Hanging on to Love (2022) - full transcript

Jewel cannot catch a break in the love department these days-she is failing in everything from her clothing design business to finding love.

I knew she was going
to put her big ass

in this pleather dress.

Man, it ain't
too many sizes off.

More than like three
and a half sizes off.

Maybe like two.

Oh, maybe you a four, now
that I got a good angle.

She's super thick,
thick, thick, thick big.

What type of material is this?

The kind that
stretches way to thin.

I know that is not my
name brand designer dress

that just fell to the floor.

And if it is, I better be
getting a 59% discount.

I'm sorry, Misty.

Look, it's on the house.

E-Rock. Don't
try to be nice now.

I heard you back there
talking all that mess.

Man, can you can just turn
around head towards the exit?

Angelo. Nobody was
even talking to you.

You need to learn
some customer service

etiquette like your cousin.

Hey, why don't you go do
some inner thigh exercise,

you holding up my line.

Look, thank you for
your business as always.

Thank you.

I'm not coming back here
until his rude ass is fired.

This is family business,
I can't get fired.

You need to.

I'm gonna reach out to HR,

let them know he
out here acting up.

Don't trip, I got you.

And I'm HR, too, now
what? Dismissed, next!

He's only rude to people
he likes, take note.

And he's a chronic liar.

Oooo were! You
'bout to send me

to my grave before my time.

Oh, don't do it to him, baby,

please don't do it
to him, I wanna die.

It'll only cost you
a nickel to take a peek

at this here buckle.

Ha haaa!

Oh, you one of them?

She thick as a
hundred year old tree

and I wanna climb to the top.

Don't make me put my
teeth in my mouth, hold up.

Oh wait a minute, he putting
his teeth in his mouth!

You look like you looking
for a sugar daddy now.

On some Laffy Taffy, I
got $40, I got 40 DOLLAS.

No and hell no,
but I got something for you.

And what's that, baby?

Some chapstick for them
peanut brittle ass lips.

I was feeling a
little hanging skin.

Y'all get to work,
what y'all laughing at?

Step and fetch it.

Ole lucky dog.

Ooh, what's this, this
that rich tinted lip balm,

oh you fancy!

Sir, I got that from
the 94 cents store.

Ooooh, I'm talking
'bout bargain shopper,

that's my type of lady!

First of all, your pants
just a little bit too high,

Too high?

Bland, E-rock, Angelo, my
pants too high young blood?

Nah, nah, you
straight, you straight.

Nah, nah, he on this
lil ups game, baby,

you don't know
nothing 'bout that.

Yeah, I don't know,
they was kind of high man.

They are kinda Gomer Pyle-ish.

Aw, Player you couldn't
see nothin' if it walked up

and hit you in the face,
you couldn't see the toilet

when it's time to piss in it.

Aw, you's a damn lie man,
let me tell you something,

Ain't nobody bad like Bland.

I've been doing it every since
Moby Dick was a gold fish,

man, I still got
women, 20 year olds

doing double takes to me.

You's a lie.

Huh, do a double
take, baby, watch this,

do a double take,
this is Jet magazine.

Do a double take,
baby, oh my stars.

You'll make a man's
kneecaps hard, wooo!

So I still got it, you hear me?

You young punks,
did you hear me?

You ain't got nothing
but cataracts in the left

and glaucoma in your right.

You's a damn lie,
get out of here man,

you don't know nothing, man.

Listen man, hey step
and fetch it, man,

give me my stuff so
I can get out of here

before I have to drop
this old grizzly bear.

Yeah man, you see me in
a fight with the bear,

pour honey on me and
help the bear, Top.

Here, lemme get
out of here, man.

I ain't listening to
him, Lord have mercy.

Man these prices as
high as giraffe -

man, what's going on, man?

Man, this the same
price, you come in here

paying every week, what
are you talking about?

You a damn, man, they
trying to hustle us.

How are you going
to hustle a hustler?

You dig? We on a fixed income,

if y'all don't fix
it, we won't come.

We appreciate your business.

Thank you.

Ol' jive ass,
you jive turkeys.

Oh yeah, y'all straight
out a comic book.

Ooh, here you go, mm mm mmm.

Thank you, have a good day.

All right, so when you gonna
let me take you out, Jewel?

Never, Angelo.

Man, maybe if you
stopped coming here

with the same old
tired ass dress,

you will find you a real one.

Man, that's her lucky dress.

Her mom's made it for her.

Oh, okay, E-rock, I see you.

Look at you trying
to pay attention.

Oh, I pays attention.

You know
what? I can't with you two.

This too much.

What? Two cousins
for the price of one!

A knucklehead and a
real O.G. like me.

A whole two cousins, huh?

Yeah, I'm full
price, he's free 99.

Whatever, bye guys.

No I'm full price.

Buy one, get one free over here.

Man, back up.

Listen, you know, business
doesn't always work out

when you let family
work for you.

Man, it's family, there's
no choice, this is what we do.

There's always a choice, okay?

Man, whatever Jewel, have
fun on your eighth date

this month and I hope you
bring some hard to clean

stains on that dress
when you bring it back.

See you later Jewel, have
a good time.

So I've always
been unlucky in love.

My dad refers to it as being...

Just like your mama.

My mom, whose
name is also Jewel.

Couldn't find it in
herself to settle down.

She was very driven
and independent

and very matter of fact.

But she was also very loving

and she loved to be in love.

Yo, why you always gotta
bring my husband into it.

I'm sorry, baby, I'm sorry.

I'm just, I'm just saying.

Here, come here for a second.

Come here, come here, come here.

Let me talk to you,
let me talk to you.

Sit on my lap, come here.

