Hükümet Kadin (2013) - full transcript

Xate is an ordinary woman from Midyat with eight children in tow. The only thing that sets her apart is her husband's job as Mayor of Midyat. Until, that is, an extraordinary day changes her life - and the lives of everyone else in Midyat. For the illiterate, uneducated Xate becomes Mayor of Midyat! While she takes on her mayoral duties much as she does those in her house, the infantile rivalry between her children in municipal matters leads to adventures that have the Midyat folk howling with laughter.

What you are about to watch
is a true story.

However, all persons and institutions
in the story are make-believe.

The thing is, you need more than facts
to portray the truth.

My grandmother was illiterate.

She didn't know
the first thing about politics.

Though clueless, she'd become
the southeast's first woman mayor.

The year was 1956.

Winters were bleak and desolate,
summers dry and drought-stricken.

Dearly beloved God.

We are truly at our wit's end
with this drought.

Moslems, Yezidis, Assyrians...
We're all gathered here before You.

But whoever has Your favour,
answer our prayers through them.


In the name of God,
the Compassionate, the Merciful.

Lord, send rain upon us
and keep us from despair.


Dad, they're going to
offer a sacrifice.

No, son.
Peacocks are sacred to Yezidis.

Dear Lord, You are without doubt
most forgiving.

Send us rain aplenty
from the heavens.


Imam Ubeyd's prayers
aren't going to make it rain.

If I can't supply water as mayor,
how is he going to?

Oh my gosh! Swallow your words, Aziz!
The man's an imam, it's a sin.

You'll be struck down!
He has four wives and two are demons.

Stop that hogwash, Xate!
Think science and learning.

God gave us the brains, the sense,
the resources and pipes to bring water.

- What more do you want?
- Have the pipes arrived?

I'll be picking them up
from the governor today, I hope.

I can wish him a happy Eid
for tomorrow while I'm about it.

- Today's the big day, Xate!
- God willing, God willing!

Not a chance, friend.
Do you see a single cloud?

OK, praying with the Assyrians
has worked sometimes.

But the Yezidis believe in the devil.

Why would God answer their prayers?
I wouldn't if I was God.

Thank God you aren't!

God forgive you!

This is no devil, Faruk.
It's a saintly peacock.

Whatever it is, feathers, a bird.

Don't slander other people's faith.
It's shameful, it's a sin.

Exactly! It's a sin, Faruk Abi.

- Yes.
- Listen.

I went to Mecca with my wife...

...but knowing I have Yezidi friends
I couldn't even stone the devil.

Well I... I think differently.

There must be someone unclean here,
that's why it isn't working.


God forbid!
I swear I'm clean!

But of course, I may have
bashed a breast on the way here.

Why are you looking at me?
Maybe Imam Ubeyd is unclean.

You have four wives,
a different one every night.

- True?
- Repent, unbeliever!

Today's Friday. I take Fridays off.

So what, godless fools? Now clear off.
No rain for you! Go on, get moving!

Hey, don't nick the shoes!
Those brown ones...

Clear off!

You got the damn prayers wrong!
You should start with the Attahiyat.

Are you leaving on an empty stomach,
Aziz Veysel?

No, I'll eat at the town hall.
Mustn't be late for the governor.

Agh, it's come off.

Didn't you stitch it to my waistcoat?

I've stitched it on fifty times!
They fobbed you off with that watch.

What? Well, it is a fob watch.

That's what I'm saying.
They fobbed you off.

For goodness sake!

Go, Celal! Ikram Abi is coming
to pick up my dad. They'll see you.

Gule, look. I'll come again.

OK, go now and come again tomorrow.
Go on, quick!

I left a tray of food in the bedroom.
Go and fetch it, girl.

Who are this lot, Xate?

They took refuge here yesterday.
The boy's run off with Mahmudo's girl.

Who are the others?

Well, he's run off with
another of Mahmudo's girls.

God knows who they'd have married
those sisters to.

- How many daughters has Mahmudo got?
- Eight.

Well, that's OK.
He's still got six then, huh?

Yes, but Mahmudo's wife says
they're ugly good-for-nothings.

If you wanted these two,
it would cost you 50 head of cattle.

She calls them the pretty pair.

What are you talking about, Xate?
You'd think they'd nabbed them to sell.

No! It was for love, for themselves.

Enough of that now.

- Good morning to you, Mayor!
- Good morning, Ikram.

Selam aleykum, dad.

Aleykum Selam, Baran Efendi.
God hear your prayers, son.


Your wife's inside praying for you.
For God to knock some sense into you.

Hello, dad.

- Yusuf!
- Yes, dad?

You buffoon,
and you're at university.

What's wrong?

If you aren't ashamed of yourself,
at least be ashamed of that old boy.

- Him?
- Go on, get out of here.

- Good morning, dad.
- Dad, have a good day.

How are you doing, dad?

What do you mean by that, punk?
What do you mean?

Sorry, dad.
It just slipped out.

What do you take me for?
A fellow soldier?

You'd think we were out carousing
every night!

You're in our prayers, Suleyman Bey.
How are you doing?

OK. A bit tired...

...and thirsty.
It's so hot, dad.

- God damn me if I don't beat you!
- He'll damn you if you do, Aziz. C'mon now.

I swear I stopped at eight children
because of him!

Where are your brothers
Behcet and Adnan?

At the town hall.

They left after hearing a truck
had arrived from the governor's.

C'mon, Ikram.
The pipes may have arrived before us.

- Good luck now, Aziz.
- In the name of God, the Al Fatiha!


Well, there you go.
Run and fetch some trousers, Ikram.

Hey you! Memik, I saw you.
You were standing there, right?

- Come here, I won't beat you. C'mon.
- But you always smack my bum.

That's beating, isn't it?

God! It's the same every day, Xate.
There's no water as it is.

Nor of those who go astray, Amen.
Go like water, Aziz Veysel!

Enough, dad! I'm frozen!

But there's still soap in your ears.

C'mon, down again. Off you go, son!

Help! Enough, dad!

- Ferhat, what on earth are you doing?
- Imam Ubeyd still hasn't made it rain.

If I draw water from the well
and wash the boy at home...

...the well water will go down.

That's unfair on everyone.
There's no water anyway.

But the way I'm washing him
everyone gets a share of the water.

OK, but you're making the water dirty.

C'mon, he's only a boy.
His dirt won't do anything, commander.

God, give me patience!

You little rat!
How could you do that to your dad?

You dumped me in water
for 90 seconds.

People are dying from no water
and you nearly kill me from too much!

Don't make an excuse of the water.
C'mon, down again!

Help! Dad, enough!

- Aliko! Are you OK, son?
- Uh-huh.

OK, good.

Whoa, get away!
Why are you driving it my way?

I'm not.
It went all by itself.

Hey, Behcet. Your shirt's red.
Isn't the bull going for that?

Is that damn bull Kurdish or Arab?
Is that why it's going for red?

I've no idea where they're from,
but that's how they are.

Red makes them crazy.

Look, that's an old wives' tale.
Bulls are colour blind.

It's that thing you were waving.
It'll go for anything you wave at it.

But what was I waving
to make it go for me?

In that case, you were waving it
inside your trousers.

What's going on, boys?
What's that?

