Hanna in Society (1940) - full transcript

When the old colonel Hummerborg dies, he leaves his fortune and estate to his trusted housemaid Hanna. But the colonel's relatives try everything to have the last will canceled.


Coffee's on!

Come on everyone!

Where have they got to?


Then I sit home a-playing...
in my little maiden bower

But all I do is sit waiting...
and hoping in loneliness...

that someone will peep in the doorway...
but God knows if that ever occurs.

Hanna, someone's calling for you.

He'll have to wait till I finish.

One shouldn't say a thing
if it's just about love...

even when a solo-solo-Mia...

For there's always that someone
who'd like to have a friend...

...even if it's only a solo-solo-Mia

We all hear the whispering beech trees...

what they say is not always true

but in the late-night starlight,
every maiden's a beauty

One shouldn't say a thing
if it's just about love...

even when a solo-solo-Mia.

So little Rutger can get his coffee now.

One shouldn't say a thing
if it's just about love...

even when a solo-solo-Mia.

What's happened to everyone?

Do I have to broadcast it on the radio
before I get a coffee?!

She disappears in her smock

and will no doubt come out
with a tray-load of rubbish.

That sounds like the cork
coming out of a beer bottle.

You think so?

The gunpowder's probably damp.

Why isn't the coffee on time?

You shouldn't get so worked up, Colonel.
It's bad for your digestion.

Worked up?!
Worked up?!

Can't I get worked up
in my own house?!

Maybe I should just tell you
to go to hell!

- Put away your popguns and stop fussing.
- Popguns?!

Do you call this totally unique musket
from the 30-Years War, a popgun?

It sounds like it only lasted
or 30 years.

You're dismissed, Hanna!

Thanks, Colonel,
I'll leave.

Order a cab.... I'll pay...
I want you out immediately.

- Order arms, Colonel!
- Go to hell!

Same to you, Colonel!

How did you go?
Was he very angry?

Things got a bit loud.

You're upset?

Not really.
He only gave me the sack.

What a dreadful thing to do!

It's just part of the agenda.

If he doesn't sack me 3 times a day,
it means he's off-colour.

I've sometimes thought that
he's still living in a bygone age.

I've felt that for ages.

Today he's at the Battle of Breitenfeld...
tomorrow it'll be a fracas at Bender's.

He does things up on
the 4th floor sometimes.

But for him to give Hanna hard time
is a bit much.

Hanna, who makes such great coffee.

You should take your job seriously.

It wouldn't be easy
to find another one.

If I had to leave my little accountant,
I don't know where I'd go.

And the older you get,
the harder it is to change.

There's still something to choose from.

Here's my menagerie...

The Housewives' Federation.

Where did she get these from?

This is my little collection.

Instead of a reference,
I asked for a photo when I left.

Then I don't get them mixed up

I think a lot of them should have
given you fingerprints as well.

Yes, they're quite a bunch.

This one always had porridge on her face...

To make her beautiful, she said.

This one always had an ace of spades
in her shoe

when she came home
from the bridge club.

That one looks nice.

Yes, she was the nicest of the lot.

When her husband was away,
she had another man...

She said he was her sheik.

Then I told her she had to choose
between the sheik and me.

I wouldn?t take orders
from him.

- Hanna!
- Here he goes again.

See how the old guy
always interrupts.

As soon as you try and have a sensible
conversation with her, he screams "Hanna".

You'd probably have to find
a different kitchen to do that.

Home at your place perhaps, Kristin?

You're a real Casanova!

You screamed for me, Colonel.

No, I didn't at all...
I was thinking aloud

- I'd dismissed you, just now, Hanna...
- That's right, Colonel.

But let's not bother about that.

Yes, we shall.
What is said is said.


You've been with me some years now...

and you can handle my weapons
like a corporal...

and you're very good
at preparing simple meals.

- Simple meals?!.
- Yes, yes, yes....

We won't argue about it.

Go now and cancel that taxi!

As good as done, Colonel.

I never rang for a taxi anyway.

Did you disobey my direct order?

And now laugh about it?!

Then you're
definitely dismissed!

If that's your order.

I've never seen
anything like it ...

What about your relatives on Sunday?

What relatives?

There's always a mob of them
here for you name day.

What can I say?

Say nothing and we'll get on better.
Come here.

You can stay

as a sort of Home Guard.

But only till after
Sunday, remember!

As you command.


Do we really have to go and congratulate
the old dodderer?

Why must it be on the same day
as the big Brage game? ?

For the sake of 2 million...
that's why it must be, dear boy.

I'd say your mother's
got it spent already.

However he'll outlive the lot of us.
He could last another 30 years.

All you think about is
when he will die. It's awful.

I think it's disgusting the way
you fawn for his money.

Why are you talking like this?

Remember he's head of a large family
and we're as well-connected as any.

Especially when he fires a shot
so your mother will sit down.

- Douglas is coming, isn't he?
- Will Douglas be there?

Yes, isn't he, Monika?

It's only right to introduce your fiance.

We can buy some flowers on the way.

Ludvig, have you forgotten the present?

No, didn't forget.

I ran around every antique shop in town
before I found this.

Nice, eh?

Looks tatty to me.

Do you think that little gun is enough?

The man said it was very rare.

He seemed respectable.

No doubt you were duped...
as usual.

I'm sure when we leave
that miserable little thing, we' ll see

that your brother has been far more
intelligent in his choice... as usual!

