Hor Taew Tak Hake Na Ka (2015) - full transcript

Ghosts wreak havoc at an old school, and a student communicates with the spirit as the team reckons with a power struggle.

Isn't the reunion this year so grand,

It's a big party,

and we are overdressed.
I'm so exhausted after all I had to do.

Alright. Just pull over here.


Why isn't so marvelous?
I'm envious.

Of course, Prisana. Pong is very rich.

- Welcome.
- Please come in.

- Let me help you, ma'am.
- Thank you.

- You're welcome.
- Thank you.

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen

to our blue-grey,
Poraminwittayakom School Reunion Party.

Welcome ladies and gentlemen
to our Poraminwittayakom Reunion Party.

Please welcome everyone
to the party. Applause.

Applause, please.

Alright, before we continue,

we'd like to welcome our seniors,
who are our role models.

They will join us here
to give a short speech.

Before we start the party,
we have some seniors

who've been idolized by everyone.

We welcome them today.

Without further ado,
please welcome our three seniors.


Good evening.

Hi, everybody. My name is Taew.

In fact, our school is an all-boys school,

but they turn to ladies after graduating.

Moddum, say something.

- I'll just sing you a song.
- Don't sing. Who said you could sing?

- This is Kapoo.
- I'm Kapoo.

Over there is my son, Kouy.

Please clap your hands for Kouy.

So cute.

Moddum, stop singing.

- Such a star crusher.
- Let's go and talk to them.

Have some fun.

- This is a reunion party.
- Please clap your hands for our seniors.

Thank you for joining us.

- Kouy, bring me a glass of wine.
- Yes, Mom.

Are you Taew?


Can you do me a favor?

- Who are you?
- My name is Pudsorn.

I'm from this school.

- Excuse me. Cheers.
- Cheers.


Hello, Pancake.

Hi. Cheers.

Looks like she's met her rival.

Excuse me. Don't you toast me?
Do I know you?

I'm Pookan.


What's your name?


Tangtong. I remember you.

Don't tell me that both of you are...

I'm her husband.

- No way.
- Okay.

- Taew! Moddum!
- What? I'm here.

- You better deal with this.
- I heard you. I'm on my way.

- Something disgraceful happened.
- We'll catch up later.

- Taew!
- Okay! Let's go.

- Where are you going?
- Pancake wants us there.

What's going on?

- Look who's here.
- Who are you, bitch?

- I'm Tangkaew.
- You look like Tangtong.

Are you Tangtong?

That's right. The guy you jumped on
with G-string in Korea. Idiot!

How do you end up like this?

Who are these bitches?

- We are your juniors.
- Juniors?

- I'm Prisana.
- Prisana.

- Hi, sister.
- What's your name?


- Juniors my ass, you look older than me.
- Older my ass!

- Whoa, bitches.
- We'll talk later.

Calm down, let's deal with this later.

Let me deal with Tangtong first.

- Come here.
- What, Pancake?

- And who is that?
- Don't you remember? It's Pookan.

- Pookan? Moddum, Pookan.
- Pookan, to paint what?

- Paint your mom's face, bitch. Pookan.
- Yes, sis.

You've turn my ex-husband

into your current wife.

- That's low! Low!
- Him?

- No, you!
- What a drama!

Do you want to know why? You wanted him
so bad back then, didn't you?

I didn't sleep with him, you did.

- You have a baby with him. I know.
- Pookan.

Let's go.
I don't want to argue with a retard.

- She's a bitch too.
- How about our baby?

Who cares?


- It breaks my heart.
- I'm devastated.


- What the fuck are you laughing at?
- At that shithead, that's all.

- Pancake, just calm down.
- Tangtong.

Pancake, let me take care of these two.

- Tangtong.
- While I was studying here,

nobody would defy me.

My friends are even worse.

Pancake, I'm in trouble.

- Let me cheer myself up.
- Whenever she drinks,

hell rises.

Look at her.

Hey, Pancake. Slap her!

- Bitch!
- You left me.


- Tangtong.
- Hurry up! Excuse me.

Where are you going?


- Hello. Ladies and gentlemen...
- Take care of Pancake, please.

I'm Usasawan,

the only sister
of this school's principal.

I'd like to end this celebration.


Don't ask me why.

Well, the thing is the principal...

doesn't feel very well,

and she cannot join the party.


ladies and gentlemen,

don't waste your time here.

Let's find some appetizers to eat.

Please leave.

What is this?

- You want us to go home like this?
- Tangtong.

Explain to me!
How do you become his bitch?


Here we are, at our school.

It's so beautiful.

What's that?

- I don't know. Will I be arrested?
- It's gone.

Pancake. Don't you have a sixth sense?

Don't you? Let's get inside.

I see a car.
Taew and her friends are here.

Miss Taew is arriving.

Orachorn, Hyena, come on.

Don't slack off.

Hyena, don't you think
you should spit it off?

Why are you still sitting there
with that corpse-like face?

Go open the gate.

You are not my superior
to start ordering us around.

There's no question that I am.
My height and beauty have no equal.

- Bitch!
- Look, they opened the gate for us.

Hey, who's arriving so late?

Well, I don't know.

Sis, this place is so cute.

So vintage. It's all you.

you can be cute when you talk nice.

- Isn't that right, bitch?
- There.

Welcome everyone
to Poraminwittayakom school.

Good afternoon,
ladies and gentlemen.

Welcome you all
to Porminwittayakom school.

Sis, the four-eyed one,

his mom must have slept
with a westerner.

Pancake, don't talk shit.
He might hear you.

No, he won't.
Otherwise, he would have fired back.

But that tall bitch looks sharp-tongued.

It's happening. We're fucked.

This place is really haunted.

Haunted my ass.
Don't you see? It's the wind.

- The wind?
- Did you see your dad do it?

Sis. Up there. Look up.

- Look up for the lotto?
- No, bitch!

Shouldn't we go inside?

If we are standing here talking,

why don't we just order rice noodles

with fish curry and eat here?

I'm sorry, I forgot.
Please come inside. Please.

- Taew.
- Yes?

- What?
- Your luggage.

Thank you. Bitch.

Let me open it for you.

- Miss Moddum, your bag.
- Please.

Welcome, madam. Welcome, miss.

Are you here?

We'll see.

Ark, hurry up.

Thee, Krish, are you done?
The master is calling us.

- Let's go.
- I'm ready, Ark.

