Hannibal (1959) - full transcript

After making his historic crossing of the Alps with elephants transporting supplies and troops, Hannibal marches on Rome in a war of revenge. During his advance, he captures Sylvia, the niece of Roman Senator Fabius Maximus but, instead of holding her prisoner, he shows her his powerful army and herds of elephants, then sets her free. He is sure she will report what she has seen to his Roman enemies. Hannibal defeats the Romans at the battle of Trebbia and sends a message to Sylvia that he is marching on Rome. Sylvia succumbs to her love of Hannibal and they have a rendezvous, but are surprised by a Roman patrol. Hannibal escapes and Sylvia is confined to the temple of the Vesta Goddess. She escapes and meets Hannibal again. Hannibal orders his brother Hasdrubal to Carthage to take over command of the reinforcements preparing to join Hannibal. Hannibals wife Danila arrives from Carthage unexpectedly and Sylvia runs away and returns to Rome, where she is tried for high treason and sentenced to death. Hannibal continues to fight but he knows he will not succeed in destroying Rome.

In 218 B.C., Hannibal made Carthage
master of all Spain.

Rome, jealous of the threat to her power,
promptly found a pretext to declare war.

While Rome prepared to invade Spain by sea,

Hannibal stole a march on his arch-enenmies,
He crossed the Pyrenees into the valley of the Rhone.

Summer found him at the foot of the Alps.

Silence! Silence!
Let there be order.

All our government can say is 'silence'!
Why don't you tell Hannibal to go home?

Maybe he'll listen to you!
Quiet! Quiet!

Let Minucius speak!

Continue Minucius.

I repeat: only a madman,

would dare to cross the Alps,

with a horde of thousands
and scores of elephants.

I tell you, far from being alarmed,
we, the senate of Rome, should rejoice,

offer thanks to the gods,

because, just as surely as if
our legions confronted Hannibal,

the snow and the bitter cold,

will defeat this arrogant barbarian!

And if any Carthaginians should
survive their own death-trap,

they will be so exhausted,

that our own border-legions will make
short work of them.

Quiet! Quiet!
Fabius Maximus has the word.

Correct me, if I'm mistaken, Minucius,

but I was under the impression,
our border-legions

have their hands full
subdueing the backward Gauls.

Who'll relieve them to take Hannibal?

Scipio's army will join them!

In time?

I doubt it.

Fabius is always a hard critical voice...
Quiet! Quiet!

I say, Fabius is right, let him speak!

I merely wish to caution
against over-optimism.

In a few short years Hannibal
united all of Spain.

Not by force of arms alone,

but fine diplomacy.

A man of his shrewdness will not
let the Alps

become a death-trap.

Hannibal will be pleased to know,

that he has such a staunch admirer
in the Roman senate.

Listen! Listen!

Hannibal is crossing the Alps!

The Roman garrisons are in flight.

Is no one opposing him?
Only Rutarius.

But he was always against us.

Rutarius and his tribe know
their mountains,

they'll be able to slow Hannibal down.

So the fate of Rome is in the hands
of an enemy of Rome.

Keep climbing.
Keep climbing!

Pass the word down,
this flake is safe!

Keep climbing!

Keep moving!

Get up! Get up!
A standard-bearer is no good on his knee.

Remember, you're the best man in your regiment.
On your feet!

Keep climbing.
Hold the animals and make them hurry.

Keep climbing.
Keep them coming...

Keep moving, men! Keep that line going!
Come on it's dangerous, watch your step!

Keep moving! Don't stop!

Come on! Move ahead, watch your step there.
Keep going, move ahead!

Keep going!

Keep going!

Keep marching!
Keep moving, or you'll freeze to death!

Watch this over! We're near the summit.
Keep climbing! Keep climbing!

Keep marching!

Get up... get up... get up!

Keep the elephants moving!
Keep them climbing!

Don't be shrinking...

Come on, let's go...

It's safe, move this way.
Come on.

Keep the elephants moving.
Come on, men! Move!

Watch out below, he's striking!

Leave him. He has died!

Keep going, or you'll freeze to death! Come on,
keep marching now. Watch your step! Careful, move on!

