Hangyaku no Melody (1970) - full transcript

The disbandment of the Tanno clan left gang member Tetsu to stray from the crime family's fold. He roamed the streets as a one man band, wearing a denim jacket and long hair with sunglasses to cover his piercing eyes. Befriending a like-minded lone wolf by the name of Gebasaku, Tetsu builds a coalition against higher forces. A graphic portrayal of irrepressible anger and a friendship worth dying for.



We, the Tanno Family,

as collaborators and
members of society,

have devoted ourselves
to our business.

Yet, we have made use of illegal
actions to grow it,

and thus received society's judgment.

From now on, we pledge to limit our
actions as much as possible,

and do what is in our
power to help society.

With this, the Tanno Family
is officially disbanded.

Sincerely, the Tanno Family leader,
Daijiro Tanno.

Hey, don't overdo it.

Stop acting like my superior,
the Tanno family has disbanded.


Planning: Takiko Mizunoe
Screenplay: Susumu Saji, Michio Sobu

Cinematography: Yoshihiro Yamazaki
Lighting: Masahiro Takashima
Recording: Koshiro Jinbo

Art Direction: Kazuhiko Chiba
Editing: Osamu Inoue

Music: Hiroki Tamaki
Still Photography: Yutaka Tsuchiya


Yoshio Harada
Takeo Chii
Tatsuya Fuji

Meiko Kaji, Manami Fuji
Yoshiro Aoki, Shoki Fukae
Fujio Suga

Harumi Sone, Kazuo Nagayama
Hironobu Umeno, Masaya Oki
Gajiro Sato

Shiro Yanase, Shuntaro Tamamura
Masaya Nihei, Yasuhiro Kameyama
Keisuke Yukioka, Saburo Hiromatsu

Nagahiro, Akira Takahashi
Wataru Kobayashi, Masaaki Honme
Kuniya Mizukawa, Yoshihiko Tabata
Mitsuru Sawa, Ikunosuke Koizumi

Nobuko Aoki, Masami Maki
Chieko Harada, Tadayuki Kitagami
Takeshi Omaeda, Katsumi Kojima
Masashi Himuro, Ryuji Oizumi

Directed by:
Yukihiro Sawada

Do you think that qualifies
as Yatokai's assistants?

Now, move your ass!

Sir, would you like to make a bet?

10.000 yen on number 3 and 2.


Here you are, sir.
You got 9 and 1.

Thank you.

Put 200.000 yen on 3 and 2 again.

- 200.000?
- Yeah.

Boss, he bet 200.000 on number
3 and 2! He's rich!

- Keep an eye on him.
- Yes.

- Hey.
- Yes?

Are you a local?


You're from
the Tachibana Family, right?


You lost this time, sir.

I see, that's a pity.


Uhm... you have to pay your 200.000.

- In cash?
- Yes, in cash.

- I don't have it.
- What?

I don't have money for
people like them.


- He's refusing to pay!
- Huh?

Can you stop fooling around?

We're from Yatokai.

- Yatokai?
- Yes.

How strange. This island was
Tachibana Family territory.

- Right?
- Yes.

You fool!

Every last one of the
Tachibanas are slow.

So, we had no choice
but to take over.

So? You get it, right?

Now stop fooling around and pay up.


I'll give the money to Tachibana group.
I have no money to give to Yatokai.



Wanna take a bath?

- You from Tokyo, lady?
- Yes.

Did the Yatokai bring you here?

Hey, do you want to sleep with her?
She has a nice ass, doesn't she?

How about it?

Is that your woman?

I picked her up a minute ago.
You can have her for 5.000 yen!

Come on, 5.000.

I'm too cheap to give you that, idiot.

- Cheap?
- Yeah.

- Oh!
- Just let her go.

- Huh?!
- There's a better way to make money.

Oh, the beard looks good on you.

- Are you having fun?
- Not at all.

Hey, any ideas?


- What is it?
- Something to get rid of the stress.

- Oh.
- A lot of cash. You in?


Stop with that.

H-Hey, you!
You damn thief!

A thief!


Hey, stop it.

What are you men standing around for?


