Hor taew tak 3 (2011) - full transcript

After three katoey siblings (lady boys) have succeeded in freeing the ghost of an ancient lady in the previous sequel, they become famous and are now asked to run a haunted all-male apartment. More ghosts are waiting for these fun-loving katoeys and their cohort of amusing sidekicks.

we saw both Phookan and Panda off

to study abroad,

otherwise they would tag along with us.

I don't really want to go there, sis.

It's good to have you with us,
so we can deal with the new dormitory.

Are we there yet, Khoi?

- Here we are.
- Stop the car. Let's go.

Bring your luggage.

Just like when I was in Manchester,

it's raining lightly.


That's our new dormitory,

- isn't it?
- It is.

I have no idea about it.

- It's so heavy.
- In your heart?

I mean this stupid toilet.

- Pancake needs us.
- It's us who need Pancake.

You think so?

Pancake. Pancake.

- See some shit in Pancake's toilet?
- Move your face closer.

- Let's go. Come on.
- That's our shit.

Close the gates.

Lock them up.

Sis, why is it so quiet here?

It is.
There's nobody to welcome us.

- Who's gonna let us in, Khoi?
- I don't know.

You know nothing, Khoi.



- Why do you look so scared? It's me.
- Why don't you come in, Pancake?

Sis, I can't.

The guardian spirit must be powerful.

The mansion's guardian spirit,

please let Pancake in.
She's a good spirit.

- What's it to do with the guardian spirit?
- What do you think?

- Just open the gates for me.
- That's it?

- Idiot.
- Why do you talk ill of me? We're friends.

We used to get along so well.
Let's go.

You're rolling your eyes at me? Bitch.

It's good to have you, Pancake.

Here. Your room.

Why did I die in here?

- Welcome.
- Welcome.

Sis, that's Songkram.

- Moddam.
- Yeah.

I haven't seen you for years.
You're still deaf?

Good. Help Pancake with her room.


I'd like to welcome you all
to Maison la Dolce Vita.

Three aunties, please follow me.

- You called us aunties?
- Three sisters, please follow me.

That wing is our boy students' dorm.

- I want to stay here.
- Definitely not.

Keep following me, please.

As you can see,
our mansion is beautiful.

- Good God.
- Be careful, honey.

I'm alright.

This wing is your residence.
Please get your luggage and enter.

Yes. Yes.

- Who're those people?
- They're our boy students.

What's wrong with you?


Where have you been?
I told you not to go to the Red Building.

Listen to me. I'm Suanswart.
Little monsters.

Such a brat.

He went to study abroad, right?

- Right.
- Bad students.

You guys have seen things, right?

So stupid.
Why don't you listen to me?

- Right.
- Why the hell does he keep saying "right"?

- Welcome to Maison la Dolce Vita.
- Right.

You want to go to sleep, right?


Let's talk tomorrow.
We'll see you in the morning.

- Who is he?
- Mr. Suanswart. He's the dorm's keeper.

Don't go to the Red Building.

What's the Red Building?

- A red building.
- Bitch.

- Right.
- You're doing well, right?

- Right.
- Okay. Right.

Our dorm's swimming pool
is on your left.

Honey, who's swimming at this hour?


But I saw someone there.

- Where is he?
- I saw him too.

Where has he gone?

- Did you see him?
- I did.

How could he just disappear
in the blink of an eye?

- Songkram.
- Songkram, where are you going?

I think I saw him.

- I did.
- Let's go.

- He's gone.
- Sis.


This is the most beautiful dorm
we've ever been in.

Yes. Does it suit you, Cartoon?

What kind of dorm
would suit someone like you?

- Bitch.
- Mom.

- This dorm is so beautiful.
- We're not on vacation.

We're on a mission.


Where have you been?
You keep popping up here and there.


- I've explored this dorm.
- Really?

From what I've seen so far,

- this dorm is haunted.
- What?

- It's pretty evil.
- Really?


- It's coming.
- What?

- You can fight it.
- You want a piece of me?

- You can beat it.
- Fine.

You are one of the best.
Don't be scared.

Don't give up, Pancake.

- Sis.
- What?

I can't hold it anymore.

- Where are you going?
- To the loo.

- I thought you were fighting it.
- I relaxed.

Let's work on our mission.

- Does it have something in here?
- What is that?

A ghost.

- Are you scared?
- Just pretending.

Bitch. Scream when you see one.
Come on.

It's quiet. So creepy.

- What?
- You're pretending again?

I don't want to see any ghosts.

- She dresses like Namning.
- Well, sis...

How could that be Namning?
She might've been reborn by now.

Khoi, go and take a look.
Check if it's Namning.

- Not Namning, Mom.
- You're a guy. Go.

She's twitching.

Khoi, take a look.

Look at her face.

She's not Namning.


Why did we go upstairs?
The door is over there.


Why are you so scared?
I'm not a ghost.

Not a ghost, my ass.
Your face looks horrible, bitch.

Your saliva is all over me.
Why did you just spit on my face?

My phlegm.

No. Not yet.
Save it for when the time is right.

- I'm gonna kill you.
- I'm leaving.

She's pulling my dress.

She's pulling my dress.

- I'm leaving.
- Can I have my sister's dress?

Don't you feel lonely
swimming by yourself?

Excuse me, ma'am.
Would you mind if...

Thank you.


Wanna join me?

I'm afraid I can't.

Not in this dress.

Maybe next time.

It's alright.

Good luck.

How about this dress?


Water will be bursting.

Choose your words wisely.

It has a double meaning.

Are you flirting with me?

- Ma'am.
- Excuse me.

I'm not that easy...

- I'm sorry.
- ...but approachable.

Even though I look like this,

boys go crazy about it.

Why don't you look at my face?

I've been distracted by something else.