I'm frozen. I don't have got
any feet laps...

Keep those elephants under control!

Get your bread, men! Get your bread!
Eat and march! Get your bread! Get your bread!

Eat and march! Get moving!
Eat and march! Eat and march!

Hannibal, the rations are all but gone,

the men are freezing to death,

how long can we keep going?

Would it be any better if we turn back?

To go back would be madness.

There's nothing left for us to do,
but to go forward.

Hm, until we fall in our tracks!

Not you, Maharbal, you're undestructible!

Hannibal, relieve me of my command.

Relieve you of your command?

Why you always want to leave me?
My first allegiance is to Carthage.

And mine isn't?

Whose army do you think, I command?

Your command is in Spain,

not here in these cursed mountains.

Return to Spain before you are recalled
and disgraced to Carthage!

Would I've marched my army half way
across Europe,

and be camped here these forbidding Alps,

if there was any other way for me,
to prevent Rome

from invading our home-land?

Stay with me, Maharbal.

I need you.

You and my brothers have always been
my strength.

The great conqueror needs no strength
but his own.

I'll bring him back.
It's always the same old story,

he quits, but he never leaves you.
Hey, Maharbal!


Rutarius and his men are surrendering.

Rutarius has come down to negotiate.

See my brother, we must always teach
ourselves to be patient.

Hannibal will listen to you.

Are you Rutarius?
I am. Speak!

Do not think I've come to surrender.
I'm here to offer you an alliance.

I don't accept conditions.
I think you're a clear thinking man,

my tribes can block your way
into Italy for a long time.

With my help you can be master
of the plain in a few days.

Just what do you want in return for this?

Supremacy of my tribe over all
the other tribes in the valley.

I accept.

Don't shoot you fool!
Help him! Go on!

Get out of the way!
Take them back!

Take them back!

Take them back to their trainers.

Tell them, the next time this happens
there will be severe punishment.

When will they all understand, that the elephant
is one of our most valuable weapons.

If you had been killed,
it would have been all over with us.

Why do you always set so little value
in yourself, brother?

At ease!

Well, here we are! There is Italia,
valley of the Po.


Pass the word along to the men,
the Alps are behind us.

We prepare for the descent.

I shall never forget you
for your help, my friend.

I always keep my end of a bargain.
I will return to my mountains.

What is this dark mood,
that has come over you, brother?

Conquering the Alps in 15 days!

Well it's a miracle!
Seems more like 15 years

When we started we had 40 000 men.

Now less than half enter the row.

And I tell myself I served the gods.

Tomorrow at this time, the men will be enjoying
the Roman harvest and tasting the wine in this land.

Alright, get the elephants started!
Come on!

Make camp!

Check all the outposts around the camp,
to see, if they keep the strict vigils.

Hey! Move up, give him a hand!

Looks much worse than it really is here.
Let me help you.

Take it away!

Well done! With men like you,

we can conquer the world!

Want to drink?

Very good!

The way to your taste the wines of Rome.

And what about the women?

Women, I don't know.

That's for every man to find out
for himself.

Looks like my elephants are having
a good time,

and believe you, they did deserve it.

Let the Romans try to stop them,

they haven't got a chance.

Be sure and take good care of them,
they're our most important weapon.

Don't worry I'll take care of them.

Hasdrubal, Hannibal wants us at his tent.
Right away.

What about you, aren't you coming? Later!
I've got to finish over at the gate. Alright. Come on.

We have reasons to celebrate, gentlemen.

Italy and your words have given the men new life.
And a new will to fight.

Now don't expect miracles.

I certainly don't expect to conquer Italy
with a decimated army.

What we need are allies!

Allies to undermine and destroy the
political unity of Rome.

I give you this toast, gentlemen!

We must propel fear into the heart of every Roman.


By corrupting their minds with fear. Have our spies
spread the word of Hannibal's invincible might.

Rome must hear of fire and pillage.

But let it be known, that as merciless

as Hannibal is to his enemies,

he is generous to his allies.

I want fires built all over these fields,
as far as you can see.

And when night falls have our men
light each one of them.

