Hor taew tak 4 (2012) - full transcript

At a haunted apartment block populated mostly by ladyboys and cross-dressers, Taew opens a new apartment but soon someone commits suicide in a room - or maybe its murder. That is the start of crazy and funny haunting incidents and scenes involving a lot of people running away from pursuing ghosts.

- Be careful.
- Yes, you too.

- Slowly.
- I know.

- I love you.
- I love you too.

Are you alright?

- Love you.
- Love you.

It's so beautiful!


- Did you call me?
- Pancake.

Tangtong, how did you find me?

- Come back home.
- Your home's not mine.

- You should go back. Please.
- Who's this?

He's just a boy next door.

- What about our baby?
- How can you call it our baby?

It's yours, not mine.

That little innocent baby

was born out of lust, not love.

- Why are you like this?
- Tangtong.

Just let me go. Stop holding me back.

You know what? I'm still hot.

I'm young and beautiful. More importantly,
I have many countries to cover.

From now on, you and I...

let's just say we're strangers.



What brought you to Korea?

You're such a slut!

- So thirsty for men.
- Oh, well, excuse you.

- Don't be jealous.
- I'm not jealous.

- Aren't you though?
- A little.

What are you wearing?
Mama's a tiger, baby's a snake?

I'm sorry. Are you looking for the zoo?

What about you? Is that a mongrel?

- Cute little lamb!
- The day has come.

A tiger like me and a snake like him
will wreck a little lamb like you.

- Do you think you can threaten me?
- You're not scared?

- Piss off!
- Fuck you!

Tangtong, is that you?

You sold me out so that old hag could
come all the way to just diss me.

I'm telling you, that guy Tangtong...

- you can have him.
- And I'm telling you,

Tangtong's not the kind of guy
you think he is.

- So you're saying no?
- No!


- Are you done?
- I still have my robe on.

Get out!


Hey! What's going on?



What's the matter? Go away!


Kouy's head got stuck.

Just "your head," OK?
You don't have to say "Kouy."

Open. Out. Close.

Open. Out.


Tangtong, where are we?

Open. Get. In.

I respect you like my mother.

Mother? Yeah, like a motherfucker.

- What the hell?
- Tangtong.

- How about that? Does it turn you off?
- The smell of your fart...

makes me so horny!

Let me go! Hey!

Tangtong, let me take you to heaven!

- Oh, my god!
- Oh, my god!

- She's so dead!
- Mod, what's wrong?

- What?
- She's murdered upstairs!

Yeah, there're a lot of Southerners.
You're a Southerner, idiot.

- You're not listening!
- She's annoying!

- Here's what happened...
- What are they saying?

- On the eighth floor...
- On the eighth floor...

- she's been murdered.
- she's been murdered!

- What happened, Dad?
- This is not a kid's concern.

How do you know?
You got into their room?

Well, I...

- My underwear!
- You're the underwear thief!

That's why people were complaining
about missing undies, you perv!


Caught in the act, pervert!

- Who steals what? No!
- Shut your face!

- Where's the proof?
- In your hands.

So who's dead? Which room?
Who murdered whom?

- Here's the story...
- Here's the story, in room 808,

Someone strangled her so
she choked on her tongue to death.

Let's go check it out. Songkram,

stay here and don't go anywhere.

- Kaengho, take care of the shop.
- Yes, Dad.

Let's go! Come on!

She's really dead.

Where is she?

Oh, my god! What!


- Ratree!
- She's...


- Who did this to you?
- Who killed her?

How can we know? We...

- Why are you babbling so much?
- Don't leave me!

Wake up! Wake up! Please!

Holy shit!
Get out of here! Get out of here!

So steady.

He seems respectable.

Please, sir.

Come on. Let's get inside.

Why are you crying? Come in!

Phookan, come in. Thank you. Thank you.

Hello, venerable sir.

Come sit here, Phookan.

Where's Songkram? I told her
to bring the photo. Where is she?

She'll be here soon.

She has to look here and there...

Stop looking. There she is.

Careful. Careful. Place it nicely.


Songkram! Why are you bringing this photo?

There's only this one.

And if you find only my photo,
will you use that as her funeral photo?

You will? I'm gonna kick your ass!

- In front of the monks?
- I'm sorry.

- But she does look dead though.
- Yeah, we can use it.

Looks like a corpse.

- Please continue.
- Moddum,

I'm sorry. Someone's looking for you.

Who? We're in the middle of the ceremony.

Perfect timing. Damn it.
What's so important?

Here he is.

Evening, officers. What can I do for you?

A woman called to report
a homicide in this dormitory.

A homicide? That's a misunderstanding.
We just have a funeral ceremony.

Our friend died. She's very old.

She was electrocuted by a crock pot.

Dead on the spot.

It happened yesterday. So we arranged
a little ceremony for her, officers.

Do you want to examine the body?

It's probably a prank call then.

Yeah, prank calling 191 happens a lot.

You look a little pale, sarge.

I think we should go.

Yeah. Goodbye, officers.

- Waste of time! Who prank called us?
- Right, lieutenant.

- Is that...?
- Undoubtedly!

- If so, let's go!
- Run!

Moddum, I saw two cops down there.

They ran like hell when they saw me. Why?

They saw your face and they ran?


Moddum, who placed
my photo in front of the casket?

Bitch, is that you?

- It's her.
- Songkram, I'm gonna smack you so hard!

Why are you doing this?

- So what now?
- Please continue praying.

We take care of this.

- Do you want us to continue?
- Yes, please.

- Please go on.
- Well selected.

I don't think this is a good idea.

What do we do now?

Are you sure that...

The weather's nice today.

Right, my little fawn?

Mom, where are we going today?

Wait and see.

