Hang on, Doggy! (1977) - full transcript

This film takes place in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. Matic lives in a large neighbourhood of concrete blocks of flats with his mother. As his father is temporarily working in Libya, they live alone. Matics' otherwise monotonous life changes dramatically when he is chosen to feature in a film. At the shooting he meets Milena, a girl his own age whom he begins to like. When the shooting is over, the film company gives him a present, a huge black Newfoundlander. Although his mother is not really pleased about it, Matic brings the dog home. And that is just the beginning of their adventures...


... If you want to be more
elegant than your neighbours,

see our wide range of ready to
wear clothing on the third floor...

Eighteen twenty.

There's a special surprise waiting
for every hundredth customer...

So hurry!
You won't be sorry....

Hey boy, boy!

Oh yes!

If you've handed in your luggage,
get into the bus!

Take your time. -Matic, we're
going to the seaside! -Come on...

I've got a mask and flippers,
when are you going?

Please, Miss... I can't swim.
-You'll learn.

Pi, pi, pi, pi, pi....

I'll give you pi, pi... you rascal,
just you wait!

Jesus! -Grab him!
-We want your scalp!

Let me go, I'll give you a pasting.
-Scalp! Scalp! -Hold him!

We're going to scalp you.

Let me go!
-We're going to scalp you!

Can't you see I've been to the shops!
-What do we care! Scalp! -Let me go!

The Comanche are attacking us at three.
White Feather isn't in war paint.

Let me go, you'll be sorry! -Ugh,
White Feather know, I big chief

Black Flash dig up the hatchet,
how! -We'll have your scalp!

Scalp, scalp, scalp!

Don't you touch me,
you'll se...

White feather gone traitor.
-Me a traitor, why?

I have spoken! -Leave him alone,
what's he done to you? -Let him go!

I am Black Flash,
big chief.

White Feather traitor,
I want his scalp!

Hold him! -Let me go!
You'll be sorry!

This is the way it'll be with all
traitors I have spoken! How!

Leave me alone.
I didn't do anything....

Oh! -You stinkers!

Here, I've had enough. -You're
a traitor, too. You'll be sorry!

Matic, wait! -I'll get my hands on
you yet, you bastard!

And on you too, big mouth!

The stinkers!

Hang on!

Blond mane, blue eyes,
quite tall...

Just what I need, I couldn't have
found anyone better.

What's your name? -Why?
-You're getting a part in a film. -Me?

Well go on, what's your name?
-Matic! -Aha, Matic.

Wouldn't you like to play
in a movie, Matic?

The sort you see on TV?
-Yeah, I would.

Where do you live? Come on,
let's go and see your father.

Don't you want to act? -Oh yes,
I do. -Isn't your father at home?

When will he be back?
-For the New Year.

What do you mean, at the New Year?
-He's in Libya, drilling the Sahara.

In Libya? And your mother? -She
comes at 3, half past, it depends.

Gee, what's the time?
-Five something.

There'll be trouble again. I haven't
got the tomatoes, nor the milk.

Well, you haven't got your buttons
either, but that's the way it is,

wars have their price. Don't
you worry, I'll help you out.

Get ready over there! Get the nosy
parkers out of there, hear me?

Come on, hurry up! Let's go.
Move it...

Quiet, action, look out!
Take your places!

OK, honey. You go down there,
and you jump down, right? Okay.

Everybody ready? That's it.
Camera... -Let's go!

Extras, move one, faster!
Where are they? Let's go!

That's it, that's it!
Now slowly, slowly!

Look, look...
That's the way, girl.


Look out! Mind the lamppost.
OK, action! -Bark!

Jacob, bark! Jacob, bark! Bark!


Get ready! Action! Now!
Look now, look, look.

Where is...

Jacob! -Jacob!

Jacob, heel! Heel,
Jacob! Jacob!

Let's go!
Extras in your places!

Would be so kind?
Spectators back! Extras, please!

Don't keep looking over
there! Forget the dog.

Look over here, I said!

Well, there you are Matic, we're
finished. Just this one take

and that's the end. -The very end?
-Yes, the very end.

High time, isn't it?
-Right you are, boy, you can go!

Sit down here,
what're you up to now?

Now listen, both of you!
Did you hear me?

I said, listen both of you!

This is really quite simple:
you saw how the robber

dropped the balloon and ran off
and she was crying.

What are you staring at?
Listen to me!

If she can listen, so can you, eh?

Well now, she's crying because
of that and you're sorry for her.

You're the hero now, all eyes are
on you. Will you listen to me?

You're the hero now and you go
and get the balloon back for her.

Is Mojca ready?

Yes, yes. She can go! I'll put
on the tears before the take.

Right. -Matic! Matic!
How often do you think I'm?

going to repair your
make up, eh? Come here!

Damn black brute!

He'll bite me next!
-Quiet Jacob!

See the way he's looking at me?
Do something, he's gonna bite me.

Quiet, Jacob, quiet!

Milena! Matic! Matic!
-Quiet! Quiet! Quiet!

All right, come here! Look,
the balloon's fallen down here,

you see? Now it's gone.
-A balloon, a balloon....

Jesus! Climb up here!

There! Well, go on, like that!

You jump down here, you see?

He's going to jump off the bridge!
-He won't dare. I wouldn't jump.

I would. -You would if
someone pushed you.

