Hanoi: 12 ngay dem (2002) - full transcript

The Paris Conference between Viet Nam government delegation and American government delegation

has been going for 4 years long.

with 202 public meetings and 24 private meetings with Dr. Kissinger.

On 17/10/1912, President Nixon sent a letter to Minister Pham Van Dong, stating that

The agreement had been finished, and he would be glad to sign it on 31/10.

Peace was here, or at least that was how all the big newspapers's titles were.

Mr Nhan!

You look so calm today.

Here we are again.

I'm having a meeting here, so I make use of the time to go wandering around Ha Noi.

Do you know what Mr Thu has been up to?

I just recently got his letter from the South.

His division is going to move again. He's getting further and further every time.

Oh and please remember that 18/8 is the death anniversary of Mr Thu's mother.

Please come.

Of course.

Dear Ma'am, today is 26/10/1972 which means it is 18/8 on the Lunar year.

Our family has gathered here to celebrate the death of your anniversary.

Please watch over us.

Even though we are apart, but we will always remember each other.

I long for the day to see you again.

Please understand for me. I hope you'll watch over our family.

Ladies and gentlemen,

Today is my wife's death anniversary.

I've prepared some wine, please accept my offer.

[people talking noisily]

Please join the feast.


Thuy Tien.

Come here.

Oh gosh, sit here.

Have you guys picked your wedding day?

Well, we're planning on getting married on 18/12. Mr Tam was the one that picked the date.

What about you and Thuy Tien?

She seems to be so anxious.

It's Vu Ha and Vu Thu's photograph.

I heard that Vu Ha is now holding an important position in the Nguy Sai Gon government. Is that true, Thang?

Vu Ha and Vu Thu have been attacking each other ever since the year Mau Than (year of the earth monkey).

But when are Vu Thu and Ngan Ha getting married?

They've been together for almost 8 years.

Thu's been suffering a lot. Although we are all soldiers: I'm in the air force army,

You're in the missile force, you're in the anti-aircraft gun division.

Thu is the only one that is in the army force. He must be so lonely there.

But the army force is the most important force of all.

On 22/10, President Nixon ordered his army to stop bombing the North.

The HaNoians are coming back home.

Let's cheer! For peace!



This is Radio The Voice of Vietnam, please listen to this special session.

On 22/10/1972, Viet Nam government and America government had made an agreement

on ending the war to regain peace in Viet Nam.

Both parties decided that it would be the best to list out things

each country need to do in order to sign the final agreement on 31/10/1972.

But the Nixon's government has showed no good will or any serious attitude towards this agreement.
They only wanted to prolong the agreement to fool the media,

in order to continue their invasion in Viet Nam and Indochina.

Viet Nam government determines to ask America government to follow the agreement and to sign the agreement on 31/10/1972 as they promised.

[people talking noisily]

Today's morning is so relaxing. Sipping a cup of coffee.

Sitting with my dear friends. Life's great, don't you say?

What a coincidence. I didn't think I could meet all three of you here.

May I present Ms Lily. She's a Le Monde's reporter.

This is Mr Phan. He's a writer.
Hello Sir.

Here is Mr Bui. He's an artist.

Hello Sir.

And this is Mr Trong. He's a musician.


They're all legendary artists in Ha Noi.

They all speak French.

Ha Noi has three specialities:

Mr Bui's paintings, Mr Trong's music,

and my literature.

Oh! How lucky I am to meet all three of you here.

It's too good to be true.

Thank you.
How long have you been here?

I just got here yesterday afternoon.

My newspapers wants me to write about Ha Noi's first independence days.

Is peace coming to Viet Nam?

Well, it's just a rumor between the Paris media.

My newspapers ask me to come to Viet Nam to confirm this news.

Have you seen anything yet?

I'm one of the Vietnameses that live in Paris.

I can't remember how many times I have fought with other French people for Viet Nam's freedom.

But when I get here, I have the feeling that I am the only one that is excited for peace, not you guys.

We aren't that combative.

Excuse me.

Can we go upstair to watch the paintings?

Of course you can. Please come.

Come in please.
Thank you.

Be my guest.

Do you like this painting?
So beautiful.

What about this?

The last time I went to Ha Noi, I'd taken several photographs of Ha Noi's streets.

