Hijack (2008) - full transcript

After the passing away of his wife, Pooja, Delhi-based Vikram Madan, enrolls his daughter, Priya, in a boarding school in Amritsar, and re-locates to work as a Mechanic at Chandigarh Airport. His daughter informs him that she is on her way to Amritsar on a hostel-trip on Indian Airlines Flight IC147. Shortly thereafter, Vikram will be informed that the flight has been hijacked to Dubai by Islamic terrorists, who want the Indian government to release one of their comrades, Rashid Omar, or else they will start killing the passengers and crew one by one at half-hour intervals.

What if they attack
the police convoy...

...and try to release Rashid?

So they will get nothing.

Sir, the commissioner is not
sending Rashid with the convoy.

That's just a decoy.

And Rashid?

Sir, everyone is here.
They are waiting for you.

The chiefs of all the three
services and the police as well.

What about Kumar? Has he come?
- Yes, sir.

He's waiting for you upstairs.
- Yes.

Thank you.

Yes, please sit down.
Please sit down.

Good morning, everybody.

And allow me to introduce
to you, Mr. Rajesh Kumar...

...who is from our
counter terrorist unit.

And he is handling
Rashid Omar's case.

Mr. Rajesh Kumar, please begin.
- Sir.

Gentlemen, Rashid Omar,
the mastermind...

...of an
international terrorist group...

They tried to get him released
today morning but were unsuccessful...

The leader of this group
is someone called Abdullah.

We don't have much
information about him.

But this man, Rashid,
is the brain behind...

...many of the terrorist
activities across the world.

London, 300 people
killed; Paris, suicide bombing.

Bali, attack on the consonant.

Really, the list is endless.

Should we encounter him,
if you agree? - No.

It's very important
to keep him alive.

Through him, we have
to find out what their...

...future plans are, so
that we can fail them.

In prison, whenever he is
asked why he does all this...

...what he wants, he
has just one answer.

Watch this.

Abdullah will tell you
everything at proper time!

For now, get this very
clear that one day...

...we'll rule the entire universe!

Today we have decided
that we'll take him...

...to the
Narco-analysis cell in Bangalore...

...where he'll be given the
drug to tell the truth...

...and his brain will be mapped too...

...with which we'll get
to know all their secrets.

What's the problem then?

Sir, the problem is that this
will be done three days from now.

And till then, these people
will surely attempt something.

After looking at the
courage of today's attempt...

...it clearly shows that
they don't lack funds, sir.

And these people can do anything
in order to get Rashid released...

In fact, their next attempt
could be even more dangerous, sir...

And, maybe successful too.

"Wonder who's in control.
What's going on?"

"You can't see the future,
so keep walking."

- See your world is burning."

- Feels like hopes are burning."

- Now your time is ticking."

- Are you feeling lonely?"

- The traveller doesn't know."

- What's going on?"

- We're the travellers."

- What's going on?"

"Hijack. Hijack."

Hey, where are you going?
- Where will I go?

I've been looking for
this Vicky since morning.

I just saw the engineer
going towards the remote apron.

He must be with his stupid plane!

I am at the remote apron.

Tell me on my behalf that
that plane has not moved...

...even by an inch in
the last 10 years!

Are you coming to the party?
Get a nice gift for me!

I'll get it, you fatso! Okay, bye!

Vicky! Vicky!
- Here!

Why are you always lying here?

I'm telling you, this plane
is useless. It's a dead plane.

You have to die in order to
acquire heaven. What say, fatso?


You wait and watch.

One day I'm going to
make this plane fly.

Pass me the wrench.
- Wrench.

I am the security chief over here...

...and you're making me a mechanic?


What's this?
- Invitation card.

Are you getting married again?
- Are you mad?

I'll have to die for that.
- Why?

You just said that if you
want to acquire heaven...

...you'll have to die.

Why are you spoiling
your wedding anniversary...

...by inviting me?

I knew. I knew you'd say this.

But Neena! Women think
they're always right.

She sent me with the card.