We've been in Korea for a while,
so I want to tell you that

we should be careful with money.

Don't buy drinking water.
Just scoop up some snow then boil it.

Is that doable?

Of course.

Jang Keun-Suk, come on darling!

I think love is a connection.

- I think real love...
- But I think...

- goes on beyond times...
- this town is not abandoned.

It's just that...



Oopsie-whoopsie! Mother-son duo,
what are you wearing today?

- Little fawn.
- Little fawn? Aww!

Patchy like a leprotic mutt.

Mom, she called me a leprotic mutt!

Pancake, how dare you insult my son?

Never heard of this trend?
It's called Twilight style.

- Twilight Saga?
- Twilight Thai Luk Thung.

- What about you?
- This?

-It's called "coh-ca-die"

My, oh my!
You're a lot smaller than before.

You're too thin to be a crocodile.
Monitor lizard's more likely.

- You want to die, Pancake?
- Calm down, will you?

Oh, hey,

- can I ask you something?
- What?

Tangtong, who I gave you...

- did you hit it?
- Hit it or not? Look at me.

Did you?

Mom, why are you crying?

He left me hanging. No, I didn't hit it.

By the way, why didn't
those two hags come along with you?

- They couldn't join us.
- Why?

They just got their nose jobs done.

- So they couldn't pass the security check.
- Why?

Their faces didn't match the passports.

Right? I was dying to know

how our faces didn't match the passports.

Look! Comparing side by side,

you look exactly the same, Moddum.

Yeah. How could they do that?

Those stupid officers
were absolutely blinded!

And they accused me
of being a prostitute. Remember?

I really believed
that they didn't have eyes.

- How stupid!
- They probably thought I was so pretty.

- Bitch!
- What did you say?

Hey, how did it go
with that guy last night?

Last night? I was well-fed.
Today's a new day, I'll get a new one.

Less than a day
and you're looking for a new boy?

Well, I have a lot of countries to cover.

What? You're walking with me now?

No, I just want to say that
it's so nice here.

- Yeah.
- Oh, did you sell your dormitory?

Not yet. But I have them take care of it.

They'll give me a call when it's sold.

Speaking of the devil! Maybe they sold it.

So freezy! I can't even touch the cellie.

Hello? Say what?

- Grandpa's dead!
- Oh, no!

Who's grandpa?

Grandpa's my dad's dad...

My father's father
and mom is your mother...

so grandpa's father of... Screw it!

- How old is he?
- He's 120.

A regular human probably would have died
twice. And who called to tell you?

- Grandma.
- She's still alive?

- She's two years older than him.
- Hey,

what do your ancestors
eat to live that long?

Ginseng. Grandpa...

- There, there. Don't be sad.
- Grandpa!

Yeah, you can stop right there.

We arrived. Come on.

Take your stuff, Kouy.

Get everything out.

All done. Thank you.

This place gives off a spooky vibe.

Didn't notice you got a new haircut.

My son is so handsome.

- Where did you get that?
- At the duty-free salon.

You didn't pay tax
for that cut? Good boy!

But what kind of airport
has a duty-free salon?

- In Korea, mom.
- Oh, Maeng-ka-chon Airport.

- Incheon Airport.
- Yeah, Incheon Airport.

Kouy, do you see what I see?


- Cartoon!
- Aunt Cartoon!

You told me only Grandpa died.
Why did you have to die too?

I have to see for myself. Cartoon!

- Why are you so stiff?
- I'm scared.

You don't have to be stiff.

Kouy's not stiff.

Just for now or permanently?

For now.

All right, then. Follow me.


We didn't get to say goodbye,
Cartoon. Kouy, take this.

I want to see my sis for the last time.

- Careful, Mom.
- Cartoon!



Help what? This is not the time.

I just want to say goodbye to my sis.

Spot on!

Spot on what?

Spot on!

Spot on what, Mom?

That one...

and this one are spot on.

Help me...

Let's go.

Mom, should we help her?

No. Can you move to the left a little?

Your goddamn left, not mine.

I mean, please move
to your left, not mine.

Do we have to be this close?

- You're sure we can pass?
- Yes, come on out.

Can you pass? There you are. Easy-peasy!

Mom, run back!

Oh, no! Have us at both ends.

- Wow! Intense stare! Really...
- Our luggage.

If you're not gonna move, please let us
have our luggage. There's stuff inside.

Just a little. Yeah, a little.

Kouy, one, two, three...
Good luck! Let's go!

- Moddum! Cartoon!
- What's voice?

Aunt Cartoon!

- It's Taew.
- What are they doing?

Are they sleeping or are they
doing something else? Cartoon!

- Hold on. Moddum!
- Taew, is that you?

It's really her!

Oh! You're back!

- How was Korea?
- Let's talk inside.

I don't want to be spooked.
Come on, close the door.

- Come here! Come here!
- Hurry up!

- Why?
- You two,

why is there a dead body in that room?

The funeral pavilions are all full.
You can ask her.

Yeah. I went to many temples.
They're all full.

So we decided to wait.

Do you know whom we ran into?

Kouy, tell them whom we saw.


- Ghost!
- Kouy, get in there!

Come on in!

We're safe. She dare not come in here.

Kouy, you shouldn't be sitting
with elders. Get down.

- Get down! It's crowded up here.
- I'm scared.

- Too crowded...
- Don't be scorched. Mom's right here.

- Scorched?
- Scorched as in frightened.

"Scared," not "scorched"

I'm Chinese. I don't know.

Cartoon, how's grandpa's funeral?

All done. We had a Chinese ceremony
and he is buried.

It's so strange. There're so many people.
Your relatives kept showing up.

He's from China. He had a big family.

It's pretty normal.
All those people related to him,

- there are 109 in total.
- Whoa! 109?

