Hannibal (2006) - full transcript

It is 200 years before the birth of Christ and Rome is the new superpower of the ancient world. She believes she is invincible - but one man is destined to change that. He is a man bound by oath to avenge the wrongs inflicted on his home and, in pursuit of revenge, he will stop at nothing. Hannibal explores the man behind the myth, revealing what drove the 26-year-old to mastermind one of the most audacious military moves in history. With 40,000 soldiers and 37 elephants, he marched 1,500 miles to challenge his enemies on their own soil. It was an act so daring that few people believed it possible. Hannibal combines drama, the latest historical research and state-of-the-art CGI to bring this spectacular story to life.

300 years earlier,
of the birth of Christ.

The ancient empire of Carthage
reigned in the Mediterranean.

Until it was challenged
and defeated by Rome.

This movie is based,
in real events.

Events that occurred,
in the 3rd century BC.

That were documented,
by historians of that time.

And confirmed, by gift experts...

Put your hands in the blood.

I swear. I swear.

That while I live.
That while I live.

I will be an enemy of Rome.
I will be an enemy of Rome.

It was only a matter of time before the
rivalry between Carthage and Rome...

lead to war again.

A war that would confirm
the fate of a child...

as one of the great
leaders of history.


I was born to get revenge.

I was created to achieve
the impossible.

I will forever be known
as the greatest enemy of Rome.

This is the story of a general,
who took his army...

to the limit, of human resistance.

Victory, victory...

The story of such a brilliant mind, which
put Rome on the verge of destruction.

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But most of all, talks about
how history can change...

because of a single decision.

A decision that would pursue
Annibal, for the rest of your days.

He sealed his fate, and decided who
would reign in the Western world...

for the next 600 years.


War is the only thing which
I have always known.

The war between Carthage and Rome.

My father fought against Rome.
40 years earlier.

We were defeated and humiliated.

Stripped of our honor
and of our lands.

But under my father's
command, we rise again.

We have expanded from North Africa,
to the Iberian Peninsula.

But there could never be,
two masters of the Mediterranean.

Gaius Ter?ncio Varo.
Sent from Rome to Spain.

219 A.C.

One of the two, Rome or Carthage,
was doomed to destruction.

And I swore by the memory,
from my father...

That would not be Carthage.

Annibal Barca.

Gaius Ter?ncio Varo.

Special ambassador,
of the Roman Senate.

My brothers, Magus and Hasdrubal.

I think you know, why am I here?

They informed us that they
threatened the city of Sagunto.

And I threatened.
Sagunto is ally of Rome.

It has our total protection.

Sagunto is a city in Spain,
not in Italy.

And yet it strikes,
the Iberian allies of Carthage.

Tell me, Gaius Terence Varo.

If this were a city, in Roman
territory, what would he do?

I hope you understand,
the rules of the game...

if war is waged in Sagunto...
makes war on Rome.

Sagunto, South of the
Iberian Peninsula, 219 A.C.

Come on, attack!



My attack on Sagunto was brutal,
to provoke Rome to war.

It worked.

Council of Elders.
Carthage, North Africa.

Autumn 219 BC.

Fabio M?ximo, envoy
from Rome to Carthage.

Rome will not tolerate this attack without
provocation to one of our allies.

We demand that they deliver the general
responsible, Anniball Barca...

the authorities of Rome,
to face the Roman justice.

By what authority do you come,
to Carthage threaten this advice?

Sagunto was justly punished,
for attacking our allies.


This madness will not end well.

It is the Barca, pushing
them, for the war.

Hanno or large.
Enemy political of Annibal.

Here, between
the folds of my toga,

there is war, or peace.

Which one chooses Carthage?
Peace, or war?

Tell us, Fabio.
Let Rome decide!


Burn it all.

The war that I was born,
to fight, had begun.

It would be a struggle
for survival of our world.

New Carthage, Iberian Peninsula.
218 A.C.

In Spain, Hannibal built,
the army that would make its war.

Recruited from all over the
Peninsula Iberian and North Africa,

it was an army of different
colors and creeds...

But united, for a common purpose.

Restore honor and the
power of Carthage.

8,000 Cavalry, 40,000 infantry.

Archers and Lancers.
I want them ready, to leave...

Without previous warning.
You're ready, brother.

Mage. Annibal's younger brother.
Infantry Commander.