Okay, listen, how
many years has it been...

...since you got married?

- 9 years. That's why.

Are you going towards the hangar?
- Yes.

Then go.
- Hey you!

Okay, listen, you have
to come to the party.

Be ready, I'll come to pick you up.

Okay? No excuses! Bye!
- See you!

Come on, hit him!

Yes, very good! Come on, hit him!

Come on! Yes! Push him!
Come on! Good!

Come on! Yes! Come on! Throw him!

Hurry up! Hurry up!

Hey, come on! Faster! Faster!

Move ahead! Very good!

Move ahead! Move ahead!
- Beat him!

- Greetings.

Is everything alright?
- Yes, sir. Everything is alright.

Anything else?

Yes. Yes.

- Greetings.

Hello. Yes. Yes, yes. Yes.


What's the matter? Why are you
so tense? Is everything fine?

It's Abdullah's order to
activate mission 'Parinda'.

And we have just 3 days.

But sir, just three days?
- I know, the work is difficult...

...and we have very less time.

But we'll have to do it, right?

Sir, we've already lost Faizal,
Irfan and Malik.

We have just Shakeel and
Altaf left as our strong points.

Both Abdullah and I
are aware of this.

If this work is not
done in three days...

...then it'll be too late.

Do one thing; tell Shakeel
and Altaf that we're coming.

And what they were
supposed to do tomorrow...

...they have to do it today.

Yes, sir.
- Yes, sir.

Come on.
- Hey guys, come on.

Come on!

Ask your dad.
- He will not allow.

It's a free ticket.
- But he will not allow.

Girls! Why are you sitting here?

You're so boring, girls!
Let's have fun! Come on!

Purab, she has a problem again!

What did you do now?

- I didn't do anything. -
Not he! Her dad's problem!

That's it?
- Okay, I'll take someone else.

I am not going to waste
my free ticket, please.

- Just kidding!

Neha, you won't have any problem.

Your brother is going with you.

But dad will never allow me!
- Idea!

Do you have a computer at home?

What has computer...

Do you have a computer
at home or not?

But computer...
- Yes or no?

- Okay, now listen to the plan.

You need a computer
in order to complete...

...your college project, right?

Neha has a computer at home.

Tell your mom and dad
that you are going to...

...Neha's house for 3 days.

And when we'll be enjoying there...

...her parents will think
that she is in her house.

How's that?

- Not bad!

- Alright, come. Let's enjoy.

People in the house!
Welcome to Blackout!

We have a special
performance for you tonight!

Put your hands together for a
beautiful Brazilian bombshell!


"Move your body."

"See to it that it doesn't happen."

"We mustn't lose the moment."

"Come on, come on, sing with me."

"This shouldn't happen.
That shouldn't happen."

"Live your life, you people."

"Move your body. Move your body.
Move your body now."

"Move your body. Move your body.
Move your body now."

"The heart is excited.
We're together."

"The atmosphere is pleasant.
We're intoxicated."

"You got to lose yourself, baby."

"Get mesmerised in
this intoxication."

"Forget yourself. Just got
to lose yourself, baby."

"Live your life. Don't
lose this opportunity."

"Steal the charm of the moment."

"See to it that it doesn't happen."

"We mustn't lose the moment."

"Come on, come on, sing with me."

"This shouldn't happen.
That shouldn't happen."

"Live your life, you people."

"Move your body. Move your body.
Move your body now."

"Move your body."

"Move your body. Move your body.
Move your body now."

"Come on, baby."

"This night is with you.
Someone is with you."

"What are you waiting for, baby?"

"No matter what happens now.
Let anything happen."

"What are you waiting for, baby?"

"Live your life. Don't
lose this opportunity."

"Steal the charm of the moment."

"See to it that it doesn't happen."

"We mustn't lose the moment."

"Come on, come on, sing with me."

"This shouldn't happen.
That shouldn't happen."

"Live your life, you people."

"Move your body. Move your body.
Move your body now."

"Move your body. Move your body.
Move your body now."