- He had 80 wives.
- Eighty wives?

- Twenty-six children.
- Twenty-six children?

So that's 106 people.
What about the other three?

The rest are Taew, Kouy and I.


- One hundred and nine.
- Oh, 109.

Go get the luggage.

Yes, mom.

You bought us something?

We should be thinking of each other.

Big suitcase! Don't tell me
you have a Korean man inside.

Are you crazy? Who would
huddle up in here for 20 hours?

- What is it? I'm so excited!
- Hurry!

Close your eyes.

- Close your eyes.
- When you open, you see... this.

You went all the way to Korea
just to get me these pickles?

I can just chop, throw them in a jar
for three days, and it tastes better.

Don't call me your sis anymore, bitch!

But it's Korea's national food.

- All right.
- Do I have to close my eyes?

So I'll be surprised like her.

You don't have to,
'cause when you open your eyes,

you'll scream in my face like she did.
Here's your seaweeds.

- Bitch!
- See? Remember.

Take her as an example.
Keep it short but meaningful.

Why so sullen?
These are just little souvenirs.

I have surprises for you, the nice kinds.

- I knew it!
- I'm not that stingy.

- Kouy, bring them here.
- Yes.

Moddum, you look tired lately.
I mean, your face looks disturbing.

You need this face mask.

Face mask? My face looks tired

so you bought me this face mask.

But If I look disturbing,
what about Cartoon?

She's too far gone for any face masks.

- What should I do with my face?
- There's only one way. Kouy.

You should be reborn. It might help.

- Can you turn your voice the other way?
- I don't like it either.

Oh, hey,

- where's Pancake?
- Oh, Pancake?

Why do you act like you don't know her?
Shout if you want to meet.


- Dae Jang Geum.
- Annyeonghaseyo!

- Korean look.
- Why are you calling me here?

You screamed so loud at this hour.
Don't you think it's disturbing?

Or you want me to summon you
via BlackBerry app?

BB? You're so out.

- So what's in?
- Here.

- Oh, iPhone 4 sex.
- What sex? It's iPhone 4S.

- 4X?
- 4S.

But the reason why I haven't bought
this iPhone

- is because I'm waiting for the iPhone 5.
- Last night, I got Steve Jobs.

- Got what?
- Got this iPhone for you.

- So what's the matter? Why did you call?
- I want to ask you about...

that woman. I want to know what happened.
How did she die and who killed her?

- I'll talk to her.
- OK.

She's got it!

- How's it going?
- I can't talk to her.


She doesn't allow me.
Her spirit is full of rage! Wrath!


Get startled a little.

OK. What else?

I think, for now,

you should bring her body to a temple
and dedicate merits to her soul.

-Sure. Cartoon,

you take care of the temple.
This time you have to find it.

- Yes, sure.
- You guys help me take care of the body.

- OK.
- Anything else?

If not, I leave now.

A slut like you
can go to hell for all I care.

- You hoe!
- Hey, bitch!

- What?
- You summon me whenever you want.

You don't give a damn about me.

When I'm of no use,
you kick me out like I'm nothing.

I'm telling you something.

- What?
- It's you!

You're shamelessly brazen-faced.

Your face is even more durable
than a co-no-cre-te road.

- What is that?
- Concrete road, you idiot!

I told you not to
play poker so late at night.

- Loved it much, huh?
- It was fun.

We're this late. Who's gonna give us food?

- Hurry!
- You still owe me money though.

Ratree, I'm sorry.

If you'd listened to me,

it wouldn't have ended like this.

Please forgive me, Ratree.

- Hey, Pratueang.
- Yes?

Why is she getting dressed so slow?

We'll be late for the monks' breakfast.

Monks eat corpses?

Shut it! What kind of monks eat corpses?

Take the body to the temple
before their breakfast time. Get it?


- You're sure she's not up during the day?
- How do I know?

You go first.

- I don't think I can protect us.
- Your face surely can.

Come on! Get in!

Belbel, come here.

- What?
- What are they doing?


What are you afraid of?

Let me ask you something.

Did you take all the hair from your
grandmas, grandpas, child, nieces, nephews

and ancestors to put on your head?

Is that a hairdo? Ugly beyond belief.

You don't get a chance
to have a burden on your head like me.

A burden? Look at me. I could die.

It's nothing compared to me. Look!

One more for luck. How's that?
I'm not just a lion, but a mega lion.


Where's the monk
that we invited to lead the body?

- Why don't you lead it yourself?
- I'm not a monk.

He's downstairs. Stop bossing around.
I'm responsible.

- You go first.
- No, you go first.

So you can shield me
from the ghost with your face.

- Go!
- Don't push me!

Or do you need a kick?

Just a push.

Come on in.

Yeah, this room. We saw her last night


- What?
- Look over there.

What are they doing?

Stop it!

He's a monk. Why are you scared?

- A monk or a ghost?
- Venerable sir.

Please proceed.

- Go on.
- Yes, please.

Looks like he could be dead.

- He shrieks.
- He's a twink.

- Are you?
- I'm not.

- Why did you shriek?
- I'm not a twink.

Don't be rude. He's a monk.

Please continue, venerable.

-Radiant like a respectable monk


Loud and clear.

- Pitch higher than a banshee.
- At the top of your lungs.

And you said you're not.

Why do care so much about a monk's gender?

Moddum, the body's gone!

- Gone?
- Damn!

Is that Man vs Ghost?

Is Jane there?

The one with the catchphrases,
"I can feel it,"

"I got a shiver down my spine."
Oh, Jane's not there?

What about Riw? Riw with the sixth sense?

The guy who asks anyone he meets,

"Did you have an abortion?" That one.

