Hanna Amon (1951) - full transcript

Hanna Amon and her brother Thomas live on an estate they've inherited from their parents. Local veterinarian Brunner loves Hanna from afar, and Thomas is in love with the daughter of the local mayor. Love, however, doesn't always mean happiness, as both Hanna and Thomas are soon to find out.

# He who never ate his bread with tears,

# he who never,
through miserable nights,

# sat weeping on his bed -

# he does not know You,

# Heavenly Powers.

# You lead us into life,

# You let the wretched man

# feel guilt,

# and then You leave

# him to his pain -

# For all guilt

# avenges itself on earth.

Your name is Hanna Amon?

Hand me over the files.

Ministry of justice issues in the case
of Hanna Amon etcetera, etcetera

By act of grace 8 years of jail-time has
been reduced to immediate parole.

Right on the day four years ago,
12.30 o'clock.

In 9 minutes,

you're free.


your certificate of discharge.

These are your belongings:

A fur coat, wallet, key,


And what's this exotic lady?

I've discharged many convicts.

It's always different.

Where to?

So, you're interested in birds?

Always amidst these walls,

you need something which reaches afar.

Which has wings.

What are you thinking of?

Looking at these colourful prisoners.


# Birds want to wander

# Birds are staying here

# Not one is like the other

# Not one is like the other

# Just like with you and me

# Just like with you and me


On the left side are the poor birds.

Which are standing
on the left side of life.

The Crow,

the Bohemian waxwing,

the sparrow,

and the finch.

Why would I call them


Don't snap your fingers, Franz.

Well Hannes, you know the answer?

No miss,

I don't know.

He never needs to know anything!

Not so cheeky!

He's our smallest one.

I too want to be the smallest, for once.

Is that so?

You're the biggest,

unfortunately, not in your head.

What do you know about the poor birds?



Well, Franz!

Snappy finger.

They remain with us in the winter.



Our crow in the snow

is not as lucky as the stork,
the heron and the starling.

They follow the sun,

are feeling warm and have plenty to eat.

Just like we have sung.

Not one is like the other,

just like


and me.

Will it be a bridal gift?


For your mother?

Not so curious.

I'll take the heart.

You didn't forget, Centaur,

you're coming over for a glass of wine?

You think I'd forget visiting you?

You're not visiting me

but Thomas!


Don't stare you're eyes out!


Stop cleaning the figures.
They are supposed to look old.

Yes, old

but not dirty.


This name irritates you?
- Yes.

A centaur is a human animal.

Half animal, half man.

That's not what I've given birth to.

Don't take it so serious.

You take it serious!

And don't pursue someone
who's not meant for you.

You can do that when you're 25
but not at your age.

You old jackass.


Give the pedals a push!

I'll come with you, Thomas.

I'm out of breath,

going uphill.

What you got there?

Something round, as you can see.

Thomas, now look at you!

Leave the tie, miss teacher.

If the people see us,

they'll laugh at me.

I'm not 13 anymore.

That's what all naughty boys say.

Come, Hans.

I've brought you something

from town.

But it's your birthday today.


You can put something inside.

The one you love.

Oh Thomas!

A heart!


The starlings are leaving.


It was in a gin trap.

It was the evil people.

Why did you come and not your mother?

Cause I don't have one.

I see

What's your name?

Hannes Filchner

Oh, that's you.

Nice beard.

Yes, you'll have one, too.


now go to school.

I came from school.
- Well, then go home,

I want to hold Mohrchen
while you operate.

You can't even look above the table.

I can.

But you'll cry.

No, I won't

I'll get your Mohrchen
back on it's feet.

Come and get it later, Hannes.

Dogs and cats.

That's your ambition.

First disinfection. Hold it tightly!


If only your father was still around!

Yes, yes.

The famous Mr Papa.

Plaster cast.

He didn't do anything else than

help sick creatures.


Yes, humans.

He had no disregard for animals

but he sure didn't
idolize them like you.

I didn't invent this.

Fair enough, your old Egyptians.

Which are always
in the way while dusting.


Oh Isis



Isis and Osiris.

The old Egyptians didn't see the divine

in the human being

but in the jackal.

In the falcon.

In the monkey.

In the cat.

Isis had wings.

The animals didn't eat
from the Tree of Knowledge.

So they remained in paradise.

In animals there is the secret

and the divine.

And that's what you seek?

Since I can't find it,

I look for broken bones
so that they may heal.

An animal

has no soul.

You know what's crying out?



Nature has no soul?

