Hangfire (1991) - full transcript

When a large group of escaped convicts take Ike Slayton, a Vietnam veteran's wife hostage, Slayton enlists the help of his old army friend in a furious search to find her, while a hard-nosed National Guardsman leads a platoon of solders determined to kill or capture all the convicts, even if it means killing all the hostages in the crossfire.





♪ Ring around the rosy

♪ A pocketful of posies

♪ Ashes, ashes...




She's special,
ain't she, Billy?

BILLY: I think she has
to be to marry you.

Thanks for being
here, Billy.

Oh! Listen...

I wouldn't miss
this for the world.

It was worth it just
to see your knees rattle.


Oh... [SIGHS]

Nancy, I am so glad
you came.

Stop, I wouldn't have
missed it for the world.


That looks interesting.

Yeah, I like that.
Table looks wonderful,
let's try it.



Sure is one pretty lady.

Hmm, yeah.

Go on, don't be shy.

Ask her to dance.

Go on, go on, go on.All right.

Hold this till I get back
and try not to drink it all.


Montoya, could I dance
with my wife?

Well, where have
you been?

Out hustling women.

Oh, why did I
even marry you?

Don't know, maybe it's
my incredible charm
and intellect.

Oh, maybe.
Your friend thinks it's
because I felt sorry for you.

That sounds like him.[LAUGHING]

I really like him, Isaac,
he's so funny.

And I think
he loves you
very much.

Yeah, well, that's too bad
'cause I'm already married.

Mmm...Listen, Maria, do me
a favor, will you?

Hmm.Don't let Billy hear you
calling me Isaac.

Why? It's your name.Yeah, I know that.

It's just that, well,
I always went by Ike
when I was in the service.

And Isaac...

Well, he just doesn't...

He'd never let
me forget it.

Okay. Ike.

And don't go trying to analyze
it too much either,
I know it's your job.

I won't. Ike.



One more.


A toast. Tequila.


Whoa! Boy!


I am resting.
I am resting.

Good night, Mom.
Good night, Mom.

Good night, sleepy.

Oh, I don't think I have
ever seen any man drink
that much tequila.

How's he going to be
able to fly tomorrow?

Don't worry about him.

You just make sure that
you're here right after
work with that car...

Hmm....like you promised.

'Cause as soon as old Billy's
on that plane, you and me
are going...

BOTH: Honeymooning.[BOTH LAUGHING]



Oh, I don't know if
I should let you do
this until the honeymoon.

Because you know, I, um...

I really wanted the first time
to be really special.

It was special.

And the time after that,
and the time after that...[GIGGLING]

...and the time after that,
they were all special.

Wait. You think it was wrong
that I wore white?


INMATE: Yo, Kutner,
give 'em hell.



Pass me, you dumb shit!

Sorry, I'm late.

Mr. Kutner, I believe
you know Mr. Allen
and Miss Montoya.

Or rather I should
say Mrs. Slayton.

Congratulations, Maria, we do
apologize for delaying
your honeymoon,

but this shouldn't
take too long.

Now, Mr. Kutner,
this is what, your

third time before the board.
I'm sure you're familiar with
the procedure by now.

Is there anything you would
like to say on your behalf?

Would it make
any difference?

This is a bunch of
horseshit anyway.

You people don't intend
to let me out.

So why are you
wasting my time?

wait a minute,
Mr. Kutner.

We haven't decided
on anything yet.

Our decision on granting your
parole is entirely up to you.

We just want to know,
have the last seven years

made any difference
at all to you?

What do you think?

Well, we're asking you,
Mr. Kutner.

You wanna know, if, um,

I'm sorry for what I did?

Do you wanna know
if I've been


Mr. Allen?

Twenty years ago,
when I prosecuted
this man,

he never displayed a shred
of remorse for strangling
the life

out of an eight-year-old girl.

Eight years old.

And we know there were
plenty more of them,

that were never found.
Don't we, John?

You've heard Mr. Kutner.
Gentlemen, I think his
attitude speaks for itself.

He hasn't changed.

And he doesn't care.

The board should absolutely
deny parole to this man.

He's still a very
sick individual.

I love you, too,
sweet lips.

[BREAKS PENCIL]That's enough.

Mrs. Slayton?