- Riw's not there. What do we do?
- I know someone.

Jane call him brother. Riw calls him
father. Krit calls him uncle.

Tui X-ray calls him grandpa.

This place is heavily
surrounded by spirits

I can feel it!

I have a shiver down my spine.

Jane's catchphrases.

He's standing right next to me.

Someone jumped off the building
at that spot, right?

Did anyone die here?

- No!
- No one died, master.

Here! I can see him!

He's just jumped off.

- It's too late.
- How is he?


- He's the real deal.
- Is this it?

- The room with the missing body?
- Yes, this room.


I don't see anything.

- Pancake's standing here. How can he not?
- Can he feel it?

He can feel shit!

- This bitch!
- Look! She's standing with a smile.

- Where?
- Behind his back. I can feel it.

Who brings him here?

The monk suggested it. Master Yantip.

Master Yantip? Go back to your rooms.

I'm gonna play with this pseudo master.

- Have fun.
- Come on. Let's go.

It's all right.
Pancake's gonna handle this.

- Damn!
- Come on.

- What?
- Why don't you let us watch?

I thought he has
a sixth sense or something?

Who did you recommend him?
He's not even believable!

He's a fraud!

I think he's genuinely capable.

-He can feel it
-I can feel it.

And he always gets a shiver
down his spine.

Feel it?

- He shivers because he needs to poop.
- Yeah, right.

- Who hit me?
- Who hit you? It's me.

I have strong faith in him.


It's you, Pan?

Yeah, it's me, Pancake.

You see me now?

You want to test me? Fine.

No! Please don't! What are you doing?

- You are, right?
- Am I what?

Am I what? Come back here!
What are you talking about?

I'm gonna jump off now!

Phookan, close the door!

- Hey!
- What?

Gluta bitch, do you know who I am?

- No.
- Oh, Dumbo!

Literally every ghost
in this world knows who I am

because I'm so popular.
Amy Winehouse and I are buddies, you know?

Why don't you know me?

I just died.

I'm warning you now.
Don't you dare harm my nephew, Phookan

and everyone in here,

including Petch. Understand?

Aren't you dismissed?
What are you standing here for?

I don't know how to disappear.

You dumbass! I don't even know
what to say.

Here's the door! Go!

Still here?

What are you looking at? Out!

Hit me right in the eye! Bitch!

How are my lashes?

Why is she so bright, though?

- You ape!
- I'm not. I was born in the year of Tiger.

I'm not talking about the zodiac year.
I mean you look like an ape.

- You don't know shit. It's a facial mask.
- What is it?

Taew bought me this.
Here she is. You can ask her.

Tell her what a facial mask is.
Tell her about the brand.

It's a skincare product from Korea.

- From Korea.
- Korea?

It's called Gomasikoltamperry.

- What?
- It's Golbrimaskspakam...

What brand, tell them.

Gold Bright Mask by Bath Berry.

I'm using it. How do I look?

You look exactly lame.

I use this expensive stuff
and still look the same?

No, I mean you look lame.

- Itchy?
- Bitch!


So do you know

- where the body is?
- Huh.

You look me in the eyes. See?

It kept me up all night
as I tried to figure it out.

- Thought about it all night.
- Still no idea.

Do you have any clues

who the killer is?

- Yes.
- How do you know?

00:42:36,333 --> 00:42:38,167
- What are you doing?
- What about you?


Phookan is a good boy.
He would never do that.

But we saw him outside.

You two stop arguing, including me.

- Who argues with you?
- Right.

I made an appointment with a master.

He's so amazing.

He knows instantly who killed her

with what weapon and what motives.

Then why were you asking us?

Why don't you go ask your master?

- Right.
- I'm meeting him right now.

- Where?
- Phutthamonthon Sai 4, Thawi Watthana,

Bangkok, 10170.

Wow! Fully decorated!

Hail Lord Ram. Victory to Lord Rama.

Dammit! I could smell
all the spirits as soon as I arrived.


- Music!
- Right on, Hanuman.

Enjoy yourself much?
Your voice's cracked so hard.

Scatter the petals.

Hail Lord Ram. Where is she?

She's on the eight floor.

All of you go wait in that room!

- She's upstairs. Why are we going there?
- Don't argue.

Your ancestors' spirits
reside in that room.

How does he know?

See? Grandma and Grandpa

- are both in that room.
- Right.

- What about you?
- I lead the way.

Come on. Follow him.


Don't get so close. I'm OK. I can do this.

- I haven't stepped back.
- So step back.

Hail Lord Ram.

- The lights went off!
- Where's the flashlight?

- Master!
- Where's Master?

- Master!
- Where is he?

Is that him?

- Master's dead!
- He's just showed up and died?


If you were human,
I would punch you in the face. Chaku!

- Are we done, Hanuman?
- All done.

Let's go. We have another job
so don't wash it off yet.

- Is that a Photharam accent?
- Indian.

Really? Let's call a taxi motorcycle.

- Kaengho, open the door.
- Where's the key?

- Where?
- The key?

Come on! Hurry!

Watch your back in case she's following.

Where should we hide?

What is it, Mom?

- Ho, Kaengho.
- Yes?

- What are you doing up there?
- I'm behind you.

- Really?
- I'm here!

So who is it? Give me the flashlight.


What are you doing up there, Ratree?

You were in that room.
Why didn't you help me?

I don't really know anything.

You have to go ask Moddum.

Bullshit! You liar!

- Mom, she can understand us.
- She tells me off in Northern dialect.

We almost there! We're safe...

What, Mom?

Well, I'm not sure.
I can't tell you what it is. But you...

go "one, two, three" and run.
Then help me confirm if it's her.

- Yes, Mom.
- OK?

One... two... three...

- Is it?
- It is.

