Hannes (2021) - full transcript

19-year-old Moritz and Hannes have been best friends ever since they were kids. Everything changes the day Hannes is the victim of a motorcycle accident and falls into a coma. Moritz is convinced that his friend will wake up soon.



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Dear Hannes...

today I'm starting to write our story.

I have to start from the very beginning.
Since day one we've been like twins.

We were born on the same day
in the same hospital.

I was born a minute later than you.

So you're the older one of us.

As always,
you had to help me out of a jam.

My junker had broken down.


Moritz, why didn't you get it repaired?
Stay, Solo.

Turn the key.
Let's hope this pile of junk starts.

Come on, I'll drive the junker.
Take mine, at least it works.

Take care of your stuff.

Well, you stray,
you going to come along?

We're going home now.

You douchebag.

Off we go!

They lifted you up carefully,
unsure if your spine had been damaged.

It hadn't been.

Are you Moritz Vorholzner?

You can't sleep here.

Go on home now, and wash yourself.

Come back tomorrow, okay?

Can I do anything for him?

Will he get better?

My boy, we just don't know that.

Read something to him.

Something that he knows.
Something from before.


Hello, Hannes.

I'd love you to send me a sign of life,
or some token of your love for me.

Lots of kisses!

Hello, Nele.

Look here.

Here's fat-boy Brenninger.

And this...

is dimwit Kalle.

And Moritz...

is taking a crap.

I want you to meet someone. Look.

I found him for my dad today.

Isn't he cute?

His name's Solo.

I love you.



"'No, not again,' I yelled.

"Not without me.

"You can't go to Nangilima without me."

"Do you want to come along?,"
he asked.

"Yes! What do you think?,"
I called.

"Didn't I say
wherever you went I was going too?"

I'm sorry, Hannes.

I'm so terribly sorry.

You're in a coma because you have
a severe traumatic brain injury.

But physically you're in tip-top shape.


What'Il I do with you?

Brenninger, can you help me?
The dog is crapping all over my place.

Could you maybe...

take the dog, or maybe the bike...
to his parents.

Do it yourself. Asshole!

Hannes is in the hospital
because he rode your hunk of junk.

Hannes? Where the devil are you?

- Be here in 20 minutes!
- It's for you.





Oh, God!

Mrs. Stemmerle...

What are you doing here?

Pardon me?

Delightful! Delightful!

My dear Hannes.

- There you are...
- Hey, slow down.

Mrs. Stemmerle,
you were my homeroom teacher.

German and history.
Don't you remember?

The boy smells!

Mrs. Stemmerle, thank you.
You can let him go now.

Young man, can you read?

Florian, move a bit to the side.

It says:
"Unauthorized persons not permitted."

I have to explain something to you.

We just telephoned.

Hannes was in a motorcycle accident.

Sister Sabrina!


Were you in the garden again, Florian?

- May I please see his room.
- Come with me.

Tell me what's with Hannes,
from the start please.

Sister Walrika defended your room.

She didn't open it for me till I said
I was supposed to read to you.

This guy here, that's me.

I leave you alone.

And... stop!

Cape... Horn.

That's where we'll go.

Wherever you go, I'm going too.



A year from tomorrow it'll be the Andes.

- You have to make some money.
- I'll take care of it.

I'm not going without you.

And I'm not going without you.

You'd have chucked me out
of your bed long ago...

but Dr. Klaus says
it's good for you if I'm with you.

We have a shower, by the way.


- Thanks.
- Good night.

Good night.

Good night.

Moritz is my best friend.

He has been all my life,
and yet we're losing each other.

I want to go on this trip with him.

I've saved nearly 1,000 euros for him,
but that's not enough for shipping.

I thought Moritz wanted to come,
but he's not lifting a finger.

He's stagnated.

He does nothing. Doesn't study.
Doesn't work.

He doesn't want anything out of life.

It seems like Moritz has lost his north.

"His north..."

You can't write shit like that.

Yes, come in.

Now tell me about your life up to now.

How do you mean?


Well, as far as school I...
I'm going to finish.

Mr. Vorholzner...

My mom and dad
are a real handful.

But my mom is already dead,
and my dad...

Well, my dad's girlfriend
is more like my age.

Mr. Vorholzner,
this isn't an interview for therapy.


I mean, the job belongs to Hannes.

I'll just do it till he's back.

Then I'll be gone again. Honest.

What do you say?


Wherever are you?

Right, you're food, Mrs. Stemmerle.

You really don't recognize me, do you?

No. We don't know each other.

And if you're going to disturb me,
then be so kind

and check if someone's in the room.

You sensitive person.

Who could be in here?

I beg your pardon?

Who could be here?

You're supposed to look.

- There's no one here.
- But she's there!

- Who?
- Jasmin, my granddaughter.

I didn't know you had a granddaughter.
I know your son.

- I don't have a son.
- But I know him! He has brown hair.

Nice eyes.

- You must be the new doctor?
- Yes, you can say that.