But today, I realize that I can only see their true beauty through these paintings.

The beauty of HaNoi's soul.

Mr Bui drew all of this.

I want to buy a painting, Sir.

He is the owner of this showroom.

I want to buy a painting, Sir.

No, I'm only keeping these paintings for Mr Bui.

Since the American air force has stopped bombing us, I recently brought them back.

I can't own these paintings. I'm too poor for that.

They are yours. You've given me free coffee all the time.

No way. How could I treat you like that? I'm just a protecter of these paintings.

Ngan Ha!

I just called a friend in Paris to tell him what the situation is really like in Ha Noi.

Nixon is using the agreement to fool the media in order to gain more votes.

He doesn't really want to end the war yet.

The agreement has been postponed. Mr Le Duc Tho has to fly to Paris again.

Sooner or later, the agreement will be signed.

Kissinger said so in the conference. Peace is coming.

I sense something really important coming.

Before ending the war in Korea, the American air force bombed a whole part of the country.

Vietnamese people tend to be very far-sighted.

Nixon is forced to end the war.

In January 1973, United States House of Representatives will cut the budget

used for war in Viet Nam.

Ha Noi has publicized the agreement. Nixon has no other choice but to end the war.

I'm sorry.

Thank you.

What's going on?

The turtle is coming up.

Over 500 years ago, after defeating the Ming, King Le Thai To returned to Thang Long capital.

When he was surfing on this lake, a turtle showed up and asked him to return his sword.

It must be the same turtle we saw.

Today the turtle showed up to celebrate the fact that peace is coming to Ha Noi.

The Paris conference is stuck.

Our spies have reported that the enemy is trying to launch a big attack against the North.

The enemy is pulling out squadron number 7,8,13 to organize a special force.

They've even created two stations in Guarana, Pacific ocean and Utapao, Thailand.

A fuel-supply aircraft was summoned to Philippines.

6 aircraft carriers are now in South East Asia Sea.

Moreover, ever since 11/12, pilotless aircrafts have been flying over Ha Noi and Hai Phong multiple times.

On 15/11, a meeting was held.

We were warned that the enemy may launch a new attack.

This new attack may even be bigger than any of those previous attacks.

They can even use a B-52 aircraft to attack important positions in Ha Noi or Hai Phong.

Like populated areas or crowded roads.

Their navy force is attacking our coastal cities too.

The headquarters orders us to stay alarmed, and get ready to take action at any time.

Sir, our radar just received a signal from the enemy's aircraft carrier.

"Where is the emergency aircraft?". Over.

Immediately pass this news to the Air and Air Defence Force.

Yes, Sir.

Sir, squad leader Nguyen Lang is here.

How's everything?

Sir, the whole squad is ready for action.

If a B-52 aircraft shows up, can you defeat it?

Yes, Sir. We'll defeat it at all cost.

Well done. I promise you, if you guys can defeat a B-52 aircraft, the Air and Air Defence Force will give each of you a cow.

What a deal, Sir!

Stand up straight!

Hello Commander. I am the Squad leader.

How's everything? I want to meet squad leader Dang Nhan.

Sir, he's on his on vacation. He just got married.

Today is his wedding day.

What if a B-52 aircraft shows up tonight?

Sir, we promise to fight as usual. He will be back if it is necessary.

The General Staff has reported some suspect signals.

An ERF4C aircraft submitted a signal back to its station, stating that

Ha Noi's weather would be suitable for action.

This entire morning, Indochina's sky is too quiet.

There were only two groups of B-52 aircrafts bombing the West of Truong Son.

This is so strange.

It's a calm before the storm.

I think the enemy is going to strike a big attack tonight.

Please inform all units, that the enemy may attack us with a B-52 aircraft tonight.

Yes, Sir.

This is Officer Hua...

[children playing]

Hey mr soldier! Your tire is flat.

My tire isn't flat at all.

But it will be if she gets on too.

Do you want to get some drinks?

We can sit there and talk.
But I want to sit here.

But the last time you refused to sit here, didn't you remember?

There's a moon tonight.

Commander! They are jamming our radar!

Are you tired?

Mr Nhan!

Duc's farther was killed by a bomb this morning. I had to take him home.

