Hawa (2022) - full transcript

Miracles about the life story of fishermen.

[Male Speaking on microphone]
Don't huddle around.

Step back.

Hey, move away.

Back up a little.

Pay close attention.

And just leave if you're in a hurry.

I have nothing to do with the sinful.

If there's anyone wise,
that's the one I'm looking for.

Take a look around you. It's all a mess.

Am I saying it right?

Hey, I'm leaving...

[Fusion music playing]
[Voice on microphone] Or Am I wrong?

No, I'm not.

It's not the scripture,
where faith comes from.

Not the scripture, my dear.

It's the heart where faith is found.

And, it is the lack of faith why
these days father kills his son...

Wife kills her husband...

Friends betray one another

to find happiness in life.

Do they actually find it?

Answer me, brothers?

[Crowds] No!
[Hawker] No, they don't!

No way!

[Voice on microphone continues]
And when the faith is weak, world starts falling apart..

[Eza] Iba doesn't wanna come.

Call him now; tell him
two others are on leave too.

He'll be fine once he gets to the sea.

[Voice on microphone continues]

Is it true or not?

True, true!

The world is filled with sin...

and faith is fading.

What are you all giggling about?

This isn't a comedy.

Take my advice.


Even drinking poison with faith...

will not kill you.

However, if you lack faith,
even honey can kill you.

Nowadays, everything is tainted.




even medicines...

Is there anything pure anymore?

Everything is fake.

But, three thousand years later,
Neem remains bitter.

Green chilies are still spicy.

Tree and plant properties
have not changed.

No taint in the trees.

I died twice in this sea.

All my mates back then

are ghosts now.

I'm still living.

Hey, stand back. Stand back!

Listen dear brothers...

In the sea, no science applies.

Hey, shut up!

No science applies in the sea!

Right, brothers?

Hey, stand back. Move, move, move!

[Voice on microphone fades]

You damn mechanic!

Why are you ignoring my calls?

[Man on the other end]
Did you talk to the majhi?

Yes, I did.


Sobur and Alim, both are on leave.

You must join us.

I saw you yesterday,
drinking tea and looking fine.

[Man in the foreground speaking] My other
boat's engine, Chan, also needs some work.

While we're at it,

we'll fix this engine too.

I'm not expecting any
rain or storms this time.

Mohajon, Let's go now.

[Iba] Ten packs of cigarettes, please.
[Mohajon] Yes, let's go.

Are you feeling better now, Iba?

No fever now.

Slightly better.

[Chan] Have you taken
all your meds properly?


I have...

[Mohajon] How much is the bill?
[Chan] Let me check the temperature.

I'm alright.

Good bye, brother.

Okay, call me when you're back.


I'll need some days off this time.

First, finish this trip,
and then take a break.

The other boat's engine is also broken.

We'll get both the engines
fixed once you're back.


[Boat engine starts]

Let's go, let's go.

[Mohajon] Okay, bye then.

Hey! Not this way.

Turn right, and then left; that way...

That way, over there.

Hey, take the rope.

Do it, quick.

I'm on it.

Why are you so late?

Fast fast.

Get it, guys. Quickly raise the anchor.

Speed it up.

[Bell rings]

[Engine starts]

Hey, deliver the chicken
and other stuff my family asks for.

Oh, I couldn't make it on the way.

I'll pay you when I return.

[Dramatic music playing]

Okay, alright!

I'm leaving the network.
Did you catch what I said?



Hey, can't hear you!


[Dramatic music continues]

Put your ass to work.

Why are you always like this?
Always rude!

I already work all the time!

Four times!

Hey Parkes, go over there.

Why is he like that?

Shut up now.

Four times, three arms' length!

Enough measuring for now, Foni

Foni, That's enough.

[Mora] It won't go anymore.

[Chan] Stop the engine!

Stop here.

There's fish here.

You hear me?


Drop the anchor quickly.

Get your hands moving, fast.

Let's go.

[Men chanting]

If Surma Bibi... (heiyo!))

gets caught... (heiyo!))

Money will pour... (heiyo!)

into everyone's lot... (heiyo!)

With that money... (heiyo!)

I'll buy a saree... (heiyo!)

With that saree... (heiyo!)

Will go home in a hurry... (heiyo!)

The new saree... (heiyo!)

will make the wife...

Untie it!

We've got a good catch!

Is anyone gonna help me or what?

Here, give me.

You'll be in such pain today.

We'll get a lot of fish this trip,
I think.

I feel the same.

Less catch on one trip
means more catch on the next.

Didn't get much last time.

What are you? A fortune teller?

Get your hands moving fast!

Here, pass it to me.

Here you go.

The water's receding, Eza.



How long are we staying here?

Let's see if we get some fish here.

We should go even further.

Too many boats here.


Where's Iba?

Hasn't come out yet.

Should I do something
about him if I get a chance?

[Suspenseful music]


Not until I ask you to.

Watch your words.

It's difficult to keep cool.

[Starling charps]

[Suspenseful music continues]


Hey, who are you?

- Get your hands off.
- Why are you here?

Hands off me.

Go get back to bed. Don't make trouble.

I'll toss you overboard.

Being a fucking pirate, huh?

[Eza] Hey!

Leave him.

Not a single fish will leave this boat!

That's not your job.
Go do your own thing.

You just joined and
you're already pirating?

Playing the captain's yes-man, huh?

Either everyone gets an equal share,

or not a single fish leaves this boat.

You think you can do anything
because no one objects?

You bastard!

[Eza] I'll chop off your head
in one blow. [Iba] So do it!

[Chan] Hey! What's going on?
[Eza] If I just pee, 500 mechanics like you will appear.

Son of a bitch!


What's the noise about?


No point to act sleepy, majhi.

You think we don't know
you're the one pulling the string?

Everyone must get an
equal share of the sale.

Otherwise, no fish will leave this boat.

[Eza] Again you rasie your voice!
[Chan] Hey Eza, let go off him.

[Chan] Let him go.
[Iba] Leave me.

Let me take care of this.

You all keep your mouth shut,

and fake sleep. Go!

Put the fish back.

Not a single fish will leave.

Why not?

Beacuse I said so.


Put the fish down!

You guys go now. Go!

Put it back in.

Put it back!

Everyone! Go back to bed. Go.

Start the engine.

[Parkes] I feel hungry, man.

[Foni] You're hungry all the time.

[Urkes] Hey, put it down there.

Give it to me.

Where's your home?

[In group]
A stone's throw from the mosque!

Stop throwing stones

and put the fish on ice instead.