"Move your body. Move your body."

"Move your body. Move your body."

"Move your body."

Last night, the bomb
blast at Blackout club...

...was just the beginning, a trailer.

If you don't release
Rashid Omar immediately...

...in Hazrat, then we will
blast your entire nation.

That's why, it'll be
better for your nation...

...and its people
if you listen to us.

Your well-wisher, Abdullah.

Sir, they've sent the
copies of this e-mail...

...to all the leading newspapers...

...and leading news channels.

By the way, Mr. Kumar, where did
this e-mail come from?

Well, sir, it has come from
some internet caf? in Kazakhstan.

Our team is trying to find
out who has sent this e-mail.

Sir, the TV and press
reporters have gathered outside.

Everyone wants to know whether we
are going to release Rashid or not...

We cannot release Rashid.
This is against our principle.

You're right, sir.
And even if we release him...

...it might still
not be the end of it.

Ms. Simone, the media can be
very useful to us at present.

Just ask them not to
exaggerate the issue.

People should not panic.

And one more thing, Ms. Simone.

Tell them everything without telling
them anything, alright? - Yes, sir.

Okay that's good, Kumar.

This plane is for
pre-flight inspection. - Okay.

Inspect its start board wing,
right landing gear and port wing.

Alright, sir.

And top its engine oil up.
- Alright, sir. - Alright.

- Betty bought a bitter butter...

...to make the bitter butter better!

Betty bought some
bitter butter bitter...

You lose! You lose! You lose!

How's my daughter?
- Papa, I'm fine.

Okay, tell me why I called you.

There's surely some good news.

- Wrong?

Yes! Wrong!
Not good news but great news!

Then tell me quickly.

I won't! You guess!
Come on, come on!

You came first in class?
- Half right, half wrong.

Half right, half wrong...
you've topped the school!

Right! After all, you're my papa!

And papa, I've been selected for...
...the interschool quiz contest!

And we're going to
Amritsar the day after!

And do you know how we are going?
- How?

By air! And teacher Neeta told us...

...that our plane will
pass through your airport!

Do wave out to me!

Dear, but from such a height...

...forget me, even the
airport won't be visible.

Still wave out to me!
I'll see! Okay, bye, papa!

Bye! Bye!
- Yes, Priya... Priya! Listen, dear!

Yes. - Don't be mischievous
on the flight.

Always tie your seatbelt.

And if you need anything...
- Yes, yes papa. I know.

I'm not a little baby!
I'm a big girl now!

Don't worry, papa.
I'm a big girl now!

Of course, you're a big girl now.

And yes, take care of yourself.

Heat food before eating!
Okay, bye, papa! Bye!

I love you, dear.
- Love you, papa. - I love you.

Is this blast related to
the release of Rashid?

We have taken the
action that we should.

You know that Rashid's outfit
is responsible for this blast.

We have found out where
this mail has been sent from.

Now the counter terrorist squad is...

...trying to find out where
these people are operating from.

Everything is under control.

Culprits will be brought to book.
There is no reason to panic...

And no further comments.

- Madam, one question.

You just heard what the
government has to say.

Now we want to show
you some pictures of...

...the bomb blast so
that you can understand...

...the seriousness of the issue.

This is Rupali Shah, Zee news.

The pictures that you
see are very shuddery.

Philu! Philu!
- What is it? What's the matter?

You keep calling out
to me the whole day!

Please get my inhaler.
I can't find it.

Of course you can't find it.
It's kept next to you.

You'll be able to see it only
when you wear your specs. Simple!

Then... then at least get my specs.

Oh God! What's wrong with you?
Your specs are with you!

Will you wear it or
should I wear it for you?

No, I'll wear it. I'm not
that lazy. - Yes, I know.

You do no work! I know what you are!

Listen, just tell me if you're
going to wear this shirt or not.

To hell with your shirt! Get
me my inhaler. I can't breathe!

Oh my! The inhaler is
kept right next to you.

Hold it. You want me to pump it...