- Why up here? Where are we going?
- Then why did you lead us here?

You followed me.

- I did.
- Mod, behind you.

Excuse me, ma'am.

I'm not a ghost.


- You're good.
- See? I used to be a kick boxer.

- Bitch. You hurt me.
- There you go.

- Let go of me.
- Hit her.

Do I look like a ghost?

- What?
- Mom.

I told you to go outside. There's a ghost
in here. It's right behind you, you know?

What are you babbling about?
I don't get it.

You're my son, my mother or my father or
I'm your mother? Why don't you tell me?

The ghost is right behind me?

I just wanna know
why you guys keep running.

I'm a human, not a ghost.
I'm exhausted, trying to keep up with you.



Songkram, hurry up.
She might get you.

Stop it. I know what you want.
I can take it off myself.

- You will ruin my dress. Here.
- I don't want it.

What am I supposed to do
with this stupid dress?

Have you been shot in the face?
It's totally a mess.

- So damaged.
- Who are you talking to?

- I'm talking to you.
- Good. Not to me.

Who am I talking to?

Oh, it's the morning.

I told you not to come here.
You didn't listen to me.

- It's so creepy.
- Let's move.

Take a peep.
Anybody there, Khoi?

- There's no one, Mom.
- Told you, they're gone.

All clear. Nobody's here.

Khoi, you said there was nobody here.

They're off to school.

It's really annoying.
I have to wake you guys up...

Oh, my God.

Should we feel nervous?

I don't give a shit.

- How about you? Nervous?
- Not at all.

You should be the one
to feel nervous, but you don't.

Will they throw up when we walk by?

- Mom, are you nervous?
- Me? Sure.


She never answers me
when I call.

She used to respond right away.
Now she ignores me. Pancake.

Pancake. Can you hear me?

Why do you keep calling me?
I'm sleeping here.

How can I sleep right here?


Has anyone seen me in this?
Sis, I'm coming.

Pancake. Pancake.

- Sis.
- Oh.

Next time,
you should bring my room with you.

- It's heavy, you know.
- Sorry. I forgot.

- What the hell are you wearing?
- A swimsuit.

You went swimming,
so you ignored me, huh?

I almost got killed
by that decaying ghost last night.

Not just you.
There was a ghost right here too.


A male ghost.

- Oh, a male ghost.
- Well...

You guys hyped up
when I said it's a male ghost.

What the hell is this dress?

Is it nice?

It is, but not on you.

Nice shape.

Chubby shape.

Nice shape. Chubby shape.
Nice shape.

The male ghost?

- Tell me.
- Tell us.

Sis, I'd like to suggest
that you don't meet him.

Why not?

- He looks horrible.
- How horrible?

- Let me see your foot.
- Sure.

Here you are.

It touched my nose.
Let me tell you,

your foot looks much better
than his face.

- Really?
- Absolutely.

- How about his and mine?
- His is better.

My foot looks better
than my face?

How about her face and his?

No doubt.
Her face can beat them all.

- Really?
- Her face is no joke.

What about last night?
Tell us more.

Sis, sometimes I can hear your calling,
sometimes I can't.

Why don't you choose
an easier way to contact me?

- Like, promptly?
- Yeah.

Fine. Whatever you want.
Do I ever say no to you?

I can get you anything you want.

Here. Blackberry.

It can fit two SIM cards.
You can watch TV with this.

- Bitch.
- What?

- It's a dupe.
- Just kidding. Here's a real one.

We will give her our PIN numbers.

- You all have these?
- Yes, we have.

Scanning barcodes?

Sis, thank you.

They're here.

Greetings to all of you.

- His mom must be a beauty queen.
- I think she's faking it.

These two talk back at you.

They're right.


was a Tamarind Beauty Queen
three years in a row.

- Sweet tamarind?
- Chubby tamarind.

Oh, she's chubby.

Welcome to Pa Tong Misa.

- Maison la Dolce Vita.
- Maison Pa Tong Pizza.

- Maison la Dolce Vita.
- You're right.

You'd better keep in mind that

you came here

just to be keepers of this dorm,

not teachers.

Don't forget that fact.

It might sound a bit too harsh,

but what I'm going to say
might be not that harsh.

You guys went to
the Red Building last night?

- How...
- I know.

- Who...
- I just know it.

From now on,

I forbid you to go to the Red Building

because I will move all the boys out

to the Big Building.
Are we clear?

Isn't she too beautiful?
I'm daunted.


- Intimidated.
- Oh, I see.

- Ms. Waewswart?
- What's up?

How did you know that
they went to the Red Building?

Is there anything
that I don't know about?

I know. Everybody knows.

- You, Suantwarn.
- Suanswart.

Right. I mean Suanswart.

First, we have to move those boys
out of that dorm of happiness.

Then, we find a way to chase those bitches
away before they find out our secret.

- What should we do with them?
- I wonder.

- I've got an idea.
- What is it?

We'll have a rite
to summon Taengtong's spirit

so we can remove the savage mole
that we put inside him.

He'll be back to savage mode
and scare those bitches away.

- You're mega clover. Brilliant.
- It's mega clever.

- Come again?
- Mega clever.

- You're mega clover. Brilliant.
- It's mega clever.

- You're mega clever. Brilliant.
- Right.

- Such a dumbass.
- That's right.

You must be very happy

to get a chance
to wear women's clothes again.

Not really. I don't mind.

- You swear?
- Don't. Global warming is real.

The weather has been chaotic.
Thunderbolts can happen anytime.

I can remember it.


We have an exam tomorrow.
It's too bad.

- What subject?
- Hey, Junior!

- You still wanna go to the Red Building?
- No. I've been haunted by that face.

You guys won't go for it tonight?

I'm out. What if Mr. Suanswart
finds out about this?

I still want to know whether
what we saw the other night was a ghost.


