Hang in There, Kids! (2016) - full transcript

In a secluded indigenous tribe, 3 kids who grew up in the mountains and the woods. They are all very optimistic, energetic and playful; yet, they are also troubled by their own family ...

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Okay, kid and granny We're going to start shooting


Don't move. We are taking pics

Okay! Kid, stay still


Okay, don't smile

Okay, let's shoot one

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Watan, your smile is too big.
That's bad for selling the vegetables

Kid, I said not to smile


Hold your smile first

One more

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That's right, sadder Uglier

Put on a sadder look

so people will buy from granny
when they see the newspapers

Kid, don't hold granny

We are very close

And I didn't smile

Got it---

Look, this is nice

Granny Granny, this is nice

Your veggies will all sell out

- This pic is really good
- Awesome

Wait---Aren't these my dad's peaches?

Aren't they for your grandma?

Your peaches are too sweet

My granny will get diabetes from that

If you try to sell them at the tourists spot,

won't police catch you?

We could just run

Yeah, we are kids The police won't go after us

- Watan
- What?

How much is a peach?

Around 50NT

When people see
that we're dark skinned aboriginal kids,

we can sell at 80NT

Do we get a cut?

Bro, of course

10NT out of one

Oh, no- Busted

So what? Your dad is very kind

Don't freak out

Hello, gramps

Don't call my dad gramps

What're you three doing here?

We're going to the tourists spot
to sell veggies from Watan's granny

Granny's cabbages?


I thought that reporter spread the news
in the paper

We sell them to have more allowance

Oh, no, my peaches!

Each costs more than 100NT Don't squash them like this


Of course My family produces high quality peaches

So they are expensive

Chen Hao, don't lie

You're going to junior high school soon-
You're taking it too easy

How can you compete
with students off the mountain?

They are good

How can you take care of your dad afterward?

He's very good, top three from our class

Our teacher said he's so good that he understands everything

he doesn't need to review nor write homework

Who doesn't know your class has only 6 students

Top one, two and three

You cover the top three, right?

Okay---stop talking

- Let me send you to teacher Lawa
- Oh, no

- Big bro!
- Come on, hop on---We walked for a long time

It's all your fault!

We Action Buddha needs some info and pics

There's only 1 pic on the table

Because we don't take pics

That's fine

We'll take his pics later

Granny, the file said

both your son and husband passed away

So you tend this big garden all by yourself?


You have to take care of everything alone

It's difficult It must tire you out

Do you have only one grandson?

I have an older grandson
studying off the mountain

- He's mischievous, too
- Mischievous?

This one looks naughty

He's cute

I'll serve you some soup

I ate already, granny

I'm sorry- It might not suit your taste

No---It' fine, only that I ate

Then I'll give you a glass of water

Thanks, granny

You are too kind, thank you

You're really too kind

- Drink some tea
- Thanks---


The social worker is here- Come here

No What do you want?

What is it?

We'll measure your height and weight

Give you some clothes

We have lots of clothes

I have plenty of clothes here, right, granny?

I don't want them

Watch your manners

It's fine- He's only a kid

Besides clothes,

Besides clothes, We also provide satchels and computers

They have computers


Computers? New ones?

It's good enough to have one

That's lousy

The screen is almost broken, and it runs slow

Is it really a new one?

As good as new

Are you really going to give me one?

Yes, I'll give you one

That's a promise

- I'll go out now, granny
- Eat your breakfast first

No, I want black tea and bread

I'll get them at the grocery store

I'm heading out

- He doesn't listen to me - He is cute

Wait, I forgot to measure your height and weight

What's your height and weight?

I'm as tall as Kobe

I weigh 50 "Km"

- He really is mischievous
- Yes, very

Handsome gramps


Did you eat?

I'm a bit hungry I'll take one

- Hey, it's hot
- It's fine

What the---

You scared me

What? Are you shy?

We shower together all the time

New clothes? Sent from your mom?


What else?

Good stuff

You got a lot

Go to check the trap with me, Chen Hao

No, I have after-school class this afternoon

Why don't you ask Lil Dingdong

He's watching a NBA game at home

Short and chubby

Rolling around when he's hit

Does he think that he's Jeremy Lin?

This one is too small for you- Take it off

Put on something else- Go hunting with me

This one's nice- Put this on

- Ok, relax
- I think your dad knows you better- Hurry up

Let's go

Come on

Are we there yet, Watan?

- Shut up
- Had a dream about Formosan muntjac my ass

Chen Hao, Formosan muntjac!

No kidding Formosan muntjac- Let's go



Look, it's broken

It's so small

Hurry up, you are hard to please

You should be satisfied with what you have

And it stinks

This is the way it's supposed to be

My brother used to hunt

He told me that you should take what you have

That's stupid

Grab that rope

- Let's go
- It's so dirty

Good stuff is here, boss

You are here

This is delicacy

Good stuff is here

It's alive

It's alive, caught yesterday

Police officer---

Hello, officer

What brings you here?

I'm just here seeing how things are

Iced cold beer

No, I'm on duty- Maybe some iced water

- It's warm
- Ok---

Will we be caught by the police?

No, He's also a Tayal, right?

He eats Formosan muntjac, too

How much do you want for this?

- Maybe 1500NT

My dad's worker asks for 2 grands

- Seriously?
- Yeah

Then I'll ask for more later

You guys know how to choose your timing

If I didn't see him right away,

you'd have been caught

- Come Let me see
- It's huge

How much is it?

