Hannibal Rising (2007) - full transcript

Mischa and Hannibal, baby brother and sister, are inseparable; it is their love for each other that ties their bond. Their companionship is forever binding, until, with their family, while hiding from the Nazi war machine a twisted set of circumstance sets the pace for a most vicious attack on the future of one Hannibal Lecter for the sworn vengeance for the brutal killing of his baby sister. Years later, we find Hannibal, the teenager, setting up in Paris, and living with his aunt Lady Murasaki Shikibu and studying at medical school here he finds his forte. Still searching for his sister's murderers, still bitter and still ever hopeful of satisfying his desire for retribution. This chance arrives, and soon we are to learn that for a pound of flesh lost a pound of flesh must be repaid. This is the horrific tale of justice and honor, a young man's growing pains that will have the guilty paying with more than just flesh and bone. This is the up and rising tale of the young Hannibal, prey you do not meet him, for meat you shall be to him. Taste his wroth.

Hide quickly!

Run away!

Quick! This way!


Down to the lake.

- M... for Mischa.
- Mischa.

Come on!
Come on, let's go!

Come on, Lothar.

- Hurry now. Give me the bathtub.
- Yes, sir.

Mischa, where have you been?

Hurry now!


Come here.

Come on!


The cart is packed.
Everything is ready.

Hurry up.
Come on, come on.

Come along.
Come on.


Colonel Timka says the fighting
will be close to the roads.

Can't last more than a few days.

We'll be safe at the lodge.

Go on!

We're almost there!

No, no, no, no. The bath
has to be for the dirty...

- Yes, madame.
- In you come.

Take this.

Let's see if our toys
are still there.

- Ah, hand me the bathtub.
- I'll take care of that, sir.

No, no. It's fine.
But let's hurry.

Cook will have finished packing
the kitchen by the time you get back.


Hannibal, give them here.
Mama's pearls...

Pearls before swine...

Mischa... blow.

Shut up.
Shut up!

You are a Jew.
How could I eat your cooking?

Dispose of him.

How do you deal with locals,
being locals yourself?

You say you want to be SS.
Let's see you earn it.

Kill the Jew.

Bring me the peasant.

Move! Move!

Move, you fat fucking Jew!
Move! Move!

Are you a gypsy?

No, sir.

Are you a Jew?

No, sir.

Milko. Good job!

Why don't you show us
your dick?


Russian tanks moving west!

Put all their food
on the trucks.

Move it!

This forest was full of game.

This war...

Find us something
to eat, Lothar.

Which way home, Hannibal?

Good boy.

The Germans are falling back
from Leningrad.

They are in full retreat.

Freezing... and starving.

What's that?

Tank! A Russian tank!

- Get away from the window.
- Lothar! Russians!

Everybody out of the house!

We only want water.
The children can stay in the warm.

- Get them inside.
- Go on. Look after Mischa.

Come here.

Start the pump.

Wait here.



How much longer
with the pump?

A few minutes.


Stuka! Shoot! Shoot!

Get down!










No! Mischa!

Mischa, go back!

Go back, Mischa!

- Mama!
- No, Mischa, go back!

Hurry! Hurry!

Head shots.
No holes in the clothes.

Come on, Grentz!

Kolnas, come on!

- We're coming!
- Let's go!


Put them in the back.

Come on!
Run, run, run, run, run!

Start the engine.

I told you, Grutas,
we're going to die!

Relax, we're getting rich.

- In! In, in, in!
- Come on, come on!

- Faster, faster!
- Go!

isn't that the SS Major?

Kill a few gypsies, you said.

Kill a few Jews,
and they'll make you SS.

If you had kept your word,

I would be saying
"yes, sir" to you now.

But now... I am
in business for myself.

He's not one of ours!

Kill him!


Get the body.

Don't kill the dead ones,

Find the weapons.
Find the weapons!

Go. Go, go, go.
All in.

Come on, come on,
come on.

Dump the body!
Dump the body immediately!

They're shooting looters.

Stop and black out.

Move back!

Don't shoot!

Come on!

Come on.

- Put it down.
- Drop it now, you little fuck!

Put it down!

Or we shoot her.

Give me that.

Get the radio, Kolnas.

We're lucky. Only kids.

If a patrol comes by...

we saved them...

and their family's stuff.

Hey, Dortlich.

Grentz, check the door.

Pot watcher.

Check upstairs.

Find some food.

Hey, only rotten potatoes.

Find something.
Try the... try the Germans.

I need information, you idiot.

It's not a fucking toy.

Wait, I have found something
under Russian frequency.


Every five kilometers
from here to Vilnius.

So, we're stuck for now?