- Bring sake, you idiot!
- Yes, sir!

Stop being so slow!
Hurry up!

That country bumpkin.
Pisses me off.


That guy said
the one in control around here

is Tachibana group.


He said he was giving
the money to them.

I see. He's got guts.

- Guts? What do you think...
- Imai!

Calm down.

Saying something like that...

must mean he's got some sort of
connection with the Tachibana group.

Do you have any clue
who he may be?

None. I'm sorry.

Are you telling the truth?

You're persistent.

That's fine, then.

If he has no ties to your group, then we
can do whatever we want with him.

I'm gonna take charge.

That's fine.
Go do what you want.


Hey, say that again!


Idiot! You guys are too slow!

Stupid bumpkin.

Boss, Aoyama was hit in the head with
a beer bottle and got two stitches.

Why should we let him bully us?

We don't work for them.

Please hold back. It was my husband
that called the Yatokai here.

We are to work with them and protect
our group while he's in prison.

We understand, but this is
basically a take over.

Our boss must be crying in prison.

Have you all thought about
what would happen...

if we were to start a war
with the Yatokai?

They may be aggressive,
but it's just the three of them.

There's 30 of us and yet we're
bossed around. It's pathetic.

It's just one more month until my
husband gets out of prison.

Just sit tight until then.
All right?

- You said your name was Gebasaku?
- Yeah.

That's what they call me.

- Are you from here?
- No.

I just got here today.

- Where do you live?
- My home? I have none.

Maybe that motorcycle is my home.

Where were you born?

Murora in Hokkaido.

Stop it already.
You sound like a cop.

No job and no address.
The cops must love you.


Get out of town tonight, they're not
stupid. You'd get caught by tonight.

Hey, are we going separate ways?


Do you not like me?

That's not it.

I like you.
I like you a lot!

Get outta here.

Hey, it's that guy!

Get him!

- Let me go!
- Making a fool of us!

- Come with us!
- Let me go!


You bastard!

Take that!

This way!

Tell me! Who is that guy?!

I'm right here.

Stop it!

Why did you come to this town?

Why don't you at least tell
me your name?

I'm Tachibana's younger brother.

- Younger brother?
- That's right.

With different mothers.

If you're Tachibana's brother, then
you're from the Tanno group in Osaka.

I think I've heard about it
from Tachibana before.

That's right.
I'm an ex-member of Tanno.


What's the matter?
Does that name frighten you?

The Tanno group has been disbanded.

So, killing someone has
no consequences.

We've been warned regularly by our
Boss not to mess with the Tanno group.

That's right, I understand it all now
that you're from the Tanno group.

You should have told us that
from the beginning.

I'm staying here for a bit. I'm going
to look after the Tachibana group.

You guys go back to Tokyo.

We were asked by Tachibana...

His younger brother is asking you to
leave. There won't be a problem.

All right?
You get out of this town.

Now go!

Damn it!



Thank you for coming.

Where are the men from
the Tachibana group?

What's the matter?

Give me the culprit.

- What are you talking about?
- Stop playing dumb!

You used a gun. If you make me wait
passed morning, you're going to prison.

If you don't want us snooping around,
I suggest you give up the culprit.

We may find some violations
in operating a brothel.

Come on, sir...

You have until morning.

I can't win with you.
I understand.

I'll hand him to you.
Just don't put him in prison, please.

All right, but...

they're sending in reinforcements
from the Prefect Office as well as HQ.

Do you understand? Don't even
think about doing something stupid

with the Tachibana group
and ruining my reputation.

Do you hear me?

Roses for a funeral?

Never mind. Dotsuken would
prefer something flashy, anyway.

I'm lucky to have such an amazing wife.

Cut it out.
We're not officially married yet.

Hey! Good work!

You got killed.

You had a good boss
and good comrades, too.

All cowards.
You must be crying in hell.

- Hey.
- Hoshino.

The matter is settled.

- Hoshino!
- Don't act superior to me!

That wasn't a cup of sake I asked for.

They were so persistent that
I drink the sake,

and the relationship was advantageous
for me back then, so I took it.

I'll give you back the sake anytime.