Let me talk to you
for a second, look.

It's a little bit more
than what you think,

you know what I'm saying?

I'm really digging
you, you know.


My mom
said this black dress

was a lucky dress just for me.

Although, I can never
comprehend how she thought so.

None of her lucky
dresses resulted

in relationships that lasted.

In fact, they were quick.

Some were really quick.

She felt like if she fell
out of love with someone,

she had the right to leave

and find someone else
to fall in love with.

Especially for you.

Why? All this for me?

All this for you.

Aw, that's a beautiful
necklace I see you're wearing.

Yes, I am, I love it,

- I wear it everywhere.
- Yeah.

Excuse me.

Yes sir, can I help you?

Uh, not talking to you.

- Well, you...
- Jewel, baby...

You weren't feeling good
and I guess it's your daddy,

but nah, that
wouldn't be your daddy

because he wouldn't be
sitting on the same side.

He might just be

- your sugar daddy,
- Well...

I don't know one
way or the other,

you told me you was sick.

I'm feeling better now.

This what we doing?

Well, obviously,

- she didn't wanna be with you.
- This what we doing?

Is this what we, yo,
calm down, calm down,

calm down, old man,

- listen, listen, listen.
- Ain't no calm,

watch your finger, man.

Listen, I been watching
y'all the whole damn time.

I seen you in the parking lot.

- I'm glad you can see.
- Now, you need to leave.

- Oh yeah I can see real good.
- I'm glad you can see.

You need to see your way out.

I'm gone do that.

I'm gone do that, I'm like,

- you know what?
- Yeah, yeah, do that.

I'm going to do
that just for you,

but YOU don't call me.

- 'Cause I'm gone be sick.
- You don't even have to

worry about that.

You're disrespecting
the lady, man.

That's not a lady.

Oh yes, she is,
she's more than a lady.

That's why she's not with you.

My dad disagreed.

He feels like you
should fight for love.

And he sure did
fight for her love.

Up until she flew free.

I may have picked up on
some of my mom's traits.

Hey T how are you?

Yo, what's up, Jewel, how you?

I'm doing good,
I'm doing good.

Listen, I'm on my way right now.

I should be there within about
you know, five or 10 minutes.

But I'm so excited for our
date tonight, I'm so excited.

Gotcha, gotcha, gotcha.

I'm actually still
in the studio.

I'm working with a
couple of my artists.

We got a big project coming up.

I gotta tackle this
most definitely.

What you - artists?

What do you mean you
still in the city,

we planned this out already.

We already been planning
this out this week to see me.

So I mean, did you
forget or something?

I don't get it.

I got you. I got you.

But we got a huge
project coming up and,

like I was saying before,
I think we talked about it,

I'm trying to get my net worth
from 2 million to 4 million.

I got so much stuff
I'm working on,

I gotta tackle this
most definitely.

Are you, are you kidding me?

We've been, uh, wait a minute.

I know you did not just schedule
some whack studio session

like for this, I
look, look at this!

I got my lucky date
night dress on.

You're not up all
night to get lucky.

I got you.

Like I said, I got an
engineering business as well.

I most definitely got to
tackle all these businesses

to be able to get
my net worth up.

This, it's most definitely
what I'm about, I got to.

You know what? You know what?

Listen here, let me
tell you something.

Since you like to play C notes,

how about you see this?

You ain't getting no nookie,

no nookie from me.

- Bye.
- Hold on, hold on.

If I sense things
are not going well,

I do end things pretty quickly.

I cannot stand
this music, like, uh uh.

This sounds so played
out, gimme that.

Why not this?

- Oooh yeah, feels nice!
- No, no, no.

We not listening
to this for sure.


I'm not arguing.

Uh uh, wait.

No, quit, we not
listening to this.

You know, how you going
to take a woman out like me,

and not even give her
a choice of music.

Let's see, you don't
have no say-so in this car.

Rick wanna listen to
what I want to listen to.

You know what, pull
over, let me out.

Pull over?

Let me out.

Are you serious right now?

Yeah I'm serious.

Have fun with yo
wack ass playlist.

Life is too short.

You got to keep it moving.

Yo, do you see your boy?

She, she, she didn't
answer the first message

or the second, but the third
one, look, got her, look.

Do you see the
outfit? Oh my God!

What - the boots!

Yo, hey, I don't know if I am,

but I'm gone try for sho
to get some - you crazy

if you think I
ain't, look AT her.

Come on, look, look
at me though, do you?

She didn't answer the
first or second message,

but the third one,
ha, silly, look at me.

Now see I told you, I told
y'all I was going to get it fam,

y'all thought I wasn't.

Know what I'm saying and
now look at me, you feel me?

It's over with, boy,
like your boy didn't...

Yo, like, Jewel! Yo!

Thanks for lunch.

Well, I've gotta treat a
special lady to a special meal.

We keeping it simple, right?

Yeah, simple.

Oh, thanks for dessert.

You went way out.

Okay, let me tell you
if the date goes left,

I won't feel so
bad for leaving you

cause you didn't invest a lot.

Oh! Well,
how courteous of you.

I try.

Cannot believe
I'm hanging out with

the one and only Jewel.

It is pretty surreal, right?

Yeah, why did it take so long?

I felt a connection the
first time I saw you.

That's yo bad,
'cause you should've

asked me out that first time.

True. True.

But, you didn't
feel the connection

the first time we
saw each other?

I don't believe I did.

You cold with it!

Oh, that's cold.

Yep, mm hmm,
that's what they say.

They? How many is they?

Oh, hold up, wait.

We 'bout to go there for real?

Yeah, you trying to
hit below the belt,

I gotta get my one,
two jab in.