The commander said you need to get back immediately.

I'm anxious too.

Tomorrow morning I'll be back.

Goodbye Sir.

Hey! Wait a mintue.

Hien, have a rest. I'll be back soon.

Honey! How could you leave me like that?

Oh honey!

When are you going to burry him?

Tomorrow right?

I think we need to wait for Duc to come back.

Oh honey!

I'm his old buddy. We used to fight along in Dien Bien Phu.

Please play the song.


How could you leave us like that?


Oh honey!

Your son is back.

Your son is back.

Dad! Dad!


Oh honey!

Oh dad!

Commander! We've spotted groups of enemy's aircrafts flying towards Ha Noi. Over.

Warning! All North of Viet Nam is under attack by American B-52 aircrafts.

Get ready to take action.
Yes, Sir.

Get ready guys.

Get in your positions.

Check your machines.

Check done.

Warning! Warning!

The enemy's aircrafts are 50km to the East from Ha Noi.

Please evacuate immediately.

Army forces, get ready to take action.

Thang Long calling for 28.
28 is here.

28, take off.
28 is clear.

How can we survive?

I'm so scared mom!

We're going to die.

I've told you stay there, but you didn't listen to me.

Tomorrow morning we're leaving this place. Are you clear?

But will we still be alive next morning?

B-52 aircrafts are attacking Ha Noi. Why haven't they launched the missile yet?

Commander! They can't launch the missile due to the jammed radars.

Our radars are all jammed. They are unable to spot the target.

I spot a strange signal. I think it's a B-52 aircraft.

Are you sure?

I wish Nhan and Duc are here.

B-52 aircrafts are attacking Ha Noi.

B-52. They're B-52 aircrafts.

What are we going to do?

You stay here. I have to get back now.

No way. I have to go with you.

Stay here. We all understand your situation.

No. I am not afraid of the punishment.

I'm sorry mom.

Please forgive me.

I won't be able to attend my father's funeral.

I need to leave now.

Are you going to leave now?

Oh my son !
Oh mother!


Please forgive me.

You used to be a soldier. Please understand and forgive me.

Uncles, aunts.

Please forgive me. I need to go now.


Guys! We need to try to find the B-52 aircraft's signal.

Let's fight them the T way.

But group B's signal is different from group F's signal.

If we can't spot the B-52 aircraft, the fight them the T way.

Try to minimize the jammed signal. We need to hit the target.

Those B-52 aircrafts are trying to hide themselves in the jammed signal. We will attack their hiding spot.

We will stab them in the heart.


Target spotted. Machine launched.

All good. Fire.

They're fighting back. Our soldiers are attacking them.

Our soldiers are attacking them.

Get in. A bullet might hit you.

Leave me alone.

See it for yourself. It's our fire dragon flying.


Hey you! Do you want to die? Get down now.

I'm a camera man. I need to record this even if it costs me my life.

Then get on. Remember to record things nicely.

Hey! Take this.

Thank you.

Remember to return me the helmet.

28, turn right. Rotate 30 degrees.
Clear. 30 degrees.

They're 8km away.
Clear. 8km.

I'm jammed. My radar can't spot the target.

28, get out of there.

We've hit it! Mr Lang! We've hit it!

Look carefully.

It is a B-52 aircraft. It's on fire.

Look at the smoke!

It's on fire! It's on fire!

We're getting a cow!

Mr Van! We've defeated a B-52 aircraft!
Is that true?

Yes, Sir.

We've hit it at 20:15.

28 is 10km away from the airport.


28 can't spot the runway.

The airport is bombed. The runway lights are broken.


A B-52 aircraft is on fire. I can see the airport now.

28 is having a clear vision. Please permit me to land.

28, turn on your flash light and land now.

Stay here and fix this. We need to go now.

Duc, let's go.

Duc. That's our missile!

Mr Nhan!

So? Have you launched any missile yet?


Our radars are all jammed, so we are fighting the T way.

Don't worry. We'll figure it out.

Get him! Get him!

[people screaming]

Hands up!


Switch! Switch now! We need to catch group 3!

We need to catch group 3.

Target spotted!

How's the signal?

- Good.
- Fire 2 missiles.

All good. The first one is launched.