Change of plan, Kouy.

You take a detour and get in over there.

Lock the door and stay put.
I'll stall her here.

Wait, what about you?

After you get safely inside,
you come out and stay here.

So I can take a detour
to our room like you.

Sure, Mom.

You look smart but...

Kouy is smart, mom.


Good luck!

- Ho?
- Yes, Mom?

Why are we staying?

- We should go.
- Let's go.

We're leaving, Ratree.

- Where is she?
- We should go.

Mom, she's got stuck.

I can't take it!

It's so cold!
I'm gonna be frozen to death.

You don't have to do that.
Even though I look like a pig

but you don't have
to put me in the freezer, you know?

- Then what are you?
- What am I?

I'm a toad.

Bitch! Why don't you give me a sign first?

Can you not follow me?


Umm, I have to...

I have to check on my son.
I'll be back before you know it.


I trust you.

You are such a sweet ghost.

Thanks a lot.

I'll be back for you to scare me.

It gives me the chills,
the fact that you're so nice.

I'll be back for you, I promise.

- You can trust me.
- Go now, bitch!



Kouy! She's gone! Kouy!

Hey, I told you to wait at the stairs.

How can you get into my room?

And where's my son?

- Mom, help me.
- Who allows you to talk?

- Mom!
- Shut up!

-Shut up!

- Not yet!
- Why are you hurting him? He said nothing.

Don't you understand?
I told you to wait over there

while I check on my son. Then I

go back for you to scare me.
I come for him,

go back for you.

It's not that I won't be there
so you have to come here.

- What kind of ghost are you?
- Where?

- At the stairs.
- I won't go.

- Will you?
- No!

- Will you?
- No!

Bitch! It hurts!

I wait for you at the stairs.

Good. I'll be right back.

It won't be long.

I've never seen
such a stupid ghost before.

What an idiot!

You're an idiot!

You don't keep your words.

- We made a deal.
- See you at the stairs.


- Why didn't you tell me she was back?
- Kouy didn't see.

Kouy didn't see? Kouy didn't see?

Where the hell is Pancake?

We could use
some help in a situation like this.

Stop, Gluta bitch!

- Where're you going?
- I'm going to take revenge.

Whoa! She's taking revenge.

That being said,

who killed you and where is your body?

Nosy! It's none of your business!


You newbie,

what can you do to take revenge?

Pew! Let me tell you,

I could turn my neck 360 degrees
before my parents even met.

Ghosts these days, let me show you.

- What the hell are you doing?
- Do you know?

It's a ten-grand art.

I wouldn't waste a dime on it.

You don't have taste!

A low-life who can't appreciate art!

- I'm leaving.
- Where to?

To take revenge.

Before you take revenge,
please take me to the shower.


Who will help me?

Who's knocking?

Who is it? Let's take a look.

Who's there? Oh!

What's the matter with you?

No, it's not true. I don't believe it.
Screw you, bitch!


- Who are you with?
- Oy!

I'm by myself.

It's not true! I don't believe it!

If you don't believe me, I count for you.

- One.
- Two.

See? I told you it's two.

- Stop!
- Why?

- Let me down.
- This bitch!

You didn't tell me when you got up

but you tell me
when you want letting down, asshole!

- I can't!
- What are you hurrying for?

It hurts my head!

Come on! It's late!

People will see us.

- Taew!
- Phookan!

What is it?

I heard you might have something to do

with Ratree's murder.

I didn't do it. I don't know.

How could you not know?

The day she died,

you're standing in front of that room.

True. I saw you with my own two eyes.

- She saw you.
- She saw you too.


I've known you a long time.
You're not like that.

You two!

How can you blame him?

- Aw.
- True.

- Phookan's not like that.
- Kouy, stop.

Kouy, you don't know him that well.

So not so fast.
Keep your opinions to yourself.

I've been listening.

- So you're the murderer!
- You are the murderer!

- You're accusing me?
- Hey! Stop!

Both of you stop now!

Can you see who's standing here?

She's a senior,
the owner of this building.

- Right.
- And she's not just any senior

but a very old senior.

This is what we call the prototype,
the original prototype. Look at her.

You're right.

You'd better keep it in mind.

You're a bunch of young lads.

You should learn to respect elders.

This old-head is standing right here.

She's not a toe,

so you can step over

and she's not a hoe,
so you can just kick her out.


Mom, they call you a hoe.

Let it end with them.

Don't recite.

Both of you,

come talk to me outside.

I have something to discuss.

Stop! Kouy, don't point your finger at me.

What just happened?

Hey! Hey!

If you don't respect that hag,
can you just respect this bitch.

You bitch!

Get out!

You go downstairs. Go!


What is it?

You keep an eye on those two, OK?

- Is that all?
- Yes.


The fact that both of you

bitches called me a hoe,

- I don't forget. We settle that later.
- Why don't do it now?

I'm sorry I'm can't do it today.

Always nice to me.

I was just joking.

I was teaching them a lesson.

No, you meant it. I knew.

We settle that later, ratfink.

You'll see.

Let's go, Kouy.

You have to keep an eye on them too.

Sure, Mom.

I don't want them to...

So cute!

Why is this so loud?

This room, Mom.

It's from this room?

What are they playing?
Or is someone getting murdered?

It's so noisy.

Who's that?

Taew, hi! Please come on in.

What's with the noise?

Why don't you go to school?

It's not a holiday.

Look at you! Don't you have any shame?

You little dickhead faggots.

What noise? It's just my regular voice.

You're louder than anyone, rabbit.

I'm sorry, that's not my name.

I didn't say it's your name.
I mean you look like one.

Thank you.

- The one that's used to grate coconut.
- Fishwife!