Let it appear like nations are encamped here.

The Romans must believe our strength is double,
even triple, to what it actually is.

Hannibal, there is a Roman slave,
who claims he has information for you.

But I'm sure that you don't want
to be bothered with him.

You're wrong. We can't afford to overlook anything.
Always remember that.

Bring him in.

I can tell you where to find an important hostage.

By the gods, she is a treasure for ransom.

Speak up!
Is it worth my freedom?

I don't bargain with prisoners.

Take him away!

No, no! Don't let them torture me!

I throw myself at the mercy
of the all powerful Hannibal,

liberator of the oppressed!

Let him go!

The niece of Fabius Maximus...
Fabius, the senator?

...a most important senator...

...by the gods, she's worth
her weight in gold...

...or to keep for yourself...

...you'll find her at her summer villa
near here...

Take him away and lock him up!

Does your father know that you
drove all the way here?

I had no time to ask him, but I'm sure
he would have approved.

You know how much he likes you,

and I, feel the same way.

What am I going to do with you, Quintilius?

Do you know that if anything happens to you,
I'll get the blame?

Why do you always treat me like a boy?

Believe it, or not, I am grown up.

Now come on, get in!

shouldn't we hide and wait until after dark?

No, we must get started for Rome immediately.


Watch out, they're getting away!

Take care of them, I'll follow her!

Take him to the camp.

And see that no harm comes to him.

Be a good boy and come along!

Let go of me!

Any other of us might have
killed you for this.

I would rather die, than be

a slave of that monster!

Is that what the Romans call Hannibal,
a monster?

If he hears what you said, he
probably cuts your tongue out.

Whatever he does to me does not matter,

he will never defeat Rome.

Very well spoken.

Your Uncle, senator Fabius,

should be very proud of you.

How do you know who I am?

One of your most faithful servants

tried to borrow your life for his.

You're right, my uncle is senator Fabius.

He's quite a rich and powerful person
in Rome, he could make you wealthy.

If you let me and the boy go free.

You seem very attached to him.

But he's young and I'm responsible for him.

My uncle would pay very well for
delivering us from Hannibal.

He could even appoint you an officer
in one of our legions.

Very interesting.

I could promise you a career.

You know, Hannibal would skin me alive,

if he thought, I even listened to you.

But I'll think about it!

Will you do it?

First I must take you back to camp.

Hannibal, the prisoner!

You are Hannibal?


I wanna thank you for your very
generous offer.

What do you intend to do with me?

First, I want to toast to your beauty.

Then, I want you to dine with me.

Of cause you have to forgive my lack of
Roman delicacies,

but I do hope you enjoy me.

What is the meaning of this?

I am your prisoner!

Why don't you treat me like one?


You're my guest.

In Rome the guest may leave when
she likes.

On a night like this?

With the road infested with soldiers?

What kind of a host you take me for?

Then when may I leave?

In the morning perhaps.
Do you really expect me to believe you?

I can't force you to believe me.

I can only promise you.

What is the reason behind your generosity?

I'm only generous, because I can afford it.

Will you let my young friend
Quintilius go, too?

That all depends on you.

What do you mean?
You know, you're a very difficult person,

maybe you'd like to take a walk.

The night here is cold, you might need it.

Where are you taking me?

Show you the camp.

Of what possible interest could that be to me?

I thought, maybe, you might be interested
to see, how we Barbarians live.

Play the song!

What are all those lights?

They are arranged by nations.

Over there are my Numidians,

and over here is my Libyan cavalry.

Now over here on the far right,
are my Spaniards,

the greatest horsemen on the continent.

And up here, are my Carthaginians.

The main core of my strength.

Every soldier is a veteran on many years.

Let me go! Please, let me go!

What's the matter?
I'm cold.

Is that Hannibal?

I'd like to be in his place,
she's a pretty girl.

How dare you!
Stop, leave him be,

this prisoner is under
Hannibal's protection!

These are my elephants,

the strongest beast known to man.

Look at them, see how huge they are?

Nothing can stop them.

Don't be frightened, he only hurts
my enemies.