It has nothing to do with you.
Don't mind him.

I actually hate Dotsuken.

I'm actually thinking he deserves it.

But he was a relative of mine!

I won't forgive the guy that killed him.

Don't do something stupid.

- The police are here.
- The police?

That's them?

Calling the cops to a funeral?
Is that a yakuza's burial?

Aren't they supposed to be our enemy?

Yakuza have become so pathetic.
We've come so low.

The people who invited
you are pathetic,

but you actually coming is
just as bad, if not worse.

Hey, can you arrest me?

For assault.


When and where?

I'm gonna do it now.

Right, and another one!
Obstruction of justice!

Arresting is justice too, right?

- Don't do it!
- Get off of me, you fool.

Get out of the way!
Are you a yakuza?

Yakuza helping the police?
What a disgrace!

Let me go!
You're so pathetic!

It's so pathetic! Damn it!

What kind of a low scum
yakuza are you?

Damn you!
Move away!

Let me go! Damn it!

Damn it! What a disgrace!

Move! Move!

Move! Damn it!

Damn it!


This used to be a beautiful beach.

The surrounding may have changed,
but I guess people never do.

Tetsu, why did you come back?

No, I'm actually happy that you're back.

Our young ones are, too.

They're all fired up because of you.

I shouldn't have come back.

The first thing that came to mind when
the group got disbanded was this beach.

I don't know why.
It's not like I like it here.

All these harbors and factories...

The responsibility of Tachibana
group just keeps growing.

Say, Tetsu,

won't you stay even after
my husband gets out of prison?

We need your help.

Let him know that I have
an urgent matter to take care of.

Give him my best.

- Yes.
- The boss will be disappointed.

I can't force my wish through.

The Shotenkai takes good care of us.

It's a good thing he can't
have affairs in prison.

And seeing him behind bars
will only be frustrating.

- I'm counting on you.
- Yes.

You haven't seen this guy since
you were a kid, right?

Are things going to go well?

I don't think you need to hold back.
Take what you want.

What are you talking about?

That woman.

She's a fine woman.
Really sexy.


Looks like she's into you, too.

You should try her. It'll
be good for you both.

Stop talking, will you?

You're pretty old fashioned, huh?

You're a real simpleton.

Oh, Tetsu?

How's everybody?
Are they doing well with Yatokai?

Tetsu, I actually have something
to talk to you about.

A small restaurant.
A low key place for porridge.

- What do you mean?
- There's a woman I want to gift it to.

I'm planning to separate.

With your wife?

That's what I wanted to talk
to you about.

Brother, why do you think she's working
so hard on her own?

Yeah. I know, I know.

But I...

I don't want to hear
such rotten ideas.

I don't know how you came
to rely on Yatokai.

But I had them leave.

Tetsu, what do you mean by that?

We ended up killing one young man.

If it doesn't make you happy,
get really mad.

If you want to cry, cry.
You're all young.

You don't need to
hold back a thing.

Get rid of those pigs.
Kill them!

Cut them up!

Make those pigs suffer.

Power. It's power!

Go get them! Punch them!

You all teach them a lesson.

Get those self righteous bullies!

We're on the side of the bullied!

Those that have nothing going for
them... Those are our people!

Injustice, frustration,
give it what you got!

You can't forgive them.
Don't let it go!

Hey, is the president here?

Who are you, people?

- Please wait!
- It's fine! Let us pass!

Who are you, people?
Why don't you at least knock?

You stole the plot of land from Koshida
clothing store, didn't you?

We stole it?

That's right, you lend money
with high interest rates,

and intended to take away the
property from the beginning!

No, I obey the law.

If you have a problem, sue me.

You may get away with the law,
but not with us!

- I can see your boobs.
- Having a good time, huh?

You pervert!

- I'm hungry.
- Why don't we order something?

Right! The company's paying, anyway.
Let's order whatever we want.

Please, let me go.
I'm begging you.

I'll... I'll give you the money.

You're giving this to me?
Good, good.

You can have
the woman too if you want.

Is this your woman?

- I'm helping her.
- You're such a pervert.

Hey. Hurry up and speak up.

You... you can't... no...!