- 2 grands
- 2 grands?

- 1 grand 1 grand for a small one
- Please

We went far to catch it, 2 grands

- It was jumping around.
- Yes.

1 grand for a small one

or you can sell it elsewhere

- 1 grand.
- 1500, please, 1500

We're kids.

Look how fresh the meat is

1 grand

- Look, it smells so good -It's hard to come by Try to find it yourself.

1 grand.

Ok, 1200


We're kids, boss.
- Yes.

Come on!

It's tasty- 1200, boss

- This is the last time.
- Okay.

- Let me grab the money.
- Okay.

Thank you, boss.

I told you to sell it for 2 grands

He set the price. Otherwise you can't sell anything

1200 is a good deal

Life as a hunter is difficult,
we should grow fruits instead

You do that, go

Sing your own future

Tell your own dreams

Sing it out loud all the same

Am I good?

Can I release an album?


Thank you.

Aren't you that guy?

My future isn't a dream

- Do you think he's Tom Chang? -No

Who is he? You're that---

"Oh yeah, oh yeah" guy

Why are you here?

Enough. He's a good friend I just met.


Do you know him?


Isn't he the most famous singer from your tribe?


My dad is, not him

Dad's like our tribe's Mayday


Do you know what's our song?

What's your song?

A beautiful and young aboriginal girl

lives on a high mountain

She grabs a big pole every day

doing the pole dance

Do you know this song?

This classical song is so lame.

You should be embarrassed.

Do you know who he is?

He's an alcoholic from our tribe.
- Really?

His liver is going to burst

Shut up

I'll punch you guys.

Come and hit me.

"Oh yeah, oh yeah" guy

I'll come to see you and teach me play guitar.

Where are you going?

Let's go while the teacher is not here

You three!

Hello, teacher.

Only show up at the snack time

Go to your classroom now

I told you to use the front door

Why did you take the back door-
The teacher yelled at us

I didn't force you- You can't be mad

- No, you can't -Forget it

Why are you mad?

Yes, the teacher is so nice to us

Where were you, Watan?


You never take me with you

Like I will-

Talking about fishing all the time



Let's scare them


You are annoying

I'm doing my homework

Be quiet, American!

I'm doing my homework


Here come the snacks

Be quiet

Who is it?

It's him that's loud

Who is?
- Watan.


Who is "Finished"?

Teacher, blame it on Chuang and Watan

It's not me- It's Watan

They scare them with a beetle

It's your beetle, ok?

Yes, it's mine- But YOU used it to scare people

That's for them to admire

Both of you are the same

No one can bring insects here from now on-
Got it?


Si Yu and Ai Jia, help me with the nuggets?


Here, give it to me

Here---I have no money left

Not money, candies?

Hurry up

The beetle- Give it to her

I'll punch you- Beetle---

What then?

Communication Book

Give it to me

I haven't signed it for days

It's 28 days

Talked back to your teacher in class?


Where? Here!

I'm illiterate

It was the teacher who talked back.

And you raised your voices.

Nope, I was born loud.

When can you let the teacher praise you?

She did- Isn't this it?

Where were you?

We were going to the tourist spot
to sell veggies-

Selling veggies at the tourist spot?

Hey! The tourist spot?

Yes, at Lishan

When I grow up, I'll take you there


Thank you


You can hear different voices when you travel

This is a song that I heard

on the 3rd day of my South Pacific journey

In the northern tribe,

the aboriginal girls use their own language

to sing church songs


I know you're upset that I suspend the school

But you're alone with my brother without any help.

I can help...



Is brother coming back?

Are you coming back?

Granny, don't be angry.

I can help you with the garden

And I can take odd jobs

I can take care of our family

I'll let you be and do whatever you like.



Granny will be fine in a minute.



No, listen


- And these...
- Why do you have so much money?

1200 from Formosan muntjac

You stole this, right?


And that...
- What?

The low income family savings from the teacher in my account.

I have almost 30 grands

Stop lying, 30 grands my ass

It's true.

30 grands

If granny get sick,

we can pay her bills

What did you just say?
- Granny get sick?


Granny, don't eavesdrop.

That's your specialty.

I also want to buy---

those shoes with the "check" logo

What shoes with the check logo?

The expensive ones

over 2 grands with the check logo.

Why do you want to buy those?


What shoes?

- Didn't I just buy you a pair at Lishan last time?
- Granny

Get out- Don't---

Are they ruined?


Granny, sit down

What? Are the shoes I bought ruined?

No---I don't want some knockoffs

I want the real deal

The real "check" shoes


You are the same

What did I do?

Don't stay up too late

You got work to do tomorrow

I know, I'll get up

You got scolded

Ok, granny, go to bed now.

We have some men's talk

What men's talk?

Men's talk it is- Hurry up

- Ok, go to bed, granny -Go---

Bye, go to bed.

You kids never listen

Hey, Hu, get up.

Go to work.


Is that your grandson?


He's so cute

What's his name?

Jia Hu

How old is he?

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Graduated yet?

Granny has a great life

He still has to go off the mountain,
looking for a job

You have so much land

And you still let him go off to work

Just ask him to help out here

Keep up with the good work.



All grown up

Why did you want to come back to the mountain?