What do they do in battle?
Very simple,

he's been trained to trample everything
in his path.

I want you to take a message
to your uncle.

What message?

Tell him that Hannibal seeks peace.

Hannibal, the ruthless aggressor wants...


It was your country to start up this war,
not mine!

The Carthaginians have always
wanted peace.

But they want to live like a free nation,

not a subject province of Rome.

I was told, that when you and
your brother were boys,

you swore an oath on your father's sword,

to destroy Rome!
You're wrong.

We swore never to bend a knee to Rome,
wich is quite different.

We talk, but we don't understand each other.

Why does he take so long?
What are you, his nurse-maid?

He's old enough to take care of himself.

I don't think your brother will get
much sleep tonight.

You're mistaken.

The girl goes back to Rome.

We came to Italy to destroy Rome,

not for foolish, sentimental gestures.

Do you think I send the girl back,
because I'm infatuated with her?

There are more ways to win a war
than one.


Hannibal's compliments.
He asks to be excused.

He bids me to wish you a pleasant journey.

He hopes to see you again soon, in Rome!
In Rome?

What's wrong?

Where were you all night?

What price did you pay for our liberty?


You're a child.

We owe our freedom to Hannibal's generosity.

Cover up!

Because I know you Silvia,

I can not accept that you've done
anything wrong.

But I fear that you misunderstand

Hannibal's real intentions.

And I can not suspect him,

we were his prisoners,

he had the life of your son in his hands.

He could have demanded anything in exchange.
Hannibal wants one thing only,

he knows that he can never attain it.

Even if he killed my son.

I'm sure he wants peace.

He wants the end of Rome!

He knew very well that you would
bring back the news of his might.

He hoped that this report would
cause fear and alarm.

That is why he let you go.
Don't you see how cleverly he used you?

You're blind with hate.

Let us try. What can Rome lose by waiting

to find out, if Hannibal is sincere or not,

if it means thousands of lives would be spared.

He would interpret such a move as proof
of our weakness.

Your feelings have no place in war.

Didn't I tell you, she has lost her head.

She is a woman, Quintilius.

Don't let us lose our's.

Hannibal has two terrible enemies,

time and distance from home.

let us tire him, wear him down

with skirmishes, ambushes, vanguards,

each day, each hour that passes,

is another arrow for our bows.

Senator Fabius has strange ideas.

Wars are not won with skirmishes

and hit and run tactics.

Titus has reached the banks of the Trebia

with 40 000 trained men.

I say, why dont't we attack?

A decisive victory in open battle,

might well mean the end of the war.
Yeah! Let's do it!

Let us drive Hannibal out of Italia!

For the sake of Rome,

let's hope, that what I suggested was wrong.

What can we do?

Keep the line perfect!
Hold your ground!

Hold your ground!

We can't hurt these animals!
Go back, men! Go back!

Be careful, men!

Hannibal, some of the Roman infantry
managed to get away in the river.

Let them go!

And assemble your men,

see that they get a good night's rest,

tomorrow morning we'll march on to Etruria.
Very well!

Hannibal, your eye seems worse,

you must take care of it.
You sound like our mother.

Easy! Easy!

Physician, can't you do something?

Here, I don't have the proper instruments.

Can't you get them?
It would take too much time.

Many men have come down with fever, but this...

Stop the pain at least!

Hannibal, please!

Tell me the truth.

Will I lose the sight of my eye?

I don't think so.

But you will have to suffer much pain.

Let's get it over with.

This is not the time to change commandos,

a battle is raging at Trasimeno.

The majority of the senate made this decision,
the people are against Flaminius,

and we must bow to their will.

Leave the people out of it!

They believe whatever you make them believe.

Whatever happens, you two will share
the responsibility.

We only serve the gods, and the gods
are against Flaminius.


The gods have nothing to do with it,

it's not the gods, who are against
Caius Flaminius,

but his political rivals!

And they are taking advantage of
foolish superstitions

to replace him.

I will no longer support with my presence,

errors, wich can only bring
the destruction of Rome!

My Lady, a merchant outside the postern gate
begs to display his wares.

