Hüddam (2015) - full transcript

Can and his mother Derya live an ordinary country life. But after a while his mother starts to exhibit strange behavior. Intrigued by Derya's enigmatic behavior Can begins to wonder about his mother's childhood.

[Distinctive film projector sound
with music - atmospheric]

[Middle-Eastern music]

We gave (in the past) knowledge to David and Solomon.

And they both said: "Praise be to Allah...

...who has favoured us above many of his servants who

The Quran - Neml'15

[Dramatic drums and Middle-Eastern
music continues]


Wait wait.

Come on.

Candles are melting.

Hurry up.

I'm setting up the camera.

Come on honey.


Make a wish.

Your breath is so strong mum.

My son, turn off the TV or it may not work.

You're not tired of saying that.

If the electricity suddenly comes?

Nothing will happen Derya, don't worry.

it's my habit.

We celebrate your birthday first time...

...look at the luck.

Let's blow the candles again.

Yes, burn it again.

You need a car battery for that camera.

What a joke.

Break time for laughing.

Happy birthday Derya.

Thank you very much honey.

Thank you.

You're welcome.

Happy Birthday my dear.

Thank you, but there was no need.

Enjoy it.

We have a present for you Derya.

Hope to fit with your body.

Melih chose it.

Thank you but why have
you spent your money?

She doesn't like to waste money.

I didn't say like this.

Yes you said mum.


Okay. Okay.

After that, I will invite single people.

The valentine is only buying one present.

Such a shame my son.

He made fun of us.

But he would be embarrassing to say this.

Happy Birthday Derya.

Thank you very much honey.

Pretty sorry my brother.

You have to be shy Can.

I am ashamed.

You must.

Don't mind him...

...eat your cake.

If you don't eat...

Then what?

If you don't eat...

...give it to me [general banter].

I couldn't open.

We choose together.

What a beautiful thing.

The color is great.

Enjoy it Derya.

I like it so much.

How is it?

Very stylish.

Looking great.

Thank you so much.

I really like so much.


Really wonderful.

This color is very beautiful.


It could be better.

It is enough for a rented house.

You’ll do better for your own home.

I always pray for this.

I wish a house for him.

Even if it's small, it's his own house.

You don't have to pay for rent.


Do you know about the house prices around here?

It is not necessary to get something so expensive.

Will you buy a castle?

He says that he will live in the Burgaz island...

...do you know that?

Why you don't shut your mouth?

Why didn't you tell us?

I think this is Melih's idea.

It is not about mine.

I'm sure it is.

Crazy. What are you gonna do on the island?

You shouldn't set up empty dreams.

You have to think logically.

That's right.

I am just dreaming Figen...

...anyway I don't have money.

Burgaz island is luxury place for someone like you.

You are exaggerating.

This guy does what he says.

Do whatever you want.

We have to go Melih.

Let's go.

I have to go also Can.

Time is so late.

We are going to leave Defne to home.

Don't forget to take your camera.


Drive slowly Melih.

OK Derya.


Selamın Aleykum.

Aleykum Selam.

God protect us from the curse of demons.

Wake up. Do you know the time?

Leave me alone Melih.

We're waiting for you for breakfast.

Wait. I had a nightmare already.

About what?

Get out here.

Don't use the camera in the bathroom.

If you loose we'll see our ass on the internet.

I will publish it anyway.

I'm going to show you something
after breakfast.

Thank you Derya.

Bon Appetite honey.

Melih, come on.

OK, hold on a second.

Hurry up.

Okay. I'm fed up of you.

Mute that music.

You are disturbing everybody.

Mum? Mum?

What happened, mum?

What the hell is that?

Who are you?

Melih, call the ambulance.

Keep it up mum.

He called the ambulance.

We are fine.

The doctor gave her some medicine.

She is sleeping now.

They did a lot of analysis.

They referred her to a psychiatrist.

Can you come here with Begüm...

...maybe she can help her.

Okay. We are waiting for you.

OK honey, see you.

She is sleeping.

I called Gaye.
She will come with Begüm

Good idea.

What do we do to this wall?

I think she shouldn't see the wall like this.

I will paint the wall.

The camera is still recording.


It recorded everything.

The battery has ran out.


That's enough. Turn off the camera.