Pat, hurry up!

- Oh, David.
- Hey, Ark.

Something wrong? Why does the master
want us here with such urgency?

I have no idea.

We'll find out. Let's go.

Hello, boys.

I'm Taew. I'll be your teacher.

And this is my son.

His name is Kouy.


Kouy, say hello to everyone.

Hello, everybody, I'm Kouy.

Kouy is your senior.

I'd like you to show him some respect.

Don't mess with Kouy. Don't pick on Kouy.

I can't speak clearly.

- And this is Pancake.
- Sis!

They can't see me.

Can you see her, boys?

Yes, ma'am.

Your spell is a bit rusty lately.

Hey, Giraffe. You can you see me, right?

I saw you since you came in.

But I didn't know you could talk.
I thought you were a lump of something.


I think you've met your soul mate.

- Sis.
- What?

- Didn't we see her last night?
- Yes.

I thought it was a ghost.
Scared the shit out of me.

- Who is this ostrich?
- Don't say that.

This is Principal

She looks too old.

What now?

- Everybody.
- Ready?

- Come.
- Touch my arm.

Come on.

Which temple do you keep her body?


I am alive.

And this is the principal's daughter.

- Nuanpong.
- Hello.

- Hello.
- Really? Her daughter?

- This is her daughter?
- Beautiful...

like... her mother.

Sis, with that kind of face
she must be an IVF baby.

Hey, you...


study hard.

The new...


is here. Don't...

- ruin our...
- She's not done yet?

...school's name.

Are you okay, Mom?

My medicine.

Yeah, good fetch.

Honey, take...


- to rest.
- She's out. Go, go.

- Let's go, Mom.
- Take her to rest.

She looks like a dying old monk.

- Honey.
- Yes?

Are you okay, Mom? Mom!

The old monk is dead.

We'll take you to see the next room.

For now,
we're going to see the next room.

Kouy, translate.

Okay. Let's take a look
at the next room.

The next room
is still the student dormitory.

The next room
is still the student dormitory.

The next room
is still the student dormitory.

We only allow for students per room.

We only allow for students per room.
we only allow four students to live in.

Let him speak English first,
then you can translate.


We only allow for students per room.

We only allow for students per room.


Mom, Can he say again?

- I can't remember.
- Mom.

We only allow for students per room.

Only four people
can stay in each the room.

Oh, my God! Such good English.

- You're welcome.
- Oxford.

- Massachusetts.
- Oxford. That's why.

Oxford, Massachusetts.

Okay. Let's have a look at the next area.
Follow me.

Don't let me down
and embarrassed.

- Don't "wally," Mom. Don't "wally."
- "Worry." Moron.

- Master Shawn.
- Yes?

- Are you meditating?
- Yes.

- They are here.
- I know.

I saw them last night.

I'll do them good.

When you are done with them,

don't forget to do me.

Master Shawn...

I think your hair is a bit too long.

You should get a haircut.

I'm afraid I won't be able to tuck it
behind my ear.

Master Shawn.

Oops, it got loosened.

What are we having
for lunch today?


Oh, Taechin? Close the door.

The bow got loosened.



You are such a nuisance, bitch.

Those two look suspicious.

Hey, Kouy. Where are you going?

I'm going to the principal's office.
Miss Usasawan,

how come you can speak Esarn?

Just a little, little bit, a little more.

Little bit, little more
Little bit, little more

Well then,
please bring tea to the principal.

It's a good tea, from abroad.

- She'd better drink the whole pot.
- Alright.

It's not locked, come in.

Oh, Kouy.

- How can I help you?
- I met Usasawan.

She asked me
to bring this imported tea to you.

Thank you.

- Kouy, have a seat.
- Yes.

How old are you?

- I'm 22 turning 23, ma'am.
- Kouy.

You already look 35-40, Kouy.

Thanks to the cream
my mom bought from abroad.

Do you have a girlfriend?

I haven't really thought about that.

What type of girl do you like?

I don't really have a type.

Just someone I can talk to,
and can get along with my mom.

I'll take her.

- How long?
- Seven inches... Almost eight.

- I mean your fingers.
- Oh, just the regular ten fingers.

- And how big?
- Big enough.

- I mean your fingers.
- Oh.

Let me have a look.

They are extraordinary.
They are very big.

I think you should drink this tea.

Usasawan said
you should drink the whole pot

for your good health.

Thank you, thank you.

Drink it, Mom. It seems
Usasawan cares for you very much.

- Will you blow it for me?
- Let me blow it.

It's not too hot now.

Please excuse me,
if there is nothing else?

Of course.

Nuanpong. What do you think of Kouy?

- Do you like him?
- He is nice.

Polite and well-mannered.

- Do you want me to blow it?
- Yes, please.

Tea from abroad.

Pretty girl,
always pretty in whatever you do.

Hold hands,
close your eyes and stay focused.

Let's begin.

Who is it?

You are good,
spontaneous like an insurance agent.

Bitch! I haven't done anything yet.

- So who called her then?
- Stop complimenting me.

Enough! Whatever you said, we got it.
Come here and sit down.

Songkram, you're silly.
Palms up, hold together.

Close your eyes. Concentrate.

- What the hell?
- Oh, my God.

- Bitch! Damn it!
- What are you doing?

I almost have a heart attack.
I'm calling...

Sonklin to ask what trouble she is in.

You are calling Sonklin.
Do you think you are a psychic, bitch?


Let me do this.


- Sonklin.
- Pancake.

She'll come just by calling out her name?

- Yes. If you want to, then do it. Why?
- Sis.

Why are we sitting here holding hands?

I didn't know that shouting trick.
You call her.

Sonklin. Sonklin. Sonklin.

I know you are here.

Come out now, bitch.

You, why do you call me?
You, you, you.

Sis. Don't be such a liar.

- She is above your head.
- Where?

Big eyes.

Pull me, pull me. Come on!


- Why are you here?
- Hey, bitch.

- Didn't you call her?
- Mom is over there.

I'm sorry. Do me a favor.

Why did you slap me, Kouy.

Pancake asked me to.

- Why did you call me?
- Well, we...

we are performing the ritual
to call you and ask if you need help.

The thing is...

I do need your help.

It's so loud.
Where has she gone?

Somebody summoned her back.

Girls, spread out and help her.

- Kouy.
- I'm here.

I have something...
Come here. Why don't you stand here?

