Hangyaboly (1971) - full transcript

Mail to author for translation Mikor a zarda fonoknoje meghal, az utodlas kerdeseben ket partra szakad a kolostor. Virginianak lenne a legtobb eselye, akit nemcsak a fiatalok, hanem a ...







Why won't you go to sleep
Sister Márta, dear?

I have sinned, Bernarda.

With this scone.

Soror Márta can not
sin on this planet anymore.

Lay down nicely!

How are you?

Very well!

Do you still like to live?


Do you still like to live?

Well, of course!

Until God allows me to.

And don't you wish to see
God face to face anymore?

No, no. Why hurry with that so much?

Eternity is eternal anyway.

Come in!

Praised be Jesus Christ!

Telegram for Soror Leona. Just arrived.

And two express letters
for Soror Simonea.

Thank you.

How is our dear Mother doing?

Invariably badly, Soror Leona.

The doctor's accomodation?

I have prepared it.

Praised be Jesus Christ!

For evermore!

Praised be Jesus Christ!

For evermore!

Sister Evelina!

Our Lord does not wish
for voluntary penitence

at the expense of the body's rest.

How high?

What does the doctor say?

He's angry.

Leona should not have
been allowed to see her.

She upset her.

Again, because of Helénke?


The election...

About what should happen...

But our Mother was adamant.

She said when she'll meet the Lord,

she wants the flock
to be in young hands.

And that Virginia is
the most capable.

And what did Leona say?

Hurry up, dear Sister!

They're already preparing
for the election.

Exchanging letters...

They're infiltrating
the branch convents.

They received a telegram and two
express letters today as well.

Don't you trust in ourselves Bernarda?

The righteousness of our plans?

I trust in you.

Our kind Mother also trusts in you.

She entrusted you with the convent.

Until the election.

Then the most worthy should replace her.

According to our Mother Superior,
that's you.


Don't wish that I persuade
you again and again.

Look at the new plans for
the secondary school!

They were done with our
kind Mother's permission.

Just arrived from Budapest.

The convent's new wing...

The library, the laboratory
of natural sciences.

Look at the new main facade!

The dayrooms will be here...

And the new, healthy bedchambers here.

Isn't it nice?

It's beautiful!

And do you see what divine
providence is like?

The paternal estate of the
only sister of our dear Mother

could maybe mostly cover this...

Soror Bernarda, I don't know about

Helénke having any intentions
of joining our order.

...hallowed be thy Name,
thy kingdom come,

thy will be done,
on earth as it is in heaven.

There you go. Lay down,
sleep, and blow out candles.

What is this?

No playing with the mirror, Pável!

You stop the grinning now!

Closing your eyes!

Helén Gruber!

Sleep tight, young ladies!

Soror Kunigunda need not to be
always angry because of you.

Don't forget about the daily
examination of the conscience.

We are people, inclined to sin.

It is better for us to consider and
know what we have to take account for.

Go to sleep Helénke.

Praised be Jesus Christ!

For evermore.


- Did you write him?
- Mm-hmm.

What happened at Aunt Sárika's place?

And you...

Kissed him back?

- Yep!
- And... Was it good?

At least you have
something to confess now.

You're right.

And you? What did you write him?

That I'd like to meet him.

If he wants it, he'll arrange it.

How brave you are.

Bravery was needed, when
I went to see him for the

first time to talk about
my mother's pension, buddy.

I put on my tight, brown velvet dress.

After that, it took care of itself.

How old is he?


You'll be his wife.

You'll be living in Budapest.

He has a wife.

He has a wife?

She's very sick.

And she must die for me to be happy.

Do you hate me now?

You're moving away?

You see, this is why I have to stay.

I have to get a diploma and
a job to be independent.

But you can't understand this.


Because you are rich, darling.

You have one hundred thousand crowns.

You are protected and independent.

Oh, Erzsi!

I can't wait for next Sunday.

I'm so afraid.

From what, you simp?

That he'll kiss you again?


From the whole thing.

He's here.

I know.

How do you know?

He said he'll come in during elevation.

That I should look back then.

Then why aren't you looking?

I don't dare to.

Why are you so sheepish, buddy?

Will you be so sheepish
Sunday afternoon as well?

The Second Council of Nicaea was
held in the time of Pope Adrian I.

It was stated, that pictures
and statues labeled as objects of heresy

that were thrown
away many decades ago,

could be placed back in
to the temples again.

Because it's not the canvas,

the paint,

the stone,

or the wood that is worshipped,

but the one,

and remember this well,

portrayed by the canvas

or the stone..

Idolatry is...

Márkus, stand up!

I have been watching
you for 10 minutes.