We're already doing so.

Here, put these.

Unload these first.

He bullies at every opportunity.

What a bully!

[Urkes] Hey Parkes, put these on ice.

Yeah ok.

Move it slightly.

[Parkes] He's angry.


[Urkes] Quiet! keep working.

[Nagu] Have you showered?

Go take a bath.

Don't play so nice!

Spit out whatever you want to say.

It was a fun scene last night.

You put the jerk in his place.

You numbskulls always keep mum.

You never speak up.

If it's a good catch, Mohajon will at
least give us a fair bonus.

But Chan and Eza!

They stuff the extra
sale down their own throats.

What's the point of causing trouble?

Better to request a share increase.

Go for it.

On the way back, they'll
just hand you a 100 taka note.

That's it.

He's even spreading the word.

about the fish sale.

You can't shut his mouth.

Better pack the nets and leave.

We'll throw him overboard
when he gets up at night to pee.

Problem solved.

Problem solved?

So easy?

Ask Mohajon to get
him off the boat then?

Do you think he won't
expose us to Mohajon?

Use your brain when you speak.

What are you gonna do then?

Hey, give me that.

Call Nagu.

Let me deal with him first,

then I'll work on the arrogant one.

You'll set Nagu up?

Are you stupid?

If both of them wake
up together at night,

how would we do it then?

[Soft folk music playing on phone]

What is it?

Come here.

Come up here, I need to talk to you.

Sit down.

Hey Mora...

Pass it here.

Here you go.


What's that jerk Iba up to?

Sleeping in the engine room.

It's for you.

[Chan] Hey, give him an orange.

It's in that bag over there.

That sucker doses off all day.

But you won't find him in need.



He's a little arrogant.

He's been with me for last few trips.

That's how he is.

Losing his temper easily.


I know all of you well.

I simply want the best for you all.

Don't I?

Mohajon is the boss at his place,

but you're the Mohajon on this boat.

Does he understand that?


You stop!

Hey Mora, the weather doesn't look good.


It may rain.



It's our hard-earned money
that makes the Mohajons rich.

If we fishermen

earn a little extra,
selling fish in the sea,

isn't that good for all of us?


Does that bastard Iba get that?

Okay, tell me one thing.

How can the fish sale be shared equally?


Does he catch the fish?

Then why will the share be equal?

He works in the engine room.

You're the one who catches the fish.

Then the money isn't
supposed to be shared equally.

You two are close.

Make him understand.

When it's time to share,
he won't speak for you.

He's only concered about himself,
not others.

If there's any trouble this time,

[Voice starts getting muffled]

then no one will get anything,

I tell you.

[Muffled Voice]
If I complain to Mohajon about him,

He can't stay in this boat.

Do I do that?


Are you alright?


[Raining heavily]


Hey fuckers!

Hey you motherfuckers!

Don't cast the fishnets
after pulling up this time.


Why not?

There aren't many fish in this area.

We're done here.

We'll head west.

It'll be dawn by then.

Hurry up!

[Chan] What good is catching
cheap fish during peak season?

Fast! fast!

Hey, call Nagu.

Hey Nagu!


Nagu got a little high and now sleeping.

You keep going!

We work our tails off,
and you smoke weed?

Hey, cut the crap and pull the net!

Pull harder!


Move there.

Hold it here.

Grab here!

Hey, move it.

Move it forward.

[Urkes] So heavy!
[Parkes] Oh my god!

[Foni] Oh god! who did this!

[Chan] What happened there?

Come down.

A dead body in the net.

A woman's body.

What do you mean by a woman's body!?

Come down fast. It's a dead body!

Come down quickly!

How did this dead
body end up in the sea!

From some one's boat!

Where? let me see!


What kind of curse is that!?

A dead woman on the
boat is not a good sign.

Right, it's not a good sign.


What happened?

Dead body!

In the net!

Is it dead?

Hey dumbass!

Would someone alive emerge from the sea?

Isn't she a Bede girl?

Water gypsy.

Right, she is Bede.

It couldn't have gotten
this far floating!

Who did this to her?

Or is it a suicide?


Leave it here.

Haul up the other nets.

Go, go, go. Get up!

Iba, go start the engine.

We must leave before the tide comes in.

Hey Urkes-Parkes, pull back the nets.

Quick quick!

Pull up!

[Dramatic music]

Don't tell anyone about the dead body.

Who knows who threw her overboard!

Right. I've seen many dead bodies
in the sea, but never one of a woman.

Who committed such a sin?

If the coastguard finds out,
we're in big trouble.

Seems less likely to rain again tonight.

Go, hurry up.

Yes, we need to get rid of the body.

[Eza] Hey Urkes-Parkes,
Gather all the nets. Quick!

We're on it.

[Parkes] Loosen these.
Hey loosen up the net.

Oh my goodness!

Such a huge fish!

When did we get that Surma?

We never got such a
big one in last few years!

Hey Nagu hey!

This is not a Surma.

It's a dead body.

Dead body?

I'm telling you this is a fish;

A huge Surma!

Sounds like you smoked
a bit much tonight.

Hey Nagu, move away from there.

That's a dead body,
caught up in the net earlier.

Hey, make it fast!

This is a living woman!

She's staring!

You idiot,
I'm telling you it's a dead body.

Move away from there.

Dead! fully dead!

Who knows where it came from!

You moron!

Can a dead body's eyes move?

Didn't I tell you she's a living bitch!

What nonsense!

Hey idiot! Have you gone mad?

[Chan] How could
a dead body's eyes move?

Alive! she's alive!

Yes, fully alive!



Let me see!

[Dramatic music]

[Urkes] What's your name, huh?

[Parkes] How did you drown?

[Nagu] Hey, where are you from?

Who brought you here?

[Mora] Did you try to kill yourself?

Or did the pirates get you?

[Chan] Hey, which boat are you from?

Tell us the truth.

[Eza] Hey you!

Why aren't you speaking?

[Mora] A woman can't stay on the boat.

That would be a sin.

[Iba] You propose
throwing her overboard?

[Mora] Oh! how could we do that?

[Mora] But a woman on the boat!

What do you say, majhi?


We can't really do anything now.

Let her stay tonight.

Let's think of something in the morning.

Let's not move anywhere tonight.

Who knows what trouble awaits us.

That's better.

[Dramatic music continues]

Hey you!

How did you get into this sea?

What's your name?

How did you drown so far out at sea?

What's up?

Doesn't she speak?

Has she said anything?



Has she said anything?

Guess she's mute!

Doesn't speak a word.

