Hannibal Brooks (1969) - full transcript

In WW2, captured British soldier Stephen Brooks is on a prison train to Germany.On the train he meets an American prisoner, Packy, who's obsessed with escaping.Brooks tries to temper Packy and reminds him that escaped prisoners are shot if recaptured.Packy is insistent despite Brooks' warnings. On arrival at the POW camp Stalag 7A, Brooks and other fellow POWs are sent to work at the local Munich zoo, to care for the animals.Brooks is assigned to care for Lucy the elephant.The German caretaker in charge of Lucy is asked to train Brooks in his new job.At first, Brooks hates the assignment, considering the large amount of animal waste to be cleaned daily.However, he eventually becomes attached to Lucy the elephant.After a devastating bombing raid that kills some of the animals and zoo staff it is decided to evacuate the surviving animals.Lucy is scheduled to be transported by train to Innsbruck, Austria.On the departure day, the train is commandeered by a moody SS Colonel, for his troops.The colonel jokes that Brooks can walk the elephant all the way to Austria, if he wishes.The joke gives Brooks the idea of walking the elephant to Austria, with two armed guards and a Polish maid as cook.The Munich Zoo director, worried for Lucy's safety, agrees to evacuate her and send her to Austria on foot.Two soldiers provide the armed guard.One is Willy,a friendly Austrian soldier, and the other is Kurt,a brutal German soldier who gets drunk often, insults everyone and threatens to shoot the elephant.The group leaves Munich on a sunny day but the voyage to Austria isn't a promenade in the park when they start running into trouble.




Ja, Tommy,
for you the war's over.

Well, thank God for that.

Are you Brooks?

Well, what do you see through
that little hole of yours?

Quite a bit.

On a clear day,
you can see Mussolini.

Let's see.

That's great.

That's great!

I've always had
a flair for carpentry.

What's your game then?

We're getting
out of here tonight.

All we have to do is get
those two centerboards down.

All you have to do, Brooks...

Not what I have to do. I'm not going to escape,
are we, Bernard?

Yeah. Now does
sir know about this?

Certainly, seems perfectly
feasible to me.

It's every man's duty
to try and escape.

Right, spoken like an officer.

Now, when we stop, your job,
Brooksy, is watchman.

If Packy rips that roof,
you know what we'll end up with, don't you?


A dirty great draft from
here to the fatherland.

All clear, Brooksy?

Well, that was
all perfectly feasible.

That was good, Brooksy,
you really use it up here.

Yeah, well, I wish you would.

The trouble with Packy,
he's one of your natural leaders.

- Oh, thanks.
- Oh, yeah.

Lead us all into shit.

- Good night, last night?
- Too much champagne.

I had dinner in Munich with
this nymphomaniac countess.

What did you have to eat?

Well, I was going to tell
you about this countess.

Up the countess,
what did you have to eat?

- Steak and kidney pie.
- Oh!

Anyway, the countess
said to me...

What about the pudding?

Who told you?

Watch out, here comes
the scout master.


Look at him.

Smarten up, lads.

Uh, not you, Private,
your soul's in the care of the Pentagon.


It appears that
Jerry needs volunteers

for outside working parties
in Munich.

Now, we don't want anyone
volunteering for that sort of thing, do we?

I mean, if God
had intended for them to win,

he wouldn't have put us
in the British Army,

would he?

Besides, you're
still drawing army pay.

So let's all serve God,
King and country by staying here.

Yes, sir.

The vicar was
around this morning,

accusing us
of being unpatriotic.

Well, let's face it, we could hardly be
doing the German war mission any good,

us not working for it.

I mean, the allies didn't start winning
the war until after we were captured.

Hey, Brooksy, ask him,
is he ever going to go with you?

Hey, Corporal.

- Oh?
- What did he say?

He said we're going
to the Tierpark.

Oh, that's nice.

What the hell is a Tierpark?

It's a zoo!

A flipping zoo.

Zoo is not open to the public.

You will start with keepers and
attendants who will show you how to do.

Language should
make no difficulty.

If you're given a shovel
and a heap of dirt,

and an empty wagon,
words are unnecessary.

Only come to me
if urgent trouble.

I am the director.

Oh, well, there is much to do.
Thank you.

Come. We have a thing to do.

Must be some catch.

We'll be spending all our
time shoveling animal clods.

Yeah, well, I hope
I can get the budgies.

That's mine?

Ah! Herr Kellerman.

Well, I've certainly got some
shoveling to do here, haven't I?


Oh, Brooks.



I was prisoner
in England, last war.

- Herefordshire.
- Oh, yes, it's very
pretty around there.

Come, elephant not hurtful.

