Hannah's Law (2012) - full transcript

A bounty Hunter seeks revenge for the murder of her family and prepares for a showdown with the powerful gang leader responsible for the slayings. She calls on old friends to stand with her in the fight.


Gone again?

I declare, that girl takes
special pride in making herself

scarce when there's
chores to be done.

I'll help you clear
the table, Kate.

No, that's her job.

How's she ever gonna
learn responsibility?

Caleb, round up your sister.


He's never gonna find her.

She sure enough
knows how to hide.

She gets that from
your side, James.

Where are you?

Hanny, you're gonna
get in big trouble.

Where are you hiding?

Riders coming in.


Get the kids in the house.

Caleb! Hannah!
Come back here right now.

Get in there with them.

What about Hannah?

Get in there.



You guys are in
a powerful hurry?

Nice place.

Name's beaumont.

My name's frank mcmurphy.

These are my men.

Yeah, that's right,
you heard of me.

We need water, fresh horses.

Well we got plenty water,


The horses ain't for sale.


Nobody said anything
about buying, sodbuster.

We take what we need.


Turk, pineda,
round up them horses.

Hacker, get that boy.

- Come on.
- Fellas, help him.

Come here boy.

Burn the house down.

Let's go.

Move your ass!
We haven't got all day!

Got you now.

Come out.

Where the hell are you?

Let him go.

I'm not a judge, or a jury.

My job is to bring you in,
see justice done.


I need you alive, turk.


What part of alive
didn't you understand?

Quit your whining.

I didn't do nothing wrong.

Morning ladies.

Get your hands off me.

The lady said
stop bothering her.

I warned you.

You know...

Whoa there.
Whoa whoa.

Hey Hannah.

Wyatt earp.

Busy morning?

The usual.

What do you got for me today?

Turk Anderson.

$200, same bounty dead or alive.

Alive, as usual.

Wouldn't expect anything else.


Come on over to my office.

Come on tough guy, let's go.

Come on, come on.

Don't bother getting up.

Wasn't going to.

Beaumont, this your prisoner?

- He's mine.
- Mine's outside.

Who's watching him, his maker?

You know that's not how I work.

I know.

Hannah beaumont always
brings them in alive.

You know one of these days,

one of these range bums
isn't gonna give you a choice.

What are you gonna do then?

Put him in the ground.

When we gonna get some
help around here, Larry?

We're doing fine.

You mean I am.


Thanks Wyatt.


Hannah, wait up.

Something wrong?

Yeah, um, no, I mean no.

Well deger broke out
my pay for the month,

and that's just about enough for

one steak dinner
at del Monaco's.

I'd be honored if
you shared it with me.

Tempting, but I've been
on the trail for two weeks.

I'm exhausted.


Hey, another night, alright?


Yeah, you just let me know when.

Right, I better get
back before old deger

hits one of the prisoners.


I'm Hannah.
Who are you?

I know.

Don't seem like it,
but it will pass.

Miss beaumont?

Morning Mattie.

Miss beaumont.

You've met Elizabeth.

She just joined us today.

Go play with the
other girls, dear.

Elizabeth Johnson, she lost her
whole family in an Indian raid.

Army scouts found
her two days later.

She'll get over it.


You keep us going.

Just keep up the
good work, Mattie.

And keep my name out of it.

Of course.

God must have
truly sent you to us.

God had nothing to do with it.

See ya, Elizabeth.


Hey Hannah.

Hey Mary.

Whooee, got about a hundred
miles of trail dust in my craw.

One drink?

- I'll watch ya.
- Come on in.

Set me up, Andy.

What's in the box?


Who gave it to you?

No, giving it.

To you.

I don't-i didn't
ask for anything.

I know.

Open it.

Ha ha.

It's the same one we saw in that

Marshall field
catalog from Chicago.

Thank you, but I don't have any
call for an outfit like this.

Well, you might.

Someone asks you out to dinner.