Once we were Lithuanian.

Now we are Russians.

We were Germans before.



And what are we
at this moment?

At this moment,
we are starving.

Did you get something?

Freezing out there.

Open it.

You think these are

These are frozen maggots.

This was rotten
before it froze!

I'll put this in your head!

Stop it, Grutas.

The boy is Hannibal Lecter...

...and the little girl is Mischa.

We eat...

...or die.

Let's hear you, little master.

He's a mute.

He's not mute at night.

He can scream well enough,
and he'll sing.

This is not
your father's house anymore.

It's the People's Orphanage,

and you're just
one more orphan.

I'll see you in my office!

Hannibal, you do not honor
the human pecking order.

You're always hurting
the bullies.

I know,

this was your mother's room.

Must be difficult for you
to live in this house.

Go to bed.

Go to bed!

Everything all right?

No, please.


Get up!

Now, scream all you please.

Every day,
you'll pay for this.

Every day for the rest
of your short and nasty life.


He's not here.

This way.



Who's there?

Some help you are.

Shoo! Go!

What is it, Serge?

A boy, madame.

He has pictures of you
and your husband.

Your uncle would have loved
to see you, Han.

It has been almost a year
since he died.

Only you and I are left now.


Mischa. Mischa.


Mischa! Mischa!

Mischa! Mischa!


- Mischa!
- Hannibal.

Hannibal! Hannibal!
Wake up!

It's all right.
It's all right.

When you sleep,
do you remember?

Do you remember
what happened to Mischa?

You look like your uncle,

Would you like to try?

Use this.


Speak to me.

Thank you.


Here is where I pray
to my ancestors

for strength, for courage.

I have the honor
only on my ancestor's birthday

to polish his armor

with oil of cloves.

This is after the fight
for Osaka Castle.

The samurai display
the heads of their enemies.

There are more suitable parchments
that will interest you.

Be gentle, Hannibal.

And be brave.

Like your father.

And like him.

You must be ready
for anything.





- Again.
- All right.

Hey, japonaise.

Hey, japonaise!

Monsieur, please.

- Is that all, madame?
- Yes.

Hey, japonaise,
tell me the truth.

Does your pussy run crossways?

With a puff of straight hairs
like a little explosion?


Don't move.

The butcher tried
to get the knife

while stating he would
kill everyone in the market.


The butcher... was Vichy,

a collaborator
with the German occupation.

He's much hated.

And I can deal with him.

Young man...

if you're to be a doctor,

you must be careful
with your hands.

No more fighting,

and never give more
than a single pass.

Forgive me.

I came now to seek revenge.

Hannibal needs peace.

If you've pissed in my fuel tank,
I'll twist your head off!

Paul Momund, the butcher.

You owe a certain lady an apology.

Apologize to la japonaise?

Boy, you must be crazy to come here.
I'll throw you in the river.

Or maybe I'll split your pants

and give you something
you don't want

where you don't want it.

You inquired about her...

You speculated
it ran which way?

Jap pussy runs crossways.

You should fuck that little Jap
and see for yourself?

Crossways like that?

Or more tangential
to the spine?

Do you see how your mouth
stains the air?

I should add that
to my drawing.

Would you like to see it?

Wait for me.

You see, it was made
with a single blow.

Ah, Inspector Popil.
I'm very happy you could come.

You won't remember me,
but I was with the...

Of course. You delivered
De Rais to Nuremburg

and sat behind him.

I saw you bring
the evidence.

It's an honor, sir.

- What do we have here?
- Paul Momund, or most of him.

You have his dossier.


Fat and ugly.

He shipped Jews
from Marseille.

He fought recently.

And often.

Last Saturday night, a bar fight.
He had many enemies.

A list, please.
His recent opponents.

You've done nothing
to this body?

Oh, no, no, no, monsieur.
No, no.

The chief specifically...

The odor,

it's not of anything
you use here?

It smells like
that toothache remedy.

Yes, oil of cloves.

Let's see the pharmacist.


The most exquisite bits
of the fish are the cheeks.

This is true
for many creatures.

When carving at the table,
you give one cheek to madame,

the other to the
guest of honor.

Did you hear?

They haven't found the butcher's
damned ugly head yet.

Good evening, my lady.

I hope you don't mind.

I would've used a butcher's knife,
but the sword seemed so appropriate.

Not a nick in the blade,
I promise you.

The butcher was like butter.

You didn't need to
do this for me.

Rudeness is epidemic,
my lady.


They will call it murder.

At worst,
a crime of passion.

Wash your hands.


Inspector Pop-il?

- Popil, madame.
- Popil.

Hannibal Lecter?