I want to kick your face
but I'm afraid of your teeth.

All right, girls.

She's the owner here.

We don't want to get kicked out, right?

I'm so sorry about my girl friends.

Your friends are fine.

How about you? Is your neck alright?

Oh, no! It's fine.

I can take you
to the hospital to get it checked.

No, I'm fine. It's just

the way I am.

Is it?

- Let's go, Kouy.
- What?

- What's his name?
- Kouy.

- I want to have some.
- You want to have mine?

- Goodbye.
- Let's go, Kouy. Close the door.

Lay down your money.

- Done.
- Cut the cards.


Let me see

if hell is real, right?

Come on!

Check it out.

- Me?
- Go!

- This one?
- Yes, get in the truck.

Officers, you can keep them.

Don't let them out.

These corrupting demons.

Not only pose as monks,
they're also drunk.

Move along.



I'm sorry, Ratree.

I didn't mean to.

So much homework.
I don't know if I can finish it tonight.

It's not just the homework.

- I don't think we're gonna get any sleep.
- You're right.


- Where are you going, cuties?
- We're just back from school.

- We're going to our room.
- Whoopsie, going to your room.

You are, right?


That's huge! You can use all that?

Of course.

Please don't do anything!

I never do it! Please!

Ooh, that little pinky!

What's the matter with you?

- I can't stay here!
- Run!

Come on! Run!

Wiggly butts.

So cute.

You're so happy, huh?




Sleeping like a log.

One's in bed and one's on the floor.

Now you can't cuddle.

Mom, what are you doing?

I'm stalking Tangtong's Instagram.


Am I beautiful?

You the most
beautiful woman in this world.

Here's my fresh face.

Tangtong, you can choose

between the freezing temperature out there

and my hot body.

If you choose the freeze,

you'll be stiff till you're shrunk.
If you choose me,

you'll be stiff

and never shrunk.

If I'm that beautiful,
why did Tangtong ignore me?

He's head over heels for Pancake.

Pancake looks sweet

What about me?

You're spicy.

Right. Sweetness...

should be balanced with spiciness.


Pancake, where are you?



- Pancake...
- Wait!

Don't turn back. Turn away.


Where have you been?

Do you know?


has nothing to do with your goodness,

it just has to be right.

But you are... Where are you?

But you're right for me, Tangtong.

- I love you.
- Enough already.

- Stop lying to me!
- I lied?

When did I lie to you?

- It's not true.
- Pancake!



I'm the one who called Tangtong,

so he knows the real you.

The real me?

What are you talking about?

She gets around
with every guy in this place.

- This whole place. Slut!
- Right.

That's not true, Tangtong.

It's not like what she said at all.

I'm not that kind of girl.

- You know it.
- Please just stop.

What about these boys?

Waii, the clip.

Here it is.


Oh! It feels so good!


It's so good! Ahh!

That's not true.

Anybody can edit it, Tangtong.

That night,

who had fun with Pancake?

- Raise your hand.
- Me!

You're the one who recorded it, silly.

Waah! You're with me.

How could you join them?

Put your hand down, Kouy.

I forgot.

Well done, everyone.
Put your hands down.

Everybody, leave.

That's not true.

Your girl is being framed, Tangtong.

I'm not like that.

- It's not true.
- What happened?

- What's going on?
- What's going on?


Taew's framing me.

- Moddum, please help me.
- Moddum!


It's not true.

These people are trying to frame me.

- I'm your wife.
- Kouy!

Here, Mom.

We knew it.

Check... Check. One. Two. One. Two.

What is it?
Why are you carrying your handbag?

- What's the matter?
- Nothing.

You can carry it for me.

-So, last night,
-What happened?

Last night was so amazing.

What I had last night

was a lot better
than 3 years with Tangtong.

Better than three years with Tangtong?
Do you hear it?

Of course. It came out of my mouth.

- Oh... Check.
- Can you believe...

- it's satisfying... Check. One.
- Check. One.

You're acting suspicious.

What? No! I'm not being suspicious.

- Can you confirm?
- I confirm, it's me Pancake.

I am Pancake, the generous vamp

from last night.

Pancake who can gets around with everyone.

I'm not a slut, just generous.

I repeat. Check. One.

- What?
- Even if there were ten Tangtongs,

I wouldn't care.

- You're the golden slut.
- It's not easily trained

but I can achieve this

because of my talents...

Tangtong, do you really believe that?

You believe these people's lies
about your wife?

Shut up!

What kind of girl does this?

You're married with a baby.
You'd should be with them

instead of flirting with every man.

Do you know
the word "loyal?" Do you?

You're not only a toad,
but you are also a hoe.

Who can be friend with her?

You stinky shitweasel!


You're... right.


I love you. I've been waiting
for you since you left.

- I've been waiting just for you!
- Enough!

You wicked Kakee!


I'd never have thought

that I'd hear that word out of your mouth.

If Kakee is evil,

why do cops and soldiers wear khaki?

Tangtong, you have to believe me.

Pancake, just stop.

It's over.

Taew, who would have thought

we've known each other for 10 years,

and you would hurt me.

- Snake!
- I'm a python,


but can crush tightly.




You call him Dad?

Once love's lost, how can I live?

When you're gone, how will life be?

- Since you are my breath...
- Tangtong! Don't go!

You're the meaning of life.

When love's lost, I can no longer stand

- Sly bitch!
- When I lose you...

I won't let you go. I won't let you

Leave me behind, no matter what it takes.

I will fight.

Won't stop?


We broke up for real.



No! Tangtong!



Oh, look at that!

Where's Daddy Tangtong?

Don't worry. He's with us now.

- He'll be back soon.
- Taew!

Come here!

You called me?


You want to talk to me?

What's your business?