As you can see,
continued periodic

have shown Mr. Kutner to
be sociopathic and quite
resistant to rehabilitation.

He's very angry, very hostile
and very violent.

I would definitely consider
him a threat to society.

And, like Mr. Allen, would
strongly recommend
denial of parole.






CAPTAIN: Warden, we've got
a truck full of bromine
split open down here.

Toxic gas cloud
is headed your way.

One whiff of that stuff,
and you'll be dead
before you know it.

It's deadly poison.

But I hope to hell
you're sure of one thing.

Are you absolutely certain
that thing is moving this way?

That's affirmative, Warden.

Wind's taking it dead east.

I'd say it'll reach
the prison in less
than 15 minutes.

No, no, sir.

They say there's no way
to shut it down.

All we can do is let it empty
and wait for it to dissipate.

All right.

All right, Captain, look,
I'll check in with you
when we're ready to roll.

Thank you.

[SIGHS] Well, that
confirms it. It's bromine gas
and it's toxic.

I don't think
it's that serious.

We can't take any chances.

We'll bus the population
north on the highway and
wait until it passes.

But, Warden, do you realize
how many men we're talking
about evacuating here?

Get the goddamn buses
in the yard, Tom, and let's
get this show on the road.


This is the Warden.
We're conducting an emergency
evacuation of the prison.

Repeat, an emergency

All prisoners are to be
taken to the yard.

Prison personnel are advised to follow emergency evacuation procedures,

and take extra precautions.

This is an emergency

All prisoners are to be
removed from cells

and taken to the yard
as quickly as possible.

Follow evacuation procedure.

Repeat, this is
an emergency evacuation.

I'm getting my ass
paroled anyway.

Whoa now!

[GRUNTING]You just better
behave yourself.

Remember, Doc, I'm angry,
violent and hostile.


If you say a word,
I'll break your neck.

Yo, take us with you.

You're on your own.

You can't just walk out
of here, you know.

I wasn't planning
on walking.

Patch! Patch!
I'm splitting this
place, you coming?

Oh. Are you kidding?
I am with you, man.

Warden, we have a problem.

Uh, I'll talk to you later.

Now walk to that bus
like you fucking
own this place.


Chase, look after her.


Close that gate!

Stop the bus!

No firing, damn it!

Hold your fire,
hold your fire.

Hold your fire.


God damn it, what the hell
are you doing, John?
Trying to get us all killed?

Yeah, John,
that's what I wanna know.

What the hell do you
think you're doing?


Shit, they're coming, man.
The bastards are right
behind us.

Get away.

If you're gonna block it,
Lieutenant, I suggest you
do it quick.

I know where he's headed.
Right straight for
the Mexican border.

Where the hell's
he taking us?

It's like 40 miles
to the border!

I'm going home, compadres.

Yoo-hoo!I didn't sign up for any
fucking Mexican joyride.

Hang on!



That was just fucking great!

What's the matter,
you got a problem, Kincaid?

Fuck me, I got a problem.

Some of us aren't hard timers
like you and Kutner.

I've only got a few years
left, and I don't need
more time now.

Shut the fuck up!

What the hell?
Don't hate, man.



All right.

Anyone wants out,

this is your chance.

Stay or go.

You better decide
pretty damn quick.

I'm with you, Kutner.

Me, too.


Anyone else?



What the hell is that?Staties roadblock.

Oh, great, Kutner.

Now what? Can't
outrun them in this thing,
that's for goddamn sure.

Hey, John, I used to work
a mine, an old copper town
called Sonora.

About a quarter mile back
there's a road leading
straight in.

How far to the town?About a mile, mile and a half.

It's near empty, now the mine
is dead, couldn't be more
than about 50 people.

We could use more hostages.Uh-huh, and weapons.

All right,
in the cars,
let's go.



CAPTAIN: Looks like they're
headed for Sonora. I'll try
to radio the sheriff.

We are in pursuit.

OFFICER: Be advised there's
a hostage on that bus.

Just try and contain
until we can get some backup.


Let's go.

Let's go, guys.

KUTNER: Come on,
come on, come on.

All right, round them up.

East of town, repeat, there is a bus load of escaped prisoners coming your way.

Do you copy?


Sonora sheriff, do you copy?


Good morning, chief.

This here is your
wake-up call.


All right, listen up,
I want two-men teams.