What's the matter now?
Are you scared, or what?

Don't worry, those two are down there
to make sure nothing goes wrong.

Wrong? -Jump kid, jump!

I'll get my hands on him, that actor!
Let's go! -I want to watch.

Is the water deep enough?
-Of course. More than deep enough.

What's up now, Matic? Are you
going to jump or aren't you?

Are you scared, or what?

I've jumped from higher than this,
but my mother won't let me.

Assistant! -What? -What's the matter
now? Why doesn't he jump?!

Where did you get him from?

You have to jump down there?
You've got guts!

They're there because of me.
-Flash bet a coca cola

that you don't dare. -That I don't
dare? -That's what he said.

What is it, Matic? You know,
I didn't expect this of you.

You acted do brave-
And now, eh?

Rok! Go down a bit, you'll see
better. -Good luck Matic!

He'll jump... he'll jump.
-Good. We can shoot.

Where's the little girl,
bring her over here!

Now cry! I need tears, you've
got to cry, you understand.

Good! Action!

Action! Sound!

Camera! -Running.
313 first take! -Action!

Hey... Jacob! Jacob! Heel! -Shoot
that! Don't stop the camera.

Shoot that! -Was it OK?

What an actor! Anyone would be
better. -You owe me a cola.

Hi didn't dive in headfirst.
-We didn't say how.

He jumped!
-Come on, let's go!

I'm off now, Matic! -Oh, you're
leaving? -Shall we meet again?

Yes. -lf I come to see you...
-You know where I live.

Will you be home tomorrow?

Are you mad at me?

Well, what is it then?

Give me your paw! Your paw!

Good boy. You know
how I love you...

Good-bye, Matic.

Good-bye Milena.

Want some more ice-cream? -Yes.
No, I'd rather have chocolate.

For the dog, of course, what else.
-Listen, sell me that dog, will you?

This one? -Yes, that one. -Oh,
I wanted to keep him for myself.

Come on, what's one dog
to you? -You think so?

Of course. Look how crazy
he is about that dog.

You're my best friend.
Remember that, Jacob!

Matic, come here.
Go on, come here!

Would you like to have Jacob, eh?
Or don't you want him? -Me? Jacob?

For good?
-For good, yes.

Oh, hey! -Thank you!
-Good, good, good....

Tra ra ra ray,
Golden is this day,

Run into it with me!
Forever with me,

You'll always be mine,
Tra tara tine!

When you get
What you desire,

And you're no longer alone-
Tra ra ra rone,

No worries at all. You've got
happiness on the lead!

A friend and you,
Trarara roo,

Happiness on the lead!

Tra ra ra ray,
Golden is this day,

Run into it with me!
Forever with me,

You'll always be mine,
Tra tara tine!

When you get
What you desire,

And you're no longer alone,
Tra ra ra rone,

No worries at all,
You've got happiness on the lead!

A friend and you,
Trarara roo,

Happiness on the lead!

Mommy, this is Jacob!
Isn't he beautiful? -Yes, he is...

Jacob, Jacob! Say hello to
Mommy. Go on: Hi!

Matic, is it all over?
-Yes. Isn't he beautiful?

Yes, beautiful. You know
how he scared me!

Get changed, we're going to aunt
Molly's. -Jacob's going with us.

What do you mean, Jacob?
-He's mine, don't you believe me?

The film people gave him to me.
-How do you mean, gave him?

How he jumped into the water
after me. Everybody admired us.

That was something. -Oh dear, Matic!
I'm not saying anything, he's nice,

this Jake. -This is no Jake,
his name's Jacob.

Well, Jacob then. But look, Matic,
where are we to keep him? -With me.

Oh no, we used to have a dog and
it left hair all over the place.

My mother used to spend hours
on end cleaning up after him.

See, you had a dog,
but I'm not allowed one.

But do try to understand, Matic.
We lived in the country and we

had a big garden too.
-And because we live in the city

I can't have him? Then why can
aunt Molly have one

and the Vilhars and the Stares.
-Yes. But they have little dogs,

not enormous beasts like this. -You
just admit it. You don't like him.

You see, Jacob,
she doesn't like you.

It's not that I don't like him, but...

If that's what you want, make a
choice: who's it to be, me or him?

Go on, tell me!

Well, and you say whom you
love more, daddy or me?

Go on, tell me!

Oh, you clever little rascal! -You've
got no idea how much I love you.

I'll get fleas.

One, two, two, one, one, two....

Actor have dog, a movie dog.
-Roaring Bull not in war paint!

Oh, I'll get dressed,
I just wanted to tell you

that he's got that big black beast.
-For good?

Indians too have dogs.
Only find name for him.

See, this is your door,
remember that.

This is where you live,
you understand? Seventh floor.

When I say, Jacob home,
you come here, that clear?

Up here, hop, Jacob!

Hop, hop, hop!

Good boy, good boy!

See the chocolate?

Up here, hop! Hop!
-What's up? -Oh, Rok.

You're shouting as
if everyone was deaf.

You know, he can find his
own way home! -No.

He can, I'm telling you. You've
never seen a dog as friendly as this.

Just hold him.
Don't be scared.

Put him into the elevator. Then
hide round the corner and watch.

Now don't let me down.



Home Jacob!

Look out Rok, he's coming.

