Hangman (2001) - full transcript

Death by noose. A nasty way to die if you're not dropped from a length, but instead just had the support kicked from beneath you. A series of murders like this is taking place, linked to a net-based game of 'Hangman', the words of which are linked somehow. Detective Roos (LDP) is on the case. He finds himself drawn to Grace Mitchell (Madchen Amick), who is somehow connected to all of the victims. Hangman is a story of pure vengeance, against everyone who burdened the killer's mind.

Excuse me, please.



- Do you have any information?
- Can you give us anything?

- Detective Balluzy in?
- Yeah.

It's close, but it's the kind of close
you get from reading news reports.

The Wire's all wrong, too thick.

And the victim's too old.

- Point of entry?
- It's over there.

Get him down.

Did he leave us any notes?

No, if he's a copycat, why would he?
Hangman never wrote.

Did you check the body yet?

- What's on your mind?
- Would you just check the body, Sam?



Marvin Fitts is dead.
He shot himself.

I know, Sam. I was there.

I haven't lost my mind yet.

It's a fact that doesn't help
the dangling dead guy, does it?

You're finished, right?

- Yeah. Start me off.
- Great.

The victim's name is John O'Neil.

He owns a liquor store.

I sent Little Joe to check it out.

- Tenants?
- Yeah, one.

Upstairs, Grace Mitchell.
They're bringing her down.

She was upstairs recuperating.

She came down and found him there.

Yeah, wait. Doc puts time of death
between 8 and midnight.

Miss Mitchell swears she went to bed
at 8 and didn't wake up until noon.


Found a couple of empties upstairs.

Seems like the lady "recuperates"
on a daily basis.

Who's the guy? Boyfriend, dealer?

I'm telling you, I don't know.
I've never seen the man before.

Considering the way he looks,
he might be hard to recognize.

I've never seen him before.
Why doesn't anybody hear that?

I hear you, Miss Mitchell.

I hear you loud and clear.

Get a few things together.
I'd like to move you to a hotel.

Something we can help you find?

I had a rhinestone barrette
in here last night...

when everything was normal.

Well, Sam, what do we know about her?

You know what she did
before she started recuperating?

I'll give you three guesses.

She was a shrink.

Did you hear what I said, Nick?
She was a fucking shrink.

Hold it.

Excuse me.

What are you looking at?


What the fuck does "crite" mean?

It means I know who killed this guy.

All right, well, who?

I did.

00:04:57,531 --> 00:04:59,465
Have you ever played a game...

called "hangman"?

You try to guess this word.

You pick letters.
Pick the wrong ones, you get hung.

You get six tries.

You ever play this?

Not since I was a child.

Same here, until I got an E-mail
from someone in the coroner's office.

Tells me to connect to this Web site
if I want a laugh.

So I go.
And it's a game of hangman.

I played. I lose.

The word was...


And I don't get the joke.

Until today.

Would you step in here, please?

Let's talk about your practice.

I don't practice anymore.

I told Detective Balluzy already.

I left the field over a year ago.

It was a clinical practice out
of the Bartlett Psychiatric Institute?

- And Bartlett houses the criminally?
- Yeah.

You see what I'm driving at.

- Is it possible someone there...
- Yes, it is.

It's the busiest facility in the state,
with dozens of admissions per week.

Hundreds of inpatients.
I wouldn't know where to start.

With a list, Miss Mitchell.

Go from A to 2,
see who jumps out at you.

What are those?

The usual suspects,
some have crossed your path.

They've all done time at Bartlett
in the last five years.

Can we count on your help?

Of course.

Thank you.

Tell us if you need anything.

Wait, wait, wait.
You want me to go through these now?

After today?

You're right. This can wait
for clearer heads. My apologies.

- Sam, let's get her into that hotel.
- Sure.

Thank you.

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Why did you leave your practice?

It was time to go, lieutenant.

Hello, neighbor.

Hello, yes.
I'd like to book a massage.

Sir, you're still here?
It's getting kind of late.


Much too late.

So listen up, Little Joe.

I want it known.

I want the desk sergeants to know,
all shifts.

Whoever works this case,
whoever knocks on doors.

...or shuffles papers
dealing with this case...

...I want them all, like clockwork,
checking in every two hours.

I want them partnered up
whenever possible.

I want them paranoid.

We understood?

Yes, sir.

Go home, Little Joe.

Thank you.

So many freaks, so little time.

Any luck?

This happy bunch is tucked away
in padded cells across the state.

Don't worry. I've got
another freak for you here.

What's in the box?
Something that will help us?

Contents of O'Neil's
bedside cabinet.

His mother would be shocked.

His dad would've been proud.

He had a little black book, stars
by the names, the whole nine yards.

I talked to a few of them.
Got an earful, color commentary.

- Like?
- "Jack..." That's what he went by...

"Jack had the biggest cock I ever saw
and was the biggest cock I ever met."