Actually, I think of coming back all the time

It's ok

You are back

You can take care of granny and help Watan out

You silly

Don't think too much


This is your home

My brother is awesome

As soon as he got back yesterday

All the old or broken stuff at home

were fixed by him


His arms are as strong as a bull

I think your brother is a farm hand

My father is the cool one

He's our tribe's Mayday

Mayflower is more like it

When my Bday comes on this Thursday

he'll get me a huge 28-inch cake

Do you think it's a TV screen?

I think your dad has to save
for two years to afford it

My dad is better than your dads

He buys me presents all the time

It doesn't need to be my Bday


You came to our place to have Kentucky's?

I asked my dad to do it.
- Yes.

You dad is so old, like a grandpa

Come, everyone, eat

Here, have some fruit, Chen Hao

You idiot, don't call my dad an old man

- Old man -Your dad is like a grandpa

My name is Lin Shan

My nickname is Lil Dingdong

I want to play in NBA

My idol is Jeremy Lin

It's Lin En Ya's turn

My name is En Ya

I come from Sqoyaw Tribe

You never met me

Because I left the tribe when I was little

I don't like naughty kids

So you have to behave

Whose turn is it?

Teacher Lawa

I don't want to do it

- Come on--- -Alright alright

Come on

I---ok, 1, 2, 3, 4

My name is Lawa

I love kids the most

Hope you all are happy

and behave every single day---

Walking tires me out

What the heck- Go home now.
- Lin Hsiao Long

- It's your dad, Lin Shan
- This is super annoying- Shut up

Go and sit down, Watan- Hurry up

Close the door, En Ya

Why are you closing the door?

You are drunk and messing around again

I'm not drunk, I only want to see Lin Shan

Go home.
- What are you doing?

He's wasted

What wasted? Shut up

What the heck?

Don't you see these kids are in class?

I want to see my kid-
Why are you closing the door?

- Enough! Lower your voice-
- Go back- We are in class

He'll go home

Look at him- Does he make any progress in school?

I don't think so

Does he, teacher? No.

They don't charge anything

to let your kid to study here

What are you still bitching about?

What classes?

What? Think you are really something?

Sitting in a wheelchair is something?
That's rude.

What are you talking about?

Lin Shan

Look at your great son

Go after him quick

Go home- Are you done?

What are you doing?

Do this farce at home

Watch out, you guys

Aren't you annoying enough?

Let's leave

Don't drag me

You are embarrassing

- Aren't you annoying enough?
- Can you not be so wasted every day?

So what?

- Shut up - Don't drag me

Not so loud

Don't push me

Let's talk at home

Talk about what?


This farce today

reminds me of my dad's same behavior
when I was little

You're not scared?

Not really

Can you believe an alcoholic?

But they were so mean to you

If I were you, I'd have quit long time ago

What can I do?

Who'd take care of this place if I weren't here?

These damn kids are so naughty

Just let them be

This is nonsense

Don't touch it, it's expensive.

What's up? What are you doing?


Is this expensive, dad?

You mean ukulele?

It's a bit cheaper than a guitar

Can you play it?

Me? Of course.

Otherwise, why would I buy it?

Then can you teach me tonight?

Sure, no problem

So will you sing your own song
when you are off the mountain?

But your mom nags at me every day

How can I ever possibly finish it?

She nags only because you drink

It's not true-
I'm always sober when I write songs

Right, girls?




Then don't drink when you come back tonight

It's so warm.

Let's go swimming

Why are you running?


Lin Shan

Lin Shan

Big handsome boy.
- Watan

What are you sniffing at?
- You're sober now.

Why do you keep talking about drinking?

Because you were so mean yesterday

Your dad drank more than I do

He went to heaven already, right?

Don't be like him in the future, ok?

- No way, alcohol stinks -Ok?


Is this your ukulele?
- Yes.


Your dad is nice and handsome

Of course

Driving this car is cool,
unlike someone's transporter

my dad's transporter is cooler than this

- Enough! Stop messing with my dad
- Ok---go to school now

Enough chatting



Your dad got you ukulele this time

You didn't even master flute last time

That's right.
- You lazy kid.

So your parents made up?

Who knows? They are like this all the time

Quarrel, made up, quarrel, made up

Hu, you are back

Yes, brother

How's it going out there?

It was alright


I have some works here- Help me out

Find me a land- We'll make a big profit

What do you think?



Is that grandpa's land?


How come you never use it?

Some people want to rent it but I said no.

They might make a mess

Let me use it

When you are back from the army then

I still have one year here

We'll see.

It's on me

Don't you lie

and make me pay later

Here's 1 grand

Don't talk nonsense- Hurry up

Can I take some more?

Your brother is very nice to you to give you 1 grand each time.

It's 3 grands

Then I'll take more?

Ok, hurry up and place them

How much is this?

Ok, wait a second

This one, plus this one.
- Okay.

Kids don't drink energy drinks

It's fine

It's 420

Do you need some more?

1 grand

This is 1 grand

I took the wrong stuff

This is for Watan

This... Here you go, Watan

This one, see if it fits.

Let's try it on at home

- I just bought it there - I don't want to

You three

It's late- Why are you still here?

Go to the after-school class now

Hold on, let me wrap first, please?

Look, teacher

Which underwear looks better,
my brother's or mine?

Which underwear looks better?

You are---?

En Ya, this is my grandson

You fought a lot when you were little

Chen Jia Hu?

You're back?