That was a good bang!

Nice firing...
Did you load that yourself?

Yes, it was in celebration
of your name-day.

Thank you very much.

- Anyway... good morning.
- Good morning, Colonel.

A princess cake as well!

Thanks for the Hanna special!

How did you know I like
princess cake so much?

You've been getting it
on your name-day for 15 years.

15 years?
Quite a tradition.

Have to celebrate it.

Good morning, Colonel.

Gosta! Good morning, my boy.

I got a leave pass,
so I thought I'd look in on you.

It's nice of you to look in on us.

Though being air-force, I guess
it should be look DOWN on us.

Nice you could come...
and share a light breakfast with me.

Another cup, Hanna.

Sit down, young officer!

You're just like your father...

He used to like to drop in
unannounced, if you remember.

But most welcome, every time!

How are you going?

Quite well, thanks.

The port wine has been ravaging my big toe,
but that's starting to get better.

- Hanna's sticking it out still, I see?
- Sticking it out?!.

Sticking it out?

We get on very well together.

She looks after me
and my guns wonderfully.

I couldn't survive without her.

What does it say on the cake?

It's his name-day.

And here's me without any flowers.

I'll be getting enough of that crap.

The whole mob will be
charging in here soon.

Do you people have anything
to shoot with in defence, these days?

The machine-gun on my plane
fires 1,000 rounds a minute.

Look at that cannon.

That was at the Battle of Narva...

and spat out so much scrap iron...

...that the Russian cavalry
were hit by horse-shoes!

Help yourself to cake.

Isn't this place wonderful?

And the old man is so adorable.

And me so scared of gunfire.

Do you have the pistol with you,
or have you lost it somewhere?

No, I haven't.

...our happy songs ring out as we walk
through the dandelions over the mountain...

Where on earth did you find this?

That's my little secret.

Shall we swap?

What do I get into the bargain?

Ludvig, give him 100 kronor.

Delightful weather!
Moderate to fresh southeastern wind...

...in the hinterland.

Look who we have here...
Adolf with his new wife.

Kitti dear, you need to be
extremely friendly towards him

even if he seems
a bit eccentric.

Relax, I know how to handle men.

It doesn't matter if they're over 75.
Then they're most amenable.

Get ready for action, Colonel!

What did the woman say?

The relatives must be charging in.

I think that it might be best
if I take my leave now.

Goodbye, my boy,
and you take care of yourself.

I'll stay here
and receive the cavalcade.

Shan't you be eating,

I don't have time, unfortunately.

Just go and sit in the kitchen
and I'll give you something.

Yes, I'm coming, don't break the bell!

Hello, what a surprise!

So, are YOU still here?!?

We'll probably be together
to the bitter end.

It's hardly your place
to try to be funny.

I don't know about that.
Come on in.

The family must be multiplying.
There's more of you every year.

I'll have to ask for a raise.

We can do without your remarks!

Monika gets prettier every year.

You too, Hanna!

Who's that?

- That's my fiance!
- He looks nice.

Come along, Monika!

Well, you never can tell...


Thank you, thank you...
Thanks all of you!

So nice of you all to come and say hello
to an old gun-nut.

I just brought a little something that
I thought might amuse you, Uncle.

Amuse me?

It amuses me enormously.

What do you mean, Uncle?

Isn't it any good?

Any good?!

That's the sort of thing ballet dancers
used to use 40 years ago

when they were playing
at being soldiers.

You are joking, aren't you?

What was the idea?!

I won that round!

I bought it at a theatre auction
for 3 kronor.

3 kronor!

I'll proffer my warmest best wishes
with something may interest you...

...this little toy.

A pistol...

Where did you come across this?

I got it at...

No matter...

This is a very nice thing.
It's a real find!

I looked all over town
to find it.

I can well imagine!

This is an absolute rarity, my boy...

...with recessed trigger and everything.

I've been looking in vain for one of these
for 20 years!

And here you are,
just walking in with one!

You deserve a big hug!
Thank you so much!

A find...

Thank you my boy...
Thank you so much!

I also have a little something
to show you, Uncle.

Don't hog all the attention!

I have another surprise
for you Uncle...

Here's my new little wife.

Is she as antique as the pistol?

No, I see she comes from
the same place as that halberd.

That's delightful!

I love old men who say vicious things
in that adorable way!

Am I being nasty, saying that?

Welcome... a hearty welcome!

Kisses and cuddles
are not all you get!

I brought something
to warm you up.

One couldn't hope
for a 3-star cognac?

No, this is for external use.

We'll try the little slippers.

No, I must go inside for a while.
Thanks to you all.

I didn't even get introduced.

How can anyone behave so stupidly?

Mummy, it's altogether horrible.
How can you bear it?!

Monika! What are you doing?

How awful it all became.

Excuse me...

Isn't Hanna here?

She just went down to the cellar
for a minute.

You're welcome to wait for her here.

Have a bit of cake.

There should be a plate somewhere.

Take a seat.

- This... This?
- No...Yes thanks.

So you're related to Colonel Hummerberg?

Yes, unfortunately...

Why? He's a great old guy.

I mean the family.

Waiting for greener pastures.

Yes, that sums it up...

But not me!

I'm happy to do anything...
be a farm hand all my life, even.

How nice you found your way here,
too, Monika.

- Enjoy my princess cake.
- Yours is always tops.

Distress signal! Bye Bye!