Begüm ?

I don't know what to say in this case Can.

It looks like a schizophrenic condition.

Like the possession case of schizophrenia.

Did your mother have a psychological problem or...

...unusual case before ?


You said possession.
What's the meaning of that ?

The meaning of possession is...

...the human who believe their soul is
captured by another entity...

...and that its movements are controlled.

Come to the clinic for a more detailed review.

Also bring the video tape, they are important.

Can, your mum doesn't know Arabic.

You can't explain this situation with illness.

We watched everything.

So Figen?

Do you have a suggestion about it?

We must show that video to a hodja.

This is bullshit.

There may not be a logical way to explain this yet but...

...we shouldn't do anything ridiculous like that, Can.

Begüm, what can you do right now?

Right now?

The doctors have already analysed everything
and all results are normal.

If you can do something as a psychologist,
please try...

...otherwise we will call hodja.

There is actually something we can do.


But it doesn't give a accurate result and
it is a bit risky.

I can make a ritual to calm her down and...

...try to understand what is happening.

We will do a psychological analysis tomorrow.

What if she doesn't wake up after hypnosis?

In fact, there is no sleep in hypnosis.

She will be aware of everything.

She can get out with a low voice from trance.


I'm calling my mum.

Do I have to say anything to her?

No. Can anyone come out of the room apart from Can?

Otherwise she will resist going into a trance.

We will leave you alone Can.

I'll leave the girls to go to their homes.

Thank you.

Derya, you may be experiencing a
short term memory loss.

So I am going to do a hypnosis session.

Memory loss?

You couldn't remember what
happened this morning.

Can said you fell down and cut your hand.

I will perform a small session.

It works in such situations.

What can I do?

Just relax, that's all, okay?


Well done.

I want you to look into my eyes.

First of all...

...look up at the ceiling, okay?


Here we go.


Look into my eyes again.

I want you to close your eyes now.


Breathe deeply...

...count down from 3...

...feel your breath.


You are relaxing.

You are feeling light.

And more lighter.

Feeling deeply.


...more deeply...

...and more.

How are you feeling?


Were you peaceful this morning?

I was.

When you feel OK, do you sing?

I do.

Turkish songs?


Do you sing foreign songs?


Do you speak foreign language?


Do you know Arabic?


Do you remember the wound in your hand?


Did you do it yourself?


Did someone else do it to you?

Answer me Derya, did someone else do it to you?


Who did this to you?

Not allowed to say.

Is there someone who doesn't allow you to say?


Did someone who never gave you permission
do this to you?


Is it here right now?


I will check.

In this room?


Where exactly is it?

Behind you.

No one is here Derya.

They ask if you really want to see them.

Yes, I want to see them.



Do you see them?



Maybe now?


You will always see them.


You will hear them until your death.

Wake up.


Begüm has gone my son.

Why didn't you answer your phone Begüm ?

Begüm? Your voice...


Hello? Hello?

Listen to me, we will not lose anything.

I'm afraid things will get worse.

It's getting worse already.

Do you know anything about this guy?

Yes I know. He helped my friend before.

He is a good hodja, really.

Did it work?

Of course it worked.

I'm gonna lose my mind.

Call him. Hurry up.

Good evening Ismail hodja.

Don't let my mum hear you.

I'm a friend of Meliha's.

Welcome hodja.

Welcome hodja.

Would you like some tea?

I want to show you a video.

I seek refuge with the Lord and keeper of Mankind

The King (or Ruler) of Mankind,
The God (or Judge) of Mankind,

From the mischief of the Whisperer (of Evil),
who withdraws (after his whisper),

(The same) who whispers into the hearts of Mankind,

Among Jinns and among men.

Hodja, my mother wrote there with her...

Bring me two bowls now.

OK hodja.

I will bring now.


Who is this Mubarak?



You came all the way here to fire me?

Go where you belong...

...where the fire started,

...return to the darkest place in Hell.

How long have you been praying to God?

Aren't your Jinns helping you?

Didn't your ignorant Jinns see me ?

(Secret Language)

Malignant ! Who are you ?

Can you stand here if you know...

...who am I ?

This is the Muslim house.

There's no place for you here.

God, don't make me weak.


The Fair.

The Compelled.

The Absolute Ruler.