Come on, speak up!

Thank you for your order!
Here's your order!

Just put it down there!


Thank you, thank you!

- Thank you so much.
- It's okay.

The loan guy gave this to us,
but can you gift it to us?

- It's like a service fee.
- Yes, of course. I'm really thankful.

I thought laws didn't exist
in this world anymore.

Neither the court nor the police
took me seriously.

We're more helpful
than the cops, right?

You bet!

- That's right!
- Well, take care.

Thank you so much!

Hey, let's go!

Business is good.
You must be making a ton.

Doing business is fine,
but don't get too carried away.

I heard you used to be a member
of the Tanno group in Osaka.

I heard the reason Yatokai left this
town is because of you.

You're like a star.

By the way, we need five guns.

- Guns?
- Yeah.

Don't play dumb.
We already know.

What do you mean?

We won an award last year
for gun control.

So, the boss keeps nudging us
to do better.

- You get extra points too, right?
- Of course.

So, we got some from Yatokai last year.

I'll promise that we won't look into
where it came from.

Just hide them in some abandoned
house in the landfill.

No, thanks.

You shouldn't act so tough.

Your husband's coming out
in three weeks, right?

I suggest you do whatever you
want before then.

Sorry to take your time.

Tetsu boss, a phone call from Osaka.

From Osaka?

Is it Towa Construction again?

Where are you going?

This is police business.

Hey, move! You hear us?

Damn you!

Since when have you been in Tokyo?

I've had a lot of things going on.

What does the boss want?

In Tokyo, there's Yatokai,
Ogata group, Ohga family,

and others that haven't disbanded.
We need to convince them to disband.

You say disband like it's
nothing, but,

while it may be fine
for the big honchos,

the young ones
have no place to go.

Tetsu, that's just the flow of things.

Sometimes, you have to let things go.

In any case, we disband and
work with the police.

Tachibana group won't disband
for a long, long time.

- Welcome back.
- All right.


Are you hurt?

- Seiji Takigawa.
- That's Seiji Takigawa?

There's still chances.

It felt good just to scare him a bit.

I may cause you some trouble.

Hey, don't hold back now.

You know, I love stupid idiots who
seek revenge even after

so many failed attempts.

You don't hear such stories these days.

Especially when
the target is Tanno,.

considered to be the
best in the country.

It makes me want to offer you help.

I won't let you die in vain.

- You should hurry.
- Yeah.

Thank you.

They won't find you there.
It's my friend's apartment.

Do as you please.

We're closed.


You have Seiji Takigawa, right?
I heard from Yatokai.

Is that so?

Can you hand him over?

I don't have much to boast about,
but there's just one thing.

That I'm friends with Seiji Takigawa.

- Do you know his story?
- Yeah.

He's a relative of a guy in a group that
was destroyed by Tanno group.

And for the past 5 years, he's attempted
to kill Tanno five or six times.

My father is like your uncle.

Partnering with someone after
your own uncle doesn't fly.

Stop. Tanno group was disbanded.

You and Tanno shouldn't have
anything binding at this point.

Your story is the one that doesn't fly.

Go home!

If you want to go up there,
you go through me.

Fine, I have a score to settle with
you about Dotsuken, anyway.

- Both of you, stop it!
- Come here!

Move, you bastards!
Don't meddle!

Damn it, you bastards!



Get out of the way!

- Let's go!
- Wait, come back!

Times have changed.

Yakuza groups don't matter any more.

Like Mineta from Tanno or Takizawa from
Yatokai or so and so from Ogata group.

Let go of such useless price
and cheap, lowly mentality.

From here on, we have to deal with
one another as individual men.

Otherwise, we can't keep up
with the times.

Just let go of everything in the past,

and join forces together.

It doesn't matter what you
make it look like.

It can be a construction,
trading or transportation company.

So many people say they will
support us in our unification,

by offering jobs and
financial help, as well.

Many in the financial and political
world are willing to give us advice.

We should be grateful.

So, discuss amongst yourselves
to disband the groups,

and establish a new company.

- You finally got out.
- Yeah.

Thank you for coming to get me.

There was something I wanted
to talk to you about.

