Happy Times Will Come Soon (2016) - full transcript

A valley, a mountain, a forest between Italy and France. Tommaso and Arthur have managed to escape and live in the forest. Years later the forest is infested with wolves. A legend talks ...




Go on!

Shut up!

I'll kill you.

Next time you yell, I'll kill you.

I'll dump you in the hole and go.

Cut it out.

I'll kill you.

With my bare hands.

Understand now?




Come out of there.

Come down.
- No, it's dangerous.

Come out of there.

I don't know how deep it is.

Maybe we're the first ever to come here.

Go on, Tom!


Look, Tom!

Lift it.

Here. Set it down.

Hold the stick.
I'll try to set the stone against it.


It has to be nice and high.

Watch your fingers.

The higher, the better.

It's not working.

No, wait. Hold it.

It's steady now.

We leave it like this, right?

It's full of flies.

Go on.

Pull on it. Wait...

Watch your hand.

Go on.
- There.

You have to slip your finger in it.

If you don't cut it.

Where you can.

You see?

There, in that hole.

Go on.
- Pull.

Let's go.

Come on, let's go!

Let me try it.

The rifle?
- Yes.

No, be serious.

Come on!

Let me have it.

Come on...

Know how to use it?

You've already wasted one shot.

All right, try it.

Now what do you do?

I load it.

And then...

That's not it.

This, here...

Like this.

And this?

This controls this.

And this releases this.

Like this.

Hold it firmly against your shoulder.

I shoot over there?

Where you want.

I'll hit a branch.

If you can...

Not bad, huh?
- Yes.

Happy now?
- Yes.

Let me see.

- Give it here.

Cut it out.


I just want to carry it.

I like carrying it on my shoulder.

So do I.

Let me have it a bit.

Get back.

Come on...

Back off.

What do you want?
- Swap?

I can fire it.

On your knees.

Get down.

Go on, take it.
- Thanks.

Hands up.

You're hurting me.

Stop, that's enough.

Stop it now.

Stop it, will you?

Running off now?

Go on, run.

I'm going to tell you
the story of the wolf.

Maybe you know it.
Who doesn't know the story of the wolf?

But this one isn't the usual story
people tell to children

or read in books.

It's an old story,
as old as my grandmother's grandmother.

She told it to me herself.

She said that, around here,

every forty years, a white doe is born.

And when she is,
the wolf wants to marry her.

He becomes agitated, he loses his mind,

he goes on night-time prowls...

With his big pupils,

he can see at night, even in the woods.

However, the doe gets away
nearly every time.

And when she does,
the wolf becomes incredibly evil,

almost humanly evil.

He smashes and eats everything he finds.

That's the story of the wolf around here.

However, we must dare
to say certain things.

They may sound like nonsense,
but they're true.

If the wolf doesn't find the doe,

he may want a pretty girl instead.

It was Rosina who used to say that.

Someone older heard it.

Local farmers or someone who was there.

I'm not so young now and I was there.

She told me all about that girl,
Dino's daughter,

who got off the bus
on the main street of the village

to go to the woods.

She was a very pale girl
because she had health problems.

She thought walking in the woods
would cure her.

Instead of going to hospital for shots,

she preferred to breathe good air.

But perhaps she shouldn't have

because her illness
was eating her up from inside.

My grandmother told me
about Dino's daughter.

Dino who?

Dino is the gentleman
who lives on the Infernotto road,

that little house in the woods.

Ever since he lost his daughter,

he has become a recluse,

cutting off all contact with society.

His daughter was from Paris.

she caught a serious disease,

almost incurable.

So she came here for the nature,
the good air,

thinking it could help her
get better maybe.

The poor thing...

So she arrived from Paris
and went into the woods

to get closer to nature.

But the worst thing was,
she met the wolf, see?

On seeing such a pure
and innocent girl...

he didn't let her go.

The girl, overcome by her illness,

let him drag her into the woods.

The wolf hunted for her.

He didn't eat her?

No, he hunted for her.