Mom, will you give me five bucks so I
can buy some Jacob feeding bowls?

Matic, what happened?
What did you do to dr. Grm?

Oh yes... I was teaching Jacob
how to come home.

And what were you doing at the
doctor's? -Nothing. Jacob mistook

the floor. It's happened to me too.
-They called the doctor, you know.

Well, if she's hysterical.
-Wow can you talk like that.

You'll have to go
and apologize nicely.

If you don't look after him, I'll
give him back to the trainer.

Oh, the Indians are back again...

Jacob, Jacob, heel.
See how he obeys.

Gee, what a big dog. I'm going
to look at him. -Me too.

Is he yours?
-Mine, yes.

What's his name?

Like that teacher's.
-Gee, he looks angry. Is he fierce?

Of course not. -How black he is.
And what a long tongue he has.

Can he swim? -Can he play basketball?
-He can, and lots of other things too.

Do you think he really can?
-You can't tell, we haven't tried yet.

Hand over the ball!

Show us what you can do, Jacob.
Look out for your back!

Boy is he good.

Bravo, bravo Jacob!
-He can really play.

Come on, Jacob! Cover! Cover!


Who broke the window?
Well, who did it?

Do I have to come down?
Who broke the window? -Jacob.

Jacob, Jacob! -Who's Jacob?
-The dog.

I'll give you a dog.
Whose is the ball? -His. -Mine.

Well you just tell your mother
to come to me to get it.

Please sir, I broke the window.
It was an accident.

I'll speak to your mother myself.
Now beat it,

get out of my sight.
I'm on night shift, Christ!

Do you know, I'm scared?
-I'll say I broke the window.

That'll be great.

You don't understand.
My mother doesn't like dogs.

What about the money? -I'll persuade
her somehow. You're a great guy.

His name will be Dingo,
the desert dog.

Quiet Jacob, sit! He's not
going to be any Dingo, he'll stay

Jacob, just as he is.
-I big chief of the Apaches....

You can be, for all I care, I'm not
Playing Indians any more! Good bye!

You can count me out too! -Why
don't you want to play any more?

White dog, I take scalp,
take all scalps!

What do you think you are,
just because you've got that dog?

Think I'm scared of him.
Look at the bastard....

He'll bite you. No!

I'll have your scalp.

Don't, Jacob!


Now I'm in for it. -Did you
see, he was defending me...

Is that you, Rok? Rok?

Stupid, if you've come to make
fun of me you can just beat it!

I told you, Nelly, scram!

I'm no Nelly, good-bye.
-Wait, Milena, I didn't know

it was you. -But I promised
I'd come to see Jacob.

Why don't you open up?
-It's all your fault.

You see, and we can't get out.
-What did you say?

Aw, nothing. Damn.
-All right, I'm going. -Wait!

Well then at least open the door.
-I'm not allowed to. Jacob's being

punished because he bit Black Flash.
-Well then lock him in the bedroom.

It's not that easy.

You're waiting for Neli, I know.

What did you say?
-That stupid cow. Are you crazy?

All right, then I'm going.
-Wait, Milena.

I haven't got the key.
Mommy's locked me in.

You've got no idea what a fuss there
was because of those six stitches,

his mother behaved as if he'd
been swallowed by a crocodile.

And you won't be allowed out
in the afternoon either? -I don't know.

You know, mommy and
I met the assistant.

He bought us an ice cream.
I was so embarrassed,

because he asked
how my boyfriend was...

What boyfriend?
-Well, he meant you....

Haven't you got anything more
sensible to talk about?

I've brought Jacob some bones.
Well, if you don't want them...

Just leave them
in front of the door.

There you are, Jacob, eat it!
I've brought you a whole steak.

You're just teasing him.

If I'd known you were like this,
I wouldn't have come.

When we're allowed out again,
we'll come and see you.

I don't believe you.
-We will. -lf I'm at home.

Matic... -Oh, mommy.
-What's the matter? -Nothing.

Who brought this? -Rok.
-Oh, Rok? -Yes, Rok.

For Jacob. You can't imagine
how fond he is of him.

You devil! You know it's for you.
He's brought you a whole steak,

and bones too. -You know what?
Go and wipe the door on the outside.

Yes, mommy.

That Rok really isn't
your friend at all.

There's writing in the elevator too
and on the wall downstairs.

What Milena is that?
Not the one from the film?

Are you very fond of her?
-Leave me alone.

Don't you like Nelly any more?
Why don't you like Nelly any more?

I'm not speaking to you.
-That's not nice of you, to have

two girlfriends at the same time.
-I'll scalp Nelly.

You mustn't scalp girls, Matic.
-Leave me alone!

Does Milena like you too? Are you
fonder of her than you are of me?

Damn women....
-Where were you?

Come here. What were you doing
over there? -Have you got it? -Yes.

Did anyone see you?
-No. -Show me!

Look, first I press this button,
then it records.

Say something...

You say something!
-You talk... -OK.

Black Bull is our chief.

Now I press this button,
I wait a bit and then press here...

Say something. -You say something.
-You talk. -Black Bull is our

chief. -Maybe it'll work.
-It all depends on you, Nelly.

Mac! Mac!
-I'm no Mac.

I'm going to interview you.
-You? -For the children's' paper.

You think I don't know what
your school marks are like?

As if that mattered.
What's the doggie's name?