One rifle on each team.

I want you to go door-to-door,
bring back hostages,

weapons, guns, knives...

What about those cops?

Oh, don't worry
about the cops.

Believe me, they won't move
on us, we got plenty of
protection right in here.

What about some
fucking food?

You and your fucking hunger,
get out of here.

There's some trouble again.



Something wrong, sweet pea?

Should have
stopped me, man.

You should have
just taken it away.


A true friend would not let
that happen to a brother
in the house.

Oh, my God.

Never again, Lord,
never again.

Well, Lord ain't
stupid, Billy.

Drink this.

What is it?

Black coffee
and a little hair
of the pooch.

[GROANS] Oh, boy!

You hear those sirens?What sirens?

Hey, you are the sheriff
in this town, ain't you?

You know what a siren
sounds like?Uh-huh.

Talking about that damn siren.
Oh... It woke me up.

The freaking head buster.

Where the hell
were you?

Maybe I was
in the shower.

You sure it was
a siren?

Yeah, it was a siren.
Didn't you hear it?

[KNOCKING]There is Maria.

You're gonna be ready for
the airport in one hour?

An hour?

Aw, man, you got
to be shitting me.

An hour...

Try not to throw up.

Here's the news bulletin.

A bus load of prisoners escaped from the State Penitentiary just an hour ago.

[GROANING] These men are
armed and dangerous.

Last seen headed
for the town of Sonora.

Don't even blink, pal.

Check the place out.

Hurry up, Albert.



Okay, pal, start walking.


I said, keep moving,
you prick.

What the hell are you
doing, jackass?

Get off that plate, man.

Easy, easy.

Why don't you just
stay for coffee, huh?



Looks like we got
a Mexican standoff.


They got Maria's father.

[EXHALES] Oh, God.

So, LT,

how are we gonna
play this one?



MAN OVER RADIO: Be advised that a National Guard Unit has been mobilized.

We've got three choppers
on the way.

Hey, John. John,
you're not going
to believe this, man.

I'm listening to the radio,
they're calling in the Guard.

The bloody National Guard.

Relax.You hear what I said?

They're coming this way,
man. We can't just wait
for them to get here.

Chill out.

Those bastards
can't do a thing
and they know it.

Yeah, well, tell it
to those Staties.

I wish they'd back off.
They're making
everybody nervous.

Bring me Deputy Fife.

And that lady shrink.

Oh, Christ.

Hey! Asshole!

I'm sick of seeing
your face.

Now you got 30 seconds

to get your ass out of town
before I kill these two.[GUN COCKS]

Hey. Easy, partner.

He's not that dumb.


Let the hostages go

and drop your weapons,
all of you.

Drop your weapons.


Let those hostages go
right now, man.



Let them go, man!







Jesus Christ.

Son of a bitch.

She's next, law man.

Nineteen. Eighteen.I can't get a clear shot.



All right.



Get back to the cars.

Ride up at the hill.

Easy. They're backing off.Hey!

He's not stopping.









She's all right.

Now you just take it easy.
There's nothing you can do
about it right now.

It was your lucky day, missy.

Lucky, lucky day.

Hey, man,
Kutner's not gonna like this.

Big deal, Kutner.
What do I look like?
A missing persons' bureau?

You sure
it's the right place?

Yeah, I saw them go in.

They're probably in there
dickin' each other.




Hey, turkeys!

Hey, man,
check this out.

Look at this. [LAUGHS]


You big,
dumb motherfuckers.

Get the fuck
out of here. Fuck off!

Untie them, shit brains.


How did you boys
end up like that?


Will you fucking hurry up?


Hey, big John.


Guess what I got?

No idea.Something you might
find pretty interesting.

Where'd you find this?

Oh, man, right up above
where I found Albert
and Smitty all trussed up

on the floor
like a couple of pigs.

It's law man here.

That's one of the bastards
that did it.
I think you know the broad.


Cookie jar commandos.

Christ, that's all
we needed.

This is Big One.

We got them
sitting pretty, boys.
Like hens in a coop.

Bring these birds on around
and set them down in the CP,
you copy?

Roger, Big One.
Bringing them down.

Hey, what's
going down, man?

National Guard.

They're sending in
the cavalry.


Did you look at this?
Douglas MacArthur.