He already asked you.

Damn, that boy is impatient.

I told him to wait
till I got back in town.

You knew?

He asked me for some advice.

And what did you tell him?

I told him, nobody in this town

knows Hannah beaumont
better than me.

And I know it all.

When y'all going out?

I said no.


You crazy.

That Wyatt earp is a fine man,

the finest thing to come
through this hell hole in

I don't know how long.

- I know.
- Then what?

You're right, he's a great guy,

good looking, honest,
he loves the law.

I just don't have room.

No, it ain't healthy,

you spending every
night alone like that.

You don't have anyone.

Don't worry about that.

Your religious schooling?

No, convent is a distant memory.

Besides, I do have
someone special in my life.

What's his name?


My double barrel greena
lover is always by my side.


Ya damn cheat!

I'm sorry,
where I come from winning

is not always an
indication of cheating.

What are you calling me?

Well, nothing yet.

Trying to formulate,

that is, put
together a sentence,

with words you might understand.

Smart lunger.

Your hardware don't impress me.



Well then fill your hand.

Now, Walter, this is ridiculous.

I have no interest
in winning a game

that's had a
shadow cast upon it.

You don't trust me,
most assuredly,

I don't trust you.

What are we gonna do about it?

We'll cut for it.

- Cut?
- Yeah.

High card takes the pot.

Just the three of us, yourself,
myself, and lady luck.

No chance of cheating
by either party.

No funny business.

What you got?

It's your lucky day, Walter,

it's all yours.

Wonderful playing with you.

Ain't that a Daisy?

Aw, you don't worry.

You don't worry about doc,
Hannah, he don't need your help.

What about Wyatt?

He's a good man.

Besides, you need
to go out with him.

And why's that?

Because I bought that dress.

I'll pay you back.

You know how you
can pay me back?

By going out to dinner with him.


If it's that important to you.

It is.

Thank you.

You have a good night, Hannah.

Miss beaumont.

Doc, you're gonna get yourself
killed one of these days.



Six to go.

Some fellas just
don't know what's good for them.

What are you staring at?!

Quit your lollygagging!

Bring me those irons
so I can change these brands!

Get 'em in, get 'em in.

Shoulda been outta
here and hour ago.

Here comes hacker.

Must be feeding time.


He's been shot.

Yeah, I just shot him.

No, not him, turk.


In the arm, I think.

I meant, where did
this take place?


Is he dead?

- Jail.
- Too bad.

Who did it?

Some bounty hunter,
but that's not the point.

What is the point?

It's the same bounty
hunter who got ike Jefferson

two months ago in haze, and

chino before that
in Blackwell, Oklahoma.

I'd like to meet this man.

It it ain't no man.

Hey Wyatt.

Good morning, Hannah.

How's my prisoner doing?

Hasn't stopped complaining.

Are those new?

Yeah, I was just about
to bring you your copies.

Three new handbills came in
on the train, no one special.

Listen, if I was too
forward the other night...

No, you were a
complete gentleman.

I was just tired.

Is that offer still good?

Tomorrow night ok?

Come for
you at 7:00.


That first one is Billy Lane.

Henry Underwood was riding
with Sam bass' gang

until the rangers chased him
all the way across north Texas.

What is it?

Isom dart?

Wanted for murder
in Wyoming, yeah.

Got a wire on him, he's supposed
to be in this territory.

Do you know him?

No, just another wanted man.

Not for long if
you're after him.

I'll see you
tomorrow at 7:00.


I love this town, Lauren.

Even at night.

Especially at night.

Working man goes to sleep, this
town still thrives, I love that.

Where are my cattle?

Half the contracted amount
are in the stockyards now.

Mcmurphy's wire said
a week for the balance.

Well you wire him back,

and you tell him the rest of
my cattle ain't in my yard,

it'll be mcmurphy
going to market.

Yes sir.




What's so all
powerful important?

Still hunting bounty?