Common sentiment, it seems.

I just saw him lying on the slab.
He wasn't that big.

Gentlemen, let's keep
the opinions professional.

Okay, fine, Nick.
What's your professional opinion?

That I need another opinion.

Nothing to worry about.
Just protecting the neighborhood.

That's good to know, I guess.

It's a massage table.

- I'm a masseuse.
- Okay.


The butler did it.
Now put that away.

Yes, sir.

Bye-bye, Grace.

Talk soon.


Come in.

Can I get you anything?

- Coffee, glass of wine?
- No, I'm fine.

We found some photographs
in the victim's apartment.

I need you to take a look
at them for me.

They're kind of raw, I'm afraid.

Nothing like men and their trophies.

What am I looking for?

Anyone familiar.

Oh, yeah.


- Make him believe it.
- Oh.

- Say, "Fuck me, Nick. Fuck me."
- Fuck me, Nick.

Fuck me, Nick,.

Fuck me harder.

Oh, God.

Fuck me, Nick.

Oh, for God's sake.

I'm a masseuse.

Recognize some of them?

All right, my darling.

Let's get this show on the road.

- Hey, Fred.
- Your father's in the gym.

- Remember your way?
- Yes, thank you.

- Dr. Mitchell?
- Lieutenant Roos? Henry Mitchell.

You in training, doc?

After a day in this place,
it's a good release. Right, Grace?

Let's see those pictures.


Yes, I remember her.

You say a murder victim
had them stashed away?

Yes, these and dozens other like them.

All right, Grace, now will you tell me
how you got mixed up in this?

The victim, Henry, was found
in my house.

The name John or Jack O'Neil
mean anything to you?

In relation to the photographs?

Yes, yes. But I can't just...

You can't just what?

Divulge a patient's
personal information.

There are ethical considerations.


A man was hung at your daughter's
home. Ever see anything like this?

It's not a pretty sight to wake up to.

I can do without the subtitles,

I understood you the first time.
Now understand me.

Wait a minute.

You said "Jack."

See, the woman
in the photographs was sent to us.

She was an overdose,
about a year and a half ago.

I took her history on admission.
Henry treated her.

The canon of ethics
has no bearing on me.

If you won't help,
you leave me no choice.

She was a very meek woman.
Lived a sheltered life.

Jack was the first man
she slept with.

When he dumped her,
she took a bottle of pills.

That's about all I know.

The rest of the information
should be here.

- I'm sure you could get a warrant.
- All right. All right.

I need to clear it
with administration.

Who's that?

Dr. Natalie Walsh,
chief of administration.

Why does she keep looking over here?

She doesn't like me.

Anything to do with
why you left the field?

No, it's personal.
I'd rather not talk about it.

He seems to like you.

Yeah, he likes me all right.

I'd rather not speak to her.
I'll see you in the morning.

Her name was Faye Graham.

We tried to reach her
but got a disconnect notice.

This is the address that we have
on file. Anything else?

That's good for now.
Thank you.

All right, then, good night.

Dr. Mitchell?

Your daughter mentioned leaving
her practice. Can you tell me why?

My daughter...

My daughter lost the thread
of things, lieutenant.

I see.

You wouldn't want to tell me that
with subtitles?

Lieutenant, I wouldn't want
to tell you anything at all.

Detective Little?

You should take a look at these.

What the hell's the matter
with you?

I checked in the lady's closet
like you asked.

Okay, and...?

She did leave her field,
but with a big boot in her ass.

Lost her license on an ethics beef.

The point?

They caught her playing doctor
with a patient.

That's like "the" fuck-up
in her line of work.

- Yes, it is.
- Miss Mitchell, I'm sorry...

Please call me Grace.
You know me well enough by now.

It's our job.

I thought your job
was to follow leads.

I got you one, Faye Graham.
What did you find out?

I found out she's dead.
She hung herself about six months ago.

I'm sorry to pry into your life.
You didn't give any answers.

Right now, I need all the answers
I can get.


We need to be alert.

All of us. Me. You.

Sam over there.


Alert and honest with each other.
That's how this works.

If you want to be honest,
now's the time.

I didn't lose my license, lieutenant,
because I had an affair.

If I were being honest, I'd have
to say I lost it because I ended one.

What happened to my patient...

To Daniel...

He shot himself.

If I were being honest,
I'd have to say that I killed him.

- Not now, Little Joe.
- Right now, sir.

Slick Nick slipping quick.
Grace can show you how to pick.

Let's get it quiet in here.
Turn those phones off.

Everybody out.

Grace, I may need your help.

- Little Joe?
- Seconds away, sir.

Hangman killer dead and gone.

- Last time somebody died.
- Chances are the victim's dead.

Whenever you're ready.
The trace is set, hit return.

Only Grace can play.

Ten seconds to forfeit,.

- He's watching us.
- Watching us?

Grace. Grace, you need to do this.

Five, four, three, two...