All right,
let's go around.


I'm Lieutenant
Colonel Johnson.

Battalion headquarters,
Army National Guard.

I've been authorized
by the governor
to take over this operation.

I want a briefing
on all the intelligence
you've got.

Let's get cracking on this.
Mop it up
and get going home.

Well, I think you'll want
to take a look at this,

This, here, is the town.
One road in.

Rest here is all desert.

The convicts have
20 to 25 men.

At least 10 of them are armed.

Probably more.

How many captives?

It's hard to tell.

We think they've got
the hostages here
in the police station.

They've already killed
one man, Sheriff's Deputy.

It seems clear
enough to me.

I say we just walk right in
and kick them in the balls.

Get this thing over with.

Sergeant Conlan.


Pay attention, son,
you pay attention good.

I want two squads. Take them
up the road and have them
deploy here and here.

This is your objective,
the police station.

Yes, sir.You saw it in recon.

Yes, sir.Good, all right.

The captives are inside.

I want that station
surrounded but I don't want
anybody firing.

Unless it's under my orders.

Yes, sir.

Get a move on.



Excuse me, Colonel,
what about those hostages?

What about them?

Well, they are in the station,
in with the convicts.

There's a damn good chance
they'll get hit if somebody
decides to start shooting.

Yeah, it's my
firm belief, Captain,

there's only one option
in these situations,

you hit them hard
and you get them fast.

There's only one dialogue
that these sons of bitches

Only this is not
a football game.

We're talking
about human lives.

Am I or am I not
in charge here, mister?

You're in charge.

As long as we understand that
we're gonna do things my way.

My way does not include
negotiating with the enemy.

I ain't no goddamn
Henry Kissinger.

Holy shit.


Holy mogo.
They're invading! Shit!

They're coming, Kut.
It's the invasion.

Calm down.
Who's coming?

Soldiers. Soldiers are coming
up the road.
Thousands of them.


I want some of you guys
on the roof.


Ike, something's shaking.

Looks like they're setting up
some kind of half-ass ambush.

You don't think those
yahoos will be dumb enough
to walk in?

I don't believe it.

They're gonna
get slaughtered.

And they aren't
the only ones.

Hey! Where the hell
are you going?
Come back here!

Don't shoot.

Hold your fire.

Son of a bitch.


Get back!

Maybe he's booby trapped,

Stay where you are.

Don't come any closer.

Identify yourself, mister.

I'm Sheriff Slayton.
You're walking your men
right into an ambush,

they're all around us.

What do you think?
You think he's
telling us the truth?

I don't know.
Let me have that.

Big One. This is
Two Bravo. Over.

Go, Two Bravo.

Sir, we've got someone
up ahead in civilian dress
who claims he's the Sheriff.

He says we're walking
into an ambush.


Could be that new guy
from El Paso, Slater...

He moved in here
about a month ago.

What's he doing
walking around
in civilian dress?


I smell a rat.

Big One.

Should we hold position,
sir? Over.

That's a negative,
Two Bravo. Negative.

You take your men
and complete your mission.

Listen up, mister.

I want you down
on your knees,

hands behind your head.

Didn't you hear
what I just said?

Just do it.

What if he's telling
us the truth?

We got orders.

Let's keep moving, people.

Stay alert.

Get back, you're gonna get...[GUNSHOTS]


I'm gonna die. Two Bravo, what's happening
over there?

Two Bravo, Big One.Just hang in there,
we're gonna get you some help.

We're gonna get you some help,
hang in there.

Two Bravo...

What is your status?
Repeat, Two Bravo.

You got a man down.

Whoever the hell is in charge
of this operation better
get an evac in here, fast.

Who is this?

Identify yourself.

Listen, you jackass,
if you don't get your men
out of here right away,

you're gonna lose
your whole damn platoon.

Move back!

Move back!

All cover!

To hell with this.

Billy, go!

Go, go, go, go.


Where's your CO?

Brilliant plan, Colonel,
slaughter your own men.

Hand over more weapons
to the convicts.

Maybe kill a few hostages
along the way.

What's your next master plan,
nuke the town?

You're the one
on the squad radio.

Who the hell do you think
you are, mister?

I'm a guy with a wife
back in that town,
you dumb son of a bitch.

Save your breath, LT,
he can't hear you.
Assholes don't have ears.