- Come on, sit down.
- What is it?

You know better about this.
Why don't you tell him?

One of your young ones is blackmailing
Towa Construction for something trivial.

I don't plan on punishing him
if he quietly walks away,

but I need you to stop him from
doing something stupid.

Towa Construction?
I've never heard of them.

It happened while you were locked up.

They let us establish a
subcontracting company.

I'd like your help eventually,

and I'll make sure Tachibana
group is taken care of, as well.

That's how it is, so we want to avoid
any hassle for the company.

Can you do that?
We're asking you.

I'm not the boss of Tachibana group.
I can't give orders to the young ones.

What did you say?

I can't tell them to become a
corporation's pet even if I die.

Tetsu, Towa Construction
takes good care of me.

But I disbanded the
group and retired.

I won't tell you what to do.
You do as you like.

But even if the group is disbanded,

the fact that he's ex-Tanno
group stays with him forever.

It'll cause you trouble.


What do you plan to do?

No clue!

He's no good.

That's his strength.
Let him be for a while.

What do we do if his young ones go
after Towa Construction again?

Whoever goes against Towa
Construction will be killed.

We don't hold back toward
those that come after us.

Hoshino, have you gone crazy?

Stop! Stop it!

You want Seiji Takigawa?
What do you think you're saying?

Since when have you
become Tanno's dogs?


- Calm down and listen.
- Shut up!

Get out! I don't want anything
to do with you!

Get out!
You damn bastards!

It's from a guy called Tetsu.
He says he wants to talk.

Tetsu? He wants to see me?

Shut up! I don't want to see you.
I'm not here!

I don't wanna see your face.
I'm not going.

I'm never going!

You're late.


- It's 11 pm like we said.
- What are you talking about?

If you really wanted to see me,
you would have come an hour earlier.


Look at me.
I waited an hour.

- There's something...
- There's something...

I think we may get along.

I think so, too.

So, I have a request.

What is it?

Have the Takigawa group
take care of Seiji.

They'll never suspect him to be there.
That's why it'll be the safest.

You'll do it, right?

It's 11:15 pm.

Yup, 11:15 pm.

We're friends now.

What's the matter, bro?

What are you thinking?
You don't need to wait.

We have the information.

Towa Construction may be top
class, but they're horrible.

Do you want the townspeople
to continue suffering?

- Gebasaku.
- Huh?

- I used to be in the Tanno group.
- I know that. What about it?

Tanno's big boss told me not to
touch Towa Construction.

Is that why you're hesitating?

I grew up with the group.

Who cares? We take advantage
of the name Tanno, then.

Yato got scares just
hearing the name Tanno.

But you have
nothing to do with them now.

And that's how it should be.

I want to fight them.
I want to light a fire!

Don't go after Towa Construction.
Let them be for a while.

Do you understand?

Do you like me?
I like you.

And I also like the old man Tanno.

You liar. How dare you bring me out
here so early in the morning?

I'm gonna faint from lack of sleep.

You fool!

The father was saved,
but I feel badly for the child.

It's fine to build a factory, but there
have been too many accidents.

Remember the accident the other day?

A bird is singing on a dead tree

I'm whacking hay

A grandma in a Watabiki automobile

The water wheel is turning, too

Everything is the same as last year

But there's something missing

The sound of wood chopping

The sound of wood chopping

You! You're the guy that came with
Tetsu from Tokyo, right?

There's something wrong with
Tetsu. Listen to me.

You don't get it.

If the boss says "black", it's black
even if it's actually white.

- Stop acting like a fool.
- Really?

I guess it's no surprise that you
don't get it. Things are tough.

I like you.

Black even if it's white, huh?

You're clever.

But black is black and white is white.

I can't let go of something
I can't forgive.

Why are all the young ones

alone in the darkness?

The real dawn will soon come

But go to bed for the sake of tomorrow

The big city lights are going out

Why can't you go to sleep?

You're not the only one that's alone

But go to bed for the sake of tomorrow

Believe in tomorrow and go to sleep

You can't appreciate freedom unless
you've been locked up for a long time.

Right, Tetsu?