- Hit return.
- Hello, Grace, let's play hangman.

- It's Lynn.
- Help me, Grace.

- Help me.
- Little Joe's on that trace.

Twenty seconds and counting.
Pick a letter, won't you, Grace?

Start with the vowels.

Please, Grace,.

That's the pace, Grace.
You're a prick, Nick.

Her head is mine,

- Please, Grace.
- That's her body.

Grace, help.

Tick-tack, Five,.

Four, Three,.

Two, One,.


It wasn't your fault.

You had no time to think.

Twenty-one years, and I've never seen
anyone die like that.

The word "hypocrite."
Why use the same word twice?

Not "hypocrite."


Father of Medicine.
Doctors take a Hippocratic Oath.

Hypocrite, Hippocrates.
Doctors are hypocrites.

Got it!

He isn't subtle.
You can get this at a Radio Shack.

- Where would the receiver have to be?
- Five hundred yards, tops.

I want to do every
door in a three-block radius.

He could've parked across the street
and modemed this from his car phone.

That's what I'd do.

That's you.
I want those buildings covered.

Yes, sir.

Grace, who was she?

Who was Lynn? Was she a patient?

No, her ex-husband.

Daniel Farmer.

The same Daniel that was your lover?

She left him for another man.

He went into a deep depression.

The day they brought him in...

...he couldn't stop crying.

He just couldn't stop.

How do we find him?

We can't. He's dead.


Little Joe, I need a trace.
Listen to this.

Help me, Grace.

Help me.

- Please.
- I'm sorry.

Fuck me, Nick, Oh, fuck me, Nick,.

Fuck me, Nick,.

Oh, my God.

Get him out of here.


He was on the roof.
Lock this place down.

Fuck me, Nick, Oh, fuck me,.

- Turn that thing off.
- Yes, sir.

The reservation roster,
I have it.

- The suite was reserved yesterday.
- By whom?

A Mr. Nick Roos.

He's an avenger.

That's how this killer thinks.
That's why he picks his victims.

John O'Neil. Lynn Farmer.

They caused their lovers pain.
Big enough to try suicide.

To have nervous breakdowns.
To get sent to psychiatric hospitals.

Maybe the kind of pain
he'd been through.

Faye Graham, Daniel Farmer.
Any connection?

Not that I can think of.

- At the institute at the same time?
- No, they were months apart.

If he's a patient, the killer
would've been there...

...both times to know both cases.

Or someone that works there
with access to the records.

Or both.

- You can't be in here.
- I got a warrant says I can, Paul.

I've been digging in your desk.

Look what I found.
A rhinestone barrette.

Down there, Little Joe.

Paul, you're just like the Nazis.

- Keep too many records. Look at this.
- Hey, get this.

He's hung.

You guys are nuts. Bartlett has
rubber rooms for guys like you.

Ten million people
have that hangman game. And what?

What? I killed these people
with my game?

I'm living in a fantasy world?

Right. Right.

Well, as far as fantasy worlds go,
yours is pretty extravagant.

You followed her
and took these pictures?

I can't exactly say I didn't,
now, can I?

I mean, what do you want to hear?

Okay, I followed her, I did.

Because I love her.

Yeah, I love her.

Why else would I?

Because you love her?

The way you loved Gloria Pruit?

Seattle's a phone call away.
Didn't you think we'd call?

That was.

- That was...
- That was rough.

He isn't very smart, is he?

Ms. Mitchell,
Dennis Menzer, deputy DA.

I understand.
Being left at the altar like that.

Like you would know.

You take the Seattle rain and
a few too many Starbucks grandes...

and a man can crack.

That's what happened, isn't it?

Yeah, that's right.

Explains the restraining orders.

Explains your mother flying out
to get you out of jail.

I understand.

You loved her.

- Sometimes it's hard to let go.
- I don't know, Nick.

- Seems like the man needs therapy.
- Exactly right.

He did, but he liked
the shrink so much... Well...

...you heard the man, Sam.
You fell in love with her too.

Happens every day.

She understood me, okay?

Thanks for coming, doctor.

She was the only one
who ever understood me.

Still, she made it clear your
advances were inappropriate.

She suggested that
her father take your case.

- I did just like she said.
- You could see her point.

Because doctors and patients
can't do that.

- She made you see that, right?
- She did.

So how does that explain her
sucking Daniel Farmer's cock?

He was a patient too, right?

And stop me before I go off
the deep end here...

...but wouldn't that make her
a hypocrite, Paul?

That make you mad, Paul?

- Because if... That'd make me mad.
- Me too.

Rejects an obsessive-compulsive
to fuck a manic-depressive?


It's everywhere.

I bet you felt great when that
poor bastard blew his brains out.

- Come on, you feel good?
- No.


No, I did not.

No, of course you didn't.

Because you're a human being.

You felt sympathy for him, didn't you?


...you could understand.

His first wife dumps him
and then this woman...