[Parkes] She doesn't
seem to understand anything.

Hey Nagu!

Shut up!



Can you speak?

You can't?

Can you hear?

Don't think so.

[Parkes] Does she
wanna go to the toilet?

Wanna go to the toilet?

She'll go to the toilet.


Come with me.

O... Okay. Come.

[Starling charping]

[Foni] Nagu.

The net is tangled.

Go have a look.

[Chan] Nagu!

Get to work!

Fix the net and get up!


Give me a shirt.

What is it with you?

Do you feel shy?

No no. Give me a shirt.


[Engine sound of a distant boat]

Urkes, hey Urkes!


Take her to the lower deck.

There's a boat coming.


[Chan] Hide the girl.
[Urkes] Go down this way.

Hey, move fast!


Go down this way.




What happened?

A boat is here.

Hey, go on! Go!

Hey Chan, did you get any fish?

Nothing that good yet.

When did you start?

It's been two-three days.

There's plenty of
fish around Sonar Char.

Want to go?

I'd see a few days and then maybe.

I'll leave then.

See you back at the dock.

Bye then.

Go straight.

Continue to the right.

Hey girl!

Another boat came here.

Women are not allowed on fishing boats.

We'd be in trouble if they saw you.

They're gone now. Come up quickly. Come!

What's up!


[Eza] Shouldn't we move?

We're not getting many
fish for such a peak season.

And we shouldn't keep sailing around
with that girl on our boat.

I'd say...

If we come across another
of Mahajan's boats,

we can move her there.

I'd say...

We'll set sail north tomorrow morning.

We can't sail around
with this girl on our boat.

If the coast guard spots us,
we'll all be handcuffed.

Also, she can't speak.

Like, what I'd say...

Will that girl go with us?

Then what shall we do? Leave her here?

Let's get her on to another boat?

Majhi, what I'd say...


What is it? say!

Let her stay.

Which boat will you get her on?

Who knows what could happen?

Nagu is right though.

We can't just get
her on to an unknown boat.

And no one will believe us anyway.

There will be rumours everywhere.

Let this girl stay on the boat.

Let her work here.

We can drop her off
on some isle on the way back.

Right, right.

Here, take this.

[Nagu] Busy with
the engine all the time!

Say something about
the new silver Surma we got.

Don't get too excited.

Silver Surma has sharp bones too.

Majhi and you are all
in a fantasy right now.

Hey, hand me the torch.

Sharp bones are alright, buddy.

What fun in having
fish without fishbones?

Also, Surma bones taste better...

when sucked on.

Go on then,

Go upstairs.

and play with your bones.

You limp dick!

Changing just engine
gears won't get you anywhere.

You need to change your body gears too.

Limp dick, you limp dick ...

Your weenie got a big leak.

Hand is your only friend;

For you have such a dry dick!

[Iba laughs]

Limp dick, limp dick ...

Your weenie got a big leak.

[Iba laughs]

Hand is your only friend;

For you have such a dry dick!

Limp dick ...

I was thinking...

If we set sail at night,
we could finish the job.

So easy!

[Suspenseful music]


"Could finish the job!"

There, just over there,
is that girl sleeping.

We can't do anything now.

[Mora] She can't even speak...

So what even if she knows?

Use your brain when you speak.

We'll continue northward tomorrow.

Too many boats here.

Calm down.

If needed,

we will finish the job on the way back.


[Nagu] Hey, move your feet.

[Eza] Hey idiots...

Don't be so slow!

Move your hands quickly; cast the net.

Make yourself useful rather
than shouting from up there.

Is four guys enough in that high tide?

Four guys aren't enough
in high tide, huh?

Hey Mora! Mora!


Hey, come down here.


Where's the mechanic?

Call Iba, call him!

Hey Iba, come fast!

Can't cast the net, huh?

Cast it yourself.

Four of you can't cast the net, huh?

How many does it take?

[Mora] Hey, Move.
[Parkes] Tangled it up!

Hey mechanic! Come here and join.

What is it? Why do you keep shouting?

[Nagu] Your turn.

[Parkes] No, your turn

You always make trouble.

[Urkes] Hey, go on.

[Mora] Hey, girl!

Hey girl, ask for betel
leaves and nuts in there.

[Parkes] Hey Foni,
go and give it to her.

[Foni] Wait.
[Parkes] Got you.

Your turn again.

[Parkes] It's Nagu's turn now.

[Nagu] Give it to me.

[Urkes] Roll the dice.

Let me roll.

[Parkes] Give it to Nagu.


[Men playing LUDO]

[Nagu] Foni, your turn.

Take it up there.

[Men chatter and laugh]



Know how to prepare a betel leaf?

Betel leaf...

Make me one.

[Starling Charping]

Fresh betel nuts...

A little sweet tobacco.

What else do you need?

Tell me beautiful?


A little lime on the fingertip...

Give me some lime.

[Charping continues]

Make one for yourself.

Let's have it together.

What are you saying?

I don't get it.

Say it again.


When will we return?

In eight or nine days.

Eight or nine days later.

What happened to you so far out at sea?

Why did you drown
in the middle of the sea?

In the middle of this sea, hmm?


I don't get a thing you're saying.

Okay, leave it.

Are you having any
trouble sleeping there?

You are welcome to
come up and be comfie...

Hey chick, wanna play?

Come. Come here.

[Urkes] Roll the dice.
[Parkes] Brought her from up there.



[Parkes] Make room.

[Foni] Come sit here.




[Parkes] Sit down here.



Give it to her.

Go ahead, roll the dice.

Roll it, roll it!

Play now.

One, one, one...

Hey, scored one!

Wow, scored one!

See? She scored one on the first try!

One, one, one...

[Parkes] It's a five.
One, two, three, four, five.

Bitten by a snake!

Damn it!

[Foni] You get what you deserve!

Pass it here.

Here, here, here, give it a kiss.

[Nagu] Stop kissing, and roll it.

[Parkes] Two!

One, two, oh damn!

Your one's got down too!

[Nagu] Huh, keep kissing more!

One, two, three, four...

She's got a big leap.

Oh my goodness!

You Bede girl!

Enough! Your turn now.

[Soft music playing]

[Soft music continues]

[Soft music continues]

Whose boat is it ?!

Hey, is it Chan?

Whoa, is it Torof the asshole, huh?

[Torof] When did you arrive?

[Chan] Been few days.

Is there a boat again?

[Torof] Where are you coming from?

Baiddar Gona,

To invite you guys.

What invitation?

How many fish did you get?

