He Ain't Heavy... He's My Father (1993) - full transcript

Yuen scorns his father, who he thinks is too generous and forgiving. Through a flashback/time travel gimmick, Yuen meets his parents during their joyous courtship. Yuen comes to understand and admire his dad, and reflect on his own moral defects.

The saying: 'The child is the father of the man...

is so true.

According to the latest issue of 'Fortune',

8 out of the top 10 richest men had it made since they were kids.

That's because they all have wealthy fathers to start nice.

The other two were schemers and dreams while they were young.

That makes me a hopeless case,

because my dad has always been poor and unimaginative.

Yuen, mum promises to buy you one train one day.

Thank you, mum.

Why tease him, you know we can't afford it.

I didn't say now, our fortune may turn.

Even we have money, we should help the poor.

Don't buy those useless and expensive things.

He didn't understand it was not just a toy train.

It epitomized a dream, a lust for life ahead.

At 3, I already know,

I have to earn my own money.

So, only your saying "all for one, one for all" is the principle.

At least better than yours.

That's bourgeois nonsense.

Dad favours my brother over me, make my brother disappear.

What are you doing?

Hurry if you want to make a wish.

There's no time, Jupiter is about to kiss the moon.

Then what?

When Jupiter kisses the moon on mid-autumn night.

All wishes will be granted.

It happens once every dozen years or so, you've got a wish?

Yes, I want a toy train.

No, no.

Let's go, the light will hurt the eyes.

Hurry up.

Dad doesn't love me, make him disappear.


So much money!

I had this recurring dream every night lately.

That one mid-autumn night that my dad left me behind.

And I stumbled into a man-hole.

I wake up in cold sweat every time.

You're just searching an excuse to hate your dad.

Do I need an excuse?

Lucky for me that mum pulled me out in time.

My dad was nowhere in sight.

No, I am gotta go.

So he didn't buy you that toy train,

and you've been out of terms with him since then.

You're the expert, isn't that a childhood scar?

After high school, I wanted to study medicine in Canada.

He promised to see me through it....

But lent out his money everytime instead.


I would be Dr. Chor.

Instead of a real estate agent.

Jenny, I'm through with my patients, lunch?

I'm meeting my beau up-town.

Never mind, then.

Yuen, my colleague, Maggie.


So you're a doctor too!

A patient of yours?

He's cute.

So it's a wish-fulfillment

Flirting with lady doctors

You can say that.

There shouldn't be a feud between father and son.

Treat your dad nicer.

You don't understand! You don't know him.

I follow a slap with a kick.

Then a hook.

It's a fake.

I pull my arm back to prepare a punch.

You've forgotten to change toilet papers.

I have told you many times.

You should change it.

The stock market index is up again.

I knew it.

Old man, where's the toilet paper?

Catch, fatso.

Damn you, old fart.

My leg is numb.

My leg's sleeping.

What a chore-fetching toilet papers.


You silly old fool.

You're asking for it.

Fighting the robbers.

Never mind me, do you poo-poo.

Those guys are reckless.

And at your age!

Damn, my leg is so numb.

Did you hear me, old man?

Come give me a hand.

Shouldn't you be with the police?

I let the robber go.


You let the robber go?

He looked so down and out and pitiful.

So I let him go.

What's it with you that he's down and out?

I gave him our address too.

So he can come if he need any help.

You're such imbecile.

You'll get into big trouble soon enough.

Mark my words.

You didn't flush the toilet again.

I pull a punch, then a kick.

Not a fake.

The old bullshit again.

Uncle Seven's here.

Yuen, you're back!

So tall and handsome now!

You've gotten old too.


Mind your manner

Remember Lone

Have a bum

Sure I remember him "The Loan".


Your dad let a robber go again.

Feng has such a big heart.

Too big.

It's important to subdue by virtues.

Like what I did with Uncle Seven, a little thief then.

Look at him now, a model citizen.

And we can talk about it now with pride.

Lone is here for a loan again?

There goes a few hundred dollars.

I wouldn't mind a few hundred dollars.

But it's $150,000 this time.

That much!

Go prepare dinner!

Seven and Lone are staying for dinner.

I gotta go home for dinner. It's mid-autumn night.

Mid-autumn night.



Let's go.

You're leaving too, Lone?

If it's inconvenient, I'll come some other time.

Of course it is convenient.


I'm the boss in the house.

That's that.

I have the last say here.


I told you to go prepare dinner.

Now, look what you've done?

Don't blame it on mum!

Let it out on me!

I drove them away on purpose.

You shouldn't have treated them like so.

Remember how nice Lone was to you when you were small.

Carrying you around 'Memory Lane'.

And play soccer carrying me on his back.


Lone has been in such bad luck.

Broke his leg working at the site earlier.

And now his daughter needs to go to US to treat a defected heart.

Have a heart, you people.

I'm all for helping others.

But not like this going for broke all the time.

I've gone through hell for you.

Now you've just received your pension.

And you gonna lend it to Lone.

Don't waste your time on him.

Remember the flood last year?

He was going to mortgage the house to give to charity.

Shut up!

I've given my words.

I'm going to lend him the money.

You knew what you're in for when you married me.

Don't regret it now.

Mum disown her family because of it.

You've told your son?

Don't blame mum.

She never mentioned her past.

I guessed it.

You have the least right to blame anyone here.

