Hank and Jolene (2021) - full transcript

When Hank, a likable recluse, meets a Madagascar hissing cockroach, an unconventional relationship blossoms - A love story 300 million years in the making.

(dot chimes)

(singer vocalizing)

(bright music)

(pencil scribbling)

(water gurgling)

(Boy whirring)

- Morning, Boy.

(Boy creaking)

(birds chirping)

(bright music)

(Nobu speaking in Japanese)

(Aki speaking in Japanese)

(Nobu speaking in Japanese)

- Oh, here he is.

- Good morning, Hank.

- Good morning, Aki.

- Morning.

Hey, look at this.

Bug bites me a lot, you know?

- I keep telling
Nobu that hiring you

was the best decision
we've ever made.

And after all this time, we
are still right (chuckles).

- Don't think we had choice

since he was here everyday
strolling through the gardens.

- It's peaceful here.

That, and I like
workin' with you two.

- You ever get tired

of the same old
breakfast every morning?

- Hm mm.

- But nothing gets a day going
better than bacon and eggs.

- Leave him, Nobu.

He can make his own choices.

And why would he wanna get
high cholesterol like you?

- Oh, don't start nagging me.

- Sorry if I just
wanna keep ya alive.

(Nobu laughs)

- I'm fit as a fiddle,
Aki, right, Hank?

- Ha!

If you mean a garage sale fiddle

that no one's interested
in, then I agree.

(Nobu laughs)

- All right.


I'll see you out there.
- Okay.

(Aki chuckles)

- [Aki] Wear a hat!

(birds chirping)

(engine sputtering)

- I brought you
a new piece, Aki.

- A new friend?

- I thought you could
use another one.

- Let's have a look.

Oh, this one has a curious face.

I wonder what he's thinking.

- Oh, she (chuckles).

- Of course, I see that now.

Maybe we'll call this
one Emmy (chuckles).

Oh, Hank, it's the best one yet.

There are so many of them,

and I can't tell them apart.

But I know each one is unique,

and belongs,

just like you.

(gentle music)
(birds chirping)

(spring boings)

(gentle music)

(wheels rattling)

- Oh.

I get real dizzy.

Just needed for sit
down for a moment.

- You forgot your water.

- Ah, thank you.


(Nobu sighs)

You used to count the log rings

instead of splitting
them, remember?

I used to do that, too.

When I was younger, my
father always got upset

when my pile was small.

What were the oldest
one you counted?

- 212.

- 212?


180 (chuckles).

Each ring is a birthday
for the tree, adding up.

That's a lifetime of
reverse determination.

When you put your
finger on each ring,

what do you think the
tree might have seen?

- Lots.

- Who knows?

Maybe feuding brothers
who make peace,

a mother burying her newborn
baby under the shade,

or lifetime lovers sharing
first a kiss at the trunk.

How many summer mornings
have greeted this tree?

Not to mention, how many
creatures called this tree home?

And timeline of life,
how fragile it can be.

It's on my fingertip.

When I count those
rings, I wonder.

- Me too.

- All right, bring another over.

- Shouldn't I start
splitting them?

- You will have plenty
time of that before.

- Before what?

- Before it gets
too busy (chuckles).

Besides, it's good for the soul.

(birds chirping)

(gentle music)
(ants scurrying)

(wind whistling)

(gentle music)

(fence rattling)

(chains rattling)

(bright music)

(pots rattling)

(pots scraping)

(dramatic music)

(pot groans)

(gentle music)
(birds chirping)

Have a good weekend, Hank.

- [Hank] Thank you, Nobu.

- Are you going
collecting this weekend?

- As usual.

- If you find any mother
of pearl buttons out there,

pick me up one.

(soft music)

(Aki speaking in Japanese)

(Nobu speaking in Japanese)

(Aki speaking in Japanese)

(Nobu speaking in Japanese)

(Aki speaking in Japanese)

- Mwah.

(gentle music)
(birds chirping)

(toy train engine rumbling)

(toy train engine tooting)

(crickets chirping)

(cat meows)

(ducks quacking)

(boat horn blaring)

(bright music)

(can clattering)

(Hank chuckles)

(dryer rumbling)
(clothes clanging)

(broom rustling)

(dryer beeps)

(thunder rumbling)

(rain pattering)
(soft music)

- [Hank] #1?

(water trickling)
(music continues)

(seagulls squawking)
(waves splashing)

Aloha, #1.

(music continues)

(birds chirping)

(wheels rattling)

- Delivery day, my favorite.