I remember you now- You bullied me all the time

YOU bullied me all the time

Well, you always won

You were too short

Don't pick on my brother

He's strong like a bull

Bull my ass

Ok, enough, go to class now


Go to class

You guys go to the class right now

What are you doing?

Give us a ride, then- Give us a ride

You guys get off of my scooter

Don't touch it, Li De Tai- It's expensive


I want to order "The Night That I Think Of You"

It's too difficult

Then I want to order "War Song"

- That's difficult, too
- Stop

Then I want "My Future Is Not A Dream"

That's so old

"The Busy Bee"

That's too childish

Lil Dingdong just bought this ukulele Do you think he knows every song?

Of course, he's our tribe's Mayday

- Ok, enough - Then "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star"

It's even more childish than "The Busy Bee"

Then you should know your dad's "Urban Latino"

He's teaching me only tonight

Our tribe's Mayday my ass- You suck

Why are you talking?

- Finished your homework?
- I did

Everyone's finished but you

Finish your homework

or you don't get snacks, I'm telling you

En Ya

- Hurry up - Here comes the snacks

En Ya

Write your homework

Don't rush- Take your turn

What the heck?

- Teacher - I told you to behave

It's fine

It's all your fault, Chuang

- Ok, no worries - You messed up again

Watan Help me bring the wheelchair here

I'll beat you up

You idiot Told you

No snacks next time

Help me lock it

Don't make me kick you


Help me up

If you didn't rush this wouldn't have happened

You're out of your mind

The teacher got hurt cos you rushed

It wasn't me

- You're all the same
- Enough

I'm fine

I'm fine now

- Teacher
- What's up?

Do you need to treat your wound?

I'll treat it later

I fall off the wheelchair from time to time

My whole arm used to be covered in blood

Doesn't it hurt?

A little bit

Does it hurt like this?


Does it---

Ouch! You press too hard

I want to tell you something

My brother gave me 3 grands today

- Really?
- Yes

Actually I've saved almost 8 grands

in my little box

Wow, you are richer than I am

I'll get you a present when I'm off the mountain


What kind of present do you want?

Anything will do, but not too expensive


- I'll get you a tiara
- Why not?

Because you look nicer with your hair down


Don't tie it up all the time

- Sure, nothing expensive-

100 is enough - Ok

Don't I have a job?

Who pays for their tuition then?

I can just move to Taipei

with my band members

I'll just send the money back

I'm starving

Go away

You drink too much

What? You're loaded?

Lin Shan tells everyone
he's going to play in NBA

Are you daydreaming with your son?

Just give me my money fast Only your dream counts?

You tell everyone
that you're going to release an album

When will that day come?

What did you say?

Are you hurt? Let me see

It's ok---

What are you doing?

Enough of this farce!

3, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

4, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

5, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

2, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

Lil Dingdong---

- Come on- Let's practice the dance together
- You can't shoot it

Come on- Let's practice the dance together

Come on- Let's go

Tell me what's wrong

Let's clear it up

Go away and practice your dance

Come on, tell me

- Go away
- Come on

What's wrong?

It's my dad- I can't stand him

Ok, what are you planning to do?

I want to run away from home

- Then we'll go to the mountain tomorrow
to lead the way
- Lead what way?

What's up?

He said he wants to run away from home

We only have one bed at our home

Who wants to stay at your home?

You idiot

He'll go to the mountain with me

Want to tag along?

I can't

Let's go together

My dad can't live one day without me

He loves me very much


Don't scare me- I'll cry

My dad will be up in a minute

Ok---Let's go

Go- Let's go now


Don't you scare us

You idiot

Lower your voice

Why are you here?

- Nothing - I thought you're not going

We're friends- We stick together

Hurry up- Go---


Chubby Can you go, Chubby?


Can you?

He checked the trap with me last time

It's fine?


Don't cry for your mom then

I won't


He brought three kids

They are very young

How's it going?

Long wait?

No, not long

- Don't you have classes?
- No

- My brother - You're adorable

He brought us here


My name is James

My name is Chen Hao Lin

- My name is Watan
- OK.

Nice to meet you

What's your name?

I'm Damien Stone

- He speaks mandarin
- Of course

Why did we speak English then?

No need- Just speak mandarin

Are you American?


I'm French


Bonjour- He can speak

Ok, it's time


Watan You'll scare Formosan muntjacs away


Watan Don't walk so fast

What if you trip?

Be careful

Do you want me to carry you, Lil Dingdong?

Are we there yet?

Almost there

You said so one hour ago

Lil Dingdong, you're no better

You're lazier than a sloth

You said you'd carry it yourself

You are so lucky

You refused to eat in the day

Because it was hot

I had no appetite

Everything tastes yummy up here

Look, I had two bowls, too

It's fine- Kids should eat more

- Uncle
- Yes

Do you eat a lot of pasta in France?

Yes, a lot- I'm a great cook

I'll cook you some next time

Can I visit you in France?

Ok, I'll bring you with me

Because when I grow up,
I want to travel the world

Oh, really? How brave

You're not afraid?
Have you ever gone abroad?


Really? Where was it?

Hsiao Liouciou

You idiot

That's not abroad

It's in Taiwan, you silly

How would I know?

Besides, I don't want to go abroad

No travel around the world

I only want to stay with my brother

Mountains are good enough

Thank you- Ok, bye

What's up? Still nothing?

- Have you looked elsewhere?
- Any word?