...for you or will you
manage it yourself?

No, I know how to pump it.
I'll do it. - You'll pump it.

He just keeps calling
out to me the whole day!

- What is it? What is it now?

Hurry up!
- Philu, I love you!

What love? Let me do my work!

Abdullah has informed that...

...the security has
been tightened everywhere.

That's why, all of us
must take different routes.

Some of us might
also have to sacrifice...

...their lives in order to
make this mission a success.

God willing. - But I promise,
the day only we will rule...

...this world, the
name of every martyr...

...will be written in bold letters.

We're going for our mission!
Success is waiting for us.

God is watching us!
- Success is ours!

God is great!

Success is ours!
- God is great!

Hey, gorgeous! Look who's here!
- Hi!

Rajeev, why are you so late?

Didn't I tell you he's going
to come? How are you, Vikram?

I always say,
women are always right.

Yes, yes. Come with me.
I'll introduce you to everyone.

Guys, meet Vikram.
That's Captain Sharma. - Hi.

- How are you?

That's Riya. - Hello. - Hi.
- That's Captain Rakesh.

- How are you doing?

And that's Natasha.
- Hello. Nice to meet you.

I am telling you!
He is like that! I mean...

Hey! - Yes, yes! I'm coming!
One minute! Yes!

Hey, Vicky!
- Hey, Ashwin!

Isn't it strange?
Whenever I come here...

...the most beautiful girl over
here comes and sits next to me.

Excuse me?
- Me?

You have come and sit here.

I have been sitting here
since quite a long time.

What's happening?

Nowadays she comes
and sits beforehand.

Did you know that I was going to
come and sit here?

Do you start a conversation
like that with every girl?

Just for the special one.

But you just said that
whenever you come here...

...all beautiful girls over
here come and sit next to you?

Actually, you know what,
you just got me! - I did.

But I guess that's what
makes you the special one.

- Pooja.

Are you in a hurry?
- Yes. I am already late.

Somebody is waiting for me.

It's not good to keep
your husband waiting.

And who ever told you I'm married?

Well, husband, boyfriend, whatever.

You never give up, do you?
- Never.

Can I call you?
- Yes.


"This moment is so intoxicating."

"Let the moment stop here."

"Do you also...

...feel what I feel?"

"I stay awake in the night
quite often, remembering you."

"The sounds of your
heart touch mine."

"Why am I so restless?
Is this love? Tell me."

"My thoughts question me.
Why am I in this state? Tell me."

"I stay awake in the night
quite often, remembering you."

"The sounds of your
heart touch mine."

"I'm always
engrossed in your words."

"Your fragrance resides in me."

"Now my life is with you.
I'm walking on your path."

"Accompany me with a smile.
Stay in my arms."

"Let's be together.
These moments today...

...might not be there in future."

"I stay awake in the night
quite often, remembering you."

"The sounds of your
heart touch mine."

"You're my days and nights."

"My life is in your hands now."

"I'll live or even
stop living if you say."

"I'll unite my
heartbeats with yours."

"I'll be close to you.
I'll share my feelings with you."

"Whatever you say."

"I stay awake in the night
quite often, remembering you."

"The sounds of your
heart touch mine."

"Why am I so restless?
Is this love? Tell me."

"My thoughts question me.
Why am I in this state? Tell me."

Vikram! Vikram! Vikram! Vikram!

Come on, the food is ready.
Come have it.

Hi, guys. Everything okay?
- Oh hi!

Can I get you something?
- No, thanks.

No, thanks. It's fine.

"Now my life is with you.

I'm walking on your path."

"Accompany me with a smile...

...Stay in my arms."

"Let's be together.
These moments today...

...might not be there in future."

I thought I'll be late.
There was so much traffic... - Okay.

Saira, hurry up. We
have a long day ahead.

Let's go.

1, 2, 3 and 4! Hey, what are
you doing? This is an airport!

Yes, so I've bought tickets.

But you haven't bought the airport!

Then go and stand there.