I'll give you, doggy. -How
and where did you get Jacob?

I got him from Mars, by telephone.
-Can you tell our readers,

who else acted in the film?
-lf you could have read it all

in the magazines. And what else
interests your esteemed readers?

There are rumours that you're in love
with the actress Milena.

You stupid! -Then why does she come
to see you? Ninny! Who scribbled

on the doors and in the elevator?
-It wasn't me. -Well who then?

Think I don't recognize your
hearts? My notebook is full of them.

If you were a boy, I'd give
you a good pasting.

It wasn't me. -Well who then?
-It wasn't me, Matic.

Will you get away, you black brute.
I'll kill you!

Jacob, Jacob, heel!
Here, Jacob! Jacob!

You damned cur, now I know
why everything's rusting.

I'll kill that black brute.

Is he yours?
Aren't you in my class?

And the dog's called Jacob,
like me.

That was his name,
when I got him.

OK, OK, we'll be seeing
each other in the fall.

Yes, I know you want to do
a wee, come on, let's go!

The time is 7.20. A good
housewife starts thinking about

supper in the morning.
We suggest could meat

and the excellent mayonnaise....




Are you pressing the right button?
-Of course. The white one, she said.

Then why does she come to see you?
-Who scribbled on the doors?

Jacob, Jacob!
-It wasn't me.

Do you hear...?! -Well who then?
Think I don't recognise your hearts?

I've got a whole notebook full
of them! -Jacob! -lf you were a boy,

I'd give you a good pasting.
-It wasn't me. -Well who then?

Hear that? She's after Matic, she
doesn't even notice you.

But... -Will you get away,
you black brute! I'll kill you!

She's having you on! Where's
the dog? -Jacob, Jacob!




Jacob, heel! Here, Jacob!
Jacob! Here Jacob!

You damned cur. Now I know
why everything's rusting.

I'll kill that black brute.

Is he yours?
aren't you in my class?

Run it through again! He'll get
away! -I'll kill you!

Jacob! Jacob, heel! Here, Jacob!
-Quickly, close that door.

Here, Jacob!

Yes. I took him for a wee,
like I always do,

and now he's not anywhere.
-Well, then he went outside.

But how?
The door was locked.

What if he went down into the cellar?
-I went down to look, everything's

locked. -Wait! I'm coming
with you, I'll just get dressed.

Is it all right?

Now you can bark!

You don't think your father will
come down here? -Not till the fall.

Jacob! -When they start heating
again, not before that though.

There, Matic, now we're quits.
See that, eh?

Did you find him?
-He's not there!

Maybe he went to Milena's?


Matic, came and eat!

I can't!

You just eat, Matic,
I've got something for Jacob too.

You know how hungry he'll be when
he comes. -He won't be back, ever.

We've searched everywhere...
-Listen, Matic!

Every dog gets lost now and
again. Eat up!

If he's not here by tomorrow,
we'll put an ad in the paper.

You just read how many
dogs are found.

People like dogs, you know...
-He's dead, I know he is!

Remember what the teacher said?
He'll kill him; I know he's done it.

Don't talk like that, you know
he didn't really mean it.

I'II... I'II...
I'll give him...

What he was like?
-Big, beautiful, smart.

Big, and black with long hair
-Trained! -Trained.

Yes, a Newfoundland, yes!


Jacob's his name... Funny name,
isn't it? We didn't give it to him.

Tell them about the teacher! -Beg
your pardon? What he's worth?

You know, I don't really know.
-A million, at least!

No, no, I didn't say anything,
I'm sorry! It was my son.

Well, he'd be worth about 2 or 3
thousand, he was given to us.

Yes, yes, I will.
Thank you, officer.

Now tell me exactly
everything he said!

Who put the ad in? -We did.
As soon as we found him.

Did you put the ad in?
-He did.

Well, come here!

Sit down!

Found big black dog that
answers to the name of Jacob.

And so on right down
to the reward.

Fine. How do you know
his name's Jacob?

We know. -Oh, you know.
Well, if you know the dog's name,

you know whose it is!

You'll tell us yet!

Has the owner come yet?
Ask her in!

Mrs. ?kerjanc? -Yes.
-Just follow me, please.

Is Jacob here?
-Jacob? What Jacob?

Oh nothing, nothing.
He meant the dog.

Come in!


Do sit down!

There, you see, these are
the heroes who steal dogs.

He bit me, you just look.
-You baited him.

It was your own fault! Everyone
knows that. Don't they, Andrej?

My son's so attached to him
, you understand, don't you?

I knew it would be all right,
but he made

such a fuss... And we've
got used to him.

You know, children pranks...

These are no pranks.

After all this is robbery
and attempted extortion.

You know the punishment
for that under paragraph 249

of the Criminal law?

Three months to one year's
jail, for juveniles...


What do you mean no?

They didn't steal him.

What?! -He got lost. All dogs
get lost now and then,

don't they, mommy?
-They do, they do.

Well, if he gets lost,
that's another matter.

You two know where
to look for him!

Don't you? Not so fast!
I'm not finished yet!

If we meet again, things'll be
different! Good-bye!


Mom. -All right. Go and get Jacob,
but then come straight home.


Children! -You know, a bit of a
fright doesn't hurt them! -Thanks.

Now get up!