- Hello.
- Hello. I'm Sis Taew.

This is my son, Khoi.
He's older than you guys.

- Hi.
- Well...

everyone come closer to me.

Can I ask you something?


I want to know that this place

- and the Red Building...
- Red Building?

Right. What's with the Red Building?

What are you doing, boys?

Ms. Waewswart's already told you
not to mingle with our boys.

- I'm leaving now.
- Please do.

Mom, the decaying ghost.

- You're not a ghost?
- I told you I'm not.

- Right.
- A ghost can't be pretty like this.

How on Earth can a person
be this much of a mess?



All of you have to move out
to the Big Building in two days.

Understand? Oh.

If those three weird sisters

ask you about this place,
tell them nothing.

Yes, ma'am.





Are you around here?

No swimming tonight?

- Good evening, ma'am.
- My goodness.

You scared me to death.
You just popped out.

Actually, we've seen each other
for two days.

I still don't know your name.


I'm Taengtong.


Nice to meet you.

- Have a seat.
- Have a seat.

What's wrong with Pancake lately?

You're right.
She doesn't come when we call her.

Why don't you text her?
She's got a smartphone.

That's right.

- Do you feel lonely?
- Not at all.

How about you, Miss Pancake?

Is your boyfriend upset
when you're flirting with me?

I used to have one, but...

One day,
he asked me to go to his room.

I had no idea that...

- What's wrong, ma'am?
- They text me.

Sis, you can't call me right now.

She said she's busy.

Busy? You're busy, Pancake?

- Where were we?
- He asked you to go to his room.

Into his room.

Then he brought me into his room.

I couldn't believe what I saw.

Over 20 men were standing, naked.

After that...

- What's wrong?
- They text me again.

Sis, why do you keep calling me?


She's busy.

Just turn off the phone.

Keep interrupting me.

I was beaten by them.

Guys won't accept a girl like me.

Well, do you have a girlfriend?

I did have one,

and our love

was impossible.

One night, I was swimming
in this pool.

Then, suddenly...

You've got texts?

I got electrocuted and died.

You're dead.

That means you're a ghost.
Excuse me,

please go away.
I'm scared I will make merit for you.

- Miss Pancake?
- Yes?

You're dead too.


- Let's go to bed. I want some sleep.
- Bitch.

It's late so you feel sleepy?

It's so late
and you feel sleepy too?

I'm her company.

Right. It's late.
Let's go to bed, Khoi.

Mom, Pancake is with a guy.

Have you seen those three old hags
that have just moved in?

Their faces are too large.

It's hard for you to imagine.
Picture this.

You put those three faces together
and it's larger than a football pitch.

Damn you, Pancake.

You couldn't cope with them.
They're horrible,

rude, cruel, and tough.

You'd better stay away from them.

I warn you.

Should I expose that bitch? Go.

It's raining. You should go inside
or you'll catch a cold.

You bitch...
Where they've gone?

Now she can disappear too?

- Sis.
- What?

- We should go to bed.
- Go. Go.

I'll talk to you later, Pancake.

Walk in a line.
Don't be scared by me

because we're going to stay
in the same dorm.

Are you guys done?

Move faster.
What are you babbling about?

- Quick.
- Those boys are moving out.

There must be a reason.

Look at those four bitches.

They're standing and their faces
are just perfectly matched.

Looks like a herd of animals.

- Am I right, Khoi?
- Yes.

Am I right, Songkram?
Sorry. I forgot that you're deaf.


Where are you, Taengtong?

I'm coming for you.


Where has he gone?

I put on a fancy swimsuit for him.


- Where are you?
- I'm here.

You look pretty uptight.

No swimming tonight?

I put on a swimsuit to swim with you.

If you want that,

take off my clothes.



Why does she call me that harshly?

- Yes, Sis.
- I texted you. You said you're busy.

Is this what was keeping you busy?

- Mom.
- Not now.

- Sis.
- You ungrateful kid.

You're so evil.
A slut. A liar.

This is a house, not a brothel.
You slut.

You're such a whore.
Always flirting with guys. Slut.

Get out of my house.

Bad girl. Such a whore.

Thank you for calling me a whore.

I'm so fed up with you.

You ungrateful kid.


You smacked my face.

I won't say a word.

But about telling me to go away,

is this your house?

You just moved in two days ago.

To be precise,
you and I moved in at the same time.

- Is that right, Khoi?
- Yes.

You whore.

You whore.

You whore. Ouch. Ouch.

I hurt.

- What's wrong?
- Pancake.

She's into that guy.

- She totally ignored us.
- Why?

She saw me, she scolded me
and she hit me too.

Why on Earth
did she do such a thing, Khoi?

- How could she do that?
- No.

- What?
- It's Mom who scolded her and hit her.

- What?
- You ungrateful child.

The guy that Pancake fell for...

- What?
- He's gorgeous.

- What's his name?
- He's called Taengtong.


Cartoon. Moddam.
Are you guys ready?

Take it easy, Sis.
What's the hurry?

No need to rush. I can wait.

Mom, where are you going?

I'm going to find your new dad, Khoi.

Keep your eye on these two.
Don't let them interrupt me.

Got it?
And then you'll get a new dad.

- Mom.
- What?

- You look great tonight.
- Just call him Daddy.


I'm here, Taengtong.

Sis, we're ready.

Khoi, where's your mom?

My mom said that you two
should wait for her in this room.

- Go back inside.
- Why?

I need you to swim with me.


You called me?

Taengtong, I need you
to swim with me.

Swimming in a creepy place...

I'm ready for it.

Brand new.


The water is pretty cool.
You might catch a cold.

Let's go upstairs to my room.
Follow me.

Is she coming?


- Follow me, Taengtong.
- Go back. I'll call you if she's here.