Not today.
He begs me to tell my Lady,

he has jewellery wrought in Carthage,

and ivories, white as the Alps.

How dare, you went here without
my Lady's permission?

No, let him stay.

Oh, would you please bring me my shawl,
it's getting chilly.

My Lady is most kind to look at

my unworthy trinkets.

You can stop acting now, you are no merchant.
What do you want?

I was ordered to deliver this to you.

What is it?

Yes! He wants you to have it.

You may need it.

The fall of Rome seems to be inevitable,

Flaminius has been wiped out at Trasimeno,

and the road to Rome is now open,

he is very worried about your safety.

Who are they?
A delegation from the senate.

Take this and go, before you are discovered.

Please keep it, please! It's worth my life,
if I don't carry out his orders.

With this ring you have nothing to fear.

You have only to show it, and no
Carthaginian soldier will dare harm you.

If you wish, you can use it as
a safe conduct, to cross our lines.

Your absence from the senate is very serious,

it has left us without the benefit
of your council.

The defeat we suffered at Trasimeno,

opens the gates of Rome to Hannibal.

We need you badly Fabius, you must
return to the senate.

The time for debate is over,

we must unite, we are going to bring back
our legions from Gaul,

and draft every man, who can hold a sword.

If you already know what to do,

why come to me?

Do you have another solution?

Do not misunderstand,

the time for discussion and debate is over,

I fully agree.
Rome needs one man now, to make

decisions and assume full responsibility.

What you are proposing is dictatorship,
the senate will never consent to it.

Since you have made all the decisions, before
you came here, I can only hope, you are right...

Why are they here?
We have been defeated at Trasimeno.

They are sure that nothing can stop Hannibal.

But that's wrong,
Hannibal still wants to negotiate.

How do you know?

Look, Hannibal's ring!
A merchant gave it to me.

Are you out of your mind?
Are you still in contact with Hannibal?

Don't be a child!
Hannibal did only make contact with me,

because he wants peace.

What are you going to do?

Go to him,

with this I can cross his lines.

Silvia, you are impossible,

if these senators find out, that you are
in touch with Hannibal's spies,

my father will be ruined.

We better perish, than let you beg
the enemy for peace.

Let go of me, you're hurting me!


Silvia, don't you understand?
Hannibal doesn't want peace.

He sent the ring for one purpose only.

What do you mean?

He wants you. Farther seeing you.

What are you trying to say?



I love you!

Quintilius, please!

Try to make sense!


We grew up together,

you're like my brother.
You lie!

You love Hannibal!

The senate and the people of Rome in this
grave emergency decree total mobilization.

All men from the age of 15 to 50 years are called
forthwith to arms. Report to your stations!

The senate has ordered all citizens to arms,

let me enlist.
I'won't stop you,

it is your duty.
Thank you father.

I'll make you proud of me.

I'm sure you will, son.

I hope, it won't be in vain.

We will drive Hannibal out of Italia.

We all want that.

However, haste and panic are
seldom the road to victory.

If only we could negotiate
a truce with him.

Three months time would give us the chance to train
reserves and manufacture enough weapons to replace

nearly all we have lost to Hannibal.
We need time, no price is too high to pay for it.

Why stay here? There ain't nothing to
stop us from taking Rome now!

Everything that glitters to you
is always gold.

But the time being, I have no
intention to leave here.

You know how to win victories, but
you don't know how to exploit them.

We'll let history be the judge of that.

A woman came to our outpost,
asking to see you.

She gave us this ring.

She's over there!

All right, men!

Thanks for comming.

Don't thank me.

I'm here, because I need your help.

I prayed you would come.

I'm here, because you spoke
to me of peace.

Peace is impossible, you know that.

But you sent me to my uncle with
the message of peace.

It seemed the only solution then.

Why did you send for me now?

Because I want to see you,

and I've hoped that you want to see me.

I'm here for the good of Rome.

Is that the only reason, you came?

What else could there be?

What happened to you?
Don't worry, it'll be alright.

Oh, please! Please, let me return to Rome
with an offer of peace from you,

for everybody.


Who makes Hannibal's decisions for him?


my generals, and my men...


Follow me!

