Homewrecker (2023) - full transcript

A married couple decides to rent out the extra room in their house to an attractive young woman who moves in armed with a set of filthy schemes.

Dear Tamara,

you got lucky this time.

I usually play my cards very well.

Never stop looking over your shoulder.

I might just be there.

it's a big meeting tomorrow, baby.

Are you ready?


- Hmm?
- Hey.

- Are you here?
- I'm so sorry.

What were you saying?

I was asking
if you are ready for the meetings?

Hmm. I don't know.

I think it's just a regular in-and-out.
I'm more worried about the board meeting.

Hey, the board meeting
is only happening in a few months.

You don't need to worry about that.

They are going to do the right thing,

they're going to vote for you,
you're going to make partner.


Hey. What's wrong?

You know,

you just believe in me,
even when I don't believe in myself.

Hey. I'll always believe in you.

Cause you make it easy.

- Champagne to celebrate this.
- Yes, please.

I think, you're meant to say yes?

- Good morning!
- Hi.

Obviously not a good weekend for you.

Okay, who am I beating up?

- Clinton.
- Oh no.

No, I love Clinton.

Whatever has upset you is probably
your fault, so what did you do?

I did nothing.

Tell me more.

Clinton proposed.

Where's the ring?

- You said no?
- I had to.

I first want to make partner.

He knows how important
that is to me and then…

you, you get it, right?

Well friend, it's not about me,
it's just, you know…

A relationship is about
the two people in it.

Their goals should matter.


Hey you. It's set up.

Uh, yes, yes!

- Has everyone arrived just yet?
- Yeah.

I think so.

- Thank you.
- Alright.

- Morning everyone.
- Morning.

Before we get going, I'd like to start

by introducing you to someone
but it seems like she might be…

- Oh, there you are.
- Hi.

- Eh, come in.
- I'm sorry I'm late.

No, you're not late.

Everyone, this is Kenzie Myeni.

She's been transferred from our

Durban branch as a senior associate.

- Welcome.
- Thank you.

Right. So…

It's a really tough
business climate right now.

- Morning, everyone.
- Morning, Isabel.

I don't know if you know this
but a lot of our competitors

have had to shut their doors
over the last few months.

Some have been bought
up by the larger firms.

The economy is shaky
and everybody is cutting costs.


we've had some casualties along
the way. We've lost some clients.

So if you get any hint

that our clients are uneasy,
don't hesitate to tell me or Isabel.

We can keep our clients.

But we cannot do that if we
do not know what they are thinking.

How about instead of waiting
for hints, find out if they'd like to…

restructure their deals.

From that, we actually show that we're

one, proactive… two, that we care
not only for their business,

but for them.

I think that's a very good idea.

I think we should implement that.

Talking about clients…

T&T Bank's contract is up for
renewal in about four months time.

Tamara, run the same exercise
with him and see if they're still happy.

And Tamara,
this is a very big client of ours.

We cannot afford to lose them.

You want me
to have a discussion with them?

- I don't know if I could...
- Tamara.

Take the opportunity.

This is how you make partner.


Fisher and Associates,
how can I be of your assistance?

Going through.

Delivery here.

Tamara Oliphant.

They say,
the bigger the floral arrangement,

the bigger the stuff up.

Just sign.

If there's nothing
else, I think we're done.

Er, let's chat. I'll show you around.

Class of 2007, University of Johannesburg.

- Kenzie, how are you?
- Good, and you.

Great. It's so good seeing you.

- You too.
- I'll chat to you later.

- Great stuff.
- Have yourself a great day.

- Kenzie.
- Hi.

Welcome to Jo'burg.

I hope you've settled in.

Yes, I still have some
unpacking to do but I'll be good.

Well, as you might have noticed, we've

got some renovations going on here.

I hope you don't
mind sharing an office with Tamara.

No. I don't mind at all.

It'll give us some time to catch up.

You know, if you need anything,

and we're not around,
she's the person to talk to.

She's really on the ball

and on her way to becoming partner.

Yeah, actually that's what
I wanted to talk to you about.

So, Kenzie

wants to be considered
for partner in the next run.

But she's just started.

Her argument is that,

she put the work in, in Durban

and why should she be penalised
just because she is transferred.

I just don't think it is

very realistic for us to be
offering her the partnership yet.

She stands a better chance
in the Durban office but in Jo'burg…

she hasn't put in the work yet.

Well, I'm just telling you how it is.

I'm sure everything will work itself out.

You know, I was thinking of putting
both Kenzie and Tamara on T&T Bank.

I'm hoping that the work
will be challenging enough

for Kenzie to know that

we do value her as a senior associate.

Oh, I can action that. Anything else?

Just make sure
we don't lose any more clients.

Yes, ma'am.

- Hey, Babe.
- Got the flowers.

Baby, I shouldn't have said what I said.

- Can we talk later?
- Sure.

- Okay, bye.
- Alright, bye.

Ah, Martin left me here.

He said we'll be sharing an office.

No, it's alright.

Oh, orange roses.

- My favourite.
- What?!

Me too.

People don't usually get it.

I know, it's like a perfect combination
between yellow and red roses, right?