Let's go to my room.
Follow me, Taengtong.

I tripped, Taengtong.

Follow me.

She's coming.

Why? Is it a secret?



Come with me. Quick.


You might wonder what I'm doing.



Come on over.

Quick, Taengtong.

You ungrateful kid.
So evil. A slut. A liar.

This is a house, not a brothel.

You slut. Always flirting with guys.

You're such a whore. Slut.
A sex addict.

Get out of my house.
You're such a whore.

Thank you for calling me a whore.

Bitch, I'm gonna smack your face.

I'm so fed up with you.

You ungrateful kid. A whore.

That bitch talks trash about you.
What an ungrateful spirit.

Sis, why do you let her
talk to you like that?

How dare she behave like this
to an old lady?


Don't worry, Sis.
I'll make it right for you.

We'll see who he chooses,
between me...

and me.

Mom, do I have a new dad?

Just look at me and you'll know it.

- Yes?
- No.


- We'll see who's the one he chooses.
- Between a drag queen and a troll.

For your selection, Taengtong.


Oh my God, you're so hot.

How could Pancake say that he's ugly?

What's wrong with you people?

You keep saying Taengtong.

The others do that too.
You guys keep calling me all night long.


just pick one.

Choose one.

Your swimsuits look great.

You guys are so slutty.

Think before you put on your clothes.

Let me tell you something.

- This man. Can I have him?
- Fine.

I give up.

- Can I call my psychiatrist?
- Sure.

Not now.

Taengtong, do you prefer
a lady with a lush body?

Moddam, your friend's gone.
What are you waiting for?

- I haven't had a bite.
- Bite me!

Fine, my dress is pretty lame tonight.
Can't beat the bikinis.

That's a real eyesore.

How could a toad like her wear those?

You look like a dead toad.

Nobody in his right mind
would wear that outfit.

- What did you say?
- I said, you in that bikini...

- is stunning.
- Bullshit.

I understand what you said.

- You know that?
- Bitch.

Are you alright? Are you upset?

- I am.
- More than I was?

- So upset.
- Let's go, all three of us.

Let's cry together...

all three sisters.

Don't put on a thong ever again, will you?
I don't like it.

I will get your robe.


- It's time to hold a rite.
- It should be.

Quiet. I'm summoning here.

He's gone. Where is he?

- He's gone.
- Why did you summon me here?


- Why are you here, Takaidao?
- Can I join you? I'm scared.

I'll kick your face.

I'll handle him.

Go and grab
the savage mole from him.

- You mean them, right?
- I mean you.

- I'm busy. I'm holding something.
- Hurry up.

I'm scared.

He hit me.

Let him do it.
You'd better take that mole off quickly.

Hurry up.

- Quick.
- I'm hurt. You're not the one he hit.


On the count of three,
I'll pull it out and run away.

- Fine.
- One.

Two. Three.

- He hit me again.
- Did that hurt?

Can't you see? My face is swelling.
How about this?

You know the drill,

- you take it off.
- Should I?

You should. Hear me out.

On the count of three,
I'll run away. You ready?

One. Two.

- Run.
- Where's my three?

Count it yourself, asshole.

Why did you kick me?

That's Suanswart.

I'll get you. Why did you kick me?

Mom. Mom.

Why did Ms. Waewswart
come into the dorm?


Right, my ass. I'm asking you.

- There must be something.
- Right.

- I have nothing to do with you.
- But I have.

I don't. My face is swelling like hell.

You can't just beat me.
Beat them. I gotta run.

I'm busy.

You want to scare me?

You're not scared by me?

- Boo.
- Boo.

You're gonna suck my blood for real?

Good news. I did a checkup.
The lymph in my blood is not good.

If you insist, take him.

Just go. I'll handle him.

You wanna suck my blood?

Come and get it.

How could he do this to you?

Ms. Waewswart got hurt too.

Right. Look at my face.
It's swelling like a balloon.

- So big.
- My face?

Your boobs.

I was born with big boobs.

Suantwarn. We need backup.

I can't take it.

I look like a monkey.

Two friends of mine

are so good at casting spells.

We need them now.
I guarantee you that they will win.


A ghost! Go away.

- You don't recognize Taengtong?
- Who are you? I don't recognize you.

Get out! Ouch!


I haven't seen you for ages.
Why is your nose flat like that?

My nose has always been flat like this.

Get out. Help me.

- Taengtong. Are you alright, flat nose?
- It's Karakade.

What did you do to Karakade?


- You!
- Oh.


Don't hurt Khoi, Taengtong.

- You recognize Taengtong?
- No. You said that yourself.

- Don't hurt Kiddo.
- It's Khoi.

- Don't hurt Khoi.
- Don't strangle Khoi too hard.

Where is everyone?
Why is it so quiet here?


We'll see who is Taengtong's pick,
between you guys and me.

- Taengtong.
- Taengtong.

- Golden dick.
- Come, Taengtong.

They call me every night.

Act like they're my wives.

- Taeng...
- Stop.

Come, Taengtong.
Old dogs keep barking.

You call us dogs? Bitch.

- I'll get you.
- What're you doing here?

- Who are you?
- Bitch. Whore.

- I know.
- That guy's wife.

- Who are you?
- Bitch.

I see. You're Pancake.


Who are you?

You jerk!

You can't hit me.
Let me hit you first.

Got it? Here.

Well, asshole.

I just want to smack your face.
Why can't I?

I'll get you.

Oh, no, Taengtong.

See? He picks me.
He comes to me first.

Oh, no. Don't kiss me.

My friends are jealous of me.

- Right?
- Look at that. I've got chills.

It's not right.

He's gonna eat me.


Mom. He strangled my dick.


My neck.

Why is he so savage?

He's gone.

I'm so relieved.

It hurts all over my body,
like I've been beaten.