What are you drawing?

I was hoping that you'll put it away,

but since you brought it
forward, tell me: what's this?

A heart.

And why did you write my
name in the heart?

For the next history class, you will
learn the hymn of Saint Bonaventura

about the infinite mercy
of our Lord.

You will find it
in the prayer-book.

And now go back to your seat.

So the Second Council of Nicaea,

has made it unambigously
clear once and for all,

that we are not idolatrous.

There was a mill nearby.

A watermill.

It had such a deep thudding sound.

We didn't even hear our
own breath because of it.


We didn't even hear our
own heaving breath.

I am going to speak with Soror Virginia.

You did not want to believe it.

I had to press your hand here,
to make you believe it.

How scared you were back then.

I'm scared now as well.

It's madness that it has to be you,
who sits up next to Mother Superior.

Out of every ten thousand people,
one has her heart on the right side.

And I happen to be the ten-thousandth.

It beats dreadfully fast, Gregoria.

It is not the same hand
whose touch I remember.

All cells are replaced every
seven year in each human.

You are running a high fever, Gregoria.

We have been replaced two times since.

Or maybe we have not
been replaced at all?

Soror Gregoria?

What is your wish, Soror Simonea?

Did you leave our Reverend
Mother by herself?

Soror Emerika has relieved me.

She relieved me an hour ago.

Our order needs new spirit, Magdolna.

The spirit of the Middle Ages
should be banished from here.

You're surely right, it's just that
I don't see it as important as you,

that under whose leadership...

Why is this so important?

Our time will pass anyhow.

What kind of preposterous
approach is this, Magdolna?

I don't even understand how
you can talk like that.

This can't be anything,

but the fatigue brought here
within you, from far away.

You never spoke about the circumstances.

That caused you to join us.

I don't mean tor
question you about this.

I'm just looking for the explanation...

There is nothing interesting
about that now, Virginia.

But, you know...

I didn't come here with an
intact, healthy soul, indeed.

All of you being so young,

in possession of every virtue.

Please, don't continue.
What you are saying is awful.

You're better than anyone else here.

Who would dare to compare
herself with you?

With your scientific knowledge.

Has God endowed you
with these virtues,

to distance yourself
in the guise of modesty?

How could we think about a school
with higher qualifications, without you?

It's impossible, Magdolna.

That you don't feel the responibility
of what you owe our order.

Erzsi! Helénke! Come here!

Come on, already!

Look at that!

Virginia is in a pickle.

Pickle? What sort of pickle?

What don't you understand, you silly?

Why don't you open your eyes?

We're only asking you to do
things, that are worthy of you.

But it willl be your
duty at the same time.

What are you thinking of after all?
What's your plan with me?

I don't know it yet,
but have trust in us!

Our dear Mother is very sick.

The problems and tasks are
standing right before us.

There's a great need for everyone,
but especially for you.

You can not step down now.

You will join us. You promised.

I did promise.

Thank you.

May God be with our intentions.

Oh, God! It's quarter past
and I have class.

Ah! I left my notes and book
in the teachers' lounge.

Wait! I'll fetch it.




Don't run in my stead!
You make me feel ashamed.

Virginia, you mustn't.

I entrust you with a letter.

You'll have to hand it
to the representative.

I will hand it to him, Soror Virginia.

Come here!

I have to commend you for your modesty.

You never told me,

that the representative is your uncle.

- Soror Virginia, I...
- It's okay, it's okay.

I didn't mean to embarass you.

Here's the letter.

I'm asking for the help of your
uncle with the minister,

about the future
plans of our convent.

This is very important to us.

They say that Virginia
called a clinical

professor from Budapest,
to our sick Mother.

It was not Virginia.
The bishop sent for him his own car.

Wasn't it that Soror Magdolna,
who's been to America,

who brought the clinical
professor from Budapest?

I heard so.

Who did you hear this from, dear Sister?

From Soror Bernarda.

From Soror Bernarda?

But she follows Virginia around
the whole day, like a puppy.

And Virginia follows Magdolna
around the whole day, like a puppy!

And I heard that Soror Virginia
will be the new Mother Superior.

Surely not Virginia!

Surely not Virginia!

-Then who?
- Won't it be Leona?

Ah, Leona?


I'm here!

Is it true, that you
got an exeat on Sunday?

My sweetheart decided that I must recite
poems on Saturday at the festivity,

so he asked the convent to release
me to have time to practice.

Isn't that beautiful?

My Dear!

Oh, what six days these will be!

Such a gift!

Don't be shocked now.
I'm going to sunbathe.

So I can be warm and smell
of the sun in the evening.

What are you staring at?

It's just that... You are...