Your cavalry, Maharbal,
are they fast?

Fast as the general wind.
I'm not kidding, Maharbal.

Faster than the Romans, sir.

Maharbal. Commander of Cavalry
and military adviser.

The elephants? 37.

Under what conditions?
Healthy animals.

Get these kids out of here.

Let's go to war.

The Romans will send two armies.

One for Sicily, where they expect...
attack Carthage.

The other to the south,
of Gaul where they will try...

to attack us.
Here in Spain.

Only we will not be here.

We always talk about carrying,
the war against the Romans.

Fight on your own territory.
This moment has come.

We can not attack by boat,
because Rome controls the sea.

Instead, we will invade by land.
We will cross Spain...

we will enter Gaul, cross the
Rhine and then to this, to Italy.

We know that the roads,
of the coast are well defended...

To avoid them...
we will cross the Alps.

50,000 men in the mountains?
It is the shortest and most direct route.

Not even in their worst dreams, the Romans
believe us capable of such audacity.

Gisko has just arrived
from the Alps.

He found us guides, a way to pass.
He thinks we can do it.

And as we all know, of us all,
he is the most prudent.

Alexander, took 50,000 men
of Greece and conquered the world!

Not bad for a Greek.

But we can do better.

Now go.
Let our men know.

They do not like the idea.

Do not need.
I do not like the idea.

Hasdrubal. Brother of Annibal.
Commander of the Iberian province.

Fortunately for you, brother...

I can not take everyone.

I need someone to stay here,
to defend Spain, to take care of her.

Then stay and defend it.
You know my intentions.

Our father fought for 8 years,
to secure possession of Spain.

And you will abandon it,
to take a risk.

So you get great victories.
And great defeats.

We must show Rome,
who will not humiliate us again.

I will do anything to return,
the honor and respect to Carthage.

But I can only do this if I know,
that Spain is in good hands.

My brother, I promise...

that within a year, we will be together,
on the banks of the Tiber, in Rome...


50,000 lives are in your hands.

And who would guide them
instead of me? You?

They would not follow me.

But, you will follow.
They will continue to their deaths.

I asked my men,
nothing less than total sacrifice.

Leave behind,
what was dearest to them,

knowing that maybe did not return.

There could be no exceptions.

Imilce. Wife of Annibal.
Princess Iberian.

Is ready? Good...

As you see, we are making progress.

You will be safe in Carthage, Imilce.

His Spanish wife, hostage
in Carthage to ensure...

that my people will not desert,
to the side of Rome.

It is a common practice at war.

Do not pretend it is,
for my safety.

We fought hard by Spain, Imilce.

We must ensure their safety.

Fight? She even married in Spain.

This will end quickly.

I will have my revenge,
about Rome.

And we'll be together again.

The army of Annibal,
part of southern Spain.

Spring 218 BC

In the first war against Rome,
Carthage made a defensive campaign.

And lost.

The Romans hoped that the second
war took the same course.

But to do what Rome least expected,
was what Annibal planned.

Bringing the war to Rome meant
to march 90,000 soldiers on foot...

12,000 knights and 37 elephants
through 1500 miles...

before the arrival of winter.

If we get to the Rhone before
of the harvest, we can...

prepare us before
to cross the Alps.

If the harvest is not late...
or us.

I do not want to be in these
mountains when the snow arrives.

We have time, Maharbal.

South of the river Ebro,

Annibal's army traveled
for lands of tribes...

loyal to Carthage.

But once north of the river,
entered hostile territory.

Our guides, I suppose.

The safe passage depended
of the goodwill of savage tribes.

They were not loyal
to Carthage, nor to Rome.

Only themselves.

Now I believe you are
parts are even gold

He says he likes the presents.

But this will not be just for me!
It will also be for my men.

He says the route is difficult,
and without a guide we would get lost.

So we can be part,
of your campaign

And he offered himself,
to guide us. Hunm...

Tell him we are thankful,
to his people.

And we thank you for your help.

It was a risk we did not have,
another choice but to take.

Few of my men,
had traveled so far north.

They were nervous and impatient.

And rightly so.


What are we going to
do with the defectors? We lost men.

When we reach them,
that horses as an example.

Leave the horses alone, Maharbal.

We will be more when,
the tribes from the north to join us.

They are attacking
us in the hills!