I ran, so I've lost one of my stockings.

That's not my big toe.

This is my foot, of course.

This one is not mine.

Why is it not tickling?

Dear Lord...

Go away. Leave me alone.

- Go to somewhere else.
- Where can I go now?

- I don't know. Just go.
- I will stay right here.

Dear Lord, don't you find me.


We've gone beyond the bed.

- What're you laughing at?
- Laugh, my ass. I'm crying.


You wanna suck my blood? Pancake.

You want to rip me apart?

Do it. I'm exhausted.
I can fight you guys no more.

What are you doing?
You are really annoying.

You are so happy seeing your lover.

I am alone, all by myself.
So exhausting and tiring.

Stop it.

She passed out.

I cannot fall asleep, I am so mad.
I am going mental.

She's talking in her sleep?

Enough. You scared me.

He can't come in.

Who's that? Who?

Is that you, Cartoon?
Come in and close the door.

- Close it.
- Close it.



Sis Taew, let me out with you.

- It's a small space.
- Sis Taew, why are you so mean?

- You are a mean sister.
- What?

- Won't you let me out?
- Or what?

You can't come inside.

- What?
- Stay there.

- Serves you right.
- Cartoon.

You are a mean sister.

Oh, Taengtong.

Why are you here?
I'm taking a shower.

I'm taking a shower.


What are you looking at? I'm a lady.
You should be a gentleman.


How do you know
that I prefer a bar of soap?

Can you rub it on my back for me?
I can't reach it.

Rub it. Yeah, like that.

Your hand is so strong, Taengtong.

What? Pancake?
How dare you put your foot on my back?

If you mess with my man,
I'm gonna rub it on your face too.

Bitch. Why do you get all the spotlight?

- Sis, get out.
- You evil spirit.

I'll go, bitch.

You... Oops!

Listen, you and I will sort this out.

- Who closed the door?
- You didn't open it, dumbass.

- You did this to me?
- Your saliva is all over me.

You're such a cow.

Calling me a cow? So lame.

Don't you know
the water bill is pricey?

She's gone.

Mom, Taengtong is standing
right behind you.

- I don't know how he get there. He grins...
- What?

What did you say? I don't get it.

How can you stay here?
I'm talking to my son.

Why don't you go inside?
How can you come out here?

What are you talking about?

- How can you be right here?
- Taengtong,

bite her neck.


- He can't.
- Taengtong, bite her neck. Do it.

Do it, Taengtong.
Bite me. Wow.

Khoi. Hey, Khoi.

- Hold on. Grab me.
- Sis.

Yeah, Pancake. Take that.

Be careful, Mom.


Come and bite me.

Let's see where you can go now.

- What will you do, Pancake?
- I will let Taengtong bite your neck.

I'm Sis Taew, you know?

Pancake, my balls.

Pancake. Khoi.

Don't do this to me.

You think you'll make it?

He's climbing after me.
Sis, I'm just kidding.

Good job.

Go swimming every day.

My Khoi will get stronger.

Don't forget to flip back.
Backstroke, good.

So people can see your dick.
It's a must.

Mom, what's a mug?

- I'm not.
- It's a must.

Oh, a must.

I've got an accent.


What's the matter, Nymph?

- My name is Karakade.
- What's up, Karakade?

- I have something to tell you.
- Say it. There are just three of us.

Well, I...


He called you. What?

Hey, girl.

You say nothing.

Hey, what's up?


Go back... what?

Khoi. My Khoi.

Khoi is drowning.

Oh, Khoi is diving...

to the pool's bottom.

What is it, son?

I found treasure there.

Treasure can't be in a pool.

You're so dumb. Who's your father?
He must be so stupid.

But I'm your mom,
so let me see it.

What is it?

Let me see.

Hey, this is a talisman.

Moddam. Cartoon.
A talisman.

What talisman?

Khoi found it at the bottom of the pool.

Right. I took it off.

It must be a talisman
for keeping someone's spirit there.

What? The talisman we used
to keep Taengtong's spirit.

- They took it off. Shit.
- That's right.

Taengtong will go wild all over the place.

That's right.

- Will he come here?
- Definitely.

Hey, you guys.

You think Taengtong will be here?

He's not coming. Just go to sleep.

- I don't care if he's here.
- Why?

Here. I've got holy garlic,

imported from Romania.

- Not from Bon Marche market?
- Bitch. I ordered it from Romania.

Your joke is so lame.
Go to bed.

Sleep tight. Sleep well.

Go to sleep.

Why are you here?

- I came to see you.
- I didn't let you.

- I miss you.
- I don't miss you.

Ms. Waewswart?

Look. You're scared
by my cross-shaped hairdo.

It's not all I've got.
I have something so cool.

Here. Do you know what it is?

Garlic from Romania.
I gotcha.


Oh, they're worms.

worms are all over my face.

I'm your boss, bitch.

Don't come any closer. Here.

I have garlic. Are you scared?
This is holy garlic.

You're not scared at all?

What are you gonna do to me? Don't.

Take this.

How about that?
My boobs are useful right now. Come on!

I will smack your face
with my boobs.

There's something in this place...

What is it?

A ghost, dumbass.

Abotigisling Botichabu okubogi akanabogi
panasquiba anoyayei leyami...

- Who are you talking to?
- Find that ghost, bitch.

- I haven't seen one.
- Pretend like you see one.

Here you are,
Glutathione and L-carnitine.

- You want me to do the exorcism tonight?
- Right.

That ghost is a male, right?

- Right.
- He wears a white thong, doesn't he?

He has a tattoo right here?

- How do you know?
- Suanswart's just told me that.

Maybe I didn't catch that.

A male ghost. I will take him down.

Okay. I'll be there tonight.

It's you. Everybody tells me
that you're so savage.

- That's right.
- We're going to destroy you.