Yeah, it's a good way to
stay in touch with old friends.

Hear you're a legitimate
business man now.

Cattle hunt.


West needs beef.

Anyone's beef?

Nobody cares once
it's on their plate.

So why'd you send for me?

Bounty hunter's name.

Beaumont, Hannah beaumont.

I heard of her.

Well she's heard of us,

she put away three of the old
gang in the last six months.


What have you heard about her?

Works out of dodge city, Kansas.

Works alone.

That's all?

No, she was raised by
an old black bounty hunter

name isom dart.

Good news is,
he's run afoul of the law,

and he's got a bounty
on his own head.

Well, how the hell is
that good news for me?

Well, what do you do when
cockroaches get in the woodwork?

Smoke them out.

Dart's in trouble,
he'll most likely be

headed for the beaumont woman.

If I ride into dodge
looking to collect the bounty

on her old friend,
that'll smoke her out.

Well, we'll just
see how good she is.

Don't laugh.

Damn, you look good.

Don't get used to it.

This is extremely uncomfortable.

You alright?

My shoulders are cold.

You want my coat?

No, I'll be fine.
What were you saying?

Just Marshall deger
ain't gonna live forever.

Not the way he eats.


Someday, and maybe someday soon,

I'm gonna be the
Marshall of this town.

That pay's $80 a month being
that Marshall, alright,

I know that doesn't
sound like a lot,

but I got it all
figured out, so.

So, so I'm gonna
save up enough money,

get me a private train,

yeah, yeah, I'll ride it
right across the country,

stopping in all the big cities,

every big city with a circus,

and I'll buy up every
elephant they have,

and I'll put them on special
made elephant freight cars,

and fill the coal tender
right up with peanuts.

What do you think
about that, Hannah?

That's nice.

Wait, what?

You weren't listening to me.

I'm sorry, I'm just
thinking about some things.

I can tell.

Maybe it would help
if you talked about it.

Talking won't solve
this kind of problem.

Hannah, you gotta know
there's a lot of questions

I'd like to
ask you, but I don't.

I appreciate that.

Part of me thinks the
answers wouldn't be enough.

I have a feeling it'd be
like looking into a well.

You know, you think
you've reached the bottom,

but there's always more,

more than you can see.

Well, don't lose hope.

Keep looking.

My lord.



You know him?

Zechariah stitch, ma'am.

We hunted buffalo with bill and
ed Masterson, a few years back.

Now I'm off to bigger game now.

This unfortunate
fellow was wanted.

Sure is.


Saw a handbill on
him about a week ago.

What's wrong little lady, you've
never seen a dead man before?

This is no lady, stitch.

I mean, she has
seen a dead body.

This is Hannah, Hannah beaumont.

I heard of you.

You are the lady bounty hunter

that always
brings them in alive.

Well I heard of you, stitch.

You prefer to bring them
in dead, isn't that right?

Well, you don't
have to feed them,

you don't have
to give them water,

all you have to do
is sling them over

your saddle and ride them in.

Stitch, I'm the law here now,

you can't go heeled
in this part of town.

- Even for old friends?
- I can't play favorites.

Now, I don't need
any trouble from you.

I don't intend to cause any.

I'll keep this
smoke wagon sheathed.

As for you, I heard
you're pretty good,

and I don't mean to ride herd
over that type of bragging.

But listen up,
little lady bounty hunter,

while I'm in dodge, I don't
intend for you or anybody else

get in the way between any
hombre I've set my sights on.

That's enough, ok?

Who are you after?

I'm here to put a
bullet in a murderer,

name isom dart.

You don't care if it's
in the front or the back.

Hannah, wait up.


You know I can't abide
killing, even a wanted man.

Hannah, I know,
but I just gotta say,

looking at the collection
of drovers and renegades

you've brought in alive, well,

most of them look like they
might have needed some killing.

Justice ain't mine to give.

Here I am telling you.