You're with him like that?

It's a deadly sin, Erzsi.

You buffoon.

Let the king bring me into his chambers.

We rejoice and delight in you.

We will praise your love more than wine.

This is also from the Bible.

I know.

Like two fawns.

This is what King Solomon says
about the girl's breasts.

He also says: like clusters of fruit.

You also read that?


Then why are you so scared?

What's the sin in something,
tha's natural, nice, and good...

And gives happiness?

Use your brains, darling.

I don't like these new
methods of upbringing.

I just can't get used to them anymore.

Oh, Sister Kunigunda!
Dear, old Sister Kunigunda.

Where is your famous
love and patience now?

Oh, where indeed.

Yes, well you young
people know this better.

I am just like a useless old crone now.

A superannuated crone inside a convent.

I'm just going on and on.

Yes, that is right.

Don't you wish to sit down for
a little bit, Soror Kunigunda?

Now I see where you brought me.

So many times we sat around
here together, back then.

We chatted about the kind Sisters...

The world...

How you scolded me, when I was late
from the inspection by ten minutes.


I wanted you to spend all
your free time with me, all the time.

It really hurt, when I thinked about
you spending your time with others.

Oh, that time has long
passed now, dear Sister.

It has.

Especially for you.

The future is important
to you, young people.

And we don't have much else, but
the past and reminiscing ...

So, tell me what is the plan?

You can talk with me.

Who is your candidate?


It is you, isn't it?

Because if it's you, then I...

Virginia Soror, my dear.

If it's you, than I will
not vote for Leona...

Then I, and with me, many others...

Will vote for the kind,
clever, patient Virginia.

Who's loved by everybody.

And who...

But you know this very well...


I am not worthy of your love,
Sister Kunigunda, dear.

So, it is not you?

Then who?

Soror Kunigunda, let's not start
it like this. Not with names.

So, it's true what they say?


We thought,

she is the most worthy among us.

So, you want her?



This could have been foreseen.

The new Soror is behind these.

That scholarly Soror!

Who's qualifying period was shortened
to six months, instead of three years.

But dear Sister...



She wandered around
the world for years...

Because she's from a
respected, great family...

And... She brought here her head,
stuffed with wordly sciences.

Listen to me, Sister Kunigunda, dear.

And who might know...

with what sort of a battered heart
she decided to follow our Lord Christ?

Excuse me dear Sister,
that I dragged you here.

And swept you into the misdeed of
impetuosity, without my intention.

I will not be bothering you for a while.

Where are you running, Sister Virginia?

Sister Virginia!

I didn't mean it like that!

Sister Virginia!

Sister Virginia!

I did not mean to offend you!

Stop! Sister Virginia!

Sister Virginia!

Sis- Sister Virginia!

...Your breasts are like
two fawns,

like twin fawns of a gazelle
that browse among the lilies...


Let me see what you've made!

Give it to me!


If you have something important
to discuss, young ladies...

Go out to the corridor and
get it done there, please.

Young ladies! Please go out to the
corridor and get it done there.

Another loud word, young ladies and...

No! Silence!

You can leave, Kulcsár.


Leave right now, dear!
You are expected.

Let's pray, young ladies!

Somebody died among us.

Hail Mary, full of grace.
The Lord is with thee.

Blessed art thou amongst women, and
blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.

Holy Mary, Mother of God,
pray for us sinners,

now and at the hour of our death. Amen.

The planned construction of the
convent and the new secondary school

has to be preceded by the
restructuring of our farmland.

We need investments

and new sources of income for this.

We should consider these
in further detail.

And maybe what is most important,

to talk about the indisputably
important application

of the modern
way of training women.



The questions of social policies.
These all relate to this.

Note all of this, Emerika.

We can not leave out anything.

Well, now all the fancy
plans come to light.

Secondary school,
new convent building...

Poorhouse, hospital.

A library for Magdolna.

For sure!

Rooms with their own
bathrooms for every Soror.

Well, that wouldn't be
that bad, actually...

Poor Sister Virginia makes too
big of a sacrifice for our order.

Because of her love towards us,

she takes the guilty temptations of
wordliness and vanity on to herself.

According to our
gracious Mother's will,

will she truly be the
new Mother Superior?

The election will decide
that, Sister Paulina.

According to all indications,
she has another candidate.

Is that so?


Now, we need not to
be secretive anymore.

We can write up Magdolna's name too.

- Did you talk to her?
- Yes.

Did she agree?

She promised to stick with
us through everything.

But does she know what our
intentions are with her?

Let me handle Magdolna, Sisters.

She's such a sensitive and fragile soul,

that we'll just make
her situation easier,

if we don't speak to her about the
details of the elections as of now.