Where are all the students?
Nobody is here, Kouy.

Do they see us, Kouy?

- Yes.
- Who?

- There are two of them?
- Two of them see us?

- Who?
- It's you and me.

- Apart from both of us.
- Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

Taew looks strange.

- Mom, somebody is in the room.
- Keep your voice down.

The other day,

she came around my room.

And when I had a meal,
she stood there and stared at me.

Yeah, I had that too.
When I went to the bathroom,

I saw Taew came in too.

Miss Taew!

She might just want to see your thing.

I won't let her.

If it was the principal's daughter or Ew,
the cook's daughter,

I would let them in a heartbeat.

Kouy, kneel down.

I'll step on you, Kouy.

What did I do wrong?

I mean climb over you, on your shoulders.
Not on your little Kouy.

- Got that?
- She is a ladyboy.

I don't think so.

When I was changing,
she was peeking at the door.

You step on my head.

Miss, what are you doing?

Where has she gone?

Kouy, hurry up.

- I was so frightened, Pancake.
- Frightened?

So fearful, huh?

You have been peeking around.

- What are you looking for?
- I am here for a reason, Pancake.

I promised Pudsorn
that I would investigate her death.

- I have to help her.
- Is your dad detective Conan?

My dad is not detective Conan,

- but my son is Kouy.
- Your son?

- He sucks.
- Pancake.

One day I'll make you my husband.

How about cross-dressing?

Let me rephrase. Pancake,

one day I will force
the husband-hood into you.


Want to try me?

Look at your son, Taew.
Look at your son.

You don't need to be so ready.

Why are you horny now?

Can you keep it for another time?

You want to be her husband,
and it has to be now?

You son is useless, sis.

My daughter is better.

Angel doll.

Hey. I thought it was a daughter.
Now it's an angel's doll?

What is it exactly?

No, this is my daughter.
But she's called angel doll, bitch!

You are so thick, aren't you?

What is it, honey?

- I'm talking to your aunt.
- Am I her aunt now?

I'm talking to your aunt. It's alright.
Quiet, don't cry.

- Listen, sis.
- What?

While I'm not around,
please take care of my baby.

And if you would like to see me,
you can talk to me through her, okay?

- Talk through her?
- You sure can.

- Come to stay with me.
- Stay with aunty, okay?

- Come here, stay with me.
- She loves you.

From now on, I will call you...

- Pancake.
- That's so cute.

Pancake, Pancake. Bitch!

Are you calling me bitch?

- No, her.
- I see.


- She's just kidding.
- How are you, Pancake?

- You hoe!
- Are you calling me a hoe?

- No, her.
- I see.

- Your daughter.
- It's okay.


- Are you calling her a slut?
- No, you. Slut!


Bitch. Hoe. Slut.

Sis. You cursed me.

How dare you retort to me? Bitch!

Hello, sis.

Sis. You can walk.

Yes, I can... long time ago.

Not only I can walk,

I even disappear some nights.

You are always joking with me.

When will you stop wearing
a wedding dress?

How long has it been?

It's been over 60 years.
How could you not forget?

- Sis.
- Fifty-nine years.

Whatever. He won't come back.

Who will come back?

Look at the bride's face,
it's like a corpse.

I have to wait.

Trust me, sis. Don't wait.
He will never return.

How about I get you some tea?

I'll get it for you. Just take a seat.

Here is the principal's office.

Aunty, is there anyone inside?

Don't be scared.

If we can get inside...
Do you see Jeakjeak here?

He's going to help us hide from them.
Trust me. Right, Jeakjeak?

He is nodding.

Aoi, please take care of Jeakjeak.

You got that too?

Here it is.

I prepared it specially for you.

The tea from the best plant.

- A tea plant?
- No, an auto plant.

- Why didn't you get it from a tea plant?
- Actually,

I tried to find them at the market.

I walked around the market, but I got lost
and end up in the auto plant.

- I'm so lucky that I found the way back.
- You were looking for the tea plants,

- and ended up with the auto plants.
- Yes.

Drink it up.

Don't tell me you are dead.


Can you find it?

Deputy Usasawanjanrai.

I'm here.
But what are you doing in this room?

Well, I'm lost.

- Lost.
- Lost?

- Lost with your nephew?
- We are both lost.

- Lost.
- Lost with Kouy, ma'am.

Well then, which door did you get in?

- Which one?
- I can't remember, aunty.

- I'm lost.
- Go back wherever you came in then.

Sure. Let's go.

This is the principal.


does anyone know about Sonklin?

How did she die?

Why are you guys so frightened?

Shut up! Why are you screaming?
Are your nuts?

- I'm scared.
- You are scarier.

- Come here.
- The black dog is sleeping...

under the green tree. The yellow
bananas are in the red bowl.

Teaw. We have a situation.

Kouy, you said your mom was sleeping.

Teaw, the principal's sister,
she must be bad.

- How do you know?
- Well, I have investigated it.

Don't forget that she's planning
to kill the principal.

No wonder! She looks bad.
She's short, has an ugly face...

and an ugly heart.
Even her boyfriend,

I can't tell
if that's a human or a bean sprout.

Taew, I have investigated it too.

When I asked the boys about Sonklin,

they were all scared and told me nothing.

There must be something
behind Sonklin's death.


Somebody is coming

Shawn. I am worried.

I don't trust those four new teachers.

They have been peeking around.

Especially that southerner bitch.

Oh, dear!

Shawn. About the old building too.

- Shush what?
- Hey. Miss.

I think people know
about what we are talking here.

Don't tell me that people here
have a sixth sense.

No, just their normal five senses.

- What do you mean?
- Hey, seriously.

As you are walking around like this,
don't you really see them?

Where are they? Where? Where?
I don't see them.

Hey, bitches. Come out, now.

Do you think I can't see you?

I know when you all got in here.

And one more thing.

You, you, you and you,

are not allowed
to go into the old building.


You'll die.

Let's go, Shawn.

- When did they get here?
- They got here before us.

- I said everything.
- I saw them when we got in here.

Shorty! You and I will meet again.

- Teaw?
- What?

It's good to forgive,
but best to kick her in the face!

- Your voice hurts my ears.
- Oh.

Kouy, we are laughing. Why aren't you?


Hurry up, it's getting late. Here.

It's small. Calm down.

Anyone can tell me
about what I asked you in the class?

Sonklin was a teacher in this school.