Yes, exactly.

So they're from a boyfriend?


Sorry it's none of my business.

No, it's okay. They are.

He messed up.
So he's trying to fix things.

You know what…

My birthday's coming up soon
and I'm having a small dinner.

You're welcome to come if you'd like.

- I'd love to.
- Great.

I have meetings all day.

But Rob should be here
with your new laptop.

Yeah, Martin
did mention something like that.

- Alright.
- I hope your meetings go well.

Thank you. Have a good day.

- Thanks.
- Bye.

- Hi.
- Hey.


I should've just waited
just a little bit longer.

You of all people know
how much I want to make partner.

Hey, baby… I get it.

Baby, I don't want to fight.

I just wanted to know that

you're committed to
this relationship just as I am.

I am committed.

There are just some things
that I need to do for me.

And these things
I need to do are important to me.

You have had the chance
to achieve everything you've wanted.

All I'm asking for…

is for that same chance.

And then, I'm all yours.

Wow! Early bird.

Hmm. Well, if
I'm gonna make partner at this firm,

I'm gonna have to up my game.

Oh, you're… you're running for partner?

Martin and Isabel said
that if I can prove myself,

they'll consider me.

Well that's… that's great.

They give everyone a fair chance.

May the best woman win.

We'll use Kenzie.

She's got a good eye for contracts,

she knows how to maneuver clauses
that don't benefit our clients.

But Tamara had already
helped me out with this contract.

Bring Kenzie on board too.

The more eyes, the better.

There's also
that new drug that's rolling out.

We need to update those clauses,

make sure they align with
the regulations from the medical board.

Alright. We'll bring her on board.

- Hello, you.
- Hey.

I could have taken a cab.

Hey. Maybe I just wanted to see your face.

Mmh. I'm at work. Kenzie?

- Yeah?
- This is my boyfriend.

- Oh, wait!
- Clinton Nkosi.

Oh my gosh! Where the hell have you been?!

I've been around.

Oh, wait. You moved to Durban
and I never heard from you again.

- Yeah.
- Wow, so good to see you.

It's so good to see you too.

How's your mom?

- She um, recently passed away.
- Aww.

I'm so sorry to hear that.

She never stopped asking about you though.

- Aww, Mommy.
- Or your cooking.

Oh, well!

So, you guys know each other?

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

We used to stay
at the same building years ago,

- and we used to hang out a lot.
- Hmm.

You have one of the good ones, Tamara.

Thank you.

I think we need to catch up
and do lunch some time.

- We should.
- Yeah.


Yeah, I think a catchup
would be great. Let's do that.

Look, I need to rush off to a meeting.

- Okay.
- You be good.

Okay, I'll see you soon, yeah?

- Alright.
- Alright.

Eh, baby look,

you don't have to walk me
all the way to the car.

You sure?

Hey babe, you okay?

- Yes baby, I'm fine.
- Hmm.

I know her. We go way back.

We go… yeah, it's been a long time.

Yeah well,
you guys seemed pretty comfortable.

Well baby, like I said, we go way back.

I mean, I knew her mother.

And her mother
would visit her every few months.

- Yeah.
- Okay.

Baby, you need to go back to work.

I need to leave. I'll see you.

- Lovely day.
- Bye.

He, he… he had this look, right,
that I didn't quite understand.

What look?

A look, you know like…

"If you are mine" kind of look.

So you think there's history?

Well, they knew each each other but

long before me, and

they did spend a lot of time together.

I mean, he even met her mom.

Don't you think you're overreacting?

No, hear me out. It's like…

how Clinton always complains
about you and Lawrence.

Okay, that's different.

Okay, Lawrence and I work together and

- we're just friends.
- No, it's exactly the same thing.

Your friendship with Lawrence
makes Clinton uncomfortable.

Now over the years he's learned
to accept it because he trusts you.

- What are you saying?
- That you need to trust him.

I trust him.

It's… her.

Cause she has this…
go-getter thing about her.

Okay, maybe…
try and find out what she's about.

But don't make it
too obvious that you're a bit rattled.

Yeah. I mean, she's coming
to my house later on

for a meeting.

- Okay, that's the perfect time. Just…
- Yeah.

Just be innocent about it.

Don't make her realise that you're
trying to get information from her.

And for the record, babe,

I don't think Clinton would cheat on you.

More especially
with someone you work with, babe.




No, for real.

You have a beautiful house.

Thank you.

You know, Clinton and I
decided to get this house

before getting married and I must say,

it's going well so far.

So when's the wedding?


I don't know about that, you know?

I just… I have a lot of things
happening in my life, and

work is quite demanding.

He's still so cute.

What was that?

Oh, uh…

I was just saying
you guys look great together.

I'll take that complement
but please don't tell him,

or I'll never hear the end of it.


Do you have someone special in your life?

I haven't had anyone in a while.

And are you looking?

You know the last time
I was with someone was

around the time
I used to hang out with Clinton.

But I used to spend
so much time with Clinton

that the guy eventually just…
walked away and ended things.

You guys must have hung out a lot.

Oh, every day.