All you have is a jab.


I'm gonna keep it
appropriate, so yeah.

All I got is a jab.

So tell me, what's your
story with love, Earl?

There isn't one.

I find
that hard to believe.

Believe it.

So, no kids, you ain't
never been married?

Never been in love either?

Check, check, check.


I was focused on my hustle

And has that changed?

I don't know yet.

But what's your story?

Let me grill you.

The opposite of yours.

Trying too hard to fall in love.

And how's that been going?

Being that I'm at your
establishment every week,

to pick up my date night dress,

I would say that's
a dead ass fail.

Ha ha ha! Dead ass!

A thousand percent, you dig?


I still can't
believe you remember

what I said about my mom
giving me that dress.

I remember things
about people I like.


Your mother pass?

Yeah. Few years ago.

Hmm. Sorry to hear that.

It's all good.

Hey, I remember the
first time you came in,

it was your 25th birthday.


You seriously do
remember everything!

Yeah, I do. You came
next day,

like it was a rough night.

I was like, wow.

Pretty much, I mean, it
was really fun that night.

You got to live life to the
fullest, but knowing me,

it's the same old
trending story.


Why it gotta be trending?

It don't have to be.

I end every
relationship quickly

or I never start one, you know?

Cause I, I just
don't want to settle.

Well, how do
you define settle?

Unrealistic, I guess.

Alright, well let's
take a bike ride.

Oh, you do not
take me as the type

that rides bikes on the beach.

That's cause you
got tunnel vision.

Open up your mind, girl.

I do not, psshhh, I do not

- have tunnel vision, okay?
- Let's go have some fun!

Hey, it's my treat
for your birthday.

Hmm. Okay.

Little birthday bike
ride for the celebration.

We doin' it big, huh?

Yeah, we doin' it big,
better watch out.

So when's your birthday?

So I can take you out
and do something special?

The day before yours.

You're lying!

For real.

You mean to tell me that we're
neck and neck in birthdays?

Wow, that's crazy.

That's crazy, but it's
kind of, stalker-ish.

If you don't knock it off!

I'm far from stalker status.

Right, you just
remember things

about people you like, huh?

Yeah, you're catching on.

I'm a good student.

Two shells in the sand.

Two shells in the sand.

If it's meant
to be, it will be.

Just like that?

Just like that.

Just be real, keep it a 100.

You're so sure of yourself.

Well, you gotta be.

You gotta be sure of yourself
or nobody else will be.

Well since we
keepin' it a hunnit,

these rough hands
are a bit much.

Oh, you got

You got jokes.

I mean like, they
do have something

that's called lotion,
you know that, right?

Look, I be in there
working seven days a week,

creasing, crisping, and
starching up clothes.

These is, these
is hands of a man!

Well be gentle, man,
'cause I don't want to be

looking like Battlecat
at the end of our date,

them ashy old things.

Well, get
me some lotion then!


You should have lotioned
up with some Crisco

before you came out the
house, looking like that.

Ohh ho ho! Not the
Crisco! Not the Crisco!

Look, I want to
show you something.

What's this?

Dresses that I design.

For real?


Wait, hold up.

So you mean to tell me
that you had the talent

all this time to make any
dress you wanted to make

for yourself, but you chose
to wear the same dress

date after date?

Uh, except for
on today's date!

The exception, not the rule.

You know, it was,
it was a way for me

to stay connected with my mom.

You know, my lucky dress.

You're talented,
like really talented.

You like them?

I do.


I always did want to get my
fashion in high-end boutiques.

Do it.

I want to, but it's
not that easy, you know?

It, it takes -

- Perseverance, Persistence.

You already got the talent.

Yeah, and it also takes
a lot of money, you know,

because not having
money and connections,

these are just pipe
dreams without it.

What, you need to
borrow a few dollars?

More like a lot of dollars.

Well, look, I'm kinda
short right now,

but I could fire Angelo
and give you a job.

Look, it also takes confidence
and believing in yourself.

Nobody can make your
dreams come true but you.

What dreams do you have?

What I'm doing right now.

Run my family business.

Is that someone else's dream?

No. It's actually, mine.

Look, I always kept the
clothes that I did have,

which wasn't many, starched,
crisp and creased up.

Let me guess, Chucks too?

Yeah, Chuck's too with
different shoelaces,

cause I only had one pair.

But yeah, my mom's,
pops, cousins,

everybody would always have
me iron up they clothes

'cause I was so cold with it.

Ohhh, cold with
the creases, huh?

Yeah. I told them like, I'm
gonna start charging y'all.

My mom was like, hell
yeah, charge they asses.

But I had a few hustles.

I just stacked up my money.

Gave it to my moms,

told her to put it
away for the cleaners.

I knew it was a
family business,

but I didn't know
you started it.

Technically I did, but my
family, they ran it for years.

Many years.

I just got involved
with it like last year.

What? You were too
busy running the streets

with these other hoodlums?

Something like that.

I really like you, E-rock.

Oh, so I made the cut
for the second date?

I think so.

I just like the fact that
I can be myself around you.

I know you did not just fart.

Hey, you said be yourself.

Jewel, I know you
did not just fart.

I shouldn't have had
that vegan ice cream.

Aww you stink!

Aww, that's nasty!

- Wait! Come back!
- Ohhh nooo!

What about our
birthday bike ride?

That's canceled!

Hey! Y'all should
not be out here... no!

A girl should not be
smelling like that!

Get off me!

Come back, come back!

I treat you to a meal and
this is how you repay me.

Well, that's what
you get for treating me

to some cheap ass meal.

It followed you!

That was a second
one right there.