I don't even know what to call her.
A doctor?


A doctor heals people.

And she harmed, didn't she, Paul?

Just like John O'Neil.

Just like Lynn Farmer.

Was she harmed?

I'm not talking anymore, all right?
I want a lawyer.

You're just twisting it all around.

Doctor, I'm at a loss.

How could you have hired him?

Because he graduated his therapy,
Mr. Menzer. And he was qualified.

How can we discriminate?

You gave a stalker access to records?

A stalker, maybe, but not a murderer.

You got the wrong man.

Paul isn't violent.
Look at him, for chrissake.

Now you know me, right?

And how often I've testified
for this department?

And I respect that...

And I'm saying Paul couldn't swat
a mosquito sucking on his arm.

I'd stake my reputation on it.

In layman's terms, the man beyond
that glass is a mama's boy.

That's why he fell in love with Grace.

That's why that woman in Seattle...

Don't worry, the crime scene
cleaners do a great job.

Spooky profession, though,
if you ask me.

I know a guy who can fix that.

Never know the difference.

No, I think I'll keep it that way.

It's good to remember.

It's good to deal with things.

I'd stopped for a while.


...what I said about you
in interrogation...

I did love him, you know.

I ended it because
I feared for my career.

I never thought that Daniel would...

How long does a person pay
for something like that?

You ask me...

...you're all paid up.

So you've never been out here?

I'm afraid I'm of the species
that avoids the tree line.

What species is Roos, exactly?



Dad was stationed in the Philippines,
military police.

Sol look like Mom
and I arrest people like Dad.

Your father must be very proud of you.

It's the second hangman you've caught.

I never caught Marvin Fitts.

- But I thought...
- No, no, I figured out who he was.

He called me to surrender.

Simple as that.
He gave me an address.

He was there waiting,
just like he said.

Problem is, he wasn't alone.

He had kidnapped a young officer...

...a 22-year-old kid from my precinct.

Fitts had him on his shoulders,
his neck in a razor-wire noose.

When Fitts saw me...

...he smiled.

And he shot himself through the head.
He fell, the officer fell...

I'm sorry,
that's not the tour we're on.

Let's go take a look at those horses.


This girl's my favorite.
Mom gave her to me before she died.

Quite the life you lead.

Your very own horse and your very
own stable. It must be nice.

How did you know they were mine?

I also know about the 400 acres
from here to Bellevue Pass.

You own those too.

Sorry, digging's my job.

Mom was old money. I guess being
well-off has its advantages.

Four hundred acres?

I don't think "well-off"
is the word that comes to mind.

Bellevue Park is where
the houses are, Nick.

This isn't Bellevue Park.

And why would you dig?

Crimes that happen around money...

...money tends to be the reason.
Pays to investigate.

I see.

Excuse me.


Henry, what the hell is this?

Mr. Kolker, I think you know Lt. Roos.
Mr. Kolker is Paul Jarvis' attorney.

Not for much longer, I'm happy to say.


Come. Come, come, come.

I would like you to tell the
lieutenant exactly what you told me.


...on the 16th...

The 16th was the night
Mr. O'Neil was killed.

That's right.
I was working the night shift.

I signed Paul in,
saw him into his office.

As an independent contractor,
Paul keeps his own schedule.

- Comes and goes as he pleases.
- Works nights, mostly. Signed in...

...7:28, left just after midnight.

Thank you.
How do you know he didn't...

There are no other doors
leading to the high-security wing.

He'd have to go
by Freddy's desk over there.

If nature calls,
Freddy's replaced by another guard.

Check it out for yourself.

Time of death, Sam?

That's the good part.

You see, the coroner
is actually getting more precise.

It's now between 9 and 11 pm.

Some sort of
medical certainty thing...

...that I couldn't even try
to describe without my notes.

In case you were gonna ask about
the night of Mrs. Farmer's demise...

...I understand that you saw...

...my client here that very evening.

that's very, very sloppy work.

Mr. Menzer, I know he's done this.

- Why am I even talking to her?
- Because she's right.

There could be an accomplice.

Don't tell me.
She'll stake her reputation on it.

Take it easy.

You don't even have a license
to show on the stand.

You think I'm gonna let a defense
attorney like Kolker ask her why?

The guy's a peeping Tom.
He never threatened or contacted her.

You've given me a stolen barrette
against a fucking alibi...

...and tell me to indict him on,
what was it?

Conspiracy to commit?

Come on.

The enemy, if you've forgotten, pal,
is reasonable doubt.

Dr. Walsh said if I ever
see you here again...

...I have the right to use force.

And I'd like that.

Very much.

Freaky freak...
Super freak.

So freaky...

I think better on a full stomach.

That's what I used to think.

If that's what you produce
on a full stomach, you should fast.

I should fast.

- Yeah, right.
- Is the house secure?

Yeah. Got a black-and-white
50 feet from her front door.