Hello, Doctor. I'm Dr. Redlich.
Feel like talking some shop?


Go on then, Doctor.
And take that with you.



I started at the Bird's Nest today.

So you can keep your job. And...

I'm going to continue
writing your diary.

So you don't miss a single day.


My first day at the Bird's Nest
went by in a flash.

It was super exhausting.

I'd like to go get drunk with you now,
like before.

Time to pay up, my boys.
Come on.


Brenninger, how are you?

What are you doing right now?

Are you hard of hearing, you fags?

Look! Look who's here.


You can't be there.


I'm sorry.

Stay here.

I'll go outside.

Wake up, honey.

Solo is here.

Come on.


Can you help me repair the bike?

Lesson number one.

When you come here,
go to the washroom first.

You'll come with clean hands,
and you'll be washed up.

Other hand.

If you don't improve you'll end up
losing your soul to the devil.

No one wants that.


I spoke to Hannes's father.

Moritz, you were dishonest.

- About what?
- About how bad Hannes is doing.

I wasn't dishonest.

He's grinning, and I saw that.

Come here.

All right, and now off you go, champ.
Redlich is waiting.

Over there.

The early shift sorts out the meds
and you disburse them on the late shift.

He can't help you.

- He doesn't talk.
- Poor guy.

When you're done talking, get to work.

Something burning?

Why in God's name
aren't you using the ashtray?

House Rules, Article 1, Section 2:
"No smoking anywhere on the premises."

That only goes for patients.
We don't want them to endanger anyone.

Go on, take one. Now do as I say.

Thank you.

And before you ask,
I have no other vices.


Apart from the Lord.
May I ask you something?

I know Mrs. Stemmerle.

She was my high school teacher.

- Why is she here?
- Maybe that's why.

Vorholzner, first get the basics down,
then we'll get to the nitty-gritty.

- And the tubes?
- He started breathing yesterday.

His swallowing reflex is back too.

I never said it, but...

I knew it, Hannes.

You're breathing again.
And you will recover.

This is awesome!

Hey, ladies!

Calling all Waldorf students! First in
the lake doesn't have to do dishes. Go!

Just look at them.

No, man! Cover your willy.

Hannes, if you buy tobacco like that,
I'll give you pot,

and prepare breakfast for you
in the bar for a whole month.

Shake on it.

- Get lost! How disgusting.
- Sure thing.

- Moritz, I'm borrowing your ride.
- He's doing it!

- Hannes, off my bike!
- Wait. Take the trash.

Till later!

- Buongiorno
- Buongiorno.

A pack of tobacco, please.

Very nice.




Hannes Meier, you lucky devil!


I get breakfast for a whole month.

- Thanks, man.
- Moritz. Look here.

I found him in the trash.

I named him Solo.

- My dad will flip out.
- And your mom will kill you.

So you brought Hannes back, did you?

- Hey, you cutie!
- Hello.

- Hello. Who are you?
- I'm done talking to you today.


Give me the tobacco now!

- Where's the motorcycle?
- It didn't start again.

Are you hungry?
Want a sausage?

Anyone have pants for me?

"Munich," he says.
"Yeah!", says the stutterer.

That's about the unfunniest joke ever.

When do you want to go there?

In September.

Cape Horn.

There are nights
that never leave you.

Like ours by the lake.

Hello, Moritz.

I'm not letting you out.

Okay, two options.

Either you take it, eat it and stay,
or I eat it and you stay here.


Get in here.

Mrs. Stemmerle?



Mrs. Stemmerle...

Mrs. Stemmerle, do you hear me?

- Do you hear me?
- Yes.

- Good morning.
- Morning.

Well done, Mr. Vorholzner.

- May I go have a shower now?
- Go on.

...ask you to eat at Brenninger's...
to eat...

I'd really like to invite you to dinner.
That is to...

- Dr. Redlich?
- Yes?

I... I don't know. I can't cook...

- And I don't know...
- Yes?

I don't know where it's tasty to eat,
but I'd love to go to dinner with you.

Mr. Vorholzner,
I'm not paid to babysit.

But, well, I do know... Brenninger's...

Careful. My hair!

My hair...

Thanks. Sorry.


Calm down, or I'll see to it that you do.
There's news.

- Good news or bad news first?
- Good.

Nele is pregnant.

- And the bad news?
- She doesn't know whose it is.

I mean, Nele was sad,
and then Kalle consoled her.

It may be a bit much.

Not a word from either of you!

It'll break Hannes's heart to hear this.

You're the worst.

Hannes is your friend, you jerkoff!
Probably your only one!

Everything is just falling apart.

I have to tell you something, Hannes.

Your father has finally found a way
to be near you.

He's repairing the bike.

Do you have a garage?

But what he really wants
is to repair you.

How are things going with the dog?

He shits in the house
every goddamn day.

Always in the same spot.

My wife thinks I'm scrapping it, but you
don't just scrap a bike like this Triumph.

I put the old sidecar back on.
Ride carefully. Solo!

Sleep, my child, sleep

Your father tends the sheep

Your mother is in...