Oh that's nasty, I don't
do no stinkin' ass female!

Wait, come back!


Hey, what's up, baby?

Hey Miss Yvette,
how you doing?

I'm good, look here,

I got little special thing I
need you to do for me today.

First of all, you
see this big tag?


Yeah, I want you to
leave that on there,

because what had happened
was, I bought it and I wore it

and I was going to take it back.

Messed around and got
a stain on it, yeah.

So what I want you to
do is make sure you get

that stain out right there
and leave that tag on there.

Now this one right here,

whole different story, I
done wore this 'bout four,

5, 7, 8, 9, 10 times.

So I just want that
heavy starch back in it

so it can bloom out.


You know what I'm saying,
so I can show my shape off.


You know what I'm saying?


Take care of me like
you always do, baby.

But leave that price tag on.

All right, heavy
on the starch.

Yeah, but leave that what?

That tag on.

All right,
baby, good lookin' out.

I got you Miss Yvette.

Aww, Top, you
know who this is?

Man, what is y'all
doing so close to me?

You got a lotta
nerve showing your face

around here, you owe me $20!

Here he goes, still
hollering about that same $20.

I needed it and I
took care of that.

Twenty? Man, you look like

- you doing good, man!
- Twenty dollars!

You look like you doing.

- ..suit kind of tight,
- What can I say?

but you still tight, too,

- so it's all good!
- What can I say?

No! Where's my $20, don't
try to change the subject!

Look here, you look
like you could own

this whole thing, what the...?

- Oh.
- What's the problem, man?

You know what, get
at me on that 20.

But I got you, I got you, man.

You got me, okay,

- no, you got it!
- Don't take them

tags off, man.

- All right now.
- I got you, Boo.

Yeah. My 20 dollars.

Young blood, done caught
him one, ain't he?

Sho did, a good one
too! Look at you..awww!

Hey, don't be
trying to give my girl

the googly eyes, Bland.

Y'all better watch out, he
used to be a ladies magnet

between them sixties
and seventies, now.

What he fell off
in the eighties?

I got married in
the eighties, you dig?

And it changed my
life for the worse.

- For the worst.
- For the worst.

Damn right it did,
that's why he aged so fast.

Aged so fast? I look good.

On my mama, on my hood.

Man, you ain't looked
good till Myrtle passed away

then you started trying
to get your youth back.

Oh, you damn right.

Yeah, yeah, yeah,
you damn skippy.

I had to go Cialis, I had
GNC, I was Viagra'd up.

You understand me, it
was tappin' right here.

Moral of the story,
don't get married, baby.

You're too young,
live your life, hear?

Yeah, unless she
got some sexy lips

like this here boy, look at
them puckers on her, sexy.

Do she give you the
bubble guts, young blood?

She give me the
bubble guts, Tops,

I tell you, I would have to wear

some adult Pampers
with this sweet thing.

Aww, we ain't gonna
take her from you.

- Unless you want us to.
- Ahhh ha ha!

Naw, we ain't
gone do that to you.

Well thank
you, good lookin' out.

Yeah, don't mention it, man.

Let me get my stuff,
youngster, so I can leave

you young birds, y'all
lover birds, you know,

alone, you know, yeah.

Gimme my clothes, man,
we got to go, man.

Don't get none on you, okay?

All right,
there you go.


These prices is still
higher than horses,

man this is giraffe ass,
man, what's going on?

It's the price
you pay every week, Bland.

Yeah, okay, every
week, you, huh?

We trust you, but you
try to get over on us,

now, we gone have to cut you
cause I need all my money.

All of it, I told you
we on a fixed income.

Yeah, young punk.

You'll get there.

Y'all been coming
around here for years.

I told you, we
appreciate your business.

Look at him, trying
to act all proper

in front of his little
girl, I see you youngster!

I'll see you, man.

Bland, come on, let's
get out of here, man.

Look at 'em, boy.

You gonna tell me
what have you smiling

and grinning from ear to
ear for the last two weeks,

every time I see you.

Have I been?

Like a baby baboon
happy to see his mammy.

All right, all
right, I met somebody.

Here we go.

Dad, you know, you
came over here to cook me

a pre-birthday breakfast and
not be no Dave, the downer.

First of all, I'm James,
the jokester and we both know

damn well, when you
say you met somebody,

how it's gone end up.

Not true.

Well, here's the thing.

You meet a lot of somebodies.

They become old bodies,

and then you meet a
lot of more somebodies.

Am I right?


I, you know, I like this guy.

E-rock he's different.


You dating somebody
named E-rock?

Dad. He's really
nice. I like him.

A deaf man can hear
that break up a mile away.

Not true, Dad.

You just like your mama.

Can you please
stop saying that?

I am not just like her.

It's true.

Why don't you stop
comparing me to her?

I'm not mama.

Jewel, I know that.

I've been wondering when you
was going to realize that.

Everything you've done,
you've done to please her.

Yeah, I have realized it.


Now. Recently.

Well. better late
than never, I guess.

Like I said, E-rock,
he's different.

I like him.

Well, good. You should
try something different.

But here's the thing.

Are you going to finally
give this man a chance?

I plan to and Dad, will
you please stop smacking?

I enjoy my food
and it's good.

I see, everyone knows that.

Now see, if I say you
just like your mama,

I'll be in the wrong, huh?

Oh, God.

Well if it makes you happy,
then keep smacking away.

Thank you.

You know, Jewell, your mom,

she gave up on us way too soon.

She didn't know how
to fight for love.

Yeah, but she also knew
what it meant not to settle.

Did this heifer
just say... what?

I'm sorry, Dad, I'm
sorry. I didn't mean you.

Okay? I know you
were great to her.

