Hor taew tak (2007) - full transcript

Taew, Cartoon, Mot-dum and Songkram are four aging-yet-still-outrageous katoey (drag queens) who run a boarding house for boys in provincial Thailand. After helping to cover up the mysterious deaths of two local teens (obese ladyboy "Pancake" and a beautiful local girl named Num-Ning), the two spirits begin haunting the dormitory, forcing the "girls" to try all sorts of crazy schemes to get rid of the ghosts. Eventually, they realize that the only way to do this is to help one the ghosts to avenge their deaths.



How did you do that?

They said there are ghosts here.

-You've seen one?

But everyone who walks down
this hallway has seen them.

You've walked down here?

Why would I?
You want to walk here by yourself?

-Just kidding!

I told you not to taunt them.

Hold on!


-What's that?
-Where's it coming from?



-Why don't you come with me!
-No! You go!

You want to know? Then check it out.

-Come on.
-No! I'm scared!

You go check it out.

-It's a ghost!
-What did you see?

-What's the matter?

What ghost?

Ghosts aren't real.

-There's nothing here.

Then why did you scream?
Junior, your turn.

Are you messing with me?

Fine. I'll show you my dance moves.

Pancake, where are you?

Please come and rest
your spirit inside this glass.

-Put your finger on it.

I call forth Pancake's spirit.
Come reside in this glass.

If you don't like it in there,
outside is fine.

Shut up, bitch!

-What do you keep repeating that for?
-Thank you.

Hey, I'm not pushing!
Are you pushing?

-I'm not!
-Me neither!

-Nobody's pushing. You?
-Yeah. It's me.

What? You asshat!

Why the hell did you push it?

Well, it didn't move one bit.
I just wanted to help.

Just touch it lightly.
And hold still. Okay?

Touch it lightly. Very gently.

-It's moving!
-How can it be?

How is this possible?
Where is it going?

-O... H...


Oh, my God! Usamanee!

You think some random spirit
can stop me? Not gonna happen!

You really think you can hide
from me in that room?

Come on in if you dare.

What? There's a monk?


I came here to tell you.

-I'm renouncing from the monkhood.

Why do you want to renounce so soon?

I've done my part, dedicating
my merits to Namning and Pancake.

-Who is this?
-My friend.


It's me, Panda. Pancake's sister.
You guys can never tell us apart.

Pancake got nothing on me.

Hello Patcharapa, Areeya, and Cherman.

Hi, Phookan.

Oh! Reverend.


-Hey, you foul-mouthed!
-You're being out of line here, Panda.

I'm Pancake, not Panda.

Huh! You all go by pretty names now.

They don't even suit your ugly hag faces.


I've been calling you.
Why didn't you come and help us?

Oh, come on!

Calling me into that tiny glass?
Look at my body!

You're supposed to
summon me where I died.

Pancake, so where was it exactly?

What am I doing on the floor?

Stop playing innocent, bitch!

Why did you say that?

I never thought
you would say such a thing to me.

The guardian spirit here is intimidating.

The wind's so strong!

I thought outside was scary.

Inside's a hell of a lot scarier.

All these antiques.

But you have no idea how fierce I am.

I'm not a wimp.

Piano ghost! Piano ghost! Piano ghost!

That was frightening!

Ghost! Ghost! Ghost!

Madame. It's me, Poi.

Don't you remember?

You showed up out of nowhere.
I almost had a heart attack.

This place is creepy. You are creepy.


I thought you were arriving at 4 p.m..
Why do you show up so late?

It's you who showed up all of a sudden.

Scared me witless.

I'm sorry, Madame.

Alright. But don't ever do that again.

-Jeez! Look at your outfit!
-Oh, you've just arrived?

-Hello, Aunt.
-Hello, dear.

You'd better improve your sense
of fashion. Take me as an example.

Come on. Let's go. I want a fresh shower.

Today's so damn hot.

Walking alone at night...

-Aren't you scared?
-Not really.

But this place is haunted.

There are ghosts here?

Definitely. And they're frightening!

Turn on the light if you don't believe me.


Holy shit!

Ghost face!

Scared the hell out of me!

Oh, my!

What are you afraid of?

Right in my face!

What's so scary?

How could we know where Pancake died?

It's been more than 20 years.

Twenty years, my ass!

She just died two years ago.


So you don't even know

where she died?

Damn! I can barely understand your accent.

We forgot!

-Phookan, you just woke up?

Did your aunt arrive yet?

-She got here last night. Still sleeping.
-Oh, okay.

Where are you going?

I'm going to check the apartments. Bye.

Now I remember where Pancake died.

So solid!

Shaking wouldn't help.

Where are you going?

-Where are you taking us?
-Just follow me.

Right here. Right here.

Pancake wasn't raped and killed.

She hit her head on the toilet bowl.

Toilet bowl?

Her spirit must be here.


Please come help us.

She's long gone. Why is it still stinky?

This is not an old smell.

This is a fresh one.

Definitely not me.