We got those special
order plants.

We've been waiting forever.

- Finally.

- Yeah, I got a
backlog of customers

to call to let them
know they are here.

You'll deal with the requests.

You start counting
and bring them in.

I will take this off your hands,

and start making phone calls.

- Sure.

I'm on it.
- All right.

(birds chirping)

(leaves rustling)

(bug's leg squeaking)

- [Aki] Nobu Hitahiashi,

how many times do I
have to remind you?

Wear a hat in the sun.

- I put sunscreen on.

- That's not enough (laughs).
(Nobu laughs)

Do you want another heatstroke?

- Ah, it was this one time.

- Ah, that's what everyone
says right before, "Ah!"

- Hey, will you stop making
the face if I put hat on?

- Your big brim hat,
not a baseball cap.

(Nobu speaking in Japanese)

- I'm serious.

- And I'm Nobu (laughs).

- Very funny.

(Aki speaking in Japanese)

(Nobu speaking in Japanese)

(Aki speaking in Japanese)

(Nobu speaking in Japanese)

(Aki speaking in Japanese)

(Nobu speaking in Japanese)

(Aki speaking in Japanese)

(Nobu speaking in Japanese)

- Paid day off, paid day off.

- [Aki] Ha!

- Paid day off.

(soft music)

(sonar beeping)

- Hello.

You've had a long trip.

Bet you're thirsty.

It's okay.

(upbeat music)

It's not big or
fancy, but it's home.

I like to collect leaves.

Another hobby of mine.

That's where I sleep.

That's where I shower.

Uh, sorry, I wasn't
expecting company.

We'll make this
your home for now.

It belonged to a friend,
but he won't mind.

I'm Hank.

And you need a name.

Let's see, hm.

How about,



(Hank chuckles)

(water rushing)
(birds chirping)

(gentle music)

(squirrel munching)

Something mossy?

Definitely leaves.

How 'bout some tree bark?

I could get used to this.

(music continues)

(whimsical music)

(soft music)

(wind whistling)
(birds chirping)

I dreamed that I was a rose
that grew inside of a boy,

close by a path none ever chose.

And there I lingered day by day.

Beneath the sunshine
and the shower,

I grew and waited there apart.

Gathering perfume hour by hour,

the story within my heart,

yet never knew.

Which is why I waited
there and grew.

I dreamed that you were a bee

that one day gayly flew along.

You came across a hedge to me,

and sang a soft lovebird song.

You brushed my
petals with a kiss.

I woke to gladness with a start,

and yield it up to you, bliss.

A treasured fragrance
of my heart.

And then I knew that
I had waited there.

We knew.

How well did others
feel, I wonder?

(gentle music)

(wind whistling)
(birds chirping)

(Nobu speaking in Japanese)

(Aki speaking in Japanese)

(Nobu speaking in Japanese)

(Aki speaking in Japanese)

(Nobu speaking in Japanese)

(Aki speaking in Japanese)

- Oh, Hankyung.

- [Aki] Hankyung, we gave
you an extra day off.

Go and enjoy it.

- Or feel free to move
some cactuses out back.

- [Aki] Stop it.

- Sorry I didn't bring
you anything today, Aki.

- That's okay.

But really, you should
go catch a movie today.

Or even better, go
on a lunch date.

- What's this?

You meet someone?

Look at his face.

- (laughs) I knew
there was something.

- I wanted you to meet her.

- I knew one day a cute
young woman would come along.

- Does she cook and clean?

- Uh-
- You gotta get

one of those girls.

- Why is that always a
criteria for you men?

- Don't ask me, it's
just the law's nature.

- (sighs) Would you believe I
put up with this for 35 years?

(Nobu chuckles)

So, what's her name?

- Jolene.

- Jolene?

That's an old
fashioned name, Jolene.

I bet she will cook
and clean for you.


- I'd love to sit and
have coffee with her.

- I don't think
she drinks coffee.

- Tea?

Who doesn't like tea?

- Um, maybe not Jolene.

- Is she the one?

- (chuckles) I think
I'm in love with her.

- I knew one day
you'd find love!


- Careful, there's Jolene.

She's right here.

- Eh, that's a-

(Aki speaking in Japanese)

- That's Jolene?

We're very pleased to meet
you, Jolene, aren't we, dear?

- Couldn't be happier
for you, Hank.

- [Hank] I could still
move those cactuses

for you if you're not 100%.

(Aki speaking in Japanese)

- I might have a little
dizzy spell the other day.

- And you didn't wanna tell me?

- It was nothing.