Please, keep this for me,

for us.

No, please!


Quintilius! Stop it, stop it! All of you!

No, Quintilius, no!
Leave him!

I want him!


Don't harm them!

I saved your life once.

It's a strange way for you to repay me.

What's your name?

son of Fabius.

Oh, the senator's son.

Very clever of you and your uncle.

Release them!

I told you the truth,

and I repeat,

I went to Hannibal only because I thought,
I could convince him to make peace.

You were in his arms, when I found you.

Can you deny it?

Then it is true?

Yes, it is true.

I love him.
Nothing was further from my thoughts,

than to betray you,

or my family,

or Rome.

You have brought dishonour to this house.

I'm trying to win the trust of the senate,

and you, my own niece,

throw yourself into the arms of an enemy.

There is a punishment in Rome
for women like you.

To be buried in the earth,

till you are dead.

May the gods forgive me.

I can not announce you to the authorities.

I have loved you,

like a daughter, since as a little girl

you were brought to my home.

Still you must pay for your crime.

Tomorrow you will be taken to
the temple of Vesta,

to live there all your life
in chastity,

with the women, who dedicate themselves
to the service of the godess.

The pitch-camp here is ridiculous,
Rome is only a few miles away.

It's Hannibal's order.
We got them on the run.

Why not take advantage of it, in four days
we could celebrate our victory in Rome.

Hannibal has no time to beleaguer the city.

That's foolish. They can't defend Rome
with the few companies they have left.


What are you doing here?

I searched the whole house for you.
It's very late.

You've been crying!

Please, don't worry,

it is I, who am guilty,
and I alone must pay.

Pay for what?

Be punished because you love?

No, let me speak,

Hannibal has found out he loves you,
Silvia, I tell you.

The merchant has been in touch
with me all these days,

he came this morning with a message,

Hannibal wants you to come to him.
he's waiting for you, he loves you!

Please, let me explain,

I never betrayed you,
you must believe me,

I never betrayed you!

Wait for me in the tent.

Give orders to march,
we're moving south to Venosa.

We have to talk to you, Hannibal.

Get everything started, we'll talk later.

Wait, you certainly don't intend
to take her along?

My orders are to prepare to march,
obey them!

That girl will be the ruin of us.

I propose Varro for proconsul.
Varro has fought Hannibal,

in Spain and in Italia.

There is no other Roman, who can better
understand the moves of Hannibal, and why

he has suddenly decided to withdraw his
forces, when he was within reach of Rome.

This withdrawal might be a
strategic move on Hannibal's part,

let us not fall prey to easy optimism.

Fabius is convinced, that Hannibal

is stronger today than ever.

We are not interested in Fabius's opinions.

And why doesn't he return to the senate?

Is your friend afraid to face the
charge of consorting with the enemy?


I am afraid, Varro,

I am afraid.

If I must defend myself,

I accuse the senate,

all of you are failing your duty!

And your idea of leading the people of Rome, is to
send your own flesh and blood to Hannibal, the enemy?

I'm ignorant

of my niece's whereabouts.

But if your suspicions

turn out to be well founded,

if it is really true, I swear,

by all the gods,

that the day,
I will set eyes on Silvia's face,

will be the day of her death.

There is no woman alive, who
can influence Hannibal.

No? Then explain to me, why he uses

every possible reason to avoid combat?

You know very well, that he has been
trying to win new allies.

We need arms and provisions badly.

We didn't need arms and new allies after

Trebia and Trasimeno,
and Rome wasn't then

in the desperate situation she is now.

You defend your brother,
but you do it without conviction.

There is only one solution,

do away with the Roman girl.

Accidents happen every day in the camp.

The gate of the elephants' compound
could be left open,

and there a ways to stampede elephants.

Are you out of your mind?
If Hannibal found out...

What is it?

I acted on my own behalf.

I knew you'd be difficult to convince.

Put them away!

Get some more torches!
Get some torches!

Back up, Surus! Out!


Please, don't worry,

I was just freightened.

Somebody tampered with the gates of the compound
and stampeded the elephants. Don't leave her.

You had better let Hannibal never
find out what you did.