Why are you sniffing my face?

Where does that smell come from?

Yeah. Take a look inside.
Get in closer. Closer.

How's my face?

You look the same... like a frigging lion.

Like Singto The Star?

Like the lion from Narnia.

The same old one.

You lizard!

I look like a lizard?

I look like Varanus.

My parents would be so proud.

Their daughter looks like a lizard.

Pancake, please come help us.

Usamanee's been haunting us day and night.



What are you doing in here?


You left the temple already, Khoi?

-Oh, how I missed you!

I missed you so much.
Let me give you a kiss.

Oh! You are so stinky!

What? Are you disgusted by me?

Just kissing her nephew.

Hey, Phookan. Any new tenants?

No. It's so quiet, Aunt Chupacabra.


Phookan! Today...

My Lord.

Oh, My Lord.

Do you remember me? I'm Phayoon.

Grandma's fainting! Help her out!

Please don't die in our building.

-And you are...?
-My Aunt Phayoon.

-Who arrived last night?

Thought this was your uncle.

I'm curious. Are there ghosts here?

As soon as you guys arrived, we got two.

-Oh, okay.

It's me, Poi.

-Hey, give it to him!
-To the left!


Boys will be boys. Rowdy as usual.

Careful... Careful...

Careful. Right there!

-Now you're done, Usamanee!

-Did you just call me?
-Not you!

You think you can get away from me?

Pick it up.

-Hey, pass us the ball!

Sorry, Ma'am.

Come on!

You're done.

Where did you throw the ball?


-It's not me.
-Come on, man.

Sadhu. Pancake,

where have you been?
Why don't you show up?

Anything you want, you can pray to us.

Cherman, Pancake is a ghost now.

You're the one who prays to her.

Not the other way around.

Is that right?

-If you're confident, then yes.

-So you're wrong.
-Pancake, I was confused. I'm sorry.

Everyone! It's all gone!

What's gone?

-The spirit house.
-The spirit house is gone?

We're damned!

It's a wreck! Who did this? Who?

-It must be you guys, right?
-I didn't do it!

-Aunt Phayoon did it.
-That's impossible.

You guys are the ones who play basketball.

Just get a carpenter to fix it.


-Well, what do you--
-Goddammit! How annoying!

That's it. That's enough.

Can't you see? It's not Phayoon.
She looks so innocent.

-That's impossible.
-Of course it's her.

Kik told us so.

You threw the ball at the spirit house.

I didn't do anything.

Umm, I just... came back...

from... umm... my workout.

I started yawning at eight...

Then fell asleep at seven.

-Come again?
-I just came back.

At 8 p.m.,

I started yawing and fell asleep at seven.

See? She looks like she just woke up.

Her lashes are so on point because
she's been sleeping this whole time.

Kik, you again.

-It's true!
-Enough with your nonsense.

-Dad, just go back to bed.
-My Lord.


What are you doing? Please get up.

That's bold of her.

People here are strange. Weird looks.

Weird stares. All-round weirdos.

It takes one to see one.

Alright. Just get back to your own room.

-What a bunch of weirdos!
-They're acting weird too.

Okay. Stop knocking.

-Poi, did you kick my ass?
-I didn't do anything.

I'm just coming out of the room.

See? I told you it's not me.

Oh, you're so sneaky.

You tiptoed behind me and kicked my ass.

How dare you!

Madame Phayoon.

You mess with the wrong person.

No... I'm not...

Phayoon. I am...


As in Pha-ued-pha-om.

Why stutter now?

No, no. I'm not.

H... help!

Prime Minister, please help me.

Poi! Poi! Oh, no!

It's not me! I didn't do it!

No! It's not me!

We dedicate to you
a whole new set of seven-color stripes.

May we all live together in peace.

Dear spirits, please forgive us
for our wrongdoings.


We prepared
all of these offerings for you.


Those who have wronged you,
you can break their necks.

-No! Don't!

You're acting suspicious.

What? I never do anything suspicious.

Stop judging me.

I just think that
breaking necks is too cruel.

It seems morbid! Horrifying!

You have such a pure heart.

You look like a nightmare but you're kind.

I'm dying to know.

-Where did she get the hair clip?
-Thrift shop.

-How cheap!
-Shut up, you snob!

You guys! It's Poi!

We found her upstairs!

Poi is dead?

Oh, Poi!

You shouldn't have
been strangled to death like that!

Oh, you poor thing!

Phayoon, how do you know she's dead?


I guessed.

Just a guess.

You're acting suspicious again.

What? No! It's nothing.

Didn't do anything.

Poi is really dead!


Poi is dead! Oh, no!

I just saw you alive and well.


Who killed her?

Or was it...

Usamanee! Oh, Poi!

You shouldn't have died!

No, no, no... Poi is dead! No!

You always took care of me. No!

Pancake! You show your face,

as soon as I arrive?


Not your business!

-I'm sorry. You probably...

You sure are sorry.

I'm sorry. You probably
mistake me for someone else.