He escorted her, he defended her.

But the girl, see, never came home again.

She didn't take her medication and so...

One full moon night, she died.

That's why, even now,

when you hear the wolf howl,
he's crying for the girl.

It's a fine story.

Have you seen the wolf?

Yes, I've seen him.

He's not a pretty sight.

Especially at night
with his eyes of fire.

You see the blood...

of the animals he's killed.

He's merciless.

Lambs, young goats, chamois...
He takes them all.

It's not true what they say,
that he kills only to eat.

He kills out of rage.

But he didn't eat the girl.

No, not the girl.

Talking about it
still causes me to shiver now,

because she probably...

went back to a wild state and...

I don't know.

Perhaps she didn't even know
what she was looking for.

Who knows what she was thinking.

That's how it is.

But, according to you, she got lost?

I don't know if she got lost
or found herself in the end.

I don't know.

Each one of us can interpret that

how we want or how we see it.

I don't know if she lost herself
or found herself in the end.

In any case...

it wasn't the hospital
that was treating her, let's say.

Despite her...

Personally, I think
she needed to be alone,

to encounter nature
or something like that.

An encounter with the wolf,

that's probably what happened.


Go on!

Hi, Ariane.

No, back up!


Go on!

Back up!

Okay, that's enough!

Climb on.

You okay?
- Yes.

Hold on tight.

Hi there!
- Okay?

How are you?
- Fine.

Is Dino home?


Try to wake him.
The wolf's killed more ewes.

That way, he can come too.

What happened?

Please, what happened?

It's the wolf.

A wolf attack.

Probably a large predator,
namely, a wolf.

Anyhow, the wound is an ugly one.

It's scary to look at,
but it's not serious.

No stitches. It'll heal with antibiotics
and ointment.

At least he's vaccinated against tetanus.

He is vaccinated?
So everything's fine.

It's okay, it's nothing.

I saw you in the woods the other night.

Take care at the moment.

With the wolf on the prowl...

Keep your father company.

He's alone.
He never comes to the bar now.

At least he comes hunting now and then.

He's a strong man, you know.

Right. My dad's strong.

Come down to the village one evening.

We'll get a bite to eat with the others.

With your father,

I bet you only eat polenta and chicory.

All right.

In any case, Dad will call you.

Okay, I'm going.

See you later.

You and I head up that way.

We'll walk.

I'm walking.

It's close. Just up there.

I'm going up to the first bend.

I'll go with you guys.

Me too.

We'll go to the bend and back.

To go up, it's that way.

It's that way.

Here, it's difficult.

Coming with me?

Where you killed those two?
- Yes, the other Sunday.

Let's go.
Can we go?

Yes, fine, let's go.




I'm going to miss you.

Be brave.


Hi, I'm Santo.

Are you new?

You smoke?
Want a cigarette?

You got here this morning?

Don't worry, we're all pals here.

Where and when were you arrested?

You won't say?

Okay, fine, let's change the subject.

You'll soon get out.

He arrived today.

A new kid?
- Yes.

Any smokes in your cell?

Already got a cell?

Got smokes?
If not, we'll give you some.

We'll give him some.

You can see he's all alone.


It all passes, don't worry.

Apart from death...

It's like that at first.

Then, you get used to it.

He's young.
It's natural to react like this.

Enjoy your chat.
We'll keep walking.

You mustn't worry,

you're with people who mean no harm.

Don't worry.

It's natural when you arrive here.

Take him, for instance.

He's used to jail now.

He laughs all the time.
No one knows why but he laughs.

That other guy cries all the time
and no one knows why either.

He's always laughing.

Massimo, come and say hello.

Come and walk.

Want to take a walk?

Come on, take a walk with me.

Don't worry.


Turn round.

Get dressed now.

You can go.

To the left.

After you.

I smelled the scent of you.

When I woke, I heard of your misfortune.

And I came here.

My greatest misfortune
is that I come from nowhere.

Subtitles by Ian Burley

Subtitling by TITRAFILM