Pomerania went down in flames

Sleep, my child, sleep

Your father tends the sheep

Your mother shakes the apple tree

As falls down a dream for thee

Sleep, my child, sleep

Your father tends the sheep

- Your mother...
- Mrs. Stemmerle. What's wrong?

Be quiet. You'll wake her up.

Jasmin has to finally go home.

Mrs. Stemmerle.

Why don't you tell me about Jasmin?

You're a kind person.

- And a bonehead. Go sleep now.
- Please take those things now.

You give us your bread and...
And you give us guilt...

Though I walk through the valley
of the shadows where no food grows,

we forgive even those who disturb us.

Please forgive them their...
their trans... transgressions,


"Stemmerle, Barbara...

"The patient is convinced she's to blame
for her granddaughter's death.

"The girl drowned five years ago
while playing by the lake.

"Her feelings of guilt could be
the cause of her psychotic episodes."

What are you doing on Saturday?

I don't have time for you on weekends.



will kill you.

With the trombone.

He speaks!

Iris! He speaks!


In your free time, Moritz,

you can do what you like
but this is no place for a tacky affair.

Not at all!

And for God's sake
don't let such abominations

cause me to lose respect for you.

And lose the nearness
I do feel towards you.

Not to mention
that Redlich is too old for you.

And she has a husband.

- No she doesn't.
- Quiet now!

Here's your task.
Drive to Mrs. Stemmerle's property.

Her son's selling the house.

You'll drive there
and have him give you her things.

Mrs. Stemmerle's son committed her
to the Nest five years ago.

And he never returned.


Can I help you?

I'm a former student of your mom's.
Our class used to come here often.

You won't forgive yourself for this.

I know your mom
was supposed to be watching Jasmin.

What did you say?

But it was an accident.

What do you think Jasmin thinks about
how you're treating your mom?

Beat it!

One more thing. Her stuff.

Some families grow together
in the face of calamity...

others fall to pieces because of it.

There is no in-between.

It made my father to fall to pieces.

That was the day...

you became my family.

I'm not your dildo!

You have a guy, right?

Who cares?

You know what?

I don't want this anymore, Iris.

Here. Jasmin.
You were three.

I don't take those anymore.

Mrs. Stemmerle!

They're healthy.

- Then you swallow them.
- Yeah, sure I will.

Then be my guest.
Should we share?

You sure are pretty.

I want to dance.

Mrs. Stemmerle?

You can call me Barbara.

If it were up to me,
you'd be out of here.

But since that's not so,
you're getting a formal warning.

For the pills. Is that agreed?

That never would've happened
to Hannes.



Get to work.

Your mother called in the dead of night.

You opened your eyes.

So? Is he reacting?

Do you see me?



If you see me,

then squeeze.


Squeeze my hand!



squeeze my hand!


Very good, my friend.

Dr. Klaus sent us out
for some fresh air.

And when it comes to fresh air,
we know the best way to get it.

This is it, my friend.
If you want to ride, then squeeze...


Here he is again, good old Hannes.

So you want to determine
when his last day will be?

I was wrong about you, Mr. Vorholzner.

Come on, Solo.

Does... Does he have a cold?

Calm down, your irresponsible actions
aren't the reason for the ventilator.

The expectorant
doesn't agree with Hannes.

- He needs periodic ventilation.
- Excuse me, Doctor...

happy birthday, Moritz.

We took a blood sample.

And then I went
to the doctor's with Nele.

She had a paternity test done.


it's your child.

Do you feel that?


- Brenninger.
- Nele told Kalle yesterday.


And did she say...
what it's going to be?


It's going to be a girl.

I'm going to name her Johanna.

They're coming by, all three of them.

We all thought Johanna
was a good reason to wake up.

But you didn't.

Hannes, do something.


So, Moritz?

Hannes can't do it in January.

He's not ready yet.

Moritz, if you listen
to your inner voice...

do you really think that Hannes...

will be able to work again?

So what about your trip?

I've saved enough money for both of us.

You believe in your superstar.

And I believe in Hannes.

From the depths of my heart.

You're right, Moritz.

How much longer
do you want to fool yourself, huh?

- I just want...
- What?

I just want to go on living!

- When are Nele and Kalle coming?
- They're in bed with 104-degree fever.


- And the baby?
- At Hannes's parents.

Hopefully Hannes didn't catch it.


I have to go now.

I had a full life, Moritz.

In the end it is always a full life.

Wherever you go, I'm going too.

After your death I needed a year
until I could finally take our trip.

Eventually, I just packed my things
and now I'm just off Tierra del Fuego.

There is no half-life for guilt.

It persists.

But there is a moment
when one can ask for forgiveness.

I took Mrs. Stemmerle to see her son.

Hannes, I'm riding towards the moment
when I can ask you for forgiveness.

Till then I remain grateful
that we were friends.

For Hannes.


I've found my north.

Now it's time to give this diary
to your daughter Johanna.

Sooner or later she'll read it.