We'd just hang out
in his apartment for hours just,

just… talking.

Well, you know… in the big city,

there's a man out there who is looking
for someone exactly like you.

Okay, that's that for me. Shall we eat?

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

I'm actually quite interested

to see what you've uncovered
with regards to T&T Bank, and

Harbour Pharmaceuticals.

I do hope it'll be beneficial to…

both their bottom lines,

- especially T&T Bank.
- Hmm.

The Harbour contract was
pretty airtight to begin with.


- Thank you so much for coming.
- You're welcome.

- Oh, you have a good evening.
- You too. Bye-bye.

Travel safe.

- Ciao.
- Bye.

- Hmm!
- Ooh.

- Hey, my baby, baby, baby.
- Hmm.

Babe, you're welcome.
Hot dogs for dinner. Ooh!

- Ooh!
- Tamara

- Hot dogs for dinner.
- Hot dogs for dinner.

- Hey, babe.
- Morning.

- Here you go.
- Ah, thank you, but I can't stay.

I have a meeting to rush to.

Hmm. All the more for me.

I'll see you.

Have a good day.

Oh, I just remembered.

I'm seeing Kenzie later
for a catchup session.

Oh, what… what happened to, uh…

all of us, err, having lunch together?

Ah baby, we'll be catching up
on our own stuff.

I didn't think you'd want
to get left out on our conversation.

Hmm, wow.

Unless you want to join us?

No, it's actually fine.
I … work's crazy. So, I have a lot to do.

- Okay baby, have a lovely day, yeah.
- You too.

- Bye.
- Bye.

- Speak to me, Lawrence.
- Look, I promise you

things are coming together.

It's just that my diary's
a bit of a mess right now.

So perhaps you should offload
some of your work to Kenzie.

I know Tamara is already working
with you on some of the other clients.

I don't know, boss.

Look, if we want to give her
a chance to prove she can be partner,

we have to give her
something to work with.

But we have to even out the workload.

Kenzie, just in time.

- Lawrence has got some work for you.
- Oh.

Oh yes, Harbour Pharma wanted
to move their meeting forward.

Please let Tamara know
there will be a time change.

- Will do.
- Alright. I'll see you guys later.

- Alright.
- Bye.

- Got it?
- Yes.

Ah. Thank you.

- Hey, hey.
- Hey you.

Heading out to see a client quickly.

Okay, no problem.
Go. I'll see you in the next meeting.

Yes, there's been some changes
but Kenzie will update you.

- Okay, perfect. Bye.
- Alright, bye.

- You know what to do with these?
- Yes, ma'am.


Do you need help with anything?

No, but if you could please
just send me notes from

the commercial contract for T&T Bank.

Yeah, I'm almost finished with it.

I'll email it shortly.

Great. And Lawrence said
you had a message for me?

Yes. He…

He said you don't need to come
to the meeting with Pharma,

he'll handle that on his own.

That's great, you know? I'll get some time

to do some stuff for my birthday dinner.


- Is there anything else?
- I think we're done.


So we've already handed them this contact,

and they seem pretty happy
with the adjustments. So…

I think we're done.

Um… Just err… one last thing.

No, no, thank you, Kenzie,
we've concluded everything.

And we're done with the meeting.

Um… sorry, there's something
I forgot to mention on page 45.


Tamara, why didn't you
make mention of this before?

Oh, my apologies.

I have a good team. I'm sure we'll…

we'll get through the contract.


There is a new regulation that will be
in effect from 1st November.

Right now there's no issue,

but if we don't bring it
to your attention, you might not

be able to plan for it accordingly.

Well, please do tell us more.

But why…
you haven't mentioned this to me.

I really had forgotten. Do forgive me.

That was really good. Thank you.

You know I'm really happy to see you.

And I think coming to Jo'burg
is really going to pay off.

- I hope so.
- It will. It will.

Look, the money, the big car,

- the big house…
- The husband, the baby.

Yeah, all that will come.

And the nice thing is that you're
working at Fish & Associates.

So that's definitely going to pay off.

I mean, they do know how
to take care of their employees.

- They sure do.
- Ah.

Isn't this crazy?
We spoke about this years ago.

And now, our dreams
are starting to come true for us.

We weren't just big dreamers, huh?

Oh, but we were.

I should get back to work.

- We should do this again some time.
- Yeah, we should.

- Yeah.
- Come here.

I've always wanted to do that.

Ah, ah, Kenzie, no, no, no, wait.

You can't do that. Okay?

I'm in a relationship.

I love Tamara.

You can't be kissing me.

Okay, I'm sorry.

I couldn't help myself.

I kind of thought we had our moment there.

It won't happen again.

I'm so sorry, everyone.

Tamara couldn't make it.

She had a personal errand she had to run,

so she asked me to stand in for her.

Okay, did she

at least give you the documentation
we need for this meeting?

Don't worry about it.

I've been working on this
over the past few days.


Alright, let's begin.

- Hey, bestie.
- Eww!

Come on! You need to stop
trying to sneak up on me.


why didn't you tell me you weren't
gonna make it to the meeting at Pharma?

Well because you
said that you didn't need me there.