You'll be so handsome that all
the lady dogs will be after you.

Now be good, it'll soon be over.
I know it hurts your eyes.

Poor thing.

If it's Rok, tell him to wait for me
downstairs! I'll be down in a jiffy!

Oh, it's you two? -We've come...
-We've come to apologize.

We didn't mean any harm...
-I know, I know.

Forgive us, and thank you.
-Thank you very much.

Oh, thank you for
the lovely flowers.

It was Matic's fault too.
Now be friends,

why should you quarrel.
Look what I got.

Are you coming down? -Yes.
-Tell Rok to come too.

We'll all be there.
-Oh no, Jacob!

Oh dear, look what you've done.
-I'll clean it up, mom.

I big chief Black Flash
bury hatchet, How!

Whiteface with dog my friend,
his friends

my friends.
-Hurray, hurray!

Why are you sulking?
We're friends, aren't we? -Yes.

His enemies
are my enemies!

Why are you acting like this?
Are you mad at me? -At you? Why?

Whiteface with dog be my brother,
we two smoke pipe of peace.

Hurray, hurray!

Black Flash give white
brother talisman.

As long as Whiteface have my
talisman, he my brother! How!

Matic! Matic!
-What's the matter?

What's the matter?

Matic, just look at you!

Why, you're ill.

What's made you sick?

Breathe at me. You haven't
been smoking, have you?

You've been smoking, haven't you?
Now he's started smoking...

Water! -No water. Milk,
you'd better have some milk.

Will you remember now that
cigarettes are not for children?

I smoked the pipe of peace.
-A pipe? Good heavens, Matic,

what a savage you've become!
I let you do as you like,

go fighting, playing Indians and
God knows what else. I even let

you have Jacob, and you go and...
What's this? A sling? -Mommy...

How often have I told you that
slings are not for children.

Do you know how many children
have lost eyes! -That's a talisman,

I've got to have it. -lf there's
one thing I hate, it's slings!

Quiet! Now you're starting too!
-Mommy, no.

You damn dog, and I
have to clean up after you.

Jacob, Jacob!

I'm so sorry, he was only looking
for the sling. -It's either that dog or I!

It's up to the tenants' council to
decide. -But I'll clean up.

I can't stand it any longer!

They should be ashamed
of themselves. Damn brats!

In view of constant complaints
by tenants because of infringements

of Article 9 of the House Rules
concerning the keeping of pets

I hereby call an extra-ordinary
meeting of the Tenants' Council.

Agenda: 1. Complaint
by Mrs. Anna Kmetic,

the janitress and others because
of Mrs. ?kerjanc's dog.

Damn sling. -It's not only the
sling. But the car, and the

window... -Shut up! -Give him a
chance! Let him finish reading it.

2. Miscellaneous: Chairman of the
tenant's Council, sgd Jacob Badluck.

What does that mean, sgd?
-No idea.

Don't you know? It means "sure to
get you down". -No, it doesn't.

We'll have to think of something.
-But what? -What...

All members of the Tenant's Council
are old, and they'll be against Jacob.

But what can they do to him?
-Nothing! He'll have to go.

I won't let him!

There! Let them have
their meeting!

Do you think they won't have the
meeting now? -Let them! I don't care.

Why aren't we the
Tenants' Council?

That's right. Why aren't we
the Tenants' Council,

why doesn't anyone
ask us?

Nives is right. Why aren't we
the Tenants' Council?

But I won't let Jacob go!
-I know. When's the meeting?

This evening at eight they have...
-At eight!

I just know he'll have to go.
Someone's coming...

Let's go to the garage, there's never
any peace around here.

Matic, be good, right? I'll be
back soon. You can watch television.

The Pink Panther's on, do you hear?
-Yes, mom.

Mrs. ?kerjanc? Well, you see, that
is the way it is. I can't do anything.

There are quite specific complaints.
We've been waiting for you. -Thanks.

Look out now.

-Jacob, Jacob, Jacob!

Quiet! Quiet!
What's all this?

Go home at once!

Whatever are you thinking of!

Why aren't we the Tenant's Council?
-What? Who said that?

We won't let Jacob go! -What do
you mean? Who won't let...

We won't let Jacob go!

Jacob! Jacob! Jacob!


What's going on?

Quiet I said!

Come here!
Well, come here to me.

Aren't you from my school?
-No. -Well what do you want?

We won't let the dog go.
-But who said anything?

Who's talking about the dog?
But there's go to be order,

you understand that?

What's your name?

What were you thinking of?
Putting the children up to that.

You've got a nerve, you know
everyone's against us.

I didn't put anyone up to
anything. -The disgrace of it.

The things they said. How the
Grudens can't sleep

because that black monster up
there howls all night...

He doesn't howl, only did it twice.
-The teacher's car is rusting!

He doesn't wee there any more.
-Whether he wees or not,

you know what a serious person
the teacher is.

What about the trash cans? -That
was your fault, you threw the sling

into the garbage. Jacob got it for me.
I told the janitress

I'd clear up the mess,
but she wouldn't let me,

only so she could go and howl,
the hysterical old bag.

The way you talk!
-She's hysterical, she is! -Matic!

You said so yourself, a while ago...

I did. And the window and the ball,
and the doors! Never in my life

did I feel so embarrassed. The beast
howls, bites, he's a mortal danger.