She got pregnant.
After she gave birth,

she hung herself
from a tree in the backyard.

But from what I heard,

she was murdered. And the murderer...

hung her body at the front gate.

Oh, no!

Why did the power go off?

The door...

The door opened by itself.

All the kids are in the canteen.
How come the door opened by itself?

I don't know. I'm with you.

Then you go have a look.

You come with me together. Come on.

- Damn! I get wet!
- Come on! Let's go!

Why do you like messing with me?

If you want to be here,
don't mess with me.

And tell this fat bitch not to mess
with me if she wants to be here.


- Help!
- Miss.

- Miss.
- Miss. Are you alright?

- Miss.
- Chai! Get the head up first.

- Miss.
- Hey, massage her.

Miss Sonklin.

Stop now!

Give me a chance.

What are you doing?

- Who is it?
- Her name is Pancake.

Her spirit is powerful.

No psychic can overpower her.

How do you know?
Don't tell me you already slept with her.

Fat, short and ugly like that?

Look at the both of you,

you are not good people.
You have an evil plan, don't you?

Hey, Pancake. You are so out of date.
Do you know "Don't Judge Challenge"?

- No, I don't.
- Don't judge the book by its cover.

- I know Ice Bucket.
- Why don't you just do planking then?

You out-of-date spirit.

If you want to talk to me, turn around.

- How could you slap his head?
- I can slap you too.

- Shawn.
- Why?

Take her down.

- You deserve this.
- Pancake.



She is down, she is down.

I'm satisfied.
Shawn, put the spell on her spirit.

Do you want to try me, huh?

With the shield of protection,
may the spirit be under my command.

You are under my command.

Shawn, she is staying still.

I got you, Pancake.


Sweet talk.

Now you only listen to our orders.

- Yes, ma'am.
- Give me your hand.


- Two hands.
- Another one.

Jump after me.

Follow me.

- I got you, Pancake.
- Lay down.

- Get up.
- Okay.

Lay down.

Get up. Get up.

I think it's enough.
I have problems with my back.

- Pancake.
- Yes.

- Come here.
- Yes.

- Leave now.
- Yes.

- Come here.
- Yes.

- Leave now.
- Yes.

- Leave now.
- Yes.

Now you became disobedient.

- I don't understand.
- I told you to leave.

- Right now?
- Of course.

Yes, ma'am.

Very good, Pancake.

Obedient and polite.


- We have one more on our side.
- It's easy.

Here it is. The old building
Usasawan banned us from entering.

But we have to be here.

What if she'd allowed us to be here?

Then we wouldn't.

- Bitch!
- This is not a good idea, Mom.

- Don't be afraid.
- Should we go back?

What are you afraid of?
Follow me.

- Do I really have to?
- We have come this far.

Come on, don't be afraid.

Here, the entrance.

Everyone. Follow me.

- Get in.
- Don't you see me, sis?

- You don't see me at all?
- I do.

But I don't want to talk to you.
I don't want anything to do with you.

Yeah, nobody wants to be with you,

You were with us.
Now, you are with others.

You are such a two-faced bitch.

Sis, you should make...

- an enemy your friend.
- Friend my ass!

I don't need a friend like her.

You think I want to be friends with you?

Me neither.


- Kouy never calls me names.
- Slut!


It doesn't hurt me as much as you do.

Don't be so sensitive. Bitch!

- That was so polite!
- That's great, Kouy.

- How's that?
- Pancake.

What goes around comes around.

Shut up and turn the flashlight away!

- Listen. I'm too posh...
- Wow!

...to care about harsh words
and shit-faces like you all.

I don't care either. Girl...

- charge!
- Yes

I told you not to go in, sis.

- Don't listen to her.
- Let's go, sis.

I told you not to go in!

Let's not go in. Don't.

- Please don't.
- Sis.

We should walk away with pride.

- It's better than go ahead for nothing.
- I think so.

- If you still want to live...
- I'm scared.

...go away.

Let's go! Run!

Bitch! You just showed up.


do I have to be scared of you?

Now I'm scared of you.
You are respected, it's your home.

I'm scared. I'm scared of you. Sis.

Wait! Sis!


- Sit down first.
- You get up, then.

- Why?
- So I can sit down first.

- After me.
- Yeah, after you.

- How can I help you?
- I have something to discuss.

I see.

You are nosy.

Come in.

Had you told me earlier,
I wouldn't have needed to peek around.

- Now that you are in, get out.
- You bluffed me again.

- So what is it?
- I want to know.

- What?
- Kouy.

- What is he to you?
- He is my son.

I was his father.
Then, I have become his mother.

- As time goes by.
- Haven't you slept with him?

Are you crazy?
He is my flesh and blood.

Then, I'm relieved.

I want to ask Kouy to get married.

No problem, I can talk to him.

But you'd have to talk to your daughter.

I want him to marry me.

Marry you?

Get married?

- No way!
- If Kouy knows...

he's getting married, he'll be glad.

I'd rather die.

Why does it have to be that ugly monster?

Kouy! Kouy!

Why are you doing this?
Don't do this! Get down!

Kouy. Kouy.

Sis. Sis. Sis.

Kouy, why are you trying to kill yourself?

It's because of you. I don't want
to get married, but you insisted.

It's because of you, sis.
You forced him

into this arranged marriage,
that's why he is doing this.

- I really can't take her.
- You can't take her.

It's okay if you can't.
Just cover her face with a bag.

- You bitch!
- We'll be rich.

We can be owners of this school.
Don't you want to be rich?

- No. You marry her yourself.
- We'll win both ways.

- Both ways how?
- After you are married, she'll die.

- You get a funeral after.
- You shithead!

- You marry her yourself. I won't.
- Kouy, get down.

- No.
- Kouy, will you marry her?

- No!
- Are you sure you won't?

- I won't.
- Kouy, calm down.

I don't want to get married.

- I don't want to.
- Kouy.

- Kouy! Will you?
- You can die, but I still won't.

Will you marry her?

- Will you?
- You can kill her, but I still won't.

Will you?

- Fine, I will.
- Done!

That's it.

The final exam is coming up soon.

There is a situation, Shawn.

I overheard that the principal
is getting married.

With who?


- Kouy who?
- Taew's son.

It can't happen.
We can't let it happen.

If they get married, everything
will belong to Taew and her son.


Since when you guys are sitting here?

- You didn't hear what I said, right?
- We didn't.

We did not hear you.