What were you saying
about being a farmhand?

I mean that you have to try
to be able to support yourself.

I can drive a tractor anywhere.

I'd be in agricultural college
if my mother hadn't stopped me.

So you'd enjoy poking about
in the soil?

It'd be wonderful!

You wouldn't understand, being a pilot,
flying thousands of metres above the land.

Unfortunately not,
though I really should.

I own potato fields...
several in fact.

Do you have a farm?
A real farm?

A beautiful farm.

Who cares for it?

-A manager.

I don't have time,
being in the air force.

The estate's name is Bjornlunda.

My name's Bjornberg.

Don't get the idea you can
make a living out of it...

or that it isn't a gamble.

You haven't asked me my name.

I heard Hanna call you Monika.

So how is it with the Hummerbergs?

- Have another bit of cake.
- No, I couldn't.

You have to taste
this little rose in the middle.

Open wide
and close your eyes.

What on earth are you doing
in the kitchen?

I'm eating cake.

I guess I have to go now.

Who was that?

Her fiance, poor girl.

Have you seen the boys, Hanna?

I think they're coming round the bend.

So, advance!

Do you shoot many pheasants?

It's not the legal season.

I promise I won't tell anyone.

- All the best, my girl.
- All the best, Colonel.

It's nice to have him
out of the house for a while.


He carries on and complains
all day long.

Don't speak ill of the colonel!

Sure, he grumbles...

But he's kind and he's decent...

So long as you don't
make things difficult for him.

Remember that, Johansson!

You needn't get so worked up.

He wasn't that far off.

Excuse me, but I have be off.

What's his big hurry?

You never know what
Johansson is up to.

This isn't the only kitchen
he sits and chats in.

- He seems a decent sort.
- You can't always tell, with men.

There's a bit of a vamp
at the villa by the bus-stop.

Stina's her name.
Johansson finds her racy.

She feeds the dopey fellow sponge cake.

She couldn't beat your recipe.

One can never tell.

There are all sorts of things
available nowadays.

She's a redhead...
and the fieriest red, I hear tell.


Maybe I'll have to move.

They're going to modernize the offices
and my boss the accountant won't fit in.

He's got too old. That's the
worst thing you can do nowadays.

Anyway, he can't
afford to keep me on.

You must be due for a rest.

Stop spending your life
racing around in houses

being bossed around
by scatterbrains

who wouldn't know the difference
between chicken and pork

It'll work out.

It'll be unusual at first of course...

to be living in a box of a room...

...with my head out the window
and my feet in the sink.

If anything should happen to the colonel,
I'd finish up in a cubbyhole, too.

Famous weapons collector
dies of heart attack during hunt

[Letter from lawyers]
The reading of the will will be
in our office, 2pm Thursday

I think we have everybody here.

- Can I help...?
- A knife?

My testament...

This is my last will and testament
of the 8th of February 1938.

The reason is that I caught a chill
and have my annual head cold...

...that I usually treat
with a stiff brandy...

...but one never knows.

I declare that my capital as of this day
totaling 2,133,000 kronor and 5 ore...

...all in securities and property...

...is to be divided into three equal shares
to my three nephews...

Ludvig, Adolf and Baltzar Hummerberg

For Miss Hanna Lundstrom,
20,000 Kr is allocated...

constituting her pension.

My entire weapon collection
goes to the Artillery Museum.


Ever so clever...

Now we can go there
on Sundays...

...and look at the halberd!

I think it best I go and take a look
at the mansion.

With our sized family,
it's obvious we'll have it.

Wait just a moment,
I see there's a codicil on the other side.

This day 1st of July 1939, I, R. Hummerberg,
declare all of the aforementioned to be invalid.

That can't be true

This morning, while I was
cutting the grass in my garden...

I said to myself...

Why the hell should I give a lot of money
to a mob who don't give a razoo about me?'

I therefore declare that my entire fortune
shall pass to Miss Hanna Lundstrom...

...who displayed such skill
with firearms.


This has been engineered
by that woman!

Could I ask you all to calm down
for a moment.

We witness that R. Hummerberg has
made this change of his own free will.

Signed by General Johan Haag,
and Admiral William Ankar.

I must protest!

Don't I get a
silver-fox cape now?

How can you talk about foxes?!

Hanna... is it really so awful
to get 2 million?

- Monika!
- I'm coming.

That was surely the biggest bang
you ever managed to achieve, Colonel.

That you meant well, helped.

I'll keep the rifles oiled and the cannon
will be fired on flag and parade days.

But what am I going to do
with all that money?

But thank you... if a peasant's thank you
is good enough for 2 million.

My goodness... so much money!

If you don't stop that pacing around
I'll go hysterical.

You're hysterical already.

- Don't get hysterical!
- I'm not. You are.

This is all just a scandal!

Can't you say anything
smarter than 'scandal'?

Do something!

Something has to be done!

Ludvig, you're a patent
attorney and all that...

Can't you come up with something?

Think of something!

Is this about a new can-opener?!

Or a new bottle-stopper?

This is not my area of expertise.

- I have an idea!
- That's not possible!

That I do.
Could be a stroke of genius.

It involves some sacrifices...

We've nothing to sacrifice.

What have you come up with?

I'll marry her.

What did you say...?

Just you dare!

Hanna could marry any of us.

Ludvig, it might be easier
for you to divorce Lucie.

I must run along!