What's that round thing?

A birthday present?

I'm giving you the whole world.

No need to fly away like the starlings.

The whole world

The whole world

Travel at home

It's a bruise

Hopefully nothing worse.

Don't touch me!

Damn rascal!

He strapped the horse to the carriage.

My best saddle horse!

Maybe it beat the side horse.

How is it?

Come Lady, come!

That horse should take
the lead in the six-in-hand.

It pulls the other five along.

Believe me, Vera, it ran excellent.

Don't be so disrespectful
in front of others.

What do you know about
six-in-hand driving?

Not even a year in the stud,
and you're aggrandizing yourself.

Driving with the horse wasn't so bad

but riding it was very dumb.

You see how disrespectful
they talk now?

What are you saying?

Don't talk to me like this!

You think they're blind?

One more word and I'll
slap you in the face!

Vera Colombani

That's my name.

And you're Hans Zorneder and

you're a stable boy and nothing more.

And once I was your?

Don't overestimate yourself!


This is your love?

Crying men disgust me!

Get off the stud!

I don't want to see you again!


What's wrong, Hans?


Hans Zorneder won't be back in the stud!

Mother say it helps with lumbago.


Well, she should know.

Is the mayor in a bad mood?

Don't be so cheeky!

Go up to the Amon's farm!

Take the bike!


I don't like cycling uphill.

Then walk!

Thomas has to drive
my horse and cart in the autumn race.

Colombani has new horses.

I can't go, I have a back pain.

Not to Thomas, today.

Why not?

It's Thomas birthday.

Even better.

But I'm not invited.

You're half engaged to him.


Half means nothing.

Saturday Thomas will step in for me.

Two six-in-hands of elite horses
are registered from town.

He's got a hand for horses.

I don't feel like
making a fool of myself.

It is said that since 1630
from this childlike blue sky

the Amon sun shines upon this house.

It was built by Jakob Amon
during the Thirty Years' War.

Then a later generation embellished it

with colourful saints and depictions
of paradise during peace times.

And that the Amon sun
hasn't sunk until today

is not unrelated to me.

Well, my father,

my name,

not to sound sentimental but
it's your 21st birthday, after all.

And you've come of age.

There was a cloud blocking the sun.

A black one

I remember your mother
running into our house.

She looked like you, Hanna,
only her hair was dark.

'Thomas is dying', she yelled.

Your life was hanging on a thread.

My father didn't know what to do.

He needed a blood donor.

The same blood

and who donated it...

This girl right here.

And the last Amon's heir
remained alive. This rascal right here.

Two kids rule over an old farm.

And to this,



A little more respect, Dr.

By the way, Thomas is ruling and not me.


You see, Hanna, why I had to
give you a gift.

Hold on, I'll help.

I looked at it all evening.

Did you give it?

Yes, you can open it.

She can put her dearest in it.

No, it won't be opened.

Don't look into another heart,
if you're not asked to.

Start! Now he darts off!


I could go mad that I can't
drive my horse and cart myself!

I looked forward to it all summer.

This young peasant! Fantastic!

That's Thomas Amon.
- I see!

Thomas is faster than the foxes
ahead of him.

Can you judge on that?
- I do have my eyes.

Let him, he's doing great!

Like an antique charioteer.

Congratulations, mayor,
you have a first class driver!

Your white horse cart can't be beat,

And your light cart not at all.

Our mayor with lumbago flirts with
Madame Colombani.

The spider tightens the net.

It's time for my grey horses.

This dumb person puts
Lady in the race?

Why not?

Don't put disgrace on me, Lady.

That animal has treaded wrongly,
it's beginning to limp.

Damn it!


I'm sorry, Madame.

You're the winner, mayor.
Why be sorry? The better one wins!

You'll get a price.

To lose in modesty, Mr Amon.

And you have deserved
to win in any case.

Don't look so baffled.

You were great!

Therefore the winner's trophy
should go to you.

Oh, madame.

'Oh Madame' is not an answer, Thomas.

You ought to express gratitude.

My sincere thanks, Madame.

Shall we dance?

Don't let her touch you like that.

She has no good reputation.

We're dancing all alone!

They're all looking at us.

Let them be.

A beautiful couple. - Yes.

Little brother and little sister.

Isis and Osiris.

I have to tell you,
you old Egyptologist,

comparing a peasant girl to Isis
is a bit far fetched.

Peasant girl?

The Amons are
aristocratic peasants.

But she's no goddess.

We'll leave once the music is over.

We can't...