They don't let their children out
to play any more! -They're lying!

Listen, lots of people don't like dogs.
-I don't care, I don't like them.

You're big enough to understand.
Jacob will have to go.

He won't! -He will, and that's
the end of that. -lf Jacob goes,

I go too. -Not that too, Matic?
-I won't let him go, I won't...

Don't be pig-headed. Such dogs don't
belong in apartment houses, get it?

How can you say a thing like that!
You don't love him, that's why.

Matic, we can't go on like this.

The dog will have to go and
there' an end to it!

Just imagine, if everyone
in the building had a dog like that,

how'd that be? A menagerie,
a menagerie, a real menagerie.

I'm sorry for Matic. -Well
you tell me, what we can do.

You've really been neglecting
yourself, my dear.

We'll try this lotion.

Is it imported?
-Of course. What else!

Oh, that stupid...

Oh, Milena, where're
you off to?

I've brought some bones for Jacob.
You know how fond he is of me.

Of me too.

Where are Matic and Jacob?
-Is he your steady? -No.

He used to bi mine.

But now he's not, I know,
now he's got Jacob.

Jacob will have to go. His
mother's going to sell him.

Well then I'll buy him.
-You'll buy him?

Think I haven't got anything
in my piggy-bank?

Have you any idea what a dog like
that costs? Millions and millions,

Matic told me himself.
-What's up now?

She's going to by Jacob,
because Matic.

Buy? Boy, we didn't
think of that.

We could all join together and
by Jacob. -Yes, of course.

All of us together. But not you!
-Flash! Come here! I've got an idea!

What floor?

Fourth? Up to the fourth floor.
Go on! Jane?. Get going!

Mommy, mother dear...

Yes. -lf you give me another ten
dinars, I'll clean the bathroom, too.

Mommy'll be home before. -lf he
promised, to come, he'll come.

He'll come, yes, I know Niko.
Tomorrow or the next day.

Matic, mother gave me money for
an ice-cream. There, for Jacob!

Hand it over to me!

But why are you going to by
Jacob, if he's yours?

Jacob must go.
-My mother's going to sell him.

But why's she going
to sell him to you?

Hey, master, master!

We could clear up your yard and
take the things to the dump! -Oh yeah?

Don't you believe us?
-Who're you?

We're from that house over there.
-We're going to buy Jacob. -Whom?

A dog. That's his name.
-Oh you're going to buy a dog?

Well then you just clear up! But you
won't be able to sell everything.

Then we'll take it to the dump.



Did you put the ad in?
-Good that you're at home.

Didn't you put it in?

You still think
I don't like Jacob?

Where are you, my black boy?
-You put it in, didn't you?

Do you think I'm happy about it?
We can't keep him.

They're all against him. It's either
us or the dog. -Well then let us go.

Where to? It'd be
the same everywhere.

Will it be in the paper tomorrow?

What can I do now, Matic?
-We'll give him to someone

like me, won't we?
Jacob likes children.

Can we go down now? -Down?
Now? -Jacob's got to do wee.

You'll be back straight away,
won't you?

It's raining...

Rok! Come down quick!
I've got to get back straight away,

or mommy'll suspect something.

Don't be scared, Jacob,
it'll be all right.

Listen when I speak to you.
I know you'd like to go the car.

But there'll be no more of that,
you're going to stay with me.

Everything's all right.
It's all organized.

We get up at five in the morning,
we've got to be there by a six.

Flash says, that there's masses of
work. And they'll pay us too.

Flash'll fix that. What I'm worried
about is who's going to buy him.

Did your mother put an ad in?
-She didn't exactly say.

Maybe she didn't. -Did she,
or didn't she? -I don't know.

Did Niko come? -Yes,
he came and went to practice.

When's he coming? -I don't
know. I talk about Jacob

and he talks about basketball.
Let's give him up. Forget him.

Well then, who else?
I'm meeting Flash after supper,

we'll think of something.
-Well, all right, all right.

But don't forget, there's got
to be a garden and a lot of children,

that's what I told mommy.
If she asks for too much,

no bargaining.
-We'll fix it.

Be good, we're going now.
And you look out Rok,

Flash is better at other things.

Young Newfoundland dog,
slightly trained, to be given away

due to housing problems. Preferably
to a good family with children.

Condition: a big garden.
-She's going to give him away.

She didn't tell me that.
-Good Grief, look at that:

Enquiries to ?kerjanc,
Concrete Settlement 36,

7th floor from 10 to 12 a.m.
-Is your mother at home?

Didn't she go to work?
-Of course she did.

She'll be home before ten.

Now we're in a spot. Doesn't
matter, Nelly, go and get Nata?a!

The redhead?
-Who else?

But I don't know where she lives.
-Of course you do, next door to me.

Wait, I'm going with you!

Hey you, little one, come here!
Come on, both of you!

You go down to the bus stop,
right? -Yes.

When you see Matic's mother,
run and tell us. How!

Nata?a's going to buy him. -My
mother knows her. -She doesn't.

Do you think... She knows everyone?
-She's never been with us anywhere.

Well yes, that's true. -You just
trust me, she'll manage it.

She's not a girl, she's real guy!
-Did you tell her about the children?

Matic, Nata?a's not at home. She's
gone shopping with her mother!

When's she coming back?
-I didn't ask that.