Welcome, dad.
The Governor sent the bulls.

Why? Are we out of bulls here, Ikram?

No, Mayor, but they're a bit umm...

Well, with the heat and lack of water,
they've, how can I say...

...the animals have turned a bit umm...

They've turned into homos!

The bulls are for impregnating cows
in the town and villages, dad.

They need to be delivered
to the Village Delivery Co-op.

The Co-op staff are supposed
to look after the bulls.

Oof! We ask for water
and they send us bulls.

You'd think bulls
mattered more than water.

No, dad. Water matters a lot more.

Yusuf said even the human body
was 75 per cent water.

- Fuck me!
- Hey, watch your mouth!

Dad, could you not slap
the same cheek all the time?

Quiet! Weren't you going to have lunch
with the workers today? Huh?

C'mon, Ikram.

Adnan, come with us, son.
We'll drop you at the country cottage.

Pick up some provisions there
and take them to your mother.

Sure, dad.

The Governor's a Democrat, me too.
So why are they doing this, Ikram?

If only I knew, Mayor.

Ikram Abi, you can drop me
at the monastery, at Mor Gabriel.

I gave Father Jacob the bike.
I'll grab it to carry the provisions.

OK, I'll stop.

- Have a good trip.
- You too, Adnan.

Ah, Hanna Efendi!

May your Eid be blessed, Aziz Veysel!
I was just coming to see you.

But it's only the eve.
You shouldn't be troubling yourself.

Not at all.
Now if you'll accept our baklava.

It's the church's gift
to your family.

Just look at this.
Thank you, Hanna Efendi.

Here, take this baklava home.

Let's give you a ride
if you're off somewhere, Hanna Efendi.

Thanks, but no.
I'm going a long way.

- Into town.
- We're going into Mardin too.

Come with us, c'mon.

- Well, your mother-in-law loves you.
- Huh?

I mean, if you'd been able to marry,
she'd have loved you.

- Forgive me, climb in. Ikram!
- Yes, Mayor?

Drive carefully, son.
You know, after all this rain...

...the roads are slippery.
Right, Hanna Efendi?

Aziz Veysel, we're having an altar made
in memory of one of our brethren...

...who died in the riots
in Istanbul last September.

I'll certainly contribute, Hanna.

Thanks. Many thanks, Aziz Veysel.

Your forebears
were very good to us too.

They were Muslims, but they gave us
so much support in the struggle...

...to keep our religion alive.
Can you be more noble than that, Aziz?

It's people not of your kind
who make the world beautiful, Hanna...

...with the learning, the values,
the affection they give you.

Long live not only your kind
but others, so that you too live long.

Try, too, to see this mortal world
through their eyes.

If everyone was white,
you'd never notice their colour.

Or black.
White comes into its own with black.

The one thing that makes me 'me'
is what isn't me.

Without that, you're nothing.

You have no meaning,
no colour, no character.

Heavens, Aziz! You must
write those words down for me.

I'll pin them
to the wall of the church.

Memik has them. I gave them to him
in an envelope at his circumcision.

To learn at once when he began reading.
My grandfather did the same with me.

We're coming to the pipes, Mayor.
Hopefully we'll get hold of the rest...

...and bring water to the town
while you're still in office, huh?

That's the top priority.
Then I won't die a disappointed man.

Electricity, schools, roads will follow
just like that once we have water.

Water is life, you know.

Of course. Some 75 per cent
of our bodies are water.

- Is that really true?
- Yes, I knew that.

- Really?
- Adnan said so.

- Really, Mayor.
- C'mon now, eyes on the road!

Look out, Ikram!
Ikram, careful!

The door, Aziz!


Aziz Aga!

Aziz Aga is dead! The mayor is dead!

Mayor Aziz is dead!

Aziz is dead! The mayor is dead!


- He was one mountain of a man.
- He truly was.

May he go to heaven
and rest in peace.

Amen, amen.

This town, all of us,
we're orphaned without him.

Who on earth could be
a mayor like him now?

You're right, who could?

That's what I'm saying. Who could?

- No way are we making you mayor, Faruk!
- Shame on you, Sehymuz Amca!

You're on the town council no less.
We're at a funeral.

Forget handing the town from father
to son. This isn't some damn dynasty!

Either you hold elections
or you name someone from the council.

You have to. The law says so.

No one from the council would insult
the memory of the departed, Faruk.

Bravo! Don't try.
There's one answer then.

Who's going to be candidates
in the election, huh?

Look, I have a sense of authority,
I'm attractive.

Just look at me
then look at them.

You call that mayor material?
Look at the guys!

- Hey, just shut up!
- OK, OK.

- Zümre, that's you, isn't it?
- Yes, Mother Xate.

Here, take him, dear.

You know what he said
just before the accident, Baran?

He said he'd die disappointed
if he was gone before the water came.

In the name of God,
the Al Fatiha!

Even Lord is weeping for you,
Aziz Aga the!

Prayers are over, the rain's come.
C'mon, hurry now and collect water.

Off you go, Baran, Yusuf, Nedim.

Take Ikram with you, go on.
C'mon, girls. Off you go.

C'mon, Imam Efendi.
I'll say the final prayers, you go.

Off you go, don't miss out on water.

Bless you. My condolences.

Come over here.
Let's get the animals out.

You wanted water. Here you are.

You even brought us water, Aziz Veysel.

Lord Almighty,
are You playing jokes on us too?

And above all in the name of God,
the Al Fatiha!

Stop it, Memik!
In the name of God, the Compassionate...

Show us the true path...
nor of those who go astray. Amen.

Drop dead, girl! The halva had burnt
by the time you woke up.

And you, Memik,
you're in trouble too. Just wait.

What's this, my dears?

You announce all visitors like this
so they'll pray too?

No, our young Memik
was just joking around.

And I was wondering
if I'd gone barking mad!

The little bastard!

He isn't a bastard, Faruk Abi.

I'm his father.

What? But my dear,
haven't you become touchy!

Look, really, I said 'bastard'
in a nice way, right from the heart.

You know, by 'bastard' I meant
cute little thing, son of a gun...

- ...you scallywag-wag.
- Wag-wag?

- Condolences to us all, friend.
- And bless all our friends.

- Abi, condolences to us all.
- Yes, our loss is great.

- Here, have a seat.
- Condolences to us all, Mayor.

What's up?
Why are you looking at me?

- You called Baran 'Mayor'.
- What do you expect?

Now Aziz Aga is gone, the job of mayor
must fall to his oldest son. Right?

Or have I goofed up? I didn't know,
I swear on it. Aren't you a candidate?

I still haven't done
military service, Faruk Abi.

They'd come and get me in office.

I'd completely forgotten!
True, you're a draft dodger.

Hello, commander!
Welcome, how are you?

Not bad.

Not bad? Good. What shall we say then?
Mayor Behcet?

Let's not say anything for now.

But how can we, Seyhmuz Amca?
You mean we go without a mayor?

Why don't you be mayor, Faruk?

Me?! What? C'mon!

You're saying me be mayor?

C'mon, where do you get
ideas like that, Bunyamin?

It wouldn't enter my head in 40 years.
Me become mayor?

Shame on the idea!

Of course, it's up to the people.

These things are up to the people.
So we need to be democratic about it.