Lady Colombani is so nice to us.

Very nice.

So, now

this Isis dance

should come to an end.

I'm going. Are you coming?

Award ceremony.

I'm so proud, dad.

You're proud?
- I wouldn't be.

Why are you constantly looking upwards?

So I won't see the others and it's
as if we're all alone.

If you let me go now, I'll fall.

But I won't let you go.

How old are you, then?


My predecessor called her
Babylon's whore.

She'll be here only for a half year,
as long as the sun shines.

With the first could wind
she'll whirr off towards the south


Every time with another seasonal lover.

How old is this lady?

You must know.
- Hard to say...

These lovers take her for thirty.
- Then I'll take her for sixty.

Reverend, you're not the one to talk.

After the war she
donated the church bell.

I'm a person

that needs solitude.

Too many people make me nervous.

A beautiful owl.
- He attacks strangers.

Why have such a dangerous beast?

The dangerous is far more
interesting then the gentle.

You think?
- It'll eat from my hands.

What does it eat?

Raw meat, it's a predator.

Sinister it is, the nocturnal bird
with its eyes of amber.

Yes, sinister.

That's the beauty.

Where is he?

What do I know?
- But there is something on your mind.

We're guests today. Besides, I'm the
mayor, so keep quiet. -What about mama?

Mama, mama, my heart is saddened.


Hannes Filchner.

Cock without "k".

# Little brother

# When are you coming home?

# Early when the cocks crow

# I will go home

# Little sister

# Little sister

# When will we go home?

You're leaving already?

A kiss on the hand.

You're showing me new sides of you.

If it wasn't for you, our autumn race
would be a sad spectacle.

Thank you, in the name of our village.

Rosl is her name?

Yes, Rosl.

So, I see.

I will go south in the next few days.

Yes, the paradise of the riches.
- What was that?

Don't you want to see the world?

Yes, but...
- But?

It's all up to you...

So, then maybe

we'll meet again.

See you again!

Don't forget your grey horse!




Isn't it?

We don't lose a race, right, Lady?
We're too proud for that.

Good night


Ms Colombani?

Who's there?
- It's me, you know me.

There was gunshot, here.

Are you spying on me?

Oh, it's you Miss Amon.

Your brother just left.

Can I help you?
- Yes.

Please let my brother be.
- What do you mean?

Just how I say it.

The village talking again?

I'm used to that, Miss Amon.

But the Amons aren't, Ms Colombani.

What interest should I have
in your brother.

So you promise not to
bewilder his heart?

I just met him, today.


I should be angry with you, now.

But seeing your fearful eyes, I can't.

So, if it puts you at ease, I promise.

Hanna Amon

Thank you

# They're all just

# minor matters

# And to the Highest it's all the same

# He makes the proud one poor and small

# But the poor one big and rich

# God is the true miracle man

# Who can raise him up and make him fall

The rich man died and was buried.

and nobody heard of him again.

Poor Lazarus died
and was carried by the angels.

For love has wings.

I have to get dressed, first.

Let it be. I'm not here for you
but your sister.

No, no, I'm coming down

The snake

and paradise.


and the snake.

Truly, you're living in a paradise.

They have a car?

No, just a visitor.

I know who it is.

We'll wait for the woman to come from
church. She should look at you.

Not the devil woman in there.

My sister is still at the
children's church service.

Oh, such a pity.

I should have figured, right?

Grapes from the castle's wall.

Pass it to her with my salutation.

This one is for you.

Even if it hangs a little high.

This hay

is softer then down feathers.

The way you talk,

no one else does.

You're still a child.

She'll be a good maidservant

who suits the Amon's farm better.

Then the one with the nice car.

Two men she has taken below ground.

Our good master, God bless him.

If he just hadn't brought her
to our castle.

Why are you telling me all this? Thomas
is just showing her our farm and stable.

Well, she likes to look around,

especially for young men.

My ... my son

- What about your son?

He's been corrupted.

He didn't come home.

He's bewitched.


This red-haired!

In the olden days
she'd have been burned!

Okay, she can start right away.

What's her name?

Lioba Kandle, she calls herself.

She's got good references.

You'll be happy with her.

What do you want here?

I'm waiting for the bread lady.
- For Mrs Zorneder?

She's speaking to the lady inside.
I shall be maidservant on this farm.


Is my sister back from church?

No one's crying, here?

The crows are shrieking,
no one needs to talk.

The beautiful season is over,
once again.

A few more nights and frost can come.

Yes, yes.