Where are you going?

I'm just going to go for a stroll.
Don't know where I'll finish up.

So long, boys and girls!

What more could happen?!

Hello there, Kristin.

Can I walk with you to Hanna's
...I mean Miss Lundstrom's.

Extraordinary business.

I'm actually worried
about Hanna.

You don't know how
people will accept it.

My aunt won 700 in Lotto
and she actually became irrational.

Hanna will always be Hanna.

Elsa you can show visitors
in to the drawing room.

Yes Madam... I mean Miss.

Best we use the servants' entrance.

But this is Hanna's house,
isn't it?

This way, please.

What did I tell you?!

Miss Lundstrom will see you
in the drawing room.

The hostess has to welcome the guests
in the drawing room

...and say a few nice words.

Johansson, you always
read the meter on time.

I didn't know if you'd still be coming.

Kristin has always been a faithful friend.

You can enjoy what I have,
or rather, what the colonel had.

Then we can go to the fun-park.

It was nice of you to ask us, Hanna.

Hanna is still Hanna.

Have you ladies heard this riddle?


How did it go...? Why can't I boast
about the rice pudding?

Crazy riddle, eh?

[untranslatable play on words]

There are two men outside
to see Miss Lundstrom.

They want to hear Johansson's riddle.

They're from "Our Home Weekly".
They said it's important.

I'd better see...
I'll be right back.

Rice pudding...
Where did you get that from?

You get the riddle don't you, Kristin?

We're from "Our Home Weekly"
and must get a photo of Miss Lundstrom.

We're planning a major article
titled "Sweden's Luckiest Housekeeper".

"The girl from Vasteras
who became a millionaire."

From Koping, actually.

That's so romantic!

Not romantic to interrupt
people's dinner.

You didn't prepare dinner yourself,
did you?

Why not? I wouldn't want
to risk food-poisoning.

That's a funny one. We'll use it.

Now we'll take a snazzy photo of you
in front of the fire.

So get down on the rug!

Now you need to curl up nicely.
You're arm here...

And then we relax and lie back.
Look into the fire and smile! Smile.

Is Snapper ready?
Big smile... dreamily at the fireplace.

Come now, Miss Lundstrom, sit on the stool
and let your fingers tickle the ivories.

- But I can't play piano.
- That doesn't matter.

How about my squeezebox?

Nice and folksy!

Jump up here
and we?ll find a snazzy pose.

So that's it?!
Quite an instrument!

Is this alright,
or does it look silly?

That's fine.

But Johansson's waiting for me.

I'm going to lose the thread...

I got interrupted just before
I could explain the riddle to her!

Hanna probably has
a lot of things to work out.

A hostess is supposed to stay
with her guests at the table.

If we can just get an outdoor shot,
we'll be right.

No, what do I see?

You dreamed of tossing a cannonball...
But all you got to do was the washing-up!

Are you ready, Snapper?

So we hold the ball graciously
like that...

Your toe there... Knee bent a little bit...
Lovely, lovely, lovely!

A regular little Sofia girl...
Relax... relax...

So there we have it!

He ought to take one of himself.

I'll just ask you one thing, Kristin...

What are old friends,
compared with sordid money?

Nothing... no...


They disappear like dandelion seeds
in the wind.

They don't even get
to make a little speech.

We do have time to wait.

Johansson doesn't wait.

You may not know it,
but Johansson is a man of pride.

Because Johansson is offended.

So Johansson's riding home.

So she can sit here
with all her bankbooks!

Cheers, Johansson!

I thought we could get
a head shot here...

Looking dreamy...

Just about wraps it up...

Won't he come soon?
Won't he come soon...?'

Thank you so much, Miss Lundstrom,
it's been such a pleasure meeting you.

Come on Snapper!


Must have snapped up here.


Johansson! Kristin!

Where have my visitors got to?



Johansson! Kristin!

Hello, Miss Lundstrom.
Here I come.

I was passing by
and picked a few flowers.

No roses.

What happened to Johansson?

Did he get confused?

They'd got as far as the roast beef...
Now they're gone

That's happened to me.

Once I was lost
where they only spoke German.

Would you like me to help you
look for Johansson?

I couldn't ask you...

I'm always happy to be of help.

You didn't think to look
under the table?

Heavens no!

They're not there.

Johansson might come back.
Can we take a seat and wait?

You may be right.

You must have more important
things to worry about.

I have very little to worry about.

Have something to eat...
It's sunflower pudding.

That is so delightful!

It must be Miss Lundstrom's
very own home-made pudding.

That it is!

Where could they have gone to?

Now there's only one thing missing...

The port wine that Uncle Rutger
used to offer us when we visited.

Do you know where to find it?

May I, Miss Lundstrom?

Cheers to this house,
and you, Miss Lundstrom.

A woman is like a good old port...
getting better year by year.

Till she eventually goes sour,
like wine does.

Miss Lundstrom, you really do
have a sense of humour.

You and I shall keep company,
Miss Lundstrom.

We'll do silly things together...
mad things!

I'd go along with
whatever you'd like!

Johansson and I were
supposed to go to the Tivoli.

That's why he came here.

Now he's gone.

Gone but not forgotten.

WE can go instead.

I haven't been in 15 years.

It's the only crazy pastime
that I've neglected.

Let's go!

I'll have to change my dress.

- My arm, madame.
- Oui, monsieur!




Isn't that Johansson?!