Sure, I have a sense of authority,
but I mean...

- ...I'd never say anything.
- Screw you, Faruk!

First at the funeral, now here.
You can't do this, Seyhmuz Amca.

- We'll make you a candidate, Faruk.
- Sure, my pleasure.

I'm running in the election too then.
Here, I've got my fedora on.

If we're counting out Baran,
I'll be a candidate too. Here!

Then I'll be a candidate too,
to keep the mayor in the family.

OK, I'm running too.

There's only one thing for it.
Here, I'm a candidate too!

Well, I'm abstaining.
Being mayor is a drag.

Guys, rules apply
in the case of death.

What did I say, damn it?

C'mon, quiet!

What are you shouting about?

Aziz Aga is dead and your only worry
is getting your backsides in his seat!

Go ahead, Seyhmuz Amca.

No, please.
You go ahead, Mayor.

What does that mean, Seyhmuz Amca?

Well, you're best suited
to the job of mayor after Aziz Aga.

It would stop the brothers fighting
and keep the job in the family.

Believe me, he'd have wanted it too.
For Aziz Veysel's sake, huh?

That water is coming here!


I thought Xate Abla
couldn't read or write?

She can't. She knows
nothing about politics either.

How can Xate Hanim become mayor?
Has she done military service?

- No.
- Well then?

Granny mayor.


You call this justice, huh?

There's been no election
and everyone says Xate Hanim is mayor!

Who says there's been no election?
Take a look.

Number of ballot boxes opened: one.
Number of valid votes: 1000.

- The mayor is Xate Nuroglu.
- All the best to the town!

In the name of God,
the Compassionate, the Merciful.

The town hall awaits you.
This way, Mrs Mr-Mayor!

We're not going
to the town hall, Ikram.

You've had yourselves
a bogus election!

Our ballot papers aren't bogus!
They're left over from last election.

Here, they all say Nuroglu.

Aziz Veysel Nuroglu, Xate Nuroglu.
What's the difference?

You can't have a woman as mayor!
No way!

Here, look. It's written in the law.
Ataturk says women can be mayors.

- Get out of here!
- Let's have a look.

Yes, here. It says,
'Faruk is a total loser.'

- Where? Show me.
- There you go.

- Where does it say?
- Look, right here.

I'm complaining to Ankara about you.
Just you wait!

I'm opposing the damn lot of you!
I'm the main opposition. To you all!

We'll soon see who's in power,
who's in opposition. You wait, OK?

- Would that rat really send a telegram?
- It'll take a month of Sundays.

He has to wire Ankara.
Then Ankara has to wire him back.

It won't happen in our time, Isa.

Get up!

I'd say go easy there,
but it seems you already are!

Thanks. I mean, no, no!

You're not working, damn it!
You think I didn't see?

No, I swear.
We're having a meal break.

If you eat nine meals a day,
you have a break every minute!

- Is this as far as these pipes come?
- Yes, Mayor.

- So where's Midyat, Ikram?
- Well, see those mountains?

It's a fair way from here.

- How many pipes do you lay a day?
- We've laid a whole one today.

- Agh! Not tired after all that work?
- Tired?! It's for our town!

Drop dead, will you!
Ikram, listen here.

Yes, Mayor?

From now on, you inspect them
two or three times a day, OK?

I've made you pipes manager.
C'mon now.

Yes, ma'am!
You're very kind, Mrs Mayor.

What was that?

It's Aziz Veysel's watch.

I told him he'd been fobbed off
with this watch. He wouldn't listen.

The accident happened just up ahead.
So all this time...

Look, it's still working.
This was Aziz's time, Ikram.

You see, it hasn't stopped.
It's not going to stop either.

You were a father to me.

You were a big brother to me.

You were a husband to me.

You were going to go like water
and come back like water that day.

I made stuffed offal for you
that night, you know.

I threw it all away.
What was the point without you?

You were my sugar, you were my spice,
you were my soul, my everything.

But Aziz Veysel,
I won't let you down.

I promise you.

That water will come to this town.
You'll see.

You won't die disappointed,
Aziz Veysel.

You were my first love.

Even if I wasn't yours.

Boy, haven't they got enough yet?
How many cows is that now?

Remember what the vet said?
Bulls never have the same cow again.

It's in their genes.

Well, it's their life.

Hey, there's one bull, the bastard
doesn't blink at having 20 cows a day.

- Which one's that?
- See? He looks like our dead uncle.

Right, he does look like him.

Same jaw line.

Don't believe a thing, girl.
I've wired Ankara to complain.

Faruk Abi, stop!
Fehime Abla is home.

I hope to God she dies!

Believe me, I'm going to rescue you
from this maid's life, Nevide!

Nevide, write this down.
Yes, Fehime. What is it?

Shame on you, Faruk Efendi,
after all I've done!

I've been your wife all these years.
Aren't you ashamed to cheat on me?

Who'd bear to look at those moon eyes
all these years, Fehime?

Are you mocking my glasses?
I'm not blind, Faruk Efendi!

They're a 12.0 prescription.
I can see everything. Everything!

My mother told me to marry for love,
but my father wouldn't hear of it.

What's love? I don't do love.
I do lips.

- Don't laugh, Nevide!
- I'm not, Fehime Abla. I swear.

What's marrying for love
got to do with it? Don't make me mad!

You know, Nevide? Her grandfather
killed my grandfather's cow.

Then they gave her to me to marry
so we'd let them off...

...so there'd be no fights,
no bad blood between them.

Look! Her deformities are worse
than what they did in the first place.

Don't laugh, slut!

Thank God the cow can't have kids
or I'd have been living in a barn!

The jokes
just roll off my tongue!

Well, they've made Xate mayor
and you've come away empty-handed.

Carry on wittering here.

Bitch! If I were mayor, you'd be a governor
man's wife. What more do you want?

Why would I be another man's wife,
Faruk Efendi?

Swap wives as soon as
you became mayor, would you?

Thank God they didn't make you mayor!

I said "governor man"!
Where did you get "another man"?

There! Go off with another woman
when you're mayor and call me deaf!

Well, I'm not deaf, Faruk Efendi!
I'd even hear an ant marching past.

Dear God! The creation's Your doing,
at least keep an eye on it.

Eff off, Nevide!

Hang on there!
I haven't done anything yet.

Damn you, son of an animal!

Where's your sense of humor?
I'm just playing with words here.

You'll value these jokes later.

Mother Xate, when did you
shunt Mother Turkan around?

What's that supposed to mean?

In the name of God,
the Compassionate, the Merciful.

When the dearly departed left us
to join Turkan Abla...

...I expect she changed her place
out of grief. You see?

Yes. Even the imam said
couples feel it when they die.

Sometimes they drift apart
to avoid upsetting one another.

Almighty God is full of miracles.

Yes, dear girl,
He moves in mysterious ways.

Mum, was it you
who locked the food cupboards?

Yes. Everyone just helps themselves.
Well, no one's savings last forever.

With no breadwinner now, we're doomed
if I don't start taking things in hand.

So where have you sent Mahmudo's girls
and their lads for goodness sake?

- They came to us for refuge.
- Somewhere safe. They're on the run.

- OK, where?
- There.

Where is 'there'?

I'm not saying any more!