We're not getting much.

It's been four-five days.

We came here on other's advice.

But getting nothing even here.


All the boats are getting
plenty at Baiddar Gona.

Remember Rafiq Mahajan from Sundarban?

The one whose boat Ata Miya sails.

In three days, his boat
was completely filled with fish.



They'll return to dock next morning.

So, have you come to invite us?

When will everyone go?

[Parkes] Is anyone coming to
Sharankhola Dock? [Chan] Hey, shut up.

We'll come in the evening. You go ahead.

Yes, yes. Please do come.

This is the first lucky
boat this season, you know.

Hey, let's go.

I'm leaving then. Don't miss it, Chan.

I'll leave then.


Hey, let's go.

See you soon.

Hey, there'll be a party this evening.

There'll be feast and music.

All the boats will come.

So fun!

[Drums playing]

[Crowd cheering]

This one!

Come here, this is our boat.

Come come.

Let me see what fish you've got.

Hey, show him.

[Amused laughter]

Oh my god!

So much fish!

Fortune has clearly smiled on you, man!

Let's go over there.

Luck is really on your side man!

Someone move these.

Why are you just strumming? Play a song.

How would we sing? Does
music come through a dry throat?

Give us something ...

Chhuri fish, chicken, Hoilla fish,
Gura, Surma! Whatever you want.

What kind of a party is this?

Tell me if you have something strong...

Of course we do!

Of course they have it!

[Crowd cheers]
Give it to everyone!

[Music playing with utensils]

Hey Foni, give me some! Pass it!

Drink! Nagu drink!

Pass the jug here!

Where did you get so much fish?
Shinger Char?

No, no! Baiddar Gona.

We should go there too then.
What do you say?

Yes, Baiddar Gona. Go to Baiddar Gona.

Baiddar Gona?

[Various instruments playing]

♪ O dear, black bird... Wonder who am I

♪ Couldn't tell you
that in the spring-time

♪ O dear, black bird... wonder who am I

♪ Couldn't tell you
that in the spring-time

♪ Feels like black, feels like white

♪ Colors clotted as black and white

♪ Feels like black, feels like white

♪ Colors clotted as black and white

♪ I have become lovesick
In the spring-time

♪ O dear, black bird... wonder who am I

♪ Couldn't tell you
that in the spring-time

♪ Couldn't tell you
that in the spring-time

♪ Love is good, like a cherished
necklace! What can I say!

♪ A glance at the one I love,
intoxicates my eyes

♪ Intoxicates my eyes

♪ Love is good, like a cherished
necklace! What can I say!

♪ A glance at the one I love,
intoxicates my eyes

♪ Intoxicates my eyes

♪ Feels like black, feels like white

♪ Colors clotted as black and white

♪ Feels like black, feels like white

♪ Colors clotted as black and white

♪ I have become lovesick
in the spring-time

♪ O dear, black bird... wonder who am I

♪ Couldn't tell you
that in the spring-time

[Singing continues]

[Singing continues]


Why are you hiding from me, huh?

Aren't you supposed
to be in the engine room?

Why did you come out?



To enjoy the music?

The sea is festive today.

Such a nice vibe!

No worries.

No one will come here.

Instead of standing here,
we can go downstairs.

It'll be a trouble If anyone sees us.

You know ...

Let's go.

With everyone around,

We never even had
a chance to talk properly.


I don't understand a thing you say.

Let's go.

Let's go down to the engine room.

In this vast sea of darkness.

Nobody can see us.

Let's go.





[Omnious music]


[Omnious music]


Climb down, go.

Why don't you climb down?

Aha, come down!

Climb down! Let's go!

[Omnious music]

Fucking whore!

Oh god!

Hey, drop down the machete!

Is anyone there?

Come get me!

[Crowd chattering]

Help me!


What happened, majhi?

How did you fall, huh?

That idiot...

Mora, Dumbass,
tied the bamboo too loosely!

I slipped from there.

Why did you go there?

Instead of questioning me,
you jerk, pick me up!

Give him a rope.

Here you go.

Is that how you tie the bamboo, huh?

Call everyone!

We must cast our net now.

It'll be high tide soon.

We need to leave.

Call them.

Shall I call them?

Yes, call them.
Tell Iba to start the engine!

I'll teach you how to tie the bamboo,

Hey you suckers!

Come back, quick!

Start the engine!

Hey Urkes-Parkes, come back!

Go start the engine!


[Bell rings]

Call me when you're back to the dock.

[Drunk people chattering]

I want to drink more. Let go of me!

What's up! Why are you so off?

What happened earlier? Tell me.


How did the majhi fall?

Did you push him?

Or did he trip and
fall while making out?

I'm going to bed.

Don't wake me up while
hauling up the net.

We'll leave the next
morning for Baiddar Gona.

We'll get good fish there.

[Dramatic music]

[Dramatic music continues]

[Dramatic music continues]


Where's that girl?

There she is. Should I call her?

Is it chaff that you eat?


Got no brain?

Stop feeding that chick for free,

And get her to work instead.



Look...Isn't it lovely?

Hey Urkes-Parkes!

What are you up to leaving your work?

Hey you, little lassie!

Stop sitting around

and put your body to work.

There is no free food on the boat.

And you two,
I'll shatter your goddamn noses.

Fucking around all day, huh?

Why are you still seated?

Get up! Go get to work!

[Chan] Ata majhi's boat
caught plenty of fish in this spot.

This is the season of fortune.

Use your brains while
casting the net, guys.

Chan majhi's boat must not
return empty-handed to the dock.

Get your hands to work, quick!

Why is he always like that?

Always yelling!

You do your work.

Foni, pass that to me.

Nagu, pull at it. Pull it.

Hey Eza. Eza!

[Eza] I'll throw that chick overboard.

Hold that.

[Chan] Hey, drop the bamboo first.

You've messed it all up.

Mohajon did not have
the net blessed this time.

Hanif majhi has his fishnets
blessed from the shrine.

Sprinkles holy perfume on them.

Shoals of fish rush
in because of the scent.

It's your head that should
be sprinkled with perfume!

Do fish have noses like us to smell?

Hey! Stop blabbering and do your work.

Bullshitting all the time.

Here, take this as well.

[Parkes laughs]

Hey Mora,

Let me see what fish you've picked.

Few flat-fish. We haven't got much.

I'll cut from everyone's pay this time!

You can cry all you want,
but you won't get paid.


Is it our fault if we don't get fish?

Carrying a glass of
water around isn't enough.

Go clean the entire deck!


How did it get so tangled?