Yeah, well,
I'll take your word for it.

You see elephant before?

Yes, in the zoo.

But from out there,
not from in here.

- Mmm-hmm.
- Where's it from?

Ceylon. Here, Lucy.

She likes apples very much.

Lucy, this is your new friend.

Brooks. He is here to help us.

Well, I'm... I'm sorry,
I haven't got any apples.

I'll bring you some tomorrow.

Does she like corned beef?

This is just great.
This is just bloody great!

Meat. Real meat.

Yeah, but you don't know
what they are, do you?

Oh, I don't give a rat's.

It's the same as Herr
Director's having over there.

Hello, squire.

Look at all this
harmless grub.

What you on, Brooksy?

I'm on the elephants.

- Good, you've got
your work cut out.
- No, it's good.

It's interesting.

You're lucky,
I'm on alligators. Look!

Hey up. Over there.

I don't think much of yours.

It's all too much.
Women and meat all in one day.

He's been here all morning,
trying to chat her up.

Yeah, but even the other one
wouldn't fancy Kurt.

Hey, she's coming over.
She's coming over.

Here's your chance, Brooksy.
Give her a chat.

Get a dazzling repartee.

Any chance of, um, of seconds?


Hey, get off!

An apple!

Did you see that? She gave
me an apple!

Now she trusts you. You are
a fully qualified Lucy keeper.

Well, the army always said
it would teach me a trade.

Do you know that elephants get
the same illnesses as humans?

You're getting rather
keen on that job of yours.

He'll be putting in
for overtime next.

So? Best four weeks I've
had since I was called up.

How's your llama,
Brooks? Do give it my blessing, will you?

Oh, it's an elephant, sir.

It gets chicken pox and
measles and things like that.

Why don't you
keep it warm then?

Of course,
you know what they say about him and the elephant.

Oh, we're just good friends.

Come on, Lucy.
Come on, girl.

When are you going to teach
her to play cricket?

Oh, no.

You're not working here,
are you?

Listen, you think I'd let the English
monopolize the cushiest job in Germany?

It cost me 50 smokes
and a watch to get here.

Aren't you going
to introduce me?

Oh, yes, of course,
this is Lucy. Lucy this is Packy.

- Say how do you do.
- Hi, Lucy.

Brooks, you don't seem too
pleased to see me.

No, not much.

You remind me of the war.

What is that?

Tapir. South American, female.

Well, if you don't let on to that tapir,
there's no security in here.

Now, if you wished...
I mean, if one wished,

one could just walk out of here,
couldn't we then? I mean, uh, couldn't one?

Oh, we're not
on that again, is one?

Listen, it's a hundred miles to
Switzerland. It's all easy country.

What's that?

Oh, that's reserved
for an American soldier,

male, who'll be caught
in a Bavarian barn

with frost bite
and turnip poisoning.

What do you say
to that, Errol Flynn?

I can escape. I'm going to
hide inside a vaulting horse

and dig my way out while
the others are exercising.

- Coming?
- No.

Ah. It's hawk eyes today.

Who, Willi?

Oh, he's a good lad, Willi.

Treats us like the gentlemen we are. Morning,

Good morning!

Where are the others?

Now I don't know, Willi,
we haven't had matchings yet.

Let's go.

Okay, fellows, now lift.

Come on, fellows,
take care now.

- Morning, gentlemen.
- Morning, sir.

This morning's text
is taken from Ezekiel.

The word of the Lord
came unto me saying,

the Allied invasion of France
has now been confirmed.

Two Australians have escaped
from the laundry working party.

Now, I'm giving odds
of three to one,

that they'll be captured
within the next 10 days.

We shall be having two
more men in each bunk

as 100 Indian prisoners
arrive on Tuesday.

And Montecasino
was captured on the 18th,

which means that you lot
owe me 20 cigarettes,

four bars of chocolate
and a tin of powdered milk.

May the Lord be with you.

- Amen.
- Amen.

Of course you know why he became a vicar,
don't you?

- No, why?
- He had a bet with
his choir master.

They're early.

You go to the shelter.

No, I'll help you fasten Lucy.

No, no, no, I do it.

You go now. Quick. Snap!

Must be your lot
this time of day.

Yeah, well...

Right at lunch, of course.
It was goulash.

Jeez! That was close!

What the hell are they
bombing up here for?

Bloody hell!

Oh, blimey!

- That's your elephant house.
- I'm going back.

Me too, you need my help.

Hey, this way leads
right to the road.

- Come on.
- Thanks for your help.

Hey, come on, man, we ain't going
to get another chance like this again.

Listen, there's
Kellerman and Lucy in there.

Elephant house!