I notice you only
draw that pistol

to give polecats
a knock on the head.

Well, bullets ain't cheap.

Especially when you're
saving up to buy elephants.

You have any idea how much
peanuts will cost, alone?

What are you gonna do?

First light I'm gonna go
after this isom dart character,

and bring him in, alive.

Dressed for the ball?

It is nearly midnight.

Jack of clubs on
the queen of diamonds.

Well thank you, darlin'.

Good morning.


Getting an early start?

Allow me.

Listen, doc...

There's no need to say it.

As a man who has
lived a life of regrets,

I know that look.

It's just, I'm going off
to do a distasteful thing.

Another distasteful thing?

There's nothing you have to say,

and there's nothing I
have to say about anything.




As you may have discerned,

I'm also an expert in the
area of distasteful things.

Is there no place for me in
this game of yours today?

Perhaps you could deal me in.

No seat at this table.

This, us.

This was just a hand.


What are you doing here?

I'm thinking I should
be asking you that.

I'm waiting on you.

Waiting on you to
come out your room.

Mary, please,
not today, not now.

Nice dress.

Hannah, I'm your friend.

I know you are.

Friends are allowed
to tell each other

when they've done
something incredibly stupid.

I didn't do anything,
that's anyone else's business.


I said it wasn't
anyone else's business.

What about Wyatt?

Especially not his business.

Well I ain't gonna preach.


But I got to tell you,
to do something like this,

when you just starting out
something good with Wyatt.

Don't you think
I want those things?

Someone to love, family.

Maybe I don't deserve them,
you ever thought of that?

Maybe you don't think you do.

I know I don't.

Sermon over?


What are you all dressed for?

You going somewhere?

Riding into the hills with ya.

I don't want you
riding out there.

I owe ya.

For what?

Saving my life.


When I moved here.

You became my friend.

Folks in this town didn't
even want to look at me.

I don't think I would have
made it this long without you.

And I don't take
friendship lightly.

Thank you, but I have
to do this alone.


I thought you said you
were gonna keep that sheathed?

Deputy earp.

Can't fault a man
when he hears footsteps

coming up from behind him.

Can I help you?

In fact you can.

You know I'm always one
to go out of my way

to be helpful to the law.

Now, we both know
that ain't true.

What do you want then?

You're riding out.

I got a line on dart.

I hear he's hold up
west of the wash,

so I figured I'd round up
his hide before the sun sets.

I have a different idea.

Why don't you ride on east
until you hit New Orleans.

You'll probably make it there
just in time for mardi gras.

Deputy, that does
sound like fun.

A little crawfish,
a little jambalaya.

But also, that sounds like
you're asking me to leave town.

Well your ears work just fine.

But my work here isn't done.

It is.

Do you want me
to lose my bounty?

Is that it?

I don't want any trouble.

Well I don't want
any trouble from you.

From Hannah.

Well what business
is she to you?

You say you're here for dart.

I can tell there's gonna
be trouble between you two.

Well if she wants to make
something, I'm not backing down.

You don't understand.

If you hurt her,

I will track you down,

and I will kill you.

That talk don't
fit that badge, boy.

Try me.

See how fast I throw it away.

you think you could get away with it?

Wyatt, Wyatt, I...

Just sneak out of town
without saying good bye?

Yeah, I told you
I'd be setting out early.

It's a nice day for a ride,
I thought I'd tag along.

That's mighty obliging,
but I don't need a posse.

I'll be tracking, and
I do that better alone.

I was thinking, Hannah,

maybe you should let
someone else take this one.

Stitch the back shooter?

Why are you so hell bent
on going after this man?

There's something
you're not telling me.

I told you everything you need
to know, just leave me be.

Yeah just remember,

sometimes no matter how strong
a person thinks they might be,

there comes a time when they
need someone to back them up.

When that time comes, Wyatt,

I'm glad to know
I can count on you.

This just isn't that time.

You see what he did?

He walked his horse
through here backward.

