Haven (2013) - full transcript

During the Second Lebanon War, Motti and Keren, a young orthodox couple from the North of Israel, looks for a place to stay to escape the bombings and stress of their hometown near the border. They end up at the heart of suburbia, in Tel Aviv, at the bourgeois apartment Yali and Boaz. The spacious apartment suddenly seems crowded and small when tensions between the couples begin to mount. The situation is further complicated as Keren's obvious pregnancy adds to the pain of Boaz and Yali, who cannot have children of their own. The shifting relationships between the four serve to examine the tensions and complexities of Israeli society today.

We go to you, Roni Daniel,

on the segment of the border
where a brutal battle is taking place

between infantry and armored forces.
The name is Bint Jbeil.

The IDF is currently deployed
in Maroun al-Ras,

scouting the terrain...

How are you?


We had 3 more casualties today.

No doubt the IDF will lead its troops

to the Hizbollah hubs in this area,

primarily Bint Jbeil,
Ayta ash Shab,

various places
that we have heard of before.

It's going to be a night
that changes...

Don't, I turned on the washer.

15 minutes ago.

It's annoying we can't make coffee
when the washer is on.

We can use the stove.
-Then why don't you?

Did you call an electrician?

What for? It's an old fuse box,
there's nothing we can do.

That's it?
Nothing we can do?

So we won't drink coffee
when the washer's on, big deal.

How much does it cost?

It's too expensive.
I'll take the smaller one.

It's yours for 250.

200, okay? Don't take the small one,
do me a favor.

I'll take it for 200.

The solution is bomb shelters
that served as storage rooms.

People shouldn't have to live
in them for long periods of time.

What are you doing?

I want to see if I can blow it up.

So you're serious about this.
-What choice do I have?

Everyone else in the
office volunteered.

You want to invite a family
that we don't know?

Not a family. I was thinking...

Maybe a couple?
-A couple?

Okay. It's here.

It could be nice.

The room is empty anyway.

What about all this stuff?

We can get rid of it.

What do you mean?

Is that what you're wearing?
-Yes, why not?

The IDF is surrounding the town,

troops have gone in.

The IDF is satisfied

with what's going on in Bint Jbeil.

I don't think this will be the last
village or town

that the IDF will enter.

You see the images,
the terrain...

Hello. -4th floor, no elevator,
no laughing matter.

Especially when my wife
can barely move.

-Boaz. Come in.

Come, sweetheart.

Everyone thinks
she's about to give birth,

but she's only 7 months pregnant.
-8 months, honey.

God bless you
and your air condition.

Was there a lot of traffic?
-No, it wasn't too bad.

I'll show you your room.
You can get settled.


This is the room.

You can put your things here.
-Thank you.

Towels and clean sheets.
-Thank you.

I know the mattress
doesn't look like much,

but it's very comfortable.
We've often slept on it. -Okay.

I guess you'd like to shower
so I'll show you the...

Clean sheets, towels.
Where's the room service?

If it were up to me,
I'd stay.

These things don't scare me.

But Keren being pregnant,
I thought we should come down here.

Since the war began,
Moti doesn't have much work, so...

What do you do?

I work for a bus company.
Tourists mainly.

Business is slow now, huh?
-You said it.

But I have a friend in this area,
he might be able to hook me up.

God willing, we'll be fine.

Thank you so much for having us.

We didn't know who to turn to.

It's the least we can do.

We're all brothers, right?

Are you sure
you don't want something to eat?

No, not at all.
We stopped on the way.

Thank you.

Can I smoke here? -Yes.
-On the balcony. -Thanks.

Your apartment is lovely.
Straight out of a magazine.

It's my wife's doing.
I had nothing to do with it.

Oh, come on.

I mean it.

She has a knack for these things.

These are Australian parrots.

There's a cockatiel too.

Do they talk?

Then what do they do?
-Nothing. They live.

Do you sell them?

When it gets crowded in here
I move some to the shop.

I see.

They're monogamous,
they choose one mate

and remain together for life.

Their whole lives?

Like humans.

Are you tired?