(Aki speaking in Japanese)

(Hank groans)
(Nobu laughs)

(machinery whirring)

- This place makes
me feel small.

Like you.

Aki and Nobu, they're great.

They're special to
me, like family.

Love and support unconditional.

(Hank chuckles)

(dryer rumbling)
(clothes clanging)

- Is that your favorite machine?


I have my favorite one, too.


- Sounds futuristic.

- Thanks.

What do you call that one?

Guess you call it Out
of Order for now, huh?

Well, this is XJ900.

He's the best.

- Okay.

- I'm Sam by the way.

Well, Samantha, but I go by Sam,

much to my parents' disapproval.

One syllable names,

they're so much easier to
say and remember, so I'm Sam.

- Hank.

- There you go,
one syllable name.

I already have it memorized.

(cart rattling)

- You dropped this.

- Thanks.

Can't have a missing
sock (chuckles).

(dryer rumbling)
(clothes clanging)

Do you ever wonder where
all the missing socks go?

- Sometimes.
- Right?

Maybe there's a
race of sock puppets

that live beyond the dryers
in a parallel universe

trying to liberate other socks

from the clutches
of static zing.

I'm really glad you
picked this up for me.

I don't know what I would
have done if I had lost it.

- It's okay.

- Do you know how much
this sock means to me?

Do you know who this
sock belongs to?

Bill Murray.

- Who?

- Bill Murray.

You know, actor,
been in everything.


- Maybe if I see his face.

- Really?

Everyone knows Bill Murray.

Okay, I wasn't expecting that.

It was accidentally left here,

and I heard it's his favorite.

And since you saved it, I'll
let you hold onto it for me.

- But what if he
comes lookin' for it?

- I'll tell him you have it.

Famous people have a way
of getting what they want.

(Sam chuckles)

(Boy whirring)

- Hey, Boy.

I want to introduce
you to someone.

This is Jolene.

(Boy creaks)

Not Jolie, Jolene.

Hold on.

Jolene, this is Boy.

(Boy stops)

(Boy creaks)


Yes, she is.

(Boy rumbling)

(Boy creaks)

What was that?

(Boy creaks)

Inappropriate, Boy.

Nobody thinks that.

(Boy creaking)

Well, I don't agree.

(Boy creaking)

Okay, okay, now that
was just offensive.

Maybe this wasn't a good idea.

(Boy creaking)

Real classy, Boy.

(Boy creaking)


(bright music)
(birds chirping)

(gate rattles)

Aki, I couldn't find
you at the counter,

and the gate was locked.

- When Nobu and I
started this nursery,

we were gonna call
it Sunflower Farms.

I love sunflowers and I
really like that name.

But Nobu had his heart set
on Muddy Boots (chuckles).

This nursery for me
has always represented

the feeling a sunflower
brings to the world.

Bright, full of warmth,

and I can't help but to wonder

what this place would have been
like had it been named that.

(chuckles) But it's too
late to change it now.

I got mad at Nobu this morning

for leaving the gate
unlocked, really mad.

I should've known better
but I couldn't help myself.

But it wasn't about the gate.

- Where is he?

- At home.

- Is he okay?

- He's bedridden at the moment.

- What happened?

- An angry customer came in
when I was getting on Nobu.

The man was a real
you know what.

Calling Nobu all
sorts of nasty names.

The guy kept on
raising his voice,

and Nobu had this
look on his face.

I've seen that look before,
and I got really scared.

Nobu was shaken up.

I think he was still mad at
himself about the unlocked gate.

This morning left him stressed
out and doubting himself.

I worry it may be
something bigger,

like the early onset
of Alzheimer's.

I've realized that
I can't do it all,

worry about him,
and keep this going.

- What are you saying?

- After I brought Nobu home,

he and I had a long discussion,

something we've had
to think about before.

- What?

- We are closing the nursery.

- I can fill in for Nobu.

- (chuckles) I wish it
was that simple, Hankyung.

Besides, we already
rely on you too much.

And now I have to tend to Nobu,

and it's too much to
be at both places.

When we first opened this
nursery back in 1985,

we agreed to run it side by
side, 50/50, a partnership.

But if my partner isn't here...

- So, it's...

What will happen
to all the plants?

The garden?

- Everything will go, wholesale.

- And then?

- A commercial
real estate company

will probably buy the land.

- And the shop, the counter?

- Not exactly sure.

- I love this place, you know?

(Aki sobs)

- (sniffling) Me too.

- Working here is
like, it's like...

- Being with a family, I know.