Honey, Tetsu has helped us a great
deal while you weren't here.

I wouldn't have been able to
manage on my own.

Of course.

I hear this town is no longer
a small fishing village.

There are harbors and
huge tankers out there.

There's no way a woman
can manage all of it.

Oh, that Mineta...

weren't you two together at Tanno?

Partners in crime, huh?

I hear he's making good money
with Towa Construction.

The young ones are also
not satisfied with you.

The local people are
laughing at us, too.

- What do you plan to do?
- Honey!

You shouldn't meddle in men's
affairs, O-Ryu. Excuse yourself.

Everyone, have a good time.

- Harue.
- Yes.

I want to start a porridge shop.
Are there any properties available?

- A restaurant?
- Yeah.

Shut up!
You stay out of this.


You don't need to answer now,
but you should disband the group.

So many of you guys showed up
when you got released that...

we got called in by the Prefectural
Police Department and got an earful.

They also got an earful

from other departments
and were extremely embarrassed.

If you feel bad about it, disband.

You made a complete fool out of us.
Thanks a lot.

That idiot.
You two get him!

- Yes.
- Yes.

You bastard.

Wait, damn it!

Take that!

Let me go!

Hey. Take care of him.

Let go!


Bro Tetsu...

- Bro...
- Gebasaku.

It's me, Tetsu.
I'm right here.

I won't forgive them.

I won't let them do whatever they want.
I'll destroy them!

Annihilate them.



Gebasaku! Gebasaku!

Death Certificate

I don't know his name.

I called him Gebasaku.

I don't know anything about him.
I know nothing at all.

I heard he was born in Muroran
in Hokkaido. That's all I knew.

Once you're dead, that's it.
Nothing matters anymore.

You're forgotten and you disappear.

- Bro Tetsu!
- Brother, where are you going?

- You didn't have to kill him.
- Huh?

Yeah, your young one got into
a fight with one of ours.

I gave the guy who did it
to the police.

You scum!


You should have told me where you
were going? Aren't we friends?

I didn't want to owe you.

- Let's get rid of the Tachibana group.
- Then, I'll gather men.

Mineta, you're the president of a
reputable construction company.

What would a normal company
do in a situation like this?

- Think about it.
- Yeah...

You get it, right? You work with the
police. That's the normal way.

Watch the Tachibana group.

If it looks like they're up to
something, get rid of them.

I'll say it again.
We're destroying the Tachibana group.

Hey, Aki.


I think I may die for real this time.

I've done everything I've wanted to.
I have no regrets.

But there's still one thing.
I worry about you.


If I die, you don't mind me.
Just go find yourself a good man.

Stop it.

I'm done with men.

I have no luck with them.

What a cute thing to say.

Let's hurry and go.
Tetsu is waiting.

It's fun to get into a fight with a guy
you just partnered with yesterday.

There might be a search on the way.
I'll hold on to it.

That's true.

I'll be close by, so you can get it
whenever you need it.

Honey, what happened?!


Damn it!


Damn it. I can't see.

I can't see.


Don't die!

Honey, stay with me!

You can't die!

Honey! Honey!


Let me through!

- Shut up!
- Go away!

You can't pass through today.

What are you thinking?

- Is the police playing go-between?
- No, that's not it.

I wanted to hear both sides
of the story in detail.

- That's why I called you here.
- I see.

Then, I've already said everything.
Excuse me.

Wait, I don't mean to be persistent,

but Towa Construction isn't
concerned about the past.

We just want your
cooperation on this project.

There are plenty of jobs like security
or as a subcontractor.

No matter how many times you ask
me, I'm not interested.


This new project is to build
Japan's largest steel mill.

We're not doing it out of some petty
yakuza pride. It's for a good cause.

Don't make me laugh.
I've heard that enough from these guys.

We want you to understand.

The prosperity in Japan is a
surprise to many nations.

But that comes with
stress and restraints.

And the ones carrying that stress
are people like you and Mineta here.

You use phony financials to
steal people's property.

And you pretend nothing's happened

even when a truck runs into
a home and kills a kid.

- How do you live with yourselves?
- Hey!