You know you two got
a serious attitude problem.

Debrief these civilians,

Hey, Colonel,
convict on the line
named John Kutner.

Says he wants
to talk to you.

Twenty years later
and clowns are still
running the circus.

Lieutenant Colonel Johnson,

Army National Guard,

whoever the hell you are,
you're unauthorized
to be using this line.

Listen up, shit for brains.

If you try a stunt
like that again,

there's gonna be
a bloodbath here the likes
of which you've never seen.

Keep your fucking soldier boys
out of my face.

I'll have my friends here
start killing us
some hostages.

You got it?

Don't you try and
dictate terms
to me, mister.

You wanna play hard ball?
Well, we're playing it.

Shut the fuck up.

Hey, Ace!

Want to go back to the bus?

Keep a look out.

Anything moves out there,

you come tell me.

Yes, sir, General.

I don't know, John.
How're we gonna
get out of this one?

I mean, we can't hold
out here forever.

If you got a plan,
I'd sure like to hear it.

Building over there,
what's it used for?

Well, that used to be the
mine's processing plant.
I mean,

they use it a little bit now.

I don't know... Why?

Wait till dark
then we'll change address.

SERGEANT: Ten-hut!

The son of a bitch
wants to get tough.

He's messing
with the wrong soldier.


get me battalion headquarters,
I'm calling in some armor.

Oh.This guy's beautiful.

Let's see how
these derelicts act
to a 105mm tank.



Move along,
little doggies!

Ha! Ha!

This is perfect.


You can see everything.

Fundamentals, Patch,

always control
the high ground.

Listen up.


I know a way
out of here.

I think I got it figured out.

First thing tomorrow,
we'll have a helicopter
right here.

Then we'll take ourselves
on a little one-way trip
to Mexico.

Mexico?Yeah, I'll talk to Hernandez.

He used to run snort
out of a weedhopper
down there.

Hey, John, I'll tell you what,
that all sounds real good

but, I mean, ain't no way
everybody's gonna fit
in one helicopter.

Oh, yeah.

Who's talking
about everybody?

The fewer, the better.

Now I'm reserving you a seat
on that shuttle, amigo.

[LAUGHING] I guess.

You keep your mouth shut
and you'll be taking the next
siesta sur del frontera,

south of the border.

Why don't we give

Colonel Klink a call
and give him the good news?

All right.


Hey, senorKlink.


Chopper, my ass.

That derelict thinks he's
gonna fly out of here,
he better think again.

I'll tell you what.

I kid you not, Sergeant,

if he thinks he's leaving
here in the morning,
he's in for a big surprise.

Tomorrow morning
at sunbreak

I'm gonna kick me
some convict butt big time.


There's another way
to do this, a better way.

Let me go in there alone
and try and take them out.


And you call me brilliant.

I've done covert infiltration
before, Colonel,
during the Vietnam War.

Yeah, you Vietnam cowboys,
you think you know it all,
don't you?

No, I don't think
I know it all

but I do know if you go
in there shooting again,

a lot of innocent people
are gonna wind up dead.

Well, that remains
to be seen, doesn't it?

What is it with you?
What have you got to lose?
It's my skin.

If I make it
none of the hostages get hurt,

if I don't, well,
you can still do it your way.

Just give me
till the deadline,
what do you say?

I say you stay
out of my face, son,

I'll have these state boys
arrest you.

You know I served
under officers like you,

they were real good
at one thing,

killing people
with incompetence.


So what is it with you, kid?
You're a glory boy?

You think you're
some kind of war hero?

The war is over
for you, soldier.

Why don't you just take
a seat on the bench
and let us clean this mess up?

Excuse me, sir.
This is the Senator.

Colonel Johnson,
Senator Way.

I was in the area
and the governor
asked me to stop

and check out
the situation.

Well, as you can see,
I've got everything
in total control.

That should do it.

Three hours till light.
I'm cutting it close.


This don't bring back

881 with Captain Depp.

Indian territory.

Remember the flag raising?

Mickey would blow the
last note on that bugle and
we'd all run for cover.

The fourth of July
every day.

Ooh, baby.

You know, Billy,
you don't have to do this.

If I didn't wanna do it,
I wouldn't do it.

We stick together, LT.

Just like always.