To whom is she getting married?


I slipped.

That was not a slip of the tongue.
That was blabbing.

- Shawn, let's talk outside.
- Wait.

- Who's gonna get all the wealth?
- Taew and Kouy.

How do you know?

Shawn, we can't let them know.
I'll wait outside.

Look, everybody. Whatever you know,
just keep it under your hat.

- Married?
- Hey!

I brought you some food.

Where are you guys going?

We are hungry. We're going to the kitchen
to find something to eat.

- Wanna join us?
- Yeah, we'll come along.

Kouy, follow me.

Your Kouy hit me.


This tree.
Someone hung herself here.

- Mom, what are you talking about?
- I'm serious.

Someone hung herself here.

- Let's find something to eat.
- There's nothing. Oh, here.

- Eggs.
- Let's make an omelet.


- What?
- Look!

- What's that?
- Let's check it out.

Follow me.

What are you doing?

What the hell?

- Mom.
- Yes, dear?

You have to exercise every day
so you can walk again.


Come here.

That's good, very good.

- I'll wait for you over there.
- Yes, dear.


Hey! Run!

What is that?

Oh! There are two ghosts. Let's go.

Where are you going?

- Help me!
- Kouy! Let go of my son.

Eat this! Come on, follow me.

David! Help me!

Get off of my friend!

Mom. Are you okay?


Just get back on the wheelchair.


You bad girl! I better go.


I'm not here for you.
I just want to ask...

where the reverse button is.

Go away!

Why is it coming back?

Don't mess with me!

- Where is it?
- In that room.

The light is on.

- The gate is locked.
- What should we do?

Usasawan, there are people here.

Come this way, Kouy.
Kouy, push me up.

Push me up, Kouy.

- Those four freaks are here. Pancake.
- Yes.

- Go get rid of them bitches.
- Yes, ma'am.

I got you.

Oh, the gate is not locked.

- The gate is not locked?
- Mom.

- Help me.
- You idiot!

The gate is not locked.
Why did you climb, Kouy.

He's so stupid.

Well, just climb over.

Don't you see? The gate is not locked.

Go, go, go, go.

What the hell are you doing here?

I will ask you first,
how could you still face us?

Why can't I face you all? Teaw!

Because you are ungrateful.
How would you be able to face anyone?

Ungrateful bitch!

Please stop fighting. I beg you.
United Thailand is strong.

Shut up! Stop with this optimistic crap.
I'll kick your ass.

- I'm sorry.
- Pancake, calm down.

We should stay united.
Our country needs unity now.


- for Thailand.
- Shut up, Moddum.

Before you pray for me. Why don't you
pray for your homeland first?

- That's harsh.
- Way too harsh.

Mom. Mom.

Let's not waste our time.

We have four people. We can beat her.

Shut up, Kouy.

Step back, I don't understand you. Move!

Sis, didn't you see?
She slapped your son.

- A bitch like you...
- Why?

...is ungrateful.

- Ungrateful, huh?
- Yes.

- What did you do for me?
- Let me remind you.

I've always made merit for you.
Whatever you wanted to eat, to have,

the toys you wanted,

I went to Siam Square for you.
You wanted an iPhone,

I bought one for you.

You wanted to visit Korea,
I took you there.

Stop reminding me, bitch.
Thank you for everything you gave me.

But listen.
The favors you are talking about...

"I wanted this, I wanted that."
But what you offered me...

was one mackerel, Bitch!
A mackerel and a boiled egg.

Do you think I'd be full?

Do you think I'd be full? Idiot!

I wanted toys, I wanted a Blyth doll.

You said you bought one for me? My ass!

You won a cheap lucky draw
from the flea market. Idiot!

An iPhone? Yeah, I wanted an iPhone!
It's the counterfeit with two sim cards.

Idiot! iPhone my ass,
two sim cards and a TV app.

- Bastard!
- Oh, that's harsh.

- And the most important thing, Korea.
- Why?

- I went there before you, idiot!
- So what do you want from me?

- Tell me, what do you want?
- All of you should head back.

I'll take it from here.

- Did you hear?
- Yes.

She will take it from here.

- Did you hear?
- Yes.

She's slapping Pancake.

Idiot? Try this. How's that?

- Taew.
- What?

- I'll take it from here.
- Take it like this?

- Mom!
- Get her, sis!

- Fine.
- Come on!

As if I can't finish you.
Bring it on, Taew. Come on!

- Come on!
- Take it off.

- You...
- Wait!

I'm not ready yet.

Yeah, that's right.
Pancake, you are great.


Skank! Badass!

- I'll strangle you to death.
- Mom.

Pancake! Get up!

Take this! How's that?

- Where are you going?
- Bitch! Where are you?

- Oh, my God!
- Calm down.

- Calm down.
- Awesome.

- I don't handle knee kicks very well.
- Don't use your knee.


You asshole!

- Don't. Sis.
- She's down.

- Don't, sis.
- Get off.

Now, she's down.
I am at an advantage

That's true, sis,
but you are almost dead.

- Help me to beat her.
- Sis.

- Pancake.
- Wait.



- What?
- You should go back.

- I'll take it from here.
- "Take it"? Here, bitch!

- Listen to me.
- What? You said you'll take it.

You should go back.
I know why you are here.

I'll take it from here, do you understand?

- Yes, I do.
- You do.

- Done.
- I'm done. Bitch!

- Sis, are you okay?
- Pancake. Just you wait!

She said she'd take it from here.

- You'll take it from me? Bitch!
- Moddum.

No! I get it.
If I say "take it from here," you slap me.

- Bitch!
- Sis!

Go back to wherever you are from. Go!


- Let's go. Come on!
- Close the gate.

Come on!

Very good, Pancake. Awesome.

Help me.

Help me.

Help me.

Help me.

Help me.

Help me.

Help me.

Help me!

What's wrong with you, Ark?

Hey, Ark.
What was wrong with you last night?

I had a dream,
I went into the old building.

The Arkarabadinporamindecha Building?

- What did you see?
- If you want to know,

let's go inside there tonight.

It's so scary.

Oh, my gosh.

I remember I followed
the sound of a woman from upstairs.

Will you go upstairs?

Yeah. I've made it this far.

- I'm scared.
- Come on. Don't chicken out now.

I heard you went to the old building
last night?

- Yes.
- And what did you see?

A ghost.

All these guys ran for their lives.

Are you going back there?