I might be mistaken.

But my hands never miss.

Remember those durian rinds?

This bitch is a ghost from Thailand.

She's gonna haunt you, sweetheart.

You sly devil!

-Get up!
-Pull her up!

We're just arrived two seconds ago...

He's mine, bitch! Can't you see?

It's not me!

-Grab her!

Cartoon! Stop! Don't hurt her!

What's going on in here?

What? She's not Pancake's ghost?

Nope. Nope.

You are Panda, dear?

I'm so sorry. I thought you were
that ghost bitch, Pancake.

It's alright. Everybody makes mistakes.

-I'm fine.
-Panda, don't be like that.

I feel so bad about it.
I didn't know. I slapped you non-stop...

It's nothing, really.
I'm going to see a doctor later.

You love prying, right?

Phayoon! Please, don't hurt me!


-I saw Aunt Phayoon...
-Doing what?

What did you see?


Did you see or not?

-I saw nothing.


-If you see anything, tell me.

Tonmai, so what did you see?

I saw...

-Saw what?
-I saw Aunt Phayoon...

standing behind you.


You startled me!

So did you see?

No, I didn't see anything.

If I know...

My Lord.

Do you remember me?

I'm Usamanee.

Usamanee, who?

I don't know you.

I was the one you once adored.


Usamanee, the woman you loved.

Who the heck?

Ouch! Please stop going around.

My knees hurt.

You don't have to be afraid, My Lord.

I'm still your Usamanee.

Same old face.

Nothing has changed.

Don't you want to watch me dance?

My Lord.

Ooh, goosebumps!

Voice of an angel.

Hey! Stop!

Taew, he's mine!

Your wife's right here.

Why is it so hard to get out?

The hole's too tight. Ugh, so stinky!

Why did I have to die here?

Well, well, well. Taew and Cartoon.

End up together now?



Sleepyhead as usual.





Is this Panda or Pancake?

How dare you hit my hubby on the head?


-Your hubby?


Is he French?

You like fries?

Want a dip? You want some?

Yeah, yeah. I like dipping.

You can dip only me, sweetheart.

Hey, I missed you so much.

Is she dead or just sleeping?




What the hell? Is this Panda or Pancake?

-Shut your word hole!
-Oh, it's Pancake.

You're still foul-mouthed.

What took you so long?

We've been calling you since forever.

Oh, come on!

Look at the size of the toilet hole.

-You think it's easy to get out?
-What kind of ghost haunts a toilet?

Well, I died there.

Sorry, I forgot.

I really have to thank you though

for having Khoi ordained for me.

They summoned a ghost.

Your face is still large.

-Didn't get plastic surgery yet?
-Do you hear?

-Not quite clear.
-Get a jaw reduction.

Then widen your eyes.


Someone's eavesdropping.

Ghost... Ghost...

Ghost... Please help.


-What are you doing here?
-Help me!

-What are you talking about?
-The ghost...

How did you get in here?

I'm just... passing by.

-How did you end up in our room?
-Oh, no, no, no.

I just wanted to....

-Oh! I want to borrow a flashlight.
-What do you need it for?

To remove my appendix.
The lights in my room went out.

-She's probably watching us lovebirds.
-Three of us. It's a threesome.

Don't tell Taew about me
bringing Novice to bust those ghosts.

Because I want this to be my mega project.

Novice... please don't stop.

Keep chanting. What are you afraid of?

What are you doing?

You want to capture me in there?
Not gonna happen.

She refuses to get inside this pot.
She doesn't comply.


There's a lot of
your favorite stuff in there.

You should check it out.

Do I look stupid to you?

No, I don't think so.

But any smart people
would definitely go see for themselves.


I'm a smart person.

I'll get in there.

We'd be damned without you.

Which way? She's coming for us!

-Come on, you guys.
-Over there.

Think you can hide forever?

I will survive.

She's here!

That's so nasty!

-Smells like shit!
-Eww, I'm gonna throw up!

Come on, let's share
the smell, so it fades out.

I can't take it anymore.

Let's go!

Come on!

You're helping
your little friends, aren't you?

Yeah, you're good.

But I don't get it.
How could they all fit in there?

All of them in that trash bin?


The two of us might not
belong together in this life.

But if there's a next life,

I wish for us to be together.

Hold on, shorty!

Oh, you're so statuesque! Who are you?

Why are you following me?

Get it into your thick skull.
My name's Pancake.

-Want to hear my motto?

A classy slut who can slap.

You got nothing on me
'cause I'm the real Queen Bitch.

-My turn.
-Go on.

With my unrivaled beauty,
Kendall calls me Mother.

-Taylor doesn't dare to compare.

Gigi is unmatched.

Bella doesn't want to be near.

Usamanee is my name.

I don't want to know.

I want to know why you're scaring people.

Because this building was built
on the ground where I lived,

where I died, and more importantly

where I fell in love.

By the way,

-how did you die?
-I was raped.

Oh, give me a break!