The All Powerful.

The Saboteur.

Do you know the state of your Jinns?

Do you want me to show you?


Don't you believe in Jinns more than God?

Look at your Jinns that you believe in...


Don't touch Can.

Help me, she is my mum.

Don't touch! Don't touch!

Get out!

Get out!

Calm down.

Get out! Get out!

Help me hodja.

Please help me hodja.

She hit her head.


Please help.

God forgive you for your sins.

I have to go now.

I'll call you before sunrise.

You're gonna leave us alone?

She wrote 'the seal will be opened'.

There was something else but
I couldn't understand.

You saw my mother's situation.

She is under the control of the worst Jinn.

It just burned one of my Jinns.

I can reach the seal with my own Jinn.

What is Jinn?

My helper.


Your faith is weak.

Pray to God.

No one can help you without God.

Be quiet, you will wake her up.

What is Jinn ?

An intelligent spirit, lower rank than the Angels...

...able to appear in human and animal forms and...

...to possess humans.

Look at that.

OK. I am so sorry.

Doesn't matter. Everyone was nervous.

I hope you’ll get your mind back soon.

Why did this happen?

Don't read that stuff anymore.


Did you hear that?

Yes, yes...light?

I'm turning on the camera light.



Derya, I was just going crazy.

Don't worry. I woke up to drink water.

Mum, we were shouting. Why you didn't answer us?

I haven't heard Can.

The hall is cold my son. Take a blanket.

Who are the Jinns and who serve her?

They are the infidels...

...who have been expelled from us.

What are they waiting for?

They are expecting the next descendants.

What are they going to get?

Someone with blood relation.

I am blessing you with this seal.

You will serve me.

Protect my family.

What they expect from the future will come.

They won't get what they want...

...until the seal disappears.

And we will protect her.

Dad ?

Dad ?

I am coming my girl.


Ismail hodja ?

Hodja ?

I can't hear you.

Hodja ?

Can you check if mom's ready?

Are you crazy ?

Don't trust this hodja so much.

You don't him yet.

Think sensible.

Are you still talking about logic
after what happened ?

You don't tell me what hodja said.

You said village, seal, magic...

What is the meaning of them?

You don't have to come with me.

Don't be ridiculous Can.
You misunderstood.

Are you ready mom ?

Why are you dragging me
with your stupid thoughts?

Stupid thoughts ?

Am I Melih ?

Do you remember what happened last night ?

Do you remember what you wrote on the wall ?

What I wrote?

You don't know anything.

I'm talking about the sentence...

...you wrote in Arabic with your blood.

Can calm down. You're scaring her.

Shut up Melih.

What was written my son?

Do you know Arabic?

Of course not.

Look at me mum.

Can calm down.


I am going crazy.

I have nothing, just you.

Who is my grandfather?

What was he doing with this guy?

Was he interested in Jinns?

Yes he was but...

...I had nothing to do with it.

Why isn't he calling you?

I don't know.

Even I don't know where is he now.


My grandfather's magic...

...might be in the village.

We have to find it mum.

Do you know that?

Don't lie to me mum.

Do you know that mom?

I don't know Can, I don't know.

I will go to that village...

...with you or without you.

Look at this guy.

It's OK. Don't worry.

Everything will be okay.

We're about to arrive Melih.

Can you check the navigation?

I am on it.


Do you remember the house?

I remember...

...at the entrance of the village.

Could grandfather be in the village?

I don't think so.

What did you experience as a child?

Was your grandfather only interested in magic ?

He was a carpenter.

Normally, he was a carpenter.

When I was 7 or 8 years old...

He picked me up from the village and...

...we never came back again.

I think we passed on the house.

Are you sure? I am turning.

House is in ruins.

Who knows, maybe some homeless guy lives there.

Be quiet Can.

What are you doing, you're like a thief?

Here is your home mum.

There are no lights.

Let's go back Can.

Did we come all this way for nothing?

Please come in.

Look at the house.

You're not planning on staying here, are you?

Everything is gonna be over tonight, mum.

Nobody leaves here.

No electricity, no heating.

OK mum, that's enough.

I am going to buy gas/oil.


There is no oil, is there?

It is too late.

Your mother is right.

Don't worry mum.

The baby was yours?