It's an ambush!

This bastard brought
us, to a trap!

I did not let him get away!



Allow me, damn slag.

It's what you get when
you trust in wild.

And now? How shall we do?
The prisoners will guide us.

If they do not, kill us.

The valley of the Rhone.
South of Gaul. Autumn 218 BC.

Our trip was only in the beginning,
and the forces of nature...

they separated the
weak from the strong.

Did you know that only the strong
would be useful to me in Italy.

General, we have to face the facts.
It took us a long time to get here.

We calculate Wrong.

If we spend the winter here...
If we do, the biggest army...

never prepared, will be our wait.

We will cross the mountains!

The Romans disembarked in Massilia.
That's 3 days from here.

We can attack them there.
We will attack them on Roman soil.

Winter or summer, we will cross
the Alps and we will finish this.

The Roman army was in Massilia
(Marseille) preparing...

for your shipment The Spain.

They had no idea how close
there was Anniball's army.

It can not be.
But it's true, General.

Already crossed the Pyrenees
and is almost in the Rhone.

Public Consul Scipio.
Commander of two Roman legions.

Try to protect Spain...

Fighting in Gaul.

Publio Scipio was a general Roman typical.
Predictable, reliable.

He just wanted to hunt me down
and exterminate me. If he found me.

Publio Scipio Segundo.
Son of the consul.

Is Rome your goal?
If your goal is Rome...

need to follow the line from
the coast to get there.

No man would march,
with an army inside.

The terrain is extremely difficult.

The mountains and all
these damn canyons.

Tomorrow we leave.
Let's intercept them.

Abandoned Annibal Camp.
Valley of the Rodano. Autumn 218 BC.

How come they're not here yet?
They say they left in three days.

Where did they go?
East, sir.

Towards the mountains.

Do you think he will
to cross the Alps?

If he can...

will meet us, waiting
for you on the other side.

I'm going back to Italy,
to prepare another army.

Let's crush him,
while your home lies in ruins.

We will not underestimate
more this barbarian.

Publius Scipio was less able
and shrewd than his rival.

It was a lesson that the Scipio family,
the son in particular...

he would never forget.

There was only one thing
between us and the Roman soil.

120 miles of snow, ice and rocks.

Hannibal reached the top
of the Alps in early winter.

His men were accustomed to
the temperate climate...

Spain and North Africa.

They were not prepared to deal with the
conditions they faced in the Alps.


The more the army rose,
up to altitudes of 8000 feet...

less food there.
No refuge. No truce.

In order to achieve this, my army
he had to march without rest.

If we rest, we would die.

Hunger and inclemency,
of time devoured us.

Come on, move!

There is little left!

More than a thousand lives a day were
lost, but I was right about our cause.

Keep walking!

Do not stop, or you will die!

Go ahead!


When Annibal was already near
the summit, verified that the passage...

was blocked by
a collapse of stones.

Why do we stop?
The path is blocked.

Bring wood, and wine.

Come on, come on!

Put the wine on the snow.
Keep him cold.

It's a matter of time.

Hey, we got...

50,000 men entered
in those mountains.

Less than half,
reached the other side.

To keep the Romans,
outside the Carthaginian territory...

it was a sacrifice that I,
was willing to accept.

The march lasted
for several months.

A total of 70,000 men died
or abandoned along the way.

A much greater challenge
was in front of him.

We arrived.

Hannibal had come to fight,

but its weakened forces
and demoralized...

had not yet faced
to his true enemy.

They did it.

But now they are all sick.
It's the general cold.

They are not accustomed.
What can we do?


But even so, I do not know
when will be ready to fight.

This is not an army.
They just need food and rest.

We need more men.
Let's find them...

in the local tribes.

They are wild.
Warriors, Maharbal.

And like us, they hate Rome.
Like us.

I was not just fighting
the Romans.

Half of the Roman armies, was obtained
by alliances throughout Italy.

To win Rome,

had to test, the strength
of these alliances.

What you want from me?

Food. Weapons, men.

To fight against the Romans?
To defeat the Romans.

Your men are half dead.
Sick, exhausted.

Speak of madness.
Do not.

Of freedom.

And when your army leave,
what will happen?

We've faced Rome before.

You know what they do,
with those who resist?

They do not leave anyone alive.
The bodies of our people...

mixed, with the
corpses of the dogs.