Let that be my duty

to find the right moment.

Gregoria has just fainted.


The Satan's envoys will come.

And there will be some, who'll
wear sheep's clothing as wolves.

Praised be Jesus Christ!

Wait a minute, my child!

You're the little Helén Gruber, right?


How old are you, my dear?

I just turned seventeen.

Oh, poor child.

You have been living for
seventeen years in this world

and nobody was there to protect you.

The orphans have nobody
to safeguard them.

Entrust yourself to Jesus, my child.

His mercy is infinite.

I called you here my child, to tell you

that our deceased Mother Superior has
appeared to me last night in my dream.

She revealed to me,
that you are in danger.

Don't wander off!

Look at me, when I speak to you!

Yes, Reverend Sister.

She also told me that you're not ready
to fight the temptations of the world.

You need protection.


I don't know.

How come, you don't know?

You must be honest with me
about everything, my child.

Reverend Soror Leona,

my aunt who is with God
now, had always let me out

in to the city to see my
distant relatives on Sunday.

To my Aunt Sárika.

I can go this Sunday too, right?

I want to talk with you, my child.

Come with me.

This is not the one. The bishop's
car is purple.

Purple? Surely not purple!

How could it be purple,
when it is actually black?

It has the golden seal of the Bishop.

Does this one have it?

How would you see that from here?

But it would be visible from here.

Who was that?

- Gregoria!
- Gregoria?

Surely not Gregoria.

But Gregoria could never
run like that in her life.

Help me!

They want to take me away.

Where to?

To the hospital in Felsőhegy.

They brought the bishop's
car to take me with.

But I don't want to go.

I want to stay here.

Help me!


Don't let them take me away.

Gregoria, your sickness
needs medical attention.

Don't let them! Please...
Please don't let them!


Don't let them! Don't let them take me!

Did you see how they took her?

It was awful.

I had not seen Füzy cry before.

I never saw a man cry before.

If Leona wants something,
it will happen.

What she wants, always happens.

Always. What they want.

What did she say? Out with it!


Likely, Simonea doesn't want anything.
Especially when she's kind.

So what happened?

I confess to the all-powerful God

and instead of God to you father,

that since my last confession

I commited a deadly sin.

During the funeral service,

when I was carrying the
unconscious Soror Gregoria,

I wished that I was
taking her to the morgue.

into the flames of Gehenna.

Why did you wish for this?

I don't know.

I don't know.

I don't know.

And if they expel us?

If everybody signs it,
we won't get expelled.

A whole class can't be expelled.

And if they expel us anyway?

They'll expel us if
they want to, anyway.

She's coming.

Novice Ilona!

Hurry up!

Where are you taking that?

- Is Helénke okay?
- Why are you taking these away?

Aren't you ashamed of yourselves?

Did you forget how to speak?

Why won't you answer?

Praised be Jesus Christ!

For evermore.

No gaping, young ladies!

No gaping.

Ah! What are you doing here?

I was waiting for you.

You're looking pretty good.

Calm down, buddy!

I'm not up for this
and you should know that.

Did you meet your representative?

Every day.

Every day, for a week?

Fancy that!

At my mother's place, obviously.

Always at her place.

Yes, I can imagine.

Have you dispatched my letters?

All three of them.

Why were you hiding in that wardrobe ?

Because I wanted to be the
first to tell you the news.

There are crazy news.

What do you want to hear first?

The funeral,

Gregoria's black vomit,

or the one with Helénke?

The black vomit would be a bit
disgusting with an empty stomach, buddy.

What's up with Helénke?

She's wearing the collar of candidates.


They've already taken
her to the novices.

She's so well guarded, that
you can't even talk to her.

Are you serious, or
just messing with me?

Praised be Jesus Christ! We were
waiting the Reverend Sisters.

Oh, this shower!

We need this as well, my child.
Life can't be always spent in sunlight.

Well, yes. But we hope to have a nicer
weather on the day of election.

We set up this modest cubicle,
for the kind Sisters.

We hope it will suffice.

Very much so.

The light shines through the window
just like at Jakabpuszta.

When you have settled in,
Soror Virginia would

like to have a word
with our kind guests.

- Thank you very much!
- Thank you very much!

The foundation walls of the convent
are from the age of Béla IV.

The original function of the
building was also a convent.

During the changes of
history, it was destroyed,

burnt down and ruined several
times, but they always rebuilt it.

After rebuilding it, sometimes
there was only twenty,

or thirty years of tranquility

and then something happaned again, and
everything started from the beginning.

What's your name, pupil?

Izabella Moholy.

Do you know Helén Gruber?