You guys go insane
while hauling the net.

[Soft music]

Taking fish?

What fish did you take?


[Nagu moans]

Give me more.

Hey, bring the curry here.

Pass me the salt.

[Splashing sound]

Oh god!

You can speak?

I lost my speech hearing you speak.

Why haven't you said anything so far?

Tell your name at least.


Hey Iba!

Hey Iba!


Hey, are you sleeping?


You idiots!

What happened?

Come up and see what happened.

You pigs! stop laughing and speak up!

That girl is wearing your lungi.

Hey! Go away!

Come up and have a look.

Come come.


[Laughter continues]

[Eza] What's up with you guys!?

What happened to
be so amusing so early!?

[Iba] Go move! Idiots! Ruined my sleep!

[Folk song playing on phone]

Hey girl...


Let me take one of you. Come...

[Chan shouts]

What's that nonsense?

Is it a disco or something?

Cut that shit!

Since that girl got on the boat,

We haven't got much fish.

Have you noticed that, majhi?

[Mora] With a woman on the boat,
how would we get fish?

[Chan] Just by looking at the water,
I can tell if there are fish or not.

But none of my equations
are working anymore.

[Parkes] Something
feels wrong this time.

[Urkes] You know Parkes...

I think we should go back now.

[Parkes] We can't do that.

[Suspenseful music]

Hey, do it fast!

Throw the net! All of you!

Don't tangle up the nets!

[Chan] Hey Mora, tie up the bamboo!
[Mora] I'm on it.

[Engine sound stops]

Hey, hey Iba! What happened?

What's wrong?

Go see why the engine stopped!

Hey mechanic!

Eza, go and have a look!

You all keep working.

Hey mechanic!

Nagu, drop the buoys.

Can one do it all on their own?


What happened, huh?

Why did the engine stop?

I'm checking.


I'm not sure what happened.

Half the nets have been
cast and the engine is off!

What's wrong?

Did you find anything?



Has water gotten into the fuel?

I don't think so.


Don't damage the fuse.

I think the engine got overheated.

Let's do one thing.

Let's try starting it with fresh fuel.

What do you say?

Okay, give it a try.

The boat seems to be cursed.

All of this is beyond me.

If the engine starts alright,

We should pack up the
nets and head home tomorrow.

Eza, give it a check.


[Mora] Get me some potatoes sliced.


We're not gonna get
anything in this trip.

We ate all of the fish
that were left on the boat.

This boat has been cursed.

Let's head back.

What do you say majhi?

The nets are in the sea;

The boat is broken.

No reason to stay here
once the engine is fixed.

[Eza] The engine's banjo bolt is broken.

How will it be fixed?

We'll have to borrow
it from another boat.

Don't worry,

We'll find a way.

[Suspenseful music]

[Suspenseful music continues]

Why didn't you speak all these days?

I couldn't make sense of it all day.


Why don't you speak?

That night, you got caught in our net.

Why haven't you said anything since?

I couldn't figure it out all day.

I'm here to sink this boat.

To sink this boat!?

Why would you do that?

What are you saying!

That day,
I could have killed that pirate.

I am a snake charmer's girl.

I keep vipers in my hair bun.

No fear can frighten me.

But in this sea,

I'll drown him to death.

Who are you talking about?


Why did you come to our boat?

The one that guides me in taming vipers,

the same goddess has
also guided me to this boat.


What goddess?

What nonsense!

Are you even a human? Or a witch?

A human. Merely a human.

But the goddess warned me

that if I jumped into the sea,

she would turn me into
a fish and trap me in a net.



But you're a human.

How can you be a fish!

That's a long story.

That night, Nagu saw a huge Surma fish.

The rest of us saw a dead body.

Is it true?

This sea is full of mysteries.

Samad's boat once sank in the deep sea.

But none of them can
remember how they got back.

They could only feel something pushing
them toward the shore.

People said it was dolphins.


But you're a woman,
living and breathing.

How can you be a fish? Huh!

That I can't tell.

[Suspenseful music continues]



The engine is down and
you're sleeping like a log!

We can't just float around in the sea.

Did you change the fuel?

I'm on it, you go!

We're sending smoke signals here,
and he's just goofing off!

[Nagu] Why is there
such a little smoke!?

[Nagu] Increase it!

[Eza] Do it fast!

Hey? Come down.

Hey Mora, pass me some wood.

It's not working.

Foni, Don't ruin it.

This wood is no good.

Foni, Do it right.

Give me some smoke-cans.


Your one keeps going off, Foni.

Add more fuel.

I keep addidng but not working...

I need to talk to you.

I still can't believe
what you said last night.

Who do you want to drown?

Someone in our boat?

I'm scared for some reason.


What are you scared of?

[Men shouting on the deck]

[Chan] Hey majhi!

Hey majhi! Stop the boat!

Hey majhi!

Sounds like there's a boat.

If we get a boat now,

we'll fix the engine and head back.


Engine's down; No fish either.

No one will stay once the boat is fixed.

And what if there are fish?

There's a boat coming;
She needs to hide.


Of course!

Everyone will come to the engine room.

We'll be in trouble If they see her.

Come on, come out fast.

When did it break?


Looks like it's the banjo bolt.

Call Mukhtar!


Go call him!

Take this.

When did it happen?

We didn't notice at first.

Then we saw a huge cloud of smoke.

Then we realized something
was wrong with your boat.

We'd be sitting with our
balls stuck if you hadn't shown up.

How is it, Eza?

Did you find what's wrong?

Can this be fixed?

Yeah yeah! It's the banjo bolt.

Such a small thing,

but it got itself into a tricky jam.

If we didn't show up, you'd just be
sucking each other's dicks.

Watch your tongue!

Hey, what's your role on the boat?

Engine driver.


Take this.

Mukhtar gave this. Check if it works.

Check it.


Once the engine gets fixed,
we'll pack the nets and leave.



He's our head majhi,

Couldn't you speak more politely?

"Sucking dicks and all"!

Work now!

Install the bolt and start!

Are you heading back now?

We aren't getting any fish, man.

And then the engine failed.

We haven't cast the net since yesterday.

Luck is really not
on our side this time.

Not getting any fish!

Everyone's getting plenty of fish here.

Let me see what fish you've got.

[Suspenseful music]

No no, there's nothing to see.

We got nothing.

Only a handful at the start.

We didn't get any fish in our net.

None. We got nothing.

Hey, let's go.

Come fast, it's low tide already.

Good bye!

Go, go!

Let me untie the rope.

Bye bye Chan ...