Good evening.

You fought with the butcher,
Paul Momund, in the market.

Now he is dead.

I must ask you
to come along with me.

Is your name
Hannibal Lecter?


Do you have any guilty knowledge
of the death of Paul Momund?

Guilty knowledge?

Limit your responses
to yes or no.


It's vanilla.

He reacts to nothing.

It's monstrous.

The butcher had been fishing.

There was blood and scales
on his knife, but no fish.

The tape tells you
all that?



The chef told me you brought
a splendid fish in for dinner.

Where did you get that fish?

By fishing, Inspector.

We keep a baited line in the water
behind the boathouse.

I'll show you if you like.

My specialty is war crimes.

And I know they
do not end with the war.

You lost your entire family.

So did I.

And for you, your beautiful aunt came
and made up for it all.

The very scent of her must have
taken away the smell of the camp.

So when Paul the butcher
spewed filth at her,

I can understand
if you killed him.

Tell me what happened, Hannibal.

Together we could
show a court there was...

The very scent of her
takes away the smell of the camp.

Do you compose verse,

And keep it
under your pillow?

Now, tell me, Inspector,
did you choose war crimes...

...because you lost family
in the war?



Some in combat,
some were shipped east.

Did you catch who did it?


But they were Vichy,
men like the butcher?


Then we are both suspects.

I can say you were
fishing with me, if you like.

you should see this.

I told you...
keep these people away.

- It's the butcher?
- Yes, sir.

How long?

Ten minutes.
No longer.

Wait here, please.

Madame, so sorry to disturb you.
I was passing with the papers.

Your legal residency
in France is threatened, madame.

We can delay the death duties

so you can stay in the house
for the time being,

but inevitably, the state will take it
and sell it at auction.

You will have to
let the staff go.

Good night.

Father, Mother...

I'm the youngest student they've
ever admitted into medical school.

It's a work scholarship.

I think you would be pleased.

Death duties on
my uncle's estate

have finally forced the sale
of the chateau.

Lady Murasaki will
leave for Paris with me.

This work scholarship means
I must spend much of my spare time

preparing bodies
for the anatomy class.

My studies are fascinating

and absorb me completely.

Yet I still find myself thinking
about my sister

and the men who
took her from me.

Let me go!

Do you suppose God
intended to eat Isaac?

That's why he told
Abraham to kill him.

Eat him?

Of course not.

The Angel intervenes in time.

Not always.

I have to know about Mischa.

I can see their faces
in my dreams,

but I can't remember what they called
each other with their bloody mouths.

I would give anything
to remember.


Memory is a knife.
It can hurt you.

I want to stay
here with you.

You must stay at school.

I need you to remember.

Who told the Nazis
where the children were hidden?

You must remember.

I can't bear to think
about it.

This will help you remember.

Hannibal Lecter.

What are you doing here?

The body.

I'm a medical student now.

Yes, I know.
I have followed your progress.

You repeat nothing
you hear in this room.

Please, Louis...

Klaus Barbie shipped
the children to Auschwitz.

Who told him where the
children were hidden?

Did you tell him?

When they broke my fingers,
I gave them Pardou.

Pardou knew where
the children were hidden.

He's mayor of Belleville now.

Thank you, Louis.



Where were the police?

No, no, no.
Please, please.

You knew at once
what Louis wanted, didn't you?

His crucifix to remain with
his brain, not his heart.

He answered your question,
but you didn't answer his.

Where were the police when the Nazis
threw the children into the trucks?


Come and play.

One little cheek.

Two little cheeks.


She has pneumonia.

Let's take her.

She's going to die anyway.


Come on!

- Get out!
- Grutas. wait!

The dog tags.

Come on!

Pot watcher!


- Student?
- Yes.

You need a new photograph.


Night report.

Entry visas for Kaunas.


The lodge.




Herr Dortlich...

On behalf of myself
and my late family,

I thank you for coming.

Do you remember the bathtub
bubbling on the stove?

She was dead anyway,
I swear she was.

So much mayonnaise,
Herr Dortlich.

Where are the others?

I don't know.

Yes, I know where one of them is,
Grentz. I know Grentz.


In Canada. He got out on the
refugee boat from Bremerhaven.

What did he look like?


They wouldn't have let
him in the SS!

Oh, yes, of course.

He's the one that
always provided the bowl.

What about Milko?

All dead, all dead.

In the war.

I remember his singing.

And now, your leader Grutas.

I don't know, I don't know,
I don't know, please!

Please let me go, and I will
testify against Grentz.

Do you remember "Das Männlein
im Walde," Herr Dortlich?

Mischa loved that song.