Thank you, God! Thank you!

- Gule, bring us a fruit plate, huh?
- OK, sure.

- Mum, they want our Gule as a bride.
- Who does?

You know Kazim's brother, Nazim?
He does.

Take it from me, he's a sound lad.
I say we should agree to it.

True, he's a very decent lad is Nazim.

If you're both so keen on this Nazim,
let's have you marry him, huh?

- What?
- I'm not having Gule marry anyone.

Have you asked her?
Is she some animal?

- She might love someone else.
- What if she knows?

Are we bringing new customs
to an old village? What is this?

Yes, we're bringing new customs.
Whoever holds the seal is in charge!

I hold the seal, I lay down the law.
I'm not giving her away.

Here you go, Behcet.

What's this?
What about the fruit?

You asked for a fruit plate.
We put the fruit on that.

When I said 'fruit plate'
I meant fruit, idiot sister!

If you say 'fruit plate'
to ask for fruit...

...why don't you say 'water glass'
to ask for water?

Go on, answer!

Right, end of discussion.

We have our work cut out from now on!

Thanks, mum. I had no idea
you knew about the commander.


- Shit! My stupid loudmouth!
- What was that, girl?

Shut up! It's her own mouth.

Now, one of you is coming with me
to the town hall every day from now on.

Those of age, of course. I don't know
which papers to thumbprint or not.

- What about Ikram Abi?
- I've made him pipes manager.

- Made him what?
- Pipes manager.

He's coming! Get up!

He's reversing up!

Loafers, you think this car
doesn't have reverse gear?

- C'mon, Baran. Today's your day!
- Coming, mum.

Drop it there. That's it.

Drop it there, go on. That's it.

- Mayor, a document for some land.
- Right, let's keep that one, mum.

OK, make a thumbprint right here.

Don't thumbprint the others.

Thank you, Mayor.

All the best to you.

Drop that on the pile. Let's not
take up the mayor's time now.

Open up your hands.
Go wash them!

- What's this?
- Dried egg plant.

Call this dried? No, it's not!
Hang them up to dry.

- Fruit man, are your vegetables fresh?
- Every one of them, Mother Xate.

What makes me your mother, oaf?
Just look at your own age!

Let it go, Zeynel. Xate Hanim is 45.
But 45 going on 55.

Yes, I'm 45 going on 55.
What business is that of yours?

- Baran!
- Yes?

I'm closing the fruit man, grocer,
herb man and blacksmith for a week.

- Now c'mon!
- The shops are closed!

Hey, he's coming. Get up!

There's a title deed here.

We'll see to that later.
Don't take up the mayor's time.

Mrs Mayor.

- Look, son. A woman mayor. See?
- Yes.

Ferhat, you're putting wrong ideas
in the boy's head. C'mon now.

- Is that why you came?
- Ferhat Abi.

All the best to you, Mrs Mayor.
I've a document here.

OK, mum. Thumbprint this one,
but don't touch the others.

- Thank you.
- Thanks.

- C'mon then.
- What do you want, boy?

- You.
- Me?

- Yes.
- What do you mean, oaf?

All the guests are waiting, Mayor.

You were supposed to marry us today,

Oh my gosh! Behcet, were we going
to marry them today? Is he the groom?

- Yes, mum.
- Is the bride still there?

Yes. Waiting for you.


Fatma, daughter of Kudrettin,
do you take Hikmet to be your husband...

- ...of your own free will?
- I do.

No, I don't believe it.
Not for the life of me.

Lift that veil, girl.
Go on, lift it, lift it.

No, I don't believe it.

C'mon, stop messing with my wife.

I haven't declared you
man and wife yet.

Look at me, girl.
The girl doesn't want this.

Someone's twisted the girl's arm.

No, I'm not declaring them
man and wife.

Move, Behcet! C'mon, let's go!

- Mum.
- I've changed my mind. Move!

- Mum.
- What's that supposed to mean?

Fatma? Why didn't you answer
the second time she asked?

- Don't you want me?
- Don't say that! I was scared, Hikmet.

Hey, c'mon!
Why are you scared, huh?

Nice one!

All the best, Mrs Mayor.
I've a document here to whatsit.

- We'll see to it later.
- No, now. Let's see to it now.

Stick your thumb here.

- All the best to you.
- Thank you.

Yes, Ikram? Ikram!

They're laying a railway
along our pipe route.

- Why? To bring the water by train?
- No, but it shows it on the map.

They're going to run the rail tracks
over our route.

So take the pipes round the other side.
Let's bring the water the other way.

- That's how I wash the roof.
- I don't get it, but...

Now, go get those pipes,
curve them nicely round...

- OK, and I'll see to the rest.
- I have total faith in you, Ikram.

- Why's no one here?
- Everyone's at the opening ceremony.

What ceremony?

Mum, you're laying the foundations
of the mosque, right?

Oh my gosh, oh my gosh!
Why do I bother having you lot around?

Then when it comes to pay day
you're all full of yourselves!

Don't set if off now,
only at the count of three, OK?

- Wait till we count to three.
- In the name of God, the Al Fatiha!


Ouch! Stop! Mum, mum!

I'll tell your mum to beat you
three times over!

Zumre, Zumre! Here, girl!

- Zumre, it's you, isn't it?
- No.

- It isn't you either, huh?
- No, I'm not Zumre either.

I must've got mixed up.
I'm sorry. Have a good day.

- You, too.
- Have a good day.

But didn't they look so like Zumre?
You'd think they were sisters.

Exactly. They were
the spitting image of Zumre.

- Right.
- Don't worry, gran.

She's my mum and I sometimes get her
mixed up. I'm telling you, it's hard.

And you're answering me back!
Move! You nearly had us in a scrape!

- Pull!
- What's up, boys?

What's so heavy on the end there?

They've banned washing kids,
so we're washing my dad.


Hello, commander!
The water's magic. Come on in!

Talk about cranky!
C'mon, lower me in.

Whoa, nothing beats water!

- Railways?
- Highways.

- All the best to you.
- Thank you so much, Mayor.

- Mayor, mayor!
- Ikram, how's it going with the pipes?

We've curved them round, Mayor.

- Well?
- The highways are taking that route.

- Well, the other way?
- It's Faruk's land. His country house.

If we go around it,
we'll need an extra 500 pipes.

That leaves us a long way short.
And the Governor says no more pipes.

Lay a telegram to Ankara.

Dear Ankara! You're out of line!

Write whatever I say, Ikram.

What in hell
are those lunatics doing?

Every day they're digging
in a different direction.

Those pipes will turn round and round
into one giant knot.

We've no choice but to lay the pipes
in the direction of Ankara.

So go on, tell us what to do now.

Get out of our way.
Damn it, like there's no other way!

'Dang it', that is.
Write it properly.

Just send it like that
and let's see what happens. C'mon!

Ikram Abi, use nicer wording...

I don't get it, but...

Run, mum! The bulls are
on the rampage for cows to hump!

All the cows are pregnant!
Run! The bulls are coming, mum!

Bedri, they're coming right for me!

Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar...

It's an emergency, Imam Efendi.

Attention! Sorry to interrupt the Azan
but it's an emergency.

Four municipality bulls are on the run
and pose a serious danger.

They know no limits.
Twenty cows a day is what a bull...