Bartok and Peros have the night shift.
And Bartok will shoot at anything.

What's on your mind?

What's on my mind...

...is why Dr. Mitchell is defending
a guy he could care less about.

Paul and his perfect reasons.
Then his perfect alibis.

And then finally...

...all that land in Bellevue Park.
I got another look at it yesterday.

- What about it?
- How big it is.

No houses in an area where the land
goes by an inch. That's on my mind.

We checked it out.
Mitchell has land next to Grace's.

I don't know what...

- Dr. Walsh, is it?
- Yes.

- Something we can help you with?
- It's more likely that I can help you.

Yeah, mama's boy is right.

All right, then.

"Treating the wrong
fucking people, Henry."

Do you remember that OD,
the mousy one?

What did you cure her of?
Her feelings?

Where's the son of a bitch
who put her there?

Why does Lynn Farmer get to sue me
for the death of a man she betrayed?

They're hypocrites.

The same way you are.

Well, I'm not sorry that I loved him.
I'll never be sorry for that.

Nothing about love is wrong, Henry.

Nothing wrong about hate either.
It's a valid human emotion.

And I do hate you, Henry.

There wasn't a day after it happened
that she didn't call and...

All that rage.

Well, you heard it.

She blamed Henry
for not standing up for her...

...as if there was something
he could do.

Why save the tapes?

For a judge to hear, lieutenant.
Henry was worried about her.

He wanted her to check into a mental
health facility to rest, to heal.

She wouldn't, of course.
The tapes were a last resort.

But it's very hard
to have someone committed.

He must love his daughter a lot.

His stepdaughter.

And yes. Yes, he does.

What will you do now?

Watch her. Very closely.

We'll need more than this tape.

If it didn't commit her,
doubtful it will prove murder.

That's what you're accusing her of.

This will all remain
between us for now?

Henry's a friend of over 20 years.

If I'm wrong, and I hope I am...

...then he should never know
that I was here.

You have our word, Dr. Walsh. And our
thanks for bringing this to us.

- Can I show you the way out?
- No, I know. Thank you.

Un-fucking-believable. Stepdaughter.

- Want to know what's on my mind now?
- Yeah, same thing that's on mine.

Still have that friend
at the zoning office?

- Yeah, and he owes me.
- Make sure he pays up.

Where's Little Joe?

Well, hello, Mom.

Where is baby Paul?

What the...

Oh, no.

His mother pulled a switch?

- That's what you're telling me?
- Yes, sir.

Park in front of his place.
I'm sure he'll show.

Yes, sir. And, sir,
I'm really sorry about this.

Now is not the time
to start disappointing me.

Just don't lose him again.

Grace, are you there?

- Grace, it's Roos. Open the door.
- Nick.

Nick, I'm here.

Where were you?

I just went for a walk. I needed
some time. I brushed down my horse.

No. No walks. Not alone.

All right. I'm fine.

Why are you here?

To protect and serve.
I'm serving Italian.

You don't have anything, do you?

Let's eat and talk about things.
I think better on a full stomach.

Listen, don't get discouraged.

You know what they say
about battles and wars.

What galls me is the show
that lawyer put on.

He got everybody there
just to make us look stupid.

You see that woman? What's her name,
the administration lady?

- Ms. Walsh? What about her?
- She was watching from down the hall.

Of course she was.
She loves to see me squirm.

You never told me.
Why does she hate you so much?

I recall that was something
I didn't want to tell.

I thought we were beyond that now.

First of all, she and Henry
started screwing each other...

...when my mother
was on her deathbed.

When I started at Bartlett,
she was an on-call doctor.

I noticed she was overmedicating
her more troublesome patients.

I called her on it.
She thought it was a personal attack.

Maybe it was.
But nonetheless, there was a review.

Henry came to her defense.
He saved her job. I earned her wrath.

After Daniel's suicide, she was the
nail in the coffin at my ethics review.

And, once again,
Henry just sat by and watched.

Your stepfather tried to commit you.
He is your stepfather, right?

Since I was 3.

Why all the questions?

Weird, a man trying to have
his daughter committed.

Not weird for Henry.
He's analyzed me since I was a child.

I see weird behavior, I need answers.
Even if it means nothing.

Just curious.



Good night, Fred.

- Have yourself a good one, Dr. Walsh.
- Thank you.

Yeah, and extra anchovies.

I told you. First alley
south of Fourth and Garner.

The guy in the unmarked police car.
You can't miss me.



Little Joe. I figured you
might like some company.

That's very thoughtful of you, sir.

I'm not checking up on you.

No, no, of course not, sir.

So, Joseph Little.

Do you mind people
calling you Little Joe?

It's all right.
I got it the first day at the academy.

Sergeant was a big Bonanza fan.

I can't shake it now.

You're married, right?

Three years.


Yep. Third one on the way.

Maybe we best start calling you Hoss!

It's good timing, sir.


As I live and breathe.
Look, it's Paul.