I still think I could have been a success.

If not for your putting me down since I was small.

Your 'Start from the bottom' doctrine.

All bullshit.

If Lee Kar Shing had you as a father

He'd still be a factory worker now.

You're out-of-date, that's why you're penniless.

You're out-of-date, that's why you're penniless.

You're 70, yet haven't lived a life.

You're 70, yet haven't lived a life.

You're 70, yet haven't lived a life.

You're a loser.

Light up my lantern for me, please,

Have you eaten yet?


Have I eaten yet?

Have I eaten yet?

You're eating now.


You're disrupting my dinner.

You're disrupting my dinner.


Light it up, right?

It's lit up.

Mom, you looking for me?

Your dad's in the hospital.


He's got clubed by a robber, the same one he let go earlier.

He gave our address to the robber.

The guy came in the house and said.

You told me to have another chance.

Stupid old fool.

Dr. Zhi, any words from the X-ray yet?

Not yet, but my diagnosis is.......

He's got a concussion that let him in a coma.

When will he come about?

Hard to say. A year, a day, a second, may be........

Or forever.

A lot depends on his will power.

The funny thing was.

Before X-ray,

he did wake up for 5 seconds.

And he opened his mouth and sing.

"Tell Laura I Love Her"

Then he passed out again.

Dr. Zhivago, emergency ward please.

Excuse me.

I stared at my dad.

I felt a sudden emptiness.

At a rightfully sad moment like this.......

My heart stayed blank.

And then I did an unforgivable deed.

Your mother phoned me up.

I've cooked some soup for your dad.

He won't need to be in, if he can eat your soup.

I'm returning the bowls.

I know you and him can't get along.

But what you said earlier hurt him a lot.

Mum, you got married to him so young.

Have you ever had a chance to fall in love?

Of course.

With whom?

With your dad.


You don't really know the guy.

He has a major fault.



30 years ago, I fell in love with him.

On this merit.

I've almost forgotten that.

Suddenly, I wanted to rediscover my dad's life.

And I started with his secret chest.

And without warning.

I found something I could understand right off.


Yee, I like to see you.

Yuen, I think we better break up.


I saw you and the lady doctor just then-

I might be able to tolerate your unfaithfulness.

But with your dad's condition right now.

You should be more respectful-


Jupiter kissing the Moon, worth a try.

I want to visit Disneyland.

I want Dragonball.

Drop a coin and make a wish.

Don't get in the way.

Would that be the same hole?

The moon is kissing the star, let's hurry.

I hope it'll save dad.

Would be nice to see the young versions of mum and dad.

Where is the hole? Is it time now?

Is it time now? Where is the hole?


I want ?10.

?10 for 2 packs.

Mind your own business.

Someone is about to jump.


Listen folks, I have to leave now.

Take good care of yourself.

Please make room for me! I may land on your head and crash you.

Rocky, it's your turf, your call.


Serg. Rocky, please do something.

Yin, don't beg them.

No one will care, it's my gambling that do me in.

Loanshark Fung, I'm paying you back with my life.

That'll settle my debt for good.

I will haunt you forever, if you take my daughter.

Open the net........

Open the net.........

Mr. Cheung, why don't they open the net?

He asks who'll pay?

How much do you have?

Only two bucks, to last for the month.

I have three twenty.

Uncle, do you have any?

Are you kidding?

So? What's the deal?

Fifty, open the net.

Open it! Open it.

Only five dollars?

Close the net, close the net.


Yee, you look totally different. Where are you going?

I'm Lynn. Not Yee.

Lynn? Are you sure you're not Yee?

No, I'm Lynn, not Yee.


Sergeant Rocky, that's all we have, have a heart!


Sister Lynn, don't pay him.

You always give me a hard time, kid.

I'll bust you, better believe it.

It's your duty to save life. It's corruption to solicit money.

Why don't you practise law with your silver tongue?

Martin, Martin, go play with Wah and cut the bullshit.

Szeto Wah, let's petition at Governor's residence.

Dad, don't jump!

Lone, get off the roof.

I'll leave if you come down.

I'm falling

Brother Feng is here.

Catch the younger one. pal.

Feng, the net is too small.

Are you alright?


He's alive.

Everything is fine, folks. Don't worry.

Chuen and his son are alright.

The younger guy passed out. I'll take him upstairs.

Go back to your dinner. Everything's fine.

He's coming about.

Fall asleep watching old movies again.

How generous you are to give away these expensive crackers.

Give her a lesson.

Bobo, don't just stand here. Do your laundry.

Yes, auntie.

How about this old movie is in color?!

Here's your receipt. What a performance.

Feng, thank you for paying off my debt.

Just like my dad always says.

'One for all and all for one'.

You saved Lone's life, sir.

He'll owe you for life.

Lone, bow to your saviour.

This is too much, Lone.

I'm not Lone, this is my son Lone.

I'm Chuen, pal.

I swear that I quit gambling.

Is it true, dad?

Shut up.

You are Lynn.

You are Chun.

Tall guy Chun.

You are little Lone, then........

Good show, pal. Hungry?

Have some fried beef?

Lynn, rub me more, thank you.


You're rubbing his face off.

Lynn, come inside and scratch my back.

Never mind, he's only my stepfather.


Did he?


Stepfather often up to no good.

I know.

You've skillful hands.

My father was a medicine man when he was alive.