It sure is.

Aren't you due
to read our meter soon?

Maybe in the morning.

Madam will be out at 2 o'clock.

So I'll see you around 2.

Wouldn't you like to dance?

I'm no Fred Astaire,
but I get by.


It went up into the 'erotica' zone.

Am I as drunk as it says
I am in the love-thermometer?

All I'd say to that is...

...sunflower pudding!

Damned bum!

- Who's a bum?
- Johansson.

Is Johansson here?

Looks like Johansson
is making progress.

Think so?

Johansson can go to blazes!

I want to ride on the carousel.

So this is why you left the table!
To meet other men!

Who was it that left?

Wretched woman!

You can stop the carousel now,
so I can get off.

A delightful evening, Miss.

I hope it won't be our last.

If you don't stop the carousel spinning,
it certainly will be the last.

Look at this, counselor.

With OUR money!

We can have a writ served on her.

A writ would be rather difficult.

After all, she received the money
quite legally.

But surely it's not right

for her to make the family
look foolish in the paper!

This sort of article
is not unusual these days.

But surely there must be SOMETHING
that can be done?

I really don't know
what I can say....

If she acted irresponsibly
with the money...

one might say she didn't deserve it.

But in these pictures
there is nothing startling.

She will act irresponsibly,
I know.

Yes, I'm quite sure
that will happen!

Goodbye, counselor.

Just keep still Madame...
you'll be more beautiful by the minute.

I don't dare be more beautiful.

Do you think I'm like tinned asparagus,
to be served with hot towels?

I can't take any more.
I want to go home.

Calm down, Hanna dear...
you'll soon be reaping the rewards.

How about s delightful summer dinner at Hasselbacken...


...what do you say to spiced
salmon, with a vintage Moselle...

And wild strawberries!

Wild strawberries would come later.

Now I've seen everything...

I thought the death penalty
had been abolished.

Could I have a last wish
before you throw the power switch?

Could I have a coffee
and saffron rolls.

Lovely!... I've finally tracked you down!

Very clever of you,
but you're too late.

Too late?!

At dinner, everything will be arranged
by the time we get to the strawberries.

So you're too late, Lucie.

You think so?

We'll see about that.

Is Miss Lundstrom here?

What a surprise!
Whoever would have thought?

I'm not often found in these workshops
that repair ugly women.

Good morning Mrs Hummerberg.

So what hairstyle
is Miss Lundstrom getting?

I'm suggesting the latest shipwreck style.

Yes, really smart!

It represents a wild sea
and a floundering ship.

That should suit you perfectly.

No doubt suit you better.

You have such hair!

Such fullness, such body, if I may say.

One could do a lot
with such hair.

Just don't do more than 8.50's worth.

Wouldn't you like a manicure?

No, I never drink spirits
in the morning.

Isn't Miss Lundstrom amusing?!

Of course she'll
have a manicure.

Which way should the waves fall?
A la Pompadour or Du Barry?

Any way you like,
so long as the price is right.

Don't talk like that, Miss Lundstrom!

Isn't she looking beautiful?

I'm sure you're feeling
like a whole new person!

Yes, I know...

But the old one is saying to me...
"It's all over for you, Hanna Lundstrom.

Well... I'd never expected
anything like that.

Isn't it nice?

Put it on the account.

Now we'll go and check out some
really nice accessories for Miss Lundstrom.

But Miss Lundstrom
and I had agreed...

You can just wait, Baltzar.

Isn't this amusing, Baltzar?


Isn't that a delightful hat?
It could be made for you.

That's ridiculous...
Doesn't suit me at all.

It's so small...
I need a big hat.

How about that?

Nice to walk around
under your own roof!

That's not right

- Shall we try another one?
- Yes, let's do that.

That is quite charming!

I'll have to get a carpenter
to make the doorways higher.

You said something there!

What an idea!
I'll be right back!

Is Mr Lunder the
interior decorator here?

Yes I am.

Hello and welcome!

- Were you happy with the bar?
- It's altogether charming.

But Mr Lunder, Miss Lundstrom
has asked me...

...to commission you to create a more
exclusive atmosphere to her mansion.

What are the possibilities?

Italian renaissance
or Spanish rural rococo...

They're fashionable at the moment.

Perhaps one could consider
something tropical?

Tropical sounds good!
But it's rather urgent.

I'll be swift, Mrs Hummerberg!
I'll be there at 7 tomorrow morning.

I knew I could depend on you.

Put Lunder in your home
and soon you won't recognise it!


- What's going on here?
- That's my little secret.

No, look, there's Charlotte!

I simply must introduce you
to Miss Lundstrom.

You know which Lundstrom I mean, eh?

She is quite amusing!

- Miss Lundstrom!
- I'll be with you in a moment.

May I introduce you to
Charlotte Jonsson...

At the club we call her Li'l Lotta.



- We'll take her to the club luncheon.
- She'll be a sensation. Goodbye.

I must protest, Lucie!

You Hummerbergs
have no imagination at all.

Can't you think of
anything else to say?

Now the bride is dressed.

What do you think of it?

- It'll be a scandal, Lucie.
- Do you really think so?

Come on, we'll leave now.

Seriously, how do I look?

In every detail,
a woman of the world.

That's awful!

Come on now...

We'll take a taxi.

Come in!

No, get out...
What are you doing here?

My name's Majken
and I'm employed here.

What can I get you?