- Taew!
- What?

It's just a guy! I can't believe

that you'd do me dirty. Remember it, Taew,

from now on, we're not friends!

It's not over.


Pancake, don't hurt my mom!


Find Moddum and call...

someone to help.

Yes, Mom.

Aunt Cartoon! Aunt Moddum!


Do you remember...

when we were in Korea?

You're like a sister to me.

Of course I love you.
Who else would I love?


thank you!

- I lied.
- Bitch!



you're like my second mother.

Of course I love you too.

Aunt Moddum!

Aunt Moddum! It's Mom!

Pancake's strangling Mom upstairs.


What's going on, Moddum?

Pancake's strangling Taew.

- Come on!
- Let's go!



It's not me.

I didn't kill her.

- Hurry!
- Come on! This way!

Is she all right?

- Oh, no!
- Taew!

- Taew!
- Please don't die!



- Taew!
- She's dead.


Taew! Wake up!

Why wait?

Let's take her downstairs.



Do you think it's a good idea?

Mom, you'll get cold a little.

So evil!

Close it.

Come on, close it.

Wait, don't close it.

How can she breathe?

Bitch, she's dead.

Turn it to subzero

in case she wakes up.



This is all because of Pancake.

She shouldn't have done that with Taew.

Moddum, Cartoon, Kouy.


You're so evil!

How could you do that?
It's just a guy.

- You killed her over a guy?
- Right.

I didn't kill her...

- Stop lying!
- You...

- You strangled her to death!
- Yes!

I saw it with my own two eyes.

How could you be so sure?

- You ran off.
- I know what I saw.

- Saw what?
- This.

- Kouy, I'm your sis!
- Sis?


By rank, I'm your aunt!




I apologize for what happened.

No matter what I say,

no one will believe me.

But I tell you this,

I'm sorry for what happened.

Please take good care of Taew's body.

Don't let it rot.
I'll find a way to bring her back.

Not that powerful but pretty solid.

Are you Manny Pacquiao?

"Don't let it rot."

"Will bring her back."

Moddum! Cartoon!

Moddum! It's Hung.

Who howls?

Your father perhaps. It's me, Hunglay.

Oh, Hunglay!

- Hunglay.
- Hey!

Cartoon, Moddum, that boy Petch

is having a fight
with Phookan on the rooftop.

- Phookan!
- Because of you, Phookan,

it turned out like this!

It's beyond that point.

What point?

What do you want from me?

You'd better tell me

where you hid Ratree's body.

I didn't do it. I don't know.

It's your fault!

This is all because of you!

Come on!

What's going on with them?

Yeah, I heard that

"it's beyond that point" or something.

- Beyond that point?
- What point?

Some point about a body.

Body? Which means

they know about the body.

Ratree's body?

Phookan's walking here.

Phookan's here! Let's hide!

Hey! What is it?

Where is he?

Hey, Phookan likes to sneak around here

very often.

Come on! Let's see.

He's over there! See?

I think it's he...

who hid the body.

That's why she's so terrorizing.

You mean the ghost of that body.


Petch, I have an idea.

I knew this shaman. He's incredible.

But tonight is not the right time.

I think we should go.


You'd better come out right now!

Ratree, where are you?


- Ratree!
- What do you want from me?

What have I done to you?

Why did you have to kill me?

I didn't!

Pancake did.

Stop lying.

Pancake loved me like a sister.
She would never kill me.

Then you can die because of love!

Ratree! Why are you doing this? Let me go!

I want to know if your best friends

will come and help you.

Let me go. Let me go!

We can duel one-on-one.


You wicked evil spirit!

Why is it down?




I'm sorry about that night.

Forget it. I don't want to talk about it.

But I love you.

- Will you give me a chance?
- I can't. I don't love you.

What's wrong?

No, it's nothing.

Mom, I miss you.


Kouy's hard...

at school just for you.

Mom, do you know since you left,

Kouy gets up early...

to give offerings to the monks for you.


Kouy promises that

Kouy will be a big...

boy for you.


come back to me.

Kouy misses you.


don't be sad

it's gonna be okay.

Kouy, stay strong...

and keep fighting.
I'm always by your side.

Kouy... Kouy, get up...

and fight...

You can do it.

Kouy, maybe you should change your name.

Why are you crying your hearts out?

I have news for you.


For Taew, it's not her time to die.

She still has years left.


She can still come back.

Here's the way.

Everybody has to take her body

to the praying ceremony

in order to nourish
her soul with good merits.



Ratree rises up now.

Untie her.

Who? Me?

- You do it!
- No, I'm scared!

Come on! Hurry!

I paid you to do it.

- Hurry!
- Damn it!




Ratree! Don't hurt her!

- Stop it!
- I told you to stop!

- Don't hurt Ratree!
- Stay still!

- Let me go!
- Stop!

- Go to hell!
- Stop fighting!


- Stop!
- Master!

- Ratree!
- Hey!

Let me go!



Kouy, hold me tight!

Let's go, Pancake!

With my good deeds

that I'd collected,

that I'd donated

the rain cloths and essential offerings.

I also gave a homeless man 40 Bahts.

I gave rice with chicken too.

With my merits,

from my love for everyone and vice versa,

may I be freed from the evil snare.

I'm freed!


What are you doing?


- Why?
- Hey!


- Who are you?
- I'm a ghost.

You're a man,
how can you choke me?

It's supposed to be me choking you.

Sacred rice again!
Why didn't you cook it before use?

Eat my sacred rice!


Taew, take the knife!

Where is it?

She's split in half!

Taew, I'm here to help you!

Taew! What happened to you? Kouy!

Take care of your mom.
I'll take care of that shaman.


Mom! What happened to you?


Who are you? You want to fight?