You had a new agenda and

I didn't need to be there anymore.

No… they moved it up.

I bumped into Kenzie
and asked her to tell you.

You weren't answering your phone.

That's not what she said.

She said that
you said you could handle it.

Oh, at least she came prepared.

But hang on…

She came prepared to a meeting
she wasn't meant to be at?

Man, I've got a bad feeling about Kenzie.

You know what happened
in the T&T Bank meeting?

- Hmm?
- She brought up a regulation

that she hadn't spoken to me about

in front of the client,
which made me look like

a village idiot, and her look like a hero.

And you said
you went to the same university with her.

Yeah, we went to the same university but…

Clinton knows her better, you know.

Apparently, they're old friends.

Now she's…

trying to make partner
at the firm by sabotaging you.


Do you think so?


- Hey.
- Hi.

You came?

Well, I had to honour the invite.

Gosh, this is a stunning house.

- It's beautiful, right?
- Yeah.

I would love to take
the credit for all of this,

but I must say I…

I wanna say thank you to my
beautiful wife for making it what it is.

I'm Lloyd, Tamara's dad.

I'm Kenzie. It's great to meet you.

Likewise. I love meeting uh,
Tamara's friends and colleagues.

In another time, I would
have loved to be a lawyer.


- Yes.
- Really?

- Thank you
- Okay, my darling.

What are you doing here?

You invited me.

You know,
it's so good to get out of my house.

Happy birthday.

That looks amazing but before
anybody touches anything…

I'd like to thank all of you

for coming by to celebrate
my birthday dinner with me.

You're like family.



I love you both so much and

thank you for being who you are.

I know you all want me to break
into this big speech but I won't. So…

Let's eat. I didn't cook so it's good.

Here you go, Mommy.

Here you go.

Oh, thank you, young man.

Please pass me, I need that.

Thank you.

So err, Kenzie…

is the food edible at least?

I mean, my wife,
she's an awesome cook but I,

I did suggest that we hire a private chef,

and I think Clinton here decided that
he wanted to help with the cooking. So…

if it doesn't go down that well,
you know that it's him,

Wow, really?

No, the food is great. Thank you.

Mrs. Oliphant, Clinton,
you did a great job.

It's a little better than someone's
famous hotdog rolls, I must say.

If you ate Tamara's hotdog
and live to tell the tale then,

you definitely belong with us
because we are the only species

who can actually eat her food.

Really? You are dead.

Is my daughter still
on track to making partner?

Okay. okay. Mom,
I thought we don't discuss business

on the dinner table.



what was Tamara like as a child?

She was such a sweet child.

- Inquiring mind.
- True story.

Always fighting for the rights of others.


- That's my friend.
- That's my girl.

Yeah, I remember one day
we got called into the school.

- She must have been around ten years old.
- Here we go.

Some of her fellow classmates
were getting punished

for making noise while
the teacher was away.

So somebody secretly
wrote all the names down.

Hmm, when the teacher got back,

this learner gave the list to the teacher.

Mind you, her name was not on the list.

Of course.

But she felt it unfair

that they were not warned
someone was secretly writing names down.

Aww child, she was prepared

- to get suspended…
- Yes!

- …fighting for her fellow classmates.
- Aluta!

Sorry, sir. I need some water.

I'll come with you, I need some water too.

what the hell are you doing?!

I'm falling for you.

Excuse me.

We are friends. Friends!

Is everything okay?


Yeah, everything's okay, babe.

- You got your water?
- Hmm!

Yes baby, I did.



Thank you.

- Great then. I'll see you at the table.
- Yes, baby.

Mmh, it smells good in the house.

I hope you'll like it.

- You want some coffee?
- Yes please, baby.

Thanks, babe.

So do you have a lot of meetings today?

Earth to Clinton.


- Can you hear me?
- Sorry. Sorry, love. What was that?

I was asking if you had a busy day today.


Is everything okay?

And who is that?

It's Kenzie.

- She's been trying...
- Babe, actually…

You know what? You don't have to tell me.

Hey, Kenzie.

Hello. Excuse me.

You've been here for a while now.

Have you found your rhythm yet?


You know,

I have been meaning to
talk to you for some time now.

It seems some
of your colleagues and clients

have been very impressed by you.

So does that, um, bring me
closer to being partner?


You don't hold back, do you?

Look, I don't like
to string people along so

I'll give you this…

Tamara will probably
make partner in this round.

Once you have built
a better rapport with your clients,

so will you.

In the next round.

I understand.


- Lawrence.
- Hey.

What was that all about?

Nothing. Just…

Nothing. I have to go.

- Thank you.
- You're welcome.

I appreciate it. And this?

Oh, no child, those aren't for you.

- Kenzie.
- Hey.


Oh, wow.

Are those from your ex?

I'm just so glad
that things are going well for you.

Can't wait to see you.

Love… C.


C…Thank you.


- Good day.
- Hello.

How are you?

- Take your seats.
- Thank you.

Oh. Good day, everyone.

- Hi, everyone.
- Everyone is here.


You may begin.

I'd like to thank my team
who worked tirelessly

for us to be here today, and T&T Bank.