Didn't you smash your head
on the toilet bowl?

Oh, bite me!

What about you? How did you die?

It's a heart-wrenching story.

I got murdered

because someone
was jealous of my love life.

I'm warning you now.

Stop tormenting these people.

I don't want to see anyone get hurt.

Especially that bitch!

-Who's she?
-My best friend.

What a duo!

-A beauty and a toad?
-So what?

Can you find a friend like mine?

I see you walk around by yourself.

-My friends are all celebs.
-Huh, never see them.

-You want to fight?
-Stop arguing, Usamanee...


You tell your friend.

If I lose my weight,

a face like hers
can't even compare to my toenails.

-Bitch! Can you give me a sign first?

Both of you.

If you try to harm
anyone in this building,

I'm gonna make you pay, Varanus.


Monitor lizard.

-Let's go, Varanus.


Listen to me.
You don't have to worry about us.


You should keep
both eyes on your new tenant.

Toadface Uthaitaewee.

She meant herself.

Keep crying! Cry your heart out!

What's the matter?

Dad? What happened?

What's wrong?

She knows.

She found out I sent my hubby back home.

And she wouldn't stop crying.

If I didn't, what was going to happen?

Then why are you crying?

I love him!

How can you say that? He's my husband!

-I love him because he's yours.

-If you want to cry, cry.

-Who woke up the jealous bitch inside you?

Enjoy it much? Being a homewrecker?

Khoi, thank you for
dedicating merits to me.

Sis, I've got some news for you.

Usamanee and Trichada
wouldn't leave us alone

because it was their territory.

They both died here.

And this building
was built over their graves.

When will your hubby come back?

See? I told you so.

You shouldn't have
bought this place from Areeya.

-But it's cheap!
-Apartments with ghosts? Worth it?

I love leasing.

Yeah, keep crying.

How are you gonna help us, Pancake?


This is love at first sight!

Sis, if you get me
a Blythe doll, I'll help.

We're going to Siam.
We must look good.

Cherman will get jealous
when she sees us.


Get Khoi to see
if our looks are spot on.



-How do I look?
-So good!

You look exactly alike.

What about me?

-Like twins!


-Right here.


My heart got melted away, away with you.

Let's go to Siam.

What is it? What's real love?

Those feels inside the guts...



Why don't you get dressed?

We'll be late for Dubai.

To visit Mr. Thaksin?

To buy a Blithe for Pancake.

-Oh, to buy, not Dubai.
-Yeah. But...

You guys are a little overdressed.

-You're more than overdressed.
-Oh, wait.

What about Areeya?

Her face doesn't go well
with the vibes of Siam.

We can ask her when we go to Chinatown.

-Let's go.

This is it. The shop I was talking about.

Reasonable price.

Sis... Sis...

Please go brush your teeth.



Khoi, sleep.

I heard you went to Siam today.

Did you forget something?

-Forgot what?
-D... d... d...

-Nope. Not a duck.

-My doll!
-We didn't forget.

We went there just to buy it for you.

-Close your eyes.
-It's a surprise?

-Here you go!

What kind of goddamn doll is that?

Not a goddamn doll. Just a regular doll.

-You want it or not?

Get the job done,
I'll buy you a real Blythe.

I know you're lying.

But I'll help you.

-She looks like me?

I'm gonna name her...

-That's my name!

-My doll's name!

-E-Taew, you lying bitch!

-You called me a lying bitch?
-I meant my doll.


-You snake.
-You called me a snake?

-I'm talking to my doll.

-Use your ears, neanderthal.
-You're talking to your doll.

-No. I mean you.

-I have to go.

You old hag.

-You're talking to your doll.
-No. You.

Feels like it's mostly me.

Holy shit! Khoi, did you just take a dump?

What kind of grown-ass
adult poops in the bed?

Stop right there!


What's the rush?

-You look better.
-Thank you.

Don't tell me
you've been taking hormones.

Oh, not really. I look the same.

Do you have anything else?

Because I have to go to school.


-You're just back from school.

I forgot.

What kind of a hexed doll did you buy?

I want the one with changeable
eye colors when you pull the cord.

This one's technically the same.

Are you serious?

If you don't believe me, I'll show you.



Give it to me.

Does it change?

No, it doesn't.

-It's not like that.

You think I'm your friend?

It hurts.

-Do you smell something?
-Yeah. Like something rotten.

It's coming from this room.

Open it.


Who killed you?
Please come tell Cherman in a dream.

Then Cherman can tell me later.

-Why not in your own dream?
-I'm scared.


We don't have anyone left.

Hey! What about me?

You'll be dead soon.

Areeya, take Taew
with you to the afterlife.

You wan to get your ass
kicked at the funeral?

Areeya, why did you have to die,
you numbnuts?



Today's a good day.

I want to introduce you
to my elder friends.

Sure! Let's go.

Sis, I want to introduce my boyfriend.

His name's Bin Laden.

Perfect timing.

Touch me,
we'll be together in the next life.

Where is Cartoon?