Are you coming or are you going to
make sure he gets a clean bandage, huh?

You better make sure
they don't catch you, boy.




It's all right now, baby.
It's all over.

No more bombs, baby.

Oh, why?

Brooks! Lucy, she's all right?

She is now.

There was some glass
in her side, but I got it out.

Terrible, terrible.
We had to shoot many animals.

Yes, you have done well,
but... Where's Kellerman?

He's there.


It was our local military.

I fight with them all morning.

But I have won.

Lucy is to be evacuated
to Innsbruck.

There she will be safe.
No bombs.

She leaves tomorrow,
with you, Brooks.

Does she? I mean, do we?

- How are we going
to get there?
- By train.

Oh... First class, I hope.

Come on, Lucy, forward.
Forward, Lucy. Forward.

Come on, Willi.
Give it a push, Will.

Tell him to shut up, will you?

Come on, Lucy.
Come on, Lucy, come on.

Come on.

Heil Hitler.

The Colonel, SS.

What's the matter?
What's he want?


Tell him I'm the keeper.

Tell me yourself.
I speak English.

Where's she from?

Oh, from Ceylon.

It is surely
where she belongs.

I suggest you get her
back there.

But she's got to be
evacuated, in this truck.

No, not on this truck.
I'm commandeering this truck.

But we've got papers,
haven't we? Official ones.


If I wanted the whole train,
I should commandeer it.

As you can see I have to move
important military equipment.

Certainly more important
than an elephant.

Even an elephant from Ceylon.

Look, if you're going
to take the train,

how are we going to
get the elephant to Innsbruck?

You could always walk.
The exercise will do her good.


Well, you look a bit
overdressed, like...

Like something out of
the Lord Mayor's Show.

Lucy, auf. Auf, auf,Lucy!

Auf, Lucy!



Has she come to see us off?

She's coming with us.

- What?
- Kurt has been
to the director.

He persuades him,
we need a cook for journey.

Ah, do not look pessimist.

All is possible.
Route is worked out.

Each day 20 kilometers. You
will take 10 days and one morning.

Good luck, Brooks.

Look after my Lucy.

I will do my best.
There is much to do.

Cheers, Brooksy.

I hope you'll both be
very happy.


Come on, now. Come on.

Roll over. Come on.

I told you we needed a cook.

That was very good.

It was a poor attempt
at a good Polish dish.


I didn't know you were Polish.
I thought you were Russian.

Mind you, can't tell the difference,
can you? I mean, we can't.

I knew some Poles once.

Used to meet them in a...
In a pub back in England

when I was stationed there.

They're a mad lot.
Good lads though.

For foreigners.

All this was carved in the 18th
century by Austrian farmers.

And there's Willi
from Austria,

and the elephant from Ceylon.

Just like
a Boy Scout jamboree.

We're here to forge new links
of peace and understanding.

Ah! We forgot the master race.

There goes peace and
understanding out the spout.

Where's he going to?

He has to report in
to the director, every night.

Then he will get drunk.

A pig, and he drinks.

He'd rather be winning
the Iron Cross,

wants his mother
to be proud of him.

He should be glad
she even loves him.

All right, campers,
rise and shine.

Come on, Willi,
put on your socks.

Come on, my dear, get up.

I hope you slept well?

My home is there,
high in the mountains.

Of course the mountains are very nice,
but once you've seen one,

you've seen them all.

Ah, the prodigal pig returns.

Let's hope he stays out
every night.

We were waiting for you,
you drunken pig.

We better shelter.
It might rain.

He will want to continue,
to keep to the 20 kilometers.


Oh, yes, she's never seen a pig before. Lucy,
this is a pig.

- A pig.
- A pig!

Hey, you can cut that out.

Cut it out!

Lucy. Lucy!


Lucy, stop!


Lucy, stop!

Lucy, easy, it's all right.

Lucy, there's nobody else.
No bombs.

Easy, Lucy. Come on, girl.

Well, now you're here,
you might as well eat, eh?

Come, Lucy, come now.

Look, tell him to shut up.

He says he knows
how to kill her.

What's he on about now?

He says he's been instructed
how and when.


You'd hardly think
there was a war on.

This is Austria,
now. The war has hardly affected people here.

Well, the elephant
certainly has.

I wish I was charging
a shilling a time.

A shilling.

All right, you lucky people,
one more for the elephant ride.

What's he saying?

He says we stay the night.
There will be dancing.

I expect he wants to give
the spot prize.

Oh, I wouldn't stand there
if I were you.

Not after all the turnip
she's had for dinner.

I shall stay, it is not fair.

No, you go and enjoy yourself.