- Hey, Paul.
- You're not very good at this.

You're right.
Can you give me some pointers?

You can't keep following me around.
I've got an alibi. I'm innocent.

Having an alibi and being innocent
aren't necessarily synonymous.

And who says we're following you?

Can you prove we're following you?
You get my meaning.

Your boy follow Mom all the way home?

Or did he stop
at the doughnut shop to refuel?

- You're under arrest.
- Why?

- I'll think of something colorful.
- Fuck you.

You have the right to remain silent.

I'll start with resisting arrest.
That colorful enough for you?

- Run your face in somebody's fist?
- Yeah, it pissed me off.

How's it going there, Hoss?

Come on. It was a sucker punch.
It could've happened to anybody.

Yeah. One sucker punch, sir.
If you weren't there...

...street cleaners would've found me
the next day.

It's so embarrassing.

Get Grace Mitchell right away.

What is it, sir?

- Slick Nick, slipping quick.
- Goddamn it!

I know my way.

Slick Nick, slipping quick,
Grace can show you how to pick.

You're all clear.

You said it's for me.

There are no bugs. He can't hear.

You want to take that chance?

The words will mean more to me.

It's me he's after.
It's my responsibility.

Hi, Grace. Join the race.
Solve the puzzle to save face.

Oh, dumb guess.

Grace, please...



That's an arm.
Bad guess, Grace.

- Ten seconds.
- Hurry!

- I know, goddamn it!
- Hurry!

It's in Latin.

I I 7777.1

Five, four...

...three, two...

I got it. I got it.

Don't cry. Good try.
Just a half-second shy.

Oh, God.

We got him! Got a trace!

Where? Where?

It's our address.
He's inside.

Seal this building!
D.J., call an ambulance!

Right, chief.

The locker room in the basement.
I need you!


Come on!

Come with me.

Come on. Bring her down,
bring her down.

- I got her, I got her.
- Natalie?

Check the back of the alley.

- One, two, three, four, five.
- In here.

She's gone.

I don't give a damn
what the lieutenant said!

Somebody should have paged me!

I didn't want
to turn heads at the fundraiser.

This freak is dropping bodies
in my own house, Nick!

Let me tell you something.
Heads are turning.

What does this mean,
this phrase "primum non" whatnot?

Primum non nocere.
It's from Hippocrates.

A doctor's prime directive.
It means, "First do no harm."

Look, I don't care what we have to do.

We'll hold Jarvis on suspicion
of jaywalking if we have to.

But you find him,
you bring him in, huh?

Well, come on!
What's everybody waiting for?

Here it comes.

My assurances, folks,
nobody will be left out.

All names will be spelt correctly
in the defendant's column.

I'm not interested in that.

- Please, you are in no shape.
- I'd be happy with an apology.

- Mr. Jarvis, I'd like to say that...
- Not you.


If it means anything to you,
I'll apologize for all of us.

Don't you dare speak for me.

Have a seat.

We'll see you in court.

He's working with an accomplice.

I'm not sure he works with anyone...

...but someone's working him
and I think I know who it is.

Have a seat.

Grace, you own 400 acres
in what is, houses or not...

...Bellevue Park proper.

According to my real estate friend...

...one of the most desirable
undeveloped tracts available.


When you die, who gets the land?

A conservancy group. The land's
earmarked for a natural preserve.

Anyone ever ask you
to develop this land?

- Constantly.
- Did your stepfather?

No, he knows better than that.

He has his own inheritance,
200 acres north of mine.

See, that's the problem.

His plot is locked out
of city roads by yours.

He has no access. He needs
your land to get to his land.

Do you remember getting an offer
from MRG Development Corp?

Yes, they were very pushy.

Do you remember when it came?

Just over a year ago.

About the time Daniel Farmer
shot himself?

About the time you lost your license?

Just after.

And did Henry suggest
that you take this offer?

Maybe start a new life?

I told him I wasn't interested.

Is that about the time
he tried to have you committed?

This is a list of the silent partners
of MRG Development Corp.

You see your father's name here
and right below, Natalie Walsh.


But he can't just kill you.
Your will prohibits that option.

But if you were committed,
you'd never get out.

What are saying? This is crazy.

Dr. Walsh came to us today.
She had a tape of you.

It painted an uncomplimentary picture.

I told you she hated me.

This goes beyond dislike.
She accused you of these crimes.

Stop me before I go
off the deep end...

...but it looks like
they're setting you up.

And now even she's dead.

You're telling me that Henry
did all this? Just for money?

It's the best reason anybody's given
me. That land is worth $200 million.

Or it's worth nothing.
You take your pick.

That's why Mitchell made it
a point to help Jarvis.

He knew of his obsession for you.

He knew he'd be our suspect.

That's why he had
those perfect alibis.

And an alibi for Jarvis helps Mitchell
point the finger at you. At you!