I did it for all of us.
I'll take full resonsibility.

I'm only sorry that I failed.

Failed in what?

Failed in what?
Yes, I tried to kill her,

she has ruined you, and all of us!

If you weren't my superior...

If I didn't need you, I'd...

Hannibal is fighting a duel!

You fought because of me, didn't you?

Everything's right now.


No, it isn't.

Your men hate me,

that's why they try to kill me.

And they hate you too, if you
continue to love me.

I cause nothing, but suspicion
and rebellion in your camp.

Your men can not forget that
I am a Roman,

and their enemy.

They will forget, Silvia.

But will you?

Everything is against us, everything.

Are you sorry, you came to me?

Dearest, I'm not sorry!

The senate has made a grave error,

to appoint Varro commander
of our army.

He's a man, who is ruled by impulse,
not by reason.

But they also have appointed Aemilius,
you always had faith in him.


But how can an army be led by two
commanders, who hate each other.

Aemilius will know, how to handle Varro,
you'll see.

Let's hope so.

Never leave his side, Quintilius.

Well, that couldn't have worked out
better for us.

But we're confronted with
an army twice our size.

Yes, but forget one thing,

the Roman army has two commanders,

two commanders, that hate each other.

You know what this means?

Disorder, confusion, lack of unity,

which we must take advantage of.

The Romans are crossing the Ophantus river,

they intend to attack in force.


This is the river.
And this is the Roman troops.

We'll allow them to cross the river.

Now, the only danger will be
the Roman cavalry.

But the waist deployed,
will restrict its movements.

Our infantry in the center
we'll withdraw.

As the Romans advance, we'll move
in on them on from behind,

and cut them to pieces,
with our pince!

Second centuria onto ferry!

Centurions Caius and Cato relay my orders:
companies 1, 6 and 7 march according to plan!

Move on!

Eighth centuria, moving halt!

Varro, please, listen to me.

It is madness to post the infantry
so close to the river,

the cavalry has no room to maneuver,

you may need their support in
an emergency.

It's my turn today, do you understand me?

I'm in command, obey my orders!
But it is suicide!

Your job is to obey.

I'm sure, I can do quite well without
that quick cavalry of yours.

Hurry the embarking raft!

Don't wait!


Phase one: attack the outposts!




Hamilcar, let them hide!

Fall back!

Fall back!

Back to our lines!

The Carthaginian outposts are
falling back!

Good. Return to your post.
Give the order to march!

Hit the enemy in the center of his line!


The fate of all of us, depends
on this battle.

If we lose, we will be hunted down
like criminals,

our army would be sold into slavery,
we will never again see our home-land.

But if we win,

we will have the future of the
Roman empire in our hands.

Hannibal, the Romans are attacking!

Give order that the center must
withdraw further.

The Romans are falling into our trap!

Like rats in the trap.

Now we can move our left wing.

I'll take the right,
then we'll attack together.

But the Romans haven't used their
cavalry yet.

They have the river at their backs,

whatever maneuver they try,
they're finished!

Roman troops are attacking the center of our lines!
Get ready!

Take cover!
We're being attacked from all sides!

We are surrounded on all sides!

Get the reserve!
Alarm Paulus Aemilius and the cavalry!

Varro is completely surrounded!

Take me to Paulus Aemilius!
Where is he?

We must attack and destroy the Carthaginian
troops, who encircle our infantry.

Let's save our comrades! Hack a way
out of the trap for them! Attack! Forward!




We're cut off!


Proconsul Varro has fled! The Carthaginian
cavalry is attacking in a pincer movement,

we'll be cut to pieces!

We're all flanked!
Back to the river and recross it at all costs!

Back to the river!
Back to the river!

Follow the Romans to the river!

Get back!
Follow them off, until we can cross!

The battle is over, I want you to
contact all your commanders.

Tell them, that not a single Roman
is to leave Cannae.

Consul Paulus Aemilius is dead.
The Roman woman has found

the body of the son of Quintus Fabius,
down the river.

I'm sorry!

Forgive this intrusion, Fabius,

we are here in the name of the senate,

we know how deeply you grieve
at the loss of your only son.