The large stainless steel saucepan.


The saucepan on the shelf
in the kitchen.

This must be the hammering in your head
one hears about.

- Is this it?
- Yes...

Oh, so nice and cool.

Do you know what
a women's club is?

A place where women do knitting
and drink coffee.

Yes, that's what I thought.

But they don't do any knitting...
and if they drink, it's not coffee.

You've no idea of the hammering
in my head!

Of course I do.

Did you also drink cocktails yesterday?

Do, I didn't have anything...
but the house is full of workmen.

- What house?
- This house, of course.

And here's me thinking
it was all in my head.

Bring the saucepan.

Good morning Miss Lundstrom,
nice to see you.

We're going to make something
quite wonderful out of this.

For example, that wall is coming out...

I simply can't stand walls!

We'll have bright happy cretonnes.

Here we'll have a little rotunda...

And over here we'll have tropical plants
and a genuine totem pole, lit from below.

You should be lit
from below as well.

You're so funny, Miss Lundstrom!

I must away...

I'll be back in no time...
I'll fly! I'll fly!

Au revoir!

Bye bye.

I don't understand
why I need this done...

Why do I need a totem-pole?!

Good morning, Hanna dear.

Wasn't that delightful yesterday?

What do you think
of our lion cub?

The loathing is mutual.

The things you say, Hanna!

Now we have to get started
on today's program.

At 11 o'clock there is ping-pong...

At 12 o'clock there's golf...

1 o'clock it's lunch with friends...

3 o'clock tennis
and 4 o'clock, horse-riding.

And cocktails at 5.

Quite right!

I'm amazed what you can do.

You're going to be
even more amazed.

This is very good
against hammering.

So nice of you
to take me with you.

You know I love to get out
in the country.

I have some business
to attend to out here.

I'll be tied up for an hour or so.

You can take a walk.

Of course. What else?

It's been a long time, Sundin.

That it has...

But I've some new opportunities

meaning our business relationship
can be reconnected

What have you got hold of?

But it's you... you with the cake!

The cake in Hanna's kitchen, yes.

What on earth
brings you here, Monika?

Walking and enjoying nature,
as they say.

Is your farm around here?

Just down the road.

I've just bought a pig
from a neighbour.

A pig?! Do you buy pigs
as well, Lieutenant? Amazing!

You should see the pig,
being so fond country things.

Come and I'll show you.

This is no ordinary pig,
I might add.

Whoa, boy!

He's lovely!

Complete with curly tail.

Jump up and ride with me
for a bit.

That'd be terribly nice,
but I really can't.

I have to meet my fiance
in the village at 1 o'clock.

You've plenty of time anyway.

Being drawn by a horse...!?
I really can't refuse.

There's Bjornlunda.

This little one's Olga.

Olga is one of the few future cows
that are not named Rosa.

When I think of all the silly
little things at home in town.

Visits about Mum's electorate...
dinners with fat ugly old men.

I'd much rather be feeding
grass to Olga, instead.

I think you'd be most suited to that.

Can we have a look inside?

This is exactly as
I dreamed it would be.

I've thought about you
a lot since then.

I mean you seemed so nice,
sitting there in the kitchen.

I couldn't forget that princess cake.

You could finish off
a cake like that.

You're so lucky
to have all this.

Not all that lucky.

Because of the economy.

Is that possible.

Wouldn't a farm like this
surely do well?

Not without spending
a great deal on modernisation.

Sundin says I'd be best off selling it.

That I'm lucky just to pay my bills.

He'll soon come of age...

He really needs to sell.

You know Storforsen,
the big power company...

They want to buy Bjornlunda.

How is this known?

Inside information.

If we buy the farm
as soon as possible...

we'd make 30,000 on the deal.

That's enough about me...
let's talk about you instead.

There's nothing to talk about.

You're not like any other
girl I've met.

I believe I could fall
in love with you.

Aren't you supposed to say that
on the second meeting?

If you've lost with someone else
you might not want to wait.

I really have to go.

It's nearly 1 o'clock.

Is it really necessary?

I know you'll come back.

No, we'll start all over again.

When the server says "play"
Hanna is to say "ready".

Coming ready or not?!?

Are there more?

She's high up on the horse.

Hanna fits the saddle like a glove.

We'll have to see
if this works out.

What do I do with
all these leather cords?

Just a moment.

Look at that!

She can't go wrong with Mr Hummerberg.
He's a true horseman.


Halt! Don't you
understand Swedish?

Easy, Dobbin!

Wait, Hanna...
I'll give you a hand.

Come into my arms!

Am I still alive?

More than ever, Hanna dear.

What a delightful spot!

It's as if specially created
for a confidential conversation.

You can talk.
I'm pooped.

Hanna my dear...

There are times in life...

What I mean is...

If you only knew
how lonely I was.

That's understandable.

If I had a family like yours
I'd feel lonely all the time.

You don't understand what I mean.

The superficial life
of restaurants and bars...

What does one get out of it?

It's easy to take for a while,

but afterwards you feel ashamed
and long for the quiet calm of home.

Have you thought about
boarding somewhere?

That's not possible... I'm thinking
of the peace and quiet of marriage.

You know ...
a little home of my own.

Are you thinking of getting married?!

Pretty obvious, Hanna!

- Can you guess who to?
- How would I know that?

Is it unthinkable
to think that we...

...we two could find happiness together?

That's too funny for words!

What's so funny about it?