He's good.

I'm better.

Trained you good.

Want some coffee?

There's people looking
for you all over the territory.

You should be
running a cold camp.

I know they'll
come looking for me.

How'd you get your
picture on that poster, isom?

I thought you were
smarter than that.

Funny story.

Funny if you telling it,
not if you living it.

I came across an
overturned buckboard,

man was trapped under
the wheel, hurt real bad.

I put him on one
of those horses and

run him back into
the nearest town.

Never could make
coffee as good as you could.

The story?

I don't see how all this
ends up with you wanted.

Well it turns out,
it was the town sheriff,

one of the trailer bank robbers.

When he died, the town people
decided that I did him in.


If I had killed a man,

why would I have brought
him back into town?

You tell them that?

I tried to.

Sounds like a case of them
reading the wrong brand.

Come in with me.

Tell your story and be tried.

They don't try black men,
Hannah, you know that.

They hang them.

And so, I'm gonna
pick up my rifle,

get on my horse,

and get a right outta here.

If you wanna stop me,

you best shoot me right now.

- I was just kidding.
- It wasn't me.

I told you I wasn't the
only one looking for you.

Who is it?

Bounty hunter named stitch.

Is he good?

Not good enough to track you.

Yeah, just good
enough to follow you.

At least he's a good shot.

A buffalo hunter.

Perfect, long range marksman.

He could wait us out.

What's your out?

You picked a nice place
to make a campsite.

So what do you say we do now?

I know what he'll do.

Wait until it gets dark,

move in, and kill
both of us, get the reward.

Got a toothache, Wyatt?

Take a seat, I'm on a roll.

I'll never be drunk enough
to let you touch my teeth.

Well, I'm drunk enough.

Now, really Wyatt, you must
believe me when I tell you

that I was quite a good
dentist back in Atlanta.

We ain't in Atlanta, John Henry.

This isn't up to your
usual level of banter.

Something's bothering you.

Hannah, you're
worried about her.

Never did that before.

There's something
personal in this.

That makes it dangerous.

I don't understand that woman.

I do.

I think I know her
like I know myself.

I think personal is all she has.


This remind you of anything?

New Mexico, Jesse
Evans and the boys.

Dumbest, dumbest outlaws
to ever draw a breath.

But we got out of it.

We always came out on top.


Why'd we stop?

I wonder how long he's gonna
wait before he move in here?

Answer my question.

One day you just up and said,

you're on your own now, girl.


When I met you, you were
fresh out of the orphanage.

You saved my life.

Yeah, you asked me to
teach you to hunt men.

And I did it.

You didn't need me anymore.


Look, ok, look hanny.

You're like a daughter to me.

And this quest for revenge,

yours was bound to
get you killed one day,

and I didn't want to be
there and see it happen.

It hasn't yet.

That's just lucky.

Maybe your luck's run out.

Maybe not.

- You stay here.
- Where you going?

I told you to
stay out of my way.


You shoot first.

You're as bad as
the men we hunt.

No, they're bad.

They're wanted.

What are you gonna do now,

little miss bring 'em in alive?

You gonna shoot me?

That's $500 just riding away!

What the hell does an
outlaw mean to you anyway?

He's just a damn...


He's better than you.

Get down to king's
and get me two boxes of 44.

What is this?!

He tried to kill me.

She got in my way.


What are you so all
fired happy about?

Well Wyatt,
I'll be out of here soon enough.

To hang from a rope.

I don't think so.

You just don't get it, girl.

All of this, I was just sent

to deliver you a message.

And what's the message?

He's coming.


Here's the thing,
you've been doing a fine job

of picking us off
one by one, little girl,

but he ain't coming alone.

He's got himself a new gang,
killers wanted from Colorado,

all the way to Saint Louis.

And he's coming for you.


Frank mcmurphy.

In two days,
he'll be riding into dodge.

He's coming for you.

Let him come.

He's coming for you.