Distance 35.

The second one is launched.

Distance 32.

All good.



Where are you going?
I need to go outside.

We've hit it.

We've hit it.

Dad...I've taken down a B-52 aircraft.

What? Was it a B-52 aircraft?

Yes, Sir. I'm holding a part of it at the moment.

We've defeated a B-52 aircraft.


Hello? I want to speak with the General.

Sir! Last night at 20:15 and tonight morning at 4:00,

our missiles have defeated 2 B-52 aircrafts.

One of them fell down Phu Lo. The other one fell down Thanh Oai.

Yes, Sir.

Sir, those are the jams that the Americans threw down in order to distract our radar signal.

The whole village is covered with them.

Bring me my crutch.
Yes, Sir.

Mr Thang!

Newspapers! Newspapers!

Last night, our soldiers defeated 3 American B-52 aircrafts.

2 of them fell down instantly. The pilots are all captured.

Newspapers! Newspapers!

It is the first time in the history of America that a B-52 aircraft fell down instantly.


The victory of Ha Noi has outshone the event of Apollo landing on the moon.

Newspapers! Newspapers!

December 1972. Will Ha Noi survive, or will it be destroyed?

Will Ha Noi return to the stone age?

Let me help.
Thank you.

Ma'am. Can I stay?

If I come with you, where can I give birth to the baby?
Hospitals are everywhere nowadays.

I can tell you will give birth easily just by looking at your belly.

Come with me. I will help you.

[people whining]

[people whining]

Honey, please come with us. It's very dangerous here.

Oh gosh, just go.

What if you die?

What? Do you want me to die?

Watch your mouth.

I need to stay to help the soldiers.

You and the kids need to evacuate to be safe.

Besides that, if I die, then little Sinh will be my heir.

You should go now. Go!

Hello Lily!

Ngan Ha! I thought you have forgotten about me.

I came to your hotel, but they told me you're here.

It's very dangerous to stay in the hotel.

I thought you've left Ha Noi.

How could I leave?

Gia Lam airport was bombed.

Many foreigners had to leave in a rush, because they were afraid of being stuck here.

Nixon is trying to turn Ha Noi into another Hiroshima without using nuclear bomb.

So that means what was avoided for 15 years by his previous presidents,

was decided within a night by Nixon.

Are you planning on participating the morning battle?

Yes. I'm going to Long Bien bridge.

I have a friend that fight there.

Can I come too?

No way. It's very dangerous there.

I wouldn't have stayed if I really want to avoid danger.

This squad's mission is to protect the bridge and the electric factory.

Where will they hide if the Americans try to bomb them and fire rockets?

If the aircraft is up high, then our missiles will protect them.

If the aircraft is down low, then they have to protect themselves.

I don't get it.

Let's go up there. Put on your helmet.

Mr Thang!

Lily! Talk to Mr Thang now.

He's going to shoo us down.

How far can this gun reach?

Everyone knows this gun can't fire very far.

If the aircrafts are up high then all we can do is watch.

But if they want to bomb the bridge or the electric factory, then they will have to fly down.

That's when you need to use this gun.

I heard that in a situation like that, the gunner will have to be tied to the gun.

No one forces us to come here.

We wouldn't be here if we want to run.

Ngan Ha! It's a warning! Get down now!

No, I want to watch.

Hold the bag for me.

We need to leave now. They will come back for sure.

How are the guys?

See for yourself. Thang is waving goodbye.

Oh gosh! Look at the amount of missiles they've fired.

You need to give me a missile.
You need to wait.

I've been waiting since forever.

Where's Nui Thanh Van Tuong squad's vehicle?

We're Mr Nhan's soldiers.

We're Mr Lang's soldiers.

Go get your missiles.

First come first served.
I've waited all morning.

I've run out of missiles.

We need to fund the best squads first. You have to wait.

Hey you!

It's an urgent.

What's wrong?
The aircraft is coming this way.

Tell the people to meet at the big old tree.
Yes, Sir.

Up! Up!

Let's go!

Nixon will never get to see our aircrafts.

We had a good fight on 18/12.

But the battle on 19/12 wasn't very well.

Ha Noi's missiles couldn't defeat a single B-52 aircraft.