Yes okay. Yes.
- Bye!

Hey! Hi, Natasha! I'll just be
back! - I want a window seat!

- I have to wave to my papa!

Priya, no.
- No, teacher! I want a window seat!

Okay, I'm coming back in two days...

You're a good girl,
aren't you, Priya?

Priya, stop behaving like this.

I want a window seat!
- You can wave to your papa later.

Other passengers are waiting.

Hello, young lady. What happened?
Why are you so sad?

They're not giving me a window seat!

I have to wave to my papa!

I'm in your flight.
I'll give you a window seat, okay?

- Promise.

- Sure!


- Bye!

Mr. Oberoi, if you look after us,
we will look after you too!

Sir, that appointment... Okay.

Don't worry. I will
push your file up.

Congratulations, ma'am.

Going on your honeymoon?
- Coming from the honeymoon.

Back to the grind of
everyday life. How boring!

Life is what you make of it, sir.
- Exactly.

This is what I tell him too.
- When did you say it?

If we want our entire
life can be a honeymoon.

There you go, sir!
- Thank you.

Sir, you are a lucky man to
have such a wonderful wife.

On this I,
completely agree with you.

- Thank you.

Excuse me, ma'am. We are also back
from our honeymoon.

What is this! You
should tell the truth.

I love you, darling.

Hey but tell me,
will we get beer there?

We will get everything. It's not
as if we are going to a village.

Stupid question.

Call her, why are you bugging us?

Hey guys, where's Neetu now?

I have tried her number.
I don't know.

Every time she has to come late.
- Hey guys!

- Hi!

Wow! Wow! You made it!
- I know!

We are finally going!
- Yes! Yes!

Papa wasn't allowing me.

Don't ask but I somehow
managed to convince dad!

Yes! - Hey, you know, it was
my idea that worked finally!

Say thanks to me!
- Thanks a lot.

No, say thanks to God.

Good that papa
didn't come to know that...

...the bomb exploded in
the disco we were visiting.

Otherwise imagine Neha...
- Is her dad a detective?

...He can come anywhere...

...What's your problem with my dad?
- No! No! No!

...Why do you always
pick on my father!

...What's your problem!
- Hey guys! Guys! Guys!

...Guys, please come on.
- Just chill!

...Let's go. Let's go. Let's go.
- At least we are going...

Yes. - That's enough.
- I know guys, I am so excited!

Just imagine!
You and me! All over!

Hey dirty mind, come back!
Not here, okay?

She is my girlfriend! - Come on!
Come on! Come on! Come on!

Shut up! Let's go.
- Let's go.

- Neha, I am feeling very scared.

Why are you feeling scared?
- What if papa comes to know?

Hey dumbo, you know Bingo's
plans are always foolproof.

Right? - Not foolproof but a
proof that you are a fool!

Okay! Okay! Okay!
Okay! Come on! Come on!

Come on, hurry up.
- Yes, sir.

Listen. - Yes, sir?
- I want to tell you one thing,

I want a veg meal.
- Yes, sure sir. - Okay?

Because the last time when
I was travelling in your airline...

...I couldn't get a veg meal.

And if I don't get it this time,
this will be the last...

...time I will be
travelling with you people.

Yes, sir.
- You can see who I am.

Can I get something spicy?

I am telling you guys!
Do you know what had happened?

What are you doing!
He is a big nut!

What? - How... - Hey Puru,
come on. Come on.

Can't you see?
- Oh no!

...He will get beaten!
He will get beaten today for sure.



- Finally we are onboard!

...Finally, I was so scared.
- I can't believe it, really!

Let the flight take off, ma'am.
- He is asking for an appointment.

I will get it for you.
- Which is my seat?

- You're welcome. - This one.

The window seat is mine!
- Hey, come here!

- Hang on, you guys!

- Come! Come!

You guys will never change!
- Hey.

Get mango juice for me.
- For me too.

- Yes?

What's the balance?
- That she would tell you.


- So? What am I doing? - No!


I want the window seat, darling.