Shrill shriek the crows

that to the town in whirls roam:

soon come the snows -

and woe betide him who has no home.

And now?

Is it already time for the piebald one?

Going again?

What is it?

You didn't get up to see
after the piebald one?

You want to go.

Looking after me?

Last night, too, says Ms Colombani.

You mind me going after you?

No need for that. Even the people are
saying I'm too attached to you.

They don't know anything?
- What don't they know?

Mother gave you to me when she died.
That's something!

I don't want to run this farm.

That's why I went back to school.

But you need someone here,
someone that suits this farm.

Don't you like Rosl anymore?

You trying to set me up?

I like you, Hanna!
- Yes?

Who else do you like?

- Every mother is.

You're not my mother.
- I am. - No!

Cause you need one, that's why.

I like Rosl.

She's without malice.

And she's quite beautiful.

"Without malice".
You sound like a teacher.

Of course. - Yes, she's quite beautiful
but still a child.

Yes, she's still young.

But she's from our village
and she loves you.

So she can't be a complete child.

Today, you'll stay home, right?

I was going to see Rosl, later on.

You mind?


You can go see Rosl.

Are you afraid for me?



It's like you're trapped by your sister.

Like you're obedient
without an own will.


I don't have anybody else.

There's only bad-mouthing about me,

that I'm a temptress, a snake,

like the one on your house.

You also believe that?

That I don't know.
- Well, what do you know about me?

Why did you shoot Lady?

I felt sorry for her.
She was my favourite.

Did it shock you that I shot her?

A woman that shoots a horse
only because it didn't win is shocking.

It was limping.
- The vet said it might have recovered.

Did he say so?

What else you know about me?

I know

that twice

you were married.


This can happen when you search for luck
but cannot find it, anywhere.

Then suddenly someone appears

and it's

too late.

Why is it too late?

Because I'm a snake.

A witch

Why are you burning this, it's not ours.

I have to heat water, the piebald one
has her calf today.


Has it started?
- Hurry, the vet needs to come!

We can't do this alone.

Thomas isn't in, he went to see Rosl.

Go, run to the mayor.
- And who stays in the stable?

Stay in the stable if you can manage.
I'll send Hans!




What's wrong?

Jakob Amon

is written below the Amon sun.
- What are you saying, Thomas?

Our lives are today.

- What about your father

- What did he say, isn't he dead?

Excuse me

He told Hanna.

The name Amon has to remain.

Now, you're thinking of your sister?

Am I not allowed to?

Yes, if you want. But the name Amon is
is there. You are Amon.

And you?

I'm Vera Colombani.
You can't change that.

Yes, that's it.

You think, is there any chance

that this

can change.
- Say what you're thinking.

I'm thinking

if we get married, now.

The Amon sun will remain.

Don't be angry with me

but a marriage doesn't
come along so fast.

Little Thomas,

what do you know about life

and love?

Don't make such a grim face.

You're scaring me.

Gimme that dry hay.

Too late, centaur.

But as I can see, it all went well.

Lioba was a great help.

I couldn't have done it without her.

Lioba, Lioba. All day it's
Lioba, Lioba.

Now, give the cow something to guzzle.

Where is Thomas?

The farmhand is getting him

from the mayor.

Is Thomas is the stable?

Thomas wasn't with me.
I sent Hans to look at the pub.

In the evening,

he wasn't with you either?

I couldn't find him anywhere, he wasn't
at the pub.

It's okay.

You can go back to bed, Hans.

Good night.

Good night.

Where is he?

I don't know.

You do but you're not saying it.

Why so happy?

You should have seen Thomas dancing
with Colombani last night.

What a woman!

You sheep.


You're not right in the head.

Perhaps. It's driving me mad.

Nobody should take my Thomas.
He's mine.

I too was angry about this ...
about her!

It's no magic trick,
I told my father right away.

He should also buy me some nice silk
dress, like this old hag has got.

- Hanna Amon

I'm not dressed for visitors

and I'm about to depart.

This place is a mess.

But now that you're here,
please, take a seat.

Jeanette, remove the dress!


I want to speak alone to you.

Coffee or tea?


You promised to stay off my brother.
- Yes.

Was he with you meanwhile?

I don't know what you...

Was he with you last night?

If you ask such an indelicate question,

don't be surprised to get
an indelicate answer.


I'm ashamed to have asked in such a way.
Please forgive me.

But I didn't want to act futile.

What do you want to do, anyway?

I came to ask you again not to make
my brother unhappy.

He doesn't seem unhappy.