Don't open that door.


Don't open that door.


This house is ruined.


Get out of here.

We will stay here tonight.

Then come with me...

...I’ll give you some clean sheets.

Where did you find them?

A woman from the village gave it to me.

Well, what are you doing here?

Your mother's acting strange again.

Don't be ridiculous Melih. Come on.


Come inside.

There is nothing to afraid of.

Look at that Can.

What the hell is that?

This is a dangerous place.

Are these your grandfather's spells?

I don't know Melih, I don't know.

Just collect whatever you find in the house.

How will we sleep in this shit?

You need be patient with me.

Did Melih inform his family?

Yes he did.

The deadline is over.

What belongs to us is...


God bless you my son.


Damn it!



What's going on?

Mum's not home, Melih



She's got a knife. Don't get too close.


Can be careful. She's got a knife.


What are you doing mum?

Can, what's happened?

It's all right.

It's gonna be OK mum.

Can we continue tomorrow?

You can sleep. I'll do some more research.

We don't even know what we're looking for.

Get some rest Melih.

Cancer treatment hospital.

What is it?

Your grandmother had cancer.


Isn't that a hospital report?


So, my mother was 6 years old.

What do we have to understand?

My grandmother had cancer. That's all.

Please get some rest.


Let's get your mother to a hospital.


Don't ever tell me that again.

Never ever.

I could break your heart.

Hi Hodja.


I came here from Istanbul last night.

There's something important.

Can you take a look at these hodja?


What is this?

We found these papers in our house hodja.

Take these back.

You haven't even looked.

These are not good things.

Stay away from these. Burn them.

Please help us hodja.

I don't have anywhere else to go.

I can't help you with this.

Don't bother with these kind of things.

Well hodja, where am I supposed to go?

There's a man named Asaf. Find him.

Show him these papers.

Where do I find the Asaf?

He lives in Taylıeli village. Everyone can show you.

It's a small place.

God bless you.

Excuse me.

They gave me this address. Are you Asaf hodja ?

Yes, I am Asaf but not hodja.

Who are you?

Do you have just 10 minutes to listen me?

I thought you are old.

I don't know who told you I could help you but...

...I'm not interested in these matters anymore.

Look, my mum.


I said, I'm not interested in these matters anymore.

I understand your situation.

No you don't.

You haven't even looked at this yet.

Please tell me something I should do.

Should I take my mother who doesn't speak Arabic...

...to the hospital because she speaks Arabic?

Or call the police?

Or a TV show?

I have also video records.

I've thought about all of this.

Don't tell me you're not interested.

Because you have to take care of it.

[door bangs] Can!

If I tell you I'm losing my mother...

...you have to take care of it.

I don't know what that means to you.

Let me tell you something.

If everything was as you told me...

...you wouldn't be here right now.

You, and your mother.

All these papers are Vefk.

It means effective magic.

Wishes are expressed in numbers and letters...

...in a systematic manner.

Like the alphabet.

By the way,

How do you know your mother doesn't speak Arabic?

Because I'm not dreaming.

I didn't say you were dreaming.

She may not have shared this with you.

I'll tell you one last thing.

This is very serious stuff you're talking about.

The creature you told me...

...not interested in things like that.

You told me you had to go on television.

If it was like you told me..

You would have been news on TV.

The television channel is already coming to you.

So, you're telling us to go to the doctor or...

...or pray to God. Like the others.

You can go to a doctor. Also it's a way to pray.

It depends on your faith.

What's the result, will you help?

I've been here because of things...

...I've been living here for the last few years.

This is the result.

I understand.

Each of these papers needs research.

I’ll do it for you.

I’ll call you if I find something remarkable.

Who wrote this?

My mother.

Where were you Can, where were you ?

I went to the mosque in he village,
to show the papers.

Which mosque?

I looked everywhere but you weren't there.

How do we explain this to the villagers?

You didn't say anything to anybody, did you?

I didn't. There's no one in the village.

Why didn't you tell me when you left?

Melih, what's happened?

Follow me.

Look at this.

She did this?

Yes. She was crazy last night.

She didn't answer me.

After that, she started talking...

...like nothing happened.

Why didn't you call me?

There's no signal in the village.

Where is she now?

She is sleeping.