K.C., you will
always remain a child.

Sit down. Sit down.

Okay, now that is your seat.
- Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!

Come on, now sit down.
- Yes!

Okay, let me put your...

- Yes, my first flight, man.

Relax. The first flight is
always a memorable experience.

You will remember it all your life.

I was so nervous
on my first flight...

...that I dropped
food on the passenger.

Are you serious?
- Yes.

Then what happened?

It's a long story.
I will tell you.

Pass me two fruits, please.
- Yes.

CJ142 to tower. Ready for takeoff.

Excuse me.
- Thank you.

Have you got any juice?
- Yeah, we do have juice.

Pineapple or orange?
- Yeah, I will just...

Altitude set to 30,000 feet.

Wow! Look, Charlie!

Yes sir, how can I help you?

What happened?
- Calm down, everyone!

If you all will listen to me
then nothing will happen to anyone.

This plane has been hijacked by us.

All of you one by one
go to economy class.

Come on, move. Move fast. Move!

Move fast! Come on!

Excuse me, is this a joke?
- I said move!

Listen, I paid for business class.

And you want me to
go and sit in economy?

What is this stupidity?
- Shut up!

I said move!
- Listen...

Move! - Listen do you
know who you are talking to?

Do you know who I am?
I am a CEO of a...

This is a joke, laugh.

Who all want to sit here?

Go inside!

On your seats! Sit down!

Oh my God!

Come on!

Keep quiet!

Do you understand me?

Sit! Sit down! Sit down!
- Sit down! I said sit down!

No one will move from their place!

Sit down!
- And no one will use their mobile.

Sit! Sit!

- Sit down!

Sit down!

Just, relax! Relax!

Hold on! Hold on!


Talk to the captain and ask him
to open the door quickly.

Make him open the door! Quickly!

This isn't working.

I said get the door opened!

Okay. Okay!

Just a moment! They
shouldn't know of this.


Good morning, captain. Sarika.

I have brought your tea,
sir. Can I come in the cockpit?

Thank you, Sarika,
you can come inside.

Who is the captain of this flight?

I am.

I asked; who is the
captain of this flight?

You, sir.

Now do as I say.

If you make mistake then...
- No, sir. I mean, yes sir.

Take this flight to Dubai.

Sorry sir, I don't
have authorisation.

We don't need you if you
can't take this flight to Dubai.

No, no, sir. No. I will take
this flight wherever you want.

Please, sir. Please. Please.
- Good.

Sir, what I meant was we don't
have enough fuel to fly to Dubai.

Not enough fuel, sir.

Which is the nearest airport?
- Chandigarh, sir.

Easy day, guys. There
are just two flights?

This is CJ142. Request
permission to land at your airport.

This is CJ142. Request
permission to land at your airport.

This is CJ142.

Just hold this. - Request permission
to land at your airport.

Negative, CJ142. You are
not scheduled to land here.

- Listen to me very carefully.

This plane has been hijacked by us.

And we want to land at your airport.

If we don't get the permission
to land within 10 minutes...

...then we will start killing
the passengers in this flight.

What rubbish is this? Is
this some kind of a joke?

Request, authenticate user identity.

I repeat request
authenticate user identity.

I want to talk to the pilot.

Come on, speak to him.
- He... he is right, sir.

We have a hijack
situation onboard, sir.

Keep recording. Keep rolling.
Keep rolling...

...He has already killed two people.
And captain Singh as well, sir.

Please do as they say, sir. Please.

Or else they will...
- One more thing.

We will need some fuel.

So make arrangements
to make our tanks full.

Or else unnecessarily I will
have to use blood instead of fuel.

And I don't like killing people.
10 minutes and we will talk again.

Hello. Hello CJ142,
come in. do you read me?

CJ142! CJ142, come in.

Goddamn it! Shucks!
This is ridiculous.

Put the airport on red alert.
- Yes, sir.

- Yes, sir.

Get me Rajeev on the
line immediately. - Okay.