Thank you for giving us
the information we needed

promptly for us to be here today.

So, our strategy for today,

we want to make sure that T&T Bank

is the most compliant bank in Africa.

Yes, we know there have been
some hurdles in the banking industry

but we have solutions.

We know what
the problem is, and that's banking...

Yeah, that. What that means...

I'm so sorry.

He just couldn't wait.

I need to see you. Now.

- You know what's going on?
- I have no idea.

I don't understand.

Tamara sent me that email,

basically advising me as my legal counsel

to take an offer from W&K Law Associates,

instead of renewing my contract with you.

This doesn't make sense.

Okay. You know what, we will investigate.

I have chosen to stay with this firm

during this time, but perhaps
my loyalties are misplaced.

Look, we know you're upset.

We're on the backfoot too. It's new to us.

So, you knew nothing about this?

In other words, she went behind your back.

I want her fired.

Or I'm taking my business elsewhere.

There are due processes that we need to...

Consider her gone.

- Isabel?
- We'll investigate.

And Phillip,
I'm sure you can appreciate that

there are some procedures
we need to follow.

Get rid of her.

If you can't trust her, hmm,

I certainly can't.

Yes, yes. Yeah.

Please do excuse me.

I think we might have
to reschedule this meeting.



What is this?

I, I don't know what this is.

You've sent a letter to Philip

- advising him to move his account to...
- I didn't send this…

Why would I?

Well, he wants you off his account.

And if we don't fire you,

he's threatened to take
his business to another firm.

- What?! Why?
- Because he doesn't trust you anymore.

Tamara, you are putting
our law firm into disrepute.


I didn't send this email.

Tamara, you have given us no option,

but to suspend you
pending an investigation.

I didn't send this email!


Give us proof that you didn't
send the email and we will back you.

Leave your laptop
on your desk and I'll speak to Rob.

He'll look through it.

T, what the hell is going on?

Martin and, and, and Isabel

showed me an email
that I allegedly sent to Philip

telling him to move as account from us

to W&K Law Associates.

I just… I can't find the email here!

That's crazy.
If you didn't send it, then who did?

I don't know.

I have seen
Kenzie do strange things.

I mean, she was going through
stuff on your desk on her first day.

Sitting in your chair…

while you were out.

I should have told your sooner.

Everything I work on is confidential
unless you have clearance.

But I thought you guys were friends.

We are… we are not.
Let's just… I don't know.

T, you're too kind to see some things.

All I know is that right now,
something is not right.

She's jealous of you.

She obviously wants your life.

- Hey, Tamara.
- Hey.

He's on his way back from a meeting.

- You can wait for him in his office.
- Sure.

It's the small things
that keep a couple in love.

All the gifts you've been sending.

Hey, babe.

I can explain.

- Babe...
- So, you and Kenzie buy each other gifts?

No. There's nothing like that, baby.

Well, it looks like that to me.

You've got personalized
whiskey, chocolates, ties.

- And you in turn, buy her sexy lingerie.
- What?!

I honestly don't know
what you are talking about.

Here's what I'm talking about.
I'm looking at what I'm talking about!

You're cheating on me with Kenzie!

You are the ex-boyfriend
that she made up with!


You know,
the two of you made a fool of me.

You're accusing me of dating
Kenzie behind your back?

You're wining and dining with Lawrence.

You know what?

I don't care. I am not
going to fight about Lawrence.

Not while I am fighting for my job
and everything I have worked for!



What's going on?

I'm going to Lawrence's house
for a couple of days.


You and Kenzie are the reason
why my life is falling apart.

Baby, that's not fair. You…

Baby, don't leave. Don't do this.

Let it go.

Tamara, but you're not
being fair, baby. You can't… Don't leave.


Hey, I hope you're hungry.

You're going to eat something, right?

No, thank you.

Tea, then?


Wine. Okay.

You know, your phone
has been ringing off the hook.

I know. I just don't wanna speak
to anyone right now.

Come on.

If you want to keep your job,
you're going to have to fight, girl.


Hey, okay.

Look at me. Look, we'll figure it out, T.

I promise you. Come here.

Oh, no.

I want to. I want to. I really do. I…

Look, T, if you and I
were ever going to get together…

- I wouldn't want it to be like this.
- Oh, no. It's okay. I…

I'm sorry.

The mailbox is full

and cannot accept
any messages at this time. Goodbye.

Hi, Lawrence.

It's Clinton here.

Yes. Hi, Clinton.

Yeah. Look, so…

I was just calling
to basically just check...

You're calling about Tamara?

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

I'm trying to reach her.

She's not ready to talk right now.

Are you with her there?

Look man,
she needs some space. She's safe, though.

I'll make sure
she calls you as soon as she's good.


Robert should be here any minute now

to give us feedback on the investigation.

Robert, come in.

Alright. Alright, so umm…

I did a full investigation,
and I can confirm

that the email was sent
from Tamara's laptop.

Yeah, but do you have proof
that Tamara was

the one who actually
typed and sent that email?

Well I can prove that
the email was sent from these premises

at the same time that
her car was parked here

because she swiped in
at the security gate.