12 hired men,
and lockwood wants to see you.

Yeah, that's what he said.

What are they after you for?

I guess because I brought
in three of his gang.

Well we'll just have to get
the whole town to join in.

Send those polecats back
where they came from.

Now, you know the
folks in this town

ain't gonna risk
their necks for nobody.

I can't ask anybody to
do that for me, anyway.

It's my fight.

I am the law now,
remember, that's our job.

I didn't get your opinion.

Yes, um, he who
runs away lives...

Well lives.

So you're not
volunteering to help?

I do not like the odds.

I'll go talk to deger.

It's time I go see lockwood.


You're making the big-time girl.

I'll see you both later.

Unless you're leavin' town.

If so, I'll say my
goodbyes now, then.

You a right bastard.

An accurate assessment, Mary.

How could you do that?

Do what?

I ain't blind, dentist.

I see what's
happening between y'all.


Don't you care
nothing about that girl?

More than I realized.

Then why ain't you
helping her then?

I am.

If I join her,
she'll stay and fight.

If she fights, she may die.

I would like for Hannah to live.

Miss beaumont, sir.

Miss beaumont.

Mr. Lockwood.

Won't you join me for breakfast?


Would you care for some whiskey?

I don't mean to insult you,

I just never met a
female bounty hunter before.

What is it that you want?

Well, we never met.

I don't buy cattle, or use the
services of your prostitutes,

or your gambling parlor.

When would we have met?

Your mouth runs faster than
that gun comes off your hip.

Now, come here a minute.

I try not to waste
ammunition or words.

As I said coming in, what is
the purpose of this meeting?

Just come on down
here for a second,

take a look out here with me.

Come on, don't be
afraid of falling.

I'm not afraid of falling,
I'm afraid of landing.

That's very good.

Now, what do you see?


Alright, but me I see a city.

A city that the wags out
east call the wickedest city

in all America, and they
are not far from wrong.

Every manner of vice known to
man could be perpetrated

on the other side of the
tracks, and every rustler

and buffalo hunter, gambler,
cowboy, renegade, Indian,

lawman and badman, they
all pass through here,

and some of them stay.

Some stay forever,
right up there,

right on boot hill.

Ok now, you hear that?


Now that ain't the
sound of thunder,

you know what that is,
right there, that's power.

Right there is my power.

Beef on hoof.

Driven all the way up from
the chisholm trail, get on!

That is why I sit up here
and I have my breakfast,

watch the herd come in.

There's nothing quite like it.

What were we
talking about again?

Ok, dodge city sits at the cross
roads between east and west,

it is the portal
through which all commerce,

both legal and illicit,
passes through,

and the man who
controls that gateway,

well he controls all
that passes through it.

You follow me?

Well from what I can see
you're just about the most

powerful man within
a thousand miles of here.

Yeah, just about.

So what is it you want with me?

I'm aware of your upcoming
conflict with frank mcmurphy.

Who isn't?

Well the difference is,
I would like to see

no such conflict
transpire in dodge city.

I'm touched.

Well you need not be,
my concern is not for you,

it is for the town.

I don't want to
see frank mcmurphy

and his men reduce it to rubble.

Well that's clear enough,
and for you, rarely honest.

I have devised a
mutually beneficial solution

for both of us.

One that is
financially beneficial.

You're offering me
money to leave town.

I feel like one of your women.

But you are...

I don't think so.

Well you haven't
heard how much yet.

And you think that
would matter to me?

Well, I don't know.

Now we've met at least.

Miss beaumont.

No one will help you.

You know?

What makes you so sure?

This is my town.

What makes you so sure?

I thought you were long gone.

If you were smart,
you'd run away.

Of course, if you were smart,

you wouldn't have let me go.

So take one piece
of advice from me.


Ride out of here.

And go where?


No, seriously, come with me.

Yukon territory is beautiful.

And freeze my off?

Let's start a new life.