God forgive me.
Keep your cows away from the bulls.

Watch out for yourselves too!
Attention! Attention!

Watch out for yourselves!

Attention! We continue with the Azan.
Have a good Friday.

- God hear your prayers, Imam Efendi.
- Thank you.

Allahu Akbar...

What did those son-of-an-animal bulls
want from me? I'm not a cow, Bedri!

- What happens now, Doctor?
- No weight on it for six weeks, Mayor.

You must rest at home.

But there are weddings, ceremonies...

- And who'll inspect the tradesmen?
- Well, after six weeks.

God help me!
I've only been in the job one week.

But you've got a lot done
in that one week, mum.

Yes, thank goodness.

- C'mon, now.
- What's that damn thing?

What's going on, Zeynel Abi?

The mayor's broken her leg
so we're cutting prices.

Let's hear that drum roar!

Oof, with the tradesmen and whatnot
and all these jobs to do...

What's that noise, Bedri?
Another wedding?

I expect so, mum.

Drums do sound nice
from a distance, you know.

Hey, suppose we let those bulls loose
in the direction of Ankara?

Haven't they always pretended to be
enemies of our development as a nation?

Our mayor is a woman.
She can't read or write.

I respectfully ask for
your attention to this matter.

No thanks, dear.
I'm careful after night prayers.

Oof, Mahmudo...

They've left me high and dry.

I sent Ankara a telegram
and no one stood by me, you know.

Well, I would have if you'd said.

Thanks, my dear, thanks.

I tell you, sometimes I get
so caught up in loneliness...

...I retreat into my own shell,
I lose myself in my loneliness.

At these times this country house
is like a friend to me. What can I do?

I hope the girls have been found, huh?

No such luck. They're still missing.

My cousin's daughter has run off too.

Well, they've also run off with
my uncle's girl, or she's run off...

...or been kidnapped. But they made it
look like she ran off, the bastards.

- Is your uncle still around?
- Yes.

Look, you see? Everyone
is committing crimes, everyone!

And they call me a criminal,
a lawless crook.

What you call 'crime'
is economics, damn it. Economics!

Look, let's say I've committed
no crimes, OK? Impossible but...

Let's imagine that's so.
You haven't either. Nor has he.

No one's committed any crimes.
So what then? You don't need police.

You don't need gendarmes either.

You don't need lawyers, judges,
prosecutors, courts...

You don't even need governments.
What do you say, huh?

Crime is a nation's
biggest source of economy.

You need to keep producing crime
so people get to take food home.

Right? So you should be thanking me.

Well in that case, good for
whoever ran off with my girls.

I should give them a reward, huh?

Get out of here, Faruk!

Did I say that? Huh?

Only you understand me, Mahumudo,
and you've got me all wrong.

- I tell you they're here.
- Gule, run and open the door.

What's behind this?
Why are the military visiting us?

Mum, don't you know
why the commander's here either?

What if they've come
to drag me off to military service?

If they had, they'd have come
with clubs, not flowers, Baran.


This is Xate Hanim, our mayor.

Xate Hanim, my parents
wish to congratulate you.

So that's what the visit thing...
That's why you're umm, yes.

You shouldn't have.

Gule, take them.
Don't look like that.

Welcome. Sorry about this,
my leg's been taken ill.

Sit down, sit down. This way, over there.

Well, and so how are you, Talat Bey?

Fine thank you. It's pronounced Talat.
The A has a hat on it.

How are you, Kamuran Hanim?

Kamuran actually.
The A has a hat on it.

So you wear hats, man and wife.
Well, if Ankara gets cold...

It's hot here all the time
so hats aren't that popular.

- Can you read and write?
- Enough to share my problems.

- C'mon, write something for us then.
- Luckily I don't have a problem now.

His Uncle Yusuf is teaching him.

He can only read at the moment.
But he'll start writing soon, I hope.

Your name was Gule,
wasn't it, young lady?

Huh? Ah, yes. I'm Gule.
Gule, that's me.

- It's a pretty name. What does it mean?
- Nothing, it's just a name.

I mean, it's so people know
I'm this girl, not that one.

So they don't mix me up with others.
My mum named me.

If she was born at a silly time,
my mind must've been a blank.

So I suppose I chose that name.
Well, I did. I suppose I did.

- Gule, bring some tea. C'mon, Gule!
- Gule, Gule, ghoul, eh?

Maybe it means that.
She's a ghoul, eh?

Sorry, she isn't normally like this.

No, in fact she's a proper young lady.

She speaks two languages, you know?
That's what you said, isn't it?

- She knows a foreign language.
- Ah, really? Which one?


- What's that supposed to mean?
- Sorry?

When these kids come out of the womb
they learn Kurdish first of course.

It's normal.
What can they do, huh?

I mean, they're born in Kurdish
and live in Turkish.

Dad, c'mon.


...we'd like to ask
for Gule's hand in marriage to me.

Oh my God!

It's slipped off! Give me the cushion.
Put my leg back, Zumre.

You'll die of heart failure!
Here, have some water.

Yes. Now have you done
your military service, dear?

I'm doing it.

I noticed, yes.

Well, congratu... Umm, good luck
when you're discharged, God willing.

Look, I do understand.

I mean, rest assured
I'm aware of how it is here.

But on the other hand, love...

In my book there's no such thing
as love or logic.

There's just marriage.
Zumre is family.

I mean it was arranged.

Her eyes were all I saw of her
before we married.

God damn you!

What's wrong?

Memik! Memik, come here!

Go on, your aunt's calling.
Run along!

Well, I saw my bride. I took her
to the hamam for a look.

- And praise God, she's beautiful.
- Thanks, Mother Xate.

Yes, mum liked her. They had a chat.
And I had no frigging say in it.

- Memik, do something for auntie, huh?
- OK.

Here, give auntie a hug.

Honoured guests, dear family.

On this big day, I'd like to read you
a letter written to me...

...by my late grandfather.

It's people not of your kind
who make the world beautiful...

...with the values, the treasures,
the learning, the love they give you.

Long live not only you and your kind,
but those who aren't of your kind...

...those who don't think like you,
so that you may also live long.

Without them, you have no colour,
no meaning, no character.

Well done, son.

He was a sensitive man, yes.

So what do you say?

Well, if fate allows...

...in two, five or ten years,
God willing.

Excuse me?

We've just lost the dearly departed.
How can we go merrymaking?

That's shameful, it's a sin.

And especially when I'm mayor,
it wouldn't be at all proper.

Ah, thank God!
At last I'm rid of the damn thing.

But after six weeks in plaster
you may have trouble walking still.

Use the crutch for another day or so,
then you can walk on it.

Thanks, Doctor.
Bless you.

If you ever need help,
I'm at your service, OK?

- My pleasure. Keep up that recovery.
- Thanks.

Here we go. C'mon, Ikram.
There's work to be done. Let's go.

C'mon, get moving!

Oof, something wasn't right there.
OK, c'mon. C'mon, Ikram, let's go.

OK, Mayor.
To the town hall, right?

No, damn it! Why the town hall?
What do you want there, pipes manager?

Take me to the water. C'mon!

To the water?

- Is there no other way, Ikram?
- No, really.

No workers and no route, huh?