I learned it from him.

So you are sort of a doctor.

Mr. Cheung, about the job at the tram terminal.

What's your decision?

Brother Feng, I am a graduate from three universities.

I'll lose face being a janitor.

don't understand, pity the more unfortunate!

I don't understand, pity the more unfortunate!

What's your name?

My name is Chor Yuen, nephew of your uncle.

You're Ho's.......


Ho has no cousin.

It doesn't matter, we're brothers from the same county.

I agree.

I come to visit you.......

from Borneo.

Really? That's nice.

Stay with us here, if you don't mind.

You must be joking, living with you again?!

Better find a way out.

Teddy boy hits the ditch..

Wrong key?

Teddy boy hits the ditch.

Brother Yuen, what's the name of the game?

All Borneo residents, like me, when travelling abroad,

jump into a ditch and pray facing Borneo at night.

for the blessing of our people and country.

She looks just like Yee.

I shouldn't be so horny over her.

Invisible charge.

Let me try my electric charge.

Perfect, too much will be fatal.

Don't be afraid, it's only your uncle.

What kind of world is this?

You old bastard.

Mind your own business, punk.

You old fart!

What's the noise? We got to sleep?

What's up?

Feng, my uncle........

If not Yuen........

I see.

Chow, you're such ungrateful bastard.

What has gratefulness to do with raping my stepdaughter?

Lynn, he.....

I thought he made you starve.

He raped you?

You beast.

We've been watching you closely.......

And on such mournful night.

Lynn, I raised you up through the years.

You're so ungrateful.

I've sold the shop to Kee.

He'll fix you from now on.

I'm through with you.

Don't run into me in Memory Lane.

I knew it.

Good show pal.

I am flattered.

You've done something good tonight.

I can't imagine in this cruel world.

There's still a young man of such moral integrity as you

Not at all.

Since the whole neighbourhood is awaken,

let me treat everybody supper.

Brother Yuen, you're wonderful.

Let's go.


No, thank you, overeating causes upset stomach during sleeping.

It's still early for sleeping.

If not because this disease, I could have beaten him up.

Now Yuen is a hero.

You'll soon find the neighbourhood is a big family.

We care for each other.

You have met all our house-mates.

There's Kar Shing also.

Kar Shing works real hard.

He has a day job and works at home at night.

Here he is.

Have some food pal.

This is Yuen.

This is Kar Shing.

My surname is Lee.

Lee Kar Shing? How are you?

My name is Chor Yuen.

Wonderful....... How are you?

How are you? I go upstairs and change first.

Be quick! I save you some food.

Kar Shing, keep in touch.

Fine. Bye.


What a wonderful world!

The bucket is so huge, need some help, Bobo?

Need help?


The kids in Memory Lane are all very tough.

You dumbass. Get up, it's late.

No wonder you can't get a job.

Really carrying the baby at back during soccer.


My Saviour.

Don't call me saviour

Someday, Feng will get married and have a son.

Remember well.

Never carry his son while playing soccer.

Keep your word or I'll beat.........

Feng, your darling is here.

I told you not to come here in such outfit.

And not wearing a bra.

What's with you?

Oh my God, dad got another woman.


Get lost

Who is this guy?

My county cousin, Chor Yuen

She's Laura

Feng, I've brought you some suits, pick one

It's a casual meeting, why make it so formal?

Just this once, to see my dad for the first time

Feng, you'd better dress up.

Excuse me.

Have we met before? You look familiar.

The University Ball?

I don't go to Ball.

Polo Club?

I remember, you are the musician at the Lido.

What Lido?


No. 6, Memory Lane?

What is it this time?

I come to inspect the building.

Everyone has to chip in the bribe again.

Mum has told me before that she's from a well literated family.

Obviously, I won't let this chance run.

But, I can't imagine

so rich.

It's starched.

Yes, it is.

Dad, let me introduce,

Okay, who is Chor Feng?

How do you do? I am Chor Yuen.

You are Chor Yuen?

Don't you know who I am?

My uncle is the well known Lord Watsons,

My cousin.


What's wrong? I am almost your age.

Just looking a little older.

Watsons? The drug stores owner?


But it's an English name.

Years ago, Governor Robinson awarded my grandfather,

with this English name.

What a colonial bullshit.

Excuse me.

Dad, I'll go with him.

Uncle, do you want to.......

I want to disgrace this tram worker.

How come you promise them a bridge game? It's out of our league.

It's just another card game.

The "Cousin" is cunning, be careful.

Don't be narrow-minded, you're too cynical.

Where are you going?

Down stairs.

This way.

The bathroom is on this side.

Try that way.

We come back again?

We're making circles.


But we are not going to toilet.

Who is the dealer?

Mr. Chor, please.

State the rules first.

Let's explain while he deals.

OK, let's explain while he deals.

Where did you go to college?

What college?

We graduated from Cambridge Trinity College.

Trinity, Trinity.

How about you?

We graduated from Fu Kin University.

That's "Fucking you".

Fu Kin, Fu Kin.


So you are from a rich family.


How come you.......

Why I like Feng?

Because I am different.

I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth.

If I marry a rich husband.

That's it. I'll be rich for life.

But it's different with Feng, like taking tram rides into the sunset,

how romantic!

It's worthwhile to sacrifice for love.

That's what you think now.

You'll regret it thirty years from now.