Let's sing for Mischa.

You're not singing.

Sing for slack, Herr Dortlich.


It's Kolnas!
Kolnas deals with him!

Deals with him.

And where is Kolnas?


Purpurroten Mäntelein, indeed.

Picked some wild mushrooms
and made a brochette.

Mushrooms and cheeks.

Where have you been?

You smell of smoke and blood.

Where did you go?

I found them.

The men who killed Mischa.

I have the names.

They're here in France.




He nets them on their way
to Africa and serves them for lunch.

They're like us...
they smell the others cooking,

and still they try to sing.

Kolnas is using
the name of "Kleber".

It's on the license.

Monsieur Kleber,
residing Rue Juliana.

Morning, how are you?

Oh, look.

Here he is.

Come by on his way to church
to check the till.

How neat he is,
and plump, this...

...war criminal.

Do you know that song?

Where's Natalya?

Where is she?

She's always wandering off.

Come, come.

We need to go to church.

Hannibal, he has children.

She's wearing
Mischa's bracelet.

Choose your offering
for the church.

Put it in your pocket?

Ah, the shiny one.

We'll put it safe in...

What is it?

- Evening.
- They're waiting for you down below.

I called my
Soviet friends.

Dortlich's dog tag
was in his mouth.

That means that he has
all of our dog tags

- and the pot watcher's inventory.
- No, no.

Dortlich searched
those ruins before?

Grutas told him to do it.

Poked around with his picnic fork,
the lazy bastard.

Who is he?

Who is he, this...
poisoned little boy

who killed Dortlich?

He's a Paris schoolboy.

They say that there is
a passport photograph,

but they don't have it yet.

What's his name?

Hannibal Lector.

You know him?

So do you.

We... we had dinner with him
during the war.

Go back to your
restaurant, Kolnas.

Bring me a covered dish
next time.

Where the hell is Dieter?


You bruise their face, you split
their lip, the money goes down.

Come here.

And that one...

that one is mine,
for now.

I didn't do it!

Milko, I want you
to go to Paris.

Kolnas found me
a Bösendorfer piano, the best.

Oh, and...

find the boy.


You know what to do
with him.


Inspector Popil.

Please come in.

This is...
not a social call.

- Where is he?
- I don't know.

At medical school,
I think.

Did you ever see
this man?


His name's Dortlich.

He's a war criminal.

He was found near
the castle Hannibal came from.

Dortlich had some
ugly friends.

I want to know
where they are.

Hannibal may know.

Don't cut yourself.

I know about you.

I know you lost
your family, everything,

when the bomb fell
on Hiroshima.


You protect Hannibal
because he lost everything, too?

That is your bond with him?

Do you see your family
in your dreams, Inspector?


So do I.

So does he.

If your pet snake
strikes in France,

I will have to seize him, and
he will die under the guillotine.


It was Grutas who
sent you to kill me.

No, not to kill.

To give you money.

Let me give it to you.




- You killed so many, Milko.
- No!

Many more than these.

Do you feel them
in the tank around you?

We ate...

...we ate 12.

Grutas was very quick.

She felt nothing!

So, Grutas has a house.


I have difficulty
hearing you.

He has a house...


All right, all right.


No, no, no!

She felt nothing.

No, please!


Oh, Inspector Popil.

What a surprise.

Found in your room.

If you kill in France...

I will see your head
in a bucket.

Do you mind if I work
while we talk?

You killed Dortlich in the woods
where your family died.

His face had been eaten.

I would suspect the ravens.

Ravens who made
a shish kebab?


It happened on the
eastern front.

But you know that, don't you?
You were there.

This is not the face
of your subject.

This is the face of Vladis Grutas,
like the pictures in your room.

Did you kill him, too?

No, I didn't.

Have you found him?

If I found him, I give you my word
I would bring him to your attention.

Don't fool with me.

Did you know he sawed off
the head of the rabbi at Kaunas?

He shot gypsy children
in the woods.

He walked free at Nuremberg

because a witness got
acid poured down her throat.

I'll need your deposition.

Come with me.

Let's begin.

Put it down...

...or I'll shoot her.

Grutas has
the eyes of an arctic wolf.

He knew at once to threaten Mischa
to make me put down the spear.

At first...

they needed us for cover
in case troops found them.


they crowded around...

feeling our cheeks and arms.

Hold her head still.
Hold her head still!


Hold it still.

Not in here, boss.
Not in here.


I promised Mischa.

Promised to make them
pay a pound of flesh?

To pay skin for skin?

If they had killed you...

who would punish them then?

The answer is "me."
I will.

If you swear to share
what you know with me...

then I will let you go.