- I love with working
with you and Nobu.

- We know how much this
place means to you,

and we are so thankful.

Nobu and I made this
painful decision

with your wellbeing in mind.


your paychecks will keep coming.

In fact, he is the
one that suggested it.

Can you imagine Nobu happily
giving money (laughs)?

- It's gonna be hard not coming

to this place every
day, you know?

- I understand.

Have one last walk around.

Feel free to take
home any plants.

(solemn music)

- Oh, what a day,
what a day, Jolene.

A gift from Aki and Nobu.

A parting gift.

It's gonna be really hard
not going there everyday.

Working there was
more than a job.

Guess you're my only
family now, right Jolene?

(cat ticking)


(Hank sobbing)

No (sobbing).

(solemn music)

(birds chirping)

(leaves rustling)

(waves splashing)
(seagulls squawking)

(gentle music)

(water droplets pinging)

- [#1] Aloha, Hank.

- #1?

I thought Aloha meant goodbye?

Wait, am I dead?

- [#1] It also means hello.

- Hello and goodbye?

That makes absolutely no sense.

- [#1] It depends
on the context.

Am I coming or am I going?

- I'm so confused.

I don't know whether
I'm coming or going.


- [#1] Even in this head room,

you're bloody hopeless.

- [Hank] What is this place?

- [#1] This?

This is life outside the bowl.

- [Hank] What's it like?

- [#1] Ugh, liberating.

I swim this way and that way.

I can go as high as I
want, as low as I want.

No more counting
steps before I smack

my face in that cruel glass.

Best of all, I'm not
swimming in my own crap.

Now, the world is my toilet.

- So how does this work?

Are you dead?

'Cause you're definitely
not alive back at home.

- [#1] I'm not sure,
but I do know one thing.

I've never felt more alive
in my entire existence.

(whimsical music)

- Do you know things?

I mean, were you imparted
with wisdom as you departed?

- [#1] You mean,
did my life flash

between my eyes when
that maniac ghosted me?

- I mean, do you know the
secrets of the universe?

- [#1] I do feel calm,
possibly enlightened.

So, what do you wanna know?

- Where do lost socks go?

- [#1] Of all the
biggest mysteries

in space and time,

you're asking about a garment

that whisks away
sweat from your foot?

(#1 sighs)

Over there.

(music continues)

- [Hank] I wish I was
there to stop that cat.

- [#1] I have no hard
feelings towards the cat.

The cat's a cat,
the fish is a fish.

Cats eat fish, dogs eat cats,
it's the circle of life.

- [Hank] Who eats dogs?

(music continues)

- [#1] How's life
inside your bowl?

- What do you mean?

- [#1] I mean you live
in an unnecessary bowl.

Bloody hell, there's
a whole world

of possibilities just
waiting to be explored.

Some big, some small.

Some, eh, whatever.

But you'll never find out

if you hole yourself
up talkin' to leaves.

- I don't talk to leaves.

- [#1] Uh, hi, are
you forgetting?

I never left the bowl.

- Okay, maybe one time?

- [#1] Never, ever
left the bowl.

- Okay.

Maybe sometimes I do.

- [#1] Can we be
done with all of this

so you can put
yourself out there?

- I guess.

- [#1] Watching you

from that bowl
day in and day out

with nothing new or exciting
in your life, I worried.

- Thanks, #1.

By the way, I had no
idea you were female.

- [#1] Hm.

Well, I had no idea
you were either.

- [Hank] Wait, what?

- [#1] Aloha, Hank.

(gentle music)

(birds chirping)

(water rushing)

(trowel thudding)

(owl hooting)

(Hank sighs)

(wind whistling)

(Hank thuds)
(cat meows)

(water splashing)
(bright music)

- [Bug] Hey.

(soft music)

(water trickling)
(birds chirping)

(Hank inhales)

(wind chimes chiming)

(swing creaking)

(frog croaking)

- Hey, Nobu.

Good for the soul.

- Good for the soul.

Sorry about the nursery, Hank.

- How are you feelin'?

- Now or in general?

- (chuckles) Both.

- Rested, but
feels like I should

be doing something productive.

- It's okay to just rest.

- Yeah, I guess but in
general, I'm not sure.

(Nobu sighs)

Aki has me document the
day out on an index card

what I ate, what time
I ate, blah, blah.

It's annoying, but I get it.

- Jolene died.

(Nobu sighs)

- Aki told me.

Very sorry to hear that, Hank.

I know she was special to you.

- You spent a lot of
time at that nursery.