I think that rather you are.

I know how much you love him.

Yes, I love him very much.

After all you're a woman.

You must have experienced
a stir of heart?

My brother is a farmer on
the Amon's farm.

I'm well aware.

And what do you want from a farmer?

This isn't your world.

You can't separate him from his farm.
You can only destroy him.

I want to avoid that,

if possible.

You fear that I'll cast him out
of his paradise?

I think, you misjudge the gravity.
- Oh no,

I know it's dangerous to fight with
people who'll only think of themselves.

What I think,

you don't know.

You think your brother to be so weak
that I could destroy him?

Isn't he a man?

And you know the men, right?
- What are you saying?

What did you do the son of Mrs Zorneder?

Did I kill him or
throw him into a river?

Worse than that.

You've strangled his soul.

If that was my brother!

So, what if?

You better not ask.

I see, that's a threat.

You judge upon others?

Now, I'll tell you what I think of you.

You're love for your brother
is disgusting.



You're love is incest!

What is my love?

It's not just me, the whole
village is saying it!

What is the village saying?

Even your friend, the vet,
called you an Isis.


You do know what that means.

Jesus in Heaven

She is the devil!

Now, please be reasonable.

Don't touch me!

Put the trunks in the car, Jeanette.

I want to get out of this dump!


The first mother of all life.

The most sisterly of all sisters.

The most motherly of all mothers.
The goddess.

That doesn't insult you.

You've got a temperature,
it's the shock.

You've fell on your head.

Why is my love impure?

Give us some time.

What's with you and Colombani.

Does she want to make you
key witness to some foul trickery?

How could you call me Isis
in front of her?

But Hanna, there is no better comparison

between brother and sister then
love between gods.

She sees it differently.

This hag has no boundaries.

Hanna, even the devil can refer
to the gods.

The devil

Who was Isis?

A pagan goddess.

Her laws are not valid
in our Christianity

and especially not for you, Hanna.

I want to know who was Isis.

I can give you the original text.


O Osiris, fair youngling,

don't leave my side.

I am thy sister who loves thee.

I am thy mother

Thy wife and thy daughter

I am all the love created by the gods.

What is that?

The lamentation of her
dead brother Osiris.

This is Isis

under the blue sky of Egypt

where she and the corpse of her beloved

were on the Nile under a red sail,
towards the gods,

pleading, my brother whose
heart has stopped,

born of the same mother, I am
calling you

and my cry is heard up in the skies.

Is that an insult?
- Of what did Osiris die?

The queen of Ethiopia choked him
with pure sparkling gold.

Why is it so bright?

It's just a thunder storm.

In pure gold

But the sisters love was so strong,

her kiss was so detached from
earth and flesh

that from death she called him
back to life.

Her love for her brother was
stronger the death.

What does a Colombani know of this?

What does a Colombani know of this?

You know what, take some rest

and I'll get Thomas.

Are you staying here with the seafarer?

Go back to the farm.

Why are you looking so appalled?
- Where are you going?

You're a sweet girl.

Better go home, you'll get soaked.

Give my sister the letter when she
comes from school.

Are you going away?

None of your business, get going.

Seafarer, help Hanna

and don't be too angry with me.



There's a thunder storm.

Are you afraid?


You of the same mother,

your sister is calling.

# Isis

# You're tears are the Nile

# And your prayers are the ship
floating on top

# Jackals on the banks

# Longing for the corpse

# But your wings are strong

# And lead the sail


fair youngling

I am your sister who loves you,
your sister.

You've choked in pure gold, Osiris.


I am calling you

and crying aloud to the skies

because your heart is standing still.


In your dead hands you hold
the reins of my life

and like a draft animal you steer

my soul.

Hanna Amon


You better not ask.

Thomas is dying


Impure, criminal

Paradise, Hanna

The snake


Don't touch me!

Hanna Amon

Are you afraid of the snake?


For what are your wings good?

I don't have any.

Then you believe the snake.

Love has wings.

Take my place, Hanna.


# The one who loves, Hanna,

# Is without sin and strong

# You sun god Amon

# With the coming of light

# All begins to live

# You appear to the brother

# and he awakes,
and he greets the sister.

Love has wings

Take my place, Hanna.



Did you sleep?

So happy

So happy

O Hanna

Where is


Lioba brought it

from Thomas.

Hanna - don't be sad.
I'm going with her.

Take care of our house.
Forgive! Thomas

The clocks shall stand still.

The bells shall continue their sound
when he returns.