Those B-52 aircrafts are still there.

The General ordered the missile force to focus on defeating B-52 aircrafts.

Some other forces and squads will have to move out of the spot.

Their mission will be protecting the missile force.
do you have any idea?
Some other forces and squads will have to move out of the spot.

Their mission will be protecting the missile force.
do you have any idea?

We will follow your order.

We suggest the General to move two missile force's squads in Hai Phong

to the North and East North of Ha Noi.

We will consider that suggestion immediately.

What about the amount of missiles?

Was the last battle bad due to the lack of missiles?

How many missiles did you make yesterday?
16, Sir.

Are you a turtle or what?

It was due to the lack of K61. Our newbies didn't perform well enough.

We lack a lot of equipments.

Cartridges are everywhere. It would take a lot of time to bring all of them out.

Is that the reason why?

That's our fault Sir. We promise to fix it as soon as possible.

I know you struggle a lot.

We will fulfill all of your requests.

Just don't let our station empty.

Don't worry Sir.

I know that it would be a big sin if we can't supply enough missiles for the soldiers.

Dear Gods, ancestors and heroes

that died for the sake of this country.

Today is 15/10.

Please receive our humble gifts.

Please help and protect Ha Noi from the upcoming battles,

so that we can defeat those B-52 aircrafts.

Please bring us peace and fortune.

It's a warning!

[people screaming]


Have some coffee.


You're the best thing Ha Noi's ever had.

Ha Noi without Mr Lan's coffee, is not Ha Noi anymore.

Thank you Sir.

Here you go.

Please come up with us when the alarm is turned off.

Don't worry.

Remember not to fall asleep during work.

I'm Tran Hung. I am the commander of the Air and Air Defence Force.

I want to report that our soldiers defeated 3 B-52 aircrafts in the latest battle.

3 B-52 aircrafts?

Yes, Sir. Only in a short amount of time, from 20:10 to 21:00.

The enemy is being very confused right now. They are calling for their pilots to jump out of the aircrafts.

We need to be focused to attack them even harder.

Sir, some squads are out of missiles.

According to my experience, the enemy will strike a second or third attack.

Where will we find enough missile for our soldiers?

According to the past attack's rule, B-52 aircrafts will strike 3 attacks.

The second attack is usually at 12pm.

Tonight's second attack is coming.

But our soldiers only have very few missiles left.


My soldiers have been working 3 days straight.

We've used up our energy.

Yes. We'll try our best.

What's wrong with him?

Let us help.

Come come.

Stay away.

His condition is critical.

Take him to the hospital immediately.

Sir, group 1 and 2's heights are 10,000.

Speed: 300m/s. They're flying towards Ha Noi.

Hello? Hello?

This is the commander's warning.

Those two groups of aircrafts that are flying towards Ha Noi are false B-52 aircrafts.

They are F4 aircrafts. Use our regular 100mm cannons. Do not fire missiles.

Yes, Sir.

The General Staff warned us that the enemy's B-52 aircrafts will not attack Ha Noi.

They are going to attack Thai Nguyen.

Ha Noi's air defence force should hurry up and prepare missiles for the third attack of the night.

Oh gosh. I'm so nervous.

What if they continue to strike the second attack?

Sir! The enemy's aircrafts are only 100km away.

Sir! Van Tuong squad, Bach Dang squad and Chi Lang squad are out of missiles.

In the North, Nui Thanh quad is the only squad that still has one missile left.

Damn it! What a bummer!

They are coming like flies, but we've already run out of missiles.

I can't take this anymore.

We need to choose the target carefully. We can't fire unless the target is carefully spotted.

I think we should fight them the P way.

No way. Try to spot their signal. I believe we can hit them.

Many squads have defeated them the T way.

Guys...we only have one missile left.

We won't have any other chance to fix our mistake.

Azimuth: 080; Distance: 45: Height: 10.
Target spotted.

Information received.

Azimuth: 080; Distance: 45: Height: 10.

Signal sent.

Jammed. No signal found.

- Jammed B-52.
- Information received.

B-52 spotted.

T way. Fire.

By using American's best weapon: Boeing B-52 Stratofortress to attack Ha Noi,

President Nixon was sure that the North of Viet Nam would have to kneel under his feet.