I saw the way that barmaid was making
eyes at you. You'll be all right there.

Kurt will not
bother us tonight.

He will be very drunk but there
are many girls in the village.

- Bye.
- Ciao.

He likes you very much.

Well, I like him.
He's a good lad, Willi.

Do you want an apple?
An apple.

You are strange about people.
Never too impressed.

Aren't I?

No, I suppose not.

Except with the elephant.

Oh, she impresses me,
all right.

If you're going to bother to preserve anything,
what better than her, eh?

I want also to be preserved.

I'd like to think
of you surviving.

I'm all right then,
for a Pole?


I broke my leg, Brooksy.

I think I broke
my leg, Brooksy.

Oh, Brooksy,
my leg's broken. Ah!

Brooksy... Brooksy, my leg... Brooksy,
don't do that, it's broken. Ah!

They don't make barn roofs like they used to,
Brooksy, for escaping prisoners.

- Well...
- Ah.

La terre est broken.

Who's he?

He's French.

He's my lookout.

What's he looking out for?

He was supposed to be
looking out for holes in the roof.

Hey, look, Brooks. We're starting, uh,
a resistance. You know, partisans.

And we saw you,
we saw the Germans go.

And I said to myself,
"Brooks will want to get in on this."

"He's a soldier,
really. He's going to see great opportunity.”

You don't have
any food, do you?

No, I'm afraid not.

Look, don't you think you... You might... Well,
somebody might...



I, uh, think he's trying
to say something.

I don't know why they don't teach
American in these continental schools.

German soldier!

Well, Brooks, I guess this is
goodbye then, huh?

Yeah. I suppose it is.

Come on now, pull.


Brooks! Brooks!

What the hell do you want?

What is it?

Look, I've got
some food for you.

Marvelous food.

Look, Vronia. Eggs and
some ham and butter.

Look, butter.

Uh... What's the matter?

Aren't you hungry?


Vronia! Vronia!

Vronia! Vronia!

Vronia! Vronia!

Look, I don't know
what you're saying,

but if it's the ladder you want,
it's up here. It's staying here.

- Stick it.
- He will do something stupid.

- It's not worth it.
- Yes, it is.

It is not!

Well, one thing you learn
as a keeper,

never climb a ladder
near an elephant,

especially when
you're smashed.

Isn't that right?

We better give her
a drink of water.


But she always has water
when we come to it.

He says we have no time.

We must make for the bridge.

Lucy, stop.

Just keep still, girl.
Still, still, still, still.

Oh, I'm afraid elephants
can't move backwards.

I'm... I'm sorry.

But I've seen her do it.

No, Willi, you must've
been mistaken.


Look, circus elephants can walk backwards,
but not Lucy.

Nor can she stand on one leg
balancing a beach ball on her bottom.

So, you did walk.

Well, we had to, didn't we?

- Somebody took our train.
- Yeah.

Well, you will get your
bridge back

as soon as I have
finished with it.

Get her off.

Oh, I'm afraid,
that's impossible.

You see, we can't
turn around here, sir. Sir.

But I have seen elephants walk
backwards many times.

Specially trained,
trick elephants.

It can't be done.

We have wasted
enough time already.

What Stalag are you from?


When you return,
we must see about a transfer for you.

Yeah, well, if you'd let
her have a drink,

we wouldn't have been
on the bridge, would we?

Don't you dare walk backwards till
we get to Innsbruck, do you hear?

Don't you dare.

You know,
it was just my stubbornness on that bridge today.

And you're the one
that had to suffer. Eh?

No food and no water.

Does she forgive you?

You know what she says?

She says, "Don't do it again.”

You know,
Kurt's been at her all day.

Tonight, he will
take it out on me.

There are no village
girls here.

He's back!

Having reported in like the
good soldier he is.


And with a belly full of
schnapps by the look of it.


- Vronia!
- You cold?

Come on, Lucy,
let's get these logs moved near the fire.

Come on, my darling.

Come on, Lucy. Forwards, here.

Get this log over here to
the fire. Work for your living.

Come on, Lucy, push.
Come on, Lucy, push!

Kurt! Watch out!

He says he has orders about
killing the elephant.

Yeah, well, tell him,
orders only count when he's sober.

Is he dead?

Yes. Very!

But what will they do with me?

They will court martial me.

They will shoot me!
They will shoot all of us!

What will we do?

How far is Switzerland?

In miles, about 60.

Well, then, we must cross the border,
all of us, you too, Willi.

But I can't go to Switzerland.

Yes, you can.

Unless you want to pick
up that gun and turn us all in.

It would mean your SS.


We must hide the body.

Willi, you and Vronia
go ahead.