Who just became a novice?

That's the one. Come on.

You see? She's walking there.
You can't miss her.

She's the only one in the
candidates' dress among the novices.

Your job will be this:

You run down and through that side door,
you give this note to candidate Gruber

without being seen by anybody
else in the confusion.

Did you understand?

- I understood.
- Then run!

If you tell this to anyone, you won't
have skin by tomorrow. Now go!

Praised be Jesus Christ!

For evermore.

My god! He's so sweet.

What did you think of him?

He's handsome, right?

Very much so.

And where could he get my picture from?

From the album of your aunt Sárika.


How nice.

Let me see it!

It is really nice.

I can never wear this anymore.

And did he really say that he loves me?

He was talking about this
for an hour,

that he could not imagine it
with anybody else, but you.

And what were you like,
when you kissed him.

Did he tell you, that I kissed him?

I told him that I know, first.

That I am your confidante, you silly.

And he also told me that, he
is crazy about your soft mouth.

He said that?

Mm-hmm. That.

Oh, well his mouth is also like...

Don't bawl so loudly, buddy. The
whole convent will crowd here.

Now then. Who lied to you and what?

I don't know if they lied.

Everybody knows Géza around here.

They said that he already
had three fiancées...

And that he's the biggest
fortune hunter of the county

and that he only wants me for my money.

Oh, how nice and selfless they are...

What might they want from you?

Only your prayers, right?

That's why they are guarding you, so
that nobody can even speak with you.

Well, what does it matter, then?

I am so unlucky, Erzsi.

What difference does it make then?

Then maybe it's better if I stay here.


Five little monkeys
swinging in the tree,

Teasing Mr. Crocodile:
You can't catch me!

Here, come here Sister Jusztínia!

I got you! I got you Soror Friderika!

You can't catch me! That's not allowed!

But I can, you're not in the
safe zone Sister Szerafina!

Five little monkeys
swinging in the tree,

Five little monkeys
swinging in the tree!

Teasing Mr. Crocodile:
You can't catch me!

Oh my God, Erzsi!

How can we escape from here?

Because she experienced everything...

Temptation and the unkown is
non-existent for her by now.

According to Sister Virginia, her
chastity attained through pain

is worth more, than our chastity
challenged by temptations constantly.

Holy mother of God, she is so right.

- Praised be Jesus Christ!
- Praised be Jesus Christ!

For evermore.

And that this chastity
will be our real strength.

- Praised be Jesus Christ!
- Praised be Jesus Christ!

How are you, dear Soror Márta?

Praised be Jesus Christ!

Grace has not left me.

Do you still like to live, Sister Márta?

My dear Jesus loves me still!

Do you still remember Szilvás,
when you were at our place?

No... No.

You taught me.

No. No.

She was the overseer of novices.
She took really good care of us.

Yes, yes!

This spring sunshine is very nice,

Praised be Jesus Christ!

Praised be Jesus Christ!

Praised be Jesus Christ!

I didn't mean it!

For real!

What is this cacophony?


Krisztina Kolos!

I'll teach you!

I make an order here!

You! You! Taking up that's shirt!

Taking up that's shirt!
Taking down that's shirt!

Was it you?

Ah! No nudity, Frida Szentkuti!

Go to your bed! Lay down to sleep!

Did you go crazy, entirely?

You pigs! There's adultery!

I was watching you for a long time!
You'll get hitted! You will!

Out with you! Out with you!
I'll give you something!

Praised be Jesus Christ,
Soror Kunigunda!

Soror Kunigunda, would you be so kind to
come out to the corridor for a moment?

As I understand, candidate Gruber
belongs to Soror Bernarda's flock.

Why are you looking for her here?

She was missing from the evening prayer.

And where is she?

I don't know, Soror Kunigunda.

You don't know?

Well who should know
this, Soror Bernarda?

She's gone.

She was last seen talking to
Sisters Apollónia and Simonea.

Nobody has seen her since.

Did she escape? Helénke
Gruber has escaped!

She escaped! She escaped!
Helénke Gruber has escaped!

Maybe she's in the wardrobe.


- Helénke!
- Helén Gruber!

- Helénke!
- Candidate Gruber!

She escaped! She escaped!
Helénke Gruber has escaped!

She escaped! She escaped!
Helénke Gruber has escaped!

She escaped! She escaped!

Helénke, are you here?

Helénke Gruber!

Candidate Gruber!

Candidate Gruber!

She escaped! She escaped!
Helénke Gruber has escaped!

She escaped! She escaped!

- Candidate Gruber!
- Helénke!

- Candidate Gruber!
- Helénke!

This is the last thing
we needed right now.