I always thought your
mom was too good for me.


I did.

She would bring
the car by the shop

every two weeks to
get a oil change.

Which one? That Corvette?

You right, the Corvette.

I actually fell in love
with the Corvette first.

And then your mama.



I would always put the
recommended oil change date

a few weeks out just
so I can see her again.

I'm surprised
that worked on her.

Me too.

I finally built
up enough courage

to ask her out on a date.



She was like, all uppity.

"You expect me, to go
out on a date with you?

Look at you."


Really. I said, "Woman, look.

This is a hard working
man you looking at.

Look at these hands."

She felt my hands and was like,

"Eww! They're so
rough and gray, eww!

Your mama was something else.

Because these are the hands

that built this
business. I own it.

And then she fell for the
entrepreneur in you, huh?

Hell yeah, she did.

And then I adjusted my work belt

so she can get a good
angle of all of me.

Uhhh, Dad! I'm not trying
to hear that.

And after I gave
her this sausage,

it was all she wrote.

DAD! Please! Goodness.

My ashy ass hands to God.

I mean, she had
to have had a reason

to stick around for so long.

Yeah, aside from
you and your brothers,

she couldn't get enough of
big daddy's big kielbasa.

Uh, Dad, please.

But all I cared about was
taking care of my family,

building a family business

and putting a smile on her face.

But nothing was
never good enough.

I'm sorry, Dad.

Don't be sorry, baby.

Just do something
to make me proud.

It don't take a lot.



What are you doing here?

Man I got forced to
deliver this to you?

Take this.

Oh my goodness!

This is my dress.

This is, I can't
believe he did this!

Me either.

This is my design!

I can't believe he
did this for me!

Me. Either.

Look, hey, take this too,
huh, this is for you too.

Vegan, huh? Oh my God.

Wow, your cousin, he's too much.

Like, this is his
birthday tonight

so I don't understand
why he's giving me gifts.

Yeah, me either, cause
he's stupid, that's why.

I mean, he's never
done this before.

If he did, I
wouldn't let you know.


Listen, what's going
on with you and Misty?

Minding our own business.

Well, you know tonight
is your cousin's birthday,

so why don't you
guys come through?

I didn't say I was gonna
come, I'm outta here.



She didn't.

Oh, she didn't.

Um, I'm here to
pick up my man.

He goes by the name of E-rock.

That's me.

Okay, you ready to turn up?

Let's do this.

Oh yeah.

Thank you.

Oh yeah, oh yeah.

Yo, this is crazy.

Oh, oh yeah.

We home.

Hmm, ain't lacking on
invoices, I'll tell you that.

Got a lot of business.

Be cool, it's cool.

Man, who is they?

So you did your bid,
got out and went back

to your normal life, huh?

Man, who are they?

Tell him who I am, E-rock.

He did a bid with me.

And handled business
for him on many occasions.

Wasn't you supposed to run
me a few racks a year ago?

Look, I heard you
was out for a minute,

then went back in
for a minute, though.

Look, man, I keep my word.

Did you do your due diligence?

Just like you known in
parts of these streets,

I'm known in others, cuz.

Man, this his business?

I think we should do a little
negotiation up in here.

This you? I thought
you was just a steam boy.

What? Negotiations?
We ain't negotiating

with y'all, you crazy.

Man, get out of here,
who you, his translator?

Look, we can
work something out.

Get you your racks,
but my business,

that's not in the equation.

Why not? It generate
income don't it?

Man, this is a
family business.

A legacy I'm building.

You building a
legacy with a cleaners?

Ha, yeah right.

What you building
a legacy with?

Man, dude let me
slide this punk.

I'm just saying, man, I'm
done with the streets.

This is how I'm building now.

Dry cleaning draws and socks?

Yeah, whatever.

You need to hold up with
these comments, homeboy.

Damn, dude, lemme
take off on this fool.

Don't trip, Ray.

I'm a known black
belt in the streets,

you better ask
about me, homeboy.

I don't care nothin'
'bout that, homie.

We ain't about to
be karate chopping,

but he do need to run
me my racks though.

How much money
we talking 'bout?

20 racks.

Twenty racks for what?

For keeping air in his body.

We don't got that kind of
money just laying around.

I'm gonna need some time.

Hence my proposal
for me to take

this business off your hands.

I can't do that.

Do it look like I'm on
some type of sympathy giving

mission right now?



Do I want my 20 racks
right here, right now?


Yep. Do I play when
it comes to people

running me my racks?


Am I a slightly
reasonable G though?


Yep. Look, you got 20 days

to make the required transaction

or to sign this
business over, partner.

Hmm. It's 6:30.

Look like we open for business.

Chop, chop.

Oh thank goodness
y'all open early.

I got day shift at work today.

We didn't open early.

No, we opened right on time.

Oh, so I'm late for
work or something?

What? I don't know, are you?

What time y'all open?


Oh, damn, I guess
I am late for work.

Well, let's get
you out of here then.

What can I help you with?

Okay, so I need these
super, super starched up

and super creased up.

My daddy still like his fits
super creased up, you know?

Does your daddy wear
a feather in his hat

with some super shiny
ass fake ass gators?

He does, you know
him or something?

Not exactly.

Uh, what's your
name sweetheart.

Thunderbird. But my daddy
called me Thunderchicken.

It's a hood thing.

Is that what you
want me to put on here?

Um, you can write
my government.

Okay, what's that?

It's Shanopoly.


I know, my mama was on one.

All right, we'll get
this taken care of for you.

We'll have it ready for
you tomorrow morning.

Okay, thank you.

Man you playing
Captain Save-a-ho?