[Chan] Godspeed, captain!

See you at the dock.

Hey, untie the rope.

[Ominous music]

[Urkes]You can come up now.

The boat is gone.

[Parkes] Where did you hide?


They're gone.


Quickly pack the nets.

There's no point staying here.

[Eza] Quickly! Do it fast!

We have to go back.

Close the lid.

[Men chanting]





[Foni] Looks like the fortune is back!
[Parkes] Urkes, So much fish, man!

[Urkes] Hey majhi! Plenty of fish!

[Mora] Seems like the curse is broken.

[Nagu] - So much fish!

We've got a boatload of fish here,

A lot of fish!


Yeah game on!

Someone bring the basket.

Really big ones!

So many fish in the net!

Let's stay here until tomorrow

and return in the evening
with the high tide.

What do you guys think?

Yes, yes!

Let's not return with an empty boat.

Yeah, since we're getting fish now,
we'll get more.

[Chan] Then do one thing,
cast the net again.

Put the fish on ice now.

[Eza] Put them in, Put them in!

Get your hands moving!

Make it fast!

Need to cast the net again.

Finally a good catch!

Fast fast fast!

I wasn't expecting
any more fish this time.

Let's hope we can at least
cover our expenses by tomorrow.

And if luck is in favour,
there'll be profit too.

[Nagu] Parkes?


Where's that chick?

On the deck.

Iba? Where's Iba?

He's downstairs I think.

[Folk song playing on phone]

Where is the fishnet!?

Hey guys, hey!

Hey guys!


The anchor has been released.

Come out!

What happened, Eza?

Hey, what happened?

The anchor has got off.

What the hell!

Who knows how far the
high tide has pushed the boat!

Oh hell!

If we lose the nets,
Mohajon will kill us!

This trip has now gone too far for us!

We've surely fell
victim to the sea's curse.

Have you checked the back?

The boat's gonna drift away now.

We shouldn't have stayed
just because we got some fish.

Yeah we should have left.

Come on guys!

You all wanted to stay another day.



Start the engine, Iba.

If it hasn't been too long,
we might even find the net.

Go fast, start the engine!

Go Iba, start the engine!

Both the anchor and net is gone...

[Dramatic music]

[Dramatic music continues]

We can't find the
net like that in the dark.

It must be somewhere around.

Let the sun rise. Then we'll see.

But if we turn off the engine now,
we'll drift even further away.

What about tossing empty
oil drums into the water?

It won't be as good as an anchor,
but it'll keep us from drifting too far.

We can't sail all night anyway.

We would run out of fuel too.

[Ominous Music]

[Water splash]

[Mora] I've been working on fishing
boats for over forty years.

I've seen a lot of trouble.

There were times when I wondered
if I'd ever be alive again.

We won't find this net.

[Mora] We'd better get back
before getting into further trouble.

You all are happy to abandon
a million-taka net in the sea.

How is that even fair?

How can a fisherman say that!?

We still have fuel in the boat.

What are you so scared of?

So will we find the
fishnet if we stay here?

We need to find a boat first.

We'll set sail once the tide is high.

If we find another boat near the dock,

we can look for the net then.

Hey Eza.

Roll out the canvas.

Make it fast!


Hey Urkes-Parkes!

Go up, roll out the canvas!

Majhi has lost his mind.

How would sailing
work in an engine boat?

How would we keep the engine running?

Do we have that much fuel?

If we go back without the fishnet,
Why would Mohajon accept?

It's not like pirates got us.

That's exactly what's happening.

You're just not noticing!

Remember how Shipon's
boat was cursed by the sea?

They kept floating for four-five days.

There was no chance
they'd come back alive.

We, too, will find a way. Don't worry.

Hold it.



Get me the pulley.

[Chan] That's south.

We're here.

The sun is to the right.

And we need to go this way.

[Eza] Water flow is too strong there.

There's no error in the wind cycle.

Got it?

Hey, where are you all? Come here!

The fuel has all leaked out!


Oh no!

What again now?

What is it, Urkes?

Urkes, What has come up now?

What's wrong!?

What happened?

How did this happen?

- What wrong with this boat?
- Oh god!

It's all draining.

Urkes! bring me something.


How did the tank leak?

Where were you?

I was up on the deck.

I was preparing the sail log.

We're totally fucked now.

We haven't caught anything
since that girl got on the boat.

The engine broke.

No anchor! No net!

Now the fuel tank is leaking!

We are not gonna find this net.

There's no boat around either.

We'll starve to death
once we run out of food.

We need to get that girl off the boat.

Women are not allowed on the boat!

We should've realized this earlier.

This is black magic!


Go bring her to me!


I'll toss you overboard today!

Hey, what's wrong?

[Urkes] What are you doing, huh?

[Iba] Hey Eza!

What are you guys doing?

Let me go...

You filthy whore! You're dead today...

Hey! what are you guys doing!?

She must be thrown overboard!
You stay out!

Iba, stand back.

Eza, let her go!

Iba, you step back!

Hey Eza, let her go!

Go! You go away from here!

[Chan] Throw her...

Throw this slut in the sea!

[Eza] I'll drown you in the sea!
Doing black magic, eh?

Hey! Have you all gone mad?

You think throwing her
out will solve everything!?

What kind of justice is this?

What is the machete for?

You wanna hit me!?

Iba, drop the machete! Drop it!

If the sea is enraged,
none of us will survive.

What do you mean the sea's enraged,

This very sea saved
her and sent to our boat!

Don't be so unfair!

Hey! What is it with you?

Why are you trying to save her?

Drop the machete!

This is really unfair, majhi!

Don't test my patience!
There'll be bloodshed!

Nobody will be spared if
you kill her, I'm telling you.

None of you!

Hey, let her go!


[Soft dramatic music]

[Soft dramatic music continues]

Give me a cigarette.


The fuel tank cannot leak by itself.

Unless one of us did it.

[Dramtic music]

[Dramtic music continues]

Everyone on the boat has gone mad.

First, the net was lost.

Then the fuel tank leaked.

Can you tell me what's going on?

Are you blaming me too?

That, I can't do, Gulti.

You tell me ...

Is this the same goddess
doing all of this?

I don't know.

But that night, when I opened my eyes,

so many people were staring at me.

I was so terrified that I lost my voice.

Then I saw...

What did you see?

Tell me ...

The man who killed my father...

Killed your father!?


Who is it?

Alright, I know ...


He wants to kill me too.

They would have killed you
long ago if I wasn't on the boat.

How do you know?

I know everything.