But he was wrong.

On 21/12, America stroke its final attack against Ha Noi.

But President Nixon received an unexpected result.

7 B-52 aircrafts were taken down.

12 out of 42 pilots survived.

But they were all arrested.

The enemy've tried their best.
We've tried our best, too.

Although the scale of the attacks were totally uncountable,

and our army even suffered from the lack of bullets and missiles.

In the morning of the 21st day, missiles were immediately transported from factories to local stations.

The biggest, baddest battle was still yet to come.

Ngan Ha!
What's wrong, Thuy Tien?

Look! The orchid Mr Truong Son brought back from Truong Son has finally bloomed.

Go tell your mom. She'll love it.

You make me feel so nervous.

I'm so worried about Thang. I wonder if he's alright.

Don't worry.

Mr Vu Thu will stay in the South for 8 years.

Go to sleep.
You look so pale. You must have been sleepless for a while.

There are so many patients.

I need to go see Thang.

Are you crazy?

I go there all the at time.

But the enemy's aircrafts are there at the moment. It's very dangerous.

I've made up my mind. Please don't try to stop me.

You shouldn't do that.

[people talking noisily]

Where's the rickshaw?


My hospital doesn't have any empty bed left.

Two friends of mine died yesterday.

What if something happens to you? I will never be able to move on.

Don't say that. You have to stay strong.

We will get through this together.

Then, I'll ask for the permission to marry you. Do you agree?

Why are you asking me that question?

We will live happily together.

Although I cycled all the way here,

but when I saw that you were working, I was willing to leave immediately.

I'm such a stupid girl, right?

The operation was so intense.

Ms Thuy Tien, you should have a rest.

I'm fine sitting here.

They're going to attack us again tonight.

Please prepare the operation room well.

Thuy Tien, you look so down today.

Are you sad because he hasn't proposed yet?

I'm so tired right now.

If you were me, you wouldn't be able to look happy after a 2-hour operation either.

Why should you love a soldier when all you can do is wait?

You should choose me instead.

I'll marry you within a day.

We're not fated to be together.

How can you marry me?

Thuy Tien!

Thuy Tien!

Thuy Tien!

How could it be?

How could it be?

Thuy Tien!

It's me. I'm Ha.

Oh Ngan Ha...

I've been waiting for you.

Please send my goodbyes to my loved ones.

Please tell Thang...

Please tell him...

B-52...I'll wait...please...

Tell him...I...I...I love him...

Thuy Tien! Thuy Tien!

Please don't! Thuy Tien!

This world is still full of bad guys.

Their souls are our tombs.

Their tongues are filled with poison.

Their mouths are full of curses.

Their feet are soaked in our blood.

All they want is destruction. They don't want peace.

Oh my children! God once said:

What goes around comes around.

He who does bad deeds will die of bad deeds.

He who wants to drown his kind in inferno, will be drowned by the inferno.

Excuse me Sir. Where is Nui Thanh squad?

They've moved away.
Where are they now?

I don't know.

Did anyone die because of the last attack?

I don't know either.

But not everyone could escape that amount of destruction.

I think they might move to Co Loa.

You should check it out.

But I'm afraid people won't tell you, even if they know.

I've never met a man as honest as him.

Today...I'll bring him an unexpected joy.

I won't leave unless I meet you.

I hope you're still alright.

Excuse me Ma'am.

The families of the missile squad's member told me that they've moved here,

Who? Who said that?

Do you know any member's name?
I'm Mr Dang Nhan's relative.

Dang Nhan who?
The squad leader.

Why didn't you say that sooner? Come with me.

Mr Nhan! Come here. You wife came to see you.

How did you get here?

She's very inexperienced.

If she'd told people that she wanted to meet her husband, then anyone would have show her the way.

Why are you standing her? Take this bike to the garage.

Let's go honey.

Since I've through a lot, I'm really grateful of a peaceful day like today.

I've decided that I won't leave until I can finally meet you.

I'm so worried about you. Have you ever thought that I would show up?

I've been thinking of you a lot.

I could sense your presence.

But still, I couldn't believe in my eyes when you showed up in front of me.

Why didn't you tell me that your squad are heading South?

Life of a soldier is very unpredictable.