I'll try and keep Lucy
out of sight.

I'll meet you later
in your village.

- What do you mean?
- We must stay together.

Yeah, well, there's not much
point, is there?

I mean, if we're captured
within a couple of hours,

which we will be if she's
running around the country side.

She's not exactly
inconspicuous, is she?

But why should people
connect Lucy with us?

They'll report her,
won't they?

I mean,
you don't see an elephant in your front garden

then suddenly put it out of your mind,
do you?

Then tie her up somewhere.

Oh, um...
No, no, I can't do that.

Not around here. You see,
I got to get her right out of the way

before I leave her.

You don't intend
to leave her, do you?

I know what you're thinking.

But it's a crazy gesture. You
cannot risk yourself for this animal.

I have already, haven't I?

Today I killed my first
German in the war.

What do you suppose that
was in aid of? King and country?

This is the address of my
village. We will be safe there.

If you come, I will try to get
us across the border.

Yeah, well, give me two weeks.

I'll get there, I promise you.

Now, you two get out of here.

He's going to try and take that
elephant all the way, you know, Willi?

Even over the Alps.

Why not?

Hannibal did it.

What's up with
you, then, squire?

We won the war or something?

It's Lucy, the elephant.

For two days
they haven't reported.

Well, I wouldn't worry
about it if I were you, chief.

Even Brooksy couldn't lose
an elephant.

Come on,
you. There's a nature ramble on the way.

If we don't get out of here, they'll really
have something to tell teacher about.

Come on, you big fat cow.


Lucy, vorwarts.

Steady, Lucy.

Blanche, Charles, an elephant!

An elephant?

He won't be going back
to the Stalag after all.

Right, this is far enough
for one day.

I'm going back down to that
village we passed just now.

I'll see you later.

Hey, if I'm not back by 6:00,
phone the police!


No chimney smoke, no dogs.

I think we'll have a go
at this one.

Anybody about?

Well, we didn't make
a reservation.

But, I'm sure
they can fit us in.



Now here's luxury.
An indoor shave,

followed by an indoor kip.

Not bad.

Room service, please.

Would you tell the countess
I'm ready for her now, please.

Thank you.

The schnapps is here.

It's good, ja?


The schnapps is good, ja?

Schnapps is good!

You okay?

I should have known
it was you,

driving on the left-hand
side of the road.

Yeah, well, I was trying
to beat the rush hour.

Give the man a drink, Josef.

Come on, get that truck down!

Don't you want it?


I never got a license
and, uh...

You know how touchy
those German police are.

All right, come on up.

Okay, let's go.

I thought you'd be in
Minneapolis by now.

Staying with friends, eh?

Not friends.


Deserters, prisoners...

It's kind of a Foreign Legion.

Yeah, and you're
Beau Geste,eh?

Ah, if that's French
for Gary Cooper, that's right.

What do you need
an army for here, eh?

I mean, this is cuckoo clock country,
not the sands of Iwo Jima.


Our guys are burning up
Italy, right?

Now, every spare German
is going down there.

And they gotta go through the Brenner Pass,
which is in Austria, right?

Well, they come down back roads,
in little convoys like this, right?

Yeah, well, I must have been
a big disappointment to you.

No, Brooksy, it's good
to see you.

What you been doing
with yourself, anyway?


You know that elephant
I was in charge of?


Well, I brought her with me.

You see, we were on our way
to Innsbruck, officially.

I killed this guard so, um...

So now I am taking
her to Switzerland.

You know, Brooksy,
I know it's a dopey question to ask you,

but, uh, what are you taking
the elephant to Switzerland for?

Because she's never
been there.

You don't have
to escape, Brooksy.

They repatriate people
like you.

Just like a lot of kids
playing toy soldiers.

"Hey, you're dead!"

I'm not. You can't kill me 'cause I'm a tank."



This is the big one.

This is the one
we've been waiting for.

There's an elephant.

It's coming towards
our charges.

They're charged by Josef,
they're self-detonating.

If she hits it, she'll blow
the whole thing up.



Can you kill it?

I can stop it.

What a time to go
big game hunting.

Lucy, here!

Oh, no.


Lucy, come here.

Come here, girl.

Damn elephant.

I think the convoy
will reach it first.

I can't take that chance.

Whoa, Lucy.

Easy, Lucy.

And the next!

Go, Lucy. Lucy, steady.

Let's go down and see.

See? Packy's army,
21st hit and run.

I feel privileged
to have seen it.

Privileged to have seen such
a contribution to the war effort.

Look, Brooks, there's
a war going on.

Now, to you it might be
a make-believe war.

But it's happening, Brooks,

even here.

All right, Packy,
I accept that.