You goose! -None told me to.
-Well run and ask

when she'll be back! -You can
go and run, I'm not going again.

What? -I said, I'm not going
again. -I'll go. -No!

I told Nelly to go! Get going!
-Nives, come with me.

Now I'm not going, you should
have waited for me before.

No depending on Nata?a. -She'll
come. -When it's too late.

Stop moaning. Now listen to me:
you stay near the elevator

and look out that nothing goes
wrong. This'll be the sign.

She's coming,
she's coming!

Did you see? -No sign either
Nelly or Nata?a. -Don't panic.

What'll we do now?
-She mustn't see anyone here,

or there'll be trouble.
-That's right. -Matic,

she mustn't see you here!
-Well you tell Nata?a what to do.

Leave it to me.
-Jacob, come here, Jacob!

Did you hear? To your places,
and the rest of you beat it,

or do you want me
to scalp you?

I have spoken, How!

Oh, you're at home?
Just as well.

Oh, mommy,
isn't it hot today?

Matic! -Yes...

Who told you about the ad?

How did you hear about the ad?
-Oh, the ad? Rok told me.

Rok. And what did he say?
-You mean, Rok? -Yes, Rok.

What he said?

Nothing? -What is there to say?
-And what about you? -Me?

What's the matter with you? Can't
you hear, what I'm asking you?

I can hear. -You think it's the
same to me? I'm very fond of him.

It'd be better, if we'd never
had him.

If we have to give Jacob away,
I'd rather someone

like me got him.

A garden's important, he's got
have a garden. A big garden,

that's the thing for Jacob.

Who did he bite? -He didn't only
do it once, there's more of them.

Don't you believe be? Rok!
-What is it? -Come here!

How did Jacob bite you? -That's
not a dog, that's a wild beast.

It says he's trained.
-Trained! He's vicious,

not trained. He attacked me
for no reason at all.

And he bit me, and not only me.
-He bit me too.

Oh dear, and they offer you a dog
like that, shameless people.

I'll tell them a thing or two.

I knew there'd be
something wrong.

Little boy,
what floor is it?

Who are you looking for?
-The ?kerjances. -Seventh.


That's too much for my feet.

Shame on them! People like that
should be reported!

Boy, that was close!

Look out there's someone from
the house coming!


I know what I'll do. Wait!
I'm on my way!

What, what? Hey, wait!
Couldn't you say

were here? Is she coming?
-Who? -Who, who! Nata?a!

Did they tell you when she's
coming? Didn't you go there?

Don't you know when she's
coming? -After lunch.

But flash's not going
to boss me around!

What are you staring at?
Go away and play.

You go too!
Give me the ball!

You stubborn creature.

Rok! Rok! -I know why
she's here every day.

Not because of Jacob, anyway.
-Did you see the ad?

Ages ago. We got up at five.
do you think we can't read?

She didn't mean it. -Matic's going
steady with you now, isn't he?

None of your business, snotty.
-I'm not snotty, so there.

Hell, can't you see there's someone
coming. Follow me, quick.

Hey, boy? -Yes?
-Where's number 36? -36...

Yes. That's 35 over there,
this should be 36, but it's 16.

How's that, eh?

Everything's mixed around here.
-What do you mean, mixed up?

It should be down there somewhere.
Do you know where 36 is?

36? -?kerjanc, I'm looking for
the ?kerjanc family. -Oh, ?kerjanc?

Isn't that Tony's?
-What Tony?

Where they have the black dog.
-Yes, that's right. Where is it?

Over there. That yellow block.
-Which one? The one on the right

or the one at the end?
-That one, at the end.

Well, you turn left there,
then it's the first street to the right,

there's a green block there...

Left and then right.
Thanks, little boy!

I'll little boy you! Jesus, I've
got him bogged down,

he won't be back today.

Matic, I'll go.

Oh, you've come about the ad?

A big garden, lots of children...

You'll have to talk
to my mother.

Mommy, she's come
about the ad.

Step right in, come on!

I've come about the dog. Oh, isn't
he lovely. And he's trained too?

His name is Jacob.
-And who are you?

Why didn't your mommy
or daddy come with you?

Daddy's with Intertrade
and he's on a business trip,

and mommy's on duty.
She said I'd better go alone.

It might be too late. I've got
money. -Have you got a garden?

A big garden,
and three brothers too.

What did you say your name was?
-Nata?a. -You've got a big garden,

that's the main thing, isn't it?
-A big garden. But I'd rather

talk to your mommy
or your daddy.

Do you like dogs? -Yes. -Give
her your paw. You just stroke him.

Look how he lets her stroke him.
-Jacob likes all children.

Look, how about coming back
tomorrow with your mommy?

No, not tomorrow, he'd better go
straight away today, if he must.

Why do you so particularly want
her to have Jacob? -Because!

Because what?

Where do you live? -You know
where the Golden Duck Motel is?

Back of there.
-That really isn't far.

I'll go with her,
so I see where she lives.

Can I come and see him sometime?
-Every day, if you like.

If I have time,
I'll go and visit him,

so he won't be bored.

But, if we really give him to her,
promise you won't cry?

Is it all right now?

Tra ra ra day,
This is our day,

Let's run this way,
He likes everyone

Our companion,
Tra ra ra ran!