Chan, Eza and Mora were always a gang.

Now Nagu and Foni joined them too.

How will you succeed?

What happened to your machoness now!?

Has your blood turned cold now?

Why'd my blood run cold?

But why did the majhi kill your father?

And why did you come
to our boat as a fish?

Is that a fairy tale?


Fairy tale.

All of it ...

Seven years ago ...

My father took me fishing
in our boat one day.

On the way back, a group
of pirates attacked our boat.

Dad got scared and hid me under the bed.

Pirates began asking
for liquor from under the bed.

Dad said, "This is a Bede boat."

"We don't do any shady business here."

The pirate saw me under the bed.

He had a razor to my dad's throat.

He just tried to save me...

[Dramatic music]

I'm a snake charmer's girl.

If someone steps on my tail,
I return to bite.

Not even afraid of fear.

But I got really scared that day.

The sea turned all
red with my dad's blood.

But I didn't cry.

I was just shaking
as I took him in my arms.

Wanted to kill that
pirate sinking the boat.

But, why'd everyone pay for one's sin?

I'll turn this sea red with his blood.

No one can harm you
as long as I am here.


Why would you risk your life for me?

I don't know.

But I'm worried about you.

I don't know how you saved yourself
from the majhi that night.

But there are ones who would
tear you apart at the smallest chance.

Well, being a woman
is enough to understand that.

We will head back once we find a boat.

I don't really know you.

Know nothing about you.

But ...

I would love to ...

[Chan] You son of a bitch!

What are you up to?

Fucking dating in the sea!?

Climb up here!

[Eza] Come up, you filthy whore!

Get up!

You fucking mechanic! come up!

You son of a bitch! come here!


What should we do now?

This slut has brought
us to this mess today.

No doubt about it anymore.

And what to do with this damn traitor?

Fucking son of a whore!

Fucking romancing in the sea! you cunt!

I will feed you to the sharks.

Mind your words, Eza!

You still raise your voice!


Bring me this slut.

You slut!

Tie up this bastard!

You move, Iba!

You bastard!


Why did you come to this boat?

Iba! You're dead today!

Leave her alone!

You're fucking killing him!

This slut can talk...!

Tie her!

Why haven't you spoken so far,
you whore?

[Eza screams in pain]

Oh god! what have you done, Iba?

Get that motherfucker!

Get him!

Get him!

Son of a bitch!

I'll finish you all!

Let me go, I'm telling you!

Hey Chan,
come to me if you're brave enough!

He tried to kill me first!
Have you all gone mad?

Son of a bitch!

Bastard, you double crossed us!

You traitor cunt!

For that slut ... !

Hey, get him!

You bastard!

This is it!

[Deafening beep]

[Muffled voice]
[Parkes] You came here to kill us?

You're believing that pirate?

We won't let you go!
You've cast a spell on us!

[Urkes screams in pain]

I'll finish you all!

I haven't sunk that boat yet,
just for you!

[Eza moans]

I'll kill you!

I'm here to kill you!

You went undercover huh!?

How will you know me?

I know you very well!

What the fuck are you saying,
you rotten slut!

You've brought bad luck in this boat!

Let me deal with that bastard first,

then I'll squeeze all the
juice out of your cunt! you whore!

This sea will turn red with your blood!

Chan, you Pirate!
you've taken so many lives!

Today you'll be tried for one of them.

For the one of my dad's.

What the fuck are you all about!?

Shut up! Shut the fuck up!

One more word and I'll
tear your throat apart.

First I'll fix that bastard,
then I'll come for you!

Otherwise, none of us will survive.

Tie up that slut!

You bastard!

You motherfuckers! let go of me!

Stop that pirate!

Someone stop him!

Stop him!

Let me go, I'm telling you!

Stop that pirate!

[Chan] You traitor cunt!
[Iba] You killed Gulti's dad ...

[Chan] Going all lovey-dovey you fucker!
[Iba] Now you wanna kill me too?!

[Gulti screams]

[Parkes screams]

[Urkes screams]

[Muffled voices]

Leave him!

Let go of Iba!

[Iba shivers]

You killed him majhi?

[Urkes crying]
Why did you kill him?

[Parkes] Move! Why are you crying?

Move! Stop Crying.

Shut up!

[Chan] Where's that bitch?

[Urkes sobbing] She was right there.

[Parkes sobbing] Tied her up there.

Go! Find that slut!

Go, find her!


[Dramatic music]

Find out where she's gone.

[Mora] She's not down there.

[Eza moans]

[Chan] Look if she
has dived into the sea.

She's not in the engine room.

Where is she?

Where did she go?


[Nagu] Where the fuck is that bitch?

[Foni] Did she dive into the sea?

[Parkes sobbing]
He killed him!

You dickheads!

Why the fuck are you crying!?

What's wrong with you, huh?

Shut up!

Hold him sideways.

I'll chop off your heads!

Take this betel nut in your mouth.


The curse is gone!

We were about to die
because of that bitch.

What will we tell
others when we get back?

You guys have killed Iba.

Son of a bitch!

Who killed who?

This matter ends here in this boat.

If you say anything, you dickhead,
you'll be rotting in jail!

Nagu ...

It's high tide ...

Set up the sail.


Stop crying!

It'll be fine!

What to do now, majhi?

We need to find another boat.

We can't survive otherwise.

Mora ...

Cook something.

I'm hungry.

But, there's a dead body there.

Throw it away.

Do you want to keep
the dead body on the boat?



[Mora screams]

What's up?

[Foni] Mora, What's the matter?

Are you hurt?

[-Chan] Foni? Hey Foni...

Mora is dead.

[Parkes pukes]

[Dramatic music]

[Foni] Looks like whoever
touches Iba's body will die.

[Chan] Foni...

Don't instill fear.

He betrayed us.

That's why he died.

What did Mora do?

He went to throw Iba's
body at your command!

Did you die?

You went there too.

[Eza sobbing] What happened to Mora?

Who killed Mora?

[Dramatic music continues]

[Eza sobbing] I'm not gonna survive,

Save me ...

[Chan] Be brave, Eza!

We'll figure out some way.

[Dramatic music continues]

[Eza sobbing] Brother...

They'll kill me...


Calm down, brother.


Hey Parkes?

Won't you eat?


Hey Foni...

Give me something; Give me fish.

Are you gonna starve me to death?

Give me something to eat!

Give me ...

Hey Eza! Hey!

What? What's the matter!?


Hey Foni... Hey...

Hey Foni!

Give him some fish.

[Chan] =Stay quiet now.