I assumed he'd be here

- I didn't know there's no after-school class today
- I went off the mountain
to get him a cake already

- Yes, it's his Bday
- How could this happen?

Ok, don't you worry

- I'll call everyone
- Ok

Actually, it's my Bday


Oh, yeah

Your dad promised to get you

a 28-inch cake

You're lying again

Even if I got lost on the mountain

I don't think my parents
would be worried about me

How can your parents not be worried about you?

Besides, you look so cute

If you were missing,

your parents would be so sad

Yeah, you're not cute when you frown

let me give you a present

Happy birthday!


Make wishes

Now you can make wishes

Your wishes will be granted here

I made a wish last time when I was here

That is to marry my wife

It came true

- Really?
- Really.

Then I want to make my wishes

My first wish is

that mom and dad stop fighting

and can be as in love as you do

My second wish is
that dad's album can be a big hit

My third wish is---

Can we eat the cake now, mom?

- Wait for your brother first, ok?
- You brother is missing- Can we wait?

Wow- Seriously?

Look how she wears her dress

Won't it get dirty?

No way

Come closer, ok?


My mom said she doesn't have any wedding photos

Why not?

Cos she was pregnant with me
before she got married

Don't you laugh

That's probably the reason why

Then I'd like my parents
to have a wedding photo shoot on the mountain

Ready---1, 2, 3


Very nice

Come down

Wait a minute

Come- Together

Ready? Ok

Ok, ready---1, 2, 3




Great- Next set

Ok, smile, Tayal people

Be happy- Smile

Ok- Ready---1, 2, 3

Is the watermelon sweet?

Very sweet


Thank you, Ah Wei

Let's go again next time

Your Formosan muntjac is huge

We hunt again next time?
There are plenty on the mountain

But don't we have classes?

Only a few periods left

Lin Shan

Don't hit the kid

Where did you go? Say something

Where did you go?

You have no right to hit me

How dare you to talk to me like that?

Enough- Don't hit the kid

He's already back!

You have no right to hit me

You have no right to hit me

So where did you go?

Don't you know we were so worried about you?

We'd been looking for you all night

If you were gone, what should we do?

Do you know that we bought you a cake yesterday?

I don't care

I could care less!

What did you just say?

I don't care about your ukulele

Don't care about the cake

If you didn't drink, didn't fight,

none of this would've happened

Lil Dingdong

Reason with him- Why did you hit the kid?

So the ambulance doesn't answer my need?

Yelling outside like this wouldn't work

I've been calling 911

If you don't feel well, talk to the doc

Don't yell like this

Go there and sit down- Sit---

Be careful

Watch where you walk

Is this your uncle?

Of course not

He's so wasted

What the heck?

What are you doing?

Sit tight


Oh, please

What's wrong, granny?

- She got a toothache - Granny can't talk?

Then you can't sing karaoke at night

You can't sing now- Serve you right

What are you doing here?


I'm here to get Teacher Lawa's medicine

I saw you everywhere every day

I'm not everywhere

I passed the recommendation


How about you?

I suspended school-

Now waiting to go to the military

Suspended school?

What are you doing this afternoon?

Help out at the after-school class

How about you?

I'm not busy

Come and help out then

Help you out with what?

I can't teach ABCD


Be straightforward with love- Just take her home


You drink too much, alcoholic

Come on

Get the ball, Lil Dingdong

Come on

Shoot it

So close

What are you doing, No- 17?

What are you doing?

In a bad mood?

C'est la vie


Let's regroup


I'll team up with Lil Dingdong

It's ok

Hey, you're an adult

It's fine


It's fine- I'll ask---

my brother- Come and join me


I don't play against girls

She's not a girl, she's a tomboy

Come on


What are you talking about? Nonsense

Come on- Let's play together

Battle 3 on 3

Don't get so close to me

I'm defending- What?

Get back


Come on, Lil Dingdong

Shoot it, Lil Dingdong

So close


Come on, Lil Dingdong

Come on---

Come on

Come on, Lil Dingdong

- Why did you pass the ball to him?
- Give me 5! Yay!

Come on, En Ya

Be serious about it

Come on, En Ya

Trying to steal my ball?

Come on, En Ya

Tap him---

You can't tickle me

Why can't I?

Well done, En Ya

Lin En Ya

Lin En Ya


Where are you going?

It's not your business


I'm protecting you

You won't have this luxury in Taipei

Protecting me? You idiot

What idiot?

Can you ride at all?

You're the one who can't

Why did you tickle me today?

I tickled you
because you wouldn't have let me win

Nonsense, I did

You didn't

I did, big time

Yeah, right, you did

I did

Hey, Lin En Ya



We've finished picking

We're done



Thank you, Yulaw

Ok, bye

You can go back now

Ok, bye

You two are really something now

Like a roller coaster

Look- They are big and beautiful

Finished picking?


Any left?

No more

We picked a lot


Bring these back to granny and your brother

That's a lot

- It's fine as long as it pleases them
- Thanks, gramps

No, thank you, big handsome guy

That's more like it

Don't get any ideas with all these fruits

I won't- I'll definitely finish them

Give them to granny and your brother


Your dad was super nice today

We got a lot of fruits

Of course

Let's go to see Chubby

We'll make some money on the side and have fun-


How come we haven't seen your dad recently?

He has gigs in Taipei

That's good

The longer he's gone, the better

Then I don't have to listen to them fight


Why got married if they fight a lot?