Yes, I think I'll go to bed.

Me too.

Can I get you anything?
-No, thank you.

Are you sure?



They seem like a nice couple.

I prepared so much food...
We'll eat it tomorrow.

Are you okay?

Yes, why?

Good morning.

Good morning.
How did you sleep?

Like a baby.

Can I help?
-No, that's okay.

I can make a salad.
-It's alright.

Everything's ready.
You can sit down.

What is it? -He just kicked me!

I told you.
Is he a soccer player or what?

Sit down, the food will get cold.
Boaz will join us shortly.

You have breakfast like this
every morning? -Sometimes.

It's the most important
meal of the day.

Do you have disposable dishes?
I keep kosher.

Oh, I didn't think of that.

I'm sorry.
-Don't be, it's okay.

I'm sure I have something in the kitchen.
-Thank you very much.


Are you going to force them
to cook kosher?

What do you want?
I try to do what I can.

Did you make all this?
-Yes. -What are we celebrating?

Nothing, breakfast.
-The most important meal of the day.

Could you move over there?
You're sitting in my chair.


A man's chair is his throne of glory,
as they say.

Hardy appetite.

Do you want a slice of bread?
-I can't eat without salt.

That's okay.

In Hatzor HaGlilit
the police orchestra is trying

to make the stay in
the bomb shelters more pleasant.

And in the Jewish Agency
bomb shelter...

We are in Biranit.

We've seen many mushroom clouds
rising near the border.

IDF barricades prevent movement

along the northern road...

Do you want a flag?
-No, thanks.

Why not? It's only 5 shekels.
- I don't want one.

Have you changed your mind?

No, I don't have change.

You know what?
-No, no.

My treat.
Have a good day.

Do you want some more?
-No, thank you.

And you?
-No, thank you.

The food is delicious, Yali.
-Thank you.

This is quinoa, right?
-Yes, it's very good for you.

We eat it all the time.
-All the time.

What's the deal
with keeping kosher, Moti?

What do you mean?
-Well, our kitchen isn't kosher...

Rabbi Nachman said,
it's the intention that counts.

If it's good enough for Rabbi Nachman,
it's good enough for me.

Interesting approach.

I like it.
"It's the intention that counts."

They're calling up the reserves.

What's so good about it?
-They should have done it long ago.

Get this over with as soon as possible.
-Do you serve in the reserves?

No, I'm allergic to dust.

As someone who has been on reserve
duty, there's nothing good about it.

Why go in there?
For some shitty politicians?

What for? For your country.
-Give me a break.

What do you think they should do?
-Get out of there as soon as possible

and agree to a ceasefire.
-An agreement?

An agreement with who?

With terrorists who want to destroy
the State of Israel?

You're dreaming.

No need to get upset,
we're all on the same side.

Who's getting upset?
Pass the salt, please.

What about our abducted soldiers?
-What about them?

They abduct them and we're
supposed to sit back quietly?

And you think you'll find them
if we go in there? -I don't know.

You think the Hizbollah
will say, "sorry,

"we didn't know it'd upset you,
take them back"? -No.

But at least they'll never mess
with us again. -Bullshit...

You're being brainwashed.
You're reciting slogans.


It's easy for you to talk
from your cozy apartment in Tel Aviv.

You have no idea what it's like
to live near the border.

You have no idea what it's like
when rockets are fired at your home.

At least I was in Lebanon.

What did you say?

I said at least I was in Lebanon.
-Yeah, I heard you the first time.

We should have laid into them
a long time ago.

Finish them off once and for all!
-That's enough. I can't listen to this.

"Lay into them",
you sound like a thug from the hood.

How about thinking before you talk.
Ever try that?

Screw this...


Excuse me.

Happy now?

-Did you see how arrogant he was?

Thugs from the hood, that's what we are.
-He didn't mean it.

He meant every word.

I'm outta here,
don't need any favors.

Listening to his remarks
whenever we watch the news.

I'm sorry, I can't take it.

Where will we go?
-I don't know, but we're leaving.

Don't worry, sweetie, it'll be fine.