A scandal...

She will turn up, Bernarda.
Don't be afraid!


Candidate Gruber!

- In the classrooms?
- Nowhere.

We checked each one.

- Let's check the cellar!
- Oh, not there!

- We have to!
- Let's try it!

Candidate Gruber!

Candidate Gruber!

Candidate Gruber!

Candidate Gruber!

Candidate Gruber!

Candidate Gruber!

Candidate Gruber!

Candidate Gruber!

Candidate Gruber!

Candidate Gruber!

Candidate Gruber!

Candidate Gruber!

Candidate Gruber!

Stop running!

Candidate Gruber!

Candidate Gruber!

Candidate Gruber!

Candidate Gruber!

What do you think you're doing?

Candidate Gruber!

What are you doing here?
Go back immediately!

- Candidate Gruber!
- I'll show you!

Go back!
Candidate Gruber!

Not now.

It's not wise to go out there now.

Candidate Gruber!

What is this? What is this?

Candidate Gruber!

Candidate Gruber!
Go up to your rooms, right now!

Candidate Gruber!

Young ladies! This is enough!

Candidate Gruber!

Stop this, please!

Candidate Gruber!

Young ladies! This is not allowed!
Believe me! This is a nasty thing to do!

- Candidate Gruber!
- Stop it!

- Young ladies!
- Candidate Gruber!

Candidate Gruber!

Candidate Gruber!

Candidate Gruber!

Us, the older ones were watching
for a long time, with patience

that frivolous impertinance,

which during the time of the sickness
of our dearly loved Superior Mother

and especially now, during
this transitional period

has become almost fashionable.

Disorder, derangement. She's right!

What will we become if the discipline of
our pupils completely loosens up?

And things, such as last
night's events can happen.

Which we have all witnessed
with heavy hearts.

And that they hadn't listened
to anything. That's awful!

In today's papers from town, there's
a horrendous article mocking us.

It's title is 'Escape From the Convent'.

We have to be aware,
my dear Sisters,

that the reason for Helén Gruber's

escape is also the loosening
of discipline.

And yestarday's unparalleled event
was also a consequence of this.

Soror Kunigunda!

Don't disturb Soror Simonea!

I'm asking the overseer of candidates,
Soror Bernarda, in front of everyone.

What kind of new spirit is
ruling among your pupils,

if it could happen, that
they're escaping from us.

My Sister Simonea should know that

the little Helén had been transfered
to me just in the last few days.

So a few days were enough for

the gentle and obedient niece
of our deceased Mother Superior,

the little Candidate Gruber, to become
enchanted by the spirit of impertinance.

My Reverend Sisters!

Real cloistered life could
be only achieved with rigour.

Consider it thoroughly,
my younger Sisters!

If we let go of the
reins in ourselves,

we'll unwittingly open the
door for the lewdness of our environment

and for the rampant

This should be considered
thoroughly by everyone!

Especially now,

when we are about to elect a new
Mother Superior among ourselves.

This is what we are talking
about, my Sisters!

Of the lurking, sinful, worldly spirit.

Of the alien spirit that has
penetrated our convent.

Which deteriorates us!

Which ruins us!

Which shakes up everything:
morality, discipline.

And besets the path to damnation.

Which we should persecute
and squish like a snake.

The girl had some kind
of lover, they say.

Right, right! The son of
that Lujzika Mohácsi.

Don't tell me, dear Sister Veronika,
that she has such a grown up son by now.

Oh, well! And what a nice little rascal!

Reverend Sisters!

Everyone of us is owing a
great debt of gratitude to

our dearly loved Sisters
Simonea and Leona.

Because they brought our
attention to the dangers

of the outside world
with such wise words.

I also fear for our order because of the
lurking spirit penetrating our convent.

Helén Gruber was a nice little girl.

I am sorry that she left us.

However, I am happy,

that the self-important spirit
of money has left with her.

Because it was not only corrupting her,

but brought many of
us in to temptation,

who wanted to bully her
in to joining our order.

They have most likely regretted
what they did, by now.

Because of what happened
in our convent, since...

- Leona has always been a greedy hag.
- But Soror Anasztázia!

...and also yesterday
night's breach of peace,

were all consequences of this.

We wanted to lead a young soul
on to the righteous path!

With intimidation, Soror Leona?

Soror Virginia!

- We would be very thankful if maybe...
- With deception, Soror Simonea?

Dear Sister Virginia, it would be
nice if you would hold back on these...

With lies, Soror Paulina?

Should we lead someone to the
true path in any other way,

than by using only true
instruments, my Sisters?