You're crying

There's no crying around here!

You've just known him for two days.

She didn't know him much longer, either.


go to the stable and attend the calf.

We must do our work, each his own.

And the farmer's, too.

What are you doing?

My work

And the farm?

You can't replace the farmer,
you've got your school.

A man is needed?
- Which one?

You just have to say it, Hanna.

The farm belongs to Thomas.

My head!

You should lie down, Hanna.

You had a fever.

A red sail

But you can't do it alone.

Give me your hand.

You do hold me dear.

You've told me that.

You're speaking of marriage?


Why not?

You said if Thomas...

If Thomas is married,
that's what I said.

Now, I have to run his house.

Have you had something?


Then drink something.

If you could just cry, Hanna.

Your peace is like a cramp.

Let me have peace.

It's the same for all mothers that the
son runs off when love comes.

That is love?

You see that it exists.

Then it has to be murdered.

It looks just like blood.

He's dead


He couldn't stand it
any longer, my Hans.

He did it to himself.


Jesus may forgive him.
- How did it happen?

Don't ask me!

The police wrote me,
from up there in Holstein.

They described it so horribly

Don't ask me!

This woman!

And your Thomas, too!

If he isn't ...


Come to see your godson,

the vet, Mr Brunner, is calling.
- You're talking about Filchner?

But why?
-He's sick.


He's asleep.

Is it a flu?
- No

What wrong with him then?
- Careful, Hanna.

It's the weather.

But what's with him?

Hannes, Hannes

You're hair got so dark.

It seems like it cause he's so pale.

The Hippocratic face

We need a doctor.
- Yes

I'll get him from the city.
- My god.


Usually, I have to sing him to sleep.

But maybe it's good

that the Lord takes this poor orphan
child from this vale of tears.

He's better of there.

Quiet, he's asleep.

I'm not sleeping,


But you should.

Close your eyes.

Tell me a story.

Once your healthy, you'll get a gift.


You can pick something at the store.

Over there is a gift for you.

A heart

Your golden heart, Hannes.

I've gotten one once before.

Sing something like grandma.

What shall I sing?

Like me

in school.

# Little brother

# When are you coming home

# Early when the cocks crow

# I'll be going home.

# Sister...



Didn't I

love you



One is taken by Satan,

the other by the Lord Father.

What remains

are tears.




life goes on.

I was long

long gone.


a few minutes.

Time has stopped since you were gone.

Will you take me back, Hanna?

It's your house.

You look strange.

Let me take a look at you.

I'll take this off.

I'll put on my old suit.

No, that's not it.

I want to see your eyes.

Are they still the same?
- Oh Hanna

Did you come back with her?


Are you alone?

Won't you speak, Thomas?

Then I won't ask.


Come into my arms.

Hold me tight, Hanna.


Was it so bad?
- Never let go, Hanna! Promise.

I should promise that you won't
leave again?

By all means, Hanna,

by all that I kept from you,
promise, you won't let go.

By all that you kept from me.

No, Thomas,

by our sun,

I promise.

This is all over and that as
soon as possible.

I could've taken my time
to find a buyer,

but no, let it all come under the hammer
and get destroyed. Finished!

All lies

Not a word of truth.
True is only your skin.


why have you come then?

I promised you in Monte Carlo we won't
see each other again.

I kept my promise.

That would be the first time.

And you're the first man that hit me
the face.

I won't forget that, Thomas.

What do you want here? Why did you
follow me?

As you can see, I'm packing up.

Are you scared I could trouble you?

You can have all your Rosls and Hannas.

You're not worth
speaking out these names.

You don't know what I'm worth.

Go and get married...
- The Isis

should be locked up.

Lock her up.

She's your engagement present.

Instead of a ring, right?
- A ring you'll get, too.


You animal!

The animal made you human.
Don't forget that.

The animal is sitting in an
empty space, now.

It sacrificed all for you.

Cause you were afraid they'd chase you
with stones one day out of the village.

That's why.


That pack just barks behind my back.

I just need to throw some food at them
and they'll lick my hand.

You know them so well, the mayor,
the vet, the priest and the teacher?

My money rings when your
church bell jingles.


The devil chimes the bells.

Going, going, gone!

Next please.

A tea set made of real gold.

Empire era.

2000 grams gold with tray.

Limit 3200 Mark.

No offer?

Pure gold

We're not joking around.

We're not giving it for free.

No offer?


An owl

A rare species

Without limit

Free offer

Go on!


Once you've closed the door and the lock
has snapped,


I'll end it.