-Ma'am... I...

You didn't see anything?

No. Nothing.

Good boy.

Why? What did you see?


Just arrived?

Sorry I'm late.
I was getting my hair done.

Please take a seat.

Do you know

who killed Areeya?



...didn't do it.

Goddamn dramatic pause.

But I can tell you who did.

Who's the killer?


I didn't kill her!

Don't put it on me.

-Help her!


Phayoon? Are you alright?

Is she conscious?

Pull her out!


What the hell happened?

I've got some good news.

I found a ghostbuster!

For real?

She studied World Law
at an international institute

in Switzerland.

But enjoys busting ghosts.

-Are you sure?
-Yes, of course.

You think you can defeat me?

Not gonna happen!



Smiling at your own funeral?

Lady Shaman.

It's over here.

Come forth!

Stay close to me.

Stick together.

She's not scared.

Just asking for a friend.

Reveal yourself!

Reveal yourself now!

Are you alright?

Lady Shaman's gonna get you!

Why do you want to mess with me?

I told you. I didn't kill.

Look at our shaman!

You're crazy!

Evil spirit!

Reveal yourself and I will vanquish you!


What was that?

You crazy old hag!

How dare you call me crazy old hag?

You committed an offense
under section 326 of the Penal Code

by imputing me before a third party.

You shall be imprisoned for one year
and/or fined 100,000 Baht.

-Hot damn!
-She's the real deal!

I'll sue you.

You'll be served
with a writ, you evil spirit.

Are you really suing a ghost?


It's coming for you!

But if you vote for me, number four,

I'll make sure
you're cleared on all charges.

I'll vote for you.

-Good. I'm leaving.
-Hold on.

When can I vote?

-When Parliament is dissolved.

-Thanks. Bye.

Governor or representative?

Whatever comes first,
I'll go with that one.

-Thanks again. Bye.

She got one vote and she quit.

-She just left us here.
-It's your turn.

What? Why don't you
go vote for her?

You really believe that?

A weird candidate
who wears eight-inch heels.

-I thought she was a giraffe.
-You liar!

A real filthy spirit!

Nobody's going to get any sleep tonight.

-What are you doing?
-I'm gonna punish you all.

Where are you going, Southern fag?

Whoa! Isn't she something?

Boo-hoo! Nitwit!

You wicked ghost!

How can you do that
to a sweet girl like me?

I'm not scared!

You underestimate how feisty I can be!

You want to fight with me?

Do you see? Come on!

I'm not just a regular Southern girl.


Graceful and lissome Southern moves.

Do you know what this is called?

Mor lam band.

Band? What band?
It's just me dancing.

This is called Nora, you idiot!

Come on! Dance off, me and you!

Can you nail this move?

Watch me!

You'd better watch!

She can do that?

Anything else?

Whoa! How can she do that?

See? I told you so!

Nora moves are the next level!

Can you do it?

You're so flexible.

Come on! Bring it!

Just bend your back all the way?


Do it! Come on! You should try!

Ouch! my back.

How's that?

You can't do it, can you?

Watch me!

You see?

Speechless, huh?

Can you do what I do?

Take it!

Then catch me if you can!

Where are you taking my leg?

Are you crazy?
How can I run with one leg?


Is she following?

Dad, what now?

I have a plan.

Ugh, I hate this!

Shouldn't have thrown my leg at her.

Why did I make my life harder?

I've had enough of this!

Dad? Which room are you in?

The second one.


How can they deceive a ghost?

Dad? Which room again?

The first one.

Think I'm an idiot?

Deceived me over and over again.

Dad? Which room?

The third one.

My Lord.

Don't treat me like this.

It hurts.

Is she coming after me?

So scary!

What? Are you just
gonna scare everyone?

I'm a ghost!

What are you gonna do?

I'm strangling you.

Strangling me?

You can't even reach my neck, you runt!

Then I... I squeeze your tummy!

What if I vomit to death,
who will cook for you?

I don't want to eat your food.
You just throw everything in.

"Just eat it or throw it away,"
You frying-pan face!

How dare you call me
frying-pan face, potty mouth!

You look as though
you have a giant pan for your face.

What else can I call you?

You're making fun of me?
You're making fun of me?

Wow! You're smart!

A ghost can be electrocuted.
Goodbye and go to hell.

Help me! I'm being fried!

-Please help!

Here's my help!

Screw you, you frying-pan face!

You mega giant face!

Ugly fat face!


So scared!

Is she still following me?

-What the hell is that?
-Filthy foot.

Why are you dissing me?

No, I didn't.

-It's her actual foot.

Is she still following?

You're sticking your foot at me?

-I'm not. It's not my foot.
-Then whose foot?



Don't you worry.

She can't follow us. I have her foot.

I'm not worried.

But that chair is moving!
It's moving! I'm out of here!

Still scared of me?
I've been with you for ages.

I'm upset.

I don't get it. What's so scary about me?


Of course it's me!