Thirty years? I don't even plan for the next three days.

You silly boy.

Ladies and Gentlemen......

The dancing contest is starting now.

We are delighted to have our hosters Laura Watt, and her partner.

Tommy Chor participating. Please give them a round of applause.

Can't help you this time.

No problem.

What's wrong with you? He supposed to be an idiot on dance floor.

So you're a real champion dancer

I took a few folk dance lessons at the union.

Laura and Tommy were Lovers.

He wanted to give her everything.

Flowers, presents, and most of all, a wedding ring.

Tell Laura I love her, tell Laura I need her.

Tell Laura not to cry.

my love for her will never die.

Nan, I love your shy lips.

Like water healing my thirst.

Wish to be with you from now on, we walk closely and sing along.

So lively and fresh.

Ride home on a Porche.

Lovers in green field, oh how a beautiful view formed.

Tell Laura I love her.

Actually Feng is nice. Tall and handsome.

Honest and righteous.

His kind is rare these days.

His kind won't make it in the real world these days.

I'll pay him 50 grand tomorrow for giving up Laura.

If he chooses money instead of love.

He is smart enough to be our son-in-law.

How can I make this work?

I was going to lose my temper on the old bastard
had you not stop me.

Why are you making all this fuss?

You and Laura are poles apart.

Why are you so fond of her?

There're a few things about her that I really admire.

It's not her money, is it?

What? How can you measure love with money?

Love is eternal giving.


Just tell what is it that you're so fond of.

Haven't you noticed...

She's got big breast...

You're bad.


This isn't exactly a safe neighbourhood.


I'll teach you some old Kung-fu trick.

Save it.

Let me show you.

I learned it from a Sifu in Canton.

First a quick kick, then a flamingo punch.

This is a faked attack.

The tiger fist is the real assault.

Real assault.

Empty your pockets or you're dead.

Brother, this is one hell of a way to make a living.

Aren't you Uncle Seven?

Wrong person, I don't know you.

He's gonna beat you up for sure.

I know that for a fact.

Cut the crap, let me give him a lesson.

Quick kick, flamingo punch, Tiger fist...

Go to hell.


Give up now! While I'm still letting you.

It wasn't like this according to Dad's story.

It's your last chance to repent.

Give me money.

So it's all Dad's balony.

What's the matter?

Serg. Rocky, is that you?

He just tripped and fell, we can handle it.

Sir, time to collect money!


See you.

Thank you.


Buddy, you're a good man.

I, Mark Seven, will someday return your favor.

You look rather miserable pal.

To be honest, I've been laid off for half a year.

Why didn't you say so?

I'm Chor Feng, come to the tram terminal tomorrow.

I'll get you a job.


It's nothing.

So long.


So long.


You're sure full of balony.

What balony?

If you ever get mugged again,

don't start another fight.

The floor is slippery.

And I got new shoes....

I'm serious, believe me, or you will in trouble.

See, I wanted to show you how...

So my tiger fist was really slow motioned....

Cut the crap, what flamingo, tiger and all.......

After 18 years, I'll be in full swing.

Hands off.

Come, I'll take you for a ride.



Brother Feng.

Stop it, you punk

Stay out of this.

I am here to collect my debt.

I've told you that education is very important.

I haven't got a clue what the note was all about.

It says I owe him $20,000 after stepfather sold him our shop.

That's a lot of money.

How are we going to pay that?

Don't bother, The money is on the way.

Kee threatened to make me a club hostess to pay off the debt.

Can you stop being so melo-dramatic?

I am useless.

Even my degrees in 3 universities couldn't help Lynn a bit.

If you want to help her, don't sit around, go out and do it.

Mom! Dad is beaten up at the Mah-jong house.

And he's being held hostage.

Until he clears his debt.

How much do they want?

25 thousand.

Another 25 thousand?

Is he a millionaire or what?

Mr. Watsons, welcome.

Why the hell are you here?

We're here for you.

Spit it out, this is a hell of a night for me.

Don't worry, I waste no time.

You know I don't like you around my daughter.

That much is clear.

But I won't beat you up.

Here is 50 thousand, and you'll stop seeing Laura.

Let me tell you...

Take the money first, trust me.

Nobody can buy me off.

Let me tear it.

Any relative of Cheung here?

Serg. Rocky.

What's up? We are his neighbours.

We are his neighbours.

He's caught for assault.


Who did he assault?


I heard he did it for you Lynn.

Can we bail him out?

5 thousand will do it.

Five thousand.

Lynn's debt is 20 thousand.

25 thousand.

Chuen's debt is 25 thousand.

It's so coincidental. Is it a set-up or what?

There goes the 5 thousand.

Serg. Rocky........

What should we do?

Mr. Watsons

That's poverty, my dear.

Life is nothing but money.

What did you say?

Mr. Watsons, I'll accept this check.

But I'll use it help Lynn, Cheung.

And Chuen.........

I'll treat as a loan.

And when I return the sum to you, someday.

I go for your daughter again.

Screw you. I'm not running a bank.

Screw who?

I thought you said if he accepts the check, you'll.......

I mean if he takes it for himself, not for his neighbours......

Mr. Watsons, he isn't serious.

Stop it, take it....... return it.

Look, you are a stupid fool.

To tear the check

I didn't tear....... we tear the check.

Screw you!

You too.