- Hello.
- He's so well-mannered.

Is it you who died in a white thong?

- Like this?
- Wow.

With a tattoo.

It's on my back.

Where's your six-pack abs?

- Oh.
- Oh, my God.

- My goodness.
- Wow.

Oh, wow.

Great body, what a hunk.
You go to the gym every day, right?

That's right.

- May I count?
- Please.

One pack.

Two packs. Three packs.

Four... what?

Pull it out.


Four packs.

Five packs.

Six packs. Six packs. Six packs.

Why is this pack is so tiny?

- I don't really exercise it.
- You don't?

It's bouncing.

Have Men's Health magazine

ever contacted you to be a cover guy?

- They called me twice.
- Bullshit.

Cancel the mission. I'm leaving.

- Oh.
- Oh.

- Who's that?
- A ghost.

That one is so savage.


My God. She passed out.

- What should we do?
- Stop it.

Don't be scared.
I have a magic strawberry.


What should I do?

What're you looking at?

Don't look at me.


It's not what I...

Strawberry. Strawberry.

Oh, no strawberry.

I'm out.

I'm leaving.

Taengtong, what's wrong with you?

Strawberry is so good.

So sweet.

What happened, Taengtong?

You're so cute.

- Dao.
- Yes.

- You don't have smaller ones?
- I have.



Where did you get these two?
They're useless.

But they're the best exorcists.

I think all of us
are supposed to go there.

- We could be intimidating.
- Then, get ready.


A dead body.

Waewswart Mirueleum.

She's already dead, sis.

Then, who's the one we saw?

Who's that woman we saw?


11 AUGUST 2510 - 7 AUGUST 2543

We've got company.





this mansion is mine.
Only mine.

You know,

don't be jealous of me.



Don't you dare trick me.

- I see.
- That's right.

I knew it.

You guys,

keep it secret. Tell no one.

- Right.
- Got it, Khoi?

- Let's go.
- To where?

In that coffin perhaps?

I mean outside.

Do you have anything to tell us,

- No.
- I think you have.

That's why
you keep following us around.

Karakade, who killed Taengtong?

I don't know.
I can't remember anything.

- What should we do now?
- Oh.

- Huh?
- I...

I just know that there were two people

who killed Taengtong.

When I saw them,

they grabbed my head and smacked it

- over and over so my nose got broken.
- That's why you've got a flat nose.

It's not natural.

Right. I used to be very pretty.

Then I couldn't remember anything.

Oh, dear.
You've lost all your memories.

- But...
- What?

I can't really remember anything.

Do you have any idea

- who sent this letter to us?
- I have no idea.

You guys want to know what's inside?
Read it.

Don't look at me. Read it.


The first time we read it,
There was no picture. We saw only letters.

- Where's this picture come from?
- Hello. I'm Pakakrong.

Help me. Help me.
Sis Taew, Moddam and Cartoon.

I'm so scared.
There's a murder at Maison la Dolce Vita.

Just die. You die.

Let me use your identity.

Fake Waewswart
killed the real Waewswart.

She kills everyone
who knows her secret.

Serves you right. Nosy bitch.

- Are you talking to me?
- To her.


You had it coming.

- Waewswart and Suanswart.
- How can you come in here?

You're so evil.
I can't believe you can kill people.

I won't stay here with you.
You're so cruel.

- I will be a nun.
- Huh?

Be a nun.

- Pee? The loo's over there.
- No. Be a nun.

- A nun, in white dress and hairless.
- What?

I will be a nun. I've said it
too many times. You are so dumb.

- Why do you call me dumb?
- I'm leaving.

Help me.

Now you know

who sent you that letter.

It's you.

I think this is the best spot
to summon that spirit.

L and Gluta, let's go.


- Sabu sabu.
- Hey. Hey

- Sabo nopide.
- Hey. Hey.

- Sabo nopide.
- Hey. Hey.

So annoying.

Suanswart, you can't just scream
at this hour. Pancake.

- What are you doing with them?
- Right.

Who's Pancake?

Pancake is a ghost.
She is pretty nasty too.

She scared us two to death.

- Really?
- Yeah.

Bitch, who are you?

- Hey.
- Hey.

- Who are you?
- Hey.

Who is she?



Boo, my ass.
They scream "Hey", sis.

Suanswart and Waewswart.
What're they doing here, Pancake?

They're going to capture
Taengtong's spirit.

Y'all, please help Taengtong.


- We must help Taengtong.
- Our Golden Dick.

- Hey.
- He belongs to us.

He's my man.


Look. They're having fun.


These stupid bitches
made a mistake again.


If it weren't for those two,
I could have done it.


Those two are the ones
you're supposed to destroy.

Oh, shit.

But Gluta and L-carnitine
know a lot of spells.

Stop it. That is the spell
for summoning a spirit.


Oh, shit.

Why don't you just sit on me?
Is it necessary to be this close?

I've got an idea about this.

A friend of mine

is really good at casting spells.

He also has a pack of wolves.

Vampires don't like werewolves.
Have you ever seen the Twinglight movies?

- It's called Twilight.
- Right. Twilight.


Sis Taew, Moddam and Tookta.

- What took you so long?
- It's Cartoon, not Tookta.

Cartoon or Tookta,
quite the same thing.

- It's not.
- What's wrong?

Suanswart went to a burial
at a goldsmith's shop.

- Where's Suanswart?
- She's upstairs.

You two go and get Suanswart.
I'll get Waewswart.

How can you understand that?
She's babbling.

I get it. She said Waewswart
went to Taengtong's tomb.

You heard something
about a goldsmith?

- They're both Chinese. That's why.
- Go to Taengtong's tomb.

Come on.



Where is he?

I dressed up for him.



Taengtong is in danger.