I'll take you there.
I have been there before.

Aunt Yoad.

Aunt Yoad.

Aunt Yoad.

You like tuberose, right?

I will take some for you.

Thank you, Pudsorn.

Let's go.

MARCH 15, 2498 - OCTOBER 28, 2525 B.E.

I think we should take the coffin down.

- Ark, are you serious?
- Yeah.

Alright then.

Shouldn't we apologize to Sonklin first?


Yeah, good idea.


We mean well.

If we do anything wrong,

or do anything that insults you,

- please accept our apologies.
- I'm sorry.


You two help him.

Hey, be careful.

- Be careful.
- It's so heavy.


Chai! Chai! Chai!

- Someone help him!
- It looks like he is possessed.

Give me your amulet.

You two help him.

- Don't touch me.
- Chai.

Leave me alone!

- Don't touch me.
- Chai, are you okay?

Are you okay?

Are you okay?

Hey, Bew!

I told you, didn't I?

To not come in here again.

All of you.

Don't you want to live happily?

You two, go get him. Hurry up!

- Bew!
- Pudsorn, take this.


Come on, Ark.

Bew! Bew!

- Bew!
- Are you okay?




What's that?

Hey, guys.

Are you defying me?

Where has it gone?

I told you, didn't I?

You were not supposed to go
to the Arkarabadinporamindecha Building.

And look what happened.

- Just as you see.
- Don't talk back to me.



- What happened, Techin?
- These kids,

they went to the
Arkarabadinporamindecha Building.

The old building.

Not "old building."
It's Arkarabarinporarindecha.

- Yeah, that's the old building.
- Stop arguing and listen to him.

The Arkarabadinporamindecha Building.

- What building, Kouy?
- The Arkarabadinkabindecha Building.

- The old building.
- No.

The Arkarabadinkamindecha building.

- It's the old building, isn't it?
- Yes.

- Yes, the old building.
- What building?

- The old building.
- No.

- The Akarakabinkabindecha Building.
- Bitch!

Ma'am, here's your son.
He's very sick.

Why? How is this happened?

- Is this her son?
- I don't know.

Why is my son like this?

Because he went to the old building.

- What old building?
- The Akaraklinparindecha Building.

- The old building, Akarabordinbordindecha.
- You can't say it right,

don't you dare arguing.
Your son went there on his own.

And then he had a stroke, stroke, stroke.

- And then he ran...
- Stop! Bitch!

She's trying to explain what happened.
Why are you cursing her?

What for?

- Shut up, bitch!
- Just leave her alone.

- Take me to the principal now.
- Pardon?

- Pardon my ass!
- That's my father.

Yes, I want to see your... your master.

- What is the master?
- Master, mother, your mom.

But that's my mother.

Yeah, mother. Your mother.
Go, go, go. You are talking nonsense.

Let's go see your mother.

- Panic.
- Agitated.


- What happened, Techin?
- These kids

went into the
Arkarabadinporamindecha Building.

The old building.


- The old building.
- Arkarabadinporamindecha.

Alright. Let's go.

The evils are here.

- We shouldn't stick around, let's go.
- Where are we going?

- The old building.
- No, you can't go.

I'm not asking you.
Don't impose yourself on our mission.

Tell her where we are going.

The Akarakabordinvitaminbordindecha

You big mouth, bitch!

- It's the old building, you know?
- I know.

- What building?
- The old building, bitch!

- Anxious, anxious.
- Agitated, agitated.

- Mr. Techin, look after them.
- Of course.

Shawn, that can't happen.

- We have to stop them.
- Never.

Take care of him.

Ms. Principal,

how did you take care of my son?
Why did you let him walk around at night?

And not just walk around,

but get haunted by a ghost.
Look at him now.

And what's going on with the people
these days?

Out of ten, five are either gays
or ladyboys.

I thought the other five would be good.
It turns out,

they are the husbands of the first five.

they consider men who get men
as supermen,

and men who get ladyboys as...

the ultra-supermen.

I can't take it
if my son becomes one of those.

I can't take it! Why did you...

If you were not my friend,

I'd curse you.

You hooker!

You pug face! I lowered myself
to be your friend at school.

I was in grade ten,
and you were in grade seven.

I waited three years until you catch up.

Look at yourself,
who would want to be your friend?

It was only me, me, me,

who want to be...

You gabbling bitch!

- I can't catch up.
- You didn't listen!

- Ouch! Tha...
- Don't thank me.

That bag.

You should have listened to me.

I told you, my son

is my everything.
And look what you have done!

- I trusted you!
- Is this the master?

You are the master?
I don't believe that you are the master.

I don't believe that you are the master.
You look like a ghost. How could you be?

Look how you take care of my son.

Get away, let me curse her.

Do you even know who you are?
You are a horrible teacher.

My child can speak neither Chinese
nor English. Be careful.

Go, go, go! Step aside!
Let me scold her.

You! Wait and see.

I will find someone to beat you up.

Listen carefully,
You better watch out.

- Foul mouth!
- What? You say I have bad breath?

I don't know what it means,

but who are you?
I was talking first, and you interrupted.

I'm here for the same reason.

But this is my turn..

I have things to discuss.

Why didn't you schedule a meeting?
This is my turn.

- Shut up. You didn't schedule either.
- Stop! Stop!

- Take me to rest.
- Yes, sir.

You'll see. Are you sure you can rest?

Let's see if you can rest.

Pong. Come back now,
we are not done yet.

You curse too much.
She couldn't catch up.

If you want to curse, a few words will do.

You are babbling them out,

nobody listens.

You didn't curse her in Thai.

You think she understands you?

You are a fool.

- Make yourself at home.
- What?

- You are crazy.
- I'm not crazy, you are crazy.

How are you?

I can talk like that. Umongtalegu,
ormongkaseboo, longmongkadongpoo, Bitch!


those kids went to the old building.

If they found Sonklin's body,

we'd be busted.

Especially those four freaks.

Shit, shit, shit! What should we do?

It's not difficult. Get rid of the body,
then they won't know.

You can't figure this out already, idiot?

- They are idiots?
- No, you.

Thank you.

- That was meant for you.
- Shit.

Shawn, when should we do it?

Tomorrow night. It will be full moon.

You go to the Arkarabadinprajimdecha

to get rid of the body.

My psychic friend is as powerful
as myself.

Well, well, well.

Well, well, well. Jib.