While you're busy running around
with the shaman and that ghost,

don't you know
someone sneaked into your room?

Who sneaked in?


-She looked for Khoi's shirt.

-And took a button.

Stop with the whats. That's it.

What was she looking for, Khoi?


We "what?" You "huh?"

What was she looking for?

Almost got caught.

Do you want to know
what's inside Phayoon's room?

I'm curious too.

How can you eat that? It's human food.

You have to wait for the offerings.

I can't pick much.

"Just eat it or throw it away."

Believe me.

You have to keep her out of the room.

So I can take a look inside.

I can't go in if she's still there.

-It's etiquette.

Oh, you snob!

She's here.

Hi, Phayoon.

You sent Phookan to bring me here.

-What's the matter?

If it's nothing then excuse me.

Hold on. Wait a second.

Have a seat. Let's talk.

-What is this all about? I think...

-I should go.
-Wait, Phayoon.

We have something to discuss...

What do we want to talk to her about?

You can't go back right now.

You'll see...

See what?


My Lord.

Yes, your lord.

-You can greet him.
-Hello, My Lord.

She practices black magic.

She has a voodoo child.


What are you doing
in my master's room?

Look at you! Strut like a man!

Phew! Poi.

Did you forget?

When you were alive, you were a twink.

Of course I remember.

I was a twink. But life was so hard.

I'm happier with my life now as a buffalo.

My stomach is full of men.

Your stomach is full of men?

A buffalo's supposed
to chew on grass, not men.

I'll chew your head off!

-If you don't leave now.
-No. What are you doing about it?

I'll make you pay for it!

You think I can't fight? Think again.

-Come on!
-Come on.


Thank you so much. That's all for tonight.

-I should go.

-Sweet dreams.
-Probably done by now.

What a relief!

It's about time.

-Can't stall any longer...
-Well, I...

-If there's anything, you can come over.
-It's nothing now.

-Or call me on the phone.

Scared me witless.

Don't be dramatic.

Scared every time I come and go.

Oh, hey.

I saw a lot of
black magic stuff in her room.

All kinds of voodoo on the altars.

Voodoo children and talismans.

A scary black-magic buffalo.

There's a black-magic buffalo?

-What does it sound like?

It looks like this.

Oh, it's probably hungry.

If you don't believe me,
you should see for yourself.

I think Phayoon is using black magic.

Love me. Love me. Love me. Adore me.
Love me. Adore Me. Love me. Adore me.

Love me. Adore Me.
Love me. Adore me.

Love! Love! Love me!
Adore me! Adore me!

Love me... Adore me....

Hey! It's time to rise and shine.

Look at her. Still sleeping like a log.

What book?

Ooh! Beauty Bible.

-Yoga poses.


Where is Khoi anyway?

-Still intact.
-Not that.

I mean where is Khoi?

Wait? Where is he?

Last night he was sleeping next to me.

Where is he?


Where are you, Khoi?


Or what?

-I can't let you in.
-Why can't we go in?

Oh, no. It's not me.

I don't know. I didn't do anything.

But you were snuggling with him!

I didn't do anything!

-I swear. I didn't do it.
-How can you say you didn't do it?

I did nothing.

Khoi sneaked into my bed.

He said I was beautiful.

You're beautiful? Who are you kidding?

You are a horrible person!

Ouch! Sis!

Khoi, why did you kick your mom?

-Help me!
-Why did you do that?

Help me, please!

Get out!


Help me!

He's head over heels after just a night.


Khoi is out of his mind.


Didn't I tell you?

Knock the door
before you let them in.

I tried.

Hey, are you alright?

She got kicked by her own son.

Khoi kicked you?

He beat me up.

I have to go to school now.


You brought
a guy home last night?

No, it's not like that.

You got me wrong. It's just...

He came here to pick me up
for school. I don't know the way.

Mother got kicked by her own son.

Hurry up! Before you get kicked too.

Are you okay?

-Stop it, old hag!
-You scared me!

Phayoon, I know you use
black magic to ensnare him.

That's not true.

Khoi loves me for my beauty.


Which mirror shows you're beautiful?

All of them.


If there were
two women left on this earth,

This hag and me, who would you choose?


-You hear that?
-Low standards!

Khoi, it's okay.


-Where are all those altars and talismans?
-I don't have them.

-Never had them.

-There are no such things in here.
-Bullshit! Where are they?

I don't know!

Where did you hide them?

Tell me where you hid them.

How about that? Grab her!

Khoi, let me go!

I'll demolish your spirit!


Can you get it out already?
My face is all beaten up!

Hold still.

It's burning!

It's burning!

Are you alright?

Thank you so much, Usamanee and Trichada.

You're welcome. But hey,

I think we should catch our breath.


So what's your story,
Usamanee and Trichada?

I'll tell you now.

Trichada and I,

we were the most
beautiful actresses back then.

Trichada I believe. But you?

-Are you sure?
-Of course.

One of the best.

So, who is Phayoon?

Why does she
have to put a spell on Khoi?