No offer I made
was good enough for them, Mayor.

They said other people paid more
and walked out on us.

Where will the money get them
without this water?

Are they going to drink the money,
wash with it, do ablutions with it?

Mayor, why don't I join the pipes...

I don't want to hear any more, Ikram!
Just shut up, OK?

Mayor, your leg.

I don't need that crutch.

What's that racket in there, Ikram?

- No idea, Mayor.
- Move it.

I'll blow your brains out.

What are you fighting about?

Didn't you let me have
this land in Estel, Mayor?

Here, you stamped and signed it.
Baran was there that day, huh?

- You signed mine too. Nedim was there.
- Mine too. And Behcet was there.

- You signed mine too. Bedri was there.
- Oof, help me God!

Mayor, for goodness sake tell them
whose thumb this belongs to.

I'll give you the thumb! I just signed
whatever they put in front of me.

God damn you wretches!
You lousy worms!

You left the pipes for this, damn it?

What are you doing here?
Let's hear it.

This bit is Numan Abi's mosque,
this bit Bunyamin Abi's bar.


- Restaurant. But there's alcohol, huh?
- Get off my case! Move on!

This bit is Firat Abi's school,
this bit Metin Abi's teahouse.

We started with the doors to stop us
getting mixed up, Mrs Mayor.

Dimwits, why build four separate things
in one place?

Who knows? Monday-Tuesday we work
on the mosque, Wednesday on the school.

- Thursday it's the bar...
- Restaurant.

I mean restaurant,
and Friday it's the teahouse.

- At least keep Friday for the mosque.
- Sorry?

Now listen to me.

First people will
learn the ABC at the school.

Then drink and carouse
at that filthy restaurant.

Then repent at the mosque.

Then end up at the teahouse
with a glass of cold water.

Nor of those who go astray, Amen.
What more can I do for you?

So you're playing games with me.

From now on I'm not trusting anyone
or giving in to them.

Xate answers only to God
and the memory of Aziz Veysel.

Some sons of Aziz Veysel you are!
Sons of an ass excepting your father!

Trying to give away the town
to your cronies, are you...

...sons of a dog
excepting your father!

Oh God! Don't come near me!
Don't come near me!

Oh God! What should I do?
Go away, pull yourselves together!

Don't come to the town hall again!
I don't want you anywhere!

Pull yourselves together!
Don't come anywhere!

Oh God, what should I do?
Oh God!

- She's passed out, huh?
- My ass. She always fakes it.

Adnan, go knock on the door.
We'll tell her the milkman's here...

...or the yoghurt man's here.
Let's see if she wakes up. Go on.

If she doesn't wake up,
we'll start worrying then.

- Mum, get up! The yoghurt man's here.
- Fetch the pots, Suleyman. Quick!

- She's woken up.
- Mum, we were just testing you.

My boys were testing me, huh?
Oh God, my boys think I'm a liar!

God, where should I go? Oh God!

- Mum, the milkman's here.
- Mum, the blacksmith's here.

Mum, the cat's here.

Faruk, help! For the love of God
save us from Xate! Faruk!

What in hell is going on?

Faruk, help! For the love of God
save us from Xate, Faruk!

Never a moment's peace
in my private life!

What is it? What's going on?

Faruk, please help us.
That Xate woman has ruined us!

I'm not speaking to you.
You left me high and dry.

I've gone into my shell thanks to you.
Just leave me to myself.

What's wrong? It's Fehime.
She lost a lot of weight. What is it?

- What are we going to do about Xate?
- Just be grateful I have a soft heart.

You're on my conscience, I swear it.
Go and complain, friend.

If I were you, I'd complain to Ankara.
Send a telegram.

What does the prime minister say?
"Enough! Let the people have the say."

Go complain in ones and twos,
but do it to a man. Send telegrams.

I did right from the start.
You do it too so they take notice.

Say our mayor can't read or write,
say she doesn't have a clue.

Say there's no politics,
say she's messing us up.

Just choose the right words.

Well, let's go send the telegram.
C'mon, get moving!

The Grand National Assembly, Ankara!
It's an easy address.

Mum still hasn't woken up.

Wait, this is more important.
If it's true, she'll pass out for real.

- Are you sure, girl?
- I swear to God and heaven.

I saw it myself, I heard it myself.
I was walking past them.

- What, walking past the post office?
- Yes.

Isn't the draft office
next to the post office?

- I was on the other side of them.
- Huh?

They were a big crowd. They spoke about
wiring Ankara to complain about mum.

They're going to call an inspector
to show she doesn't know anything.

And you let them go ahead,
little hussy, huh?

- You let them complain about your mum!
- Mum, stop it!

Mum, you've woken up!

You think you can marry
if I'm not mayor, huh?

I swear on the Kuran,
if I knew I'd lose my job as mayor...

...and I didn't make you wait 15 years...
Ha! I'm declaring war on you all!

The real power is with the people.
OK, then. You'll all see now.

No. No, I'm not going to pass out.
I've declared war.

OK, then.
Have a great holiday, kids.

Speak lots of Turkish on holiday, OK?
It'll be good practice.

Sure, teacher. Don't worry!

C'mon, let's go and play.

Quick! Hurry!

- Going home for the holidays, teacher?
- Not right away. Why?

I want to learn to read and write.

Our mayor is a woman.
She can't read or write.

I respectfully request
your attention to this matter.

Ziya, watch the ball.
Give the ball...

Mum, there's a telegram.
The inspector's here next month.

Buy Vita oil.
Sule, wash the wool.

- And a rooster is a male chicken.
- I know that.

- Excuse me, Hodja Efendi.
- What is it, Fehime?

Memik's catching chickens
off Irfan's roof.

- Catching chickens?
- Pardon me, but he's stealing them.

Go and look if you like
before Irfan sees. It's shameful!

Oh my God! Agh, Memik!
Sorry, teacher.

No problem. Go ahead.

Isn't he cute?

Want to learn too, Fehime Hanim?

No, I know them all already.

Memik! What are you doing there?

You chicken thief!

- Now tell me, will you do it again?
- I promise I won't, gran. Let me go!

- Shout so everyone hears! Shout!
- I swear on the bible I won't do it!

- What's the bible?
- The holy book.

Come here, c'mon.
Just listen to you!

It's the Koran, muddle-head!
We're Muslims, aren't we?

- Did it scare you being shaken around?
- I thought I was going to die.

The blood goes rushing to your brain
when you're upside down, gran.

- When you're what?
- Remember you turned me upside down?

- All the blood sank to my head, gran.
- Well, look at that.

- Ikram, is Faruk's boundary just there?
- That's right, Mayor.

OK, if we put the pipes underground,
how far would we have to go?

- You mean tunnel under the land?
- Why not?

If the top bit is his,
it's ours underneath.

But it still means extra pipes.

Seeing the Governor
won't give us extra pipes...

...we'll just make pipes
with what he's already given.

- I don't get it, but...
- God help me! Son of an ass.

Now look, Ikram.

Say a single word and I'll have you
dig that tunnel on your own.

- And I'll put your grave on top.
- C'mon, Mayor. Would I do that?

Don't panic, girls! It's me, Xate.
C'mon, Ikram.

Mother Xate's here! Run!

Welcome, Mother Xate.
Xate Abla? Sister Xate?