- Is she cursing us?
- I think it's an interjection.

I guess it's well then,
well then, well then.

Oh, so it's not a curse.
That's a relief.

- Magic knife.
- Magic knife.


Having too much fun.

- Teacher, this way.
- Someone is coming.


- Over here, Taew.
- Sonklin's body is in here.


Let me see.

Oh, dear.

- What is that, an iguana?
- Are you listening to yourself?

- What kind of iguana has horns?
- Yeah.

Is it dead? Moddum.

Can you touch it and see?

- That's insulting, sis.
- Why?

You expect me to touch
that rotten thing with my hand?

I'll do it.

You're insulting my hand.

Here. See? Here.

Massage with my heel.

How do you feel, slut?

- I'll be right back.
- Where are you going?

To wash my feet.

You are the queen of insulting people.

It's not that dirty.

Let me do it. Anything wrong?
Nothing at all. It's okay.

How about inside? Nothing.
Nothing in the nose. Get up.

- Go, Moddum.
- Where to?

- To wash our feet.
- You bitch!


Aunt Moddum.

There are people peeking at us.

Kouy, they are not peeking. Look.

They are lined up just like whores
on the sidewalk.

How does she see us?

It's you two that didn't hide well.


There is another one.

Oh, there is also a pimp.

With that James Bond case.

Stop the nonsense.

Get up, Falabualoy.

So they know what we are doing.

What "bualoy"?

- Falabualoy.
- Oh.

Whoa, knife.

Who stepped on my face?

- Who?
- Her.

You stepped on my face?

Me? I wouldn't do if I wasn't told to.

- Well, well, well. it's you.
- Yes.

Do you know how much my face is worth?

Your face has a price?

- Right? Kouy?
- Right.

- Or you?
- I took you here, didn't I?

Hey, Usasawan,

let me say something.
Someone like you, you are good looking.

- But your heart is ugly.
- Enough!

My heart is ugly? That's not true.

But I'm good looking, yes.

Have you ever looked at in the mirror?
You are short like a small potato,

and you said you are good looking?


- I don't understand.
- I'm certain you wouldn't.

Well, you talk from both sides.

Of course, you have many people.

If you are so good,

- why don't you make the mute talk too?
- You bitch!

- Is that clear?
- Great.

- Want some more?
- Bitch.

- Mom.
- What?

- She came.
- What?

She came.

She came.

She came.

She came!

Moddum. She's gone.

She's gone. It's empty.


- She came back.
- What black?

She came back.

She came back!

Follow me.

Which way?

This way.

Where are you going? Come here!

Hey, wait! I can't catch up.

Hurry up! Go!

Don't follow me.

Sonklin, don't follow me.

I'm scared.

That psychic doesn't help at all.

Is it a cosplay party for her?

What are you doing, Usasawan?

What else can it be, Shawn?

I'm practicing my sister's signature.
Almost there.

Hey, why are you
wasting your time with this?

We better get it over.

After getting married,
Kouy and Taew will get everything.

That's right.
Wait, Shawn.

Let me ask you something.
The poison you gave me to kill my sister,

it doesn't work at all?

I think so.

I gathered all super strong poisons
from around the world,

but they couldn't kill her.

Well then,
we have to do it ourselves this time.


Still practicing signing.

Ponpannarai prakaimas wassanachalalai.


Sweet dreams, Mom.

You'll be a bride tomorrow.

I love you.

- Thank you, dear.
- See you tomorrow.

You are sleeping well, huh?

Your time to breathe is up.


O2 is not good for you anymore.

Wait, what is O2?

- Oxygen.
- So fancy.

Shawn, do it.

Why do you call my name?
They'll know who kill her.


Too cruel.
There'll be blood all over the place.

One hit. Good bye, sister.

What sin are you committing,
Usasawan and Shawn?

Don't tell me you remember both of us?

I remember even your toe nails.

- Listen to that.
- Well, since you are here...

Seriously, are you still loyal to me?

Of course.

Very well. If so,

kill her!

Let me handle this.

You don't need a gun, it's too loud.

You don't need a knife, it's messy.


Hurry up, guys.

Hurry, the party will start soon.

Spray a lot over there,
it'll keep them fresh.

On the right, Bew. Arrange the wine.

That's good, keep them fresh.

Okay, let's go.

Why are you crying, Kouy?

It's just a marriage,

it's not that sad.

It's not about getting married.

Then what is it about?

It's about the hairdo you made for me.

I told you, he doesn't like it.

You need a lot of energy for the wedding,
trust me.

Kouy, people look good
because of the makeup.

The groom, please come in here.

Hello, madam. Hello, miss.
Welcome the bride and the groom.


You always speak English.

- Hey, girlfriend.
- What?

Actually, I don't want to gossip.

But it's always stuck on my lips.

- everybody knows her as the principal.
- Oh, this bitch again.

She is rich, and at the last reunion,

she went for big.
The party was grand.

She got a big mouth, doesn't she?

And this time, she has a young husband.
Look at the reception,

it's grand.

- But not as grand as yours.
- Gossip in the party.

Nah, that's nothing.

- Hello.
- Hello.

Rattawadee, Prisana and...

Tangkaew and...

Pookan. Please come inside.

- Please, welcome inside.
- Thank you.

I'm so annoyed by that chandelier.

Rattana fucking Wadee

being invited or not, she comes anyway.

You look like the devil!

- I take pity on Tangkaew.
- Yeah.


How could you do this, Pookan?

Why do you turn Pancake's boyfriend
to be your girlfriend?

Taew, stop it.

It's personal choice

and sexual orientation.

- Wait, Taew.
- What?

Do you remember? Korea?

Do you? Korea.

- Kors?
- Korea!

Stop it, Tangtong.

Don't ever talk about Korea.

Remember when you...

wore a G-string?

- Remember?
- Don't talk about G-string either.

I didn't wear a G-string and humped you.
I didn't do it.

Sis, if you don't say it,
nobody will know.

Why the hell are you laughing?

Don't you have a husband?

I guess they'll just take turns.

Stop yapping. Shut that hole on your face.
You wet wipe!

You wet wipe.

- We are too good for this, Rattanawadee.
- Too good.

We are aristocrats.
Stop it, all of you.

If you say one more bad word,
you all will be dead.



- Girlfriend. We are aristocrats.
- Aristocrats.

You can stop being happy now.

Who's that?

Hey, who's that?