Who knows?

But my dad said it's tough love


That feels like they're very much in love

That's why your mom has 4 kids

Watch your mouth


You'll be the same when you grow up


Help out aboriginal kids

You're a knockout, lady

- Beautiful lady - Are you calling me?

Yes, I'm calling you, the most beautiful one

What are you selling?


Look at these

Organic peaches

When did you pick them?

Only a moment ago

A moment ago

Take one and check

It's freshly picked

Not bad

It's delicious


How much do you want for one?

00:50:38,135 --> 00:50:39,136

Are you sure?

They're 3 for 100 in Taipei

We're dark skinned aboriginal kids

Sister, beautiful sister

They're pesticide free

Totally pesticide free

Ok, buy them from him

Aborigines' lives are hard- He works hard

Ok, you're cute and you work hard

I'll get 5


How much is it for 5?

00:51:01,258 --> 00:51:03,394
Ok, wait a sec- I'll give you money

No need- We'll throw in 2 for free

We'll throw in 2 for free

00:51:07,398 --> 00:51:08,465
Give me 250 back

2 are free

I see

Ok, keep the change

Thank you

Thank you, beautiful sister


Why did you give her for free, idiot?

They're my peaches

Your dad already gave them to me


Hey, who said that you could sell stuff here

Come over, you guys

We're only---

- Get over here - We want to make some allowance

Make some allowance

- Did you have a license? - Let's go

Get over here

Don't run

You fat jerk

Watch out for your feet

No worries- I won't fall

If you fall, I can't help you up

I can only watch

You just sit there and watch

You're still as naughty


I'm glad to have En Ya and you back

Where's En Ya?

You're looking for her?

Yes, I don't see her anywhere- Flakey


She doesn't need to come in the morning-
Only afternoons

You're free this morning?

I'm free

Let's go

Go where?


Joyride what?

Let's go

Where are we going?

Let's go

Be careful

- Let's go - What're you doing?

Can you manage?

Sure- I even carried a wild boar

Comparing your teacher with a wild boar!

You are light

But the strong wind makes the bridge shaky

It's more fun with strong wind

Otherwise, all you got is after-school class

If I don't stay there, what will you do?

Just leave it to us young people

Leave it to you?


Why don't you find a guy to be your legs?

To be my legs?

Strong men from the mountain

Like Wei, Guang

Who? No

It's you who should find a girl soon

Who shall I find?

En Ya- She's a nice girl

She's a college student

I'm a high school dropout

Would she consider about me?

So you do like her

I am right

No, stop this nonsense

I'll put you down

I'll run

I'll rampage!

You can't!

Naughty kid

Then stop this nonsense

Do you see it?
Elementary school and after-school class

You encouraged me to study off the mountain

I still think the mountain is better for me

Our tribe's better

You can't lie about missing someone

Love doesn't have a way

Close my eyes, and I see you,
smiling in silence

How are you, the one from far away?

When you sent me home that day,
you tried to be funny



Why are you here?

Where did you go with brother?

I didn't see you

I was worried about you

Don't worry

I went fishing with him

You can't walk, but you can catch fish?

Of course- I can swim, too

Take me to hunt with you next time, ok?



Is this you?


Is this your bf?


You were fat

I wasn't- Nonsense

This guy was your bf before you were crippled?

Yes- Don't we look cute together?

It's alright

But he's not as handsome as I am

Ok, you're the most handsome one

Can I listen to this?

Sure- Come over

Put them on

Is it working?

Meeting you is the most beautiful myth
I've ever had

You're the singer?


You're good

You can release an album

Now you know

So great

Chen Hao

You're going off the mountain tomorrow

Don't' forget to bring---

the ointment for your burn

I won't

Get ready


Apply the ointment for me, dad

Who do you ask me to apply it for you?


Ok- Sit down---

It tickles

Where? Does it tickle like this?

It tickles


Apply some more

I want to tell you something, dad

Teacher Lawa was gone today

She's crippled- How could she be gone?

Because Watan's brother gave her a ride today

And Watan---

He almost cried in the after-school class

That naughty Watan was in tears?



I want to ask you a question

What is it?

If you don't see me when you come back,

will you cry?

Of course



Don't be lying

I'm not lying

Then I have a question for you, too

Sure, go ahead

Promise me you won't get mad

I won't

Do you still get in touch with mom?

What are you talking about?

Do you know when you were little,

you stayed in the hospital for 3 months

because of the burn,

but she didn't even bother to visit you?

Why are you still talking about her?

I am just saying

You're going to Taipei tomorrow

Stay with the teacher and be good


Be safe




Why are you here at this early hour?

I miss you


I'm leaving for 3 days

I'm afraid I'll miss you

What do you really want?

Close your eyes


Close your eyes

Pray for me

Wish us a safe journey

Come on, please


You'll feel better afterward

Throw up now

You guys are strange

Running around on the mountain
is nothing to you

But taking a bus just makes you sick

Throw up now

After zebra,

we'll see an animal with a longer neck

What is it?


You are full of lives

Let's go

Keep up

You should be familiar with this animal



Let's listen to the guide first

Be quiet

Can you all see?

Can all of you guys see?

What was para that you were just saying?