Taengtong Kyongye Yes
22 June 2528 - 30 January 2550

- Waew.
- Why did you call me?

Why are you up there?
Come down.

- Should I?
- Yeah.

- Chubby.
- Knew it.

- Hit it.
- Who?

There are just two of us.


- Why are you running in a zigzag?
- Doesn't it look more exciting?

I want to hit you with this stick.

Go. Just go.

Come here.

I'm standing on the wrong side.

- Don't come closer.
- Don't.

You dare?

You dare?

Oh, you do.
What do you want from me?

You can't do this to me.
It's disgusting, bitch.

I put on a fancy dress, bitch.

Why do you need me here?


They're fake teeth.
You tricked me.

Fake teeth.

They don't have any fangs.

Take them off.
Take your fangs off.

Enough, bitch.
How dare you?

My parents never hit me.
Who do you think you are?

How about that, huh?

What did you say?

What the hell?
It doesn't make any sense.

I'll call my mom.

Why this location?
A graveyard?

Take them off. Come on.


I'll call my mom.

Your saliva's dirty.
Don't you dare.

- Oh.
- I'm coming.



Suanswart must be in that place.

You want a piece of me?

Hey, take a look.

- Open the tomb.
- What?

Me again?

Why so scared?

Don't be scared.


What are those flowers on your head?

She bought them from a funeral home.
Ms. Waewswart, here's your toilet.

You put it down. Put it down.



He's gone mad.

What happened to his face?

Want to pick a fight with him?

- Yes.
- Do it yourself.

Come on.

Oh, you're here.

Hey, that's rude.

- They're boobs.
- Wolves.

Right, wolves.

Good boys.

Bitch. That's worse.

- Nosy.
- I just wanna talk to them too.

Can you?

I can't.

Is this Taengtong?

That all the girls are crazy about.
I've heard you have a golden dick.

I'm dying to see that.

Here, his golden dick is right here.

- This is his dick.
- It's completely rotten.


I'm going to kill you with my hands.
You'll be dead.

Why did you stop me?

- I didn't.
- Did you?

I'm praying.

What are you doing to Taengtong,

- What the fuck is that?
- Fuck you.

- Oh, she's talking to me.
- I can hear that.

Are those what you called eyebrows?

Bitch, she's judging me.

That must be Pancake,
the bitchy ghost.

- Right.
- Good. You'll see.

- Is it true...
- You bitch.

It's good that you're here, Pancake.
You're gonna die.

Get that toilet.

- You wanna poop?
- I'm gonna kill you.

- You can't do that. That's my room.
- You can go to hell.


Who are these people?

Pancake, can you remember
where you died?

- No.
- You have to die right there again.



- Pancake.
- Sis.

Sis, help me please.

You're stunned by my hair?

Your hair's just perfectly matched
with the location.

Waewswart, look at my hair.

- Give me a hammer.
- Sis, help me.

- Bitch, you almost hit my face.
- I'm not good at it.

Ouch, sis.

- You die, Pancake.
- No.


Don't do it.

Fuck. It's not broken.


- Why is it not broken?
- Harder. On its side.

- On its side?
- Yeah.


- No.
- Sis.

You die.


- Are they following us?
- How should I know that?

You two can't run away from me.

- It's time for you to die.
- You want to kill me?

You'd have no reason.

Your laugh is terrible.

What's wrong?

He's scared of a mirror.

Look at this.

He can't stand the mirror.

Moddam, you broke the mirror.
What should we do now?

Find a new one.

My face.

It has two sides. Look.


Waewswart. You ugly bitch. You think you
can bully my mom? We won't let you do it.

They don't get it.
Say it again.

You can not hurt my mother.
I won't let you do that. You ugly moron.

- What?
- Don't you get it, newbie?

Do you understand that?

- He said you're a dumbass.
- Don't be scared. Get them.

Meet my wolves.

Sis Taew.

- Who's that?
- The toilet is here.

What are you doing here, Karakade?

I just brought the toilet here.
Here you are, Sis Taew.

I know this scent.

Don't be fooled, Ms. Waewswart.

I took this toilet myself.

I found the toilet you wanted.

What an idiot. How on Earth
is that a toilet in bed? Over there.

- Where is it?
- Here, Takaidao.

- Must be this one.
- Yeah?

You took that from the loo?
We poop in that one.

This one is the toilet
Pancake died on.

- That's a lie.
- Pancake.

- Pancake.
- Your toilet is safe.

- You can come back, Pancake.
- Sis.

Over here, Sis Taew.

I'm back.

- Pancake!
- Taengtong.

Pancake has come to rescue you.

See that?

- It's huge.
- We're going down, my flying dick.

I'm sorry
for keeping you waiting.


I've changed my outfit.

- Great.
- She's gorgeous.



- My turn.
- You guys, get them.

I'll handle this.

Oh, werewolves.
You guys look hot.

You don't know that I'm half Chinese?

I'm gonna eat you all.

You'll see what my stick can do.

Do you think that stupid stick

- can hurt us, the dynamic duo?
- Right.

Everyone, be careful.

You guys, move.

- Waew, where are you going?
- What?

- Do I have to stay here?
- Of course. We're the dynamic duo.

You're right.

Bitch, where is she?

Khoi, watch out.
Follow me.

I'll help you.

Why are you interrupting me?
Get out.

Get out.

- Waewswart.
- What the hell?

You die.

Don't come after me.


I'll make you bark like a dog.


Pancake, where are you?
Help us.

Oh, sis.

I haven't done anything
and you call me for help?

Hurry up, Pancake.

I'll be back.

You'll die after seeing this one.

Come on.

What's he doing?

Don't go.

Khoi, get me some silver bullets.

You ugly eyebrows, I gotcha.

- Waewswart, what happened to your face?
- What?

What's going on with my nose?

- Wait. Wait.
- What?