If you join us...
Rome will not threaten you again.



What are cowards for?
They are not cowards.

They fought against the Romans.
What we do?

We go back to the other
side of the mountains.

Either we stay and we fight.

We do not have enough men.

No battle is won,
just by the number of men.

What counts is,
the desire to survive.

To prove it to my men,
I posed a challenge to the prisoners.

A fight to the death.
The prize...

it is freedom.

I wanted to show my army,
that they too faced death...

or fought against evil
greater than death.

This man has gained his freedom.

When fighting for your life.
I gave him no choice.

And so our gods do not give us
another to fight for our lives.

In the coming days,
they will face the Roman army.

They have more men than we do.

Have more food in the belly
and are better cuddled.

But the Roman soldier fights
because they tell you to do it.

We struggled to recover,
which is ours.

The Romans believe,
that we are barbarians.


Maybe some of us even are.

But when we go to the field
of battle, it will be...

that bravery,
will give us victory.

Cowardice and doubt will only bring us,
defeat and certainty of death.

We fight for our lives!

We fight for Carthage!
We will fight!

Advanced body of Publius Scipio.
Northern Italy. November 218 BC.

As Anniball prepared her forces,
the army of Publius Scipio...

marched north, to confront them.

We already know your position,
and how many are.

We must punish quickly
this barbarian,

for daring to put,
the foot on Roman soil.

How many? 4 or 5,000...
light infantry and cavalry.

Tell your men to be
hide behind that hill.

Here it begins.

He knew that the Romans,
we would consider it an easy target.

Even weakened by the long march.

It was exactly,
What I wanted you to think.




A gift from Rome.

The cavalry did not disappoint him.
Very brave.

They had good leadership.
So it was.

My Roman counterpart
I did not feel like fighting.

He almost killed him.

it's losing class, Maharbal?

His son rescued him.

Two generations escaped,
to your sword.

Who is the family to whom fate
smiles with so much love?

His name is Scipio.
One of noble families of Rome.

I'll bet they bleed with it.
color of your soldiers on foot.

The father is injured.
Maybe next time, be the son.

And we can stop these
noble Scipios.

And his services to Rome.

All right, General of Carthage.
Let us join you.


What you saw today,
It's just the beginning, my friend.

Anniball's first triumphs, on Roman
soil will be worth an alliance...

with the tribes of northern Italy.

In response, Rome brought,
a second army from Sicily...

to strengthen the defenses
by Publius Scipio.

The Consul Temporinus
Longus march to the North.

November 218 BC.


Longus! Publio.

Thank you.

I heard that your father,
owe the life to your courage.

I'm happy to know that my
Mr Consul is better.

Doctors say that I will
recover completely. Great.

My opinion...

is that we must attack
Anniball, ASAP.

Do not let him enjoy
of his casual victory.

It was pure luck, Longus.

Out of nowhere.

They almost crush us,
before we get the swords out.

I'm surprised to hear you
talking so of a barbarian.

It is not the time of decisions
unthinking, Sempronius.

First of all, I would suggest
that our Rest during the winter.

Every hour that this Carthaginian
passes on Roman soil is an insult.

We need action.

Fast action,
before I find support.

I'm going to Trebia.

Like Consuls, Publius and Longus
shared the political position...

highest in Rome.

Each term lasted only a year.

With time running out, Longus
I was desperate to fight.

In Tr?bia, I caused a battle before,
that his army was prepared.

And he bit the bait.

25,000 of your best
soldiers were massacred.

In Trasimeno, he sent all the power
of the Roman army against me.

The cover of the fog,
to a lake and massacred 15,000.

Some preferred to drown themselves
ourselves to face our sword.

Before I was just a name,
known by few.

A shadow that came out
of the mountains.

Now the shadow that I projected
crossed the heart of Italy.

Another decisive victory and
this war would be over.


Annibal's army was already at a
distance from an attack from Rome.

For the first time in 50 years,
was chosen a military dictator.

The man chosen was F?bio M?ximo.

I must remind you that the army
of Annibal is a hundred miles from Rome?

Then we must fight them,
until you destroy them!

Or until we are us destroyed.

Sir, you're questioning the honor
and courage of the people of Rome?

These are the facts!
Trebia cost us 20,000 lives.

We lost a Consul and 15,000 soldiers
in Trasimeno.