That's the funniest thing
I ever heard.

I'll never forget it!

You marrying me?!

I'll catch the tram home.

Dobbin can find his
own way, can't he?


Thank goodness I'm home.

You're to meet Mrs Hummerberg at 7 at the
Miniature Pinschers Club, for dinner.

Ring her and tell her
they can all yap together.

I'm tired of horses and dogs...
and hens!

I'm going to bed.

Sunday today and no one's working!

How lucky can I be!

Good morning.

This is Hanna Lundstrom.

Is Kristin there?


She's finished up?

How sad.

Whereabouts is she?

So she hasn't got a new job?

33 Bastugatan...

at the rear...

3rd floor.

Things always work out.

I've looked after myself in the past
and I can do it in the future

I can always get work cleaning
as long as I've got the energy.

Why don't you move in with me?
I've got so much room.

Too fancy for my tastes.

Must be some way I can help.

Thanks all the same,
but I'll manage.

Save your efforts
for your posh acquaintances.

But I've finished with all that.

There's no one at home,
and no one is coming either.

Can't you come home
for a cup of tea?

No, I can't...!

But if you were to offer coffee,
I might consider it.

Yes, you'll get coffee...
good coffee.

You must forgive our hostess's delay...

She is just a wee bit eccentric.

You heard yourselves how she invited
the club ladies to a Sunday tea-party?

Hello, Lucie...

This looks nicely arranged.

Almost like home with you.

How do you have the effrontery
to come here?!

I don't believe it.

Come... I want to talk to you.

Honestly, Lucie...
I was just taking a walk.

Don't give me that nonsense...
I know exactly why you came here.

You're the sort who'd propose marriage,
just for money!

It takes a cheat to know one!

You don't seem
to have made much progress.

And that engagement announcement
you're carrying is pure bluff.

What about you wanting
to have her declared incompetent?

Is that any nicer?

We each have our plan,
but I'm not sure your's will work.

See you round, Lucie my dear!

How wonderful you're here, Hanna.

We've been here, longing to see
our delightful hostess.

I'm Kristin, a good friend of Hanna's.


Who let this menagerie in?

But these are the ladies
from the club!

Don't you remember, Hanna,
that you invited...

Come and I'll introduce you
to the ones you haven't met before.

Here we have our hostess!

This is Countess Skaarkull and
member of parliament Bergenhjarta...

...and dear little Sophie Von Sprutz.


- Kristin.

I know I'm supposed to bid
the whole lot of you a hearty welcome.

But Hanna...

The things you say!

Hanna, be quiet!

I've no intention
of being quiet.

It's time I spoke up for once.

There's not one decent human being
amongst this lot.

Look at this Christmas tree.

I'll have you know my mother
was a Von Lowen from Lasterberg.

My mother was a Karlsson from Pabasga St...
but I'm not stuck up about it.

- Shocking!
- What?

What's happening here
is certainly shocking.

I'd like to say a few words here.

You ladies thought it would be a big joke
to come here and laugh at Hanna.

And tittle-tattle how muddled she was.

But look at her

She someone who's worked
and always done the right thing...

Unlike you lot!

And you can forget about the money
the colonel left me...

I know exactly what
I'm going to do with it.

Such a person!

Such a person indeed!

Nothing wrong with
that sort of person.

Let me tell you ladies
that what's been written is right...

A new type of person
is springing up in this country...

...healthier and brighter.

Women have more
to think about nowadays...

than drink tea
and cover their faces in goo.

The whole miserable mob of you can grab
your fur stoles and swan out of here!

You took the words
out of my mouth.

So you're actually kicking us out?


If you don't leave, I'll resort
to the colonel's own solution.

You can all see that the woman
is stark raving mad!

I won't stay here
a moment longer.

That's the first sensible word
I've heard from you lot.

Go on, shoot me...

I know who'll finish up
worst off.

If you want my advice,
you'll get out right now...

...and never set foot in here again!

Well then?

I'll do as I see fit!

I won't have a scullery maid
telling me what to do.

Scullery maid?!

Well, off it goes!

Goodness me!
Was it loaded?

"The housekeeper Hanna Lundstrom,
who recently inherited a fortune..."

"has put it all into a pension fund
for retired housekeepers."

Wouldn't this be enough?

Yes, I think this news allows us
a chance to step in.

Tomorrow I'll have Miss Lundstrom examined
by one of our foremost psychiatrists.

It is the unanimous decision of
the Housekeepers Association

that Miss Hanna Lundstrom
be formally thanked.

...for the donation that will be
such a blessing for the women.

4 hearty cheers for Miss Hanna Lundstrom.

We would also like to give you
a little memento...

...that will be a daily reminder
of your comrades' gratitude.

Dear Hanna!

Dear Hanna...

Yes, I know what
I'm going to say...

And you all know
what I'm going to say...

And Hanna knows
what I'm going to say.

Dear Hanna...

Thank you, honorable girl!

It's nice of you, but there'll be
nothing in the donation.

- Nothing in the donation?
- Won't there be any donation?

They're forcing me to see a doctor
who'll say if I'm all there.

You know how that will turn out!

And I'll never be the same again.

We can't let them think
they can ruin our plans!

Come here...
Here's what we'll do.

So you must be
Hanna Lundstrom?

To the best of my knowledge,
that's who I am.

- So how are things going?
- Just fine thanks, and with you?