We discussed this already.
We don't have money for a hotel.

We'll work something out.

God willing.

He'll be fine.
He just has to calm down.

From now on, no politics.

The coffins of 31 year old Baha

and 24 year old Muhammad,

both from the Mana family,

were brought into the mosque
before their funerals.

The country has gone mad.

People are being killed daily...

Look at them.

They don't care what anyone says.

They're trying to incite
the Arab sector against the Arabs.

You got us into a war,
we didn't want it...

We shouldn't be a part of it.
-Coffee anyone?

Of the 40 civilians killed in this war,
12 were Muslim Arabs.

I'll make coffee.

The Israeli Arabs don't know
who to be more upset with,

but they feel that the Israeli
government is responsible...

The fuse blew.

Is the washing machine on?

I put Moti's pants in the dryer.
I'm sorry.

I didn't know it was a problem.
-That's okay.

Where's the flashlight?
-I have no idea.



It's an old fuse box,

you can't use the washer or dryer
and the electric kettle.

Did you turn it off?

Let there be light.

What's wrong?

I'm boiling. I'm gonna drown
in a puddle of my own sweat.

Bring the fan closer.
-It doesn't do any good.

Don't you think there's something odd
in this house?

What's odd is sleeping with
no airconditioning in this heat.


I mean the fact
that they don't have kids.

So what if they don't have kids?

Does that mean their life is over?

Why stress over it?

I'm going to cool off
by the airconditioner.


Are you hot?

Yes, I'll turn it off if you want.

No, that's okay.
Boaz will be delighted.

This way it doesn't make noise.

Is the heat keeping you awake?

You could say that.

There's no flow of air
in this apartment.

The construction sucks.

I opened the balcony door,
all the windows

and there's no breeze whatsoever.


You can leave it on.



Yes, speaking.

No, this isn't a good time, Ilan.

I know.
What can I do?

I'll work it out, God willing.

Why restrict my credit?

You have to consider
the circumstances.

We're at war,
what can I do?

You know I usually have lots of work
in the summer.

There's no work now,
where will I get the money from?

Will the bank collapse
if I pay it back in installments?

Then who is it up to?

You know I'm good for it, right?

What do you mean
"it's not about that", of course it is.

Are you threatening me?

Ilan, forget it.
I can't talk now.

Fine. I'm in the middle of something,
I can't talk, okay?

Have a good day.

Don't expect too much. You get the
shittiest trips because you're a temp.

That's okay.
I can deal with that.

Good morning.
-Hi, Eti, how are you?


It's nice here, isn't it?
-I guess so.

Come on, I saw how you looked at her.
-No, I'm done with that.

Okay, married man.

You're gonna be a dad soon, right?

That's it, your life is over.

So, do you have work for me?

Maybe not right away, but we
need people on the weekends.

The weekends? I don't drive
on the Sabbath. -Since when?

A year and a half or so,
since my father passed away.

Dude, you didn't tell me that.
-Couldn't you tell?

What can I say...

Is there something to do during the
week? -No, new guys work weekends.


I didn't know...
-That's okay, no harm done.

We'll work something out.

Let's talk to Eliyahu over
a cup of coffee. We'll find something.

You don't drive on the Sabbath,
you don't look at women.

We'll have to call you saint Moti.

Hi, honey.

How do you know it's me?
-Who could it be?

It could be anyone...

They're getting so big.

A real porn star.
-Yeah, right.

What are you making?

I went to the supermarket today.

I bought all kinds of stuff.

The fact that they're hosting us
doesn't mean they have to cater to us.

I hope you're making
tofu salad with quinoa too.

Sshhh... Yali's here.

Get me an egg from the fridge.

I think you should suggest

that we share the shopping expenses
and the bills.

What bills?
We've only been here for 3 days.

But who knows
how long we'll be staying.

I feel bad for putting them out.

It's not as if they spend
that much on us.

They're not using more electricity
because we're here,

and I use my cellphone.

There's no need. -We have to offer,
even though they probably won't agree.

If they won't agree, then there's
no need. -Come on, ask her.

-Yes, now.

Can you help me with this?