Yes we are losing.

And if we follow the path,
of direct confrontation...

Rome will be destroyed!

We can not let...

Now is the time to be ruthless.

And not just our enemy.
With ourselves as well.

Let's face our shortcomings
and reconsider our strategy.

What is your proposal, F?bio?

May we withdraw what
strengthens him: The battle.

The best way to combat it,
is not to fight at all.

They have a great army,
composed of many people...

which can easily be divided
attacking in various places...

starving his troops.

That is, kick the army
enemy in the stomach.

This is the tactic of cowards,
not soldiers!

The great army of Rome Fear a savage?

He would do whatever it took for the
army of Rome wins this Annibal...

once and for all.


In the trip to the South,
the disease attacked me so that no...

enemy had succeeded.

Do you really believe
that you can can we win?

They know that a hungry
army is a weak army.

We should look for the way
of attracting them to attack us.

Where's the damn doctor?
You're on the way, brother.

We do not need the battlefield,
to defeat the Romans.

I want your houses devastated,
their fields, their crops.

Whatever makes them feel
insurance, reduced to ashes.

Except Fabio.

I do not want your
properties are attacked.

I want to see how safe you feel
while everyone around you...

lose everything.

Then, Fabio.

How would you say your
strategy is progressing?

They try to provoke us.

Do not allow it.
It is not their land that burns.

The infection is very deep.
Can you do anything?

I'm sorry. Leave me alone.

Am I going to lose him?

Yes. I'm sorry.

They could take it,
like a bad omen.

Let no one know.
For sure.

Understand what it means,
to be a citizen of Rome, Scipio?

It means that wherever you are...

and wherever you go, people know,
that you are attacked or mistreated...

all the power of Rome,
can defend you.

It is a unique privilege.
I understand.

This barbarian makes pass to the savages
the image that Rome is fragile.

But I'm talking to the walls.
After all, you are loyal to F?bio.

F?bio is my superior officer.

Anyone with this post
have my loyalty.

F?bio humilia Roma.

My friend has no discipline,
Sorry for your outburst.

speaks of an interesting topic.

Feel free to talk What
do you think, Scipio?

is among friends.

Our current tactics make us seem weak
in the eyes of friends and allies.

Annibal, laugh at us.

This is not the way
that Rome must act.

It is like...

If circumstances
changed somehow...

would be willing,
to fight this barbarian?

It would be.

Under proper management.

Well friend.
Maybe Fabio's ideas...

are not those of Rome
for much longer.

The dictatorship of F?bio,
approaches the end.

I myself will be Consul.

And then maybe we'll find
another solve our problem.

In less than 6 months, your ambition
was fulfilled and was elected Consul.

The dictatorship of F?bio came to an end.
And also its policy...

to refuse, to battle with Annibal.

Scipio was elevated,
to Tribuno in the new regime.

Gathered the largest army that Rome
ever had led to a battlefield.

And they marched to face Hannibal.

Southern Italy.
216 A.C.

The next battle was one, of the
bloodiest things that ever happened.

They look like 8 legions.
85,000 men.

Do you start to miss F?bio?

It is the largest army,
which Rome has already gathered.

Come as one, we'll kill them.
Well trained will be hard to beat.

It can be either a flaw, as a virtue.
Yes but...

The Romans are trained to fight in one way.
They are predictable.

Let's present them with something
unexpected. And watch them falling apart.


Of course not.

Do not have.
There are 80,000 Romans out there.

But none is called Gisko.

August 1, 216 A.C.

This is ideal.

We will put our troops there,
on that plateau.

We will be protected by the river,
to the right and the hills to the left.

They can not, a surprise attack.

And the cavalry did not
will attack from behind.

I'm not sure.

We have twice the amount of Men.
We will condense...

our army in a mass of swords
and shields, and we will cross...

the center of your front line.

And we'll see what it is,
really made this barbarian.

I'm only worried whether
he'll fight or not.

He will fight.

Anniball Camp. Canas.
August 2, 216 A.C.

There are many more than we and have
already chosen the battlefield...

which favors his infantry.

A smart choice, but not
as much as they believe.

Our forces will be
arranged in this way.

Like a bow, strong but flexible.

Mag?o, will be the
commander of this arc.

You should insist that this
battle is very important.

The Romans will see our formation,
but they will not fear us.