How's life outside of it?

- Being in this bed has
given me time to think.

Maybe too much time.

I feel like a
weight has vanished,

giving me time to figure out

the meaningful
things in my life.

Maybe Aki and I should have
closed the shop more often,

ventured out, seen
more of the world,

or simply done nothing

and just enjoyed
each other's company.

I was going through an
old photo album, and me,

I was handsome fella.

I had a lot of
adventures, a lot.

Then the world grows smaller.

The nursery, the mortgage,

the tax returns and on and on.

It seemed...

- Adventures?

- Yeah.


That album reminded me again,

there is a big world
out there full of new,

and exciting possibilities.

You never know.

One day you're
walking in forest,

the next you meet the
love of your life.

Oh (chuckles), don't worry.

No sock of mine every
accidentally goes
missing (laughs).


- Yokai?

- Supernatural creatures
in Japanese folklore.

Yokai existing beyond
what he would see,

and when you aren't looking,

Yokai bring good fortune
to the human world,

but also wreak of havoc.

A physical trait of most
Yokai, their grotesque feet,

and so they envy
humans for theirs.

Hatsuhana was a good
Yokai, but like all Yokai,

she was very jealous
of the humans' soft,

smooth and delicate feet.

She believed that because
humans wore socks,

(speaking in Japanese)
as they were called,

they were able to have
such beautiful feet.

A Yokai from a neighboring
forest, Kusunoki,

was in love with Hatsuhana,

and observed her every
moment from a distance.

Kusunoki watched
Hatsuhana cry daily

about her hideous
feet until he could

no longer endure seeing
his love in pain.

So he went to work,

crafting the most symmetrical
pair of socks in history.

When Kusunoki gave the
socks to Hatsuhana,

she was so very happy,
(cat meows)

but her happiness
would not last long.

Once in the morning

when she was bathing
in the age spring,

a human took one look
at her cherished socks.

When Hatsuhana
told Kusunoki this,

he vowed vengeance
against the humans.

(Yokai growling)

Joined by his
brothers and sisters,

the Yokai reigned
terror on earth

in search of Hatsuhana's
missing sock.

Kusunoki presented each
missing sock to Hatsuhana,

but the socks were
not the right match.

- Why doesn't he just make
her a new pair of socks?

- Because of sock.

Hatsuhana wore what's
made from love.

So, it can be removed
without its mate.

Kusunoki continues
to this day searching

for its one true match,

leaving millions
of people baffled

by their one missing sock.

And so, Kusunoki came to
be known as the Sock Yokai.

(Yokai growling)

- What happens to the
socks that she rejected?

- Kusunoki hides them,
never to be seen again.


The Sock Yokai thinks
he's outsmarted me,

but I just enjoy wearing
mismatched socks.

- So, because of love
there's a missing sock?

- Absolutely.

If you can come up with
more logical explanation,

I'll pick the farm.

(gentle music)

(socks thudding softly)

(Nobu speaking in Japanese)

(Nobu laughs)

(mallet tapping)
(music continues)

(broom rustling)

(Hank chuckles)

(dryer rumbling)
(clothes clanging)

(upbeat music)

(Nobu knocking)


♪ Shadows of a carousel ♪

♪ Drowning in a wishing well ♪

♪ Collecting all the rain ♪

♪ But no one ever came ♪

(girl speaking Japanese)

♪ If the roses
grow in Alcatraz ♪

♪ And judging by appearances ♪

♪ Nothing is the same ♪

♪ Nothing ever changes ♪

♪ There's nothing in the rain ♪

♪ There's nothing in the rain ♪

♪ Here comes the hurricane ♪

♪ But there's
nothing in the rain ♪

♪ Parachutes for clearer skies ♪

♪ Maybe in another life ♪

♪ Nobody's to blame ♪

♪ Started out the same ♪

♪ You're all in my peripheral ♪

♪ At least as far
as I can tell ♪

♪ Nothing ever changed ♪

♪ Nothing is the same ♪

♪ There's nothing in the rain ♪

♪ There's nothing in the rain ♪

♪ Try to wash away the pain ♪

♪ But there's
nothing in the rain ♪

♪ There's nothing in the rain ♪

♪ There's nothing in the rain ♪

♪ I love you just the same ♪

♪ But there's
nothing in the rain ♪

♪ There's nothing in the rain ♪

♪ There's nothing in the rain ♪

♪ Here comes the hurricane ♪

♪ But there's
nothing in the rain ♪

♪ Nothin' in the rain ♪

(music continues)