A woman whose career is destroyed

...who is disgraced, clinically
depressed, a mind capable of this...


I want to go home.

- Grace, I'm sorry, but you have...
- I want to go home!

All right.


You know what, Nick?

I think you finally went off
that deep end of yours.

Think. Think what you're
accusing this man of.

Jumping through windows and whatnot.
How old is he anyway?

Mitchell can knock you into next week.

A doctor, an eminent psychiatrist.

You ever meet a shrink who
wasn't royally screwed up himself?

Oh, that's good, Nick.

Go ahead, you call Menzer.

That's just the kind of
solid evidence he's looking for.

What do you want to do?

Chat with the doctor,
see if he flinches.

- Now?
- Especially now.

What are you gonna do, scream?

Who'd come? Nobody believes you.

The whole time I was looking at you...

All those cops around.

I was getting hard...

...just thinking about having you...

in front of them.

Does that get you hot? Does it?

Say that it gets you hot!

You're crazy to have come.

I love it when you call me crazy.

I mean it, Paul!

I had to.

I just had to be with you.
I'm not gonna see you for weeks.

I came in from the back
like you showed me.

Those morons outside,
they could never figure this out if...

What's the matter?

I'm sick of your improvisations.

Lynn Farmer could've screamed and
it would've been over. Now this?

Did she beg?

She beg for her life, that bitch?

They all beg.

I do all the work,
but I never get to see them die.

Well, that's the downside
of having an alibi.

There are upsides.

You should've seen that cop's face
when I punched him.

Relax, it's just a matter of time.

His prints are on the battery.

Whoever finds them will get
a promotion and then they can convict.

It's working.

They actually suspect Henry.

Well, you shouldn't have come, but...

since you have...

...we should do this right.

- Anything?
- No, there's no one here.

Car's gone. Wonder where he went.

- Let's go.
- Where?

The loony bin.

So you haven't seen him
since yesterday?

No, that's where he signed out.

Thank you.

Let's go.

- Do you love me?
- Yes.

- Forever?
- Forever.

Oh, baby, how I love you.

Detective Little, go home.

I will if you will.

You have a wife and kids.

And they'll do better
if I get promoted, sir.

- I been thinking...
- Uh-oh. He's thinking again.

Well, you can stop.
Mitchell's gone AWOL.

You're kidding me.

He left the institute early,
missed a date with a colleague.

His car's gone,
his secretary's clueless.

Poof! He's gone.

- That shoots my theory to hell.
- Oh, no, he's got a theory too.

So what's your theory, Hess?

No, come on, come on.
Don't be shy.

All right.

Sir, remember
when Miss Mitchell ran in?

You were at the computer
and she wanted you to get up?


She said the "words"
will mean more to her.


How did she know it was
gonna be more than one word?

You see?

It was only one word at a time before:
"hypocrite," "Hippocrates."

But this was the first phrase.

Well, well, Detective Little.

Been considering
Grace a suspect long?

Day one, sir.

But Mitchell's flown the coop.

Still, I wonder why he'd do that?

He knows we're onto him, that's why.

- How would he know?
- Know what?

If Mitchell's behind this,
why would he run?

He heard us.
Maybe we missed a few bugs.

No, the room's clean. I checked it.

Think about what you're saying.


No, not alone, she couldn't.

She'd need Jarvis.

All right, she gets out.
Bartok and Peros go to park the car.

Alone, she goes to the door.

But everybody inside knows who she is.

Little Joe? Sight lines?

- She's clear.
- All right, time me.


She kicks the ladder.

There's your time of death.
Body was still warm.

Keep it running.

What have we got?

Eighty-two seconds, sir.

She was as out of breath as we are.

Add a little time.
She's wearing heels.

- She still makes it.
- Are you for real?

Why not? That's her opportunity.

Jarvis sets it up. He leaves.
Gets his alibi.

- Grace finishes it off.
- The hotel?

It's a hop
from one balcony to the other.

That's not good enough, Nick.
We got nothing physical.

Did we dust that laptop
for fingerprints?

Of course, first thing.

No, I'm talking about inside.
The batteries and such.

Yeah, the guts. The thing
was spit-shined from top to bottom.

If it was Grace, she was too smart
to leave her fingerprints behind.

No, sir, she's been
inside since you brought her back.

If she wants to take a walk again...

...you tell her no,
and you tell her! said so.

Yes, sir. You can count on me, sir.

- What motive? She's nuts.
- Nuts still need motive.

- Revenge.
- On who?

All of them.

Speaking of which, where is Mitchell?

Mitchell will be next.

Mitchell dies today. Jarvis
is preparing Mitchell right now.

I noticed it when I drove up.
It looks like Dr. Mitchell's car.

Yeah, wrong plates, though.
Somebody must have broken down.

We'll be together soon, baby.

All right?

Hello, Henry.
You look a little warm.

Don't worry, we'll cool you down
right away.

Oh, by the way...

...Natalie's dead.