My back hurts.

- Sis, hit the ball.
- Whose balls?

I mean this ball.

- What's gonna happen if I hit it?
- He will lose his power.

He put all of his power into this ball!

- Why don't you hit it?
- An old person has to do it.

- Here.
- I'm younger than you.

You think you're so smart, huh?
Your power is in this ball?

He's tickled.

Waewswart, you should try my stick.

Oh, you have one too?

- Where did you get it?
- From you.

How? Mine's supposed to be here.

- Where's yours?
- Here.

Oh, shit.

- Here.
- Waewswart.

It moves.

How can you do that?


I can't hold it anymore.

See? That's what happens
when you mess with Pancake.

Taengtong, Khoi's gun is jammed.

Taengtong. Werewolf.


- Do you love me?
- I do.

I don't believe you.
Every guy can sweet talk.

It's you, Mane.



Pancake is confused.
This is Taengtong. That's Mane.


Please don't make me choose

Because I can't

I can't pick one

I can't live without him
and I need you too

I don't want to choose

I want to keep...

Both of you


I'm emotional here.

Do whatever you want.

- Khoi.
- Pancake.

- Khoi, are you hurt?
- Taengtong.


Taengtong needs help.
Taengtong is too weak now, Khoi.

He died in the pool.

Can you stand up? Come on.


Is he gonna die?
He's already dead.

Taengtong, go for it. Get him.

Taengtong, go get him.

Taengtong. No, Mane.

Don't fight. Don't fight.

It's because of my beauty. No.

Wow, he's powered up.



Taengtong, are you alright?



Hurry up, the monks are coming.


Go. Go.

The monks haven't been here yet.

Not yet.

Auntie Cartoon, hurry up.


Cartoon is really beautiful.

The monks are here.

She is stunning.

- You've got goosepimples.
- Really gorgeous.

Year 2008 outfit.

- How do I look?
- Stunning.

Strike a pose.

Wait up.

Auntie Moddam.

- Moddam is prettier than me.
- She is.

I need more plastic surgery.

Yours was the second runner up.

I spent more time dressing up.
It's the Year 2009 outfit.

Year of Big Flu.

The monks are here.

- Over here, sir.
- Please.

Bless you with longevity, happiness

and health.

- Thank you.
- Thank you.

You look happy after making merit.

- We gotta go now.
- Right. Right.

Have fun with your class.




The last one.

Mom, it's Pooklook's.

- Her dress is more beautiful than ours.
- This is Gam.

Sis, I have good news.

- What?
- I'm getting married.

- Bullshit.
- Who's your groom?

That's all you need to know.

Everyone, go inside.

I'll take care of this.

Bullshit. Getting married?


Excuse me, my name is Pooklook.

- Pooklook.
- What, Gam?

You think you're pretty, huh?

Well, I don't care for what you think,
but I...

nailed it.

Nailed it? Nailed it, huh?

See that?

Bitch, you did the grand finale.

You make me look generic.

That squeaky ass.

I thought my outfit
was the winner.

Her ass just beat me.

Congratulations, Pancake.

You're a beautiful bride.

Dearly Beloved, please join me...

Father is so hot.

Just kidding.

...to witness these two
commended in matrimony.

The bride and the groom,

please join hands.


Not like that. Higher.

Too high, take it down.

Too low. I give up.


I like your joke.

So cute.

That's enough.


Do you take Mr. Taengtong
to be your husband?

Father, can I have your number?

- What a slut.
- I do.

Mr. Taengtong,

do you take Miss Pancake
to be your wife?

- I do.
- If anyone objects to the union

of these two people, speak now.

- I...
- Sis.

Don't ruin Pancake's big day.

No. I was going to say no one.


I now pronounce Miss Pancake
and Mr. Taengtong,

bride and groom.

No, wife and husband.
I'm joking.

You may now kiss the bride.

Kiss him. Just let him kiss you.



Next time, me and Father.

I have to go now.

Good luck to you two.


- you're so cute.
- Bitch.


It's the time you've been waiting for!

Throw it to me. This way.

Ready, sis?

- Cartoon, got it?
- I will marry Father.

- I'm getting married.
- Give it to me, sis.

I want Father to be my bae.
Give it to me.

Where's Taengtong?

He disappears every night.

You don't care for me and our baby.

I'm going to take a DNA test.

I'm going to take a DNA test.
Why I am so stupid?

I'm a dumbass.

You keep following me
but don't give me a hand?

- Can you manage?
- Khoi.

You're so strong, Pancake.

- Sis Taew.
- Over here.

There. Over there.

- Sis Taew.
- What?

- I know who I want.
- Who, Pancake?

- I want to know it.
- Talk to me.

- What?
- You see my shoulder?

- Pancake.
- Can you guys stand on the same side?

What are you carrying?

You swear that you don't see it?

Sis, ask somebody for me.

Is there a therapist around here?

- Why?
- I need to fix my shoulder.

My love is so heavy.
He's breaking my shoulder.


You're like the purest diamond

Thirty-four has been lost

And sweeter than the sweetest honey

- This comeback.
- Slate, please.

Scene 30.

- Sis.
- What?



You closed the door on my hand.
Sis, I'm kidding.

You had pizza?


You old bitch. You can not hurt my mom.
I don't know what I'm saying.

I won't stay with you.
I'm going to be a nun.

- What?
- Be a nun.

- Pee? The loo's over there.
- No, be a nun.

- What? Do what?
- I said I'm going to be a nun.

I can't speak Thai clearly.

I have to repeat it too many times.

You're such a whore.
Always flirting with guys. A slut.


You're a sex addict.

You're worse than a dog.
Is that right?

Worse than a dog.

- Bitch.
- No.

She forgot the Chinese parts.

She did.

Subtitle translation by Chutarat Banthakit