Never had so much trouble
at sea before, majhi.

You only cared about yourself.

What do you want me to do?

To keep the boat running?

We can't go far with the fuel we have.

Who would save us then? huh?

You ...

You are responsible for all these.

It's all your fault ...

Eza, This is going too far now!

You're talking too
much since you got stabbed!

I want it to be clear to everyone ...

In this boat, what I say
is the absolute final word.

[Dramatic music]

Urkes! Urkes! Come here fast!

There's a coastguard ship!

Hey majhi, Nagu, Foni!

Hey wake up fast!

Start the boat! Start the boat!

Coastguard ship?

Start the engine!

Get up everyone!

[Urkes] -Where's the ship?

[Urkes] Where is it?
[Parkes] There's the coastguard ship!

Hey all of you guys, wake up!

[Urkes] There's no coastguard ship there!
[Parkes] There's the ship! There!

[Urkes] What nonsense!
[Parkes] Get up all of you!

[Urkes] Where is it!?
[Parkes] Foni, Nagu ...


Wake up all of you! Start the boat!

[Urkes] Listen to me ...
[Parkes] Your sins have turned you blind!

This is all because
of that pirate majhi!

Hey, shut the fuck up!

Stop or I'll throw you in the sea!

Eza has told everything.

It's all your fault!

Parkes, don't make
me angry in this situation!

Get that bastard! Tie him up!

You're all going to die.

I wanna live!

There's no ship here. Listen to me!


Foni, start the engine!

Majhi, start the engine!

Go fast! Start the engine!


I wanna live!


Come back!

Urkes! There's the boat!

What's wrong, Foni?

Why did you stop the engine?

I wanna live!




Don't go!


[Dramatic music]

I wanna live!

I wanna live!

I wanna live!

[Dramatic music continues]


What's going on?

The boat is haunted.

We have to stick together.

Black magic!

Black magic!

[Chan] Hey Nagu...



Get up.

Don't stay laid like a log.

Get up.

We need to get rid of the dead bodies.

Otherwise, the stink will kill us.

Get up!

Get rid of the bodies?

What do you mean?

Don't we have to start the engine?
and get things fixed?

Who'll go down to the engine room?

Nagu, go ahead.

I won't go down.

Why are you scared?

Okay, alright...

Let's three of us go together.

I'll go first.

Come ...

Come, hold him.

Hold him.

This side, this side.

[Loud sound of wood being broken]

What now?

[Eza] The sail has come crashing down!

Where are you guys?

The sail has come crashing down!

The sail has come crashing down!

What happened, huh?


This boat's never gonna reach the land.

The sail has collapsed.

That girl cursed us.

Shut up!

One more word,
and I'll toss you overboard!

I'm not going to touch
a corpse again, majhi.

[Omnious music]

[Omnious music continues]

[Eza] What's going on on the boat?

Urkes... Nagu...

Tie him up.

Just because he couldn't fuck the girl,

that pirate has lost his mind.

[Eza] Tie him up.
[Chan] Hey Urkes!

[Chan] This bastard is calling for our death before his own.
[Eza] Throw him in the water. ...

Only that can save us.

Throw him...

You bastard! son of a bitch!

Acting all innocent, huh?

Who killed Iba, huh?

You started killing in this boat!

No ...

It's not me.

It's you that started it all.

You motherfucker!

It's you that started it all ...


Tie this jerk's mouth shut.
He's asking for death.

Nagu-Urkes! I'm telling you, Don't
listen to him! Tie him up!

We'll only survive
if you throw him overboard!

Throw me overboard!?

Bastard! You wanna throw me away? Huh?

Throw me overboard? You son of a bitch!

Throw him overboard!

What are you doing!

Leave him, captain!

[Chan] Why are you talking so much?
[Nagu] Let him go, majhi!

You Bastard!

Leave him, majhi!


What have you done, majhi?!

Let go of me!

Don't kill me captain!

Don't kill me!

Don't kill me!

[Nagu] Don't kill me, majhi!
[Chan] Listen to me.


He died of his own fault.

I didn't want to kill him!

Hey Nagu! Hey!


Wait! Listen to me!

Listen to me!

[Nagu]Don't you dare!

[Chan] I didn't want to kill him.
[Nagu] Don't get any closer, majhi!


[Chan] What are you doing?
[Nagu] Don't come any closer!

Nagu, listen to me.
He grabbed my throat!

He died of his own fault.

He tried to kill me!

Trust me!

You pirate!
You bastard, I'll chop you up!

Listen to me!

Hear me out once!

I didn't want to kill him.

Trust me, I won't hurt you.

I lost my mind.

How will I survive if I kill you, man?

Take my word.

Trust me, I won't kill you.

Drop the machete.

[Nagu] You're gonna kill me.

I'll chop off your
head if you come near me.

[Chan] Don't be crazy!

Please drop the machete.

Here you go! I've thrown that away!

I've got nothing now.

Now drop the machete?

[Omnious music]

[Omnious music continues]

That's all the water left.

Give me a cigarette.





Released it!

If it doesn't come back, that means
we're close to the shore.

But if it does?

Don't scare me, Nagu!

Nagu, it's evening now.

Still the bird's not back.

[Nagu] Are we really
close to the land then?

[Dramatic music]


[Dramatic music continues]

Nagu ...

Give me some water.



Are we really far, majhi?

I haven't seen any light
from a distant boat in a few days.

We'll find a way.

[Sound of eating meat]

I was really hungry, Nagu.

I was craving for meat.

You want some?


Tomorrow morning...

We need to throw away the dead bodies.

Too stinky!


Hey Nagu...

Hold him.

I was really worried ...

The way the storm was raging...

All the boats would've headed back!

I don't think there'll
be any more storms.

Something will come up

for us to survive now.

Hold him.

I don't wanna touch a dead body anymore.

I can't get up from here.

I don't have energy.


Everyone's dying one by one.

Gather some courage!

There's no strength left in my body.

And no spirit left in my heart.

[Ominous music]


[Ominous music continues]

[Water splash]

[Ominous music continues]

[Ominous music continues]


We've got fish in our boat.

Ice too.

We'll be fine even if we
don't find a boat for ten days.

Do you hear me?

[Dramatic music]



How come there's a snake on the boat?




Have you fallen asleep? Nagu!


Where did this snake come from?

[Chan moans]

[Dramatic music]

[Soft dramatic music]

[Soft dramatic music continues]

[Female sobbing]

[Soft dramatic music continues]

[Soft dramatic music continues]

[Dramatic music]