relax, Mickey

We all know
- What?

That you're broke and that you do
community service at "lchilov"

So why?
- They didn't want to offend you

l'm such an idiot!

What's left for me to do here?
- Mickey, Mickey,

you did what we all
wanted to do

l'm such an idiot!
- What do you think?

l also wanted to say that l work
at Weizmann lnstitute

rather than at the HMO

You Rafi wanted to end up
a bank teller?

How can l go on
in this humiliation?

You all pretended to believe me!
- So pretend

that you believe
that they believe you

You mean play along?

Just play along

Why are you sitting in the dark?
We fixed the fuse

How are you?

Great! The stock market
went up today

Eitan, what's gonna
be with us?

Whatever happens,
we'll be together

Did you even think
about the outcome?

Well? -Sweetie, l don't know
what's gonna be, l didn't plan it,

l just know l can't
let you go

When l'm with you
l feel whole,

like l don't need
anything else

l think it's called "Happiness"

Not many people
get this great gift

lt's amazing, a miracle


lf only we could stay cuddled
in this bed forever

but then l hear the sound
of a car outside

and it reminds me
there's a world out there

Come, my darling,
look at this

Eitan, wait,
l want to ask you something

What a surprise!

l missed you!

Braha, when did the group
change its name

to Hora 79?
- ln '79

Who's that moron?
- Dr Gonen, our host

Hello, Hora 79, l'm here!

Hello, my dear!

How's your heart?
- l told them at the hospital:

"l don't intend
to miss that show!"

Why aren't we
at the amphitheater?

Because of evil and stupidity

When the hall is packed
with no more seats,

let's see them complain to us
- l don't think it'll be packed

Let's hope it'll be half or even
a quarter full

You should see what's
going on outside -Nobody came?

There's nobody in the hall?
- They went to see the koreans

Nahum, that bastard!

He moved us up from 23:00
to 21:00 so we're back to back

Look where they're going

Mr Berman

Hey, Roi

You came to see your dad dancing?
- l just came to say hi,

my friends and l are going
to see the koreans

Come here

Give me a hug

Good luck!

What's up?

l can still fit you in the
"over-30's" slot, you know


l don't see why we should
still do the show

You said we're the
festival's main attraction

Let's go home!


Guys, Dori is in the audience!

So what?
Screw him!

Where is he?
- Who's that next to him?

l bet he conned some
African manager

No, he wants to see
if we can dance without him

And you know what?
We'll show him we can,

until his eyes pop out!

lf there's one thing
that schmuck taught us,

it's that not even tanks can
stop us once we start dancing!

Wait, guys Gili, come on,
get dressed

Ruthie, l see you're
not dressed either

Gil, let's roll
- Okay

Good evening, everybody

Before we ask who
Hora 79 was,

we should first ask
what lsraeli folk dancing is

Let's go, guys, we're up
- Guys, guys

l know you all
laugh at me,

but Alterman wrote
this song for us:

"How wonderful
are these nights

"Where we can dance
the Hora

"Rise and shine, Hora,
we won't stand back

"Ascend with me,
Hora, my Hora "

Braha, are you okay?
- l'll be right back

Get dressed, you're up

Put this on, quickly!

Run, run

Yes, yes

Wonderful, wonderful!

How moving!
Just like the old days

Even better, terrific

Come, come

That schmuck!

He's ruining everything

Now we can't even be
mad at him

Let's go!


Come here!

You little whore, your ass
got big! -Let me go!

l'd like to take you back
to an exciting moment

in lsrael's dance history

ls that that the car that reminds
you there's a world outside?

- Sharona

Stay with me

Stay with me

Stay, stay

l guess that's it, huh?

No, it's not the end,
it's merely the beginning

Come, my group is on

There they are!
- No, come here, it's an ad

"Deo", the new deodorant.
- Eitan, l'm sorry,

but this sucks!

Oh, good old youth!

40 years
- What?

40 year from now

they'll be sitting
where we are

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