I swear.


He knows something.

He'll lead us to Grutas,
then we'll arrest him.

The court has to
declare him insane.

Then in the asylum, the doctors
can study him and find out what he is.

The little-boy-Hannibal
died in 1944 out in that snow.

His heart died with Mischa.

What he is now...

there's no word for it...

...except "monster".

Give these men
to the police.

It's Kolnas's children,
isn't it?


Promise me.


I can't.

I can't.
I already promised Mischa.

Get out.

Give us your identification.

Where is Milko?

I don't know,
and I don't give a damn.

You paid me
to bring you this piano.

Get my bike down.

Don't worry.
I won't hit you again.

I like you now.

Maybe I fix your teeth.

I want steam.

Turn it up.

I'm glad you're here.

I always felt
I owed you something.

I thought
you would be bigger.

I put your face
on every bully I ever hurt.

Kill him.

Answer me this...

Would you have fed me to your
little sister because you loved her?



There you have it.


I love myself that much, and
I will never apologize to you.

Cut him.

Wait! Look at me.

And it won't hurt so much.


Get him! Go!

- Call Kolnas.
- Okay.

To continue
our conversation...

Do you wish to see...
Lady Murasaki... alive?


Listen to her.

Speak to your little
fuck boy.


Listen carefully...

I offer you a
life for a life.

Bring me everything
you have...

the dog tags, pot watcher's little
inventory, every fucking thing!

- Where?
- Kilometer 36 on the way to Trilbardou.

There is a telephone kiosk.

Be there at sunrise
and wait for a call.

If you are not there, I will
send her cheeks... in the mail!

A life for a life.

I know your asshole...
will look just like a violet.

Take her away.

Kolnas, bring me a jar.

Kill him at the
telephone kiosk.

Bring his balls
to the boat.

Ready to sail, sir.

Come on!

I'm sorry. Your...
room isn't quite ready yet.

I'll contact room service.



Clean up the treatment room.
Our old guests are leaving.

We have
a new one checking in.

Get out.

See that Dieter cleans them up good
before Achmed sees them.

Don't bite the women.
Bite Achmed's gold.

Drive straight through
to Marseille.

You know what will happen...

...if you don't give
me some, please.

Good evening, Herr Kolnas.

You drink better wine
than you serve.

I'm calling the police.

May I get them for you?

What did I do to you?

Aside from eating
my sister, nothing.

Are you wearing your dog tag,
Herr Kolnas?

Many people look like me. Are you
sure you have the right person?

I was slave labor
for the Nazis in the war.

I lost family, too.
I understand.

Well, to improve
your understanding,

I went by your home
on the Rue Juliana.

I went into the
children's room...

with the sleeping child.

And... I picked up
something for your oven.

It's a beef roast, Kolnas.

Do you see how it feels?


Where is my daughter?

What did you do to her?

Your daughter is safe,
Herr Kolnas.

I'll give her back to you
when you give me Lady Murasaki.

If I do that,
then I am a dead man.


Grutas will be arrested.

I won't remember your face.

Help me...

...or I'll leave the child
to starve.

Where is Lady Murasaki?

Grutas has a houseboat.

A canal boat.
He moves around.

Where's the boat?

In the Canal l'Ourcq,
west of Meux.

Where is my child?



- Hello, Astrid?
- Yes.

Look at the children.

Look at the children.

- Why?
- Just do it!

The children are fine.

They're sleeping.


Hello? Petras?

You tricked me.


I kept my word.

I spare your life
for the sake of your children.

Your boyfriend...

...ate Dortlich's face.

Jean, tie her up.
I'll go astern.


Grab it!

Grab it!

Hold it!



Shot in the spine,
my little Männlein.

Can't feel your legs?

Too bad.

You won't feel it
when I cut off your balls.

A present for you.

A velvet bag.

Can you see?


Look at this.

I can put some color
in her cheeks.

Where is Grentz?

If I tell you...

...will you kill me quickly?


A village in Canada.

Near Saskatoon.

Stop, Hannibal.

Give him to Popil.

He ate my sister.

So did you.

You ate her, too,

so why don't you
kill yourself?


Pot watcher fed her
to you in a broth.


You have to... kill...

...everyone who knows it,
don't you?

You ate her...


Your little lips greedy
around the spoon.

No! Hannibal stop!

Stop! Stop!

"M" for Mischa.


Stop now.

Forgive them.


I love you.

What is left in you to love?

No, none.

Find me the captain.

I came as soon as I heard.

Where is Hannibal?

Come on.


- Call the fire brigade!
- Yes, Inspector.

Take some men,
get down there.




I came to collect a head.