Thank you.

Who's the genius
who invented high heels?

He hated women, that's for sure.

How am I supposed to run now?

I run too, you know.
-You do?

Well, I used to, not so much now.
-How much?

2-3 times a week...
-No, how many kilometers? -Oh.

5 or 6, sometimes 10.

So run with me.
-No way.

I didn't bring my running shoes...
-What size are you?

10 and half.

They might be a bit big,
but I think they'll fit.

He won't mind?
-Boaz? He hasn't worn them in 5 years.

Are you alright?

I'll pick you up on the way back.


Isn't Yali back yet?

She's out running with Moti.

Did they leave a long time ago?
-About an hour ago.

I thought that records were extinct.

I'd rather you didn't touch them.

-Some of them are very rare.

I have David Bowie,
Frank Zappa, Gomez.

You have to know
how to handle them.

Is it a boy or a girl?

A boy.

A boy.

Moti must be thrilled.

Yes, he wanted a boy.
-Obviously. Listen to this part.

Do you play?

Look at this.

That's nothing,
wait till he gets the hoop.

You're kidding me.
-For real. He does this every night.

There's something sad about it.

I don't know.
Him and the dog, all alone.


They say that the dog
is man's best friend.

I thought it was the parrot.

Blessed are You, God,
Who sanctifies the Sabbath.


Is that it?
the ritual is over?

Good Sabbath to you and your family.

Good Sabbath, enjoy the meal.
-Good Sabbath. -Good Sabbath.

Keren, you're spoiling us.

Had I known kosher food is so delicious,
I'd have found religion long ago.

It's never too late, my man.

By the way,
Moti fixed the fuse box.

He did?
-Yes, no big deal.

Some fuses
just needed rewiring.

You don't say.

Does it work?
-Of course it does.

Now we can boil water
and do the laundry.

Welcome to the 21st century.

This wine is great.

"In His kindness and grace
He provides sustenance to all flesh

"Through His great goodness to us
may we never lack food

"For the sake of His great name
for He provides nourishment..."

Do one for me, okay?

I never wear my hair like this.

It doesn't feel like it's me.

You look amazing.

Besides, what's wrong with being
someone else for one night?

There you go.
-Thank you.

Are you sure it's okay for us to come?
-Of course.

Amnon told us not to come
without our guests.

And he's the boss,
so you don't have a choice.

You're not ready yet, I see.

Have you seen my ring?
-Which one?

My grandmother's, with the diamond.

I can't find it.
-You must have put it somewhere else.

No, I always put it
in the same place.

You always say that
when you can't find something.

If I can't find something,
it's because you're so messy.

I know exactly where everything is.

I like playing with your jewelry
when you're not around. You got me.

The proposal that some
European countries

speak indirectly with the Hizbollah
was rejected.

The game is in Nabih Berri's hands
who thinks

that Hizbollah's rocket fire
towards Israel...

We're ready.

Is that new?


Do you like it?

Yes, very much.

They're entering in the middle of a night,
one after the other, like ducks...

How's the meat?

$650 is not cheap.

We flew to Barcelona for $550.

How long were you away?
-10 days, until school starts.

That's the problem.
Had you waited until September,

you would have paid $100 less.
-What can you do?

I want to thank you for coming

and to congratulate us
on another successful exhibition.

Some people think we shouldn't
have celebrated this year

because of the war,

but I say, on the contrary.

We must celebrate,
life must go on,

this is our victory.

Not how many enemies we kill,
not the rockets, not the tanks.

We must continue to live,

to eat, drink.
That's our victory.


I'd like to make a toast too.

To Boaz and Yali
for taking us into your home.

You've done a good deed.

Hospitality is a great act of kindness.

It's heartwarming to know
that even in rough times

we can count on one another

and strengthen one another.

If we don't have one another,
what do we have in life?


Hold on, I'll be right back.

Just a second.

Just a second.

I couldn't hold it in.

No harm done.

Where's my mom?

Downstairs with the guests.
Should I go get her?

Do you want to wash it?

Change your pajama?

Put your hand on me.