- Welcome, Mayor Xate.
- Right! Bravo.

Are... Are all the girls who ran away
from town up here, Mayor Xate?

Yes. This place is theirs now.
I've given them this house.

Look at them. Some were sold
by their fathers for 40-50 sheep...

...some were orphaned
and married off by uncles...

...some ran away from husbands
and tried to miscarry using feathers.

Right, Hacer? Don't do it again.
You'll depart this life, God forbid!

- No, I promise, Mother Xate.
- Good.

And this is Fatma.
She was rescued at the last minute.

They're my childhood, Ikram.
They're my girls.

Girls, will you do something for me?

We'd give our lives for you,
you only have to ask, Mother Xate.

Sweetheart! Come here, c'mon.

C'mon, girls! In the name of God!

Ali went to school.
Who went for what, how, when, why?

Who did he go with, where did he go to,
where did he go from?

Now we load all these questions
onto the verb at the end.

- That's a big load, isn't it?
- Sorry?

I mean the load.
Well, it's a big load.

The verb gets dumped with the question
but it's Ali who's doing the dirty.

What's so funny?

OK, it's funny.


Oh no, I've come out in slippers.


- Aren't you asleep, Adnan?
- Mum, where do you go every morning?

To your father's grave to pray.

Come here, Gule. Mum says
she goes to the grave every morning.

- Every morning for all this time?
- So what?

You were gone last Friday noon too.
To the grave again?

- I was at Friday prayers.
- Friday prayers? But women don't go!

Why not? It's Fridays for you
and Thursdays for us, is it?

- Right, I'm going to follow her.
- Wait, I'm coming too.

We say the inspector's coming any day
and mum still thinks it's a joke.

Muhittin, are you sure
we're going the right way?

Of course, sir.
I'm following the map.

Isn't there an alternative route,
for goodness sake?

Sir, as I'm a stranger round here too...

You're making me nauseous.
Right, I'm driving.

But really, sir. Please!

No pleases, Muhittin.
That's an order!

So where are they?

Yes, that's as far as your pipes go.
From here on, my pipe calls the tunes!

- Muhittin, are you comfortable there?
- Yes thanks, Tugrul Bey. Very.

I'm not your driver, oaf!

- But, sir, you...
- For the love of God, shut up!

Look, there's a donkey man.
Let's get used to the terrain.

The donkey man must be here
for a reason.

That's as far as we go by car.

We'll continue from here by donkey.
Don't forget the receipts, Muhittin.

Of course, sir. Right away.

Hello there, friend.
How much is a donkey?

- What for? Tea, cigarettes, petrol?
- We're going to the town hall.

Town hall smuggling? What's that?

What damn smuggling?
Stop yakking, man!

Muhittin, I'm leading the way
on this one in the tie. Interesting!


Yes, sir.
OK, I'll take this one.

- Wait! Don't both go at once.
- Why not?

This is the border.
It's a minefield.

See all those craters? From explosions.
The donkey goes first in smuggling.

If the donkey goes up in smoke, freeze!

But if nothing happens,
you're safe to follow.

Those are the rules of smuggling.

- But sir has already gone.
- That's his fault for being a donkey.

Oh no! Sir, sir!
Mr Inspector! Tugrul Bey!

What is it, Muhittin?

I'm can barely stay on as it is.
Don't ruin my concentration!

Hold on tight, Mr Inspector!
This place is a minefield!

What are you talking about, man?

Sir, the donkeys aren't for riding,
they're to test the way.

- Why didn't you say so beforehand, man?
- You rode off during our chat, dolt!

What way is that to speak to me, ass?

- Now you've made me use foul language!
- Oh my God! A state casualty!

There, he's landed on top of a mine.
Don't move whatever you do!

The slightest movement
and that mine will explode.

Muhittin! Call for help, Muhittin!
Don't dawdle!

Go and call for help fast!

You goddamn...

Now how can I explain?

I'm sorry to drag you here, teacher.
There's no time.

And I don't want people
getting suspicious about this tunnel.

Don't tell anyone, OK?
Go on, explain.

I'm just thinking how to explain
in the fastest, clearest way possible.

OK, let's say you keep cows, Mrs Mayor.

Don't give me cows! It was hard enough
getting rid of those bulls.

- I'm saying for example.
- OK.

Right, let's say you have two cows.
Now under a socialist regime...

...if you have two cows, the government
will take one cow to give someone else.

In a communist system, the government
will take both cows and give you milk.

Under fascism, they'll take both cows
and sell you milk.


Get out of here, scoundrel!
He'd have set off that mine.

I followed you all the way here
on a donkey.

Want me to say your last prayers?
C'mon, aren't you thirsty? Hungry?

Call for help, mister.
Tell the gendarmes, damn it!

The state doesn't come here much.
We don't ask them either.

- They bitch about us taking their time.
- Well, I'm here. I'm the inspector.

And I'm Feyzullah.
Nice name, huh? Inspector.

May God forgive your sins.
Just take a look behind you.

The year was 1923. Or 1924.
The Republic had just been declared.

Seydo fell off his donkey there.

He was stuck there for 20 years.

Then he got bored
and blew himself up.

We couldn't even dig him a grave.
His bones are still there, look.

There was a mine under his backside.
Lift him suddenly and he'd blow up.

That would be the end of everyone.
He was one hell of a good guy.

Nice chat, thanks.
Now if you'll excuse me.

- Where are you going?
- Back to work, dolt!

I'm not staying with you all day.
Mind you don't move.

There's a mine under you.
What's it saying?

Don't move, don't twitch,
don't touch, don't tinker.

And don't come near me.

Boy, is it hot.

What are you doing, Firat?

It's like something
keeps hitting me down below.

C'mon, it's the drum vibrating.
You know, from the noise.

- The ground's down below, what else?
- Except the ground has ears too.

You're a right scallywag, you!

Play, my friend, play!

Shh, shh! Wait a second!

Hey that's my dad.
May he rot in hell!

- Your dad's here?
- Right here.

I can feel something too.
Don't say it's an earthquake?

We must've had a lot to drink,
that's what it is.

There, that's my dad's voice.
I hope God sells you for 40 sheep!


Now I'm starting to wobble too.
C'mon, let's dance!

I still can't find my uncle.
He keeps moving about.

- What's up, girl?
- I can't find uncle's ass, Mother Xate.


They're all asses in the end.
In every sense. Bash away!

Hey, I'm getting antsy. Let's dance!
What's going on?

C'mon, c'mon!

Stop, girls! Stop!

The ceiling's going to fall in!

Adnan, Ikram, make it stronger there.

We can't, Mayor.
They won't stop moving.

I'm going up to stop them dancing.

How, mum?

In the name of God,
the Compassionate, the Merciful.

What's going on?

- It's not the gendarmes, is it?
- Why them?

Because we're partying?

I'll go and see.
Everyone has their gun on them, huh?

My sergeant major's here!
It's OK, carry on!

- What, slut? You scared us shitless.
- Don't hit me in the face!

Fuck that face.
As if you're Miss Turkey.

"Don't hit me in the face."
What do you want, Fehime?

What are you doing here, Faruk Efendi?
You have a wife at home!

I know. That's why I'm never there.
C'mon! What do you want, Fehime?