They will have the confidence they
get of having bigger numbers...

Let's believe it.

Remember that your biggest advantage
is may be their biggest disadvantage.

Before our forces
come face to face...

I want you, Maharbal,
attack the enemy cavalry.

Let's attack!

When you see cavalry
they will respond.

Whatever your losses, makes them
go back and causes confusion.

Keep moving!

We will suffer large casualties,
but it has to make them fall back.

The Romans will respond
advancing an infantry wave.

Are superior in number
and will use that advantage.

Legions of Rome, for glory!

Be patient, brother.
And it gives way slowly.

When you break the line and this
will happen, the Romans will pass.

They will bring more and more troops.
Go ahead with the reservation!

At this moment...

the Romans will believe, they won.

We let them savor the victory.


And then we mobilize,
our hidden reservations...

that will enter the
flanks and lock them.

They will be surrounded
by three sides.

They will have nowhere
to move, except back.

U ha...

In front!

Will return with the cavalry
and will block withdrawal.

There will be no mercy.

Canas, Southern Italy.
Summer of 216 BC

It was the biggest win
in a field of battle, of all time.

60,000 Romans died by our sword.

The elite of political leadership
and military, eliminated in a single day.

A victory greater than that of
Alexander, or any other hero before him.

And yet, I did not
feel triumphant.

Canas, marked the blackest moment
of the history of the Roman republic.

In a few hours,

Hannibal practically destroyed
Rome and all that it represented.

Your next action would dictate the outcome
of war, and the course of history.

We must leave quickly.
To Rome.

My men can arrive
there before dawn.

We will not go to Rome.

It's over, we've won.

No, not until Rome is destroyed.

Arrayed and annihilated.


For what?
We are not wild! Hannibal!

Rome is on his knees!

We do not have to raze
the city to prove we won.

We will not advance further,


The Gods did not give
everything, to one man.

You know how to win, Annibal.

But he does not know how
to use your victory.

What do you suggest?

We will present to Rome,
terms of surrender.

Canas was the 3rd big victory
of Hannibal in Roman territory.

Under the ancient war term,
was to secure victory over Rome.

But Rome was not ready,
to accept defeat.

I will not rebuke,
nor to look for excuses.

But I will say this!

To survive,
Rome must of an army now!

I will lower the age of incorporation
to 17 and I will reduce the limit...

properties for military service.

And I'll do something more...

I will declare amnesty for all,
the criminals and slaves...

who want to fight under,
the Roman standard.

We will find soldiers, as we can.

We will use the resources we have.

And if that means boot, the armor
and weapons of the temples...

that we dedicate to the Gods...
so be it so.

This is sacrilege!
It's logical!

The gods do not need weapons.
We did.

Now enough of great battles.

Now enough of big paraphernalia

We will crush, the barbarian
little by little...

day after day,
until it's only dust...

as I advised that from
the beginning.

Arrogance and pride,
brought us to this point.

But this is not, a fight for honor

for the glory or to
reach a promotion.

This is a fight to the death,
for the survival of Rome!

They had better surrender.

I was really waiting,
to surrender?


Let's wander around
the country, as we wished.

We destroy the armies,
who faced us.

We won 3 times.

The Romans can not
troops forever, nor...

provisions in days.

By all the rules of war,
should be finished.

Do we play by the rules?


I want you to return to Carthage.

He convinces the senate to send more
men, to finish what we started.

Let's occupy Italy.
Town behind town.

Until Rome is so surrounded
of hostile land that will surrender.


The Council of Elders Carthage,
North Africa. Autumn 216 A.C.

These are the rings
of Roman senators...

that will fall under our sword.

They are the symbol of our
many victories over Rome.

What we need now...

It's more men's to finish
this war at once, for all.

Well, Mago Barca.

If the Romans are almost destroyed,
by the heroic forces of your brother...

Why do you need our help?
Provisions and more men.

This campaign will end. I remember
that your brother guaranteed us...

that conquest would be a quick matter.
How much time has passed?

Three years.
And what did they achieve?

This campaign is over, my friend.

Annibal's army in Italy, will receive
no further help from this senate.

And yet, I propose that you,
Magician boat

stay ahead of the reinforcements,
which we will send to Spain.

We won and won and we win again...

but you send troops
and provisions to any side...

except for Annibal.