Just a second...

Pick up your leg.

Are you going to tell my mom?

My dad?

You swear?
-I swear.

I won't tell anyone.

Do you want to know a secret?

Sometimes I can't hold it in either.


But don't tell anyone.


I love your dress.

You look like a million bucks.
-I do?

I would kill for a body like yours.

How do you do it?

I run a lot.
-I can tell.

Even if I ran the marathon every week,
my stomach would never be the same.

Leave that alone. I'll finish up.
-Are you sure? -Yes.

Here you are.

So this is where you're hiding.

I thought you'd been abducted.
-By who?


-Moti? What's with you?

I don't know.

You're beautiful, talented, smart.

What are you doing with a guy like me?

You're drunk.

Not drunk enough.

What are you doing?


Someone could come in, Boaz.

Stop it.

You're hurting me. Stop.

He said we'll get compensation.
-For lost work days?

They couldn't care less.

If I don't make some money soon,
they'll confiscate you.

Dude, maybe I should drive.

No, I'm fine.
-Come on, I'll drive.

No, I'm fine, I mean it.

I'll drive.

Give them to me.

What are you doing?

Three against one, huh?

Hi, Keren.

Yes, he forgot his cellphone.

Are you at the supermarket?

Ask them to deliver, okay?

And don't buy too much,
I have everything I need.

Bye, sweetie.

Hi, I forgot my phone.
-Yes, Keren called.

If you look at the street,
at the people,

you could never tell
there's a war going on.

As if it has nothing to do with them.

Everyone lives his own life.

Wait, are we safe?

one moment

I meant,
are you on the pill or something?

What is it?

I'm unable to conceive.

I'm sorry.

I have to go.

What good will shouting do?

The bus won't come any faster.

How could I know
he'd run out of gas?

The idiot kept the engine running
all night

to keep the airconditioner going.

You see what I have to deal with.


Kobi, forget about it,
I'll take care of it.

Don't worry.

What a mess.

Strong coffee,

one sugar?

See? I remember.
How about you? -No, thanks.

Dina, do me a favor, sweetie,

2 strong coffees, one sugar.

So you're a pencil pusher now. -Can
we still storm the hills at our age?

Looks like you're more into
storming a bagel.

At least I'm not bald.

Here you go.

Fill out these 3 forms
and sign on the bottom.

What am I signing?

It's for the adjutancy,
to see if you can work for the army

and this is the insurance.

Fill out your personal details,
in case something happens to you.

We are at war, after all.

This is for trips up north.
-Where did you think you were going?



I have to do everything around here.


What is it?

I promised Keren
I wouldn't drive buses up north.

Then don't tell her.

Do you tell her everything?

Yeah, right?

Do you know how much they pay?
-I`m sure it's decent.

Thank you.

All done?

Maybe you can start right away.

Don't you go anywhere,
you freeloader.

Thank you, Boaz.
-You're welcome.

Moti, listen, there's something else.

Yali won't say anything, you know.

When we invited guests, we thought
it would be for a few days.


It's not like we're going
to throw you out. We wouldn't do that.

Maybe you should stay
in one of the army bases for now.

You'll probably have to be available,
no point returning to Tel Aviv

just to be called back.

What about Keren?

Keren's not an issue.


Come with me.
They'll see you now.

Two minutes.

I'm sorry we started without you,
I was starving. -That's okay.

Where's Moti?

He got a job down south,
some trip with the scouts...

He'll be gone for 4 days,
he'll have to stay down there.

Like I said on the phone,
since you finished paying your mortgage

you accumulated a nice sum
in your accounts.

The first question I have to ask you

is if you're planning a big expense
in the near future?

A new car, renovation, a Bar Mitzvah?

So we're talking about
a long term investment.


We have several investment options

but first I have to know the level
of risk you're willing to take.

Maybe we'll sell the apartment?

The neighbors on the 4th floor
sold theirs for 2.300.000.

That means it's a good investment.
-I hate that apartment.

You hate our apartment.

Now you tell me? We just
renovated the kitchen. -Now I hate it.

Would you like a minute or two to talk?