An unloaded gun is not a toy.


I'm a good shooter.

Poor Lady.

In the mirror


Give me the gun. Let go of it!


A strange engagement which
we're celebrating.

Don't you think?
- I'm very happy, Hanna.

Me too, centaur.

I haven't heard that in a long time
from you.

Now, you're my bride.

Hanna Amon


did you do...I mean

the jacket. Did you clean my
brothers jacket?



What's this?

It's from his trunk. I was airing it.

Let the moths eat it.

Why does a farmer need a tailcoat.

Give up, Hanna.

I'm going with her,


No point in keeping it from you.

In Monte Carlo I fled,

ran off

like a small school boy.

I can hit her in the face

when she's cruel

and tortures me.

I can hate her

and then

when I stand in front of her

her dark broken voice, her


her skin

O Hanna,

I should've spared you.

I shouldn't have come.
- Do you love her so much.

Yes, I love her, even if
you don't understand.

And besides, she gave all up for me.

And what are you giving up, Thomas.

I have no will of my own, anymore.

Terrible, what has she done to you.

If I'd never see her, again,

that would cure me.

If she didn't exist at all anymore.

Heavens, you're sick.

Once, I could've helped you
but now blood is of no avail.

Nothing can help.

Nothing at all

One day I'll kill her,

and me as well.
- Are you insane?

My brother,

is that still my brother?

Perhaps, not much longer.


Mama, I'm scared.

I always have to think of Hans Zorneder.

Thomas, give me your hand.

I often sat here with her and helped you
when there was no other way.

I'll help you, again.

I'll leave the farm.

That's the course of things.

The sister can't be in the way.

I have my school

and my centaur.

You wanted to come on the farm.

She'll be a farmer.

And may the heavens let you be happy.

I promised I wouldn't let you leave.

By our sun!

Maybe it's my fault.

Because I don't like her but

it's not me to marry her

but you.

You see?

It's my fault, I see it now.

It's not too late?

It's all good, Thomas.

Yes, Hanna,

it's all good.


get her here, quickly.

I'll put on a nice dress
and fix up everything nicely.

It will be a wonderful
celebration, Thomas.

I'm so bad.

And you're a saint.
- O Thomas, a saint, nonsense.

Get her, fast!

I didn't expect you.

But I'm happy, you're here.

My trunk is in the car.

No, I've come to get you.


But where to?
- To our home, the Amon farm.

To your sister? No way!

Do it for me, Vera.
I can't leave. These are all my guests.

Let's dance,
the people are looking at us.

A charming woman.

Well, are they throwing stones at me?

They all came for my last night.

The village is losing when she goes.

And what she did to me?

It's always the man who is at fault.


Stop it, Vera.

You'll dance with me, now.

Please do.

Don't make a scandal!

Better a scandal

than a catastrophe.

I don't know what you were thinking,

miss Amon.

Just like it should be and
always has been.

You love him and will be his wife.

And then you are the mistress
on this farm.

I'll move to the school house.

I'll marry, too.

You're giving Thomas to me?

What a selfless sacrifice,
the enemy has to admit that.

You honestly believe I sold my castle

to move to a cowshed?

You once called it paradise.

The Amons have lived
for 300 years in this cowshed.

Like you call it, madam.

It maybe nice for the Amons
but it's nothing for me.

What should I do here?
Play the maidservant?


Is what you ought to be, Ms Colombani.
Mistress under the Amon sun.

Don't make it so hard for her.

Don't you see that it's
the only way to...

that this will be again...

What will it be again?

It will be clean,
between you and Thomas.

What do you say, Thomas?

I feel ashamed
in front of Hanna and Alois.

I think everything is wrong here.

It's all a lie!

I'm disgusted.

I see.


you're listening to all of this?

You'll have to excuse me.

It's all a lie?

I thought you love him.

Is that not true?

I thought you love her.

Thomas, you told this to me.

If you don't love each other...

What have I done?

She's acting as if

she were asked to marry
into a dirty cowshed.

Call her back, right now!

Or there will be an accident.

She is a saint.
- Oh, she's a saint?

I've landed in a madhouse.

Am I so dirty that you all
have to clean me?

I warn you!

It's over!

Go, spit on our love.

Disclose our bed to your Isis sister.

For me it's cleaner then the beds

in which the Amons have
cast their young for 300 years.

Like animals, right?

Like a cowshed, right?

Whore of Babylon!

Better a whore then an Amon!

Better a whore then my wife?