Screw screw you......

You too.

Screw you!

Damn, He walk so fast.

Screw you!

So we really couldn't change fate.

Oh my God.

What again? I've had too much for a night.

Bobo had a fever this morning, so I took her to a doctor.

And doc said she has a terminal disease.

And the operation requires 50 thousand cash.

Another 50 thousand?

Save it.

Without a thunder flash, you can't fool anybody.


I told you to be here at 8:30 sharp and you are late.

Yuen, what's this all about?

Calm down.

The truth is.......

I am sure you'll turn down Watson's offer.

So I ask Kan to put on a show so you'll accept
the money on her behalf.

But fate is a step ahead.


Hi, guys.....

What are you doing here this time of night?

I'm leaving home for good.

I almost bumped into dad.

I overheard Watsons said,

Only if you accept the check,

he'll let you marry Laura

But he's a real snake,

so I arrange for Laura to leave home.

Then it's a sure win.

Shit! You should have told me earlier.

SHIT! I forgot to bring my bathrobe.

Nice lady should not use foul language like that.

Wow! "Bathrobe" is foul language.

Oh! Shit!

What the hell is it?

Don't be mad, honey, I promised.

Never to use the word "Bathrobe" again.

Shit! It's not "Bathrobe".

We were so close to getting that $50,000 check.

So I decided to try to earn it back.

What? Demolish their building in Memory Lane?

So they'll become homeless.

We'll bribe the Housing Authority.

And the Housing Authority will declare the building unsafe.

Then the building will be torn down. Laura won't survive
a month on the street.

She'll surely come home. How much should I pay you?

50 thousand for the idea and the execution.

Deal! I'll pay a 10% deposit Now.

When the building is down, I'll settle the rest.

If only Feng is half as smart as you.

I'll let Laura marry him in no time.

Take it, sir.

I can't. Dont put me into this.

I can't accept it. This buiding has been condemned.

I am not supposed to disclose the reason.


Kan, I told you not to bribe.

Why not just burn this building down?

Last year there's a fire in Shek Kip Mei.

The authority settled all the homeless residents.

Fung, what an evil idea!

Your son will be cursed.


Kan, that's not what I mean.

Chuen provides service in mahjong house to pay off his debt.

Don't worry Yin.

I will take the heart for you.

It's wonderful.

The weather is hot. Take the kids upstairs.

Take the heart? How?

What how?

Just slip out my tongue.

What this "all for one" shit.

I am used to saying it.

It seems that you only pay lip services.

It works out once in a while.

Let's have steak, my treat.

How about doggie stew here.

Let's go up-town.

Up-town is a classy place. Should I dress up?

That's the only outfit you got.

No. I have a formal dress.

Same as this one. But clean.

Western food?

Yuen's treat.

It seemed like I had given the folks up for money.

But I had plans in re-setting them.

I knew Kee's father had difficulties selling their new housing projects.

So I taught them a new trick.

mortgage it and pay in installment.

Don't bull, young man.

Are you sure that paying real estate by installments
is never tried in Hong Kong.

Damn sure. I know about real estate history.

I sell one flat for you first, then I sell the rest.

You may tear down the lodge across the street and build a new highrise

Dad, we'll be rich.

There's no free lunch, is there?

Everyone was thrilled at being able to own an apartment together.

And didn't have to sleep on the street.

Fung offered to loan his money for down payment.

It also laid down the way for installment method.

Property company?

Cheong Kong Real Estate?

Do you know what real estate company is?

Sure, some sort of land work.

Shatin? Your office locates in rural area?

Rural area?

Shatin is rural area?

Remember one thing, just keep it to yourself.

The properties market will collapse in 1967.

Grab as much land as you can when it hits the bottom.

Don't leave me out when you make money.

It's a deal.

Cheong Kong Real Estate, Pearl River Real Estate
Yellow River Real Estate, River Nile Real Estate.

Cheong Kong Real Estate sounds better.

Listen, I am going to teach you something important.

Stand well. Be ready.

One, two, three.

All for one, one for all.

Well done, now once again.

One, two, three.

All for one, one for all.

Children, what you just saw

Needs a lot of practice.

This silly fool has 30 years of experience





Bobo, try harder.

You are all dressed up. Going to a ball?'

I want to go too.

Are you going to work at Kee's nightclub tonight?

Sooner or later I'll have to do it. I can pay off the debt.

No, I didn't play the music this time.

Who's turn?

Is it your turn?


Where are you going?

Let me take over.

Stop. Don't even think about it.

I just want to fill in.

Get lost.

Who's playing?


I'll sit in

Put her up here.

Are you sure?

Think about it

Who's the dealer?

Lynn, don't go. I am raising some money for you.

Where can you get this large sum of money?

I have my way. I'm making a big deal.

It should turn out alright.

Yuen don't worry about me.

I've taken care of myself since I was eight.

I appreciate your kindness.

Yuen, don't worry, I can take care of myself.

I'll make you


I mean I will figure out a way to help you.

The chubby guy is fat.

Bring some pork to the temple.

His ass gets itchy.

He dies when he reaches home.

Go away kid.

Chuen, take over me for a while, I got to go pee.

No, please, I don't play anymore.

Why not? Just for a while.

Oh no. I've promised to my son.

I'll pay for the lost! Hurry up and sit down.

Will anyone pay me if I win?