Man, we owe these fools
thousands of dollars?

What are we gone do about
this money situation, man?

I don't know, but I ain't
giving up my business.

Yeah, no we ain't.

I don't know what
hood they from,

but I know they came
to mean business.

They do.

It's crazy though, but,
Misty getting all on me.



Misty should come hang out
with me and Jewel tonight.

We had, she having a
little family get together.

So, why would we do that,

I could be doing something
with her tonight.

Man, it's serious.

I'm about to meet her pops.

You don't see
too many brothers

in the hood running cleaners.


Just something that came about.

Right on.

How's the cash flow
in that industry?

I won't be the
next billionaire,

but I enjoy what I do.

Right on.

You business partner
with him, Angelo?

Yes, sir. It's a family
business, you already know.

That's what I'm talking
about, a family business.

And Misty?


You part of the business.

No, me and Angelo are still
getting to know each other.

We're still in the dating phase.

Oh, okay, okay. So y'all
not quite an item yet?

Dad, you did it on this one.

This is so good.

Thank you baby.
anything for my baby girl.

This is like our
little tradition, right?


Oh for real?

Mmmhmm. Like, every entire
week, for my birthday,

he will make some really
good home cooked meals.

Oh, that's nice.

Mmhmmm. Since I
was a little girl.

That's cause her
mama didn't cook.

She was too busy running
the damn streets.


I'm just saying, I didn't
mind cooking for my kids,

but uh, it would've
been nice if they mama

got burned with a
little bacon grease.

Mr. Lau, you got
a little gravy juice

dripping from your chain.

Thank you. And call me James.

Well, James, you still have
a little bit right there.

Right here.

Move over a little bit.

Right here?

To the left.

Like this?

Yeah, just like that.

Mr. Lau, she is my date!

You a hater.

How, what...?

Misty. Do you have a mom or
a sister that look like you?

Mr. Lau.

Finally, I wanted
you to meet E-rock!

E-rock, this is
my brother, Abdul.

Abdul, this is my guy, E-rock,
and that's Angelo and Misty.

You better had showed up
to your sister's dinner.

Sit down, boy, your
food done got cold.


You guys, like, I'm so happy.

This is the best birthday ever.

I haven't had this
like, in a long time.

Just chill, nice with good
vibes and with loved ones.

You okay, baby,
is everything good?


You need some more water?

Yeah, more please.


Water? Water is for sissies.

Let me break out the good
stuff, hold on, hold on.

Please do, damn.

You messing with
my sister, cuz?

That's how you trying
to come for me?

I didn't even know

- that was your sister!
- We need more water

in the fridge!

How? I look just
like her, man.

Let me see, smile.

I don't see it, man you
ugly than a mother...

Found it!

So this was your plan, huh?


You too?


How you doing?


You trying to infiltrate my crew

and off me or something, man?


Look you ain't
fooling nobody, cuz,

I know what's going down.

Look what I got, you guys.

Y'all want shots?


Yes, please, please, please.

All right, turn up crew!

Turn up, turn up, turn up ayyy!

Look, you got 20
days to run me my racks

or my sister gonna see
her fake ass boyfriend

black and blue, cuz.

You ain't bout to be punking
me in front of my girl.

Yo girl, this is
my sister, homie.

Abdul, what are you doing?

It's him, too.

E-rock, what are
you guys doing?

Look, you better tell
her or I'm gone tell her...

He owed me money.

Look, he trying to
say I owe him money.

No, he actually owed me money.

Not no 20 racks.

What, your life ain't
worth 20 racks partner?

Wait a minute, wait. What?

Y'all know each other?

Not us! I didn't know
him till he came in

this morning trying
to hold up the place!

You trying to go back to
prison? You just got out!

Pops, I didn't
hold up the place.

I may have been there prior
to them opening up though.

So you broke into the place.

Let's just say I was
an early customer.

Early customer, my ass.

Check this out, we
did a bid together.

I saved him a ass whooping
on many occasions.

And you know what's the price
that come with that pops!

Oh, you should've said
that in the first place.

You got to pay.

Not 20 racks!

Ooohweee that's
a little steep.

No, it's not.

And time is ticking.

So what did you
do time for, E-rock?

God, I can't believe you.

So is that why your family
had to run your business

for all those years?

Because you were in prison
doing a bid with this idiot.

Idiot? You gone call your
brother a idiot like that?

I can't believe you.

I mean, is your
business even legit?

Yes, my business is legit.

I've worked my ass
off for that cleaners.

With what? Perseverance
and being persistent?

Yeah, the white pottery kind.

He's lying, he's lying.

So what was your plan?
To get with Abdul's sister,

make her all happy and
feel giggly inside?

Just so you can settle
your little debt?

No, that's not what it is.

I didn't even know
you guys were related.

Everyone knows that I'm
Abdul's sister on these streets.

So I find that really
hard to believe.

I swear, I didn't know.

Even if I did, I wouldn't
put you in the middle

of something like this.

Oh, this is grown
folk business.

I'm gone mind my
old folks business

And E-rock, it was a
pleasure meeting you.

But by the look of the way her
nose is flared up like that,

I know that look.

This is the ending
of what just begun.

Please, leave.


Look, leave before I
have to escort your ass

out myself, cuz.

You too, Abdul.

Wait, what? I'm family!

Yeah, family who's never
around when you need them

but only around when
it's about them.

What? You sound like,
mom, she always hollering

that bull crap.

Now you hold on.

I'm not going to let
you talk to your sister

like that in front of me.

Man, look, how are you
going to come at me like that

and they the ones
ruining everything?

Aww, y'all done ruined my
baby's birthday, God dammit!