I don't wanna hear
anymore about it.
Hand me some of that stuff.





Well, now we're in business.

Patch, you there?


Patch, it's Ace.

Sounds like there's a tank
out there.

Patch. Talk to me.

Who's up there?

Come on down.


Something's wrong.
There's no guard.


Come on.

Ain't this a bitch?
We just got out
of fucking jail.


I'm telling you,
this is Kutner's way
of sticking it to us.

Fucking guy thinks
he's commander-in-chief.

Just shut up, would you?

Look, you know, he got us
in this mess, he sure as hell
better get us out.

Where do you think
they took him?

Only one way to find out.



Smitty, you okay?

Come on, Smitty,
stop screwing around.


Excuse me, I hope
you don't mind, but I need you
to stay put for a minute.


While I was up there
on the roof,

I was looking
at this picture.

I came to the conclusion
you're one beautiful bitch.

The longer I looked
at this picture,

the hornier old Johnny got.

You know what I decided?

I decided I want some.

[SCOFFS]Oh, that's right,
pretty lady.

You're a grown woman.
You know
what I'm talking about.

If a man's been in jail
as long as me,

he has to do
without certain pleasures.

It's been a long time
since I've had a bitch
as pretty as you. Yeah.

I think I want some.

No, Papa. Papa, no!

Sit down, old man.

Don't do it.

I don't know...

There's just something
about dark hair bitches.

That little girl...
She had dark hair
just like you.

They all did.

My mother was a brunette.

You know the kind
I'm talking about, right?

What do you figure, shrink?

Think it means something?

Whoa, now, you just relax,



So beautiful.

You know, I must have done
30, 40, just like you.

Hell, I did six
in one month.

Three over a long weekend.

Let's see now.

That was in July 1968.


July of 1969.

You wanna know
how I did them, Doc?

Really very simple.

I just

took hold to their throats
like this.


Twisted their necks
like little puppies.


PATCH: Hey, John.
Hey, John, it's important.


I'm sorry, man,
but something's wrong.

I can't raise Ace.
Maybe he's asleep
but I don't think so.

IKE: Is it just me,
sweet pea?

Or these guys look
like they belong here?

You're right about that.

Now, I'm just gonna
ask you one more time.

Where did he take
the hostages?

Why don't you
eat shit and die?

That was rude, Smitty.

Wasn't that rude, Billy?

BILLY: Extremely rude.

You see, Smitty,

when my fingers
come together

you're gonna have
a real problem.

Medical science calls it
a crushed larynx.

That ain't healthy,
is it, doctor?

No. No, it is not.[COUGHS]

You know, Smitty,
I think it's really wonderful

you're willing to die
for your friends.[STRUGGLING]

I know they'd be
more than happy to do
the same thing for you.

Okay. All right.
I'll tell you.


I sure hope those boys
don't catch cold.

Know how to use that thing?

My mother was
full-blooded Cherokee,
it's in the genes.

All right, Cochise.

Come on, let's go.


About to have
our cover blown.

Want me
to take them out?

No, we don't have time
to double back.

Let's just keep moving.

Ace. Yo, Ace!


He's probably
back at the station.


What is...

What happened to you guys?

John, you there?

Hey, John.
Hey, John, you there?

Yeah, yeah, yeah,
what is it?

John, the same two guys,
that bagged Smitty and Albert
before are back again, man.

And this time
they nailed Ace, too.

They locked them in the cell
and lost the key.

So what do we do?

Just leave them there
and get back here.

All right.

Kutner knows
what he's doing.

A man would need wings
to reach that top floor.

I don't know about you
but I lost mine years ago

in a Bronx whorehouse.

It's your call, LT.
How do we get inside?

I don't know.
Walk in I guess.

Walk in?
How're we gonna do that?

Front door.

Stupid question.


Is that you, Patch?


Come on.

I said
watch the goddamn hostages.

You're dumber than spit.

All right, boys, let's go.

We got a little hunting to do.

Move. Move.

I want you to stay here,
all right.

Watch these people.

If any one of them moves,
blow them all to hell.

You got that?



John, more bad news, man.

I'm out here
in front of the building,

Carlos is dead.
JT's out cold.

Those guys are inside
and you got company
coming, man.

All right, there's only
one way up here.

It's up those stairs.

If you see
those motherfuckers,
blow them away.