Hey, they got bad guys up
in Alaska too, you know.

Not the ones I'm looking for.

Well, I tried.

One last lesson.

Remember when I said
there'd be a time

when the fight wouldn't be fair?


This is it.

You're not gonna take
this bunch in alive.

Prepared for that?


There's only one way you're
gonna live through this day.

I'm all ears.

You gotta control
the fight, girl.

Stay on your feet,
you move better.

You start with your rifle
when they're at a distance.

And when they get closer,
time for the shotgun.

And when it gets
all close and dirty,

then you go to your hog leg.

You're not gonna be around?

I came here to take you away.

I'm too old to fight.

I don't fancy dying in Kansas.

You're on your own now, girl.

Doesn't the stable have
someone who does that?

Yup, me.

Yeah, they're like my children.

I take care of them,
and they take care of me.


Well, help then.

Been trying to stir up
men to help, Hannah,

but I'm afraid this
town is populated

with nothing but geldings.

You know I wanna be
right beside you, Hannah.

I know.

Bastard lockwood.

He's sending me out on a stage
run, right after sunrise.

I would be ten miles
outside of dodge

long before that mcmurphy
gang even get here.

Well, it's official
then, I'm alone.

Well, you can always run.

Ok, why not?

Can you at least tell me that?

They killed my family.

Mcmurphy's gang.

I was just a kid.

Sweet Jesus.

The only reason
they didn't get me

is because I was hid in a barn.

Maybe I was meant
to die that day.

I laid in that
barn and I prayed.

I prayed that someone
would come and stop them.

No one came.

So I became that person.

That person who would be
there when others needed help.

And I would track
down those men.

That's why I picked dodge,
because I knew that eventually

every outlaw would walk through
the doors of the long branch,

and with every man,
I wondered, would I ever

get to mcmurphy himself,
and now he's coming.

Yeah, but tomorrow
he ain't coming alone.

I ain't afraid to die.

What are you afraid of?

What'll happen if I win?

I've chased these men through
my nightmares for 12 years.

12 years.

When this is over,
who will I be?

It's a fine day for it.

I would say so, sir.

I ain't going!

You have your orders.

Those settlers have
asked for our help.

I can't leave town now!

Yeah, you can't leave
town now, Wyatt,

you're gonna miss all the fun.

Hold your tongue!

Wyatt, we don't get to
enforce the laws we want,

when we want to.

So if you have a
problem with that,

you take that badge
off right now.

No, sir.

Hey Wyatt.

Mornin' Hannah.

Going for a ride?

Deger's ordering me out of town.

Lockwood's doing.

They're stacking
the deck against you.

Hannah, you gotta know, being
a lawman is the only thing I

ever been good at, but if you
want me to stay here with you...

You have to do
what they tell you.

But you don't have to do this.

Ride out with me.

It's too late for that.

Alright gentlemen.

Well gentlemen, as expected,

our lady bounty hunter
has made herself scarce.

Hack, you get turk and
stitch out of the hoosegow,

and redwing, you check
out the boarding house.

It's not like the little
trollop's gonna step out

onto the street and let us
shoot her full of lead.

Well I'll be.

You are the lady bounty
hunter, I surmise.

I hear you got a bee in
your bonnet for us all.

Not all of ya.

You there.

You men who are new.

I have no quarrel with you,
you can ride on outta here.

My men ride where I ride.

I had to give them a chance.

Now what?

Are you gonna kill us all?

Those of you who don't come
in to face the law, yeah.

Anyone who wants to live,
throw down your guns.

What is she thinking?

She's all alone.

Maybe she ain't alone.

Maybe she got other
guns on us right now.

I say she's bluffing.

Lockwood said she's
alone, she's alone.

Ain't nobody in this town gonna
stick their neck out for her.

She ain't more...

She's just barely a woman.

Alright gentlemen,

take her.

- Let's do it!
- Let's go!

Move in you fools,
you're too far away!