There is this big hotel in Hollywood.

Rickshaw boy.


Where do you want to go?

Let me help you.

She asks for me first.

She didn't mention your name.

Let her choose.


Your son will be cursed.

Rickshaw boy!

Come! Come!

Sit down.

Run faster! It's too slow.

Faster...... faster?

You wanna get me killed?

You really can drink, you're great!

Drink this too.

She's drunk. Wonderful.

Let me.


I want to go home.

where are you taking her?

Memory Lane.

That's where I'm heading. I'll take her home.

What about me?

You still got work to do, right? Or you've got some funny ideas?

Anything evil in your mind?

Of course not!

Fine then.

Lynn, where are you going? It's that way.

Where? Where?

Back to your room.


Why are you taking off my clothes?

I'm taking off your shoes.

I have been taken care of myself since I was small.

I lost my father when I was eight. Do you have a father?

Yes, I do.

You won't know how terrible it is without a father.

You won't take advantage of me, right?

I won't.

Don't take advantage of me. Don't do it to me.

You won't take advantage of me, right?

I won't take advantage of you, sleep tight.

How can I miss such a chance?

Could it be my conscience.

But I don't have a conscience.

I don't eat chilli......

Lone, come have some food.

Come have some food.


Let me take you down.

What's this noise?

You are waking up the kids.

Yuen, have some.

No, thanks.

Then we help ourselves.

I'm still turned on.

How can I eat?

Fresh roast pork. Take one.

Daddy will scratch your back later.

Lone, it's your favourite, come and have some.

The spittoon is so full.

How dare you split on your dad? I'll beat you up!

Lone, where are you going?

How could you treat your dad like this?

I saw dad playing mahjong again.

You...... real asshole.

It's true that I like gambling.

But I am not a moron.

I just filled in for a couple of game.

Where did you get the money for food?

You're pregnant and under-nourished.

The kids are starving like street-dogs.

I sold some blood today.

Lone, you hear that. No matter how wrong your dad is.

You shouldn't have treated him this way.

I'm wrong. Saviour.

Dad, I'm sorry.

- My son.
- Daddy.

Damn, it is my conscience.


It's alright.



What's on your mind?

Raising children is not easy at all.

I'm worry if I will be a capable father.

Just don't always play tough and patriarchal

Treat your son like a friend.

It sounds alright.

Of course

Feng, do you believe "like father like son".

I didn't get along well with my old man before

Suddenly, I find

I'm a chip from the old block, shit.

What is bothering you?

Your father is a no good or what?

You don't understand. My father sweated his whole life in Brunei.

He ends up lying in hospital because of his character.

Is it bad enough?

Feng, Lone and other kids are asleep.

Why don't you go to bed?

Waiting for you.

A huge cockroach.


I'll get you.


I will go back to Brunei soon.

Why? We get along so well, just like a family.

Why are you leaving?

We're just talking about his dad, he's in hospital.

He misses his dad.

Yuen is a good son.

I may miss your wedding.

This is your wedding gift.

It's so pretty.

With our photos inside.


And our song.

How come you have our pictures?

It's a magic box

Not at all.

May I dance with you, Miss?

I thought we'd have a happy life, but.......

Mr. Cheung, what does it say? I can't read.

The building will be closed down.

September 15th, that's next week.

Do as you wish. We are moving into out own house.

Watsons turned out to be a real snake.

Wait a sec, Mr. Woo promised that the keys can be collected today.

There's no solicitor by the name of Woo here.

What? No Woo?

I was here last week, I signed a mortgage with him.


Laura, we're in a mess now.

Ms. Watsons.


You know him?

My Dad owns this place.

Your dad.....


Then the bank that did our mortgage, Dai Choy Bank.

Dai Choy is my uncle, he owns the bank.

So I am screwed.

Does your Dad know Kee's father?

Kee's father used to be my Dad's sidekick.

Now I'm really screwed.

What's it?

Your Dad got a step ahead of me, he's a real pro.......

I'll sort it out with him.

I know it. There is no free lunch.

You are to blame, you promised to loan them money.

It's a loan, you pay me back with forty percent interest rate.

That's robbery, Fung, you're heartless.

It's my own fault, being illiterate.

People will cheat you if you can't read.

Shut up.

You shut up. Your gambling put us in this shit.

We're finished.

The plan should have worked.

If not for the heartless person who executed it.

Are you accusing Yuen?

I didn't say that.

What! Why do you scold my husband?

I can scold him but not you.

Bad news! My lady is being locked up by my master.

She asked me to bring you a message.

She said the documents for the property is in the safe
in our master's study.


Also, my lady is forced to marry her cousin.

They're going to have an engagement dinner tomorrow night.

And the day after, she'll be sent to San Francisco.

She needs your help.

While we're all helpless, I came up with a plan.

We'll disguise as catering chef and get into Watson's house.

Stealing back the purchase agreement, at least doing
something for the neighbourhood.

We're going to steal back the documents, not attending
a beauty contest.

Pretty, pretty! How the hell I look?

It's Chuen we have to pick on.

Right, claiming that he had been a chef.

I didn't lie, I was one when I worked on the ship.

It's an Indian tanker, so I learnt to cook curry.

Sir, you'd like some cookies?

No, thank you.

You'd like some cookies?

Want a drink?

I just feel that they recognise me.

I better put on something more.