If we allow ourselves to use instruments
of intimidation, deception, and lies,

can we be surprised

if among our pupils,

who are witnesses of all our deeds,

there is going to be a
problem with discipline.

In this case, increased rigour should
be applied to us and not them.

Because we were the ones, who forget
about what we pledged during our oaths.

About modesty,


and honesty.




Why did you do this to me?

The Sisters come up te
me and I feel so ashamed.

When did I allow you to do this?

You have never asked for my permission.

I was hoping that you'll be happy.

Based on what?

I really thought that there's
nobody more worthy than you.


And more capable, Sister Virginia?

Oh, don't be afraid of that, Magdolna.
I have experience.

I will be with you.

I will help you.

You'll see. We will
understand each other well.

We won't have an opportunity
for that, Virginia.

I was looking for peace,
when I joined the order.

Becoming a Mother Superior
hasn't even crossed my mind.

You can't stand down now.

The letters were sent under your name.

I might have made a mistake.

But everybody knows now.

Then you will tell everyone,
that you have tricked me.

You can't expect that from me.

Then I will tell them.

- Let me out.
- I won't.

Until you promise me that
you'll accept the position.

You can speak nicely
about coercion and lies.

And what you're doing now?

What is that?


Forgive me, Virginia, for
judging you, for a moment.

- Can I help you with something?
- No. Really, I don't think so.

What I've done...

I did it out of my love for you.

I didn't want to say anything.

I was afraid that you'll be evasive.

My wish was to, I wanted
to work together with you.

I really love you, Magdolna.

You are my life.

My everything.

My hope.

All my aspirations.

I love you in a sinful way.
Now I know that.


Come to your senses, my dear!

I'm thinking about you all the time.

Day and night.

Christ can see, that

I'm living through all the happiness and
anguish of damnation with you, Magdolna.

Just once, Magdolna.

Just once!

No, don't leave me Magdolna!

Your hand, just once!

- Put your hand on my forehead!
- Stand up, Virginia!

How can you kneel in front
of another human being?

Reverend Sisters!

The gracious bishop has
set out the date of

electing our new Mother
Superior for today.

According to the
rules of our order,

the election will be carried
out by anonymous voting.

Before voting, I have
to make a statement.

It has come to the knowledge
of Soror Magdolna,

that there are some, who want
to cast their votes on her.

Soror Magdolna would like
to ask her beloved Sisters

to not vote for her.

She does not think herself to be
competent for running a convent.

Magdolna, why w on't you
accept the position?

What should we do?

- Bernarda didn't know about this.
- I don't understand!

Bernarda, you should do something!

Ask Virginia!

What happened, Virginia?

What should we do now?

Just tell us who to vote for!

I'll ask the Reverend Sisters to place
their votes in to the ballot box.

Who should we vote for?

- She didn't say anything...
- What should happen now?

Do you know who to vote for?

- What should we do now?
- What's happening?

I'll ask the Reverend Sisters
not to disturb each other.

She's sharp as a razor.

She also has a cookbook.
With more than a thousand recipes.

It has so many soups in
it, about three hundred.

I'm not that interested in soups. It's
usually something that men like more.

Oh, they're already bringing him!

Ah, let me see!

Let me!

He looks like he's really nervous.

- They're always very nervous before it.
- Give me some space!

Look at his hair!
I swear it's sparkling!

And how he's walking!

Oh, how he's walking.

And what stance he has!

Pável! Did you see it yesterday too?

The day before. He
wasn't here yesterday.

But the day before,
there were two of them.

The second one was an ugly little mare.

I didn't even notice that.

Who would look at the mare?

How he's stomping!

He's so beautiful. How
cute he is kissing her...

Why doesn't Uncle János
and his friend let them be?

Because they have to be there, buddy.

But why?

Kulcsár, do you want
to explain it to her?

Why me? You're the
bigger expert on this.

Look! Look!


Was that it?

Look at that other one,
he's totally out of it!


They're coming.

Don't you hear that they're coming?

Is that stupid covering
so important now?

Ah, it's so beautiful!

I've never seen
anything like this before.

Come on, already! They're here.

The previous one was
nothing compared to this.

Soror Emerika!

Soror Emerika!

Who became the new Mother
Superior, little Soror?

Sad news, young ladies.

We don't have a Mother.

How can this be?

Nobody had a majority with
over two thirds of the votes.

Leona received twenty-four,
Virginia twenty one,

Bernarda nine and Simonea four.

- The problem was Magdolna
stepping down. - Yes.

Hey, and what's happening now?

Allegedly, there's going to be a new
election between Virginia and Leona.

Who was that, who dared
to talking during silence?


We need to talk.


Don't be afraid of me.


Praised be Jesus Christ!