Why can't you stop fighting
and cooperate?

Stop with the lies!

The only people interested
in making money here are you!

It's got nothing to do with the poor.

Hey, Mister.

Do you think we'll stay quiet as
long as you give us jobs?


You're not gonna get it
no matter what, huh?

You killed two of my friends.
Got it?

I'll fight unless you make them
stop the construction.

A factory that requires the help
of the yakuza shouldn't go up.


The police from the Prefectural
Department is asking you nicely.

- Stop the nonsensical fight.
- I don't wanna hear it.

Well, just get along with the police
and become their guard dogs.

Wow, you stink.
You're a stinking guard dog.

There's a white dog and a black dog.

I'm going now.

Wait a minute, boy.

Stop pushing it. You know what happens
when you underestimate the police.

We can bring down anyone we want.

Assault, obstruction of justice,
burglary, defamation.

Traffic violations.
We can arrest anybody for anything.

You get it?

This is your last warning.
Don't make matters worse.

Do you understand?

How do you plan to resolve this?

Money doesn't grow on trees.
I'd like to know what you're planning.

They're the same as the police.

Towa Construction halted
their construction,

and it's just us not budging now.

Towa Construction loses a lot of
money each day when they don't operate.

- I'm sure they'll make a move soon.
- Are we going to wait until then?

When they said they'll pay us for
security, that was our chance.

Do you want petty cash?

Yakuza live on petty cash.
Am I wrong?

There are those that don't.

The young ones were killed like they
were bugs. I watched them die.


If we listen to them now,
there's no turning back.

We don't back down until we settle this!


Since when do you talk like
you're the boss?!


I don't feel good being here.
I'm leaving!

Say, Tetsu.

I know it's a bit sudden to ask,
but can you not stay here any longer?

My husband is back now.

You may be better on your own.

I also think Tetsu shouldn't be here.

You're the target.
You should disappear.

I see.

Tetsu won't budge, huh?
What a waste.

- Then, boss...
- Hey, Mineta.

If Tetsu comes apologizing,
don't kill him.

- We can still use him.
- Sure.

A pet dog is cute when he's wagging
his tail, but when he's become stray,

and starts attacking left and right,
there's no controlling it.

- Sir, what do you want?
- Listen.

- I have a search warrant.
- A search?

Arrest him for obstruction of justice.

Stop fooling around! Let me go!
I didn't do anything!

Let go!

- Mister, what do you want?
- Arrest him, too.


I haven't done anything!

You borrowed money from a girl.
You're under arrest for swindling!

What are you saying?
That's a lie!

Hey, stop that! Hey!

Let go! What did I do?!

You hit the refrigerator!
Under arrest for criminal intimidation!

Violated traffic regulations?
I haven't done such a thing!

Let go! Let me go!
Damn you!

You're the one who is
running the cafe, right?

You're the owner, right?

You played live music without
a permit, yes? Take her.

That's strange.
Someone should be there.

- Shall we go and check?
- Yeah.

No, you shouldn't go outside.

I'll go.

It's you.

I'm surprised you're still alive,
hiding in a place like this.

I'm sorry. It's pathetic.

I can't even go pay my respects to him.

You were on his mind until he died.

Friendship between men is amazing.
I'm jealous.

A relationship between a man
and a woman is so fragile.

I don't remember anything
about him any more.

Not even his face.

You must think I'm lying, right?
It's true, though.

What do you plan to do from now?

I got rid of the bar.

I'm not sure what I'll do.

Maybe I'll go search for a new man.
Maybe I'll go on a trip.


I'll take this with me, all right?

Tachibana Group

Tetsu, we put your brother down.

Don't make any more
trouble, understand?


The police were here just now.

You were safe, Tetsu...

I'm glad.

I'm really glad.

That's right.

They finally let me out.

Because my husband died...

We did something wrong.

Because we're yakuza,
the police can do awful things to us.

We broke the law,
so this is normal, right?


But what did we do?

I like you.
I like you a lot!

I want to fight them.
I want to light a fire!

Bro Tetsu,
I won't forgive them.

I won't let them do
whatever they want.

I'll destroy them.

Annihilate them.