I came to see if you're with Nevide
or really with your friends.

For God's sake!
Nevide's right beside you!

As if she's the only Nevide.

The place is full of Nevides
trying to lead husbands astray.

You mean all hookers
are called Nevide, Fehime Abla?

Don't act all offended.
I'm talking to you, girl!

Shame on you, Fehime!
There isn't a single girl here.

Don't you feel bad for making her cry?
OK, but feel bad for that crippled leg.

Did you walk all this way?

You call me a cripple, Faruk Efendi?
I'm no cripple!

God made me with my right arm longer
and my right leg shorter.

I'm perfectly balanced.

- Fehime, get lost, will you?
- Good riddance!

Thanks, Fehime. Thank you too, girl.

Thank you, Mayor Xate.
Who's ever done what you have?

Women's solidarity.
You can count on it.

I'll tell you exactly
who's in and out of there.

Fehime Abla, let's go.
If Faruk Abi realizes...

- OK. So you can entertain Faruk, huh?
- No, Fehime Abla!

- Goodbye then. Off you go.
- Bye. Take it easy.

- Have you done it?
- Hours ago!

- What did you do, mother?
- This and that.

Ikram, when's that inspector coming?

Any day now, I guess, Mayor.
He must be on his way.

It could explode any minute!
Where are you, Muhittin?

Look, son.
The inspector's sat on a mine.

- Tell your teacher back at school, OK?
- OK, OK.

Here, have some food.
You must be hungry, uncle.

Thanks, son.
Thanks very much.

- Memik, what did you give the man?
- Stewed beans.

Oh my God!

Enjoy your dinner, inspector!

- What's up, kids. Why are you laughing?
- Uncle Adnan, this man sat on a mine.

- He's been stuck there two whole days.
- What idiot is that?

- Doesn't he know the minefield?
- No, he's a stranger. He's from Ankara.

- And his name's Inspector.
- Mum! Behcet! Baran! Get up!

The inspector is here!

Mum, get up! The inspector's been here
since the day before yesterday.

For goodness sake!
What's wrong, Adnan?

The inspector's here. He sat on a mine.
He's been stuck there two whole days.

Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh!

Go tell the Governor.
Get the man off the thing!

I'll get the town hall ready.

- Should I tell Imam Ubeyd?
- What's the imam going to do?

- If the man suddenly blows up?
- You little scaremonger. Now get going!

Our honourable inspector
is visiting the town! Applause!

Sir, hold on tight to those sacks!

God forbid, you'll go up in smoke
if your bum jumps one centimeter!

The inspector's coming! Applause!
The inspector's coming.

- There's a Gogol play just like this.
- What?

Gogol. Nikolai Gogol.

- For heaven's sake be careful, son.
- Get up.

- Where's the toilet?
- The lavatory's inside.

This way.

The man's been sitting for two days.
He can't help it.

Let's offer the inspector some cologne.
You're feeling better, I hope?

- No, thanks. Let's start at once.
- Yes, let's start the inspection.

- Mr Inspector, why don't I explain?
- No, I'll fill Tugrul Bey in.

- Your name was Tugrul, wasn't it?
- That's right.

- Yes. In that case, have a seat here.
- Thank you.

Yes, careful please.

Let's start with these files. All my...

What are you doing, scallywags?

Seyhmuz Amca, how are you?
What's with the fingers, huh?

And above all in the name of God,
the Al Fatiha!

- Yes, may our prayers be answered.
- Amen.

In all my many and various inspections
I've never seen anything like this.

Resolve, diligence, mastery, dignity...
Xate Hanim has them all and more.

Your mayor should be for you
a source of pride and hope.

- Thank you very much.
- Thank you.

Thank you.

Oh fuck.

- Thank you, teacher.
- It's your resolve, Mrs Mayor.

- No, please.
- Really it is.

That's cut him down to size, Mrs Mayor.
It's all done with now.

We're done with nothing yet, Ikram.

Girls, we've made it.
Here's the village.

We worked day and night
for weeks on end.

And finally the pipes
reached all the way into town.

I wanted to ask about that, Mayor.
Where did you lay those blessed pipes?

Under your backside, Faruk.

- Isn't that shameful, Mrs Mayor?
- No really, that's what we did.

We dug under your country house
and built a tunnel.

So they were digging underneath us
that night.

My private prop...

Damn me if I don't wire Ankara
to complain about you! There!

Everyone's here. Make your complaint.
What does the prime minister say?

"Enough! Let the people have the say."
Here are the people. Go on, complain!

Say you can't dig under my house,
you can't put pipes under my house.

Say you can't bring water into town.
Go on, just try!

- I will.
- Go on, Faruk. Let's hear you.

I belong to this town too.

I'm not about to deny you pipes.
Have all the pipes you like.

Our thanks go to Faruk
for the pipeline!

Why are you clapping, dumbass?

In the past, some have wanted to build
a school here, some a teahouse...

...some a mosque, some a bar.

But the late Aziz Veysel
always said, "Water first."

He said, "Water is life."

Here, this watch was his time.

It was his watch.
Look, it's still running.

It'll keep running
just like this water will run.

When I married the dearly departed
I was a girl of 14.

At first I didn't know
who he was or where I was.

I was dumb with fear
for three days.

Maniac! What's her private life to us?
What, dumbass?

But how lucky I was to have come
to a man like Aziz Veysel.

Just as Aziz Veysel
was my good fortune...

...so I vowed to be
the good fortune of young girls.

It's these girls who've brought you
this water, this life.

Anyone interfering with their freedom
will face my fury.

Let's not muddy this water now.

Be pure and sacred
like the water, like Aziz.

All the best to you.
Turn on the tap, Ikram!

C'mon, Ikram.
Let's go to the town hall.

Close your eyes, Aziz Veysel.
You can sleep in peace now.

That's nothing like real water.
It's just a dribble.

It isn't clear either.

You dumped me for a bit of damn water!

You know, you're a real monster, Faruk.
The woman's brought water to the town.

Roads are being built,
schools and mosques are being done up.

I swear before a year or two are out
the woman will have electricity here.

Good for her, I say.

Stuff that electricity up your...
God forgive me.

Get moving!

Go get your water, go on.

As of midnight yesterday,
the Combined Armed Forces of Turkey...

May 27th 1960

...have taken over
government in the entire country.

This operation has been achieved
without loss of blood...

...thanks to the collaboration
of our armed forces.

See? They drive a man to sin this way.
What happened to your water, huh?

What's up, scallywags?

Thank you for your services to date.
Your job has come to an end.


There's still the hospital to build,
the road to build...

...the new school to build.

How will you manage?
You don't know this place.

What will happen to the children?

Mrs Mayor, this is an overthrow.
A military overthrow.

But I haven't overthrown anyone.
Why are they overthrowing me, Ikram?

It's a reminder of Aziz, Aziz Veysel,
this office.

If you wish, you can collect
any personal belongings.


This was my whole purpose in life.

Why have you taken it away from me?

Why have you taken my life
away from me?


Where's the doctor?

Her heart has stopped.

And above all in the name of God,
the Al Fatiha.


My clueless grandmother became
the southeast's first woman mayor.

And when the country
had its first military coup...

...she soon became clued up
about everything.