You want to know who I am.

I am Gaga, pupil of Buakaw.

How's that? The French
couldn't even stop me.

I hit you in the targets.
Where's my gold medal?

What is the reason?

I won! I won!



- What happened to her?
- Mom...

Mom's split in half!

She's sold by pieces?


The person who loves her the most

can't help her.

No! Is she really going to die?


- Pancake.
- No!

No! Taew!


I'll pray for you.
I'll give my merits to you.

Mom? Are you really dead?

Taew! You're not dead!

- Yes, I'm not dead!
- Mom!

I'm the one who has to pray for you.

You're really not dead!

That's my head.

- Respect me a bit.
- Mom's alive!

You really made it back!

- Phookan.
- Ratree.

Thank you so much

for taking care of me all this time.

You're not mad at me
about everything that happened?

I understand.

I want to talk to Taew.




she has something to tell you.

Taew, Pancake,


thank you, everyone, for helping me.


I'm sorry for what I did to you.

I've been wondering who killed you.

Close your eyes.

You want me to kill my own baby?

- I can't do that.
- Get rid of it!

But it's our baby!

- That was it.
- So who killed her?

Why didn't you close your eyes?


Phookan, I'm sorry

that I suspected you.
Who knew it was Petch.

Petch is the killer.

- Call the cops to take him away.
- Yes, ma'am.


I have to apologize to you too.

About what?

Everything that happened was my plan.

I have to admit that

I was so thirsty for him,
it made me blind.

Yeah, I get it.

Nobody really got hurt, so it's fine.
Love makes you blind, you know?

- Can I say something to you?
- Yeah, sure.

Fuck you.

She cusses at me and you smile?

Cartoon! Cartoon! Hunglay!

Come here!

She's back!

- Hurry!
- What? What happened?

She's back!

- Taew's alive?
- Come on!


Taew's alive!


- Come on, you guys!
- What?

She made it out alive!

- How are you doing?
- She's back!

She's back!

- She's alive.
- What?

- What's wrong?
- What's the matter?

Open it.

Taew! Taew!

- How are you doing?
- I can't breathe.

Who the hell put me in the freezer?

- Taew, come on out!
- Why are you poking?

- Come on out!
- Let's get her out.

Why did you all become nuns?
Your mother's dead?

- Your mother!
- Come out.

- I'll help.
- Come out.

Careful. Careful.

- How did I end up here?
- Can you stand?

- Can you stand?
- Wait! Wait!

I forgot my iPhone 4Sex.

It's 4S!

Let's go.

How are you feeling?

I'm fine.

Should I die again?

It feels so peaceful after making merits.

I'm so happy when we come to the temple.

That's right.


- So respectable.
- Pay respect, y'all.

So calm and collected.


That's the fake monk.

Yeah, she was arrested.

But now she's a nun.

Call the cops again.

They wouldn't do that

because I paid my fine for 2,000

so they released me.

Back then she was a fake monk,

but now she's sorry
and gets ordained for real.

Still fake.

- Let's leave. It's time to pray.
- Yes.

Wicked sinners!

People like them
make our religion corrupted.


What kind of people
make religion prosper?

People like us.


Hey, we should go.

Nobody's at the dormitory.
I'm afraid it'll get stolen.

- Let's go.
- Sis!

My god!

I come to say goodbye.

- Where are you going?
- To find true love.

A man who loves me truly.

It must be Tangtong.

You can have him.

Hey! I have to go now.
I don't want them to wait.

It's a private charter flight.

- A chanting flight?
- Yes.

Morons! Chanting what?

A charter flight!

You know anything about air travel?

Probably never traveled by plane.

- What do we do?
- Judging from the back,

I'd think that was a rottweiler.

So cold!

- Tangtong!
- Pancake.

- You want to meet me?
- Well...

I want to apologize for everything.

Can we be back together, Tangtong?


I don't want to drag you down.
You're young and beautiful.

You're hot. More importantly,

you have many countries to cover.
Please let me go.

Tangtong, I love you...

Why? Why can't we be together, Tangtong?

Pancake, I found someone.

You found someone? Who is she?

Who, Tangtong?

Nong Pan Lo.

Nong Pan Lo.


Yo' ass!


If you want a new girlfriend,

at least find someone better.

Pancake, good luck.

-Yo' mama!

She's a megabitch.

You pig! Gorilla!



Flaunting his new girlfriend.


A face like this, what am I to him?

- Mother and son?
- Your mother!

You got a foul mouth. Hey, look at me.

How you like me now?

Eyebrows like benbedbrow.

Like what again, Ma?

Like a bent bow.

Like a bowtben?

Like a bowtben. Remember that.

- He's from...
- Nakhon...

Nakhon Si Thammarat.

He's from Nakhon Si
Thammaharat Nakhon Nayok.

Nakhonma Si Maharat

Where is Pa from? Tell me again.

Nakhonma Si Maharat.

Listen carefully. I can't pronounce it.

Where is that province, Ma?

Nakhonma Si Maharat. You're so stubborn!

You keep asking me! You should
listen carefully the first time.

It won't be the same the second time.


Someone told me Kouy

- has something to do...
- Hmm?

- What's his name?
- Phookan.

Hey, Cartoon.

What did Kouy leave for us?


Don't be confused.

They all laugh before you even say "cut!"

We're gonna fight them!
When I open the door,

- you follow suit.
- Let's ask Ekkachai.

Ekkachai's homo! He can't fight anyone!

- Damn! That bitch's homo!
- Who?

I'm talking about Ekkachai.
You thought it was Yingsak?

No, Yingsak isn't homo.

- I know him!
- He's straight.

I know. He has two kids.

- Are you?
- Cut!

Subtitle translation by Suganya Pankote