So, the likelihood that
she sent the email is very high.

Were there any
discrepancies in this email?

Not really.

The only thing is that the email was

deleted from
the Sent Items straight afterwards.

I don't think it means anything, though.

So then,
the investigation is now closed.



I'll start the process of
Tamara's formal dismissal.

Something doesn't add up here, man.

So, how long
are you actually going to pretend that

Lawrence doesn't have feelings for you?

Listen, Lawrence and I
spoke about this ages ago.

He's just…
He's not the settling down type.

Mhh! Doesn't change the fact
that he's attracted to you.

And now, you're in his house
where he can have easy access.


- It's not like that.
- Mmm!


I just needed a place
to figure out my next move.

What is your next move, babe?

I don't know.

Hey… OMG! Thando.


I see what's happening here.

You only ever come
to my place if T is here.

- That's not right.
- You got me.

- So good to see you.
- Oh, same here.

Hey, T.

- Is everything okay?
- I spoke to Isabel and Martin.

They called me into a meeting with Robert.

I told them I'd deliver the findings

- from the investigation myself.
- Great.

And what are the findings?

T, the email definitely
comes from your laptop,

and this happened at the time
when you were checked into the premises.

So they'll start with formal
termination of employment,

then call you in for an exit interview.

I'm so sorry.




I figured you'd be hungry at some point.

You shouldn't have. I mean, you know that

I can cook for myself, right?

Yes, but…

where's the fun in eating by yourself?

Can I come in?

No man should be by himself.

Especially when
there's a woman around.

Kenzie, Kenzie, Kenzie,
we spoke about this.

No need to be so uptight.

- Why are you so cheery?
- Ah!

Because I…

think I can actually get the next thing

on my list of things
I've been working towards.

What list is this?


Move to Jo'burg,

make partner at the firm,

get married, buy a house,

have a baby.

I've got two things done.

And the next one is so
close I can actually taste it.

So you've made partner?

Huh, Tamara has been fired.

I'm the only one still
in the running for the position.

I made sure of that.

You made sure of it?

you like playing stupid.

There's no way I would have
been able to make partner

with Tamara in the picture.

And it just so happens
that things worked in my favour.

Sweet little Tamara with her…

perfect mom and dad

and her perfect job and her perf…

And her perfect partner.

Why can't I have what she has?

Because everything happens the way

it should at its own time.

You know, it's really cute
that you believe that.

I need the bathroom.

Down the corridor,
first door on the right.

Tamara, pick up. Pick up, Tamara.

Pick up!

- That was quick.
- Yep.


I told you it won't be long
until I'm married.

What the hell are you doing?

Take that off. Kenzie!

- How dare you?
- Okay, um…

- I'm sorry, I didn't mean to...
- Ah,

- my goodness.
- I didn't mean to upset you.

I'm going to ask you to leave. Now.

Please leave.

Hey, Lawrence. It's Clinton. I'm outside.

It's urgent, we need to talk.

- Hi.
- Hi.

Um, Mart… yeah, you can take a seat.

Oh, Tamara.

Oh, it is so good to see you.

I'm just rushing off to
a meeting with T&T Bank. I…

I'm sorry.

You don't have to worry about it.

The truth always comes to light.

Oh, sweetheart.

You really think the truth is
what's going to solve your case?

I think it's best to just…

move on and start over.

- Tamara.
- I have to go.

Rob, I need you to pull up
footage from 2nd March,

specifically the boardroom.
But even if it's from the corridor.

Of course, of course. Uh…

- You just need to complete this form…
- What is this?

…before I can pull out
any footage for you.

So you basically need
a signature from a name partner?

It's protocol, man.
So you get me that signature,

and I'll get you that footage.


You know, we're really
disappointed about the outcome

of this investigation.

The investigation found what it found.

It doesn't necessarily make it true.

We wish you the best.

Then, I guess the bad guys win.

- Tamara.
- It's a pity.

Well, thank you.

I went in
for my exit interview today.

I'm sorry, friend.

Babe, that's why I asked
to meet with you here.

When this whole thing started with

Kenzie, I decided to dig around

and I found some interesting things, Tams.

You are not the first person
this is happening to.

There's another woman.

- Another woman?
- She'll tell you her story.

Ah. Thanks for

- coming.
- Hi.

Ah, not an issue. I was in town.

Tamara, this is Michelle.

- Lovely to meet you.
- Likewise.

I asked her to come

and give you her story,
and see if she can help in any way.

Of course. Um…

Kenzie used to work
with my ex-husband, Mile,

and she was our lawyer.

We became friends quickly.

She spent a lot of time
at our house on business.

Huh. We clicked.

Now she became my best friend.

Then I found out
that she was texting my husband.

And they started meeting

without me.

That's when I…

knew that something
was going horribly wrong.

At that point I knew...

You don't have to share everything.

I do.

It happened so quickly.

I fell ill.

Turns out I was 11 weeks pregnant.

Kenzie wanted my life.

I stood no chance.

I was being pushed out
on the business I just started.

I miscarried at sixteen weeks.

Kenzie had…

flowers and a card delivered to me

that read um…

"You do not deserve to carry his child.