I've been meaning to ask you,

Have we got a plan?

Hell, no. We're making it up
as we go along.


That's what I figured.

Evening. Do you mind
dropping that rifle?

Sorry, LT, I gotta
make some noise.



John. John!

They're coming up there, man.
They're coming up.

Saul's shot in the head.

They got Scully.


Coming up.

Get yourselves ready.

You think they know
we're here?

There is that possibility.


Okay.Let's go.

All right, listen up.

I'm pulling up zero hour.

We're going in at 0600.

That's seven minutes.

Now, according to
police intelligence...

Let's hope to hell
it's accurate.

They've moved these hostages
into this building.

They're somewhere
on one of these five floors.

That means
we're flying in blind.

Sergeant Conlan.Sir.

Your squad
will be dropped here.

You'll go down
from that point

till you either make contact
with the enemy,

or the captives.

I'll bring in
the rest of the platoon.

Is that understood?

Yes, sir.Yes, sir.

All right, gentlemen.

Let's go kick 'em
in the end zone.


Smell it?

They're out there,
all right.

You wanna go first?

I think I got a plan.

Well, it's about time.

You remember that ambush
at Lang Vei,

how the Cong set us up
with that sniper?

Oh, yeah,
the old Sergeant York routine.

And we fell for it.

They tore the shit
out of us.

Throw me some cover.

I'm gonna go for that
position over there.

And hunt me some grouse.

Wanna get their heads down.

You do your John Wayne.

You got it, LT.

Keep your pecker high
and your powder dry,
my friend.



Set. Go.






Hey, what are you, deaf?

Stay down, you idiots.


All right,
you son of a bitches.

Put all your weapons down.

If you don't,
I guarantee each
and every one of you

son of a bitches
a new asshole.

Okay, okay, don't shoot,
we're coming out.

You okay, sweet pea?

Yeah, I'm fine.

Come on out.

Put your weapons down.

Just get that bastard
for me. Get him.

Consider it done.

Move it!

KUTNER: Slayton. Slayton!

You recognize the woman?

Be a terrible shame
if I had to blow
her little brains out.

Now, wouldn't it?

Now, you step on out here
where I can see you.

Put that rifle down.

Put it down!

Kick it out of the way.

Keep your hands away
from your body.

I can't say
it's a real pleasure
to meet you, Sheriff.

The only thing
I like about you
is your taste in women.


My favorite flavor.

I think I'll have me
two scoops.

Uh-uh. Now, you just gonna
have to wait your turn.

You touch her again...

Touch her again
and what are you gonna do?

Come on, you're
a tough hombre,Slayton.

Why don't you come
and get her?


Are you faster
than a speeding bullet?


Well, outrun this one.Isaac.


Don't do it,
goddamn, you fuck.

Don't you do it.

I'll blow her brains
to kingdom come.


Give it up, Kutner.

You got no place to go
except straight to hell.

I'm taking you with me.




Don't fire.
Hold your fire.

I'm not one of them.


I'm coming out.

It's all right,
he's one of us.

My partner's one floor down.
He's got prisoners.

For Christ's sake,
don't shoot him.

KUTNER: Take us south.



Isaac. Isaac, hold on.

Come here, come on, hold.
Grab my arm.

Grab it!

Come on.

Come on.

Oh, Isaac.
I love you so much.

Hope you don't mind me
sneaking off the bench,



Platoon Sergeant.

You're one handsome cuss.

Who decorated your face?

An old friend of yours...

No longer with us,
I'm afraid.


How's that feeling,
sweet pea?

Well, if we was in the Nam,
I'd say,

"Feels like a million bucks."

Corpsman here says
it won't hurt
my piano playing.

Is that right, nurse?

Yes, sir.


So, tell me...

What did happen
to our friend?

Oh, he fell out
of a helicopter

and found out
he couldn't fly.

Not without wings.

Must be going coach.

No more excuses.

LT, I want you to take
that pretty lady

and you go on a honeymoon,
you understand me?

I'll be seeing you,

Yeah, I'll see you.

Hey, you're not leaving
without saying goodbye,
are you?

thank you for all you did.

Isaac's very lucky to
have such a good friend.

We both are.You're welcome.

Take care.Bye.


Did she say Isaac?

Bye, Isaac!