No sweat! Yau Yau Signh, there's a mole in the make-up box.

Stick on a mole?

Ah Yee, come serve the guests.

Coming, Madam.

Cleverly that Chor guy came up with the plan to demolish
Memory Lane's building.

He's worth the $50,000 reward.

This guy is a potential crook. Definitely one of us.

You can tell he's smart.

He asked me to make use of the opportunity to buy off Memory Lane

two more lots of land, then Wan Chai is mine!

Go get it.

I'm not going back to the United States, I'll learn business from you.

Opportunist, good, opportunist.

Doctor Ho, I just suffer from this recurrent headache.

Is this a certain illness?

Come to my clinic tomorrow, I'll give you a check-up.

We maids don't deserve that kind of attention.

It's okay.

Well, yes.

No need for the check-up.

He's got testicle cancer, he's hopeless.


Come with me!

What is it?

I'm asking you, did you sell all this property-seizing
strategy to Watson?

You received money, didn't you?

Right I did, but I've got reasons.

What reasons?


Behave yourself, you shouldn't say things like this.

Madam, I'll check whether the foods are ready.

Madam, she's got dirty hands, I better check over her.

Damn, you betray friends, betray our neighbours,

the whole neighbourhood of Memory Lane.

I'd like to explain.

You traitor, to the whole of Memory Lane to all our neighbours.

What's up pal?

Look at you, your bra has fallen down.

If they find out about us, you'll be held responsible.

I'm doing this for you.

For me?

After stealing the documents......

Oh, excuse me.

Madam it's our home tradition that we don't get married.

Sometimes we just play with this for fun.

Dear guest, please be seated.

What is it Yin? You're not laboring?

What's happening?

Dad, its dirty here in the kitchen, you better go out.

You speak with a man's voice.

It's you? I recognise you.

Quick, get the keys.


I've got it.....

Let us get the jewelry as well.

You greedy-minded, don't forget what we've come for.

Find the documents, and save our neighbours.

Typhoon signal No.5 is being hoisted.

Typhoon Ms. Mary is approaching Hong Kong directly.

A higher signal may be hoisted later.

This isn't the sell and purchase agreement.

No? After all we'd gone through, I made a mark.

What does it say then?

That Feng agrees to be employed by Watson.

As the manager for re-construction of Memory Street.

Are you sure you're right?

How can this be happening to me

What? I'm a graduate from three Universities.

How could it be?

And there is this $5000 receipt.

It can't be wrong, I heard it from the mouth of Watson.

He said he paid $5000 to a Chor guy who suggested this
property seizing strategy.

There're only two Chors here.

Yuen is not related to Watson. But Feng is different.

And we've got a proof document now,
You guys think it for yourself.

Auntie Kan, the window glass is broken.

Kan, don't panic, I'll fix it for you.

Stop pretending, don't you want this whole complex to be torn down

Close the windows.

Dad, water is coming through from the balcony.

Lone! You're all wet....

Be calm, everybody.

Mr. Cheung, you're stronger.

Come with me to get some sandbags to stop the water.

Mr. Cheung.

Yuen, let's go.

What is it?

The baby is coming.

He's coming out

Get a cab to the hospital.

Can't make it now.


What shall we do now?

Don't panic, she'll give birth here.

Lynn, hurry boil some hot water.

Oh God, the sewage pipe is bursting.

Hurry, Yuen, we've got to go to get the sand bags.

I only wanted to pay back Lynn's debt.

And get some money for you and Laura's marriage.

I don't have time for your explanation.

Come, get me two more of those bags.

Who is it?

Oh it's Yuen, you're back.

Go to Watson for your fortune, and pretend no more here.

Go, get lost.

She's bleeding a lot.

Go away! You want to wait around and see more bleeding?

Bleeding? Oh please, no!

Get lost.

Yuen. Please take care of them.

Fung, let's talk.

The storm is raging out there. Where do you expect him to go?

Feng withhold the truth, that makes me more guilty.

Suddenly I understand what "one for all" means.

To Feng.

I am just kind of a distant relative.

He still take the blame for me.

He does it for a "friend".

But for me.

I feel some kind of fatherly love.

You people are terrible forgetful.

Don't you remember how Feng had helped you all before?


I know nothing.

Mr. Cheung.


Maybe it's a trap by Watson.


Laura, how did you get away?

I lied to my cousin that I'm pregnant with Feng's child.

He can't take the disgrace so he helped me to escape.

Feng is not with you?

Why would he? My dad wants to kill him.

Then Feng is innocent.

What's happened?

Wonder how are things doing now? Shall we go back and find out?

You've learnt to care for others.

Yeah, let's go back.

Feng, Yuen, why are you two staying in the rain?

Laura told us already.

Don't be angry with us. You're always been so understanding.

Say it......

I'm sorry, Feng.

I created the whole mess.

I suggested the strategy to Watson.

I got the money from him.

But I never thought they would outsmart me.

I should be taking all the blame.

Let's forget about what happened.

And we'll be one big family.

From now on we'd bear in mind the principle of "All for one and,

One for all! Cause we're in the same boat.

And the world will be a better place.

Thus we shall have no fear come rain or shine..........

Absolutely right.

Where's everybody?

Finding shelter for the rain, shall we also?

OK, let's go, be careful, the steps are slippery.

After the Typhoon, the Housing Dept. decided to relocate
tenants of Memory Lane.