Formosan muntjac

It's Formosan muntjac

- Formosan muntjac is Taiwan's native---
- It doesn't mean guava

- Not the fruit guava
- They weren't talking about guava

Ok, Formosan muntjac- Let me explain

Formosan muntjac is a conserved native animal
from Taiwan---

I want to say that

our Formosan muntjcs are this big

And their skin is tough

You can't---

roast it

You have to simmer it or cook it, and---

Watan, stop


Let me explain

Taiwan has 3 animals in Cervidae Family

They are Formosan sambar deer

Formosan sika deer, and Formosan muntjac

Formosan muntjac is the smallest in size

They are also rare and cute

Please tell hunters to stop hunting them

This is the aborigines' way

Why can't we hunt them?

- We--- - Stop, Watan

The animals here are for us to admire

It's different from the mountain, you know?


That's silly

My dad also said that---

we can't catch the females and young ones

Why not?

So it'll be balanced


Welcome back to the 2nd hour of the show

This is A-vai

Today, our studio is full of guests

They are kids from Tayal's Sqoyaw Tribe

We chose one student

to do the live interview

Say hi to everyone

Please tell us your name

Hi, my name is Lin Chen Hao

Lin Chen Hao, is it?

Wow, you have a beautiful name

What grade are you in now, Chen Hao?

6th grade

6th grade already?

It means you're going to graduate this year,

It's fine- Don't be nervous

Can you tell us more about yourself?

And tell the audience out there

your purpose of this trip to Taipei

What have you guys done?

Because this is my last field trip,

our teacher brought us to visit Taipei

We went to the zoo

The zoo

And an American restaurant


I forgot the third place

Oh, you forgot?

So out of those places,

which one is your favorite?


Here- Why?

Because you have A/C here


And it feels like I'm recording an album

I see

Hope you like it here

So other than the zoo,
the American restaurant and the studio,

where'd you like to go the most?

My mom's home in Taipei

Your mom's home in Taipei

Why is that?


My mom left me when I was little

But she sends me clothes

There's an address on the box

So I know where my mom lives

She lives in Neihu---

It's alright

You don't have to say the address, Chen Hao

Because if you do,

the whole nation will hear it


Chen Hao

Do you have something to say to your mom then?

Because she might be listening to our show

I do- I'd like to tell my mom

I love the clothes she sends me

No matter big or small, I love them all

And I send her my paintings

I don't know if she gets them

I hope she can come to my graduation ceremony

Because I want to vie for Mayor's Honor

But my dad won't be pleased

Because he loves me very much

Maybe my mom can visit me in secret


Why are you back, Chen Hao?

Give it to her


Can you do me a favor?

Do me a favor and play this

Thank you

We'll start

Please open your mouth

Ok, bite it hard

Your teeth are all rotten

Granny has gum inflammation and atrophy


Yes, tooth implants are recommended

Tooth implant

How much is it for one?

One is more than 100 thousands

More than 100 thousands


Maybe you can sell some land?

Don't eat chewy stuff after you go back

Don't eat chewy stuff

Do not eat chewy stuff

Thank you, doctor


Let's go

What do you think about---

my suggestion?

Thank you

Find some lands for me fast

I'll take care of the rest of it

Do you need money?

Chuan Tsung

Take this first

Let me know if it's not enough

Thank you, Mr- Wu

The food is served



I want the biggest one

I want this and that

This is salad, very nutritious


I don't like raw veggie or tomato

Please take this away

Aren't you American, Li De Tai?

Americans are tall because of this


I'm not American- I'm Canadian

It's all the same

Ok, kids

Thanks to some nice people's donations,

we have a meal in this restaurant

Otherwise, the food

will cost me half month's salary

Don't be choosy and eat more, ok?

But I want to have nuggets and fries, teacher

They'll come later



Why can't we have McDonald's?

Lin Shan

I thought you are going to play in NBA?

I am

NBA players ate these

when they were growing up


You get used to it first, ok?

Let's sneak out at night


Let's go


Don't you come here a lot?

You should know

Where do you want to go?

Take us with you

Yes, take us with you

You know the directions

I only went to the concert venue with my dad

And it's very loud there

Yeah, bring us there

Let's go

I'd like to watch your dad's show

- I'm still not talking to my dad
- He's a cool drummer

Let's go

We are seldom in Taipei

And we've never been to any night clubs

The harvest festival is here again

Wen-Le tribe's harvest festival is here again

The harvest festival is here again

Calm down

We've never been to any night clubs

It's not like you've never listened
to my dad sing

Super band


Your dad looks so cool


This is serious

They really have a poster

He had it long time ago

Don't be too proud


Our tribe's Mayday is really famous now

They are in red, too

What are you doing?

- What are you doing? - Watch the show

- Watch the show - That's right

Don't you know you can't go in under 18?

- Nope - But his dad's inside

His dad

His dad my ass

My great gramps is more like it

Sod off

Your great gramps is something?

Thank you

Thank you all

Up next

is a song titled "Daddy",

It's written by our drummer Hsiao Long

This song is dedicated to his son


My son is about this big

He reminds me of when I was young

I was very passionate about music

I enjoyed the feeling of being on stage

I only have a request from you

Please don't drink every day anymore

You think I cross the line

But who would want a cruel end

Make every day count

Listen to your kids' wishes

Stop drowning your sorrows

Don't tell me life is too fragile

Daddy, look on the bright side

Daddy, the kids are all with you

Daddy is our love


After I grew up, I found out

there's a difference between dreams and reality

You can't have both

So, every day,

I drown my sorrows to avoid it

I felt remorse when I woke up

My son would look at me and say

Dad, you are totally uncool when you drink

That actually made me very sad

Make every day count

Listen to your kids' wishes

Stop drowning your sorrows

My third wish is---

let dad's band

play his songs

Daddy, kids are all with you

Daddy is our love

Daddy, kids are all with you

Are you really sure that your mom lives here?