I was waiting outside.

Why are you leaving my mother alone?

I am afraid.

I thought something bad happened to you.

Melih, enough.

Asaf came here to help us.


The situation is more serious than you described.


The word on the wall is Aramaic.

It says 'SIN' on the wall.

So, the symbol of Efkalasin.

What is Efkalasin?

A demon group that is found...

...in the Sumerian, Assyrian and Babylon inscriptions.

Efkalasin is the leader of this group.

Nobody knows the real name of the group.

But they're known as 'Seven' by the world of demons.

I've met this group before.

These are encrypted text that...

...doesn't belong in any known language.

This symbol belongs to this group.

I don't understand anything.


They are descendant of Satan and
they obey the devil.

Soloman, took them out of the servant of Satan...

...with his holy ring.

But when he dies...

...Satan made them his servant again.

On holy text it says that...

'They are seven'

'They are 2 times seven'

'They are seven in the earth and in the sky'

There are 2 groups serving the devil...

...in the earth and in the sky.

And there is a secret door that connects two sides.

Efkalasin is the leader of this group...

...and protector of this gate.

These demons realise people's bad wishes and...

...try to listen to the gates guarded by the angels.

They never succeeded.

They’ll never succeed.

But I can't say the same for the first one.

Just a few people can reach them and...

...they deal with them by allowing them to
do what they want.

I think one of you has reached out to them.

What strange things.

Did your mother dig the same place last night?


Get me something to dig up here.

I got it.

This symbol is missing. It means that...

...she hasn't surrendered completely yet.

When Efkalasin completely receives a body...

...the symbol is completed.

I've seen this symbol complete before.

Written in Arabic.

Can you read?

Can, where were you my son?

I am here mum, don't worry. Melih.

We have a guest Derya

The Jinns of Nusaybin..

Holy Haya...

Holy Hasa...

Holy Mesa...

Holy Sasır...

Holy Nasır...

Holy Ibyan...

Holy Ehkam...

Descendants of the miracles...

...those who serve Solomon.

I commission you to prevent Fatma and her jinn...

...who follows Satan.

Tie up Fatma's hands and feet.

Stop her poisonous tongue.

God be with you.

This is crazy.

Your grandfather wrote this to protect you.

From who?

From Fatma.

How could grandma do that to us?

More important than that...

If you're protected until now...

...why can't they protect you now?

That's the question.

What will we do now, Asaf?

Can I meet with Derya?

Welcome Asaf.


Thank you Derya.

I was preparing something to eat.

There was no need.

Can. Just one minute.

I am coming.

Who is this guy?
Where did he come from?

A hodja mentioned him.

He said he knows best about this.

Didn't the hodja say anything?

No. He just told me to burn everything.

Can, we should go to the hospital.

Let's talk to a doctor.

Melih, if you're bored, go.

Can, we don't even know this guy.

Melih just go.


There's a village called Taylıeli.

You have to see it, it's beautiful.

Do you live there?

For a while.

So, you just moved.


Did you came from Istanbul?

No. I was abroad.

Cool, which country?

I was in Jerusalem.

I settled down here a few years ago.


I forgot to bring the water.

I’ll get it mum.

I’ll get it right away.

Is your mother left-handed?

No. Why?

The food is very good.

Really, very good Derya.

Isn't it hard to eat with your left hand Derya?


What is the truth, Derya?

My lineage answered that question before.

Who are you?

You know who I am.

You're not gonna make it.

You can't afford me Asaf.

What do you want from this family?

I came to get what belongs to me.

There's nothing here that belongs to you.

Stop this, enough.

You don't know anything about that seal.

What did you promise for that body?

The doors are closed to you.

You’ll burn in the eternal fire of God.

Are you scaring me with what I was created to be?

Time's up Asaf.

Open your eyes.

Fire is not the end...

...it is the beginning.

Can I get some water Derya?


Can I get water?


I want some water.

I haven't heard, sorry.

Where are the guys by the way?

They didn't like the soup.

They went out to the garden.

These aren't things I'm looking for.

So there's nothing to do?

Can, it's not a simple matter.

So we're not gonna do anything.

I didn't say that.

We need to find the seal.

If it's written in a language I know...

...I can do something for the seal.

What if you can't find it?

