Hans - Ein Junge in Deutschland (1985) - full transcript

Nothing happened, Mama.
Nothing happened.

Get lost! Run away!
Air raid alert!

In the evening you put on make-up.

You paint your fingernails and prostitute
yourself on Kaiser Street.

You're a whore! The Land Street
already got you figured out.

Get lost along with your bastard!

Whores aren't welcome on our street.


Television film based on motifs from
the book "The blue hour" by Hans Frick



If you want to play ball, then
kindly play on the street.

Are you deaf? I want you
to go out on the street.

We want to have our
peace and quiet here.

The guy's getting more and more
impudent. Just go on like that!

One day I'll take you were you belong.

Grandma, why didn't you wait for me?

Mama told you not to cook your own food.

I just want to die.

I know where she is.

I can show you.
She left with a suitcase.

What are you doing here?


Get lost!


You must have it all ready by 6:00.

She turned on the gas today.

"I want to die!", she said.

Yesterday she didn't eat anything.

And today neither.

Grandma is very ill.

Get lost!

Eva, are you asleep?

What's it?

I think Grandma's dying soon.

Do you have pictures of my father?

Why didn't he marry you?

How did he look like?

Good. He was tall.

When was the last time you saw him?

He's a jew, isn't he?

Where could he be now?

I don't know.

Do you think he's still alive?

I missed the bus. I'm sorry.

What are we going to do?

Shall we go to the movies?

- But I can't stay long after.
- Why not?

Well, I just can't.

Because of your mother?

What's she got against me?

What's the matter?
Are we going to the movies?

- Are there any news?
- No.

Everything's fine.

You take over. That's good, Richard.
Well then. Stay on course.

Beware of Russia.

Watch out for English agents
which go undercover.

They put false plants into
circulation by courier.

Where do you want to go?

We're going on a company trip.

What time is it?

Half past three.

They wanted to pick me up.

Have you eaten yet?

I'm not hungry.

Are you having a headache again?


Have you eaten yet?

Come with me!

Martin is coming.

Today we celebrate!

Where is aunt K?the?

Ah, you're also here!

Cognac! Real French cognac!

What do you say to that?

Go ahead and open one of them,
uncle Peter. Today we celebrate.

And now, aunt K?the? Well?

A little surprise for you.

You see? I didn't forget your birthday.

Belatedly, the promised birthday present.

I want you to wear it now!

Well then, how do you like it?

Martin, you're really crazy.

You're just supposed to say
whether you like it. Yes or no?

Of course I like it.

For you to always think of me.

Now then! Oh, I haven't had
French cognac in a long while.

The last time must have
been in Poland. Here!

Put on a record! Today
I feel like celebrating.

Well then!

To you, aunt K?the!


They're not coming anymore.

Do you still have a headache?

I took a pill.

What time is it?

A quarter past six.


Eva! Eva!



Where's my mother?

Be careful! Air raid! Go home!

Where's my mother?

At home. Go to bed! Go!


Pull the bed off!

- Let me die!
- Mama!

Let's go. We have to leave!

Come on, Grandma! We need to
go down to the basement.

No, I'll stay here!

I don't want to!


Come to sleep now!



Let's go! Keep moving!

March! March! Faster!

Once more! I said: "Faster!"


Onwards! Onwards! Onwards!

Come on! Keep moving!
March! March!

Come on!

Come on! Stand up! March! March!

Come on!

I can't!

Grandma, you haven't eaten in four days.

Just a few spoonfuls. Please!

I can't!

Please, Grandma.

Our Lord shall finally let me die.

So many young people have to die.

And I'm still alive.


No! Let go of me!

Let me go!

Let go of me, you pig!




Grandma! Grandma, you
need to get up! Please!

Leave me here!

I want to die.

Oh Lord, please let me die!

I don't want to live anymore.

Grandma, please! We need to leave!
Grandma! Grandma!

Mama, you can't remain here.

- Please, Mama.
- I want to die.

- Then leave here there!
- Mama!

- I want to die!
- Please, Mama!


Come on! Hurry up!

Maria! Maria, where are you?

Hurry! Get out of here!

Oh God! Grandma!

- It's burning!
- Find those two!

Mama! Mama!

Hans, where are you?

Fire! Fire! It's burning!

Let it be!

Quick! Let's get out of here! Let's go!

- The entire side is burning.
- Come on! Run!

Fetch water!

It's burning!

Be careful, Anna! It's dangerous!

Fetch water!

Hurry up!

Please help me!

Bring over some water buckets!

- Mama!
- Grandma!

- Mama!


Mama! Everything is fine!


Hey, people! Has anyone
taken shelter here?

Has anyone run away?
Has anyone noticed?

Take a look for yourself!

He can't have vanished into thin air.

Go ahead!

He's here! In the laundry room!
I've seen him!

Here! In the courtyard!
In the laundry room!

Stay here!

There's nothing we can do!

Once again someone escaped.

Why can't they just wait?

Look at them!

Once it's all over, they won't
be able to remember.


Come on!

Run, you pig!

Tomorrow morning I have to
report at the office!

I'm going to work at the
purchase department.

Do you again have a toothache?

Why don't you say anything?

I'm not supposed to talk to you anymore.

Who said that?

My mother and my uncle.

Does it have something
to do with my father? - Yes.

But here noone can see you.