I should instead."

In a nutshell,

I would stay far away from her.

She creeps into your life and
when you're not watching,

she strikes.

Don't let her win.

- Tamara.
- Oh!

- What are you doing here?
- Hey.

I mean…

You know that this is
my favorite spot too, remember?

Can I join you?


I didn't realize how much
I loved you, until everything fell apart.

Look, I know that

things might not work out between us,

but what I'm not going to be okay with,

Tamara, is you thinking
that I cheated on you

with Kenzie because I did not.

I'm starting to believe it.

You are?


You know, a lot

has happened in these
past couple of weeks.

And things that made me
question myself and

things I managed to get answers for.

But I realised


bad things happen
to people who don't deserve it.

But you have to face it. You…

you have to face the face
of adversity and I run.

I'm a runner.

I don't know why I do it, but I do it.

I ran when you proposed to me.

I ran when things got rough, but

I don't want to run.
I don't want to run anymore.

- Hey!
- I just…

I want to face things dead on.

Baby… you can.

You can face things.

Baby, whatever comes your way,

you can actually face it head on.

With me.

Baby, I'm here.

I'll never leave you.

I'll always be here, Tamara.

Come and stroke me, love.

- So this woman...
- Michelle.

- Michelle had her life…
- Yes.

- …turned upside down by Kenzie too?
- Uh-huh.

And how did things pan out for her?

Well she found out that
Kenzie had just abruptly

moved to another city and…

so there's a chance to just speak
to her husband and get some closure.

So she did the same thing
with you and Clinton.

Sending him gifts making it
look like they were an item.

- Wow.
- Exactly.

- She's really good.
- She's not good.

Okay? She's evil.
And she needs to be stopped

Rob needs a name partner

to sign the release form
before he can access the server

to look for the footage.

Martin's not going to sign it.

Sign it.

Mmh-mmh. Sign it, we don't have time.

The joint sitting is tomorrow.

She's not going to stop.

Sign it!

I managed to pull up
the footage from that day

but because
installations were still happening,

there are few areas that don't
have coverage for a few hours.

Which areas is it?

Boardroom and some areas of the corridor,

but it's all at different times.

Do you have footage from
within Tamara's office?


Okay. Show me the corridor to her office.

You see that's one of the areas
that got affected on that day.

From what time?

From 11:00
in the morning, give or take.

That's from about
the same time the email was sent.

Let's see.


Yet uh, after this it ends and cuts off.

What?! No, I…

I need to see what happened after.

Let's see.
I don't know how long this goes on for.


Okay Rob,
I need this emailed to me right away.


T, I was just with Rob.

There's some footage. Call me back.

- Hey.
- Hi.

Lawrence asked me to collect
stuff you've been working on.

- Um, I just...
- He's…

headed out and he needs it urgently.




Answer the phone.

- Hey.
- Hey.

Pop corn and cold feet.

- Got you some popcorn. Mmh!
- Feet are cold, feet are cold.

- No!
- Argh!

T, where have you been?
I've been trying to get a hold of you.

Are you not home?

Okay, listen,

I think I've found the evidence
that we've been looking for.

Yeah, yeah, it's big, Tamara.

Look, I'm going to need
you guys to come over.

Okay, good.

- So this is you?
- Shit!

Kenzie, why do you have a gun?

You're trying to get me fired.

No, no, no. I'm trying
to get Tamara her job back.

Why do you care so much?

Please just put the gun down
before somebody gets hurt.

She's never going to sleep with you.

Don't try and play games with me.

- You will lose.
- Okay, okay.

- You don't know me.
- Okay. I'm sorry.

I want you to recall
any emails or messages

that you sent to anyone
about the footage that Rob gave you.

- What footage?
- Don't lie to me.

Don't let Robert's death be for nothing.

Robert's death? You killed Robert?

I saw the footage.

Tomorrow morning,
the joint meeting will be happening.

With or without you,
I will be made partner.

And that footage is not going to stop me.

Fine. You win.

I will recall the emails, um,

I'm just gonna need my laptop to do that.

If you try anything, I will shoot you.

- Hurry up, Lawrence.
- Okay. Alright.

Hurry up!

I can't get it to go any faster.


Why don't you listen?



Come on!


Hi, I'd like to order
a mild chicken and chips, please.

Yes, my number is, zero-eight-three.


Oh my God. Lawrence!



Hey. Oh. Woah!

I know you did it.

I don't know what you're talking about.

I need you to leave my house.

You framed me so I'll get fired.

You lied about Clinton and the worst one,

is what you did to Lawrence.


And if you don't leave my house,

you will end up like Lawrence.

Don't mention his name!


You think you had it, didn't you?

You're not going to ruin my life!
Not now, not ever!


Die, bitch. Die!

What's this?

Put that down!

Why do you have a picture of my father?

- That is not your father.
- This is my father!

Is he a part of your next scheme?

Hmm? Is he a target?

Now, you listen to me.

If you do
anything to my parents… Anything!

I will kill you myself.

Martin, what's going on?


They found his body
this morning in the server room.

Looks like he was strangled.