Shut up- I'm trying to find it

Is it here?

We've searching all night long

- Is this your mom? - What? Yeah, right

Why is she singing karaoke?

Karaoke my ass

Then who is this?

This must be your wife

My wife? You idiot

This is the lady from the radio show

She asked me to send her a painting

What, are you done?



What's this?

Formosan muntjac

This is Formosan muntjac?

It looks like a little rabbit

Rabbits are smaller

You're old enough-
Why did you draw it like a rabbit?


Try harder

You're going to graduate soon

But you draw like a 1st or 2nd grader

Fill out this empty space


You can exercise after you're done


Do it

Lin Shan

Is this drummer your dad?



his dad is our tribe's Mayflower

Shut up

Draw your painting

It's Mayday

You can't finish your project

but you have time to criticize people


You make him very cool this time



My dad's album is coming out


Yes, in July

You said it 800 times- Nothing happens

Their poster is out

Don't you worry



I'll give you one at the graduation ceremony


If your dad really got an album, I'll buy 10

That's not enough- Buy more

How many do you want then?

20, 30

Look at granny, Watan

Granny, your dress for the graduation ceremony

makes you look like a Japanese

I look like a ghost in this

Not at all, granny

You look nice

- Yes - You look sweet

Look, mine is like Beckham's clothes

Do you want a suit then?

Is this expensive?

Yes, it's over 2 grands

That's a waste of money

A little mark costs you more than 2 grands

Take it off then- Don't wear it


Do you like it, Watan?

Of course

I love you so much

You silly boy

This place is not bad at all

It's secretive, too

Hurry up


This is the spot


Don't forget, ok?



I'll beat you up if you forget



I'm going to play a special tape

It was given to me by the aboriginal kids

who came to the studio

They hope that through the radio,

we can enjoy this lovely voice

The singer is their after-school class teacher

from the Catholic Church,

Miss Chen Jing

Miss Chen Jing's aboriginal name is Lawa

I'd like to share her story with the audience

Actually, about 10 years ago

Miss Lawa was a big hit
from university's Singing Contest

She was a rising star for her record label

But an unexpected car accident

ruined Lawa's spine

So much so that it made her unable to walk

She has to rely on a wheelchair
for the rest of her life

So Lawa went back to the tribe
to restart her life

She used the space from the church

to create an after-school class

So the kids from the tribe

can have a cozy place after school

other than home

These kids hope

the whole world can hear

their teacher's song

So they asked me to play this song

I'm sure if the teacher
is listening to our show

She'll be very pleased

Now, let's listen to

Miss Lawa's beautiful guitar and voice

You can't lie about missing someone

Love doesn't have a way

Close my eyes, and I see you,
smiling in silence

How are you, the one from far away?

When you sent me home that day,
you were full of charms

Will you miss it?

Miss what?

You're leaving in September

It should be hard for you

Of course

But I have to study

There's nothing that I can do

Don't go then-


I can't

I wish I could stay, too

How about you?

What's your plan?

I have to take care of my family

I have to wait a year to go to the military

I have to make money, too

It's a struggle

Hope you make it

I hope you make it

You're leaving

Don't turn bad

I won't turn bad, ok?

Have you seen the fireworks from Taipei 101?


What about it?

I think fireworks from our tribe will be better

I've never seen fireworks from Taipei 101

How will I know?

Why are there fireworks?

It's so beautiful

Do you like it?

Romantic night

I love you

Yes, I do






What are you doing?

I'm packing- I have to go to Taipei

Will it be long?

No, only a few days

Will you come back then?

I'll come back for your graduation ceremony



You stay home



Take it

This is a lot

Don't you need it?






Don't struggle


Let me go!

Why do you arrest my grandson?

Sorry, granny

Don't obstruct our duty

What are you doing?

- What did he do wrong?
- Excuse us, but we're on police duty

Don't obstruct our duty


- My grandson is a good kid
- Don't obstruct our duty


- Please, don't arrest him
- Excuse us, but we're on police duty

Don't obstruct our duty

My grandson is a good kid

Please don't arrest him

He's involved in planting Cannabis

I know my brother probably won't be back

I think he's really dumb

If it were me,

I'd have run faster

I wouldn't have let the police catch me

Granny was quiet for a few days

Unlike her usual self, she didn't nag at me

If my family could be like Lil Dingdong's

They fight but stay together

I'd never run away from home

We had a very good harvest of peaches this year

Chen Hao's dad is particularly busy

Looks like he's really turning old

But being old is fine

It's better than nothing

Teacher Lawa was worried about me

She told me

I can cry if I want to

But I don't think crying would help

C'est la vie

What do you know? Maybe great things will come



honorable guests,

and fellow students,

how are you?

After 6 years' earnest study,

we 6th graders graduate today

under the care of the teachers

and the expectations from our parents


we embark on our separate journeys,

searching for our own goals in the future

6 long years

suddenly ends

Wish we could relive these wonderful times

Thank you, parents

Under your care,

I grew up safe and sound