I know.

It was the hangman killer again.

The worst part about it is,
the police think you did it.

Some ridiculous theory.

You were trying to have me committed.

So that you could take control
of my land.

You weren't, were you?

Grace. Please.

You weren't trying to defraud me
of the one thing I had left?

Not after what I'd been through.


What kind of father would?

But don't worry.

The police won't suspect you for long.

My God, Grace.

- My God.
- What have you done?

Nick, how many times are
we gonna go over this?

- I'd like to get some sleep.
- You got a hole, let's hear it.

You can't take that many tranquilizers
without making mistakes.

She was popping them like mints.

Let's get it tested.
My salary says it is a mint.

Nick, we're the only idiots here.

You gotta wait two hours to get it...

No, two hours is too late.

What would you like me to do?

- You want sleep? Eat the pill.
- You eat the fucking pill.

- Are you kidding me?
- What's it taste like?

- Tastes like a pill.
- Little!

Don't worry, Sam.
It's not gonna kill me.

The dry ice will evaporate...

...the ladder will be knocked over...

...and there'll be no trace
of the process.

It's goofy. I got it
out of one of Paul's comic books.

You see, it explains his alibis.

He's hours away
when the death occurs.

Do you remember Faye Graham?

You remember her, don't you?

She hung herself, Henry.

She hung herself.


Because she couldn't keep living
with the pain of betrayal.

You see, I'm just like her.

I'm just like Faye.

Except I'm not weak.

You need help.

I can help you.

You can help me?

It's too late for that.

Say, "Help me, lieutenant!"

No, I won't.

Say, "Help me, lieutenant."


Help me, lieutenant!

That was very good.

Now, that's a performance.

You fell in love with Natalie
when Mom was dying.

And you expected forgiveness.

I fell in love with Daniel.

And you called it sick.

I'm not sick, Henry.

I was just in love.

Well, you have about an hour.

I want you to use it to think.

Goodbye, Henry.

How do you feel?

- A little carsick.
- Not drowsy in the least?

It's almost 7 in the morning.
I think I'm naturally drowsy.

Well, this is stupid.

- How long's it been?
- Half-hour, 45 minutes.

I'll tell you one thing, though.
I'm angry.

And if that was a real tranquilizer,
I shouldn't be angry.

How angry are you?

- I'm pissed, sir.
- Me too.

Help me, Nick.

Please, help me!

Help me, Nick.

Please, help me!

Help me, lieutenant.

Well, she's awake.

Jesus, lady, turn it off!

Miss Mitchell, it's Officer Bartok.
Are you all right?

Counts: One, two, three!

- Get an ambulance here!
- Take it easy.

She's clear! I got her.
Slowly, slowly.

Cover her up.

It was Jarvis.


- Can you give me that information?
- Detectives are here right now.


Little Joe.

What are you looking at?


What about them?

Just look at them.
Tell me if you see anything.

Look at that and tell me what you see.

That is a picture
of two people in love.

Look at the last two photos:
"Physician. Heal thyself."

Now it's close, but the letters
are wider. They're blockier.

All right? Now look at the "I.

When you snapped that picture,
you made it public.

When you took it to my father,
you made it lethal.

See? These weren't written
by the same hand.

How I wish you hadn't done that.

Yeah, maybe. I don't know, sir.
It's a tossup.

If you hadn't, Daniel
wouldn't have shot himself.

She was at the end of a noose.
Stop wasting your time.

And neither would you.

Oh, thanks.

Yowza, yowza, yowza, folks!

Listen up, all you
hangman hunters out there.

Paul Samuel Jarvis of Pinewood
has been found dead...

...in a Harrisburg motel room
at 2:15 this afternoon.

Cause of death:
self-inflicted gunshot wound.

No note was found.

Stop me before I go off
the deep end...

...but does anybody
have a problem with that?

What's wrong, Nick?

You're looking a bit
out of your element.

What is that, exactly? My "element."

Oh, I don't know.

Maybe the city streets
or just a heated car.

Why are you here?

It's the first time in a long time...

...I don't know how to handle
the situation, how to proceed.

So I'll do it politely.

Jarvis wasn't acting alone.

Are you sure?

There was a hair, an eyelash,
inside one of the laptops we found.

Doesn't belong to Jarvis.

An eyelash?

Yeah, that's all you need these days.


But whose?


Oh, Nick.

Good enough to know for sure.

Let me tell you, just knowing
gives me all the strength I need.


Just knowing?

Gives you ulcers.

Bad dreams.

Low self-esteem.

Maybe 50.

But it's just a matter
of collecting proof.

It's more than that, Nick.

Juries don't like too many stories.

At first you thought
the killer was Paul.

And then Dr. Walsh,
and my poor father pulling strings.

Now you're just adding another
convoluted theory to the bunch.

It's not me that's the enemy, Nick.

It's reasonable doubt.

Oh, by the way...

...you're trespassing.