His enemies, are more powerful.

The envy against him,
they are stronger than ever.

When the situation stabilizes
in Spain, I will return to Italy.

And I will take all the
troops May you with me.

If they are about to abandon
it despite their successes...

What will they do if it fails?

Pray that it will not fail.

Without reinforcements, Annibal's army,
he could not compel Rome to fight.

For another 7 years,
they left him alone.

210 A.C.

However, Rome was strengthened,
and conspired against Annibal.


What is happening that can not
Wait until tomorrow, Scipio?

I have a proposal.
I already knew that.

We've been fighting
9 years against Annibal...

and thou hast given Rome a shield,
that the enemy could not break...

Yes, yes, where do you want to go?

Victory is not obtained with a shield,
but with the point of a sword.

Beautiful words, Scipio.

But we've already made that mistake before
and brought us to the brink of destruction.

Only a fool commits
the same error twice.

I say to keep,
the shield that gave us...

but let's take a force
invasive to Spain.

While Anniball is busy here,
we expelled the Carthaginians from there.

That's exactly what he did to us.

And who will lead this new army?

Not a little young to head,
a under the banner of Rome?

You know the rules.

And you, F?bio, know how to break them.
I'm sorry, Scipio.

Not for a moment do I believe,
that Rome should risk it.

But F?bio underestimated the desire
of Rome in ending Annibal's war.

Having noted Annibal,
for more than 10 years...

Scipio was going to show
how much he had learned.

We should always ask ourselves,
what the enemy least expects.

And continue to do so.

They expect us to face them,
in open combat...

as always.

But we will not.

We will do exactly,
which Annibal did not do in Italy.

We'll go straight to the capital.

New Carthage, is our goal.

We will draw their defenses
and we ambush them.

We will plunder the city.
There will be no mercy.

While Scipio devastated Spain,
the only man...

able to mount a successful defense,
had orders to remain in Italy.

Inability to help.

General, I do not see good conditions,
in the entrails of this animal.

Then look for a better one.

I'm fed up,
of your constant pessimism.

I can not lie, General. What do you
want to cut and put on the tray?

Why do not you
believe in the Gods?

The war is no longer here.

Scipio is in Spain...
can win

after victory in our territory,
while we rot here. Yes.

This is how everything will
be Will you finish, Annibal?

I'll send for my brother.

He doubted me, just like you,
but together we can beat Rome.

The Senate will not allow...
To hell with the Senate!

I will not be detained by them.

I will not let some
cowards tell me orders.

I no longer saw my brother
Hasdrubal to 11 years.

I asked him to bring his army,
to strengthen me.

Sent me the message
that he was on his way.

Go get the message!

I expected it because together
we would be invincible.

But Fabio was expecting it, too.

The two armies think
in meeting in Umbria.

Well, let's prepare Welcome.

Military is coming from Rome!

Calm down, men, calm down.


50,000 lives in your hands.
They will follow you, brother.

Is this how it will all end?
They will follow you to death.

I swear to be an enemy of Rome.

With the death of Hasdrubal,
hope to win on Roman soil...

ended up for Annibal.

Scipio returned triumphantly to Rome,
of its Spanish campaign.

And now I wanted bigger ambitions.

Roman senators, thank you.

But there is still
more glory to conquer.

The conquest of Spain alone,
will not win this war.

To free Rome,
of the Carthaginian invader...

we must take the fight to Africa,

to Carthage itself.

If we attack Carthage, they will ask
Annibal, to return to protect you.

And on African soil,
I will defeat him!

Just as Annibal had threatened
the power of Rome...

now Scipio was ready,
to crush Carthage.

Council of Elders Carthage,
North Africa.

We face the biggest crisis
of the last 40 years.

The enemy threatens,
our territory.

They threaten us,
our very existence!

We must take all measures,
to ensure the security of the homeland.

We should not bring,
Annibal Barca of Italy?

It is, in large part,
due to Annibal Barca,

that we are in this situation.

If he had not tried,
this silly adventure in Italy.

If he had not,
the defenses of Spain.

It made things easier
for the enemy!

The decision of the board of Calling
Annibal, it was a disaster.

In an overwhelming defeat,
the Carthaginians were destroyed...

in the battle of the great plains.

Hannibal was another year in exile,
until finally they called him...

to defend Carthage and save,

the reputation of politicians,
who betrayed him.