This is his sword.

Many fathers have lost their sons.

The gods have spared few hopes.

Fabius, we also came for another reason,

to inform you that the senate offers
you the office of proconsul.

This time on your own terms.

You too, Minucius?

Who have been my relentless oponent.

Grave conditions demand
the greatest leader.

I hope, I can give up,
to your expectations.

I believe I speak for every Roman citizen,

when I say Rome will never submit
to a foreign invader.

In the words of Hannibal himself,
when he crossed the Alps,

'conquer or die!'

What's wrong?

Your uncle was made proconsul.

He sent a message: 'conquer or die!'

What else could he have answered?

You sound pleased.


I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

They're giving a feast for me in Capua.

I want you to go along with me.

Please, I'd rather stay here.

But you can't stay inside, always
by yourself, you must get out!

Too much of our let down
can become dangerous.

Let them rest. When my brother Maharbal comes
back from Carthage, there will be war again.

I hope they bring the reinforcements,
we need them badly.

Don't worry!

Hannibal, aren't you coming with us to Capua?

The feast is in your honour.
It looks, like the feast is in your honour.

I'll go ahead, be sure to join us later.


Hannibal, Maharbal has just arrived,

he's in your tent.

He's landed in Italia.



Your eye hurts?

Nah, just a little.

They put this patch on, to keep
the light out. It'll be alright soon.

Would you like to see and feed the elephants?


Come, I'll show you!

Come on!

What are you doing here?

I've come to take my place beside you.

The Carthaginian priest told you,
that was impossible, years ago.

But I'm the mother of your son!
Leave our child out of this.

Danelia, I want no more of your tricks.

You have been very well provided for that.

And everything I own, belongs to my son.

I sent you to Carthage for
reinforcements, where are they?

If you had followed my advice,
Rome would now be destroyed.

And Carthage would not have
denied you your request.

Denied my request?

What do you mean?

Hasdrubal is returning with only 4000 men.

4000 men?

That's impossible.

In Carthage they think you are finished.

I thought you might need me now.

Where did she go?
She asked for a horse, she's gone!

Get coming...
Ah, Hannibal!

At one side...

Please, don't go!

Why did you follow me?
Please, please, let me go!


Take her in your arms, go back to her!

I'm not going to explain my
personal life to you, or anyone.

I love my son, Silvia.

And I love you.

I understand you,

I've had everything a woman
could ask for in life.

I've spent my happiest hours with you.

Now I must return to Rome.

If you go back to Rome,
they'll put you to death.

Fabius will understand,
and he'll defend me.


Wait! Silvia!

Stop! Wait!
Take me with you, I'm Roman!

Don't shoot!

Take me away.

You're too good for me!

Alright, I'm afraid, but I'll do my best.

Mercy! Mercy!

Put out your hand Roman,

I'm going to chop it off!
Stop it!

You should go by now, Mago,

leave us alone.

Go, put the sword away.

Your son does quite well,

since he was four years old,
he has been tought

by the best master at arms in Carthage.

I tried my best to raise him,
as you would have wanted me to.

I told you a thousand times,
I don't want him to be like me.

I never want him to know the meaning
of the words 'hate' and 'revenge'.

Will you please take him home.
Do one thing decent in your life, Danelia.

If not for me, for yourself.

Stay here!

Wait, Hannibal, wait!

It's our brother!

A Roman rider threw it
into one of our outposts.

Is it time?
Yes, sir.

Please, wait.

I'm ready.

I'm not afraid to die.

It's all I can do for you.

Death will come soon,

and painlessly.

Drink it.

Thank you.


He gave it to me.

I'll see, that it gets to him.

Spears down!

Brother, the Romans are attacking,

our first lines are crumbled!




Now the destiny of Hannibal is sealed,

driven by events, he can not undo,

bound forever to the terrible and barren oath,

he will continue the ceaseless combat to the end.

So he fought on, for endless years,

in many lands.

Maybe with a single hope left,

that his son would never know
the business of command,

the burdon of framing the history of mankind.

Subtitles by Hepster Bros. World Domination Department