I went to see him about
an invoice I was sent about

pulling footage from one
of our external servers.

It wasn't supposed to happen like that.


Lawrence has been shot.

He's in critical condition right now.

But I'm sure Kenzie
has something to do with it.

How could Kenzie be involved?

Can I please see my laptop?

You handed it in when you left.

Yes, but I gave it to Rob.

Lawrence had said to me in
our last conversation,

that he had found some information
that would clear my name.

- Did he send you anything?
- No.

I know he would have
sent something to you.

There's nothing here from
Lawrence, maybe to Isabel.


I just heard what happened.

It's been a crazy night.


Come and see this.

What… what if Kenzie
found this footage too,

- and then she's...
- Okay, alright.

We need to take this to the police.

I'm sorry, Tamara.

So now that we have
the recordings, I think

we're in a much better position to…

I just…
I don't understand how we didn't see this.

We can handle… Uh, there she is.

- Um…
- Uh-huh.



We are looking for Kenzie Myeni
and Tamara Oliphant.

Hi, Officer. I'm Tamara.

We'd like to take you in for questioning.



I mean the person you should
be arresting is right next to me.

Well, ma'am,

we can discuss the
whole thing at the police station.

Miss Myeni, we also
found your fingerprints.

Do you mind
perhaps coming with us to the station?

Okay, okay, wait, Officer. Martin.

Let's go.

- Martin.
- This is a mess.

So that's when
I went to my friend Lawrence's house.

I just…

I needed a break from everything.

So who can confirm the story?

That will be my friend Thando and…

my boyfriend Clinton.
They came to visit me

a couple of times.

Kenzie Myeni.

So tell me,

where were you between
8:00pm and 10:00pm last night?

I was at home.

I ordered food for delivery
at Sunny's Chicken.

I have the receipt
in my bag if you want to go check.

I will verify that.

So tell me,

how do you explain
your fingerprints being found

at the gate with control
at Lawrence's house?

I mean, it's possible.

We sometimes leave the office together

and help each other
carry out things to our cars.

So there's something
that doesn't add up here, Ms. Myeni.

It won't add up,

because I wasn't at the scene of crime.

There you go.


Listen, I know you want
to solve this case,

but I am not the suspect here.

Mr. Clinton Nkosi,
just confirmed your story. So…

you're free to go.

Thank you.

Can I speak to Kenzie?

I can't allow that. So I'm sorry.

Do you want to solve this case or not?

I see you made it out.

It wasn't difficult.

I did nothing wrong.

Of course.

You like to colour in between the lines.

I find that boring.

Tell me, how long do you think

it will take
for them to figure you out, hmm?

You know, they deal
with criminals like you every single day.

If they were going to charge
me for something,

they would've done it by now.

And it still doesn't change the
fact that I didn't murder Lawrence.


Hmm, isn't what this is all about?


Kenzie Myeni, you are under arrest,

for the murder of Robert Abrahams

and attempted murder of Lawrence.

I mean, no, no, no! You…

You don't know what you're talking about.

- Hey.
- Hey.

- There you go, sir.
- Yes.


Can you sign for me here, please?

Thank you. I will also be a witness.

- Thank you. Have a lovely day.
- Okay.


Tamara, why didn't you tell me
that you were going through so much?

I'm sorry, Dad.

You know what, what I can't figure out

is why she has…

She has this picture of you.

This is when I was about to go to varsity.

I uh,

I think I need to see Kenzie.

You're here to fight on
behalf of your daughter?


I want to know where you got this.

Why does it matter where I got it?

Well, I…

I gave this picture to somebody
that was very, very special to me and…

I lost contact with her over the years.


She's my mother. Did you know her?

She… yes.

It… briefly but yes,

I did know her. We met and…

I… had to keep a low profile
from the police at the time.

Still kept in contact with her, you know.

We wrote to each other, but then…

She just stopped writing.

Yeah, when she fell pregnant with me
and I think her family disowned her.

They didn't even come to her funeral.



She was married to an asshole of a man

who abused both of us.

But it kept the lights on.

He died.

In his sleep.

What do you want from me?


You think you could be my father?

So you came in here
to clear your conscience.

What are you expecting, huh?

A fairytale family reunion?

I'm not expecting anything, Kenzie.

Get the fuck out of here!

You and your fucking daughter!
You think everybody's life is perfect.

You can go and clear your
fucking conscience in hell… Lloyd!

It's quite puzzling how

she'd have a picture of your dad.


Dad, did she tell you where she
got a picture of you from?

She… stole it from the house.

I knew it.

But why? Why would she do that?

I don't know. She didn't say.


Take a seat.

Tamara, I owe you an unreserved apology.

It's okay, you don't have to apologise.

Yes, I do.

Kenzie's going
to be in jail for a long time.

An apology is the least I can give you.

I need you here.

Would you do me the honour
of taking your job back…

when you're ready?


I will take my job back.

I just need your assurance

that you will trust how
I handle my clients.


Oh, and…
I have the pleasure to inform you,

that you are now partner at this law firm.

Um, thank you. Thank you!

You deserve it.


Lights out!

Subtitle translation by: Ayolope Koiki