And problem of the neighbourhood is solved.

The Housing Department new policy is fantastic.

Now, at last, we are relocated.

Lion's Rock, Lion's Rock, it sounds so bourgeois.

We won't be spending our Mid-Autumn Festival here next year.

Let's take a picture for memory.

The weather is so nice today.

Come on everybody, let's take a group photo.

Yuen, let's take a picture together.

Wonderful Mid-Autumn Festival tonight
Moon and Jupiter conjunction.

Come on...

A little closer.

Chuen, closer....

Ready, one, two, three.

Mooncake, everybody.


I want.

I want you.

I want you smile.

Why opening your mouth?

Or you want this piece of pom?

Work hard for money, money.

I want.

I want you.

I want my old pal.

Just shaking your hands, remembering me all the time.

Lone has been in such bad luck.

Broke his legs working at the site earlier.

Lone, make me a promise.

I know, don't carry Feng's son when I'm goal-keeping.

Not only this.

Study hard and be somebody, someday.

Remember, whatever you'll be. Do not work in construction sites.

I want to be an architect when I grow up.
Building a mansion for my parents.

That means working at construction site!

Look, the moon.

It's so beautiful.

Let's make another baby.

Oh, it's so beautiful.

I haven't seen such a beautiful moon before.

Me too.

It'll be so sweet if we can be together every year
to watch the full moon.

You will be.

You're so nice.

You will be very happy

You deserve a person who'll take good care of you.

Yuen, why are you saying this? Don't you know that I.....

I am such a jerk all my life..

So selfish.

So inconsiderate.

I don't even deserve to see such a beautiful moon.

Please don't say that.

I have to go back to Brunei tonight.

Let's dance?

What's it?

Nothing, Yuen said he's returning to Brunei tonight.

So soon? So sudden?

You've to say farewell to the others.

Take good care of your children, give them all you can.

And daughters are more precious than sons in the future.

Don't forget the trick I taught you.

Be in the financing business, you earn interest legally.

You'll be the richest tycoon in Hong Kong.

Take good care of Lynn.

You have chance.



I only want to know one thing.

Did you....


I did fall for you.

I wish you all the happiness.

I am sorry.

Yuen, will I see you again?

Yes, definitely.


I promise.

I believe you.

Thank you for your present.

Fukien, Fukien.

You must have your reason to leave in such a hurry.

So I won't keep you.

Since I've met you, I've learnt there's one thing

I'd failed told my dad.

I might never have the chance to tell him.

You must love your father very much.

You're out of date, that's why you are penniless.

You're 70, yet haven't lived a life.

You're a loser.


I love him very much.

He must be delighted to have a son like you.

If ever I'll have a son, I'll name him after you, Yuen.

Because I hope he'll be like you.

Feng, I have to go.

Take care.

Remember, next time you catch a thief, don't let go of him.

Doesn't matter, after all this is a world when...

All for one and

one for all.

Bye, dad.

Excuse me, what time is it?

It's 08:16 PM

Is today the 15th of August?

Of course.

It's only been one minute, I've been away for so long.

Laura and Tommy were lovers.

He wanted to give her everything.

Flowers, presents and most of all, a wedding ring.

Tell Laura I love her, tell Laura I need her.

Tell Laura not to cry, my love for her will never die.

Tell Laura I love her, tell Laura I need her.



Tell Laura I love her, tell Laura I need her.

Old fellow.


Tell Laura....

Old man, you nearly scared me to death.

How do you feel?

Good morning.

Why are you so fat?

What've become of you? Haven't you seen me like this?

I just dreamt going back to Memory Lane, Mummy.


Oh shit! Your figure was much desirable then.

Damn you, you better lie down.

Saying these things in front of your son.

I was holding you like this just now.

Quite corny.


All for one, one for all is right.

What's right? All for one, one for all?

After you've been beaten like this, and you still say it's right.

It's one for all.

And "All" means the two of you.

You keep singing "All for one.....

Dr. Zhivago, please go to the reception desk,
there's a long distance call from Moscow.

Shit, calling when I am so busy.

Mummy, have I slept for long?


I feel tired.

Dad said when he was in coma.

There seems something important left unsettled.

That he couldn't just go like that.

The first thing when leaving the hospital.

He brought me to this toy shop.

It looks fun to play with.

I'll take first turn playing.

What's it Yuen?

Brother Feng, look.

What? What brother Feng?
What is it?

Old fellow, let's go, it's time already.

Oh yes, I almost forgot, let's go.

Dad, where are we going to?

To the airport.

What for?

Your uncle is arriving.

I have an uncle?

Your uncle from Brunei, you're named after him.

Let's go.

There's another Chor Yuen?

There's time when we feel regret,

and want to start again from the beginning.

Yuen, are you alright?

Nothing, just thinking of some old friend.

In fact, it's no need to back to the past.

Are you OK?

If we treasure today's,

10 years, or 20 years later.

We'll not regret for things that should be done.


It's really you, Yuen. Great!

How did you get here?

Lynn, how did you get here?

I'm Yee, not Lynn.

I was careless and fell into the manhole,
when I climbed up, I'm here.

There something I want to discuss with you, I've got no place to stay.

Can I stay at your place?


Oh no.


We're brothers, what's the problem with you?

We're not brothers.

We're from the same county aren't we, brother?

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