If I can't, there's only one way.

I might have to give up my own life.

But Efkalasin needs to control her body completely.

I beg you to tell me something I can understand.

Is it supposed to control my mother?


But why?

Can, you're asking a lot of questions.

You can't help me by knowing that.

Tell us what we have to do.

All I ask of you is that you don't get scared.

Whatever you've been through so far...

... it's just what you witnessed.

If you can't stay spiritually strong...


...you’ll open a door for them.

You’ll see what they want.

What are you talking about?

Can, what are you trying to do?

Let's get out of here.

Get your mother to the hospital.

I'm not taking my mother to a mental hospital...

...because of your fears.

Don't you see it's getting worse?

I didn't invite you here. You can leave.

Enough. Stop arguing.

What have you done to us, grandmother?

I know who I'm going to ask.

I know you're not sleeping.

Because you never sleep.

You should have stayed away.

This will be the end.

I agree with you.

What is it you're gonna get?

I don't speak to an entity like you made of soil.

but I'll only talk to your owner.

Allah is the owner of all things that stand against you.

Look here, Asaf.

Is Allah here?


The devil that hides in front of me...

... show me yourself.

Wherever you look...

...I'm there.



Don't leave here.


Don't leave here.

I'm not feeling well, Can.


Mum, shut up.

Shut up.

Shut up.

Shut up.


Mum, enough.

She wrote this seal in their language.

Fatma, what did you do?

The last guardian is dead.

What the hell is he doing?

What did you do?

Please let me go.

Why did you burn the papers...

...without asking me Melih?

I beg you, let me go.

Can and Derya are missing.

Keep to yourself OK?

Do you know anyone in this village?

A woman brought a sheet.

Do you know her house?

Hurry up.

This house.

Are you sure?


There's no one here.

It was here.

But it wasn't like this.

They're here.


I'm not going anywhere anymore.

Melih, don't be afraid.

Why should I trust you?

Who are you?

What do you want from me?

Melih, don't be afraid.

If you're scared, they’ll take your soul.

You can't leave here alone.

I promise I’ll get you out of here, okay?

Let's go.

I beg you, let's go.




We're getting out of here.

There's no one in this village.

We're the only ones here.

You promised you'd save me.

This will protect you.


Spiritual angels...

Lofty angels...

The angels of Al-Fatiha (The Opening)

Answer me and come to me.

Help me and...

...be with me.

For 7 verses of Al-Fatiha and...

...and for the Holy Quran.

For all the angels in the heavens.

For our lord the Prophet Muhammad.

My God...

Please give your servant Errefil Uhaydar to my command.

I want it with your mercy.

Because you are the All Powerful.

Because you are the All Powerful.

Because you are the All Powerful.


Selamın Aleykum.

Ve Aleykum Selam.

You believer...

If you help me...

...God help you.


What's your name?

Errefil Uhaydar.

May God be pleased with you and your people.


Do you know the Derya...

...who born from Fatma and be from Yusuf?

I know.

Do you know the spell that was done to her?

I know.

I'm asking you why that spell was made.

Fatma lost her womb.

She devoted his daughter to the Jinn...

...to have a boy.

This spell was made before the...

...evil seed fell into the womb.

The demons who served evil have agreed.

Fatma asked for a boy in return for this deal.

So why are they controlling Derya now?

Yusuf, the father of the Derya...

...sought help from the Jinn...

...to protect his daughter before he died.

But the fierce demon Efkalasin...

...got that seal burned by cheating.

Derya will be sacrificed and...

...they will give the boy in return.

What happened to the Jinn who served Yusuf?

They're all dead with the seal burned.

Did Fatma get a boy?

Bad demons and Efkalasin...

...came to deliver the boy to Fatma.

Who is the boy of Fatma?

For the sake of Muhammad...

...who is the boy of Fatma?

Who are you?

We're still keeping our promise to the devil.

We didn’t leave our way but you did.

Derya had unknowingly been with a demon Efkalasin.

Where is my mum?


She is a dirty clay that has been given to us.

She's with us now.

She was given to us.

Shut up.

You’ll walk our way.

You will speak in our voice.

You will always see and hear us.

Shut up.

How can I break this seal?

The seal is now complete.

((Praying) )

Welcome back, my son.