Lady Phayoon and Trichada

were both the lord's wives.

He was reborn as Khoi.

Where are you going?

I want to spend the night with Trichada.

My Lord!

Trichada... You slut.

He's also very fond of me.


Until one night, the lord...

sneaked into my room.

I didn't know what to do.


My Lord.

Please don't do it.

We shouldn't do what's inappropriate.

I think...

if Lady Phayoon finds out,
she's not going like it.

Please don't do it!

Oh, no. Please stop! My Lord!

My Lord, stop it!

My Lord! Your hands...

That night I became
one of his wives against my will.

Oh, my nape! It's ticklish! Please stop!

How could he?

Why did he treat me like that?

Like I was an easy woman.

I wasn't even prepared.

I'm not ready.

Really? Smells like bullshit.

I find it hard to believe.

It's true, Pancake.

For real?

I didn't ask you.

Shut up.

Do you know that
I'm moving to the main house?

He's so enamored by me.

I feel uncomfortable.

My room is next to yours.

Phayoon's coming.

Oh, careful, My Lord.

It's beautiful up here.

The solar eclipse will occur tomorrow.

It's time I sent Usamanee and Trichada

to the deepest circle of hell
never to be born again!


Watch out and don't let
anyone come near my ritual.

My Lord,

we'll be together...


Repeat after me.

We'll be together forever.


-We'll be together forever.

We'll be together forever.

He gave me double.

We'll be together forever.

We'll be together forever.

We'll be together forever.

It was her plan all along.

What should we do now, Usamanee?

Don't you worry.

You helped me
so I'll gladly return the favor.

And for revenge? They sure have it coming!

Let me help you.

I'm gonna get you, Phayoon.

You guys... listen carefully!

There will be a solar eclipse tomorrow.

Best place to view ?

China. Oh, come on!


-Are you listening?

Phayoon will curse Usamanee and Trichada

so they will never be born again.

If we fail to stop the ritual,

they will be ensnared in hell forever.



And more importantly,

we have to help Khoi.

He's still one of us.

Khoi, my son.

We really have to use our magic again?

But it's necessary.

Right. We have to help them.

The altar is over there.

We have to destroy it
before the total eclipse happens.

Let's do it!



You came up here to ruin my ritual?

No way!

Khoi, come to Mama!

Khoi, come to your aunt.

You said she was a good person.

You're right. A good person
wouldn't dress up like that!


Let me ask you something.

Why would you do that?

You're not me. You don't understand.

Usamanee and Trichada,

they were the sources of my suffering.

Not true.


You were the one
who put us through suffering.

Not true!

Both of you tormented me.

If you don't believe it,

I'll tell you right now.

It's so dirty here!

-But I just cleaned it.
-Do it again.


Do as we say and stop complaining.

Keep blowing!

The smoke got in my eyes!

-Why don't you move over there?
-Shut up!

You have problems? What's your problem?

-Between each toe.
-Right on.

Why did you soak it again?

I just dried your foot.

I dried, you soaked.

Why did you soak it again?

-Different side.
-Right, different side.

Oh, no! It hurts so bad!

It hurts so bad!

You two were real devils.


Gullible fools!

You believe those lies?


I'll tell you the truth about how we died

and who killed us.

-Eternal liars.

Scrub it here! Here! Here!

Don't you listen?

What about there? And there!

When are you waiting for?
Add more fire! Fire!

Fire not firewood! Fire!

Coconut! I told you to boil it!

Put it in! Quickly!

-You want the whole coconut?
-Vegetables! Get them in.

Come on. Work faster.
Add vegetables and peppers.

Can you go any faster? Come on!

Faster! Faster!

So ticklish!

Enough! I'm tickled.

-My Lady.

-My hair is dripping.
-You're playing around?

You're playing around
and getting your hair wet?

Don't do that ever again!

My Lady, you're cruel!

My name is Phayoon, not Cruel.

Lady Phayoon.

I told you many times
not to climb around here.

You understand? Huh? Understand?

You're the worst of the worst.
Your blue eye shadow and butthole lips!

Go bother your master.

I feel so bad for you.

-Poor things.
-Don't trust them. They're liars.

-You shut up!
-Why would I? You shut up!

-You're a liar!
-You're liars!

-You evil liar!

Enough! Both of you!

You keep digging up the past.

Usamanee, tell us, how can we help you?

If I knew, I wouldn't ask you for help.


She confined our spirits to the past.

Well, since it all went down in the past,

we should go back to fix it.

is as easy as going to the mall?

I can take you back in time.
It's actually easier.


-Don't forget I'm a ghost.

-You idiot!

Ahh! Stop!

If you want to go then stop arguing,
before it's too late.

-Are we going?

But I'm not.

Suit yourself. Let's go!

You get out of here right now.


What should we do?

Let's back off for now.
But no matter what, we fight.

What should you do? Back off?

I'm gonna get all of you.

Come at me!

-Om... Latte!

Can you help?



-That's Phayoon!