You know, Jewel, I
really appreciate you

for giving me another shot.

Like you want a DJ right now?

Like I can turn the tunes
on for you if you want to.

No, baby, it's okay.

Yeah, you know, you're
really special, Jewel.

Aww, you think so?

I do. I really do.

You're so sweet.

You know, I like to be upfront
with women I'm serious about.

I love, love to please.

Mmm, that's a good thing.

It is.


I told you I love
to please, right?

You want to turn me on?

Put these on.

What the freak is this?

What the freak is this?

Big, cotton
drawers turn me on.

This isn't even my size,
nowhere near my size,

look like some dinosaur panties.

Big drawers look
sexy on women.

Since when?

Trust me.

You're serious?

Dead ass. Put 'em on.

Wait a minute.

Has somebody's cush
been up in here,

'cause I don't wanna be wearing
nobody else's cush juice.

what kind of guy
do you think I am?

I'm trying to figure it out.

The freak is this?

They're new.

Let me, let me see.

See they're clean.

They been in my glove
compartment for a while.

You know the, backwoods
smoke and the... smell 'em.

Smell them.

Very clean.

See? Now put 'em on.

Matter of fact, I got
it, I got it baby.

Baby, baby, baby,
baby, baby, I got it.

Gimme your foot.

You got somebody new you
want to introduce me to?

No, I didn't like this
last guy I was with.

So we back to
our old ways, huh?

Dad don't start.

Jewel, I'm not starting.

Your mama's problem was, she
was afraid of a good man.

She was scared that she
would lose her independence.

She fought me a lot on that.

Yeah, but a woman
should be independent

and she shouldn't
have to settle.

And I'm not saying
she would've settled

had she stayed with you.

Well, have you ever
thought maybe I'd be settling

if I stayed with her?

How could that be? Right.

Look at her and then look at me.

I'm over here almost every
day, cooking you breakfast

and talking with
you, counseling you.

Yeah, but you're my dad,

so you should enjoy
doing those things.

And I do, but you
should have somebody else

doing this for you, a
companion, not your dad.

Baby, life flies by.

And you're going to want
someone to spend it with.

Uh uh, I thought I'd told
you to give me my key back.

Hey son.

How you doing pops?

I'm good.

She did tell you to give
her key back though.

Yeah, but you
know, I never listen

to nothing she tells me to do.

I'm serious, Abdul, God.

You ruin everything in my life.

No, you ruin
everything in your life.

Don't put that on me.

You knew I was
dating him, huh?

And you just didn't
want to see me happy.

Wait a minute, first of all,
you date all kinds of people.

How I'm gone keep up with that?

Man, you just like mom.

You know what, stop saying

Both of you guys just
get out right now.

Get out? Hey, well look,

Not before I get some of
this strong coffee though.

She's tripping.

Yes she is, I've
been up for 50 hours.

Not 50 Hours, son.

Absolutely, I need
that dark, dark.

Should have known
you was coming over.

Hey E-rock, how you doing?

Definitely not to see you.

Come on in man. Have a seat.

Thank you, Mr. Lau.

Call me James.


You want some breakfast?

No, no, thank you.

I really just need to see Jewel.

I've been calling her,
she blocked my phone calls

and she's not answering
any unknown numbers.

That sounds about right.
That sounds like Jewel.

Jewel is really special to me.

And I need her to know that.

You don't even
know her though.

I know enough
about her to know

that I'd like to spend
more time with her.

See where we'll go.

I like you, E-rock.

You remind me of me,
when you know, you know.

When I first met they mama,

I knew she was the
love of my life.

Who didn't love you back.

Boy, shut up.

Maybe not the way I wanted
her to, but it didn't stop

the way I felt about her.

I made a lot of
mistakes in my life.

We all have.

Made some bad choices,
ended up in the pen.

That's understandable.

But the good thing that
came out of all of that

was silence.


I was able to really think
about what I wanted in life.

Thanks to me, who saved your
life, time and time again.

And I appreciate that, bruh.

Look, I kept my distance
from, from everyone.

Cause I didn't want the constant
pressure of this for that.

You know that's not
realistic up in there, man.

You need people, c'mon, man.

And you did look out for me.

You know why I
looked out for you?

'Cause I remember
your big head ass

from running around
in these streets.

You remind me of me
when I did my first bid.

Look, I haven't been
completely open with you

about this or my past.

Because I wanted to keep
the past in the past.

Where it should be.

But Jewel holds
on onto the past.

And I'm willing to tell her

anything that she wants to know.

And after hearing everything,

if she doesn't want to be
with me, then so be it.

I'll be at peace knowing that
I gave her what she wanted,

and that's honesty.


And how do you define honesty?

Unrealistic. Until I met you.

Ever since the first
time I saw you,

I got a feeling that I
really can't explain.

I knew one day I
would ask you out.

And I knew that would be my
only shot to show you who I am

and how the little
things about you matter.

How you could see
the best in yourself

and the best in somebody that

probably wasn't your usual type.

Ain't no probably to that.

And to show you that
you worth more than

a bunch of dozens
of first dates.

I'm ready to tell you everything

in order to get another shot.

I thought being 100 was
what you were all about.

And you're right.

Look, I should have been
upfront about everything.

I just wanted you to
know this side of me.

You know what?

Starting from today,
just be yourself.


That might be a
little bit too much.

Oh, what the hell?

When you know, you know.

Jewel Lau, would you
allow, would you make me

the happiest man in the
streets, and marry me?

If I'm being 100
with you right now,

I never met anyone like you.

And I say it was a big coincidence
that we were meant to be.

Two shells in the sand.

I will make you the
happiest man on these streets.

She said, yes!