But don't revel in it.

So you've got a dozen
dead Germans here.

Do you know what for?

Do you?

Bully beef!

Eight truckloads.

Of bully beef.

A German patrol!

Well, I guess then you'll be
going your own way now, huh?

Yeah, I guess I will.

Good luck, both of you.

You know,
from now on the going's gonna get a bit tougher.

And Packy's little escapades
aren't going to help either.


Hey, you!

What's the matter with you?
You haven't said a thing all day.

You're not well, are you?

What's this there?

Oh, my God,
that's all we need.

Where is the doctor, bitte?


Is Herr doctor here?

Sprechen Sie English?

- Do you speak English?
- I speak English!

Good morning.

Can I help you?

Look, I'm... I'm a British
prisoner of war.


I'm not going to harm you
but I... I have a sick animal.

Where is the animal?

About a mile up the hill.

Look if you want to turn
me in, then you must.

- I am come to look, yes?
- Yes.


Bitte, what is elefant
in English, please?


No, in English please.

We're here.

So, Elefant in English
is, "We're here".

Ah, danke, danke.

Here we
are, Lucy, I'm back!

Ah, "We're here"
means Elefant.

All right, my baby. I'm back.

Does she bite?

Open up. Open up.

You'll need a brighter torch.

I must listen to the pulse.

Can you tell what's wrong?

What do you think it is?

My friend, in my thoughts,
"We're here"...

Ziegenpeter has.


Ja, Ziegenpeter.

Ja, the "We're here",
mump has.

- Mumps?
- Mumps, ja, it's all mumps.

I am quite sure. No safe.

Ja, please, give me medicine.

Usually when she is ill,
we give her rum.

About a bottle.

That makes her feel better.

Yes, I know, it makes anybody
feel better.

We must keep, "We're here",
quiet, no cold, no more move.

And to eat only the soup.

No moving?

For how long?

Seven days, one week.

- A week!
- It's all right,
no one will find her.

Tell me, is, um...

How far is the village
of Lungern from here?

Only 10, 15 kilometers.

You'll go there?

Yes, I, uh...

Have to...

Have to meet somebody there.

There, go, go, we take
care of "We're here."

When you come back,
she better. No more mump.


You stupid girl.

I suppose you caught it from one
of those children at the carnival.

Well, as long
as you don't give it to me.

As long as the elephant
doesn't give me mumps.

Look, if I'm not back here
in one week,

then you must get in touch
with Munich Zoo.

Ja, ja.

Thank you very much.

Both of you.

Much obliged, I'm sure.
Much obliged, I'm sure.


God save the Queen!

The King.

- Brooks!
- Yes, of course it's Brooks!

Your supper tastes good.

- Oh, you don't mind if I...
- No, no, of course, of course.

Where's Vronia? Upstairs?



She's in another house.

What about you, any trouble?

No, no. No trouble.
Listen, you must not stay.

There's my mother
and my sister in this house.

Behind the house is a field.
Sleep in one of the barns.

I shall bring you food
in the morning.

Yes, all right,
if that's what you want.

The border's not far
from here, is it?


We talk tomorrow.

Where's your pet?


I'm afraid she's ill.
I had to leave her.

I cannot understand why
you stayed with her at all.

Oh, you know the English,
we love animals.

Our dog didn't think so.

It was a German dog.

Stern rings constantly
about his damn elephant.

He will be greatly upset

that you have mislaid her.

I don't see what you lot
are so interested in us for.

I thought the SS
had different functions.

Don't underestimate yourself.

You killed a German soldier.

That's a fairly reliable way
of attracting my attention.

When, three days ago,

a convoy was destroyed,
there was one of ours there.

He claimed to have seen an elephant. Did he,

What color?

That man is one
of the raiders.

I'm sure you have never seen
each other before.

Perhaps the two of you will think
over what you are going to tell me.

We do have other functions.

Bear them in mind.

I'm sorry, Brooks.

That's all right, Willi.

That's all right.

They got us two days after
we reached the village.

They threatened not me,

my family.

Yes, I can imagine.

That man turns you in

and you tell him it's okay.

What do you want
me to do, kill him?

Do you suppose that
will put all this right?


Step down!


Do not concern yourself with what might
be going on with your friends downstairs.

It is of no importance.

The war, for you,

is nearly over.

I'm going to look damn silly

if there's nobody here.

Okay, let's go.

Coming with us this time?

I never thought I'd say this,
Packy, but I'm glad to see you.

- Where are you taking us?
- To my little gray home
in the West.

Come on.

We're heading for the border.
Get your climbing boots on.

I'll follow.

With the circus.

Well, we got this far.