After the war is over
everything will be different.

- And how long is the war going to last?
- It will soon be over.

Uncle Peter says foreign news reports
state Germany is going to lose the war.

But my uncle says we're
going to win the war.

That's because he's a Nazi.

The Germans have to retreat everywhere.
We've lost the war.


You shouldn't tell anyone that
we listen to English broadcasting.

Do you understand?
Not even your mother.

Listening to adverary broadcasting got
the death penalty on it.

Well then! We'll make sure
that noone sees us.

Grandma has been sleeping
throughout the entire day.

Earlier I thought she were dead.

Hey, Hans! Come here!

Come on!

Sit down!

Have a drink!

Have you eaten yet?

Yes, thank you.

A night in Monte Carlo.

I wanted to walk under
palm trees with you.

Cheers, Hans!

Well then, Peter! What about the record?

A night in Monte Carlo.

We'll soon have music.



A night in Monte Carlo.

I'm half Jewish.

What are you?

Half Jewish.

Laughable. Laughable.

A night in Monte Carlo.

I want to walk under
palm trees with you.

Can't you see the sky
through the palm trees?

I'm going to give you the sky.

A night in Monte Carlo.

I want to learn it under the palms.

How wonderful it is to kiss a girl
that one will never forget.

Your children?

Good evening, Mrs. Liebherr!

Put on that same record
again, uncle Peter.

I'm going to make us a bean coffee.

Well then!

May I?

May I?

A night in Monte Carlo.

I want to dance under
palm trees with you.

Do you want some liquor, Mrs. Eva?


Yes, of course.

And I repeat: Clear and obvious acts
of sabotage are being committed here.

I never trusted those gunwomen.

I don't understand why
you're defending her.

- Olga is no gunwoman.
- But what?

A girl that had been abducted
to work in Germany.


Did the girls come here voluntarily?

Eva, what's the matter with you
all of a sudden?

- You heard me well.
- Don't go too far. I'm warning you.

I'm not afraid of you.

I'm just telling you:
Keep your hands off that girl.

She's been working
with me for half a year.

I'd put my hand in the
fire for Olga at any time.

And get burned.

Five boxes of scrap would have
gone to dispatch in ten minutes.

Do you know what that means?

If I hadn't seen it by chance...

Go back to work.

I know what you're up to.


If you won't leave her alone, I'm going
to complain to factory managment.

You're threatening me?

I'm just telling you to leave Olga alone.
Otherwise you'll regret it.

You're crazy.


Everybody here knows
why you're acting like this.

I don't forget my birthday.

Do you think Grandma's better now?

The countryside is quieter than here.

We'll visit her soon.

Tell me... At least tell me
my father's name.

"Perhaps you'll meet someone who has
sacrificed much more for Germany."



Here you are!

- Goodbye!
- Goodbye!

There are two men standing
in front of our door.

I think they belong to the Gestapo.
They certainly want to take me along.

Are you sure they belong to the Gestapo?

Most certainly. I have to
leave right now.

Please inform my mother.

Where do you want to go?

I don't know. To the train station.

Maybe drive away.

Who could have reported you this late?

No way Martin did it.

Recently Mrs. Marbach said she
would take me where I belong.

It won't take too long anyway.



Pass me a bucket.

Yes. Here's the bucket.

Uncouple it now!

"Frankfurt is being defended!"

We need water.

Hey, water!

Uncouple these three waggons!
Two wagons need to be cleared.

We have to drive all night to Poland.

What are you doing there?

I wanted to... I wanted to...

What did you want to do?

To give those pigs water?

I have an identification card.
My free float card.

Get lost! Quickly!

Stop! Don't move!

Say, where are you from?

You're not from around here, are you?

Did you do something wrong?

Are you hungry?

Come here!


Come on, sit down!

Where do you want to go?

The Americans are already
supposed to be near Frankfurt.

Did you run away?


I'm half Jewish.

How long have you been on the road?

I don't know. Already more than a month.

When the Americans invade
Frankfurt, I will return.

There! One, two, three, four.


Grandma is dead.

You know it was best for her.

Where have you been?

I don't remember.

Are you hungry?

You've become thin.

I'm not hungry.

Maybe we should forget everything.

Hail Hitler, Mrs. Marbach.

Now you can tell me where I belong.
Reform school?

Or perhaps the concentration camp?

Hansi! Please!

But I want to know where I belong.

Don't I belong here?
Alongside my mother?

Who's that yelling around here?

What's the matter?

Leave them be, Karl.
They're not worth it.

You'll get rid of your impertinence, you...

- Jew! Why don't you say it?
- Please, Hans!

Karl, don't get upset
because of that guy.

You know that you're not
supposed to meet that boy.

Look at that!

I wanted to pay you a visit.
But because of your mother...

I saw you when you arrived.

Didn't I tell you Germany
would lose the war?

Are you now allowed to talk to me?

When are we going to meet?

What happened to the Russian workers?
Are they gone?

About a week before the Americans
arrived, they drove them away.

Did they catch Martin Wei??

I don't think so.

He took off in civilian clothes.

He was mad.

You can't fool us. You're a whore
and will remain a whore.

Everyone knows that
you prostitute yourself.

You should officially join a whorehouse
which is where you belong.

And take along your son, once
he gets released from prison.



Television film based on motifs from
the book "The blue hour" by Hans Frick