What Khoi? That's the lord!

Sis, what do we do now?

We should leave.
Our outfits don't match with theirs.


Our outfits don't match.

We dress differently.

Sorry, I didn't get it.

I'll take care of the outfits.

Now hide in there one by one. You first.

My Lord, please wait
for me in our chamber.

Who the hell are you?

I'm Yen.

What are you doing in here?

We came to scrub the floor.

Get out of here as soon as you finish.

Yes, Ma'am.

Unfamiliar voices.

Close the door behind me.

Follow me. She can't recognize us.

-Yes, Auntie.

Go get that charmed doll.

Stop, Phookan! I'm your aunt!

I'm your auntie!

I'm your aunt!

I'm your auntie!

Get them, My Lord.

Phookan! Don't do it!

Untie them right now.


Don't do it!

My Lord, please come over here.

My Lord!

They've been gone for a while.

I'm worried about them.
Can you send me back?



Turn around.

I don't like it from behind. It hurts!

Just a second.

You love each other much, huh?
You love each other to death? Alright!

She's being killed...

I want to help her!

How can you get in there?
There are bars on the window.

We can't help her.

We can't change the past.

But we can modify it.


-How did you get here?
-Same way as you.

She's killing Trichada!

We can't change the past.

But we can modify it.


-Lady Phayoon.

-Are you spying on me?
-I'm not spying.

-Did you see anything?



-What did you see?
-You're so cruel!

Always prying in my affairs.

Tell me, what did you see?

Did you see anything?

Usamanee is dead!

Died at my foot bowl.

She told me she was killed
because of her love life. Yikes!

Died right at a foot bowl. Bitch!

It's happening.

I'll send you to the fiery inferno.

Trichada, what should we do?

Just calm down, Usamanee.

Take this!

-Usamanee! Trichada!
-You want to see my bad side?

Entities and demons,
Take them to the darkest part of hell!

Ensnare them for eternity!

Take them to hell!

And never be reborn!

These threads from seven deadly graveyards

shall tie your spirits together

in this life, the next life,
or after life.

I will avenge you everywhere you go.

Bury them.

They have a ritual over there!

Come on! Stop them!

Kill them!

Don't you dare!

Cappuccino Espresso!

Mocha Coco!


Latte and Goodbye!

Cappuccino Espresso!

Hurry up! Follow me!
Before it's too late.

Usamanee! Trichada!

Cappuccino Espresso!

Phayoon! I'm coming for you!


This is your last day!

Cappuccino Espresso!

Thank you, all of you,

for saving us from eternal hell.

You don't have to thank us.
You should thank Harry Potter.

Thank you so much, My Lords.

She's right there, officers.

That's the killer. That's her.

Phayoon murdered people in this building.

-You sure?
-Yes. You can ask Tonmai.

-It's true!
-We are the witnesses.

-Take this.
-Get up now!

-Come on!
-It's not me!

-I didn't kill anyone!
-Take her to prison!

I know the Director General!

I can get you fired!
I don't know! I didn't kill anyone!

I lost my shoe!

-My shoe!

Oh, help me!
I didn't kill them! Please help me!


This is my mega project, my masterpiece.

Your masterpiece?

It was Tonmai's idea.
He called the cops.

Tonmai told me and I told the police.

Alright. You get credit too.

And what will you give me as my reward?

What should we reward her?

I'll give you a male sex doll.

Thank you.

I'll keep it
until I can play with it.

Ladies and gentlemen!

Please welcome the Beauty Trio

and their performance!


Why don't you join them?


I want to stay with you.

It's alright.

I can hang by myself.

You're thinking about him, aren't you?


You go have fun.

Will you be okay? Sure?

I'm dying for a drink!

May holy spirits

who reside around here

please give me a chance

to meet Trichada once again

because I miss her so much.


You've been standing here?

So you heard everything I said.

Thank you!

Have a good night!

What are you doing here?

-What's wrong?
-Are you okay?

Let go of me! I'm not Aun.

What's the matter, handsome?

Get out of my face!

Grab him! He's possessed!

-He's possessed!

Get out of my territory!

Usamanee. What are you doing?

I'm tipsy, Pancake.

Would you do me the honor?

My pleasure!

The End!


-This is so much fun.
-It hurts.

-I'm having fun.
-But I feel pain!

My feet look like prunes.

The water is so dirty.

Brown water.

Like Leopard brand cough syrup.

You know?

Very funny.


Poi is dead!

You're blocking me!


-I slipped on something.

What the hell are you doing?

I saw you! I saw what you did.

Khoi! Did you just take a dump?

Smells so nasty.

I've never done
anything wrong in my life.

Just like Poj Arnon.

This is so disgusting.

What kind of pose is that?

-Aunt Ji told me to.
-Ji who?

Ji Yoga Guru.

She's prettier?

Literally everyone
is prettier than you.

Especially me and Aunt Ji.

Take this!

Broke my headdress.

Something's burning.


Subtitle translation by Suganya Pankote