I can give you a booklet
on standard investments.

It was right here.
I'll be right back.

Where is that coming from?

Do you like it here so much?

You forget you wanted to move up north.
-What's that got to do with it?

It's not that simple.

It is, you're just afraid to do it.

What about your job? Your mom?

Am I the one holding you back?
Then leave. -Right.

I mean it.

No one's stopping you.

You can leave.

That's what you want, isn't it?
You want someone to decide for you.

Isn't that what you want?

Well, have you talked it over?

Last Thursday, 8 people were killed
in Acre and Tarshiha

and the number is rising.

The rocket fell right next to them

and caused many casualties.

Hi, sweetie, what's up?

I don't know.
-Is something wrong?

I don't feel well since this morning.

Don't freak out, it's nothing.

You felt the same way last week, right?
-This is different.

I can't feel the baby, as if he stopped
breathing. -What am I supposed to do?

I don't know.

Never mind, we'll talk tonight.
-Why can't we talk now?

I'm driving,
I can't talk now.

Where are you going?
-To Sdeh Boker.

Honey, I can't hear you.
We'll talk tonight.

Bye bye.

What happened?

Is she alright?

He's not moving.

He must be sleeping.

All day?
-Can't that happen?

Something is wrong.
I can feel it.

Something is wrong.

Don't upset yourself.

I'm sure he'll move any minute.

Bring her something sweet to eat.

Did you talk to Moti?

He's not answering his phone.

I bet there's no signal.

There is no trip down south.

I called the scouts,
there are no trips to the Negev.

Want to splash some water
on your face? You'll feel better.


What is it?

What's going on?

Get the car.

You're better off on the highway.
-It'll open up soon.

But we're stuck here, can't you see?!
We're stuck!

Take a right.

What's up, Boaz?

What got into him?

Just family? I don't get it.

Is she better off all alone there?

Did you get a hold of Moti?

He's on his way.

If anything happens to her...
-Don't worry, they're professionals.

Of course that's what you'd say.

Were they professionals with us too?

I'm sure she'll be fine.

How do you know?
Maybe she won't be fine.

What do you know? Nothing.
-Calm down.

Don't tell me to calm down.

You can't understand what it's like.

Come on, there's room.

Excuse me.

Think it'll help if you call him again?
-What's your problem?

You're pathetic, you know that?

Do you really think Moti
will change your life around?

What are you going on about?
-You know what I mean, I'm on to you.

I'm not stupid, you know.

Did you two have sex?
-Oh, come on.


No, okay?

Leave them alone.

It's not your life,
it's not your pregnancy.

Fuck you.

There's no reason to worry.

Everything's fine.
Don't worry.

Thank you.

Is she alright?

And the baby?

He's fine.

They took him for a checkup.
She fell asleep right away.

Do you need anything?
From the apartment?

No, I'm fine,
I have what I need.

She was in so much pain,
poor thing.

I need a cigarette.



For 5 years we tried to get pregnant,
Yali and I.

We underwent every possible treatment.

You have no idea...

Hormones, insemination, IVF.

Anything medical science
had to offer.

We gave up after 5 years.

We figured it wouldn't happen
and we have to make peace with it.

We'd just ride it out.


Have you thought of adoption?

We started the process.

Waiting list, forms,
the whole nine yards.

But last year,
Yali suddenly got pregnant.

I don't know how, but she did.

She was pregnant.

Everything was going as expected,

nausea, vomiting.

She even seemed to be enjoying it.

Then, in her 24th week...

we discovered that the fetus
has a heart defect.

That he won't live much longer.

We aborted it a week after that.

We came home from the hospital

and since then we've been trying
to come to terms with it.

It'll always be just the two of us.

It was a girl.

You can see her now.

Is she alright?

A ceasefire between Israel and Lebanon
will be enforced tomorrow at 8am.

The agreement determines
that UNIFIL forces in south Lebanon

will be reinforced
by 15.000 UN soldiers

who will help the Lebanese army...

Do you feel that?


There's a breeze.

Translation: Tammy King

Cinematyp Studios Ltd.