We'll just stick to you,
Miss Lundstrom.

You don't sleep peacefully at night.

You toss and turn
and throw yourself around.

No, that's not true at all...
I sleep like a little elephant at night.

Let's take a look
at your reflexes.

This better not be too personal!

Just sit on the edge there.

I'll just tap gently on your knee...

My knees are so ticklish!

Your reflexes seem quite normal.

Seems like it.
Did you think my leg might drop off?

Do you suffer
from uncontrollable obsessions?

For example, that someone
is following you in the street?

Then I'd call the police.

Do you ever have the feeling
that you're someone else entirely?

Like some historic person...

Joan of Arc, for example?

No, I'm quite satisfied with myself.

It usually occurs in phlegmatic individuals
with latent irritable neurastics ...

What am I talking about...!?

Latent irritable neurasthenia
seems contemplative in the nervous system.

You look like you need
a rest, Doctor.


You seem very nervous.

I may be a little nervous.

Here's what you need to do.

If you?re feeling a bit anxious,
just count slowly to 10 and it'll go away.

Give it a try.
Tell me, is it worst in the morning?

Everyone's under the weather
in the morning.

You don't need to be.

You need Nux Vomica,
5 tablets morning and evening.

Does it really work?

Work? It's the best thing there is.

The colonel and I took that when we
got worked up, and it was most effective.

I'll have to write that down.

I'll file it under homoeopathy.

I'll check with you
in a few weeks.

In the meantime you
should have a good rest.

Take the medicine, and remember...
there's no such thing as nerves.

That'll be a fiver for the consultation.
I'll get it some other time.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 7...

8... 9...


Is Mr Douglas Kastenhjelm there?

He's gone away?


Do you know where he went?

I know.


Thank you.

How did it go?

According to the doctor's report,
it went very well...

That's wonderful!

...very well for Miss Lundstrom.

- What do you mean, Counselor?
- It's not possible!

All I can say is that after this report,
I can take no action against her.

There is nothing wrong
with her understanding.

Quite the opposite.
She has an unusually clear mind.

Is there no justice in this world?

Yes there certainly is...

Despite all your efforts.

You can have reclining chairs
on the terrace.

Or rocking chairs
if you prefer.

Every morning
coffee will be served...

...with buns and ginger cakes.

You're a treasure, Hanna.

Everyone will have
just what they want.

You'll have the big room
with the balcony.


Why on earth should I have that?

Because you'll be in charge
of the establishment.

I have to be off.

Why don't you stay with us?
It's yours after all.

No, I can't stay...
I've still got many years of work in me.

Maybe at some stage...

A small coffee first, at least, Hanna!

Come in!

I'm from the power company.
I'm checking the meter.

Where's it located?

You mean you don't know?

Where's the meter located?

It's over there...
where it's always been.

You dope!

It's coffee time.

So, Johansson...

The coffee's poured.

What does one usually say when
their coffee is poured?

Can't you say it?

Could Hanna play a little ditty
on the accordion?

Well, you haven't forgotten everything.

I heard the birds all whispering
that soon my good friend I would see...

He's all at once clumsy and fancy
and he can take care of me...

I have to talk with you, Hanna.

We can go in here.

So what is it?

You're the only person
I can trust...

My fiance is going to trick
Lieutenant Bjornberg out of his farm.

What do you mean, Monika?

It's true...
I know he has a contract drawn up.

If the lieutenant signs it it,
he'll lose everything.

I'll see about this!

Surely the farm is worth
a lot more than that.

Perhaps you're in a position
to pay off the debts in cash.

Just sign it!

Looks like we're just in time.

What on earth
are you doing here?

You'll find out!

Lieutenant Bjornberg
can NOT sign that!

It's just a swindle!

There's nothing wrong
with the farm.

Being stingy is understandable...

Than goodness I didn't sign!

You can't get out of
what you owe.

I demand instant settlement
of the debt!

And you'll get it!

What would you say to my
throwing a bit of cash on the table?

Where the hell
did I put that money?

Quiet... no one's sleeping here!

Here we are... a grand apiece!

But haven't you donated
all your money to...?

Quite right, but I took out
the 20,000 that the colonel left me

in his first will for the pension
for my 15 years with him.

I want to invest that money
in Bjornlunda... understand?!

I'm not all that stupid,
you know.

There's nobody like Hanna.

There's nothing very special about me.

There sure is.

I'm so happy the farm's been saved!

And I'm...

I really am sorry,
Miss Hummerberg.

Don't mention it,
Lieutenant Bjornberg.

May I suggest you stop
being so formal with each other?!

You'd better stop
by your wedding day!

- Gosta!
- Monika!

You're too clever, Hanna!

Hanna should live here
now that she's part-owner.

Do you have a little cabin for me
around the place somewhere?

We have everything from a poultry shed
to a power plant.

Power plant?!

That'd be something
for Johansson.

Of course...

Hey, Johansson...

You won't be angry
if I ask you for something?

You know I'd do anything
for you.

I think we should agree
to have a boy...

and that should be
as soon as possible.

Yes, we'll do that, Hanna.

We'll call him Rutger
after the colonel.

There was a man for you.

I'm sure that you, being the man
you are, would never say no.

If I'm compared to the colonel,
you'll never be satisfied.

Don't say that, Johansson!

One shouldn't say a thing
if it's just about love...

even when a solo-solo-Mia...

Subtitles by FatPlank for KG