I don't want to make you worry.

I was hoping that I could tell you before I leave.

Hien...I love you.


I'm really worried about you.

I'm really worried about you too, since your place is so close to Ha Noi.

But now I know that I can't live without you.

Will tomorrow be peaceful?

I think they stop attacking to prepare for something so much worse. Tomorrow is going to be a lot worse.

I've made the bed. Come in and have a rest.

Sis! Can I sleep with you?

No way. I have to sleep with my kids. Come on in.

Don't be shy.

My husband is a soldier too. He's been away for 4 years.

Hien...go to sleep. I can sleep in the car.

Do you want a son or a daughter?

I like both, as long as our kid looks like you.

I can sense that I'll give you a son.

Pilot Thomas, stand up.

This is the pilot of the shot down B-52 aircraft. He was captured on the first day.

I have a question.
Yes, please.

Sit down please.

How many tons of bombs did a single B-52 contain?

What would happen if those bombs explode?

What did you need to do to activate those bombs?

What did the button look like?

What were you thinking when you pressed that button?

Did you know that those 30 tons of bombs were dropped down on hospitals, schools

and thousands of innocent lives?

Tonight, B-52 aircrafts might attack Ha Noi.

Please evacuate if you don't have any mission here.

Your evacuation will help us a lot.

Ngan Ha!


Look! The orchid Mr Truong Son brought back from Truong Son has finally bloomed.

Go tell your mom. She'll love it.

Sir. B-52 aircrafts' signals are very jammed.

We are unable to spot them on radar.

What about human eyes? Can you spot them by human eyes?

Can you destroy them?

We can't fight B-52 aircrafts using guerilla way.

That's a good idea.

Due to the fear of crashing each other, B-52 aircrafts will have to turn on their lights at night.

Lights are very easy to be seen during night time.

Good idea.

In addition to that, after questioning the arrested pilots,

we've come to the conclusion that each B-52 contains 7 normal lights on its back,

2 yellow lights on its tail, 2 red lights on its left side and 2 green lights on its right side.

Which means we can distinguish B-52 aircraft by looking at its ights.

Dear soldiers and Vietnamese people all over the country.

This war may last for 5 years, 10 years or even longer than that.

Ha Noi, Hai Phong and several other cities may be destroyed.

But Vietnamese people refuse to surrender.

Nothing is greater than freedom and independence.

When victory day comes, we will rebuild this country even bigger and greater than it was before.

Soldiers and Vietnamese people all over the country, please be bold and be brave.

You don't have to worry about the amount of missile. You won't have to fire a single shot this time.

You can launch at least 2 missiles each time. 3 if necessary.

Avenge our capital! Fire!

[people screaming]

[people screaming]

Is anybody out there?

Is anybody out there? Help me!

Is anybody out there?

Is anybody out there?

Please save me!

Save me!

[people talking noisily]

Where's the stretcher? Where's the stretcher?

Hurry up.

There's someone over here!



Where's Ngan Ha?

Here's the Areca tree.

This must be Ngan Ha's house.

Ms Thuy Tien...If you can hear me...

please protect Ms Ngan Ha.

Stop talking.

This is Ms Ngan Ha's coat.

Where are you?

Please save me...please save me...

There's a hand Someone's over there!

Hurry up!

[people screaming]

[people screaming]

I need a crane!

Hang in there!

Hang in there Ms Ngan Ha!

Ngan Ha!

Ngan Ha!

Ms Ngan Ha!

Where's my daughter? Where's my daughter?

Give me back my daughter!

[people crying]

Oh mother!

You don't have to guard tonight. Have a rest.

Tomorrow morning, you'll see that I've taken down a B-52.

You're always ahead of me.

Work or love.

Well thank you.

Huh? What for?

Huong's very romantic.

She told me she wanted a branch of a tree in the hill where I live.

I've already chosen one for her.

Please keep this diary so that you can send it to her.

What are you doing?

Life is very unexpected.

The commander won't allow us to trade shift.

Don't worry. I won't act like this tomorrow.

Damn it! They dropped so many bombs.

Last night, B-52 aircrafts attacked Kham Thien Street.

The missile force took down 8 of them.

The missile force is our main defence.

The air and air defence has only taken down one B-52.