There won't be a wedding here.

The principal is dead.

The principal is dead.

- The principal is dead.
- You see?

What is this?

A wreath!

In loving memory, Usasawan and Shawn.

Are you two dead?
The flower shop sent it to you?

Shut up, Taew.

I have one more thing to tell you.

This school will be mine soon.

- Gracious!
- Bitch!

Damn, Pong has lost it.

Who said the principal is dead?

Here's another one.

That's Pancake.

The principal is still alive.

Back off!

Hey. How do you know?

Because I didn't kill her.

How come? You suffocated her
with a pillow, I saw you doing it.

When you left the room,

do you know what happened?

Ms. Principal.

Ms. Principal. Ms. Principal

- Are you still alive?
- I felt it since the first slap.

- Traitor.
- Pancake.

Traitor who? I never betrayed anyone.

Because I was never loyal to you.

- That hurts.
- Do you remember?

The day you cast the spell on me?

I screamed. I was hurt.

And I was on your side.

She's so obedient.


That was the real acting skill.

I acted. In English, they call it...

- acting.
- You did a great job.

So I did what you wanted.

And that is to kill the principal.

- Teaw.
- Traitor!

You bitch! Stop calling me names.
Are you listening to me?

Why am I not listening to you?

You told me you would take care of it.
And made your serious face.

Right. I said I was going to handle it.

Listen to me, Taew.
The reason I took their side,

is to let everyone know
that these two evils

want to kill the principal,
for her fortune.

I didn't handle it, did I?

- Idiot!
- Listen to her, listen!

Stop cursing.
You don't understand anything.


That's right. Idiot!

- Kouy.
- Yes. Idiot.

Thank you, Pancake.

You made me realize I'm an idiot.


- Take your mom out now.
- Yes.

- Ma'am.
- You are still alive.


You are still alive.

Well then, now you have to die.

Oh, gun!

- That's scary.
- If killing me

makes you happy...

shoot me.


How could you
get through the x-ray machine?

I even made it through
at Japan's airport.

Getting into this party
was a piece of cake.

Thanks to the airport security.

You die!

Go ahead, shoot her.



You only do evil things.

You sent the psychic
to cast the spell on me.

That's true, isn't it?

Do you all want to know who killed me?

Yes, we do. Who killed you?

It was you, Usasawan!

- You evil!
- Evil!

You fucking bitch!

You two evils.

I did not do it.

You killed me.

Hey, you lying ghost,
do you have a witness?

- Yeah. Witness.
- I am.

Do you remember me?

I'm that boy.

- That boy.
- What boy?


You are having an affair with Sonklin?

I've given you everything. I love you.

But you never loved me.

You must die.

You can't kill Surasakmontree.

Surasakmontree. What does this mean?

Don't tell me
you have an affair with Sonklin.



you shouldn't live. Get lost.

Hey! Look where you are going!

Get lost.

You should admit that you are the killer.

Don't tell me that you are that kid
that ran into me.

Yes, I am.

- Are you still around here?
- You should turn yourself in.

- There is a witness.
- I didn't do it.

I didn't do it.

- Oh, my God.
- Gun.

She killed her boyfriend.

- Shawn.
- Look. She killed her boyfriend.

She killed her boyfriend too.

- Shit!
- Again, huh?

No. Not me.
I have nothing to do with this.

- I did not...
- Don't!

I have nothing to do with this.



They were dead.

- It's okay.
- What should we do?

Don't worry. I'll handle this.
I'm calling the police.

- I'm calling the police station. Hello.
- So fast.

Is that a police officer?
Please come over here.

Somebody shot herself.

I promise, this time...

- there is no scapegoat.
- Are you Thai, huh?

Yes, I am.

Sis, you should check if these two
have transferred their stocks to anyone.

It's a different case, bitch!

I want to thank everyone

for saving me from Usasawan

so she could not take my wealth.

Kouy, I know you must regret

that you didn't marry me.

But I have to say...

that I only have...

you in my life. I love you.
And Taew too.

- Don't be sad.
- Sad about what?

That you can't have me
be your daughter-in-law.

Yeah, whatever you said.

You all can leave now.
It's all over.

- Good luck.
- Wait.

Thank you very much for bringing back
happiness to my school.

You are welcome. It's our duty.

If you need anything in the future,
please call us.

- Taew!
- Taew!


- Mom.
- You said so clearly.

It's okay, but...

please don't call
because we don't want to come.

We get so tired and dizzy
when we are here.

We'll have to leave now.

Bye-bye, boys.

Don't forget.
Living in hipster land,

you got to be pop!

That's right.
Slow life. Slow life. Slow life.

Ladies, please.

- Who's driving?
- You.

- Only you have the manliest body.
- That's so annoying.

Travel safe, Kapoo.

Songkram, over here.

Bye-bye. See you later, guys.

Oh, no!

Go. Bye-bye.

- Bye-bye.
- Bye-bye.

- So beautiful.
- Such a sweet smile.

Don't you see I'm... What?

- Bye-bye.
- Thank you.


Since that incident,
nobody has ever seen

Sonklin's spirit again.
But someone saw aunt Yoad

carry Sonklin's body and ran away.

Sometimes, things are not
what you thought they are.

Do you remember the day
I ran into Usasawan?

Do you want to know

what happened afterwards?

Surasakmontree. Surasak.

- Surasak!
- Sonklin!

Why are you being difficult?

You stole my man.

I reject every man
that throws himself at me.

I want only him.
And you stole him from me!

Good people may not be as good
as they appear to be.

Don't be afraid of people
with harsh words.

Be afraid of those who talk sweet.

Eventually, the principal was killed
by Sonklin's spirit.

What goes around comes around.


Good! What are you laughing at?

Oh... watch me.

When you were born, I did often...

I was your mom... your dad.

The first period, masturbation.


Go to the principle's room.

Bitch! That's my duck.

I am sorry, I couldn't bear it.

Thank you.


Oh, shit!

Is the principle dead?




Okay. Say it together.

I want to see the master.


The master is your father.

Your mother is also your father.

Why don't you ask?

You don't ask...

Ye-ta-se-suu, ye-ta-se-suu.

Go, go...

I forgot.

The poison you gave me
to kill my sister.

It didn't do anything to bla bla bla...

What's wrong with your arms?
Why are they so big?

Did you inject them
with baking powder?


You are too loud.


Subtitle translation by
Chaimas Sainampueng