Look, Brooksy, we got minutes.
You know, minutes!

Minutes to get out of here.

Notify Stern if you like.

Tell the zoo where she is.

But leave her.

You're gonna have to leave her anyway,
Brooksy, some time.

How do you see yourself
after the war?

Living in some English suburb,

with the world's largest kennel
at the foot of your garden?

Switzerland, Packy!

That's where I'll leave her.

All right, Joan of Arc.

But if you do go it alone,
you'll never make it without a guide.

He's got a guide.

I will go with you, Brooks.

Which way are you going?

Over at St. Anthony.

No, no, no, no, no.

It will be too well-patrolled.

Make for the pass.

It is harder going,
but much safer.

If it's going to be
that rough,

how the hell do you think you can
get that damn elephant over the Alps?

No, don't tell me.

Hannibal did it.

She is... Has... Was much
sadness because you was not here.

But she is much better now.

But nobody knows about her?

No persons!

If I am telling, I am mending
sick, "We're here",

who is to believe me?


Lucy, you better now?

Oh, yes, you're not going to mess
me around with your Ziegenpeter.Hmm?

I suppose you had a nice rest
while we've been up to here in it.


I have a present for goodbye.


Thank you, Doctor. We can do
with a little of this in the mountains.

No, it's not for you.
It's for "We're here!"

Oh, well, I dare say she'll
let us have a little nip.

And we'll drink
to your health.

In Switzerland. Hmm?

Switzerland is this way.

You better go ahead and see if
the lane is clear before I bring Lucy.


There are six soldiers.
They are coming this way.

Can we cross the river?

But it's too fast!

We'll have to try anyway.

They can't see us!

We've done it!




Get the gun!


The gun.

They are firing back.

Oh... What is it?



Maybe half a mile away.

Nothing to do with us.


And it's got nothing
to do with us?

Well, don't ask for trouble.

Forget the charges.



We've been through
this before.

Now listen,

we have extra charges, right?


A supply train comes
through here daily, right?

Huh, right?


If we put the two together,

we'll exit from here
with a bang. Huh. Good.

You're mad!



Even lovable.

But not mad.

Not mad.

Keep blasting away.
Change the clip.

- But I can't.
- Yes, of course you can.

Keep them pinned down,
don't let them spread out.

- What are you doing?
- I told you to keep firing,
didn't I?


There are four Kurts down
there now this time, Lucy.

Now push!

Lucy, push! Push, Lucy! Push!

Push, Lucy.


Make it quick.

Okay. Oh.


I know, Josef, I'm a madman.
I know that.

I'm also a mechanical genius.

Sami, all right!

Okay, Josef, watch this.

It's coming.

Should be on the newsreels
back home.

"Escaped American
war hero brings."

"German war machine
to a halt."

A train coming.

It'll hit those logs.

Oh, no, no, no, no.
That was terrible.

The men in the train.

We've killed them.

Look, Willi, I'm sorry,
but some of those...

Some of those things
that Packy says make sense.

Look, I didn't do all this
just to start a war.

But now I'm this close,

I'm not going to lose.

Well, you see this is...

It's a new kind of charge.

Doesn't exactly
blow the train up.

Kind of...

Trips it up. Trips it up.

It's Brooks!

He got the train!

Well, we didn't have the
cavalry support he's got.

Should we wait for them?

By the time we
reach the border,

he'll have already
won the war.

Come on.

If we get to the top of that,
we are near the border.

There is a path. It is difficult,
but there is a path.

Well, it's some climb.

What are the chances
of getting Lucy there?

Almost none, but that's
never stopped you before.

What's the matter?

A German patrol is driving up.

Well, they'll move a hell of
a sight quicker than we will.

Not if I stop them.

Look, there is only this path.

If I keep well-covered,
I can hold them off indefinitely.

- Give me the gun.
- Don't be silly.

You know what you're like with a gun.
You can hardly see 10 yards ahead of you.

Oh, I'm not that bad. Please.

Lucy, forwards here.
Lucy, forward!

He's done it!



Brooks, look, I've done it!

Look, Brooks, I've done it!


Well, it's you
and I now, Lucy.

Let's head for the sun.

Lucy, here.

Stop! Lucy, stop.


Good morning, Brooks.

You have a remarkable animal.

It can't walk backwards,

but it can climb mountains.

There aren't many colonels
that climb mountains either.

I'm a remarkable colonel.

Yes, you are.

If you started this cable car,
your own sergeant took the tumble.

What's the matter?

Do you want all the glory?

Do you know Geneva, Brooks?

No, I don't suppose you do.

It is very beautiful.

The Palace Hotel is one
of the finest in Europe.