You've gotta
control the fight, girl.

You start with your rifle,
when you're at a distance.

Get in there!
Get her!

Too far away, move in on her.

Nobody kills
her, bring her to me!

I want her now!


Boss, you alright?

Don't just stand around here,
find her, kill her.

And when they get
closer, time for the shotgun.

Move your, girl!

Unless you want it shot off.

Ya! Come on!

Come on!

Come on, tumbleweed!

Nice shooting, Mary.


Come on!


Come on!
Come on! Come on!

You said it would
be a cake walk!

Find her!
Kill her!



Get my rifle.

Yes sir.

It's a damn slaughter out there.

What the hell are
you doing here?

My job.

You let them out?

Get out of here this minute
or you will not have a job.

I'm only gonna say this once!

Get to fighting,
or get to running.

Behind you, mare!

Come out, boy!


Keep down.


I got you now.

The animal is always the most
dangerous when it's cornered.

You greenhorn.

Heh... heh...

I'm gonna skin your butt.

And nail your hide
to my barn wall.

I don't think so.

I told you, your need
for revenge is what

would get me killed one day.

You were finally
right about something.

Had to be, eventually.

Why the hell did you come back?

Had to help my little girl.




We got the others,
but mcmurphy's hold up in the church.

He has the kids.


- Wyatt! Help Mattie!
- Hannah!

Come on, let's go.

Come on, get 'em outta here,
get 'em outta here.

And when it gets close and
dirty, you go to your hog leg.

Let the girl go.

Well I don't think
that would be wise.

I suspect this pretty
little thing here

is the only thing
keeping you from putting

a 45 caliber hole in my hide.

Another 45 caliber hole.

Now, you lay your gun down,

and you clear a
path to that door.


Back away, or I'll cut you down.

Like you killed my family?

Ha, I killed your...

Abilene, 12 ago,
you killed them for our horses.

That's what this is about.

I remember now.

I don't remember
seeing you, though.

I saw you.

All of you.

Find Mattie.


Nice shot, that old black
outlaw, he taught you well.

He just taught me to shoot.

You taught me to hate.

Ha ha ha and you
kept all that hate

simmering inside
you all these years?

It's kind of impressive.


better finish it.

It is finished.

It's not over till
one of us is dead.

No, I'm giving you to the law.

My only regret is that
I can't see you hung

separately for each
innocent life you took.

My father,
my mother, my brother.



Hell, I didn't
kill your brother.

What are you talking about?

Well, I killed your parents,
yeah, that's for sure,

but the blonde haired honker,

well, we didn't kill him.

We took him.

You're lying.

You know I'm not.
He's alive.

Well at least he was,
last time I saw him.

Where is he?

We took him, and we
raised him up real good,

to be a real good
outlaw like me.


Let that hammer fall, and
then you'll never know.

Let them hang me,
and you never know.

Aw, who thought it
would end like this?



Where is my brother?


Wouldn't you like
to know, ha ha.

Hannah, I had to.

He was gonna shoot you.



You coulda taken the money.


Well, yes, of course,
darling, you're welcome.


Thought you weren't
coming to this dance?

Yes, well, I liked the odds.

I may have been wrong.

Wyatt Berry stapp earp,
the grateful people of dodge

city promote you from assistant
Marshall to city Marshall.

Berry? What kind
of a name is that?


Hannah darling,
he's a huckleberry.

And deger,

get out of dodge.

You going?

Should I stay?

Your call.

Dodge city is a bit too
tame for me, I think.

I hear they've discovered
sliver in Arizona.

A town called tombstone.

Wide open boom town.

Sounds more like your style.


Perhaps I'll make my way there.


Yes, my Scarlet queen.


Well, hanny...

You figure out who you are?

Well, you can always buy
yourself a dress, some books,

make yourself
the town school mom.

I don't think so.

I'm not done yet.

I thought you found them all.

There's one more
man left to find.

And kill?

Not this one.