That's a yes!

I'm not crying, you crying!

I got a son named Abdul,
and a son named E-rock.

Life is good.

Well, if it's all right
with my lady, my wife,

I'd like to just
elope, save our money,

invest it in our family business,
build a unit and a legacy.

All day, everyday, baby.

Let's build a legacy.


That's what I'm talking 'bout.

Build this legacy, a
family unit, a real family.

Oh my God, we celebrating!

Who wants some sweets
and grits? Come get it.

Marvin Gaye, come and get it.

Boy, I'm finer than a
mosquito ding-a-ling, boy.

Yeah, how I look, Bland?

Like your mama
regret having you.

You look like a disco
pallbearer, man.

Come on, you gone make us late.

How we gone be late?

We only skipping a few steps.

Step a few times
with them socks on,

man, get your
church socks right.

These my lucky socks.

Look like you play
backgammon on 'em, come on.

Why you see my socks, anyway?

Cause your pants
up to your chin, man.

Agitate the gravel,
we got to go.

You gone make us late
for youngster, man.

Man, I looks good.

No, I looks good,

- on my Mama, on my hood!
- I'm fixing to turn up

like this here.

I bet you I turn
up after this here.

Let's go, you gone turn up,

you ain't gone turn up
nothing but your collar.

Dearly beloved, in Genesis
chapter two, verse 24,

It reads that a man shall
leave his father and mother

and hold fast unto his wife and
they shall become one flesh.

E-rock, do you take Jewel to
be your lawful wedded wife?

And do you promise
to hold on to love?

I do.

Can I, put that ring
on her finger, baby.

Yes. And Jewel, do
you take E-rock,

as your lawful wedded husband?

And do you promise to
hold on to his love?

I do.

By the power invested in
me, in this family cleaners,

I now pronounce
you man and wife.

You may kiss your
beautiful bride.


You don't see too many
brothers in the hood

running a cleaners.

Come on y'all, what's happening?

You guys
gotta pace yourselves,

'cause we're doing
multiple takes.

You see, big panties
are sexy on women.

You 'bout to get it now.

Oh my God,
you guys are funny.

Sorry, love.

Good job.

I mean, you know how I
feel, I wanna get it in,

I'm just trying to
figure you out though.

Anyway, so what
makes you think -

Okay, cut,
hold on, don't cut, sorry.

Keep rolling, you guys go back,

you guys are modern,
why you walking so fast?

What you mean you
didn't know who he was?

Man, I be all
through these streets,

you knew who I was, cuz.

Man, you stupid.

I believe that, I
believe he was in them streets.


I know you did not just fart.

Jewel. I know
you did not just fart.

Hey, you said be

That's nasty!

Aww, you stink!

I shouldn't have had
the vegan ice cream.

Jewel! I don't
do stanking ass women.

Wait! What about our
birthday bike ride?

It's canceled!

You know what then,
I'm canceling the plans

that I made for your
birthday, how 'bout that?

I treat
you to a meal,

and this is how you repay me?

That's what you
get for treating me

to some cheap ass

It followed
you! That's nasty!

Nah, that was the
second one, right there.

All right everyone.

We made the cut!

Shut up Crystal.

rolling, we're rolling.

All right
here we go! Action.

I'm just saying, I didn't
mind cooking for my kids,

but it would have
been nice if they mama

could've gotten burnt with
a little bacon grease.

Mr. Lau, um, you got
a little gravy juice

dripping from your chin.

Thank you, and call me James.

Well, James, you still have
a little bit right there.

You and Misty
show up at E-rock's house,

I don't think you guys are -

- I didn't say I was gone
come, I'm outta here.

What? It's
a surprise birthday,

it's your cousin's birthday,
so you'll be there!

No! I'm outta here.


Okay, thank you.

hold up, this too.

All right, you have a good day.

All right,

I'm gonna remember that
next time.


So we're going to
swing it around,

they have like, a
couple more lines.

Whooo! Oh! Yes!

She, literally,
the laugh is everything.

You're silly. Good job.

Do it look like I'm
on some type of sympathy

giving mission right now?


Do it look like, do it
look like I'm on some type

of sympathy giving
mission right now?



Do I need my 20 racks
right here right now?



Do I play when it comes to
people running me my racks?



Am I a slightly
reasonable G though?



Hey Miss
Yvette, how you doing?

I'm good, look here, I
got a little special thing

I need you to do for me today.

First of all, you
see this big tag?

I want you to leave
that on there.

'Cause what had happened was,
I bought it and I wore it

and I was going to take it back,

messed around and
got a stain on it.

Yeah, so what I want to
you to do is make sure

you get that stain
out right there

and leave that tag on there.

Now, this one right here,
whole different story.

I done wore this 'bout
4,5,7,8,9,10 times.

So, uh, I just want that
heavy starch back in it

so it can bloom out.


You know, so I can
show my shape off.


You know what I'm saying?


Take care of me like
you always do, baby.

And make sure you do what?

Leave the tag.

Leave that tag on there.

All right, baby, thanks a lot.

All right.

Man, look who this is.

Is that Miss Yvette?

Man, where you been,
we been looking for you.

Hey, right, come on now.

How y'all doing?

How we doing?

You have a lot of nerve
showing your face around here,

Where my $20?

Man, I can't believe this dude

is sweating me
for a dub, really?

Yeah, it's the
principalities about it.

Man, you look like
you own this place,

you, you, you, you
own this place?

Looks can be deceiving, man.

I took care of that, man,
you ran out on us, man.

Well, I'm fixing to
run out on you again

'cause you know what?

My Uber is here, and I
got to get up through.

Look I got your, man, I got
you next time, I got you.