Let everyone live,
As he likes,

We as we like,
Tra ra ra rike,

So will we
Help ourselves:

Happiness and we
Tra ra ra ri

Happiness on the lead!

Tra ra ra day,
This is our day,

Let's run this way,
He likes everyone

Our companion,
Tra ra ra ran!

Let everyone live,
As he likes,

We as we like,
Tra ra ra rike,

So will we
Help ourselves:

Happiness, and we
Tra ra ra ri

Happiness on the lead!

Yes, boys, it's like this.
We can still play outside here,

but where's he going to sleep?

That's right. We'll have to hide
him at home. -But where?

If we were to put
him where we had him before?

No, not there!
-What about at the mechanic's?

Think the mechanic will want
to look at him all the time?

Matic? -What is it? -How
about putting him on the terrace.

That's it! We'll put up a house
there. There's never anyone there.

That would really be best.
-Has your father got a key?

The janitress has it. -Your father
will tell the janitor,

and you'll grab it! Tomorrow
we'll have our own anyway.

Jump in, Jacob!
In with you!

Good boy, Jacob,

Lift it, go one! Let's go! -Let's go!
-Quiet! -Matic, wait for me!

Is he going to wag that tail all
the way? -Shut up, and carry it!

Quiet, I said!

What is it?

Shoo, shoo, will you go!

My mother says, if,
if you meet a cat...

Shut up, get going!

You bunglers!

Nata?a!? Nata?a?
Do you hear?

What? Eh? -Are they coming?
Well then, quick, whistle!

There's none round now.

Come on! Come on!

Gee, what'll we do now?

There's someone coming!

Let him come, we're here now!
-Quiet, Jacob!

It's all right now,
none can hear him!

Close the door!

It was stupid of us, you know.
He can't stay here.

He'll jump over the wall.
-Of course he can stay.

Let's put him on a lead.

How shall we get him down
every day? -Same as up here.

With the elevator? Are you
crazy? So much laundry...

Who would believe you?
You're nuts.

No, he can't stay here.
-Well, not forever.

We'll have to think of something
else. -Flash will figure it out.

Let's run before someone sees us.

Come on, it's OK...

Hurry up! If that door closed,

we'd be stuck here.
-You're my boy, Jacob, my boy...

Good boy, Jacob... Who's
on guard today? -Flash.

Be patient, Jacob,
good boy, Jacob...

Matic, shall we have
some stakes? -Yeah...

Viennese style,
with breadcrumbs?

Well, how? Did you hear me,
Matic? -With jam...

It's bad, isn't it?
For me too, you know.

I know how you're feeling. -Well,
at least he's in a safe place.

My sweet child. Look at the steaks
we're going to have, ha?

The smell,
I'm not going to eat that.

They don't smell at all. What
sort of a nose have you got?

I'm not going to eat that,
I'd rather have cereal.

Nelly? No sweet?

I'll eat it.
-I'm coming.

Well, that's the limit. I won't
have you making things up!

The steaks smells, why don't
you eat your cereal then?

I'd rather have the steak.
-Now he wants steak again...

I threw it away!

See all the things they got for
you. A real feast.

Look, look,
there's chocolate too...

And this must be from Matic.

Quiet, Jacob, quiet.



Jacob, my Jacob...

And thank you again, doctor.
-The medicine as soon as possible.

One tablet every day four hours.

And lots of tea.

Who'll run to the chemist's?
-I will. -I will!

And come back quick!

Is he going to die? -No,
he's not. What's your name?

Nives. But I'd like to see him.
-You'll see him.

Say hello from us!

There, look at him!


Has the doctor come?

You should know
the doctor's car.

He's coming!

Yes, he's coming, that skunk!
-He got us into this mess!

-I'll show you...

Who is it? Who is it?

I'll give something
to remember us by.

Just wait till I get my
hands on you, rascals!

Is it tight?

Damn rascals!

I know why! Because of
that black beast,

because of that dog!

Matic, you've got a visitor.
Look, who's come. -Oh, it's you?

It's me.
-Look what she's brought you.

Will you be up soon?

The doctor gave me an injection,
and I've got tablets to eat...

Was your mother very angry?
-She wasn't angry at all.

She said that everyone has
a right to their own secrets,

only I should have told her
about Jacob.

I've got a secret too.
Haven't you got one? -Maybe.

Like mine?
-I don't talk about that.

As long as Jacob gets well.
-Is he sick? Since when?

He's in hospital. -What? That's
why the trainer took him away.

The trainer? When?
-That same day...

You lied to me! Jacob's not sick!
You gave him to the trainer.

Wait, Matic. You can go and see
him. Where should he go?

Isn't there enough wrong already?
-You gave him away!

It's not far at all.
Soon you can go and see him.

I'll buy you that red bicycle...
-I don't want it, a bike is

a bike, but a dog is alive! -Matic!
-It's all the grown-ups' fault!

All of our plans
Are spun in the wind,

The world is forged
Out of gray concrete,

We're running somewhere,
Running away,

Running into the world of dreams,
For everyone, fore really everyone,

There's room somewhere,
Where the grass in green

Happiness and we,
Happiness without a lead!

All of our plans
Are spun in the wind,

The world is forged
Out of grey concrete,

We're running somewhere,
Running away,

Running into the world of dreams,
For everyone, fore really everyone,

There's room somewhere,
Where the grass in green