We're in a great debt with the people of Ha Noi.

Warning! A B-52 is spotted. It's 100km away from Son La.

Sir! The MIG aircraft has taken off.

Distract them.

Use the MIG to distract the enemy's aircrafts, so that our squads are able to attack them back.

There's a possibility that the B-52 are coming for Ha Noi.

Send out the 28.

28, turn righ: 45, 45.

28 is clear. Turn righ: 45, 45.

28, the enemy is on the left. 30 degrees, 45, 45m.

28 is clear.

The enemy may have spotted our signal.

The third B-52 group is weaker than the other groups.

The other groups are much more stronger than it.

Attack the third group.

28, attack the third group.
29 is clear.

28, turn right. Rotate 360 degrees. Speed up 8km.
28 is clear.

The enemy's 12km ahead.

28 is clear.

There's a missile attacking me from the back.

28, approach the B-52.

Clear vision. 3 crows to the right. 15 degrees.

That's right. 3 crows to the right. 15 degrees.

If I want to approach the B-52, I will have to speed up.

But the fire track will expose me.

Well done.
Tran Dai has successfully approached the target.

They're fooled.

If I remain this speed, it will take me 30 more seconds to launch the missile.

But if I try my best, it will only take me 10 to 15 seconds.

I have to do it.

Thang Long is calling for 28. Thang Long is calling for 28.

28, answer me.

28, answer me.


Stop calling.

We have to avenge the people of Kham Thien Street.

Here is the B-52. It's so clear.

Follow its track. Don't let it escape.

Target spotted.

Target checked.

Fire 3 missiles.


We're going to miss the opportunity of destroying a B-52 if we pull the trigger.

It only takes one second to destroy it.

Follow its track. We need to take it down.


Mr Nhan! Mr Nhan!

Mr Nhan! Mr Nhan!


Hien...I wish I could give you a child...

[screaming in agony]

Oh Mr Nhan!

[people cheering]

[people cheering]

Come here kid!

Piss on it kid! Piss on it!

Piss on it!

Dear friends! We gather here to celebrate the destruction of the B-52 that fell down on Ngoc Ha lake.

The coffee is on the house.

The B-52 aircraft that fell down on Ngoc Ha garden, was the last B-52 aircraft to be shot down on Ha Noi's sky.

By ordering a 12-day-and-night attack on Ha Noi,

Nixon committed the worst genocide crime in the 70s.

The soldiers and the people of Ha Noi

successfully defeated the evil scheme

to ensure the nation's safety.

Ha Noi 12 days and nights. Ha Noi - A Dien Bien Phu in the sky.

We shot down a total of 81 aircrafts,

including 34 Boeing B-52 Stratofortress.

7am, 30/12/1972,

President Nixon declared to end the air attack against Ha Noi.

11am, 27/01/1973, together

United States Secretary of State Roger,

Viet Nam Foreign Minister Nguyen Duy Chinh,

South Viet Nam temporarily government Foreign Minister Nguyen Thi Binh,

Viet Nam Foreign Minister Tran Van Lam signed an agreement on peace in Paris.

The agreement is finally signed.

The agreement stays the same.

Peace is finally here, after 28 years.

We gather you here today to inform you that

On 27/01/1973, the paris agreement was finally signed.

Which means, you're going home.

What will you do when you return?

"12 days of hell", a foreign journalist wrote.

President Nixon indeed tried to drag Ha Noi to hell.

They dropped down on us tons of destructive bombs.

But Ha Noi refused to surrender.

Though we suffered from the most frightened time,

but still, here we are.

I want a branch of blossom tree please. It looks so beautiful.

It's for you.

Thank you.

Hello Sir.

He hasn't moved ever since Ngan Ha's death.

Please go outside Sir. It will make you feel so much better.

You still have work and time to forget about all of this.

But I have nothing left.

Ever since you mother's death,

Ngan Ha was the only child that tried to take care of me.

I waited a whole day just to see her came back from work.

Without her, everything seems so empty and soulless.

You children will leave someday.

That's Mr Nhan. He looked so much better in real life.

Nhan...as I'm walking on this field,

I can see that the trees have again begun to grow day by day.

And inside of me, our child is growing day by day too.