For evermore.

Praised be Jesus Christ!

For evermore!

I am sorry, Sister Leona.

Maybe another time.

Stay, Soror Magdolna!

We were just talking about how we need
to thank our dear Soror Magdolna,

for stepping down in
the name of peace and unity.

It was a deed that was in God's will.

- Sit down among us.
- No, thank you.

I want to speak with Sister Leona alone.

When can I see you?

We can't have secrets,
dear Magdolna Soror.

Please tell in front of everyone,
what you wanted to tell me.

I wanted to see Sister Leona, because

I respect her as the Soror with the
greatest authority of our convent.

Please let me leave to one of
our branch convents before the election.

Either one.

The matters of our convent are handled
by Soror Virginia until the elections.

Seek her help.

I can't.

You can't? And why is that?

I can't answer that.

And if you had found me
alone, would you have told me?

Nor in that case.

You don't have to, Soror Magdolna.

It's completely unnecessary.

If our dear Magdolna does not wish
to speak with Soror Virginia,

that means that she wants to leave
from us because of Soror Virginia.

I did not say that, Soror Simonea.

We have understood.

And I think that your request should
be taken in to consideration.

I'll ask for you, Soror Magdolna.

Five little monkeys
swinging in the tree,

Teasing Mr. Crocodile:
You can't catch me!

Five little monkeys
swinging in the tree,

Teasing Mr. Crocodile:
You can't catch me!

What is this fuss, young ladies?

It's not even two weeks, since
our Reverend Mother died.

Aren't you ashamed
of yourselves?

I allowed them to play, Soror Gerolda.

That's it.

Everyone comes with me
nicely, young ladies.

We sit down here.

And we'll sing what we
learned the last time.

Sárika Kutni will give
us the starting note.

Next to the secondary school for girls,

she had a gardening school and
also a nurse school planned.

She wanted to have electricity
and telephone lines installed.



So far, nothing.

We still have half an hour left.

She can't come back from the hospital
before six. Gregoria does not let her.

If only I knew what we're looking for.

Something that she has
no defence against.

I like this Virginia...

I wouldn't be happy if she needed
to be tortured unnecessarily.

I want to silence her quickly.

You can stop looking.

I got it.

What did you find?

Our clever Virginia

keeps her secrets in her

Read it!

She was writing a letter to Magdolna.
She hasn't finished it yet.

This letter is as
beautiful as a hymn to Mary.

I pity her.

So we managed to convince Sister
Virginia about everything?

I accept all of your conditions.

Not like this.

You know very well, that we don't have
conditions. We just had a few requests.

I will do what you
are asking from me.

The letter is what's most important.

I will write to the bishop,

that the nuns, who have
vowed to our order,

wish Soror Leona as our
new Mother Superior,

by skipping the new election.

That's right.

And because Soror Virginia received
the most votes after Soror Leona,

maybe it would be just,
if she would make sure,

that all the Sisters
sign the letter.

I will make sure that everyone signs it.

Finally the Sisters in the
branch convents can come back home.

And we hope, that our
brainy Virginia will

also stop being so
distressed and brooding.

And with our new Mother
Superior Soror Leona,

you will tackle your asignments as
a secretary with your old vigour.

My tasks are humility and obedience.

Sign here, Soror Márta.

Wait a minute.


Wait a minute.

Maybe there's some opium
in the medicine cabinet.

I give you a few drops, it'll help.

No, no...

Just not that.

I don't need opium.

Sister Márta, you can't be afraid from
a few drops of opium.

Or maybe you're afraid of me?

I don't want to sleep.


Opium makes people fall asleep.

Give me water!

A glass of clear water.

No, Virginia!

Don't you hear?

I don't need opium!

It's clear water, Soror Márta.

You can drink it nicely. It
won't make you fall asleep.

Her eyes are open.

It'll stay like that now.

We should say it was a heart attack.

Nobody can visit her today.

She should only die tomorrow.

And her funeral?

When the country
sisters have already left.

We don't need this either.

You can take that too.

Also this.

And this.

There's no need for this either.

This is also unneeded now.

Can you carry it?

Oh, easily. Even more.

Then take it.

- Praised be Jesus Christ!
- For evermore.

What are you waiting for here?

Soror Leona asked us here for hearing.

In that case, just wait.

They're already taking Soror
Virginia's stuff in to the basement.

They are .

Maybe they'll bring it up one day...

Whoever stays here,
might live to see it.

Oh, this shower!

God, how heavy this rain is!

Safe travels!
Praised be Jesus Christ!

For evermore. Amen!

Goodbye my Sisters!


Praised be Jesus Christ!

Praised be Jesus Christ!