I shall take one of the suites there,
overlooking the lake.

The wild duck and cherries are
still excellent, they tell me.

Got a 48-hour pass, have you?

The allies have passed Paris.

And Lance Corporal Brooks
has passed the tree line.

So what?

Germany will not be a good
place for remarkable SS Colonels

when the war is over.

Will Switzerland be better?

Hmm, Switzerland,
Corporal Brooks, is simply en route.

And now you have
come this far,

I suggest we go the rest
of the way there together.

But there's still
a man in the car.

I put the cable car
out of action.

There will be other patrols.

Well, let's hope he's
wrapped up warm. Hmm?

I can't believe
that you got this far.

Well, we took a shortcut.

Much as you did.

The choice was yours.

The choice was easy.

It was either him willingly
or the rest of them.

It was quite clear-cut
and easy to make.

Well, we've all precepted ourselves,
haven't we?


One way or another.

We are very near the frontier.


What is it?

It's a man with an elephant.

He's got von Haller
and a girl with him too.

Hold it, Brooks.

Stay right where you are.

I would like to take my
time over killing him.

He's on the same game as us.

Trying to get to the border.

Sudden attack of
neutrality, von Haller?

If I can get you across,

why should it worry you?

Getting through this
pass requires subtlety.

I'm very subtle.

Yeah, well, you stay here.

Brooksy, come on.
I want to talk to you.

Hey, hey!

What's the English
point of view?

A man who wrecks trains,
this should be a snap.

How many men?

Four. It's all I need
with a setup like that.

Couldn't you go
along the side,

under the hut, at night?

Well, there's two men
doing that.

How about over the top?

There's two men doing that.

You trust von Haller?


We've got no choice, have we?

We can go back and try
to climb the rock face.

But kill him first!

Gentlemen, I suggest you
reach your decision quickly.

What is it, Colonel?

What does the military mind
find so interesting down there?

There's a German patrol.

About 10 or more.

He must have radioed ahead to
have them come out and get us.

Which would be
in about an hour.

- Unless...
- Yeah.


Him, what could he do?

He's not even in uniform.

I mean, look at him. He looks all sort of,
you know...


But I still have this.

My pass.

That's really good, you know?


This, they will obey
without question.

It's good.

But I will need a gun.

No gun.

Give him the gun.

Go on.

And we'll keep the girl.

Just to make sure you
do things properly.

I give you my word,

as a deserting German officer.

A man like that will
not worry about her,

whether she's with him or not.

He will be making a trap.

He's right.
You cannot trust him.

They're coming
down to the bottom hut.

Welcome to Switzerland!

Let me go first. I see.

Where are the others?

They are following.

When the shooting starts,
we shall slip through to safety.

Don't be concerned
about the others.

It's a trap! It's a trap!

Go back!

It's a trap, go back!

It's a trap!

Let's get out of here.

Brooks! Brooks!

I'm okay!

Hang on. I'll get you a rope.

A German patrol will be
here in a minute.

Hey, wait a minute.

I got to take this rope
to Brooks, huh?

Give me enough rope to
reach the frontier post.

Coming down!

Hurry up, Brooks,
they're coming up behind us.

I gotta cover us.

Just keep firing!

I've got an idea!

That's not funny,
Brooks. Come on up.

Whoa, John, come on.

If these charges don't work...

Packy's and the Austrian...

I've been hit.

Hmm. It's only a scratch.


Hey, Brooksy, I've been hit.

I've been hit.

In my leg!

You'll survive.

Your sort always do.

Come on, Lucy, my love!

It's up to you now, baby.

Poor Brooks!

He would have never been
allowed in the Palace Hotel

without a tie.

It is not in the least dangerous where I'm going,

- Lucy, forwards!
- Come on, Lucy.

Come on, Lucy.

Pull, Lucy!

Lucy, pull.

Here, here, come on. Pull!

Forward, Lucy. Come on.

Pull it, you nit!

What are you doing?

It's going.

- Come on, Lucy.
- Good girl. Push.

Great idea, Brooks.


Forwards, here. Forwards.

Come on, forward, pull, fast!



You ever been
to Geneva, Packy?


No, I don't suppose you have.

The Palace Hotel,
one of the best in Europe.

I think I'll recoup there
for a couple of days.

You think they'll allow
elephants in there, Brooksy?

Yeah, if you have
a lead on them.

They look surprised
to see us, Brooksy.

Well, they'll be even more
surprised when I unzip Lucy

and 15 other prisoners
fall out. Zip!

Well, looks as
if we've made it.

The thing that disturbs me, Brooksy,
is we owe it all to this elephant.

Of course!

Why do you think
I brought her?