Take it away!
- You won't get out of here alive.

Go away, you're insane!

Take the knife away!

Miss Amon

First you then me!


Too late!

My love!

You're a murderer!



What have you done, Thomas?

It happened

but different

than I


# You let the wretched man

# feel guilt,

# and then You leave

# him to his pain -

# For all guilt

# avenges itself on earth.

Hanna Amon!

Two men went up to the temple to pray,

one a Pharisee
and the other a tax collector.

The Pharisee stood
by himself and prayed:

?God, I thank you that I am
not like other people

robbers, evildoers, adulterers

or even like this tax collector.

But the tax collector
stood at a distance.

He would not even
look up to heaven,

but beat his breast

and prayed, ?God, have mercy
on me, a sinner.?

God, have mercy on me, a sinner.

I tell you that this man went
home justified,

but not the other

Devoutly to the Lord, it's much easier
to be a Pharisee than you might think.

We too will surely be tempted to think
better of us than of some pour soul

who differs from us by some
regrettable misfortune.

Some of us may be
tempted soon in this regard.

You all know what I'm speaking of.

It's my duty to warn you.

It is written that
"This man went home justified".

His sins have turned into blessings.

That is so comforting
about this parable.

But it's harder than you might think
to be the tax collector.

For a fault to turn blissful,

a miracle is needed.

A miracle of mercy

cause only God can forgive sins.

And a miracle of human heart

cause nothing goes so much
against our will

than to admit honestly
that we are sinners

and to receive the gift of forgiveness.

But if you can't get yourself at once
to pray like the tax collector,

so at least fear being

a Pharisee.


Not like this, Thomas.

A beard you have,

a man you are.

Not like this?

It's all over, now.

This is the same hand

which pulled the trigger.

You don't fear this hand?

You took my guilt on yourself,

why should I fear you?

You're so good.


Are you so sure of that?

I came here

only to tell you something.

You have to stay with us,
with Lioba and me.

You're house will remain the Amon's
farm for as long as you live.

Better wait

until you've heard me

I didn't want the last Amon to
be a murder.

I know that.

Lioba knows it, too.

It would be better if you were dead.


I aimed at you

and hit your victim. A missed shot.
I didn't want to help you murder.

That can't be true.

And you concealed this from court?

I understood you like nobody could when
you raised your knife in insanity.

I loved you like nobody loved you.

That's why I aimed for you.

I see.


How could I have betrayed
you to the people

of whom nobody understood you,
nobody loved you?


Nobody needs to know

our secret but you.

You have to know.

So you won't think wrong of your sister.

The mass is almost over.

All the people will pass by here.

I'll go on my own.

Please understand me.

What ever has happened, you...
you're my sister.

That I am.
- I beg of you, Hanna,

go around this corner,
so they won't pass you.

I'll get Lioba, and if somebody says
something about you,

I'll stand up for you.

Stand up for yourself,


You've turned curse and guilt into
a blessing,

You've made that Thomas lives.

He lives happily with Lioba and his
little son whom I've seen from afar.

This is how you've blessed our guilt.

Felix culpa: blissful guilt.

Now, Jesus, help me be the
tax collector.

But where shall I go?

To the house of my brother?

Whom I wanted to kill?

I won't ask you, golden winged Isis.

You don't know.

You know it, Jesus.

Thy will

be done.

# Shrill shriek the crows

# that to the town in whirls roam:

# soon come the snows -

# Woe

# betide him who

# has no home.

Only Isis came home.

Lying in the snow by the church.

It's yours.

It's not mine, anymore.

Take off the fur.

You'll catch a cold.

Drink something.

Why did you let her go, at the church?

Yes, why?

She kept quiet.

What did she keep to herself?

Perhaps, it's the best

it remains that way.

No point searching in the dark.

Which way we haven't searched, already?

We walked down all the ways,

searched the fields

and the forest.

Maybe she went back

to the city?

Nonsense, Hanna comes home.
I know Hanna.

That I wasn't at the church!

You're scaring me, Thomas.


My sister

She's my sister

Wasn't there something?

If I imagine

that she's somewhere out there.

Looking at this house.

Maybe ... at us.


It's snowing, again.

If she doesn't want to see us

then she doesn't want
to hear us, either.

We have to wait

till dawn.






this is how you came home.

Most sisterly of all sisters.

Let your love carry you up

to the light.

For love

has wings.

# Lord

# Lord

# give her eternal peace

# and show her the light

# And the light

# Shines for her.

Subtitles by Gustav Meyrink