Karan. - Yes, sir.
- Contact Delhi immediately.

Clear runway 15 for
landing and docking.

Divert traffic to 19.
And yes, fire brigade.

Keep the fire brigade on standby.

Get me the police
commissioner on line two.

Okay, sir.
- What happened about Rajeev?

Make it quick!
- Sir, Rajeev on line.

- Rajeev.

Gofer Rajeev.
- Listen to me very carefully.

Flight CJ142 has been hijacked.

And it wants to land at
our airport for refueling.

Did you get that?
- Sir.

Yes. So be ready and
standby for my orders. - Okay.

Oh my God, sir which flight
number did you say it was?

Flight CJ142 Delhi to Am...
let it be any flight!

...What difference
does it make, Rajeev!

The point is that the
flight has been hijacked!

Now standby for my orders and
report when you're in location! Out!

Joseph, get ready for
an emergency landing.

Sir, engine failure?
- It's not an engine failure.

It's a forced landing.
- Sir.

Ambulance and fire brigade
on standby. - Okay, sir.

Fatso, where are you going?
- Vicky, there's been a hijack.

Hijack? Which flight?
- CJ142.

Rane, come in. Come in, Rane.

Which flight?
- CJ142. Delhi to Amritsar.

Hello, Rane.
- Rane, listen to me.

Yes, sir.
- Everything should be ready.

Do you understand?
- Yes, sir.

What happened?
- Priya is in that flight.

Oh no. ATC has just
informed me that...

...that flight is going to land
at our airport for refueling.

Rajeev, come in, Rajeev.
- Yes, sir.

Rajeev, report to the
security cabin immediately.

Sir, on the way, sir. Yes.

I am there, sir. Yes.

Vicky, you stay here. I will go to
the security cabin and come back.

'We have to land this plane.
Do you hear me? '

'We have to land this plane.'

'Sir... sir... - What's going on?
Tell me, what's going on! '

'Captain Madan, maintain protocol.'

'You will be landing
in three minutes.'

'Sir... - Runaway number
eight is clear to land. - Sir... '

'And we have the
commandos in position.'

'What's happening, Vibhat?
What's happening outside? '

'Tell me Vibhat,
what's happening outside? '

'Take over. - Captain, our
commandos are in position.'

'Don't let anyone
enter the cockpit.'

'As soon as the plane will land...

...our commandos will
take over the plane.'

'And for God's sake please
don't try doing anything heroic.'

'Move, Vibhat! '

'Pooja! Pooja! '

'Pooja! Pooja! '

'Pooja! '

'Pooja! Pooja! '

Ask the pilot to keep
giving us the fuel status.

Monitor altitude of aircraft,
give me the passenger list.

And get me the head
office on line too. Quick!

Excuse me, sir. - What is it?
Can't you see I am busy?

I don't even have time
to talk to you. Got it?

I don't think you understand
what problem we are facing.

Sir, I know. I'm just trying to say...
What happened to the fuel status?

That I might be
able to help you, sir.

Vikram! It's not a
technical problem!

We have a hijack situation on hand.
- I know, sir.

I just came to tell
you that we shouldn't...

...take the situation
in our hands, sir.

We should call the
commandos so that...

So that the terrorists get a perfect
excuse to kill our passengers.

Let me do my job,
okay? Now get out of here!

What happened to the head office?
- Connecting, sir.

Hello, Rajesh Kumar here.
- Good afternoon, sir.

This is the ATC
chief Arminder Singh...

...from the Chandigarh airport, sir.

We have an emergency. Flight
CJ142 has been hijacked, sir.

And they want to land at
Chandigarh airport for refueling.

What? Is the information verified?

Affirmative, sir. I have
spoken to the co-pilot.

And I have also spoken
to one of the hijacker.

We have recorded the conversation.

They have already killed the pilot.

We have very little time.

You tell me, what are
the orders for me, sir.

Okay fine, just give me a minute.
I will get back to you.

And listen, just stay by the phone.

Sir, hello! Hello, sir! Virun!