But everything was against
it from the beginning.

We have lost our allies.
Scipio is not stupid.

It uses the same tactics,
that we use against it.

Wear out our strength,
stealing our allies.

These allies, included
the Numb cavalry.

How many? 4,000

They outnumber us in cavalry.
Our real advantage.

What we have is an army
of untrained recruits.

But they have you, General.

And I to you, by the Gods,
I need you.

Scipio chose Zama.

I need to know exactly how many
they are and their position.

Coming soon.

Camp of Scipio Zama,
North Africa 202 A.C

Who are?

Camp Annibal Zama,
North Africa 202 A.C.

These animals are young.
They need training.

They've never let me down before.

We thought we were going
to to die, General.

But they showed us everything,
the camping.

Show all camp?

Scipio, took us for a walk.
Scipio in person.

Scipio personally that
we were going to die.

I thought they were
going to kill us.

But... Let.

But the general...
just showed us the whole camp.

What did he show?

The Numb cavalry?


It was the first,
thing they showed us.

So it was.
I'm sorry, General.

I did what I was asked to do.

Go back to your units.

What are you trying to do?

To amaze us or to attract us,
for combat?

Do not know.
I want to talk to him.

Annibal and Scipio, they met
face to face for the first time

in the plain of Zama.

This battle does not,
Scipio at all.

I've always tried
to understand you.

To know a mind that
takes such risks.

So it surprises me to know,
that Annibal Barca...

wants to avoid a fight.
Rome will not believe it.

A lot of people have already died.

It can be avoided,
meaningless murder

good people in both the sides.
Do not.

If I have learned anything,
is that a war must be ended.


Thank you for having
me taught this lesson.

Thank me of all that is today.

If it were not for me,
I wonder if you would lead an army.

I created you.
It's the cause of what I am.

Is not the same thing.

If I had Rome while I was

of open doors,
We would not be here now.

The war did not end then,
That's why I'm done here and now.

Do not take the issue so personally.
It was something personal since you put...

the foot in Roman territory.

For tomorrow we will decide,
the course of our history.

The battle took place in Zama,
100 miles south of Carthage.

In the year 16 of his
campaign against Rome,

Annibal had not yet
lost no battle.

Annibal gathered
an army of 50,000 men...

which was 30,000 more,
than the army of Scipio.

Their 80 war elephants
were ready to load...

against the infantry.

But Scipio anticipated,
what would Annibal do...

and at the last moment, when the
elephants were already carrying,

great clearings have opened...

in the Roman queues, leading
animals into deadly corridors.

The surviving elephants did
half back in great confusion

and trampled their themselves.

Each of my Roman enemies,
revealed weaknesses that I explored.

I overcame and beat everyone.
But not to Scipio.

Scipio mimicked my strategies.
You copied my tactics.

And now I realized,
the good that understood me.

He hid the cavalry as I did,
to seal our destiny.

Like we did in Canas.

In Zama, he used everything
What did you learn from me?

to destroy me.

General! While you can,
save yourself!

While alive, you will
never feel safe!

You are our only hope.
Save yourself, General!

Annibal ran away from her army.

The war was over.
Rome had won.

19 years later.

But as long as Annibal was alive...
Rome could not rest.

Finally they found him,
in Bithynia, northern Turkey.

But Annibal would never give Rome,
the satisfaction of killing him.

And now the time has come
to rid the Romans...

of this old man,
who hate him so much.

Fabius saved Rome,
during its greatest crisis.

Did not live to see defeat...
of Annibal in Zama.

Mago never saw Annibal again.
He died in the sea before Zama.

In political career, Scipio failed
to the success of his military triumphs.

He died shortly
thereafter by Annibal.

That's all?
Yes, general.

I just wrote,
what you asked me to do.

I do not...
I know.

But if someone writes,
the story of this man...

it will be the Romans.

Annibal's war led Rome,
on the verge of destruction.

But by not attacking Rome,
after the Battle of Canas...

Failed not to give,
the decisive final blow.

Your threat has woken
up and made Rome react.

Over time, they have become the force,
who not only conquered Carthage...

as well as almost everything,
the known world.

Even after his suicide,

Annibal kept herself alive,
in the minds of the Romans.

A painful memory.
An obscure presence.

Rome's worst nightmare.